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We offer a versatile array of

bedsheets for hotels, hospitals,

and households. Every

thread is stitched with the

utmost care and attention

to detail for quality you can


HT-0020: Relaxing Cotton King size Hotel Bedsheets

HB-0164: Single Bed Linen Hospital Bedsheet with Sky-blue Comforter

HR-0017: Stripped 3 piece Queen size Bedding set



Our bedsheets are perfect for hotels and

resorts. We provide self-designed and

white lined bedsheets in a variety of

fabrics. These include cotton, polyester,

silk, linen, and beyond. After undergoing

rigorous quality testing, you can take

peace of mind in knowing that our

bedsheets will maintain their color and

quality even after longterm usage.

When you work with our dedicated team,

you’ll create the perfect design, pattern,

and color scheme for any hotel theme.

HT-5001: Rhythmic Stripped 3 Piece Bedding set

HT-1992: Moonlight Satin Bedsheet set

HT-0018: Coral Peach Cotton Bedsheet

HT-6471: Mint Sateen King Bedsheet

HT-0731: Stripped Linen Queen Hotel Bedsheet




Each of our bedsheets is imbued with top-tier durability

for rigorous washing cycles. In turn, our plain white

cotton bedsheets are ideal for hospitals and healthcare


Additionally, our textile testing precautions ensure that

our bedsheets uphold rigorous safety standards,

preventing any chemicals from proceeding through the

production cycle.

HB-0093: Durable Polycotton Single Bedsheets



Our household bed linens are

ideal for retailers and individuals

alike seeking to imbue their home

with stylish and soft bedding. Each

bedsheet perfectly complements

any bedroom or guest room.

Additionally, we cater to

customizable patterns,

complementing any household

design theme.

HR-2212: Classic floral print 2

set Queen size Bedsheet

HR-2291: Choco 3D Green

Double Bedsheet

HR-5517: Leaves Print Queen size

Bed cover

HR-0081: Classy Navy Blue

Bedsheet with 2 Pillow


HR-0582: Plush Warmth Silver Grey Double Bedsheet

HR-0582: Dotted Double Bedsheet with Pillows

HR-0582: 4 Piece Micro Cotton Blue Bedding set




Our polyester blankets

are renowned for their

quality, craftsmanship,

and attention-to-detail.

Each blanket is

customizable to match

any indoor theme.

Out threads are woven

with precision, offering

comforting warmth and



throughout years of use,

washing, and drying.

MK-7755: Mink Steel Grey Double Blanket

WB-8433: Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

WB-7300: Grey Fleece Single Throw



Each mink blanket provides a lightweight

feel and plush softness. These blankets use

100% polyester to produce the perfect blend

of warmth and luxury while offering an ideal

way to add flair and style to bedrooms.

MK-9818: Coral All Season Blanket

MK-4971: Floral Microfiber Single Mink Blanket

MK-1150: Super Soft Micro Printed Blanket

MK-2297: Black Tusk Knitted Throw



Marshmallow Textured Single Bed

MK-3021: Super Warm Plush Double Blanket


Woolen Blankets

Ideal for cold winter nights, our woolen and

synthetic blankets offer dependable warmth

through genuine quality fabric. These blankets

trap air to provide insulated warmth both

indoors and out.

WB-1255: Woolen Check Blankets - Eloquent Design and Coloring

WB-1050: Baby Pink Woolen Woven Throw


WB-5555: Blue Baby Hug Premium Blanket

WB-0049: Chevron Print Beige Throw



Double Quick-dry Fleece Blanket

Sunset Striped Throw

Turquoise Blue Geometric Blanket

WB-0099: Green Single Bed Woolen Comforter



RG-5560: Geometric Print Morrocan Rug

Our rugs are the perfect complement for hotel

lobbies, living rooms, waiting rooms, dining

rooms, and beyond. These aesthetically

designed rugs complement virtually any space.

We leverage leading technology to produce

premium fabrics, building rugs that are

designed to last through years of extensive use.

Additionally, we offer customizable coloring,

patterns, and designs to accommodate a wide

range of interior design schemes.

RG-7524: Designer Jute Braided Area Rug

RG-0009: White Runner For Bedroom (4x6 Feet)

RG-1944: Boho Handcrafted Multicolor Rug

RG-3403: Cream Handloom Wool Rug

RG-1113: Kashmiri Silk Area Rug

RG-0321: Rust Woven Cotton Rug


RG-0029: Persian-Indo crafted area rug


AD-0520: Salmon Pink Geometric 4 Seater Tablecloth

AD-9960: Round Puff Sitting Stool

AD-2423: Solid Wood Crochet Montana stool



For modern and unique décor and focused on

bringing the most fashion-forward products, our

accent accessories exceed expectations and

provide an eloquent look by adding character to

any space. Tablecloth, Montana decorative stools,

jute pillow covers, elegant room dividers are few to

choose from. Design to delight, our fabrics include

cotton, polyester, and cotton-polyester hybrids.

Additionally, we offer a wide array of design

options that are customizable upon request.

AD-0880: Polyster thread Wooden Door Divider

AD-0520: Knit Jute 4 Cus

AD-6505: Mandarian Printed Round Table cover

AD-1004: Grey Long fur Montana Stool

AD-9939: Fancy String Thread Room Divider

AD-0077: Black carved Wood Room Divider

TB-9974: Decorative Colored Jute Cushion covers (16x16 ft)


FM-0063: Handmade Beige Modern Knitting Macrame Floor Mat

FM-1940: Coir Polka Dots Bath Math

ion cover set


Our floor mats are especially susceptible

to wear, tear, and damage. In turn, we’ve

developed our mats with

uncompromising durability and strength.

We proudly offer custom design options

and exceptional gripping power. As a

result, our floor mats are ready for

household and commercial purposes


FM-1004: Chevron Wooven Floor Mat

FM-0833: Woven Braided Jute Mat

FM-0061: Plush Soft Faur Fur Floor Mat

FM-5578: Checkered Sued Floor Mat

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