The annual Jolabokaflod PDX's Bókatíðindi, featuring PNW indie authors and their novels.

The annual Jolabokaflod PDX's Bókatíðindi, featuring PNW indie authors and their novels.


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The Staff of Fire and Bone

by Mikko Azul

Cedron Varkaras, the young halfdemon

son of the Regent of Dulnat,

struggles against both prejudice and

constant betrayal, to unite the warring

peoples of his land against a common

enemy that threatens to annihilate all

life on his world. Hunted and racing

against time, Cedron and his

companions take heroism to a

shocking level to save their world.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Steel, Blood & Fire

by Allan Batchelder

Arrogant, ruthless and bloodthirsty

Tarmun Vykers may be the only thing

standing between the human race and

utter annihilation at the hands of a mad

wizard; while smaller, lesser folks

struggle to fulfill their own destinies,

folks like Aoife, burdened with a secret

so dark she is driven to do the

unimaginable and seek an alliance with

fey powers no mortal has ever


U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

100 Demon Dialogues

by Lucy Bellwood

Navigating the rocky shores of

self doubt with charm and

honesty, 100 Demon Dialogues is

a collection of comics for

anyone who wants to talk

back to the little voice in their

head that says "You're no


U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

After Alice Fell

by Kim Taylor Blakemore

New Hampshire, 1865: Marion Abbott has

just returned from serving as a nurse in the

Civil War. She is shocked to find her sister

Alice has died at the asylum she had been

committed. Marion expected Alice's release

and to continue caring for her. Instead, she

finds herself questioning the story the

asylum tells: that Alice picked her lock,

escaped the cell and slipped off the roof.

But the story doesn't add up, and Marion is

determined to find out what really

happened. She seeks atonement. She seeks

forgiveness. And she'll stop at nothing for

the truth.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Fanny Newcomb and the

Irish Channel Ripper

by Ana Brazil

A Jack the Ripper copycat is

terrorizing the women of Gilded

Age New Orleans. Can amateur

detective Fanny Newcomb stop the

Irish Channel Ripper before he

murders again?

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

La Luministe

by Paula Butterfield

La Luministe is about the life and work of

Berthe Morisot, the artist who survived the

German siege of Paris—and the love of

Edouard Manet—to help found the

Impressionist art movement.

Morisot was a fist inside a velvet glove.

While she epitomized femininity and

decorum, she was a quiet revolutionary.

The other Impressionists considered her

light-infused paintings of women the most

avant-garde of them all. And her life in

glittering 19th century Paris was no less

radical, encompassing romance, war, and

family secrets.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Ten Ways to Hear Snow

by Cathy Camper

A snowy day, a trip to Grandma's, time

spent cooking with one another, and space

to pause and discover the world around

you come together in this perfect picture

book for reading and sharing on a cozy

winter day. With stunning illustrations by

Kenard Pak and thoughtful representation

of a modern Arab American family from

Cathy Camper, Ten Ways to Hear Snow is a

layered exploration of mindfulness,

empathy, and what we realize when the

world gets quiet.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Lady's Revenge

by Edie Cay

Lady Lydia Somerset is an earl’s daughter who

isn’t seeking a husband. Instead, she seeks

revenge on the men who bet that taking her

virginity could cure a brothel’s plague.

Training in secret with a female boxer keeps

her sane, but when her instructor is hired

away, she hires former prizefighter John

Arthur. A street kid who dazzled with his fists,

he now works miracles on the London Stock

Exchange. John knows he shouldn’t tangle with

bluebloods, but…

Caught between revenge and finding love with

a man who understands her, Lady Lydia must

open her heart or close it forever.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Amish Guys Don't Call

by Debby Dodds

Samantha is already facing scrutiny and

anxiety at the start of her junior year, as

she's finally been accepted into the popular

girls' clique. But when she realizes that her

new boyfriend Zach was raised Amish,

Sam must tackle a whole new set of

challenges. Zach has chosen not to end his

Rumspringa, instigating a potential

shunning from his family. Not only that,

but Sam's new friends can't miss this

opportunity to torment her in the form of

cyberbullying. Will her culture-crossed love

with Zach find a way? A funny and

engrossing romance- Kirkus Reviews

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

The Last Agent

by Robert Dugoni

An American operative in Russia

is on the run for his life in a thriller

of heart-stopping betrayal and

international intrigue by the New

York Times bestselling author of

The Eighth Sister.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Barbara and the Rage Brigade

(St. Rage Series)

by Karen Einsenbrey

Barbara's starting over.

She's happy to leave high school behind, but

she has no plans beyond driving school, a

part-time summer job, and community

college in the fall. OK, and getting control of

her rage-fueled superpowers. Just when an

invitation to open for another band's record

release explodes into the gig of a lifetime,

Barbara starts noticing weird circumstances

around a cult-like megachurch. Other

superpowered kids are showing up, looking

to her for guidance. She'll need all the help

she can get for this battle.

Look out, world -- here comes the Rage


U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Given to Fly

by JD Estrada

Given to Fly is a middle-grade

adventure about a young boy who

discovers the house he’s moved

into has no magic whatsoever and

for one good reason, it lives further

down the road.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Seven Stitches (Blue Thread Saga)

by Ruth Tenzer Feldman

The biblical woman Serakh has been the

subject of tales for centuries. The Blue

Thread Saga reimagines her as a timetraveler

entwined with young women in

their pursuit of justice. In Blue Thread, a

1912 suffragist helps biblical sisters fight to

inherit land. In The Ninth Day, a shy,

stuttering girl caught up in the 1960s Free

Speech Movement must save a baby in

twelfth century Paris. In Seven Stitches, a

survivor of the 2058 Pacific Northwest

earthquake struggles to find refuge for a

slave girl in sixteenth century Istanbul. In

every place and time, who decides how

much fairness is enough?

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Post Romantic

by Kathleen Flenniken

In her wide-ranging third poetry

collection, Kathleen Flenniken undertakes

the difficult task of reseeing what is before

us. Post Romantic fuses personal memory

with national and ecological upheaval,

interweaving narratives of family, nuclear

history, love of country, and a dangerous

age moving too fast. Flenniken takes these

challenging moments--bits and pieces of

childhood, marriage, cultural touchstones--

and holds them up to the light, seeking

comfort in a complicated world that is at

once heartbreaking, confounding, and


U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Roger William's

Little Book of Virtues

by Becky Garrison

In Roger Williams’s Little Book of Virtues,

religion writer Becky Garrison delves into

the life of her eleventh great-grandfather to

uncover the untold story behind this

forgotten pioneer of religious liberty.

Employing a format reminiscent of How

Proust Can Change Your Life and The

Little Book of Atheist Spirituality,

Garrison examines Roger Williams’s work

through the lens of the four classical

virtues, which, as she observes, define

values that have an almost universal

consensus regardless of one’s particular

belief system.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Don't Read This Book

by Ben Gorman

Magdalena Wallace is the greatest writer in

the world. She just doesn't know it.

When she wakes up chained to a desk next

to a stack of typed pages and the corpse of

the person who read them, she learns just

how dangerous her book can be. Rescued

by a vampire, a werewolf, and a golem,

she's on the run with the manuscript —

and the fate of humanity — in her

backpack, and a whole lot of monsters hot

on her heels!

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

The Seige

by Lars D. H. Hedbor

Maimed in battle, Nathanial Wooster

returns home to recuperate and to try to

rebuild his life. His mother’s cottage in the

quiet port community of York-Town

seems like a good place to find some peace

and quiet, and he is slowly finding his way

in a life forever changed. But then the

British arrive in force, and he must draw

on everything within him just to keep

himself and those he loves alive. If you’ve

ever wondered what the final major battle

of the Revolution looked like from behind

enemy lines, you’ll find some of the answers

in The Siege.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N


The Hermetic Order of Clandestine Urban Scribes is a

trimestral gathering of like-minded authors who believe in the

ritual aspects of writing, the beneficial aspects of community,

and the magical properties of the Bic four-color ballpoint pen.

Andrew Fort is the founder of HOCUS, as well as the author of

the novels The Emerald Ballroom and An Image in Lava

(forthcoming). His short stories have appeared in Lady

Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Field Report, and many others, as

well as being nominated for the James Kirkwood prize from the

UCLA Writers' Program.

Erik Arneson is the founder of Arnemancy, a Hermetic

Philosophy and Tarot reading technique. He has over twentyfive

years of experience with Tarot and has studied Hermeticism

for over two decades.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

No More Excuses:

Dismantling Rape Culture

by Amber J. Keyser

No More Excuses: Dismantling Rape Culture is

a deep dive into rape culture: the beliefs,

behaviors, and norms of our culture that

excuse and normalize male sexual

aggression and violence. From the #MeToo

movement to the courtroom, from high

school hallways to Hollywood, this book

dissects the toxic gender stereotypes and

abuses of power that perpetuate rape

culture and offers readers the tools to

dismantle it.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N


(The Supernormal Legacy Series)

by LeeAnn McLennan

She has badass, monster-fighting

superpowers. Mountain of Ash

plans to use those powers to kill

everyone she loves. It all comes

down to this.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N


by Elle Mitchell

co-organizer of Jolabokaflod PDX

Twenty-nine years after finding Laura

Hurst in a frozen lake, Ada is ready to

confront her past. Her return dredges

up more than sordid pieces of the

townsfolk’s lives.

Sam Pruette, a collector of innocents,

worries Ada may remember details

from that frigid day in November of

1988. Laura was only the first


U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Storm Wrack & Spindrift

by Margaret Pinard

co-organizer of Jolabokaflod PDX

Life on the Canada frontier is hard for

many, so the MacLeans must adapt.

Alisdair yearns for education to take

him off the farm, Mairi grows up wild

in the motherless mountains, and

Sheena returns home to Scotland, but

it's not like she remembers, at least not

in the ways she wants...For the MacLean

family, will opportunity for a better life

prove just as elusive?

Book 3 of the Remnants series

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Lava Red Feather Blue

by Molly Ringle

A fairy tale of a love story on a hidden

island country: a modern-day half-fae

man and a prince recently awoken from

a two-hundred-year sleep form an

unlikely alliance when they team up to

restore a broken truce between humans

and fae.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

You Call THIS Democracy?

by Elizabeth Rusch

We think we live in a democracy. One

person, one vote. But how democratic is

our government really? The hard truth is

that political power is not shared equally

among all citizens. It shouldn’t matter if

you are rich, poor, urban, rural, Democrat,

Republican, old, or young when you check

off a voting box. But it does. Rather than

pointing fingers at people and political

parties, You Call THIS Democracy? How to fix

our government and deliver power to the people

exposes flaws in the system—and offers a

clear way out of the mess we are in.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Tooth and Claw

by Michaela Thorn


The Man in the Moon’s bloodthirsty

children forged from his scorn.


Mother Nature’s fearless, noble servants, who

risk death by bite in their constant struggle

to keep the vampires at bay.

Macy’s entire life has been devoted to

Mother Nature and upholding her glory,

despite Macy’s incompetence as a shifter.

When she’s bitten by a vampire but doesn’t

die from the venom, everything changes.

Overnight, she becomes one of the monsters

she reviled. Severed from her girlfriend, her

people, her home, and her faith, everything is

called into question.

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

The Aloha Spirit

by Linda Ulleseit

When Dolores’s husband’s drinking leads to

physical abuse, only his relative Alberto tries

to help—and sparks passion within Dolores

that she hasn’t known before. Catholics can’t

divorce, however; so, after the Pearl Harbor

attack, Dolores flees with her daughters to

California, only to be followed by both

Manolo and Alberto. Manolo’s drinking

problems continue—and Alberto’s begin.

Outraged that another man in her life is

turning to the bottle for answers, Dolores

starts to doubt her feelings for Alberto. Is he

only going to disappoint her, as Manolo has?

Or is Alberto the embodiment of the aloha

spirit she’s been seeking?

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

Canyons | Older Stories

by Evan Morgan Williams

Canyons | Older Stories is exactly that: a

collection of older stories, cutting deep

into the land and the lives of the people

who live there.The book won the 2019

gold medal in the Next Generation

Independent Book Awards (short story

collection category).

Canyons is a book that will terrify and

thrill you and leave you changed. -Toni

Hanner, author of The Raveling Braid

U R S U L A K . L E G U I N

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