An introduction to Mayville Online School


An introduction to

Mayville Online School

Mayville High School – who are we?

Since 1897, Mayville has been providing exceptional education in the heart of Southsea.

True to the founding principle of educating the ‘whole child’, our ethos aims to instil

a life-long love of learning in every pupil.

At Mayville, we believe it is the happy child who learns and, as such, all pupils are valued as individuals and

are supported to develop a sense of self-respect. We believe that if children feel happy, safe and confident,

they will be ready to learn.

Mayville pupils are given access to a rich and varied curriculum, designed to give them a solid foundation

on which to build, as they progress along their educational journey. The learning experience in our Nursery,

Junior & Senior Schools is designed to provide pupils with a wealth of educational and pastoral opportunities,

which help them develop into confident and happy children, ready for the next stage in their lives.

Excellence… our foundation for the future

In March 2020, schools in England closed, due to the COVID-19 emergency. During the lockdown and school

closures, we transitioned to a full programme of remote learning, in order to ensure continuity of education

for all of our pupils. We were in a favourable position to be able to deliver this effectively, as the Google

Education platform was already firmly embedded within our existing classes and homework.

Our highly-skilled teachers were flexible and committed to ensuring that our pupils continued to receive

an outstanding quality of education, along with the pastoral care that is at the heart of the Mayville experience.

Rich online learning resources, along with small teaching groups, enabled pupils to build on their knowledge

and continue to thrive. During this period of radical change and uncertainty, we maintained high levels of both

pupil engagement and parent satisfaction throughout.

“I have nothing but praise for how you have all risen to the many challenges

we currently face and how caring all the staff are.”

“Our son’s learning and wellbeing is not suffering at all and for that I am truly grateful.”

Furthermore, we found that some pupils became more responsive, learning at home, when compared to

a traditional classroom environment. Evidence demonstrates that relaxed minds are more receptive to learning

and show better memory retention. Our online provision provided pupils a stable point of contact with their

teachers and peers during both lessons and dedicated tutor time – offering pupils reassurance, helping to calm

anxieties and overcome other potential barriers to learning.

“… most importantly that all the teachers we spoke to had our child’s wellbeing

and mental health at the heart of the conversation.”

In January 2020, ISI inspectors rated Mayville ‘Excellent’ in all areas of provision. Our core philosophy and high

educational standards are now accessible to everyone with Mayville Online.

What is Mayville Online?

Mayville Online is an enriched ‘whole child’ learning programme, offering the Mayville High

School experience in your home environment. Pupils access and complete assignments

using Google Classroom, with remote access helping to overcome some of the barriers

to education that might be presented by a traditional school experience.

Our online tutors can provide a full curriculum programme of study, offering you everything you would

expect from a school, plus a lot more flexibility in tailoring the education to the specific needs of the pupil.

This flexibility can be of enormous benefit to pupils with outside commitments or special educational needs.

Live lessons build positive connections between the teacher and pupil – this has been shown to improve

academic achievement, social competencies and emotional wellbeing. The lessons remain available

on the classroom after the initial 'broadcast', so that pupils who were unable to access it live can complete

it independently, at a time that is convenient to them. Pupils can also choose to revisit lessons, in order

to reinforce the learning.

A holistic approach

Our online teachers are all experienced classroom practitioners with Qualified Teacher Status. They provide

a holistic approach to both your child’s learning and the pastoral care essential in building confidence

and self-esteem.

• Pupils will be provided with a unique eBook account, giving access to a wealth of reading material for reading

development and pleasure.

• We provide a full curriculum of core subjects and enrichment, working with our expert online teachers.

• Our daily pupil updates will provide essential information regarding progress and development, whilst

virtual ‘pupil review’ meetings will provide time to review and discuss your child’s development.

• Termly reports will be provided to celebrate progress and consolidate assessment data.

• Regular ‘family forums’ to support parents with any concerns and questions

We can also offer:

• For children studying for their GCSE exams, Mayville Online can offer specialist support and tutoring outside

the school day.

• Tutoring for Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in Year 2 and Year 6, Mayville Online can provide additional

support and materials.

Mayville‘s excellent pastoral care

At Mayville, we understand that the emotional support we provide is intrinsic to developing a young person’s

self-confidence and wellbeing, which both directly impact their academic engagement. All pupils are assigned

a tutor who will meet with them regularly to discuss any concerns. They will also be provided with PSHE

lessons which aim to provide children with the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy

and independent lives.

Our most recent ISI inspection (January 2020) found that, 'The quality of the pupils’ personal development

is excellent'. Our pastoral programme will develop your child’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing,

so they reach their full potential and achieve their own personal best.

Who is Mayville Online for?

Overseas or distance learners

Mayville Online aims to provide young people access to a robust curriculum, wherever they are in the

world. Our online school allows pupils access to a British curriculum that provides flexibility for your child's

needs, where they can follow the same programme of study, at their own pace and level, and proceed

to sit examinations.

Special educational needs and disability

Mayville Online provides an alternative method of learning for children not coping well with the challenge

of remaining in mainstream schooling, whilst needing specialist support for their learning differences.

Many children, who may not have thrived in a traditional classroom environment, often grow and flourish when

they are given the opportunity to learn at home. With Mayville Online, we offer a range of services including

Mentoring and Special Educational Needs support, to help overcome the learning differences faced by your

child. We can provide specialist lessons from our Learning Support Department, alongside curriculum lessons.

Mayville Online uses assisted technology, including ‘text-to-speech’ and ‘speech recognition’ software, that

has been shown to unlock the potential of every child. Reducing the barriers to education is fundamental

to our success at Mayville and we have been at the forefront of providing specialist education to children who

struggle, due to the barriers they face, for over 20 years. We provide bespoke solutions for individuals, so they

can use their strengths to overcome these challenges, resulting in a truly successful educational outcome.

School attendance difficulties.

Whatever the reasons for finding school attendance difficult, children often miss weeks, months or years of vital

schooling. Mayville Online can provide the education for your child from home, ensuring that they do not fall

behind their peers. We can provide one or two subjects or the whole curriculum. Flexible schooling is vital for

those who struggle with school attendance, so they can build their confidence at a pace that’s suitable for them.

We can also provide mental health counselling.


Flexi-schooling – where a child attends school for part of the week and learns at home for the rest of it – is an

ideal compromise for some families and is becoming increasingly popular. Mayville Online can provide you with

the flexibility to work, with parents and other schools, to provide this flexi-learning approach. You can decide

on the subjects you would like to study at home and use Mayville Online to run alongside the subjects already

studied at school. Flexi-schooling can be a perfect home-school compromise, whereby children have access

to Mayville Online’s subject-specialist educators.

All our teachers are committed to providing the best possible teaching and to make sure that every child

is happy and confident with their education. We pride ourselves on providing a warm and caring, supportive

atmosphere, with the child at the centre of their learning. Our philosophy of educating the 'whole child'

– head, hands, heart – is at the core of all we do. Our ethos serves to instil a life-long love of learning in every

pupil, no matter where they are located.

How is Mayville Online delivered?

We fully utilise the Google Education platform, to provide your child with engaging lessons,

assignments and assessments in a paperless environment. The platform is industry-standard,

education-friendly and can be accessed on tablet, mobile device or via web browser.

Pupils complete assignments and assessments directly on Google Classroom and completed work

is simultaneously saved to Google Drive. Interactive content, such as videos and web pages, is integrated

to create stimulating lessons and tasks. Pupils have a range of ways in which they can collaborate, including

online discussions with other students, using group chats for project assignments or Google Docs to access

work shared by their teacher. A blend of individual and group tasks helps students develop key skills for

creative problem-solving and collaborative learning.

Live lessons are delivered on Google Meet by highly-qualified, specialist teachers, who are online throughout,

to provide support, feedback and enrichment. Pupils have the opportunity to discuss assignments, observe

key lessons and develop positive relationships with their online tutor. They are also able to share their screen,

allowing the teacher to provide real time intervention. After initial broadcast, students are able to re-watch

recorded material independently, at a time that is convenient to them, in order to reinforce the learning.

A teaching ratio of no more than 1:10 across the board ensures that pupils improve their academic performance

and reduce the attainment gap. Small class sizes enable teachers to differentiate lessons and assignments

to each child’s specific needs, whilst pupils benefit from greater levels of individual attention and support.

Google Classroom’s built-in tools make communicating with pupils and parents easily accessible. Virtual ‘pupil

review’ meetings on Google Meet provide opportunities for face-to-face discussion with your child’s online

teacher, offering essential feedback on both academic and personal development. Daily pupil updates will

provide essential information on progress. Termly reports for parents will be provided to celebrate progress

and confirm assessment data.

The use of Google Classroom equips pupils to confidently transition into other learning management systems,

which are essential for higher education learning. Online learners are comfortable using IT and are adept

at taking ownership of their learning through the use of modern technology.

What formal qualifications are available?

Our Mayville Online pupils will be entered for the qualifications which are most appropriate

for them, in relation to their ability, personal preference, geographical location and interests.

The academic package that we provide is always bespoke to the individual student.

Within our provision, we are able to offer a range of formal qualifications, including GCSE, iGCSE, BTEC, RSL

and Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills qualifications.


GCSEs (General Certificates of Secondary Education) are the main qualifications taken by 14- to 16-year-olds

in schools and colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. GCSEs are subject-specific qualifications

that mainly involve studying the theory of a subject combined with some investigative work. Highly valued

by schools, colleges and employers, they are the first step towards a range of careers or further study and

have been used as a benchmark to judge pupil ability for more than 25 years.

For more information:


Our pupils can expect to achieve outstanding results in iGCSE. International GCSEs are globally recognised

qualifications with academic content and assessment designed specifically for international learners.

iGCSEs deliver a consistent learning journey for pupils and teachers, with world class support services,

everywhere in the world.

For more information:


We are a centre for BTEC qualifications, which are designed to open new doors into rewarding careers in STEM,

health, Sport, Business, IT, Creative Arts and much more; so you can get the career you want with the skills

employers need.

For more information:

RSL (Rock School London) – Contemporary Arts Awards

For pupils who wish to follow a career in the performing arts, we offer the RSL Level 2 Certificate in two specialist

areas: Creative and Performing Arts (Dance and Acting pathways) and Performance for Music Practitioners.

As technical awards, these qualifications equip pupils with an essential knowledge of the creative and

performing arts industry sector, together with the acquisition and development of practical and technical skills.

The courses are structured around core areas of learning, whilst offering pupils the opportunity to choose from

a number of optional units, in order to further pursue their own preferences, interests and talents. The RSL Level

2 qualifications fulfil entry requirements for both academic and vocational study post 16, alongside GCSEs.

For more information:

Functional Skills Qualifications

We offer Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills are qualifications in English and Mathematics. Suitable for learners

of all ages, they’re also an accepted part of all apprenticeship standards and frameworks in England.

For more information:

What if my child requires specialised learning support?

Our outstanding Dyslexia & Learning Extension Unit (DLEU) caters for all mild to moderate

learning differences, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, mild dyspraxia and mild pragmatic

language issues. We also support pupils who are coping with social, emotional and mental

health needs.

We take a holistic view that not all pupils learn at the same rate or in the same way and, through our expertise,

we are able to provide bespoke learning programmes. Pupils’ self esteem is also central to our support;

equipping them with life skills, coping strategies and confidence, as well as robust curriculum achievement.

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written by the pupil’s SEND tutor which provides summary details

of a pupil’s particular difficulties and strengths, along with detailed recommendations for online class support

and any specialist requirements. This is shared with the child’s other teachers, to ensure that individual needs

are met in each lesson.

The integration of technology supports and facilitates learning for students with learning differences. For such

pupils, Mayville Online has many benefits, as it generates immediate feedback, along with a multi-sensory and

individualised response, enabling teachers to set up personal and customised learning paths. Online learning

allows teachers to closely monitor progress and increase opportunities for inclusive learning, participation

and collaboration.

The DLEU is regularly inspected by the Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils

(CReSTeD), an independent body established to monitor and evaluate the standard of teaching and provision

for dyslexic pupils within the private education sector. From their most recent report (February 2020), Mayville

was graded ‘outstanding’ – ‘A school where students are listened to, supported, challenged and encouraged.

The level of support from the learning support team and from mainstream teachers is outstanding.’

Why choose Mayville Online?

At Mayville High School, we understand the importance of seeing every child reach their

full potential. Our most recent Independent Schools Inspection (ISI) report observes that:

‘The expert teachers provide an outstanding and diverse curriculum, where pupils

are taught in a rich environment that engages and enthuses all learners.’

‘The quality of pupils’ personal and social development is excellent.‘

‘Pupils at Mayville exhibit strong teamworking skills which ensures all groups

work together to achieve common goals.’

‘Those experiencing particular learning challenges are supported by a system

in which staff and the Learning Support Unit work with individuals to equip

them with the strategies and confidence to pursue their own aspirations.‘

‘Through their excellent pastoral care and welfare systems, pupils are confident,

exhibiting a sense of belonging in a unique family atmosphere.’

(ISI report, January 2020. ‘Excellent’ in all areas of inspection).

Our philosophy and high standards can now be provided to you, with Mayville Online.

What are the fees?

At Mayville Online, we can offer an individual cost package and options to match your budget – from a full

educational programme to specific curriculum subjects and support for your child’s individual learning journey.

How do I find out more about Mayville Online?

To find out more about Mayville Online, please email Mrs J Mills at:

Wherever you are, Mayville Online is here for you and your child’s educational requirements.

Mayville High School – at the heart of Southsea

Furthermore, you may wish to join us and be part of our excellent day school, here in Southsea, Hampshire.

For all enquiries and taster day requests, please contact the school office on 023 9273 4847

or email:

023 9273 4847

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