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to the latest edion of NPWRA News.

To coin a phrase, “It’s been a funny old year” and it’s not over yet as we sadly go

back into lockdown! Fortunately most clubs were eventually able to get up and

running to some degree earlier this year giving those able to aend their beloved

weekends out in the fresh air running their dogs, seeing old friends and maybe

making some new ones too.

West Cornwall and Andover both held Opens which all things considered were

well aended and very much appreciated by aendees from far and wide. Many

pups have been cleared ready to race next year and fingers crossed all round that

next year is not a repeat of this one. Let’s be posive for now and we could have

some very excing racing to watch and take part in.

By the me you receive this you will have received the Naonal Paper Vote and

only those that renewed their subscripons in me will be able to vote as per the

constuon. Good luck to those standing for vacant places on the commiee and

thank you for your great work and input to those standing down.

We have a race calendar for 2021 but some

details may not yet be confirmed.

UK Pedigree Whippet Racing group on Facebook will

have the most up to date version.

October 29th 2020 June Foster announced the passing of NPWRCh/NVCh Evansent.

“It is with a very sad heart I have to share with

you all that Al and I had to make that decision

we all dread this morning and had to say our

goodbyes to our AJ, Evansent this morning.

We will be left with a big hole in our hearts

forever but will always be so very proud of him

and the legacy he leaves behind.

Run free our special boy till we meet again.”

Evansent won NPWRA Brood Dog in 2012, 2013

& 2014 so has made a fantasc contribuon to

racing lines and will live on through his many


Front Cover pic - the amazing NPWRCh. Jas it Up at the Heart of England PWRC.

All pictures used in NPWRA News are believed to be with copyright approval or public domain and

used in good faith.


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4 Racing Calendar 2021


6 Rerement Announcement

7 The Road to Pupsville

12 December 1971 Advert

13 West Cornwall Open Results

15 Why Get a Physio?


18 Brood Dog and Bitch holders

19 East Ayrshire Sprint results

20 Whippets for 25 Shillings!

21 My Life With Whippets


24 Make your own Dog Biscuits

25 Racing Cheetahs

28 Puppy Socialisaon

30 The Whippet that drowned in 1545

31 Andover Autumn Open results

33 Patrick & Millie

34 Cover Star Wannabe?


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Racing Calendar 2021




4th Easter Charity Open @ Andover SP11 0PP


18th 1st NPWRA Championship



WR13 6AT


2nd North West Championship TBC


9th 1st WCRA Championship WR13 6AT

16th Heart of England Straight Open 150yds

B79 0DP

23rd Spring Time Open @ Andover

SP11 0PP

30th 2nd NPWRA Championship



6th East Ayrshire Summer Classic - 150 yds KA18 1RP

13th 2nd WCRA Championship

WR13 6AT

20th Harvel Open straight

ME14 3JN

27th Gloucester Open


4th 3rd NPWRA Championship TBC

11th Scosh Naonal Sprint @ East Ayrshire 75 Yards KA18 1RP

17th **Saturday** Brish Championship at Scosh Thistle FK10 0RQ



25th Northern Summer Time Open


25th Scrumpy Classic Open @ West Somerset


The whippet speeds with ease and grace.

Few dogs can whippet in a race.

And it would make a wondrous pet,

Although I haven't caught one yet. ...

by Douglas Florian


Racing Calendar 2021 cont...




1st 4th NPWRA Championship TBC

8th 3rd WCRA Championship

WR13 6AT

15th Hampshire Classic @ Andover

SP11 0PP

22nd West Cornwall Charity Open

TR13 0RQ

22nd East Anglian TBC


29th West Cornwall Open

TR13 0RQ



12th 5th NPWRA Championship


19th Autumn Time Open @ Andover

SP11 0PP

26th Heart of England Bend Open

B79 0DP


3rd 4th WCRA Championship

WR13 6AT

10th East Ayrshire Derby 165 Yds

KA18 1RP



Born to Run

Sighthound Jewellery

I’m Sue and this is my range of items that are

sighthound themed.

My handmade creaons can be made to your

specificaons, just drop me an email or contact my

Facebook page and we can go from there.

Email: or find us on FaceBook - @BorntoRunSighthoundJewellery


Peter & I have decided to rere Jasmine / NPWRCH Jas It Up.

She has made us immensely proud. Our first racing dog from Jean Goode.

Bred from Honeybunch x Sarah Puxty & Steve Cowards Ozzy - RCh. Bring It On.

We would like to thank Jean for giving her trust to us and leng us have a puppy. We

never expected Jasmine to achieve even half of what she did. We just wanted something

we could run down the track and join in the fun. Lile did we know she would be a lile

super star.

Jasmine has given us nothing but pleasure to own. She has also given us 6 beauful

puppies who are now starng to hit the track. We both feel it is now me for her to pin

her racing coats up & let her kids do it for her. Hopefully she will have more kids to watch

in the future......

We would like to thank everyone who has given us advice & support throughout her me

in racing. Caroline & Peter


The Road to Pupsville

Belles journey

It was at the beginning of 2019 and aer some serious discussion, we decided we would

breed a lier from Belle. I looked at various possible Sires and studied the bloodlines and

eventually seled on an old friend of mines dog Dexter. I had checked the bloodline for

inbreeding and the co efficient was very low at 5.3 percent. Now the owner of Dexter and

I go back a long way probably forty years when we had greyhounds, in fact my dog lined

one of his bitches way back then, so the tables had turned so to speak, we agreed a stud

fee and we were set to go.

Belle and Dexter mated on the 21 st and 22 nd March 2019. That was Belles racing season

over for 2019, or so I thought. As the weeks were progressing, I was not seeing a great

difference in Belle. We had her scanned on the 28 th April and unfortunately she was not

pregnant. A disappointment at the me but there was nothing we could do, so I started

to get her fit and get her back to what she loves doing, racing.

It took a good while to get Belle back to peak fitness when she had been idle for so long,

but once again she did not disappoint. She ended up running second in the Brish

Championships in July and in September, she won the Scratch League trophy at the club.

A great effort considering she had missed some of the events where points are awarded.

The racing season ended and it was just

a case of waing on Belle coming into

season ll we tried again. There was

never any queson about trying a

different sire as Dexter had proved

himself in the past. The first me we

tried was just not to be. Belle and

Dexter mated again on 20 th and 21 st

November. This me as the weeks

went on I was seeing a difference in

Belle and had her scanned on 29 th

December which confirmed she was


Now when Belle is not in the mood or

when there is something wrong with

her, she will either not eat or is very

fussy, she was like this during her

pregnancy. Chicken, sardines, pasta, meat were all totally ignored at some stage, some

days I was cooking sausages for her, something she would never get, but I was just glad

to see her eang something. The only thing she would eat consistently was steak, yes


steak! I should have kept a record of how much it cost to buy all that steak, at the end of

the day if you love your pets you just do what's required. She was eang the steak so

that’s what she got. I reckon Belle put on around 12lb during pregnancy and lets say she

ended up a big girl.

I think you will agree she was a fair size. To try and get her used to where she would be

with the pups I spent several nights in the room with her, sleeping on a camp bed. I just

wanted to make sure she would be familiar with the surroundings as this was all going to

be a shock to a first me Mum and you have all sorts of concerns: will she be ok, will the

pups be ok, will she take to them.., one worry aer another, but at the end of the day

there was no need to worry. She took to it like a duck to water, well aer a wee bit of a

slow start anyway.

As the weeks progressed you could see the

change in Belle, not only her eang habits

but her shape too. I weighed her constantly

just to make sure she was heading in the

right direcon. One of my biggest faults is

probably being over cauous but this was

our baby so you had to give her the best.

Exercise was now restricted to short walks

from the day she was mated & was never

off the lead. Belle likes nothing beer than

having a run around, but with a precious

cargo on board that was strictly off limits.

Belle would spend more and more me

lying on my knee, she just wanted to be

comforted. Remember, what was going on

is all strange to her but as previously stated

you do what is best for her.

As her due date came closer, her coats barely fied her but she sll managed a short

walk, just not at our usual brisk pace. Ann and I were now with her 24/7 and in the final

days we worked out a shi paern. The pregnancy lasted bang on 63 days & from 60

days she was very restless and wanted to be with you constantly. On days 61 and 62 we

had been up around the clock taking it in turns to be with her. This photo is delivery day

just as she was about to start.

To say that when delivery me arrives is traumac, is a massive understatement, as I

knew her me was coming closer I enlisted the help of one of my neighbours Liz. Liz has

bred Jack Russels several mes so was up to speed with the art of delivery lets say.

Everything was in place and it was up to Belle now.


Sadly the first pup was

sll born. We had to help

Belle deliver it but there

was nothing we could do.

The pup came back legs

first and not in its sack,

and of course this caused

some tears in the household

but unfortunately

that’s nature for you, the

me was 14.55.

Winston was born at 15.50 and caused a bit of concern when Belle did not seem interested

in him whatsoever, but aer what seemed like a lifeme, the maternal insnct kicked

in and she took to him. These pics are when

they were about a week old.

At 16.03 Bailey arrived aer a wee bit of a

struggle coming out bum first and now Belle

seemed to have the hang of what was going on

but would not lie down, instead she was

parading about so we had to watch for the

next arrival.

Coupar made his appearance into the world at

16.40 without any major concerns.

Louie was born at 16.55 and just looked like a

mini Belle.

Next in the queue was Alfie who was born at

17.45, a cracking looking black boy, oh, are you

allowed to say that…….too late.

18.40 saw the arrival of the only lile lady in

the lier, Annie. Very disncve markings and

another braw pup.

We waited a few hours before agreeing that

Belle was finished and the gang was



I remember saying to Ann when we were going to bed, its like a weight has been lied off

your shoulders. Tell you something, we both slept well that night!

For about the first three to four weeks, I had very lile to do. Belle was in charge and yes

I had to change and wash beds everyday and make sure Belle was geng what she

needed to produce milk for the pups. Incidentally and quite happily to me, Belle went

from only eang steak to eang absolutely anything. I was feeding her 4/5 mes a day

just to build her back up.

The pups were not even born when I put it out that Belle was pregnant. At no me did I

adverse the pups for sale with a price etc. It was through just posng pics of how big she

was geng etc., that people contacted me asking about the availability of any pups. I had

a lot of enquiries and had drawn up a list of potenal new owners. I think there was

about twelve on the list at one point. Six puppies would mean I had to pick and choose

carefully who was going to get their hands on this precious cargo. Now, I will freely admit

that I felt like some mad Facebook stalker looking through the profiles of these potenal

new owners. I like to think that I am not a bad judge of people and seled on the new

owners and when the new owners came to pick their pup I was even more sasfied that I

had chosen wisely. Some of the new owners were able to come and visit their pup a few

mes which again convinced me I had made the correct choices. I really could not have

asked for beer new owners.

The growing process of the pups was a delight. To see them develop their own characters

and just lile things they did was truly a joy to watch, of course they were messy, of

course they were destrucve, but most importantly they were thriving. I had them eang

everything. I believe its important to give them variety at that age. I used to weigh them

every week just to make sure they were all gaining weight steadily although anyone who

saw the numerous photos I posted would know they were geng bigger and stronger

every day.

I started to keep Belle away from the pups around five to six weeks, but she was keen to

visit them about twice a day and lets just say they were happy to see her as the milk bar

was sll open at that me. Eventually I would only let her go in beside them in the

morning. When her milk was drying up she would regurgitate some of her breakfast for

them; a truly remarkable sight to see and as a first me Mum goes, Belle was absolutely

outstanding. She did every single thing required and more. Nature is truly a wonderful

thing and it’s amazing how the maternal insnct kicks in and they just know what to do,

truly remarkable.

By the me the pups reached around seven weeks they were ready to go. Now if I said

this was sad for me, having given so much me and effort to raise these pups to which I

believe to be a good standard, I think you may know what I mean. But, as said before,

I can console myself in the knowledge that these pups have caring new owners who are

going to provide them with a wonderful new life. My job is done and its up to the new


owners now. When Kirse suggested seng up the group on Facebook so everyone can

follow the progress of the pups I thought this was a great idea and I thank her for that.

She also updated the details of the pups in Whippet Archives, again a great help to me.

In closing if I were to try and sum up this experience, here are some words I would use,

Worrying, Anxious, Excited, Hilarious, Sad.

I could have included a lot more, but hopefully I have covered the main parts of the

journey and hope you enjoyed reading my story to Pupsville. Any feedback is welcome.




Where can you by a set of Racing Jackets for just £2.28 plus postage of £0.10?

You would have to me travel back to December 1971 for those prices!


West Cornwall Whippet Racing Club

Summer Open Sunday 30th August 2020

at St Elvan farm, Helston

Today we had glorious weather and the track was nice and so

from the rain during the week which made for a good running

surface writes Lee Pascoe.

The day ran smoothly with everyone working within the Covid guidelines the club had in

place. Many thanks to all that have helped out at both opens.

Main 14-19lb

Heats Rch Truly Trouble, Rch Ameesha swi shadow

1. Rch Truly Trouble

2. Rch Ameesha swi shadow

3. Rch Ameesha summer rocket

Main 20-22lb

Heats: Rch Turn it on, Skillywidden, Whitby Hurricane

1. Whitby Hurricane

2. London Girl

3. Rch Turn it on

4. Kinda ready

Main 23-25lb

Heats: Duncton Rude boy, Cornish Dancer

1. Cornish Dancer

2. Duncton Rude boy

3. Glad all over

4. Apache gold

Main 26-28lb

Heats: Step it up, The Landrake Flyer

1. The Landrake Flyer

2. Step it up

3. Pathfinder

4. Markamys son and air

Main 29-32lb

Heats: Markamys reddie eddie, Believe in me

1. Markamys reddie eddie

2. On the go

3. Believe in me

4. The Quiet man


1. Rock it up

2. Ameesha top tease


1. Black hawk apache

2. The mighty finn

3. Quick as a flash


1. Agile Im-pac

2. Rch Feillys gold


Maiden 14-20lb

Heats: Truly sassy, Scratchybrat

1. Truly sassy

2. Rooster booster

3. Scratchybrat

Maiden 26-32lb

Heats: Blue it is, Now U sia

1. Agile Inferno

2. Blue it is

3. Now u sia

4. Yovbinslade

Veterans 14-20lb

Heats: Truly unruly, VC Truly scrumpous

1. Rch/VC Ameesha lile ebs

2. VC Truly Scrumpous

3. Truly Unruly

Veterans 25-28lb

Heats: Our boy ace, My best buddy

1. Our boy ace

2. My best buddy

3. Marley’s gold



1. Rch Truly trouble

2. Whitby Hurricane


1. Truly sassy

2. Beauregard

3. Agile inferno

Maiden 21-25lb

Heats: Beauregard, Ameesha Fleur de lis

1. Beauregard

2. Cornish Lass

3. Ameesha Fleur de lis


1. Harry’s Gold

Veterans 21-24lb

Heats: Rch Cornish Black Lace

1. Rch Cornish Black Lace

Veterans 29-32lb

Heats: Markamys red Fred, Rch

Just move over

1. Rch Just mover over

2. Markamys red Fred


1. Black hawk apache

2. Rock it up

3. Agile im-pac


1. Rch Cornish Black Lace

2. Rch/VC Ameesha Lile Ebs


Why Get a physio?

By Donna Wills PGC A Phys, MIRVAP (VP), RVN

Founder of Animal Physiotherapy Ltd


Physiotherapy has been a much-used musculoskeletal therapy in

the human world for many years. Many people have benefited from

this, not only aer operaons, but also in the sporng world. It has

come so far now that if you are human undergoing any surgery involving a muscle or

bone, you will be sent to physio as well. Equally its likely your GP will send you to physio

before referring you to the hospital for further invesgaon.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF)

has had many books written about it. It’s an

amazing Modality

In the sporng world we have seen greatly

increased use. Any high-level sports personality will

have their own physio. Many clubs even employ

their own physios. We even find naonal sporng

events will have a physio working alongside the doctor,

who is there for any emergencies. This is how

important physio is recognised to be.

Physio and indeed its fellow MSK praconers, such

as the osteopath and chiropractor can help enhance

recovery and performance.

The body is a complex mesh of cells of various types all working together to make one

incredible machine. But if any single part of that network gets broken or injured, it has an

impact on the rest of the body. The rest of the body will try to compensate and adjust to

its new working parameters, but that adjustment takes me to achieve. It can also cause

further complicaons of its own, because it will be making another part work in a way it

was never meant to. Allowing this to go on can cause catastrophe for the body in the long

term. Certainly, it will reduce performance.

You noce I said the body is a complex mesh of cells. I

prefer to recognise that the whole body needs to be

looked at. Its not as simple as saying, as a physio, I only

look at bones and muscles. I recognise that part of the

best performance also relies on good health of internal

organs, good mental health and good diet to name but

a few. We are part of the whole care team. The vet,


Massage is a highly important rehab tool

Using pole work improves proprioception,

co-ordination and much more

the behaviourist and the nutrionist all bring value

and improve health. That’s not to say you need to

employ all these people. The nutrionist has worked

to formulate the food you give. You have learnt from

other nutrionists, how to enhance the food for

various life stages, illness or injury. As any dog

owner, you are oen learning new ways to enhance

mood and keep your individual dog happy, and if you

struggle, you get the behaviourist to help. When any

sign of illness comes you call the vet. It’s the same

for the physio. Call us when you feel the need and

see how we can help.

Using a physio is an amazing tool for your dog’s care plan. Even if you think everything is

going well, many owners choose to come for an annual “MOT” to check mobility and see

if there are issues that need addressing. As said above, the issues oen start small but an

annual check in helps you spot them before they are big. A physio will then give you a

home care plan so that you are empowered to help

your dog at home. The most successful physio is

achieved when the owner is fully on-board with the

are plan and doing it daily. Don’t let that scare you.

Its oen only a few minutes a day, but done right,

those few minutes can be life changing. You then

benefit from a healthier dog, running safer and

faster and less likely to cause further injury. In the

case of a big injury that has happened, a physio can

get you on a good home care plan. This will enhance

the healing process and keep it at its opmum.

Physios have various tools to their disposal and they oen work all slightly differently as

we are taught to make our own decisions based on the best new evidence. This evidence

is constantly changing and evolving as science moves so fast now. The joy of doing a single

discipline, like only working in mobility, is that we can focus our knowledge in this area

and then pass that knowledge onto the owners.

Remember, an enquiry is always free of charge, so if you have any niggles or quesons in

your mind, call a physio and ask them how they can help.

Stretches and joint mobilisations optimizes

range of movement and stride length


Animal Physiotherapy Ltd was formed by Donna Wills in 2005.

A career in veterinary nursing lead to the establishment of this

company, to provide rehabilitaon to paents in need of help

to improve their mobility and quality of life. Firm values were

set to ensure the best possible care.

Animal Physiotherapy Ltd Stands:

To provide effecve physiotherapy treatment to all animals.

To treat every paent as an individual.

To be sympathec to both owner and paents emoonal and physical needs.

To keep our knowledge up to date and aend relevant lectures to further improve our


To keep an open and high level of clear communicaon between ourselves, the client and

the veterinary surgeons.

To promote the benefits of physiotherapy and educate owners and fellow professionals

of its versality.

Since opening we have grown from strength to strength. We are established in mulple

clinics. We have been head hunted to provide the physiotherapy and massage for The Pet

Spa in Harrods. We have been on ITV Daybreak, ITV The Alan Titchmarsh show, CH4 - Sunday

Brunch and Crus Extra. We have also been featured on BBC London Radio several

mes. We have been in mulple newspapers all over the world. We have been asked to

train other veterinary professionals in physiotherapy for Improve Internaonal in the UK

and Denmark; Justo development and the Brish Veterinary Nursing Associaon Congress

and the rehabilitaon Expo in the Excel, London.

We have also now produced our own Puppy Massage DVD to help teach owners how to

do safe massage in the comfort on their own home.



March Wind & Remember Me


Evansent & Fun to Run


Evansent & Suits Me


Evansent & Femme Fatale


Quiver & Mystify me


Quiver & Mystify me


Quiver & Mystify me


Devils double & Honeybunch


To be announced at next Champs


East Ayrshire Pedigree Whippet Racing Club

The club had its first main racing special event of 2020 at the

Woodroad Park in Cumnock, on Sunday the 6 th of September. It

was the highly ancipated King of the Ping sprint, run over a short

distance of fiy yards, to say this event is fast and furious is an understatement, where a

less than perfect exit from the traps is unforgiving with no me to recover, this in turn

gives dogs who have a good start a chance of winning a race they normally wouldn’t do

well in over greater distances. However it doesn’t always work out this way as many dogs

who win main races are also excellent starters.

The entry was not as high as it usually is due to the virus and the condions we need to

run under, but that does not mean the field on the day was weak, as there were excellent

club dogs on show, whippets which travel the length and breath of the country racing at

big events throughout the year.

The first heat was 1 st Basil, 2 nd Harris, 3 rd Alba.

Second heat was 1 st Jess, 2 nd Jinx, 3 rd Jura.

Third heat was 1 st Boomer, 2 nd Finn, 3 rd Hemi, 4 th Maisy.

1 st semi final was 1 st Boomer, 2 nd Jinx, 3 rd Basil.

2 nd semi final was 1 st Jess, 2 nd Finn, 3 rd Harris.

Final was 1 st Boomer, 2 nd Jess, 3 rd Jinx, 4 th Finn.

In the consolaon final it was between two black bitches as two dogs had to rere with

minor niggling injuries, which was no surprise as they had done hardly any racing at all

this year. First over the line was Linda Johnstone’s Maisy, followed by Chrisne Connor’s

Hemi, a good race which saw both dogs going over close together.

The final was set up to be a close call between four very good dogs. When the dust had

seled the main man on the day was Boomer, owned by Kylie and Duncan Hainey, he

powered his way over the line winning by a short head over Jess, Stuart and Laura’s excellent

boy from Drongan. Close behind in third place was the powerful Jinx owned by

Alex Tomlin and fourth was the big boy Finn owned by George and Sophie Holland.

Boomer was unbeaten on the day winning all three of his races.

In between the races the pups were being giving trials and training, and all of them are

coming along very nicely indeed. A big thank you must go to the members with the

knowledge of coaching these young dogs through to maturity, as all of them are progressing

so well and with a bit of luck, will be geng their passing trials by the end of the

season. Let us hope this virus is finished with this year and next year we can all get back

to normal, there are so many good dogs being denied the chance of naonal wins and

losing out in a year of their racing lives.

James Burns (Publicity Officer)

Whippets for Sale circa 1900


My Life With Whippets - Daphne Kitchen

Many years ago, our local vet asked me to give a home to a stray whippet. I had him for

about eighteen months. Unfortunately, one day he and our Labrador took off, got into a

pheasantry and did a lot of damage. The whippet was shot and the Labrador came home

with a tooth missing.

Very many years later, when I had two small children, I decided I wanted another

whippet and heard that a neighbour’s dog, Laguna Larkin, had just fathered a lier. He

said he would ask them if I could have one, they said no as they wanted them to go to

racing homes.

I then decided to go racing with my neighbour and they said I could have one, the one I

chose I called Pippa. She was a lovely lile dog and six months later the breeder had

another lier also by Larkin, only two in the lier and the one I chose we called Muffin.

They were both racing champions in the 22 and 24 lbs groups, there were in those days

about 32 -34 dogs in a group.

I bred from Pippa, kept Robot Lady who was my son’s, he was as keen on racing as I was

in those days. We had one of the dogs back as the owners split up, had him castrated and

kept him.

Later I put Muffin to a dog called Fred (Kemerton Polo) owned by the people I got her

from. I had seen his progeny on the track at Sussex and was impressed. Nobody wanted

them they had never heard of Fred, but they were a good lier, Always Skint, Slightly

Dangerous, Chunky Chalky and Pebbledash, they will be in many people's pedigrees way

back. Pebbledash was going well when she was in trap 3 in a 5 dog semi-final round in a

Championship on the bend, she got squashed in on the bend, she went up in the air and

when she hit the ground you could hear the break, she never raced again so I mated her

to Margaret Bakers Jolly, she had 6 beauful puppies, namely Tobermory Bay, Jolly Roger,

Snuff Box, Pebbles, and two more bitches, one of them was rescued by Linda Turner

as the owners were geng rid of her. I had her and bred from her with Yvonne

Harrington’s Beano. She had really good pups one of them being Ear to the Ground, I

kept Comic Lady who was ny but

became a racing champion.

Pebbles became a racing champion,

I put her to Beano but the pups

weren't as good as her sisters. I

mated Muffin again to Jan and

Toddys Stevie "0", she only had two

white pups, Dessie "0" and Rch

Champagne Charlie.

By then I had, had enough of breeding,

and decided to buy one in, I saw

that Nick and Laverne had mated

Kissynight to Time Flies thought they would be good and that's how I got my beloved Flybynite

(Cassie) She was the most wonderful dog I have ever had, not because she was so

fast, but had a wonderful temperament. She won the Whippet News Top Ten twice and

Veteran Top ten. When she was 7 she had a terrible accident, she had overstretched herself

coming out of the traps, fell out and lost all feeling in her back end. Ray Jones kindly

took me to the vet, unfortunately she had serious injuries and never raced again, but

lived for another seven years, it took a long me for her to walk again, but she was so

strong and determined.

A few years before her accident I mated her to Lesley Harris's Xcess. She had ten puppies

one died, but the rest had lovely homes. I kept Flyaway and my friend Phyll had

Rch Woodleigh Gold, and we shared Woodnymph, both Flyaway and Woodleigh Gold

became racing champions, and Woodnymph got her half coat. Flyaway didn't do so well

to start with and it was when she was 5 that she became a champion, then she won the

Veteran Whippet News two years running.

The last mang I did was Woodnymph to March Wind, she had to have a caesarean, only

had two pups, one died, Geoff Cook had Ben, Red Admiral. Woodnymph had to be spayed

when Ben was ten days old as she was very poorly, Ben didn't race much and only died

last year (2019) he was 16. I had been going to have a pup from that lier, but no bitch. I

then heard that the Thomas's Rch Conway Lady was to be mated to Timekeeper who was

one of Cassies sons. I had a lovely bitch Holly, Black Gold, she became the first Naonal

Champion and went on to be a Veteran Champion, I only lost her in 2019, she was 15.

I then had Fleur from Linda Turner, she has a wonderful temperament and got a half coat

but always met Sapphire Queen Topaz as she is 21 lb, but she did well as a veteran and

won the whippet News veteran top ten, I then had Hurricane Fly from Angie Sawyer, she

loved racing and could not wait to get to the traps, flew out, but usually got beaten. But

she is lovely and clever, she puts her paw in a bowl to stop it moving when she is eang

from it. If I am in the garden and the phone rings, she barks unl I come in.

My last and final dog is Lola - Lile Gem from Angela's Sapphire Gem, she is a very loving

lile dog, she is fast but if not in trap one crosses le, but not quickly enough to be

seeded, she did win a half coat when she was seeded and beat some really good dogs. I

was thrilled. She is 6 now and my very last whippet, so hopefully if we start racing I will

have some fun with her, fingers crossed, please no injury.

Too late, Lola tore her gracilis in July so nothing to race now!

Editor: Since this article was written Daphne has taken over Hope (Goode Hope) from

Jean Goode so does in fact have a dog she can run.

-Dog Fact-

Dogs are responsible for three disagreements a week in Brish households

according to a poll of 2000 owners by dog friendly pub chain Chef & Brewer!


Dog Biscuits

Our homemade dog treats are the perfect way to treat your dog to something special and

can also be used as a reward for training.

They contain just three ingredients and are super simple to make!

Remember, these are a treat for your dog, so you should only make them occasionally

and ensure they’re fed to them in small amounts, alongside a well-balanced diet that’s

appropriate for their age and lifestyle.



1 Banana

60g Sweet potato, mashed

160g Oats / Oat flour


Peel and chop your sweet potato then boil in

a saucepan of water for about 10-15

minutes, unl so. Once thoroughly cooked,

drain and set aside to cool completely.

Tip your oats into a blender and pulse them

into a flour, or alternavely you can use

ready-made oat flour.

Add your banana to a bowl along with your cooled sweet potato. Blend unl smooth using

a hand blender. Then, add in your blended oats or oat flour.

Mix all the ingredients and then bring together with your hands to form a dough. Wrap

the dough in cling film and leave the in the fridge for up to 6 hours, or overnight. It’s important

to do this, as it will allow the oats to absorb some moisture, and means that they

won’t swell in your dog’s stomach.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees cengrade. Lightly flour your work surface and roll the

dough out to be about 1cm thick. Cut out the biscuits, using whatever shape you like.

Place them on a lined baking tray and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

When they are thoroughly cooked through, remove them from the oven and leave to cool


Once cool, they are ready for your dog to enjoy! These

biscuits will keep fresh in a sealed container for up to two




Hold On A Minute...There Was Cheetah Racing In

Green Lanes In The 1930s?


Image © Illustrated London News


Green Lanes has long been a melng

pot of cultures, from the Hasidic Jews in

Stamford Hill to what is locally known as

Palmers Greek, not to menon the

Turks and Kurds living in relave

harmony. The alleged torture chambers

popping up behind barbers are a thing

of the past and wheelchair-bound

criminal Abdullah Baybasin (aka 'the

Uncle'), once accused of masterminding

90% of Britain’s heroin trade, is seemingly

less acve, having had to fork over

almost £700k aer years of posing as a

salesman of cheap toilet roll.


The area is full of surprises, the most exoc

of which took place on the site that's

currently home to Sainsbury’s. Harringay

Stadium stood here unl its closure in

1987, its fate foreshadowing those of the

Walthamstow and Wimbledon tracks in

more recent years.

Harringay Stadium is not to be confused

with neighbouring Harringay Arena, which

is now a shopping park having hosted

wrestling at the 1948 Olympics, the

Moscow State Circus and the launch of

the Ford Zephyr. By contrast, Harringay

Stadium was one of the finest and

quirkiest tracks in the country, founded in

1927 alongside the iconic White City

ground, following the marked success of

the Belle Vue course in Manchester.

The stadium was known for being a local

hive of acvity and the passion of the

crowd was never far from bubbling over

— in 1938, the audience demanded its

money back aer the entertainment was

brought to a halt by an accident. Protests

resulted in a tractor being set alight, as

well as damage to the structure of the

stadium. Other revolts saw offices being

pillaged and the fire department called in.

Decades before Baybasin’s heroin empire,

gangster “Darby” Sabini (inspiraon for

Colleini in Brighton Rock and one for the

Peaky Blinders buffs) used to patrol the

local races. When Joe Coral was geng

his bookmaking business off the ground, it

was here that he famously brushed off the

man widely known as the 'king of the

racecourse gangs' by threatening him at


In an aempt to boost popularity among

the excitable locals, twelve cheetahs were

imported to the UK from Kenya by

explorer Arthur Legge and the eccentric,

larger-than-life game hunter and keen

sportsman Kenneth Gandar-Dower. Aer

a six-month quaranne period, the

cheetahs were given the all-clear and

faced a year of acclimasaon.

Understandably, the transion from the

dry, open grasslands of East Africa to the

harsh sand tracks in London’s stadiums

proved challenging to say the least,

parcularly given that the sand was

suscepble to adverse weather condions

that must have seemed alien to the

startled dozen, with a track heang

system only put in place in the sixes. It

also took some me for the concept of

chasing a mechanised hare around a

circuit to sink in. Eventually, rabbit flesh

was ed to the hares to incenvise the

future stars.

The sheer athlecism of the cheetahs

resulted in the hares frequently being

Kenneth Gandar-Dower with his cheetahs

and his greyhounds. Image © Illustrated

London News Group/

caught. This proved to be problemac, as

once the first cheetah had snared its prey,

the remaining cheetahs in the race would

cease trying, assuming that their mate

had poached the hare. One can also

imagine the frustraon of the rowdy


punters that had put a sizeable chunk of

their weekly earnings on the race. As a

result, only one cheetah would race at a

me to avoid confusion.

The cheetahs had their first oung in

Romford, where a star was born. Helen

the cheetah, nicknamed 'Queen of the

Track' raced to a convincing win at an

average speed of 55 mph. The incredulous

reacon on the audience’s faces said it all.

Helen mesmerised and captured the

imaginaon of the gawping crowd, most

of whom had never seen anything like it


favourite feline pets in on a leash. Albeit

short-lived, his quirky legacy remains to

this day.

Another race added more spice with the

introducon of hurdles. However, the big

cats were frankly uninterested,

circumvenng the barriers in order to

relentlessly pursue the electronic hare.

Subsequent races made it apparent that

the cheetahs were just not cut out for

compeve racing and the novelty of the

African cats somewhat wore off, as the

cheetahs lacked the dogged zeal of the

greyhounds, frequently pausing for naps.

Locals were also alarmed by the possibility

of the predators breaking loose and

wreaking havoc in the densely-populated

neighbouring streets.

A combinaon of these factors ulmately

brought an end to this eye-catching fad

within the first season. Nevertheless, Mr

Gandar-Dower’s love for cheetahs never

once waned, later evidenced by being on

the receiving end of a stern warning at

Queen’s Club for bringing one of his

A cheetah and a greyhound in the trap.

Image © Illustrated London News Group/


Puppy socialisaon schedule

Give your puppy the best start in life by following a socialisaon

schedule. Take a look at the one below, put together by the vets from


Puppies will be with their mother and liermates. They should be allowed to smell people

(men, women, and children) from an early age.

3-6 weeks

The breeder should let the puppy see and hear everyday household sights and sounds,

such as the TV, vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc. The puppy should also keep

meeng new people.

Breeders can start grooming and gently examining eyes, ears, paws and so on, every day.

6-8 weeks

The breeder should be allowing your puppy meet everyone in the family, including

children and other people’s children. Puppies should enjoy playing and interacng with

them. Ideally puppies will get used to meeng lots of different people.

Puppies may also meet other common pets as well as babies, but contact should be

supervised so they meet each other safely. Puppies should also meet older dogs.

8 weeks

Puppies should have their first vaccinaon and be micro-chipped.

Puppies are usually transferred to their new owner at eight weeks. Get your puppy from a

breeder where they have been among everyday sights and sounds.

Ask whether your vet pracce runs puppy socialisaon groups (somemes called ‘puppy

pares’) and, if not, ask where the nearest one is. This will give them a great chance to

meet other puppies and get used to a range of other dogs. They’ll need to be fully

vaccinated before going along.

Get your puppy used to being in the car. Start off on the drive with the doors open and

then gradually build up to taking short journeys. Offer a small treat when your puppy is

calm and relaxed but don’t force them to take it as they might feel car sick at first.

Make sure they're safe and secure

in the car.

It’s important that your puppy gets

used to being without you. Leave

your puppy for a few minutes at

first e.g. while you’re making


yourself a cup of tea. Gradually build up the me unl they’re happy to be le in the

house on their own for longer periods.

Socialisaon CDs are a great way to get your puppy

used to noises that they will hear during their life.

Lots of dogs are scared of fireworks because they

never heard them during their socialisaon period. By

using a CD you can get your puppy used to noises like

this so that they’re not scared later. Ask your vet for

more informaon about these.

Start reward-based training e.g. toilet training and

coming when called.

Connue socialisaon training with new people and new experiences, making sure every

experience is posive.

9 weeks

Get your puppy used to wearing a collar and lead in your garden.

10 weeks

You may be able to take your puppy for their second vaccinaon. Ask your vet when it

will be safe for you puppy to start meeng other dogs and exploring away from home.

12 weeks

If you vet says it’s safe for your puppy

to go out and about, gradually build up

the range of experiences away from

your home, for example by vising the

local railway staon and local shopping

areas, seeing farm animals etc.

Remember to stop if your puppy seems

scared and not to overwhelm your

puppy with too many experiences at a

me or with experiences that are too


15 weeks onwards

Carry on like this unl your puppy’s at least a year old, as your puppy’s learning will

connue during this me. The benefits of good socialisaon will stay with your puppy for



The youngest member of

the Mary Rose’s crew:

The Carpenters dog.

The skeleton of this dog was discovered

on the seabed on 12th July 1981 outside

the carpenter’s cabin, under a pile of

chests. He was at the me, a healthy

18—24 month old. His strong jaws would

have been very useful for catching

onboard rats and they were possibly his

main food source too.

Tudor seafarers did not allow cats or women on board ship as they were thought

to be an omen of bad luck which is why Hatch, as he was eventually named by

Museum Staff must have been male and DNA extracted from one of his teeth

although inconclusive as to which breed he

was gave the informaon markers for a

male and even the colour of his fur! He has

been officially listed as a cross between the

modern breeds of Terrier and Whippet. He

undoubtedly has a dolichocephalic skull

(long & thin) representave of modern

sighthounds. His appearance looks more

whippet than anything else - make up your

own mind on that one but having been

there I’m convinced!

Careful excavaon of the area in which the dog was found mean that he is one of

the most complete skeletal assemblages recovered from the Mary Rose. The

skeleton was excavated aer the Tudor ship was brought to the surface of the

Solent in 1982. Hatch has been on display in the Mary Rose Exhibion at Portsmouth

since 2013. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

The Mary Rose - Henry VIII's warship, lost in 1545, recovered in 1982

and now on display in a dedicated museum in Portsmouth for

everyone to visit all year round

The Mary Rose, Main Road, Portsmouth, PO1 3PY


Autumn Open 20/09/2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Autumn Open

today writes Darcia Gingel. Aer a week of working hard to

ensure that the open could go ahead under the latest changes

to the Governments Covid-19 guidance and the final go ahead

not being received unl Friday morning it was wonderful to

have everyone at the track with the sun shining too - such a bonus! Everyone played their

part ensuring that the day could run safely and even a visit from the Police did not

change the great atmosphere, they were soon sasfied that everything was in order and

all permissions were in place and le us to enjoy a fantasc day of racing. A massive

thank you once again to all the commiee and our brilliant helpers, including those from

Harvel who volunteered to take on jobs, we could not hold opens without the support of

such people and we really appreciate the help. Thanks also to our group sponsors and to

the track team who had both the track and field in an excellent condion for the day. On

to the racing and there was some fantasc racing throughout, congratulaons to all

runners, finalists and group winners, we hope to see you all again at some point this year

or the next.

Maiden 14-20lb Group

Heats: San Sparkler, M'Lady En Rouge


2. M'Lady En Rouge

3. Cracker Nac

Maiden 21-24lb Group

Heats: Fun & Secrets, Stormborne Dragonfyre,

Ameesha Fleur De Lis

Semi-finals: Fun & Secrets, Goode Hope


2. Mal Y Pense

3. Goode Hope

4. Stormborne Dragonfyre

Maiden 25-27lb Group

Heats: Now U Sia, One For Arthur


2. To Dare is to Do

3. Now U Sia

4. Stormborne Skyraider

Elite 14-19lb Group

Heats: Ameesha Swi Shadow, Sidari Tegan


2. Ameesha Summer Rocket

3. Sidari Tegan


Consolaon final

1. Savernake Forest Finale

2. Cairdean Laguna Luna

3. Cracker Black

Consolaon final

1. Able Mabel

Consolaon final

1. Savernake Splash Of Ginge

2. Ryamber Come On Irene

3. Ameesha Just A Breeze

4. Ameesha Swi Shadow

Elite 20-22lb Group

Heats: Miss Moneypenny, Whitby Hurricane,

RCh Turn It On

Semi-finals: RCh Turn It On, Whitby Hurricane


2. RCH Turn It On

3. Miss Moneypenny

4. London Girl

Elite 23-25lb Group

Heats: Ryamber Its Aw Reet, Duncton Rude Boy,

Cornish Dancer

Semi-finals: Cornish Dancer, Duncton Rude Boy


2. Duncton Rude Boy

3. Ryamber Its Aw Reet

4. Black Hawk Apache

Elite 26-28lb Group

Heats: Ryamber Fairy Tale, Pathfinder


2. Savernake Peregrine Falcon

3. Ryamber Fairy Tale

4. Cairdean Harry Sparrow

Elite 29-32lb Group

Heats: Hedley's White Knight, On The Go, RCh Xtreme

Semi-finals: Believe In Me, On The Go


2. Believe In Me

3. Why Would He

4. Hedley's White Knight

Veteran 14-20lb Group

Heats: RCh VCh Ameesha Lile Ebs,

VCh Truly Scrumpous


2. Truly Unruly

3. VCh Truly Scrumpous

4. Cairdean Pipsqueak

Veteran 22-26lb Group

Heats: Trueloveways, Ryamber Something Extra


2. Trueloveways


Consolaon final

1. Farriers Shadow

2. Ameesha Top Tease

3. Ryamber Something Different

NR Hedley's Lightning Queen

Consolaon final

1. Beauregard

2. Apache Gold

3. Ryamber Stan The Man

Consolaon final

1. Markamy's Son & Air

NR Markamy's Reddie Eddie

Consolaon final

1. Gambler Jack

Consolaon Final

1. Savernake Top Gun

2. Cairdean Merry Monkey

3. My Best Buddy

4. Moonbeam Luna

3. Ryamber Something Extra

4. Rudy Roo

Veteran 28-32lb Group

Heats: VCh Xchange, Duncton Dark Knight


2. Duncton Dark Knight

3. Whitby Jet

NR RCh Markamy's Red Fred

Consolaon final

1. Jungle Face


1. RCh VCh Ameesha Lile Ebs

2. VCh Xchange

NR VCh Red Apache


1. Whitby Hurricane

2. Stormborne Spiire

3. Cornish Dancer

NR Pathfinder, On The Go


1. Fun & Secrets

2. San Sparkler

3. One For Arthur

This is wee Millie and her proud owner

Patrick McQuade.

Millie is one of the most important racing

whippets in Scotland. She helps to school

pups and other dogs. Without dogs like

Millie, bringing on pups would be very

difficult. Dogs up and down Britain perform

this service are the hidden heroes. The next

me we see a dog in their championships

jacket, without amazing dogs like Millie

working behind the scenes, they would have

had a harder me achieving these honours.

Well done Millie and Patrick


Could your whippet

be a future cover star?

Picture with a story behind it would be amazing!

(but not essential)

Tip! Picture must be sufficient quality to allow enlargement if necessary and must fit

the orientaon of the magazine i.e. portrait—very aware that most whippet acon

shots tend to be landscape. Send your pic by email to:


Club contact details

Andover & District WRC (Weyhill) SP11 0PP

Darcia Gingell M: 07846 757000 E:


East Ayrshire PWRC (Cumnock) KA18 1RP

Tommy Weir M: 07543 059118 E:


Gloucester PWRC (Tewksbury) GL20 8DF

Roy Winrow T: 01684 292377 M: 07776 435114


Harvel PWRC (Maidstone) ME14 3JN

David Bursey M: 07505 403204 E:

Heart of England PWRC (Shungton, Nr. Tamworth) B79 0DP

Ann Brown T: 01283 222105 M: 07772 504478


Scosh Thistle PWRC (Kincardine) FK10 0RQ

Gillian Lyon T: 01324 625305 E:

The Independent PWRC (Worcester) WR6 5LP

Andrew & Alison Ingley T: 01283 218622 M: 07979604363


The Northern PWRC (Preston) PR4 6JX

Nick Clawson M: 07854 629412 E:

West Cornwall PWRC (Helston) TR13 0RQ

Michaela Baber T: 01736 710386 E:

To get listed or correcons, please email:


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