From one to another



A collection of short poems that see one year end and another begin

The Passing of 2020

This 2020, passing’s, been the most appalling year

Of illness, loss, confusion, loneliness and dreadful fear;

Of missed events, occasions, anniversaries unshared,

Of constant wonderings how friends and family have fared;

But superhuman efforts, too, of vigilance and care,

Of acts of loving kindness, acts of heroism rare.

And finally, in the darkness of this tunnel, we see light

And hopefulness ahead of us, instead of dread and fright.

So, let our poor, depleted Christmas still bring joy and cheer

Then bid this passing year goodbye, without a single tear!

© Miranda Fuller

The Lightest Touch

You gave us fear, you gave us hope

backwards, forwards, sideways

Upwards downwards

In-between, fair, unfair

Right, wrong Cummings and goings, goodbye

The cavalry was stopped

Ice shows us everything can stop

In time frozen

We lived in the biggest open prison

The next day the sun always comes up

and the lightest touch comes

from the hardest knock

© Pete Hind-Fletcher

New Year

The sun still came up this morning,

Quite late, but it came all the same,

And the cat that lives in our garden

Needed feeding and made it quite plain

That for him, not a thing would be changing,

And the birds joined in his refrain!

Only man with his need to alter

One date to another, how strange!

© Kevin Byers


If I had known how it was going to be

I would have hugged you more in the Spring.

I would have taken a train to Waterloo and walked by the river

Drinking in the landscape, smiling at the history.

I would have sat in Tate Modern, paying homage to the Rothkos

Immersed in the colours, washed clean by the light.

I would have stood beside The Golden Hinde and journeyed in my mind’s eye

To places far across the sea, past my set horizon, ever onwards,

Pulling against the shrinking world.

There will be other seasons, filled with friends.

We just have to be patient.

© Caroline Brooker

Goodbye sad 2020

Of you we've had a plenty

It’s good that you are done

So we can look forward in 2021

When all this Covid is gone

Hopefully friends and family

Can once more meet happily

And our activities we can resume

Without all this doom and gloom

So hope to see you all soon

Goodbye sad 2020

Of you we've had a plenty

© Penny Gilham

Again, again again!

Corona, Covid, PPE, ICU, UCME in A&E

One for Hands, two for face, three for an angel waiting at the gates!

four for masks, five hand sanitise and Six but it’s not Magpie!

Seven, Praise be for the online delivery in a locked gate internet home based society.

Eight, Don’t comply, stamp your feet, jump up and down maybe just ask yourself why?

Nine It’ll all end in tiers 1,2,3,4 & 5 and a sprinkle of National Lockdown.

We’re all in this together stay at home, keep alive

Happy clappy claptoverts find a cause, tell your neighbours, bang bang bang in time together the

symphonic pots and pans.

We’re all doomed in never never never la la land?

© Graeme Blackmore

Goodbye to 2020

Was there some ageing fairy in 2019

Who scratched her silver head and said “Oh dear! I’m getting vague …

“I’m seeing stars – but where’s my wand? Oh where’s it gone and been?

“We need some fun for everyone – so let’s just have a plague!”?

And did she only mean to say “Now, let’s just have a play!”?

But her wand came with predictive text – they do, they take control! –

And once the old year shuffled off, soon after New Year’s day

The virus came with a nasty cough, the shops ran out of loo roll.

It’s been a really rotten year – it hasn’t been a hoot –

With no more talk of the future, but only ‘going forward’…

As for French on Zoom – well, zut! We kept getting stuck on mute.

Pandemic upticks you’re no fun. Go away – we’ll all applaud!

© Frances Evans 1.1.21

January First

Bleary eyed I reach for the clock, squinting to make sense

of the numbers, it appears I've missed half the day.

The bit where you sit, notebook on knee and seriously

contemplate your shortcomings and the changes to be made.

I pull the duvet over my head, snuggle into the warmth,

content in the knowledge this opportunity will soon roll round again.

© Niamh Corcoran 5.1.21

A strange and longed for feeling

As we prepare to leave this damaged shore.

The sea stretches out before us

It ebbs and flows, ends and flows,


and begins.

I want rid of this shore of sadness, death and despair.

Whilst Hope pulls up the anchor

A surge of strength climbs aboard

As midnight strikes, we heave away

No longer looking back

As together we ride and surf those waves.

© Nicky Newberry

How keen we are to move on and forget

A year of boredom, sadness and regret.

Yet in those months we got to learn so much

On how to cope, to thrive, to keep in touch.

So twenty twenty one should bring no fear.

What we’ve survived must give us cause for cheer.

We’ve laughed and cursed and shown a helping hand

Been comforted by friends throughout the land

So let’s move on with hope and now embrace

A new more hopeful year and Hands Face Space

(But most of all - vaccines!!!)

© Barbara Thorn

Are we like our own

shadows projected into

our own past by an

Unknown light,

To then receive greeting cards

from our own future

that we had sent.

And were there travellers

on that ocean far,

Or just our own greeting cards sent

as to what is yet to be.

© Anthony Maccini

Entering a New Year – French Pantoum

Longing to leave behind the darkness of 2020

So many plans unfulfilled and denied

A year of letting go and adjusting

Discovering gifts in the darkness

So many plans unfulfilled and denied

Meeting family and friends on screen

Discovering gifts in the darkness

Knowing the sun will return once again

Meeting family and friends on screen

A year of letting go and adjusting

Knowing the sun will return once again

Longing to leave behind the darkness of 2020

© Denise Dale


We want a refund

That last year you supplied was damaged.

All the years supplied are perfect

Any damage is caused by the users

Here is a brand new, perfect, year

Take better care of this one.

There is no charge.

© Anon

10 months Ago

10 months ago, afraid to get fresh air

Walking slowly, with overdue care,

And peering cautiously around overgrown hedges.

Anxiety rising as a silent runner shoots past,

Crossing many roads, desperate to get home,

Avoiding anyone ahead, saying hello only in my mind.

10 months down the line,

Coping as best as I can,

inhaling deep breaths, walking tall,

Smiling whilst listening to the dawn chorus,

Just quietly waiting, feeling inwardly strong.

© Paula


Finger walking

I finger walked along the tube map the other day

Nobody stopped me

or asked me pay.

© Anon

Time, sticks like mud,

Thick, glutenous, temporal slime,

I try to wash it off,

The months and the days,

To shed the year like a sickly skin,

But it spreads, like a dirty ticking clock,

Seconds, smeared across space,

Time, sticks like blood

The new year, congealed.

© Anon

A Christmas Poem

Christmas games bring lots of fun

The firsts in line are a starter for nine

To find the rest will fill your time

Chairs in games to start a party

Hits of today to make it swing

Rich the rhymes that are hid in

Itch to let the Day begin

Sash of a velvety silken kind

This Santa always had in mind

Mass of goodies that were sought

Arms full of Holly have been bought

Stairs now decked our tasks now wrought

© John Rutter Dec.20

Pandemic Postpones Panto!

Many magic memories

Delightful dames

Krazy kids

Berserk baddies

Creative costumes

Superb sophisticated songs

Marvellous music

Awed appreciative audience

Arise again!

© Gill Davies

Conquering the Curse

Will it be better, will it be worse?

Will we ever conquer the curse?

Will it mutate, or go out with a bang?

Will we ever hang out with our gang?

I’ve had both my injections

To conquer infections.

I have no objections to

Medical corrections.

Will I ever get peace

Or as far as to Greece?

My holidays in June

......might as well be to the Moon!!

© Laura Dowd

A punch in the gut,

Air, sucked shut, ripped, disembodied, gripped,

Left empty by stale time, stagnant, the year riven and split like dead wood

Wreckage, strewn with reckless abandon across the divide,

A frayed rope across an empty space,

The frayed hope of a new year’s hollow embrace

Threads unravelling.

Time untravelling.

A tattered bridge swaying in the bitter wind,

Debris, blown like tumbleweed towards a new dawn.

And so, we mourn,

And grieve…and dare to believe.

© Anon

2020 - The Year That Was…

As I reflect on the passing of 2020, a year like no other I can remember…?!?!

Shiny, sparkly, & new, filled with anticipation, possibilities, hopes & dreams…

Now, but a distance memory, with all that has passed…

Life disconnected - shattered into pieces, like a broken mirror. LIVING moment by moment,

with days turning into weeks, then into months - all blurring into one, with no sign of change,

nor a glimmer of HOPE!!!

The practice of Gratitude, Love & Kindness, Meditation, Self-Care begins to raise the SPIRITS.

Being in NATURE, placing my fingers in the soil becomes a daily practice, & a reminder of my

connection to the EARTH & MOTHER NATURE.

Then another New Year rises like a Phoenix from the Ashes – Once more I am filled with

OPTIMISM, HOPES & DREAMS. I am reminded that LIFE is all but an illusion...

© Louise Anderson

Silent Space

Hope smiles from the threshold

of the year to come, whispering

‘It will be happier’

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Spotted at Ham House by Katharine Dallas

Words for summerhouse silence chosen for January by Janette, Gardener and Optimist.

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