Lawson Visitor

Discover the wonderful attractions of Lawson, the historic village in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Discover the wonderful attractions of Lawson, the historic village in the Blue Mountains, Australia


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Ask Roz Blue Mountains<br />

<strong>Lawson</strong><br />

<strong>Visitor</strong>'s Guide<br />

Great walks & Waterfalls<br />

Amazing history<br />

Great food

Coxs Cave<br />


More information<br />

This is a wonderful adventurous circuit walk and takes about 90 minutes. Park your car at the Mount<br />

Piddington Lookout carpark. Follow the sign to Coxs cave. Coxs Cave, almost certainly named after George<br />

Henry Cox, who was a fellow member of Parliament with William Piddington, was reached by a wooden<br />

ladder and track after 1879, while the track north along Fairy Bower Creek to the Toll House was formed<br />

between 1888 and 1898.<br />

Today you access the cave via a metal ladder. The view from the cave is great.<br />

3 Sisters<br />

KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

This family-friendly easy walk is about 40min return and treats you to ever-changing views of the grand<br />

Three Sisters, rising nearly a kilometre above sea level. Pass through the archway, next to the <strong>Visitor</strong><br />

Information Centre. Marvel at the incredible views of the Three Sisters' weather-eroded sandstone turrets,<br />

and the hazy blue Jamison Valley stretching to Mount Solitary.<br />

From here, steps lead a further 50m to Lady Game lookout, for a closer view of this remarkable rock<br />


Therabulat Lookout<br />

Corner Stuarts Road and Farnells Road, KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

Look out for the sign. Park your car where you can at the end of Stuarts Road and follow the track for<br />

about 15min.<br />

Lookout for a poorly marked sidetrack that will take you to the lookout. Park is limited. GO HERE>><br />

https://w3w.co/hugged.entertainer.satins<br />

If you’re looking for a great “out of the way” walk to do, check out this wonderful walk.<br />

Oreades Lookout<br />

KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

Oreades Lookout is located on the track to The Three Sisters, midway between the archway at the Tourist<br />

Information Centre and Lady Game Lookout. It was created in 2015 as part of the NPWS Echo Point track<br />

upgrade. The lookout is named after the Eucalyptus Oreades that is commonly known as the Blue<br />

Mountains Ash and found near the lookout.<br />

The trees around Oreades Lookout, are amazing any time of the day, but this morning they look<br />

exceptional with the dark sky in the background.

Blue Mountains Maxi Taxi ~ Sponsored<br />

Taxi Stand, Bathurst Road, KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

AVAILABLE 24/7 in the Blue Mountains - call 0423 890 670 Maxi Taxi 1-9 Passengers - Wheelchair Taxi 1-2<br />

wheelchairs- Baby Capsule available.<br />

Locals looking after locals and Pre-bookings available. For the cheapest taxi, catch the Maxi it's Illegal for<br />

us to charge more than a small taxi for 1 to 4 passengers.<br />

Reliable, friendly, respectful and efficient.<br />

Mount Banks<br />

Mount Banks, Bells Line Of Road, MOUNT TOMAH, NSW, 2758<br />

More information<br />

This is an easy to medium approximately 3 hour walk. Mount Banks at 1062 metres is a basalt capped<br />

mountain which is among the highest peaks of the Blue Mountains and was named by botanist George<br />

Cayley after his botanical benefactor Sir Joseph Banks. Mount Banks was the furthest point reach by Cagey<br />

in his 1804 expedition.<br />

Mount Banks can be seen from most lookouts around the rim of the Grose Valley and from Sydney. Turn off<br />

Bells Line of Road down a gravel track to a picnic area where there ...

Katoomba Cascades<br />

KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

This short walk starts at Katoomba Cascades Picnic area on Cliff Drive. The track heads down to the<br />

popular Katoomba Cascades. There are shade and seats at the base of the cascades.<br />

From here you can either return back to the carpark or take the walk around to the Prince and Princess of<br />

York Lookout and on to Reids Plateau. HERE>> https://w3w.co/hives.sanest.culinary<br />

After heavy rain the cascades are amazing. Allow 15 mins for the return walk from the cascades.<br />

Norths Lookout<br />

Explorers Marked Tree, 3A Nellies Glen Rd, KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

This lookout is located behind the Explorers Marked Tree and overlooks Nellies Glen. Park in the carpark<br />

just past the Explorers Tree.<br />

This is a pleasant walk down the first part of the 6 Foot track. North's Lookout is named after J.B. North<br />

who opened the first Coal Mine in Katoomba in 1879.<br />

Allow 1 hour for the return walk. You can also walk onto other lookouts.

Burrabarroo Lookout<br />

KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

This small, fenced lookout is just off the Prince Henry Cliff Walk, near Carrington Park. The view looks over<br />

the valley and out to Sublime Point and Kings Tablelands in the distance.<br />

The lookout is perched on the top of a rocky buttress at the end of a small point, giving great views. Allow<br />

30mins for the return walk or visit it as part of your walk along the Prince Henry Cliff walk.<br />

MORE info: http://www.askroz.com.au/event.../index/burrabarroo-lookout<br />

Mount Vic and Me - Sponsored<br />

Great Western Highway, MOUNT VICTORIA, NSW, 2786<br />

More information<br />

ONLINE SHOPPING ONLY - Web link listed below ...<br />

A little piece of affordable art.<br />

Residing in the quaint little town of Mount Victoria, graphic designer Kara Cooper collages found objects,<br />

favourite things, places, illustrations, photographs and the nostalgia of the Blue Mountains as inspiration to<br />

create fun and quirky art cards, tea towels, mugs, fabrics, jewellery and more for Mount Vic and Me®.

Katoomba 686G and 686 Bus<br />

Katoomba Railway Station, KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

If you arrive at Katoomba by train there are 2 great bus options to get you to some of the best spots.<br />

686G is a longer more detailed trip. It starts at Katoomba Station and loops Echo Point, Scenic World and<br />

Cliff Drive near Narrow Neck and Cahills Lookout. It also starts at 6am. See the weblink.<br />

686 is a shorter trip. It starts at Katoomba Station and loops Echo Point and Scenic World. It starts at 9am.<br />

See the weblink. It starts at 9am.<br />

Reids Plateau<br />

Reids Plateau, KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

Reids Plateau offers commanding views over the Jamison Valley, Orphan Rock and Katoomba Falls You can<br />

access this from multiple directions. Going directly from the carpark is only a 5-minute walk. The loop<br />

around Reids Plateau explores several lookouts and the bush through the area.<br />

There are a couple of short side trips out to extra lookouts, including one that passes through a natural<br />

tunnel. Reids Plateau Picnic area has a few seats, shelter, and a great view making a great spot for a picnic<br />


Walls Lookout<br />

Walls Lookout, Bells Line of Road, MOUNT TOMAH, NSW, 2758<br />

More information<br />

This is a wonderful lookout offering greats views of the Grose Valley. Take the Peirces Pass turn-off and<br />

Park the car at the top car park and follow the track out to the Walls Lookout.<br />

This walk offers great views and lots of wildflowers. A one-hour return walk through heath leads to a clifftop<br />

vantage point over the Grose Valley.<br />

It's also kid-friendly, but take care there are no safety fences. PHOTOS by Troy Hovenden Photography.<br />

Hanging Rock - Baltzer Lookout<br />

Baltzer Lookout, MOUNT VICTORIA, NSW, 2786<br />

More information<br />

This walk to Baltzer Lookout (Burramoko Ridge) is a 3-4hrs walk and rewards you with excellent scenery<br />

and a view over the stunning Hanging Rock. The track is mainly management trail, and would be great on<br />

a mountain bike (to the end of the management trail). The large cliff edges are unfenced and quite<br />

exposed, so do take care. Although short and relatively unchanging in scenery, the walk to Baltzer Lookout<br />

is well worth it.<br />

Hanging Rock is an outstanding feature near Baltzer Lookout, at the end of ...

Blair Athol No 4 Coal Mine<br />


More information<br />

Another great EXERCISE walk. The Blair Athol No 4 Coal Mine, Mount Victoria. If you like a bit of<br />

ADVENTURE, this short walk could be the go for you. BIGGER kids will love it. Allow 30 minutes for this 1km<br />

walk, plus browsing time.<br />

TAKE A GOOD TORCH in case you have the courage to go into the mine. It’s VERY DARK, a bit slippery and<br />

muddy in places. TAKE CARE. Wear good walking shoes, consider wearing a cap/hat to protect your head<br />

and maybe even a mask to eliminate other baddies.<br />

Rigby Hill<br />

Rigby Hill, Bells Line of Road, MOUNT TOMAH, NSW, 2758<br />

More information<br />

There are wonderful views up and down the Grose Valley from the top of Rigby Hill. Rigby Hill is just a<br />

short walk from the Pierces Pass Picnic Area, off Bells Line of Road.<br />

It's only about a 15-minute walk out to the end of the trail, but you want to allow a bit more time just to<br />

take in the view. The trail climbs a bit at the end but is pretty easy walking.<br />

Great spot for photos for Sunrise and Sunset.

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre<br />

30 Parke Street, KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780 More information<br />

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm - Saturday ad Sunday 10am-4pm<br />

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre features the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery and World Heritage<br />

Exhibition which is devoted to education about the distinctive environment, history and culture of the Blue<br />

Mountains region. The Cultural Centre is co-located with the new Katoomba Library. The Cultural Centre<br />

showcases innovative, diverse, distinctive and creative cultural programs for enjoyment by residents of,<br />

and visitors to, the Blue Mountains.<br />

Tallawalla Lookout<br />

KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

Tallawalla Lookout is on the Prince Henry Cliff walk and is easily accessible via Silver Mist Reserve. It<br />

offers great views over the Jamison Valley, looking toward the canyon that has Bridal Veil Falls.<br />

If going direct, allow 20 minutes for the return walk.<br />

A great walk to do is to check out the lookout and then head down the track to Echo Point and then either<br />

retrace your steps or walk back along the road to your car.

Point Pilcher Lookout<br />

MEDLOW BATH, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

The original track to Point Pilcher was built by Mark Foys gardener. It is about 5.2km from the GWH. The<br />

last 3.5km is a dirt road. The reward, however, is a superb view down to Govetts Gorge and across dense<br />

bushland, known as the Grose Wilderness, which has remained totally untouched.<br />

This is one of the most isolated areas in the Blue Mountains. Named after Charles Edward Pilcher<br />

1844-1916, a barrister and politician. The road to the lookout was constructed in 1964.<br />

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden<br />

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, MOUNT TOMAH, NSW, 2758<br />

More information<br />

9am-5pm Sunday to Friday - 9.30am-5pm Sat/Public Holidays - Closed Christmas Day<br />

This 252 hectare garden sits on the summit of a basalt capped peak 1,000 metres above sea level in the<br />

World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains. The Garden is home to a world class collection of plants<br />

from the cooler southern hemisphere.<br />

Discover all the tours, walking trails, plant displays and natural areas the Blue Mountains ...

WEATHER ~ Blue Mountains weather in the region<br />

Great Western Highway, KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

CLICK the link below to see the latest 7-day forecast for the greater Blue Mountains Region.<br />

https://www.askroz.com.au/blog/blue-mountains-7-day-weather-forecast<br />

About Blue Mountains weather: The climate varies with elevation. At Katoomba, 1,010m above sea level,<br />

summer average maximum temperature is around 22 °c with a few days extending into the 30s although it<br />

is quite common to see maximum temperatures stay in the teens when east coast troughs persist.<br />

Echo Point Lookout<br />

KATOOMBA, NSW, 2780<br />

More information<br />

Echo Point lookout is the gateway to many great walks and nature experiences in the area. If you have<br />

time, Prince Henry Cliff walk connects Echo Point to Leura Cascades and takes you past many scenic<br />

lookouts along the cliff edge. Try going down the Giant Stairway to get to the tracks below the cliffs.<br />

Standing proudly in the land of the Gundungurra and Darug People, the traditional custodians of this<br />

declared Aboriginal Place, the imposing Three Sisters is best seen from Echo Point lookout, on the edge of<br />

the plateau above.

The Blue Mountains has some<br />

amazing Waterfalls that are really<br />

pumping after rain.<br />

Download the Ask Roz<br />

Blue Mountains "After<br />

Rain" eMag to find the<br />

best waterfall, with<br />

"turn by turn"<br />

directions.<br />


Blue Mountains<br />

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Wentworth Falls Lake at sunrise<br />


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