Pioneer Ferns - Part 2

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Factor Pioneer Ferns into

Aotearoa NZ’s landscapes.

Useful colonisers of bare

land, they form a welcoming

environment for native forest


Site Preparation + Ordering Information

Ph: 03 3440297

Otautahi Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand PART 2


It’s all in the planning

to get hardy

spreading pioneer

ferns established as

the groundcover

Look to the ideal

scenario in the

following chart.

The Process - A Successional Path

Site Prep

Weed Control

If wanting locally

sourced planting

stock we need time

to collect spore if

we don’t have any


Lucas Associates Actual time from

spore sowing to

having hardened off pioneer ferns ready for planting is just over 12

months if spore sown in early spring.

Pioneer ferns are grown in an 8cm grade size pot & establishment

is not successful if plants have become rootbound. Planning &

programming the project is essential to ensure success.

Biodegradable Jiffy pots are used for all the range except Pteridium.




Weed Control

Weed Control

Weed Control

Weed Control


Because we are dealing with spreading rhizomes you need to get

excellent weed control in the areas you plan to plant the ferns. Our

recommendation is to do @ least 3 sprays over the area over a full

growing season. Understanding that you need to get all the seed in

the ground to sprout away so this can be sprayed & killed.

Other options are to screef the areas & then mulch at planting


Continuous groundcover

created, a successful

forest seedbed


Or, lay down newspaper, wool carpet, cardboard on the land you

want to plant a good 12 months before you plan to plant.

Or a combination of the above – basically you need a weed-free

site before you plant.

Plan + ordering

pioneer ferns

Spore collected

Ferns hardened off

Freight System

For larger numbers we have developed the following freight system.

Crates are stacked on & strapped down to pallet.

Advantages are easy to transport onsite.

Handy use of crates for shifting to central locations for ease of planting.

All returnable to nursery so no plastic waste.

1 crate = .4m X .6m X .228m [L x W x H] 1 pallet = 1m X 1.2m X 1.1m [L x W x H]



1 X 8cm fern

48 X 8cm fern per

crate (1 X layer)

96 X 8cm fern [ 2 X

layers per grate]

20 crates per pallet

960 X ferns per

pallet (1 X layer)

1920 X ferns per

pallet = 2 layers

November 2019

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