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Roy The Handyman Guy provides on-time and efficient handyman services in Rockville MD. With more than 10 years of experience in Rockville handyman services, we are ready to serve flooring, roofing, minor plumbing, deck repair, painting, carpentry and any other handyman installation needs. For immediate availability of our handyman services Rockville, call us at (240) 401-0479! Visit website:

Types of Services You

Expect From A

Professional Handyman

• You often have that question of what to do next when things break

around your home? Some of the jobs are easy to repair, and other

projects may need significant repair & expense. For example, you

probably replace the flapper to stop a running toilet but not replace

the entire bathroom. Is anybody in your still providing the helping

hands for most handyman work around the house? Most

homeowners remain overwhelmed and stressed while trying to do

everything yourself. Rockville handyman service is the answer to all

your handyman service needs. There are so many handyman services

available. Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss a list of few handyman

services that the expert handyman service in Rockville can fix.

Drywall installation

• It is a common task where the professional Rockville

handyman service is specialized in. They have got the skill &

experience in the drywall repair & installation service. They

have the right equipment necessary to measure, cut, and

install drywall. They can do every new drywall job or

remodel or can do after water damage remediation jobs

swiftly no matter its size and nature.

Fixture replacement

• Over time, the fixtures, such as kitchen

faucets, cabinets, lighting systems, and many

more things, wear out or break with

everyday use. Most of them cannot even be

replaced readily with the DIY approach or

with an amateur. Hence, the homeowner

probably needs an expert handyman service

to get the job fixed and ensure the job is

done right. The expert handyman service has

the tools and experience to replace the

fixture, faucet or lighting system, or anything

that needs handyman service.

Upgrading the home with

smart devices

• Rockville’s professional handyman comes

out to the home on time and installs

smart devices such as thermostats,

doorbells and sensors, and many smarter

electrical & electronic devices. They are

certified to install any product and brand

you select. Professionals have the best

skill and experience in doing the job

safely. They take the right precautions and

ensure the job is done right the first time.

• Painting work

• The professional handyman services can do painting jobs no

matter its nature (interior or exterior) and size. They help

you select the best color and have advanced equipment (such

as paint rollers, drop cloths, tape, furniture covers, and

ladders) to do the painting job on time. The expert

handyman team is experienced and skilled to complete the

painting job in time.

• Plumbing Repairs

• Minor plumbing issues lend themselves to DIY solutions. But

plumbing repairs are technical jobs, and poorly made repairs

can cause a lot of additional damage to the property. Any

small mistake will lead to additional repair costs and take a

lot of time. So, when it comes to major projects like a piping

replacement or fixing a water mainline, it is always wise to

call an expert team.

• Remodeling Projects

• Remodeling projects are quite complex and time-consuming. It is

expensive as well. To protect your investment, make sure to hire the

best handyman service to do the job appropriately and on time. They

did the project within your budget and without compromising the


• Window Repair

• Expert handyman services can often perform window repairs no

matter their size. They can provide window repairs for a nominal fee.

It includes cleaning up and replacing the broken glass and repairing or

replacing the window frame and the window itself. They do the best

to bring back the standard shape and size of the windows.

• Find AllTypes of Handyman Services At Roy Handyman

• Expert handyman service can cover a wide range of professional

services. This is why it’s often essential to verify with an individual

handyman service to see what they’re prepared and qualified to do.

However, you can trust Roy Handyman as they provide exceptional

service to fix all handyman-related jobs a few times and make your life

easy. Do you need any handyman service in Rockville that specializes

in a task you need? Contact Roy Handyman to deal with the hassle of

sorting out any handyman services today! Stay Connected With us Via

Social Media Facebook,Instagram,Twitter.

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