Stebro Mold


Stebro Mold Co Ltd plastic injection mold company not only focus its services on injection mold design and injection plastic molds manufacturing, they also bring much more added value than other plastic injection molding companies in China.



Why choose Stebro Mold to

avail the Injection Molding


If you or your company needs mold for

plastic injection and injection molding

service, turn to Stebro Mold Co.Ltd. We

work with a motive to provide high-quality

products and services to our customers

and aim for exceeding the customer’s

expectations in terms of quality, pricing,

and on-time delivery.

Our injection molding tools ensure that

each plastic mold is of top-notch quality

and is thoroughly inspected for defects

in terms of dimensions and

functionality. As the premier plastic

injection molding company in China,

Stebro-Mold continues to provide its

customers with products and services

that meet and exceed expectations.

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