Groveport Messenger - April 4th, 2021

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<strong>April</strong> 4-17, <strong>2021</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XXXVIII, No. 21<br />

Hometown Realtor<br />

Marylee Bendig<br />

<br />

580 Main St., <strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />

(614) 218-1097<br />

marylee@maryleebendig.com<br />

A name you KNOW,<br />

the name you TRUST<br />

Disc golfers<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Pat Donahue<br />

Flying objects were spotted at Area 51 Disc Golf Course in Obetz as Dylan Knecht of <strong>Groveport</strong> nails the<br />

putt while his fellow Cruiser to his left, Noah Graham, and Seth Collins of Obetz, look on. The three avid<br />

disc golfers were found at Area 51 taking advantage of the nice March weather. Knecht has been enjoying<br />

the sport for less than a year, but he plays often. Graham has played for a dozen years, and Collins,<br />

twice that long. They play year round and usually come armed with a variety of discs, sometimes as many<br />

as 20 to 30, for various situations and multiple shots.<br />

Property values’<br />

impact on schools<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

Property valuations in Franklin County have increased, which<br />

has an impact on school systems’ revenues.<br />

“We expected values would grow, but, wow, did property values<br />

grow,” said <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Schools Treasurer Felicia<br />

Drummey.<br />

Drummey told the <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Board of Education at<br />

its March 23 meeting that countywide, according to Franklin<br />

County officials, there is a 20 percent median increase in residential<br />

values and 15 percent median increase in commercial property<br />

values.<br />

“That is a large increase,” said Drummey.<br />

Drummey reported that, within the <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison district<br />

boundaries, total residential property values are at $630 million<br />

and industrial property values are at $243 million. Overall the<br />

taxable property values in the district are at $1.1 billion.<br />

However, Drummey noted that the voted millage on the district’s<br />

existing operating levy is 60.26 mills, while the effective<br />

millage that is actually collected for residential/agricultural is at<br />

31.33 mills and 38.75 mills for commercial properties.<br />

“We only collect about half of the voted millage due to House<br />

Bill 920 that reduces voted mills to eliminate inflationary<br />

growth,” said Drummey.<br />

Voted millage is any millage outside what is provided by the Ohio<br />

Constitution. This is millage is voted in by the public. Effective millage<br />

is the millage rate that is actually levied on property.<br />

“New construction is good for jobs, good for the community, and<br />

it’s one the main areas of growth the school district can get aside<br />

from inflationary adjustments the county auditor establishes for<br />

See SCHOOLS, page 3<br />

Financing for Main Street plan; council members comment on project<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Council took another<br />

step into making the 1847 Main Street<br />

project a reality with the passage of legislation<br />

to fund the project.<br />

On March 22, council voted 5-1 on two<br />

bond issuance ordinances to fund the construction,<br />

furnishing, equipping, and<br />

improving the proposed Rarey’s Port and<br />

Wert’s Grove buildings on Main Street.<br />

Councilman Shawn Cleary voted against<br />

both ordinances.<br />

By the numbers<br />

One ordinance was for $3.8 million in<br />

non-tax revenue bonds and the other is for<br />

$3.8 million in tax revenue bonds.<br />

According to <strong>Groveport</strong> Finance Director<br />

Jason Carr, non-tax revenue bonds equal<br />

taxable bonds and tax revenue bonds equal<br />

tax-exempt bonds. He said the project will<br />

be funded by general obligation bonds,<br />

which are bonds from the bond market and<br />

are not property tax bond issues that would<br />

be voted on by the residents.<br />

“The debt interest paid on tax-exempt<br />

bonds issued by state and local governments<br />

is generally tax-exempt at the federal<br />

level, unless more than 10 percent of the<br />

proceeds are used for a trade or business<br />

(taxable bonds),” said Carr. “A local government<br />

will generally issue taxable bonds<br />

to finance projects that do not meet IRS tax<br />

exemption requirements and in the case of<br />

the city of <strong>Groveport</strong>, space devoted to tenants<br />

where a trade or business will be conducted.”<br />

Carr said tax-exempt bond principal and<br />

interest may be paid from income taxes collected<br />

by the city, which beginning in<br />

December <strong>2021</strong> will be from the city’s debt<br />

service fund.<br />

“Taxable bond principal and interest<br />

cannot be repaid from income taxes and the<br />

city must use non-tax revenue sources,<br />

such as fees, licenses and permits, interest<br />

earnings, charges for services or other revenues<br />

received,” said Carr. “Generally, the<br />

debt service interest paid by the city on<br />

tax-exempt bonds will be lower than taxable<br />

interest based on risks involved/repayment<br />

source.”<br />

Carr said the city devoting the first floor<br />

of each building to commercial use is why<br />

taxable bonds are required to be issued.<br />

“Currently, second floor space will be for<br />

government use which allows the city to<br />

issue tax-exempt bonds” said Carr.<br />

The bond issuances indicate that the<br />

estimated cost for the two structures combined<br />

will be approximately $7.6 million,<br />

which is up from the previous estimate of<br />

$6 million.<br />

“The original $3 million (for each building)<br />

was a preliminary number based on a<br />

shell building,” said City Administrator<br />

See MAIN STREET, page 2<br />

Sain Insurance Agency Inc.<br />

Lisa Sain, Agent<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />

www.lisasain.com<br />

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PAGE 2 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong><br />


Continued from page 1<br />

B.J. King. “As finishes, including plumbing, HVAC equipment,<br />

etc., became more defined, the cost increased.<br />

Additionally, the $3.8 million per encompasses costs associated<br />

with the issuance of the debt to fund the project.”<br />

When asked if the increase in cost jeopardize the project<br />

considering the city’s income tax revenues are down, King<br />

said, “The debt payment will be split between tax revenue<br />

(income tax) and non-tax revenue (money collected by the<br />

city that is not a tax). So income tax will be used to pay<br />

half of the debt issuance. We continue to monitor our<br />

income tax collections and anticipate they will rebound.<br />

God Bless Everyone<br />

& Stay Safe at Home<br />

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Malek<br />


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We feel that through the annual budget creation process,<br />

we will be able to dedicate income tax revenue for the construction<br />

of these two buildings.”<br />

Economic Development Director Jeff Green said the starting<br />

construction and completion dates are not yet determined.<br />

“We’re still negotiating the contract and there are some<br />

variables we need to pin down, like the availability of<br />

steel,” said Green.<br />

Regarding potential occupants for the buildings Green<br />

said, “Right now we have verbal commitments from, and<br />

floorplans drawn up, for three businesses: two restaurants<br />

and a bakery/café.”<br />

About the 1847 Main project<br />

The 1847 Main project involves the construction<br />

of two new, two-story brick, mixed-use commercial<br />

buildings: one to be built at the northeast corner of<br />

Front and Main streets (674-716 Main St. and<br />

known as the Rarey’s Port building); and the second<br />

at the northwest corner of College and Main streets<br />

(480-490 Main St. and known as the Wert’s Grove<br />

building). The city is the developer for both sites.<br />

The Wert’s Grove building will be about 12,184<br />

square feet. The first floor will have five separate<br />

storefronts with the interior space divisible according<br />

to space requirements for potential new businesses.<br />

Second floor space for now will be open.<br />

The Rarey’s Port building is tentatively planned<br />

to be 14,145 square feet, with 7,017 square feet of<br />

space on the first floor and 7,128 square feet on the<br />

second floor. The second floor space will be open for<br />

now and the first floor have six individual storefronts<br />

facing Main Street and the interior space<br />

divisible as required.<br />

Council and mayor viewpoints<br />

The <strong>Messenger</strong> asked Mayor Lance Westcamp and<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Council members if they favor constructing<br />

both 1847 Main Street project buildings now,<br />

building just one building now, or waiting to tackle the<br />

entire project later when the economy improves, and<br />

also what they think the city’s prospects are of attracting<br />

businesses to the buildings.<br />

•Jean Ann Hilbert: “We purchased the property<br />

for development. We are bringing to <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

businesses the community has requested in several<br />

surveys over several years. Three viable businesses<br />

are extremely interested in locating in <strong>Groveport</strong>.<br />

We have talked about this for years and it’s time we<br />

do what the residents want. <strong>Groveport</strong> has been<br />

blessed to have a multi-million dollar annual budget.<br />

This would cost a very small portion of the budget<br />

annually for the next 20 years. The recreation<br />

center will be paid for next year. That will release<br />

some debt monies. If we don’t think to the future,<br />

we become stagnant.<br />

•Becky Hutson: “This may be an expensive project,<br />

but now is the time for what we have promised<br />

our residents.We can afford it and maintain what we<br />

have. It is time for our employees to step up. The rec<br />

center is almost paid off, however the rec center and<br />

golf course both need subsidized each year? To me<br />

that is not paid off and we need to look at how we can<br />

improve. The city has been stagnant for years. I’m<br />

tired of that and so are the residents, so I feel now is<br />

the time to make things happen. It is a solid plan<br />

and we have people wanting to set up business here.<br />

There is nothing signed on the dotted line, but I feel<br />

they will soon, it is exciting we have some great<br />

opportunities to make our little city a place to be.”<br />

•Shawn Cleary: “I think building one building now<br />

at Main and College streets is the way to go due to<br />

our financial situation. We’ve never been in economic<br />

times like this. We can learn from the first build, this<br />

way the second building will be better than the first.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

My biggest concern is the city would get in a financial situation<br />

where we might have to cut some city services. I don’t<br />

want to gamble with city services and employee benefits.”<br />

•Ed Dildine: “I am optimistic the economy will rebound<br />

and we will come out stronger than before. I am in favor of<br />

doing both buildings now. The cost of the project is not going<br />

to go down and will only increase as time goes on. If we can’t<br />

invest in ourselves, who can we expect to do it for us. We as<br />

a city have taken chances before - the recreation center,<br />

aquatic center, golf course - and we always find a way to<br />

make it work. We are in talks with tenants and hopefully<br />

that brings investors who will bring unique options to our<br />

city not found anywhere close. We have done study after<br />

study, survey after survey and they all say the same thing:<br />

our residents want more options. Our goal is to garner<br />

renewed interest into our downtown for not only the new<br />

buildings, but also our current businesses. Any increase in<br />

foot traffic will enhance their businesses. Our current businesses<br />

are fantastic and provide an awesome service to the<br />

community. One trip in to them and I’m sure they will gain<br />

new customers. It’s now up to our administration to get to<br />

work and hit the ground running to fill these buildings and<br />

I have the utmost faith in them to accomplish this goal.”<br />

•Chad Grashel: “We listened to the feedback from the<br />

residents and saw a desire for development such as these to<br />

improve the downtown and enhance the experience of living<br />

in <strong>Groveport</strong>. The city has invested so much into these<br />

exciting projects to this point, and as we are seeing, the cost<br />

of completion isn’t going to go down by waiting. <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

is primed to attract small business. We have a growing<br />

community, which also brings many people into the city for<br />

work on daily basis from around Central Ohio. This should<br />

create a lot of interest in the market and is especially true<br />

when we have the infrastructure in place to promote.”<br />

•Scott Lockett: “Pre-COVID, our income was solid, the<br />

economy was good, and everyone felt optimistic. I favored<br />

going with both buildings. Once COVID hit, our income<br />

stream came in below what was budgeted. Our administrator<br />

and finance director met with council to discuss possible<br />

budget deficits and implications. When it came time<br />

to vote initially whether to go with two buildings or one, I<br />

felt we should develop only one property at a time.<br />

However, my mind was changed and I supported developing<br />

both properties. The businesses presented to us would<br />

be well received and fit nicely in our community. Our<br />

administrator and finance director again reached out providing<br />

us with financial information. My thinking changed<br />

and my preference was to build on the Main and Front site<br />

first, get that property leased and up and running. With<br />

that success, we could move on to the second building. My<br />

fear was, although there were a number of possible tenants<br />

for both buildings, none had been secured, as a result,<br />

we would be in a situation where we could possibly have<br />

unleased space sitting vacant. It became clear the majority<br />

of council felt developing two buildings was the preferred<br />

choice. Because we needed to pass the ordinance as emergency<br />

legislation, a super majority was needed requiring<br />

my vote. I respect the other members of council and their<br />

choices. So, I voted yes so we could pass the legislation<br />

because, with building costs and other factors, time is of<br />

the essence. My desire is, once these buildings are occupied<br />

with market rate leases they will become marketable and<br />

attractive to a potential developer, we sell them. I don’t<br />

think the city needs to be in the development for business<br />

long-term. We have a professional staff that addresses economic<br />

development. The task of filling the spaces will fall<br />

on them and the resources they access. My hope is we have<br />

all the spaces under lease before the end of construction.”<br />

•Mayor Lance Westcamp: “I am in favor of both buildings<br />

now. I am afraid if we only construct one, the other<br />

may not be constructed. I believe this is what we promised<br />

our residents. I am confident that the city will attract at<br />

least two well know businesses.”

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />


Continued from page 1<br />

property values or a levy,” said Drummey.<br />

She said the challenge when formulating the<br />

district’s financial forecast is to make the best<br />

prediction on what will happen with property<br />

values in the future - will they go up, go down,<br />

or stay the same.<br />

“Two key factors impacting future revenue<br />

projections are inflation and new construction,”<br />

said Drummey.<br />

Modular at <strong>Groveport</strong> Elementary<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Assistant<br />

Superintendent Jamie Grube informed the<br />

board of plans to replace the aging modular, two<br />

classroom unit at <strong>Groveport</strong> Elementary.<br />

He said the modular is 12-to 14-years-old, in<br />

poor condition, and is leased by the district for<br />

$1,200 a month.<br />

“It’s the only modular we do not own,” said<br />

Grube, who noted the district does own the<br />

modulars set up at Asbury, Dunloe, and Sedalia<br />

elementaries.<br />

Grube said the goal is to purchase and install<br />

a modular four classroom unit, that includes<br />

restrooms and a covered walkway, to replace<br />

the old one at <strong>Groveport</strong> Elementary this summer.<br />

He said the district is looking at possibly<br />

purchasing a two-year-old unit for $200,000 and<br />

that it would cost another $200,000 to install it.<br />

“This is half the purchase cost of a buying a<br />

new modular unit,” said Grube.<br />

Grube said he will check with vendors<br />

regarding appropriate pricing and bring the<br />

proposal to the board for a decision at its <strong>April</strong><br />

13 meeting.<br />

around <strong>Groveport</strong> and Madison Township<br />

Tax filing deadline extended<br />

The Ohio Department of Taxation extended the deadline to<br />

file and pay Ohio individual income tax for tax year 2020, from<br />

<strong>April</strong> 15, <strong>2021</strong> to May 17, <strong>2021</strong>. As a result, the municipal<br />

income tax filing deadline for individual taxpayers has been<br />

automatically extended to May 17, <strong>2021</strong> as well.<br />

Late filing penalties and late payment penalties and interest<br />

will not be imposed for the period of <strong>April</strong> 15, <strong>2021</strong> through May<br />

17, <strong>2021</strong> for these extended filings and payments.<br />

The payment due date for the tax year <strong>2021</strong> first quarter<br />

estimated tax payment, and the filing and payment due dates<br />

for business net profit taxpayers, are not impacted by this<br />

extension. However, RITA will not impose late filing penalties,<br />

or late payment penalties and interest for the period of <strong>April</strong> 15,<br />

<strong>2021</strong> through May 17, <strong>2021</strong> for first quarter <strong>2021</strong> estimated tax<br />

payments or business net profit filings and payments.<br />

Township opposes natural gas hike<br />

Residents of Madison Township participating in the<br />

Volunteer Energy Services, Inc. natural gas aggregation program<br />

may see increased rates on their February and March natural<br />

gas bills.<br />

The Madison Township Trustees believe the rate increases<br />

are unfair and are not permitted by the contract. The trustees<br />

are working with the township’s attorneys and its gas aggregation<br />

consultant, Scott Belcastro at Trebel Energy, LLC to<br />

ensure that residents are treated fairly and their rights under<br />

the aggregation contract with VESI are protected.<br />

There will be a special meeting of the Madison Township<br />

Trustees on <strong>April</strong> 6 at 7 p.m. via Zoom for anyone who wishes to<br />

learn more. There will be a presentation by natural gas aggregation<br />

consultant, Trebel Energy, LLC, followed by a question<br />

and answer period. Details on the Zoom link will be posted on<br />

the Madison Township website.<br />

<strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

Legacy of Love 5K<br />

COVID-compliant and in-person this year, the Legacy of<br />

Love 5K will be held at the <strong>Groveport</strong> Recreation Center, 7370<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Road, on <strong>April</strong> 18 at 2 p.m. Register at<br />

www.alex5k.org/alex5k.<br />

The Legacy of Love 5K is the primary fundraiser for the<br />

Alexandria Leigh Goodwin Angel Foundation, an organization<br />

committed to creating a more positive, loving world through random<br />

acts of kindness. It was created in memory of Alexandria<br />

“Alex” Goodwin, a 2014 graduate of <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High<br />

School, who had just finished her sophomore year at Capital<br />

University at the time of her unexpected passing in 2016.<br />

Nearly everyone who encountered Alex felt her warmth and<br />

benefited from her kindness and joy. Her family and friends recognized<br />

the energy she created in the world is still needed, and<br />

created the ALGA Foundation in 2017 to continue her spirit of<br />

kindness and to encourage others to create their own legacy of<br />

love by performing random acts of kindness whenever possible.<br />

To date, the Foundation has given over $6,000 in scholarships<br />

to <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison graduates and Capital University<br />

students and thousands more to organizations and causes<br />

throughout central Ohio. The Legacy of Love 5K features music,<br />

finisher medals, awards, goodies, and raffle prizes. You can participate<br />

by running, walking, cheering and/or donating; and by<br />

sponsoring.<br />

The Virtual 5K is back also. Walk or run at a time and location<br />

of your convenience, and the ALGA Team will deliver or<br />

mail your packet directly to you. Visit www.alex5k.org/alex5k.<br />

CW Blues and Ribfest cancelled<br />

Canal Winchester Blues and Ribfest officials recently<br />

announced on Facebook that the event, scheduled for the summer<br />

of <strong>2021</strong>, has been cancelled due to circumstances surrounding<br />

the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They plan for the festival<br />

to return on July 29-30, 2022.<br />

FRANK’S<br />

MARKET<br />



2410 Hilliard-Rome Road<br />


• 5x’s Bigger Than Original Location<br />

• Double Wine Selection<br />

• More Items to Choose from<br />

Frank’s Fish and Seafood<br />

Market to open<br />

second superstore<br />

If you like seafood, you will love this news!<br />

Frank’s Fish and Seafood Market, 5251<br />

Trabue Road, is known for its frozen lobster<br />

tails, King Crab legs, Snow Crab clusters,<br />

orange roughy, lake smelts, fresh chopped<br />

clams, squid tubes and tentacles, caviar, salted<br />

baklava, fresh cod, fresh eel, octopus, fresh<br />

lump crabmeat (non-pasteurized), Florida stone<br />

crab claws, snow crab cocktail claws, and<br />

special order only live lobsters.<br />

Now owner Frank Gonzalez is opening a<br />

second retail superstore at 2410 Hilliard-Rome<br />

Road in mid-<strong>April</strong> that will give customers more<br />

opportunities to purchase and enjoy great<br />

seafood.<br />

According to Gonzalez, the new superstore<br />

(which will not include a restaurant) will be five<br />

times bigger than the original store.<br />

“We will be able to serve customers better<br />

and offer more items. Plus we will have double<br />

the wine selection,” said Gonzalez, who added<br />

the business also supplies 250 stores and<br />

restaurants.<br />

The new superstore is open seven days a<br />

week. Hours are Monday through Saturday from<br />

8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4<br />

p.m.<br />

The existing store hours are Monday 8 a.m.<br />

to 5 p.m. and Tuesday thru Saturday 8 a.m. to 6<br />

p.m., closed Sunday.<br />

Visit both locations to enjoy the finest in<br />

fresh fish and seafood to be found in Central<br />

Ohio.<br />

For information call 614-878-3474 or visit<br />


PAGE 4 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong><br />


Apply Online At<br />




and our NEW Location at 6542 Hayden Run Rd.<br />

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Hiring Seniors • College/High School Students (18 yrs +)<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

column<br />

The phantom track<br />

Sometimes history hides in plain sight.<br />

Tucked away under the grass near the<br />

baseball/softball fields at <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Elementary is a former athletic facility that<br />

in its heyday was state of the art.<br />

It can be a bit of a historical scavenger<br />

hunt, but if one looks closely, one can see<br />

remnants and shadows there of the old cinder<br />

running track and field event areas that<br />

once were the home of the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Madison High School Cruiser track and field<br />

teams.<br />

Constructed in the early 1930s when<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Elementary was <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Madison High School, the track facility was a<br />

gift to the school from the classes of 1929<br />

through 1933 and was used by the Cruiser<br />

track teams until the 1970s. It featured a<br />

quarter mile cinder running track along with<br />

high jump, pole vault, and broad jump runways<br />

and pits as well as areas for shotput<br />

and discus.<br />

The track is now covered in grass (and in<br />

places with gravel), but its faint oval outline<br />

can still be seen encircling the baseball/softball<br />

fields. The track featured low wooden<br />

rails a few inches tall that defined its inner<br />

and outer borders. Some of these low wooden<br />

rails can still be seen poking up out of the<br />

grass and mud, especially near the southernmost<br />

baseball/softball diamond and the larger<br />

diamond east of the former track.<br />

There also once were small wooden blocks<br />

positioned at areas along side the track showing<br />

where races, such as the 220-yard dash,<br />

would start. I’ve looked for these blocks, but I<br />

have not been able to find them these days as<br />

they either weathered away or are just<br />

buried too far under the dirt and grass.<br />

The circular concrete pad for the discus<br />

throwers is still in place and visible near the<br />

third base/left field side of the southernmost<br />

baseball/softball diamond.<br />

The shotput area once sat between Cron<br />

Drive and the track near the southernmost<br />

baseball/softball field’s left field area.<br />

Shotputters would heave the shotput into a<br />

Editor’s Notebook<br />

rectangular flat pit of<br />

cinders.<br />

The pole vault, high<br />

jump, and broad jump<br />

areas, now grass covered,<br />

were along the<br />

west side straight portion<br />

of the track and<br />

near Wirt Road. In the<br />

early days of the track,<br />

the jumpers did not<br />

land in foam pads like<br />

are used today.<br />

Instead, they landed in<br />

a pile of sawdust!<br />

In my youth in the<br />

Rick<br />

Palsgrove<br />

1960s, I looked upon it as one of the first<br />

signs of spring when I would come out at<br />

recess at <strong>Groveport</strong> Elementary and see the<br />

freshly white chalked running lanes marked<br />

on the black cinder base of the track for the<br />

Cruiser track team to use. White chalk measurements<br />

were also marked in arcs in the<br />

track’s infield grass so officials could measure<br />

how far an athlete threw the discus.<br />

The late Ed Rarey, who ran track for the<br />

Cruisers in the 1940s, once told me he liked<br />

running on the track.<br />

“When well cared for, the old cinder tracks<br />

were good running surfaces,” Rarey told me a<br />

few years ago. “But, if a hurdler tripped going<br />

over a hurdle and hit those cinders, he’d have<br />

to pick the cinder bits out of his wounds.”<br />

Rarey also said that, after a heavy rain,<br />

puddles would form in places on the track.<br />

“You just ran and splashed through<br />

them,” Rarey said.<br />

Next time you are at a baseball or softball<br />

game at <strong>Groveport</strong> Elementary, take a look<br />

around and see if you, too, and can spot the<br />

remnants of the phantom track of Cruiser<br />

athletic history.<br />

Rick Palsgrove is editor of the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong>.<br />



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Rivers help tell the story of the Ohio frontier<br />

Janet Shailer, author of the new<br />

book,“Trouble on Scioto’s Waters –<br />

Soldiers, Frontiersmen & Native<br />

Americans: 1725-1815.”<br />

The tranquil waters of the Scioto River<br />

were once anything but placid.<br />

The Scioto River and its tributaries,<br />

such as Big Darby Creek, Big Walnut<br />

Creek, and the Olentangy River were once<br />

hot beds of activity as Prehistoric and<br />

Woodland Native Americans used them as<br />

major transportation routes.<br />

A new book by Janet Shailer, “Trouble<br />

on Scioto’s Waters — Soldiers,<br />

Frontiersmen & Native Americans: 1725-<br />

1815,” explores the Native American history<br />

surrounding these waterways.<br />

“From 1754 — 1814 fighting raged within<br />

the state between Native Americans and<br />

their adversaries,” Shailer said. “Those<br />

years are vital to understanding the history<br />

of Ohio. By 1843, the last of the Native<br />

Americans left the state after the signing<br />

of the Treaty with the Wyandots. A mere<br />

18 years later the Civil War would start.”<br />

The importance of the Scioto River<br />

watershed to Ohio’s early history cannot be<br />

underestimated.<br />

This river was a transportation artery<br />

for the Shawnee, Wyandot, Delaware,<br />

Ottawa, Seneca, and Miami on their way to<br />

camps in the Pickaway Plains and beyond.<br />

The area between the Scioto River and<br />

the Big Darby Creek was once a cradle of<br />

Prehistoric and Woodland activity.<br />

This area alone has artifacts from the<br />

Paleo-Indian, Adena, Hopewell, and Fort<br />

Ancient cultures. Battelle Darby Metro<br />

Park along Big Darby Creek, for one, is<br />

continuously being studied by archaeologists<br />

for its numerous mounds and Native<br />

American artifacts that are still being discovered<br />

there.<br />

Later the European fur trappers and<br />

frontiersmen understood their significance,<br />

followed by soldiers from three different<br />

countries.<br />

“I have included chapters on five men<br />

who were important figures in central<br />

Ohio’s early history,” Shailer said. “They<br />

include Col. William Crawford, Simon<br />

Girty, and Jonathan Alder plus Native<br />

Americans Blue Jacket and Tecumseh. The<br />

Indian Removal Act of 1830 began to drive<br />

the Native Americans out of Ohio permanently.”<br />

Shailer said the Native Americans<br />

knew the Ohio country was a special place<br />

and they helped to make it so.<br />

“I believe that to understand the history<br />

of a great people, we must thoroughly<br />

study them, including walking the ground<br />

where they once lived,” said Shailer. “Part<br />

of this book is a guide to visiting some of<br />

those sites. Native Americans entered<br />

what is now central Ohio about 9,000 -<br />

10,000 years ago.”<br />

For people interested in both<br />

Prehistoric and Eastern Woodland<br />

Indians, the Middle Ohio Valley is an<br />

archaeologist’s gold mine.<br />

“The Ohio Historical & Archaeological<br />

Society estimated in the 1880s there were<br />

once 10,000 mounds and earthworks in<br />

Ohio alone,” said Shailer. “Unfortunately,<br />

urban development has left us with few<br />

remaining sites to see and explore.”<br />

The Ohio History Connection has documented<br />

dozens of Prehistoric and Eastern<br />

Woodland sites all along the edges of the<br />

Scioto River.<br />

“In Jackson Township/Franklin County,<br />

archaeological maps show dozens of Native<br />

American sites along the edges of this<br />

waterway,” said Shailer. “Other creeks in<br />

the Scioto River basin were also important<br />

for development. On the western side of<br />

Franklin County lies Big Darby Creek,<br />

another important transportation artery<br />

for several tribes. In the eastern part of<br />

Franklin County, Alum Creek runs south<br />

from Mount Gilead and joins Big Walnut<br />

and Blacklick creeks in (now) Three Creeks<br />

Metro Park. The Adena built at least seven<br />

mounds in the Alum Creek Valley.”<br />

The book includes a guide to those who<br />

would like to visit sites once occupied by<br />

these First Ohioans. Books may be ordered<br />

online from the publisher Orange Frazer<br />

Press at www.orangefrazer.com or via<br />

Amazon.com.<br />

“Janet Shailer has captured a long-overlooked<br />

portion of Ohio’s history, a past era<br />

that we are still feeling the effects of<br />

today,” said Rick Palsgrove, managing editor<br />

of the Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

Newspapers and director of the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Heritage Museum. “The stories she tells of<br />

the Native Americans, military, and frontiersmen<br />

who helped shape Ohio are fascinating.<br />

Her listing of pertinent historical<br />

sites that help tell the story of those times<br />

is helpful to those who wish to see the<br />

places where this history took shape.”<br />

Janet Shailer is a former editor with the<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers and has<br />

written two other history books including<br />

“Images of Grove City,” and “Images of<br />

Modern America: Grove City.”<br />

She also wrote the novel, “The Austerlitz<br />

Bugle-Telegraph: A King, A Goddess and a<br />

Chronicle of Deception,” as well as three children’s<br />

books.<br />

Farmers’ Market<br />

The <strong>2021</strong> <strong>Groveport</strong> Farmers’ Market is<br />

tentatively scheduled to be open on<br />

Tuesdays from June 29 through Sept. 14<br />

from 4-7 p.m., according to cit of <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

officials.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> city council<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Council holds its regular<br />

meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second<br />

and fourth Mondays of the month.<br />

Council holds its committee of the<br />

whole meeting on the third Monday each<br />

month at 5:30 p.m.<br />

Meetings are held in the municipal<br />

building, 655 Blacklick St., <strong>Groveport</strong>.<br />

Our Family Caring For Yours<br />

<strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />

AUTO HOME <br />


Beplerinsurance.com<br />

614.837.4379<br />

staff@beplerinsurance.com<br />

3246 Noe Bixby Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43232<br />

Dr. Sacheen Garrison<br />

5055 S. Hamilton Road<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125 614-836-0500<br />


PAGE 6 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

After the flood: church returns following community effort<br />

Asbury UMC South<br />

recovering from<br />

devastating flood damage<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

It was a flood unlike any other in the<br />

history of Asbury United Methodist Church<br />

South, a congregation that first formed in<br />

1806.<br />

On March 20, 2020, more than 3 inches<br />

of torrential rain poured down in a short<br />

period of time, flooding nearby creeks,<br />

streams, fields, homes, and yards throughout<br />

the area. The water surrounded the<br />

church and its parking lot, located at 4760<br />

Winchester Pike in Madison Township, and<br />

flowed into and swamped the building.<br />

Flood waters a foot deep or more reached<br />

inside the 55-year-old church’s sanctuary<br />

severely damaging the chancel/altar, wooden<br />

pews, flooring, carpeting, and more.<br />

Volunteers swiftly arrived at the church<br />

following the flood to salvage what could be<br />

saved from the waters and to clean up the<br />

mess it left behind. But it would take several<br />

months to complete the structural renovations<br />

to repair the flood damage.<br />

Now, a year later - through the efforts of<br />

community volunteers, community groups,<br />

members of the congregation, the<br />

Methodist Church district, neighboring<br />

churches, the Boy Scouts, and many more -<br />

the church has been resurrected from the<br />

flood damage as repairs are nearly complete.<br />

Asbury United Methodist Church South<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Rick Palsgrove<br />

Asbury United Methodist Church South Pastor Sherri Blackwell stands in the renovated<br />

sanctuary of the church, which now features a larger chancel area.<br />

Photo courtesy of Asbury United Methodist Church<br />

Flood waters a foot deep or more<br />

swamped the Asbury United Methodist<br />

Church South’s sanctuary in March 2020.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Rick Palsgrove<br />

The church pews and sanctuary following<br />

restoration after the flood.<br />

Pastor Sherri Blackwell, who started her<br />

position at the church last Nov. 1, is<br />

impressed by the outpouring of community<br />

support.<br />

“It’s the definition of community,” said<br />

Blackwell.<br />

Added Asbury United Methodist Church<br />

South Staff Parish Chair Diana Sexton,<br />

“It’s amazing how people come together to<br />

help during a tragedy. It was a huge community<br />

effort.”<br />

Sexton estimated the amount of flood<br />

damage at about $75,000, which includes<br />

the costs of renovations and removing mold<br />

caused by the standing water. The repair<br />

costs were funded by donations.<br />

“Everything is cleaned and sanitized,”<br />

said Sexton. “There’s new carpeting, new<br />

electric, concrete<br />

poured under the<br />

sanctuary floor, new<br />

drywall, the pews<br />

were taken out and<br />

sanded and re-coated<br />

and put back in<br />

place, and the organ<br />

is being worked on<br />

as its controls under<br />

the floor were damaged<br />

by the flood.”<br />

Blackwell said<br />

the original hope<br />

was to have the<br />

repairs fully completed<br />

and to hold a<br />

rededication service<br />

on Easter.<br />

“But we’re not<br />

there yet,” said<br />

Blackwell. “We are<br />

hoping to have our<br />

rededication service<br />

in May.”<br />

In the mean time,<br />

services are being<br />

held in the church’s<br />

Fellowship Hall and outdoors in the parking<br />

lot. Services may also be viewed online<br />

on YouTube.<br />

Blackwell said a hidden blessing from<br />

the flood damage is that it enabled the<br />

church to include updates to its technology<br />

and sound systems, as well as expand the<br />

chancel area as part of the renovations.<br />

“The chancel area is expanded and a<br />

ramp added,” said Blackwell. “Buildings<br />

evolve and now the church is even more<br />

welcoming.”<br />

Sexton said adding the ramp to the<br />

chancel area helps make the church more<br />

inclusive for members of the congregation<br />

who have trouble using steps.<br />

“Also the expanded chancel will allow<br />

everyone to be able to see and hear things<br />

better during services, such as with our<br />

‘children’s moment.’ The piano can now be<br />

placed up on the chancel, too.”<br />

Blackwell said the ongoing coronavirus<br />

pandemic also presented the church with<br />

opportunities “to rethink how we do<br />

church.”<br />

“We can use technology for recordings<br />

and livestreaming to reach different and<br />

more people in new ways,” said Blackwell.<br />

“It’s exciting to see. We live in a technological<br />

age and we can use technology to help<br />

people fully participate when they cannot<br />

be physically at church for some reason.”<br />

Though renovations are not quite complete,<br />

the hope is that they will be soon.<br />

“It’s coming,” said Blackwell as she<br />

looked around the quiet church. “It’s a gorgeous<br />

sanctuary.”<br />

Information<br />

For information about Asbury United<br />

Methodist Church South or to find out how<br />

to donate to help the church fund its flood<br />

damage repairs, visit asburysouthumc.org,<br />

call 614-837-4601, or email<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

Factors to consider when choosing<br />

and applying mulch<br />

Homeowners associate mulch with springtime lawn and garden<br />

care.<br />

Mulch protects roots against extreme temperatures.<br />

Mulch is often connected with its ability to help soil retain<br />

moisture during especially warm times of the year, when mulch<br />

promotes strong roots that can help lawns and plants survive<br />

periods of extreme heat.<br />

Applying mulch in spring can be beneficial to lawns.<br />

Homeowners should first consider a few factors.<br />

•Timing: Know when the average day of the last frost is in<br />

your area.<br />

•Texture: Try medium-textured mulch. Fine particles may<br />

pack down and retain moisture that will evaporate before it<br />

reaches the plant roots. Materials that are too coarse may be incapable<br />

of holding sufficient amounts of water to benefit the soil.<br />

•Nutrients: Humus is an organic component of soil that forms<br />

when leaves and other plant materials decompose. Organic<br />

mulches provide humus and decompose over time, adding nutrients<br />

into the soil.<br />

•Application: Correct application of the mulch is essential.<br />

Applying too much mulch can adversely affect lawns, plants and<br />

soil. In addition, excessive application can cause decay and make<br />

lawns and plants more vulnerable to disease. Homeowners uncertain<br />

about when and how to apply mulch in the spring can consult<br />

with a lawn care professional to devise a plan that ensures their<br />

lawns and gardens hold up against summer weather.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> is the time to buy<br />

or refinance your home<br />

By Alexandra Hager<br />

Team Lead of Residential Mortgage Lending<br />

at Telhio Credit Union<br />

Whether you’re looking to relocate, buy your first home or refinance,<br />

there is no better time than now.<br />

Our advice for buyers is to go in with an aggressive offer. You are competing<br />

with a lot of other buyers, and if you like the home you’re looking at<br />

make a really strong offer because the price will be even higher on the next<br />

one.<br />

The current housing market is also good for homeowners who want to<br />

refinance. These record-low interest rates may save you thousands of dollars<br />

over the lifetime of your loan - or put cash in your pocket now. So if you’re<br />

looking to refinance, do so in <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

So if you have not yet looked into refinancing, what are you waiting for?<br />

Rates won’t go much lower since the Federal Funds Rate is already nearly<br />

0%, and while we don’t believe rates will go up any time soon, once they<br />

go up, they will go up quickly.<br />

At Telhio, we’re happy to help you understand your options and find the<br />

right rate and term for you.<br />

Contact me today to learn more about loan and refinancing options at<br />

614-221-3233 ext. 8149.<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

OH License #20692

PAGE 8 - SOUTHEAST MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

entertainment<br />

Odenkirk saves film from being unwatchable<br />

What does it take to be a believable action star?<br />

Well, if we’re looking at cinematic examples of the<br />

past, all it really took was being a male with a mountain<br />

of muscle and a spot-on oil game to highlight the<br />

tan or that strategically shorn tuft of hair on an otherwise<br />

smooth chest.<br />

Throughout the years, however, those characteristics<br />

of a believable action star have changed, allowing<br />

a new wave of people (women, even!) with less buffed<br />

and bronzed physiques to share a place on that mantle.<br />

That evolution had been met by resistance by some<br />

— I guess watching a lean human who was not chosen<br />

by a higher power or bitten by a radioactive spider<br />

take down a mob of people is not as believable as if<br />

they were more massed — but I have been enjoying this<br />

change as it allows more actors to play against type.<br />

The latest example of an actor playing against type<br />

and donning the glistening cape of a potentially new<br />

action star is the great and underappreciated Bob<br />

Odenkirk. With his background in comedy and his<br />

most known role being the morally dubious attorney<br />

Saul Goodman in the “Breaking Bad” universe,<br />

Odenkirk has never been given many opportunities to<br />

be a man of physical action. After all, with his slight<br />

frame and sweet face that seems like it would break<br />

out into a sweat if he lied, he doesn’t exactly scream “I<br />

can mess you up.” But he was given that chance with<br />

“Nobody” and you can tell he really relished the opportunity.<br />

Taken as a whole, “Nobody” is not a great film.<br />

There is little substance and the secondary characters<br />

are paper thin, but the presence of Odenkirk is what<br />

makes it watchable. He plays his role with vulnerability,<br />

gravitas and slyness, giving the audience a wink<br />

that while he is serious about this role, he knows<br />

you’re watching him and thinking “this is the guy they<br />

chose for this role?” But that is what makes the film<br />

somewhat compelling — he plays it so well that if any<br />

other actor, especially a known action star with muscles,<br />

had said yes it would be largely unbearable.<br />

In this film, Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, an<br />

ordinary man living an ordinary existence. A montage<br />

shows that every day is exactly the same — he wakes<br />

up, jogs, passively aggressively does chin-ups near a<br />

billboard with his wife’s face on it, rides a bus to work,<br />

and stares at spreadsheets for multiple hours while<br />

working alongside his father-in-law and obnoxious<br />

brother-in-law. It’s a normal life, minus the chin-up<br />

thing, and he is mostly OK with how quiet and simple<br />

it is.<br />

But all of that changes one night when Hutch interrupts<br />

a home invasion. After startling the two robbers,<br />

one man and one woman who seem nervous and<br />

unsure of themselves, he calmly tells them to take<br />

The Reel Deal<br />

what they want and leave. In their<br />

mad dash, they take a handful of<br />

loose cash and items in a fruit bowl<br />

and his watch, but as they are<br />

demanding his ring his teenage son<br />

(Gage Munroe) tackles one to the<br />

ground and chaos ensues. Rather<br />

than unleash a smack down that<br />

you know is bubbling under the<br />

surface, Hutch allows them to<br />

escape, drawing the scorn of his<br />

son, his wife, his neighbor, and<br />

the police officer who responded<br />

Dedra<br />

Cordle<br />

to the scene. “If that was my family…” he states.<br />

Knowing that his actions, or lack thereof, were correct<br />

for the situation at hand, he soaks in the ridicule<br />

from his wife’s family and accepts it at face value. “I<br />

did the right thing.” But then, when his daughter indicates<br />

that the robbers stole her beloved Kitty Cat<br />

bracelet, he snaps and goes looking for trouble.<br />

Unlike most characters in similar movies, Hutch<br />

isn’t a man with a past who is pulled back into the mix<br />

after a series of unfortunate events. Instead, Hutch is<br />

a man with a past who willingly goes back into the mix<br />

after a series of unfortunate events. And despite however<br />

ridiculous his motives are, the movie is all the better<br />

for it because it allows Odenkirk to shine — and give<br />

shiners, among other things.<br />

But despite however much enjoyment is taken from<br />

watching Odenkirk get his action game on (no oil here<br />

though he does break out into an attractive sweat after<br />

dispatching some baddies), the movie itself does not<br />

live up to the potential of his presence. The writers and<br />

the director have a genuinely great actor on their<br />

hands, one willing to go just about anyplace they want<br />

(even the close quarters of a bus for a tense and prolonged<br />

fight sequence) but the material itself with its<br />

odd Russian drug lord side plot and paper-thin building<br />

of the Mansell family does him a disservice.<br />

Overall, “Nobody” is not a film that takes itself too<br />

seriously, which is always a bonus in relation to action<br />

films, and it does feature some excellent fight choreography.<br />

But if the creators (who also created “John<br />

Wick”) want to make the transition into a franchise,<br />

they’re going to have to get material better suited to fit<br />

the talent of the actors and the audience starved for an<br />

action film that is not completely convoluted.<br />

Grade: C<br />

Dedra Cordle is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer and columnist.<br />

“Working: A Musical” at CATCO virtually <strong>April</strong> 29-May 9<br />

CATCO focuses on work and the people behind the<br />

jobs in its upcoming production of, “Working: A<br />

Musical,” <strong>April</strong> 29-May 9.<br />

Based upon Studs Terkel’s 1974 bestseller,<br />

“Working: People Talk About What They Do all Day<br />

and How They Feel About What They Do,” the musical<br />

shares actual workers’ words from the book and gives<br />

voice to their hopes and aspirations.<br />

Truckers, waitresses, stay-at-home moms, hedge<br />

fund managers, laborers, millworkers, project managers,<br />

delivery people and other workers tell their stories<br />

through music written by songwriters Craig<br />

Carnelia, Micki Grant, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mary<br />

Rodgers, Susan Birkenhead, Stephen Schwartz and<br />

James Taylor.<br />

The musical has undergone several revisions since<br />

its premiere in 1977 and on Broadway in 1978.<br />

CATCO will present the 2012 version.<br />

Directing “Working: A Music,” is Daniella Wheelock<br />

and the music director is Jeremy Ramey.<br />

Tickets (one per device) are $20 each, and are available<br />

at www.catco.org/working/<br />

Visit catcoistheatre.org for information.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Tree program underway<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

Inspectors are now evaluating the cityowned<br />

trees along <strong>Groveport</strong>’s streets.<br />

“Our tree inspection program is underway,”<br />

said <strong>Groveport</strong> City Councilman Ed<br />

Dildine, who is also council’s representative<br />

on the city’s trees and decorations<br />

committee. “The inspectors are checking<br />

species, age, potential danger, and how the<br />

trees are growing.<br />

Dildine said, if it is determined a tree<br />

must be taken down, city representatives<br />

will have a conversation with the nearby<br />

homeowner prior to the removal of the<br />

tree.<br />

“If a tree is taken down, it will be<br />

replaced,” said Dildine. “It may not be the<br />

same kind of tree, but it would be tree that<br />

would be good for a particular area. You<br />

don’t want to put in a large tree that could<br />

grow into power lines, for example.”<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> has consistently been named<br />

a Tree City USA and city officials want to<br />

maintain that tradition with its annual<br />

tree inspection and maintenance program<br />

to protect the town’s city-owned historic<br />

trees, as well as younger ones, that line its<br />

streets.<br />

The city has a large number of old, tall<br />

trees that enhance the beauty of its<br />

streetscape. But older trees also can get<br />

sick as they age and present a danger, such<br />

as last May when a spring storm uprooted<br />

a big tree along Front Street that crushed<br />

a <strong>Groveport</strong> Police cruiser (the police officer<br />

was unhurt). After that incident, city<br />

officials and an arborist examined old trees<br />

on Front Street, and other surrounding<br />

streets, and targeted the weaker trees for<br />

removal.<br />

The goal of the tree program is to conduct<br />

regularly scheduled inspections and<br />

maintenance of city-owned trees to mitigate<br />

any potential hazards. The program is<br />

funded from the city’s street fund budget,<br />

which is funded from income tax collections.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Administrator B.J. King<br />

said last December, “Additionally, the city<br />

has a tree fund in the budget. The tree<br />

fund can only be used to replace street<br />

trees located in subdivisions. In the street<br />

fund there is $16,000 budgeted for this program<br />

in <strong>2021</strong>.”<br />

The tree inspection and maintenance<br />

program’s goals are to: maintain the health<br />

of all city-owned trees; plant or replant the<br />

largest suitable tree for the site selected;<br />

and maintain a fully stocked urban forest.<br />

The plan includes: performing health<br />

and hazard assessments of all city-owned<br />

trees; removing or pruning for safety all<br />

dead and hazardous trees each year; quick<br />

response to requests for service; planting a<br />

diverse population of trees and replant<br />

removed trees each planting season; plant<br />

species and placement of trees with aesthetic<br />

properties such as summer and fall<br />

color and shape; ongoing routine inventory<br />

and evaluation of all city-owned trees; routine<br />

hazard assessment; conducting Arbor<br />

Day activities; and coordinating with the<br />

city’s tree and decorations committee.<br />

According to the plan, maintenance<br />

reduces costs and helps keep trees healthy.<br />

Large trees provide more benefits than<br />

small trees and are prioritized when space<br />

allows.<br />

MORPC proposes new transportation projects<br />

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning<br />

Commission now has available a list of 12<br />

proposed, new transportation projects set to<br />

receive more than $77 million in federal<br />

funds during state fiscal years 2022 to 2027.<br />

Among the 12 projects from around central<br />

Ohio, two are local and include:<br />

•Brice Road, from Chantry Drive to<br />

south of Channingway Boulevard, $15 million;<br />

and<br />

•Rickenbacker Area Mobility Center,<br />

$3.37 million.<br />

“MORPC received more than $220 million<br />

in requests for funding of new transportation<br />

projects from throughout our<br />

transportation planning area,” said Thea<br />

Ewing, MORPC director of transportation<br />

& infrastructure development. “Our<br />

Attributable Funds Committee worked to<br />

identify the projects that would have the<br />

greatest regional impact despite the limited<br />

financial resources available.”<br />

Every two years, MORPC solicits projects<br />

to receive federal transportation funding<br />

in the MORPC transportation planning<br />

area of: Franklin County; Delaware<br />

County, Bloom and Violet townships in<br />

Fairfield County; New Albany, Pataskala<br />

and Etna Township in Licking County; and<br />

Jerome Township in Union County.<br />

Examples of the types of transportation<br />

improvements eligible for funding include<br />

highways, public transit, bikeways, pedestrian<br />

facilities, bridges and traffic signal upgrades.<br />

MORPC’s Attributable Funds Committee<br />

is also proposing to recommend continued<br />

funding for 27 projects and programs to<br />

which MORPC had previously committed<br />

funds. More than $211 million in future<br />

funding commitments is being proposed.<br />

The draft list of all projects recommended<br />

for funding is available on the MORPC-<br />

Attributable Funding for Transportation<br />

webpage. Printed copies of the draft listing<br />

are available upon request by calling<br />

MORPC at 614-228-2663.<br />

MORPC will consider final approval of the<br />

funding commitments on May 13 and they<br />

will be incorporated into the Transportation<br />

Improvement Program for the appropriate<br />

fiscal year. The Transportation Improvement<br />

Program is a financially balanced listing of<br />

federal, state and locally funded projects that<br />

are scheduled for some phase of implementation<br />

or development in a fouryear period.<br />

COTA and Delaware County Transit<br />

Program of Projects are part of its public<br />

involvement process.<br />

<strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />


Deadlines: <strong>Groveport</strong> and West editions, Wednesdays at 5 p.m., • South/Canal Winchester, Grove City, Madison editions, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.<br />

All editions by phone, Tuesdays at 5 p.m. • Service Directory, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.<br />

xPublic Notices<br />

Notice of Availability of a<br />

Draft Environmental Assessment for the<br />

Proposed Cargo Campus Development at the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park<br />

and Notice of Public Hearing<br />

ACTION: The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to<br />

address the Proposed Cargo Campus Development at the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park (RGLP) and<br />

associated improvements south of Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK). The EA is being prepared to<br />

comply with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.<br />

PUBLIC HEARING: The CRAA will conduct a Virtual Public Workshop and Public Hearing related to the EA for<br />

the proposed improvements at the RGLP. Due to the recommended precautions to stop the spread of<br />

COVID-19, this Public Workshop/Hearing will be conducted online. The Workshop/Hearing will be held from<br />

5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on <strong>April</strong> 20, <strong>2021</strong>. Pre-registration is required to attend the Virtual Public Workshop/<br />

Hearing. Register in advance and submit comments at www.airportprojects.net/lck-campus-ea.<br />

Comments received at the Public Hearing will become part of the final EA document to be submitted to the<br />

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for review.<br />

The CRAA has published a Draft EA document and copies will be available for public review beginning March<br />

22, <strong>2021</strong> at the following locations:<br />

Columbus Regional Airport Authority<br />

John Glenn Columbus International Airport<br />

Administrative Offices<br />

4600 International Gateway<br />

Columbus, OH 43219<br />

Please call (513) 818-0617 to set up an appointment.<br />

Columbus Metropolitan Library Southeast Branch<br />

3980 S. Hamilton Road<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />

Phone: (614) 645-2275<br />

Rickenbacker International Airport<br />

Administration Building<br />

Operations Department<br />

7250 Starcheck Drive, Suite 100<br />

Columbus, OH 43217<br />

Please call (513) 818-0617 to set up an appointment.<br />

Pickaway County Library<br />

Floyd E. Younkin Branch<br />

51 Long Street<br />

Ashville, Ohio 43103<br />

Phone: (740) 983-8856<br />

Website:<br />

www.airportprojects.net/lck-campus-ea<br />

Comments on the Draft EA may be submitted to: Chris Sandfoss, 4445 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 700, Cincinnati,<br />

OH 45242; or by email to: LCK EA@landrumbrown.com. All comments must be received by May 5, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

If special accommodations, such as audio or visual assistance, are required to participate in the online meeting,<br />

or if internet access is not available, please contact (513) 818-0617 by <strong>April</strong> 16, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Attention: Cities & Townships<br />




The Eastside <strong>Messenger</strong> is<br />

now serving Canal Winchester.<br />

CALL KATHY at the<br />




614-272-5422<br />

Public Legal Notice<br />

The Madison Township Police Department is<br />

currently in possession of property collected from<br />

2000 to the present. The property includes<br />

bicycles, electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, and<br />

tools.<br />

Anyone having a legal right or can show proof of<br />

ownership should contact Madison Township<br />

Police department, Officer K. Mallory, by calling<br />

614-836-5355 or in person at 4567 Madison Lane,<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, Ohio 43125.<br />

Further, anyone claiming rights to these items<br />

should produce proper identification and identifying<br />

characteristics of these items, including but not<br />

limited to, serial number, the manner in which it<br />

was found, any identifying marks, and the condition<br />

of the property. Should it be determined by<br />

the Court that these items are abandoned, ownership<br />

to the property will then transfer to The<br />

Madison Township Police Department. The last<br />

day to claim property is May 4, <strong>2021</strong>, at 3:00 p.m.

PAGE 10 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />


Deadlines: <strong>Groveport</strong> and West editions, Wednesdays at 5 p.m., • South/Canal Winchester, Grove City, Madison editions, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.<br />

All editions by phone, Tuesdays at 5 p.m. • Service Directory, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.<br />

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Send information to The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong>, Attention: Come and Get It, 3500<br />

Sullivant Ave., Columbus, OH43204. Deadline is Tuesdays by 5 pm for following<br />

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Buckeye City<br />

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4/25 A/M

PAGE 12 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 4, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Historical Farm hours<br />

Metro Parks’ Slate Run Living<br />

Historical Farm, 1375 State Route 674<br />

North, Canal Winchester hours are:<br />

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and<br />

Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday and<br />

Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The farm is<br />

closed on Monday.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> history films<br />

Two documentary films on the history of<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, produced by the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Heritage Society and Midnet Media, are<br />

now available for viewing online on<br />

YouTube. The films are: “<strong>Groveport</strong>: A<br />

Town and Its People” and “The Story of<br />

John S. Rarey and Cruiser.” The films were<br />

originally made about 15 years ago.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Photo courtesy of the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Heritage<br />

Museum<br />

The<br />

carry<br />

out<br />

Our Pictorial Past by Rick Palsgrove<br />

This is a photo of<br />

the B&J Carry<br />

Out, 618 Main St.,<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, as it<br />

looked in 1962.<br />

The carry out<br />

occupied half of<br />

the building and<br />

the Harden Barber Shop operated out of the other half. The B&J Carry Out was a<br />

popular place for kids to buy pop, candy, and other treats and it was common to<br />

see kids’ bicycles parked in front of the store. The kids with their bicycles in this<br />

photo appear to be newspaper delivery boys filling their bikes’ side bags with<br />

newspapers to be delivered. The building is now used as a law office.<br />


ELVIS<br />

featuring<br />

Mike Albert<br />

and the Big E Band<br />

Saturday<br />

June 12, <strong>2021</strong><br />


1630 Schrock Rd.<br />

Dinner/Show Tickets $ 55.00<br />

Tables of 10 Available<br />

Tickets by Phone: 614-792-3135<br />

Still Good Seats Available<br />

Visa • Mastercard • Discover<br />


Aaron England with the Chevrolet Silverado race truck.<br />

Taking it to the track<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

Aaron England is ready to get behind<br />

the wheel for his first professional truck<br />

race.<br />

“I’ve been a student of motor sports<br />

since 2000,” said England, a 2010 graduate<br />

of <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High School. “I<br />

primarily follow NASCAR, but am wellread<br />

in most forms of motor sports<br />

throughout the world. I have wanted to<br />

race vehicles competitively my entire<br />

life. This is my first opportunity to do so<br />

with the CRS Truck Series Event in<br />

June.”<br />

England will drive a Chevrolet<br />

Silverado late model race truck, owned<br />

by Billy Streihle, in the 50 lap event in<br />

the CRS Truck Series on June 19 at the<br />

Shadybowl Speedway in Degraff, Ohio.<br />

“The vehicles’ bodies are fiberglass<br />

and aluminum and the truck weighs<br />

about 3,100 pounds,” said England.<br />

“Average speeds on track are over 80<br />

mph and top speeds well over 100 mph.”<br />

England is known online as AJ<br />

Appeal (Twitter.com/ajAPPEAL), where<br />

he hosts a motorsports syndicated podcast<br />

and he is editor of<br />

RacingRefresh.com.<br />

“I currently have over 15,000 followers<br />

on my social media accounts and host<br />

a weekly motorsports podcast called<br />

Racing Refresh,” said England. “We are<br />

attempting to crowd fund this effort.<br />

Donors can contact our show to get their<br />

name on the truck. We are eager to promote<br />

business sponsors who are interested<br />

in sponsoring the truck. Their<br />

branding and logos will be on our uniforms,<br />

website, and the racing vehicle,<br />

and they can contact me at info@racingrefresh.com<br />

with interest.”<br />

When asked why he enjoys racing,<br />

England said, “I find great things in racing.<br />

A race team is a sport, a hobby, and<br />

a business all at once. There is tremendous<br />

competition in motorsports,<br />

whether the race ends side-by-side or is<br />

dominated by a single competitor. Add to<br />

that the high speed and adrenaline, and<br />

you’ve got a perfect combination for fans<br />

of all ages.”<br />

England feels well prepared for his<br />

first race.<br />

“I have a lot of knowledge on the science<br />

behind racing,” said England. “I’ve<br />

spent hundreds of hours on motorsports<br />

simulators and watched every form of<br />

racing. I am not sure how I will contend<br />

against competition that has more experience<br />

than I have, but I am confident I<br />

will take great care of the vehicle that<br />

I’m driving. I’ll learn more that I hope I<br />

can apply to future events. The ultimate<br />

goal is to finish every lap, and, hey, If I<br />

can compete for the win, I’m sure I can<br />

make somebody really proud.”<br />

The race England will participate in<br />

is known as a short track race. He said<br />

short track racing refers to race tracks<br />

that are typically a half mile or less in<br />

length.<br />

“While speeds are faster than most<br />

everyday drivers operate their vehicles,<br />

they are not as fast as major events such<br />

as the INDY 500 or famed NASCAR<br />

races,” said England. “Due to the lower<br />

speeds, short track racing relies much<br />

less on the aerodynamics and horsepower<br />

of the vehicles and more on the talent<br />

set of the competitors in the field.”<br />

Motor racing has historical roots in<br />

the <strong>Groveport</strong> and Obetz areas as the<br />

Columbus Motor Speedway once flourished<br />

in Obetz for many years.<br />

“I was fortunate to live in Obetz growing<br />

up and attend events at Columbus<br />

Motor Speedway,” said England. “It wasn’t<br />

as often as I would have hoped. I<br />

recall attending ‘Night of Champions’<br />

with my uncle Matt. I saw NASCAR legends<br />

Kenny Wallace, Jerry Nadeau,<br />

Matt Kenseth, and Kerry Earnhardt all<br />

in one event.”<br />

England said a goal of the June 19<br />

race is “to promote our podcast, learn to<br />

race, and emphasize the importance of<br />

grass-root racing to fans who are only<br />

aware of NASCAR or INDY car racing<br />

they see on television.”

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