Keepmoat Homes Careers Brochure

We build communities, potential and careers.

We build communities, potential and careers.


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BUILD<br />

your career with us

Build your career<br />

with us<br />

We build high-quality homes.<br />

We create thriving new communities.<br />

We help first time buyers take their first<br />

step on the property ladder.<br />

We help families find the space they need.<br />

We are passionate about creating valuable<br />

partnerships.<br />

We work hard to create a low carbon future.<br />

And, we build exciting and fulfilling<br />

careers too.<br />

Working at <strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong> isn’t like any<br />

other job. What we do here is different.<br />

It’s bigger than just building homes - there’s<br />

more to it than bricks and mortar.<br />

At <strong>Keepmoat</strong> we all work together to<br />

deliver long-term improvements for the communities<br />

in which we work, ensuring our developments are<br />

positive places to live. We aspire to go beyond customer<br />

expectations providing them with a high-quality home<br />

ready for the next chapter of their life.<br />

Our people are committed to making a difference, every<br />

single day. And that’s why, if you have the ambition and<br />

vision to match, <strong>Keepmoat</strong> is the perfect place for you.<br />

Our regions<br />

We operate across Britain – with<br />

over 80 live developments from<br />

Scotland down to Northfleet in<br />

Kent. We have 9 regional offices<br />

in Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool,<br />

Wigan, Leeds, Doncaster,<br />

Nottingham, Tamworth and<br />

Northamptonshire.<br />

Map Key:<br />

Scotland<br />

North East<br />

Yorkshire West<br />

Yorkshire East<br />

North West<br />

MCI Developments<br />

West Midlands and South West<br />

East Midlands<br />

South Midlands<br />

Tim Beale<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

2 3

What we stand for<br />

Our mission is to build long-term partnerships to deliver highquality<br />

homes and thriving new communities. We have a clear<br />

vision to help guide us to do this.<br />

Building communities. Transforming lives.<br />

It’s important to us that we don’t just build homes. We do much<br />

more. Because if you build the right kind of homes, in the right<br />

places, we can impact people’s lives in a way few others can.<br />

Everyone at <strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong> plays a part in delivering our vision,<br />

and to help guide us, we have our values.<br />

We are straightforward<br />

We get the job done in the most efficient and<br />

effective way. We are friendly, open and honest.<br />

It’s about being respectful and working in a<br />

transparent and honest way.<br />

We are passionate<br />

We care about what we do. We put pride and<br />

energy into delivering results. It’s important to us<br />

to do a good job.<br />

We are collaborative<br />

We work together in partnership to deliver<br />

the very best customer experience. Partnership<br />

working is key to our business. We work<br />

collaboratively to deliver the best results possible.<br />

We are creative<br />

We are proactive, flexible and resourceful. We<br />

listen, learn and deliver solutions. We don’t offer<br />

a one size fits all solution. We are flexible and will<br />

tailor our services to our customers’ needs.<br />

Alexis Smart, Senior Finance<br />

Manager: I like the way I<br />

genuinely feel part of a team at<br />

<strong>Keepmoat</strong> and that I have a voice<br />

in my region contributing to its success<br />

4 5

We believe in partnerships<br />

Our Partnership Business Model is what sets us apart<br />

from other homebuilders. In fact, we are proud to be<br />

one of the largest strategic partners of <strong>Homes</strong> England.<br />

What does being a partnership builder mean?<br />

We actively pursue opportunities to build more homes in<br />

partnership with local authorities, <strong>Homes</strong> England and registered<br />

providers. Around a third of the homes we build each year are<br />

registered providers (usually social housing organisations).<br />

It puts <strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong> right at the heart of delivering the<br />

nation’s need for quality, affordable homes. We work closely with<br />

over 200 partners up and down the UK to make this happen,<br />

some we’ve worked with for over 20 years.<br />

Why are we the partner of choice?<br />

Other than being great to work with, our experience enables us to<br />

work with our partners to create innovative approaches to accelerate<br />

the delivery of more new homes. We combine this with our expertise<br />

in transforming brownfield sites to create well designed, thriving<br />

communities that improve the lives of local people and local areas.<br />

How does this help communities?<br />

We collaborate and work in partnership with local stakeholders to<br />

ensure that our developments improve the area for residents. We<br />

also work closely with schools, local representatives, community<br />

leaders and community groups to support localised priorities and even<br />

employ local people. Supporting communities to flourish and become<br />

sustainable long after our developments end.<br />

What does that mean for you?<br />

It means when you join <strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong> you’re part of something<br />

much bigger. We’re committed to creating the homes first time buyers<br />

and families need. In the places they need them. Above and beyond<br />

our social conscience and our long-term partnerships provides us<br />

with the stability to grow and invest in our business and our people.<br />

Craig Pawlaczyk, Managing<br />

Quantity Surveyor: I strongly<br />

believe regeneration, both<br />

economically and socially, is so<br />

important in our industry and <strong>Keepmoat</strong><br />

does this so well through all the work we<br />

do with our partners.<br />

6 7

Lots of ways<br />

to get your<br />

career off the<br />

ground.<br />

We do more than build homes.<br />

We create great careers too.<br />

You can see this all around the<br />

business. It’s no coincidence that<br />

many of our senior management<br />

team started in other roles and<br />

have been inspired to develop<br />

their career within <strong>Keepmoat</strong>.<br />

Georgie Pover, Senior<br />

Marketing Coordinator:<br />

Working in marketing within<br />

the construction industry is a<br />

unique challenge as you are marketing<br />

a product which is arguably the most<br />

expensive purchase of a person’s life<br />

but I really enjoy it!<br />

8 9

When our people grow,<br />

we do too.<br />

For us it’s simple. When our people are happy, supported and inspired,<br />

anything is possible. We know our people are key to our success.<br />

And one of the best ways we can achieve our ambitions is to help you<br />

achieve yours.<br />

We employ over 1,100 people. We’re all committed to creating a working<br />

environment where everyone feels empowered to deliver success. It is<br />

fast-paced, friendly and a place where people are supported with their<br />

development and encouraged to grow.<br />

This culture was recognised in our Investors in People (IIP) accreditation,<br />

with the assessor highlighting our effective people-centric culture and the<br />

positive impact that this has on our performance as a business.<br />

Connor Stephenson, Apprentice<br />

Joiner: My apprenticeship has<br />

been an amazing opportunity for<br />

me to gain skills and trade for<br />

something I enjoy doing. <strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong><br />

have supported me throughout my studies<br />

by helping me get everything I needed to<br />

complete my work at college and on-site.<br />

We have a wide range of careers at <strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong>. A lot goes on<br />

behind the scenes of the construction site. Here are some of the roles;<br />

Land and Partnership Coordinator - identify, assess, pursue and<br />

progress potential land and partnership opportunities suitable for the<br />

business.<br />

Site Manager - manage our people, subcontractors and materials on<br />

our construction sites.<br />

Social and Economic Impact Coordinator - work with external<br />

organisations to develop and deliver community engagement,<br />

employment opportunities and skills activities.<br />

Legal Executive - administer and coordinate the legal process of<br />

house sales.<br />

Marketing Coordinator - have responsibility for the general day<br />

to day marketing of our developments including website pages and<br />

adverts.<br />

Buyer - are responsible for ensuring that the materials required for<br />

construction projects are provided to schedule and according to<br />

projected budgets.<br />

We aim to be the employer of<br />

choice in the homebuilding sector.<br />

10 11

Apprentices & Trainees<br />

Olivia Fowler, Technical<br />

Apprentice: I have always<br />

been a creative person and<br />

look for roles that challenge<br />

me and help me to learn. <strong>Keepmoat</strong><br />

has allowed me this opportunity and I<br />

have learnt so much already.<br />

We have an extensive<br />

supply chain and work<br />

with our contractors to<br />

promote apprenticeship<br />

opportunities on our sites<br />

As members of the 5% Club, <strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong> is<br />

fully committed to increasing the number of trainees,<br />

apprentices and graduates. Our diverse business allows<br />

us to offer a strong foundation for career development<br />

and progression and we are committed to developing<br />

our employees across all levels.<br />

Studying a vocational qualification and learning the role as a trainee<br />

or apprentice on the job, whilst being employed and gaining<br />

valuable experience is a great option for some. We see the value in<br />

these every day, and it’s why we’re big supporters of Trainee and<br />

Apprenticeship opportunities within our business, wider supply chain<br />

and subcontractor networks.<br />

Apprenticeships used to be restricted to young people, however<br />

that’s all changed. There’s no upper limit to the age of an apprentice<br />

and even existing employees can use apprenticeships to learn or<br />

improve their skills to provide career progression.<br />

How they work<br />

A typical <strong>Keepmoat</strong> apprenticeship will be office or site based and on<br />

a fixed term basis, generally ranging from 12 to 14 months, or 3 to 5<br />

years for Degree Apprenticeship.<br />

Our apprentices attend days at college, on the job observation and<br />

assessment days with 20% ‘off the job’ formal training funded by the<br />

Apprenticeship Levy. There are many recognised qualifications you can<br />

work towards with us, from construction and skilled trades to finance,<br />

IT, HR, marketing and more.<br />

We recruit and organise apprentices directly through our providers and<br />

our approved partners.<br />

Find out more at keepmoat.com/careers<br />

12 13

Graduates<br />

When it comes to your career, few opportunities offer<br />

you the chance to build a better future for yourself than<br />

our Land and Partnership Graduate Scheme.<br />

If you’re self-motivated, ambitious and thrive on challenges and<br />

achieving great results, this is for you. Creating exciting new<br />

communities and bringing prosperity, not just properties to an area.<br />

Plus, with sustainability a big part of our future, you’ll play a key role<br />

in helping to deliver low and zero carbon homes for generations to<br />

come. It’s why this graduate scheme is genuinely ground-breaking.<br />

Two-year rotational programme<br />

Each day at <strong>Keepmoat</strong> is an opportunity to learn and make a<br />

difference. It’s why we believe our two-year programme gives you the<br />

very best insight into our business and your strengths.<br />

Year one is made up of fast-moving, four week rotations across all<br />

areas of the business from land, commercial, construction and finance.<br />

This is designed to not only develop your understanding of the<br />

business, but to help grow your network of contacts.<br />

Year two is a 12-month placement in the heart of the Land &<br />

Partnership team where you’ll get involved in social, environmental<br />

and community projects. Here you’ll develop the technical,<br />

professional and personal skills needed to build your career in<br />

construction.<br />

This is a very special opportunity. So we look for graduates who have<br />

a genuine interest in the homebuilding sector. You’ll also need to be<br />

motivated by a broad social purpose and have the attitude to make a<br />

positive difference to the world around you.<br />

Go to keepmoat.com/careers<br />

for more details on application<br />

windows, eligibility and our<br />

reward package.<br />

14 15

Our benefits package<br />

Every single person within our organisation makes<br />

a positive difference. To show our appreciation, we<br />

have developed a substantial benefits package and<br />

Wellbeing programme.<br />

Agile working<br />

We have an Agile Working policy<br />

that provides for flexibility and<br />

can support people’s situations.<br />

We recognise the value in this<br />

and will work with you to help<br />

you find the right balance for<br />

your professional growth and<br />

personal wellbeing.<br />

Your development<br />

It doesn’t matter if you are<br />

just starting out in your<br />

career or are a fully qualified<br />

professional, learning never<br />

needs to end and the People<br />

Development & Engagement<br />

team are here to support<br />

you. We have a range of<br />

development programmes,<br />

eLearning, masterclasses,<br />

apprenticeships and<br />

professional study.<br />

Pension scheme<br />

We have great pension<br />

schemes on offer, with autoenrolment<br />

onto a scheme after<br />

12 weeks’ service. Volunteer days<br />

Smart holidays<br />

We know how important<br />

your holidays are, so we<br />

give you the chance to have<br />

even more! Every year, we<br />

offer our employees the<br />

opportunity to buy additional<br />

annual leave days.<br />

We’re committed to<br />

supporting the communities<br />

in which we work, we<br />

encourage our employees<br />

to do the same. It’s why you<br />

can take one volunteer day<br />

each year, paid in addition<br />

to annual leave, to support<br />

a cause of your choice.<br />

Health and wellbeing<br />

Employee assistance<br />

programme<br />

We are passionate about our<br />

employee’s health and wellbeing,<br />

so we partner with a provider to<br />

offer this free, confidential advice<br />

service to all our employees. It is<br />

a service that you can access 24<br />

hours a day online or over the<br />

phone.<br />

Self-pay health<br />

assessments<br />

As part of our Wellbeing<br />

programme we have partnered<br />

with a leading provider to offer<br />

self-pay health assessments at a<br />

corporate rate.<br />

Life Assurance<br />

We offer Life insurance<br />

to all employees on successful<br />

completion of a probationary<br />

period.<br />

Discount gym<br />

memberships<br />

We have great deals across<br />

gyms nationwide enabling you<br />

to spend less on maintaining a<br />

healthy lifestyle.<br />

Cycle to work scheme<br />

Are you a keen cyclist or an<br />

enthusiastic amateur? Either<br />

way, you’re eligible to apply for<br />

our cycle to work scheme. The<br />

cost of leasing the bike will be<br />

spread over 12 months and<br />

taken from your gross salary,<br />

saving you money on tax and<br />

national insurance.<br />

Exclusive offers<br />

and discounts<br />

Buying a new home<br />

Take advantage of a 5%<br />

discount on a <strong>Keepmoat</strong> home.<br />

Once you have more than one<br />

year’s continuous service.<br />

Retailer discounts<br />

KeepRewarding is your onestop<br />

shop for almost 1,000<br />

amazing deals and savings for<br />

you at a range of favourite high<br />

street stores.<br />

Dining discount<br />

We have collaborated<br />

with two leading discount<br />

providers to bring you the<br />

best offers available in bars<br />

and restaurants, you could<br />

get money off your total<br />

food bill or special discounts<br />

at thousands of restaurants<br />

nationwide.<br />

Supplier discounts<br />

We have negotiated discounts<br />

for you with a number of our<br />

construction materials suppliers<br />

so that you can benefit from<br />

our buying power and take<br />

advantage of these discounts.<br />

16 17

@keepmoathomes<br />

keepmoathomes<br />

<strong>Keepmoat</strong> <strong>Homes</strong><br />

@keepmoathomesltd<br />


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