CreoGlass Design Brochure

Browse all our current glass kitchen and bathroom products, find inspiration and ideas.

Browse all our current glass kitchen and bathroom products, find inspiration and ideas.


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<strong>CreoGlass</strong> <strong>Design</strong> is the UK’s Leading Glass Specialist in Splashbacks, Worktops<br />

and more. Providing bespoke designs, as well as full Custom Measure & Fit Service.<br />

Our team of professional designers, installers and advisers are dedicated to ensure<br />

that our products meets high standard requirements, whether large or small,<br />

domestic or commercial application.<br />

Grey Toughened Mirror Splashback<br />

Printed Abstract Splashback<br />



62-63<br />

Crystal Stones Splashbacks<br />

4-5<br />

Classic Splashbacks<br />

Scratch Resistant Worktops<br />

64-65<br />

Textured Splashbacks<br />

• Premium Collection<br />

• Cobweb Collection<br />

6-7<br />

8-9<br />

• Plain Colour<br />

• Matt Finish<br />

Printed Splashbacks<br />

30-31<br />

32-33<br />

Glossy Coloured Worktops<br />

Printed Glass Worktops<br />

66-67<br />

68-69<br />

Mirror Feature Wall<br />

Mirrored Splashbacks<br />

• Toughened Mirror<br />

• Pattered Mirror<br />

• Mirror Striped<br />

• Antique Toughened<br />

Glitter Splashbacks<br />

• Luxury Collection<br />

• 100% Luxury Collection<br />

• Fine Sparkle<br />

• 100% Fine Sparkle<br />

• Fibres<br />

10-13<br />

14-15<br />

16-17<br />

18-19<br />

20-21<br />

22-23<br />

24-25<br />

26-27<br />

28-29<br />

• Printed Abstract<br />

• Printed Cityscape<br />

• Printed Flower<br />

• Printed Food & Drink<br />

• Printed Gradient<br />

• Printed Landscape<br />

• Printed Pattern<br />

• Printed Peacock<br />

• Printed Textured<br />

• Printed Wave<br />

Stencilled Splashbacks<br />

• Swirls Stencil<br />

• Ganesh Stencil<br />

• Arabic Stencil<br />

• Custom Stencil<br />

34-35<br />

36-37<br />

38-39<br />

40-41<br />

42-43<br />

44-45<br />

46-47<br />

48-49<br />

50-51<br />

52-53<br />

54-55<br />

56-57<br />

58-59<br />

60-61<br />

Luxury Collection Glass Worktops<br />

Kitchen Island Worktops<br />

Shower Splashbacks<br />



Printed Feature Walls<br />

Mirror Feature Walls<br />

MORE<br />

70-71<br />

72-73<br />

74-75<br />

76-77<br />

78-79<br />

Scratch Resistant Worktop<br />

Other Products<br />

80-81<br />

About Us<br />

82-83<br />

2 Shower Splashback 3


Crystal Stones Splashbacks<br />

‘Calacatta’ with Copper<br />

‘Calacatta’ with Copper<br />

‘Famida’ with Gold<br />

‘Oprah’ with Copper<br />

‘Oprah’ with Copper<br />

‘Oprah’ with Gold<br />

Crystal Stone Splashbacks is a NEW range<br />

of ®<strong>CreoGlass</strong> splashbacks inspired by<br />

the beauty of nature, especially stones<br />

such as marble and onyx. We have<br />

developed a private database of ultra-highresolution<br />

photographic stone images.<br />

The images capture the natural patterns<br />

and colours of the crystal stones in<br />

beautiful close-up detail. Subtle natural<br />

non-repetitive patterns can relax your<br />

mind, reducing feelings of stress and<br />

increasing positivity. Bringing nature into<br />

your home through your splashback.<br />

A beautiful kitchen splashback will become<br />

a focal point of the room, creating a<br />

grounded centre and a conversation point<br />

among family and friends.<br />

4 ‘Famida’ with Silver<br />

‘Calacatta’ with Copper<br />



Our Premium Collection Splashbacks harness the natural beauty of crushed minerals and their<br />

natural colours. We create a structured design with 3D depth on the back of strong, heatresistant,<br />

toughened glass by layering specks of crushed minerals.<br />

Textured Splashbacks<br />

Premium Collection<br />

This gorgeous decorative glass is available in 5 distinct colours; Deep Gold, Deep Bronze,<br />

Deep Silver, Deep Mix and Egyptian Gold. The metallic crystal finishes produce an organic<br />

glimmer from natural or artificial light sources. This contemporary finish is one of our most<br />

exclusive & top of the range collections.<br />

Deep Silver<br />

Deep Gold<br />

Deep Mix<br />

6 Deep Bronze<br />

Deep Gold<br />

Deep Gold 7


Textured Splashbacks<br />

The Cobweb Splashback collection consists of handcrafted<br />

patterns inspired by cobwebs’ delicate and intricate detail.<br />

These patterns have a unique variation with each splashback.<br />

The spacing and layout of patterns are handcrafted for every<br />

design.<br />

Cobweb Collection<br />

These textured splashback designs are available in 8 different<br />

colour styles. Please visit our website to see all eight designs.<br />

Cobweb 3 Cobweb 3<br />

Cobweb 3<br />

Cobweb 4<br />

Cobweb 1 Cobweb 5<br />

Cobweb 1 Cobweb 5<br />

Cobweb 6<br />

8 Cobweb 5<br />

Cobweb 3 9


Mirrored Splashbacks<br />

Toughened Mirrors<br />

Grey Toughened Mirror<br />

When mirrored glass is used as a kitchen<br />

splashback, it is crucial that toughened glass<br />

is used to prevent the mirror from cracking<br />

under heat from the stove or from intricate cuts<br />

around sockets.<br />

A toughened mirror splashback is special<br />

because it looks striking and takes a carefully<br />

skilled and expert production process.<br />

Unlike standard mirrors, <strong>CreoGlass</strong> mirror<br />

splashbacks are made from low iron,<br />

toughened glass. This process is imperative for<br />

safety – both in the home and in a commercial<br />

environment.<br />

Toughened mirrored splashbacks have a wow<br />

factor and are used as a statement piece. The<br />

mirrored surface will also serve to reflect light<br />

onto items in the kitchen you want to show off<br />

– making your Aga sparkle or showing your<br />

range cooker in the best light.<br />

You can also place items you want to<br />

emphasise within the mirror reflection, such as<br />

artwork, a sculpture or a vase of flowers, which<br />

10 Bronze Toughened Mirror<br />

will increase the room’s appeal.<br />



Mirrored Splashbacks<br />

Toughened Mirrors<br />

Toughened mirrors are available in<br />

Silver, Bronze and Grey tints.<br />

Grey Toughened Mirror<br />

Silver Toughened Mirror<br />

Silver Toughened Mirror<br />

Grey Toughened Mirror<br />

Grey Toughened Mirror<br />

12 Bronze Toughened Mirror<br />

Grey Toughened Mirror 13


Mirrored Splashbacks<br />

Pattern mirrors are heat resistant mirrors in a wide<br />

range of floral, abstract, geometric and corporate<br />

patterns.<br />

Patterned Mirrors<br />

All patterned mirrors are bespoke custom-made<br />

products. We provide complete Graphic <strong>Design</strong>,<br />

Templating and Installation Services.<br />

Floral Mirror<br />

Mirrors are available in the same tones are regular<br />

toughened mirrors: Silver, Bronze and Grey.<br />

Marble Mirror in Black<br />

Floral Mirror<br />

Please refer to our printed catalogue to view a wider range of printed<br />

designs. We can print many pattern designs onto glass splashbacks or<br />

create new custom designs for you.<br />

<strong>Design</strong>s can be customised to different printed opacities and colours.<br />

14 Marble Mirror in Black<br />

Marble Mirror in Gold 15


Mirrored Splashbacks<br />

Mirror Stripes<br />

Mirror Stripe Splashbacks consist of plain colour with any number of<br />

reflective mirrored stripes running horizontally across all panels. We<br />

recommend no more than three parallel lines.<br />

The background colour can be chosen from our popular colours or<br />

matched to any major paint brand using a paint chip or code.<br />

The number and thickness of stripes can be altered to suit your design.<br />

The layout of the stripes can also be customised to change the position<br />

and spacing of each one.<br />

Antelope<br />

Signal Red<br />

16 Jet Black<br />

Telemagenta Pink<br />

Telemagenta Pink<br />

White 17


Antique Mirror Splashbacks are vintage style mirrors, recognisable by the distinctive<br />

distressed look suitable for modern, country and rustic style kitchens.<br />

Mirrored Splashbacks<br />

Antique Mirror<br />

These vintage style toughened mirrors are also heat and impact resistant. We provide a<br />

range of 8 antiquing patterns with varied pattern densities and colour hues.<br />

Like our other mirrored splashbacks, our antique mirrored splashbacks are available in<br />

silver, bronze and grey tinted finishes.<br />

AMP001<br />

AMP002<br />

AMP003<br />

AMP004<br />

AMP005 AMP006 AMP007 AMP008<br />

AMP005<br />

AMP001<br />

AMP004<br />

AMP006<br />

AMP008<br />

18 AMP008<br />

AMP005<br />

AMP004<br />



Glitter Splashbacks<br />

Luxury<br />

Blue Dream<br />

Copper Granite<br />

Emerald Green<br />

Pure Gold<br />

Luxury Copper<br />

Purple Haze<br />

Starlight<br />

Red Granite<br />

Midnight Moss<br />

Red Granite<br />

Mysterious<br />

Jade<br />

Silver Grey<br />

Vanilla Ice Cream<br />

Mysterious<br />

Sapphire<br />

Snow White<br />

Our Luxury Collection Glass Splashbacks are an exclusive<br />

design created by Creoglass <strong>Design</strong>.<br />

The colourful finishes are achieved by a unique coating<br />

process combining colourful metallic elements, natural minerals<br />

and pigments. This creates an impressive deep-textured<br />

design with a wide range of shimmering colours and sparkling<br />

effects.<br />

Orient<br />

Vanilla Ice<br />

Cream<br />

Luxury Collection is available in a range of 15 different colours.<br />

20 Purple Haze<br />

Starlight<br />



Glitter Splashbacks<br />

100% Luxury<br />

The 100% Luxury Splashbacks<br />

collection is made from layers of<br />

micro metallic flakes.<br />

Copper<br />

Developed from the Creoglass<br />

Luxury Collection, these designs are<br />

produced by hand for every panel<br />

in a careful and labour intensive<br />

process. The final effect of this<br />

layering leaves a sharp glittery<br />

sparkle finish with a subtle texture.<br />

These sparkling textured<br />

splashback designs are available<br />

in 2 colour variations of polished<br />

copper and metallic silver.<br />

Silver<br />

Copper<br />

Copper<br />

Silver<br />

22 Silver<br />

Silver<br />

Copper 23


Glitter Splashbacks<br />

Fine Sparkles<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong> Fine Sparkle Splashbacks add an extra unique shimmer to a classic coloured<br />

glass splashback.<br />

The sparkles provide a fine dispersion of light, and they are highly effective in areas<br />

illuminated by downlighting, providing a unique metallic tone to your glass splashback.<br />

These sparkles are added to any plain colour to create a glitter glass splashback.<br />

All sparkles can be<br />

applied in 3 density<br />

styles of light, medium<br />

& heavy.<br />


RED<br />

Metallic Copper with Copper Sparkle<br />

GOLD<br />

SILVER<br />

PURPLE<br />

AQUA<br />

ORANGE<br />

Lime Zest with Silver Sparkle<br />

Jet Black with Rainbow Sparkle<br />

24 Espresso Delight with Silver Sparkle<br />

Telemagenta with Rainbow Sparkle 25


Glitter Splashbacks<br />

100% Fine Sparkles<br />

The 100% Fine Sparkle Splashbacks are thoroughly saturated with fine glitter. They are<br />

similar to the Fine Sparkle Splashbacks, but none of the plain colour will be visible beneath -<br />

just 100% sparkle. They create a luxurious, glamorous WOW factor for your kitchen.<br />

Our 100% Fine Sparkle Splashbacks are available in a wide range of colours, with the option<br />

of white or black backing colours.<br />

Red<br />

Copper<br />

Copper<br />

Purple<br />

26 Blue<br />

Aqua<br />

Copper 27


Glitter Splashbacks<br />

Fibres<br />

Our Fibres Splashbacks are a mixture of<br />

coloured fibres applied & spread on toughened<br />

glass by hand in our workshop.<br />

These glistening fibre layers produce a rich<br />

colour from their woven texture appearance. Like<br />

all our splashbacks, these are made from 6mm<br />

Toughened Glass, meaning they are both impact<br />

& heat resistant up to 400ºC.<br />

Fibres Splashbacks come in 3 colour tones: Red,<br />

Forest Green & Blue.<br />

Red Fibres<br />

Forest Green Fibres<br />

28 Forest Green Fibres<br />

Blue Fibres<br />

Red Fibres 29


Classic Splashbacks<br />

Plain Colour Splashbacks are available in a vast<br />

range of colours. You can choose a colour that<br />

perfectly suits your kitchen design, from vibrant<br />

to more subtle tones. You can choose from our<br />

range of most popular colours, or we can match<br />

colours using codes or paint chips from almost<br />

all major paint brands.<br />

Plain Colour (Glossy)<br />

We also offer a wide range of metallic paints<br />

to provide a modern finish. Our most popular<br />

colours include copper, rose-gold, gold and<br />

silver.<br />

Splashbacks are made from 6mm thick<br />

toughened glass, which is impact and heat<br />

resistant up to 400°C and comes with a 10-year<br />

guarantee against discolouration.<br />

Purple Red<br />

Pure Orange<br />

The colours contain micro flake metal<br />

particles to offer a fine dispersion of light,<br />

giving the glass splashback its pearlescent<br />

lustre finish.<br />

Canary Yellow<br />

Pure White<br />

White Green<br />

Metallic Rose-Gold<br />

30 Pure Orange<br />

Grey<br />



Classic Splashbacks<br />

Matt Finish<br />

Matt Finish Splashbacks provide a<br />

rougher and less reflective surface to<br />

any glass splashback.<br />

These glass splashbacks are made<br />

from an acid etching process on<br />

the glass’s surface, leaving the<br />

exposed surface with a coarse finish<br />

that reduces the sharp and bright<br />

reflections created on a glossy glass<br />

surface.<br />

Cooking Apples Green<br />

Like our plain colour splashbacks,<br />

paint is applied to the back of the<br />

glass to create the coloured glass<br />

look. We can offer any colour and even<br />

match colours to major paint brands.<br />

Azure Sky<br />

Peppermint<br />

32 Jet Black<br />

Light Blue<br />



Printed Splashbacks<br />

Abstract<br />

Make your kitchen stand out with our vibrant Printed Abstract Splashbacks.<br />

Your splashbacks will look like a piece of art.<br />

Choose from our printed catalogue, create with our graphic design team, or<br />

provide your own image.<br />

34 35


Printed Splashbacks<br />

Cityscapes<br />

Create the city view you’ve always wanted with our Printed<br />

Cityscape Splashbacks. Bring your favourite city or landmark<br />

into your home, a sight you’ll never get tired of looking at. Our<br />

UV printer will create ultra-high resolution images, so it’ll feel like<br />

you’re really there.<br />

Choose a cityscape from our printed catalogue, create with our<br />

Graphic <strong>Design</strong>er or provide your own!<br />

36 37


Printed Splashbacks<br />

Flower<br />

Add an elegant touch of nature into your<br />

kitchen with a printed flower splashback.<br />

A beautiful way to introduce colour to<br />

your kitchen in photographic, illustrated or<br />

patterned flower designs. Enjoy the benefits<br />

of being surrounded by nature without<br />

leaving your home.<br />

We have an extensive range of flowerinspired<br />

designs you can choose from, or<br />

you can provide your own images to have<br />

printed on your splashbacks.<br />

Please refer to our printed catalogue for<br />

more flower splashback designs for more<br />

inspiration.<br />

38 39


Printed Splashbacks<br />

Food & Drink<br />

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so<br />

why not show off the most important room<br />

in your house with a Printed Splashback<br />

celebrating your love of food and drink.<br />

Choose from our printed catalogue,<br />

create with our graphic design team, or<br />

provide your own image!<br />

We have a wide range of food, drink and<br />

spices designs for you to choose from.<br />

Food Spices Drink<br />

40 41


Printed Splashbacks<br />

Gradient<br />

Our printed gradient splashbacks blend two colours, finished with a fine sparkle layer. The<br />

shading on our Printed Gradient Splashbacks is usually horizontal, but not limited to this.<br />

Paired with the shimmering effect of the fine sparkles, this design achieves an unforgettable<br />

luxurious feel.<br />

Our Graphic <strong>Design</strong>er creates these designs in-house to support the colours and templates<br />

you like. Like the Plain Splashbacks, they can be created in any colour you wish.<br />

White to Black<br />

Red to White<br />

Black to Teal<br />

42 Teal to White<br />

Red to White 43


Printed Splashbacks<br />

Landscape<br />

Bring a touch of nature into<br />

your home with our Landscape<br />

Splashbacks. Our Graphic<br />

<strong>Design</strong>ers create these Landscape<br />

designs in-house to support the<br />

colours and templates you like. To<br />

set up a meeting with one of our<br />

Graphic <strong>Design</strong>ers, contact us<br />

today.<br />

Using the latest UV printing<br />

technology, images are printed<br />

directly to 6mm Toughened Glass<br />

which is impact and heat resistant<br />

to up to 400C°.<br />

You can choose any landscape<br />

from our printed catalogue, create<br />

a custom design with our graphic<br />

design team or even supply your<br />

own Landscape image to print!<br />

44 45


Our Patterned Printed Splashbacks are available in a vast variety of designs.<br />

Printed Splashbacks<br />

Pattern<br />

You can choose any pattern from our printed catalogue, create a custom design with our<br />

graphic design team or even supply your own pattern in vector format to print!<br />

Maybe you’d prefer a sleek and modern geometric design or a soft and classic floral<br />

pattern. A patterned splashback can help to completely transform your kitchen to achieve<br />

a country, contemporary or retro feel.<br />

Patterns can be as bold or as neutral as you wish. Think about the look you’d like to<br />

achieve, and we can help find or create the perfect pattern for you.<br />

46 47


Printed Splashbacks<br />

Peacock<br />

Peacock feathers are a work of art in themselves,<br />

so there’s a reason they’re a popular choice<br />

for a printed splashback design. They have a<br />

beautiful range of colours incorporated, making<br />

them a colourful addition to your kitchen.<br />

We have created many designs using printed<br />

peacock feathers that have also incorporated our<br />

printed worktops.<br />

Our Graphic <strong>Design</strong>er can work with you to<br />

customise the design to create different sizes<br />

and quantities of feathers and place the feathers<br />

so that they fall perfectly into the shape of your<br />

splashback.<br />

The design’s background colour can also be<br />

adapted to create the perfect splashback for<br />

your kitchen.<br />

48 49


Printed Splashbacks<br />

Textured<br />

Brick<br />

Wood<br />

We can print ultra-high resolution<br />

images of textured materials onto<br />

our splashbacks, such as slate,<br />

marble, leather or wood.<br />

Metal<br />

Pebbles<br />

Wood<br />

Using the latest UV printing<br />

technology, images are printed<br />

directly onto 6mm toughened glass<br />

which is impact and heat resistant<br />

to up to 400C°.<br />

Marble<br />

Tiles<br />

You can choose any textured<br />

design from our printed catalogue,<br />

create a custom design with our<br />

graphic design team or even supply<br />

your own texture image to print!<br />

Stone<br />

Leather<br />

Marble<br />

Grey Stone Bricks<br />

Grey Calacatta<br />

50 Slate<br />

White Matt Marble Cream Brick<br />



Printed Splashbacks<br />

Waves<br />

W011<br />

W004<br />

W005<br />

W005<br />

W008 on Metallic<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong> <strong>Design</strong>s wave designs are one of a<br />

kind! Our Graphic <strong>Design</strong>er creates these wave<br />

designs in-house to support the colours and<br />

templates you like.<br />

W013<br />

You can choose from any wave from our printed<br />

catalogue, create a custom design with our<br />

Graphic <strong>Design</strong> team or even supply your own<br />

wave in vector format to print!<br />

W006<br />

W009<br />

W008<br />

W001<br />

W003<br />

52 W004<br />



Stencil Splashbacks<br />

Swirls<br />

Swirls 1<br />

Swirls 11<br />

Colour Stencil<br />

Sparkle Stencil<br />

Stencil Splashbacks are a<br />

customised alternative to a plain<br />

colour splashback. <strong>Design</strong>s are<br />

added in either colour & sparkles or<br />

mirror to any plain colour splashback<br />

to enhance the design of your<br />

splashback.<br />

Stencils are priced in 3 main sizes,<br />

large, medium and small. You can<br />

choose from an extensive range<br />

of popular designs in our printed<br />

catalogue. Alternatively, most vector<br />

graphics can be used as a stencil<br />

design, so you can provide your<br />

own, or our Graphic <strong>Design</strong>er will<br />

help customise artwork designs for<br />

your project.<br />

54 Swirls 22<br />

Swirls 14<br />

Swirls 14<br />



Stencil Splashbacks<br />

Ganesh<br />

Ganesh Stencil Splashbacks are a beautiful way<br />

to customise a plain coloured splashback and<br />

create a splashback unique and personal to you,<br />

celebrating one of the gods of the Hindu religion.<br />

Brighten up your Ganesh Stencil Splashback with<br />

sparkle add-ons. The stencils allow us to combine<br />

colour with different colours and densities of<br />

sparkles, creating a Ganesh design that will stand<br />

out against the background colour. Stencils can be<br />

displayed as a solid colour different from the base<br />

colour of the splashback.<br />

Ganesh 1 Ganesh 3<br />

56 Ganesh 4<br />

Ganesh 2 57


Stencil Splashbacks<br />

Arabic<br />

Arabic 2<br />

Arabic Stencil Splashbacks allow you<br />

to create a meaningful, personalised<br />

splashback. Arabic stencil splashback<br />

designs add an Arabic blessing motto<br />

to protect your household.<br />

Arabic 5<br />

Arabic 2<br />

Dazzle your guests with sparkle addons<br />

to your Arabic splashbacks. The<br />

stencils allow us to create layers that<br />

can be applied in different colours and<br />

densities of glitter, creating a contrast<br />

between the Arabic stencil and the<br />

base colour.<br />

58 Arabic 5 Arabic 2<br />

Arabic 2 59


Stencil Splashbacks<br />

Custom<br />

Add your stamp to your kitchen with a custom<br />

stencilled splashback.<br />

Dazzle your guests with sparkle add-ons to your<br />

custom splashbacks. The stencils allow us to<br />

create layers that can be applied in different<br />

colours and densities of glitter, creating a<br />

contrast between the custom stencil and the<br />

base colour.<br />

Sparkles are available in various colours, such<br />

as rainbow and silver satin. They allow you to<br />

customise your splashback.<br />

Sparkles can be applied in light, medium or<br />

heavy densities to both stencil and base colour<br />

of the glass splashback. Alternatively, a stencil<br />

can be displayed as a layer of sparkles only.<br />

60 61


Glass Worktops<br />

The worktops are the first thing you might see when you walk<br />

into a kitchen. Due to their dominance in the rooms aesthetics,<br />

changing your worktops will make the most significant<br />

difference if you want to upgrade your kitchen.<br />

We offer worktops in either Glossy or Scratch Resistant<br />

finishes. The Scratch Resistant worktops will appear with a<br />

matt satin finish.<br />

Our worktops can be made in a plain colour, printed, luxury<br />

and glitter worktops and kitchen islands in both finishes.<br />

Scratch Resistant with Black Stencil<br />

Scratch Resistant Printed<br />

Scratch Resistant in Lime Green<br />

Glossy Glass in Peppermint<br />

62 Scratch Resistant in Black<br />

Scratch Resistant in Grey 63


Scratch Resistant Worktops<br />

Scratch Resistant in Grey<br />

Scratch Resistant in Black<br />

Satin glass worktops are ideal for kitchen<br />

surfaces. This is because satin glass is a<br />

specially treated glass, chemically resistant<br />

to kill germs on your kitchen surfaces. Satin<br />

glass also provides a scratch-resistant<br />

worktop, preventing unsightly scratches<br />

and wear and tear. Bacteria can get into the<br />

scratches on other worktops, which then<br />

become impossible to clean and attracts<br />

germs.<br />

Thinner than traditional granite worktops,<br />

our glass worktops are toughened and<br />

resistant to impact and heat up to 400ºC,<br />

making a functional, hygienic surface that is<br />

lightweight and quick to install.<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong> can customise satin glass<br />

worktops in a wide range of colours and<br />

printed designs. We will match any colour<br />

of your choosing.<br />

64 Scratch Resistant with Black Stencil<br />



Glossy Glass Worktops<br />

Glossy Glass in Lime Green<br />

Glossy Glass in Pure White<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong> coloured glass kitchen<br />

worktops are available in a vast<br />

range of colours. We have a<br />

range of the most popular colours,<br />

but we can also colour match<br />

most colours, including top paint<br />

brands.<br />

Our coloured glass worktops are<br />

made from 10-15mm toughened<br />

glass and are impact and heat<br />

resistant up to 400°C. This nonporous<br />

material means you can<br />

also use almost any cleaning<br />

chemical on the surface, providing<br />

a more hygiene & stain-resistant<br />

surface to any worktop application.<br />

All glass worktop types can be<br />

adapted to suit many different<br />

styles, and the surfaces can be<br />

fitted to accommodate various<br />

kitchen appliances and features.<br />

Cut-outs are made for hob, sinks,<br />

taps and even pop-out sockets.<br />

Glossy Glass in Espresso Delight Silver Sparkle<br />

Glossy Glass in Purple<br />

66 67


Printed Worktops<br />

Printed Glass Worktops bring a new level of customisation to<br />

our beautiful glass worktop range.<br />

Artworks are printed directly to the rear surface of the glass.<br />

We can uniquely tailor artwork for every project by working<br />

with our in-house designers.<br />

Printed Worktops can be provided as a standard glossy finish<br />

or the recommended Non-Scratch glass worktop surface. Our<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong> worktops can be customised to suit any layout with<br />

shaping and cut-outs available for sinks, hobs, taps and more.<br />

Please refer to our printed catalogue to find a vast range of<br />

designs for your printed glass worktops, ranging from stone<br />

textures, waves, peacock feathers and more.<br />

Printed Purple Wave<br />

Printed Underwater<br />

68 Printed Peacock<br />



Luxury Worktops<br />

Our Luxury Collection comprises the<br />

same flakes used in our 100% Luxury<br />

Collection. This collection leaves gaps<br />

to see the backing colour of the panel<br />

giving your kitchen a beautiful sparkly<br />

effect.<br />

Luxury Worktops are characterised by<br />

their impressive deep-textured design<br />

and a wide range of shimmering colours<br />

and sparkling effects complemented with<br />

remarkable properties of safety glass.<br />

Our Luxury Collection comes in 15<br />

different designs. Our glass worktops<br />

can also be created with fine sparkles,<br />

fibres and more.<br />

Red<br />

Forest Green<br />

70 Red<br />

Purple Haze 71


Kitchen Island Worktops<br />

If the kitchen is the heart of the<br />

home, then the kitchen island<br />

worktops are fast becoming<br />

the heart of every kitchen.<br />

Our made-to-order Kitchen<br />

Island Worktops are only<br />

available in toughened glossy<br />

glass between 10-19mm<br />

thickness and toughened<br />

matt scratch-resistant glass in<br />

10mm thickness.<br />

Scratch Resistant in Pink<br />

Kitchen Islands are available<br />

in various designs: Classic<br />

Colour (matt or glossy), Glitter<br />

(fine sparkles, luxury, fibres) or<br />

an extensive range of printed<br />

designs.<br />

Glossy Black with Sparkles<br />

72 Forest Green Fibres<br />

Glossy in Espresso Delight 73


Shower Splashbacks<br />

Shower splashbacks are ideal for both<br />

frameless and framed shower enclosures<br />

as well as wet rooms or walk-in showers.<br />

We offer a vast range of designs and full<br />

measure and fitting services for a perfect<br />

and unique shower design.<br />

Due to their sheer size, shower<br />

splashbacks can make a dramatic visual<br />

impact. You can choose a design to fit<br />

your bathroom from the vast selection at<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong>. We can also display a bespoke<br />

image on the glass – whatever you have<br />

seen that has inspired you, you want to<br />

copy, or something you want to create.<br />

Glitter is popular for a glamorous bathroom<br />

look, while natural stone patterns are<br />

timeless.<br />

If you are looking for a coordinated interior,<br />

you can even match the design on your<br />

glass bathroom walls, sink and shower for<br />

74 a fully clad, personalised bathroom.<br />



Mirror Feature Walls<br />

Feature Mirror Walls will provide a<br />

powerful, mesmerising visual experience.<br />

Interior designers use mirrors to utilise<br />

large empty walls to create a visually<br />

lighter and more spacious feel.<br />

Feature Mirror Walls are walls clad with<br />

silver or tinted glass mirrors. Many rustic<br />

interior design styles would use our large<br />

range of Antique toughened or nontoughened<br />

mirrors.<br />

Due to the nature of mirrored glass,<br />

hiring a specialist is essential to measure,<br />

assess, survey the walls, cut the mirrors<br />

and install them safely. Bespoke shaping<br />

is often required where minor rakes, angle<br />

cuts, cut-outs, holes, or curvatures are<br />

necessary, and our digital templating<br />

system allows us to do this seamlessly.<br />

Bevelled Abstract Mirror<br />

Bevelled Tile Mirror<br />

Tile Mirror Wall<br />

76 Feature Mirror Wall<br />

Antique Mirror Wall 77


Printed Feature Walls<br />

Create a stunning feature wall with our<br />

ultra-high-resolution designs.<br />

We offer a huge range of beautiful<br />

designs for you to choose from, with the<br />

option to create bespoke designs with our<br />

graphic designer.<br />

Our maximum size for one glass panel<br />

is a massive 4500 x 1200 mm, allowing<br />

us to produce impressively large scale<br />

feature walls. We can line up images<br />

seamlessly, allowing us to create even<br />

larger feature walls for your needs.<br />

Our Printed Feature Walls can be<br />

produced on toughened or nontoughened<br />

glass.<br />

78 79


Glass Decking Balustrade<br />

Glass Skyforce Balcony<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong> <strong>Design</strong> is much more than<br />

just a glass splashback company.<br />

We also offer:<br />

• Glass Decking Balustrades<br />

• Glass Juliet Balconies<br />

• Glass Staircase Balustrades<br />

• Glass Skyforce Balconies<br />

For more information on these<br />

products, please visit our website:<br />

www.creoglass.co.uk or contact a<br />

member of our sales team.<br />

Fitting Service<br />

Glass Juliet Balcony<br />

We also offer a professional<br />

measuring and fitting service<br />

to ensure your splashback fits<br />

perfectly into your home.<br />

Glass Staircase Balustrade<br />

Measuring Service<br />

Measuring Service<br />

Glass Staircase Balustrade<br />

Glass Staircase Balustrade<br />

Fitting Service<br />

Fitting Service<br />

80 81

ABOUT US<br />

Bespoke. High Quality. Experienced. Creative.<br />

At <strong>CreoGlass</strong>, we’re a bespoke company that<br />

will ensure you have the best personalised and<br />

quality services. We care about what we do, and<br />

we believe this shines through with the finished<br />

products you’ll receive.<br />

We will be with you every step of the way, from<br />

helping you choose the best design to fit your<br />

home to the finished installation. We have a<br />

creative graphic design team to bring to life your<br />

vision.<br />

Our highly skilled production team will take<br />

care of creating your product to the highest<br />

of standards. They work closely with our<br />

professional measuring and installation team to<br />

ensure your <strong>CreoGlass</strong> product fits perfectly into<br />

your life.<br />

We ensure we have the best quality equipment<br />

and best-trained teams. We’ve had over eight<br />

years to perfect our techniques.<br />

82<br />

Quality is at the forefront of our company, from the state of the art<br />

digital measuring to the top of the range large flatbed printers. We<br />

use high-quality materials like our glass, quality paint, and natural<br />

crushed minerals and metals. 83


ADDRESS:<br />

<strong>CreoGlass</strong> <strong>Design</strong> Ltd,<br />

Unit 5, 15-19 Greenhill Crescent,<br />

Watford,<br />

WD18 8PH<br />

EMAIL:<br />

sales@creoglass.co.uk<br />

PHONE:<br />

01923 819684<br />


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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