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Huge BCM

ro a d w o r k s

p ro j e c t



SINCE 1995



Fynbos housing

project criticised


NSRI awarded for 1991 sea

re s c u e







Station 7

award was


over at

the AGM

P i c t u re :


CRUISING TO DISASTER: The wreck of the ‘Oceanos’ remains off the coast of Coffee Bay Picture: FILE/ HERALD


East London’s Station 7 was

honoured at the NSRI

AGM held in Cape Town

last week, when the station

received a Meritorious Service

Award in recognition of their

work during the sinking of the

MTS Oceanos in 1991.

The Oceanos was a Greek

cruise ship which set out from

East London en route to Durban

under the command of Captain

Yiannis Avranas.

Shortly after departing, the

ship encountered harsh weather

conditions, including 40-knot

winds and swells of up to 9m.

Because of the rough

Set up operation centre — all 571 passengers were rescued

conditions, the Oceanos began

flooding and was found on

Saturday August 3 off the coast

of Coffee Bay.

“On the Saturday when the

ship got into difficulty, we were

called by our station

commander Paul Underwood,”

said former station commander

Geoff McGregor.

He said at first the team

reacted in disbelief but after

being assured of the seriousness

of the situation, they sprung into


At the time, McGregor was

serving as a coxwain.

“Our Land Rover went up [to

Coffee Bay] and a lot of people

went up in their own

transportation because back

then, that was the only way we

could get there,” he said.

After getting clearance to

pass through the Transkei border

post that was situated at Kei

Mouth, the Station 7 team got to

wo r k .

McGregor said the storm

that had sunk the Oceanos wa s

still in full force.

“There were gale force

winds and rain, and trees

blowing across the road,”

he said.

“We were first-in-command

so we set up the site for the air

force, we got all the radios up

and running.

“We were first on the scene

but unfortunately we couldn’t

launch our rescue vehicle

because the sea was too big.”

Station 7 was eventually

joined by members of the SA Air

Force (SAAF) and together they

began to rescue the stranded

passengers. Sixteen helicopters

were used for the operation, 13

of which were Air Force Pumas.

The rescuers were also

assisted by the Dutch cargo ship

Nedlloyd Mauritius, which had

responded to the O c e a n o s’

distress call.

“Our main role was setting

up the whole operation centre

and running the centre until the

military and Air Force took

ove r,” McGregor said.

“I got there in the early hours

of Sunday [August 4] and got

home the following Tuesday

n i g h t .”

Thankfully, all 571 people

on board were rescued and it

was these efforts which earned

Station 7 their award.

“It was issued to the station

for outstanding services during

the rescue,” said McGregor.

Following the sinking,

Captain Avranas and other crew

members received heavy

criticism for allegedly

abandoning the passengers and

escaping without helping the

e va c u a t i o n .

They were later convicted of

negligence by a Greek board of

inquiry for their actions.

A lifeboat from the ill-fated

ship is still on display at the East

London Museum.

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June 2021




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Local record

label’s talent

search was

big success

CROSSWORD number 1234

Avela Meki’s poetry impressed the judges most


East London-based record

label Vovee Music

Productions hosted their

Living the Dream talent search

at Ntabankulu in Alfred Nzo

District Municipality last week.

The competition, hosted in

collaboration with the local

municipality, saw many talented

individuals compete for the

grand prize of R30,000 in cash.

In the end, poet Avela Meki

emerged in the top spot with

hip-hop artist Manda Jx taking

second and artist Mbasa Mteki

in third.

“What we have witnessed

here today is nothing but

assurance that investing in our

girl child is not a waste,” said

Ntabankulu mayor Priscilla

Tsileng Sobuthongo.

“As a municipality, we value

and cherish the talents that our

young people possess and we

will continue funding this

programme so that your dreams

of being famous artists and

crafters can one day be a step

closer to being a reality.”

Vovee Music head Vovee

Batala said he was satisfied with

how the competition had turned

out and was proud of how the

community had rallied behind

the participants.

“Vovee Music believes that

in order for any artist to survive

in the industry, they need the

community behind them. In

most instances, we focus only

on the winner and forget about

the other two runners up. Even

A STAR IS BORN: Ntabankulu mayor Priscilla Tsileng

Sobuthongo congratulates poet Avela Meki on winning the

Living the Dream competition hosted by East London-based

record label Vovee Music Productions Picture: SUPPLIED

when we talk about the winner,

we do not consider that an artist

has the potential to create

employment opportunities for a

photographer, social media

manager, hair and make-up, the

list is endless.”

Meki said that she was

excited about her win.

“I want to thank my mom for

her unwavering support and

words of encouragement

throughout this competition,”

she said.

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Fynbos housing project

in an appalling state

SA Human Rights Council has

launched an investigation


Controversy continues to

surround BCM’s ongoing

housing project in the

Fynbos area.

Speaking to the GO! &

Express, Friends of Schalk

spokesperson Claretta Slater

said the organisation had been

fighting the municipality over

the matter due to BCM’s poor


“Th e r e ’s about 200 of what

we call ‘fridges’–t e m p o ra r y

structures – in the Fynbos area,”

Slater said.

According to Slater, BCM

began erecting the structures on

two local sports fields which

drew the ire of community


“BCM did not consult

communities, they simply came

and put their structures up on

the sports field.

“We ’ve asked for the zoning

papers, environmental impact

assessments, traffic flow studies

and so forth but BCM has not

given us anything back.”

After BCM had erected the

first set of temporary structures

on one of the sports fields,

Friends of Schalk took the

municipality to court and

managed to get a court order

which said BCM would have to

relocate the structures after two

ye a r s .

“Across from that same field,

BCM was in the process of

putting an additional 80

structures on another sport

f i e l d ,” Slater said. “We got a

court order to stop them.”

Another complaint was the

poor state of service delivery

being provided to the temporary


“There was constantly

running water, a huge waste,”

Slater said.

While communal toilets

have been installed, many are

broken and sewerage runs in the

gutters through the temporary


The situation is so bad that

the SA Human Rights Council

has launched an investigation

into BCM’s handling of the

m a t t e r.

As previously reported by

the GO! & Express (‘Human

Rights Council investigating

BCM’, May 27), human

settlements minister Lindiwe

Sisulu said in October last year

that 45 of the 72 housing

projects in BCM were classified

as “running”.

She said that the poor

implentation of the projects was

due to a number of factors,


toilets, above, erected by

BCM are in poor condition

and many don’t work at all


Sewerage runs through the

gutters, left, at the Fynbos

temporary housing project


these included:

● Lack of integrated planning

between the provincial and

municipal government

● Delays in electricity

connection and beneficiary

ve r i f i c a t i o n

● Untraceable beneficiaries

● Poor performance of

contractors, and

● Ongoing illegal occupation

of housing units

BCM had not responded to

questions by the time of going

to print.

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BCM’s major

ro a d w o r k s

project kicks off

Expansion project at Settlers Way, Military Road


BCM executive mayor Xola

Pakati took part in a sod

turning ceremony

recently to launch the

expansion project at Settlers

Way and Military Road.

According to a statement

released by the municipality, the

Settlers Way R72 becomes

heavily congested during peak

hour traffic and this has resulted

in increased travel delays.

The project will focus on the

7.6km of road from the airport

intersection to the Fleet Street


It will involve the

construction of an additional

lane on both Settlers Way and

Military Road, as well as the

upgrading of existing pavement

i n f ra s t r u c t u r e .

“This project will create

economic growth, increase

employment and the

participation of the small and

medium enterprises. One of the

aims is our people to benefit

Our intention is for a

development that

will assist our people,

this is what we

committed to do

directly from what we seek to

do. Our intention is for a

development that will assist our

people, this is what we

committed to do but that will

not happen without us making

an effort,” Pakati said.

Enterprise management

office HOD Siyabonga Kakaza

said the project would result in a

number of economic benefits,

and many other ongoing

projects will benefit.

“This will employ more

people and increase household

earnings whilst attracting even

more investors to the city,”

Kakaza said.

BCM estimated that the

project will be complete in May




executive mayor

Xola Pakati takes

part in a sod -


ceremony to

mark the start of

an extensive road


project P i c t u re :




& Express ran a three-week

competition in partnership

with Buffs Club, which saw

winners each receive a set of

double tickets to see

Georgetown performing live

at the club. Pictured here is

Week 1 winner Deon

Esterhuizen, right, with

girlfriend Mihlalikazi Vela, left,

and her sister Zikhona Vela.

Chantel Rawlins and Myrtle

Bhana were the winners of

Weeks 2 and 3, respectively


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Dry weekend ahead for BCM


It looks like it's another cool but dry

winter weekend over in BCM, which

will do our struggling dams no favours.

It's nothing but blue skies on

Thursday, with 14km/h southerly winds

keeping the temperature down at a nottoo-unpleasant


This will drop to 20ºC on Friday, and

while an 18km/h wind from the West

will bring some light cloud, don't expect

anything to come from it.

The temperature will rise slightly to

21ºC on Saturday. The wind will swing

around to the North-East and blow at

22km/h, removing the previous day's

cloud and returning East London to blue


A heat spike is predicted for Sunday

and the temperature will shoot up to

27ºC. The wind will drop down to

11km/h and will now be blowing in

from the East.

Similar conditions are expected in

Qonce this weekend.

Like it's coastal sister city, expect

blue skies throughout this weekend with

Thursday starting things off with a 21ºC

maximum and 18km/h Westerly.

Friday will see a sharp drop in

temperature to a chilly 19ºC, with a

14km/h wind from the South adding to

the chill factor.

This won't last long and the

temperature will climb to a more

pleasant 23ºC on Saturday. The wind

will switch to the North-East although

speeds will remain mostly stable.

Also like East London, Qonce will

experience a sudden climb in

temperature come Sunday.

Temperatures will max out at 28ºC,

with a 18km/h Southerly wind ensuring

the skies remain clear.

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New initiative to improve

early childhood literacy


Anew initiative, recently

launched in East London,

Komani and Tsholomqa,

is looking to tackle the ongoing

lack of childhood literacy in the


Yizani Sifunde ('Come let's

read') is funded by the Liberty

Community Trust in partnership

Reading and sharing stories with young children is vital

with three South African NGOS,

namely Nal'ibali, Book Dash

and Wordworks.

According to Nalibali CEO

Yandiswa Xhakaza, it is easier

for children to develop reading

skills when they engage with

stories in their mother tongue.

“Every one of us is a

storyteller in some form or

another, and reading and

storytelling could well turn out

to be South Africa’s secret

w e a p o n ,” Xhakaza said.

“Reading and sharing stories

with young children is vital in

laying the language foundations

they will need to learn to read

and write later on. It can also

help with cognitive and

emotional development.

“But the best of all, is

taking time out to read and

share stories with our children

simply feels good.”

The project will supply

100,000 storybooks written in

isiXhosa into local communities

as well as set up literacy-themed

learning programmes for both

children and caregivers.

Additional training will also

be provided to community

members to help them establish

extra-mural reading clubs.

“Ultimately, it aims to

significantly change the life

trajectory of the young children

it supports and remind parents,

educators, and community

members of their powerful and

authentic teaching roles,”

Xhakaza said.

Youth Day event

on importance

of prophylaxis in

preventing HIV


The Foundation for Professional

Development, together with

Desmond Tutu Health

Foundation and various

stakeholders, hosted a youth

empowerment session in

commemoration of Youth Day

at Scenery Park Community Hall

on Friday last week.

The aim of the event was to

educate young people around

the theme “Impilo yam,

luxanduva lwam; My health, my

r e s p o n s i b i l i t y.”

“The My Health, My

Responsibility awareness

campaign is a Youth Day

initiative to educate and

mobilize the Scenery Park and

Ndevana communities around

health-seeking behaviours,”

Ernesha Webb Mazinyo, who is

the head of department for

district health services at

Foundation for Professional

Development (FPD), said.

“Originally based on

outreach programmes aimed at

making PrEP (pre-exposure

prophylaxis) available to young

women to prevent them from

contracting HIV, the CABs

(Community Advisory Boards)

are hosting these events to

inform the communities about

health and social development

programs that are available to

support all people to make good

decisions about their health and

l i f e s t y l e .”

Mazinyo added that the

more people learn about PrEP

and how to use it, the better.

“The overall goal of our

community awareness

initiatives is to increase the

community’s knowledge of the

available programmes and

services offered.

“We are excited for the

youth to spread the awareness

to their peers and develop as

community leaders who can

become change agents for

health services in their

c o m m u n i t i e s ,” she said

Three young participants

from the Community Advisory

Board, known as PrEP

Champions, presented their

journey and experience with

taking PrEP.

STAYING SAFE: From left, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) champions Millisa Mfana, Nwabisa

Mfana and Busisiwe Ntwenkulu Picture: SIPHOSIHLE DYONASE

One of the champions,

Millisa Mfana spoke about the

challenges they encountered

from taking the PrEP pill.

“Initially the older

generation asked questions such

as ‘how come is there a

preventative pill for the virus but

there is no cure for it’.

“Some were saying negative

remarks like the pill will

damage the female internal

reproductive organs,” she said.

Mfana encouraged her

fellow peers to overcome the

none supporting beliefs from

society and do what is right for

t h e m s e l ve s .

Community Advisory Board

chairperson Neliswa

Mandla said the importance of

the event was to teach and show

young people on ways of taking

PrEP and who is eligible of using

the pill.

“Because they [young

people] have influence on each

other, some say it’s a way of

preventing STDs. So as

members of the community and

stakeholders came out to

support, we gave them

refreshments and caps.”

Wa rd


home razed


BCM ward 8 councillor Ayanda

Mapisa’s home in Duncan

Village was burnt to the

ground on Saturday morning

after allegedly being set alight

by unknown suspects.

Ward 8 covers the areas of

Fynbos, Gompo and parts of

Duncan Village.

“BCM is calling upon the

police to act swiftly in bringing

to book those behind the

torching of the home of its

c o u n c i l l o r,” said spokesperson

Samkelo Ngwenya.

Ngwenya said acts of crime

never be tolerated “under any

c i rc u m s t a n c e s ”.

“No amount of disagreement

should lead to crimes that

jeopardise the lives of our

public representatives and their

families. This act undermines

the gains of our freedom and we

call upon anyone with

information to assist the police.”

According to Ngwenya, the

Buffalo City Metro troika, which

includes the executive mayor,

deputy executive mayor,

council speaker and chief whip,

is in contact with Mapisa to

ensure that she gets all the

necessary support in this time of


“Security assessment by state

agencies and investigations on

the cause and damages are

u n d e r way,” he said.

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graphic © seamartini / 123RF.com



of the Merrifield Music and

Drama Departments, from

left to right, Nathan

Johannisen, Marc Williams

and Dwight Morrings stand at

the site where construction of

the new Merrifield Music

Centre will be built in the

coming weeks P i c t u re :






to Merrifield

students Adam

Brown, Grade 6,

and Blake Brown,

Grade 8, for their

performance at

the EC World

Schools Biathlon

Champs. In the

U13 category,

Adam came

second overall,

fourth in running

and first in

swimming. In the

U15 category,

Blake came sixth

in running, first in

swimming, and

fifth overall



Stirling High

School pupils

have shown off

their exemplary

archery skills

recently. Jared

Swart, pictured,

came first in the

recent NASP

I n t e r- S c h o o l

A rc h e r y


while Caleb

Meistre came

second in the



held in Cairo.

This has earned

Meistre a

position on the

national team

which will

compete in the

upcoming World






Clarendon High

School held an

Inter-Class Pet

Food Competition

and managed to

collect over 200kg

of pet food for Pet

Pals. Thank you to

every pupil who

donated and

congratulations to

grade 12 who

managed to collect

25 kg of pet food

on their own


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MEC silent on BCM

whistle-blower scandal


NICE TO MEET YOU: A horse and cat investigate each other at Emerald Vale Breweries P i c t u re :


Couple bust

for dealing in


R15,000 fine each or five years imprisonment


Provincial head of the

H aw k s ’ Priority Crime

Investigation unit Major

General Obed Ngwenya praised

the East London Serious

Organised Crime Investigation

(SOCI) team, along with with

Crime Intelligence (CI), for

collecting evidence which led

to the conviction and

sentencing of Brenda Van

Heerden, 62, and her husband

Basil van Heerden, 61, on

multiple charges for dealing in


The couple were convicted

and sentenced by the East

London Regional court on

June 14.

It was reported that during

the period between April

16 and May 21, the SOCI team

worked with CI to execute an

operation regarding the two

suspects, who were selling

dagga to the members of the

community from their residence

in Chiselhurst.

Three purchases of dagga

were successfully executed at

the residence and, upon their

arrest, a further 899g of dagga

was found already packed for

selling purposes.

“Both accused were arrested

on May 21 and made their first

court appearance in East

London Magistrate court where

they were released on R1,000

bail each,” s a i d H aw k s

provincial spokesperson Yolisa


“The matter was remanded

to the June 29 but due to the

insistance of their legal

representative, the matter was

brought forward for finalisation,

hence the conviction and

sentencing on June 14.”

“They were both sentenced

to pay a fine of R15,000 or five

years imprisonment and in

addition, were each sentenced

to a further five years

imprisonment, suspended

for five years provided they are

not convicted for the same

offence again during their

suspension period.

“They were further declared

unfit to possess a firearm.”

A senior Buffalo City Metro

councillor has asked Cogta MEC

Xolile Nqatha to investigate

fellow ANC comrade and ward

36 councillor Bongiwe Sauli for

allegedly pocketing a R60,000

kickback from a service

provider in 2019.

Former metro council chief

whip Mzwandile Vaaibom, in a

letter to Nqatha, claims to have

been approached by a whistleblower

in the ward earlier in

2021 with allegations that Sauli

was involved in a corrupt deal.

Vaaibom, the metro's

mayoral committee member

responsible for economic

development, told Nqatha he

had seen bank statements

reflecting the period between

July and August 2019, which

showed that money was

allegedly transferred to the

wh i s t l e - b l ow e r ’s bank account,

and later to the ward

councillor’s account.

In a leaked letter dated

March 11, Vaaibom told the

MEC that the alleged kickback

was moved from the whistleb

l ow e r ’s to the councillor’s bank

account just hours after it had

been deposited on August 14


This happened while the

whistle-blower was in hospital

and the councillor allegedly had

access to his bank account.

Vaaibom called on Nqatha to

order a forensic probe into

Sauli’s alleged conduct.

Sauli is Vaaibom’s fellow

mayoral committee member

and is responsible for corporate


On Monday, Sauli said she

was not aware of the letter to

Nqatha, nor the allegations

contained in it.

“Because I have not seen the

letter nor have any knowledge

about the allegations you say

are contained in it, I will not be

able to comment,” she said.

She later asked for questions

to be e-mailed to her for an indepth

response, but at the time

of writing on Monday she had

not replied.

Vaaibom on Monday

confirmed writing the letter to

Nqatha, saying this was after he

had been approached by a

Dimbaza township whistleblower,

who could not be

named as he could not be

reached for comment on

INTERVENTION: Cogta MEC Xolile Nqatha is being asked to

investigate corruption by a BCM ward councillor


M o n d ay.

He said the allegations were

brought to his attention by the

whistle-blower in late 2020, and

earlier in 2021 he had been

asked to bring the matter to the

attention of the MEC.

“The whistle-blower told me

that, while he was in the

hospital in August 2019,

R60,000 was [allegedly]

deposited into his account by a

service provider who was

working on one of the projects

in the ward.

“He told me that at the time

he was very close to the ward

councillor and that she had

access to his bank account

while he was in hospital.

“He said the amount was

transferred from his account the

next day and [allegedly]

transferred to the councillor’s

account without his knowledge.

“The whistle-blower told me

that he discovered this after he

had left the hospital and

checked his bank account

statements, which he had

since forwarded to me,

showing the transactions,”

Vaaibom said.

He said the whistle-blower

had also informed him that the

matter had been reported to

metro council speaker

Humphrey Maxhegwana’s

office and to law enforcement


Maxhegwana could not be

reached for comment.

Vaaibom said even though

he had sent the letter to Nqatha

in March, and recently sent a

reminder to his office, he was

yet to receive a response from

the MEC’s office.

Nqatha’s spokesperson,

Makhaya Komisa, could not be

reached for comment on

Monday. - DispatchLIVE


ENTER NOW: The GO! & Express and Buffalo (Buffs) Club are running a competition where

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Adopt a room at

Canaan Care Centre

Come on board with Go! & Express as part of your 67 minutes


Nelson Mandela

International Day or

Mandela Day as it has

come to be called provides a

unique opportunity for the

global community to offer

humanitarian aid to honour the

life and legacy of the late

Nelson Mandela ideally for 67

minutes on or around that day.

As part of our contribution,

Covid permitting, the GO! &

Express team will be painting

and decorating a room at

Canaan Care Centre.

This ties in with the Fit For

Logan campaign of which we

are sole media sponsors as we

strive to assist in raising funds

towards Logan Bartle’s medical

expenses, simultaneously

creating awareness about

❝We invite businesses

and individuals to

partner with us for

items such as pleather

or leather bean bags,

curtains, cupboard

handles, rugs, duvets

and more

cerebral palsy.

After our recent visit to the

centre, we were able to get a

better understanding of the

cognitive capabilities of the

children as well as how the

enhancement of a room would

benefit them.

Altogether, there are nine

bedrooms as well as a lounge

day room, outdoor area, training

room, storage area and staff

room that would benefit from a

personal touch.

Though six of the rooms

have been adopted, other

corporates are welcome to

come on board and adopt the

other rooms.

Our team will be

redecorating a room that

belongs to two girls who have

very low cognitive abilities and

we have been advised to keep

the décor simple.

Though we already have

some plans in mind, we are

inviting businesses and private

individuals to partner with us as

part of their own 67 minutes as

we meet the needs suggested

such as pleather or leather bean

bags, curtains, cupboard

handles, rugs, duvets and more.

Come on board...

To partner with the GO! &

Express team, please contact

Wendy Kretschmann on 072

738 2540 or e-mail

w e n dy k @ g o e x p r e s s . c o . z a

Or if you would like to adopt

a room or assist Canaan Care

Centre in other ways, please

contact Leigh Tebbutt on 083

778 7148 or via e-mail at

l i l l g y p s yow l @ g m a i l . c o m

To sponsor the participants

in the Fit for Logan Challenge,

visit www.goexpress.co.za and

click on the Fit For Logan

articles or contact any of us:

● Cheryl Larsen –

ch e r y l l @ g o e x p r e s s . c o . z a

● Wendy Kretschmann – 072-

738-2540 |

w e n dy k @ g o e x p r e s s . c o . z a



The GO! &

E x p re s s

team will be

decorating a

girls’ room at

Canaan Care

C e n t re

P i c t u re :

Leigh Tebbutt

● Tubs Lingham 072-538-7968

● Caron Troskie 081-508-4874

| caron@linkfm.co.za

● Hayley Bartle – 060-895-

2306 |

h ay l e y b a r t l e 2 2 @ g m a i l . c o m

- The GO! & Express is the

sole print media sponsor of the

Fit for Logan Challenge.

R2.5m booze, delivery truck

hijacked in East London

NABBED: Suspected hijackers used a jammer to prevent a

truck’s tracker from sending out a signal to indicate the

location of the vehicle Picture: 123RF/RUSLAN IVANTSOV


Alcohol worth R2.5-million was

stolen during the brazen

hijacking of a liquor delivery

truck in East London.

A police source, who asked

not to be named as he is not

permitted to speak to the media,

said the truck driver was

accosted by armed assailants

shortly after leaving the depot in

Wi l s o n i a .

The incident happened last

Th u r s d ay.

“After leaving the firm the

hijackers forced him into a light

motor vehicle and drove him to

Fort Beaufort where the

hijackers dumped him. He

reported the matter to police.

“The truck was fitted with a

tracker, but the suspects used a

jamming device to jam the

signal. Information was received

that the liquor was taken to

Sterkstroom and offloaded at a

local nightclub.

“The truck was found

abandoned on the N6 close to

the Sterkstroom turn-off. It was

not damaged and the keys were

still in the ignition.”

According to a police officer,

four suspects were arrested after

they were found with suspected

stolen brandy in two locations

in the small town.

“The first suspect was

arrested in the Sonwabile

location where he was found

with a truck fully loaded with

Viceroy and Commando

b ra n dy.

“In town at a local nightclub,

more stashes of the same brands

were recovered both inside the

club and in two panel vans and

a bakkie. Three suspects,

including a club owner, were

a r r e s t e d ,” the officer said.

The officer said it was

believed the owner of the pub

was the mastermind behind the

hijacking. This, however, was

not how the court saw it.

“The three men turned state

witnesses and were released on

Friday. The [club owner]

appeared in court today

[Monday] but the case against

him was dismissed.”

A second police source said

more than 1,000 boxes of

brandy were recovered.

Distell media relations

officer Dennis Matsane

confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that the

incident took place and that the

matter is currently under

investigation by the police.

“The driver was not injured

and Distell is providing all the

necessary counselling support.”

Provincial police

spokesperson Brigadier

Tembinkosi Kinana did not

respond to a request for


In August 2020, Business

Day reported that a Distell plant

in Johannesburg was robbed of

truckloads of alcohol worth

about R1m.

Later, DispatchLIVE reported

on a brazen heist of a liquor

delivery truck by nine robbers

— three of them believed to be

police officers — which played

out on the N6 near

Macleantown. Liquor worth

R180,000 was stolen.

The Eastern Cape Liquor

Forum said hijacking of liquor

delivery trucks was a great

concern as it was perpetrated by

people with illegal trading


The forum’s secretarygeneral

Vuyani Mnyabiso said

local people who rented out

their trading licences were not

helping the situation.

“Those with no trading

papers are squeezing us out of

business because they use every

trick in the book to ensure that

they get stock at a very low or

no cost at all.

“We want the licences of

these two establishments

suspended until the

investigation into the matter is

c o n c l u d e d ,” Mnyabiso said. -
















Photo’s by

Cassandra Pretorius













Please give these pets a good home. Interested persons please phone 043 745 1441 and ask for Reception.

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EL singer Zahara

fined for missing

court appearance


East London-born singer

and songwriter Bulelwa

Mkutukana, better known

by her stage name Zahara, was

found guilty by the

Johannesburg Commercial

Crimes Court for failing to

appear in the Palm Ridge

Specialised Commercial Crimes

Court in April.

Mkutukana failed to appear

in court on April 19 and the

court issued a warrant for her

arrest on that same day.

She then appeared in court

on June 7.

“The magistrate first heard

evidence for her failure to

appear in court in April.

Thereafter, the court proceeded

Faces charges related to non-submission of

personal and company income-tax returns

with the case where she is

charged in her personal

capacity, as well as a

representative of her company,

Zahara Trading (Pty) Ltd,” said

NPA regional spokesperson

Phindi Mjonondwane.

“In this case, she faces

charges related to nonsubmission

of personal and

company income-tax returns to

the South African Revenue

S e r v i c e .”

“'The state prosecutor,

Nerissa Reddy, argued that the

singer’s reasons for not

appearing in court were highly


“She [Reddy] said

Mkutukana only appeared in

court when the commercial

crimes investigators began to

trace her whereabouts.”

Reddy reportedly argued that

Z a h a ra ’s celebrity status did not

give her immunity from facing


“Justice should be meted out

equally, as everyone is equal in

the eyes of the law and should

be treated as such,” she said.

“The magistrate warned her

to appear in court at the next

appearance date on June 25.

“The matter was postponed

for disclosure of the contents of

the docket to her legal

r e p r e s e n t a t ive ,” said

M j o n o n dwa n e .

“Her bail conditions were

that she must hand in her

passport to the commercial

crimes officers within 24 hours

and to report to the Roodepoort

Police Station twice weekly on

Tuesdays and Thursdays,

between 8am and 6pm,”

she said.

BUSTED: EL-born musician Zahara has been fined for failing to

make her court appearance Picture: ALON SKY

BCM dams

are still




A cellphone

tower in


Telkom has

blamed poor

connectivity on

theft P i c t u re :



The dire state of BCM’s dams

continues, with only one dam

reporting an increase in level

according to the latest figures

available from the department

of water sanitation.

The dam in question is

Gubu, which rose from 85.7

points to 87.7.

In contrast, Nahoon Dam

plunged 1.4 points to 40.6%

capacity, followed by Bridle

Drift which currently sits at

25.9% capacity.

Rooikrans also saw a drop,

although it remains comfortable

at 96.5% capacity.

The last two dams saw no

change in levels between

department readings.

Laing dam not only stayed at

99.6%, but it is also the

best performing dam in the


Telkom urges community to support

all efforts to combat network theft


Telkom has urged community

members to assist it in combating

theft at its base stations and towers,

which it blames for ongoing

connectivity problems experienced

by users.

According to Telkom, 2020 saw

the company lose nearly 8,000

batteries due to theft.

“Telkom could have built about

35 new base stations with the

money lost from battery theft. This

vandalism destroys back-up power

that should keep communications

active when lights go off,” they said.

Telkom said the theft could also

end up having negative impacts on

the country’s economy.

“Access to the Internet and the

❝We could have built

about 35 new base

stations with the money

lost from battery theft.

This vandalism destroys

back-up power that

should keep

communications active

when lights go off

mobile telephony are essential

services, even more so during the

coronavirus pandemic, and the

destruction of the towers destroys

these services as well.”

Companies that rely on stable

communications and internet

connections would be negatively

effected by the theft, and it disrupts

educational certain programmes,

especially for students forced to

learn from home.

“The result of poor Internet

connection, and often no calls, can

also negatively affect an event of a

life and death situation,” Te l k o m


For example, someone needing

to urgently call for an ambulance

would be put at serious risk if the

system was to fail due to theft of vital


“Communities need to stand

together in ensuring that the plague

of theft and vandalism does not

affect people’s lives further and

accessibility to a world that is

rapidly changing,” said Telkom.

Community members wishing to

report network vandalism, battery

theft or any inappropriate acts of

network fraud or sabotage can do so

in the following ways:

● Call the Telkom hotline at 080-


● Visit the Be Honest website at


● Add Telkom on WhatsApp at


● Email

Te l k o m h o t l i n e @ b e h o n e s t . c o . z a

● SMS 48691

● Sending a post to Address:

BNT165, Brooklyn Square, 0075

● Alternatively, they can report the

issue to their local police station.

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PTY LTD: Quality repairs

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machines. All work

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Home & Comm. SACAP.

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Home Improvement


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A DOG’S LIFE: What sort of insights could old dogs teach us humans?

Picture: PIXABAY

Old dogs and

new tricks


Charles Beningfield

Some while ago I read an interesting

article about a dog in Australia

called Maggie who died aged 30.

Maggie was a Kelpie who it is

estimated to have been 164 years

old in dog years and may even have

been the oldest dog ever.

She died in her bed in

Woolsthorpe, a small Australian

town. Brian McLaren, her owner,

said he had lost the documents to

prove that Maggie had reached 30

but said she joined the family when

his son, now 34, was just four years


Because of this lack of

paperwork, Maggie’s record is


Officially, the world’s oldest dog

is “B l u e y,” an Australian cattle-dog

who died at 29 years and five

months in 1939, according to the

Guinness Book of World Records.

It seems most dogs live for eight

to 15 years and authentic records of

dogs living more than 20 years are

rare indeed.

As a matter of interest, according

to the American Kennel Club, the

commonly held belief that “one dog

year = seven human years” is a

my t h .

Sitting on my balcony one rare

warm evening recently, small

libation in hand to help stave off the

sour taste of the relentless wave of

malfeasance coming at us, l

whimsically resorted to imagining

what was going through the mind of

this dear old animal who had

reached the ripe old age of 164 dog

ye a r s .

Would she have had something

trenchant to say about the young

dogs of today? Did she put her

healthy old age down to the fact that

she never smoked, drank or


In her old age maybe she was

thinking nostalgically of the days

when she was as sprightly a lady dog

as ever sniffed a lamp-post, when

the great sport was chasing motorcars

and seeing them speed away in

terror honking with fear and giving

the local cat a sporting run for its

money — as long as it kept on


And those magical nights abroad

knocking over dustbins and enjoying

delicious snacks of fat-soaked

newspaper not to mention the

pleasure of rolling in something with

an indescribable odour which made

her feel exotic but seemed to revolt

her human companions.

And of her human companions,

what would she say?

Perhaps she would recall the

pleasure it gave her to take the old

man out for a walk every evening.

Those were pleasurable excursions

when the old man was able to yap at

other old men and salute the ladies.

And then there was the old lady

herself, a dear old soul who

produced food at the same time

every day and constantly

undermined her intelligence.

Her most endearing failing was

making up “doggie’s bed” e ve r y

night and watching in dismay as the

bed was dug up and arranged more

c o nve n i e n t l y.

But by and large Maggie would

have remembered humans as a

whole were harmless and welltrained

creatures. Her only

puzzlement in 164 dog years might

have been what useful purpose did

they serve.

❝Would Maggie have had something trenchant to

say about the young dogs of today? Did she put

her healthy old age down to the fact that she

never smoked, drank or married?

GO! & EXPRESS 17 June 2021 For all your advertising needs call Cheryl (043) 702 2031. Find us on Facebook 11


Gayiya, left, poses with

Gonubie Golf Club manager

Juan Bartlett after competing

in the Gonubie Golf Club

Championships last weekend.

Gayiya won both the A

Divison and Saturday

Stableford, came third in the

Sunday Bonus Bogey and was

awarded Best Nett Overall.

The full results are:

A Division

1st: Themba Gayiya

2nd: Louis Nel

3rd: Leon Joubert

B Division

1st: Tony Van Dyk

2nd: Eddie Schuch

3rd: Basil Tharrat

C Division

1st: Chris Nel

2nd: Rod Taylor

3rd: Cavill Hellier

Saturday Stableford

1st: Themba Gayiya

2nd: Dries Coetzee

3rd: Rudi Maartens

Sunday Bonus Bogey

1st: Tyron Henderson

2nd: Louis Nel

3rd: Themba Gayiya

Best Nett Overall

Themba Gayiya



Edge Fitness


R5,000 to



Edge Fitness general manager

Zane Bernard is calling on East

Londoners to do their part

following a donation of R5,410

to the East London SPCA.

“We are busy building a gym

here [80 Bonza Bay Road] and

we thought it was a nice idea to

donate all our joining fees of

R20 per person to the SPCA,”

Bernard said.

Fees were collected

throughout the month of May

No donation is too

small for the SPCA ...

I want to implore all

the people and

businesses, to either

equal or better ours

and officially handed over on

June 2.

“I just thought I’d try and

create a buzz around East

London because the SPCA is

really battling at the moment,”

he said.

“No donation is too small for

the SPCA.”

Bernard said he also wanted

to encourage others to follow

Edge Fitness’ example.

“I wanted to implore all the

people of East London, all the

small businesses and the big

businesses, to either equal or

better it,” he said.

The GO! & Express has

continuously reported on the

struggles being faced by the EL

SPCA, which were only made

worse by the ongoing Covid-19


- For more information,

contact Edge Fitness at 043-008-

5029 or the EL SPCA at 043-


Border Women’s

coach says team

is lacking focus

POSITION: Sales Executive

PUBLICATIONS: The GO&Express, Arena Community Titles & GO&ExpressLIVE

LOCATION: East London

Position Overview


Border Women head coach

Nwabisa Ngxatu has questioned

her side’s focus following their

second loss of the season after

they were defeated by EP

Queens 12-8 on Saturday at

Police Park.

Border have been dominated

in their last two matches against

Western Province and EP


This has been in stark

contrast to how they started the

Wo m e n ’s Premier Division,

where they collected four

consecutive wins.

However, in recent games,

the side from East London have

failed to get into fifth gear and it

was evident when they were

pinned down by EP in their last

e n c o u n t e r.

They were at sixes and

sevens, with EP camping in their

22 trying to cross over the white

line, which they did twice in the

final 10 minutes.

Border have lost the bite in

their attack and have been

lacklustre on the front foot.

Their trademark running

rugby with slick hands was

nowhere to be seen in their last

two games.

Two reasons could be

blamed for their slump.

One could be the moral

rocking loss to their rivals WP,

and the other the team missing

their influential stars in Lusanda

Dumke and Asithandile

Ntoyanto, who had to rest

because of Springboks


The form Border is in has left

their coach dumbfounded and

questioning the attitude of her


“The girls didn’t want to play.

I don’t know what was

happening they didn’t want to

play. They have it all but I don’t

know what went wrong,”

Ngxatu said.

“I told the girls we had to

change our attitude. I told them

it’s like we are starting a new

season and for us to be in a

good position like we were in

the first round, we had to win

the game.

“I don’t know if they won the

game before they played it, but

their body language before the

match was not good.

“The contracted players had

to rest, at least two in the game

— Dumke and Ntoyanto — and

it affected us,” the former

Springbok flanker said.



head prop Yonela

Nginxolo, of

Border, runs into

Celine May, of

the EP Queens,

during their

match at Police

Park on Saturday

Picture: ALAN


Border are still in contention

for a place in the final as they

are in second place, but they

have the Boland Dames

breathing down their necks.

Border will travel to Loftus

Versfeld in Pretoria this

weekend to play the Blue Bulls


Ahead of their trip, Ngxatu

says they must rediscover their

focus to find the form they had

in the first half of the Women’s

Premier Division.

“We need to do

i n t r o s p e c t i o n ,” Ngxatu said.

“We must not be big-headed

because we won games in the

first round.

“We must stay focused and

remember we said our goal was

not to lose focus in the process.

Now we seem to be losing

focus. We must try to instil focus

in the girls again.” -


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Border Women's Rugby needs work PAGE 11


Gonubie Golf Championships PAGE 11

BCM Stars plan assault

Heading for


playoffs in


from June 28

to July 3


BCM Stars head coach

Tshepo Motsoeneng says

planning will be key

ahead of the ABC Motsepe

League national playoffs after

they won the Eastern Cape

conference, by defeating Spear

of the Nation 3-1 on aggregate.

Stars and Spear finished top

of the A and B streams of the

Eastern Cape conference.

The first leg of their

provincial playoff encounter

was played on June 5 with BCM

Stars winning 2-0.

Then at the weekend the

teams met at the Mount Ayliff

Stadium for the second leg

which ended in a 1-1 draw.

This meant BCM Stars took

the honours 3-1 on aggregate to

be crowned Eastern Cape ABC

Motsepe League champions.

The team from East London

will now represent the province

in the national playoffs in

Mbombela, Mpumalanga from

June 28 to July 3.

In Motsoeneng, BCM Stars

boast a head coach who knows

his way around the ABC

Motsepe League playoffs.

Reaching the playoffs has

been hailed as a huge

LOOKING AHEAD: Head coach Tshepo Motsoeneng is

meticulously plotting a strategy for BCM Stars in the play-offs


achievement by Motsoeneng,

considering the club was only

established in March.

“It was not easy. We had two

streams and everybody wanted

to win. The competition was a

lot stiffer than the normal

s e a s o n s ,” Motsoeneng said.

“For this team, it means a lot.

Remember this is a new team.

Anything is possible if you have

the right management and they

are pushing for the same thing

yo u ’re looking for.

“Whatever you ask for they

give you; we will reach our

target. Credit to management;

we appreciate the support we

have been getting. They have

the same vision as the coach

and the players.

“The playoffs are a different

ball game. Every time you go to

the playoffs it’s like a new

Launch Day

experience. You find people

who are eager, they want to

s u c c e e d ,” the former SuperSport

United goalkeeper said.

Motsoeneng was at the same

stage before with the now

liquidated Tornado FC. He also

helped Bizana Pondo Chiefs

gain promotion to the second

tier of SA soccer.

He will be hoping to achieve

the feat of gaining promotion in

back-to-back seasons.

Motsoeneng has already

started planning meticulously.

BCM Stars plan on having a

camp in Pretoria to acclimatise

to highveld conditions and will

have a full back room staff

complement in Mpumalanga.

“So our planning has to be

spot on in terms of how we

prepare the squad,” the 41-yearold

said. “We don’t have to burn

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Saturday, 19th June


them, we don’t have to overtrain

our players. We have to be

smart about how we go about

doing things.

“We need energy in order for

us to win those two games.

“The first two games are

important to win because they

take us to the semifinal. You

want to get to the semifinal with

energy because once you win

the semifinal, the club is

promoted to the GladAfrica


“We ’ll make a plan,

hopefully, we’ll have a physio, a

fitness trainer to monitor, we

have to plan properly.

“Let’s have a doctor so any

sickness that arises will be dealt

with quickly; and let’s make

sure we win every game

p o s s i b l e ,” Motsoeneng said. -










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