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Nomad Investor provides the latest news and insights regarding stock and Cryptocurrencies to enhance the experience of those investing in either of the two markets.

Nomad Investor

If you are planning to invest in stock market or

Cryptocurrencies, get in touch with nomad

investor for to yield a healthy income with latest


Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Binance is going all out with the introduction of PancakeSwap, a

DeFi app built on Binance. Know about blockchain cryptocurrency or

crypto staking with us!

Tech Archive

Put selling is a popular investment strategy that has helped people

makes millions. The tech archive out performs both equity and

bonds in flat market.

Airbnb Trends

The airbnb trends on October of last year were too hot for my taste. There

was too much hype right out of the gate, especially for a company that was

going to have its first earnings report as a public business in a

tremendously challenging environment.

Arkk Investments

ARKK investments are

for those investors who

are passionate about

the future, believing that

innovation is key to


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