2021 Imagine Catalog

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We’ve come a long way in 18 months! We helped your residents overcome scarcities in paper goods, added personal protective<br />

equipment and extra cleaning supplies to gifts, and provided inventive messaging on tags that would resonate with your residents.<br />

We continued to do what CYI has always done...<br />

taken care of the specific gift needs of our multi-family clients.<br />

We are always happy to make our gifts work for you. Enjoy this catalog and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!<br />

Jeff Forman, CEO 404-663-5418<br />


IMA-27821 $26.00 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

See more <strong>Imagine</strong> Boxes on pages 42-43.<br />


Gift well! After twenty-six years in the apartment gifting business,<br />

we have developed a level of expertise that we are excited to share!<br />

Gifting is a great way to make an impact…and gifting well is a great<br />

way to increase both resident happiness and retention.<br />

One secret to gifting well is to give unexpected gifts...<br />

those are the ones that will be most remembered!<br />

Inspiration for our cover art comes from a bold piece of<br />

graffiti on a street in Melbourne, Australia. The art is also featured on<br />

one of our newest <strong>Imagine</strong> gift boxes, shown on the opposite page.<br />

Photos by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.<br />

Graffiti Artwork by @KilProductions; Melbourne, Australia.<br />

Use a gift to add an element of surprise and a splash of color to an<br />

otherwise empty apartment. Offer an unexpected gift after a maintenance<br />

repair (pg 48). Leave an Appreciation door hanger (pg 50) on every door<br />

one evening. Simple yet unanticipated gifts build connection and loyalty!<br />

Put gifts in your budget and watch the magic they create!<br />

Enjoy gifting well!<br />

Something Fun...<br />

We’ve hidden 3 random facts and/or funny jokes<br />

within this catalog, accompanied by this icon .<br />

Find all 3 and send us an email (with the pages numbers)<br />

to customercare@canyouimagine.com for a special treat<br />

to be included with your order!<br />

Icons found throughout the catalog.<br />

See page 62 for more details.<br />

AYL<br />

This icon indicates gifts that<br />

Gifts with this “Add Your<br />

Gifts with this icon are<br />

contain an environmentally<br />

Logo” icon contain an item<br />

tried-and-true “customer<br />

friendly feature such as<br />

that can be imprinted at an<br />

favorites”. These gifts are<br />

minimal packaging and/or<br />

additional cost, with your<br />

great for many occasions<br />

a message encouraging a<br />

property name, logo,<br />

and are well received by<br />

greener lifestyle.<br />

message, or information.<br />

your resident recipients.<br />

Jennifer & Drew Verdecchia, and family, Owners | 3

A. KITCHEN CHIC (below)<br />

NEW! A generous pump bottle of Public Goods brand lotion and a bottle of<br />

Public Goods dish soap will dress up your resident’s kitchen for months to come<br />

and be much enjoyed. 13” x 5.5” x 2.5”<br />

SIG-55421 $19.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

the<br />


collection<br />

B. MEASURE AND DRY (below)<br />

NEW! Fresh, clean kitchen towels are<br />

always welcome and add a touch of<br />

style and pattern to the kitchen! This<br />

gift offers a beautiful assortment of two<br />

towels, each with a set of stainless steel<br />

measuring spoons attached. You offer<br />

your residents beautiful kitchens. Now,<br />

let the enjoyment of the kitchens begin!<br />

9” x 6” x 2”<br />

SIG-50521 $11.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

Nancy<br />

Brand Manager<br />

B<br />

4 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com


NEW! Three boxes are filled, then stacked, and finally wrapped<br />

in black and white striped ribbon to form a charming tower of<br />

move-in essentials! This remarkable gift will draw compliments<br />

and gratitude. 6” x 4” x 4”<br />

SIG-02421 $18.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

All NEW<br />

just for<br />

you!<br />


C<br />

We look forward to hearing from you! 770-933-8338 | 5

A<br />

B<br />

Something Fun...<br />

The first commercial lunch boxes debuted in 1902.<br />

By the 1950s, they were toted as functional<br />

and trendy statement pieces.<br />

A. SPOT-ON SNACKS (above)<br />

B. DRINKING BUDDIES (above)<br />

C. LIVE WELL KEY CHAIN (below)<br />

AYL<br />

D<br />

NEW! A tasty selection of snacks fills a<br />

bag which has a dynamic presentation!<br />

Smartfood Popcorn is joined by Rocky<br />

Mountain Trail Mix, Oreo Cookies, Albanese<br />

Gummi Bears, and a mini York Peppermint<br />

Pattie. Spot-on delish! 5” x 3” x 12”<br />

SIG-23421 $8.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

NEW! A pristeen, white metal lunchbox holds the<br />

surprising contents of a pair of double-wall, stainless steel,<br />

stemless wine cups. The cups are ombre with the base being<br />

teal, the center being aqua and the top fading to silver. They<br />

feature a sip-through, push-on clear lid. This gift includes<br />

your choice of monogram on a silver bangle. 8” x 7” x 4”<br />

SIG-63721 $39.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

A glistening key-chain presented in a black<br />

box is tied in your choice of eight satin<br />

colors. Visit our website for color choices.<br />

4.5” x 2”<br />

SIG-74114 $6.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


A vacuum-sealed, double-walled 17 oz. stainless steel bottle is decked out in aqua and then decoratively splattered<br />

with white speckles for fun and effect! With the addition of your property tag and a silver, monogram bangle, this bottle<br />

becomes a favored gift for many reasons including prospects, new residents, and renewals. 2.75” x 10.5”<br />

SIG-60319 $15.99 each (24 gifts per case)<br />

C<br />


E<br />

F. NIBBLE AND BREW (below)<br />

NEW! A gift with great looks and contents is a sure winner with residents! Opening the glossy,<br />

black box reveals a feast from Grey Ghost Lemon Sugar Cookies to Wonderful Pistachios! A tasty<br />

Kind Bar, Snyders Mini Pretzels, and an Aqua Rock Candy Stick complete the snacks. A Wolfgang<br />

Puck Coffee filter pack and a condiment pack will delight the coffee drinker! (The ceramic coffee cup<br />

is not included.) Thirst-quenching Boxed Water is also added to the offering. This gift is accented<br />

with a silver bangle for which you may choose an embossed monogram. 6” x 6” x 6”<br />

SIG-23721 $25.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


E. FULL DECK SNACKS (above)<br />

A perfect aqua box, outlined in crisp white and<br />

adorned with a silver, monogram bangle, holds<br />

a cache of snacks. A notepad and Paper Mate<br />

pen provide a means of creating a first shopping<br />

list or for scoring a game of cards. And, because<br />

your residents are lucky, a deck of playing cards<br />

is also enclosed! 5” x 5” x 5”<br />

Gift with Pen and Notepad (as shown)<br />

SIG-22419-1 $11.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Gift without Pen and Notepad<br />

SIG-22419-2 $10.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

F<br />

Gifts made even more dazzling<br />

with the addition of your<br />

Silver Monogram<br />

Bangle<br />

Shop online anytime! www.canyouimagine.com | 7

the<br />



collection<br />


NEW! A kitchen needs paper towels so they may as well be attractive. The bamboo holder in this gift fits<br />

the bill! The gift includes the holder and its first roll of paper towels. There is also Soft Scrub Liquid Dish<br />

Soap and a packet of automatic dishwashing detergent. For a burst of color and sweetness we added a<br />

Tootsie Pop! 13” x 6.25”<br />

QTR-53821 $20.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

We celebrated our 25th year with this collection!<br />


Brighten up any bath and any new resident’s day with this gift<br />

of comfort and luxury! Bath necessities including toilet tissue,<br />

shampoo, and body lotion are contained in a boldly-printed<br />

box. Also included is a vanity set with cotton swabs and pads,<br />

an emery board, and sewing needles, buttons, and threads.<br />

A bright, white washcloth and a bar of face soap are perched<br />

on top of the box and are held in place with a bow tie of black<br />

grosgrain ribbon. Simply smashing! 4.25” x 4.25” x 6.75”<br />

QTR-48420 $10.75 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

A<br />

8 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

C<br />

D<br />




POUCH (above)<br />

A cool pair of sunglasses presented in an equally<br />

cool, heathered-cloth, protective pouch is always<br />

a welcomed gift. These tortoise shell-appointed<br />

sunglasses will be favored by men and women<br />

alike. Provide this gift to prospects or current<br />

residents and let them know they all look really<br />

good living in your community! 3” x 1” x 7.5”<br />

QTR-60220 $10.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


Name brand snacks tackle move-in day hunger and thirst and<br />

will be welcomed on the spot. Treats include a Quaker Chewy<br />

granola bar, Gardetto snack mix, Oreo cookies, a Tootsie<br />

Pop, and Deer Park water. Move-in essentials include picture<br />

hangers, a kitchen trash bag, a box of All laundry detergent,<br />

Soft Scrub automatic dish detergent, as well as a chip clip, and<br />

a rubber jar opener. This gift is bright, bold, and beneficial to<br />

the happiness of your new residents! 6” cube<br />

QTR-13720 $18.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

E<br />

E. LOVE YOUR CLOSET (bottom right)<br />

A closet can look pretty bare on move in day so add a little color and flourish! This economical gift will create a<br />

big surprise and a great feeling of “Welcome!” when you hang it in your newest resident’s closet on move-in day!<br />

The offering includes three black velvet hangers and a tag that states, “Love Your Closet.” The reverse of the tag<br />

offers five great ways to make better use of a clothes closet. 17.5” x .75” x 9”<br />

QTR-60320 $6.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Environmentally friendly. See page 62 for details.<br />

Feel good about the gifts you give! 770-933-8338 | 9


A pack of playing cards headlines this gift of snacks because<br />

you never know when a card game will break out! Whether<br />

that game is Solitaire or something more sociable, the deck<br />

will be appreciated! Snacks that fill the brightly printed box<br />

are Act II microwave popcorn, Rice Krispie Treats, Famous<br />

Amos chocolate chip cookies, and three Jolly Rancher<br />

candies. 4.25” cube<br />

QTR-28320 $8.29 each (12gifts per case)<br />

10 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

B. BEST LIFE KEY HOLDER (below)<br />

It is a wonderful statement to make...and, an<br />

appropriate wish for all people. Having “LIVE<br />

C<br />

Start the day<br />

in the<br />

best way!<br />



YOUR BEST LIFE” laser-engraved on a key<br />

holder will serve as a daily reminder to do just<br />

that! The key holder is an attractive and strong<br />

strap of faux black leather, with contemporary,<br />

silver-tone appointments and ring. You found<br />

the perfect gift for lease-signing, move-in, or<br />

for resident appreciation throughout the year!<br />

2” x 0.5” x 6”<br />

QTR-73120 $7.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

B<br />

C. START THE DAY (above)<br />

A charming start to a resident’s day is provided with this gift of many delights! A glossy black and white bag is perked up with a tie<br />

of our exclusive and colorful Quarter Century grosgrain ribbon! Contents are chosen to perk up the recipients with the inclusion of<br />

Wolfgang Puck coffee (with condiment pack) and chai tea. Additional treats are Tiny Tates chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, refreshing<br />

Boxed Water, and a Honey Bee candy. And, because getting started each day takes some planning, a Paper Mate pen and 50 sheet<br />

sticky notepad are a part of this desirable gift! 7” x 3” x 11”<br />

QTR-23520 $16.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Keep your brand top-of-mind! www.canyouimagine.com | 11

the<br />

NEW LEAF<br />

collection<br />

Our collection for environmental<br />

protection features gifts that offer reduced<br />

packaging, reused or recycled resources,<br />

and/or an eco-friendly message.<br />


Your residents probably already love the beautiful kitchens you provide, but finding this gift on the counter on move-in day seals the deal! Paper towels are essential. Ours<br />

are made from non-chlorinated recycled paper. The enclosed four-piece utensil set is made from sustainable bamboo (and it is very attractive and functional!). The green<br />

microfiber cleaning-cloth is reusable for a hundred-plus uses. It is perfect for dry or wet cleaning jobs. Picture hangers will help preserve newly-painted walls. A trash bag<br />

and a Nature Valley granola bar are also included in this fantastic offering! 7” x 4” x 16”<br />

NLF-55820 $18.75 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

12 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

Feel good about the gifts you give.<br />

B C D<br />

NEW LEAF<br />


Modern and earth-friendly reusable, stainless steel, straws<br />

have captured the hearts of beverage drinkers! Perfect for<br />

any type of drink, use of these straws eliminates the use of<br />

plastic straws. This is a fun gift to receive for any resident<br />

occasion and is priced for giving. Three different sized and<br />

shaped straws and one bottle-brush cleaner are included<br />

in the canvas carrying bag. The accent tag reads “Turn<br />

Over A New Leaf.” This is an environmentally-friendly gift.<br />

Feel good about the gifts you give! 2.75” x 0.75” x 9.5”<br />

NLF-62119 $7.99 each (36 gifts per case)<br />

C. NEW LEAF BATH STACK (above)<br />

Our bath stack gifts are wonderful presented as stand-alone<br />

gifts or given in combination with coordinating gifts from<br />

this Collection. Toilet Paper (wrapped in our attractive tall<br />

grass pattern) and a white, terry washcloth are stacked<br />

onto a box of other bath and relaxation necessities from<br />

body lotion and face soap to a votive candle poured into a<br />

glass. Tazo Chai Tea, granulated honey to sweeten it, and<br />

a Werther’s candy are also included. This gift contains<br />

minimal packaging. The box and tissue are made from<br />

recycled and recyclable materials. 4” x 4” x 9.5”<br />

NLF-42319 $12.29 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D. BENTO BOX (above)<br />

NEW! A beautiful, reusable bento box (with a bamboo<br />

cutting board lid!) holds a delicious gourmet snack of<br />

spreadable cheese, crackers, and salami slices. Hard<br />

candies in three flavors are also included. Once the<br />

contents are consumed many more snacks and meals can<br />

be carried in the box and served on the cutting board! A<br />

reusable, heavyweight, plastic fork and knife are attached<br />

to the box with a wide, sturdy, elastic closure.<br />

6.5” x 4.5” x 2”<br />

NLF-30321 $15.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Environmentally friendly. See page 62 for details.<br />

Customer favorite. See page 62 for details.<br />

Enjoy our friendly and knowledgeable customer care! 770-933-8338 | 13

B<br />

Reusable<br />

containers<br />

are greatly<br />

appreciated<br />

for their multiple<br />

applications.<br />

A<br />

A. BATH IN A JAR (left)<br />

NEW! First night and beyond bath needs are housed<br />

in a substantial glass jar with silver metallic lid. The jar<br />

will surely find a second life as storage for cotton balls<br />

and other bath items that need to be corralled. Terra<br />

Green Body Lotion and Shampoo tubes are included<br />

along with a bar of face soap. A vanity pack that<br />

features a sewing kit can also be found, as<br />

well as a cello bag full of cotton balls and cotton<br />

swabs. A crisp, white washcloth is rolled and placed<br />

on top of the jar. 8” x 4.25”<br />

NLF-45821 $14.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

B. NEW LEAF SNACK BAG (above)<br />

NEW! A recycled kraft paper bag is accented in our<br />

stunning green New Leaf grass pattern and tied in<br />

twine. A tasty sampling of snacks is enclosed. Your<br />

residents will enjoy Snyder’s Mini Pretzels, Oreo<br />

cookies, Albanese Gummi Bears, and a Tootsie Pop.<br />

This gift is just right for curing move-in day hunger<br />

pangs. Visitors to your office will enjoy receiving this<br />

gift as well. And, they are priced right for marketing<br />

event give-aways! 5” x 3” x 12”<br />

NLF-23321 $6.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

14 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

C. NEW LEAF SNACKS (top right)<br />

Enjoy presenting this delightfully-printed box of snacks to new or<br />

renewing residents, and for showing appreciation at any time. Our tall<br />

grass pattern decorates the container which is full of snacks including<br />

shortbread cookies, Snyder’s pretzels, Mott’s fruit snacks, Food<br />

Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, and Heinz salsa dip. An 8 oz.<br />

Boxed Water and three Jolly Rancher candies will also be enjoyed by<br />

your recipients! 6” x 6” x 6”<br />

NLF-22719 $14.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

C<br />

NEW LEAF<br />

D. FUN FACE PLANTER & MORE (bottom right)<br />

NEW! A gift of a modern and fun, glossy ceramic planter is packaged<br />

in kraft paper and tied with a beautiful striped woven cotton bow. The<br />

planter features a place to hold a 4” plant, a nose to hold your resident’s<br />

favorite pair of glasses, and lots of surface area for drawing faces and<br />

writing notes. Fun faces galore! (Plant not included.) 7” x 7” x 7”<br />

Gift with Sunglasses, Pouch, and Dry Erase Markers (as shown)<br />

NLF-61821-1 $39.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Gift without Sunglasses, Pouch, and Dry Erase Markers<br />

NLF-61821-2 $24.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

E<br />

E. TASTY MORSELS (left)<br />

With its natural cotton, reusable drawstring<br />

bag, this gift exudes an earth-friendly vibe.<br />

Open the bag to find delicious cheese spread<br />

and La Panzanella Crackers (with a spreader<br />

knife!) and an array of tasty candies. The gift<br />

is environmentally-friendly with its reusable<br />

packaging. Visit our website to see the version<br />

with a bamboo cutting board. 3.5” x 2” x 6.5”<br />

NLF-31419-2 $6.99 each (36 gifts per case)<br />

D<br />

A multi-purpose gift<br />

at a great price...<br />

keep on hand!<br />

Environmentally friendly. See page 62 for details.<br />

Gifts elevate the resident experience! www.canyouimagine.com | 15

the<br />


collection<br />


This gift enchants immediately! Opening the package reveals<br />

the makings of a most pleasant get-together. A bamboo cutting<br />

board (complete with cheese, crackers, and sweet treats) is<br />

joined by a duo of stemless wine glasses. 9” x 5.5” x 12”<br />

ORG-31716 $26.99 each<br />

(6 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />

Add your logo<br />

to the stemless<br />

wine glasses.<br />

ORG-31716-1-P36 $29.94 ea.<br />

A minimum order of 36 gifts is required.<br />

Set-up fee: $55, Reorder fee: $35<br />



A wooden massager tops a stack of bath necessities<br />

including toilet paper, face soap, and a white, terry<br />

washcloth. 6” x 4” x 7.5”<br />

Gift with Massager (as shown)<br />

B<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

ORG-49319-1 $11.75 each<br />

Gift without Massager<br />

ORG-49319-2 $7.35 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />


Three bamboo utensils spring from a<br />

matching bamboo holder and stand ready<br />

to help your residents use the wonderful<br />

kitchens you provide for them!<br />

2.75” x 2.75” x 16”<br />

ORG-55417 $11.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />



Two sections of gift contents fulfill the high<br />

expectations generated by the packaging. The top box<br />

is filled with body lotion, shampoo, face soap, a votive<br />

candle, and a Werther’s candy. The larger, bottom box<br />

contains a stemless wine glass and a 3-in-1 wine, bottle,<br />

and can opener. Taste treats including crackers and<br />

cheese, salami slices, and Gulden’s mustard are also<br />

included. 6” x 4.5” x 7”<br />

AYL<br />

Gift with Votive Candle & Drink Opener (as shown)<br />

ORG-31520-1 $20.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Gift without Votive Candle & Drink Opener<br />

ORG-31520-2 $16.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


When snacks and essentials get together they create<br />

the perfect move-in gift! Act II microwave popcorn,<br />

a Quaker Chewy granola bar, bottled water, and a<br />

Starlight mint join Soft Scrub automatic dishwashing<br />

detergent and liquid soap, a scouring pad, and a<br />

reusable cleaning cloth. Also included are a Paper Mate<br />

pen and a pad of paper. Perfect! 6” x 4.5” x 7”<br />

ORG-19419 $11.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

We look forward to hearing from you! 770-933-8338 | 17

the<br />


collection<br />


Our crisp, blue and white leaf garland pattern<br />

adorns a box packed full of popular snacks.<br />

Grandma’s Oatmeal cookies, Snyder’s mini<br />

pretzels, and peanut butter crackers are<br />

joined by plain M&Ms, a Quaker Chewy<br />

granola bar, three Jolly Rancher candies, and<br />

Deer Park water. 5” x 5” x 5”<br />

PAT-26418 $9.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Exceptional value!<br />

18 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

B. SETTLE IN ESSENTIALS (top right)<br />

Help residents settle into their new home. For the bath,<br />

recipients will find the necessary toilet paper, a pre-pasted<br />

toothbrush, and shampoo. For clean-up, there is laundry<br />

detergent and a Scotch Brite scrubbing sponge. Picture<br />

hangers will help save your walls! Delicious treats are chosen<br />

to please the hungry mover. 6” x 6” x 6”<br />

PAT-06612 $14.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

B<br />


C. FRESH BATH (bottom left)<br />

Our blue and white leaf garland pattern lends itself to classic<br />

bath items to create a fresh and fabulous gift! The pattern<br />

surrounds a roll of toilet paper which is topped with a vanity<br />

pack (complete with a sewing kit, cleansing pads, an emery<br />

board, and cotton swabs), face soap, and a white terry<br />

washcloth. 6” x 6” x 6”<br />

PAT-43319 $7.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D. PITCHER PARTY (bottom middle)<br />

This two-quart Sterlite pitcher was designed to party with its<br />

contents of Crystal Light lemonade, plus snacks and plastic<br />

cups for four people. Residents can get to know each other<br />

over a refreshing beverage and very-shareable snacks.<br />

The bright and cheerful packaging includes a tag that says,<br />

“Enjoy a snack on us.” View current packaging on our website.<br />

7.5” x 8.75”<br />

PAT-60912 $12.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D<br />

C<br />

COME BACK TO STAY! (left)<br />

Visitors to your community will be<br />

impressed with this walk-away offering<br />

of delicious Jolly Rancher candies in a<br />

cellophane sleeve. The gift is accented<br />

with a pop of apple green ribbon, your<br />

property tag, and a colorful tag which<br />

states: “Thanks for visiting! Come Back<br />

to Stay!” 2” x 9”<br />

SPE-20115 $3.59 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

Shop online anytime! www.canyouimagine.com | 19

the<br />

WOW!<br />

collection<br />

B. SERVE SIP SAVE (below)<br />

AYL<br />

Two imprinted, stemless wine glasses, a waiter’s corkscrew, and a dazzling wine bottle stopper<br />

all in stunning presentation. Well, happiness is certainly all around! 10” x 4.5” x 6”<br />

Gift with Corkscrew and Wine Bottle Stopper Gift Set (as shown)<br />

WOW-64614-1 $25.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

Gift without Corkscrew and Wine Bottle Stopper Gift Set<br />

WOW-64614-2 $14.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

There is great logic in giving gifts that<br />

residents will keep, use often, and treasure.<br />

Recipients will remember the giver of a gift<br />

that made them think or say, “WOW!”<br />


A set of four, wood and glass coasters are also photo frames...genius! The kraft-paper-wrapped<br />

gift is accented with a tag that advises, “Every once in awhile, let yourself coast.” 6” x 4” x 6”<br />

WOW-61313 $19.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />

A. FLUTES & BUBBLY (above)<br />

AYL<br />

There are so many reasons to celebrate! Sparkling cider and two stemless<br />

champagne flutes tucked into a jute bag get the celebration started.<br />

9” x 5.5” x 12”<br />

WOW-31717 $21.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />


Add Your Logo. See page 62 for details.<br />



Your gift recipients will be enthralled to discover the contents of this gift of entertainment with its<br />

packaging that resembles a book! The “book” opens to a generously-sized, bamboo cutting board. and<br />

four cheese cutting and serving utensils. Once used and enjoyed the contents can be neatly returned<br />

to the book for storage...perhaps placed on a bookshelf! 8” x 1.5” x 11.5”<br />

WOW-61320 $25.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

WOW!<br />

F. TAKE ME TO MARKET BAGS (above and below)<br />

A duo of distinctive, laminated market bags (designed exclusively<br />

for Can You <strong>Imagine</strong>) provide years of tote-ability and help<br />

residents make the best use of your walkable community.<br />

One side of the bag features a stylized, marbled pattern; the<br />

other a modern take on wood grain.<br />

Gift size: 13” x 1.5” x 8.75” Bag size: 13” x 8.75” x 17”<br />

WOW-60417 $13.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

E. THE KEY TO MUSIC & LIGHT (left)<br />

Fill your resident’s home with music and accent the night with<br />

candlelight with this wood-tone bluetooth speaker. The plastic<br />

top is shaped like a candle and features a built-in LED light to<br />

mimic a wax candle. The gift includes a<br />

micro USB charging cable and comes in a<br />

petite but magnificently appointed box.<br />

4” x 4” x 5”<br />

WOW-63220 $30.99 each<br />

(6 gifts per case)<br />

Feel good about the gifts you give! 770-933-8338 | 21


Three sizes of rectangular bamboo cutting<br />

boards (also shown at the bottom right) are<br />

stacked and tied with navy blue ribbon, then<br />

accented with your property tag and a tag that<br />

states “Live a cut above the rest.”<br />

Gift Size: 9” x 1.5” x 15”<br />

Board Sizes: Large: 15” x 9.25”,<br />

Medium: 11” x 7.5”, Small: 8” x 5.75”<br />

WOW-60719 $22.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


A 15 oz. double-wall acrylic tumbler helps keep cold<br />

beverages cold and also keeps condensation away<br />

from the tumbler. It’s a happy gift for any occasion.<br />

It features a black, snug-fit top with a slider cover<br />

for sipping. Pair with a bottle of wine for additional<br />

impact. 4.5” x 4.5” x 11”<br />

WOW-65518 $10.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />

Cristina<br />

Gift Maker<br />

Same look...<br />

new,<br />

upgraded<br />

boards!<br />

22 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

Share the warmth<br />

of a candle...<br />

WOW!<br />

E.<br />


NEW! A beautiful, soy candle, poured into clear glass is<br />

imprinted with “Be Kind To Yourself” (good advice!). You may<br />

choose to present the candle in a black box or a silver box. You<br />

may also choose from three ribbons; white with a black edge,<br />

white with a yellow edge, or a bold citrus stripe! 4” cube<br />

WOW-64421 $15.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D. IN THE SPIRITS BAR SET (right)<br />

AYL<br />

The tag on this gift says “Just add Spirits and a Glass” because<br />

all the utensils a bar needs for drink creation are included in<br />

this seven-piece stainless steel set. A 18.6 oz. shaker, strainer,<br />

bottle opener, corkscrew, double jigger, ice tongs, and stainless<br />

steel rack for attractive storage are all included. 9” x 5.5” x 9”<br />

WOW-61619 $37.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />

Add Your Logo. See page 62 for details.<br />

Keep your brand top-of-mind! www.canyouimagine.com | 23

the<br />

GLAM<br />

collection<br />


This glam-on-the-outside gift is all business on the inside! Your residents will thank you<br />

for the inclusion of bath items, delicious snacks, and cleaning essentials. 6” cube<br />

GLM-07618 $20.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

A<br />

24 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

B. GLAM SNACKS & ESSENTIALS (top right)<br />

The glamorous exterior of this gift, featuring a marble pattern and a crystal drop<br />

pendant, belies its very practical interior of snacks and move-in day essentials.<br />

The coffee will promptly be brewed and enjoyed with the nibbles. Essentials include<br />

floor protectors and picture hangers (to look after your fresh walls and floors!) as<br />

well as a pair of scissors, dishwasher detergent, a trash bag, and a notepad with<br />

Paper Mate pen. (The coffee cup is not included.) 8.5” x 4” x 5”<br />

Gift with Floor Protectors & Picture Hangers (as shown)<br />

GLM-17617-1 $18.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Gift without Floor Protectors & Picture Hangers<br />

GLM-17617-2 $16.39 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

B<br />

GLAM<br />

C. RELAX WITH SNACKS (bottom far right)<br />

NEW! Encourage residents to relax while also fulfilling their desire to snack! Our<br />

petite, gray bag opens to a collection of delightful treats including Gardettos,<br />

Wonderful Pistachios, lemon wafer bites, Grey Ghost chocolate espresso cookies,<br />

a few Starlight peppermints, and a duo of Bali’s Best tea candies. 6” x 4” x 10”<br />

GLM-27321 $12.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D. WORTHY OF NOTE (below right)<br />

This gift is worthy of note, because of the number of reasons for which it can be<br />

given! Lease-signing is the perfect opportunity to provide the signing pen and<br />

gift. Prospects will love this offering and come back! It also makes a wonderful<br />

event favor, or leave-behind for your maintenance team. The notepads feature the<br />

inscription “Worthy of Note” on the front and the quote “The happiness of your<br />

life depends on the quality of your thoughts” on the back. A glossy white pen is<br />

attached to each gift. 4” x .375” x 6”<br />

GLM-74120 $5.69 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

All gifts from the Glam<br />

Collection may be made<br />

with one of the following<br />

four ribbon colors.<br />

D<br />

Treat your<br />

residents!<br />

C<br />

Pewter<br />

Navy<br />

Blue<br />

Bright<br />

Gold<br />

Raisin<br />

Some gifts are<br />

available with<br />

Blush satin ribbon.<br />

See our website<br />

for details.<br />

Enjoy our friendly and knowledgeable customer care! 770-933-8338 | 25

the<br />


collection<br />

B. WOODGRAIN JOURNAL & PEN (below)<br />

NEW! A rich, soft, woodgrain-look cover is the main<br />

feature of this beautiful journal. The interior offers<br />

lined paper, an envelope slot for loose papers, a<br />

ribbon book mark, and an elastic pen loop (to hold<br />

the included stylish ballpoint pen). This is a<br />

charming gift for any occasion. 8.25” x 6” x .375”<br />

WDL-60221 $11.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

B<br />


AYL<br />

NEW! Thrill your new or renewing residents with the gift of warmth and great taste! A sturdy gray ceramic mug with<br />

a cork base and a sipping lid anchors the offering, and is perfect when filled with Wolfgang Puck coffee. The gift also<br />

includes Grey Ghost Chocolate Espresso Cookies, Ferris Rocky Mountain Trail Mix, and Nutella To-Go. The gift is also<br />

sprinkled with Bali’s Best Coffee and Tea hard candies, plus a Werthers and Starlight Mint. 6” cube<br />

WDL-22621 $27.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

26 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

C<br />

D. WOODLANDS BARISTA (below)<br />

Tucked inside our rustic, two-handled, jute catch-all are the makings of a wonderful coffee experience.<br />

Starbucks ground coffee and chocolate-dipped Nonni’s biscotti add to the coffee-house ambiance.<br />

The 16 oz. stainless-steel tumbler will travel well, but residents just may wish to stay put and enjoy the<br />

warmth-of-home created by this gift. The catch-all will find a future life as a plant holder or perhaps<br />

will neatly contain office, bath, or kitchen items. Let’s just say, it is versatile! 4” x 4” x 9”<br />

WDL-61718 $20.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />


C. UNCORK & UNWIND (above)<br />

A cork box delightfully forecasts its contents of stemless<br />

wine glasses! The glasses are imprinted with “Drink in the<br />

Good.” Our Wine Buff Gift set sits perched atop the cork<br />

box and serves as another surprise for your recipient!<br />

The two boxes are tied together with a rich, cotton ribbon<br />

imprinted with a procession of pineapples, a traditional<br />

sign of welcome! 6” x 6” x 7.5”<br />

Gift with Wine Set (as shown)<br />

WDL-62617-1 $25.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Gift without Wine Set<br />

AYL<br />

WDL-62617-2 $15.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Add your logo<br />

to the stemless wine glasses.<br />

WDL-62617-1-P36 $28.94 ea.<br />

WDL-62617-2-P36 $18.94 ea.<br />

A minimum order of 36 gifts is required.<br />

Set-up fee: $55, Reorder fee: $35<br />

Gifts elevate the resident experience! www.canyouimagine.com | 27

A<br />

Give the lustrous<br />

glow of copper...<br />

B<br />

A. TOOLS, TREATS & MORE (above)<br />

Silver gray and cinnamon spice colors create a printed pattern of warmth for this box filled<br />

with move-in day necessities. An abundance of tools, from a multi-use screwdriver to a<br />

measuring tape and picture hangers, will reap gratitude for you as the provider of these<br />

useful items! All laundry detergent will also be appreciated. Coffee (and the condiment<br />

pack) will be enjoyed with the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies and Nature Valley<br />

granola bars. Basic bath needs are met with the inclusion of a pre-pasted toothbrush, face<br />

soap, a shaving razor, and lotion. Lucky residents! (Coffee mug not included.) 6” x 6” x 6”<br />

WDL-02614 $18.49 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


NEW! This special gift provides instant atmosphere for your residents. The lush<br />

package features three layers of copper-tone ribbon as if to broadcast the gift<br />

contents. The offering provides two, tall, copper martini glasses that help create<br />

the “glow” of the gift. Two votive candles poured into glass containers provide the<br />

candlelight. Delicious Oloves rosemary and lemon olives can be skewered on the<br />

knotted appetizer picks which are included. This is a “just add vodka” situation! It is<br />

elegant, warm, and fun! 9” x 9” x 5”<br />

WDL-63921 $39.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

28 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com


AYL<br />

NEW! Happy hour is looking pretty fantastic for your lucky residents who receive this gift<br />

at move-in, renewal, or for any time appreciation! A silver stainless steel lunch box (Yes...the<br />

old-fashioned kind!) opens to reveal a woodgrain-look, double-wall, stainless steel tumbler<br />

in the shape of a stemless wine glass. It’s the perfect cup for keeping a cocktail chilled. A<br />

package of cocktail napkins is also tucked in along with delicious Nut Harvest Mixed Nuts.<br />

The evening will be getting off to a great start for any recipient of this gift! 8” x 4” x 6.75”<br />

WDL-64721 $35.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


Environmentally friendly. See page 62 for details.<br />

AYL<br />

Add Your Logo. See page 62 for details.<br />

We look forward to hearing from you! 770-933-8338 | 29

A<br />

the<br />

LINKS<br />

collection<br />

A. MAINLY ESSENTIALS (above)<br />

Residents will be excited to find so many move-in needs fulfilled including scissors, a picture hanging kit, and a multi-purpose screwdriver. Daily essentials such as<br />

liquid dish soap, a Scotch-Brite scrubbing sponge, trash bag, and sticky notepad are so helpful! A snack break is available in the Wolfgang Puck coffee, a can of sparkling<br />

Perrier, and shortbread cookies! (Coffee mug and drinking glass are not included.) 6.5” x 4.5” x 9”<br />

LNK-18718 $23.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

30 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

A<br />

LINKS<br />

C<br />

B<br />


A yellow, suede tassel beautifully accents a gray<br />

bag and predicts wonderful contents within!<br />

Recipients will certainly enjoy the flavors of rich,<br />

buttery crackers, salami slices, and creamy<br />

cheese spread (with a spreader knife included!),<br />

as well as other taste treats. 6” x 4” x 10”<br />

LNK-37318 $12.49 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

C. FIRST CLASS WELCOME (top right)<br />

Residents deserve a first class welcome. This gift<br />

is filled with a combination of needed items and<br />

taste delights including Starbucks House Ground<br />

Coffee. It’s a welcome for residents that you want<br />

to retain for years! (Mug not included.)<br />

6” x 6” x 6”<br />

LNK-12612 $19.49 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D. JUST DUCKY BATH STACK (bottom right)<br />

It’s great to discover a gift in your bathroom on move-in day…but it is really fun to find a gift with a<br />

rubber duck perched on top! A gray-and-white patterned box is filled with toilet paper, shampoo with<br />

conditioner, and body lotion. A washcloth is rolled and placed on top of the box, which is then tied with<br />

a pewter satin bow. 8” x 4.25” x 4.25”<br />

Gift with Rubber Duck (as shown)<br />

Bath Stack without Rubber Duck<br />

LNK-42315-1 $11.99 each (12 gifts per case) LNK-42315-2 $9.39 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D<br />

Shop online anytime! www.canyouimagine.com | 31

Scott<br />

Finance Director<br />

Thrill<br />

your<br />

residents!<br />

the<br />


collection<br />

Designed to have a substantial impact on the<br />

recipient, these gifts have a high-end<br />

aesthetic and unique, curated items,<br />

all enclosed in a magnetic keepsake box.<br />

A. THE FIVE SENSES (left and below)<br />

This gift is a celebration of the Five Senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, and<br />

sound. In compiling the wonderful contents we have created a gift that will thrill<br />

your recipients in unexpected ways! It presents them with long-lasting items to<br />

treasure, as well as a couple of well-chosen consumables. 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

INS-63820<br />

1+ $90.00 each, 13+ $81.00 each, 25+ $76.00 each<br />

32 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

B. SENSE OF CALM (left)<br />

NEW! This gift earns its name immediately upon<br />

presentation...a sense of calm. A jar of Apolis herbal tea<br />

bags, a soy candle poured into glass then topped with a<br />

bamboo lid (and imprinted with “Be kind to yourself”), plus<br />

a box of long wooden matches to light the candle are just a<br />

start! A pump container of Public Goods Body Lotion and a<br />

bar of Tin Goat Black Pepper Soap are delightful additions<br />

for the bath. A silver-capped, silicone water bottle is 4” H<br />

in the gift box and 8.5” H when fully expanded. It’s great for<br />

storage and travel! A glazed ceramic succulent is the focal<br />

point for its beauty and is certain to find the perfect home<br />

with your recipients’ decor. 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

INS-43821<br />

1+ $110.00 each, 13+ $98.00 each, 25+ $90.00 each<br />


C. MY FABULOUS KITCHEN (right)<br />

NEW! Give each of your residents the opportunity to enjoy the heart of their home in their<br />

fabulous kitchen! From the Areaware Table Tile coasters to the fresh, clean kitchen towel, to<br />

the Beautiful Briny Sea Unicorn salt, you will be adding even more life to your resident’s use<br />

of their home! Also included is a full-size Public Good Dish Soap and a citron-colored scrubby<br />

brush, as well as a set of stainless steel measuring spoons. Simply fabulous! 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

INS-53921<br />

1+ $99.00 each, 13+ $86.00 each, 25+ $79.00 each<br />

Take note:<br />

Each Inspire Collection gift<br />

has an enclosure card<br />

that explains the theme!<br />

Shop online anytime! www.canyouimagine.com | 33


An interlude is defined as a<br />

temporary amusement or source<br />

of entertainment that contrasts<br />

with what goes before or after.<br />

This gift is destined to create<br />

that amusement for your worthy<br />

recipients! 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

INS-67720<br />

1+ $49.00 each<br />

13+ $44.00 each<br />

25+ $42.00 each<br />

B. WINE TIME (below)<br />

This gift is a burst of color for any season and a party waiting to happen!<br />

A white Corkcicle insulated wine cup will thrill any wine lover. Kate’s<br />

Magnets in a tin case add humor with fun “wine” sayings printed on bottle<br />

cap magnets! Tasty treats include Legally Addictive Cracker Cookies,<br />

Grey Ghost Lemon Cookies, Q’s Small Batch Maple Bourbon Pecans, and<br />

Noons Pineapple & Coconut Whole Cacao Crunch Bites. 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

HOL-63720<br />

1+ $95.00 each, 13+ $85.00 each, 25+ $80.00 each<br />

C. WORK FROM HOME (left)<br />

A 13 oz.ceramic mug with an trendy cork accent serves as the star of this gift. Starbucks House<br />

Ground Coffee is included. Simply Mints Spearmint Gum and a tin of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking<br />

Putty help ease tensions. A three pack of iconic Field Notes, as well as a spiral-bound pad of<br />

colorful sticky notes, allow for quick access to note-taking, analyzing, and doodling! Three<br />

colors of extra-fine point Sharpie markers assist the creative mind! 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

INS-13820<br />

1+ $75.00 each, 13+ $72.00 each, 25+ $68.00 each<br />

34 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

D. HIGH END HAPPY HOUR (left)<br />

Happy Hour! Just the suggestion brings people a sense of<br />

happiness so it is a wonderful part of the day for which to build a<br />

gift! We start with a duo of cocktail glasses and cork coasters. A<br />

silicone ice sphere maker helps create the perfect ice for the size<br />

of the glass. The penquin-shaped, stainless steel, beverage shaker<br />

and companion stainless stirring spoon help in the preparation<br />

of many cocktails. White’s Elixer Old-Fashion Mix helps create<br />

a delicious drink...just add vodka! For a tasty treat, Q’s Mexican<br />

Chocolate Small Batch Nuts and a glass full of Werther’s Candies<br />

are included. 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

INS-33720<br />

1+ $90.00 each, 13+ $81.00 each, 25+ $76.00 each<br />


Inspire<br />

happiness<br />

at home!<br />

E. THE GOLDEN HOUR (right)<br />

The Golden Hour, when the sun fills a room to create a special glow, is celebrated<br />

with this gift. A stemless wine glass with a luxurious, hammered gold base beckons<br />

to be filled. Fever Tree Tonic Water and Flower Syrup (with or without added spirits!)<br />

mix to create a lovely beverage. In case wine is the chosen beverage, we included<br />

an elegant chrome and gold wine opener! A set of four natural slate coasters will<br />

protect furniture from condensation. Q’s small batch Sea Salt and Rosemary Nuts<br />

and Grey Ghost Bourbon Chocolate Cookies round out the offering. 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

INS-33920<br />

1+ $65.00 each<br />

13+ $59.00 each<br />

25+ $55.00 each<br />

Allie<br />

Graphic Designer<br />

Feel good about the gifts you give! 770-933-8338 | 35

the<br />


collection<br />

It’s all about your choice.<br />

The customization is easy as 1, 2, 3...<br />


3. CHOOSE<br />



White<br />

Silver<br />

Gray<br />

Black<br />

Pewter<br />

Carolina<br />

Blue<br />

Royal<br />

Blue<br />

Navy<br />

Blue<br />

Peacock<br />

Teal<br />


Forest<br />

Green<br />

Emerald<br />

Green<br />


Jungle<br />

Green<br />

Greenery<br />

Copper<br />

Brown<br />

Yellow<br />

Orange<br />

Red<br />

Purple<br />


An amazing selection of well-loved snacks fills the<br />

box of your choosing. Act II microwave popcorn<br />

is joined by Cheese Ritz Bits, Famous Amos<br />

chocolate chip cookies, Snyder’s mini pretzels,<br />

Pringles chips, Welch’s fruit snacks, Mini Peanut<br />

M&Ms, a Tootsie Pop and a Starlight mint. That’s<br />

a lot of tasty enjoyment! 6” cube<br />

CHO-21618 $12.59 each (12 gifts per case)<br />



Here are the makings of a successful move-in day!<br />

Essentials for clean-up and set-up include picture<br />

hangers, automatic dish detergent and liquid dish<br />

soap, a scouring pad, and a reusable cleaning cloth.<br />

Three name brand snacks and four necessary bath<br />

items are included. 6” cube<br />

CHO-01618 $15.49 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


Residents will enjoy Wolfgang Puck coffee,<br />

sweet potato chips, salami slices, and crackers<br />

along with the mustard and olives found in your<br />

chosen box. Sweet treats include shortbread<br />

cookies which recipients may slather with Nutella<br />

spread. A can of Perrier finishes the indulgence!<br />

(Coffee mug is not included.) 6” cube<br />

CHO-31618 $17.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

See more<br />

gifts on our<br />

website...<br />

including 2<br />

great bath<br />

options!<br />

36 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

D<br />

Dazzle residents when<br />

you turn on the<br />

lights!<br />

CUSTOM<br />

CHOICE<br />

E<br />

D. TRIPLE TREAT (above)<br />

Move-in day is a breeze when you get the kind of assistance this three-tiered gift<br />

offers! Sustenance is available in the bottom box with the inclusion of coffee (with<br />

condiment pack), Nonni’s biscotti, Grandma’s cookies, Act II microwave popcorn,<br />

and much more. Clean-up is handled with Soft Scrub automatic dishwasher<br />

detergent, a Wet Ones antibacterial wipe, a scouring pad, and a trash bag. Residents<br />

will get set-up and organized with the picture hangers, sticky notes, and pencil. And<br />

finally, there are the bath necessities of soap, shampoo, body lotion, dental floss, and<br />

a pre-pasted toothbrush. Very importantly, there is also a roll of toilet tissue! Choose<br />

from the five box colors and twelve ribbon colors shown below.<br />

(The coffee mug is not included.) 9” x 4.5” x 11”<br />

CHO-04917 $26.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />


White Kraft Aqua Black Silver<br />



Elegance, fun, and light are presented in this single, beautiful offering! A stainless steel ice bucket<br />

(with ice tongs to match!) holds delicious taste treats such as La Panzanella crackers, creamy<br />

cheese spread, and salami slices. A charming, wood-handled spreader knife is included. And,<br />

perfect for chilling in the ice bucket, there is a bottle of sparkling apple cider! A string of fairy<br />

lights is woven throughout the clear packaging and adds to the extra-special impact of this gift.<br />

You may activate the battery-operated lights upon giving the gift as the battery pack is cleverly<br />

hidden behind the ribbon bow. Choose from ten satin ribbon colors shown below. 6” x 6” x 15”<br />

CHO-35620 $34.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

White<br />

Black<br />

Pewter<br />

Navy<br />

Blue<br />

Peacock<br />

Teal<br />

Copper<br />


Brightest<br />

Yellow<br />

Soft Coral<br />

Orange<br />

Aqua<br />

Fresh<br />

Green<br />

Red<br />

Silver &<br />

White<br />

Stripe<br />

Navy<br />

Blue<br />

Deep<br />

Purple<br />

Red<br />

Peacock<br />

Teal<br />

Copper<br />

Brightest<br />

Yellow<br />

Soft Coral<br />

Orange<br />

Fresh<br />

Green<br />

Keep your brand top-of-mind! www.canyouimagine.com | 37

A<br />

the<br />



collection<br />

Present with<br />

“Clean-Up Caddy”<br />

(shown on p.40)<br />

B<br />

A. SOME TOOLS REQUIRED (above)<br />

To create a happy home, some tools are required. A reusable tote bag holds an array of items necessary for setting<br />

up household. A twelve-foot measuring tape and six-head screwdriver are included, along with a picture hanging<br />

kit (featuring a level, pencil and a generous choice of hangers). Clean-up is an important part of set-up so we<br />

added liquid dishwashing soap, a reusable cleaning cloth, and a scouring pad. There is even an adhesive bandage<br />

for any small “oops” that may occur. Your residents will appreciate your thoughtful choice of gift! 8” x 4” x 14”<br />

TWE-16716 $17.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />


Popular with both residents and property management, our plunger<br />

and TP gifts help out your maintenance team by cutting down on<br />

service calls. Let your residents solve an issue on their own when<br />

it needs to be solved…right away! A plunger never looked so great!<br />

Bath essentials of shampoo and body lotion, face soap, and a four-<br />

piece manicure kit in vinyl case complete the offering. 6” x 6” x 19”<br />

Gift with Bath Essentials (as shown)<br />

TWE-40719-1 $16.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Gift without Bath Essentials<br />

TWE-40719-2 $11.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />

Add Your Logo. See page 62 for details.<br />

38 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

20TH<br />


C<br />

C. BASICS (above)<br />

Our glossy navy blue box has a cargo of necessary toilet paper and a pre-pasted toothbrush. A pad of paper and a Paper Mate pen are included for taking<br />

measurements and creating that first grocery list. Floor protectors, in several sizes, will protect fine finished floors and make moving furniture easier. Picture<br />

hangers give residents the means to hang pictures properly, without damage to freshly painted walls. A selection of delicious snacks is included. 8.5” x 4” x 5”<br />

Gift with Floor Protectors/Picture Hangers (as shown) Gift without Floor Protectors/Picture Hangers<br />

TWE-06615-1 $15.65 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

TWE-06615-2 $13.59 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Enjoy our friendly and knowledgeable customer care! 770-933-8338 | 39

A<br />

B<br />

C<br />

A. MIGHTY TIDY (above)<br />

A sparkling, tall, and colorful gift that makes cleaning<br />

supplies look fun…now, that is mighty special! Our<br />

bold 20th Anniversary satin ribbon tops a tower<br />

comprised of paper towels, All laundry detergent,<br />

Simple Green All-Purpose cleaner, a scouring pad,<br />

and a kitchen trash bag. A Starlight mint, sticky<br />

notepad, and a pencil add to this substantial movein-day<br />

offering. 7.5” x 16”<br />

TWE-53715 $12.79 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


If you want to create excitement, select this gift! Bold<br />

colors pop from the large presentation for immediate<br />

impact upon giving. This offering of name-brand<br />

snacks and a beverage will be well-received each<br />

time you wish to show resident appreciation. Snack<br />

gifts suit all occasions. 6” x 6” x 6”<br />

TWE-27615 $15.45 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

C. CLEAN-UP CADDY (above)<br />

A compact package of cleaning items with the added benefit<br />

of snacks creates a charming move-in gift. A sturdy plastic<br />

caddy (with suction cups for attaching to the sink) carries a<br />

Scotch Brite scrub sponge, a reusable cleaning cloth, Simple<br />

Green All-Purpose cleaner, and a kitchen trash bag. Nature<br />

Valley granola bars and a Starlight mint provide a tasty snack.<br />

6.5” x 2” x 10”<br />

TWE-55319 $12.59 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

40 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

D. CHA-CHA CHARCUTERIE (below)<br />

Gourmet items are visibly displayed on a large bamboo cutting board and tied in<br />

a generous satin bow. Your residents may open the contents onto the board and<br />

create a sumptuous charcuterie-type feast for the eyes and the pallet. Salami,<br />

cheese, crackers, dried cranberries, olives, and much more will combine to delight<br />

the taste buds of your most discerning recipients. 8.5” x 1.75” x 11”<br />

TWE-35519 $29.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

20TH<br />



NEW! A deck of jumbo playing cards is a great offering for prospects and visitors<br />

to the leasing office. It also makes a wonderful last minute gift of the occasional<br />

“oops!” that happen or anytime you want to spread a bit of fun to your residents!<br />

The message included on the top of the deck is “Live Large! Live Here!” which ties<br />

in your marketing message about the special aspects of your property to the large<br />

dimensions of the cards! 3” x 5” x .75”<br />

TWE-60121 $4.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


Your new residents will be grateful for the<br />

placement of this attractive gift in their<br />

new homes. The necessary toilet paper is<br />

covered in navy blue tissue and topped with<br />

a plush, terry washcloth and a bar of face<br />

soap. Navy satin ribbon ties it all together.<br />

This trio coordinates with all of our 20th<br />

Anniversary Collection gifts! Consider giving<br />

this gift along with a snack or gourmet<br />

offering, or with a gift of essentials. 4” x 6”<br />

TWE-46315 $7.35 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Gifts elevate the resident experience! www.canyouimagine.com | 41


BOXES<br />

A. ONE FOR ALL (right)<br />

There is something for everyone packed<br />

inside this feel-good box. Residents will find<br />

many uses for the 3-In-1 Drink Opener. A<br />

convenient Lint Roller is included as well as a<br />

night light. Scissors are a must have for any<br />

household, so we added a pair. The surprise<br />

of a set of twinkling LED Fairy Lights will<br />

be well-received by residents wanting to<br />

create a celebratory feel to their home!<br />

Your recipient will enjoy the Wolfgang Puck<br />

coffee filter pack (complete with condiment<br />

pack), the Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies,<br />

Albanese Gummi Bears, and Gardettos<br />

snack mix. 9.5” x 6” x 4”<br />

IMA-17820 $29.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

With the fun look and sturdy feel of sought-after<br />

subscription boxes, our <strong>Imagine</strong> Boxes are designed<br />

to conquer the hearts of your residents, to receive the<br />

reaction of “ahhh”, and to secure the feeling that a good<br />

decision was made when the lease was signed, <strong>Imagine</strong><br />

Boxes contain thoughtfully-selected contents for your<br />

discriminating residents!<br />

B. PLEASANT EVENING (below)<br />

AYL<br />

NEW! A hammered metallic-gold stemless wine glass is the headliner of this gift and an equally fun wine opener joins<br />

the party. Sweet treats of Grey Ghost Bourbon Chocolate Cookies and a generous bag of organic jelly beans team up<br />

to thrill the palette, while Q’s Nuts Sea Salt with Rosemary Cashews offer savory delight! 9.5” x 6” x 4”<br />

IMA-37721 $29.00 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Note: If you choose to include property tags on your order<br />

of <strong>Imagine</strong> Boxes, they will be attached to the inside lid of<br />

each box with colorful Washi Tape and will be very visible<br />

when the boxes are opened.<br />

Discover our New!<br />


on page 2.<br />

42 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

Give residents a gift of<br />

enjoyment!<br />


BOXES<br />


AYL<br />

NEW! Your residents will enjoy each of the items delivered in a sturdy, full-color imprinted display box! Recipients will sip from the wood-tone, double-wall, insulated<br />

tumbler from their morning coffee through to their evening wine. A wooden box full of building blocks creates an opportunity for a competitive tower game! A note on the box<br />

states,”Enjoy building your home.” An extendable bear claw back scratcher offers a tool of comfort in your resident’s home. A sweet snack of Grey Ghost Lemon Sugar Cookies<br />

and a salty snack of Nut Harvest Deluxe Mixed Nuts round out a fantastic offering for lucky residents! 9.5” x 6” x 4”<br />

IMA-67721 $35.00 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

We look forward to hearing from you! 770-933-8338 | 43

A<br />

A new<br />

favorite!<br />

A future classic!<br />

the<br />


collection<br />


1. Select your favorite gift or gifts.<br />

2. Choose the best color ribbon for your property:<br />

Satin Ribbon choices are: Fresh Green,<br />

Peacock Teal, Brightest Yellow, Coral, and Red.<br />

3. Order. Give. Make recipients happy!<br />

A. LUNCH SACK SNACKS (top left)<br />

AYL<br />

Snacks are always a popular gift. Placing those snacks in a highly reusable,<br />

attractive, and insulated lunch bag greatly increases the happiness factor!<br />

And, we also included two ice packs for the perfect take-to-work use of the<br />

bag. Name-brand snacks include Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies,<br />

Sun Chips, Snyder’s pretzels, Skittles candies, and Deer Park water.<br />

7.5” x 6.5” x 14”<br />

SIL-23820 $13.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

B<br />

C<br />

B. GOOD DAY MAGNETIC MEMO HOLDER (bottom far left)<br />

NEW! From its uplifting message to its cargo of notepad and pen, pencil,<br />

and delicious Verb Energy Bar, this compact gift is excellent for residents<br />

to find on their refrigerator on move-in day or after a maintenance call!<br />

The caddy has strong magnets on its back for a secure hold. The message<br />

on the front is: “Today is a GOOD DAY to have a good day”. 4.5” x 5.5” x 1”<br />

SIL-50121 $7.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

C. SILHOUETTE BATH (bottom left)<br />

A colorful pop of satin ribbon (in your choice of five fabulous colors)<br />

and bath amenities conceal a roll of toilet paper in stunning fashion.<br />

Conditioning shampoo, body lotion, and a cellophane-wrapped, pre-pasted<br />

toothbrush are included. (The tray is not included.) 6.5” x 5” x 6.5”<br />

SIL-43213 $7.35 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

44 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

E<br />

D<br />



NEW! This fascinating gift gives the appearance of being a five-tier stainless steel cake! In reality, we have<br />

created a tower of serve and store containers and tied them together with your choice of five grosgrain<br />

ribbon colors. Upon opening their gift your resident will discover that you have taken care of a full range of<br />

moving day and first night needs. Visit our website for the full content description. 11” x 6.75”<br />

SIL-00821 $29.99 each (6 gifts per case)<br />

E. KITCHEN CADDY (top right)<br />

A sturdy plastic caddy (with suction cups for attaching to the sink) is chock-full of kitchen necessities from<br />

Soft Scrub liquid dish soap and automatic dish detergent to a trash bag, scouring pad, and a microfiber<br />

cleaning cloth. The gift provides a bright pop of color that will garner immediate notice. 6.5” x 2” x 10”<br />

SIL-55316 $12.75 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

F<br />

F. HEATHERED TOILETRY BAG (bottom right)<br />

An eye-catching heathered toiletry bag makes a charming move-in gift. The reusability of the gift is also<br />

immediately appreciated by your new resident! Your recipient will find that you have graciously taken care<br />

of first night bath needs with a roll of toilet tissue, and Terra Green shampoo, body lotion, and face soap.<br />

Also enclosed are a pre-pasted toothbrush, a water cup, shaving razor, and a manicure kit! 12” x 4” x 5”<br />

SIL-43820-1 $18.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

AYL<br />

Feel good about the gifts you give! 770-933-8338 | 45


Use gifts to encourage resident retention.<br />

Our Food for Thought Door Hangers offer great messaging, a thematic attached gift, and super-easy delivery to residents’ doors! 4” x 10”<br />

front<br />

back<br />

NEW!<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />


Ink Pen Attached.<br />

FFT-12217 $1.69 each<br />

POP & RENEW<br />

Microwave Popcorn Attached.<br />

FFT-21117 $1.99 each<br />


Playing Cards Attached.<br />

FFT-60021 $2.35 each<br />

46 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com


A SNACK<br />

Thank your renewals with<br />

this set of bamboo boards<br />

and a box filled with tasty<br />

treats to whet the appetite<br />

of your recipients.<br />

15” x 9.25” x 3.5”<br />

SIG-32718 $26.99 each<br />

(6 gifts per case)<br />


Let renewing residents know you appreciate the extension of their stay in<br />

your community! A box full of name brand snacks with the message, “You’ve<br />

Renewed, Now Enjoy!” will make them feel as welcome as ever! 5” cube<br />

REN-23517 $8.59 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

C<br />

R E N E WA L<br />

THANKS<br />

Use gifts to show appreciation<br />

for Renewing Residents.<br />


NEW! Celebrate renewing residents with an<br />

extravagant gift of champagne flutes and more!<br />

7.5” x 4” x 14”<br />

Celebrate!<br />

HOL-35921 $29.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


Keep your brand top-of-mind! www.canyouimagine.com | 47


leave-behinds<br />

Perfect for<br />

appreciation!<br />

NEW!<br />


CCD-70221 $1.75 each<br />

Lemon Twist Pop Attached. 6” x 4”<br />


CCD-2017 As low as $0.95 each<br />

Two Life-Savers Attached. 6” x 4”<br />


The gift of a plunger often prevents the<br />

need for maintenance calls.<br />

View eight such gifts on our website.<br />

SIG-4078 $11.49 each<br />


Tell residents that you feel lucky to have them living at your<br />

property and give them a snack at the same time.<br />

HOL-32218 $5.99 each<br />

NEW!<br />

Leave great<br />

impressions!<br />

48<br />


CCD-20111 As low as $0.95 each<br />

Lollipop Attached. 6” x 4”<br />


CCD-20220 As low as $0.95 each<br />

Honey Candy Attached. 4” x 6”<br />


CCD-70021 $5.59 each<br />

3.75” x 4.25”<br />


CCD-<strong>2021</strong>2 As low as $1.10 each<br />

Wyler’s Lemonade Mix Attached. 4” x 6”


NEW! Let’s spoil man’s best friend!<br />

A 4 oz. box of peanut butter dog<br />

treats has a rope chew toy attached.<br />

8” x 5.5” x 2”<br />

PET-80421 $9.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

Pets<br />

Rule!<br />

F U R RY F R I E N D S<br />

are residents too!<br />

Residents know your commitment to their<br />

happiness when you welcome their pets!<br />

Visit our website to see all our offerings!<br />


NEW! An item for the dog. An item for the dog lover.<br />

Perfect! A gray baseball DOG PEOPLE hat is joined by<br />

a canvas and rope toss toy. 12” x 8” x 4”<br />

PET-65721 $24.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />


Strong nylon leashes in four<br />

assorted colors. 51” long x .75” wide<br />

PET-10215 $6.75 each<br />


Something<br />

Fun...<br />

Question. “What did the dog say when he sat on sandpaper?”<br />

Answer. “Ruff!”<br />


(right)<br />

NEW! Your best friend<br />

deserves a treat! And this<br />

gift provides quite the<br />

assortment! 10” x 5”<br />

PET-65521 $7.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Door Hangers<br />

Our Food for Thought Door Hangers offer great messaging, a thematic attached gift, and super-easy delivery to residents’ doors! 4” x 10”<br />


NEW!<br />

NEW!<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />



Lemon Twist Pop Attached.<br />

FFT-20021 $1.99 each<br />


Microwave Popcorn Attached.<br />

FFT-20921 $1.99 each<br />


Sour Power Belt Attached.<br />

FFT-21315 $1.35 each<br />


Bubble Gum Coin Attached.<br />

FFT-34418 $1.49 each<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />


Spiral Fruit Candies Attached.<br />

FFT-36618 $1.59 each<br />


Life Savers Candies Attached.<br />

FFT-28319 $1.49 each<br />


Life Savers Candies Attached.<br />

FFT-21419 $1.49 each<br />


Two Lollipops Attached.<br />

FFT-30116 $1.55 each<br />

50 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com

Every resident has a birthday.<br />

Every birthday presents an opportunity for connection!<br />



front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />

front<br />

back<br />


DOR-12518<br />

As low as $0.65 each<br />

front<br />

back<br />


Blowhorn Attached.<br />

FFT-11116 $1.49 each<br />

front<br />

back<br />



Playing Cards Attached.<br />

FFT-28520 $2.35 each<br />


Twin Cherry Lollipops Attached.<br />

FFT-21119 $1.75 each<br />


Spiral Fruit Candies Attached.<br />

FFT-15520 $1.59 each<br />

Gifts elevate the resident experience! www.canyouimagine.com | 51



Resident appreciation<br />

is always in season!<br />

C<br />


NEW! An American Flag is the star<br />

in this delightful gift that celebrates<br />

America and our Veterans.<br />

Your choice of two tags are tied on<br />

with a navy ribbon. 13.5” x 6”<br />

HOL-65521 $5.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

B<br />

B. PATRIOTS CUP (left)<br />

NEW! A bright red stadium cup is<br />

the container for a yummy, summer,<br />

snack break featuring lemonade mix,<br />

peanuts, and more! It is festive and<br />

fun with its red and white striped<br />

straw, three coordinating ribbons<br />

and tag with an American flag and<br />

patriotic message!<br />

5.5”, 9.5” with straw<br />

HOL-20521 $8.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

C. WAVE THE FLAG (above)<br />

NEW! Our white, double-walled travel tumbler is joined by Starbucks<br />

Frappuccino and Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies. An American Flag<br />

emerges from the top of the gift and a festive spirit is created!<br />

12” (with Flag) x 6” x 2”<br />

HOL-25421 $17.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

D. LET FREEDOM RING (right center)<br />

NEW! An American Flag pin outlined in details of gold is<br />

the perfect give away for all patriotic events! 4.75” x 3”<br />

HOL-60221 $2.59 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

E<br />

D<br />

Pamela<br />

Account Manager<br />

Celebrate!<br />

52 | CAN YOU IMAGINE | www.canyouimagine.com<br />

E. THE HEART OF AMERICA (right bottom)<br />

NEW! Thank your resident Veterans with a patriotic,<br />

heart-shaped enamel pin! 5” x 3.25”; Pin size: .875” x .75”<br />

HOL-60121 $2.59 each (12 gifts per case)



Promote community fun & show appreciation.<br />

F<br />

front<br />

back<br />


G<br />

F. JACK O’LANTERN SNACKS (above)<br />

NEW! The cutest Jack O’lantern jute tote ever<br />

will delight your residents this autumn in the form<br />

of a gift of snacks! Once the snacks are consumed<br />

the jute tote can be a plant holder (it is lined in<br />

waterproof material!) or a trick or treat bag. It will<br />

be saved as a decoration for future Halloween<br />

events. 5.5” x 5.5” x 9”<br />

HOL-29321 $12.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

HOCUS POCUS (above)<br />

Smarties Candy Attached.<br />

FFT-22218 $1.29 each<br />

SCARE UP SOME CANDY (below)<br />

Candy Corn Attached.<br />

FFT-22119 $1.49 each<br />

G. AUTUMN WARMTH TUMBLER (left top)<br />

A white double-wall travel tumbler is decked<br />

front<br />

back<br />

out for the autumn chill! It carries a cargo of<br />

three warm beverage choices including Spiced<br />

H<br />

Apple Cider, Teavanna Chai Tea, and Folgers<br />

Instant Coffee. A condiment pack is enclosed<br />

so beverages can be prepared “just right.” Your<br />

recipients will also enjoy Nature Valley Granola<br />

Bars and a Werthers Hard Candy. 3.35” x 6.75”<br />

HOL-63420 $14.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

H. GRATITUDE GOURMET (left bottom)<br />

A luscious gift with a great message of gratitude<br />

and delicious treats inside...who could want for<br />

more? Show residents your true feelings with this<br />

beautiful gift. 4” cube.<br />

LTD-33313 $10.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

We look forward to hearing from you! 770-933-8338 | 53


NEW! The ingredients for sharing<br />

holiday goodness are presented in this<br />

dynamic holiday offering. Not only will<br />

the delicious contents be enjoyed with<br />

glee, but the wooden box will remain as<br />

a useful catch-all for future use!<br />

(Coffee mug not included.)<br />

7.5” x 4” x 14”<br />

HOL-35821 $22.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

WINTER<br />


The most wonderful time of the<br />

year for gift-giving!<br />

54 | CAN YOU IMAGINE www.canyouimagine.com


This sturdy ceramic mug harkens back to campfire “tin cup” style memories!<br />

Colors: Visit our website to see all of the color options.<br />

A<br />

Size: 3.4375” H x 4” Rim x 3”, 13 oz. Imprint Size: 2.75” W x 2” H<br />

Set up fee: $59.00 Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

PRO-10318<br />

36+ $5.79 | 72+ $4.39<br />


2016+ $3.49<br />

B<br />

B. ENJOYING THE SEASON (top right)<br />

front<br />

back<br />

A knit beanie, a ceramic campfire mug, and a<br />

large jar of Silly Cow Hot Cocoa Mix bring on<br />

the warmth along with a Tin Goat candle. Cozy!<br />

D<br />

Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pocket Latte<br />

treats are delicious additions! 12” x 10” x 4”<br />

HOL-63820<br />

1+ $85.00 each, 13+ $77.00 each,<br />

25+ $72.00 each<br />

C. THE COCOA SNOWMAN (bottom right)<br />

This charming snowman is a vehicle to deliver<br />

delicious hot cocoa mix! 9.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”<br />

HOL-60420 $14.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

C<br />


Chocolate Star Attached.<br />

FFT-16620 $1.59 each<br />

D. FUN AT HOME TOWER (bottom far right)<br />

NEW! This is a fun gift for prospects during the<br />

holiday season. If you are having holiday events,<br />

these gifts also make wonderful favors or prizes.<br />

6” x 2.25” x 2.5”<br />

HOL-60421 $8.99 each (12 gifts per case)<br />

Shop online anytime! www.canyouimagine.com | 55

IMPRINTED DRINKWARE Increase brand awareness everyday!<br />

A<br />

C<br />

E<br />

All<br />

B<br />

New!<br />

D<br />

A<br />


Color: White Marble<br />

Size: 10” H, 16 oz.; Imprint Size: 2.5” W x 2.5” H<br />

Set up fee: $40.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-11121 50+ $16.59 | 250+ $14.59 | 500+ $12.99<br />

D<br />


Size: 4.75” H, 12 oz.; Imprint Size: 3” W x 1.5” H<br />

Set up fee: $59.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-10921<br />

36+ $12.45 | 144+ $11.59 | 288+ $10.99<br />

Woodlands Happy Hour<br />

page 29<br />

B<br />


Colors: Black, Reflex Blue, Lime Green, Red<br />

Featured in Woodlands Happy Hour,<br />

shown to the right!<br />

C<br />

Size: 9.5” H x 3.125” D; Imprint Size: 2.5” W x 2.5” H<br />

Set up fee: $55.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-11221 72+ $8.30 | 144+ $7.99 | 288+ $7.60<br />


Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, Orange, Red, Teal, White, Yellow<br />

Size: 9.5” H, 18 oz.; Imprint Size: 2” W x 1.5” H<br />

Set up fee: $40.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-10721 50+ $11.99 | 250+ $10.29 | 1000+ $9.59<br />

E<br />


Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Red, White<br />

Size: 4.5” H, Extended 8.25” H, 17 oz.<br />

Imprint Size on cap: 1.5” D<br />

Set up fee: $55.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-10821<br />

100+ $12.25 | 250+ $11.59 | 1000+ $9.99<br />

Featured in Sense of Calm, shown to the right!<br />

Sense of Calm<br />

page 33<br />

56 | CAN YOU IMAGINE View ALL of our gifts at www.canyouimagine.com


Stemless champagne flutes offer the height of<br />

sophistication with a decreased risk of breakage.<br />

Size: 5.68” H x 2.16” W, 11 oz.<br />

Imprint Size: 2” W x 2” H<br />

Set up fee: $59.00 Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

PRO-30417<br />

72+ $3.15 | 144+ $2.99 | 1008+ $2.55<br />


This aluminum tumbler has a<br />

screw-on, spill resistant sip top lid<br />

and carrying loop.<br />

Size: 9.5”H, 25 oz.<br />

Imprint: 3” W x 4.5” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00<br />

Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-59815<br />

36+ $7.35<br />

72+ $6.99<br />

576+ $5.69<br />


This glass makes a perfect party<br />

favor or will look great paired<br />

with a bottle of wine as a<br />

move-in or renewal gift.<br />

Size: 4.375”H, 15 oz.<br />

Imprint Size: 2.25” W x 1.5” H<br />

Set up fee: $59.00<br />

Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

PRO-30411<br />

72+ $4.29<br />

144+ $4.15<br />


288+ $3.99<br />

If you do not see exactly what you want,<br />

all you have to do is...ASK!<br />


This large 25 oz.plastic water bottle<br />

comes in two color choices and features<br />

silver-tone metallic caps and bases.<br />

Colors: Mint, Blue, Red, Green, Clear<br />

Size: 11” H x 2.75” W<br />

Imprint Size: 2.25” W x 3.5” H<br />

Set up fee: $59.00<br />

Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

PRO-31517<br />

25+ $7.79 | 50+ $5.39<br />

2500+ $4.25<br />


Stainless steel drinking straws are reusable and environmentally friendly. Set includes a straw pipe cleaner brush.<br />

Size: 8.5” H x .25” W Imprint Size: 4” x .125”: limit of 46 characters including spaces<br />

Set up fee: $50.00 Reorder fee: $30.00<br />

PRO-10819<br />

100+ $2.59 | 250+ $2.49 | 2000+ $2.09<br />


Double-wall stainless steel vacuum-insulated tumblers in the shape of popular<br />

stemless wine glasses are constructed for creating a fun event! These tumblers<br />

will keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold for up to three hours.<br />

Colors: Fuchsia, Teal, Red, Black, Purple, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Lime, Blue<br />

Size: 4.5” H x 3.11” W Imprint Size: 2.25” W x 1.75” H<br />

Set up fee: $59.00<br />

Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

Vibrant, reusable, and insulated!<br />

PRO-32518<br />

50+ $11.89<br />

100+ $11.39<br />

2500+ $9.79<br />

The “Fine Print” for ordering imprinted items is on page 62.<br />

Feel good about the gifts you give! 770-933-8338 | 57


Showcase your marketing message around town.<br />


This nonwoven bag is laminated for a shiny finish<br />

and water-resistant performance! A tone-on-tone<br />

pattern of a leaf garland in vertical stripes beautifully<br />

fills the surface. Made from 80 gram Nonwoven,<br />

coated water-Resistant Poly. 5.125” Gusset.<br />

Reusable and Recyclable.<br />

Colors: Blue, Red. Gray, Black<br />

Size: 16.625” W X 15.25” H X 5.125” D<br />

Imprint size: 11” W x 9” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00<br />

Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-12220<br />

100+ $3.29<br />

250+ $2.99<br />

2500+ $2.55<br />


This nonwoven, oversize tote with a wood-print plank design is the perfect<br />

backdrop for your community name! Made of 80 gram laminated non-woven,<br />

coated water-resistant polypropylene, the tote has heat-sealed seams, and is<br />

reusable and recyclable. Spot Clean/Air Dry.<br />

Colors: Woodtone, Gray Woodtone, Light Woodtone<br />

Size: 16.5” X 15.375” x 6” Gusset; 16.75” Handles<br />

Imprint Size: 12” W x 9” H<br />

Set up fee: $45.00, Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-06620<br />

150+ $3.09<br />


Made of 100% pure, natural jute, this bag<br />

features a large imprint area for great<br />

visibility while out on the town and<br />

12.5” cotton webbing handles.<br />

Colors: Natural with Lime, Black, Pink,<br />

Navy Blue, or Red trim<br />

Size: 12” W x 13” H x 7.25” D<br />

Imprint Size: 9” W x 9” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00, Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-07721<br />

50+ $7.99<br />

NEW!<br />

250+ $6.75<br />

1000+ $5.69<br />


A sturdy tote constructed of 600D poly-canvas<br />

material, this bag features 26” x 1.5” handles, a<br />

mesh pocket for a water bottle, a main zippered<br />

area and a zippered front pocket.<br />

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange,<br />

Purple, Red, Yellow<br />

Size: 16.5” W x 14.5” H x 4.5” Gusset<br />

Imprint Size: 5” W x 5” H<br />

Set up fee: $59.00<br />

Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

PRO-14020<br />

50+ $10.40<br />

100+ $6.99<br />

1000+ $5.89<br />

58 | CAN YOU IMAGINE View ALL of our gifts at www.canyouimagine.com


Encourage a clean property, while promoting an<br />

important amenity! Bone-shaped container comes with<br />

15 poly white bags (12” x 12”) and a matching carabiner.<br />

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Frost, Green,<br />

Orange, Pink, Purple, Teal, White, Yellow<br />

Size: 3”W x 1.75” H Imprint Size: 1” W x 1” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00<br />

Reorder fee: $20.00.<br />

PRO-7928<br />

150+ $2.29 | 250+ $2.09<br />

500+ $1.79<br />


Give this great looking pair of shades<br />

to each of your staff then encourage<br />

them to gift each propective resident<br />

with a pair. Sunglasses become walking<br />

billboards and create happy recipients!<br />

Lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB<br />

protection<br />

Item Color: Tortoise with Gold Accents;<br />

White or Black with Silver Accents<br />

Imprint Size: 2” W x .25” H<br />

Set up fee: $40.00<br />

Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-41820<br />

150+ $5.19<br />

300+ $4.89<br />

2400+ $4.29<br />



This set of 5 bamboo coasters makes a stylish<br />

addition to any table or bar. Residents will love<br />

that the coasters protect their furniture. The five<br />

coasters and case are made from sustainable<br />

environmental friendly bamboo.<br />

Size: 4.25” x 4” x 2.5” Imprint Size: 3” W x 1.75” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00 Reorder fee: $30.00.<br />

PRO-51618<br />

25+ $13.30 | 50+ $12.50 | 500+ $10.49<br />


A generously proportioned, hemmed, 4lb. velour white towel<br />

is a perfect gift for residents using your fitness center or<br />

tennis courts! Your property name imprinted on the towel is a<br />

marketing billboard! You may have the imprint placed at one<br />

end of the towel.<br />

Size: 11” W x 44”H Imprint Size: 8.5” W x 20” H<br />

Set up fee: $32.00 Reorder fee: $25.00.<br />

PRO-42717<br />

72+ $9.79 | 144+ $8.59 | 288+ $8.29<br />


Residents will feel the coziness of their<br />

community with this gift of a soft, warm<br />

blanket which features faux micro mink<br />

on one side and soft Sherpa on the<br />

other. Each blanket is delivered in a<br />

zippered vinyl bag.<br />

Colors: Black, Burgundy, Camel,<br />

Chocolate Brown, Forest, Gray, Navy,<br />

Plum, Red, Royal Blue, Gray Buffalo<br />

Plaid, Red Buffalo Plaid<br />

Size: 50”W x 60” H<br />

Embroidery Size: 5” W x 5” H,<br />

5000 stitch maximum<br />

Set up fee: $50.00<br />

Reorder fee: $20.00<br />

PRO-01219<br />

24+ $37.50<br />

The “Fine Print” for ordering imprinted items is on page 62. 70. Keep your brand top-of-mind! www.canyouimagine.com 770-933-8338 | 59


Increase your property’s visibility<br />

and thrill your prospects.<br />


NEW! This is a fun, creative and<br />

unique way to to ask a prospect<br />

to sign a lease! 6” x 2.25” x 2.5”<br />

LTD-60121 $8.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />


Keep a bowl full in the leasing office to give<br />

prospects and visiting residents. Sold in cases<br />

of 1000 mints.<br />

Imprint Size: 1.5” W x .75” H<br />

Set up fee: $60.00; Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

PRO-3508<br />

2+ $108.89 | 3+ $104.49 | 5+ $83.49<br />


Stand up zipper pouches are imprinted to look like<br />

mason jars, are filled with jelly beans, and accented<br />

with your property tag and the following greeting:<br />

Come back and sign a lease! Once the candy has<br />

been consumed the pouch will find a second life as<br />

storage for food, office supplies, jewelry and more!<br />

3.5” x 1” x 7”<br />

SPE-25220-PROSPECT $4.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />


A pad of fifty sticky notes is<br />

colorfully imprinted with our<br />

Quarter Century pattern and the<br />

statement “Great communities<br />

stick together.” A Paper Mate<br />

pen is attached. Keep a basket<br />

full of these gifts in the leasing<br />

office for visitors and prospects.<br />

Pad: 3” x .25” x 3”; Pen: 6”<br />

QTR-70120 $2.99 each<br />

(12 gifts per case)<br />

Encourage<br />

walk-aways to<br />

become<br />

walk-backs.<br />

Gifts with your property<br />

name attached make<br />

you memorable.<br />


Invite prospects to ‘LOOK” closer at<br />

your community and to “SEE” how<br />

amazing it would be to live there!<br />

Colors: Lime Green, Black, Blue, Red<br />

Size: 2” W x 4.75” H<br />

Imprint Size: 1.25” W x 1.125” H<br />

Set up fee: $40.00<br />

Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-11319<br />

250+ $3.49<br />

500+ $3.09<br />

1000+ $2.69<br />

60 | CAN YOU IMAGINE View ALL of our gifts at www.canyouimagine.com


These tumblers make excellent billboards<br />

for your property name, phone number<br />

and logo. Matching lid and straw.<br />

Colors: Purple, Charcoal, Lime,<br />

Orange, Red, Clear, Blue, Green<br />

Size: 5.5”H, 16 oz.<br />

Imprint Size: 3” W x 3” H<br />

Set up fee: $60.00<br />

Reorder fee: $30.00<br />

PRO-52212<br />

120+ $2.39<br />


Constructed of 80 gram non-woven polypropylene with side and<br />

bottom gussets, reinforced handles, and a hemmed opening.<br />

Colors: Navy, Khaki, Burgundy, Red, Black, White, Hunter, Royal,<br />

Grape, Bright Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Lime<br />

Imprint Size: Different for each size. See website for details.<br />


The party starts with cold beverages served in<br />

shiny, metallic can coolers! Perfect as walk-away<br />

gifts for prospects, and for current residents<br />

events that need a little glam!<br />

Colors: Gold, Silver<br />

Metallic: Magenta,<br />

Royal Blue, Teal<br />

Size: 4” H<br />

Imprint: 2.5” W x 3” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00<br />

Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-73419<br />

100+ $1.99<br />

250+ $1.89<br />

1000+ $1.69<br />


Set up fee: $50.00 Reorder fee: $30.00<br />

PRO-1368-1 Size: 13”W x 5” D x 13” H 150+ $2.79 | 500+ $2.19<br />

PRO-1368-2 Size: 16”W x 6” D x 12” H 150+ $2.79 | 500+ $2.19<br />

PRO-1368-3 Size: 20”W x 6” D x 16” H 150+ $3.39 | 500+ $2.59<br />


Promote the super-charged atmosphere<br />

of your community with these functional<br />

charger cubes imprinted with your name.<br />

Imprint Size: .9” W x .5” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-46119<br />

100+ $6.29<br />

250+ $5.59<br />

500+ $4.79<br />


A push-retractable pen with a stylus placed at the pen point!<br />

Colors: Orange, Red, Black, Green, Blue<br />

Size: 5.75” H Imprint Size: 1.25” W x .75” H<br />

Set up fee: $25.00 Reorder fee: $15.00<br />

PRO-16315<br />

250+ $0.99 | 500+ $0.95 | 5000+ $0.84<br />


The sleek, contemporary<br />

good looks of this pen belie its<br />

modest price! (Black Ink)<br />

Colors: Slate Blue, Burgundy,<br />

Black, Blue, Green, Matte Silver<br />

Size: 5.5” H<br />

Imprint size: 1.5” W x .31” H<br />

Set up fee: $55.00<br />

Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-16012<br />

250+ $0.89 | 500+ $0.79<br />

1000+ $0.69<br />


A great, satin-smooth writing pen<br />

is perfect for giveaways and for<br />

keeping around the office!<br />

(Black Ink)<br />

Colors: Translucent Barrel with<br />

Matching Grip Colors and Silver<br />

Barrel with Grip Colors. See<br />

website for all options.<br />

Size: 5.5” H<br />

Imprint Size: 1.25” W x .5” H<br />

Set up fee: $55.00<br />

Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-17513<br />

250+ $0.69 | 500+ $0.62<br />

The “Fine Print” for ordering imprinted items is on page 62.<br />

Enjoy our friendly and knowledgeable customer care! 770-933-8338 | 61

Delivery<br />

Production times vary per item. Estimate 2.5<br />

weeks for delivery after we receive approved<br />

artwork. (For logo items added to gifts, estimate<br />

up to 4 weeks.) Rush options may incur additional<br />

fees.<br />

Over/Under Runs<br />

You will be expected to accept and pay for up to<br />

a 10% over run (making too many of your item).<br />

Also, be prepared for up to a 10% under run<br />

(making too few of your item). You will not be<br />

charged for items you do not receive due to an<br />

under run or damages.<br />

Returns<br />

Due to the nature of custom printing, promotional<br />

items cannot be returned or exchanged.<br />

Fees<br />

Most imprinted items are subject to set-up and<br />

reorder fees. Minimum quantity purchases are<br />

required.<br />

Personalized Gift Tags<br />

Truly unprecedented in style and quality, our custom designed<br />

gift tags, personalized with YOUR PROPERTY’S NAME and/or<br />

LOGO, are a small detail that will make a profound statement!<br />

Our standard message is “a gift created especially for you”<br />

and your property name printed below. If you would like to<br />

choose a special message, please state exactly how your tag<br />

should read when ordering. We will print your new gift tags,<br />

keep them in our studio, and then tie one to each of your gifts<br />

as you place your orders. Tag color varies with collections.<br />

TAG-9900 Personalized Gift Tags $25.00<br />

(These are one-time printing and set-up charges. Gift Tags are not sold separately.)<br />


This icon indicates gifts that<br />

contain an environmentally<br />

friendly feature such as<br />

packaging, materials, and/<br />

or a message encouraging a<br />

greener lifestyle.<br />


62 | CAN YOU IMAGINE <br />

AYL<br />

Gifts with this icon contain an<br />

item that can be imprinted at an<br />

additional cost, with your<br />

property name, logo, message,<br />

or information. Contact<br />

Customer Service for details.<br />

Gifts with this icon are<br />

tried-and-true “customer<br />

favorites”. These gifts are<br />

great for many occasions and<br />

are always well received by<br />

your resident recipient.<br />

Cancellations<br />

A minimum cancellation charge of $25.00,<br />

plus all charges incurred to date, will be billed<br />

accordingly.<br />

Artwork<br />

Logos and text are best submitted in a Vector file.<br />

If you do not have this, artwork assistance is<br />

available. The artwork is set up and saved in<br />

a Vector file for your future use on additional<br />

promotional items at no charge. Prices are based<br />

on one color printing in one location unless<br />

otherwise noted. Additional fees may be incurred<br />

for PMS color matching and metallic inks.<br />

Colors<br />

Colors of the items displayed in this catalog vary<br />

slightly to the actual item due to photography<br />

and printing intricacies.<br />

Paper/Email Proofs<br />

We provide two complimentary proofs. We charge<br />

$35.00 per proof thereafter.<br />


Ordering<br />

For your convenience we accept orders via phone<br />

(770-933-8338) from 9 am to 5 pm EST. Email<br />

(customercare@canyouimagine.com) and online<br />

orders can be placed anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days<br />

a week. If we are unable to take your call, feel free to<br />

leave your order or any questions on our voice mail.<br />

We look forward to hearing from you!<br />

Minimums<br />

Our minimum order is one case. Case sizes are the<br />

most efficient way to pack and ship your gifts, and<br />

therefore allow us to keep your shipping costs as<br />

low as possible. Please order in case sizes where<br />

specified (per our website).<br />

Delivery<br />

Your gifts will be handcrafted at our facility each<br />

time you place your order. They will then be shipped<br />

via FedEx Ground Service.<br />

Rush Orders<br />

Rush orders ship the next business day and will incur<br />

a rush charge of $25 per case. Increased FedEx<br />

charges for Overnight, 2nd Day Air or 3 Day Select<br />

will also apply.<br />

Substitutions<br />

We reserve the right to substitute an item of equal<br />

or greater value. We will do our very best to inform<br />

you of any such changes. In the case of chocolate/<br />

meltable items we reserve the right to substitute<br />

items of equal or greater value during warm weather.<br />

Alternatively, during warm weather, you may request<br />

expedited shipping (at an additional cost) for certain<br />

meltable items.<br />

Corporate Accounts<br />

Enjoy the power of branded/custom designed gifts<br />

and benefit from increased buying strength. Open a<br />

corporate account. Minimum gift purchases per year<br />

may apply. Please call us at 770-933-8338 to receive<br />

additional information.<br />

Shelf Life/Gift Expiration<br />

Shelf life of edibles varies gift to gift, from 1 month<br />

to 1 year. We will be happy to assist you in selecting<br />

gifts with a longer shelf life if you so desire.<br />

Privacy<br />

It is our policy to protect the privacy of our clients.<br />

Information obtained from customers will not be<br />

shared or sold to any other entity.<br />

Kosher Items<br />

As a custom order, we can create gifts with Kosher<br />

snack items from our inventory. Call for details.<br />

Terms<br />

We offer net 30 payment terms from date of<br />

invoicing. Shipping and handling will be added to<br />

your invoice upon shipment. As an eco-friendly<br />

gesture, all invoices will be emailed immediately<br />

after your order has shipped unless a paper copy<br />

is requested. A $20.00 late fee will be added to all<br />

past due accounts. You will be responsible for all<br />

collection costs incurred. If you wish to use a credit<br />

card we will be happy to accommodate you.<br />

Natural Variances<br />

As part of the natural, hand-made and often rustic<br />

essence of our unique packaging selections,<br />

each gift may vary ever so slightly adding a bit of<br />

individual character and style to its presentation.<br />

Returns<br />

Merchandise must be returned to us within 7 days<br />

of receipt. Please call in advance. All returns will<br />

incur a 20% restocking fee plus all freight charges.<br />

No returns will be accepted more than 7 days after<br />

receipt. Any gifts that incur damage during the<br />

return process must be paid for in full. Return<br />

shipping will be paid by customer. We do not accept<br />

returns on samples, custom orders, and certain<br />

holiday gifts.<br />

Prices<br />

We do our best to honor prices published in this<br />

catalog but, due to shipping, supply, and other<br />

economic issues, prices are subject to change at<br />

any time.<br />

Check out our NEW blog!<br />

canyouimagine.com/blog<br />

For complete terms and policies visit www.canyouimagine.com


A perfect lease-signing gift, whether engraved with<br />

your property name or a warm welcome message.<br />


When laser-engraved with your property name, these<br />

quality silver chrome plated and bamboo key rings<br />

make the perfect gift for many occasions.<br />

Color: Bamboo with Chrome Spinner Key Ring<br />

Size: 3.25” W x 1”H<br />

Imprint Size: 1” W x .5” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00 Reorder fee: $30.00.<br />

PRO-10018<br />

100+ $4.79 | 250+ $4.49<br />


Color: Shiny nickel finish, plus a textured<br />

pattern on the reverse. Dark insert creates<br />

a beautiful contrast to the light-colored<br />

engraving. Size: 1” W x 2.12” H<br />

Laser engraving size: .62” W x 1.25” H<br />

Set up fee: $35.00 Reorder fee: $20.00<br />

PRO-11415<br />

100+ $2.85 | 250+ $2.60 | 500+ $2.50<br />


Color: Silver Size: 1.625” W x 2.75” H<br />

Laser Engraving Size: 1” W x .75” H<br />

Set up fee: $55.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-10317<br />

100+ $3.99 | 250+ $3.69 | 500+ $3.19<br />


Color: Silver with Brown or Black<br />

faux leather strap<br />

Size: .8125” W x 3.625”H<br />

Imprint Size: 1” W x .5” H<br />

Set up fee: $50.00<br />

Reorder fee: $30.00<br />

PRO-11513<br />

100+ $4.69 | 250+ $4.19 | 500+ $3.69<br />


Color: Silver with black or silver plate<br />

Size: 1.7” W x 1” H<br />

Laser Engraving Size: 1” W x .55” H<br />

Set up fee: $40.00 Reorder fee: $25.00<br />

PRO-10414<br />

50+ $2.89<br />


the WINE collection<br />

Can You <strong>Imagine</strong> is proud to offer wine with custom-designed labels for your communities.<br />

Call us<br />

for more<br />

details!<br />

It’s easy to order wine (and we are here to help you through the process)! You will be asked to<br />

set up an account with our partner-in-wine so that they will be able to invoice you.<br />

But we will be here to take your order and get your custom label all set-up. Easy peasy.<br />

Something<br />

Fun...<br />

Question. “What do you call a bottle of wine between friends?”<br />

Answer. “Empty.”<br />

The “Fine Print” for ordering imprinted items is on page 62.<br />

Gifts elevate the resident experience! www.canyouimagine.com | 63

Can You <strong>Imagine</strong><br />

T: 770-933-8338<br />

F: 678-264-0905<br />

www.canyouimagine.com<br />

<strong>2021</strong>, 35th Edition<br />


U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />

PERMIT# 7<br />


<strong>Catalog</strong> Code:<br />

Gifts for Multi-family... and more!<br />

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