Edition 63 (July-September, 2021)

GLASS BULLETIN is a publishing company, managed by a highly experienced editorial and administrative staff. It has a dedicated and responsible team for providing quality journals and related services to its readers. The company publishes GLASS BULLETIN which is the fastest growing top-notch journal of India for the global glass industry. It is published quarterly and circulated among glass manufacturers, glass processors, glass-machinery & tool manufacturers, art glass processors, glass dealers, architects, builders, aluminium fabricators, interior decorators and the automobile industry across the globe. GLASS BULLETIN is the ideal platform, both in the print and digital media, for worldwide exposition of news, reports, products and exhibitions related to the glass industry. It is a one-stop solution for all queries and needs related to glass–machinery and technology, its innovation, product-procession and marketing in India. By its permanent columns, it enjoys the status of highest readership among all Indian glass journals. GLASS BULLETIN is the media partner for international glass exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China besides in other parts of the world, including Europe, India and the Middle East. GLASS BULLETIN e-magazine, the first glass-related e-magazine of India, is also available online and on mobile phone, free of cost at http://www.glassbulletin.com

GLASS BULLETIN is a publishing company, managed by a highly experienced editorial and administrative staff. It has a dedicated and responsible team for providing quality journals and related services to its readers. The company publishes GLASS BULLETIN which is the fastest growing top-notch journal of India for the global glass industry. It is published quarterly and circulated among glass manufacturers, glass processors, glass-machinery & tool manufacturers, art glass processors, glass dealers, architects, builders, aluminium fabricators, interior decorators and the automobile industry across the globe.

GLASS BULLETIN is the ideal platform, both in the print and digital media, for worldwide exposition of news, reports, products and exhibitions related to the glass industry. It is a one-stop solution for all queries and needs related to glass–machinery and technology, its innovation, product-procession and marketing in India. By its permanent columns, it enjoys the status of highest readership among all Indian glass journals.

GLASS BULLETIN is the media partner for international glass exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China besides in other parts of the world, including Europe, India and the Middle East.

GLASS BULLETIN e-magazine, the first glass-related e-magazine of India, is also available online and on mobile phone, free of cost at http://www.glassbulletin.com


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Intelligent Unit of Automatic Insulating Glass Production<br />

Automatic glass<br />

unloading machine<br />

Insulating glass<br />

sealing robot<br />

Automatic cork<br />

pad applicator<br />

Press machine<br />

Spacer attaching section<br />

Flexible spacer applicator<br />

Washing machine<br />

Automatic glass<br />

loading machine<br />

Low-E glass film<br />

removing machine<br />

Automatic Low-E<br />

glass loading machine<br />

Spacer moving machine<br />

Automatic aluminum<br />

Desiccant automatic<br />

spacer bending machine filling machine Automatic butyl<br />

extruder<br />

Two component<br />

sealants extruder<br />

Rotating table<br />

High stability<br />

with continuous<br />

running<br />

Collect raw<br />

material<br />

consumption data<br />

Warm edge<br />

spacer function<br />

is available<br />

Automatic<br />

adjust pressure<br />

accurately<br />

Data transmission &<br />

remove communication<br />

system<br />

Now HANJIANG is moving to industry 4.0, can be connected with MES/ERP system, in order to do production sequentially and update production data to the system easily.<br />

We have developed machine from automatic glass loading machine, automatic Low-E edge deletion machine, automatic online gas filling IG line, automatic cork pad<br />

applicator, sealing robot to automatic glass unloading machine.<br />

Plus, fully automatic IGU production solution with one labor is coming now.<br />

TPS-Thermo plastic spacer robotic line & Super spacer robotic line.<br />


Add: No.7 Tengren Road, Niulanshan Industrial Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing, P.R.China<br />

Tel: +86-10-89411982 Fax: +86-10-89411980<br />

Website: www.hjglass.com.cn<br />

India office:<br />

Sales-Ms.Ashley Quan<br />

Email: Asia@hjglass.com.cn<br />

Cell/WhatsApp:+8613910174313<br />

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TPS ® . The Original<br />

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ERFOR<br />

ANCE<br />




Genius CT-RED is designed for high performance cutting lines and<br />

ensures reliability over time thanks to top quality components and<br />

technological solutions that guarantee accuracy and results with a<br />

continuous, maintenance-free cycle.<br />

Genius CT-RED<br />



The Master One is a 3 or 4 axis machining centre for processing glass capable of<br />

executing a wide range of machining operations using the best technology, with<br />

no compromise on performance. The Master One boasts an unbeatable balance<br />

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L-135, Midc, Taloja, Raigarh, Maharashtra,<br />

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32<br />


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New Delhi | Contact : Kunal Gupta +91-9794-852213<br />

E-mail : sales@safexhgw.com<br />

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(U.P), India | Contact : A.S Ganguly +91-99562-95451<br />

E-mail : ganguly@safexhgw.com<br />



Interview<br />

With SOPs in place, we’re convinced to<br />

open our shows in 1st half of ‘22: Thomas<br />

Schlitt, MD- Messe Düsseldorf India<br />

Schlitt Talks To GB About How Exhibition Industry Is Recovering From<br />

COVID-19 Onslaught<br />

Ahead of glasspro INDIA and glasspex INDIA slated for March 2022, Messe Düsseldorf<br />

India MD Thomas Schlitt explains to Glass Bulletin how the sector is emerging from the<br />

shadow of the pandemic and what steps are being taken to ensure safety and hygiene at<br />

these events.<br />

Mr. Thomas Schlitt,<br />

MD of Messe Düsseldorf India<br />

Thomas Schlitt joined Messe Düsseldorf India as Managing Director in 2015. During his tenure at Messe<br />

Düsseldorf India, he has focused on the core sectors, strengthened the existing trade fairs in India and<br />

also extended the event portfolio. Previously, Thomas Schlitt held management positions in international<br />

business development and sales in the MICE industry at renowned German trade fair organizations, i.e.<br />

Messe München and Nürnberg Messe.<br />

Please tell us about Messe<br />

Düsseldorf GmbH & its<br />

exhibitions in India?<br />

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is one<br />

of the world’s largest trade fair<br />

organizers with its own exhibition<br />

grounds and offers its presence in<br />

more than 150 countries around the<br />

globe. We organize 50 international<br />

trade fairs, among these are 24<br />

leading events in the respective<br />

industry sector.<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd.<br />

is a fully owned subsidiary of Messe<br />

Düsseldorf GmbH which is a global<br />

player both as a trade fair organizer<br />

and provider of trade fair-related<br />

services for exhibitors and visitors.<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India has been<br />

successfully staging established trade<br />

fairs like In-Store Asia, Medical Fair<br />

India, FAMDENT Shows & Awards,<br />

glasspex India, glasspro India,<br />

pacprocess & food pex Mumbai,<br />

India Essen Welding & Cutting, wire<br />

India, Tube India, METEC India<br />

and ProWine Mumbai. Besides<br />

organizing successful trade fairs<br />

in India, the company is also the<br />

exclusive sales representative of<br />

the Messe Düsseldorf Group for the<br />

Indian Market and is canvassing<br />

Indian customers to events of the<br />

Messe Düsseldorf Group worldwide.<br />

– India and the whole world<br />

faced a very difficult time during<br />

the pandemic in the last 18<br />

months. The exhibition industry<br />

is one the most affected. What<br />

50 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Interview • 2<br />

are your views about this?<br />

Exhibitions and tradeshows have<br />

survived, adapted and thrived despite<br />

unprecedented times like pandemics<br />

and other global challenges during the<br />

past several centuries. However, the<br />

COVID-19 situation has affected the<br />

business adversely, particularly the<br />

trade fair sector, not only in India but<br />

across the world. We have witnessed<br />

many trade shows being either<br />

postponed or cancelled internationally<br />

in the past 18 months.<br />

Due to this situation new kinds<br />

of platforms have been invented<br />

in order to keep in touch with the<br />

industry. Messe Düsseldorf India<br />

has successfully developed and<br />

implemented virtual events for<br />

several industrial sectors. As industry<br />

stakeholders, we are grateful to our<br />

customers for their continued support<br />

in our events.<br />

– After a long period of pandemic,<br />

things are getting better day<br />

by day. When do you think<br />

exhibitions in India will resume<br />

normally?<br />

Keeping in view the intensive<br />

vaccination drive in India coupled<br />

with the adoption of COVIDappropriate<br />

behaviour with defined<br />

Standard Operation Procedures<br />

(SOP) at our trade fairs, we are<br />

convinced to open our shows in the<br />

first half of 2022.<br />

– What are the new protocols to<br />

be followed as an organizer of an<br />

exhibition?<br />

Messe Düsseldorf Group,<br />

together with Messe Düsseldorf<br />

India, has elaborated under the<br />

title ‘PROTaction’, a comprehensive<br />

hygiene and infection protection<br />

concept in order to safeguard the<br />

health of our customers, partners and<br />

employees.<br />

This hygiene and infection<br />

protection concept has been<br />

submitted to the Indian Authorities<br />

for consideration at SOPs for reopening<br />

of trade fairs in India.<br />

– As we all know India has the<br />

fastest growing economy in the<br />

world. How can exhibitions play a<br />

vital role for the industry?<br />

India’s progressive economy is<br />

anticipated to reach around $5 trillion<br />

in the next few years with active<br />

contribution from the manufacturing,<br />

technology and services sectors.<br />

The exhibition industry has always<br />

played a pivotal role in strengthening<br />

and growing the economy. Messe<br />

Düsseldorf exhibitions worldwide,<br />

including those in India, are of worldclass<br />

reputation. Many of our events<br />

have already established themselves<br />

as leading events and are platforms<br />

for the industry to create business<br />

opportunities, to build cooperations<br />

and to network.<br />

– glasspro INDIA and glasspex<br />

INDIA will be held in March 2022.<br />

What are your plans to bring in<br />

maximum exhibitors and visitors?<br />

The tailor-made trade fair concepts<br />

complement each other and create a<br />

unique platform for the glass industry.<br />

Comprehensive sales, marketing and<br />

communication measures will ensure<br />

that decision makers, stakeholders<br />

and relevant media representatives<br />

attend the events.<br />

– You have added a new<br />

segment to glasspro India i.e<br />

fenestrationpro India. Tell us<br />

about this new segment.<br />

fenestrationpro INDIA is a show colocated<br />

with glasspro INDIA to unite<br />

the architects, fabricators, developers,<br />

policymakers, façade consultants,<br />

engineers, and stakeholders from the<br />

Indian industry to drive discussions<br />

on the design trends considering<br />

energy-efficient building technologies.<br />

– It is a very good coincidence<br />

that United Nations has<br />

announced 2022 as the<br />

international year for glass. We<br />

have glasspro India and glasspex<br />

India in same year. Do you have<br />

any plan to promote IYOG in your<br />

glass exhibition?<br />

By announcing the year 2022 as the<br />

International Year of Glass (IYOG),<br />

the United Nations underlined the<br />

scientific, economic and cultural roles<br />

of glass. Glass supports many vital<br />

technologies, facilitates sustainability<br />

and enriches our lives.<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India, along with<br />

its partners, is proud to host the IYOG<br />

during our exhibitions - glasspex<br />

INDIA and glasspro INDIA. We will<br />

promote the importance of glass usage<br />

along with AIGMF and International<br />

Commission of Glass.<br />

– You are organizing glasspro<br />

India in close cooperation with<br />

Glass Bulletin. Share your<br />

thoughts on your association with<br />

Glass Bulletin?<br />

Glass Bulletin is India’s premier<br />

journal for the global glass industry.<br />

It is the ideal platform to publish<br />

news, reports, product details, and<br />

information about glass industry, both<br />

in print and online.<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India is proud<br />

to be associated with Glass Bulletin.<br />

This association of the leading media<br />

and trade fair organizer is the perfect<br />

combination, and it guarantees a<br />

platform where business is generated.<br />

Website: www.md-india.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 51

Event<br />

Glass in our lives: AIGMF names<br />

photography contest winners on<br />

Int’l Youth Day<br />

Contest Was Announced As Part Of Activities After UN Approved 2022 As<br />

International Year Of Glass<br />

In May <strong>2021</strong>, the General Assembly of the UNITED NATIONS approved 2022 as the<br />

International Year of Glass. Many glass-related activities are planned worldwide. Among<br />

these, AIGMF announced its first photography contest for the age group of 7-24 years on<br />

the theme: Glass in our Lives.<br />

Distinguished jury members<br />

representing a cross section<br />

of glass sectors and regions<br />

decided the top thee photographs<br />

out of approximately 7,000 entries<br />

received from educational institutes<br />

and the youth across India.<br />

The jury comprised Mr Sanjay<br />

Somany, former president of AIGMF<br />

and CMD HNG Inds. Ltd; Mr Sanjay<br />

Ganjoo, former president of AIGMF<br />

and COO Asahi India Ltd; Dr Suman<br />

Kumari Mishra, FNASc, Director<br />

CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic<br />

Research Institute and Adjunct<br />

Prof. AcSIR and Ex-Dean Eng. Sc.<br />

AcSIR; Professor Manoj Choudhary,<br />

former president of Int’l Commission<br />

on Glass, Adjunct Prof. Materials<br />

Science & Engineering, The Ohio<br />

State University and President, MKC<br />

Innovations, LLC (USA); Dr Arun<br />

K. Varshneya, Emeritus Professor<br />

(Glass Science) Alfred University and<br />

President Saxon Glass Technologies,<br />

Inc. (USA); and Mr Dave Fordham,<br />

publisher of Glass Worldwide (UK).<br />

The first prize of Rs 20,000 was<br />

given to S Christy Laura, aged<br />

15 years, Class 10 student of Sri<br />

Akilandeswari Vidyalaya, (Trichy)<br />

Tamil Nadu. The second prize of Rs<br />

10,000 went to Medhansh Singhla,<br />

aged 8 years, Class 3 student of Delhi<br />

Public School (Vasant Vihar) New<br />

Delhi, and the third prize of Rs 5,000<br />

was awarded to Brijesh Jethva, aged<br />

22 years, from Junagadh, Gujarat.<br />

“The AIGMF’s 1st Photography<br />

Contest proved a worthy kickstart to<br />

the Federation’s planned activities<br />

for the International Year of Glass<br />

2022 and Glass Worldwide was very<br />

pleased to be involved in the process,”<br />

said Mr Fordham, publisher of Glass<br />

Worldwide.<br />

“The jury were presented with<br />

a vast selection of wide-ranging<br />

photographs to evaluate under the<br />

‘Glass in our Lives’ theme, many of<br />

which were of a very high standard.<br />

52 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

AIGMF• 2<br />

<strong>September</strong> 10, where an online<br />

exhibition of selected photos of<br />

the event would also be unveiled,<br />

which would form a part of a touring<br />

exhibition on the theme ‘Glass in our<br />

Lives’.<br />

Detailed coverage and best entries<br />

will be published in Kanch (Glass)<br />

and Glass Worldwide, preferred<br />

international journal of AIGMF in<br />

association with Kanch (a quarterly<br />

journal of AIGMF).<br />

Lucky 500 entries will be given<br />

a specially designed empty Glass<br />

Bottle made out of recycled glass<br />

(manufactured by Hindustan National<br />

Glass & Industries Ltd., under its<br />

CSR initiative), carrying logos of<br />

International Year of Glass 2022 and<br />

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India<br />

Campaign).<br />

The winning entries can be<br />

viewed at www.aigmf.com<br />

Email: info@aigmf.com<br />

Website: www.aigmf.com<br />

All entrants should be commended<br />

for supporting the initiative and<br />

following a thorough judging process,<br />

I offer sincere congratulations to the<br />

winners,” he added.<br />

“The enthusiasm shown by the<br />

youth through a large participation<br />

highlights the importance of glass in<br />

our daily lives. Not just photographs<br />

but some very good artwork of glass<br />

decorations, paintings were also<br />

submitted by the school children,<br />

emerging out of this interesting<br />

project. AIGMF would sincerely like<br />

to thank the Education departments<br />

of the Delhi government and other<br />

states who helped us connect<br />

with thousands of children on this<br />

educative project,” commented<br />

AIGMF Secretary Mr Vinit Kapur.<br />

A formal award ceremony would<br />

be held parallel to the virtual Annual<br />

General Meeting of the AIGMF on<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 53

Event<br />

Successful premiere<br />

for Glaston<br />

Innovation Days<br />

Several Current & Potential Customers From<br />

Across The World Registered For The Six Sessions<br />

Glaston successfully organized the first-ever Glaston<br />

Innovation Days, a virtual customer event on the latest<br />

innovations and trends in architectural, automotive and<br />

display glass processing from June 16-18.<br />

Several hundreds of Glaston<br />

current and potential customers<br />

from all over the world registered<br />

for the total of six sessions in which<br />

Glaston’s product and industry experts<br />

shared their insights on the latest<br />

developments in glass processing<br />

technologies.<br />

Hosted from a production hall at<br />

Glaston’s premises in Neuhausen-<br />

Hamberg, Germany, two live stream<br />

sessions were run daily: one on the<br />

latest developments in architectural<br />

glass and the other focusing on the<br />

latest news from Glaston’s automotive<br />

and display glass technologies.<br />

Digitalization and automation<br />

In the architectural glass session, the<br />

digitalization of the flat tempering<br />

process was demonstrated with the<br />

latest innovations such as online<br />

fragmentation prediction for every<br />

glass and the white haze detection<br />

54 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Glaston • 2<br />

using Artificial Intelligence (AI).<br />

In addition, integrated lines and<br />

a tempering process autopilot were<br />

introduced. The autopilot reduces the<br />

operator’s influence and offers process<br />

control without parameters. A higher<br />

degree of automation is also on the<br />

agenda for the laminating process and<br />

with the autopilot, the furnace will<br />

learn to achieve the most optimal way<br />

of running instead of operators having<br />

to do adjustments manually.<br />

The trend in flat lamination is a<br />

growing use of structural interlayers<br />

and for that Glaston introduced the<br />

new convection control technology,<br />

offering a significantly wider operating<br />

window even with complex laminates.<br />

For the insulating glass<br />

manufacturing process, the new<br />

arrissing machine MULTI’ARRISSER<br />

was introduced via live demonstration<br />

from the factory floor. Combining edge<br />

arrissing, arrissing of the flat edge<br />

and corner dubbing into one single<br />

machine, the MULTI’ARRISSER<br />

represents the proven cup wheel<br />

technology for homogeneous and<br />

uniform arrissing quality even at the<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 55

Event<br />

beginning and the end with a 5 to 10<br />

times higher lifetime for glass edge<br />

arrissing than any other arrissing<br />

systems.<br />

With a maximum speed of 60<br />

m/min, the MULTI’ARRISSER is<br />

the fastest single-head machine<br />

worldwide.<br />

In addition, the new<br />

CORNER’REFINER for sealed<br />

insulating glass units was<br />

demonstrated, an automatic corner<br />

treatment with spatula system and<br />

corner roll for finishing to reveal<br />

unloading operator from this work.<br />

For swift customer support,<br />

Glaston Virtual Engineer service was<br />

presented with a Glaston specialist<br />

advises and support customer’s<br />

workforce virtually on-site using<br />

mixed reality (MR) headset. The<br />

solution gives cost savings of 10% -<br />

40% per intervention as e.g. no travels<br />

are required.<br />

Highlights of automotive & display<br />

glass session<br />

In the automotive industry, thin glass<br />

applications are a continuing trend.<br />

For thin glass pre-processing Glaston’s<br />

thin glass kit that can be installed as<br />

an upgrade kit on new and existing<br />

cells, was presented.<br />

With significantly improved<br />

performance parameters, the<br />

new HYPERFEX grinding wheels<br />

represents a revolution in edge<br />

grinding, with a holistic view of the<br />

overall process in pre-processing of<br />

glasses for different application areas.<br />

Furthermore, the new automotive<br />

machine generation CHAMP Evo<br />

with two optimization features was<br />

introduced to the audience with the<br />

first being a linear drive instead of the<br />

spindle on the grinding machine for<br />

higher precision and more dynamic<br />

movements, and the other one a<br />

honeycomb table on grinding machine<br />

for higher precision and more<br />

dynamic movements.<br />

Showcasing developments in<br />

Heat Treatment automotive glass<br />

processing showed how Glaston’s<br />

active convection technology improves<br />

the process with coated, printed and<br />

complex glass types and enables faster<br />

heating.<br />

The advantages of the new Matrix<br />

Evo bending furnace, available<br />

with different size and capacity<br />

configurations to reduce cycle times,<br />

was introduced, as well as the new<br />

HTBS bending and tempering system<br />

with the most dense control matrix in<br />

the market to meet the highest quality<br />

standards with bent tempered glass.<br />

Included in the subscription-based<br />

services, the digital upgrade packages<br />

for operator and production support,<br />

the Glaston Insight Automotive<br />

PLUS as well as various Apps were<br />

presented.<br />

About Glaston Corporation<br />

Glaston is the glass processing<br />

industry’s innovative technology<br />

leader supplying equipment, services<br />

and solutions to the architectural,<br />

automotive, solar and appliance<br />

industries. The company also supports<br />

the development of new technologies<br />

integrating intelligence to glass.<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

56 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Company News<br />

Naitri Enterprise scales new heights of<br />

success<br />

Has Installed Over 100 Glass Processing Machines, Along With Tempering,<br />

Laminating Lines, In Just 3 Years<br />

Surat-based glass tools supplier Naitri Enterprise is the authorized agent of Guangdong<br />

Fushan Technology Co. Ltd in India since 2018.<br />

Established in 2007, Naitri<br />

Enterprise has now ventured into<br />

glass machine parts like wheels,<br />

drill bits, rubber parts, electric parts<br />

and other accessories.<br />

The company already deals in glass<br />

processing tools like glass cutting, glass<br />

polishing and glass designing materials,<br />

and provides installation and after-sales<br />

service.<br />

It has been a Guangdong Fushan<br />

authorised agent since 2018, and has<br />

already installed more than 100 sets of<br />

glass processing machines along with<br />

tempering and laminating lines.<br />

Initially, Naitri Enterprise began<br />

its journey with supply of all kinds of<br />

indigenous and imported glass tools and<br />

glass machinery accessories. It offered<br />

its customers a full range of products,<br />

including glass cutters, wheel cutters,<br />

glass drill bits, pliers, polishing belts,<br />

grinding wheels, UV glue, UV light,<br />

glass etching sticker rolls, design books,<br />

glass bevel clusters in various sizes and<br />

colours, t-cutters, glass vacuum lifters<br />

and all kinds of glass cutting, polishing<br />

and designing material.<br />

It also dealt in glass machinery<br />

accessories like diamond wheels, resin<br />

wheels and polishing wheels etc. with<br />

other glass machine accessories.<br />

Its sales network covers many cities<br />

in India. Its customer relationship<br />

is based on commitment, mutual<br />

trust, openness and co-evolution. The<br />

firm knows its customers’ needs and<br />

responds to them quickly. It also offers<br />

new product training services.<br />

Naitri Enterprise firm was founded<br />

by Mr Suresh Patel, Mr Vipul Patel<br />

and Mr Bhavesh Sheta jointly. Their<br />

joint efforts have paid them well with<br />

the result that this firm is well known<br />

across the country for its high quality<br />

products.<br />

Email: bsheta@yahoo.com,<br />

info@naitriglasstools.com<br />

Website: www.naitriglasstools.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 57

Company News<br />

Bharat Safety Glass<br />

forays into architectural<br />

glass processing<br />

Invests Heavily In Machinery For New Venture,<br />

Sets Up Unit In Jamshedpur<br />

Safety glass manufacturer Bharat Safety Glass Pvt Ltd<br />

recently ventured into architectural glass processing.<br />

soon.<br />

The company organised puja for<br />

the new venture on <strong>July</strong> 16, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Bharat Safety Glass had started its<br />

safety glass business in 1988. Initially,<br />

it had vertical toughened glass plant<br />

setup for the automotive industry.<br />

The company imported a laminated<br />

machine from world famous brand<br />

Tamglass (Finland) in 1998.<br />

After its installation, the company<br />

started to supply automotive glass as<br />

OEM to Tata Motors, Bajaj, Mahindra,<br />

Hindustan Motors and many more.<br />

BSG then set up a horizontal<br />

flat and bend furnace of LandGlass<br />

(China) in 2012. The company got the<br />

furnace customised from LandGlass<br />

to produce the best quality automotive<br />

glass. Along with CNC cutting<br />

machine from Intermac, BSG also<br />

installed a CNC work station from the<br />

same company.<br />

BSG Managing Director Tulsi<br />

Ram Bhalotia is known as very a<br />

caring and down-to-earth individual<br />

in the industry. Since long, he has<br />

taken utmost care of every employee<br />

of the company, treating them as<br />

family members. He provides them<br />

accommodation, food, all type of<br />

medical facility, among others.<br />

Even amid the crises posed by the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic, the company<br />

stood firmly with its employees, as a<br />

result of which no one has left the<br />

company since joining. This type of<br />

example is very rare for any industry.<br />

Bharat Safety, a well-known<br />

entity in the automotive glass<br />

segment, recently invested<br />

heavily in machinery for architectural<br />

glass processing, setting up a new unit<br />

in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.<br />

The new setup is equipped with<br />

the latest force convection tempering<br />

furnace which is capable of tempering<br />

9*16 feet jumbo size glass. It can<br />

temper all types of high performance<br />

glass available in the country.<br />

It also has a jumbo size CNC<br />

cutting line sourced from Intermac, a<br />

double-edger for fast pre-processing<br />

of glass, and the company has ordered<br />

a high quality DGU (insulating)<br />

machine which will be installed very<br />

58 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Bharat Safety Glass• 2<br />

Mr. Tulsi Ram Bhalotia,<br />

Managing Director of BSG<br />

Mr Bhalotia is has very rich<br />

technical expertise and knowledge. He<br />

had built an autoclave by himself. At<br />

that time, people doubted its efficacy,<br />

the autoclave is working even today<br />

without any trouble. He also designed<br />

and made from scratch his clean room<br />

for lamination at a very low cost.<br />

Technical Director Kartar Verma<br />

first met Mr Bhalotia in 2006, and<br />

they became good friends. Since<br />

joining BSG, Mr Verma brought with<br />

him his immense technical expertise<br />

which provided a massive boost to the<br />

Mr. Kartar Verma,<br />

Technical Director of BSG<br />

company.<br />

During the Covid lockdown, even<br />

though machines import was going<br />

on but the lack of international travel<br />

meant technicians and installation<br />

executives were unavailable. But Mr<br />

Verma intervened to prevent any delay<br />

and himself guided the installation<br />

process of all new machinery without<br />

any trouble.<br />

BSG’s product portfolio includes<br />

fused glass, decorative glass and<br />

high-performance architectural and<br />

automotive safety glass, kiln formed<br />

glass, fused glass, insulated glass,<br />

laminated glass, fire-proof glass,<br />

bullet-proof glass, reflective glass,<br />

ceramic fritted glass, tempered glass,<br />

low-E glass and so on.<br />

Bharat Safety Glass Pvt Ltd is<br />

known as a leading solution partner<br />

in the glass processing industry for<br />

tempered, laminated safety and<br />

designer glass. It is an ISO 9001:2008,<br />

ARAI, AIS-037, and E-certified<br />

company.<br />

It employs the latest glass<br />

processing technology equipped<br />

with CNC (CAD-CAM) glass cutting<br />

machine for accurate profile cutting<br />

and diamond edging, horizontal glass<br />

bending and flat glass toughening<br />

and laminating with force convection<br />

technology.<br />

Email: bsgpl_glass@hotmail.com<br />

Website: www.bharatsafetyglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 59

Company News<br />

Vulcan Intelligent Tempering Line:<br />

latest smart furnace from Jinglass<br />

Firm Has Team In India For Installation & After-Sales Service, Avoiding<br />

Problems Faced Due To Lockdown<br />

The Vulcan Intelligent Tempering line recognizes glass and layouts, matches processing<br />

settings from the cloud, and processes the glass, eliminating human errors entirely and<br />

cutting operational costs.<br />

Jinglass developed Vulcan, an<br />

intelligent glass tempering<br />

furnace in 2020, which improves<br />

the quality of tempered glass,<br />

especially in terms of flatness, stress<br />

eveness and optical quality.<br />

The latest Vulcan Intelligent<br />

Tempering line, a Glass Industry 4.0<br />

product, recognizes glass and layouts,<br />

matches processing settings from the<br />

cloud , processes the glass, and also<br />

traces the quality, power consumption<br />

and loss of productions.<br />

It eliminates human errors entirely,<br />

rendering glass processing enjoying<br />

and relaxing.<br />

The characteristics of the smart<br />

control system include:<br />

Huge database, automatic recipe<br />

setting, frees the operator.<br />

Recipe database keeps upgrading,<br />

providing higher tempering flatness,<br />

surface pressure evenness, and<br />

optical quality.<br />

All processing data saved in cloud<br />

can be traced back even after glass is<br />

delivered.<br />

Detailed database; managing<br />

required diagram becomes easy, and<br />

with the help of iTemper app, clients<br />

can easily get online support from<br />

Jinglass professional technical team.<br />

Can be upgraded for borosilicate<br />

4.0 glass and high pressure fireresistant<br />

glass tempering.<br />

Jinglass mid-infrared jet-convection<br />

60 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Jinglass• 2<br />

glass tempering furnace was warmly<br />

welcomed by the market once it was<br />

promoted in 2012. The mid-infrared<br />

heating technology rapidly became the<br />

best solution for high quality Low-E<br />

glass tempering.<br />

Jinglass in India<br />

Jinglass entered the Indian market in<br />

2015 and gained the confidence from<br />

more and more clients in the country.<br />

At present, more than 30 furnaces<br />

from the company are running<br />

steadily and reliably in here.<br />

During the COVID-19 pandemic,<br />

conduct of business became difficult<br />

in India due to the lockdowns. In the<br />

Indian flat glass market, maximum<br />

machinery is imported from China.<br />

And since international travel is<br />

prohibited because of the lockdown,<br />

installation of machinery became a<br />

huge problem.<br />

But not for Jinglass. The company<br />

has a team in India which provides<br />

professional installation, adjustment<br />

and after-sales service of tempering<br />

furnace to ensure their long-term<br />

stable running.<br />

This was an advantage Jinglass had.<br />

It has installed a record 14 furnaces<br />

since January 2020 in comparison<br />

with any other international<br />

toughened plant machinery supplier.<br />

Jinglass won the trust and<br />

confidence of the Indian glass<br />

processing industry within a very<br />

short span of time by supplying best<br />

quality machines and giving worldclass<br />

after-sales and service support to<br />

its customers.<br />

About the company<br />

Jinglass Technology Co. Ltd. is a<br />

high-tech enterprise specialised in<br />

the development, manufacturing and<br />

marketing of glass tempering furnaces<br />

since 2003.<br />

Email: young@jinglass.com<br />

Website: http://en.jinglass.com<br />

Facebook: JinGlass Machinery Co., LTD<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 61

Company News<br />

Clearstone Glass sets up new unit in<br />

Siliguri, West Bengal<br />

Equipped With World-Class Fully Automated Machinery With The Latest<br />

European Technology<br />

Clearstone’s new unit is located strategically to cater to the entire eastern Indian region,<br />

and the neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.<br />

Mr. Raj Kumar Agarwal,<br />

Director<br />

Clearstone Glass, one of the<br />

fastest growing glass companies<br />

of eastern India, sets up the<br />

most technologically advanced and<br />

state-of-the-art glass processing unit<br />

for manufacturing toughened glass,<br />

heat strengthened glass, insulated<br />

glass, laminated glass and decorative<br />

glass.<br />

The unit has a well-planned layout<br />

for machines and working space for<br />

minimum handling of glass during<br />

movement from one section to<br />

another.<br />

The plant also has complete DG<br />

power backup setup.<br />

It is completely equipped<br />

with a reverse osmosis (RO) and<br />

demineralisation water (DM) plant<br />

specially designed for handling high<br />

performance coater glasses.<br />

Specially planned for high<br />

performance glasses, the<br />

unit boasts of world-class<br />

fully automated machinery<br />

with the latest European<br />

technology:<br />

;;<br />

Cutting line with 4 station Automatic<br />

loader from Yinrui.<br />

;;<br />

Automatic Double edger from Hongda.<br />

;;<br />

Fabrication machines from Foshan<br />

Global.<br />

;;<br />

Glass Washing machine from Junya –<br />

designed for High Performance Glass.<br />

;;<br />

Jumbo Glass tempering furnace from Jin<br />

Glass - Latest Convection technology.<br />

;;<br />

Insulating line from Weili with<br />

Automatic Argon Gas filling.<br />

;;<br />

Lamination line from Fanding<br />

Technology.<br />

62 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Clearstone Glass Industry• 2<br />

Mr. Anup Goyal,<br />

Managing Director<br />

Mr. Lalit Kumar Agarwal, Director<br />

Mr. Jaydeep Agarwal, Director<br />

Very strategically located in Siliguri<br />

– the chicken’s neck connecting the<br />

north eastern states – will be catering<br />

to the entire eastern Indian region,<br />

along with the neighbouring countries<br />

of Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.<br />

"We have planned and designed<br />

this plant in such a way that we<br />

can handle the most sensitive high<br />

performance coater glasses with much<br />

ease and perfection," Clearstone Glass<br />

GM Bimal Dubey said.<br />

The company is headed by its<br />

directors – Mr Raj Kumar Agarwal,<br />

Mr Lalit Agarwal, Mr Anup Goyal<br />

and Mr Jaydeep Agarwal. In addition,<br />

the company has a very experienced<br />

and professional team with a<br />

proven record of experience in glass<br />

processing.<br />

“Very rapid development and<br />

innovation is happening in the glass<br />

industry worldwide, our vision is to<br />

manufacture the best quality glasses<br />

and innovative glass products in<br />

India along with creating awareness<br />

regarding use of safety glasses,” said<br />

Anup Goyal, the young and dynamic<br />

managing director of Clearstone<br />

Glass.<br />

In a built-up area of over 45,000<br />

sq ft, the plant has been established<br />

with a vision of future expansion and<br />

growth with a few advanced machines<br />

lined up for future growth.<br />

The international standards<br />

of quality followed by Clearstone<br />

Glass is as follows:<br />

;;<br />

Tempered: en12150<br />

;;<br />

HS: en18<strong>63</strong><br />

;;<br />

Insulated: en1279<br />

;;<br />

Laminated: en12543<br />

;;<br />

Coated Glass: en 1096<br />

;;<br />

Fully equipped with BIS<br />

standard quality and testing lab.<br />

Email: admin@clearstoneglass.com<br />

Website: www.clearstoneglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> <strong>63</strong>

Company News<br />

WERU & LiSEC: Decades<br />

of success based on deep<br />

trust<br />

A History Rich In Experience, Sustainable<br />

Thinking & Attitude Of Never Being Satisfied With<br />

Standards Achieved<br />

WERU, a traditional German company that started out as<br />

a carpenter’s workshop, is the oldest window production<br />

factory in the country. The WERU GROUP’s more than<br />

1,000 employees produce over 400,000 sashes and<br />

around 10,000 front doors every year.<br />

Behind WERU’s success<br />

lies a history that is rich in<br />

experience, sustainable thinking<br />

and the attitude of never being<br />

satisfied with the standards achieved.<br />

WERU performs continuous quality<br />

assurance from production to<br />

installation, certified by the RAL<br />

Quality Mark. Production takes place<br />

at the three German locations in<br />

Rudersberg (Baden-Württemberg),<br />

Triptis (Thuringia) and Salmtal<br />

(Rhineland-Palatinate).<br />

WERU quality made exclusively in<br />

Germany<br />

WERU GmbH is one of Europe’s<br />

leading manufacturers of windows<br />

and front doors and can reflect back<br />

on a success story of over 175 years.<br />

WERU was founded in 1843 and<br />

the product portfolio was expanded<br />

through the merger with UNILUX<br />

GmbH in 2014, to include wood and<br />

wood-aluminium products and create<br />

a comprehensive full range.<br />

Behind the success of the<br />

64 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

LiSEC • 2<br />

companies lies a history that is rich in<br />

experience, sustainable thinking and<br />

the attitude of never being satisfied<br />

with the standards achieved. Today,<br />

the WERU Group positions itself<br />

as a future-oriented company that<br />

demands maximum individuality.<br />

Modern windows, large lift-slide<br />

combinations, front doors in all<br />

material variants bring dynamics to<br />

the home and in doing so enrich both<br />

the façade as well as personal life.<br />

WERU & LiSEC<br />

WERU distinctly positions itself as a<br />

complete solution provider. True to<br />

the motto: Everything from a single<br />

source. With LiSEC as a long-standing<br />

business partner, the decision was<br />

made in favour of a company with the<br />

same objective.<br />

The cooperation between WERU<br />

and LiSEC began when WERU<br />

started to manufacture insulating<br />

glass. At that time (and still today),<br />

LiSEC was the only company on the<br />

market to offer complete systems,<br />

from glass cutting to logistics,<br />

including its own LiSEC software.<br />

“Business is always conducted<br />

between people. When two<br />

strong brands come together for a<br />

joint project, this means mutual<br />

professional planning and concept<br />

design, clean implementation by<br />

both parties, and the pleasure of<br />

being successful together,” said<br />

Clemens Macarei, head of Product<br />

Management at LiSEC and point of<br />

contact for WERU for decades.<br />

Trust as the basis for purchasing<br />

decisions: WERU continues to invest<br />

in LiSEC systems<br />

In 2020, a new high-performance<br />

machine for automatic laminated<br />

glass cutting was put into operation:<br />

the VSL-A. Following WERU’s<br />

decision to invest further in the<br />

laminated safety glass (LSG) sector,<br />

the decision was very quickly made<br />

in favour of a LiSEC system. The<br />

purchase was made directly at the<br />

trade fair.<br />

“Data, facts and figures were very<br />

important to us, in particular the<br />

issue of material savings and how<br />

the system adds up, in other words<br />

the profitability. The confidence that<br />

the machine would be a success was<br />

very high, thanks to our experience of<br />

outstanding cooperation with LiSEC<br />

in the past,” says Jens Reimann.<br />

VSL-A: High-performance system for<br />

automatic laminated glass cutting<br />

The VSL-A combines state-of-the-art<br />

laminated glass cutting technology<br />

and decades of LiSEC know-how in<br />

automatic laminated glass processing.<br />

Depending on the optimisation, up to<br />

30 per cent higher cutting capacities<br />

are possible. Automatic rotation of<br />

the sub-plates is part of the standard<br />

equipment, as is automatic residual<br />

cut disposal, and reduces operator<br />

intervention to a minimum. In<br />

addition, two cutting heads ensure an<br />

automatic tool change.<br />

WERU places great value on<br />

sustainability<br />

The topic of sustainability is very<br />

important to WERU. The traditional<br />

company focuses on sustainable<br />

production and material processes,<br />

as well as smart, future-oriented<br />

products. Not only when it comes to<br />

glass, but across the entire production<br />

process. The VSL-A supports this<br />

by reducing glass consumption. On<br />

average, 6 % glass consumption can<br />

be saved by the VSL-A.<br />

Future prospects: Mutual further<br />

development of LiSEC & WERU to<br />

continue<br />

“Our cooperation with WERU is<br />

characterised by a strong sense of<br />

partnership. Both companies benefit<br />

from the advantages of the other and<br />

further develop together,” says Markus<br />

Ensafi, LiSEC Sales Manager.<br />

About LiSEC<br />

LiSEC, with headquarters in<br />

Hausmening/Amstetten, is a globally<br />

operating group, and has been offering<br />

individual and complete solutions in<br />

the field of flat glass processing and<br />

finishing for 60 years. The service<br />

portfolio comprises machines,<br />

automation solutions and services.<br />


–Claudia Guschlbauer<br />

Email: claudia.guschlbauer@lisec.com<br />

Website: www.lisec.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 65

Company News<br />

Intermac India: Italian<br />

technology now at your<br />

doorsteps<br />

Its Range Of Cutting Tables For Float Glass Is Ideal<br />

For Integration Into Glass Cutting Lines Across All<br />

Sizes<br />

Achieving yet another remarkable milestone, Intermac<br />

is now manufacturing state-of-the-art glass processing<br />

machines with the same Italian quality workmanship and<br />

precision at Biesse India’s Bengaluru facility.<br />

Having launched the first-ever<br />

glass-processing machine<br />

range manufactured in India:<br />

the Genius 38 and 61 CT-A Tech Glass<br />

Cutting tables, makes Biesse India the<br />

first and only manufacturer in India<br />

to locally produce and export this<br />

technology.<br />

Intermac’s range of cutting tables<br />

for float glass is ideal for integration<br />

into glass cutting lines across all size<br />

businesses. Intermac is a 35-year-old<br />

division of Biesse Group that handles<br />

the production and sale of machinery<br />

for processing glass, stone and metal,<br />

catering to a plethora of industries<br />

from construction to interior design<br />

and from automotive industry to<br />

aviation. It also offers attentive,<br />

personalised assistance to customers,<br />

from pre-sales consultation to postsales<br />

and spare parts services.<br />

Intermac offers technical expertise<br />

and benefits from a large network<br />

that comes with the global industrial<br />

leadership of the Biesse Group. Since<br />

1969, the Group has been designing,<br />

manufacturing and distributing<br />

66 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Intermac • 2<br />

machines, integrated systems and<br />

software to process wood, advanced<br />

material, glass, stone, and metal.<br />

Biesse’s investment in India has<br />

reached a whopping €20 million over<br />

the last decade to better serve our<br />

customers. Today the subsidiary has a<br />

headcount of more than 700+ highskilled<br />

employees and comprises two<br />

plants at Nelamangala and Makali that<br />

are spread over a sprawling 30,000+<br />

square meters, equipped with the<br />

most advanced minds, machinery and<br />

manpower to design and manufacture<br />

cutting-edge technology.<br />

Intermac machines, now being<br />

manufactured at the Bengaluru<br />

facility of Biesse India, are all set to<br />

fulfil and go beyond all its customers’<br />

needs!<br />

The main driving force for Biesse<br />

India has always been the care for<br />

customers. Biesse India identifies<br />

quality, product value and customer<br />

service as being essential for achieving<br />

utmost customer satisfaction.<br />

–Santosh B Holeyachi<br />

Email: santosh.bh@biessemnfg.com<br />

Website: www.intermac.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 67

Company News<br />

Şişecam reported investments of<br />

TRY 838 million in first half of <strong>2021</strong><br />

Company’s Net Sales Have Reached TRY 13 Billion In The First Half Of<br />

The Year<br />

International sales accounted for 64 per cent of Şişecam’s total sales during this period.<br />

Capital expenditures were recorded at TRY 838 million and exports reached USD 327<br />

million in the first half of the year.<br />

A<br />

global player in the glass and<br />

chemicals industries with<br />

production activities spanning<br />

14 countries in four continents and<br />

with sales to more than 150 countries,<br />

Şişecam reported consolidated net<br />

sales of TRY 13 billion for the six<br />

months ending June <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Şişecam CEO Görkem Elverici<br />

commented on the company’s<br />

results: “Despite the climate of<br />

uncertainty caused by the pandemic,<br />

Şişecam delivered a strong financial<br />

performance in the first half of the<br />

year, exceeding its performance in the<br />

same period of the previous year.”<br />

“Şişecam continued to create value<br />

for its stakeholders with its proactive<br />

decisions and practices that generate<br />

value for its entire ecosystem. In the<br />

coming period, we aim to continue<br />

moving forward toward our global<br />

goals. We plan to take the next steps<br />

on our sustainable growth journey<br />

with our transformation projects that<br />

will render Şişecam future-ready,<br />

our investment plans, and our robust<br />

governance capabilities,” Elverici said.<br />

Şişecam’s <strong>2021</strong> first half-year<br />

consolidated net sales grossed TRY 13<br />

billion and international sales of the<br />

company – comprising exports from<br />

Turkey and sales from non-Turkey<br />

facilities – accounted for 64 per cent<br />

of total revenue.<br />

In the first half of the year,<br />

Şişecam produced 2.7 million tons<br />

of glass, 1.2 million tons of soda,<br />

and 2.5 million tons of industrial<br />

raw materials. During this period,<br />

thanks to its proactive decisions and<br />

practices that generate value for its<br />

entire ecosystem, Şişecam achieved a<br />

strong half-year financial performance<br />

exceeding the same period of the<br />

previous year, the era just prior to and<br />

at the start of the pandemic.<br />

As evidenced by the solid results it<br />

recorded in the first half of the year,<br />

Şişecam once again demonstrated<br />

its strong corporate governance<br />

capabilities by achieving a financial<br />

performance that also exceeded<br />

the same period of 2019, the prepandemic<br />

period.<br />

Despite the climate of uncertainty<br />

caused by the pandemic, the<br />

company delivered a strong financial<br />

performance.<br />

In his statement on the financial<br />

results, Şişecam CEO Elverici<br />

indicated that the company created<br />

sustainable value for its entire<br />

ecosystem in the first half of <strong>2021</strong>, a<br />

time when global pandemic-rooted<br />

extraordinary conditions sustained<br />

and in a climate marked by ongoing<br />

uncertainty.<br />

He added: “With consolidated<br />

net sales totalling TRY 13 billion in<br />

the first half of the year, we further<br />

contributed to the macro economy<br />

and the growth of anchor industries<br />

to which we provide input with<br />

our products, investments, and<br />

employment opportunities. Şişecam<br />

successfully reached its ambitious<br />

targets in the first half of the year<br />

thanks to its robust corporate<br />

governance capabilities and agile<br />

practices. Moreover, it delivered<br />

a strong financial performance,<br />

exceeding that of the previous<br />

year which coincided with the prepandemic<br />

period. Şişecam recorded<br />

financial success that surpassed<br />

not only the same period of the<br />

previous year but also the half-year<br />

results of 2019, which refers prior<br />

to the outbreak of the pandemic.<br />

We will continue to conduct our<br />

business activities by leveraging our<br />

robust competencies and agility. At<br />

Şişecam, we aim to create value for<br />

all our stakeholders by modifying<br />

our business processes and plans<br />

as needed in the coming period, for<br />

which the extent of the impact of the<br />

global pandemic remains uncertain.”<br />

Thanks to the company’s functionbased<br />

governance model, it will<br />

more effectively manage its business<br />

operations across four continents, the<br />

CEO said.<br />

In its 85th anniversary year,<br />

Şişecam made one of the most<br />

important decisions in its history:<br />

To merge all of its business activities<br />

under a single roof.<br />

Görkem Elverici stated the<br />

following about the transformation<br />

initiatives that Şişecam has designed<br />

to better prepare itself for the future:<br />

“We have successfully completed<br />

the merger process. This large-scale<br />

consolidation was a crucial turning<br />

point in terms of our long-term<br />

strategies and competitive targets<br />

in global markets. Immediately<br />

afterwards, we focused on<br />

implementing transformation projects<br />

aimed at creating a more integrated,<br />

digital, optimized, operationally<br />

efficient organizational structure and<br />

building Şişecam of the future.”<br />

“To this end, we made a strategic<br />

decision to introduce significant<br />

changes to our governance model.<br />

At Şişecam, different business fields<br />

68 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Şişecam• 2<br />

– such as glass packaging, glassware<br />

and chemicals – were formerly<br />

managed independently within a<br />

field of activity-based organizational<br />

structure. Now, we have a functionbased<br />

organization and management<br />

approach,” he said.<br />

“As a result, we no longer manage<br />

our business processes on a business<br />

line-basis, but rather based on<br />

functions, such as Sales-Marketing<br />

or Production. I firmly believe that<br />

our new organizational structure<br />

will ensure more effective and agile<br />

management across our region of<br />

operation spanning four continents<br />

in various lines of business. The<br />

experience and competencies we have<br />

gained with a focus on product groups<br />

will further expand Şişecam domain<br />

of influence,” Elverici added.<br />

Reaping rewards of strategic<br />

decisions and best practices<br />

Elverici stated that Şişecam is<br />

currently reaping the rewards of its<br />

Mr. Görkem Elverici, CEO of Şişecam<br />

transformation efforts, digitalization<br />

practices, and strategic decisions<br />

during a time when business models<br />

have changed profoundly due to the<br />

global pandemic.<br />

He elaborated: “As a result of the<br />

challenges accompanying it, the global<br />

pandemic offered organizations an<br />

opportunity to test their decisions<br />

and practices and revamp their<br />

structure to align with the new<br />

market conditions. During this period,<br />

Şişecam also had the opportunity<br />

to test once again its readiness for<br />

the unanticipated developments, its<br />

ability to make fast decisions, and<br />

adaptability skills.”<br />

“The successful projects and<br />

competencies we developed on<br />

our digitalization journey played a<br />

critical role in managing this process<br />

effectively. In addition, our strategic<br />

positioning with respect to our<br />

production activities spread across 14<br />

countries on four continents enabled<br />

us to navigate the negative effects<br />

of the disrupted global supply chain<br />

much more easily. In the coming<br />

period, we plan to further boost the<br />

economic value we generate and<br />

our global competitive edge with<br />

investments and projects that will<br />

prepare Şişecam for the future,” the<br />

CEO said.<br />

Creating value for stakeholders with<br />

new investments<br />

Şişecam, the founder of the Turkish<br />

glass industry and a global pioneer,<br />

remains committed to making<br />

uninterrupted investments that will<br />

create value for all of its stakeholders<br />

and supporting the growth of the<br />

industries to which it provides input.<br />

Elverici added: “Despite<br />

the climate of uncertainty and<br />

extraordinary conditions created by<br />

the global pandemic, we continued<br />

our investments without interruption<br />

in line with our priority to meet our<br />

customers’ glass demand and to<br />

create value for the economies.”<br />

“In the coming period, we aim<br />

to create sustainable value for<br />

our stakeholders while expanding<br />

Şişecam’s global footprint with<br />

strategic moves we will make in<br />

the right areas by continuing our<br />

investments with the same approach.<br />

As part of these efforts, we announced<br />

that start of our first European<br />

facility investment in glass packaging<br />

industry, in Hungary,” he said.<br />

“We expect this greenfield facility<br />

investment with a capacity of 330,000<br />

tons to be online 2023 and to reach<br />

its full capacity by the year-end<br />

2025. Capital expenditures focusing<br />

on increasing our existing 2 million<br />

ton flat glass production capacity<br />

in Turkey by 25 percent are also<br />

underway. We expect to achieve this<br />

goal by both improving our existing<br />

lines and investing in two new float<br />

lines,” the CEO added.<br />

Email: baharyasli@lobby-pr.com<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 69

Company News<br />

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new headquarters of ISRA VISION AG in Darmstadt.<br />

(From left, CFO Martin Heinrich, mayor Jochen Partsch, company founder Enis Ersü, CEO Tomas Lundin, architect Gregor Kahlau)<br />

ISRA VISION begins construction<br />

of new HQ<br />

Company Marks Dawn Of New Era With Traditional Ground-Breaking<br />

Ceremony In Darmstadt, Germany<br />

More than three decades ago, ISRA VISION was founded as a spin-off of TU Darmstadt<br />

and developed into a world-leading machine vision technology company in the<br />

subsequent years.<br />

The founder and CEO of ISRA<br />

VISION, Enis Ersü, stepped<br />

back from active professional<br />

life at the end of June <strong>2021</strong>. As<br />

part of the company’s succession<br />

planning, ISRA VISION entered into a<br />

strategic partnership with the Swedish<br />

industrial group Atlas Copco, forming<br />

the heart of the new Machine Vision<br />

Solutions division. With a strong new<br />

management team, the foundations<br />

are now being laid for the successful<br />

future development of the company.<br />

ISRA VISION AG is marking the<br />

dawn of a new era of growth with a<br />

traditional ground-breaking ceremony<br />

to mark the start of construction<br />

of its new headquarters building in<br />

Darmstadt, Germany.<br />

The new headquarters is located on<br />

a property measuring around 15,000<br />

square metres in the city’s “Knell”<br />

development district with its historic<br />

water tower at Frankfurter Straße. Set<br />

to be constructed in two stages, it will<br />

consist of three connected buildings<br />

housing offices and development<br />

laboratories, as well as demonstration<br />

and assembly halls.<br />

The project was designed by the<br />

local architecture firm fs Architekten.<br />

It will give ISRA VISION the space<br />

it needs for future development<br />

and a constantly growing workforce.<br />

Designed to the latest energy<br />

standards, the building will grow over<br />

time and will offer space for around<br />

960 employees once fully constructed.<br />

As construction begins, the<br />

company owes special thanks to<br />

the mayor of Darmstadt Jochen<br />

Partsch and the city of Darmstadt,<br />

who provided excellent support in<br />

the search for a suitable location.<br />

The plans for the new headquarters<br />

were put in place several years ago<br />

by company founder Enis Ersü,<br />

who recently retired from active<br />

professional life.<br />

In 2020, the globally active Atlas<br />

Copco group joined forces with ISRA<br />

VISION as a strategic partner, while<br />

also remaining committed to the<br />

plans for the new headquarters. The<br />

70 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

ISRA VISION• 2<br />

What it will look like: the new company headquarters of ISRA VISION AG in Darmstadt.<br />

preliminary work was done with the<br />

help of Felix Schneider from Gerhard.<br />

Architekten in Darmstadt and Horst<br />

Ulrich Werb on behalf of Schindler<br />

& Werb AG, allowing the foundation<br />

stone of the new building to be placed<br />

together with the planners and<br />

tradespeople involved in the project.<br />

ISRA VISION’s new chairman of<br />

the Executive Management Team,<br />

Tomas Lundin, was joined for the<br />

ceremony by company founder Enis<br />

Ersü, Chief Financial Officer Martin<br />

Heinrich and Mayor of Darmstadt<br />

Jochen Partsch.<br />

The start of construction of the<br />

new headquarters represents not only<br />

the beginning of a new chapter in the<br />

company’s history, but is also a sign<br />

of its dedication to the city and the<br />

local area. ISRA VISION was formed<br />

in 1985 as a spin-off of the Technical<br />

University of Darmstadt. Together<br />

with its subsidiaries, ISRA VISION AG<br />

has grown to become the world leader<br />

in surface inspection of web materials.<br />

It is also one of the world’s leading<br />

providers of image processing<br />

(machine vision), specializing in 3D<br />

machine vision, especially for 3D robot<br />

vision. With its new strategic partner<br />

Atlas Copco, the ambitious company<br />

has big plans. The ground-breaking<br />

ceremony is therefore also the start of<br />

a promising and successful future.<br />

Despite its status as a global<br />

More space for ISRA VISION AG: New headquarters in Darmstadt<br />

with 960 workspaces.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 71

Company News<br />

High-tech and sustainable: ISRA VISION AG is building its new<br />

headquarters in Darmstadt in keeping with ecological principles.<br />

player, ISRA feels right at home<br />

in Darmstadt. The company has<br />

maintained close relations with<br />

the Technical University and the<br />

Darmstadt University of Applied<br />

Sciences, along with other research<br />

institutions like the Fraunhofer<br />

Institute.<br />

The start of construction also<br />

helps ISRA VISION position itself<br />

as an employer with an exciting<br />

future in the region, creating the best<br />

conditions to promote young talent.<br />

The new site is set to create countless<br />

new jobs, with the company looking<br />

for both fully trained specialists and<br />

talented youngsters in particular.<br />

Alongside this, consideration is also<br />

being given to providing a home and<br />

space to develop for start-ups that<br />

represent a good technological match<br />

for ISRA VISION at the premises.<br />

For staff, the building will provide<br />

an inspiring work environment that is<br />

in harmony with the company’s values<br />

and responds to ecological challenges.<br />

Designed with environmental<br />

protection in mind, the headquarters<br />

will be built in line with the<br />

Effizienzhaus 55 standards (an energy<br />

standard for buildings, introduced by<br />

KfW).<br />

It will also feature a high proportion<br />

of green spaces and charging facilities<br />

for electric vehicles and bicycles,<br />

and will be constructed using clean,<br />

low-noise methods. The completion<br />

of the first construction section and<br />

moving in to the new headquarters are<br />

planned for the turn of 2022-2023.<br />

–Nicole Rüffer<br />

Email: nrueffer@isravision.com<br />

Website: www.isravision.com<br />

Construction begins on the ISRA VISION AG headquarters in Darmstadt: Offices,<br />

development labs and demonstration and assembly halls for the growing company.<br />

72 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Company News<br />

Şişecam Neutral 70/37<br />

wins Facade Material of<br />

Year Award 2020<br />

Product Maximizes Energy Savings By Providing<br />

Outstanding Thermal Insulation, Efficient Solar<br />

Control<br />

One of the largest flat glass manufacturers in Europe,<br />

Şişecam Flat Glass continues its R&D and investment<br />

activities without slowing down.<br />

Şişecam offers innovative solutions<br />

to the changing and developing<br />

needs of the market. It received<br />

the “Facade Material of the Year<br />

Award” for the eighth time with its new<br />

product, Şişecam Temperable Solar<br />

Control Low-E Glass Neutral 70/37<br />

which is developed for architectural<br />

category as a result of R&D studies.<br />

With 1.0 U value, Şişecam<br />

Temperable Solar Control Low-E<br />

Glass Neutral 70/37 maximizes energy<br />

savings by providing outstanding<br />

thermal insulation and efficient solar<br />

control.<br />

Neutral 70/37 provides high light<br />

transmittance while reducing the need<br />

for artificial lighting. Also shows all<br />

the details of nature thanks to its low<br />

reflection and transparency.<br />

Neutral 70/37 has also the same<br />

colour and performance in annealed<br />

form that provides solutions for<br />

residential buildings, villas and store<br />

front glazing where transparency and<br />

low reflection are required.<br />

With its outstanding thermal<br />

insulation and solar control<br />

performance, Neutral 70/37 reduces<br />

heat loss and decreases solar energy<br />

transmission by 50 per cent compared<br />

to ordinary IGU. Thus, Neutral 70/37<br />

creates comfortable living spaces in<br />

summer and winter by saving heating<br />

and cooling expenses.<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 73

Company News<br />

AIS, Vishakha Group ink pact to set up<br />

India’s largest solar glass plant<br />

Located In Gujarat’s Mundra, The Unit Is Expected To Be Commissioned<br />

Within 18-24 Months<br />

Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS) and Ahmedabad-based Vishakha Group announces<br />

partnership and investment for setting up India’s largest solar glass manufacturing plant<br />

at Mundra.<br />

AIS and Vishakha group have<br />

announced a joint venture into<br />

solar glass with an in-principle<br />

agreement for setting up of India’s<br />

largest and state-of-the-art green field<br />

solar glass plant at Mundra, Gujarat,<br />

with phase-1 glass manufacturing<br />

capacity of up to 3 GW of the<br />

installable capacity of solar power<br />

plants.<br />

The plant is expected to be<br />

commissioned within 18-24 months.<br />

AIS will take a minority stake in the<br />

solar glass business.<br />

Vishakha Group is well-established<br />

and one of the largest manufacturers<br />

of flexible polymer packaging. It<br />

also has manufacturing facilities for<br />

other key components in the entire<br />

solar panel value chain viz., solar<br />

backsheets, EVA encapsulant sheets<br />

and solar module aluminium frames.<br />

As part of its commitment to the<br />

Paris Climate Agreement, India has<br />

now embarked on an ambitious target<br />

of generating 450 GW of renewable<br />

energy by 2030. This has led to a surge<br />

in demand for solar power in India,<br />

resulting in a huge demand for solar<br />

power equipment or panels and solar<br />

glass.<br />

Mr Sanjay Labroo, Managing<br />

About Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS)<br />

Director & CEO of AIS, said: “Although<br />

a different market segment, solar<br />

glass is still an adjacent business to<br />

the existing businesses of AIS. We are<br />

delighted to partner with Vishakha<br />

group in their vision of creating the<br />

entire ecosystem and value chain for<br />

indigenizing solar energy generation in<br />

India.”<br />

Mr Jigish Doshi, Chairman of<br />

Vishakha Group, said: “India has<br />

been one of the few nations that has<br />

accelerated its global commitment<br />

towards climate change and we intend<br />

to do our part to achieve the renewable<br />

energy target. The joint venture into<br />

solar glass manufacturing will support<br />

the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative of<br />

the government of India, contribute<br />

in achieving energy independence<br />

and lead to massive job creation in the<br />

Gujarat region. We are delighted to<br />

partner with AIS in this new journey.<br />

We plan to compliment the technical<br />

expertise and experience of AIS with<br />

synergies from our other businesses in<br />

the entire solar value chain.”<br />

Asahi India Glass Ltd is India’s leading integrated glass company engaged in production and delivery of nextgeneration<br />

glass products and solutions to retail and institutional customers. AIS provides end-to-end solutions<br />

across the entire value chain in both automotive and architectural glass segments.<br />

For more information, visit www.aisglass.com<br />

About Vishakha Group<br />

Ahmedabad-based Vishakha group is an established player in flexible polymer packaging, drip irrigation systems<br />

and pipes, solar backsheets, solar encapsulant films, solar module aluminium frames and material handling<br />

solutions.<br />

For more information, visit www.vishakha.com<br />

Source: www.aisglass.com<br />

74 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Company News<br />

Taiton Architectural Hardware opens<br />

Experience Centres in Hyderabad, Delhi<br />

Offers Platform To Touch And Feel Next-Generation Luxury Products, Assess<br />

Quality<br />

The world of Taiton offers the largest and the most comprehensive product range which<br />

has been intelligently crafted to suit the modern hi-tech commercial and residential<br />

establishments.<br />


To offer architects, designers,<br />

builders, contractors,<br />

fabricators and homeowners<br />

a platform to touch and feel nextgen<br />

luxury products and assess the<br />

quality of our high-end products,<br />

the company has opened up Taiton<br />

Experience Centres at Hyderabad and<br />

New Delhi.<br />

The Delhi experience centre<br />

features exclusive options in<br />

architectural hardware solutions for<br />

commercial and residential spaces.<br />

For hospitality solutions, Taiton<br />

offers a wide range of latest technology<br />

like RFID locks, DND systems,<br />

elevator control systems, acoustic<br />

sliding wall partitions, automatic<br />

doors, shower cubicles, spider fittings,<br />

glass and wooden door hardware and<br />

SS glass railings. All of these are on<br />

display at the centres.<br />

For residential projects, the design<br />

and style would certainly charm<br />

customers to possess from Taiton’s<br />

wide range of products like exclusive<br />

luxury shower enclosures in different<br />

finishes and designs.<br />

A unique product for privacy in<br />

open offices is available in the form<br />

of smart switch film. The company<br />

has its own manufacturing facility to<br />

ensure quality and curb the lead time.<br />

The Experience Centre in<br />

Hyderabad is spread over an area of<br />

8,000 square feet. It majorly displays<br />

various kind of automatic doors,<br />

vibrant, luxurious and exclusive range<br />

of Taiton Maxia shower cubicles, and<br />

SS glass railings among the other<br />

products.<br />

Taiton is a quality conscious<br />

company, and never compromises with<br />

quality. To ensure that, it conducts<br />

elaborate research on the materials<br />

used and the prevailing market<br />

trends. The company ensures that its<br />

products undergo strict quality checks<br />

on various parameters like durability,<br />

finishing and robustness before they<br />

are delivered to customers.<br />

Its diversified product portfolio<br />

is strategically divided into nine<br />

verticals. In the current dynamic<br />

world, infrastructural development<br />

is witnessing rapid advancement,<br />

and hence, there is a requirement to<br />

continuously innovate the products,<br />

utilizing the latest technologies to<br />

offer solutions that match perfectly to<br />

the need of modern customers.<br />

Taiton will keep challenging itself in<br />

the new era, dedicating to supply more<br />

beautiful and high quality products for<br />

a better living. It offers prompt and<br />

courteous delivery of products and an<br />

efficient customer service.<br />

Exceptional functional and<br />

technical expertise coupled with<br />

extensive industry knowledge<br />

makes Taiton the ideal choice for<br />

implementation of your desires into<br />

reality.<br />

E-mail: taitondelhi@taiton.in<br />

Website: www.taiton.in<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 75

Company Report<br />

Toughened, safety glass processor J K<br />

International spreads its wings<br />

To Offer Completely Customized Solutions, From Design Consultation To<br />

Glass & Hardware Selection<br />

Toughened and safety glass manufacturer J K International began its journey with a unit<br />

in Himachal Pradesh in 2004 and expanded to set up a second one in Jalandhar, which<br />

began production in 2015, under the guidance of its mentor Mr S S Kang.<br />

"<br />

Born in 1950, Mr Kang did his matriculation in 1966 from Ropar (now a district of<br />

Punjab). After completing his post-graduation in 1974, he first joined Bhambra<br />

Management Board in audit section.<br />

His experience of corporate costing, budgeting and planning logistic changed his way<br />

of working and taught him how to take quick decisions based on facts and figures.<br />

Customer service and punctuality have always held top priority for Mr Kang. He<br />

always planned in advance to meet new challenges. Under him, J K International<br />

adopted new practices. It defined everything, measured every progress.<br />

He won the Glass Bulletin ‘Best Glass Processor Award’ in 2018. Mr Kang has worked<br />

as vice-chairman and general secretary in ‘FOSG’. He has also been a jury member of<br />

Glass Bulletin Awards.<br />

"<br />

Mr. S S Kang,<br />

Chairman & MD of JK international<br />

In 2015, J K International set up its<br />

Jalandhar plant as an integrated<br />

unit for production of laminated<br />

and toughened glass. It is equipped<br />

with machinery from Jin Glass<br />

having the latest in force convection<br />

to produce the best toughened glass<br />

without waves or bends.<br />

Its product portfolio includes<br />

toughened glass, bending toughened<br />

glass, double insulated glass, curved<br />

tempered glass, bullet proof glass,<br />

laminated glass and automotive glass.<br />

The unit also has machinery from<br />

LWDY Lewei Science Technology<br />

from China. It has added other latest<br />

machinery like CNC cutting line, fully<br />

automatic DGU, double-edger line,<br />

and automatic glass cutting machines.<br />

The company has glass bending<br />

machinery producing wind screens<br />

for luxury buses as well as bullet-proof<br />

glass for VIP vehicles.<br />

In 2019, the company expanded<br />

to uPVC doors and windows in<br />

collaboration with Kommerling, a<br />

brand under the Profine Group of<br />

Germany, a leading manufacturer in<br />

the sector. The unit began production<br />

in August 2020.<br />

In <strong>2021</strong>, despite the coronavirusinduced<br />

lockdown, J K International<br />

decided to venture in aluminium<br />

door and windows in collaboration<br />

with Italian company Aluk Building<br />

Systems, a global leader in aluminium<br />

systems. J K International will now<br />

offer completely customized solutions,<br />

right from design consultation to glass<br />

and hardware selection, to deliver<br />

value to its customers.<br />

J K International works on<br />

provideing complete solution in<br />

aluminium building system that<br />

combines aesthetic appeal with<br />

exceptional performance window and<br />

door systems, sliding door, folding<br />

door, curtain walling and shutters and<br />

louvers.<br />

For this, a unit spread across<br />

20,000 square feet is under<br />

construction which will be ready<br />

in August <strong>2021</strong>, and production is<br />

expected to start a month after that.<br />

The company already has orders in<br />

hand.<br />

J K International has been ZED<br />

76 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

J K International• 2<br />

Mr. Bikramjit Singh Kang,<br />

Director of JK international<br />

and its glasses are now ISI certified<br />

from the Bureau of Indian Standards.<br />

Also, the company has got E-marking<br />

(assessment of quality system and<br />

control) approval for European<br />

standards.<br />

Mr Kang began his career in 1976<br />

with Mahavir SPG Mills, where<br />

he worked for 22 years in various<br />

departments, holding different<br />

positions. Important positions he held<br />

included statistical officer, costing and<br />

budgeting section, above all planning<br />

and logistic. In planning and logistic,<br />

Mr Kang mastered planning, which<br />

later on become the backbone of his<br />

carrier.<br />

During his service, Mr Kang set up<br />

a small safety glass business, Sunfex<br />

Glass Works, which started producing<br />

PVC laminated safety glasses in<br />

Hoshiarpur. This made his presence<br />

felt in bus body glass. Back then, his<br />

wife, Mrs Jaspal Kaur, used to look<br />

after the business. Mr Kang used to<br />

help her during mornings, evenings<br />

and on holidays and Sundays.<br />

In 1996, he set up a new<br />

partnership firm in the name of J K<br />

Toughened Glass in Jalandhar city. For<br />

two years, he used to attend office at<br />

J K Toughened after his workday at<br />

Mahavir was over. In 1998, he decided<br />

to take premature retirement from<br />

Mahavir Spinning Mills Hoshiarpur to<br />

focus on his new venture.<br />

Ms. Manpreet Kang,<br />

CEO of JK international<br />

certified by the Quality Council of<br />

India and the Ministry of MSME,<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 77

Company Report<br />

In the beginning, J K Toughened<br />

Glass was making only flat glass.<br />

In 1999, it set up another plant to<br />

produce bend toughened glass for<br />

bus body. In 2000, the company<br />

started making bend toughed glass<br />

for sweets display counter. In 2001,<br />

J K Toughened got a fabricated<br />

horizontal bend glass machine for<br />

making toughened bend glass. Soon,<br />

the company made its presence felt in<br />

good quality display counter glass.<br />

In 2004, Mr Kang and his<br />

partner decided to further expand<br />

and established J K International<br />

in Himachal Pradesh. Here it had<br />

two vertical plants to make flat or<br />

bend glass for bus body application.<br />

In 2007, the company established<br />

horizontal toughened flat and bend<br />

glass and replaced the vertical plant.<br />

In 2012, the company expanded<br />

further and imported laminated<br />

glass machinery from LWDY for J K<br />

Toughened Glass Jalandhar. Then<br />

in 2014, Mr Kang and his partner<br />

decided to part ways after 18 long<br />

years of partnership. The Jalandhar<br />

business, J K Toughened Glass, went<br />

to his partner, while J K International<br />

went to Mr Kang.<br />

Customer service and punctuality<br />

have always held top priority for Mr<br />

Kang. He always planned in advance<br />

to meet new challenges. Under<br />

him, J K International adopted new<br />

practices. It defined everything,<br />

measured every progress.<br />

He won the Glass Bulletin ‘Best<br />

Glass Processor Award’ in 2018. Mr<br />

Kang has worked as vice-chairman<br />

and general secretary in ‘FOSG’. He<br />

has also been a jury member of Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards.<br />

Born in 1950, Mr Kang did his<br />

matriculation in 1966 from Ropar<br />

(now a district of Punjab). After<br />

completing his post-graduation<br />

in 1974, he first joined Bhambra<br />

Management Board in audit section.<br />

His experience of corporate<br />

costing, budgeting and planning<br />

logistic changed his way of working<br />

and taught him how to take quick<br />

decisions based on facts and figures.<br />

His son, Bikramjit Singh, entered<br />

the business in 2006. He was trained<br />

in handing all technical issues. He<br />

went on to win the Glass Bulletin<br />

Award for Young Entrepreneur in<br />

2017.<br />

In March 2013, Bikramjit Singh<br />

got married to Manpreet, an assistant<br />

professor at the Lovely Professional<br />

University in Jalandhar. She also<br />

joined the business and took charge of<br />

the HR and the accounts departments<br />

to further help in making the<br />

organisation stronger.<br />

Email: bjskang@gmail.com<br />

Website: www.jkglasses.com<br />

78 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Product Hunt<br />

HEGLA is showing the ProLam LSR, a newly developed cutting system for LSG equipped for the first time with the time-saving laser diode heating<br />

technology as a system in series production. Up to 20 per cent and more productivity can be achieved with the new technology.<br />

Demanding pane composites with up to ten-ply interlayer can be<br />

separated in a short cycle time with the new laser diode heating<br />

system. The precise application of heat to the cut contour means<br />

that the surrounding area virtually remains cold, preventing later<br />

delamination to the maximum extent possible.<br />

HEGLA at Milan’s Vitrum<br />

To Focus On Glass Cutting, Its Automation &<br />

Performance Increase<br />

HEGLA Group’s range of topics at Vitrum could scarcely be<br />

wider, but it is an example of just how diversely the glass<br />

industry has developed in recent years.<br />

Faster cutting, more information,<br />

perfect tempering<br />

On the one hand, the focus is<br />

on glass cutting, its automation and<br />

performance increase. Interested<br />

visitors gain insight into HEGLA’s<br />

mechanical engineering. On the other<br />

hand, the opportunities of networking,<br />

digitalisation and integrated processes<br />

will also be showcased, making it clear<br />

how important these issues currently<br />

are from the Group’s point of view.<br />

Laser diode heating increases<br />

productivity in LSG cutting<br />

HEGLA is showing the ProLam LSR,<br />

a newly developed cutting system for<br />

laminated safety glass equipped for<br />

the first time with the time-saving<br />

laser diode heating system as a<br />

machine in series production.<br />

“Productivity in LSG cutting can be<br />

increased by twenty per cent or more<br />

with the new heating process,” said<br />

HEGLA Managing Director Bernhard<br />

Hötger, emphasising one of the<br />

advantages of the new technology.<br />

The laser applies the bundled<br />

heating energy precisely to the cutting<br />

contour, reaching the PVB inerlayer’s<br />

transformation temperature much<br />

more quickly than the usual heating<br />

tubes. The laser beam weakens only<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 79

Product Hunt<br />

Once the surface-friendly marking has been applied by laser<br />

printing, it remains permanently attached to the glass throughout<br />

the entire product life cycle.<br />

Track & trace is put into practice at HEGLA boraident. Via<br />

automatic scan or manually with an app, production progress<br />

can be recorded and tracked even years later.<br />

length, and requires only a short bootup<br />

time,” Bernhard Hötger added.<br />

Unique glass marking for digital<br />

added value<br />

Individual glass marking, data capture<br />

and storage, and product tracking are<br />

the main focus at HEGLA boraident.<br />

In line with this, the mobile laser<br />

printing solution ESGuardM will be<br />

shown together with the UniColor<br />

laser printing process.<br />

Compared to CO2 laser marking,<br />

this technology leaves the surface<br />

completely undamaged. Once the<br />

scratch-, smudge- and weatherresistant<br />

marking consisting of a logo,<br />

QR code or alphanumeric characters<br />

has been applied, it remains firmly<br />

attached to the glass.<br />

slightly as it passes through the<br />

interlayer, so that even demanding<br />

glass laminates of up to ten-ply<br />

interlayer can be separated with<br />

shorter processing times.<br />

The new process also has a positive<br />

effect on edge quality: the interlayer<br />

remains cold outside the cutting area,<br />

thus preventing later delamination<br />

and enabling additional cuts without<br />

cooling times. The system reduces<br />

energy costs as well. “The laser<br />

diode strip has a divided design,<br />

automatically adjusts to the cutting<br />

With the HEGLA-HANIC Cockpit, performance-relevant<br />

information can be displayed and tracked. It gives employees<br />

more information and makes it easier for production managers to<br />

make decisions.<br />

80 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

HEGLA • 3<br />

Glass that’s as perfect as it gets – HEGLA-TaiFin’s claim regarding the performance of CTF<br />

furnaces could not be more passionate. This is why perfect flatness and optical quality are<br />

the hallmarks of these tempered panes.<br />

“Depending on the integration, the<br />

captured data on the product can be<br />

stored either in the ERP or another<br />

system. All it takes is one scan to<br />

retrieve the information, call up a fire<br />

protection certificate or reorder an<br />

identical product,” explained Head of<br />

Development Dr Thomas Rainer. As a<br />

rule, laser marking is integrated into<br />

operations step by step with the aims<br />

of triggering production steps through<br />

automatic scanning, simplifying<br />

shipping processes or tracing process<br />

steps from production and shipping to<br />

the construction site. “With marking<br />

and unique identification, it’s also<br />

possible to fully digitise and track<br />

production,” said Dr Rainer.<br />

Real-time tracking for the<br />

optimisation of integrated processes<br />

“Capturing processes in real time is<br />

also advantageous for higher-level<br />

software such as ERP, MES, waste<br />

optimisation and capacity planning,”<br />

said Dr Jan Schäpers, Managing<br />

Director of HEGLA-HANIC, the<br />

software specialists.<br />

The large amount of data<br />

collected by scanning and sensor<br />

technology can be used to analyse<br />

and optimise processes in depth. The<br />

display of information in a HEGLA-<br />

HANIC Cockpit helps to improve<br />

the employees’ overview and gives<br />

production managers an improved<br />

basis for decision-making. With<br />

appropriate integration into ERP and<br />

production planning software, many<br />

of these interventions take place<br />

automatically.<br />

For example, the continuous<br />

optimisation system continuously<br />

adjusts the cutting plans or rearranges<br />

the sequence of units at the<br />

processing steps according to current<br />

demand.<br />

For visitors who want to get a<br />

personal impression of HEGLA-<br />

HANIC’s solutions on site, the<br />

company will show demo views and<br />

test systems at Vitrum – systems<br />

featuring even better performance<br />

and usability on a new platform with<br />

inclusive updates.<br />

Perfect flatness and glass quality<br />

Tempered glass in perfect optical<br />

quality and flatness is the passion<br />

of HEGLA-TaiFin, the HEGLA<br />

Group subsidiary that will also be<br />

represented at the joint stand. With<br />

the CTFe, the company offers a<br />

unique tempering furnace in which<br />

the thermal heat is transferred by air<br />

circulation from closed convection<br />

boxes. The glass surface is never<br />

exposed to the direct radiation of the<br />

radiant heaters, so that both coated<br />

and uncoated glass can be finished<br />

with the highest optical properties.<br />

“The Viprotron and LiteSentry<br />

scanners, for example, consistently<br />

confirm the premium quality of the<br />

tempered glass with isotropy values<br />

above 95 per cent,” said Jarno<br />

Nieminen from HEGLA-TaiFin.<br />

While the CTFe is ideally suited for<br />

demanding facade glazing, the Finnish<br />

company is now introducing three<br />

new furnaces that have been specially<br />

designed to meet the requirements of<br />

insulating, interior or sanitary glass.<br />

You will find the HEGLA Group at<br />

Milan’s Vitrum in hall 22P at stand<br />

U01-Z08.<br />

–Carsten Koch<br />

Email: carsten.koch@hegla.de<br />

Website: www.hegla.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 81

Product Hunt<br />

Hana demountable glass<br />

partitioning & framed<br />

shower sliding systems<br />

by Ozone<br />

Flexible, Easy To Install, Cost-Efficient Solutions<br />

For Modern Offices, Residential & Commercial<br />

Spaces<br />

Hana glass partitioning system from Ozone is one of the<br />

most flexible, easy to install, and cost-efficient solutions for<br />

modern-day offices, residential and commercial spaces. It<br />

enables creating transparent, clean lines and minimalistic<br />

visual appeal to space.<br />

82 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Ozone • 2<br />

Ozone, the leading player in<br />

the architectural hardware<br />

segment, introduces<br />

demountable glass partitioning<br />

solutions for offices, residential, hotels,<br />

hospitals, and other commercial<br />

spaces. These newly introduced<br />

partitioning solutions have been named<br />

“Hana Partitioning Systems”.<br />

Hana Glass Partitioning Systems<br />

are designed to complement modern<br />

architectural interior trends. These are<br />

easy to install aluminium frame profiles<br />

for glass to glass and glass to wall<br />

applications. These can be combined<br />

with various sliding and swing door<br />

hardware derivatives to create multiple<br />

solutions as per the needs, such as<br />

single glass swing door solution, double<br />

glass swing door solution, wall to glass<br />

swing door solution, and sliding door<br />

solutions.<br />

This new Hana collection also<br />

includes a minimal sliding system and<br />

a framed shower sliding solution. The<br />

minimal sliding system is designed to<br />

create a contemporary sleek look to<br />

the area and is apt to use for creating<br />

office cubicles, meeting rooms, and<br />

conference rooms. On the other<br />

hand, framed shower sliding system is<br />

offered in 02 variants; 180-degree and<br />

90-degree applications.<br />

Main highlights of Hana Partitioning<br />

Solutions:<br />

Clear and unobstructed view<br />

Easy and cost-efficient installation<br />

Modern look<br />

Swing door solutions<br />

Sliding door solutions<br />

Framed shower sliding solutions<br />

Customizable system<br />

Hardware can be selected as per<br />

specific needs<br />

Available in Black Matt and Satin<br />

Anodised finishes<br />

Hana glass door partitioning profiles<br />

are suitable to use with 10 mm and<br />

12 mm toughened glass, having a<br />

weight carrying capacity of 45-100 kg.<br />

These can be used to create partitions<br />

up to 3,000 mm height and door<br />

configuration with over panel and<br />

sidelight.<br />

Hana framed shower sliding system<br />

is suitable for 8 mm toughened glass<br />

and can be used to create shower<br />

partitions up to 2,000 mm in height.<br />

Hana Partitioning System is available<br />

in AN and BM finishes with hardware<br />

choices in AN, SSS, and BM finishes<br />

to deliver well-synergized colourcoordinated<br />

interior partitioning<br />

solutions.<br />

Glass wall partitioning systems are<br />

in great demand due to the various<br />

advantages they bring to space and<br />

occupants. They enable a transparent<br />

view that leads to better light and<br />

energy flow hence creating livelier<br />

space. The installation does not take<br />

a lot of time and is flexible enough<br />

to divide the interior space into the<br />

functional area without the loss of<br />

space.<br />

Hana Partitioning System are<br />

available at authorized Ozone<br />

hardware stores across India.<br />

Email: customercare@ozone-india.com<br />

Website: www.ozone-india.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 83

Product Hunt<br />

Unmatched clarity: Flotal Mirror<br />

by Sisecam<br />

From Europe’s No.1 Flat Glass Producer, Comes A Mirror With Distinct<br />

Features, Indisputable Quality<br />

Unmatched clarity from<br />

Flotal family of mirrors (Flotal E & Flotal Ultra Clear), an indispensable decorative element<br />

for Europe’s interiors, owes No.1 its brilliance Flat to Glass years of research Producer and development, and use of<br />

advanced technology.<br />

What is Flotal?<br />

BRONZE<br />

ULTRA CLEAR Sisecam Flat Glass, a company that<br />

has made its mission to develop and<br />

use advanced technologies in mirror<br />

production, started producing the<br />

Flotal Mirror made from Float Glass<br />

with Float Technology in 1982. The<br />

What is Flotal?<br />

company set out with a quality motto<br />

of perfect image and perfect quality to<br />

form the Flotal family with 2 different<br />

Şişecam Flat Glass, a company that has made its mission to develop and use advanced<br />

options (Flotal E and Flotal Ultra<br />

technologies in mirror production, started producing the<br />

Clear).<br />

Flotal Mirror made from<br />

Float Glass with Float Technology in 1982. The company set out Flotal with E a and quality Flotal Ultra motto Clear of<br />

perfect image and perfect quality to form the Flotal family with 2 different options<br />

provide brand new dimensions to<br />

(Flotal E and Flotal Ultra Clear).<br />

spaces with distinct features and<br />

indisputable quality suitable for any<br />

CLEAR Flotal E and Flotal Ultra Clear provide brand new GREY dimensions space to and spaces in line with with the distinct aesthetic<br />

concept of any era.<br />

features and indisputable quality suitable for any space and in line with the aesthetic<br />

From furniture to bathrooms,<br />

concept of any era.<br />

homes to shops, studios to gyms,<br />

Flotal the indispensable decorative<br />

From furniture to bathrooms, homes to shops, studios to gyms, element Flotal of interiors the indispensable<br />

combines<br />

decorative element of interiors combines perfection, durability, perfection, quality, style durability, and quality, brilliance style and<br />

to add light and depth to any space.<br />

brilliance to add light and depth to<br />

any space.<br />

Thickness: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm & 8mm.<br />

Thickness: 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm,<br />

5mm & 6mm.<br />

Şişecam Silver-coated Mirror Flotal E products have the below-mentioned<br />

Sisecam Silver-coated Mirror Flotal E products have the below-mentioned<br />

advantages over other mirror:<br />

advantages over other mirror:<br />


C E C E R T I F I E D<br />

Our Şişecam Mirror Flotal E product is<br />

and complies<br />

with all norms of the latest European EN1036-2:2008 standards.<br />

Brightens & broadens<br />

interior spaces with<br />

Produced using<br />

Better image<br />

eco-friendly methods quality<br />

superior reflectivity<br />

Clear Mirror | Ultra Clear Mirror | Bronze Mirror | Grey Mirror<br />

+<br />

Superior brightness<br />

due to high silver<br />

concentration<br />

Copper-free<br />

Pb<br />

Lead-free<br />

High moistureresistant<br />

High corrosionresistant<br />

Durable<br />

Made using a new generation<br />

of low iron glass that offers<br />

a perfect reflection<br />

84<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong><br />

TRUE<br />


TRUE<br />


Şişecam• 2<br />

Parameters<br />

Brightness<br />

(Subject to adherence of<br />

EN 1036 standards and other<br />

assessments)<br />

Clarity<br />

(Subject to optical quality tests<br />

to determine reflectivity)<br />

Durability<br />

(Subject to corrosion and paint<br />

resistant tests to determine<br />

longevity)<br />

*Conditions apply.<br />

Şişecam Mirror Flotal E<br />

REFLECTANCE > 97%*<br />

for superior reflectivity and brighter images<br />


that ensures true and life-like reflections<br />


for a long-lasting and immaculate performance<br />

www.flotal.com<br />

Clear Mirror | Ultra Clear Mirror | Bronze Mirror | Grey Mirror<br />

Features of FLOTAL E Grey and Bronze Mirror<br />

Antique Look<br />

For Unique<br />

Interior Element<br />

Anti Glare<br />

To Reduce Reflection<br />

of Ambient Lightings<br />

Soothing<br />

Environment<br />

For Bigger Perceived Space<br />

with Soothing Reflection of<br />

Ambient Lightings<br />

Aesthetic<br />

Adds Value to the Colour<br />

Theme of the Interior Design<br />

Grey Mirror can be applied as part of a Greyscale interior<br />

colour theme, where it fits in seamlessly with White-Grey<br />

& Black colour interiors.<br />

Bronze Mirror can be applied in a Beige scale interior colour<br />

theme, fitting in seamlessly with varied shades of Brown<br />

& Chocolate colour interiors.<br />

Features of FLOTAL E Ultra Clear Mirror<br />

+<br />

Maximum<br />

Brightness in<br />

Reflection<br />

Natural<br />

Reflection<br />

Natural<br />

Vision<br />

High Definition<br />

Mirror<br />

Environment<br />

Friendly<br />

Adds High<br />

Depth<br />

Coloured Sisecam mirror Flat Glass from Şişecam Flat Glass gives creative freedom to enhance the ambience of<br />

all over the world, Sisecam o_ers input to the construction, furniture,<br />

any Sisecam space is with a leading a plethora flat glass of versatile right applications:<br />

glass solutions to the customers energy and home appliances<br />

producer globally in terms of<br />

for flat glass with its products that industries, Sisecam contributes to<br />

production capacity. Carrying out ensure energy savings, noise control, sustainable development with ecofriendly,<br />

its Residential flat glass production Apartments activities safety and security, design and high<br />

innovative and energy-e_cient<br />

in its 10 facilities located in 6<br />

technology.<br />

products. Sisecam’s power comes<br />

countries, Bedrooms/Bedroom Sisecam operates Wardrobes in<br />

Sisecam conducts flat glass<br />

from not only its wide range of<br />

three main business lines consisting operations in three core business products and production capacity<br />

of architectural Living Rooms glass, solar Barsenergy<br />

lines: architectural glass (e.g. flat but also from a strong and long-time<br />

glass and home appliances glass. glass, patterned glass, laminated glass relationship approach with its business<br />

Showcase Doors/Cabinets Lobbies<br />

Providing glass consultancy for and coated glass), energy glass and partners, and that partnership is<br />

various prestigious projects from home appliances glass. Providing focused on growth mutually.<br />

Passages<br />

Lifts/Elevators<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 85

Brightness in<br />

Reflection<br />

High Definition<br />

Product Hunt Mirror<br />

Reflection<br />

Environment<br />

Friendly<br />

Vision<br />

Adds High<br />

Depth<br />

Coloured mirror mirror from from Sisecam Şişecam Flat Glass Flat gives Glass creative gives freedom creative to enhance freedom the ambience to enhance of the ambience of<br />

any space with with a plethora a plethora of versatile of versatile applications: applications:<br />

Residential Apartments<br />

Bedrooms/Bedroom Wardrobes<br />

Living Rooms<br />

Bars<br />

Showcase Doors/Cabinets<br />

Lobbies<br />

Passages<br />

Lifts/Elevators<br />

Hospitality & Entertainment<br />

Bedrooms<br />

Hotel Lobbies<br />

Bathrooms<br />

Hotel Corridors<br />

Wall Decor<br />

Partitions<br />

Lifts/Elevators<br />

Restaurants/Restro Bars<br />

Restrooms<br />

Gymnasiums/Gyms & Swimming Pool Changing Rooms<br />

About Sisecam<br />

Clear Mirror | Ultra Clear Mirror | Bronze Mirror | role Grey in flat Mirror glass, glassware, glass<br />

packaging, chemicals, automotive,<br />

glass fiber, mining, energy and<br />

recycling business lines.<br />

As a company at international<br />

scale with its 85 years of experience,<br />

22,000 employees, production<br />

activities spanning 14 countries on<br />

four continents, and sales in 150<br />

countries, Sisecam continues on its<br />

journey to become one of top three<br />

global producers in its all-main<br />

business lines.<br />

One of the most established enterprises in Turkey, Sisecam is a global actor in<br />

business lines including flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and glass fiber<br />

as well as soda and chromium chemicals. Sisecam, which is globally one of<br />

the three largest producers in glassware and the five largest producers in glass<br />

packaging and flat glass today, is the world’s eighth largest soda producer as well<br />

as the world leader in chromium compounds. Operating in Turkey, Germany,<br />

Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Russian<br />

Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, India and the USA, Sisecam plays a leading<br />

About Şişecam<br />

One of the most established enterprises in Turkey, Şişecam is a global actor in business lines including flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and<br />

glass fiber as well as soda and chromium chemicals. Şişecam, which is globally one of the three largest producers in glassware and the five largest<br />

producers in glass packaging and flat glass today, is the world’s eighth largest soda producer as well as the world leader in chromium compounds.<br />

Operating in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt,<br />

India and the USA, Şişecam plays a leading role in flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, chemicals, automotive, glass fiber, mining, energy and<br />

recycling business lines.<br />

As a company at international scale with its 85 years of experience, 22,000 employees, production activities spanning 14 countries on four<br />

continents, and sales in 150 countries, Şişecam continues on its journey to become one of top three global producers in its all-main business lines.<br />

Global<br />

player<br />

Exports to over<br />

150 countries with<br />

operations in 14<br />

countries on 4<br />

continents<br />

85 years of<br />

experience<br />

Revenue of more<br />

than 3.1 Billion<br />

U.S.D.<br />

Workforce of<br />

nearly 22,000<br />

people<br />

27 Research<br />

laboratories<br />

One of top 3<br />

global producers<br />

in its all-main<br />

business lines<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com<br />

Şişecam Flat Glass<br />

Şişecam is a leader in Europe and the world's fifth-largest flat glass producer in terms of production capacity. Carrying out its flat glass production<br />

activities in its 10 facilities located in 6 countries, Şişecam operates in three main business lines consisting of architectural glass, solar energy glass<br />

and home appliances glass. Providing glass consultancy for various prestigious projects from all over the world, Şişecam offers right glass solutions<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong><br />

to the customers for flat glass with its products that ensure energy savings, noise control, safety and security, design and high technology.<br />

Şişecam conducts flat glass operations in three core business lines: architectural glass (e.g. flat glass, patterned glass, laminated glass and coated<br />

glass), energy glass and home appliances glass. Providing input to the construction, furniture, energy and home appliances industries, Şişecam<br />

contributes to sustainable development with eco-friendly, innovative and energy-efficient products. Şişecam’s power comes from not only its wide<br />


Product Hunt<br />

Şişecam launches Solar<br />

Control Low-E Glass<br />

Neutral 50/33<br />

Creates Comfortable Living Areas With Optimum<br />

Light Transmittance, Efficient Solar & Heat Control<br />

The leader of flat glass market in Turkey and largest flat<br />

glass manufacturer in Europe, Şişecam offers innovative<br />

and developed products by research and investment<br />

activities.<br />

Şişecam recently launched a<br />

new product, Solar Control<br />

Low-E Glass Neutral 50/33,<br />

which creates comfortable living<br />

areas by providing optimum light<br />

transmittance, efficient solar and heat<br />

control.<br />

One of the largest flat glass<br />

manufacturers in Europe, Şişecam<br />

continues its R&D and investment<br />

activities without slowing down and<br />

offering innovative solutions to the<br />

changing and developing needs of the<br />

market.<br />

While Şişecam improves<br />

quality of life by its innovative and<br />

environmentally-friendly products<br />

with sustainable technology, it also<br />

contributes effectively to the fight<br />

against climate change by minimizing<br />

energy consumption.<br />

Şişecam Solar Control Low-E Glass<br />

Neutral 50/33, provides solutions for<br />

projects such as residences, schools<br />

and small/medium sized commercial<br />

buildings where optimum daylight<br />

transmittance, neutral appearance<br />

and efficient solar control are<br />

necessary.<br />

Thanks to its efficient solar control<br />

and thermal insulation properties,<br />

Şişecam Solar Control Low-E Glass<br />

Neutral 50/33 reduces heat loss by 50<br />

per cent compared to ordinary IGU.<br />

Therefore, effective heat insulation<br />

in winter is provided and heating<br />

expenses are reduced.<br />

It also decreases solar energy<br />

transmission by 45 per cent compared<br />

to ordinary IGU. Therefore, it<br />

keeps cooler in summer and<br />

cooling expenses are reduced. In<br />

addition to energy savings, it creates<br />

comfortable living spaces by providing<br />

optimum light transmittance with its<br />

transparency.<br />

Also in winter, cold spots and in<br />

summer, hot spots by windows are<br />

eliminated and heat inside the room<br />

is radiated equally. Neutral 50/33<br />

provides extremely high levels of<br />

protection against UV radiation over<br />

70 per cent, therefore helps to reduce<br />

fading and ageing effects. Neutral<br />

50/33 has also the same colour and<br />

performance in temperable form<br />

which can be used in the same<br />

project.<br />

Email: kubraaydin@lobby-pr.com<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 87

Technical Article<br />

Smart architectural glass – dynamic<br />

and multifunctional<br />

Let’s go back to that perfect scene in a high-tech apartment and examine the<br />

setting from a practical point of view. Smart architectural glass means dynamic, truly<br />

multifunctional glazing.<br />

The windows in such homes<br />

can adjust to outdoor<br />

conditions automatically<br />

or manually. Just one click of a<br />

smartphone button activates a<br />

reactive tint that restrains heat and<br />

glare.<br />

As a result – we get enhanced<br />

living comfort and energy savings<br />

without compromising the view.<br />

Complete protection from aggressive<br />

UV rays, insulation from the sounds<br />

of densely packed apartment<br />

buildings, plus assured safety and<br />

security – all these are included too.<br />

Emerging technologies, such as<br />

special nanocomposites applied<br />

during glass production, have turned<br />

this pleasant dream into established<br />

reality at an affordable price.<br />

Drivers pushing in favour of smart<br />

Remember, the technology for such<br />

a reality is already available. And<br />

as commercial prices of emerging<br />

innovations are dropping, regulations<br />

throughout the world are tightening,<br />

forcing action to be taken sooner to<br />

reduce energy consumption or even<br />

create energy.<br />

In California, there are state<br />

subsidies for products and buildings<br />

that use smart glass, whereas Europe<br />

adopted the Energy Performance of<br />

Buildings Directive (EPBD) in 2010.<br />

This EU directive requires all new<br />

buildings to be practically zero energy<br />

ones by the end of 2020.<br />

The next level up with BIPV glass<br />

Building-integrated photovoltaic<br />

(BIPV) glass, with controlled<br />

transparency, is just one example<br />

of emerging technologies in the<br />

architectural glazing industry that is<br />

especially relevant because of the new<br />

directive.<br />

Currently, buildings are responsible<br />

for around 36% of the EU’s CO2<br />

emissions. In the near future,<br />

however, they have the potential<br />

instead to supply some 30% of the<br />

EU’s energy demand. Therefore,<br />

switching to on-site solar energy<br />

generation integrated right into the<br />

window glass is one key to live up to<br />

this potential.<br />

While most standard solar cells<br />

use visible light to produce electricity,<br />

innovative alternatives do not have<br />

to steal precious ambient light.<br />

88 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Glaston • 2<br />

Integrating the PV panes with a<br />

color-switching technology, such as<br />

electrochromics (EC), opens up a<br />

way to produce energy while still<br />

transmitting enough light, blocking the<br />

radiation or providing shading when<br />

necessary.<br />

Hello, Helio<br />

Today, ‘electrochromic glass’ is a<br />

synonym for ‘smart glass.’ And if the<br />

term may still sound new to someone,<br />

statistics prove that in a couple of<br />

years, most everyone will be aware of<br />

its benefits.<br />

Technically, EC glass is a composite<br />

of layers of glass and chemical<br />

materials that respond to light and<br />

heat, adjusting glass transparency<br />

when electrical voltage is applied –<br />

exactly what is required for dynamic<br />

architectural glazing or newgeneration<br />

BIPV.<br />

California-based Heliotrope<br />

Technologies is one company currently<br />

working on innovative nanocrystalbased<br />

glazing compositions to develop<br />

the technology several steps further.<br />

The main advantage of the<br />

Heliotrope NanoEC solution<br />

over others is substantially lower<br />

production costs, combined with<br />

unrivalled aesthetic qualities in<br />

terms of the glass colour and haze. In<br />

addition, heat and light transmissivity<br />

can be regulated more precisely and<br />

quickly. The result is a mass-market<br />

solution at a competitive price.<br />

Sustainable luxurious living<br />

When it comes to the possibilities of<br />

glass, breaking through limitations is<br />

only a question of imagination and<br />

time. Scientists, chemists, coating<br />

manufacturers, glass processors and<br />

technology suppliers are working<br />

together to push the boundaries to<br />

the max and furnish our homes with<br />

unseen comfort and a well-controlled<br />

amount of seen light.<br />

Entire towers with switchable glass<br />

will be able to control the temperature<br />

according to the weather or individual<br />

units can adjust to their residents’<br />

preferences. Even an entire area of<br />

towers can be connected to each other<br />

– to create energy for their occupants<br />

and not only block the sunrays.<br />

In the US, the trend in many<br />

southern states is to dim the glass to<br />

block the heat of the sun and reduce<br />

the need for air conditioning. Europe<br />

is more concerned with the colour<br />

of the glass and how a building looks<br />

on both the inside and out. When a<br />

façade changes colours, it influences<br />

how a building looks and helps save<br />

energy. In any case, it is an ingenious<br />

way to eliminate curtains or blinds, as<br />

their impact is simply built into the<br />

glass itself.<br />

And no, this is not just another<br />

fancy upgrade or expensive consumer<br />

option, but an important move toward<br />

smarter and more environmentally<br />

conscious living.<br />

–By Juha Liettyä<br />

-------------------------------------------------<br />

Source: https://www.glastory.net<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 89

Technical Article<br />

Glass handling tips<br />

Mishandling Glass Can Lead To Injuries; Simple Safety Measures Can Help<br />

Avoid Untoward Incidents<br />

Glass handling accidents are quite frequent in India, making human safety a big concern<br />

for the glass industry, but the country still lacks proper guidelines and laws.<br />

Glass is a very fragile material<br />

if we talk about annelid glass.<br />

When annelid glass breaks, it<br />

breaks into very sharp-edged pieces<br />

which can seriously injure people and<br />

may even may cause death.<br />

Proper handling of glass is a very<br />

important part in any glass factory<br />

or warehouse. Nowadays, glass<br />

manufacturing companies are making<br />

jumbo size glasses. These are very<br />

heavy, and manual handling of big glass<br />

poses risks.<br />

The consequences for mishandling<br />

glass can include punctures, crush<br />

and strain injuries, severe cuts,<br />

amputations and even death.<br />

Observing proper glass handling<br />

techniques is a major aspect of safety<br />

in any workplace where large volumes<br />

of glass are handled daily.<br />

The cost of glass handling<br />

equipment is nothing compared to the<br />

value of a human life. There is a wide<br />

range of glass handling equipment<br />

available. It is a request to glass<br />

associations and government bodies<br />

to come together and frame proper<br />

guidelines for glass handling.<br />

Glass handling accidents can be<br />

minimised if glass companies ensure<br />

that every worker wears<br />

Helmet<br />

Upper arms and shoulder protection<br />

Gloves and cuffs’<br />

Apron<br />

Safety footwear<br />

Owner of glass companies have<br />

to shell out a lot of compensation to<br />

workers who sustain injuries or face<br />

any causality during manual glass<br />

handling.<br />

Glass Safety Tips for Manufacturers<br />

and Commercial Glass Handling<br />

Glass is a fragile material with a<br />

plethora of applications in residential<br />

and commercial projects. The glass<br />

industry is growing with every<br />

passing day. More and more glass<br />

fabricators and glaziers are entering<br />

the market.<br />

However, handling glass in its<br />

primitive form is not a child’s play.<br />

Mishandling the glass sheets can<br />

result in severe cuts, injuries,<br />

and even death. We can avoid<br />

such accidents by following safety<br />

measures. The experts have stated<br />

strict precautionary rules for<br />

handling the glass. Here, we will<br />

discuss the safety tips when dealing<br />

with glass.<br />

90 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Glass Handling Tips• 2<br />

Safety tips for employees<br />

In the glass industry, employees<br />

who are directly handling glass<br />

sheets are particularly vulnerable<br />

to accidents. So a few general rules<br />

and tips for workers:<br />

Glass carrying techniques<br />

Workers are often involved in loading<br />

and unloading glass sheets. Make<br />

sure to carry glass on your side. Use<br />

both hands to handle the glass sheet<br />

no matter how lightweight it is. It<br />

seems easy though, but never carry<br />

glass sheet under your arm or over<br />

your head. Always use two employees<br />

to move larger glass sheets. Don’t rush,<br />

move slowly and in harmony with the<br />

other person.<br />

Always wear safety gear before<br />

handling glass. Check the glass before<br />

moving it. Make sure that it isn’t<br />

damaged to avoid any spontaneous<br />

breakage. Use the proper hand and<br />

body positions to handle the glass.<br />

Keep the corners of the glass sheets<br />

safe by avoiding bumping into any<br />

surface.<br />

When setting the glass on the floor,<br />

gently place the long side of the glass<br />

first. Prefer placing the glass on soft<br />

or padded surfaces. You can also use<br />

blankets or other cushioning agents to<br />

keep the glass safe.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 91

Technical Article<br />

Handling broken glass<br />

Broken glass is a common sight in<br />

the glass industry. Even with safety<br />

measures, it’s subjective that you<br />

would see some glass pieces on the<br />

floor. Therefore, it’s necessary that<br />

everyone who enters a glass unit has<br />

safety shoes on. Sometimes, small<br />

and almost invisible shards are on<br />

the floor that are enough to cause an<br />

injury.<br />

If you see broken glass, don’t stand<br />

or walk on it, even with safety shoes<br />

on. Never crush broken glass into<br />

smaller pieces with foot or hand.<br />

Don’t pick up broken glass with your<br />

hands. Never hold on to the broken<br />

glass sheet to try and stop it from<br />

breaking any further. Move out of the<br />

way and go to a safe space.<br />

Working with glass<br />

Working with glass is quite<br />

challenging. You have to follow<br />

multiple safety guidelines to keep<br />

yourself safe. Educate yourself with<br />

the safety protocols. Be mindful of the<br />

hazards all the time. Be aware of your<br />

surroundings and the team members<br />

all the time. Inspect each element for<br />

any potential hazard before using it.<br />

Keep the simple safety rules in mind<br />

and use them to avoid any undesirable<br />

situation.<br />

One of the most popular tasks<br />

is glass cutting. If you are handling<br />

92 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Glass Handling Tips• 4<br />

orders of custom cut glass, mirror<br />

cut to size, glass shelves cut to size,<br />

or tempered glass cut to size, make<br />

sure to use safety goggles and gloves.<br />

Creating custom cut glass is trickier<br />

than any other job so make sure<br />

to take necessary precautionary<br />

measures. The manufacturing process<br />

of tempered glass cut to size is also<br />

quite extensive and grave, so be<br />

conscious of the risks.<br />

Glass goes through different<br />

manufacturing steps to achieve the<br />

custom cut. Different chemicals are<br />

also used during the process, some<br />

of which can be toxic. Handling such<br />

chemicals requires special care that<br />

everyone should take.<br />

Handling undesirable situations<br />

Even if the work environment is<br />

ideal and everyone is following safety<br />

protocols, accidents may happen. The<br />

possibility of human error is always<br />

there. But managing an undesirable<br />

situation is what makes all the<br />

difference!<br />

Ideally, there should be a doctor or a paramedic’s team on duty all the time<br />

who can handle any such situation. Workers should also be trained for providing<br />

first-aid to their fellow colleagues.<br />

In case of an accident, take the victim to a safe place. Immediately call a<br />

doctor, get help from the related personnel, and give him the necessary first-aid.<br />

Using safety equipment<br />

Special safety gear is designed for<br />

glass industry workers according to<br />

their job specifications. The glass<br />

handlers usually use cut-resistant<br />

gloves, sleeves, and aprons while<br />

the glass moulders use heatresistant<br />

safety equipment.<br />

Make sure to wear proper safety<br />

equipment. Replace any damaged<br />

safety.<br />

Prevention is better than cure<br />

so never twirl thumbs on wearing<br />

the safety equipment. Supervisors<br />

should direct strict orders for<br />

workers to put on safety gear.<br />

They should ensure that safety<br />

gear is functional and the work<br />

environment is safe for workers.<br />

In brief!<br />

It’s the duty of the supervisors and directors to educate their staff on risks<br />

and safety measures. Workers should receive proper training before getting<br />

into the working field. Make sure to meet safety protocols. It’s better to be<br />

safe than sorry!<br />

Source: This article is sourced from<br />

https://www.glassgenius.com<br />

Only cosmetic changes have been made by Glass Bulletin<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 93

Event<br />

LiSEC Campus: Digital<br />

trade fair on company’s<br />

60th anniversary year<br />

In Addition To Theme Days & Expert Talks,<br />

Company Presented Three Innovations Virtually<br />

LiSEC’s second virtual trade fair took place from 15 to 17<br />

June, <strong>2021</strong>. In the spirit of digitalisation, LiSEC once again<br />

presented itself as a leading supplier in the field of flat<br />

glass processing in its 60th year of business: an interactive<br />

world of experience in virtual space.<br />

In addition to three different theme<br />

days, interesting expert talks and<br />

many opportunities for interaction,<br />

three innovations from LiSEC<br />

were also presented virtually to the<br />

international visitors: the new DSC-A<br />

cutting table, the RHF A25/25 robot<br />

system for automatic frame mounting<br />

and the LiS.dispatch software<br />

programme.<br />

LiSEC innovations within reach<br />

At the LiSEC Campus, visitors moved<br />

through a future-oriented showroom<br />

concept - all about the latest<br />

machines, software as well as service<br />

and innovative individual and system<br />

solutions in the field of flat glass<br />

processing and finishing.<br />

Visitors got to experience machine<br />

holograms, 3D models, product<br />

demonstrations, live presentations<br />

and insights into production.<br />

The new LiSEC cutting table: DSC-A<br />

On the first day of the fair, the new<br />

LiSEC cutting table DSC-A was<br />

revealed at the virtual campus. The<br />

automatic glass cutting machine of<br />

the DSC-A series combines the latest<br />

drive technology with decades of<br />

LiSEC know-how in processing flat<br />

glass for every requirement.<br />

A completely newly developed<br />

structure of the table as well as a new<br />

cutting bridge and a new cutting head<br />

improve the stability and precision of<br />

94 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

LiSEC • 2<br />

the cutting process. A powerful low-E<br />

deletion system with grinding wheel<br />

in combination with a strong vacuum<br />

system for all common types of special<br />

coatings ensure a residue-free and<br />

fast low-E deletion result.<br />

This first day of the fair was<br />

completely under the motto “We take<br />

care of it”. Three exciting expert<br />

interviews awaited the visitors:<br />

the talk by the management team<br />

(“Management Insights: We take care<br />

of it”), which addressed LiSEC’s core<br />

technologies, the consulting concept,<br />

the steps for a successful future and<br />

other topics. In the talk “Technology<br />

Insights: We take care of it”, LiSEC<br />

experts from product management<br />

talked about guidelines and LiSEC<br />

core competencies in insulating glass,<br />

cutting, laminating, processing and<br />

software, among other topics.<br />

How LiSEC accompanies<br />

customers along their way and how<br />

customized solutions are found was<br />

the topic of the expert interview<br />

“Customized solutions: We take care<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 95

Event<br />

of it”.<br />

The new RHF A25/25 robot system<br />

for automatic frame mounting<br />

On the second day of the fair, an<br />

innovation from the field of insulating<br />

glass production awaited visitors: the<br />

RHF-A25/25. A system of fixed and<br />

dynamically moving clamps ensures<br />

optimum alignment and the safe<br />

transport of frames with butyl applied<br />

to both sides. The robot arm mounts<br />

the stably clamped frame precisely<br />

on the glass with high positioning<br />

accuracy.<br />

This day at the virtual LiSEC trade<br />

fair revolved around the theme of<br />

“reliability”. The “strong basis” is<br />

characteristic for LiSEC. With the<br />

longevity and robustness of LiSEC<br />

machines come issues of product<br />

maintenance (LiSEC Longlife,<br />

GLASTRONiC, LiSEC spare parts,<br />

etc.) - these were discussed in one of<br />

the three expert talks that took place<br />

that day.<br />

“Strong Partnership: Hubs” showed<br />

the new, optimized global branch<br />

structure at LiSEC and provided<br />

insights into the new processes or<br />

emerging benefits for the customer.<br />

Finally, on the second day of the fair,<br />

a talk on “Strong into the future:<br />

Sustainability” took place, which<br />

mainly focused on the advantages<br />

of sustainable options at LiSEC<br />

machines or software.<br />

The new LiSEC Software: LiS.<br />

dispatch<br />

The third day of the fair was generally<br />

dedicated to the innovations or<br />

industry novelties presented by LiSEC<br />

during this fair. In particular, an<br />

innovation from the field of software -<br />

LiS.dispatch - was presented.<br />

LIS.dispatch provides<br />

straightforward support when<br />

planning entire delivery routes and<br />

throughout the complete delivery<br />

process by means of a mobile app.<br />

The smart device reports the current<br />

position of racks that have been<br />

delivered and provides confirmation<br />

through the customer’s signature<br />

and photos. The system also issues a<br />

real-time status overview of current<br />

deliveries.<br />

The expert talks focused primarily<br />

on the future of glass processing. A<br />

management talk on digitalization<br />

and the spirit of innovation at LiSEC,<br />

as well as two technical expert talks<br />

on the topics “Innovations: Thinking<br />

one step ahaed” and on the topic of<br />

unmanned manufacturing rounded<br />

out the day’s content program.<br />

LiSEC was pleased about a<br />

large virtual rush or interest on<br />

the exhibition days and registered<br />

numerous discussions with LiSEC<br />

experts worldwide as well as accesses<br />

to the interactive media. If you<br />

missed the LiSEC Campus within the<br />

exhibition period, you are welcome to<br />

make up for your virtual visit: Simply<br />

register at campus.lisec.com.<br />

About LiSEC<br />

Headquartered in Seitenstetten/<br />

Amstetten, LiSEC is a globally<br />

operating group offering individual<br />

and complete solutions in the<br />

field of flat glass processing and<br />

finishing for 60 years. The service<br />

portfolio includes machines,<br />

automation solutions and services.<br />

LiSEC develops and fabricates<br />

glass cutting and sorting systems,<br />

single components and complete<br />

production lines for insulating glass<br />

and laminated glass fabrication as well<br />

as glass edge processing machines and<br />

tempering machinery.<br />


–Claudia Guschlbauer<br />

Email: claudia.guschlbauer@lisec.com<br />

Website: www.lisec.com<br />

96 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Product Hunt<br />

Mr. Dev Chandwani,<br />

Business Development Director (India)<br />

Deceuninck Profiles India Pvt. Ltd.<br />

ZenFold: New<br />

generation slide<br />

& swing doors by<br />

Deceuninck<br />

A Versatile System Designed With The Modern<br />

Home And Business In Mind<br />

Doors and windows connect the occupants to the outside<br />

world. Bigger the door, better the natural ventilation and<br />

lighting, which is the need of the hour with the ongoing<br />

pandemic and the resulting work from home culture.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 97

Product Hunt<br />

Deceuninck, one of the leading<br />

producers of uPVC profiles for<br />

doors and windows, has come<br />

up with a unique slide and swing<br />

doors system, ‘ZenFold’, in the Indian<br />

market.<br />

The swing and slide doors which is<br />

also known as wave doors/open max/<br />

magna-slide systems are like bi-fold<br />

doors, but each shutter can slide inline<br />

with the frame. This saves a lot of<br />

space and adds novelty to the door.<br />

ZenFold is a state-of-the-art<br />

multiple panel door that allows<br />

owners to maximize their living space<br />

and transforms ordinary rooms to<br />

open up spaces in a way no other<br />

‘patio’ door can do.<br />

Designed with the modern home<br />

and business in mind, the new<br />

generation Slide & Swing system is a<br />

versatile system that works perfectly<br />

for your home, office and restaurants.<br />

Big open spaces are accentuated with<br />

the Slide & Swing - A door for all uses.<br />

Its hingeless system with freefloating<br />

panels allows users to control<br />

the opening to fit their needs. All<br />

constraints inherent to the “hinged”<br />

systems have been stripped away.<br />

Since it does not have panel-to-panel<br />

hinges, you choose how your door<br />

opens.<br />

With Zenfold, users get to decide<br />

how many panels are opened or closed<br />

at any a time. By having independent<br />

panels, this latest system adapts to<br />

any need for opening or ventilation.<br />

Generally, the height of the doors is<br />

restricted by the roof height which is<br />

around 3m to 3.5m in India, of which<br />

the door height is normally between<br />

2.1m to 2.4m.<br />

In order to increase ventilation,<br />

the only option to achieve maximum<br />

opening is to go wide. There are many<br />

options for these kind of openings –<br />

;;<br />

Multi-Track Slider: 2 to 6<br />

shutters or more with 33% to<br />

50% opening<br />

;;<br />

Casement Doors: Generally,<br />

width is limited to 900mm with<br />

double shutter 1800mm. For<br />

bigger openings, one would<br />

need mullions<br />

;;<br />

Lift and Slide Doors: High<br />

performance doors with single<br />

shutter size of 6sqm. Offers<br />

superior air and water tightness<br />

;;<br />

Bi-Fold Doors: Casement<br />

Doors with shutters sliding and<br />

folding to one or either side of<br />

the opening. Very useful as it<br />

offers excellent ventilation and<br />

utility for balconies and patios<br />

;;<br />

ZenFold: Like Bi-Fold with the<br />

shutters sliding inline with the<br />

frame. This enables usage of<br />

the space in front of it. Only<br />

the traffic door area needs to be<br />

kept free<br />

Zenfold is based on time-tested<br />

70mm Zendow system with a 5<br />

Chamber system which offers<br />

an excellent sound and thermal<br />

insulation. This new age system<br />

ranks high on energy efficiency as the<br />

profiles are EPD certified with Low<br />

heat transmission coefficient as Uf<br />

value is 1.3 W/m2K. The system is<br />

designed for wind resistance as per IS<br />

98 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Deceuninck• 3<br />

875-Part 3 and comes in both inward<br />

& outward opening options.<br />

The shutter size can be up to<br />

900mm X 2,100mm and can be used<br />

to make windows too with 1,200mm<br />

height. The profile comes with TPE<br />

weldable gaskets for superior air and<br />

water tightness. Glass thickness can<br />

be up to 44mm with either double<br />

or triple glazing options and it comes<br />

with a GI Galvanized reinforcement<br />

for ensuring structural strength. The<br />

bottom rail is aluminium and the<br />

slides of the system are made of nylon.<br />

It has more surface contact and nopoint<br />

contact like wheels in the railing<br />

making it more durable and easily<br />

operable.<br />

The system uses a unique hardware<br />

that can convert standard windows<br />

and doors into swing and slide system.<br />

There are no limitations to the width<br />

as we can add multiple panels to it.<br />

Providing us with an uninterrupted<br />

panoramic view of the outdoors<br />

with minimal partitions, ZenFold<br />

also has invisible hardware on the<br />

sliding shutters with the concealed<br />

hinges on the traffic door. The doors<br />

interlock together creating a solid wall<br />

that is extremely secure and it has<br />

Interlocking panels with Multi-point<br />

Locking system.<br />

Deceuninck is one of the few<br />

suppliers with a strong focus on<br />

high performance doors and colour<br />

profiles. The company offers a wide<br />

variety of colour lamination profiles<br />

for the slide and swing windows and<br />

doors.<br />

ZenFold allows seamless integration<br />

of your outdoors with your indoors<br />

and it is ideal for balconies, patios,<br />

terrace gardens, etc.<br />

The high performing and best<br />

in class windows and doors of<br />

Deceuninck Profiles have made<br />

a mark in the retail segment.<br />

Established in 1937, Deceuninck<br />

completed 80 years of sustained<br />

growth in the industry in 2017. With<br />

its 14 production and 22 warehouse<br />

facilities spread across the world.<br />

India and Thailand are two gateways<br />

to Asia for the Deceuninck group and<br />

its growing strong in these markets<br />

too.<br />

In India, Deceuninck has set two<br />

warehouses with stocking capacity up<br />

to 1,000 tonnes of profiles and custom<br />

hardware in addition to special<br />

reinforcements for high performance<br />

doors.<br />

Deceuninck was the first to test its<br />

sliding systems at Win wall, Chennai<br />

for high wind pressures – 2.4 KPa<br />

proof load. To step up its technical<br />

supremacy, Deceuninck has set up<br />

in-house testing facility to ensure<br />

customers can check their windows<br />

and doors so that they can confidently<br />

offer the right systems for projects.<br />

Email: info@deceuninck.in<br />

Website: www.deceuninck.in,<br />

www. 123windows.in<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 99

Interview<br />

Mr. Manish Bansal,<br />

Director & CEO, Window Magic<br />

Having acquired a degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Mr Manish Bansal is the current CEO and Director of<br />

Window Magic, a leading uPVC brand in India, today. Bansal is a successful business leader prospering in the building and construction<br />

equipment industry. He played a significant role in transforming Window Magic into a profitable venture. His clear vision, commitment to<br />

quality standards, market & consumer foresightedness added new insights to Window magic as a company.<br />

Bansal carries a distinct expertise in global strategic management, including development, expansion, and turnaround initiatives. His<br />

belief and understanding of future market trends have helped in popularizing uPVC products in India. Bansal has successfully established a<br />

reputation of being a dynamic, visionary, and strategic leader of the industry.<br />

100 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong>

Interview • 2<br />

Indian uPVC segment likely to grow<br />

30 pc in 10-15 yrs: Window Magic<br />

CEO Manish Bansal<br />

Window Magic Offers Advanced uPVC Windows, Doors With Sound<br />

Insulation, Multi-Lock System<br />

Bansal explains the advantages of uPVC and why it is in great demand, noting that with<br />

the increase in consumer aspirations, premium quality products have achieved higher and<br />

faster market penetration.<br />

What kind of doors and<br />

windows have the best<br />

market potential in<br />

India?<br />

There is a great demand for<br />

windows and doors that need lower<br />

maintenance and are made of energysaving,<br />

efficient materials. Beyond<br />

aesthetics, windows are expected to<br />

perform other functions including<br />

optimizing day-lighting, & energy<br />

conservation.<br />

With the increase in consumer<br />

aspirations, premium quality products<br />

have achieved a higher and faster<br />

market penetration globally. To<br />

comply with the modern construction,<br />

Window Magic offers a variety<br />

of fenestration solutions which<br />

include customized, innovative, and<br />

engineered products.<br />

Our uPVC windows and doors<br />

come with several benefits like sound<br />

insulation, multi-lock system, smooth<br />

functioning, etc. These utilities play<br />

a vital role in fulfilling the required<br />

essentials of a modern building<br />

effectively and efficiently.<br />

– What is the uniqueness of<br />

Window Magic doors and<br />

windows?<br />

Window Magic offers uPVC<br />

windows and doors which are the<br />

most advanced offerings in the<br />

construction segment. uPVC stands<br />

for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride.<br />

This material is a chemical compound<br />

consisting of carbon, chlorine, and<br />

hydrogen.<br />

uPVC is very much economical<br />

and easy to produce as compared to<br />

timber. The material is eco-friendly<br />

and results in preventing deforestation<br />

by reducing the use of wood and<br />

timber for producing windows and<br />

doors. Our products are energy<br />

efficient, potentially saving energy up<br />

to 25 per cent to 30 per cent.<br />

To serve the smart cities in the best<br />

possible way, Window Magic, with<br />

the innovative and latest German<br />

technology, brings out the finest<br />

customized fenestration solutions as<br />

per the environment and in tune with<br />

the customer’s needs.<br />

– Could you shed some light on the<br />

market share?<br />

The fenestration market is growing<br />

rapidly due to the rising awareness<br />

amongst builders and consumers. As<br />

per the Indian uPVC market report,<br />

the next 10-15 years will see an<br />

estimated 30 per cent growth in the<br />

segment, also, the uPVC segment is<br />

expected to contribute around 10-12<br />

per cent to the doors and windows<br />

industry.<br />

The Indian fenestration industry<br />

has undergone quite a remarkable<br />

transformation due to the introduction<br />

of several newer technologies. As per<br />

the current report, the Indian uPVC<br />

windows market is expected to grow<br />

at a CAGR of 7 per cent, to reach over<br />

INR 17,000 crore by FY-2020 in terms<br />

of revenues.<br />

– Can you cite an example where<br />

Window Magic’s products have<br />

been used?<br />

Designer windows and doors play a<br />

significant role in aesthetics, design,<br />

and energy performance of any<br />

building. Window Magic’s product has<br />

been used in many sectors including<br />

residential projects and institutions<br />

like schools and colleges. Also, it has<br />

been used in luxury houses, hospitals,<br />

industrial hubs and government<br />

buildings.<br />

Aabout the Company<br />

Setup in 2002, “Window Magic”, a division of<br />

Window Magic India Pvt Ltd is a part of the JV<br />

Group. It emerged from collaboration with the<br />

Profine Group of Germany, the world’s largest<br />

manufacturer of uPVC profiles operating under<br />

the brand name of Kommerling. As a company<br />

today, with years of experience, it has succeeded<br />

in building up a range of state-of-the-art<br />

technologies to manufacture windows and<br />

doors, profile lamination in various colours,<br />

insect screen and glass solutions.<br />

Window Magic’s myriad products include<br />

casement windows and doors, tilt and turn<br />

windows, sliding windows and doors, designer<br />

window, conservatory and lift and slide doors.<br />

Email: info@windowmagicindia.com<br />

Website: www.windowmagicindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2021</strong> 101

15<br />


PULSAR Technologies<br />

104, Ajanta, Plot No. 24, Sector 15, Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400703, INDIA<br />

Handphone: +91 81699 40437 website: www.pulsartechno.com Email: s aIes@puIsartechno.com<br />

JF – 3 Surface Stress Meter<br />

The Instrument is applied for measuring surface<br />

Stress of thermally toughened glass, heatstrengthened<br />

lass and annealed glass on the tin side.<br />

* Special edition can work on Borofloat Glass<br />

Edge Stress Meter<br />

Method : Senarmont Compensation<br />

DHRWG – 01 Dual head Roller Wave Gauge<br />

The gauge is designed for measuring roller wave and edge-life (edge<br />

curl) in flat glass according to EN 18<strong>63</strong> and EN 12150.<br />

The length of the gauge base is 16” (406mm) with Composite structure of Aluminum<br />

alloy and Delrin ( POM). The handhold curve of Aluminum alloy brings convenience<br />

to operation and POM bottom gives protection to glass surface soft coating.<br />

The main technical parameter of the instrument are as follows :<br />


PULSAR TECHNOLOGIES leading suppliers of Testing, Sensing & Measuring Instruments for Quality<br />


Argon Gas Analyzer-<br />

Sparklike<br />

Glass Surface Stress<br />

Measurement Polarimeter<br />

Fully Automated<br />

Haze Meter Light &<br />

Transmittance<br />

UV-Radiation Chamber<br />

Steel Ball<br />

Abrasion Tester<br />

Merlin Lazer Glass Analysis<br />

Kit<br />

Shot bag Humidity Chamber Edge Lift Roller Wave Gauge<br />

PVB Moisture<br />

Measurement<br />

SHGC Window Energy<br />

Meter with UV Full IR<br />

Visible light transmittance<br />

Low E Coating Detector Pneumatic Tyres Impactor Head Form<br />

• Optical distortion online<br />

measurement in flat glass<br />

– online scanner for glass<br />

inspection.<br />

• Glass thickness<br />

measurement – Glass<br />

thickness, PVB thickness,<br />

Air Gap etc. for flat glass,<br />

architectural glass<br />

including the IGU’s and<br />

automotive glass.<br />

• Stress Measurement in<br />

glass.<br />

• Dropping Tower.<br />

• Dropping Test Equipment<br />

• Frag Glass Software<br />

• Haze Meter, Deep freezer<br />

• Shore – A Hardness<br />

Tester<br />

• Boiling Kettle<br />

• Standard Projector<br />

• Double Image Test Light<br />

Source<br />

• Baking Test Oven<br />

• Radius Meter.<br />

• Electronic Balance<br />

• Dew point Tester TW-25,<br />

UV Radiation Chamber,<br />

Local Bow and RWG-D<br />

• Proxy test<br />

• Precision scalars<br />

• Variable angle windshield<br />

support<br />

• The resistance furnace<br />

• Moisture Penetration<br />

tester EN-500B<br />

• Sealant aging test meter<br />

UVEC-1<br />

• Spring Loaded Auto<br />

Punch<br />

• Electronic tensile strength<br />

test machine.<br />

PULSAR Technologies<br />

Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400703, INDIA Handphone: +91 81699 40437 / 93235 26797 website: www.pulsartechno.com Email: saIes@puIsartechno.com<br />


CHINA GLASS 2022<br />

32nd China International Glass<br />

Industrial Technical Exhibition<br />

Shanghai New International Expo Centre<br />

April 13th-16th,2022<br />

Organizer: The Chinese Ceramic Society<br />

Co-organizer: Shanghai Ceramic Society<br />

Contractor: Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd.<br />

Tel: +86-10-57811261, 57811409<br />

Fax: +86-10-57811262<br />

E-mail: ceramsoc@chinaglass-expo.com<br />

http://www.chinaglass-expo.com<br />





MATCH<br />

YOUR<br />

HOME<br />


PVD GOLD<br />

BRONZE<br />




Patch Fittings in colors | Shower Fittings in colors | Hydraulic System |<br />

Aluminium Profile Handles | Inlay Profiles | Spider Fittings | Barn Door Fittings<br />

For Enquiry : +91 9999031523<br />

info@kolfsafex.com<br />



glass technology<br />

Shop-Floor Logistics<br />

Automation High Performance<br />

Logistics<br />

The Automated Shop Floor Organiser<br />

Turn your glass flow into a fully automated logistics system. The SortJet stores<br />

panes in the order of cutting and supplies them in precise synchronisation with<br />

the cycle and in the correct order. Depending on your production needs, the glass<br />

is transferred directly to the processing line, in harp racks and by optional AGV.<br />

• Continuous glass flow ensured by higher-level logistics system<br />

• Reliable glass quality thanks to automated handling<br />

• Maximum optimisation options thanks to real-time monitoring<br />

HEGLA • Industriestr. 21 • Beverungen, Germany • info@hegla.de<br />

HEGLA Trading & Service GmbH • Chennai 600034, India • naresh.kumar@hegla.in

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