MOEBE Catalogue 2021

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Index<br />

About us<br />

How we work<br />

Shelving System<br />

New – Shelf 162 x 35 and 85 x 17,5<br />

New – Wall Shelving<br />

Storage Box<br />

New – Organise<br />

Frame<br />

New – Frame in Ash<br />

Floating Leaves<br />

New – Ceramic Pendant<br />

Ceramic Table Lamp<br />

New – Rectangular Wall Mirror<br />

Wall Mirror<br />

Standing Mirror<br />

Cutting Board<br />

Wall Hook<br />

New – Coat Rack<br />

Key Ring<br />

Polygrif<br />

Pinch<br />

Side Table<br />

Product Information<br />

Contact Information<br />

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80<br />

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About us<br />

<strong>MOEBE</strong> is a Danish design studio that creates<br />

furniture, lighting, and interiors. Formed in 2014<br />

by architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen,<br />

Nicholas Oldroyd and cabinetmaker Anders<br />

Thams.<br />

We design everything in-house and bring our<br />

designs from idea to the final product. Our<br />

products are based on seperable elements and<br />

can be assembled, repaired and recycled with<br />

ease. We strive to reduce our designs to their<br />

most simple forms.<br />

Anders Thams, Martin de Neergaard Christensen and Nicholas Oldroyd<br />

4 5

Being a small creative team, we are involved in all<br />

processes - from sketches to choice of supplier<br />

and final product.<br />

Our approach to design is analogue, and we<br />

want to keep our designs simple and easy to<br />

understand. We believe that good design in itself<br />

can be sustainable, that is why we design and<br />

produce products that are long lasting and which<br />

stays relevant for more than a few years.<br />

All <strong>MOEBE</strong> designs are characterized by<br />

functionality and simple parts. We love to play<br />

with the construction and many of our designs<br />

are made up of just a few elements. We are<br />

intrigued by developing new details and bringing<br />

different materials together.<br />

6 7

How we work<br />

At <strong>MOEBE</strong> we care about good design.<br />

We care about what we make<br />

and care about how we make it.<br />

Sustainability has to be more than just skin deep.<br />

For us great design is not just about creating a<br />

beautiful shape in the colour of the moment.<br />

We just don’t believe in single use products,<br />

furniture that only suits a trend, or quality that<br />

doesn’t last.<br />

A great product has to be designed to last, to be<br />

repaired and easily recycled if and when that time<br />

(hopefully never) comes. It must be made using<br />

quality materials, produced in an honest way and<br />

never with a negative impact on people or our<br />

global environment.<br />

We are passionate about design and interiors -<br />

and love seeing our ideas come to life. However,<br />

not all of our ideas make it. Often a design that<br />

we otherwise believe is fantastic can’t be made<br />

in a good way or shipped efficiently. When this is<br />

the case, we simply won’t make it.<br />

For that reason, we don’t have a huge collection.<br />

We present a few new designs yearly - that’s it.<br />

8 9

Repair and replace<br />

We create products so that they can be repaired.<br />

Should a part break, then only the piece that<br />

is broken needs to be replaced rather than the<br />

product as a whole.​<br />

Recycle<br />

We design products and furniture that last, that<br />

can be repaired, and that can be easily stripped<br />

to its individual parts and recycled.<br />

Responsible shipping<br />

Our products all consist of separate parts,<br />

ensuring that it can be shipped entirely flatpacked<br />

or in a reduced form, thereby, cutting<br />

down transport volume to an absolute minimum.<br />

Responsible packaging<br />

We treat the design of our packaging as<br />

important as our products. Our packaging is<br />

cardboard based, with no lamination. It protects<br />

our products through the rigors of shipping, and<br />

once its job is complete, it can easily be recycled.<br />

Responsible production<br />

We only produce our products with partners that<br />

we trust and whose production is socially and<br />

environmentally responsible.<br />

95% of our production is European based<br />

and 100% of our production conforms to our<br />

stringent CSR Policy.<br />

10 11

Shelving<br />

System<br />

Shelving System gives you full freedom to build<br />

your own piece of furniture. Build as tall and as<br />

wide as you like. Build around corners, or even<br />

span different levels. It can serve as a room<br />

divider or simply be placed against a wall.<br />

Shelving System is built entirely from individual<br />

parts. Enabling you to create a customised<br />

system that perfectly matches your needs.<br />

Pivot. Expand. Go wider. Go higher.<br />

12 13

News -<br />

Adding more<br />

flexibility<br />

Flexibility at its core<br />

Two new shelf sizes make the Shelving<br />

System even more versatile than<br />

previously and provide more options for<br />

configuring a shelving solution which<br />

is easy to adapt to all spaces and ever<br />

changing needs. You can expand, rebuild<br />

or transform the shelving system to fit<br />

almost anything you need. Should your<br />

needs change, the system can change.<br />

Shelving System, set S.200.2.D<br />

14 15

New –<br />

Shelf 162 x 35<br />

More space - more freedom. The 162 x 35 shelf<br />

is spanning across two bays and adding more<br />

freedom and flexibility to the interior. Whether<br />

placed under a TV or used for the growing vinyl<br />

selection, the 162 x 35 shelf is the perfect<br />

choice. It is beautiful both as a standalone piece<br />

and in combination with the other shelving<br />

elements.<br />

Shelving System, set S.200.2.B<br />

16 17

18 19

New –<br />

Shelf 85 x 17,5<br />

The new shelf 85 x 17,5 is a narrow shelf with<br />

half the depth as a standard shelf. It is ideal for<br />

the smaller items on display. Make room for all<br />

your cups, plates and other kitchen essentials<br />

by adding the half shelves to the kitchen setting<br />

or use it for storing your pens, pencils and<br />

notebooks in the home office. Shelf 85 x 17,5<br />

also fits the new Wall Shelving.<br />

20 21

Shelving System, set S.200.1.E<br />

22 23

24 25

Shelves at any height<br />

The shelves are held in place by wedges, and<br />

there are, therefore, no predefined positions. You<br />

can place a shelf at any height and add as many<br />

shelves as you like.<br />

Navigate different heights<br />

Be it up a set of stairs or simply navigating an<br />

uneven floor. Each leg can be adjusted in height<br />

independently, allowing you to easily deal with<br />

tricky uneven surfaces.<br />

Rotate to any angle<br />

Add a new bay at any angle, simply pivot around<br />

a shared leg or join together to continue in the<br />

same direction.<br />

Build as tall as you like<br />

We offer three leg sizes: 65 cm, 85 cm and 115<br />

cm. All legs can be attached together in any<br />

combination by joining them with ’’Leg connector<br />

sets’’. The only limitation is the height of your<br />

space.<br />

Build as wide as you like<br />

Simply keep adding leg sets and shelves in<br />

whichever direction you want to go. One bay<br />

measures 85 cm. Because of the overlap each<br />

additional bay will add 78 cm to the length.<br />

26 27

Transform the Shelving<br />

System into a small home<br />

office by adding the Desk.<br />

The desk simply replaces<br />

one of the shelves, and<br />

can be placed at any<br />

given height.<br />

Shelving System, set S.255.2.E<br />

28 29

30 31

32 33<br />

With Cabinet you have<br />

the possibility to hide<br />

away those things that<br />

you don’t want on show<br />

- we all have them. The<br />

Cabinet can be placed<br />

at any height within the<br />

system, and still allows for<br />

shelves to be placed at<br />

either side.

34 35

36 37<br />

You can easily turn your<br />

Shelving System into<br />

a wardrobe - simply by<br />

adding the Clothes Bar.<br />

It easily grips onto the<br />

edge of the shelf. Add and<br />

remove as needed. Perfect<br />

for the bedroom or hallway.

38 39

New –<br />

Wall Shelving<br />

Build. Expand. Go higher. Go wider. Designed for<br />

every wall in your home.<br />

With the same flexibility as all our designs, the<br />

new Wall Shelving lets you build as tall and wide<br />

as you like. Create a simple look, using only one<br />

set. Or go a little crazy and build an entire wall of<br />

shelves. You decide.<br />

Use it hanging on the wall, or standing on the<br />

floor going all the way from floor to ceiling. Our<br />

Wall Shelving is always securely attached to the<br />

wall, making it suitable for your kid’s room, living<br />

room, kitchen; well, any room, really.<br />

Add sticks made from powder coated steel<br />

in black or white. With a depth of 17.5 cm, the<br />

shelves are spacious enough to store your<br />

favourite items while only taking up little space.<br />

Wall Shelving, WS.115.2<br />

40 41

Wall Shelving, WS.85.1<br />

42 43

Wall Shelving, WS.200.2<br />

44 45

Wall Shelving, WS.200.1<br />

Wall Shelving, WS.115.1<br />

46 47

Storage Box<br />

Storage Box is a beautiful storage box ideal for<br />

the living room, the bedroom or the kids room.<br />

Any room, really. It is minimalist and simple – cut<br />

down to its core function: hide away those things<br />

you often use, but don’t want to be laying around.<br />

The lid easily slides into the box and is crafted<br />

from oak veneer making it light to insert and<br />

remove. Use the frames as handles to effortlessly<br />

move the boxes around or stack it to optimize<br />

space.<br />

Storage Box, Oak/Black<br />

48 49

50 51

52 53<br />

Storage Box, Oak/White

54 55

New –<br />

Organise<br />

Life is complex and full of things. Pencils, keys,<br />

glasses, magazines, chargers and all these things<br />

that need their own place... Organise does what it<br />

says: It gives them that place - it organises.<br />

Each Organise is made of solid untreated oak<br />

and is held together by a single rubber band.<br />

Available in A4 and A5. Each size is stackable<br />

and compatible with the other. Works alone or<br />

combined together.<br />

56 57

58 59

Frame<br />

Frame consists of two pieces of acrylic glass,<br />

four lists made of either untreated oak or<br />

aluminum, and a rubber band. The rubber band<br />

both holds the frame together and serves for<br />

hanging the frame on your wall. By keeping the<br />

construction to the outer edge, the glass is held<br />

free and fully transparent. This allows the motif to<br />

hover against the underlying background, giving<br />

new possibilities to how and what can be framed.<br />

60 61

62 63

New –<br />

Frame Ash<br />

Frame is now also available in ash. Exactly as you<br />

know it, but in beautiful ash which adds a delicate<br />

and natural light touch to the frame collection.<br />

It comes untreated like our Oak frames, and with<br />

a light grey rubber band to support the delicate<br />

tones of the frame.<br />

64 65

66 67

Floating<br />

Leaves<br />

Made in collaboration with the Copenhagenbased<br />

design companies; Paper Collective<br />

and Norm Architects, the series of transparent<br />

botanic photography is specially created for our<br />

frame. Floating Leaves gives the illusion of a real<br />

leaf, so nature can easily be invited inside.<br />

68 69

Ceramic<br />

Pendant<br />

Ceramic Pendant is a simple pendant lamp that<br />

allows you to illuminate directly or to an angle. Its<br />

shade, whilst circular at the base, is rectangular at<br />

the top and sits freely to the cord. This allows the<br />

shade to angle left, right and rotate completely<br />

around.The pendant can be used as a single<br />

piece by the side of a bed or sofa or used in<br />

combination over a dining table.<br />

The pendant has been left unglazed, raw and<br />

been burnt at over 1100°C, creating a final<br />

surface that is matt and fine-textured. The shade<br />

is handmade and therefore, every lamp slightly<br />

varies in shape, size, and colour, making each<br />

pendant unique.<br />

Ceramic Pendant comes in White, Terracotta,<br />

Olive and Light Grey. While the white ceramic<br />

pendant is translucent, the coloured lamps are<br />

not. Both versions give a beautiful soft light.<br />

Ceramic Pendant, Wide, Olive<br />

70 71

Ceramic Pendant, Wide, Light Grey<br />

Ceramic Pendant, Narrow, White<br />

72 73

Ceramic Pendant, Narrow, Terracotta<br />

74 75

Ceramic<br />

Table Lamp<br />

Ceramic Table Lamp is a sculptural lamp that<br />

can illuminate in all directions. Its lampshade is<br />

completely adjustable and can be pivoted up,<br />

down and rotated around concentrating the light<br />

in any one direction. Place on a desk, window,<br />

side table or shelf and use as a backlight or a<br />

direct one.<br />

The ceramic has been left unglazed, raw and<br />

been burnt at over 1100°C, creating a final<br />

surface that is matte and fine-textured. Each<br />

piece is handmade and therefore, every lamp<br />

slightly varies in shape, size, and colour, making<br />

each table lamp unique.<br />

76 77

78 79

Rectangular<br />

Wall Mirror<br />

Rectangular Wall Mirror is a sharp addition to<br />

the Mirror Collection. Consisting of only two<br />

elements, a mirror glass and two wooden lists,<br />

the design is clean and minimal. Focussing on<br />

Nordic wood species, the wooden lists are made<br />

from either ash or oak, adding a warm and tactile<br />

touch to the straightforward design.<br />

80 81

82 83

Wall Mirror<br />

Our Wall Mirrors are frameless mirrors only<br />

held by a lightweight wire form. The mirrors<br />

are kept simple, letting the materials speak for<br />

themselves. The construction of the wire only<br />

lightly touching the glass is what makes the<br />

design simple and elegant. The mirrors have a<br />

soft and simple expression, which fits well in both<br />

minimalistic and classic settings.<br />

Wall Mirror, Ø70, Chrome<br />

84 85

Wall Mirror, Ø30, Black<br />

Tall Wall Mirror, Brass<br />

86 87

Wall Mirror, Ø50, Brass<br />

Tall Wall Mirror, Chrome<br />

88 89

Standing<br />

Mirror<br />

Standing Mirror is a frame-less free-standing<br />

mirror held by a lightweight wire form. The<br />

contrasting properties of the two components –<br />

solid and permeable, light and heavy – are what<br />

give the design its character.<br />

Standing Mirror, Ø20, Black and Brass<br />

90 91

Standing Mirror, Ø20, Black<br />

92 93

Cutting Board<br />

The Cutting Board is designed to be used in the<br />

everyday kitchen while the minimalist design also<br />

invites to be used directly on the dining table. The<br />

cutting board is elegant with a simple expression<br />

- as simple as a piece of wood.<br />

The tapering V-shaped edges of Cutting Board<br />

serve ideally as handles whilst also creating a<br />

narrow edge for the board to stand and dry when<br />

cleaned, keeping the edges in better condition,<br />

longer.<br />

The Cutting Board is made of sustainably grown<br />

and certified solid European oak and is available<br />

in two sizes: small and large. The small one is<br />

perfect for a loaf of bread while the bigger one is<br />

a perfect serving tray ideal for tapas, cheese and<br />

other small dishes.<br />

Cutting Board, Small and Large<br />

94 95

96 97<br />

Cutting Board, Large

Cutting Board, Small and Large<br />

98 99

Wall Hook<br />

Wall Hook is formed as one single continuous<br />

element. The hook has two points for hanging<br />

your coat, keys, cap etc. Either over the top of<br />

the bent wire or underneath on the actual hook.<br />

To keep the form of the wall hook as simple as<br />

possible, we turned the hook point inwards. This<br />

way achieving a closed and harmonious form.<br />

The hook is as simple to mount as it is to look at.<br />

With no extra pieces or additions needed, simply<br />

screw the hook into the wall until the round<br />

shoulder meets the finished surface.<br />

Wall Hook, Small and Large, Black<br />

100 101

102 103<br />

Wall Hook, Large, Matt gold

Coat Rack<br />

Coat Rack is a simple rack. Drawing just a fine<br />

line on your wall, the rack ensures a clean look<br />

for your hallway, kitchen or bathroom. The rack<br />

consists of a metal rod and 4-6 pegs. The pegs<br />

simply slide on the rod and can, therefore, be<br />

moved around as needed. As the rod can easily<br />

be removed from the wall, pegs can be added or<br />

removed in an instant.<br />

Coat Rack, 40 cm, Chrome<br />

104 105

Coat Rack, 70 cm, Black<br />

106 107

New –<br />

Key Ring<br />

Key Ring is made of a single piece of brass wire<br />

with only two bends - it can hardly be more<br />

simple. Key Ring is made to keep your keys in<br />

place in a stylish and minimalist way.<br />

The drop shaped Key Ring is locked by a clever,<br />

yet simple closing mechanism securing your<br />

keys will stay organised and kept safe.<br />

108 109

110 111

Polygrif<br />

Polygrif is a customisable creation that<br />

transforms through the touch of your hands.<br />

Mind and hand working together to explore the<br />

endless expressions of these little creatures. The<br />

pieces are made of solid oak and ash, and it will<br />

last a lifetime if you take good care of it. Please<br />

do so, much love has been put into making it.<br />

112 113

114 115

Pinch<br />

Some moments you just want to last a little<br />

longer. Pinch helps you hold on to some of those<br />

moments. Maybe you saved your ticket from<br />

last weekend’s concert or a handwritten note<br />

from the one you love. These small items are<br />

important tokens of our lives, so when you are<br />

handed these tokens ‘pinch’ them.<br />

Pinch, Oak<br />

116 117

118 119<br />

Pinch, Black

Side Table<br />

Your home is never the same. During those cold<br />

winter mornings or sunny afternoons, you adapt<br />

your space to fit the season, time of day or just<br />

your mood. Side Table is designed to move and<br />

adapt along with you.<br />

Side Table, Black<br />

120 121

Side Table, White and Black<br />

122 123

Contact<br />

<strong>MOEBE</strong><br />

Strandlodsvej 42a, 1<br />

2300 Copenhagen S<br />

Denmark<br />

(+45) 71 74 74 96<br />

info@moebe.dk<br />

www.moebe,dk<br />

@moebecph<br />

Photos<br />

Chris Tonnesen<br />

Mikkel Tjellesen<br />

Mia Mortensen / Kristinna Andreasen<br />

154 155

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