Impact Report - COVID 2020/21

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Our response to the pandemic and its recovery (2020/21)

2020/21 Impact

We engaged with over 250

members online during


The average attendance

was 14 members per online

event in 2021(13 in 2020)

Over 60% of our paid

workforce are adults with


We hosted:

37 in person events

(2020 pre-pandemic)

195 zoom events (2020)

+ 229 zoom events(2021)

+ 9 in person events (2021)

In total = 470 social events

Additionally, get2gether members contributed to our

online community by leading over 550 initiatives

independently, 279 (in 2020) and 271 (in 2021).

Our members demonstrate that people with lived

experience of disabilities want to take active leadership

roles in the service design.

The future is accessible!

The get2gether approach seeks to find ways to support

adults with disabilities to live their own lives.

The Covid-19 pandemic presented challenges for all of us.

get2gether saw this as an opportunity for community

learning and development. We responded to the

challenge by providing a platform for our members to

share their experiences and set their priorities.

Our members demonstrate that transformation towards an

accessible future is possible when people with lived

experience can contribute by leading the new service


Mojca Becaj

get2gether’s Director

Our aims

We believe that everyone has value and is capable of

achieving their potential with the right support and





get2gether works towards these


1. Reducing social isolation among

adults with disabilities

2. Increased emotional awareness

3. Increased resilience and

4. Increased self determination of

adults with disabilities.

Activities and outcomes

We worked with the Evaluation Support Scotland and

defined the outcomes we want to achieve for our

members. As a result of our work, adults with disabilities will:

1. feel more connected

2. spend more time doing the

things they want to do

3. gain a bigger peer-support


4. have a greater number of

relationships (any type)

5. be active in the community

6. be better able to express their


8. be better able to build

meaningful relationships

9. have increased selfconfidence

10. spend more time with people

that they choose

11. have increased expectations

for what might be possible

12. be better able to deal with

the ups and downs of life

7. take more positive risks

The activities we arrange with and for our members support

our outcomes. get2gether’s main actives are:

• Social events in person and online

• Courses aimed at building better relationships

• Skill-building workshops

Adult to adult approach

We use an adult to adult approach alongside coaching

and mentoring in all of our activities and interactions with

adults with disabilities, both out in the community and


Where are our members from?

57% from City of Edinburgh

16% from East Lothian

15% from Midlothian

10% from other parts of Scotland

2% from the rest of the UK


The diversity of our membership increases

the variety of opportunities available to all.


adults with lived


get2gether membership is free and open

to all adults with disabilities, we currently

have over 930 adults with disabilities.

Our membership includes people with

learning disabilities, autism, physical

disabilities, brain injuries, visual impairments

and other chronic health conditions.

930 newsletters

received monthly

A monthly events programme is

sent out to all members, with

details of social opportunities.

250 digitally



in employment

250 (27%) members are digitally

engaged, parttaking in the online


8 (0,9%) members are in employment

and play key roles in the development

of get2gether by creating

opportunities for other members to be

involved and work towards our aims.


get2gether is offering a positive way to work together to

promote social inclusion for those with lived experience of

disabilities. For them, this means having good relationships

with friends, belonging to a thriving community and having

great social lives.

At ‘Monday Magic’

get2gether members are

encouraged to suggest and

take the lead in the events for

the coming week on our

moderated Facebook group.

This gives people the

opportunity to try out ideas

and find their own social

media voice.

Our Coordinators and Digital

Ambassadors offer appropriate

support so that individuals can

plan and deliver these events

as independently as possible.

87% said that they are

learning new things about


100% of survey participants

said they feel included,

supported, and encouraged

to contribute to our events


87% said they made new


“The only people that

can change things for

disabled people are us,

people with lived


we have to take control

in our hands and we

started doing this at



Natalie joined get2gether in July 2021. She had always felt

isolated and ‘alien’, struggling to keep up with social norms

but she hadn’t figured out why.

Signing up to her first event felt like a huge step.

By doing this Natalie started attending and participating in

more events, engaging with other members and

contributing at Monday Magic, the heart of get2gether’s

community spirit.

"I am really enjoying get2gether.

I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't expect to

feel as included as I have.”

Pop Up Events

get2gether’s Ambassadors led a safe transition back into

the in-person community events, using the pre-pandemic

knowledge of local infrastructure, as well as supporting

new member-led initiatives that have evolved during the


Pop Up Events are in-person events hosted by get2gether’s

Ambassadors. With only 8 spaces per event, we currently

do not advertise details of when and where events are

taking place, to mitigate COVID-19 risks. Events

coordinators are supporting the smooth delivery “behind

the scenes”, following our risk enablement strategy.

Risk enablement strategy

At get2gether we are driven by the belief that adults with

disabilities should be treated as adults and that everyone

has the right to live the life they want.

We work in a way that not only acknowledges the

inevitability of risk, but also supports and encourages our

members to take life enhancing risks and to learn through


We recognise our role as providing opportunities in a

supportive culture through which our members can gain

the skills they need to manage risks for themselves. This

doesn’t start and stop with a skydiving trip or a big lifestyle

change; it’s also about the small things.

"The highlight of my whole year was coming

along to the event at the museum.

Seeing people is helping me stay positive."

9/9 Pop Up events

in 2021 were

all fully booked!

get2gether aims to provide

opportunities and access to

information that individuals

can choose to utilise in order

to inform their own decisions

about risks.


get2gether courses provide information and coaching to

build the life-skills that underpin the ability to form healthy


The courses are co-delivered by Peer Mentors, all of which

are adults with a lived experience of disabilities. This fosters

peer-to-peer support, a powerful tool to prevent mental

health issues and improve general wellbeing .

Live Your Life Course

Our 12-week Live Your Life (LYL) course combines Solution

Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Wellbeing

Practices and Emotional Intelligence. These ideas are

adapted to be accessible for adults with learning


The LYL course was well

received during the COVID-19

pandemic and supported

25 graduates during 2020 and


Due to high demand, the LYL

ran 3x in 2021

"With the course I have

learned a lot about the

boundaries and how to

set them.

I recognise my

limitations and can tell

people what they can

expect from me.“

Live Your Life &

Let’s talk about sex

Let’s Talk About Sex Course

Our 6-week Let’s Talk About Sex (LTAS) course creates a

safe space where members can speak about sex openly,

ask questions and discuss topics around sexuality with their

peers and listen and support each other.

This course promotes self-love and pleasure as a way of

knowing one’s own body.

90% LTAS participants said it is

important to have safe space

to talk openly about sexuality

LTAS course gives access

to knowledge that helps

our members make safe


Hybrid world

Our organisational culture encourages an environment of

innovation. Whilst we are a reflective organisation, we are

also dynamic and quick to adapt. We listen to the needs

of our members and this was perhaps demonstrated most

clearly by our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within a week of lockdown we had an online offering and

moved all of our events and opportunities online. Since

then we have had our most successful two years as an

organisation - both in terms of attendance and in terms of

the personal development of our members.

While some were able to access the benefits of our online

offering, 73 % of our membership was not seen online due

to the various barriers of entering the digital realm.

What happened to the


We recognise that for some of our members, online

participation simply does not work and others need more

time before they can join social activities.

Out of 73% (642 members), our staff spoke with 212 people.

Whilst 21 people decided to cancel their membership or

have sadly passed away, staff recorded 105 members and

86 carers / parents responses. With these conversations we

have learned that:

1. The newsletter is reaching our members - 194 (94,2%)

said they receive the newsletter

“It makes me feel like I am still part of get2gether and I

2. Contact was not possible with 191 members (20% of

total membership) due to change in phone numbers.

3. Ambassadors made further contact with 45 members,

who had accepted our offer to receive a phone call from

one of our ambassadors.

enjoy it!”

“The newsletter sometimes inspires him to do things

independently. For example: get2gether advertised events

which he went and do with his support staff,

but joining in with people would be next step for him.”

The future is


In this uncertain climate, we will continue to adapt to the

world around us and ensure our members can gain the

skill to adapt and get the most from the changing

landscape around them.

Thanks to all our funders and supporters who have

helped us achieve our aims in 2020 and 2021.


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