Dirt and Trail Feb 2022

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FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong><br />

dakar<br />

VICtory<br />

SAM sunderl<strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

gasgas<br />

22002<br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> RSA R35.00<br />

9 771815 337001<br />

Pic by: RallyZone<br />



husqvarna-motorcycles.com<br />

Available NOW<br />

Photo: R. Schedl, R. Steinke, KISKA GmbH<br />

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.<br />

parallel twin 889 cc 105 hp 204 kg<br />

901<br />

N o r d e n<br />

the entire globe is a<br />

playground just waiting<br />

for you to explore.<br />

inspired by the north<br />

<strong>and</strong> built for the world,<br />

the norden 901 is a rugged<br />

travel machine ready<br />

to face the unknown.<br />

Trust in the north.<br />

O<br />

C<br />

C<br />

C<br />

RO<br />

M<br />







MOTO-X<br />














021 939 8916<br />

021 930 5917<br />

021 945 3725<br />

021 510 2258<br />

021 761 4220<br />

018 297 4700<br />

018 771 5050<br />

051 430 3326<br />




FAST KTM<br />

FIRE IT UP<br />









011 795 4122<br />

012 342 7474<br />

011 867 0092<br />

011 467 0737<br />

011 425 1081<br />

011 027 0545<br />

011 234 5275<br />

011 025 8272<br />

011 828 9091<br />

012 804 8888<br />

011 435 7177<br />

084 080 8237<br />

KZN<br />









031 566 7411<br />

031 701 1311<br />

035 789 1581<br />

033 264 3240<br />

031 702 2606<br />

031 303 8323<br />

015 297 3291

Intro. Keeping the wheels turning...<br />

FEBRUARY Issue <strong>2022</strong><br />

We wanna hear from you info@motomedia.co.za<br />

Read our back issues at www.motomedia.co.za<br />

Flip talk about hitting the ground running!<br />

GasGas has taken quite a historic win at Dakar - which was once again, just one of those epic<br />

adventures.<br />

Events are already starting to churn nationally <strong>and</strong> abroad. Wade Young narrowly missed his first<br />

victory of the year at Alestrem. He led the whole thing <strong>and</strong> ran out of fuel just 3 KM’s before the<br />

end. Man that sux!<br />

Anyway it all sets the tone for what is going to be a magic <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Meanwhile - back at the office:<br />

Wife texts her h<strong>and</strong>y husb<strong>and</strong> on a cold winter morning:<br />


Husb<strong>and</strong> texts back:<br />


HAMMER”<br />

Wife texts back 5 minutes later:<br />



Glenn Foley<br />

foleyg@mweb.co.za<br />


Sean Hendley<br />

sean@motomedia.co.za<br />

071 684 4546<br />

OFFICE &<br />


Anette<br />

anette.acc@ mweb.co.za<br />

ONLINE &<br />


Kyle Lawrenson<br />

kyle@motomedia.co.za<br />

Cape Town Sales <strong>and</strong> News:<br />

Lorna Darrol<br />

lornad@motomeda.co.za<br />

074 122 4874<br />


Stefan van der Riet<br />


Shado Alston<br />

Donovan Fourie<br />

Tristan Foley<br />

Kurt Beine<br />

Mike Wessels<br />

Mizz B<br />

Kyle Foley<br />

Videos <strong>and</strong> more<br />

available online...<br />

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without asking nicely...<br />


no 4<br />

Nor<br />

Ema<br />


2<br />

Africa ' s<br />

Widest range of Motorcycle parts<br />



L:<br />

Spring Kits Available<br />

WISECO PISTON KITS Wiseco leads the aftermarket performance kits by producing the<br />

highest quality pistons on the highest quality forgings.<br />

:<br />










no 4 Fifth avenue<br />

Northmead Benoni<br />

Email:G124@mweb.co.za 011 425 1081/4<br />


Vermont/Tork Craft “Spot the Difference”<br />

Competition winners for January <strong>2022</strong><br />

Ja Nê!<br />

Looks some of our sneaky little<br />

changes caught a lot of you<br />

out… which made our job a little<br />

bit easier sorting through the<br />

multitude of entries we got. Out<br />

of all the entries we got only 18 of<br />

you noticed that we had swapped<br />

the colours around on the “WP”<br />

logo, so we had a fairly easy time<br />

of it choosing 4 winners.<br />

Congratulation to Zack, Lucindy,<br />

Chantelle <strong>and</strong> Ken. We will<br />

be making contact with you<br />

shortly via WhatsApp to get your<br />

awesome TORK CRAFT KN8129S<br />

Multi tool with LED light <strong>and</strong> nylon<br />

pouch to you as soon as possible.<br />

Sadly, for the four of you,<br />

you cannot enter any other<br />

competitions with us for the next<br />

3 months… Well, you can but<br />

cannot be a winner for the next<br />

three months to give everybody<br />

else a chance to win a prize.<br />

For the rest of you there are<br />

another 4 of these cool Multi<br />

Tools with a br<strong>and</strong> new ‘Spot the<br />

Difference’ from Vermont in this<br />

the <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2022</strong> edition of <strong>Dirt</strong><br />

& <strong>Trail</strong> magazine <strong>and</strong> another four<br />

more up for grabs in the March<br />

<strong>2022</strong> edition.<br />

Keep those entries coming!<br />

Keep riding… <strong>and</strong> always<br />

remember, “You need a<br />

motorcycle in your life”<br />

Go to https://www.vermontsales.<br />

co.za to view an astounding range<br />

of products from these guys<br />



KISKA.COM Photo: R.Schedl<br />


circle the differences in in pic 2, take a snap <strong>and</strong> whatsapp it to 071 684 4546<br />

before<br />

after<br />

spot all 10 <strong>and</strong> you could win<br />

1 of 12 tork craft multi tools...

KISKA.COM Photo: R.Schedl<br />

46<br />

defy<br />

the norm<br />

For those who like to push the limits of exploration, the new<br />

KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S is the ultimate high-performance<br />

traveler. This new generation V-Twin powerhouse challenges<br />

the status quo with refined ergonomics, performance-enhancing<br />

technology <strong>and</strong> high-end componentry.<br />


Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

Here’s a good one: Win yourself a trip to<br />

Icel<strong>and</strong>.<br />

BMW Motorrad is running a competition from 1 Jan<br />

to 30 March. Any customer buying any GS in the first<br />

quarter from a 750GS <strong>and</strong> up will st<strong>and</strong> in line to win one<br />

of 10 tickets to an all expense paid trip to Icel<strong>and</strong> from<br />

the 7th to the 18th of August on a 1250GS.<br />

If ever there was a time to buy a new Beemer – then this<br />

is it!<br />

Together with their partner, Up South Adventures, BMW<br />

would like you to experience the magic <strong>and</strong> majesty of<br />

the weirdest place in the world. A sparsely populated<br />

isl<strong>and</strong> that has some of the most unique riding<br />

conditions in the world. Home of the Vikings. A l<strong>and</strong> of<br />

Fire <strong>and</strong> Ice.<br />

TO WIN, buy one of the following new bikes - R 1250 GS<br />

Adventure, R 1250 GS, F 850 GS Adventure, F 850 GS<br />

or F 750 GS - between 1 January <strong>and</strong> 31 March <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

They will then select ten riders to experience a 12-day,<br />

all-expenses paid trip to Icel<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Also - with every bike purchased from BMW in <strong>2022</strong><br />

you get a free club membership from any club that you<br />

choose.<br />

How’s that for cool?<br />

Details @ www.bmw-motorrad.co.za<br />

Domino’s XM2 Adjustable Dual Cable Throttle<br />

Control.<br />

Made of lightweight aluminum with titanium hardware,<br />

the XM2 Throttles represent the ultimate in lightweight<br />

performance <strong>and</strong> includes three different cams to allow<br />

you to adjust the pull on cable throttles.<br />

As used by the pros in MotoGP & Moto 2 racing, <strong>and</strong> now<br />

they are available for your bike!<br />

-Made In Italy<br />

Br<strong>and</strong>ed Keyrings at<br />

Trickbitz.<br />

Very cool, strong <strong>and</strong> classy<br />

with your favorite br<strong>and</strong>s logo<br />

emblazoned thereon, Trickbitz has<br />

a huge selection of these very cool<br />

keyrings in stock.<br />

Chat to your dealer or –<br />

trickbitz.co.za for enquiries.<br />

-Universal <strong>and</strong> Specific bike fitments are available.<br />

Also in stock for classic bikes: The Raally <strong>and</strong> Lario<br />

h<strong>and</strong>lebar grips, produced as part of the ‘Vintage’<br />

range by DOMINO, are perfect as part of a restoration<br />

project. The quality of the chrome plating is especially<br />

impressive. These Vintage style grips are ideal for your<br />

existing h<strong>and</strong>lebar style steering assembly as well as<br />

conversion projects.<br />

Available at your dealer. Enquiries: www.trickbitz.co.za


Just Trac<br />

Live tracking device.<br />

Smart, smart SA tech. Works on 2G.<br />

The justTRAC live tracking system was born<br />

in South Africa out of a race Dad’s concern for<br />

his young racer son, who then collaborated<br />

with a developer in the USA <strong>and</strong> a IT Engineer<br />

in South Africa.<br />

Dr.Dawie de Wet of Q-Kon in Centurion used<br />

to get really nervous <strong>and</strong> quite wound up<br />

w<strong>and</strong>ering where Diete, (his racer son), was<br />

out on the race course in the mountains,<br />

particularly if he was overdue at the DSP or<br />

finish line. With very little in the way of signal<br />

up in the mountains, the usual 3G, 4G, <strong>and</strong><br />

nowadays 5G, often do not work.<br />

Unless you have a heck of an expensive<br />

satellite phone you really don’t have any way<br />

of knowing where your rider is, or if they are in<br />

trouble <strong>and</strong> in need of assistance… not a great<br />

situation for a team manager <strong>and</strong> often a bit<br />

nerve wracking for a parent.<br />

Dawie, being quite a tech wizard decided to<br />

see what technology was available, found<br />

something that sort of did the job but needed<br />

some serious tweaks. Firstly, it absolutely<br />

had to work in almost the complete absence<br />

of signal experienced in rural mountain areas<br />

where most enduro races are held, think Roof<br />

Of Africa <strong>and</strong> etc. <strong>and</strong> had to be in real time<br />

<strong>and</strong> accurate up to a maximum of 5 meters,<br />

everything else was a bonus.<br />

With a lot of back <strong>and</strong> forth between guys in<br />

white coats the ‘justTRAC’ unit was born <strong>and</strong><br />

had a bunch of really interesting <strong>and</strong> helpful<br />

features as an added bonus with bigger <strong>and</strong><br />

better <strong>and</strong> specialised units also chucked into<br />

the mix.<br />

We bumped into the guys <strong>and</strong> girls from<br />

justTRAC at the Roof last year where they were<br />

offering a rental service on their justTRAC<br />

JT102 RIDER TRACKER <strong>and</strong> were really quite<br />

amazed at how well the system works. Now<br />

you have seen them advertise in this magazine<br />

quite a bit <strong>and</strong> after chatting to them for a<br />

bit found out that they offer the same rental<br />

service at all the major enduro races around<br />

the country with proper technical support <strong>and</strong><br />

they also drag along a huge Wi-Fi supply trailer<br />

for customers <strong>and</strong> support crew to connect<br />

to… how fantastic is that? After a bit more<br />

chatting we asked them for a unit to test <strong>and</strong><br />

tell you guys how it works <strong>and</strong> etc. Needless<br />

to say, nothing happened over the Christmas<br />

break while we were all lying on the beach <strong>and</strong><br />

we only dragged ourselves back into the office<br />

a few weeks ago, so we haven’t spent a huge<br />

amount of time running around with it <strong>and</strong> will<br />

keep testing it over the next few months <strong>and</strong><br />

give you regular updates as we go, but here is<br />

what we have found out so far:<br />

It really isn’t expensive. You can either rent a<br />

unit to participate in an event, or you can buy<br />

a unit for around R900.00 or with a monthly<br />

subscription fee for the 2G sim card of<br />

R145.00pm. Not a lot of money for peace of<br />

mind <strong>and</strong> even Mom at home can log on via<br />

the app on her cell phone to a keep an eye on<br />

the boys. So, yes you did read correctly, 2G!<br />

2G works off a much lower power/frequency/<br />

blah, blah to your cell phones <strong>and</strong> etc <strong>and</strong> thus<br />

doesn’t need very much signal to connect,<br />

really just a distant vague memory of a signal<br />

is enough for it to connect, but just in case it<br />

also has a GPX chip so it can satellite track as<br />

well if 2G signal does waft off into the vapours<br />

of time.<br />

We took it out on a road bike test <strong>and</strong> also<br />

worked out that it could also log average<br />

speed as well as maximum top speed,<br />

needless to say… the race was on to see who<br />

could log the fastest speed for the day, but<br />

that is a story for another time. We were able<br />

to track the rider from multiple cell phones, all<br />

that had to happen was that each smart phone<br />

had the app down loaded <strong>and</strong> were logged in.<br />

Each smart phone can also track a multitude<br />

of riders, so team managers, moms <strong>and</strong><br />

dads could all monitor progress as could<br />

the support crew at the DSP’s who could be<br />

prepared for when the rider arrived <strong>and</strong> get<br />

them sorted <strong>and</strong> racing again. Then at<br />

the end of the day everybody could sit around<br />

the laptop screen, (yes you can even log in<br />

<strong>and</strong> monitor from any desk top or laptop), <strong>and</strong><br />

do a full debrief of the race, riders memories<br />

get jogged when they see their route super<br />

imposed on google earth <strong>and</strong> remember<br />

traction, power or h<strong>and</strong>ling problem or where<br />

they felt the bike was really performing well.<br />

Some telemetry information is also available,<br />

for specific details go to https://justtrac.co.za/<br />

jt102-adventure-rider-tracker/ we are still<br />

working out the details as we go along. Best of<br />

all – its virtually live. Another very cool feature<br />

is the panic button. If you happen to crash,<br />

or have a problem, you can hit the button <strong>and</strong><br />

your exact geolocation is sent along to your<br />

team. Cool huh!<br />

We like what we see <strong>and</strong> believe the<br />

applications are endless, mountain bike or<br />

running races, your kids taking the dogs for<br />

a walk around the neighbourhood or riding<br />

their dirt bikes in veld on a Sunday afternoon<br />

or even putting them on your pets during<br />

thunderstorms, firecracker festivals <strong>and</strong> etc<br />

where pets are likely to panic <strong>and</strong> run for<br />

safety. Instead of driving around looking for<br />

them or putting posters on lamp post you can<br />

just log on to your justTRACK app <strong>and</strong> drive<br />

directly to where they are hiding.<br />

The great thing about this unit is that it is<br />

small enough to fit into a pocket, dangle<br />

around a cat or dogs neck collar, fit into lycra<br />

cycling or running shorts, has a rechargeable<br />

battery that last for up to 24 hours depending<br />

on the refresh rate, but easily lasts 6 to 8<br />

hours under race conditions. It is rugged <strong>and</strong><br />

there is a sealed waterproof available with a<br />

longer lasting battery for a few r<strong>and</strong>s more<br />

check out all their products at<br />


5.5 WRIST BRACE<br />






For best comfort<br />

Leatt 5.5 Wrist Brace:<br />

Br<strong>and</strong> new for <strong>2022</strong> is the Leatt 5.5 Wrist Brace, which<br />

provides support when riding after a wrist injury<br />

by restricting movement <strong>and</strong> reducing the risk of<br />

hyperextension.<br />

The wrist strap is elastic to prevent arm inflation, <strong>and</strong> a<br />

replacement pad set is also included.<br />

Features:<br />

• Stiff matrix construction.<br />

• Replaceable flex struts.<br />

• Medium or low flex.<br />

• ATOP cable attachment system.<br />

• Two-piece neoprene insert for best<br />

comfort.<br />

• Replacement padding included.<br />

• Elastic wrist strap prevents arm<br />

inflation.<br />

• Two finger positions for better<br />

comfort.<br />

Available at your dealer or www.leatt.com for your<br />

closest stockist.<br />

EVS Epic Knee guards arrive.<br />

The Epic range of knee guards are now back in stock<br />

at most stockists. The Epic Knee Pad uses design<br />

elements from our high-end knee brace technology,<br />

offering complete shin <strong>and</strong> patella coverage. The<br />

Epic Knee is positioned between a knee brace <strong>and</strong> a<br />

traditional knee pad.<br />

Form Fit Frame -Built from a proprietary blend of<br />

Polyfusion polymer, the Form Fit Frame provides a<br />

strong base that is also flexible. The Form Fit Frame<br />

bends to the contours of the rider’s thigh, allowing for a<br />

comfortable fit.<br />

• Floating patella system for full<br />

coverage protection<br />

• Asymmetrical Form Fit chassis &<br />

full flex hinge system<br />

• Plush contour molded bio-foam liner<br />

• Quick release positive locking<br />

buckles<br />

• Fully adjustable dry-suede straps<br />

• Meets St<strong>and</strong>ards for CE EN 1621-1<br />

• Sold in pairs<br />

• Sizes: S/M <strong>and</strong> L/XL<br />

At your dealer.


Occasionally, we get a bit of abuse on social media from<br />

keyboard Ninja’s about some of the riding gear we wear.<br />

Yes, it doesn’t look traditional, yes it does look quite hip<br />

<strong>and</strong> fashionable but everything our riders wear comes<br />

with or has the option to fit or upgrade the protection<br />

they offer. Everything is lined with the latest aramid<br />

materials.<br />

But extra protection is always a good thing. The Oxford<br />

RB-Pi Insert Back Protector is a CE Level 1 compliant<br />

Leatt 4.5 Black Body Protector<br />

The 4.5 Body Protector is CE tested <strong>and</strong> certified <strong>and</strong><br />

is designed to protect your chest, back, elbows <strong>and</strong><br />

shoulders. The blend of both hard shell areas, made of<br />

high density poly ethylene (HDPE) for high impact or<br />

stone deflection, <strong>and</strong> 3DF AirFit impact foam protection.<br />

The 3D design will fit you comfortably as well as keep<br />

you ventilated with its ventilation slots <strong>and</strong> new antiodor<br />

MoistureCool <strong>and</strong> AirMesh wicking fabrics. Another<br />

new feature is the base layer made of mesh. The design<br />

integrates perfectly with a Leatt neck brace. If you are<br />

looking for a higher level of protection, the 5.5 Body<br />

unit available from as little as R495.00. This flexible<br />

<strong>and</strong> lightweight CE Level 1 back protector for your<br />

Oxford riding jacket offers comfort <strong>and</strong> security in<br />

equal measure. It slots straight into the compartment<br />

in the back of your jacket. The Oxford RB-Pi2 Insert<br />

Back Protector, CE Level 2 compliant unit also available<br />

from a paltry R685.00 is a flexible <strong>and</strong> lightweight back<br />

protector for your Oxford riding jacket it will fit most<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s, offering comfort <strong>and</strong> security in equal measure.<br />

Go to www.dmd.co.za to view more great products or to<br />

find your local stockist.<br />

Protector is for you as it has the highest protection<br />

score of 25 points.<br />

Features:<br />

Hard shell <strong>and</strong> 3DF AirFit ventilated soft impact foam<br />

CE tested <strong>and</strong> certified as impact protection:<br />

Multi-layer, multi-plate articulating design<br />

Mesh base layer<br />

Ventilation slots for maximum airflow<br />

Anti-odour Moisture Cool <strong>and</strong> AirMesh wicking fabrics<br />

Removable front <strong>and</strong> rear plate function <strong>and</strong> Brace<br />

On neck brace fitting system for over / under shirt. Neck<br />

brace fit<br />

Unisex Fit

Just 1 MX gear incoming.<br />

J-Force Jerseys:<br />

• Moisture wicking polyester main<br />

body fabric keeps you cool <strong>and</strong> dry<br />

• Vented side panels for maximum airflow<br />

• soft <strong>and</strong> comfortable collar<br />

• Tail silicon print on the back helps keep jersey<br />

tucked in pants<br />

• Sublimated graphics give the possibility to<br />

play better with graphics <strong>and</strong> colors<br />

• Size from xs to xxl<br />

J-Force Pants:<br />

• Cordura fabric main construction provides<br />

durability <strong>and</strong> strength<br />

• Stretch fabric panels in strategic areas<br />

improve freedom of movement<br />

• Heat <strong>and</strong> abrasion resistant leather knee<br />

panels<br />

• Back stretch polyester sp<strong>and</strong>ex to maximize<br />

the elasticity<br />

• Lycra on the back of the legs for a better mobility<br />

• Rubber knee air vents improve the airflow <strong>and</strong><br />

give more protection to the knees<br />

• Full grain leather knee panels provide<br />

coverage from abrasions <strong>and</strong> provides a best<br />

grip on the motorbike<br />

• 2 side adjusters.<br />

• Size from 26/42 to 40/56<br />

J-Flex Gloves:<br />

• Hook <strong>and</strong> loop wrist closure system<br />

• Single layer cool touch palm<br />

• Suede palm<br />

• Silicon print on palm <strong>and</strong> fingers for additional<br />

grip level<br />

• Embossed neoprene cuff offers best fitting <strong>and</strong><br />

maximum comfort<br />

• Size from s to xxl<br />

At your dealer.<br />

www.facebook.com › Hendersonracingproducts for your<br />

stockist<br />

2<br />

N<br />

FE<br />

LO<br />

CR<br />

T<br />

B<br />

S<br />

be<br />

ap<br />

m<br />

an<br />

ri<br />

he<br />

An<br />

H<br />



SHOULD<br />

JOIN THE<br />

HONDA<br />

FAMILY<br />

2021<br />

NC750X/DC<br />

2021<br />

NC750X/DCT<br />



CRF250 R<br />



Specialization may be fine for something like golf clubs, but we think great motorcycles should<br />

be able to do it all. Case in point: The 2021 Honda NC750X. This is a bike is for motorcyclists who<br />

appreciate both versatility <strong>and</strong> virtuosity in their adventure machines. This year, we’ve given this<br />

model some big improvements. More power. A larger integrated storage area. Lighter weight,<br />

<strong>and</strong> a lower seat height. Plus some huge technologic upgrades like throttle by wire, selectable<br />

riding modes, new instruments, a new frame, upgraded bodywork, <strong>and</strong> st<strong>and</strong>ard ABS. At its<br />

heart, the twin-cylinder engine produces a broad torque curve as well, making it a joy to ride.<br />

And you can choose from two transmissions: a conventional manual-clutch six-speed, or<br />

Honda’s revolutionary automatic DCT. Either way, this latest NC750X is going to be the perfect<br />

one-bike choice for the rider who wants to do it all.<br />

THE NEW NC750X: DOD<br />


Specialization may be fine for something like go<br />

be able to to do do it all. it all. Case Case in point: point: The 2021 The Honda 2021 NC750 Hond<br />

appreciate both both versatility <strong>and</strong> virtuosity <strong>and</strong> virtuosity in their adventu in thei<br />

model some big big improvements. More More power. power. A larger A intl<br />

<strong>and</strong> a lower seat seat height. height. Plus some Plus some huge technologic huge techno up<br />

riding modes, new new instruments, a new a frame, new upgraded frame, ub<br />

heart, the the twin-cylinder engine engine produces produces a broad a torque broa<br />

And you can choose from from two transmissions: two transmissions: a conventio a<br />

Honda’s revolutionary automatic automatic DCT. Either DCT. way, Either this wa lat<br />

one-bike choice for for the rider the rider who wants who to wants do it all. to do i<br />



CRF250 RX<br />

R<strong>and</strong>burg: 011 795-4122

Left dealer principal Christo de<br />

Klerk <strong>and</strong> Bruce Weiss sales<br />

representative.<br />

Honda Wing comes to East London<br />

Honda Wing East London has arrived <strong>and</strong> they are ready<br />

to service all your motorcycle needs in the East London<br />

& Border area.<br />

Honda East London recently relocated in order to<br />

accommodate the introduction of Honda Wing <strong>and</strong><br />

boasts a beautiful new car <strong>and</strong> motorcycle showroom<br />

at 3 Devereux Avenue Vincent, the Parts <strong>and</strong> Service<br />

departments remain at 65 Old Transkei Road Nahoon.<br />

To commemorate the opening, Honda Wing EL had the<br />

honour of hosting the h<strong>and</strong>over prize of a magnificent<br />

Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 adventure bike to one of<br />

the winners of the 2021 Honda Quest True Adventure<br />

Challenge, Neil Rieck. Neil <strong>and</strong> teammate Ruan<br />

Ueckermann both took home their trusty Africa Twins<br />

that helped navigate them through Richtersveld,<br />

Namakwa Eco <strong>Trail</strong>, Tankwa Karoo <strong>and</strong> Cederberg on a<br />

2500km grueling adventure ride. This opportunity was<br />

an awesome start of many exciting motorcycle events<br />

to follow.<br />

Bruce Weiss isan East London local <strong>and</strong> been part of<br />

the biking community since the tender age of 9. In his<br />

spare time Bruce attends track days to build up his<br />

riding skills <strong>and</strong> belongs to a local motorcycle club<br />

supporting most biking functions, rallies <strong>and</strong> toy runs<br />

etc. Under management <strong>and</strong> guidance from the Honda<br />

Wing East London Dealer Principal, Christo de Klerk, he<br />

is your go-to guy for any future motorcycle enquiries in<br />

the area.<br />

Phone 043 701 2786 / 071 408 4161.<br />

8 different Affordable Knives <strong>and</strong> Multi<br />

tools from Tork Craft all with unique<br />

features…<br />

An impressive range of specialist technically<br />

advanced Knives/Multi tools for Outdoor, Hunting,<br />

Adventure, Sports, Fishing, Service Industry, Wood<br />

Working, Gardening <strong>and</strong> Hardware. The boss gave us<br />

each one of these multi tools for Christmas <strong>and</strong> it is<br />

great quality <strong>and</strong> really h<strong>and</strong>y to have at h<strong>and</strong>, even<br />

the belt pouch is good quality.<br />

Each different model has unique features, tailor<br />

made to suit all markets. Multi Tools, Torches <strong>and</strong><br />

Knifes, Foldable Utility Knives with multiple features,<br />

5 in 1 Survival Knives, <strong>and</strong> Mini Multi Tools…<br />

All the knives <strong>and</strong> multi tools are lightweight with a<br />

thumb stub plus liner lock for the blade <strong>and</strong> spring<br />

steel belt clips.<br />

Visit the Tork Craft web site www.torkcraft.com to<br />

view the full range. All the Tork Craft knives <strong>and</strong><br />

multi tools are available from all leading stores<br />

countrywide, call Vermont Sales for your nearest<br />

outlet. Vermont Sales (0)11 314 7711 or the web<br />

site www.torkcraft.com

Recycling: The Ultimate Gentleman Biker’s<br />

Convenience.<br />

What to do when you have so many used motorbike<br />

parts that are no longer fit for their original purpose?<br />

That is when Jan from J-Tech Motorcycles in<br />

Vredenburg had a brainwave ... to make something<br />

useful out of all these parts that would only add to the<br />

heaps of possible recyclables building up in the shop<br />

premises.<br />

Being a guy with a creative turn of mind, the revamp of<br />

their toilets led to the re-purposing of many items to<br />

make this convenience one of the most unusual on the<br />

West Coast.<br />

The first item to catch one/s eye on the outside of the<br />

door at the top is a CBR1000 tail piece which, when the<br />

door is closed, lights up to indicate that the facility is<br />

in use.<br />

Hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room is a<br />

light made from a set of old Kawasaki 750 carburettors,<br />

a most unusual item, with 4 down lighters adding extra<br />

illumination to the operation.<br />

The corner cupboard is made from scrap wood with the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le crafted from a seized conrod.<br />

The toilet roll is held up on a holder made from 2<br />

damaged conrods <strong>and</strong> the toilet paper holder is based<br />

on a worn brake disc.<br />

The toilet itself is flushed via a h<strong>and</strong>le bar grip <strong>and</strong> lever<br />

from an incomplete set… A crazy cool idea.<br />

The air freshener tin is held neatly in a holder made<br />

from a section of spring from an off road bike with a<br />

sprocket as the base ... a nice colourful touch.<br />

Lastly, the towel rail is made from 2 lever sets from a<br />

damaged bike while the rail is a section of fork tube<br />

that was still nice enough for conversion to its present<br />

function.<br />

What an unusual place to find bike parts but what a cool<br />

idea!<br />

Jan has been approached to build more bike part<br />

themed items <strong>and</strong> is currently making a round coffee<br />

table with a centre column based off an old crank shaft<br />

with a bike wheel <strong>and</strong> tyre to go on top to hold the round<br />

glass surface in place.<br />

Do drop by when you are in the area <strong>and</strong> discuss your<br />

bike themed décor with him.<br />

I am sure he will be happy to assist you to create<br />

that special piece of bike memorabilia you have been<br />

searching for.<br />

J-Tech Motorcycles, Vredenburg. 3 Fabriek St,<br />

Vredenburg, 7380, South Africa<br />

022 719 1148<br />

G<br />

World of Motorcycles opens a Ducati<br />

store on Rivonia Road.<br />

Head up the hill from World Of Yamaha past<br />

Triumph <strong>and</strong> BMW In Kramerville. At the tee<br />

junction you can’t miss them in the store just<br />

above Fouche Motors. Park in the covered<br />

parking. Head on up the escalators <strong>and</strong> you are<br />

greeted by a bevy of Italian ladies <strong>and</strong> gear.<br />

Very cool shop with all of the Ducati motorcycles<br />

on display, along with a good selection of rider<br />

gear <strong>and</strong> Ducati bits <strong>and</strong> bobs…<br />

To see what it’s like – you can have a look on our<br />

social media pages, we did a lekker walkabout.<br />

183 Rivonia Road, S<strong>and</strong>ton.<br />

E-mail: sales@ducati.co.za

www.gasgas.com<br />

GASGAS<br />

Photos: Sebas Romeo, Mitterbauer H.<br />

MC 450F<br />


From the moment you swing a leg over the MC 450F Troy Lee Designs<br />

you know you‘re about to ride something special.<br />

Fire it up, click it into gear <strong>and</strong> then as soon as you hit the track you‘ll<br />

have nothing but good times aboard this increadible dirt bike.<br />

#GetOnTheGas<br />

@gasgas.official<br />

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing <strong>and</strong> observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!<br />

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models <strong>and</strong> some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

5 Gloves now in S.A<br />

One of the worlds biggest glove br<strong>and</strong>s is about to hit<br />

SA. 5-Gloves ONLY make gloves.<br />

Hitting dealers soon. Available for every conceivable<br />

motorcycle application.<br />

“5-Gloves gloves are designed to cover the h<strong>and</strong>, but<br />

they are also “h<strong>and</strong>” made, by expert workers <strong>and</strong><br />

seamstresses. Making a glove requires a considerable<br />

number of manual steps, whether it’s making pieces<br />

of the protective elements, cutting, embellishing,<br />

assembling, or sewing the elements that compose it.<br />

These workers h<strong>and</strong>le the fabrics <strong>and</strong> rigid pieces <strong>and</strong><br />

assemble them using a “plain old” sewing machine,<br />

with almost unbelievable dexterity. One of the essential<br />

aspects of the comfort <strong>and</strong> proper fit of a glove is the<br />

attention given to its assembly. At FIVE, our precision<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard in terms of the stitches assembling the fingers,<br />

for example, is two times more precise than st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

practices in the industry. This lower tolerance for gaps<br />

in the alignment of stitches creates an extra constraint<br />

for our workers <strong>and</strong> requires them to be particularly<br />

attentive. Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential<br />

for a perfect fit, <strong>and</strong> this is one of the keys to FIVE’s<br />

expertise.”<br />

Imported by Autocycle centre.<br />

Grant, Dominic <strong>and</strong><br />

Lenny at your service.<br />

BMW Motorrad Centurion Moves…<br />

To new premises in Centurion. Guys if we were ever<br />

to open a motorcycle shop, this is quite possibly the<br />

model we would follow – it is fantastic! Not only do they<br />

have the full bevy of Fraulines on display but they have<br />

included a section just for Vespa scoots. Looking for<br />

rider gear? Holllee cow do they have stock!<br />

The very slick workshop is downstairs where all the<br />

bikes are under cover.<br />

But wait! There’s more!<br />

They a very lekker coffee shop where you can order a<br />

meal <strong>and</strong> have a little meeting… or if you need to have<br />

your hair sorted – there is a barber shop inside the store!<br />

Really, very cool! Even if you are not after a Beemer, it’s a<br />

great spot to go <strong>and</strong> visit!<br />

One again we did a walkabout <strong>and</strong> you can view it on our<br />

social media pages.<br />

www.facebook.com/Ridefastmagazine/<br />

videos/1685301138341007<br />

012 643 1680<br />


Fire It Up! Pretoria<br />

<strong>and</strong> Hero Lynnwood<br />

is open.<br />

Right next door to Bike<br />

Kings in Lynnwood<br />

Road. Good selection<br />

of pre loved bikes <strong>and</strong><br />

the Hero range on the<br />

floor <strong>and</strong> the coffee is<br />

excellent!<br />

Ian van der Merwe <strong>and</strong><br />

C<strong>and</strong>ice Miller are ready<br />

for you! 0789133659.<br />

0120301903<br />

World of Motorcycles Cape Town has a new<br />

address.<br />

“Every client walking through our doors isn’t just a<br />

client, it becomes a friend.”<br />

World Of Motorcycles moved to Cape Quarter Lifestyle<br />

Centre in Somerset Road, it’s a centre boasting about<br />

life, living to the full <strong>and</strong> we as World of Motorcycles<br />

Cape Town for sure add some excitement to that.<br />

Within the 110sqm they stock a wide range of pre<br />

loved motorcycles, br<strong>and</strong> new Ducati motorcycles<br />

<strong>and</strong> are fully stocked up on apparel, from the helmet<br />

st<strong>and</strong>s with 40 helmets on display to the racks of<br />

riding clobber.<br />

The Ducati Leather section is a true corner of<br />

happiness as it gives a scent of quality, yet safety for<br />

short rides on summer days to long rides on colder<br />

days, they stock it all.<br />

002766 223 8507<br />



We had a multitude of entries for this competition <strong>and</strong><br />

it was so lekker to see how many enthusiastic Off-<br />

Road riders there are out there <strong>and</strong> how talented they<br />

all are with the crayons. We had some really fantastic<br />

entries <strong>and</strong> couldn’t choose one outright winner so<br />

we sent them off to Robertco to choose <strong>and</strong> they had<br />

the same issue. Justin Roberts from Robertco said<br />

“ It was so lekker seeing some of the entries that we<br />

decided to give away 2 STICKER KITS.” And the lucky<br />

winners are Suzaan Roos <strong>and</strong> Taylor schulz. WELL<br />

DONE<br />

We will Be in Contact.

Dakar<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Spectacular.<br />

409 machines started the Dakar including 89 cars,<br />

144 motorcycles, 95 UTVs <strong>and</strong> Side by Sides, 20<br />

quads <strong>and</strong> 56 trucks. Two weeks later, 84 cars, 124<br />

bikes, nine quads, 82 lightweight vehicles <strong>and</strong> 50<br />

trucks remained.<br />

Soap Opera:<br />

Most petrol heads were glued to social media <strong>and</strong> televisions, following<br />

their hero’s from all over the globe.<br />

We watched a clapped out Nissan bakkie 2015 model, dicing the racers<br />

through the desert.<br />

We saw GasGas rider Daniel S<strong>and</strong>ers knocked out of the Dakar Rally after<br />

crashing during the liaison section on his way to the start of Sunday’s<br />

seventh stage of the event.<br />

Navigation woes saw riders like Joan Barreda, Andrew Short, Toby Price,<br />

Nacho Cornejo <strong>and</strong> Ricky Brabec end up between 40 minutes <strong>and</strong> a full<br />

hour behind the leaders.<br />

“That” Giniel incident put a damper on things. Social media can be a<br />

cruel mistress but Giniel is a st<strong>and</strong>-up guy who got it all sorted. Ross<br />

Branch who is a household favourite crashed, continued <strong>and</strong> then had to<br />

withdraw. We are pretty sure that he’ll be back!

Dakar winner Sam Sunderl<strong>and</strong><br />

Pic By: RallyZone

We watched MotoGP star Danilo Petrucci spectacularly win a day,<br />

Just flippen WOW!<br />

Going into the penultimate stage of the rally, Yamahas Adrien Van<br />

Beveren was leading overall by six minutes. A waypoint would not<br />

register for him when it did eventually pick him up he had lost a<br />

lot of time crisscrossing the route. He continued at 200% which<br />

resulted in two crashes. And then, running low on fuel he had to tap<br />

off to make the end of the stage, losing almost 20 minutes <strong>and</strong> the<br />

lead. He ended fourth in what can only be described as a superhuman<br />

effort. He has a point to prove next year… To quote the man<br />

himself, “No one will win the Dakar without being willing to take<br />

risks. The 450 Rally bikes hit speeds of up to 180 KILOMETRES an<br />

hour, across some of the roughest <strong>and</strong> most inhospitable terrains<br />

on the planet. To risk life <strong>and</strong> limb is without equal.”<br />

The overall lead in the bikes changed daily as Sunderl<strong>and</strong>, Mattias<br />

Walkner <strong>and</strong> van Beveren took turns out front. A tough eleventh day<br />

saw Sunderl<strong>and</strong> emerge on top from Pablo Quintanilla, Walkner, van<br />

Beveren, Barreda <strong>and</strong> Ricky Brabec.<br />

Sunderl<strong>and</strong> only won one stage on Day 8, benefiting his low starting<br />

order. Barreda, Honda teammate Jose Flormino <strong>and</strong> S<strong>and</strong>ers each<br />

won two stages as did Hero Mototrcycles rider Joaquin Rodriguez,<br />

KTM men Toby Price, <strong>and</strong> Benavides <strong>and</strong> Quintanilla one each.<br />

MotoGP Rider Danilo Petrucci<br />

Pic By: RallyZone<br />

AD<br />

Historic win for GasGas:<br />

Sam Sunderl<strong>and</strong> is savouring his superb second win on the Dakar<br />

Rally as he becomes only the third rider in history to win event in<br />

two different locations… On a br<strong>and</strong> new GasGas.<br />

The British rider powered to a famous win in Saudi Arabia after<br />

holding his nerve on a tense twelfth <strong>and</strong> final 680km stage to<br />

secure victory by a 3minutes <strong>and</strong> 27seconds over Honda’s Pablo<br />

Quintanilla. After becoming the first British person to win the Dakar<br />

Rally in any class during the South America based 2017 event,<br />

Sunderl<strong>and</strong> is the ninth rider to win more than once but only one of<br />

three to do so in different locations.<br />

“Wow! What a feeling! That 10 minute period waiting at the end of<br />

the final stage to see if I’d won felt like a lifetime. But this feeling,<br />

knowing I’ve won a second Dakar, will stay in my memory forever.<br />

This win feels better than the first as this victory was anything but<br />

easy.”<br />

“The times were so close this year <strong>and</strong> there was no time to let off<br />

the gas, it was a really close race, right to the end. All of the hard<br />

work, the sacrifices, <strong>and</strong> everything that the GASGAS team has done<br />

for me makes it all worthwhile.”<br />

“It’s been five years since my first Dakar win, <strong>and</strong> it’s been a long<br />

time to wait! I’m super happy to get another win <strong>and</strong> claim the first<br />

one for GASGAS.”<br />

Interestingly, his win makes GASGAS only the sixth different br<strong>and</strong><br />

to win on the Dakar Rally in 44 years, joining BMW, Yamaha, Honda,<br />

KTM <strong>and</strong> Cagiva.<br />

SA Riders.<br />

Maré, top SA rider: South African Aaron Maré only found out he’d<br />

substitute Hero rider Franco Caimi a week before the start. Still, he<br />

started off in the top 10 <strong>and</strong> ran within the top 20 throughout to end<br />

up a creditable 16th overall in his second Dakar.<br />

Cox fires warning shots: KTM’s SA Cross Country champion, Dakar<br />

rookie Bradley Cox teased the top ten throughout the first week,<br />

but a tough break after damaging his bike <strong>and</strong> struggling home on<br />

day 9 dropped him out of the top 20. He soldiered on to finish 24th<br />

<strong>and</strong> third among the rookies on debut. Not bad for the 23 year old<br />

with Dakar <strong>2022</strong> being his first entry into the gruelling race <strong>and</strong> only<br />

second rally raid yet.<br />

Four Southern Africans raced in the no assistance Original By Motul<br />

class.<br />

Original By Motul riders are unsupported, <strong>and</strong> have to service <strong>and</strong><br />

get their own bikes ready for the next stage.<br />

Rookie 2020 SA OR1 Cross Country champion, Roof Of Africa man<br />

Mason Klein Dakar<br />

Pic By: RallyZone<br />

Pic By: RallyZone<br />

T<br />

120<br />

90/1<br />

44<br />

T<br />

fo<br />

or<br />

onl<br />


071 101 6146 - 078 912 2160<br />

sales@gutsngas.co.za<br />

www.gutsngas.co.za<br />

gutsngas<br />


Pic By: RallyZone<br />

FREECOM 4X<br />

SINGLE R3990<br />

DOUBLE R7350<br />

<strong>and</strong>es v3 jacket<br />

r5850<br />

Pic By: RallyZone<br />


120/170 R3800 110/150-17 R3380<br />

90/150-17 R3015 90/150-18 R3075<br />

<strong>and</strong>es v3 pants<br />

r4550<br />


R2750<br />


R5100<br />

we do:<br />

• crash bars<br />

• panniers bags<br />

• luggage<br />

• rider gear<br />

• everything adventure<br />

hippohips 30l + 5l<br />

Pannier<br />

r6200<br />

duffalo 40l<br />

r1925<br />

Pic By: RallyZone<br />

order<br />

online<br />

S<strong>and</strong>storm 4X<br />

R2295<br />

S<strong>and</strong>storm 4H<br />

R2450<br />

LYndon’s organizer<br />

FULL SELeCTION of gear in store<br />

for the bike - for the rider - for any adventure<br />

26 Avant Garde Ave. Northl<strong>and</strong>s Deco Park. R<strong>and</strong>burg.<br />

r840<br />

on site<br />

fitment centre

Charan Moore had a consistent run within the top 40 throughout to 34th<br />

overall, 8th among the rookies <strong>and</strong> fourth <strong>and</strong> top rookie in Original By<br />

Motul<br />

.<br />

Botswana rider John Kelly delivered a great performance to come up<br />

from 62nd to 46th overall through the two weeks of Dakar. He ended<br />

seventh <strong>and</strong> second rookie home in Original By Motul.<br />

Ever popular nut man, SA rider Stuart Gregory was 65th overall <strong>and</strong> a<br />

fine 13th in Original with his second Dakar finish.<br />

Another Lesotho rookie, Werner Kennedy picked up places daily to climb<br />

from 111th to 88th overall <strong>and</strong> 22nd in Original.<br />

Swazi rider Werner Terblanche started 113rd <strong>and</strong> finished 81st. Mozambican<br />

Paulo Oliveira stopped on the penultimate day but rejoined to<br />

come in 116th…<br />

Quads: Frenchman Alex<strong>and</strong>re Giroud survived to take the quad victory<br />

on his Yamaha. He moved ahead on Day 5 <strong>and</strong> stayed there to take an<br />

easy win. Most rivals retired to leave Argentine Francisco Moreno <strong>and</strong><br />

Pole Wisniewski to pick up the pieces in second <strong>and</strong> third among the<br />

nine finishers.<br />

Side By Sides: It was tight in the Side by Sides. American Austin Jones<br />

<strong>and</strong> Gustavo Gugelmin overhauled Spaniards Gerard Farres Guell <strong>and</strong><br />

Diego Gil’s four the win in the final stage. With Poles Marek Goczal<br />

<strong>and</strong> Szymon Gospodarczyk third. SA crew Geoff Minnitt <strong>and</strong> Siegfried<br />

Rousseau retired after a crash on Day 6.<br />

South Africas veteran navigators, Geoff Minnitt <strong>and</strong> Siegfried Rousseau,<br />

made their first appearance at the Dakar Rally this year in the SSV, (Sideby-Side),<br />

Category after Minnitt participated with a Can-Am Maverick<br />

in the SxS category in the 2021 SACCS season. The team made a good<br />

start <strong>and</strong> worked themselves into 16th place in the category, but an<br />

unfortunate roll saw them having to give up their dream on the fourth<br />

day of the event.<br />

Cars:<br />

A huge SA success story!<br />

Ok, Ok! We are a bike magazine, but our SA car guys really made some<br />

history this year!<br />

Toyota Gazoo Racing SA claimed its second Dakar Rally victory when<br />

Nasser Al-Attiya <strong>and</strong> Mathieu Baumel took their place on the top step of<br />

the podium after leading the race from start to finish.<br />

Toyota Gazoo Racing SA (TGRSA), under the experienced <strong>and</strong> professional<br />

guidance of team principal Glyn Hall, developed the new Toyota<br />

Hilux DKR T1+ that included changes like making use of a 3.5L V6<br />

twin-turbo engine, bigger wheels <strong>and</strong> improved travel suspension <strong>and</strong><br />

Al-Attiya/Baumel as well as three more SA teams, former Dakar Rally<br />

winner, Giniel de Villiers <strong>and</strong> Dennis Murphy; Henk Lategan/Brett Cummings<br />

<strong>and</strong> Shameer Variawa/Danie Stassen, all brought their new Hilux<br />

T1+ vehicles home safely.<br />

TGRSA also claimed a number of stage victories with Al-Attiya/Baumel<br />

winning the Prologue <strong>and</strong> opening stage while Lategan/Cummings won<br />

stages six <strong>and</strong> 12 <strong>and</strong> it was an all TGRSA podium after stage nine with<br />

De Villiers/Murphy winning, it was De Villiers’ 18th Dakar Rally stage

victory, Lategan/Cummings finished second <strong>and</strong> Al-Attiya/<br />

Baumel rounded off the podium.<br />

The ever consistent De Villiers added to his records by finishing<br />

his 19th consecutive Dakar Rally from 19 starts without a<br />

single retirement. This puts him only one Dakar behind the<br />

record-holder, Yoshimasa Sugawara in the trucks. This year, De<br />

Villiers/Murphy finished fifth overall making it the 14th time he<br />

finished in the top five overall, despite the De Villiers drama.<br />

First he tested positive for COVID-19 before the team left for<br />

Saudi-Arabia. A negative test saw him leaving later to join.<br />

During the race, the team received a five minute <strong>and</strong> then a five<br />

hour penalty after those unfortunate incidents with bikers on<br />

the route. After thorough investigation into the second incident<br />

that resulted in the five hour penalty, the penalty was rescinded.<br />

Another Midr<strong>and</strong> race car manufacturer, Century Racing, had<br />

no less than 10 locally built CR vehicles in the running of which<br />

four were occupied by South African teams. Team owner, Mark<br />

Corbett, had to withdraw just days before the event due to an<br />

injury <strong>and</strong> was replaced by multiple SA champion, Chris Visser<br />

with Rodney Burke as navigator.<br />

The best performing SA team was Brian Baragwanath who<br />

tackled his second Dakar Rally in the vehicle category after<br />

participating twice in the quad category where he finished third<br />

in 2016.<br />

Baragwanath <strong>and</strong> navigator, Leonard Cremer made sure the<br />

commentators knew about them early in the race when they<br />

posted the third fastest time in the opening stage. Their race<br />

had its ups <strong>and</strong> downs which included rolling their CR6 in<br />

the third stage <strong>and</strong> luckily l<strong>and</strong>ing on the wheels again. They<br />

overcame everything thrown at them to finish a well-earned<br />

14th overall.<br />

Former motorcycle rider <strong>and</strong> lady navigator, Taye Perry, was the<br />

co-driver for five-time motorcycle winner, Cyril Despres, who<br />

has been competing in the cars <strong>and</strong> SSV category since 2015.<br />

Perry completed the Dakar Rally in 2020 in the motorcycle<br />

category <strong>and</strong> then navigated Baragwanath to their finish in<br />

2021.<br />

The team competed with the Peugeot <strong>and</strong> finished 19th overall.<br />

Trucks:<br />

Kamaz utterly dominated the trucks. Russian crews Dmitry<br />

Sotnikov, Ruslan Akhmadeev <strong>and</strong> Ilgiz Akhmetzianov led home<br />

a 1-2-3-4 from compatriot drivers Eduard Nikolaev, Anton<br />

Shiboliev <strong>and</strong> Anrey Karginov.<br />

And that’s it! GasGas… WOW! Toyota Gazoo Racing… Flippen<br />

Amazing.<br />

We have to wait a whole year for the next one, but it’s worth it!<br />

One shadow looms after a car participating in the Dakar rally<br />

was hit by an explosion that badly wounded its driver. After the<br />

30 December attack in the city of Jeddah, the driver, Philippe<br />

Boutron, underwent surgery in Saudi Arabia for serious leg<br />

injuries before returning to France. Will this affect the future of<br />

the Rally in Saudi Arabia? Who knows?<br />

Fans… never fear… ‘22 marks an exciting new chapter for crosscountry<br />

rallying, as the discipline becomes the seventh World<br />

Championship under the governance of the FIA.<br />

The five-round inaugural FIA World Rally-Raid Championship<br />

kicked off with the famous Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia.<br />

The Championship remains in the Middle East for the Abu<br />

Dhabi Desert Challenge before heading to central Asia <strong>and</strong><br />

Kazakhstan, where the arid scrubl<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> deserts of the<br />

world’s largest l<strong>and</strong>locked country provide another different<br />

challenge. Rally Andalucia marks the World Championship’s<br />

visit to Europe, while Rallye du Maroc on the African continent<br />

rounds out the season with its wide range of technical, fast <strong>and</strong><br />

s<strong>and</strong>y tracks, as well as dunes.<br />

We’ll keep you posted!

Henk Lategan. Pic By A.S.O Florent Gooden<br />

The future of DAKAR. A first for Audi <strong>and</strong> Dakar, All electric car.<br />

Kalahari Ferrari<br />

Stuart Gregory<br />

Pic By A.S.O Gigi Soldano

KTM’s 1290R<br />

The Big<br />

Boss…<br />

If you are one of those okes who needs to be the big dog,<br />

then this is absolutely the bike for you. We borrowed one<br />

<strong>and</strong> took off on the Gyppo Work Tuesday ride…<br />

Interestingly enough, this is the first time that we have ridden this bike since<br />

it was launched in the Drakensberg at the beginning of 2021.<br />

If you read that launch feature, we ran on KTM’s four new bikes, the 1290’s<br />

<strong>and</strong> the 890’s last year, you’ll know that we came away from that well<br />

impressed.<br />

This was a different kind of ride, more s<strong>and</strong>, more road <strong>and</strong> a little koppie<br />

called Jericho Rock. It’s really the kind of stuff we like.<br />

No kidding, this is a lot of bike for your buck <strong>and</strong> it’s all powered by a<br />

maniacal almost 1300cc V-twin engine. Ready to race? You bet your ass it is.<br />

But, as the saying goes, power is nothing without control.<br />

What’s this bike like to live with every day? That was our plan, Sean used it to<br />

do a few calls to dealers both near <strong>and</strong> far. Glenn got everyone lost around<br />

the streets of Harties <strong>and</strong> gravel roads en-route to Brits <strong>and</strong> our Technical gofast<br />

man Kyle Lawrenson raced it up <strong>and</strong> down the big, Maxxis br<strong>and</strong>ed Rock.

The Big girl: A quick re-cap.<br />

There was no getting away from it The Super Adventure is an enormous<br />

motorcycle, with the earlier models being intimidatingly tall. For 2021,<br />

KTM tackled that with a new subframe that reduced the seat height from<br />

890mm to 880mm <strong>and</strong> they made it a bit narrower.<br />

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it definitely made a difference. The new<br />

Adventure doesn’t feel as tall, you fit a bit more in the bike than on it.<br />

But there is a lot more to the latest model. KTM had to meet Euro 5′s<br />

stringent emissions st<strong>and</strong>ards without losing any of the monster power of<br />

that 160HP V-twin. And more advanced electronic rider aids were added,<br />

all accessed via the new 7-inch TFT dash <strong>and</strong> switch gear.<br />

The bodywork is also new, with a three-part fuel tank designed to carry<br />

the fluid weight lower in a fashion similar to the 890. The windscreen<br />

is shorter than the old one <strong>and</strong> there’s a new quick-access air box that<br />

allows on-trail filter cleaning. Nice!<br />

a<br />

The previous models Semi-active WP suspension has replaced with<br />

conventional manually adjustable suspension with more travel, up from<br />

200mm to220mm, allowing for more ground clearance. And they round<br />

the whole package up with sexy new graphics <strong>and</strong> LED lighting all round.<br />

Like most of the bikes we get to ride these days, we were keen to see how<br />

manufacturers h<strong>and</strong>le the Euro 5 rules. We are always nervous that the<br />

bikes lose a bit of that excitement that is generated by… well power.<br />

Chaps <strong>and</strong> Chappettes, If you need more power that this one throws at<br />

you, we’ll eat it with tomato sauce! Don’t be fooled this is a lot of bike. To<br />

comply, KTM revised the fuelling <strong>and</strong> designed a completely new exhaust<br />

with dual catalytic converters. The Super Adventure R hasn’t lost any peak<br />

power; KTM still quotes 160 hp at 9,000 rpm <strong>and</strong> 102 pound-feet of torque<br />

at 6,500 rpm. How much more would you like? This one came with the<br />

Rally mode unlocked which means that we could use the quick shifter <strong>and</strong><br />

all the other good bits. Rally riding mode allows further adjustability for<br />

the rider including MTC slip adjuster <strong>and</strong> the adjustable throttle response.<br />

The all-in-one Tech Pack includes a Quick shifter, Motor Slip Regulation,<br />

Hill Hold Control <strong>and</strong> an adaptive brake light.<br />

Anyway, enough about all that.<br />

Sean was first up, he didn’t draw the straw for the launch <strong>and</strong> at the time<br />

of this feature, he was recovering from a crash in the bath tub. True story!<br />

When you are as tall as him, it’s a long way to fall, so he stuck to the<br />

smoother tar.<br />

Sean Says<br />

“I flippen’ love this bike, if ever a manufacturer built a bike for riders<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ing 2 metres tall that feels neither bulky nor cumbersome it is<br />

KTM with this bike. I rode the previous model through the goat paths in<br />

Lesotho <strong>and</strong> then back into SA down Sani Pass <strong>and</strong> loved every single<br />

minute in the saddle.”<br />

“I was quite inconsolable when I got outranked to go on the Drakensberg<br />

launch, with the boss preferring the company of the much prettier Kyle.<br />

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, when we finally got it for a few days at<br />

the office I managed to chuck my back out farting too hard in the shower<br />

<strong>and</strong> knocking my feet out from under me. So, I only managed to catch a<br />

couple of kilometres on the tar running around seeing customers.”<br />

“Firstly, the powerplant is unmatched in my opinion. Smooth, predictable<br />

<strong>and</strong> eye wateringly fast. Switch off all the electronic ‘Nannies’, dump the<br />

clutch <strong>and</strong> snap on the throttle <strong>and</strong> the big KTM takes off like a cat out of<br />

its s<strong>and</strong> box, trying to point its front wheel at the heavens. Get everything<br />

back under control, keep the gas wide open <strong>and</strong> use the power shifter<br />

to rip through the gears <strong>and</strong> the front wheel will claw at the air on every<br />

change all the way through to sixth gear. Dial it back a bit, load up a bit of<br />

luggage <strong>and</strong> pop your favourite pillion on the back <strong>and</strong> chase the setting<br />

sun <strong>and</strong> the 1290 Super Adventure R will be polite, comfortable <strong>and</strong><br />

relaxed… until you find the twistys…”<br />

Do<br />

(Ha<br />

Var<br />

Do<br />

Gri<br />

Do<br />

I’m an old track day rider, having spent many, many days circumnavigating<br />

Kyalami, Zwartkops, Midvaal, <strong>and</strong> Phakisa on everything from Tupperware<br />

torpedo’s to upright tourers, street fighters, retro moderns <strong>and</strong> even the<br />

occasional cruiser <strong>and</strong> scooters, so I relish the opportunity to grind foot<br />

pegs through the corners.

adventure for less<br />

all new<br />

1290 adventure R<br />

from<br />

r5600pm<br />

t’s <strong>and</strong> c’s apply<br />

Domino A360 Off Road Grips<br />

Domino HSA h<strong>and</strong>lebar<br />

(H<strong>and</strong>lebar Shock Absorber)<br />

Various Bends<br />

Domino Throttle Controls<br />

Available for most makes <strong>and</strong> models<br />

OEM for most Manufactors<br />

Domino 1150 Off Road<br />

Grips<br />

Domino 0900 ATV Grip<br />

Domino<br />

Mini Crossers<br />

Domino A0204 Off road Grips<br />

Half waffl e Grips

One might expect with the tall suspension, 18/21<br />

inch wheels shod in more off road biased tyres<br />

that the 1290 Super Adventure R would be quite<br />

squirley. Not so! In fact, depending on your level<br />

of skill <strong>and</strong> love of sphincter clenching adrenalin<br />

you can easily blow by underneath some of the<br />

fantastic plastics along mountain passes. The<br />

suspension is stable, keeping weight transfer<br />

to a minimum, the chassis doesn’t have any<br />

perceptible flex, (at my skill level anyway), <strong>and</strong><br />

the superb electronics package compensates,<br />

without interfering, for the off road tyres lack<br />

of perfect traction on tar as does the ABS <strong>and</strong><br />

stability programmes.<br />

Best of all for me though was the ergonomics.<br />

The seat has a small bump stop that gives nice<br />

lower back support yet still giving you enough<br />

room to move around on the seat in the corners.<br />

The h<strong>and</strong>le bar relationship to the seat height<br />

<strong>and</strong> etc keeps your shoulders in a neutral,<br />

relaxed position reducing fatigue on long days<br />

in the saddle. The windshield is not too high, but<br />

keeps enough of the wind off of the rider to be<br />

comfortable, dry in the rain <strong>and</strong> cool on summer<br />

days. And as usual the TFT screen is easy to read<br />

<strong>and</strong> underst<strong>and</strong>, the button to operate/scroll on<br />

the left bar cluster is quickly got to terms with<br />

<strong>and</strong> becomes quite intuitive the longer you ride.<br />

This bike is definitely very near the top of my list<br />

for my top 10 dream bike garage.<br />

If KTM SA would take a page from Honda SA’s<br />

book <strong>and</strong> could see their way clear to parking one<br />

at our office <strong>and</strong> forgetting about it for a year or<br />

five, I would be most grateful.<br />

Glenn took off <strong>and</strong>, much to the other guys<br />

amusement, he freely admits that the bike is<br />

much faster than he is.<br />

“To me, the new bike feels a bit less daunting<br />

than previous models, you feel more in control,<br />

the balance is better <strong>and</strong> the bike feels less topheavy.”<br />

“But… I really do prefer the slightly smaller bikes<br />

<strong>and</strong> the 890 <strong>and</strong> 900 ranges are right up my alley.<br />

For me, a 1300 in the dirt is just too much. In<br />

saying that, however if you need a grin inducing<br />

powerhouse, you’ll have to go a long way to<br />

beat this one. It really is supremely comfortable,<br />

capable bike that is just so well sorted.”<br />

“It eats up the tar <strong>and</strong> gravel for breakfast, but I<br />

find that the bigger bikes like to bully me through<br />

the corners with the electronics saving things<br />

<strong>and</strong> making this rider look a lot better than he is.<br />

And it’s just as much fun on the road as it is in<br />

the dirt. Four riding modes control all that grunt:<br />

Sport, Street, Rain, <strong>and</strong> Off-road. Being the manne<br />

that we are, this one lived in full power mode for<br />

the duration that we had it.”<br />

B<br />

“Lots of fun for sure. Ground clearance, brakes<br />

<strong>and</strong> suspension is exactly what a bike like this<br />

needs. It h<strong>and</strong>led the tar <strong>and</strong> the very s<strong>and</strong>y roads<br />

we rode just so lekker. Personally, I’d reserve it for<br />

that long Karoo trip or a spin down into “Die Hel”<br />

<strong>and</strong> save the trickier, muddy stuff for the 890.<br />

160BHP on tap is a lot more power than I’d ever<br />

need, but you can bet your ass that there would<br />

be one parked in my dream garage. But like they<br />

say… “this one is definitely for the Manne.”

Kyle Says:<br />

“It’s not in my garage, therefore I hate it!”<br />

“As with most launches, we kinda just got a taste for the bike.<br />

This time round, I got to use it as a commuter, as well as some<br />

pretty gnarly adventurey type stuff. She is a big gal, but I flippen<br />

love it!”<br />

“Despite the size, moving the bike around in the garage is<br />

easy, thanks to the fact that it’s very well balanced. Riding the<br />

freeways <strong>and</strong> smaller roads in my area is fun. It’s not nearly as<br />

cumbersome as it appears to be. Hop in the saddle <strong>and</strong> it all<br />

gets really easy. Horsepower, well the guys have touched on<br />

that… to me it feels more refined than the previous model, but<br />

just as strong. A bonus is that you sit quite high, so you can<br />

look into the car windows at the pretty girls short skirts <strong>and</strong> nice<br />

legs.”<br />

“My favourite spot is rally mode. Even this bike arrived with more<br />

road oriented rubber, I could change the settings to help h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

the muddy canal roads without seeing my butt. It’s not invasive,<br />

but for the dirt it’s just so intuitive. Same thing climbing the rock.<br />

It’s a big bike, but with a little bit of body English, she’ll run it like<br />

a dirt bike.”<br />

The R weighs 220KG’s dry. Add a full tank of fuel, 23 odd litres,<br />

<strong>and</strong> it’s close to 250KG’s. Now add the rider, (Lighter if it’s me,<br />

heavier if it’s the other guys…), <strong>and</strong> combine all of this with<br />

long-travel suspension, a 21-inch front wheel, a 150-section rear<br />

Bridgestone, pushing massive horsepower sounds like a recipe<br />

for disaster. But KTM really makes it work. It’s great on the road<br />

<strong>and</strong> really, really good in fast or slow dirt.<br />

Oh <strong>and</strong> did we mention powerful? Well go <strong>and</strong> ride it for yourself.<br />

All Adventure trips are cool but a bike like this just makes them<br />

that much more exciting.<br />

At your local KTM dealer…<br />



Bradley<br />


G<br />

20<br />

Lea<br />

foo<br />

the<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

sea<br />

TH<br />




<strong>2022</strong> 4.5 COLLECTION<br />

Leatt® is proud to present our <strong>2022</strong> 4.5 Boot colours. Style <strong>and</strong> design makes a boot look great but when it comes to<br />

footwear, comfort <strong>and</strong> protection are key elements at Leatt®. As you slide your foot inside our boots you will instantly feel<br />

the plush interior <strong>and</strong> quality of the materials used, it’s like putting your feet inside your favorite shoes. Bike, gear lever<br />

<strong>and</strong> rear brake feel are important, something our boots are renowned for, <strong>and</strong> the SlideLock closure system gives a great<br />

seal at the top of the boot. Looks, comfort <strong>and</strong> safety make good boots <strong>and</strong> an even better ride.<br />



<strong>2022</strong><br />

WR’450 arrives<br />

But the good news is that the <strong>2022</strong> WR’s have made their<br />

way onto some showroom floors.<br />

We asked, no, we begged for<br />

a ride, but sadly, according<br />

to Yamaha SA as the bikes<br />

arrive, they are sold...<br />

so there are no demo’s.<br />

Here’s the skinny:<br />

Yamaha’s WR450F enduro bike features some of the<br />

smartest technology in the off road world, including a<br />

unique reversed cylinder head engine design as well as<br />

the pioneering Power Tuner smartphone app that offers<br />

fast <strong>and</strong> easy trackside tuning.

<strong>2022</strong> WR450F<br />

The WR450F was completely redesigned for the 2021 season.<br />

Like the uprated WR250F, the WR450F benefits from a wide<br />

range of technology from its MX sibling.<br />

High-tech reversed cylinder head engine<br />

The WR450F’s compact <strong>and</strong> lightweight 450cc powerplant<br />

features Yamaha’s signature reversed cylinder head design that<br />

brings with it a whole range of advantages, such as increased<br />

intake efficiency – <strong>and</strong> idealized mass centralization that<br />

contributes towards the bike’s agile h<strong>and</strong>ling feeling, while the<br />

5-speed transmission <strong>and</strong> heavy duty clutch are ready to deliver<br />

smooth <strong>and</strong> reliable shifting. The user-friendly Power Tuner<br />

gives increased versatilty by enabling engine settings to be<br />

amended quickly <strong>and</strong> easily to suit virtually any conditions.<br />

Lightweight aluminium beam frame<br />

The WR450F’s lightweight aluminium bilateral beam frame is<br />

manufactured using Yamaha’s unique CF (Controlled Fill) technology<br />

that enables the use of walls of varying thicknesses to<br />

give a finely tuned balance of rigidity – ideal for enduro, where<br />

accurate feel <strong>and</strong> precise feedback are crucial.<br />

KYB suspension<br />

Suspension is amongst the best in class, <strong>and</strong> features KYB<br />

forks with the speed sensitive system that gives controllability<br />

in low <strong>and</strong> high speed riding – <strong>and</strong> the link type rear end<br />

features a specially tuned KYB rear shock. Both front <strong>and</strong> rear<br />

run with enduro-specific settings for effective bump absorption<br />

across a wide range of speeds <strong>and</strong> over different types of<br />

terrain.<br />

The WR450F’s braking features the same system as the <strong>2022</strong><br />

WR250F, with a 270mm front disc <strong>and</strong> a lightweight large-piston<br />

caliper.<br />

A compact <strong>and</strong> lightweight multi-function display features<br />

an odometer, two tripmeters, clock, timer/stopwatch – <strong>and</strong> a<br />

useful fuel consumption indicator enables riders <strong>and</strong> teams to<br />

plan fuel stops more accurately.<br />

Icon Blue finish<br />

LIN<br />

Finished in Yamaha’s dynamic Icon Blue with in-mould graphics,<br />

the WR450F is one of the most impressive <strong>and</strong> best-equipped<br />

bikes in the 450cc class.

<strong>2022</strong> WR450F Technical Highlights<br />

450cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC engine<br />

Reversed cylinder head with forward facing inlet<br />

Yamaha Power Tuner for smartphone engine tuning<br />

Compact instrumentation with fuel consumption indicator<br />

Electric start<br />

Large capacity radiators with cooling fan<br />

Excellent mass centralization for lightweight h<strong>and</strong>ling<br />

Wide-ratio 5-speed enduro-specific transmission<br />

Durable heat-resistant clutch with quick-adjuster<br />

Compact <strong>and</strong> lightweight aluminium Deltabox frame<br />

Industry-leading KYB speed sensitive damping front forks<br />

Link type rear suspension<br />

KYB shock with high capacity reservoir<br />

4-position rubber-mounted adjustable h<strong>and</strong>lebars<br />

H<strong>and</strong>lebar-mounted dual mode engine mapping switch<br />

7.9 litre fuel tank<br />

Lightweight resin skid plate<br />

Icon Blue bodywork<br />

Blue wheel rims<br />

In mould graphics<br />

Flat <strong>and</strong> slim seat<br />

O-ring chain<br />

High-mounted aluminium sidest<strong>and</strong><br />




Whether you ride on or off road, ATV’s or UTV’s we have you covered with the<br />

bearings <strong>and</strong> drive line components you need to h<strong>and</strong>le any abuse you can dish out!<br />

ORDERS / DEALER ENQUIRIES CALL (011) 425-1081 / 1084<br />


Readers Ride<br />

AFTER<br />

Kurt Schultz Covid 19<br />

2007 Suzuki RM 250 build.<br />

To start things of I feel the urge to say that I<br />

am a Suzuki fan. I own other manufacturers<br />

too, but I just feel a bit more comfortable on<br />

the good old “zook”.<br />

I feel it’s important for guys to keep rocking<br />

up to events on older bikes or bikes that aren’t<br />

the latest <strong>and</strong> greatest, breaking the colour<br />

scheme of Orange, White <strong>and</strong> Blue feels good<br />

knowing I can do the exact same thing they<br />

doing <strong>and</strong> my bike isn’t a late Austrian model.<br />

Anyways with that said, buying this bike with<br />

the intention of doing a “ground up “build was<br />

never the plan, I bought it as a bike to take<br />

through the rough stuff <strong>and</strong> not worry too<br />

much if it got a few scratches here <strong>and</strong> there<br />

or a dent in the exhaust…. That was until Covid<br />

19 hit!<br />

So, I had been on the lookout for a RM250 for<br />

a while <strong>and</strong> when one popped up on Gumtree<br />

in Lutzville. I decided to lock it down <strong>and</strong> take<br />

a drive to fetch my new beast.<br />

I got the bike from a lekker guy for a decent<br />

price for 2007.<br />

It came with V force 3 reeds, an FMF Gnarly<br />

header that was powder coated black <strong>and</strong> a<br />

FMF power core 2 silencer, It was a pretty long<br />

drive from CT for the day but well worth it as<br />

the bike was really clean <strong>and</strong> well looked after<br />

you could tell by st<strong>and</strong>ing in their garage he<br />

<strong>and</strong> his dad were bike fanatics so that’s always<br />

a good sign when buying.<br />

After hopping off my RMZ450, the 250 did feel<br />

a bit flat. We did some checking <strong>and</strong> found<br />

the factory air box restrictor still intact, so<br />

we removed that, <strong>and</strong> it felt a lot better but<br />

would still bog out at the top of the rev range<br />

in powerb<strong>and</strong>. To fix this I decided to not mess<br />

about <strong>and</strong> went for a Lectron Carburetor from<br />

Mario Smit <strong>and</strong> Forrest Distributors. No more<br />

fouled plugs or messing about with jetting <strong>and</strong><br />

just that instant crisp feel <strong>and</strong> sound I was<br />

after.<br />

The more I rode the bike, the bike the better it<br />

felt, that was until a ride in some rocky terrain<br />

pulled the spokes out of the thread on the rear<br />

rim. The rims were just st<strong>and</strong>ard silver <strong>and</strong> had<br />

been spray-painted black <strong>and</strong> that was also<br />

now peeling off. After looking around, I found<br />

some bulldog spokes at SGS motorsport but<br />

also found out they are a distributor for SM Pro<br />

platinum rims <strong>and</strong> hubs.<br />

I pulled the trigger on some Gold rims <strong>and</strong><br />

Cherry Red hubs <strong>and</strong> nipples. I wanted an 18 in<br />

rear as the bike was going to be an enduro bike<br />

but there was a slight mess-up in the order <strong>and</strong><br />

with Covid’s shipping complications. I decided<br />

to settle with the 19 inch MX rear that was<br />

sent my way instead…<br />

Next was the look of the bike, I must admit<br />

that I did not like the graphics or seat cover<br />

that came with the bike, “Lemon” being the key<br />

word I didn’t like, so I went ahead <strong>and</strong> ordered<br />

a Polisport restyle kit from Moto customs <strong>and</strong>

BEFORE<br />

a custom seat cover from Eric at Nithrone who does the best work.<br />

Boyesen clutch <strong>and</strong> ignition covers had also been ordered along with<br />

a Super cooler kit from the Boyesen site where you get great deals on<br />

factory seconds, so I scooped those up too.<br />

This was all just before Covid lockdown, <strong>and</strong> seeing the bike without<br />

the plastics <strong>and</strong> the imperfections underneath started getting under my<br />

skin, but I tried to ignore it <strong>and</strong> carried on. Once the Plastics arrived <strong>and</strong><br />

I did a mockup to decide on what graphics I was going to go for, <strong>and</strong><br />

next thing I knew Lv5 lock down hit us…<br />

After spending a few months going slightly crazy in my house, all I could<br />

think about was tearing the bike down <strong>and</strong> building it up again. This<br />

was not just to keep me busy but also an opportunity to learn a lot more<br />

about this bike <strong>and</strong> motorbikes in general.<br />

Up until this bike, I could only do the basics so this gave me a great<br />

deal more confidence <strong>and</strong> self-belief - It did help that my good friend<br />

Hennie owns his own bike shop (Chapter 1 Racing) so advice was just a<br />

“whatsaap” away.<br />

After some communication with Richie from Race Star Graffix (now<br />

B<strong>and</strong>it Graffix) I was set on the colour scheme <strong>and</strong> look of the bike<br />

<strong>and</strong> pretty happy with how it looked on the PC. It was shipped out<br />

surprisingly quickly considering the situation. Knowing that I needed the<br />

entire bike to put the decals on, a sneaky lockdown mission was made<br />

to go collect my bike from Chapter 1 racing where it was being kept,<br />

load it up <strong>and</strong> bring it home so I could get to work. The thing is, once I<br />

took off the tank <strong>and</strong> had the bike naked in the garage with nothing but<br />

time <strong>and</strong> tools, I decided: “Why not tear the bike down <strong>and</strong> start fresh. I<br />

had nothing but time.<br />

That night, with one of my last cold black labels in h<strong>and</strong>, I started<br />

stripping the bike down. I managed to strip the subframe, rear<br />

suspension <strong>and</strong> eventually get the engine out. The next morning, I<br />

stripped the down the rest, from the radiators, front suspension, all the<br />

way down to the frame, this was probably the easiest part apart from<br />

ordering parts online <br />

Once it was all stripped <strong>and</strong> separated, I still couldn’t do too much with<br />

everyone locked down, so I started with things I could do myself. One of<br />

those was to take the powder-coated paint off the exhaust.<br />

I wish I never chose this as it turned out to me a ball ache. I had some<br />

paint stripper in my garage along with a Dewalt cordless drill <strong>and</strong> a few<br />

cup brushes. I had set aside a day to do this, <strong>and</strong> it took me almost 4……<br />

Once I got all the paint off, it didn’t have much shine <strong>and</strong> it didn’t have<br />

much of a “Factory” look either, so we decided to get it nickel plated<br />

once restrictions eased.<br />

I took the exhaust to get the small dents out <strong>and</strong> a small plate fitted to<br />

the header pipe to hold the kick start in position. For this, I was referred<br />

to Mike from Boats <strong>and</strong> Bikes in Killarney Gardens for really good work<br />

at a decent price. When I was happy with that, I took it to Metallica in<br />

Montague Gardens <strong>and</strong> was really happy with the end product. There<br />

was a slight back log as you can imagine how many guys were doing<br />

exactly what I was doing but on cars, boats, scooters, classic bikes<br />

wanting the shiny bits to look br<strong>and</strong> new again.<br />

With the exhaust waiting to be done, I took the Frame <strong>and</strong> Subframe<br />

to be s<strong>and</strong>blasted <strong>and</strong> sprayed Satin Black. For this I went to Clives<br />

Custom & Plastics in Paarden Isl<strong>and</strong>.<br />

This was cheap easy <strong>and</strong> painless. It came back exactly how I wanted<br />

it so now I knew I wanted the rest of the parts of the bike to be in black<br />

too.<br />

After collecting the frame I had the motor in the car along with my<br />

suspension so a drive down to Zone 7 was the next stop. The motor was<br />

always going to be rebuilt by Hennie at C1.<br />

Since I have known the guy, I could tell bikes were his passion <strong>and</strong><br />

motors are his thing. He particularly likes to work on 2T engines, so it<br />

was a given. I normally hang around Hennies shop <strong>and</strong> try learn as much<br />

as I can while having a few beers <strong>and</strong> talking rubbish. We decided to pull<br />

the head off the motor <strong>and</strong> see what it looked like.

The barrel <strong>and</strong> piston were in extremely good condition so that was<br />

good news. With the barrel in good nick all I had to get was a new<br />

Wossner rod & piston <strong>and</strong> Hennie would polish the exhaust ports<br />

for a bit more punch. We then stripped off what we could that could<br />

be cerekote’d <strong>and</strong> the motor would be send off for vapor blasting<br />

along with the rear FMF power core 2 silencer that needed some<br />

love along with the rear swing arm.<br />

After a few beers at Hennie I went to suspension specialist Mario at<br />

Total Control, also at Zone 7, Mario is amazing at what he does <strong>and</strong><br />

really knows his stuff <strong>and</strong> had worked wonders on my RMZ 450. I<br />

asked for the Front <strong>and</strong> rear suspension to be serviced <strong>and</strong> for it to<br />

be a bit more plush as it was going to be used for enduro <strong>and</strong> not<br />

so much the MX track. Mario also had a contact for cerakote, so I<br />

dropped everything off with him that I wanted a different colour.<br />

We went black for everything on the engine along with fork ends<br />

<strong>and</strong> brake reservoirs. We went Red on the triple clamps, lower<br />

suspension link <strong>and</strong> then I also sent the old stock hubs to be made<br />

Red too. It was then sent to Ryan Angilley to work his magic.<br />

Now it was just a waiting game for everyone to do their thing. So,<br />

while I had the time I decided to put the decals on the new plastics.<br />

Man, did I start getting excited when I saw how lekker the graphics<br />

came out <strong>and</strong> were starting to work <strong>and</strong> link together. The stock<br />

front fork guards were white, so I looked around <strong>and</strong> found a guy<br />

who had some black ones on Facebook marketplace <strong>and</strong> bought<br />

those for a steal <strong>and</strong> they went a lot better with the graphics.<br />

With the extra time I did some online shopping <strong>and</strong> bought a C<strong>and</strong>y<br />

red rear sprocket off E-bay as no one had a C<strong>and</strong>y Red rear sprocket<br />

for a 2007 RM 250. This started a chain reaction…. I didn’t really<br />

consider how many new things I would now need. So, off I went<br />

<strong>and</strong> got a new DID gold chain, Acerbis Carbon black h<strong>and</strong>guards,<br />

black chain guide <strong>and</strong> rollers for front rear sprocket from Ayden at<br />

<strong>Dirt</strong>rider. Then to Suzuki South for some new bearings, nuts <strong>and</strong><br />

bolt kits as I didn’t want to use the old bolts going for this “ground<br />

up” build <strong>and</strong> needed the fresh bearings too. I also got some new<br />

MSD radiators as the old ones were bent <strong>and</strong> a mission to fit again.<br />

That week I had got the call to say my motor was complete <strong>and</strong><br />

that my suspension was also finished. With me due to head back<br />

to work soon, I wanted to at least get the bike assembled. Even if it<br />

was not complete. Just to look at it. My mate Brendan came to my<br />

house that weekend <strong>and</strong> we got to work assembling the bike. There<br />

were a few hiccups along the way but we got there <strong>and</strong> eventually<br />

we were able to wheel it out the garage <strong>and</strong> st<strong>and</strong> back <strong>and</strong> admire<br />

with a beverage in h<strong>and</strong>. The only thing missing was the exhaust<br />

that was still not finished <strong>and</strong> at Metallica so we couldn’t start it yet<br />

I then went away to work for 4 months on a diving boat in Saudi.<br />

Here I had some time just to get a few finishing touches from<br />

Motorsport.com, Revzilla <strong>and</strong> BTO sports. I got a Devol Skid plate,<br />

Pro Carbon Pipe guard, Acerbis front disc guard, rear disc guard<br />

from TM design works, Works Connection radiator braces, Fastway<br />

kickst<strong>and</strong>, CV4 Red radiator hoses, <strong>Trail</strong> tech tachometer, Factory<br />

Effex rim lock <strong>and</strong> valve cape kit in Cherry red <strong>and</strong> Zeta Billet gas<br />

cap <strong>and</strong> Oil filler cap. I ordered it all around 3 weeks before coming<br />

home so I was home when it would all arrive.<br />

The Exhaust was also now finished so I picked that up <strong>and</strong> drove<br />

straight to Chapter 1 racing with the hopes that we could start the<br />

bike that day. But as it so happened, I had a box of new goodies<br />

that went onto the bike <strong>and</strong> things looked better <strong>and</strong> better <strong>and</strong><br />

more <strong>and</strong> more complete. With everything now bolted on it was<br />

time to start it <strong>and</strong> see how she ran.<br />

I don’t think I have ever smiled so much. The bike started on around<br />

the 5th Kick <strong>and</strong> its smooth sailing <strong>and</strong> smiles from then till now.<br />

The difficult part is taking the bike into the rough stuff when guys<br />

tell me I should put it in a pub <strong>and</strong> just leave it there to stare at. But,<br />

at the end of the day it’s a bike <strong>and</strong> I bought <strong>and</strong> built it to ride in the<br />

bush, s<strong>and</strong>, rocks <strong>and</strong> mud so that is what it will do.<br />

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!<br />

Photo credit - Jared Neilson @jstone_creations<br />


BMW’s<br />

Entry Level<br />

Bikes<br />

now more affordable…<br />

In addition to upgrading the<br />

new GS 310’s, BMW offers<br />

some cool colour variations<br />

– <strong>and</strong> they have dropped the<br />

prices on the two baby GS<br />

models.<br />

That’s Refreshing in this day <strong>and</strong> age…<br />

Guys we are not entirely sure why legions of bikes<br />

in this capacity are not on the roads every day. They<br />

are small, nippy, practical, almost ridiculously economical<br />

to run <strong>and</strong> they are capable of “real world”<br />

speeds <strong>and</strong> performance for day to day travel…<br />

Even if you can’t afford a badass RR, start on<br />

something smaller <strong>and</strong> more affordable – <strong>and</strong> we’ll<br />

guarantee you’ll fall in love with motorcycles.



Icel<strong>and</strong>. One of the most spectacular places on Earth thanks<br />

to its rugged l<strong>and</strong>scapes, glaciers <strong>and</strong> hot springs.<br />

When you purchase a new BMW Motorrad GS model (BMW 750 GS <strong>and</strong><br />

upwards), you could win one of ten places on an all-expenses-paid riding<br />

BMW Motorrad / UpSouth Adventures riding holiday in Icel<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Scan the QR code to find out more.<br />

Ts&Cs apply. Offer valid until 31 March <strong>2022</strong><br />

when winners will be announced.

BMW built the 310’s a few years back, hoping to catch entry level motorcyclists<br />

early <strong>and</strong> get them hooked on the German br<strong>and</strong>. Since BMW<br />

introduced the G 310 R <strong>and</strong> G 310 GS in 2017, the little Beemers have<br />

changed quite a bit...<br />

The little roadster sticks to the road <strong>and</strong> the junior adventure dabbles in<br />

the dirt.<br />

In 2021, both received a Euro 5-compliant 313cc single with throttle-bywire,<br />

low RPM assist, <strong>and</strong> a slipper-assist clutch. A new LED headlight<br />

<strong>and</strong> adjustable levers completed the upgrades. All of this resulted in a<br />

smoother, more refined motorcycle compared to the old one.<br />

The R <strong>and</strong> GS share the same tubular trellis frame construction. However,<br />

the baby GS enjoys a gentler rake <strong>and</strong> longer wheelbase. Both feature<br />

cast-aluminum wheels but the 19-inch front <strong>and</strong> 17-inch rear on the GS<br />

suit a dash along the dirt. Long-travel suspension <strong>and</strong> signature GS styling<br />

also set the entry-level ADV apart.<br />

The R, however definitely has more road bias with tighter suspension,<br />

more direct steering <strong>and</strong> a slightly more aggressive riding stance. It’s still<br />

really comfortable though - <strong>and</strong> the kilometres we spent messing about<br />

were good fun.<br />

The G 310’s produce 34 very useable horses at 9,500 rpm <strong>and</strong> 21 lb-ft<br />

of torque at 7,500 rpm. The beating heart is the tried <strong>and</strong> tested 313 cc<br />

liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with four valves, two overhead camshafts<br />

<strong>and</strong> electronic fuel injection. The cylinder inclination to the rear<br />

<strong>and</strong> the cylinder head rotated by 180 degrees with intake at the front <strong>and</strong><br />

exhaust at the rear remain the design characteristics.<br />

Once the DOHC, fuel-injected thumper gains momentum, single sings<br />

along at 7,000 rpm. The baby Beemer can easily sustain that speed, but<br />

the thumper starts living up to its name as the revs climb, sending vibes<br />

through the h<strong>and</strong>lebars <strong>and</strong> pegs.<br />

The 310’s are a capable, unintimidating option for those just getting into<br />

riding. The simplicity, economy, versatility, <strong>and</strong> pure fun factor will keep<br />

new riders entertained until they gain enough skills to move up to a bigger<br />

Beemer. And they have come quite a long way since 2017.<br />

If you’re looking to nail apexes, the roadster is a better fit. If you’re looking<br />

to cruise the S-Bends <strong>and</strong> hit that gravel road, however, the little GS is<br />

your bike.<br />

The biggest point of course is the fact that the bikes have that little propeller<br />

badge on the tanks… that means excellent backup <strong>and</strong> after sales<br />

service. And, with every bike purchased from BMW in <strong>2022</strong>, you get a free<br />

club membership from any BMW club that you choose.<br />

K1<br />

R<br />

33<br />

4,<br />

R2<br />

R<br />

R<br />

G3<br />

10<br />

420<br />

R<br />

R6<br />

Ve<br />

KT<br />

13<br />

8 R5<br />

R1<br />


Sean says:<br />

I really love small capacity, entry level bikes. The simplistic joy of riding<br />

an uncomplicated, light weight <strong>and</strong> nimble bike is unmatched. However,<br />

my problem in my size, at 155kg’s <strong>and</strong> 2 metres tall I do look quite<br />

awkward on these little bikes. Somebody once passed a comment about<br />

our mate Donovan looking like a pig getting it on with a rugby ball, well<br />

imagine an Orangutang on a rugby ball <strong>and</strong> you get the idea of what I<br />

look like on these little boneys.<br />

We did review these little bikes a year or two back <strong>and</strong> to be brutally<br />

honest they were hard pressed to match some of the other bikes we<br />

were also reviewing on the day. A couple of years later <strong>and</strong> they do<br />

seem to be vastly different bikes. The 310R is a tight little package<br />

that is really enthusiastic <strong>and</strong> tries very hard to please… <strong>and</strong> it does. It<br />

is huge fun through the traffic, light, nimble, narrow <strong>and</strong> quick off the<br />

line. Chucking it around the road to <strong>and</strong> from Harties gets a little giggle<br />

going under the helmet. The GS, well that is just the same… but with<br />

some dirt road capabilities <strong>and</strong> a slightly taller seating position <strong>and</strong> also<br />

quite a hoot to ride. Although, the R does seem to be a slightly better<br />

put together package.<br />

Go ride them for yourself <strong>and</strong> you decide what works for you.<br />

I did pick up a bit of vibration from the motor through the frame, seat<br />

<strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>le bars of the GS but not so much so with the R. The GS is a<br />

very good looking bike, it looks like a big bike, imitating its bigger siblings<br />

perfectly. The lines are gorgeous, I love the body kit <strong>and</strong> styling.<br />

I really do like the styling of the R, it looks like a big bike even though its<br />

small <strong>and</strong> nippy, the perfect bike for somebody just starting out on road<br />

bikes. It’s light <strong>and</strong> nimble enough to dodge road hazards <strong>and</strong> carve<br />

corners <strong>and</strong> has a good amount of power to zip through traffic.<br />

Once you underst<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> accept where these bikes fit into the market<br />

they are great fun to ride.<br />

These two came from BMW Motorrad Fourways (011) 367-1600<br />

Priced from R999 Per month<br />

Garth says:<br />

The G310’s are very much beginner bikes in my opinion. The fact that<br />

the GS is in an adventure frame is quite cool, especially for these roads<br />

in South Africa. It is a very tame bike, hence being the ideal beginner<br />

bike, it doesn’t intimidate in any form. I am used to a more zippy, more<br />

responsive engine. I like having confidence in the power of a bike to get<br />

out of trouble when I get it wrong <strong>and</strong> when trying to overtake other road<br />

users.<br />

As a beginner bike it is perfect though <strong>and</strong> would encourage a new rider<br />

to push the limits rather than intimidate them. The 310R on the other<br />

h<strong>and</strong> is unbelievably zippy for its motor size.<br />

It somehow feels like it revs more <strong>and</strong> produces more power than the<br />

GS. It h<strong>and</strong>les like a dream as well.<br />

K1600 R18, First BAGGER Edition 2018<br />

2020<br />

33 4,000km E X Demo<br />

R289 R280 000<br />

000<br />

S1000 F700 GS RR, 2013<br />

2010<br />

45,000km 48 R119 R79 000<br />

000<br />

S1000 R1250 RR RS, 2014<br />

2021<br />

49 2 300km 000km<br />

Top Box<br />

R155 R199 000<br />

R 1250 RS, 2019<br />

G310 100km<br />

R 2020<br />

420km<br />

R215 000<br />

R69 000<br />

R1250RT, 2019<br />

R1250 18 000km<br />

GSA 2018<br />

7 R230<br />

000km<br />

000<br />

R320 000<br />

C400 X 2020<br />

KTM 1,300km<br />

1190 ADVENTURE S 2015<br />

55 R109<br />

000km 000<br />


R119 000<br />

Vespa 300 GTS, 2018<br />

KTM 13,500km 1290 SUPER DUKE 2015<br />

8 R99 500km<br />

000<br />

R175 000<br />

Vespa 250 GTS, 2011<br />

G 13, 310 000km R 2020<br />

800km<br />

R89 000<br />

R69 R105 000<br />

BMW Motorrad Fourways<br />

R1250 GS Adventure 2013<br />

K 1300 B 2018<br />

34,000km<br />

12 500km Remi Exhaust,Floor Boards<br />

R245 000<br />

R299 000<br />

Cnr Witkoppen <strong>and</strong> Cedar Road.<br />

Fourways, Gauteng.<br />

Tel: (011) 367-1600<br />

Email: rodney.serfontein@cedarisle.co.za

A quick look at some of the top AMA supercross teams:<br />

Here are some of the 450SX team rosters for <strong>2022</strong> Monster<br />

Energy AMA Supercross, including notes on each rider <strong>and</strong><br />

their <strong>2022</strong> numbers. There are eight total riders that have<br />

won at least one 450SX main event in their career…


The Red Bull KTM team has a three-rider roster.<br />

Cooper Webb <strong>and</strong> Marvin Musquin will be joined<br />

by Aaron Plessinger.<br />

The team goes into <strong>2022</strong> with an all-new KTM<br />

450 SX-F Factory Edition.<br />

#1/2 Cooper Webb<br />

2021 450SX main event wins: 8<br />

Total career 450SX main event wins: 19<br />

After claiming his second 450SX title in his<br />

third year with the team, Webb will enter <strong>2022</strong><br />

as #1 on the new orange machine. Webb is<br />

entering his sixth season in the 450SX class.<br />

Pic by: Simon Cudby<br />

#7 Aaron Plessinger<br />

After racing Yamahas since his amateur days,<br />

<strong>and</strong> through his pro debut in 2015, Plessinger<br />

signed with the KTM team during the off-season.<br />

The Ohio native will make his KTM debut<br />

at the opener as he heads into his fourth year in<br />

the premier class.<br />

#25 Marvin Musquin<br />

2021 450SX main event wins: 1<br />

Total career 450SX main event wins: 9<br />

Musquin has raced for the KTM team his entire<br />

450SX career, <strong>and</strong> signed a supercross-only<br />

contract for <strong>2022</strong>, marking another year with<br />

the Austrian team. The <strong>2022</strong> season will be the<br />

32-year-old’s seventh full season in the premier<br />

class.<br />

F<br />

VIS<br />

TO<br />


On top of the six riders on the 250 team, the Monster Energy/Star<br />

Racing Yamaha team also will also have a two-rider 450SX roster<br />

with returning Dylan Ferr<strong>and</strong>is <strong>and</strong> newly signed Eli Tomac.<br />

Half page<br />

#3 Eli Tomac<br />

2021 450SX main event wins: 3<br />

Total career 450SX main event wins: 37<br />

After six years with Monster Energy Kawasaki, the 2020 450SX<br />

Champion joined the Yamaha squad in October 2020 <strong>and</strong> debuted<br />

on the YZ450F at the <strong>2022</strong> season opener. The Colorado native<br />

will enter his ninth full season in the 450SX class in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

#14 Dylan Ferr<strong>and</strong>is<br />

Ferr<strong>and</strong>is has raced with the Star Racing Yamaha team since<br />

he came to the U.S. to compete prior to the start of 2017. After<br />

finishing seventh in the 2021 450SX st<strong>and</strong>ings with one podium<br />

<strong>and</strong> four total top-fives, Ferr<strong>and</strong>is claimed the Lucas Oil 450 Class<br />

Pro Motocross Championship in the summer of 2021. He enters<br />

his sophomore 450SX season in <strong>2022</strong>.

Pic by: Simon Cudby<br />

ST602<br />


R2,360<br />








EA123<br />


R1,250<br />




• RAIN COVER<br />



FIT YOUR<br />

EA109B<br />


R445<br />








POCKET.<br />

BIKE<br />



EA113<br />


R775<br />









ST611<br />


R2,400<br />



• RAIN COVER<br />







EA101B<br />


R2,500<br />









Half page DMD.indd 1<br />

1/20/<strong>2022</strong> 7:02:32 PM

202<br />

SAM<br />

ON<br />


The Kawasaki squad is locked in with Adam Cianciarulo<br />

returning <strong>and</strong> Jason Anderson joining the team.<br />

#9 Adam Cianciarulo<br />

In 2021, Cianciarulo suffered a broken collarbone at the<br />

Orl<strong>and</strong>o 2 Supercross that ended his season after eight<br />

main events. Despite a shoulder injury suffered mid-December,<br />

the long-time Kawasaki rider will return to the<br />

team for his third 450SX season as he searches for his<br />

maiden premier class supercross main event win.<br />

#21 Jason Anderson<br />

2021 450SX main event wins: 0<br />

Total career 450SX main event wins: 7<br />

After racing for the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team<br />

for his entire 450 career, the 2018 450SX Champion will<br />

make his Team Green debut at Anaheim 1. Anderson<br />

finished eighth in the st<strong>and</strong>ings last season.<br />


The Honda HRC team has both its riders from 2021<br />

back for <strong>2022</strong>: Chase Sexton <strong>and</strong> Ken Roczen. The<br />

duo returns for a second season on the new generation<br />

CRF450R.<br />

#23 Chase Sexton<br />

Sexton made his debut in the 450SX class in 2021,<br />

finishing 12th in the st<strong>and</strong>ings. The #23 enters his<br />

sophomore year looking for his maiden premier<br />

class main event win.<br />

#94 Ken Roczen<br />

2021 450SX main event wins: 4<br />

Total career 450SX main event wins: 19<br />

Roczen joined the Honda HRC team prior to the start<br />

of the 2017 season <strong>and</strong> is back for another year with<br />

the team. The German native finished second in the<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ings last year.


GasGas has Justin Barcia return for the second year<br />

of his two-year contract, but the New York native<br />

has already re-signed with the team through the<br />

2023 season.<br />

#51 Justin Barcia<br />

2021 450SX main event wins: 1<br />

Total career 450SX main event wins: 5<br />

Notes: Barcia <strong>and</strong> GasGas made a splash in 2021<br />

when the #51 won the season opening Houston 1<br />

Supercross. Bam Bam is back for his second year<br />

on the team, <strong>and</strong> has signed a new deal at the <strong>2022</strong><br />

team intro that will see him on the team through<br />

the 2023 season. Barcia finished fourth in the 2021<br />

450SX st<strong>and</strong>ings, tying his career best from 2013.<br />


<strong>2022</strong> DAKAR WINNER<br />



EC250F/350F<br />

EX250F<br />

350F/450F<br />

Spoiled<br />


DEALERSpoiled<br />

GAS<br />

Willow Rock Shopping Centre<br />

Solomon Mahlangu Drive, Willow Acres,<br />

Pretoria East<br />

Tel: 012 111 0190<br />

www.traxmoto.co.za<br />


EC250/300<br />


12eDRIVE/16eDRIVE<br />

for Choice<br />

Scan to Find us


Adam Enticknap <strong>and</strong> Br<strong>and</strong>on Hartranft return to the team<br />

as Justin Bogle joins the squad to complete the three-rider<br />

roster.<br />

#19 Justin Bogle<br />

After spending several years with the Rocky Mountain ATV/<br />

MC-KTM-WPS team, Bogle is back on an RM-Z450 as he joins<br />

the Twisted Tea squad.<br />

#41 Br<strong>and</strong>on Hartranft<br />

Hartranft is back with the team for a second year as he<br />

enters his sophomore 450SX season. “The Brick” finished<br />

25th in the 2021 450SX st<strong>and</strong>ings in eight main events.<br />

#722 Adam Enticknap<br />

Enticknap is back for is his fourth-consecutive<br />

season with the HEP Suzuki program.<br />


The <strong>2022</strong> 450 roster of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna<br />

will include Dean Wilson <strong>and</strong> Mr Malcolm Stewart on<br />

an all-new Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition<br />

machine. Zach Osborne was set to ride for the team<br />

but has announced his retirement.<br />

#15 Dean Wilson<br />

Wilson debuted with the team in 2017 <strong>and</strong> has raced<br />

on a Husqvarna FC 450 ever since. The UK native<br />

finished 11th in the st<strong>and</strong>ings in 2021 <strong>and</strong> will return<br />

to the team for his eighth year in the 450SX class.<br />

#27 Malcolm Stewart<br />

After spending 2021 with the Monster Energy/Star<br />

Yamaha Racing team, Stewart signed a two-year<br />

deal with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna—which will<br />

include him racing both supercross <strong>and</strong> motocross.<br />

In 2021, Stewart earned his maiden 450SX podium<br />

<strong>and</strong> recorded a sixth in the 450SX st<strong>and</strong>ings, the<br />

best of his premier class seasons to date.

Cycle Technology ccT/A<br />

EST. 1978<br />

Adventure, Classic & Custom<br />

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Round 1<br />

Sunday the 23rd of January saw round 1 of this popular series<br />

hitting the Smoking Pistons MX track South of JHB.<br />

The series is open to any kids who ride a 50, 65, 85 or – a new<br />

class E-Bike – <strong>and</strong> they were all on the line to bang bars at the<br />

opening event.<br />

Many of the 2021 riders have moved up the ranks into the next<br />

class or regional racing series so lots of new faces were present<br />

– proving that this is a fantastic feeder series for MX in South<br />

Africa.<br />

The E-Bike class is not that big yet, but as parents embrace<br />

electric, it will grow.<br />

It was a great day of racing – <strong>and</strong> everyone is looking forward to<br />

the next event at terra Topia on Sunday the 13th of <strong>Feb</strong>.<br />

The series thanks all the parents <strong>and</strong> rodents who support <strong>and</strong><br />

make the series a success <strong>and</strong> look forward to welcoming new<br />

parents <strong>and</strong> riders to future rounds.<br />


The <strong>2022</strong><br />

Pics by Cloud 9 photography SA, Sean Versfeld.

EBike Class

Did you know that there are much more Pyramids in The Sudan<br />

than in Egypt?<br />

South Africa<br />

to Slovenia part 6 By Cronjé Bruwer<br />

In the last issue, I described the most beautiful <strong>and</strong> interesting country<br />

in Africa… Ethiopia. If I would do an Africa trip again, (which is likely),<br />

my trip would be planned with Ethiopia as the highlight.<br />

The president of Sudan, (El Bassir), <strong>and</strong> his government were<br />

imprisoned just before we entered Sudan. All the travelers we<br />

encountered were very nervous about the situation in Sudan during<br />

this troublesome period, including us <strong>and</strong> the answer we kept getting<br />

is, “The population has a problem with the government <strong>and</strong> not with<br />

travelers, they are safe”.<br />

This was undoubtedly the truth as we were treated as royalty in Sudan.<br />

But, due to the political unrest we decided to play it safe <strong>and</strong> not spend<br />

too much time there.<br />

Because of the 9/11 attacks that were perpetrated on the USA, there are<br />

no VISA or Mastercard facilities in Sudan. We had dollars on us which<br />

was a great help as the local happily exchanged US dollars for the local<br />

currency.<br />

My honest <strong>and</strong> humble opinion, from our experiences with them, is that<br />

the Sudanese people are really the most friendly in all of the African<br />

countries that we visited. Foreigners get to fill up their vehicles with<br />

benzene, (petrol), first at filling stations, before the local people even<br />

though they might have been waiting in the queue for weeks. Yes, they<br />

literally join the queue <strong>and</strong> leave their vehicle there <strong>and</strong> go back once<br />

a day or once every few days <strong>and</strong> move it forward, nobody jumps the<br />

queue or steals the vehicle or anything from the vehicle… not something<br />

that we are used to in South Africa.<br />

We entered Sudan at Metema, this is the strangest border I have<br />

encountered. The border is merely a small donga across the l<strong>and</strong>scape<br />

with a rope across the road. Both country’s border officials were<br />

very friendly <strong>and</strong> the border crossing did not take long. At the border<br />

post you receive a Police form that must be completed in Khartoum,<br />

for future travelers the office is just outside the main entrance of<br />

Khartoum’s airport.<br />

The eastern part of Sudan is very flat with large farms producing various<br />

crops, this area made me think of the Springbok flats area in Limpopo.<br />

The more we travelled west, the more the desert set in. We stayed over<br />

in Gedaref, (spelled Al Qadarif on the maps), see photos 1 <strong>and</strong> 2 taken<br />

from the hotel.<br />

Benzine was very cheap to the order of R3.50 per liter, the problem<br />

however was to find benzene, as most filling stations had run dry. In<br />

the desert we managed to find a small petrol station with a supply of<br />

benzene, see photo 3. The station has 2 fuel pumps, one for diesel<br />

<strong>and</strong> one for benzene, the problem, however was that there is only 1<br />

electronic measuring device that must be wired into the required pump,<br />

see photo 4.<br />

Photo 5 shows the pyramids at Meroe. Yes, you read that correctly. And<br />

did you know that the Sudan has around three percent more pyramids<br />

than Egypt. The temperatures in <strong>and</strong> around this area were extremely<br />

hot, we experienced 50 degrees Celsius.<br />

In this extreme heat you cannot open your visor or jacket’s air intakes<br />

as the outside temperature is higher than the temperature under your<br />

jacket. The only way to cool down is to wet yourself with water under<br />

your riding jacket. A hint to fellow travelers is to use double walled<br />

stainless steel bottles, which keep the water cool, otherwise you would<br />

end up with boiling water. See photos 5 to 10 taken during a stop.<br />

When leaving Atbara we could not find any benzene <strong>and</strong> kept on<br />

travelling in the hope of finding a filling station. Eventually we were in<br />

the desert <strong>and</strong> had to return to Atbara for benzene. The golden rule<br />

regarding benzene or petrol in Africa is to fill up whenever you find<br />

petrol no matter how full your tank is.

Adventure<br />

in its core.<br />

Test ride the all-new Husqvarna<br />

Norden 901 at Perry Bikes <strong>and</strong><br />

experience a thrill like no other.

Dongola was a very interesting town, with many<br />

pyramids, see photos 11 to 14. We managed to<br />

buy fuel on the black market in Dongola. Between<br />

Dongola <strong>and</strong> Wadi Haifa we could not find any. At<br />

Kosha we managed to buy 10 liters from a very<br />

friendly motorist with which we just managed to<br />

reach Wadi Haifa, see photo 15<br />

The border crossing from Sudan into Egypt is a<br />

problem, as your vehicle must be registered in<br />

Egypt.<br />

This exercise can take up to 2 days. See photos<br />

16 <strong>and</strong> 17.<br />

Photo 18 shows the crossing to Egypt on Lake<br />

Nasser, more on this in next month’s feature.<br />

Benzine was very cheap in Sudan, in the order of<br />

R3.50 per liter, the problem however was to find<br />

benzene as most filling stations have run dry.<br />

In the desert we managed to find a small petrol<br />

station with a supply of benzene.<br />

The station has 2 fuel pumps, one for diesel <strong>and</strong><br />

one for benzene, the problem however is that there<br />

is only 1 electronic measuring device that must be<br />

wired into the required pump<br />

With temperatures ranging around the 50 degrees<br />

celsius it is advisable to keep your drinking water in<br />

doubled waleed stainless steel containers to avoid<br />

them getting too hot to drink confortably<br />

Loo<br />

We couldn’t find any fuel on the way out Atbara <strong>and</strong><br />

fortunately managed to buy 10 liters of fuel off this<br />

very friendly motorist which was just enough to<br />

make it into Wadi Halfa.<br />

Crossing into Egypt via Lake Nasser.

GEZINA<br />

079 079 HARLEY 1158 DAVI<br />

DO<br />

lifte<br />

Engine V tw<br />

Max Power 150<br />

Transmission 6-sp<br />

Torque 127<br />

Frame Stre<br />


Front Rim 19”<br />

Rear Rim 17”<br />

Seat Height 789<br />

Wheelbase 158<br />

New Hero Fuel Eco Deluxe Capacity 100 21.2<br />



New Hero X Pulse 200 Fi ABS<br />

R42999<br />

R17999<br />

Commercial Available<br />

Wet Weight 254<br />

Cycle Technology ccT/A<br />

2004 Gas Gas 300 Wild 2T<br />

R65000.00<br />

New Hero Eco commercial 150<br />

Delivery bike R22999<br />

EST. 1978<br />

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CALL; (011) 425-1081 / 1084<br />

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C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

Asset<br />

Tracking<br />

+ Recovery<br />

− Riders<br />

− Bikes &<br />

Quads<br />

− <strong>Trail</strong>ers &<br />

Caravans<br />

A<br />

t<br />

EMD Online_justTRAC_A5 Advert.pdf 1 21/11/30 8:23:03 AM<br />

www.justtrac.co.za<br />

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<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

Asset<br />

Tracking<br />

+ Recovery<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

glenchem<br />

− Bikes &<br />

<br />

− Riders<br />

<br />

<br />

Quads<br />

− <strong>Trail</strong>ers &<br />

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<br />

<br />

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– <br />

<br />

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17D_Q3+_SalesBull_2pg_r2_Layout 1 4/13/17 3:08 PM Page 1<br />




GPR-300<br />

NCE<br />




r,<br />

Great H<strong>and</strong>ling at an<br />

IFE<br />

62°<br />

+ =<br />

LEAN<br />


MORE<br />

LEGAL. .<br />

TIRE LIFE =<br />

EFITS<br />

affordable price.<br />

Offers a balance of<br />

achieves lean angles up to 62 degrees*.<br />

ed for street-legal use.<br />

in the wet<br />

<strong>and</strong> dry<br />

quire tire warmers, <strong>and</strong> runs at street<br />

or chassis or electronic<br />

ANGLE<br />

adjustments.<br />

bon black like Dunlop’s racing slicks for<br />

conditions with<br />

LONGER<br />

uses a continuously wound strip compound<br />

across the rear tread profile.<br />


ses carbon fiber reinforcement in the<br />

ng performance, braking stability <strong>and</strong> feel.<br />

a.<br />

310<br />

320<br />

330<br />

340<br />

350<br />

62°<br />

62 LEAN<br />

STREET<br />

0<br />

10<br />



20<br />

30<br />

40<br />

50<br />

More than 80% of the Q3+<br />

has been redesigned<br />

compared to the Q3<br />

60<br />

120<br />

MORE<br />


20% MORE<br />

LIFE<br />

70<br />

80<br />

110<br />

90<br />

100<br />

Performance touring tyre<br />

that not only lasts longer,<br />

but performs at higher<br />

levels<br />

LESS<br />

WEAR<br />

MORE<br />

maximum grip.<br />



GPR-300<br />

Great H<strong>and</strong>ling at an<br />

affordable price.<br />

Offers a balance of<br />

GRIP<br />

• This purpose-built track-day tire achieves lean angles up to 62 degrees*.<br />

• The Sportmax Q4 is DOT-approved for street-legal use.<br />

in the wet<br />

<strong>and</strong> dry<br />

• The user-friendly Q4 does not require tire warmers, <strong>and</strong> runs at street<br />

pressures, eliminating the need for chassis or electronic adjustments.<br />

• Rear tire compound contains carbon black like Dunlop’s racing slicks for<br />

conditions with<br />

LONGER<br />

• Jointless Tread (JLT) technology uses a continuously wound strip compound<br />

to optimize stability, flex, <strong>and</strong> grip across the rear tread profile.<br />


• Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the<br />

sidewalls for exceptional cornering performance, braking stability <strong>and</strong> feel.<br />

• Dunlop br<strong>and</strong>ing on the tread area.<br />

• Made in the U.S.A.<br />

nlop retailers, as well as race distributors.<br />

• The Q4 is available through all Dunlop retailers, as well as race distributors.<br />

ze Load/Speed Part Number<br />

0/70ZR17 (58W) 45233176<br />

0/55ZR17 (73W) 45233177<br />

0/60ZR17 (75W) 45233131<br />

0/50ZR17 (73W) 45233060<br />

0/55ZR17 (75W) 45233074<br />

0/55ZR17 (78W) 45233092<br />


S594/A<br />





Sportmax Q4<br />

Sportmax Q3+<br />

Sportmax GPR-300<br />

Sportmax Roadsmart III<br />

Size Load/Speed Part Number<br />

Sportmax Q4 Front 120/70ZR17 (58W) 45233176<br />

Sportmax Q4 Rear 180/55ZR17 (73W) 45233177<br />

180/60ZR17 (75W) 45233131<br />

190/50ZR17 (73W) 45233060<br />

190/55ZR17 (75W) 45233074<br />

200/55ZR17 (78W) 45233092<br />

S594/A<br />



2021 AMA SX 450 CHAMPION<br />

S594/A<br />

DunlopMotorcycleTires.com<br />

©2018 *As tested Dunlop by Motorcycle Dunlop on a Tires. 2017 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 RR on a closed track at Barber Motorsports Park.<br />

@RideDunlop DUNLOPTYRESSA<br />

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