LookBook83 - May 2022

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1 April 2022

Photographer: Dario Bonazza www.dariobonazza.com


Model: Kelevra Keila

Photographer: Bragi Kort

2 April 2022

3 April 2022



Model: @leti_marino

Photographer: Sabine Dengler

4 April 2022

Photographer: Sabine Dengler

5 April 2022

6 April 2022

Self-Portrait: Photography Jessika Romero

7 April 2022

Photographer: @febelousphotography

Model: @daphnyelisa

8 April 2022

Photographer: Isabelle Ruen

Model: Monique Weingart

Fashion Designer: Temraza

Hair & Make-up: Reyna Khalil

Photographer: Sabine Dengler

9 April 2022

10 April 2022

Photographer: @Lorenzo_Caranzetti

Model: @lionminew

11 April 2022

Photographer: ronpaologilman

Model: @lorelletk

Photograpger: Emma Pedemonte

12 April 2022

13 April 2022

Muse: Inna Stec and Yuki (with Dorota Pociegiel)

Photo: Izabella Sapuła Photography

Dress: Walhalla.com.pl, Muzeum Pyry

Coop: Dorota Pociegiel, Beata Jakubowska,

14 April 2022

Muse: Kamila Ankara and owl Halinka

Photo: Izabella Sapuła Photography

Hair: Hairdofashion

Assist: Beata Jakubowska

Coop: Joanna Szymczak, Monika Sankowska, Aleksandra Lutomska

15 April 2022

Model: Astou Ndiaye

Photographer: Frank Leboulenger

16 April 2022

Model: Astou Ndiaye

Photographer: Frank Leboulenger

17 April 2022

Model: Crettaz Eliane

Photographer: lindsay Adler

18 April 2022

Model: Crettaz Eliane

Photographer: Matt Jeker

19 April 2022

Photographer: Damien Mohn

Model: Julia

MUAH: Diane Martin

20 April 2022

Photographer: Damien Mohn

Mode:l Marie Claver

MUAH: Diane Martin

21 April 2022

Photographer: Guillaume Bret

Créatrice: Youngmi-Kim

Models: Iris Millot & Cyrine Dufaux

MUAH: Diane Martin

22 April 2022

Ph: Christian Papagni (IG: christian.papagni.ph)

Model: Swathi Villa (Ig: villaswathi)

Location: Cassano D’adda (Mi, Italy)

23 April 2022

Model: Germaine Zhu

Photographer: Mady Kanz

Photographer: Saul Abraham

24 April 2022

25 April 2022

Photographer: Anna Grewelding

Model: Christiana Tamoda

H&M: Lume Maas

26 April 2022

Model: Sonja Demandt,

Photograph: Dirk Peschen

27 April 2022

Photographer: Anna Grewelding

Model: Justin Maleewan

H&M: Lume Maas

28 April 2022

Photographer: Ivan van Steenis

Model: Aline Marescaux

29 April 2022

Picture of the day 29 March 2022

Photographer: Saul Abraham

Photographer: Saul Abraham

30 April 2022

1 May 2022

Model: Ana Maria Cucu

Photographer: Blurr Studio

Make up: myself


Creative Director and Editor in Chief:

Van Poucke Peter

Website: http//modellenland.com

Email: info@modellenland.com







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