Lab Grown Diamond Brochure

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Embracing Lab Grown


Lab grown diamonds are created using sophisticated

technology to mimic the way that natural diamonds are

formed under ground. Tiny diamond ‘seeds’ from pre-existing

diamonds are placed through the same natural diamond

creation conditions of mined diamonds. This produces a

product which is identical chemically, physically & optically to

a mined diamond, with the same hardness & sparkle we all love!

The Creation Process

There are two methods used to create lab grown diamonds,

CVD and HPHT both of which start with a diamond seed.

The HPHT method mimics the natural diamond growth

process by which the diamond seed is placed in carbon

(the element that diamonds are made of) and extreme high

temperatures and pressure is applied from all sides, similar

to the pressure found underground. The carbon melts and

crystalises as diamond around the seed.

The CVD method places the diamond seed within a vacuum

chamber filled with carbon compounds. The chamber is

subjected to a high temperature process called Chemical

Vapor Desposition (CVD) where crystals are formed from the

carbon turning into hot plasma layering over the diamond

seed, like semiconductors.

One and the Same

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds unlike diamond-like

materials such as cubic zirconium (CZ) and moissanite. CZ &

moissanite have different physical properties to diamonds

and therefore sell at much lower prices. You can see from the

comparison table below that the physical properties of mined

diamonds & lab grown diamonds are exactly the same.




Lab Grown Cubic


Diamond Diamond Zirconium

COMPOSITION Carbon Carbon Zirconium




REFRACTIVE INDEX 2.42 2.42 2.2 2.65

DISPERSION 0.044 0.044 0.06 0.104

MOHS HARDNESS 10 10 8.25 9.5

DENSITY 3.52 3.52 5.7 3.2

Just like mined diamonds, no two lab grown diamonds are the

same, they are likely to contain naturally occurring inclusions

and therefore the 4C’s diamond grading standards apply.

These include Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat.

Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds

chemically, physically & optically, however as they are created

above earth, they use only a fraction of the energy used when

comparing them to mined diamonds, and don’t incur any

questionable environmental, social or ethical issues.

Value for Money

Since lab grown diamonds have lower production expenses

and a more competitive market, they are more affordable than

mined diamonds when comparing size and quality.

This means that you are able to have a substantially larger

diamond than you expected!

Design Your Own


Bring your beautiful dreams to life with a custom designed lab

grown jewellery item that expresses your true self in the most

pertinent fashion possible.

Our jeweller, using their expert knowledge, will work with you

to create a beautiful quality design that will last a lifetime.

Whether it be a ring or another stunning piece, indulge in your

unique creative vision that, until now, only existed in your


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