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It’s September,

and fall is in

full swing.

As the seasons change, the national

capital region will put a

wide variety of colours on full

display for us to enjoy. But while

the leaves are beautiful, they can

provide their own set of tasks to

deal with.

Your property will need some additional

work in order to stay

beautiful and come back to its

fullest in the springtime.

That’s why we’ve put together this

fall maintenance checklist, so that

you can keep your home and

property in tip-top shape as the

days get cool and blustery. If you

follow these tips and tricks, you’ll

see how a small effort can go a

long way.

Let’s get started!

Inspect Your Gutters

and Downspouts.

As the leaves start to fall, they can quickly

clog up your gutters and downspouts.

You should check them at least once a

month during the fall (and more often if

you have many trees on your property).

This, along with any residue left throughout

the summer by critters and stray

gusts of wind, could lead to water

damage on your roof and sometimes

flooding inside of your home. Fall and

winter can bring a lot of rain and snow,

which is why you want to be extra careful

as there’s increased risk for water


Rake Leaves Regularly

While you’ll find this task on your spring

checklist, it’s important to do several

rounds in the fall as well. Your grass is

still alive during the wintertime, it’s only

gone dormant fighting to conserve

precious nutrients. Not only can raking

boost your curb appeal, but it also prevents

rotting leaves and other debris

from harming your lawn.

Fertilize, Dethatch & Aerate

Fertilizing, dethatching and aerating are

other ways you can care for your lawn

during the fall. They will help keep your

lawn healthy so that it can come back

to its fullest during the springtime. Dethatching

and aerating can both be

done with a variety of machines and

tools, likely widely available for rent

and/or purchase.

Trim Any Overgrown Branches

Fall tends to be a pretty stormy season,

so make sure you trim any overgrown

branches that could cause damage if

picked up by a strong gust of wind.

Trimming these branches may also

reduce the amount of leaves that fall on

your lawn, which is an added benefit.

Keep Cozy This Season!

We hope that through following all of these

tips and tricks, you and your and your household

will be able to enjoy a comfortable,

stress-free fall season!



As is with the turn of every season, the

arrival of fall marks new beginnings for

many. School starts for kids of all ages,

parents are returning to work, summer

vacations have ended, and a drop in

temperature has many homeowners

beginning to think about what needs

to be done before old man winter

coats the city in a blanket of snow. If

selling your home is still on your to list,

now is the time to put that plan into


Fall is a close second to spring in Ottawa’s

hot Real Estate market. With comfortable

temperatures expected throughout the

season and the beautiful changing colours

providing a backdrop that works as

natural curb appeal, this lively market is

not slowing down any time soon. It is

time now to take advantage of your position

as a seller and make the most off

your investment. Here are some tips to

get your home SOLD in this vibrant


Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Fall is a wonderful time of year for experiencing nature's beauty, and if you are

planning to sell your home, this is something you can take advantage of. The leaves

will change color and fall from the trees, giving us an opportunity to enjoy their various

shades all over again! To make your home feel more like autumn we suggest

incorporating seasonal décor items such as pumpkins or squash so they're not forgotten

when summer blooms fade away. Bring your cozy decor outside, lining your

conversation set under your covered porch with chunky blankets and add a touch

of seasonal floral arrangements, such as chrysanthemums for a little extra flare.

Don’t Slack On

The Yard Work

One of the best things you can do to

maintain a clean and tidy yard is keeping

it clutter free and well groomed.

Mowing your grass regularly and raking

dead leaves will keep debris from

buildup on beds, sidewalks, or driveways.

Also take this time to weed your

gardens and do your regular garden

maintenance, whether it be laying a

new layer of mulch or trimming back

and doing fall pruning. All of these tasks

will ensure the outside of your house

looks as well taken care of as the inside

is, instilling a sense of confidence

among buyers.


Fall Indoors

For the perfect autumn home, focus on

fall colours and decor. Fall brings on

cooler temperatures, so it's time to

change your home décor from vibrant

hues into more subdued tones like

oranges and reds, as well as lighter

creams and neutrals to make you feel

cozy at first glance. Incorporate pumpkins

and gourds in your centrepieces

and add plaid, textured, and plush

linens to both your living area and

dining room. Having a well decorated

and staged home is an attractive feature

and consistent part of the selling


Keep it Bright

The shorter days and cooler temperatures are a great time to make sure your home

is always shining! Humans are naturally attracted to light and airy spaces. Make

sure your house is bright for all showings by opening up curtains and cleaning your

windows both inside and out. Additionally, making sure you turn on as many lights

as possible and checking that all the bulbs and switches in your house are in working

order. If there are any problems with lighting, add decorative accent lamps to

brighten any dull or forgotten corners in your home that should be showcased well.

Ensuring your home is well lit allows for buyers to feel more welcomed and comfortable

in your home.




As much as we may hate to admit it, fall

is here. As the days get shorter and the

air gets colder, the time of year when

we switch from cooling our homes to

heating them is upon us. However,

before you switch your furnace on and

start getting your winter blankets out of

storage, it is wise to perform a routine

inspection and maintenance of your

furnace. You don’t want something

going wrong in the middle of winter

when you need heat more than ever.

You can spend money to have a professional

come and perform the inspection

and tune-up, but you can also easily

perform the task yourself.


Before anything else, give your furnace

an inspection. Check to make sure that

all the vents and tubes are properly fastened

and sealed, and look for any soot

or residue near the burner. If you see

these you should call in a professional to

get the problem fixed, but if there aren’t

any, you can continue your inspection.

You should also take the time to smell

the air around the furnace’s gas tube.

If you smell rotten eggs it means there is

a gas leak, which you should have fixed


Once you have finished your basic

inspection, you should turn on the furnace

and check the burner flame. A

blue, steady flame is a sign of good furnace

health. If the flame is yellow,

orange, or flickers, that means there is

poor combustion, which needs to be

fixed. With the furnace on, you should

check the vents throughout the house

to make sure warm air is flowing

through them. You should also check

the cold air return that feeds air back

into the furnace.

If you don’t feel any airflow through a

vent, that can be a sign of a blockage in

the pipes. With the inspection finished,

you should turn the thermostat down

and let your furnace cool. While it is

cooling, clean the area around the furnace

to make sure there is nothing

flammable. For maximum safety for the

next step, you should also turn off the

circuit breaker that powers the furnace.


Once the power is off and the furnace is

completely cool, you should take the

sides off and look inside. Double-check

that the furnace wires are firmly

attached and tight, and then move on to

cleaning your furnace out. Use a soft

brush, like a paint brush, to brush the

dirt and dust off of the interior of the

furnace, then use a vacuum to clear everything

out. You can also use a damp

rag to clean the blades of the blower

fan, if you can access it. Some blower

fans need oil applied to containers near

it called oil cups. If yours does, now is a

good time to do that. During this step

you should also remove the flame

sensor and carefully clean it with an

emery cloth, making sure to hold it from

the bottom instead of the top, and then

replace it. During the cleaning stage you

should also change your furnace filter.

Manufacturers recommend changing

your filter every month in order to prolong

the life of your furnace and reduce

energy use.


Now that you have finished inspecting,

cleaning, and handling any repairs your

furnace needed, it is ready to go for the

winter. Put the sides back on, turn on

the breaker, and rest easy knowing that

you are ready for the cold to hit.

Furnace maintenance is an important

part of being a homeowner, but by following

a few simple steps you can

make sure your furnace is running

smoothly and safely when you need it

most. If you are not comfortable with

performing the maintenance yourself, it

is worth the cost to hire someone to do

it. Better spend the money to hire a pro

now, then have your furnace break

down in the middle of winter.


While you have your furnace open, you

can check the internal components like

the fan belt. If you see any problems or

damaged components you can fix or

replace them yourself, if you are very

handy, or call in a professional to fix the


For more information and tips,

visit www.teamrealty.ca/blog

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