Welcome to BestSecretFitness

The most innovative fitness in Halifax

The most innovative fitness in Halifax


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<strong>Welcome</strong><br />

<strong>to</strong> the most innovative fitness in halifax<br />

the future is now<br />

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about<br />

Concept<br />

EMS Explained<br />

technology creates freedom<br />

benefits ems training<br />

the science behind ems<br />

ems equipment<br />

3d body scan<br />

S<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

EMS MEETs pt<br />

Promise<br />

The most innovative Fitness Gym in Halifax<br />

Located at Park Lane Mall, Main Level<br />

S T A T E - O F - T H E - A R T - G Y M

About<br />

<strong>Welcome</strong> <strong>to</strong> BestSecret FITNESS.<br />

The first EMS Gym in Halifax.<br />

Because 25 minutes once per week is enough<br />

<strong>to</strong> results.<br />

BestSecret FITNESS uses the latest<br />

technology <strong>to</strong> create the easiest and most<br />

efficient workout.<br />

We offer exclusive and first class fitness and<br />

health innovation.<br />

At BestSecret FITNESS we put our members<br />

first.<br />

Make yourself become priority.<br />


electro muscle stimulation

S t a t e o f t h e a r t<br />

BestSecret Fitness will take your<br />

fitness regime <strong>to</strong> higher levels,<br />

whether you're after luxury fitness or<br />

tech/filled where form meets function.<br />

Proving that effective workouts can<br />

be done even in the most luxurious<br />

settings alongside exclusive service<br />

akin <strong>to</strong> those found in five-star hotels.<br />

With our innovative EMS training, high<br />

standard Personal Training, 3d Body<br />

Scan, handcrafted dumbells, <strong>to</strong>wel<br />

service, beverages, shower and<br />

lockers. We will provide you an all<br />

around service in a private<br />

atmosphere.<br />

e l e c t r o m u s c l e s t i m u l a t i o n<br />

Concept<br />

We are part of your journey<br />

You are our priority<br />




03<br />

E M S E X P L A I N E D<br />

EMS (electric muscle stimulation or electric<br />

myostimulation) is a highly effective form of training. It<br />

utilizes low frequency currents and significantly incrase<br />

the bodys natural muscle contractions.<br />

As a result more muscle fibres are activated when<br />

compared <strong>to</strong> conventional training methods.<br />

Generally speaking, the electric currents that you are<br />

exposed <strong>to</strong> are completely harmless! The neural<br />

mechanism behind EMS is the same as your body´s own.<br />

The only difference is that the electric signal<br />

that causes the muscle <strong>to</strong> contract is applied externally.<br />

EMS training is a whole body workout that promotes<br />

weight loss, increases physical strength, stimulates<br />

muscle growth and relieves tensions and muscular<br />

imbalances. As a form of personal training the workout<br />

can be adapted <strong>to</strong> numerous individual training goals. For<br />

example, EMS personal training has been shown <strong>to</strong><br />

significantly reduce back pain. In some cases, EMS<br />

clients have even reported a <strong>to</strong>tal alleviation of their<br />

(chronic) back problems all <strong>to</strong>gether. Due <strong>to</strong> the increase<br />

in both muscle <strong>to</strong>ne and blood flow <strong>to</strong> neighbouring<br />

tissue, EMS may also have a beneficial impact on cellulite<br />

problems.<br />

Electric muscle stimualtion training utilizes the body´s<br />

nervous system and activates muscle tissue through<br />

electric currents. These low or mid frequency impulses<br />

are completely harmless when applied properly. The goal<br />

is <strong>to</strong> bring the muscle <strong>to</strong> a state of <strong>to</strong>tal contraction. Key<br />

difference <strong>to</strong> conventional training methods is that the<br />

electric stimulation allows for more muscle fibres <strong>to</strong> be<br />

activated during training. In short, more of the muscle is<br />

put <strong>to</strong> work. The intensity of this effect can be controlled<br />

through regulation of the electric current itself and<br />

performed exercises.

Whole body EMS-Training recruits all of the body´s<br />

large muscle groups and activates even deeper lying<br />

muscle tissues that are typically difficult <strong>to</strong> reach<br />

with traditional training methods, especially for<br />

beginners.<br />

EMS is highly effective. Studies have shown that it is<br />

almost 20 times more intense than conventional<br />

strength training methods such as high instesity<br />

weight training.<br />

Though EMS as a whole body workout method is a<br />

new and innovative training method, its his<strong>to</strong>ry has<br />

been well documented since the 1950s. Localized<br />

electric muscle stimulation has been used for<br />

decades in physical therapy <strong>to</strong> treat various chronic<br />

ailments and bring relief <strong>to</strong> countless patients.<br />

04<br />

Taking all the previous paragraphs in<strong>to</strong><br />

consideration, it is absolutely crucial that an EMS<br />

training session takes place under supervision of a<br />

trained professional. Your Personal Trainer plays a<br />

essential role in achieving your workout goals:

B e n e f i t s E M S T r a i n i n g<br />

05<br />

• Full bodyworkout in only 25 minutes<br />

• 18x more effective than regular workout<br />

• Intensive Training<br />

• Our EMS pulses captures more than 90% of your muscles<br />

• Time saving<br />

• Better and faster results<br />

• Effect proven in serveral studies<br />

• Absolutly joint friendly<br />

• Private atmosphere<br />

• Personal Training<br />

• Muscle strength, endurance, weight loss, pain relief<br />

• burns 3 times more calories

t h e s c i e n c e b e h i n d e m s<br />

Prof. Dr. Fritzsche, a heart surgeon and chief physician at the Sana<br />

Herzzentrum in Cottbus, and his team have played an important<br />

role in developing and improving the Easy Motion Skin®.<br />

Fritzsche recognised the weaknesses of the existing EMS<br />

technologies and developed the world’s first wireless internally<br />

connected EMS system as part of a project supported by the<br />

Federal Ministry of Science. He also patented the first dry<br />

electrode, thereby making EMS training possible without<br />

additional moisture.<br />

During the development period he initiated and supervised more<br />

than 2000 training sessions with cardiac insufficiency patients at<br />

the Herzzentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen. The incredible results were<br />

described by him and his team in several publications.<br />

The most important results included a significant increase in the<br />

absorption of oxygen and in patients’ strength, an increase in the<br />

cardiac ejection fraction, a drop in blood pressure and blood sugar<br />

levels, and (as a secondary effect) a reduction of lower back pain.<br />

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche and his team, along with other experts who<br />

have carried out research in<strong>to</strong> the medical effects of EMS training<br />

on patients with a wide range of symp<strong>to</strong>ms, are considered <strong>to</strong> be<br />

the pioneers, inven<strong>to</strong>rs and trailblazers for the wireless EMS<br />

technology used in the Easy Motion Skin®.<br />

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche has used this medical and scientific<br />

expertise <strong>to</strong> develop the world’s first wireless EMS training <strong>to</strong>ol<br />

with dry electrodes: the Easy Motion Skin®. It combines<br />

state-of-the-art technology and medically proven knowledge in a<br />

<strong>to</strong>tally new dimension.<br />


E a s y M o t i o n S k i n

E M S<br />

E q u i p m e n t<br />


The EasyMotionSkin technology and product design<br />

will delight all those who use it. Its light high-tech<br />

materials feel like a second skin and allow for<br />

dynamic training sequences with optimum comfort.<br />


The system includes a variety of vest, arm, leg and<br />

bot<strong>to</strong>m sizes, meaning garments fit every shape.<br />

Each user gets fresh functional clothing,<br />

which serves as a hygienic barrier between<br />

the electrodes and the user’s skin.<br />

The Vest-System’s anti-bacterial high-tech fibers.<br />

07<br />


EasyMotionSkin allows for maximum freedom of<br />

movement during EMS training. Thanks <strong>to</strong><br />

Blue<strong>to</strong>oth® technology and innovative high-tech<br />

components, restrictive fac<strong>to</strong>rs are a thing of the<br />

past. This also rings true for the VestSystem. The<br />

EMS system guarantees full flexibility and mobility.

3 d B o d y S c a n<br />

Perform a 3d body scan in<br />

seconds using just a simple<br />

turntabel and 3d camera. In only<br />

35 seconds, we extract millions<br />

of measurements with 2mm<br />

accuracy and reconstruct your<br />

body in 3d. Your first test will<br />

become the baseline for all other<br />

tests in the future. You will see<br />

and know changes in your body.<br />


e l e c t r o m u s c l e s t i m u l a t i o n

S<strong>to</strong>ry<br />

STory<br />

BestSecret PersonalTraining Ltd. is the first<br />

company in Nova Scotia <strong>to</strong> offer EMS Fitness<br />

programs.<br />

We can successfully look back on more than<br />

15 years of Personal Training in Germany and<br />

use the best EMS system from Europe.<br />

We´ve designed a facility complemented by<br />

<strong>to</strong>day´s most popular fitness equipment.<br />

Located at Park Lane Mall, in the heart of<br />

Halifax down<strong>to</strong>wn.<br />



E M S m e e t s P T<br />

10<br />

Y O U R P E R S O N A L T R A I N E R<br />

While the training method itself is a high<br />

tech approach <strong>to</strong> whole body training your<br />

EMS training will only ever be as good as<br />

the person who is giving your session. The<br />

EMS trainer is an intricate part of what<br />

makes EMS Training successful. So<br />

successful, in fact, that over 85% of EMS<br />

clients state that they are finally achieving<br />

their goals.<br />

• always has an eye on the intesity of the electric current<br />

• instructs and directs the exersises performed<br />

• keeps an eye on proper form and execution<br />

• adapts the training plan due <strong>to</strong> your individual goals<br />

• is at your side <strong>to</strong> drive you and keep motivation high<br />

• helps you develop a workout routine

promise<br />

We have opened a state-of-the-art fitness<br />

studio where the personal contact and<br />

the high end service are our priority.<br />

We want <strong>to</strong> accompany our cus<strong>to</strong>mers on<br />

the way <strong>to</strong> achieve their goals and <strong>to</strong> support<br />

them with advice and assistance.<br />

BestSecret stands for quality and<br />

professionalism with the most innovative<br />

fitness equipment on the current market.<br />

We promise you are our priority.<br />

Be a part of the secret!<br />

Sincerly<br />

Nataly Seidel CEO<br />

BestSecret Fitness<br />


Contact<br />

BestSecret PersonalTraining Ltd.<br />

(902) 221 2762<br />

Park Lane Mall, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Hailfax<br />

info@<strong>BestSecretFitness</strong>.ca <strong>BestSecretFitness</strong>.ca<br />

e l e c t r o m u s c l e s t i m u l a t i o n<br />

e l e c t r o m u s c l e s t i m u l a t i o n

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