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and Health

Healthy meals for this winter.

Learning to Have

a Business Mindset

Art and Music

A collection of ceativity

VIRTUE VIBE Introducing:

Poetry, Short Stories,

Short Film Scripts,

Music Projects,



The question



“What is Virtue Vibe?”


Weather, Events

Violence, What's

Happening in

the World

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Point of View (POV)

Pg 3-4 Climate Change

Pg 5-6 Food Shortage

Pg 7-8 Violence

Pg 9-10 Making a Difference


Lifestyle & Health

Pg 11-12 5 Books You Should Read

Pg: 13-16 Healthy Meals to Eat in the Winter

Pg: 21-22 Gardening with minimal resources



Pg 23-24 Natural Products | AhavaCreation

Pg. 25-26 10 Smart Things to Do With Your Tax Refund.

Pg. 27-28 Mindsets ( What's key when it comes to having a

business MINDSET)


Musician’s Corner

Pg 29-30 Possible Upcoming Albums

Pg 31-32 Why Stock Music Matters

Pg 35-36 Easiest Instruments To Learn


Art of Life

Pg 37-38 Photography collage

Pg 39-40 Featured Artist

Pg 41-42 Poetry

Pg 43-44 The Rise of “Do It Yourself” (DIY)

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Virtuousness is a quality that is

treasured in the heavens, and all

throughout the lands.









Virtue Vibe is a blissfully

made quarterly magazine

that promotes and shows

off virtuous living. All 50

pages are packed with

helpful information, and

edifying entertainment

that was put together by

and for young people like

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Climate change affects our lives in many

ways, from increased respiratory illness to

mental health problems. It's caused by

greenhouse gas emissions from human acvity

and has been linked to natural disasters.

Climate change also impacts our health in a

number of other ways, including polluon

and more frequent storms.

Air polluon is increasing in many cies

worldwide due to the increased use of fossil

fuels like coal and oil during transportaon

and energy producon processes such as

manufacturing plascs or rubber products

(e.g., res) The resulng increase in greenhouse

gas emissions contributes significantly

towards global warming, causing extreme

weather events like hurricanes and droughts.

Extreme weather events are on the rise and

becoming more frequent and severe. This includes

heat waves, droughts, and floods; hurricanes;

tornadoes; blizzards. The Naonal

Oceanic and Atmospheric Administraon

have tracked these changes in their temperature

data from around the world since 1880.

For this cause, we've suddenly started seeing

hurricanes form off New Jersey every summer

instead of once every couple of decades

anymore, though. There are other reasons

why this might be happening too.

The fragility of human health depends largely

on our ability to adapt to weather paerns

and temperature changes, as well as access

to clean water and sanitaon services. Climate

change could lead to increased deaths

from heat waves, floods and droughts, according

to the World Health Organizaon.




Consequently, as the climate changes, so

does our mental health. The environment is a

huge part of our lives and how we think

about it affects our moods, even if we don’t

pay much aenon to it. You might even no-

ce that your mood has become more

volale since moving away from home because

of extreme weather, or similar circumstances.

Food scarcity may become a problem.

As the climate changes, our food supply will

be affected. Climate change is already making

it more difficult to grow crops, affecng

crop yields and prices. This means that you

may have trouble finding good-quality fruits

and vegetables when they're in season—and

this is just one example of how climate

change could affect your daily life.

Food prices are rising because of more frequent

natural disasters such as storms and

droughts, according to the World Bank's

World Food Programme (WFP). Many farmers

now use pescides on their crops due to

increased demand for high-quality products

at lower prices, WFP says.



The Naonal Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administraon says summer heat

waves are becoming more common.

2015 was one of the hoest years for

U.S. cies, with an average temperature

2 degrees above average. Heat

waves can be dangerous to our health

if we don't take proper precauons

against them.

Storms are geng stronger and more

frequent in the United States, and

they're also geng more intense and

longer-lasng. The NOAA has reported

that there are more powerful storms in

the U.S. today than ever before. This

trend is expected to connue as climate

change connues.

By 2100, our winters could be near

twice as warm as they are today, according

to a new report. The number of

tropical cyclones in the North Indian

Ocean has increased over the past 70

years. There have even been more Category

4 and 5 storms in Australia over

the last three decades.

PAGE 04.


Climate change is affecting our everyday lives in a multitude of

ways. As we've seen, it can take a lot of work to keep up with the

changes that have already taken place and those still on their

way. What if you knew exactly how much your lifestyle would be

affected by these changes?

PAGE 05.



You've probably heard that a food shortage

is imminent. What does that signify,

though? And what is the root of it?

We'll examine the factors that contribute to

food shortages in this post, along with

some solutions. We'll also talk about some

of the most common misconceptions

concerning food security and scarcity. So

continue reading if you're concerned about

the future of food.




If you examine the global food supply chain

more closely, you will see that there are

many potential failure points.

Natural disasters like floods or droughts, as

well as political and economic events like

war or crop failures can result in a food

scarcity. Food distribution or storage issues

may also be to blame.

Whatever the source, it's critical to realize

that a food shortage can have a major

negative impact on individuals and

communities all around the world.

We spoke of sustainable agriculture and

food security. One of the key causes of

hunger and food insecurity is climate

change. Three key factors influence how

much food is produced: the quality of the

soil, the amount of water that is accessible,

and the occurrence of harsh weather. Food

shortages can also be caused by natural

calamities like floods and droughts. They

have the power to ruin infrastructure, taint

water sources, and harm agriculture.

Food shortages frequently have multiple

causes, which often interact. As an

illustration, a drought can make water less


PAGE 06.

accessible for crops, while at the same

time, pests or diseases might harm the


Sustainable agriculture and food

security are clearly related. Agriculture

that is sustainable preserves the

environment and guarantees that

future generations will have access to

the same resources as we do now.

It's critical to keep in mind where our

food originates: the soil. And if we're

not careful, we might fail to safeguard

our land sufficiently for it to continue

producing the food we require in the

future. Because it helps us protect our

food supply for the foreseeable future,

sustainable agriculture is crucial.

Natural disasters and climate change

are the biggest contributors to food

shortages. Extreme weather is being

brought on by climate change, which

makes it challenging to raise crops.

Flooding and droughts, which can

destroy crops and disrupt food

supplies, are becoming increasingly


Hurricanes and earthquakes are

examples of natural catastrophes that

can harm crops and disrupt food

supplies. A shortage of food may result

from these catastrophes that also

affect manufacturing and distribution


Impact of Poverty on

Food Shortages

Poverty is one of the

main reasons behind

food shortages. People

who are having trouble

making ends meet

frequently lack the

funds to purchase

food. Families may go hungry as a result, and there may

eventually be food scarcity. Food shortages are impacted

by poverty as well. People who are struggling to survive

frequently have to decide between purchasing food and

other basics like clothing and medicine. This might result

in even more hunger and poverty.

Natural catastrophes like floods, droughts, and storms can

also contribute to food shortages in addition to poverty.

When these things happen, they can ruin crops and stop

the process of making food. As a result, there may

eventually be a lack of food and an increase in food prices.

Finally, armed war can result in food shortages. Food

access is frequently restricted while nations are at war.

This may make it difficult for relief agencies to provide

food to those in need, as well as encourage

agricultural damage and theft. Lack of food can

be caused by any one of these factors.

Food shortages can also be a result of poverty.

People who have trouble paying for meals can

also need extra money to purchase other items.

Businesses may close as a result, which would

result in employment losses. People may no

longer be able to purchase food if they lose their

work. So, a vicious cycle brought on by poverty

may result in a food shortage.

PAGE 07.

Violence and its Impact

Human Society

In a world where violence

can be the key to survival,

violence is a

significantissue globally

and has far-reaching effects

on those that experience it.

Certain types of violence

have been here for

decades, such as wars

between nations or

internal turmoil inside a

country. Now, individuals

have new means to commit

acts of violence against

others, which has made the

situation far worse.

When Violence is the Only

Option in a Violent Society

When living in a society

that is becoming more

violent, it may be tough to

come to terms with the

truth that violence is

sometimes the only option

to defend one's home and

family from potential


It is not something that

anybody especially enjoys

thinking about, yet there



treacherousareas in the

world where there truly is

no other option.

This, unfortunately, means

that those who are willing

to use violence as a tool of

survival are often rewarded

with more resources than

those who are not, creating

an unbalanced playing field

when it comes to basic

needs such as food, shelter,

and safety.

Individuals are forced to

choose between adhering

to their moral code and

looking out for their wellbeing

and the well-being of

their loved ones. As a result

of this unfortunate fact,

many people find

themselves in precarious


Impact of Violence on

Human Health

As a result of violence and



experiences, individuals,

families, and even whole

communities may have a

difficult time adapting to

new circumstances and finding a path to

healing. The effects of physical and

mental abuse may be particularly


The world we live in today is fueled by a

cycle of violence that is fueled by millions

of different sources, including reports of

violent acts in the news media, postings

on social media that encourage negative

behavior, or personal experiences in

which the line between right and wrong

becomes unclear or distorted.

In addition, the immediate costs of

violence can be extremely high. Not only

does it result in the loss of human lives,

but its long-term effects also result in an

annual cost of billions of dollars.

This cost is incurred not only directly

through increased costs for medical care

and lost productivity, but also indirectly

through the complex links between

psychological trauma, substance abuse,

homelessness, poverty, and other issues.

All of these considerations highlight both

the urgent need to discover answers and

our common commitment to work

together towards a better future. We

must find a way to make the world safer



PAGE 08.


In today's more linked world, acts of violence have the

potential to spread more quickly and have far-reaching

consequences, including psychological repercussions on

victims who are not responsible for the violence and the

physical devastation of towns or cities.

To understand how we may put an end to the cycle of

violence that permeates our society today, it is essential

to investigate its underlying origins, long-term

ramifications, and viable solutions. The solution is

anything but simple.

PAGE 09.





A Lot is Happening in the World, but there is a Way to Keep a Posive Mindset.

There are many crises in the world today, yet, there is sll a way to make a difference. We can learn to endure the changes if we do

what we can in our environments to create an acceptable and virtuous quality of life. Now I pose this queson. With all of the violence

in the world, the pandemics, the food shortages, and even supply shortages, climate change, and other catastrophic events

happening, what should we do to keep a posive mindset?



Learning to Accept the World We Live In

We must first accept that, as an individual, there's not much that one can do to

change the world. However, there is something that we can do for our immediate

environment. There is always negavity, but we can overcome that with posivity.

You may be thinking, “how can I be posive?” I have your answer. The first

step to being posive is accepng the situaon. Doing such will allow you more

freedom in your mindset. It also helps you let go of something that you can't

change. The next step would be to cast your worries aside and speak life. Don't

allow yourself to ponder on negavity. As long as you are doing that, you will

lose any opportunity of making a difference. You may be thinking, 'how can I

make a difference?'




PAGE 10.



Being a Light to the World

You can make a difference simply by being a

light to the world. What does it mean to be a

light to the world? Shining your light means

doing the things you like in a way that will inspire

others. For instance, there's a saying

that says to follow your dreams. But what if,

for all your life, you’ve desired to skate? How

can that dream turn into an inspiraon and

movaon for someone else? It can become

an inspiraon if you tackle that dream, take

acon, and use it to bring goodness to your

life. Live that life and show forth the blessings

of the Most High. However, I advise you to

choose something more producve if you desire

to make a difference in this world. Let's be

a light to the world by showing our virtuousness.

It's Simpler for the Individual

Let's live a life that shows the simplicity of life itself. Let’s inspire others

to let go of the complexity the world displays. The world doesn't

need violence; the world needs love. The world doesn't need more

jealousy, more hatred, more negavity. What it needs is more posivity.

Don't give up because the news shows the negavity of the

world 24/7. Get up and do something good. It could be taking care

of your family, tackling a new business idea, or giving sound advice

online. It could be anything that gives off posivity because you’ll set

an example for those around you if you make that your goal. As long

as they see you spreading virtuousness in this way, chances are

you’re making a difference. Posivity and goodness are contagious.

Connue to show those around you that it only takes a lile effort

and a clear mind to tackle what seems to be a difficult task. Make

this your goal and your achievement. If everyone took that mindset,

we could make a difference in our environment.

PAGE 11.




Read Books

I n s p i r i n g S e l f - H e l p B o o ks

H e a lt h & L i f e s t y l e B o o k s

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effecve People: Powerful Lessons

in Personal Change" by Stephen Covey If you're

looking for a book that will teach you how to be both

successful and happy in your personal and professional

life, look no further than "The 7 Habits of Highly

Effecve People." In it, Stephen Covey lays out seven

principles that will help you achieve anything you set

your mind. He urges readers to find their definion of

success and not compare themselves to others.

"Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good

Habits & Break Bad Ones" by James Clear If you

struggle with forming new habits or breaking old ones,

"Atomic Habits" by James Clear is a must-read. In it, he

lays out a simple framework for understanding and

changing your habits. He also offers helpful ps for

staying on track.

Whether you're looking to jump-start your fitness journey

or learn how to cook healthy meals, there's a book

for you on this list. The Happiness Project by Gretchen

Rubin is a must-read for anyone interested in happiness

and well-being. In Defense of Food by Michael

Pollan is a crical examinaon of the modern food industry.

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell is a

groundbreaking work that reveals the truth about nutrion

and health.

PAGE 12.



If you're looking for a light-hearted,

reflective read, these books are for you.

They explore different aspects of life and

can leave you feeling uplifted and

engaged. Read "The Book Thief" by

Markus Zusak or "The Sun Is Also a Star"

by Nicola Yoon.

Business Books

Before starng your own business,

you should read a few books. It's

important to learn the basics and

arm yourself with the tools and

strategies you need for success.

The first book on our list is How to

Win Friends & Influence People by

Dale Carnegie. Millions of people

have read this classic for a good

reason. It's packed with helpful ps

on how to make friends, win people

over and be a more effecve


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon

Hill is another must-read for

entrepreneurs. It's all about goal

seng and achieving success

through determinaon and

perseverance. Hill interviewed some

of America's wealthiest and most

successful people to get their

insights, so you can be sure you're

learning from the best.

Last but not least, Rich Dad Poor

Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki is

essenal reading for anyone who

wants to build wealth. This book

lays out a simple yet powerful

strategy for financial independence

that anyone can follow.




You should read How to Study the Bible by John

MacArthur. In this book, MacArthur guides you

through studying the Bible for yourself. He offers

praccal advice on how to get started, find the right

study tools, and make the most of your me spent in

God's Word. It would help if you also read Say

Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine. In this

book, Paine helps you break free from the mindset of

constantly being busy and stressed out. She offers

strategies for creang a margin in your life, dealing

with difficult emoons, and finding peace amid chaos.

Finally, you should read Desiring God by John Piper.

Piper encourages you to pursue God with all your

heart in this book. He explains why it's important to

delight in God's glory, what it means to be sasfied in

Him, and how to experience true joy in His presence.

PAGE 13.






C H I C K E N S O U P C H I C K E N & D U M P L I N G S L A M B C U R R Y

In the comfort of our homes, it's easy to forget

about healthy habits in the winter season, such as

jogging and exercise. That doesn’t mean we

should also neglect the internal health of our

bodies. As the weather hardens for the season,

you may consider substituting coffee and hot

chocolate for a few healthier tea options.

However, if you want to stay in good health with a

boosted immune system, here are three healthy

meals that will help you:

Gourmet Chicken Soup

Most people wouldn’t call chicken soup a gourmet

dish, but how it’s cooked determines that. The

trick rests in the kind of chicken you use and how

you decide to prepare the food.

First, you should use bone-in chicken thighs for

your soup. Leaving the bone in your chicken thighs

as they boil allows the nutrient-rich bone marrow

to seep into the broth. This will help fight the flu

and colds.

The next important thing to add to a chicken soup

is lots of vegetables. Celery, onions, carrots, peas,

and corn all help add nutrition to the soup. For

extra heartiness, you can add potatoes, as if

making stew.

For a gourmet flavor, wait until the soup is almost

ready, then make a roux with some extra virgin

olive oil, minced garlic, butter, and flour. Add

water to the roux, stir it into the pot, and watch it

thicken to a gloriously creamy texture. Adding a bit

of fancy vinegar (like balsamic or red wine) to the

food will set it off even more.

PAGE 14.








Not only is curry itself a gut-cleansing dish,

but lamb meat itself also has many healthy

qualities. Many of you reading this might

think, “Isn’t lamb just like beef? Last I

checked, hamburgers weren't on the list of

healthy food choices. How is lamb any

different?” And to that, I would say that

you are right and wrong—but mostly


Lamb and beef are similar regarding total

fat, calories, protein, vitamin, and mineral

content. Even so, lamb is ahead in terms of

brain and heart-healthy omega-3 fat

content—especially grass-fed lamb. It also

has a higher amount of a healthy fat called

CLA. This fat benefits cognitive,

cardiovascular, and metabolic health,

which is more than you can say about a


When making lamb stew, just as was said

with chicken, use a slice of meat cut with

the bone still in it for its health benefits.

Add stew vegetables for extra heartiness

and nutrition, and add minced garlic, olive

oil, turmeric, and black pepper.

These healthy soups and stews are

excellent comfort foods when you have a

cold or simply want to stay warm.




Chicken and dumplings is a hearty meal that

knows no boundaries when it comes to sasfying

a stomach in the winterme. The warmth and

soness of a dumpling against creamy, savory,

silky cream are enough to make one’s mouth water

just thinking about it.

Similar to the gourmet chicken soup, you’ll want

to use bone-in chicken thighs for this recipe.

Adding mixed vegetables always adds extra nutri-

on and flavor. For the last step, adding olive oil,

minced garlic, and a pinch of turmeric for color

will be the cherry on top.

PAGE 15.



Fall harvest is always very plenful, and if stored

properly, can last well into the winter months.

These cool months are perfect for making all

kinds of warm treats, spiced up with ginger and

nutmeg, cloves and honey, cinnamon and many

other spices. Pumpkins, squashes, sweet

potatoes, apples, certain grains, nuts, and other

foods make the perfect fall harvest list. And

having a pecan tree on or around your property is

a great bonus. Use your kitchen wisely and make

tasty treats that can be frozen and stored up for a

rainy-- or snowy day.










As stated before, there are all kinds of ways to use

the fall harvest. So we've compiled a list of our



Pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosng.

Buernut squash

A yams spin-off, with raisins, honey, cinnamon,

and a crumble topping.

Cushaw squash

Squash pie, similar to pumpkin pie and can use

the same recipe.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato pie, real candied yams, sweet

potato fries.


In either of the listed treats, but also in pecan pie.

Many of these fall ingredients can be processed

and frozen to make for easy food preparaon in

the future. Pumpkins, for example, can be peeled

and boiled. It’s best to use a cheesecloth to strain

off extra water for beer, denser pies. This same

process can be done for buernut squash, and

cushaw squash. These purees can be stored in

freezer bags and frozen for later!

Cooking and baking is just as

creave as you make it. So we

hope this arcle has sparked

some new creave ideas on how

you can use your fall harvest for

winter goodies.

PAGE 16.




Somemes, the only limits we face

are the limitaons we have created

in our own minds. Throughout life,

we create boundaries filled with the

things that make us feel

comfortable and safe. This comfort

zone is maintained by staying away

from things that are not familiar to

us. To call it our comfort zone is to

say that anything outside of it is

uncomfortable. It’s this frame of

thought that holds back the

progression of our aspiraons. With

proper planning and presence of

mind, even the most risky pursuits

can become the next success story.

Instead of being afraid of unfamiliar

ventures, to take calculated risks.

Plan for the worst, hope for the

best, prepare for your faith to be

put to the test. But most of all,

before taking any life altering steps

in your life, pray and seek for the

right choice for you. Instead of

boxing ourselves up in the box of

comfort created by fear, let’s reach

higher. Think outside of the box.

Limitaons We Create

Staying Safe Within Comfort Zones

Barriers That Box In Our Creavity

PAGE 17.

The Word

2 Samuel 7:28

"And now, O Yahuah, You are Elohim! Your words are true,

and You have promised this goodness to Your servant."

Hebrews 4:12-13

"For the word of Yah is quick, and powerful, and sharper than

any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of

soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner

of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Neither is there any

creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked

and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do."

Psalm 119:105

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

John 1:1

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Yah,

and the Word was Yah."

Isaiah 55:11

"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it

shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that

which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I

sent it."

Psalm 119:11

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin

against thee."

for her price is far above rubies. 11 The heart of her

husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need

of spoil. 12 She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. 13

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. 14 She is

like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar. 15 She riseth also while

it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a poron to her maidens. 16

She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a

vineyard. 17 She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.

18 She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night. 19 She

layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. 20 She stretcheth

out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy. 21 She

is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with

scarlet. 22 She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.

23 Her husband is known in the gates, when he sieth among the elders of the land.

24 She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

25 Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in me to come.

26 She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of

idleness. 28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth

her. 29 Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. 30 Favour is

deceiul, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

31 Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

Proverbs 31: 10-31

PAGE 18.

PAGE 19.

My yoke is easy, my burden’s light. We walk by faith, and not by sight.

My word is right, my word is pure. Make your walk an elecon sure.

If you walk upright and do not stray, your life in the Most High

will soar each day. Just see your victory and do not fear.

Just know that YAH is always near. You may not always see the silver line.

But count it all joy and you’ll be fine. This walk in the Most High can

be made with ease. Its elementary my child, just stay on your knees.

PAGE 20.

Everyday life is a learning

experience. Past struggles

and mistakes are reminders

to do beer and truly give

your life to the Most High.

If you are living today,

you know that life is an

ever changing phase

that we all must go

through. For some, life

represents abundance,

joy, happiness, peace, and

harmony. For others, life

represents pain, sorrow, fear,

uncertainty, anguish, hoslity,

doubt and suffering. Most of us are

somewhere in between, with life dealing

blows from both sides of the

coin. One thing for sure, at a certain

point in our lives, we all

become responsible for the

flow of our own lives.

If you take on the atude that

your life is not your own and

truly become a servant of the

Most High Yah, your life will reflect

truth and reality and not all of the

uncertainty that comes along with a

self guided life. This is why we must

choose to be humble enough to surrender

our lives to the Most High so that he

can do with us as He will. The flow of our

lives becomes weakened and challenged

when we allow ourselves to

be pulled in the wrong direcon.

Life can bring joy

or it can bring pain. It brings

sunshine or it brings rain. Life is uncertain

but yet it’s sure. It’s somemes

stagnated and somemes pure. Life brings

laughter or it brings tears. It can be long or a few

short years. Life carries burdens and somemes

ease. It carries health or sickness and disease. Life

has upsand ithas downs.Somemes you’llsmile,

somemes you’ll frown. Life brings victory or it

brings defeat. Because life is considered a

two way street. -Deborah Yah Yisrael

PAGE 21.

Lifestyle & health




Gardening is a great way to relax

and get healthier. But if you need

help figuring out where to start, it

can be overwhelming. That's why

I'm going to show you how I've

turned my ny yard into one of

the most beauful gardens ever!

This guide will help you discover

the best ways to garden with minimal


• Get started with seeds

• Re-pot your plants

• Learn about seasonality and

space requirements for your

favorite flowers.

• Start a garden journal to

know what worked best for

the me of year and


Pung Down Cardboard

Here's a p for the beginning

gardener: Use cardboard to create

a grid. You can use it to keep the

soil from washing away when the

rain comes or even as a frame

around your garden so that you

don't have to move anything

every me it rains (which is likely

to happen). The only downside is

that cardboard will decompose in

about six months, so you'll need

to replace it at least once a year.

Using cardboard boxes as a temporary

planter is also a great idea.

You can cut them in half and place

them on their sides with the open

ends facing up to place dirt inside

them. That will allow you to grow

seeds without worrying about

geng the soil ready before


Make a Grid

It's me to figure out how much

space you have in your plot and

start planning. Use a ruler or

standard-sized rake if you don't

have a measuring tape. You can

also find these at any hardware

store or garden center. Make sure

the grid is square (or some prefer

making rectangles instead). When

you're all finished, lay down some

thick plasc sheeng (or a tarp if

you don't have any). That will help

prevent weeds from growing up

between the rows and give your

plants somewhere to thrive. Then

lay down your newspaper and put

some mulch on top of that.

Try making your grid to make each

box as square as possible. You can

use a ruler to draw straight lines

and ensure they are all the same

size. When measuring the area of

each box, it's helpful to have something

large enough so that you can

PAGE 22.

Building of the Grid

If you're wondering how much space to leave between each grid unit, we recommend using a standard-sized rake

if you have one. This tool can measure the distance from each corner and adjust accordingly. The ideal spacing

for your plants will depend on the plant type and size. For example, tomatoes need more room than peppers or

basil. They grow roots bigger than other crops do, so if you have small containers that don't allow enough room

for the roots to grow freely (like clay pots), then it's best not to worry about this too much since most plants won't

be able to take up any extra space anyway.

Now that your grid is in place, it's me to fill the holes with soil. You can use a trowel or your hands to dig small

trenches along each line and then fill them with dirt. As you do this, ensure that you have enough soil in each box

so that there's room for plants as they grow over me (it takes at least two years before most flowers bloom).

Once everything is filled in and evenly around the garden bed, smooth out any bumps or crevices using an old

paintbrush or similar tool. It's also ideal not just to fill up all the boxes; but also to leave space between them.

That is so air can circulate through them, not geng trapped underfoot—this will help prevent rot from forming

on top of moist soil, which could lead to root diseases such as fungi gnats!

Adding Seeds or Planng In Your Garden

If you are using seeds, plant them at a depth of 3-4 mes the size of the actual seed you plant. If you are using

plants, make sure to water them regularly and keep them healthy by adding compost around the base of your

plant where it will be growing. If you have any gardening quesons, don't hesitate to reach out! We would love

to help you get started with your next project. If you're interested in learning more about gardening, we have a

lot of resources for you.

Start a Garden with Very Few Resources.

In the past, to start a garden with very few resources as possible, most people grew food and herbs in small gardens

outside their homes. They also grew flowers in pots on windowsills or terraces. Today, we have more opons

than ever: You can buy seeds online and grow them yourself! Indeed, you won’t be able to have a garden and

grow everything yourself, but if you have just enough space for one or two plants, you can start growing your food



We hope you've learned about starng a garden with few resources. We know this topic can be overwhelming,

but we want to help by giving you concrete steps. Your garden will be beauful!




PAGE 23.




I am a licensed cosmetologist

& the only loc cultivator with

over 20 years of experience.

Ahava Creation is a sustainable

community market, where we

lead people to a healthier more

sustainable way of living one

loc, product & service at a time.

The love I have for my culture &

sustainability, the desire I have

for sharing my knowledge & not

being able to find a place to

learn my craft are my

inspirations for putting Ahava

Creation together. We offer

natural & sustainable products

as well as Loc services & Loc

training workshops. I am truly

blessed in my gifts & absolutely

love what I do. Locs are my life

& I wish everyone had them.

Peace & Blessings

W W W . A H AVA - C R E AT I O N . S Q U A R E . S I T E

PAGE 24.




Black soap shampoo deep

cleanses the scalp. It has antibacterial,

anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory

properties. Which helps to

soothe irritation, nourish the

follicle, minimize dandruff & promote

hair thickening & hair growth.


Loc Conditioner helps to re-balance

hair and scalp pH levels. It

smooths hair cuticles, helps with

dandruff and itchy dry scalps. The

conditioner also adds natural

shine & softness.


Aloe Vera Juice is anti-inflammatory

and has probiotic properties. It’s

hydrating and soothing to the scalp

and hair.

PAGE 25.

You've just received your tax refund?

Congratulations! Now what?

Here are ten smart ways

to make the most of it.

1 0 S M A R T WAY S



Your tax refund is finally in, and

you're wondering what to do

with it. You could invest it in a

high-yield savings account or

consider buying a new car.

However, there are other, smarter


Here are ten smart ways to make

the most of your tax refund

• Invest it in a high-yield savings


• Use it to pay off high-interest debt.

• Invest in stocks or mutual funds.

• Invest in real estate.

• Start or contribute to a retirement


• Use it to buy a home or condo.

• Use it to pay for college tuition or other

education expenses.

• Buy a new car or home appliance.

• Treat yourself to a vacation or shopping


• Save it for a rainy day.

PAGE 26.

P a y d o w n d e p t

Using your tax refund to pay down

debt is a great way to improve your

financial situation. It can be tough to

make headway on your debt payments

when you're struggling to

make ends meet. But using your refund

to eliminate some of your debt

can make a big difference.

E m e r g e n c y F u n d

I f y o u d o n ' t h a v e a n e m e r g e n c y

f u n d , y o u r t a x r e f u n d c a n b e a

g r e a t w a y t o b u i l d o n e . C o n s i d e r

d e p o s i t i n g t h e m o n e y i n t o a s a v -

i n g s a c c o u n t t h a t o f f e r s a h i g h

y i e l d t o i m m e d i a t e l y e a r n i n t e r e s t

o n y o u r r e f u n d . D o i n g t h i s w i l l

h e l p y o u g r o w y o u r s a v i n g s s l o w l y

b u t s t e a d i l y .

R e t i r e m e n t p l a n

W i t h y o u r t a x r e f u n d , w h y n o t u s e

i t t o b e e f u p y o u r r e t i r e m e n t

f u n d ? J u s t t h i n k , t h a t e x t r a

m o n e y c o u l d b e t h e d i f f e r e n c e

b e t w e e n r e t i r i n g a t 6 5 o r 7 0 . A n d

t h e s o o n e r y o u s t a r t s a v i n g f o r

r e t i r e m e n t , t h e b e t t e r o f f y o u ' l l

b e . U s e t h i s t a x r e f u n d t o g e t

s t a r t e d .

U p d a t e y o u r h o m e

W i t h y o u r t a x r e f u n d , y o u c a n

u p g r a d e a n d u p d a t e y o u r h o m e

w i t h a f e w s i m p l e D I Y p r o j e c t s .

R e p a i r s a n d i m p r o v e m e n t s c a n

m a k e a b i g d i f f e r e n c e i n h o w y o u r

h o m e l o o k s a n d f e e l s . A l s o , y o u ' l l

s a v e o n e n e r g y b i l l s d o w n t h e

r o a d b y r e p l a c i n g a p p l i a n c e s a n d

f l o o r i n g .

S h o r t - t e r m s a v i n g s

I t m a y b e t e m p t i n g t o s p e n d y o u r

t a x r e f u n d a l l i n o n e g o , b u t t h e r e

a r e s o m e s h o r t - t e r m s a v i n g

o p p o r t u n i t i e s t o k e e p y o u a h e a d .

Y o u c o u l d u s e y o u r r e f u n d t o

m a k e a l u m p - s u m p a y m e n t

t o w a r d s r e n t o r m o r t g a g e

p a y m e n t s .





So, you have some smart

ways to make the most of

your tax refund. Just

remember, it's your

money, so you should use

it in a way that best suits

you. Hopefully, one of

these options has piqued

your interest, and you can

start putting your refund

to good use.

PAGE 27.



When you have a strong mindset

toward your business, you take

action and make things happen.

You're persistent and resilient in

the face of setbacks. Your business

will likely stall or fail if you

lack self-confidence and are reluctant

to take risks.


Entrepreneurs are resilient, determined,

and never afraid to

take risks. They can turn lemons

into lemonade, and see the silver

lining in every cloud. And they

have a thirst for knowledge -

they're always learning, growing,

and improving their skill-set.


If you want a business mindset,

you have to eliminate all the

negativity in your life. This includes

any self-doubt or negative

thoughts about your ability

to succeed. You need to start

seeing yourself as a successful









To achieve success, you need to have

the right business mindset. This

means believing in yourself and being

willing to work hard for what you want.

It also means being able to take risks

and learn from your failures. Don't be

afraid to take chances and don't worry

about failure.


See yourself in your mind's eye,

take actions that will lead to

your success. Believe it's possible;

you'll soon find yourself

taking those steps in real life.

Visualize yourself achieving

your goals each day.

methodsto maintain

It's important to have a clear

vision for your business and

surround yourself with positive

people who support you. Get

enough sleep, exercise, eat

healthy food, and make sure

you're taking care of yourself

physically and mentally.



PAGE 28.










In a nutshell

If you want to achieve your dreams, you must

change your mindset and take massive action.

You need to eliminate self-doubt and negativity

and start believing in yourself. You need to start

seeing yourself as a successful businessperson

and take action to make your dreams a reality.

PAGE 29.



Artist Names:

• Benjamin Asher

• Rebecca MarieYah

• Sophistic8ed

• Hannah Banks

• Alijeh Reik

• Ya’aqov’el







PAGE 30.




There are a lot of different

genres of music in the world,

and we enjoy a lot of them. In

our music journey, we ventured

to create songs in various

styles of music to expand

our skills. In this journey, we

have created an immense library,

and we would love to

share it with the world. We

care more about how our music

comes across to you than

the profit. We want recogni-

on for our skills and creavity

in music and hope to profit

from it. Our music library includes

songs you can use in

videos, movies, short films,

and much more! We have

made RnB instrumentals,

jazz, gospel, classical, cinemac,

chill-hop, hip-hop,

pop, and much more! We

have made remixes of popular

songs and even put our

own spin on old melodies. We

find it entertaining to do what

we do. We’d love to share it

with the world! We have considered

the idea of making a

group album featuring a mix

of all of our different-sounding




I was 13 years old when I started

making music tracks, and it

was a lile hobby— something

to do on the side aer

school. The music tracks I created

first--like any bedroom

producer--weren’t all that excing.

However, with all the

me and effort I put into improving

my skills, it began to be

pleasant making music more

than anything else. I had so

much fun making music that I

eventually grew my collecon

of songs.

Over me, people began to

show interest in using my music

in their producons, and I

was excited! However, I did not

believe my skills were enough

to create what they needed. But

with me and effort, the quality

of my music has improved since

I began my musical journey. My

music library has also grown a

lot over the past few years.

Now, I have a variety of

songs to share with the

world, and I may be

ready to drop an album

in the spring. Be on the

lookout for an album

someme during 2023.





The possibility of group projects

and personal is definitely

out in the air. We don’t have

the official date drop of our

music, but we hope in the next

year to have an album out

there. Some of us have also

considered the idea of making

a personal album. We would

feature instrumentals and

other surprises within each

possible album. Some may

even have vocals and

samples. Be on the lookout for

new music by the people

mentioned in this !

PAGE 31.


M U S I C I A N ‘ S


Music maers more than you know.

Among the billions of people, everyone

has individual preferences for the music

they listen to and enjoy. There are many

different styles of music in our world

today. With the turn of every generaon,

new ones connue to appear. Even so,

certain kinds of music have certain vibes

and are accepted in their era, earning a

place in me forever. Films and other media

that represent parcular periods tend

to use music associated with said mes to

set the right vibe.

Even outside the film industry, music is

used frequently with visuals. When arsts

drop a new hit, their followers can expect

that a music video will soon follow. The

music video, most mes, will have more

plays than the audio or artwork video on

a plaorm such as YouTube. With music

videos, the video aspect is just as important

as the song itself, if not more so.

Some are even more expensive to produce

than the actual song itself. That is

PAGE 32.

not to say that the video is

more important than the

song, but that the video promotes


So what happens when the

tables turn? What happens

when the video, the content,

and the message are more

important than the music


That’s where stock music

comes in. In the background

of commercial ads, promos,

creator content, etc., just

beyond our percepon of

style, there is this mass-produced

(as in quanty) and

under-produced (as in quality)

kind of music that is at

the right level of quality to

be acceptable but not overwhelming.

With the height of

media consumpon today,

the average person, every

day, sees around ten thousand

adversements. In

those ads, we hear this music,

which, for the most part,

is not as catchy as our favorite

songs are—which is by

design. The music isn’t to

take center stage but to accent

the video.

That is why stock music is so


Stock music captures an intended

vibe and helps to add

rhythm and pace to what

would otherwise be a sll

piece of media.

PAGE 33.


Increase Memory

When learning

an instrument, you increase

your ability to memorize things.

There is a vast amount of processing that

takes place in your brain when you’re

praccing an instrument, including

memorizing intricate paerns and sounds.

(This applies to listening to music as well).

Scienfic studies show that the thought

acons associated with listening to

and playing music, smulate

the brain and boosts


2. Relieve Stress

Listening to music

is known to relieve stress. When

you're sad, listening to something that

uplis your mood almost always

works. Imagine if you actually knew how

to play or make the music yourself!

When you're feeling down, wouldn't it

begreat to go and playyour favorite

songs with an instrument you’ve

learned to play?

3. Boost Creativity

We are all

creave to a certain extent,

yet could gain more by exploring our

own creavity. I'm sure lot's of us

can think of a me when creavity

was needed. Scienfic studies have

shown that, learning music can

increase your creavity.

Ready, set, explore.

“Music is the


of sound to

reach the

soul for the

educaon of

its virtue.”


We’ve shown you only a few

of the many benefits that come with

learning an instrument. Not only does learning an

instrument have beneficial qualities, listening to music can

achieve certain benefits as well. Lack of memory, lack of creativity

and stress are things that we are faced with often. There

are stressful situations that may may occur, times where you solely

rely on your memory and times where creativity is just not there.

Consequently, lots of us need a boost in those areas! Scientific studies

have shown that music can, indeed boost those areas. We have all experienced

that dull moment in situations where your memory have

failed you—or a time you needed to be creative, but lacked the ability

to do so, or a stressful situation that seems quite inescapable—that music

so conveniently fixed! Music holds many hidden surprises that are

still being discovered!

PAGE 34.

“Music washes away

from the soul the dust

of everyday life.”

-Berthold Auerbach

Put your talents

to good use!

Many people have talents

that they allow to go down

the drain. Somemes it's

because of the lack of

care. However, most mes

it's either doubt, or not

knowing what to do with it

that stops them.

What can I use my talents

for? How can I do

something profitable with

it? When and where do I


Let’s say, for years you’ve

known how to play an

instrument, but you were

idle with this skill because

you really had no real

courage to explore

opportunies in making

music. We encourage you

to seek out opportunies

fully! Connue to pracce.

Consider different ideas.

Put in me and effort.

Seek. Frequent quesons

will be answered next

me, only if you’re really

seeking to put your talents

to good use!


Do You Have Musical Talent?

Find Your Hidden Talent!

A hidden talent is simply a skill one has, but may not be aware of. It

can even refer to a skill that one doesn’t have yet, but can easily

achieve with much pracce. A lot of people have hidden talents --

known or unknown to them-- but these talents are hidden only

because of the lack of confidence to explore these skills. Hidden

talents are easy to find and release if you have the proper drive and

movaon. That's what most people lack. They go about life feeling

as if something, as common as, learning an instrument is impossible.

They don't consider the opportunies laid before them and will

simply blow it off as dreaming too big.

Here's where quesons come up. How do I know if I have hidden

musical talents and how can I find them? Simple. Start with the

music you like most... Explore the music you like, then listen to it.

Discover the instrument you like most, (sound, style, etc.) If you're

not sure, try sing in front of a piano and pressing away at the keys.

If you find that you like certain genres of music, sck with it! If you

like to sing, but lack the necessary singing confidence, pracce! Don’t

put yourself in a box to where you'll never explore and discover things

you actually might like. It's all about trying. It will only be as hard as

you make it. Some people catch on to certain skills quickly and have

just the right amount of paence to connue on. You could very well

be one of those people. You’ll never know unless you try.

PAGE 35.






Drums are a fun instrument to learn. They're one of the

most popular instruments and easy to play. You can use

them in almost any genre, including rock and jazz. Drummers

oen start playing drums by copying what they see

on TV or in movies, but this is oponal if you want to play

your style! A good teacher will help you develop a unique

tone based on what feels most comfortable (not just another

generic sound).


The harmonica is an instrument in blues music. It's

easy to learn and play; you can play it quickly if you

have some basic skills. You can also use it with other

instruments or by yourself, whether in a band or solo.

If you're looking for musical instruments that are

easy to learn but still have some depth of sound and

feeling, then the harmonica might be right up your alley!

The guitar is an easy instrument to

learn and one of the most popular. The

guitar is your best bet if you're looking

for something that can cover many

different genres of music. There are

many styles of guitar and sizes to

choose from when buying a guitar. You

have countless choices in terms of


• Gibson offers its line called Epiphone.

• Fender has its brand as well called


• Marn comes up with signature

models such as Special 20s. At the

same me, Taylor makes high-end

acousc guitars, such as acousc

dreadnoughts, which sell at higher

prices than other models yet remain

relavely affordable due to

their quality construcon compared

with other brands' offerings.

PAGE 36.




Banjo is one of the most popular and

easy instruments to learn, especially

if you're starng. It's a great instrument

with other instruments like

guitar or bass. It's also easy to play because

it has only three strings (doubling

up on two others in the middle), so

there aren't any complicated fingerings

like on a guitar or violin! That makes it

perfect for beginners who want something

simple but sll fun and versale

enough for anyone who wants their

first instrument!

The saxophone is a perfect choice if you

want a musical instrument that is

simple to learn and enjoyable to play.

Both experts and amateurs may play

this versale instrument. Due to its

wide range of variants and musical

styles, the saxophone is one of the most

well-liked musical instruments today.

There are several saxophones available,

including alto and tenor models. When

these two are together with other instruments

like violins or flutes, they

produce a disncve sound.

Violin is a great instrument to learn if

you want to play something easy to play

and not too expensive. You can find violins

in various sizes and styles, so

there's plenty of variety for everyone.

Violins are also relavely easy to play—

you don't need special training or talent

just by playing it once or twice! Virtually

anyone who picked up an instrument

can learn how to play the violin, including

children as young as seven (and

even adults).






PAGE 37.

Art of Life








PAGE 38.

PAGE 39.










PAGE 40.

PAGE 41.


Poems can be read individually or as a genre of literature. Poems communicate

feelings and ideas with a particular intensity through the use of a distinct style.

Sometimes I'm a reflection,

A shadow, an aura, a presence,

There is no connection,

Of me, there is no essence.

Longing of knowing,

No way to know,

Belonging to no one,

So long I say to my own.

No place to call home,

Not until my name is called,

No where that I am known,

Not even after I give my all.

Why must I be so far away?

Yet here in so many places,

I live, my heart here to stay,

Still searching out faces.

Will there be a care?

That is not ashamed to say,

My beloved, life's not fair,

But here I am to stay.

Not heard or ever seen,

Just a part of here or there,

An echo in minds of many,

A soul that drifts in the air..

- Invisble Me

Poem by Rebecca MarieYah

When I think of my blessings I say, He is


When He works and I’m resting I say, He

is good.

When I hear Him say no stressing I say,

He is good.

When He puts me through testing I say,

He is good.

When I am hurting inside I say, He is


Because His assuring words are so good.

When my vision is blurring I say, He is


Because He is turning my tears into something


He is good because my life is in His


He is good because my fight is only to


He is good because I lift not one finger.

He is good because His gift always lingers.

His goodness is in the purpose of our


Whether we live to do evil or His mercy


His goodness is displayed by His breathtaking


Whether He destroys or rebuilds a strong


So when I think of Him I automatically

say, He is good,

Because everything that He does is oh so


- He Is Good

Poem by Rebecca MarieYah

PAGE 40. 42.

It's Time

Take yo place King

Take your place King

king,... the thrown awaits

When will you tire of acting like peasants

And playing the role "INFERIOR"

Cause the time is now for you to Aspire…

To live out the truth that you are Superior!

You are walking mountains - yet

Mountain Movers! How do you

Not know your POWER!?

Do you not know OUR FATHER!?

He Who fuels and refuels us…

It is he Who has made you a TOWER!


nothing Will you truly gain,

STOP killing Your Brother's and disrespecting

our mothers For Hell you will

attain_______It's time

Take yo place king take your place king

KING!...The Throne Awaits!

I'm tired of crying from seeing you Die!...

With or without a knee on your neck

Cause, I expect kings to stand as kings,

With kings and kings keep kings in check

But it's hard when I see your Providence


Cause you'd rather be con's murderers

And thieves and the holiness about

You is that of a sieve from which I can

See pieces of your greatness leave.

- It’s Time

Poem by Natasha Robinson

Sometimes I'm a reflection,

A shadow, an aura, a presence,

There is no connection,

Of me, there is no essence.

A Storm has her wind,

And a Snowflake, her descend.

A Child has her twin,

And a Mother, her friend.

But what does the Silent have,

Other than a world come to an end?

A Hero plays with destiny,

And a Villain, with jealousy.

A Violin plays tragic melodies,

And a Piano, sorrow’s remedy.

But what does the Mind play,

Other than bittersweet memories.

Moments pass us by in phases,

And the melancholy hides their faces.

As the tears make their traces,

We find peace in our present places.

A delicate mind dreams Fragile Dreams,

As intricate as a crown of a Queen.

To imagine is to make the invisible Seen,

Like a King with great esteem.

A Hope and Dream reborn,

Never again to be torn.

Still as fragile as a child’s Heart.

A Fragile Dream, set apart.

- A Fragile Dream

Poem by SophiYah

PAGE 43.



H o w t o G e t I n v o lv e d

Nowadays, it seems like people are taking matters

into their own hands everywhere. More and more

of us are choosing to DIY, whether it's in the areas

of fashion, fitness, or beauty.

The trend toward doing things yourself has several

causes. We might desire to reduce our expenses

or have more control over the final output.

Perhaps we're sick of being told what to do, or we

lack the time or resources to hire an expert.

Regardless of the motivation, there has never

been a better time to join the DIY movement. The

fundamentals of the DIY movement and starting

point advice will be covered in this essay.


Since a few years ago, the DIY movement has grown.

Instead of hiring professionals to complete tasks,

people are more drawn to completing them themselves.

This tendency may have caught your attention

in your daily life, particularly when it comes to cooking,

gardening, and house repairs.

What fuels this trend? A few things are at play here:

People are searching for money-saving opportunities.

They're fed up with having to spend a lot of money on

things they can accomplish themselves.

Authorities are being viewed with increasing mistrust.

People want to make their own decisions rather than

being told what to do.

With DIY culture comes a feeling of empowerment.

When you do things yourself, you feel like you're in

control of your own life and destiny.

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The DIY movement has been

increasingly popular in recent

years for a variety of reasons. It

is a means of saving money, to

start. You don't need to employ

someone else to complete the

task if you can complete it


However, it goes beyond that.

Additionally, a feeling of

empowerment and control is

what people seek. They desire

control over their lives and

futures. They want to

understand how things function

and how to fix them if

something goes wrong.

DIY also emphasizes

connectedness to the

community. People enjoy

imparting their knowledge and

talents to others as much as

enjoying receiving them from

others. DIY enthusiasts have a

unique sense of kinship that you

won't find anyplace else.

The DIY movement is a

wonderful way to meet

individuals who share your

enthusiasm for making things

by hand as well as a great

method to save money.

When you undertake a DIY

project, you are doing more

than just doing it yourself.

Additionally, you're doing it for

the group of do-it-yourselfers

who share your enthusiasm for

handmade crafts. Being a part

of a group that recognizes your

passion and encourages your

artistic endeavors is a feeling

unlike any other.

Another excellent strategy to

save money is to do DIY

projects. You can cut the cost of

items purchased from stores by

50% or more by creating them

yourself. Additionally, DIY

projects can be modified to

meet your needs and

preferences, so you are not

stuck with things you don’t like.

Depending on the project you're working on, your tools will

change, but there are a few essenals that everyone should have.

For instance, you will require a saw, a measuring tape, and a hammer

if you intend to do any woodworking.

An electric drill, a screwdriver, and a set of wrenches are other

necessary DIY tools. Addionally, you should buy a power drill if

you're serious about starng a DIY project. These can greatly simplify

your life and enable you to do the task more quickly. Of

course, you'll occasionally require specialist tools for parcular assignments.

But everyone should have these fundamentals in their


The wonderful thing about

DIY is that you can make it as

easy or difficult as you

choose. You can get started

by attempting one of the

simple crafts we shared or

browsing online for ideas.

You might start branching out

and attempting more challenging

projects after you become

more accustomed to

the procedure.

The most important thing is

to enjoy yourself and not be

afraid to try new things. Don't

be scared to add your own

flair to things; the best DIY

projects are the ones that are

completely original to you.

Above all, don't be afraid to

use your imagination!

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The surprising health benefits of keeping tea in your daily diet.

When entering the cold and flu season,

everyone gets nervous about

catching the spreading of germs. You

start getting shots and taking pills in

the rush and panic of the season. In all

actuality, you should be asking questions

about prevention more time and

avoiding shots at all cost! What's

something I can add to my diet that

can boost my immune system for the

winter? Let's talk about healthier options

for prevention! If you're still

looking to avoid getting sick this winter,

you should definitely consider

drinking lots of water—Nope! Tea.

Something as simple as a cup, to 3

cups of tea a day should make noticeable

changes. Tea has plenty of varieties

and flavors, each possessing

their own unique benefits. Many scientific

studies have shown that tea

has numerous beneficial qualities that

will definitely make you reconsider

this option over taking pills and getting

shots. Tea has the ability to boost

your immune system, prevent heart

attacks, enhance the ability to burn

weight, help battle cancer, get rid of

colds and the flu, soothe the digestive

system and so much more! Not only

does tea have plenty of health benefits,

but it taste great!

How to Make the Perfect

Cup of Tea

For the best results when making teas, it's always a good idea not to put too much

heat on it. This could kill some of the beneficial nutrients. Ways to properly make

tea depend on what you are using to make your tea. If you are using dried leaves or

flowers, it is best to first boil the water, then steep the dried leaves and flowers for

about 10 to 15 minutes. When using roots, they should be grated or sliced thin and

boiled for about 10 minutes. When using powdered tea, just bring water just below

boiling point. As a sweetener, honey, sugar, or whatever sweetener fits you is good.

For a good flavor, add lemon juice or powdered vitamin C.

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Let’s face it. Without technology, many of us would be knocked back into the stone age. We would find

ourselves not knowing what to do and how to funcon. Many of our everyday acvies would become

difficult to manage and thus we’d have a hard me compleng them. Almost every area of our lives are

effected by technology, whether in the kitchen, at school, at work or even at the grocery store. Even

paying your bills require some type of connecon to some form of technology.

We have come to depend on technology in ways in which we could barely survive without it.

Transportaon is the kind of technology that we rarely think about because we see so many that have

cars. Cars have not always been around but most of us don’t even bother to think about how life was

before the invenon of the automobile. Without our transportaon we would literally be stranded at

our own homes. Many don’t miss having transportaon unl it is no longer available. Try making a

very necessary errand and not having the means to do so. Even holding the average factory job

would be difficult unless you worked in a town that just so happens to be within walking distance.

None the less, having a vehicle seems to be a necessity for those who want any quality of life.

How dependent are you on technology and what percentage of your daily funcons require

the use of some sort of it. If you are more than 30% to 50% dependent on technology you

are in a very volale situaon if the power grid were to fail. This is definitely something

to take note of as we enter into a me of uncertainty with the world economy. Take

the internet for example. Without the internet, most of us would be like lifeless

zombies. We wouldn’t know how to funcon in our everyday lives much less

being able to navigate through this world of forced compromise.

Is it even possible to wean ourselves completely off of technology?

It covers such a wide spectrum and effects so many areas of

our lives. Why I do believe that it is possible to wean

yourself off of some of the bells and whistles of

technology, but I don’t see how it is possible

to completely fall off of the

technological grid unless your

want to live a hermied,

very meager



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Meet the

Virtue vibe


Rebecca - Editor is a young entrepreneur

who has other ventures in music, graphics design, art, writing

and much more. Even though she is quite new to this, she was

raised on the idea of owning her own business, or being a part

of a family business. Her desire is to not only earn a living off of

what she does, but inspire others by being a light to the world.

SophiYah - Editor

is a young writer, musician, artist, and entrepreneur who is constantly

looking for ways to be a light on this dark world. She is

an active member of the Virtue Vibe Team.

Jacob - Editor

is a video editor, photographer, filmmaker, publisher, artist, and

entrepreneur. He wants to spread truth to the world through film

and publications. He is an active member of the Virtue Vibe


Deborah - Consultant

is an author, educator, historian, commentator, independent

film producer, editor, graphics designer, writer and poet,

farmer, mother, wife, daughter of Zion, and much more.

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