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Midterm Review Images


• 20 Multiple Choice– Choose the answer to the question(s)

/statement(s) about the image provided by selecting the

correct Response from four options. (1 point each, 20

points): 1 minute each

• 5 Significant Identifications – Provide title, date, medium

(location if architecture: city and country) and style and

describe important aspects of the work, its composition ,

its style and its symbolism (10 points each, 50 points): 5

minutes each

• 1Compare/Contrast – Provide title, date, medium (location

if architecture: city and country) and style . Compare and

contrast the presented works through themes, use,

composition, symbolism, artistic styles, artistic intent, etc.

(20 points):15 minutes

• 1 Unknown– Relate the unknown art/architectural work

shown to an image from your study list (Provide title, date,

medium (location if architecture: city and country) and

style ) and discuss how you came to your conclusion. (10

points): 5 minutes


+/- 1,000 Years

Hall of Bulls-Lascaux Cave, Paint on Limestone, 15,000-10,000 BC

Chinese Horse-Lascaux Cave, Paint on Limestone, 15,000-13,000 BC

Rhinoceros, Wounded Man and Disemboweled Bison-Lascaux Cave, Paint on Limestone,

15,000-13,000 BC

Spotted Horse and Negative Hand Imprints, Paint on Limestone, Pech-Merle Caves, France,

15,000-10,000 BC

Feline Headed Human, Mammoth Ivory, c. 30,000-28,000 BC

Venus of Willendorf (Woman of Willendorf), Limestone, 22,000-21,000 BC


+/- 1,000 Years

Landscape with Volcanic Eruption (Hasan Dag), Wall Painting, c. 6150 BC

Great Stone Tower, Moat and Settlement Wall of Jericho, Jericho-West Bank, c. 8,000-7,000


Interior-Newgrange Passage Grave, County Meath-Ireland, c. 3100 BC

Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain-England, 3,000-1,800 BC

Ancient Near East

+/- 100 Years

Standard of Ur, Wood Inlaid with Shell, Lapis Lazuli and Red Limestone, c. 2600 BC

Head of an Akkadian Ruler, Copper, c. 2250-2200 BC

Victory Stele of Naram-Sin, Pink sandstone, c. 2254-2218 BC

Ziggurat at Ur, Ur-Iraq, c. 2100 BC

Stele with Law Code of Hammurabi, Basalt, c. 1780 BC

Lamassu from the Citadel of Sargon II, Limestone, c. 720-705 BC

Ashurnasirpal II Killing Lions, Gypsum relief, c. 875-860 BC

Ishtar Gate, Babylon-Iraq, c. 575 BC

Royal Audience Hall (Apadana) of Persepolis, Persepolis-Iran, c. 518 BC

Triumph of Shapur I over Valerian, Rock-Cut Relief, c. 260 AD

Ancient Egypt

+/- 100 Years

Catfish = “Nar”

Chisel = “Mr”

Palette of King Narmer, Slate, 3000-2920 BC

Imhotep, Stepped Pyramid of Djoser, Saqqara-Egypt, c. 2630 BC

Great Pyramids of Giza (Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu), Giza-Egypt, c. 2550-2460

Khafre, Diorite, Gizeh Valley-Temple of Khafre-Egypt, c. 2520-2594 BC

Menkaure and Queen, Graywacke, c. 2490-2472 BC

Seated Scribe, Painted Limestone, c. 2450-2350 BC

Hatshepsut Kneeling with Offering Jars, Red Granite, c. 1473-1458 BC

Temple of Ramesses II, Abu Simbel-Egypt, c. 1290-1224 BC

Hypostyle Hall at the Great Temple of Amun-Re, Karnak-Egypt, c. 1290-1224 BC

Fowling Scene from the Tomb of Nebamun, Dry Fresco, c. 1400-1350 BC

Akhenaton, Sandstone, c. 1353-1335 BC

Thutmose, Nefertiti, Painted Limestone, c. 1353-1335 BC

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Three Daughters, Limestone, c. 1353-1335 BC

Innermost Coffin of Tutankhamun, Gold with Inlay of Enamel and Semiprecious Stones,

Thebes-Egypt, c. 1323 BC

Last Judgment of Hu-Nefer, Painted Papyrus Scroll, c. 1290-1280 BC


+/- 100 Years

Palace at Knossos, Knossos-Crete, c. 1700-1380 BC

Stairwell in the Residential Quarter of the Palace of Knossos, Crete-Greece, c. 1700-1400 BC

Bull-Leaping, Fresco, c. 1450-1400 BC

Harvester Vase, Steatite, c. 1500 BC

Snake Goddess, Faience, c. 1600 BC


+/- 100 Years

Lion Gate, Mycenae-Greece, c. 1300-1250 BC

“Treasury of Atreus”, Mycenae-Greece, c. 1330 BC

Funerary Mask (“Mask of Agamemnon”), Beaten Gold, c. 1600-1500 BC

Warrior Krater, Ceramic, c. 1200 BC

Archaic Greece

+/- 100 Years

Kouros, Marble, c. 600 BC

Kroisos, Marble, Anavysos-Greece, c. 530 BC

Peplos Kore, Marble, Acropolis, Athens-Greece, c. 530 BC

Kore, Marble, Acropolis, Athens-Greece, c. 520-510 BC

Temple of Hera I, Paestum-Italy, c. 550 BC

Exekias, Achilles Killing Penthesilia, Attic Black-Figure Amphora, c. 540-530 BC

Exekias, Achilles and Ajax Playing a Dice Game, Attic Black-Figure Amphora, c. 540-530BC

Euphronios, Herakles Wrestling Antaios, Attic Red-Figure Calyx Krater, c. 510 BC

Warriors from the Temple of Aphaia, Marble, c. 500-490 BC

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