Phoenix Zones Initiative 2022 Annual Report

Phoenix Zones Initiative's 2022 annual report

Phoenix Zones Initiative's 2022 annual report


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<strong>2022</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong>


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IMPACT<br />

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Dear Friends,<br />

What a year! This moment in time has proven how much each person<br />

can make a difference. In <strong>2022</strong>, our supporters, team, and partners<br />

have given us the momentum and insight needed to steadfastly<br />

advance our work on behalf of people, animals, and the planet.<br />

Dr. Nik Kulkarni and I co-founded <strong>Phoenix</strong> <strong>Zones</strong> <strong>Initiative</strong> (PZI) after<br />

working around the globe and witnessing how certain policies and<br />

industries have driven the exploitation of vulnerable human and<br />

nonhuman populations, as well as climate change, hunger, chronic<br />

diseases, emerging infectious diseases, poverty, forced migration,<br />

and conflict. These threats increasingly endanger human and<br />

nonhuman beings.<br />

We also witnessed the power of resilience—how people and animals<br />

can heal in healthy environments. I wrote about this phenomenon in<br />

<strong>Phoenix</strong> <strong>Zones</strong>: Where Strength Is Born and Resilience Lives, a book<br />

named after places where individuals and communities can rise and<br />

thrive—like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes.<br />

With the help of key partners, we launched PZI in 2019 to advance the<br />

interdependent rights, health, and wellbeing of humans, other<br />

animals, and the planet, and to fuel the creation of more <strong>Phoenix</strong><br />

<strong>Zones</strong>.<br />

With the extraordinary generosity of our donors, PZI has continued<br />

to leverage medical and public health expertise to solve problems for<br />

people, animals, and the planet. In <strong>2022</strong>, from Washington, DC, to the<br />

United Nations, PZI worked to advance social, economic, and<br />

environmental policies to uplift the most vulnerable.<br />

Our work focused on preventing the next pandemic; creating a<br />

healthier and more just food system; transforming medical research<br />

so that it protects and benefits people and animals; and inspiring<br />

sustainable development and public health interventions that<br />

recognize the interdependent needs of people, animals, and the<br />

planet.<br />


Hope Ferdowsian, MD, MPH<br />

President<br />

Nik Kulkarni, MD<br />

Vice President<br />

Kavita Rajasekhar, MD, MPH<br />

Secretary<br />

Sonia Silva, MPA<br />

Treasurer<br />

John Gluck, PhD<br />

“Both Hope and Nik bring tremendous<br />

scholarship, wisdom, and compassion to<br />

PZI. . . . In exposing the root causes of<br />

different forms of violence and oppression,<br />

PZI identifies the systemic changes necessary<br />

to improve the lives of humans, animals, and<br />

the planet. And this isn’t just theory. Over the<br />

relatively short period that PZI has been<br />

around, it has accomplished SO<br />

MUCH—editing special journal editions,<br />

hosting a webinar series featuring top-notch<br />

experts, offering trainings to groups of<br />

students, providing testimony to the World<br />

Health Organization, working on policy<br />

initiatives, and so much more. And through<br />

all of this, they have built a community of<br />

brilliant and caring individuals who will<br />

surely make ours a kinder, more just world.”<br />

~Dr. Alka Chandna<br />

We are truly grateful to everyone who has strengthened our efforts<br />

to provide global leadership; education and outreach to<br />

professionals, students, and advocates across six continents; and<br />

expert guidance and advocacy in international, national, and local<br />

forums. Your support makes local and global innovation—and<br />

progress—a reality.<br />

As we look ahead, we encourage you to invest in a world of <strong>Phoenix</strong><br />

<strong>Zones</strong>.<br />

Thank you so much for standing with PZI, and we look forward to<br />

partnering with you in the years to come.<br />

With appreciation,<br />

Hope Ferdowsian, MD, MPH<br />



Led by physicians and an interdisciplinary team, <strong>Phoenix</strong> <strong>Zones</strong> <strong>Initiative</strong><br />

(PZI) advances the interdependent rights, health, and wellbeing of people,<br />

animals, and the planet through education, research, and advocacy.<br />


We envision a world that protects the most vulnerable and that enables<br />

people, animals, and the planet to thrive.<br />


We ground our work in a Just One Health approach, placing justice,<br />

prevention, and the links between people, animals, and the planet at the<br />

heart of policy, research, and practice. We envision that policies and<br />

practices can become more socially and ecologically just, and that they can<br />

uplift the most vulnerable.<br />


PZI’s IMPACT<br />

across seven continents<br />

Influenced changes in<br />

international and<br />

national policy.<br />

Helped teach the next<br />

generation and today’s<br />

leaders to be more<br />

effective advocates.<br />

Brought world-renowned<br />

leaders and experts to the<br />

conversation.<br />

Appeared on podcasts with<br />

a combined estimated reach<br />

of 957,602 followers.<br />

Published academic papers<br />

and editorials in international<br />

journals and magazines with<br />

a combined estimated reach<br />

of more than 53 million.<br />

Partnered with over 150<br />

organizations worldwide<br />

through coalitions and<br />

alliances.<br />

Served as a voice for<br />

people, animals, and the<br />

planet in international<br />

forums.<br />

4<br />


A YEAR<br />

IN FOCUS<br />

Advanced our initiative to transform medical<br />

research by hosting a simulcast expert panel<br />

that drew more than 500 registrants and a<br />

message from Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE,<br />

Messenger of Peace.<br />

As an accredited organization of the UN<br />

Environment Program, worked with coalitions<br />

to advance an international pandemic<br />

prevention treaty and ethical, sustainable<br />

development policies that benefit people and<br />

animals.<br />

Published our international coalition’s<br />

paper on why a US high-level office for<br />

children is critical for children’s rights,<br />

health, and wellbeing, while supporting<br />

the Children's Act for Responsible<br />

Employment and Farm Safety (CARE Act).<br />

Pushed for a prevention- and<br />

justice-centered (Just One Health)<br />

approach to the One Health Joint Plan<br />

of Action launched by the UN<br />

Environment Program, the World<br />

Health Organization, the UN Food and<br />

Agriculture Organization, and the<br />

World Organization for Animal Health.<br />

Published an open letter to the World Health<br />

Organization, signed by a community of<br />

medical and public health experts, calling for<br />

a justice-centered international pandemic<br />

prevention treaty.<br />

Provided expertise to the UN<br />

High-Level Political Forum on<br />

Sustainable Development on<br />

the need for the Sustainable<br />

Development Goals to prioritize<br />

the interdependent rights,<br />

health, and wellbeing of people,<br />

animals, and the planet.<br />


Presented powerful support for a Just One<br />

Health approach in an international public<br />

service announcement and launched a free<br />

teaching guide on ecological justice and a<br />

right to health for undergraduate and<br />

graduate faculty and students.<br />

Mobilized supporters to urge legislators<br />

to pass the FDA Modernization Act to<br />

end the Depression-level requirement<br />

for drug developers to use animal<br />

testing instead of more ethical and<br />

effective research methods.<br />

Provided public education and professional<br />

trainings on how we can advance<br />

evidence-based, modern, ethical research<br />

founded on primary prevention, justice, and<br />

the interdependent connections between the<br />

treatment of people and animals.<br />

Offered a training program on how<br />

public policies, institutions, and practices<br />

could become more socially,<br />

environmentally, and economically just,<br />

and promote optimal health and<br />

wellbeing for people, animals, and the<br />

planet.<br />

Addressed UN member states on the nexus<br />

between sustainable development, human<br />

rights, and animal protection.<br />

Celebrated the victory of helping the FDA<br />

Modernization Act pass the US House and<br />

Senate to make its way to President Biden’s<br />

desk.<br />



Throughout the year, PZI worked to ensure that<br />

international, national, and local policies abide<br />

by principles that advance the right to health<br />

and protect people, animals, and the<br />

environment from exploitation—especially in<br />

publicly funded activities such as food policy,<br />

medical research, public health priorities, and<br />

international development.<br />

Working in coalition with international<br />

partners, PZI fought to influence change—from<br />

our groundbreaking expert panel in May and<br />

our training program in November, to key<br />

publications and speaking engagements<br />

throughout the year outlining why and how we<br />

need to center ecological justice and the right<br />

to health, to our work with UN bodies to<br />

influence international policy such as the<br />

sound implementation of the Sustainable<br />

Development Goals and the global adoption of<br />

a pandemic prevention treaty.<br />

In testimony to UN bodies and member<br />

states, PZI continued to highlight the need to<br />

stop ecosystem degradation, habitat loss and<br />

fragmentation, biodiversity loss,<br />

encroachment into wildlife habitats, the<br />

commercial trade in wild animals, and<br />

intensive animal farming—all of which<br />

increase the risk of emerging infectious<br />

disease outbreaks and harm human and<br />

animal health in other ways.<br />

PZI also provided resources to inform faculty,<br />

students, and the public, and to enable them<br />

to better advocate for change. And PZI<br />

continued to engage with medical, public<br />

health, and legal professionals via invited<br />

talks to encourage them to show leadership<br />

using a Just One Health approach.<br />

PZI’s open letter from the medical and public<br />

health community to the World Health<br />

Organization on the need for a justice-centered<br />

pandemic prevention treaty garnered the<br />

support of more than 100 leaders from some<br />

of the largest and most influential public health<br />

organizations. PZI’s president, Dr. Hope<br />

Ferdowsian, highlighted the letter in testimony<br />

to the World Health Organization. PZI also<br />

welcomed a conceptual zero draft of a legally<br />

binding pandemic prevention instrument that<br />

reflected many of the elements PZI has<br />

advanced. And we continue to fight for an even<br />

better treaty.<br />

It will soon be a year since I became aware of<br />

<strong>Phoenix</strong> <strong>Zones</strong> <strong>Initiative</strong> (PZI) and in that time,<br />

they've grown to become my favorite organization …<br />

Protecting the vulnerable and interdependency are<br />

their clarion calls. There have been two four-week<br />

seminars regarding this [issue]; each was attended<br />

by people actively working in this field; I felt<br />

welcomed at these forums and thus experienced PZI<br />

walking the Just One Health talk with its emphasis<br />

on inclusivity, rights, and justice.<br />

~ Risa Mandell<br />



PZI began the year by hosting a revolutionary<br />

expert panel in January, followed by key<br />

publications throughout the year outlining why<br />

and how we need to shift to a more ethical,<br />

modern research system.<br />

PZI mobilized the public to urge members of<br />

Congress to support the FDA Modernization Act<br />

to end Depression-era animal testing<br />

requirements for drug developers. PZI also<br />

offered innovative training and education<br />

programs that enabled professionals and<br />

advocates to take meaningful action.<br />

PZI’s president, Dr. Hope Ferdowsian,<br />

submitted Congressional testimony on the<br />

importance of encouraging scientific and<br />

ethical innovation to improve the lives of<br />

patients and to save animals from unethical<br />

and ineffective experiments. She and other<br />

leaders in medicine, public health, ethics, and<br />

the sciences called upon the president of the<br />

National Academy of Sciences to redirect a<br />

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering,<br />

and Medicine committee on primate research<br />

to its original mandate from Congress, its<br />

obligations to the public, and its promise of<br />

independent objectivity.<br />

Public education campaigns helped mobilize a<br />

groundswell of support for key legislation and<br />

funding shifts, while PZI continued to build a<br />

network of interdisciplinary experts in<br />

medicine, the sciences, law, and other fields to<br />

create a roadmap toward<br />

• a more ethical and just research<br />

paradigm;<br />

• improved standards in academic<br />

research and publication standards;<br />

• more innovative and ethical education,<br />

training, and career pathways and<br />

pipelines; and<br />

• more modernization and innovation<br />

that protect and benefit people and<br />

animals.<br />

By the end of the year, the FDA Modernization<br />

Act passed the US House and Senate to make<br />

its way to President Biden’s desk to be signed<br />

into law.<br />

The progress made in <strong>2022</strong> sets the stage for<br />

more meaningful advancements in 2023 and<br />

the years to come.<br />



Because of partners like you, PZI received critical support in 2020, 2021, and <strong>2022</strong> as part of a growing call for<br />

transformational change.<br />

In <strong>2022</strong>, PZI made strategic investments and changes to remain resilient and to ensure long-term sustainability<br />

as public support began to fluctuate following the onset of the pandemic.<br />

Our work is supported entirely through donations. Donors like you entrust PZI with your<br />

hard-earned dollars, and we promise to use every dollar to create the greatest impact possible.<br />

Thank you to the Carroll Petrie Foundation, the William and Charlotte Parks Foundation, the Lush Charity Pot,<br />

and to individuals like you for your generous support.<br />

2020<br />

2021<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />


Individual donations<br />

Foundation support<br />

Total Revenue<br />

$256,439<br />

$256,439<br />

$222,860<br />

$29,250<br />

$252,110<br />

$115,891<br />

$124,200<br />

$240,091<br />


Programs<br />

Fundraising<br />

General operation<br />

Total Expenses<br />

$129,558<br />

$1,499<br />

$3,478<br />

$134,535<br />

$209,370<br />

$20,502<br />

$8,846<br />

$238,718<br />

$152,514<br />

$15,532<br />

$6,083<br />

$174,129<br />


$133,717<br />

$147,109<br />

$213,071<br />

“I’m proud to support PZI because you have guts, wisdom, and a plan to effect positive<br />

change in how we treat each other, all animals, and our beautiful planet so that we can<br />

all thrive together." ~ Sarah Speare<br />

You can show your continued solidarity with our movement by exploring all the ways to give to PZI,<br />

including:<br />

• Online donations through our website<br />

• A check mailed to <strong>Phoenix</strong> <strong>Zones</strong> <strong>Initiative</strong>, 13170-B Central Avenue SE, PMB 385,<br />

Albuquerque, NM 87123-5588<br />

• Donor Advised Fund (DAF) grants initiated by contacting your grant administrator<br />

• Memorial or Tribute gifts<br />

• Legacy Gifts by naming PZI as a beneficiary of your estate plan<br />

To learn more, visit: https://phoenixzonesinitiative.org/donate<br />

Every donation makes a difference.<br />



At PZI, we ground all our work in a Just One Health approach. Just One Health places justice, primary<br />

prevention, and the connections between people, animals, and the planet at the heart of global and<br />

local policy, research, and practice. Just One Health builds on a One Health framework and recognizes<br />

that humans and other animals have rights, including rights to self-determination, and rights against<br />

abuse and exploitation.<br />

If businesses and governments, and all our systems—health, education, economic, legal, political, and<br />

more—used a Just One Health framework as the foundation for all policies and practices, we could<br />

mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis, prevent future pandemics, and center the needs of the most<br />

vulnerable so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.<br />

That’s why, in the years to come, we will continue to advocate for national and international policies,<br />

funding mechanisms, and economic frameworks that advance the right to health and justice for<br />

people and animals. Through an emphasis on primary prevention, we will continue to advocate for<br />

medical, public health, and research frameworks that address structural inequities and factors that<br />

impact health and wellbeing.<br />

"PZI leverages science, data, and facts to educate and advocate for a One Health approach. It has an<br />

innovative pipeline of projects that can help us build social, governmental, and economic systems rooted<br />

in a One Health approach. I strongly support PZI." ~ Nilang Gor<br />


PZI has continued to lead the way to create a better tomorrow. Our vision is grounded in<br />

meeting the needs of the most vulnerable human and nonhuman individuals, populations,<br />

and communities.<br />

As part of a commitment to a Just One Health approach, many of our efforts focus on children<br />

and animals, who belong to two of the most vulnerable groups in the world. A failure to<br />

adequately recognize their needs and rights in international frameworks, national and local<br />

policies, and everyday practice leads to widespread abuse and exploitation.<br />

Since the most vulnerable are usually the first and last to be exploited, they are where we place<br />

our focus—while also recognizing their agency. If the most vulnerable thrive, the rest of us can<br />

too.<br />


13170-B Central Avenue SE, PMB 385, Albuquerque, NM 87123-5588<br />

505.269.1200 | phoenixzonesinitiative.org<br />

<strong>Phoenix</strong> <strong>Zones</strong> <strong>Initiative</strong> is a 501(c)(3) public charity, Tax ID 84-2337171.<br />

© <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Phoenix</strong> <strong>Zones</strong> <strong>Initiative</strong>. All rights reserved.

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