2022/2023 Marriage Meander KZN - Wedding Planning Magazine

Wedding planning magazine especially for the KwaZulu-Natal bride to help you plan all the elements of your celebration, inclusive of a directory of approved wedding venues and suppliers across KZN.

Wedding planning magazine especially for the KwaZulu-Natal bride to help you plan all the elements of your celebration, inclusive of a directory of approved wedding venues and suppliers across KZN.


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ISSUE 14 | 2022–2023




P L A N N I N G 1 0 1



Your guide to finding the

perfect setting in KwaZulu-Natal

to tie the knot

Our wedding pros share

their top tips, global trends,

and style advice

Find trusted and talented

service providers in

our wedding directory



Note from the Editor


Publisher’s Details


Off to a Great Start

Wedding planning wisdom: Our 15 top tips | 6

Your last flamingle while you’re still single | 11

Your money matters | 14

Wedding budget breakdown | 16


I Do

Planning your wedding ceremony | 19

Live streaming your ceremony | 20

Legally speaking | 21



How to pick the perfect wedding venue | 25

Venue information | 28

How to make an outdoor wedding work for you | 35



Choosing the best catering partner | 40

Questions to ask your baker | 43

10 Cake trends to look out for in 2023 | 44


The Write Style

Wedding stationery trends to wow your guests | 47

Stationery timelines | 50

Pro insight: Gift registry | 50


All Dressed Up

Wedding dress trends 2023 | 58

The groom’s game plan for getting ready | 67


Setting the Scene

How to pick your wedding colour palette | 71

The rise of the wedding lounge | 76

Planning your wedding lighting | 78

Floral FAQ for brides | 80


Photo & Film

Your photo poses cheat sheet | 83

Choosing the right photo & film team for you | 88

Your wedding day timing guide | 90



How to create a sensational soundtrack for your wedding | 95

40 Song suggestions for your first dance | 98



The perfect honeymoon: Our top 10 tips | 101

Your honeymoon essentials packing list | 106


Advertisers’ index


Parting words


Hair & Make-up

9 Wedding make-up tips every bride should know | 53





The question was asked. The answer was yes. Congratulations, you’re

engaged! Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will tell you that it

marks the start of a busy but thrilling journey.

So, where to begin? Well, right here amidst the pages of

the 2023 Marriage Meander publication, of course! Our

wedding planning magazine is designed to educate and

inspire. We share valuable insights and tips to make your

planning that much more fun and efficient. All the

weddings featured in our magazine tell the love stories

of local brides and grooms, just like you.

The Marriage Meander publication and website serve as

a directory for some of KwaZulu-Natal’s most talented

and trusted wedding professionals and some of the

country’s most spectacular wedding venues and

honeymoon destinations. You can source your entire

wedding dream team right here within the Marriage

Meander portfolio!

As you find yourselves at the start of your wedding

planning journey, may I encourage you to do these three


1. Don’t rush through the stages

Yes, you are excited about becoming a Mrs

(#totesnormal) but you are only a fiancée for a

short while. Savour your last days of being a Miss.

3. Have fun

If planning your wedding doesn’t feel fun, ask

yourself why. Are you too busy? Are you paralysed

by too many choices? Are you afraid to disappoint

others with your choices? Yes, life is going to get

busy during this season and there are bound to be

days when you are just too tired to work on your

seating plan. But this should be a time of joy and

excitement! I would love to connect you with a

supportive, skilled and enthusiastic team to help

remove some of the roadblocks so that you can

enjoy all the stages leading up to your big day.

Remember, as long as love is at the centre of your

celebrations, everything else will fall into place.

Enjoy your planning—and most importantly, your happily

ever after.



2. Do some big picture dreaming

Don’t get so consumed with planning your wedding

day that you forget to talk about Life. After. The.

Wedding. Day. Chat to your significant other about

what you want your life to look like as a married

couple. What’s on your Bucket List? What are your

personal goals and ambitions, and how will you

support one another to achieve them?

PS For regular wedding inspo, follow Marriage Meander

on Facebook and Instagram. And sign up for our

Welcome Bride email series to receive our free wedding

planning printables and a weekly dose of wedding

planning wisdom!





Jacqui Neumann


Karen Schmidt


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Bailee Guy Weddings


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however, dependent on the information supplied to us by

our advertisers and to this end, we cannot accept

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has been received and the magazine has been published.


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rights reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is

forbidden without written permission from the publisher.


Credit: NALA Photography










Congratulations on your engagement, lovebirds! What an exciting chapter you are about to embark on.

For some couples, planning a wedding is exhilarating and fun, while others find it daunting and

overwhelming. This article provides you with the bare bones of your Wedding Planning To Do List.

The key to making sure that you enjoy this time—in spite of the deluge of decisions and deadlines you will

be faced with—is getting organised. Give yourself ample time to plan and recruit the right team to help

you create the wedding of your dreams.

Here are 15 top tips to get your wedding planning off to a great start:

1. Do a ‘big picture’ brainstorm

Chat to your partner and agree on what you both

want your wedding to look like. Prioritise the details

that are most important to you and be willing to

make some compromises on the rest. Gather ideas

and inspiration from sources like Instagram,

Pinterest, or bridal sites but always stay true to your

personality, preferences and unique style! It is

important to have a good grasp on the design


Attending wedding

planning events, such as

the Love on the Lawn

wedding showcase hosted

by Marriage Meander, is a

really smart and effective

way to engage with a

number of service

providers in a single day.

You will leave feeling

inspired and informed—

and with a shortlist of

wedding venues and

suppliers for your own

special day!

aesthetic and overall feel you want to create at

your wedding before you start meeting with

potential suppliers.

2. Draw up a budget—and stick to it

Before you dive into your wedding planning, you

and your partner need to decide how much you are

prepared to spend on your day and establish who

else is contributing. Although it may be an awkward

topic to broach, these conversations need to

happen. Bear in mind that whilst your parents may

be willing to contribute, they may also be out of

touch with current wedding costs. Be open and

transparent about your anticipated expenses so

that all parties are on the same page. Once you’ve

determined your budget, stick to it!

3. Draft your guest list

It is important to iron out how many guests you will

be inviting to your wedding before you start setting

up site visits at potential wedding venues. Chat to

your other half and key family members to put

together a wish list of invitees and decide whether

to include ‘Plus Ones’ and kids. Now, more than ever

before, engaged couples should feel free to

envision the size wedding they have always

wanted—whether it be a large gathering of 300

guests, or a small, intimate gathering of your

nearest and dearest.

4. Create a wedding planning file

Get organised and consolidate all your thoughts,


Credits: Laura Jean Photography

ideas, lists and budgets in one place! To help you do

just that, Marriage Meander has created a Wedding

Planning Blueprint, which includes some lovely free

printables so that you can populate your wedding

planning file with all the checklists you need to stay

on track and tackle tasks like a pro. Sign up for our

email list and you’ll receive regular (free) downloads

of wedding planning wisdom.

5. Choose a date and secure your ceremony and

reception venues

Select a few possible dates for your wedding before

you start venue hunting. Depending on whether you

have guests flying in from afar, we recommend

sending your Save the Date at least six months

before your day to allow your guests to make the

necessary travel arrangements.

6. Book your marriage officer early

Your officiant is a key part of your ceremony as they

usher you into your union and set the tone for the

start of your marriage. Good people are hard to find

so do your research, obtain recommendations, and

ask the right questions such as, ‘Will you personalise

the service to our requirements?’ and ‘Are you

involved in obtaining a marriage license?’

7. Secure the services of a wedding planner

Don’t underestimate the value that a wedding

planner can add to your special day. A professional

planner can help you avoid making costly mistakes

and guide you in your selection of flowers and

décor. They will help you stay on top of deadlines so

that you can enjoy the lead-up to your celebration,

knowing that the details have been taken care of!


Even if you intend to oversee most of your

wedding day preparations, enlisting the

services of a day-of coordinator to oversee the

nitty gritty details on the day is definitely worth

considering! We have some fabulous planners

within the Marriage Meander portfolio if you are

looking for recommendations.

8. Book suppliers that make you feel at ease

When it comes to booking service providers, it’s a no

brainer that you want your team to be talented and

professional. But you also want to work with people

that you feel comfortable with, especially

considering that you will be spending a large part of

your wedding day with many of them. During your

research phase, arrange a coffee date or video call



Credit: Vix Photography

with your shortlist of suppliers to make sure that they

are the right fit for you.

9. Choose your wedding party wisely

The friends and family you invite to be part of your

wedding party will provide emotional and practical

support during the wedding planning journey, and

on your big day. When you and your partner chat

about how many people to include in your wedding

party, bear in mind the expenses associated with this

special responsibility. Also consider whether they are

capable of providing the support you need leading

up to your wedding, and if they are likely to play a

significant part in your married life going forward.

10. Read the small print

Before signing any contracts, make sure you read

and understand all the details including dates,

location, times, deposits, additional fees, colours,

quantities, cancellation clauses etc. Insist that all

services are accurately documented in your

contract so that both parties are on the same page.

A contract should outline what happens if either

party cancels, not just the client. Carefully read

policies pertaining to a change in the scope of the

service provided, which may result in the rate being

revised. This is standard practice in the wedding

industry but the onus is on you to familiarise yourself

with each supplier’s terms and conditions. For

example, if your catering quote is based on a

minimum of 100 guests but your final tally ends up at

60 guests, this may affect the catering fee per head.

11. The invitation process

Once you’ve got your date, venue and wedding

party buttoned up, it’s time to notify your broader

circle about your upcoming nuptials. In an

increasingly digital world, many couples are opting

for a digital invitation and RSVP process with

beautiful on-the-day stationery. Of course, if you

have the budget, a pretty paper invitation really

makes a statement and can be a precious keepsake

for your guests!

12. Prioritise your ceremony

Many couples put the majority of their focus on the

reception. But without the ceremony, there is no

reception. During the lead-up to your big day, set

aside time to gather your thoughts and put down in

black and white, the pledges, promises and

declarations of love you wish to express to your

beloved. Remember that your ceremony sets the

tone for the rest of the day.


Credit: Vix Photography

Credit: Bailee Guy Weddings

13. Build in some quality ’You time’

Most past brides will tell you that the

lead-up to the wedding day feels a lot

like a rollercoaster. Don’t let the

demands of your wedding

planning schedule rob you

of the joy of this season.

Build in some special

time for the two of you

to just be together.

Use this time to

connect and

do anything but talk

about wedding

plans. If possible,

take a week or at

least a few days off

work before your

wedding so that you

can tend to lastminute

details, and fit

in some pampering

appointments—like having

a massage, and getting your

nails done.

Katya Fedkina


Ruby Jean


14. Make your marriage the focus

Always stay focused on what is

most important. There are bound to

be things on your wedding day that

don’t go according to plan. Don’t let

them get you down. Nothing about a

wedding is as significant as the marriage

that follows. Your wedding is simply the first

chapter in your brand new adventure as

newlyweds! Enjoy. Every. Single. Moment.

15. Post-wedding admin

If you are heading off on honeymoon straight

after the wedding, arrange for friends or

family to return any rented items e.g. suits,

décor, vehicles etc. and take your dress for

cleaning. Make sure that you have organised

someone to feed your pets, water your plants

and take care of any other home-related

chores so that you can switch off and enjoy

every moment of your time away!

by Jacqui Neumann







The responsibility of planning a bachelorette

party typically falls on the Maid of Honour but

anyone in the bride tribe can fulfil the role—and

often the planning duties are shared by a few of

the bride’s nearest and dearest. The bride will

most likely designate the role of chief planner.


Yourlast Flamingle


Usually, it’s your bestie or a family member who heads up the planning for your bachelorette. I

recommend that at least one of your party planners should be Little Miss Organised as it doesn’t hurt to

have an organisational wizard tie all the loose ends together!

We have compiled the below planning checklist to help your bride tribe plan an event that’s memorable

for all the right reasons.

1. Plan an event that the bride will enjoy

This may be obvious but in case someone missed

the memo, your main priority is to plan a celebration

that the bride will love. You may be a dancing diva

and fancy the idea of a wild night out on the town,

but your bride friend may be way more excited

about an intimate pamper party with her girl friends.

Make sure you chat to the bride up front about what

kind of party she wants—and also what kind of party

she wants to avoid at all costs.

2. Draw up the guest list

Plan the guest list in conjunction with the bride as

she is the best person to guide you on who to

include. Make sure you have everyone’s names

(correctly spelt) and contact details in order to be

able to send invites and manage RSVPs.

3. Pick a location and date

Once you know what kind of event the bride has her

heart set on, and who needs to be invited to her



shindig, you are ready to discuss ideas for the venue

and date. A bachelorette party usually takes place

about two months before the wedding so that the

bride doesn't feel overbooked with pre-wedding

commitments right before her big day. You also

don’t want the bachelorette to be scheduled too far

in advance as you want the excitement from this

event to carry her through to her wedding day.

4. Set a budget

Talk to the invitees upfront to see how much they

are willing to spend. Normally, each guest pays her

own way, with the hostess, or bridal party, covering

the bride’s costs.

5. Secure accommodation, transport and suppliers

It’s a good idea to provisionally book your

accommodation and any other suppliers e.g.

caterers or entertainers before sending invites to

make sure that everything is in place before you

start receiving your RSVPs.

6. Create some hype

The best way to start creating some buzz around the

party is to send out a themed Save the Date with all

the event info. The talented stationers in our

portfolio can help with that!

7. Dress code protocols

Dressing up in themed outfits makes for great

photos but remember that some guests may not be

keen to invest in elaborate / expensive / revealing

outfits. If that’s the case, rather provide a dress code

guideline (e.g. Tropical florals if you’re throwing a

Flamingle styled pool party getaway) which allows

guests to wear items they already have in their


8. Lock in the details

This is when the planning steps up a notch. Once

you have a headcount, it’s time to firm up your

accommodation bookings, liaise with suppliers

about schedules and services, finalise catering

(make sure you know if any of your guests have

dietary restrictions) and pay deposits. You also need

to communicate with attendees regarding their

travel plans and estimated arrival times and

document this info on your planning spreadsheet.

9. Get creative

It’s time to plan some special touches to give your

girl an Insta-worthy ‘Miss to Mrs’ send-off! Are you

doing themed balloons, pool inflatables, floral décor,

welcome boards, bar signage or a photo booth

area? What about some bride tribe swag such as

sashes, sunnies, slip slops or veils? Make sure you

book services and order items well in advance—

especially if they are being ordered online and may

have a protracted delivery time. What sort of

entertainment do you have lined up? Is there a

music system at the venue, or is someone taking a

portable boom box with a playlist? Who is going to


be your designated photographer on the day to

capture all the memories?

10. Final checks and reminders

In the 2–3 weeks leading up to the party, make sure

you check in with all service providers, guests and

fellow organisers. Yes, again. This is your opportunity

to remind them of final arrangements and make

sure everyone is on track for the big par-tay!

The visuals featured in this article are from our ‘Last

Flamingle’ styled shoot at Qambathi Mountain Lodge, an

intimate boutique hotel in the Kamberg.



Venue & catering: Qambathi Mountain Lodge

Photography: Laura Jean Photography

Our dreamy two-day ‘Last Flamingle’ itinerary included a

horse encounter, pretty bruncheon on the pool deck,

pyjama party, GnT games night in the pub/lounge and a

sun-kissed pool party, giving you options for a full

weekend of girly fun.

This is how we flamingle, Marriage Meander style!

by Jacqui Neumann


Décor & Florals: Studio Petals

Stationery: Aurora Designs

Loungewear & swimsuits: El Intimates

Make-up: Strawberries & Cream

Hair: Solé Hair and Beauty

Cake: Whisked Cakery

Gift box: Bed Bath & Body | Print with Loop

Concept & planning: Marriage Meander






Credits: (photos) Beyond Measure

(engagement ring) David Batchelor

(venue) Ghost Mountain Inn

(banner) Handmade by Janine

(florals) etc events

With all your expectations for your wedding day, you, like most couples, are likely to find that finances and

issues around money will cause more stress and more disagreements than anything else in your wedding

planning. It's important to be realistic and create a wedding where your dreams align with your bank

balance and you remain true to your values. Much conflict can be avoided by learning from the mistakes

of others, so here are a few tips to help you escape arguments and prepare for your ‘happily ever after’:

1. Start with your budget

That might sound unromantic, but having a budget

is telling your money where to go, rather than your

money controlling you.

Celebrating the start of your life together is a

significant milestone. But do you really want to start

your marriage in debt due to overspending on one

day—just to live up to unrealistic expectations or to

impress your friends or your family? Think about the

real reason you want to splash out beyond your


Before you go in search of your ideal venue, start by

deciding what you want to spend, or can afford to,

and write that number down. You can then start to

plan the day of your dreams that fits within your


Remember that you can have a beautiful day, and

at the same time have everything you want out of

your special day—it just takes some careful

consideration, communication and planning.

2. Have the ‘money talk’ with your family

Traditionally, etiquette told us what roles the parents

of the bride and groom played—including who paid

for what. But times have changed. The average

couple nowadays pays for at least half of the

wedding costs, depending on your situation and

families, so it’s a good idea to start saving as soon

as you have said “Yes”.


It may feel awkward to discuss finances, but being open and honest up

front will save a lot of disappointment and potential conflict later. Have a

conversation with both sets of parents about their role in your wedding and

let them know your plans and budget. They don’t owe you anything here,

but if they’re willing to help out, it’s good to know how much they want to

contribute. Your parents may be out of touch with what weddings cost

these days.

3. Discuss your priorities

As a couple, communicate your expectations and decide what’s most

important to each of you. For example, if you’re a foodie, you may want to

ensure your guests have a meal to remember, while your partner may want

to put more emphasis on the photography, or music.

Of course, one of the simplest ways to cut costs is to limit your guest list.

But if having lots of people celebrating your big day is your number one

wedding wish, you will have to get creative to keep to your budget.

So, choose your top three priorities and also think what’s not important.

Keep your most and least important priorities in mind as you plan your

journey together.

Plan to spend more if something is top priority, and budget less on things

that aren’t as important to you. You will probably both need to compromise

on some things, to avoid wedding costs getting out of hand.

You should also budget about 5% for anything you might forget! If you don’t

end up spending this, splurge a little on your honeymoon, or put it in

savings towards your first home.

Give the gift that will

last a lifetime

Fun Finance Retreat

for couples

Discover the secrets to:

• Debt proofing your marriage

• Investing for your future

• Living the life you want

Set yourself up for a successful

marriage by aligning your goals

and creating a plan for a

happy, fulfilled future.

Most couples tend to spend at least 15% more than budgeted. This results in

having to use savings earmarked for something else, borrow, or go into

debt. Don’t make this mistake! Plan now so you don’t pay more later.

4. Finally, focus on what’s most important

Above all, remember that your wedding is a celebration of your love for

each other, shared with family and close friends. It’s not about impressing

others or doing what everyone else expects, so stay true to yourselves and

you’ll enjoy your wedding day and the years ahead so much more.

As you plan your wedding, you should also be planning your lives together.

While there are many ways to get married and many ways to express your

love, you only have one life to live. Keep your hearts in the right place and

enjoy the journey together.

by Nikki Sinclair


David Weeks

083 369 4748





Credit: Beyond Measure



So by now, you know that you need to knuckle down and

get your wedding budget sorted before you can start

diving into the more exciting aspects of planning your

wedding. But once you have calculated the total figure

that you are able to spend on your wedding, how much

should you allocate to each category?

Based on recent polls done with bridal couples, here is a

general guideline to get you started. But remember, your

wedding is about what works for you. Chat to your

partner about which aspects of your day are most

important to each of you. If you want to spend more in

one area, you will need to reduce expenses elsewhere.

Venue | 30%

Catering & Cake | 20%

Photo & Video | 10%

Décor & Flowers | 8%

Attire | 8%

Music & Entertainment | 7%

Wedding Planner | 5%

Ceremony, Gifts & Other | 5%

Hair & Makeup | 5%

Stationery | 2%


Credit: Laura Jean Photography





Credits: (clockwise from top left)

Laura Jean Photography

Beyond Measure

Ruby Jean Photography

Vix Photography

Katya Fedkina Photography

(opposite page)

Beyond Measure





Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day

because it is the moment that ushers you into your union with your partner,

and when you legally tie the knot!

Most wedding ceremonies include these elements:

processional (when the bride walks in), welcome,

readings, vows, ring exchange, kiss, pronouncement, and

recessional (when the couple leaves the ceremony area

as Mr and Mrs). But this is just a guideline and you can

tailor your ceremony to suit your needs.

Since your ceremony sets the tone for your whole

wedding day, here are some of our top tips to help you

plan a ceremony that is memorable:

Book your marriage officer early

Secure the services of a marriage officer as soon as you

have booked your venue. Communicate your vision for

your special day with them so that they can help you

plan a ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

Consider the practicalities of your ceremony location

Once you are familiar with the layout of your ceremony

venue, make sure that you have considered practical

details such as:

• Is there enough space for the couple, bridal party,

photographer and videographer to move around?

• If you plan to have a musician, band or DJ, where

will they be positioned and do they have access to

power, if needed?

• Are you reserving seats for parents/grandparents

and the bridal party (if they will be seated)? Appoint

an attendant who knows these guests to direct them

to their seats on the day.

• Make sure the registration table is large enough for

signing the register. If you are on a budget, use the

bridal bouquet on the signing table to save costs on

another floral arrangement.

• Make sure to have a plan B if you have an outside

ceremony so you do not have to stress on the day if

the weather does not play along.

The duration of your ceremony is important

Your wedding ceremony should be meaningful for you

as a couple and at the same time, hold the attention of

your guests.

Are you going unplugged?

If you want your guests to be fully present during the

ceremony, consider having some signage requesting

that they turn their phones off and refrain from taking

photos and videos during the ceremony. Ask your

marriage officer to reinforce this message with an

announcement prior to the start of the ceremony.

Decide how you would like to personalise your day

• Chat to your marriage officer about the tone and

content of your ceremony. Would you like it to be

joyful, celebratory and light-hearted, or reverent,

quiet and sacred? Chat about your beliefs and how

you would like these to be reflected in your


• Your vows should be meaningful and from the heart

so set aside time to work on these. We recommend

that you either repeat your vows after the marriage

officer or have them printed on a card rather than

trying to remember what you want to say. Even if

you have practiced, your nerves might get the

better of you and it is important to focus on each

other when exchanging vows.

• Choose your music wisely, especially the songs to

be used before, during and as you exit the

ceremony. Think about the relevance of certain

lyrics in the context of this sacred moment.

• If you are asking a friend or family member to do a

reading or poem, or sing a song, make sure you pick

someone who is confident and equipped for the job.



Home affairs requirements

It is important that your marriage

officer is well informed about all the

legal regulations surrounding your

wedding day. Your marriage officer

will complete the marriage register,

which will be signed and witnessed

on the day, issue you with a

handwritten SA marriage certificate

and will then register your marriage

with Home Affairs within the

stipulated timeframe.

Most importantly, remember that this

is the day you have been waiting for

and working towards for months and

possibly even years! Cherish each


by AJ & Beulah



Credit: Ruby Jean Photography





We offer:

•Registered marriage officers

•Legal documentation for SA and international

•A variety of ceremonies

AJ & Beulah

082 921 6475

•Travel to venues in KZN

•Renewal of vows


| www.dreamceremonies.co.za

| beulah@dreamceremonies.co.za

Technology has made the world

a much smaller and more

connected space and many

couples are now opting to live

stream their wedding ceremony

so that it can be enjoyed by

loved ones who are not able to

attend the ceremony. Since this

can be technologically

challenging, we highly

recommend using a professional

team. You’ll find details for live

streaming specialists in the

Photo & Film section of the book.




Congratulations—you're getting married! Before you get carried away on the whirlwind of preparation

that will consume you for the next few months, please do your homework and make an informed decision

regarding your matrimonial regime.

In South Africa, you have a choice of three matrimonial

regimes that could apply to your marriage:

1. Marriage in community of property

If you do not sign an Antenuptial Contract (“ANC”)

before your wedding, the law automatically steps in,

and you will be regarded as married in community

of property. This means that all the assets you

owned before the marriage as well as those assets

that are acquired during the marriage will belong to

both spouses in equal shares. Even if you owned a

house before date of marriage, your spouse would

automatically become joint owner of the property,

regardless of whether his/her name appears on the

title deed or not. Similarly, any debts owed by either

party become the debts of both spouses. A joint

estate is therefore created whereby the spouses

share all their assets and liabilities. This affects your

contractual capacity and your ability to conduct

business or buy and sell immovable property.

2. Marriage out of community of property

— without accrual

If you sign an ANC with the exclusion of the accrual

system, it results in no sharing between you and

your spouse. In other words, “what is yours is yours,

and what is mine is mine.” You will continue to deal

with your assets and liabilities exactly as you did

prior to your marriage.

3. Marriage out of community of property

— with accrual

This regime was created to ensure an equitable

division of the parties’ assets acquired by their joint

efforts during the marriage. This option results in the

spouse partially sharing in what has been accrued

from date of marriage to date of dissolution of

marriage (whether by death or divorce). During the

marriage the spouses maintain separate estates

and cannot be held liable for each other’s debts. On

the dissolution of the marriage, the spouse whose

Getting married is one of life's biggest adventures!

We would love to help you prepare for your future by

drawing up your Antenuptial Contract and wills.

Contact Sunè Taljaard or Belinda Vermaak on 033 345 4230

sune@masoninc.co.za | belinda@masoninc.co.za


Photo: Barefeet



Wild Olive Photo

estate shows no or smaller

accrual than the estate of the

other spouse (or estate, if he is

deceased) shall have a claim

against the other spouse (or his /

her estate) for an amount of half

the difference between the

accrual of the respective spouses.

Should you wish to be married out of

community of property, you need to

sign your Antenuptial Contract before

you get married. Only a Notary Public

can execute the Antenuptial Contract,

whereafter it will be registered in the

Deeds Office. If you get married

without signing an Antenuptial

Contract, you will automatically be

married in community of property.

It’s very costly to change your marital

regime after the wedding so do your

homework, get excellent advice up

front and make an informed decision

that is best suited for your intended


Do not see an Antenuptial Contract

as preparation for divorce. It is

preparation for life together and it

factors in the potential twists and

turns that your marriage journey may

take along the way.

It may seem overwhelming but the

legal aspect of getting married

doesn’t need to feel daunting. With

the right legal team guiding you

through the process, you should feel

excited and encouraged to start your

union on a solid and united footing.

by Belinda Vermaak

& SunéTaljaard



Making the registraon of

your Antenupal Contract

a quick and smooth process

is just one of the many ways

we can help you.

Since you will be meeting

with a legal professional to

get your ANC drawn up

before your wedding, this is

a good time to update your

wills! Getting married is a

significant change and you

will want to take your new

spouse into account in your

will. If you don’t change

your will, your spouse will

not automatically inherit


Garth Burne: 031 573 1773




Credit: Laura Jean Photography

Credit: Bailee Guy Weddings





Credits: (clockwise, from top left) Lythwood Lodge, Conway Photo & Film | Cathedral Peak Hotel, Beyond Measure |

Bayala Private Safari Lodges | The Groves. Laura Jean Photography | (opposite page) Swallow Cliff Hall





Finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t an easy job. There are so many gorgeous

options to choose from and so many different criteria to consider, that it can be a

little overwhelming. To help make this process easier for you, we’ve created a

checklist of key considerations when starting the hunt for your ideal wedding venue.

1. Get a grip on your guest list

Draw up your guest list before you start looking at

venues. Knowing how many people you are inviting

will help you avoid challenges down the road. For

example, you may fall in love with a venue, only to

discover that it cannot accommodate your guest

numbers. Understanding your guest tally also helps

you break down your budget so that you know what

venues you can afford.

2. Respect your budget

Another important step to complete before you start

trawling for venues is to figure out how much you

have to spend on your wedding—and more

specifically, your wedding venue. Refer to our budget

breakdown on page 16 for a guideline of how to split

costs per category. If you find a venue you

absolutely love but it blows your budget, you will

need to either scale back on other aspects or cut

your guest list.

3. Choose a venue that suits your vision

Seek out a venue that offers a natural fit with your

overall design aesthetic. For example, if your style is

minimalist, clean and contemporary, it doesn’t make

sense to book a venue that has a lot of detailed

vintage styling—no matter how charming it may be.

Conversely, a venue with lots of built-in personality

and décor elements like chandeliers and wallpaper

may result in you needing to do less on the décor

and floral front and if that’s what you love, then this

is a good option for you. Whether it’s a ‘blank

canvas’ venue you are after, or a venue with

personality that matches your personal style, bear

this in mind when doing your site visits.

4. Consider your guests’ experience

Think about the friends and family members you

want to invite to your celebration and consider the

practicalities of your wedding venue. If your

reception is more than an hour away and guests

cannot easily return home, determine whether there

is enough accommodation onsite or nearby.

If you are planning a destination wedding, factor in

proximity to airports, ease of road travel, ample

accommodation at the venue and an entertainment

programme for the rest of the weekend.

5. Understand what the quote includes and excludes

Make sure you understand exactly what is included

in the venue hire fee and the cost per person. Some

venues quote a fee to hire the reception hall and

then charge per head for catering, while others may

give an all-inclusive cost per person, incorporating

the venue, catering and various other services.

Generally, the venue hire includes the use of tables,

chairs, basic linen, cutlery and crockery but in some

instances, these will need to be hired separately.

Some venues may even include the use of

specialised chairs and a limited selection of décor.

Don’t be shy to find out these details up front, as it

will avoid unnecessary disappointment when extras

are added to your bill after you have paid a deposit.

6. Enquire about the venue’s ceremony location

Most venues have a chapel nearby, but if this is not

on the property, it may result in additional costs. If

the venue does not have a chapel, you could erect a

marquee or stretch tent on the property, but you will

need to check if the venue will permit this. The

setting might be ideal for a garden or outdoor

ceremony but remember that you cannot control

the weather and you need to have a bad-weather

plan in place.



Credits: (top row, from left) Haycroft Farm, Conway Photo & Film | Bosch Hoek, Vanilla Photography | Highgate Wine Estate | (bottom row, from left)

Harrington House, Vanilla Photography | Gracelands Farm, Beyond Measure | Sani Valley Nature Lodges, Storm Storah Photography

7. Prepare for all weather possibilities

No one wants to be too hot / cold / wet on their

wedding day! Check what weather-proofing options

your venue includes should the weather be

swelteringly hot, freezing cold, windy or wet. Does it

have air conditioning / heating / fans? If it’s in a

marquee or on an open verandah, are heaters or air

conditioners included or can they be hired as an

additional extra?

8. Consider your ‘getting ready’ spaces

Getting ready on your wedding day should be

relaxing and fun. Find out from your venue if they

offer a place for you and your party to get ready

and be sure to check it out when you conduct your

site visit. If there isn’t a space available, and your

venue is far from home, you will need to source an

alternative nearby. And please don’t forget that the

groom and his guys will need a getting ready

space too.

9. Establish if there are minimum requirements

Check with the venue if you need to meet a

minimum head count or spend. Bear in mind that

this may vary depending on the day of the week,

time of day, or season of your wedding. Some

venues offer discounted rates for mid-week or offseason

bookings so it may be worthwhile exploring a

less popular date to benefit from these savings.

10. Find out if the venue offers exclusive use

Ask if other events will be permitted at the venue on

the same day as your wedding and if so, think about

how that will impact on your wedding. What facilities

will be shared, and how will the venue manage

things like noise levels, guest access, bar tabs etc?

11. Understand the venue’s operating parameters

Many venues have pre-determined start and finish

times, which you need to abide by. Will you need to

send your guests packing at midnight or is there an

option to extend the party into the wee hours if

everyone is having a good time? Ask about their setup

and pack-down arrangements. Will you have a

full day before the event to set up, or just the

morning of your event?


Credits: (top row, from left) Hluhluwe River Lodge | Fordoun, Laura Jean Photography | Sweethome | (bottom row, from left) Ghost Mountain Inn

& Safaris, Beyond Measure | Thorner Estate, Bailee Guy Weddings | Rockabilly Ranch

12. Ask if there is a preferred vendor list

Some venues make recommendations to help you

build your dream team while others will only permit

you to use their tried-and-trusted suppliers. It is

important to note that most venues who do not have

an inhouse catering team have a prescribed list of

outside caterers that they will permit at their venue.

13. Understand what is allowed—and what is taboo

Think about any special décor touches or

celebratory activities you may want to include and

be sure to ask your venue if there is anything they

won’t permit (e.g. pets, confetti, sparklers, lanterns,

suspended décor installations, rose petal turn-down

in the honeymoon suite etc.) before you get too far

down the line with your planning.

14. Enquire about any other policies you need to

know about

Your contract with the venue should cover details

such as payment timelines and cancellation clauses.

Read these carefully and be sure to query anything

you don’t understand or aren’t happy with before

you sign anything.

15. How does the venue make you feel?

Last but not least, does your venue make you feel

warm and fuzzy inside? Whether it’s the offer of a

complementary suite for your wedding night, a bottle

of bubbly when you finish your tour of the venue, or

the way that the staff treat you during your site visit,

these are things that should be factored into your

decision making. You want to feel special and

prioritised by the team that is part of your big day.

Wishing you heaps of adventure and fun as you set out

to find your dream venue!

by Jacqui Neumann






Venue Area Number of guests Venue Hire Fees

Bayala Private Safari Lodge Northern KwaZulu-Natal 48–120 R38,000–R48,000

Bonamanzi Game Reserve Northern KwaZulu-Natal 20–350 Varies

Bosch Hoek Midlands 24–200 Prices upon request

Cathedral Peak Hotel Drakensberg 200 No charge with 15 rooms booked

Fordoun Hotel & Spa Midlands 180 R42,000–R47,000

Ghost Mountain Inn & Safaris Northern KwaZulu-Natal Up to 170 R13,200–R27,400

Gracelands Farm Upper Highway 30–120 R23,000–R35,000

Harrington House Midlands Up to 400 R22,000–R27,500

Haycroft Farm Midlands 40–180 From R38,000

Highgate Wine Estate Midlands Up to 80 R55,000

Hluhluwe River Lodge Northern KwaZulu-Natal 30–120 R15,000–R36,000

Lythwood Lodge Midlands 60–300 R39,500

Rockabilly Ranch Pietermaritzburg 10–200 Varies

Sani Valley Nature Lodges Southern Drakensberg 30–200 From R25,000

Swallow Cliff Hall Southern Drakensberg 14–100 From R10,000

Sweethome Tala Valley Up to 200 Varies

The Groves Midlands 20–200 R35,000–R55,000

Thorner Estate Tala Valley Up to 200 R22,000


Accommodation # Beds Accom rate pppn Caterer Catering pp Chapel

DB&B 96 From R1,850 In-house From R440 Outdoor

B&B and SC 184 From R1,200 Various From R350 Outdoor

B&B 16 From R1,160 RC Varies Outdoor

Full Board 254 From R1,440 In-house R430–R480 Chapel

B&B and SC 78 R790–R3,680 RC & In-house Varies Chapel

B&B 74 From R1,060 In-house Varies Garden

SC 5 R460 RC & In-house R250–R440 Garden | Covered Terrace

Bridal suite and 2

cottages, SC

8 Included RC & In-house Varies Garden

SC 34 R550 RC Varies Forest or Farm Chapel

B&B 1 R1,500 In-house R420–R650 Garden | Covered Atrium

Full Board 32 From R1,100 RC & In-house R400–R450 Forest | Garden

B&B or DB&B 72 R990–R1,700 In-house R270–R400

Chapel | Garden

Glass-enclosed Tent

SC 18 From R650 Various Varies Chapel

SC 28 From R950 Various Varies Forest Chapel | Mountain View

B&B 164

From R450 at

Bushman’s Nek

In-house R375–R650 Open terrace

SC 32 From R550 RC Varies Chapel

From R305 (based

Chapel | Garden

B&B and SC 14



on 18 pax)

Outdoor River Deck

SC 19 R450 In-house R450–R550 Chapel | Outdoor

SC: Self Catering | RC: Recommended Caterers



Beautiful bush weddings & honeymoons on a privately owned Big 4 game reserve in Hluhluwe

Photos: Kate Martens

info@bonamanzi.co.za | 0836340895 | www.bonamanzi.co.za

Get married in the mountains

With a charming 120-seater stone-and-thatch chapel boasting breathtaking

mountain views, a wide variety of reception venues, menus and

entertainment, luxurious 4-star accommodation for the bridal couple and their

guests, and a world of adventure right on your doorstep, Cathedral Peak

Hotel will give you a truly unforgettable wedding.

Contact us to find out about our Wedding and Honeymoon Specials.

+27 (0)36 488 1888 | events@cathedralpeak.co.za | www.cathedralpeak.co.za


At Bayala we custom-make your wedding day, and add a tangible magic to the festivities.

Celebrate beneath Zululand’s iconic acacia trees, in a traditional, all-African boma, or in our

elegant lodge. Wild watering holes and majestic bush panoramas create extraordinary

photographic settings in which to capture your memories of the day.

M a k i n g M e m o ri e s


reservations@bayala.co.za | www.bayala.co.za | +27 (0)35 562 0420


Ryan Graham Photography

Every love story is beautiful

but yours should be unique

Bosch Hoek is the quintessential venue for

those who want the freedom to bring the

vision of their dream wedding to life,

offering an exquisite blank canvas and truly

allowing imaginations to run wild.

076 164 9009 | events@boschhoek.co.za


A luxury, versatile wedding venue.

From our grand 300-seater marquee

site to our intimate hall, we can host

any style and size wedding.



Jen: info@harringtonhouse.co.za

066 473 8699


Photos: Bailee Guy Weddings

A tranquil farm setting

where history and country

elegance meet

076 767 6687



Born out of a passion

for wine and romance,

Highgate Wine Estate

is a stylish wedding

venue for up to 80

guests, conveniently

located at the start of

the Midlands Meander.





A beauful, farm-style

wedding venue

set in a conservancy

at the foot of a

majesc mountain.













Photo: Capture It Photography


031 054 5018







Outdoor weddings are on the rise, and when you

live in South Africa with so many beautiful

locations to choose from, why wouldn’t you want

to take advantage of the great outdoors?

One of the reasons you may shy away from an

outdoor wedding is the unpredictability of the

weather. Whilst rain is considered to be a symbol

of good luck on your wedding day, most brides

would prefer not to be inconvenienced by a


That said, if your heart is set on an outdoorsy

celebration, don’t give up on your dream of

being surrounded by Nature when you tie the

knot. Simply put plans in place to ensure that

the show can go on—rain or shine.

Here are some pointers to plan the perfect

outdoor wedding:


1. Ensure that you and your guests have

adequate shelter from rain, wind and

Laura Jean Photography

sun—whether that be in the form of a stretch tent or marquee.

2. Anticipate the electrical needs of your various suppliers. Brief them on the

facilities available and have a clear understanding of their power and

space requirements.

3. If there are no onsite ablutions or they are far away, you may need to hire

in additional restroom facilities.

4. Prepare your guests for what to expect. If your wedding is taking place on a

lawn, your guests may appreciate the heads-up so that they can opt for

flats or wedge heels. instead of stilettos. If the reception is taking place in

the evening and is likely to be cool, encourage guests to bring extra layers,

or provide them with blankets.

5. An outdoor wedding requires a lot more forethought than an indoor

wedding as everything will need to be hired in for your day. We recommend

using a professional planner as they have done this many times before and

can save you a lot of heartache.

by Jacqui Neumann


Welcome to our intimate forest lodge

with sweeping views of lake St Lucia.

Our property offers you a choice

of locations, including a bespoke

ceremony site in the Sand Forest,

the deck overlooking the lake,

or our sweeping lawns.

events@hluhluwe.co.za | 035 562 0246




Enhle Creatives

Sam’s Photo Studio

Sam’s Photo Studio

082 681 3934 | events@lythwood.com


Create the wedding you

have always wanted

Lythwood—a complete package withachoiceof

indoor and outdoor ceremony and receptionvenues,

breathtaking views, accommodation,exceptional

catering, savvy staff and impeccableservice.

The perfect destination weddingvenue!


At the foot of the famous Sani Pass,

our scenic lake-side venue provides

the perfect backdrop for your

destination wedding.

Stay on for your honeymoon and

experience 5-star seclusion and

beautiful views of the southern

Drakensberg from your luxurious

honeymoon suite.

033 702 0203 / 082 561 3275



Photos: Storm Storah Photography

A wedding venue in the southern Drakensberg. Unrivalled opulence with a grand reception hall, wrap-around

entertainment decks and lawn, rim-flow pool, luxury spa, world-class catering, and breathtaking views. Perfect for

a destination wedding for up to 150 guests. The Villa has 7 luxury rooms, with ample accommodation close by.

www.swallowcliff.co.za | +27 71 899 6035 | SCHweddings@first-group-sa.co.za



Photos: Troy Bishop Photography

The Groves is a romantic and elegant wedding venue in the rolling hills of the Caversham Valley,

in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. This countryside gem has been lovingly crafted into a beautiful

and intimate venue perfect for weddings of up to 200 guests.



Credit: Ruby Jean Photography






It’s no secret that the recipe to success for any

great party is delicious food—especially when it

comes to your wedding day. People may forget who

caught the garter, what was said in the speeches or

which song you chose for your first dance but they'll remember their

meal—for better or worse.

Here are some tips for couples who are hunting for their ideal

wedding caterer:

1. Do your homework when it comes to your wedding venue

Before you start enlisting the services of a caterer, research your wedding

venue. Some venues insist that you use their in-house catering team, which

is fine if you are a fan of their menu and style of cooking. But if you have

your heart set on a particular dish, or caterer, find out if your venue will

permit outside caterers, or are flexible to tailor your menu to suit your style

and flavours.




Then engage internationally acclaimed

chef Jackie Cameron.

Jackie caters for, and hosts, weddings

at her impressive venue in scenic

Hilton – and is equipped to cater at

a venue of your choice.

Your menu will be personalised and

plated to perfection!


076 505 7538 | jackie@jackiecameron.co.za

2. Discuss your budget with your caterer upfront

Before you start drawing up your menu, determine how much you are able

to spend on your wedding food. Make sure that you share this figure with

your caterer. A professional and experienced catering team will be able to

evaluate whether the menu you want can be achieved within your budget.

They should also be able to provide you with alternatives that may be

more affordable.

3. Decide on the food service style that best suits your wedding:

These days the world really is your oyster when it comes to choosing a

menu style. Here are some options to consider:

• Buffet

• Plated

• Family style / Table boards

• Food stations / Cocktail bowl food

• Food truck style

There are pros and cons to each menu style, but your catering team

should be able to guide you on the advantages and disadvantages to help

you make your decision

4. Be clear about your most—and least—favourite foods

Tell your caterer about what dishes you really enjoy, as well as the things

you find unpalatable. Make sure you also advise them of any food allergies.


5. Share your creative presentation ideas

Do you have specific reference images of how you want your food to look?

Share these with your caterer. If you have your heart set on a particularly

unusual food presentation that your caterer needs to source, bear in mind

this may impact the menu price. You can also ask your caterer to share

images from previous weddings of how the food will be presented on the day.

6. Include a vegetarian and/or vegan option

It’s important to include a vegetarian/vegan option on your menu. Not

everyone will remember to notify you of their dietary requirements,

and this gives you some wiggle room for any surprise vegetarians

who turn up on the day!

7. Pick a caterer who inspires confidence

You will be working closely with your caterer for a substantial

part of the lead-up to your wedding so make sure you align

yourself with someone who gets your vision and inspires

confidence. You want someone who will be calm under pressure

and who will make sure that the food on your wedding day is

remembered, for all the right reasons, for years to come.

Bon appétit!

by Renzo & Sherree Hamblin


Our experienced team

offers creative catering

and event management


We offer event planning as part of

our standard catering services.

Our creative, tasty food and personal

approach is the reason our clients

keep coming back to us!

Photos: Vix Photography

033 345 2009



3 Clough Street, Pietermaritzburg

Credits: (top, bottom) Hamblin’s Catering,

Vix Photography | (centre and circle)

Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine |

(opposite page, circle) Hamblin’s Catering,

Vix Photography



Credit: (right and circle) Beyond Measure


Credits: (middle row, from left) Whisked Cakery,

Beyond Measure | Grace of Bakes | Whisked Cakery,

Laura Jean Photography | (bottom row, from left)

Grace of Bakes, Vix Photography | Whisked Cakery |

Laura Jean Photography




Gone are the days when every wedding cake was a fruit cake neatly

wrapped in white marzipan icing. Today’s bride and groom have endless

options to choose from, which means that your wedding cake can reflect

the style, colours and flavours that excite you!

Whisked Cakery,

Vix Photography

Do you know what questions you need to ask your baker

before arranging a cake tasting? Fear not—we’ve got you

covered! If you ask the below questions, finding your

dream baker should be, well, a piece of cake!

1. What are my flavour choices?

Chat to your baker about what flavour cakes they

can offer, as well as the filling choices. Are you a fan

of fruit fillings—such as strawberry, orange or passion

fruit—or do you prefer something more decadent like

chocolate, butterscotch or salted caramel?

Remember that if you are having a multi-tiered cake,

or multiple mini cakes, you aren’t limited to just one

flavour so it could be fun to have a range of flavours

to suit all palettes.

2. Do you work with fondant or buttercream icing?

Some bakers specialise in fondant, while others

prefer to work with buttercream. And some do both.

Fondant is the type of icing most often used for

detailed decoration. It has a smooth, professional

finish but some people find the taste to be sickly

sweet. Buttercream has a richer, creamier taste,

which most people prefer. Buttercream can’t be

moulded with the same precision as fondant but it

can be piped into attractive designs. If you have

your heart set on a particular type of frosting,

confirm that your baker is proficient in that style.

3. What cake decorations or toppings can you


Ask your baker if they are able to create sugar

flowers or other sculptural elements to decorate your

cake. If you would like to garnish your cake with fresh

blooms, ask your baker if they are happy to partner

with your wedding florist to ensure that the flowers

used on the cake match your overall décor. If you

would like to add a bespoke cake topper, ask your

baker if she can arrange a custom design for you.

4. What are your prices?

Ask your baker to supply you with a price list based

on estimated guest numbers. Bear in mind that if

you serve your cake with canapés, or instead of, you

will probably need to cater for all your guests as

they are likely to be hungry! However, if you serve

cake at your reception, it's typically not advisable to

cater for everyone as your guests would have eaten

by then and the party would have started so not

everyone will partake in cake. Particularly if you have

other dessert alternatives on offer.

5. Do you provide a cake stand and cake knife?

A cake stand and knife are typically not included by

your baker but it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have

some options available for you to hire. Alternately,

ask your caterer, wedding planner, venue or décor

company what stands and knives they have

available to hire.

6. Will you deliver my wedding cake to the venue?

Whilst delivery is usually quoted as an additional fee,

we strongly recommend that you have your cake

delivered. Transporting your wedding cake is a huge

responsibility and it takes some serious skill to

assemble the tiers and add the final decorations

once in situ.

And in case you were wondering, cake is always a good


by Janine Ehlers




Beyond Measure

For the love of cake!

082 501 8667 | graceofbakes@gmail.com

Photo: Vix Photography



IN 2023

1. Towering tiers of cakes—big is


2. Boho chic—think neutral colours

and woody touches.

3. Origami cakes—the Japanese art

of folding paper meets cake


A celebration just isn’t a celebration wiþout cake!


4. Bold colours—goodbye pastel

shades and hello to rich,

unapologetic colour.

5. Playful cake toppers add a sense

of fun and personalisation.

6. Cake spacers add height and

drama and can be filled with

pretty flowers.

7. Pressed florals add prettiness

and work beautifully with a

buttercream cake.

8. Textured buttercream cakes

garnished with flowers or fruit.

9. Drip cakes are still a firm




10. Metallic finishes add some bling

to your confectionery.

Credits: Beyond Measure | Handmade by Janine | (ring) David Batchelor


write style




Credits: (clockwise, from top right) Aurora Designs |

Aurora Designs | Fuchsia Fine Event Stationery,

Vix Photography | Handmade by Janine, Vix Photography |

Handmade by Janine

Credits: Handmade by Janine | etc events | Conway Photo & Film

Credits: Handmade by Janine | Vix Photography


stationery trends


Back in the day, wedding stationery consisted predominantly of pre-made template invitations, a

seating chart and place names on the table. These days your wedding stationery suite options are

limitless and stationery has now become an extension of your wedding décor.

Your wedding invitation gives guests their first glimpse

into the colour palette and theme of your big day. If you

are opting for a printed invitation (rather than an e-vite)

it will often have pride of place on your guests’ fridge or

pin-up board so take the opportunity to make an

impression! Similarly, your day-of stationery has the

power to amplify the beauty of your ceremony and

reception décor.




Credits: (clockwise, from top left)

Aurora Designs | Handmade by

Janine | Aurora Designs, Laura

Jean Photography | Handmade by

Janine, Katya Fedkina

Photography | Aurora Designs |

Handmade by Janine,

Beyond Measure

Here are 11 ways to help you elevate your wedding

stationery from ‘snooze fest’ to sensational:

1. Creative customisation

Personalising the details of your wedding is nothing

new but this trend is on the rise with couples opting to

weave the intimate details of their love story into their

wedding day. You may, for example name your tables

according to the cities you have visited together, print

a giant scroll or floor runner documenting the

milestones of your relationship, or create a mini

newspaper gazette about the two of you.

2. Hand-drawn illustrations

We are seeing more bespoke illustrations – whether it

be a sketch of the venue, a customised skin for your

table wine, or a caricature of the couple. This is a

really fun way to make your wedding stationery a

reflection of your personal story.

3. Unusual seating plans and table numbers

These days, seating plans and table numbers are

busting out of traditional confines. Why not consider

applying vinyls to elegant acrylic columns, or

unexpected items like vases, jars or terracotta pots?

4. Vellum overlays

Vellum is a semi translucent paper that has a frosted

finish which gives it an ethereal feel. It can be used on

its own or overlaid onto card of various colours or

prints. If a full vellum invitation is too much, consider a

vellum belly band, overlay or envelope. Whether your

design preference is sleek and minimalist, or luxurious

and ornate, vellum adds texture and results in a really

polished finish.

5. Laser love

Whether it’s a cut-out of your guests’ names, a cake

topper or a table number, we are now in the era of

bespoke laser cutting, which means that you can

create laser cut-outs for pretty much anything these


6. It’s tassel time

Ribbon still has its place on the wedding table,

especially raw silk ribbon, but we are loving the cute

and quirky personality of a tassel on menus, place

names and thank you cards.

7. Gimme some gold

A touch of gold foil or gold leaf on your wedding

stationery is synonymous with a sophisticated

celebration and elevates your printed elements to the

next level.

8. Amped about arches

Surprise and delight guests with unconventional shapes such as arched

welcome boards or circular menus. Not everything needs to be a


9. Customised monograms

Stylish monograms of the bride and groom’s initials have also taken on

a whole new look, with touches that are meaningful to the couple.

10. Colour palettes get bolder and brighter

Move over pastels and make way for bold and dramatic

colour palettes.

11. Printed envelope liners

Nothing shouts luxury more than a gorgeous envelope

liner so if you are doing printed invitations, consider

asking your stationery specialist to design an envelope in

your theme colours, with a beautifully printed liner.

Let your stationery be as unique as your love story!

by Janine Dickson



Fuchsia Fine

Event Stationery





Photos: Vix Photography














Here are some guidelines for when the various elements of your

stationery suite need to be ready:

Fuschia Fine Event


For most couples, talking about

what gifts you would like to

receive as wedding presents,

feels awkward. And asking for

money instead of gifts raises the

discomfort levels even further.

You may find it reassuring to

hear that most guests attending

your wedding want to get you

something and they would

appreciate some guidance from

you so that they can make sure

it’s something that will be

meaningful to you as a couple.

Including the details of your gift

registry or special requests such

as asking for contributions

towards a honeymoon fund is

quite common these days. These

details generally go on the ‘Info’

page, where you will find details

such as the RSVP date, and

directions, etc. rather than on

the main page of the wedding


Save the Date

Your ‘Save the Date’ should be sent at

least six months before your big day,

especially if guests need to make

travel arrangements to attend your

celebration. A Save the Date can be a

useful way to whittle down your guest

list before distributing your invitations.


Send these out roughly three months

ahead of the wedding. Invitations set

the tone for your wedding and give

your guests the honour of accepting.

Wedding website

If you plan to have one, create your

wedding website at least four months

before. A wedding website can serve

as an alternative or an add-on to

your wedding invitation and enables

you to share additional details about

your personal love story—and your

wedding day.

Day-of stationery

Aim to have this back from the

printers at least one week prior to the

event. If you suspect you may need

to make last minute changes to your

guest list, you may want to leave the

printing of your place cards and

seating plan to last.


Credit: Katya Fedkina Photography


& makeup



Credits: (circle, top) Dio’s Gracia

Make-up Artistry & Aesthetics,

Vix Photography | (circle,

bottom) Solé Hair & Beauty, Vix

Photography | (below) Blush Pro

Makeup | (right) Lau.Artistry,

David Batchelor, A’mour,

Beyond Measure


Try not to be trend-led.

Your wedding photos

will be with you for the

rest of your life so

consider a look that is

timeless and won’t look

completely dated

twenty years from now.

Credits: (middle row, from left) Blush Pro

Makeup, Laura Jean Photography |

Vix Photography | (bottom row, from left)

Solé Hair & Beauty, Vix Photography |

Blush Pro Makeup






Credit: Laura Jean Photography

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most photographed days of your life. As the bride, you will be

the centre of attention and you’ll want to radiate health and beauty. So in this article we’re dishing up

some golden nuggets from our hair and beauty experts to make sure that you look and feel your best on

your wedding day.

1. Factor in seasonality

If you are getting married in Winter, your skin is likely

to be paler and drier than if you are planning a

Summer wedding, which means you will need a

lighter colour foundation in Winter than the one you

use in the Summer months when your skin is more

tanned. If you are going to be a Winter bride you are

likely to want a foundation that doesn’t look dry or

caked, whereas if you are getting married in

Summer, you may need a primer that combats shine

and excessive moisture.

2. Permanent make-up options

Permanent make-up (PMU) is a (semi-permanent)

cosmetic tattoo, that defines the eyebrows,

enhances the eyes and contours the lips. It

replicates some of your everyday make-up—and is a

fantastic option if you are planning a beachy kind of

honeymoon! If you are considering PMU, book a

consultation with a reputable aesthetician and

remember that this should be done a few months

ahead of your wedding.



3. Consult a professional beauty therapist

If you are not a regular visitor to a beauty salon, now is the time to enlist

the services of a professional beauty therapist. She will be able to help you

customise a skincare routine to suit your skin type, lifestyle and budget. Not

only will regular facials leading up to your wedding ensure that your skin is

looking its best, it also gives you a few opportunities to lie back and take

time out from the stresses of wedding planning! Your beauty therapist will

be able to assist you with shaping your eyebrows, removing unwanted hair

and advise on tanning.

Credits: Lau.Artistry | Beyond Measure

4. Book a hair and makeup trial

Your hair and makeup trial is a really important part of your wedding

preparations as this allows you to play with ideas until you find a look you

love—one that complements your wedding dress and personal sense of

style. Share reference images with your hair and makeup artist and have

some fun experimenting! When booking your hair trial, take reference

photos and your hair accessories (tiara, hair vine, clips, veil etc.) with you.

A photo of your dress will also help in choosing a suitable hairstyle.


Don’t be afraid to wear lipstick shades that are a bit brighter or deeper

than you would normally choose—you don’t want to look washed out in

your photos. Blush, berry and rose hues are classic colour choices for

most brides.

Credits: Dio’s Gracia Make-up Artistry

& Aesthetics | Solé Hair & Beauty |

Vix Photography


Allocate enough time for your

bridal hair and make-up

when planning your wedding

day schedule. You want to

enjoy this time of pampering

and not feel rushed.

5. Lock in a lip colour that make you feel be-you-tiful

A bold red lip is definitely a trending look—and if that is a good fit for your

personality and the overall aesthetic of your wedding, then rock those bold

lippies all day! But if you feel more comfortable with a natural look, then

choose a shade in the brown to pink range that suits your skin tone. If

there’s a colour in your everyday makeup kit that you absolutely love, take

it with you to your trial to show your makeup artist. She may suggest

adding some depth to the colour to ensure that you don’t look washed out

in your photos but it will be helpful to have your everyday favourite as a

starting point.

6. Create an on-the-day make-up kit

There are a few essentials that you are likely to need on your wedding day

after your ceremony so prepare a little emergency make-up kit for touch

ups. We recommend including lipstick and either blotting paper or a

powder compact to combat shine.

7. Drink lots of water

We would like to think that drinking water is a habit you follow all year

round but this is your friendly reminder to up the ante when it comes to

your water intake leading up to your big day. Skin that is well hydrated

provides a more optimal canvas for make-up. The amount of water you

should drink will vary according to factors like your weight and activity


levels but as a general rule, aim

to drink around two litres per day.

8. Don’t neglect your nails

From the time an engagement

ring is slipped onto your finger

until a good few months after you

are married, you will be flaunting

your fingers a lot! Wedding-ready

nails don’t happen overnight so

start taking care of your hands

and feet a few months before the

big day. Book regular manicures

and pedicures, stop biting your

nails and cuticles, and invest in a

good cuticle cream and

moisturiser to nourish your nails

and skin. If you are doing gel or

acrylic nails, book your final prewedding

appointment one or two

days before the wedding to

ensure that they are still in tip top

shape on the day.

9. Hair care

Visit your hair stylist regularly

before your big day and discuss

any hair or scalp concerns that

you have. They will be able to

recommend professional

products to assist in achieving

and maintaining optimally

healthy hair. Build in plenty of

time if you are planning a new

cut, colour or dramatic change,

just in case the result isn’t what

you envisaged, and you need to

fix it!

96MainStreet,Howick | 0768158892 | diosgracia99@gmail.com

And remember, happy brides are the


by Jacqui Neumann


071 413 4043




You catch sight of your reflection and can’t help

but smile. That is the power of Blush Pro Makeup.


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Avoid lipsticks that are

either too glossy (they won’t

last long on your lips) or too

matte (they will leave your

lips feeling dry and caked.)

Buy a lipstick in the same

colour to keep in your purse

to touch up later in the

day—and to enjoy on your

honeymoon, and after the


In Abundance Photography

Laura Jean Photography





H I L T O N Q U A R R Y C E N T R E 0 6 0 7 9 0 0 1 9 8 | A T H L O N E , P M B 0 6 6 3 9 1 5 0 8 4


Credit: Vix Photography


dressed up






Choosing your ideal wedding dress is arguably one of the most important apparel decisions you will ever

make and since it’s likely to also be one of the biggest investments you will ever make in a single outfit,

the pressure is on! You may even feel like there is a whole new dress code language to decipher—

mermaid style, sheath, maximalist, peek-a-boo, cathedral veils… etc.

In this article we have rounded up some of the top international wedding dress trends for 2023 to help

you navigate your way to your dream dress. The diverse range of styles are testament to how the bridal

industry has embraced change. What that means for you is that there are more styles available than

ever before, and a dress to suit every bride.

Why settle for one dress when you can have two?

Decades ago, it was customary for a bride to change

out of her wedding dress and into a ‘going away’ outfit

just before departing the reception and heading off on

honeymoon. Well, we have good news for our fashionista

brides! The tradition of wearing two outfits on your

wedding day is back—but in a spectacular and

reimagined way. Many brides these days are opting to

wear a formal gown for the ceremony and creative

shoot and switching to a second outfit for the reception.

The latter is typically a more fun and flirty number, the

perfect cue for those dance floor party vibes.

Mad about maximalism

Sometimes, more is more.

Although barely-there slip

dresses had a big moment

last season, maximalist ball

gowns with amplified

features such as megaplush,


sleeves, long trains and

cathedral veils have staked

their spot in the limelight. We

love how designers have

reinvented the quintessential

ballgown with details like

exaggerated puff sleeves, cascading

trains, detailed corsetry and exquisite embroidery.

Credits: Bella Bride | (circle) NALA Photography


Sheer fabrics

On the international runways,

designers unveiled some bold

designs featuring sheer fabrics. This

barely-there approach to bridal

design adds a subtle touch of sex

appeal. You don't have to go full-on

revealing to take advantage of this

trend. It could just be a hint of skin

that peeps through.


When you go dress hunting,

keep an open mind. You may

think you know exactly what

style dress you are looking for,

only to try it on and realise

that you don’t love it as much

as you thought you would.

Allow your dress specialist to

guide you during your fitting

because you may find that the

perfect dress for you is one

you wouldn’t have even


Asymmetrical necklines

Necklines are a trend we look out for

each season, and the Spring 2023

collections included an exciting new

bodice style: the asymmetrical

neckline. This look is really flattering

and adds a fresh and modern twist

to any gown.

Credits: (clockwise, from top left)

Vanilla Photography | A‘mour |

(jewellery) David Batchelor | Sposabella |

A’mour | Vanilla Photography



Straight necklines

Straight necklines and strapless

silhouettes are big this season. A

sharply angled bodice highlights the

décolletage, neck and shoulders and

is a throwback to the nineties and

early 2000’s. The best part about this

2023 wedding dress trend is that

straight necklines work for pretty

much every wedding style: whether

you opt for a classic look

incorporating heavy satin, a

whimsical style with light tulle, or a

more seductive silhouette

with form-fitting crepe.


Crushing on corsets

Intricate corsetry and detailed

boning in the bodice of your dress

adds gorgeous contrast to full skirts

and layers of tulle and chiffon.

Originally worn as an under-garment,

there is something a little risqué (and

a lot sexy) about a dress with a builtin


Credits: (clockwise, from top left) A’mour |

Sposabella | Ruby Jean Photography |

Sposabella | (circle, top) Laura Jean

Photography | (circle, bottom) Bella Bride


Shop early for your wedding

dress as gowns make take

between four to eight months

to be produced or ordered

from overseas and you still

need to factor in time for

alterations and accessorising

once it is ready. That said,

don’t start dress shopping too

early either. You don’t want to

choose a dress that feels

dated by the time you get to

wear it.

Suit yourself

No dress? No problem! A chic pants

suit offers a sleek alternative to a

wedding gown with the added

advantages of being comfortable,

figure flattering and completely ‘of

the moment’. Bridal separates offer

an added bonus because you can

much more easily wear your wedding

outfit again.

Open backs

This 2023 trend is designed to show

off as much skin as possible and it’s

all about bringing sexy back (pun

intended). Gowns with low backs and

cut-outs at the back are definitely on

the rise and we love how they make

your exit as breathtaking as your


Credits: (clockwise, from top left) Bella Bride |

Sposabella | Michigan Behn Photography |

A‘mour | Sposabella | (circle) Bella Bride



Add wow with a bow

When in doubt, put a bow on it! Bows

are pretty, feminine, and fun. High

impact dresses boast oversized bows

whilst other designers are weaving

bow details into their designs in a

more subtle and romantic way.

Courageous cut-outs

This trend is for the bold, fashionforward

bride who is not afraid to

show off her silhouette with figureskimming

fabrics and peek-a-boo



If you are a simple girl at heart, you

don’t have to go fluffy or frilly with

your wedding dress. A bridal trend

that will never go out of fashion is a

well-constructed dress with simple,

clean lines in a beautiful fabric.

Credits: (clockwise, from top left) Sposabella |

A‘mour | A‘mour | SposaBella | Bella Bride |

(circle, top) A‘mour | (circle, bottom) Sposabella


Sexy slits

Make way for some va va voom! High

slits brought the sex appeal to Bridal

Fashion Week. If you're looking to step

out and show some leg without

braving a short hemline, this is the

trend for you.


Eye catching head wear

Veils are iconic and they are still a

firm favourite but if you’re looking for

something a little unusual, here are

some alternatives to consider:

hooded capes, hair vines, bespoke

tiaras or crowns, and hats.

by Jacqui Neumann


Shop true to your size. Even if

you plan to shed a couple of

kilograms before the big day,

shop for a dress that fits you

at your current size rather

than one that is too small. It is

easier to take a dress in than

trying to work with one that is

too snug.

Credits: (top row, from left) A‘mour | Sposabella |

(bottom row, from left) Bella Bride, (hat) model’s

own | The Rivera Collection |

(circles) The Rivera Collection



Based in Westville, Durban.

By appointment only.

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Credits: (top row, from left) A‘mour, Suit Yourself | Belle

& Bravado, (rings) David Batchelor | Belle & Bravado |

(centre) Suit Yourself | (bottom row, from left) A‘mour,

Suit Yourself | A‘mour, Belle & Bravado | Suit Yourself |

(circle, left) Suit Yourself | (circle, right) HIS Apparel,

Bella Bride | (opposite page) Laura Jean Photography



game plan


Your bride-to-be may be driving the wedding bus but you need to have a game plan for your big day,

too! Below are our top tips to make sure that you and your squad look the part on wedding day.

Choose attire that matches your wedding aesthetic and


Chat to your significant other about your overall theme

and wedding colours so that you are on the same page

when you go shopping for your outfit. You can either

purchase or hire your outfit. Hiring is a great option if you

have a limited budget especially if you are unlikely to

wear your suit again.

Practice knotting your tie

Depending on what you do for a living, the chances are,

you may be rusty at tying a tie! May we suggest that you

practice knotting your tie a good few times before the big

day to make sure that you are confident and proficient.

Your wedding day is not the time to be googling how to

do a bow tie or Windsor knot.

Get a haircut

Schedule a trim for the week leading up to the wedding

but please don't leave it for the day before when there are

always a million last-minute things to take care of. Top

tip: Do not try out a new style, colour or hair stylist for this

crucial pre-wedding cut! Rather stick to what you know.

What to prepare the day before

You and your groomsmen should try on your suits or

tuxes the day before the wedding as a final check. Iron

shirts, pockets squares and ties and run through a

checklist of all the items you will need for tomorrow. This

includes shoes, socks, underwear, cufflinks, a copy of

your vows, a copy of your speech and the rings!

In case you aren’t well versed in suit etiquette, here are

10 suit rules you need to know:

1. Your jacket fits properly if the seams hug your

shoulders but you are still able to move your arms,

chest and back. If you feel restricted, the fit isn’t

right and you need to size up. We understand that

slim fit is a vibe but you don’t want to look like your

suit was cellophaned onto your body.

2. Your jacket should be long enough to cover your

pants zipper and butt. If it’s longer than that, it will

look like a hand-me-down from a big brother, and if

it’s shorter, it will look like you grew taller since your

last fitting.



Based in Durban North. By appointment only.


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Durban Country Club, 101 Isaiah Ntshangase Road, Durban

Photos: Vix Photography

3. The side pockets on your trousers

should lay flat against your legs.

If your pants pockets bulge when

you are standing, they are too


4. Whilst on the subject of your

pants pockets, eliminate all

unnecessary clutter and try to

keep your pockets empty of

phones, keys and wallet on the

wedding day.

5. Your tie should just reach your

waistband or the top of your belt


6. If you are wearing a boutonnière,

pin it securely on, or near, the

lapel buttonhole. Feed the pin

through from the back of the

lapel so that the pin is not visible

from the front.

7. For a modern and sophisticated

look, choose a narrow belt that is

the same colour as your shoes.

8. If you opt to wear braces, forego

the belt. Both are designed to

hold your trousers up which

means you only need one. It’s

considered a fashion faux pas to

wear braces with a belt.

9. If your jacket has more than one

button, always leave the bottom

one undone.

10. Always unbutton your jacket

before sitting down, or you risk

ruining it.

by Jacqui Neumann



Credit: Laura Jean Photography








Credits: Muirhead’s Hiring | Fuchsia Fine

Event Stationery | Whisked Cakery | Bella

Bride | Suit Yourself | Vix Photography

This palette works well for bush

and bohemian weddings. If you

dream of an earthy, laid-back

celebration, lean into this

collection of warm and trending

shades. Add touches of greenery

like eucalyptus, or willow to

breathe life into this earthy







Your wedding colour palette scheme is a collection of colours that will be used in various ways

throughout your wedding day. The wedding colours you choose will influence almost every facet of your

wedding: stationery, floral arrangements, table linens, dresses, suits, cake design, and so on. That means

it’s important to pick your colour spectrum early on in your planning. Here are some tips to help you

arrive at a cohesive colour palette for your big day that you will love for years to come.

1. Be led by your location

Visualise your venue and its

surroundings. A neutral ‘blank

slate’ venue is versatile and

adaptable to any colour

combination while a more

decorated space may have

design elements such as painted

walls, brickwork, hanging art, floor

finishes, curtains, surrounding

trees and plants etc, that you

need to take into consideration. If

you have already chosen your

venue, take note of the natural

colours in the ceremony and

reception areas to guide you

when choosing your colour

palette. If you haven’t decided on

a venue yet but you have a

specific set of colours you want

to incorporate into your wedding,

take some swatches with you

when you start venue hunting to

make sure that the existing

colours of the space don’t clash

with the palette you wish to


2. Think seasonally

Certain shades have a natural

seasonal fit. For example, soft

pinks and fresh greens are

perfect for Spring while bright

citrusy colours like coral and

papaya are Summer staples.

Jewel tones like ruby and

emerald are well suited to Autumn

while mauve and silver make for a

stunning winter palette. That said,

do not feel like you have to

conform to seasonal colour ‘rules’.

If you have your heart set on a

particular colour scheme, a

seasoned floral stylist will find a

way to make it work by building in

Photos, clockwise from top left: Jessica Notelo Fine Art Photography,

Wild Olive Photo, Sean Baker Photography, and Wilma Towell Photography

lighter/darker accent colours to

lift or deepen your look to suit the

season. The most important

seasonal criteria to take note of

is that some flowers are only

available at certain times of year

and it can be very costly to

source them out of season.

Your end-to-end floral,

décor and wedding

planning specialists

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3. Identify your wedding style or


Pinpointing your wedding style or

theme is an important step when

choosing your wedding colours.

Just like seasons, some shades

are better suited to specific

styles than others. For example, a

laid-back boho style probably

wouldn’t mesh with silver and

blingy blue, just as an old

Hollywood glam theme is better

suited to ivory, gold, silver and

black—rather than an explosion

of citrus shades. Once you have

settled on your theme or style,

you will find it easier to whittle

away the colours that don’t fit. A

consultation with a wedding

planner or décor and floral stylist

is a great way to nail down your

style personality.

4. Don’t fixate on trends

Trends will come and go, so don’t

be pressured into choosing

colours that are ‘so right now’ but

so not you! Rather choose

colours that resonate with you—

and that you are likely to love,

long into the future.

5. Choose colours that are

universally flattering

Your flowers, décor, stationery

and bridesmaid dresses form the

backdrop for many of your

wedding photos so make sure

you choose a colour scheme that

complements you, your groom

and your bridesmaids. If there is

a particular colour in your palette

that doesn’t look great on

everyone, try to incorporate

some shades that will have

everyone looking their best.

6. Don’t choose too many colours

Unless you are planning a festival

style wedding, having too many

colours will result in a look that is

disjointed and distracting. Rather

start by picking one signature

shade that you absolutely love.

Add two to three accent colours

to round off your colour palette,

which will add dimension and


7. Get help from a colour wheel

You don't have to be a graphic

designer or fashion guru to

understand how a colour wheel

works. There are a few simple

principles to follow. In general,

colours that work well together

are opposite each other on the

wheel because they combine a

cool and warm shade e.g. lilac

and yellow, or blue and orange.

Other pairings that work nicely are

‘neighbouring’ colours, which are

shades that are similar to each

other and share a primary colour

e.g. plum and lavender.

8. Factor in non-negotiable


If there are any must-have décor


082 411 1110 | 033 266 6454



Photos: Kikitography

items that need to be included,

build these in from the start

rather than trying to add them in

later. It would be disappointing to

plan your flowers and décor to

the minutest detail, only to

realise during set-up that your

granny’s vintage cream table

runner, or those sentimental

copper candlesticks stick out like

a sore thumb amidst the colour

palette you’ve chosen.

While your colour palette will govern

many of your wedding decisions,

don’t feel limited by your colour

chart! See it as a guideline rather

than an absolute rule. Not every

aspect of your wedding has to be a

perfect colour-match.

by Jacqui Neumann



Credits: studio Petals |

Weddings & Functions by

Jackie | Kikitography



If you are aiming to achieve a

serene, pretty and tasteful

colour palette, a mixture of

petal pink and subtle mauve

creates an upscale look. These

colours are also extremely

flattering on most skin types

which makes them a great

choice for bridesmaid dresses.






DebbieMontague | www.etcevents.co.za

0836537900 | debbie@etcevents.co.za

Photos: Conway Photo & Film


Credits: etc events |

Handmade by Janine

| Katya Fedkina




When paired together, yellow

and blush pink create a sense of

soft romance. Add a pop of

baby blue and you have a truly

enchanting colour palette. This

fresh colour combination lends

itself to a bohemian wedding, or

it can be glammed up for a

more elegant affair.




Comfortable lounge seating is a real win during canapés and golden hour when

the bride and groom are off on their creative shoot. Later in the evening, when

feet are dancefloor-weary and guests are looking for a quiet and comfortable

spot to chill and chat, couches and ottomans once again steal the show.

The trick to executing a stylish wedding lounge is to make sure that it fits the

overall design aesthetic of your wedding. The goal is to create comfortable but

also visually attractive lounge areas. Consider including occasional chairs,

ottomans, cubes, coffee and side tables, rugs, pot plants or flowers, mushroom

gas heaters (to combat the chill), and garden umbrellas for shade.

And the ultimate addition to an outdoors lounge area is a cute caravan bar

serving all your favourite drinks.

Credit: (above and right) Vanilla Photography




Photos: Vix Photography

072 062 7078 | laurie@bundunet.com | www.lauriekohrs.com | Nottingham Road, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands

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Emerald green and orange

make for a lively and

sophisticated pairing so it’s no

wonder they are such a

popular combination. Orange

offers a striking and fresh

alternative to the more

traditional choice of


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Add some sparkle to your wedding

day with a selection of well-chosen

lighting solutions. Done properly,

lighting makes everything look

prettier—from your tablescapes to

your wedding cake to your guests’


Photo: Roxanne Davison

Styling, Décor Hire

and Floral Design by

Award-winning Wedding

Planner, Kate Bain

078 666 8546



The first thing you need to do is

familiarise yourself with your space.

Establish what lighting fixtures are

already in place, where the plug

points are, and whether there are

restrictions imposed by the venue on

suspended installations etc.

Next you need to find your wedding

lighting specialist. There are some

experienced teams within the

Marriage Meander portfolio who have

festoon (bulb string) lights, fairy lights

and a wide range of chandeliers.

Choose lighting that complements

your wedding style. Does your venue

and the overall aesthetic of your

wedding lend itself to romantic

vintage chandeliers, Bohemian woven

rattan pendant lights, or something a

bit more modern and edgy.

A professional décor team that

specialises in lighting will be able to

guide you on your choices and get

your wedding ready to glow!




Done correctly, a red and green

does not need to look

Christmassy. Seductive jewel

tones like emerald and garnet

make for a classy colour palette,

especially when they're

balanced out by some lighter

shades, like ivory, and set

against a neutral backdrop.

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Should I adopt a DIY approach to my wedding flowers?

Our advice regarding your wedding flowers—do not try

and do it all yourself. Outsource! Flowers take time, effort

and energy. If you have a flower fundi in your family who

has offered to take care of your wedding flowers, make

sure that they have the experience to tackle this

demanding job. Generally, we recommend using a floral

specialist as they are familiar with order lead times, are

able to suggest suitable alternatives should any of your

preferred flowers not be available, and they have cold

rooms to keep your blooms in tip-top shape until your


How do I choose a floral designer?

Every floral artist has a unique style and they delight in

the opportunity to create something bespoke for you.

Take time to research who you would like to design your

flowers and choose someone whose style resonates with

you. Once you find a floral designer whose style you love,

and who you would like to work with, send an enquiry to

see if they are available on your date.

How does the quoting process for wedding flowers work?

Most floral artists will only quote after an initial

consultation, as every wedding has its own unique

requirements. During your early discussions with your

designer, they will ask you questions in order to

understand your vision for your special day. This will

enable them to put together a vision board, which is a

really fun and exciting part of the process! Based on your

storyboard, your floral specialist will furnish you with a

quote to achieve your vision..

Creating florally enhanced spaces

that invite your guests to join you

in a magical chapter of your love story.

Let’s invent something new, something memorable,

something uniquely yours.

Rowena 082 304 6495 | hello@thefloralteam.co.za


Do I need to do a flower mock-up before my wedding?

If you would like your florist to do a mock-up, you can

certainly request one. These are typically paid for

separately and the flowers are then yours to take home

and enjoy. The purpose of a floral trial is to simulate the

personality and overall aesthetic that you would like to

achieve with your wedding flowers rather than selecting

specific flower types. Remember, flowers are seasonal

and availability can change on a daily basis, which

means that your floral designer cannot promise that the

flowers on your wedding day will be identical to what you

saw during your trial. If you have selected a professional

designer, you can trust that they will apply their creative

energies to your floral art using the best available blooms

for your day.


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& film




Credits: (clockwise, from circle) Vix Photography | Katya Fedkina Photography |

Beyond Measure | Bailee Guy Weddings | Bailee Guy Weddings | Ruby Jean

Photography | NALA Photography





Of course you want an amazing wedding album full of gorgeous photographs! But since most of us aren’t

professional models, when we suddenly find ourselves in front of the camera, it can feel a little awkward.

Enlisting the services of a great photographer is the first step to getting spectacular photos on your

wedding day. Having a few poses you would like to try may also give you a little confidence boost.

Especially if you and your partner have tested a few of these out before the wedding day. Here are some

of our favourite wedding photography poses that you might like to try:

1. The handhold

Holding hands is a classic pose for a reason, and

you will definitely want some of these shots in your

album. Create a little space between you and your

partner (I know, this is a big ask on your wedding

day when you want to be as close as can be) and

link fingers.

2. Cuddle up and whisper sweet nothings

Cosy up with your partner’s arm around you for an

intimate shot. For some lovely candid shots, you can

whisper into each other’s ear, which invariably

results in some giggles and lovely fun shots.

3. The casual stroll

Take your partner’s hand and go on a little stroll

while your photographer clicks away capturing

some natural shots of the newly weds. (Bonus points

if he carries your train or your bouquet while you


6. All kinds of kisses

Every wedding album must include at least one

great kissing shot. Since it’s your wedding day and

you probably won’t have seen much of each other in

the earlier parts of the day, it shouldn’t be too much

of a hardship to nab some smooching shots!

The cheek kiss

A peck on the cheek is a more delicate kissing

option than a full-on lip lock, but it’s still worthy of a

place in your wedding album.

The almost kiss

Get your photographer to catch you leaning in for a

smooch but not all the way there.

The forehead kiss

Sweet forehead kisses are a great way to capture

the intimacy between you two lovebirds.

4. The walk off

Often the back of your outfit (not to mention your

hair!) is as noteworthy as the front which means you

will want some beautiful photos from behind. Ask

your photographer to follow you as you walk away.

You can walk away holding hands, with arms

interlinked or perhaps even dancing.

5. The look away

This pose has become a trendy favourite. Stand

beside one another, holding hands, with some space

between you and stare off in opposite directions.


Minimise the number of shoot locations

To maximise photo time on your wedding day,

rather minimise the number of photo shoot

locations. You don’t want to spend more time

traveling from point A to point B than actually

taking pictures. A great photographer should be

able to make almost any location work.



Kiss from behind

This pose works particularly well

if your partner is on the taller


The hand kiss

Go old school and offer your lady

a gentleman’s kiss on her hand.

This is, after all, her day to feel

like a Disney princess!

7. A nose ping or forehead bump

A little nose-to-nose intimacy is

an endearing way to get up close

with your favourite human.

Similarly, you can share a tender

moment by facing one another

with your foreheads touching

and your eyes closed.

8. Go low

You don’t have to be standing for

the entire creative shoot. Find a

spot to sit—or lie—down, get

close, chat, exhale and enjoy the


9. The overhead

Find a pretty spot to lie down and

have your photographer take an

overhead shot of you. If your

photographer has a drone, a

zoomed out version of this can

be really epic!

10. Veil shot

If you’re wearing a veil on your

wedding day, you’ll definitely

want to nab some ‘under cover’

shots beneath your veil. The

options here are endless—look

into each other’s eyes, do a

forehead bump, smile at your

photographer through the mesh

or get another killer kissing

picture shrouded in veil romance.

Credits: (clockwise, from top left) Beyond Measure | Laura Jean Photography | Katya Fedkina

Photography | Laura Jean Photography | NALA Photography | (circle) Vix Photography

11. The face touch

Keep a little distance between

your faces and stare lovingly into

your partner’s eyes whilst

touching your partner’s face

gently. If you use your left hand,


it’s also a great way to capture your

ring bling!

12. The twirl

Consider this a little warm up for

your first dance. It allows your

photographer to capture some

movement in your dress and if you

can time it to coincide with golden

hour, what a win!.

13. The lift

Dirty Dancing is proof that you can’t

go wrong with a lift. And whilst we

love the original overhead lift care of

Patrick Swayze, unless you’ve

practised this move multiple times, I

recommend sticking to a simpler

version of your partner hoisting you

into the air. It will still look very

romantic and impressive

on camera.

14. The dip

You would do well

to practice this

uber romantic


pose so that you

can get a feel for

how far you can lean

without losing your


15. The piggyback or fireman’s lift

Looking to add a touch of fun and

playfulness to your album? Time for

a piggyback or fireman’s lift! This

gives you an opportunity to show off

some pretty shoes, or for an even

more relaxed shot, go barefoot. And

it’s bound to result in some fun and

candid shots!

16. The ring shot

Yes, you’ll want all the kissing,

snuggling and smiling shots but

what wedding album would be

complete without a photo of your

gorgeous new ring? Pose in a way

that showcases your new gem, like

placing your left hand around your

partner’s neck or placing your hand

Credits: (clockwise, from top left) Katya Fedkina Photography | NALA Photography | Laura Jean

Photography | Beyond Measure | Beyond Measure | (circle) Laura Jean Photography




Credits: (top row, from left) Bailee Guy Weddings | Ruby Jean Photography | (middle row, from left): Laura Jean Photography | Vix Photography |

Laura Jean Photography | (bottom row, from left): Beyond Measure | Bailee Guy Weddings | Ruby Jean Photography | (circle) Katya Fedkina

Photography | (opposite page) NALA Photography

on their chest. If you want to

capture both of your rings, find

something to do together, such

as push open a swing gate.

17. The lean

Find a cool looking doorway, wall

or tree to stand against and let

your partner lean into you for a

dramatic and sexy pose.

18. Head on shoulder

Lay your head on his shoulder

and let the love just radiate.

19. Cheek to cheek

Press your cheek up against his

and both look into the camera.

This one’s going to be a really

cool, Instagrammable closeup.Wishing

you heaps of

adventure and fun as you set out

to find your dream venue!

Lights, camera, action… VOGUE!

by Jacqui Neumann



0748828471 | hibailee@gmail.com







& film



You only get one shot at capturing your wedding day memories so when it comes to picking the right

team, the stakes are high! When researching to make sure that your photographer’s skill levels and

photographic style matches up to your expectations, make sure your take the time to evaluate whether

they are the kind of people you genuinely enjoy being around. Use the below points to guide as you set

out to find your ideal memory makers:

1. Determine what photography style best reflects you

as a couple

Do your homework and get a feel for the style of

photography you like. There are a number of popular

styles these days, such as:

• Natural looking

• Dark & moody

• Bright & fresh

• Vintage & nostalgic—think dreamy, washed-out tones

• Photojournalistic

Often your wedding album will include a mix of styles

but if there is a particular aesthetic you like, this

should be your starting point.

2. Set your budget

We’ve mentioned this before, but it really does help to

know how much you are able to spend before you

start meeting with prospective photographers and


3. Meet face-to-face

Try to meet with your memory makers before your

wedding to make sure you feel comfortable with

them. You will be spending the majority of your

wedding day with your photo and film team so find

people with the same kind of energy as you. If a

face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, a Zoom call or

video-chat will give you some insight into their

personality and offer you the opportunity to ask

questions that might otherwise not be covered in

written communications.

4. Book an engagement shoot

Having a pre-wedding engagement shoot is an ideal

opportunity to get to know one other and see how

your photographer works with you as a couple. It will

ensure you feel relaxed and confident on the day,

knowing that you are in good hands. Plus it will result

in you receiving some stunning photos, which you

can use for your Save the Date or wedding website!


Credits: (opposite page, from left) NALA Photography | Vix Photography | (circle) Katya Fedkina Photography |

(this page, clockwise, from left) Bailee Guy Weddings | Ruby Jean Photography | Beyond Measure | Laura Jean Photography

5. Pick professional partners

Choosing an experienced wedding photographer

and videographer is essential if you don’t want to be

disappointed. Their professional cameras and lenses

will ensure you receive quality images and videos,

while their technical skill, experience and artistic

ability enable them to capture the mood and

fleeting moments of the occasion. Their knowledge

of light and their ability to adapt quickly to different

situations and weather conditions make a big

difference to the end result. They should also have

backup equipment in case of an emergency. This is

so important as you won’t be able to replay the day

if batteries die, equipment fails or there are other

technical disasters. Check to see what their previous

clients have to say about them.

6. Scrutinise the small print

Most photographers and videographers will insist

that you sign a booking form or contract, which will

stipulate their payment terms and post-production

details such as the ability for them to use photos

from your wedding in their marketing materials, and

so on. These documents are not just for the benefit

of the supplier; they also give you peace of mind

that your chosen professionals will honour their

commitment to capture your memories on your

chosen date. When documenting the details, make

sure that you understand how many images you will

receive, how these will be presented (e.g. have you

opted for a digital-only package, or a leather-bound

album?), whether you require additional prints,

albums or DVD’s for parents, how soon you can

expect to receive the final product, and so on.

Remember - quality work takes time and your

service providers will spend many hours after the

event editing and crafting the final masterpiece.

by Jacqui Neumann






Here is a rough outline to help you

build a relaxed time frame for your

wedding day:

Hair and make-up

Try to complete hair and make-up 1½

hours before the ceremony. Let your

make-up artist know so that she can

work out what time to start,

depending on how many people

need hair and faces done. The bride’s

make up should always be done last.

katya.fedkina@hotmail.com | 076 735 5501 | www.katyafedkinaphotography.com

Getting dressed

Start getting dressed about one hour

prior to the ceremony. This gives you

plenty of time for bridal portraits and

pictures with your bridesmaids, mum,

flower girls etc.


Depending on the type of ceremony,

this may take anything from 30

minutes to 1½ hours. Confirm the

duration with your marriage officer.

After your ceremony, build in time for

your guests to congratulate you.

Enjoy some time with them as the

new Mr and Mrs and don’t be too

hasty to rush off for your creative

shoot. 30–40 minutes here should be

adequate. You may choose to cut

your cake or serve canapés during

this time.

www.rubyjean.co.za | info@rubyjean.co.za | 0713304303

Family Photos

Bear in mind that it takes around five

minutes per group photo. Taking the

pictures is the easy part, herding the

people is the challenging bit! Six to

eight photos is a good number to

aim for. Try to take these photos

close to where your guests are, so

you still feel part of the action. Top

tip: appoint a reliable person to help

round up the family.


Credit: Vix Photography

Creative shoot

Beautiful photos are possible at any

time of the day, but the best light is

usually ‘golden hour’, about an hour

before sunset. If you work back from

this time, this gives you a good

starting point when planning your

timeline. Your creative shoot

shouldn’t take longer than 45


Unscripted Artistry

Dawn0842080157 | info@beyondmeasure.co.za | www.beyondmeasure.co.za


Schedule the ‘formalities’ that you

wish to include and give speech

makers a set time to talk.

Photographers normally have an ‘end

time’ so make sure that everything

you want documented happens

before this time.

Travel time

If your wedding includes travel,

include the time it takes from one

place to another, allowing extra time

for traffic congestion etc.

hi@laurajean.co.za|072 102 1488

An experienced photographer will be

able to help you map out a timeline

to suit your unique requirements.

by Jacqui Neumann




Celebrating Love n Capturing memories


www.vixphotography.com | 071 328 3402 | hello@vixphotography.com

Pack comfy shoes for your

creative shoot

If you are wearing heels for

your wedding ceremony, pack

some comfortable shoes for

your creative shoot so that

you are comfortable and able

to move around with ease.

Have a bridesmaid tuck them

away near the ceremony area

(or pop them in the

photographer’s car) before

the proceedings begin so they

are handy when you head off

for your creative shoot.


Book professionals to

photograph, film and live

stream your day

Your wedding is a once-in-alifetime

kind of day and you

owe it to yourselves (and your

loved ones) to entrust the

documentation of your

precious memories to

professional photographers

and videographers. I have

never heard a couple regret

the decision to enlist the

services of a pro team to

capture their memories but

there are certainly horror

stories out there about using

an amateur.


Credit: Beyond Measure




Credits: (top row, from left) NALA Photography | Ruby Jean Photography | Ruby Jean Photography |

(bottom row, from left) Ruby Jean Photography | Laura Jean Photography

Photo: Saysha Baker Photography

Gce Botha




0825018667 | gracebothamusic@gmail.com




Credit: Laura Jean Photography



Music creates atmosphere, cues key moments in the day, and elevates or calms the energy of the space.

When it comes to creating the perfect playlist for your wedding day, there's a lot to consider. But don’t

worry, we’ve got some sound advice (pun intended!) to help you master your big day playlist.

Live music vs DJ: the great debate

Live performances are engaging and intimate whilst a

DJ will play your favourite songs exactly the way you

enjoy listening to them. But before you discount either

option, do your homework and understand the unique

benefits of each choice. If finances allow, why not

consider a combination of the two! For example, your

musician(s) can provide musical accompaniment

during the ceremony and canapés, and your DJ can take

over the reigns at the reception.

Factor in all the key musical moments of your day

Most couples give considerable thought as to which

song they want played for their first dance and the song

they want to walk down the aisle to, but have you

thought about musical accompaniment for other key

times? Make sure that your DJ and/or musicians are on

the same page as you regarding your preferences for

these important musical moments:

• Prelude music (the songs played before the start of

the ceremony)



Photo of Greig: Colin Browne Photography

www.djgreig.com | info@djgreig.com | 0837992510


• Processional / walk-in song

• The signing of the vows

• Recessional / walk-out song

• Post-ceremony background music (usually during canapés / cake cutting /

cocktail hour)

• Entry into the reception venue as the new Mr and Mrs

• First dance

• Father / daughter and mother / son dances (if you plan to include this)

• Personalised walk-up songs for speechmakers

• Last dance (before the two of you leave the reception)

Assess the acoustics and logistics of your venue

Your ceremony and reception venues will have repercussions on the sound

dynamics at your wedding. The acoustics in a small room will be very different

from a large outside space. Your sound crew will need to know where the

closest plug points are, or if they need to rely on generators or battery power.

Choose your ceremony songs wisely

If you are having a religious ceremony, be aware that there may be restrictions

on the type of music played (think about the appropriateness of certain song

lyrics within the context of a place of worship).

Avoid awkward silences

Most guests arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony, but the

wait will seem much longer if everyone is sitting around in uncomfortable

silence. Ask your ceremony musician to start playing 20–30 minutes before

your intended start time, which generally signals guests to take their seats, and

creates a lovely atmosphere of joyful anticipation. Similarly, you will want to

avoid ‘dead air’ when guests move into the Reception venue. A professional DJ

knows what sort of tracks to play at the various stages of your event so don’t

underestimate the importance of entrusting your soundtrack to an experienced


Seek out referrals and recommendations

Ask family and friends for recommendations of great DJ’s and musicians that

they’ve heard at recent weddings or events. Do your research and make sure

they have a good reputation, professional equipment, and plenty of experience

with weddings. If possible, try to hear them at another event before you engage

their services.

... Because a

perfect day needs

a perfect


Great service • Reliable

equipment • Flexible solutions

• Battery operated system for

remote venues

The Do-Not-Play list

If there are certain songs, or a particular style of music, that should not be

played, communicate this to your musician or DJ. The Do-Not-Play list avoids

potential embarrassment, offence and possibly an unintentional emptying of

the dance floor.

by Jacqui Neumann



083 782 0642









1. Nobody but you by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

2. I Choose (From the Netflix Original Film ‘The Willoughbys’) by Alessia Care

3. Big, Big Plans by Chris Lane

4. From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay

5. 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay featuring Justin Bieber

6. History in the Making by Darius Rucker

7. Bright by Echosmith

8. God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

9. Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith featuring Mat Kearney

10. Love Me Anyway by P!nk & Chris Stapleton

11. Could I Love You Anymore by Renee Dominique & Jason Mraz

12. Never Stop (Wedding Version) by SafetySuit

13. At Last by Etta James

14. Feels like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

15. Second Guessing (From Songland) by Florida Georgia Line

16. I’ll Be Around by Garrett Kato

17. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls

18. Take My Hand (The Wedding Song) by Emily Hackett & Will Anderson

19. Conversations in the Dark by John Legend

20. Evermore by Hollow Coves

21. I Choose You by Sarah Bareilles

22. I’ve Had The Time of My Life (From Dirty Dancing) by Bill Medley

& Jennifer Warnes

23. I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You by Imaginary Future & Kina Grannis

24. For You (Fifty Shades Fred) by Liam Payne & Rita Ora

25. Birds by Imagine Dragons

26. Falling Like The Stars by James Arthur

27. Incredible by James TW

28. Here, Right Now by Joshua Radin

29. No Place Like You by Joy Williams

30. I Chose You by Caleb Edens

31. I Wanna Feel Love by Julia Bardo

32. Hold On by Justin Bieber

33. Good as You by Kane Brown

34. Better Together by Jack Johnson

35. The Bones by Maren Morris & Hozier

36. All of Me by John Legend

37. Prayed For You by Matt Stell

38. Dance With Me by Phillip Phillips

39. Where We Come Alive by Ruelle

40. Made For You by Tyler Brown Williams


Make sure that your DJ has

a back-up power plan—

whether that means getting

permission to hook into the

venue’s back-up generator,

or he has his own batteryoperated

equipment. You

don’t want load shedding

to put a damper on your

party vibes.


Credit: Katya Fedkina Photography





Don’t over plan your

honeymoon. Schedule a few

bucket-list activities but leave

some room for fun and

spontaneity to just unfold.

Credits: (top row, from left) Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge | Umngazi Hotel & Spa | (middle row,

from left) Mthembu, mFulawozi Wilderness | Umngazi Hotel & Spa | Qambathi Mountain Lodge |

(circle) Biyela, mFulaWozi Wilderness | (right) Nambiti Plains Private Game Reserve |

(opposite page) Biyela, mFolaWozi Wilderness






After the rollercoaster of planning a wedding, you will be ready to take a break and spend some quality

time together. Whether you are a bush lover, a beach baby, an outdoors enthusiast, or seeking a

romantic refuge, the honeymoon destinations in our portfolio will definitely get you excited about

planning your itinerary.

Here are ten things to consider to make sure you are on the right path for honeymoon bliss:

1. Start planning early

Do your homework early and book well in advance to

secure the venue(s) you have your heart set on. Be

prepared to pay deposits to confirm your

reservations as popular destinations fill up quickly,

especially in peak seasons.

2. Take a ‘slow living’ approach to your schedule

Chances are, the lead-up to your wedding will leave

you feeling a little exhausted. Avoid the temptation

to squeeze as many things into your itinerary as

possible. At the very least, try to stay at least two

nights in your first location. Build in some proper

time to relax, rest and unwind.

3. Craft an itinerary that perfectly suits you

Every couple is different. Some couples want to laze

around the pool sipping cocktails and soaking up

the sun while others want to explore their surrounds

and try all the activities on offer. Don’t be

preoccupied with what others say a honeymoon

should or shouldn’t be. Your honeymoon is all about

the two of you.




Wearing some sexy, new lingerie will definitely

get you feeling sassy and this is, after all, your

once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon trip so spoil

yourself and invest in some gorgeous items

from eL Intimates.

4. Be a bargain hunter

If you plan well in advance, and you are willing to

travel out of season, you are more likely to scoop

discounted rates. Ask local luxury lodges if they have

special rates for SADC residents. You’ve got nothing

to lose by enquiring whether they can offer you a

preferential rate. They may not offer a reduction in

price but may surprise you with an additional

activity or complementary upgrade.

5. Look local

Couples often view their honeymoon as an

opportunity to go all out on an exotic overseas trip,

but there are so many hidden gems right on our

doorstep. Did you know that South Africa is one of

the top honeymoon destinations in the world?

6. If you brag, you’re likely to get swag

If you like a little complementary swag (and let’s be

honest, who doesn’t!?) then don’t be shy to share

about your newlywed status! Let your hotel or lodge

know ahead of your arrival that you are celebrating

your honeymoon with them. If they know, they will

often throw in extras like a welcome gift basket, a

private dining experience, or a complementary

activity—to make your time with them even more


7. Be budget-savvy about ‘hidden’ costs

When drawing up the budget for your honeymoon,

don’t forget to factor in expenses like car hire,

airport transfers, meals, drinks, activities and

gratuities. Unless you book an all-inclusive package,

the total cost of your honeymoon is more than just

your travel and accommodation costs.

8. A honeyfund is a great wedding gift

These days, many couples have all the household

items they need. If what you would like most as a

wedding gift is a great honeymoon, set up a

honeymoon account and invite your friends and

family to contribute towards your ‘honeyfund’ as

their wedding gift to you.

Credit: eL Intimates

9. Why a delayed honeymoon may work for you

Simultaneously planning a wedding and honeymoon

is not only expensive but it is also a time sucker—

especially if you haven’t outsourced to a wedding

planner and / or travel agent. Delaying your

honeymoon gives you more time to save and you

may prefer having the extra time to plan your

itinerary once the wedding has passed. More



You may be tempted to share all the juicy

details of your magical ‘moon on social media

but my advice is to keep the posting to a

minimum while you are away. Take photos and

videos to document your adventures but don’t

feel you need to post them straight away. There

will be plenty of time to get social once you’re

back! Take this time to unplug and connect with

your beloved.

couples these days are opting for a ‘mini moon’

straight after the wedding with a full-blown

honeymoon taking place at a later stage. Two

honeymoons? That’s an idea I can support!

10. Consult the experts

While it can be fun to create your own travel

itinerary, it can also be hard work to coordinate all

the details. Chatting to a travel agent can be helpful

as they will be able to assist with tailoring a package

that suits your budget and preferences—and they

will be able to offer expert advice on the best travel

routes, local attractions, seasonality etc.

Wishing you and your beloved a happy honeymoon with

many sweet memories to cherish in the years to come!

by Jacqui Neumann


Credits: (top) Mthembu, mFulawozi Wilderness | (middle row)

Umngazi Hotel & Spa | (above) Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge |

(left) Biyela, mFulaWozi Wilderness




Enjoy the pure romance of the true African Wilderness at mFulaWozi Private Game Reserve.

Embark on one of the most revered honeymoon destinations in the world.

• 5 Star Luxury Suites • The Big 5 • Romantic bush

dinners • Guided wilderness walks • Star gazing

• Spa treatments • Daily game drives & sundowners

• Private decks and plunge pools • Outdoor showers

Visit www.mfulawozi.com for more



The clothes you pack for honeymoon will be largely determined by your destination and the time of year

you are travelling but here is a quick checklist of essentials:

1. Driver’s license and ID/passport

2. Credit Cards (let your bank know if you’ll be out of

the country)

3. Printed copies of all travel documents and reservations

4. Printed list of important phone numbers e.g. your

house/pet-sitter, alarm company, medical aid and

bank call centre (in case you need to report stolen

cards or fraud)

5. Cellphone, charger and ear plugs (and adaptor if you

are heading overseas)

6. Cash

7. Kindle, book or magazines

8. Neck pillow

9. Everyday toiletries and sunscreen

10. Prescription medications

11. Mini first aid travel kit including motion sickness

tablets, anti-nausea and anti-diarrhoea tablets,

antihistamine, pain killers, plasters, anti-itching

ointment, and eye drops

12. Luggage tags for checked and carry-on luggage

13. Pen

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0827748164 | 0660024852


Whilst we don’t recommend

that you provide a detailed

account of your travel plans

to all and sundry, we do

suggest that you leave a copy

of your itinerary, passport,

check-in/check-out dates

with a trusted family member

or friend. Make sure that you

have put a robust plan in

place for your return home,

especially if you need to be

collected from an airport or

need to meet up with a house

sitter in order to get your

house keys back upon your


Photo: Laura Jean Photography


Your luxuriously natural safari honeymoon

Spacious, stylish and uncluttered, Nambiti Plains provides an unpretentious 5 star

experience where every moment is focused on the wonders of the wild.

www.nambitiplains.com | +27 (0)71 680 4584 | info@nambitiplains.com







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Marriage Meander KZN

Love on the Lawn Wedding Showcase

Katya Fedkina



Credit: NALA Photography



Dear one,

This book was written just for you—with love, insight and

careful consideration of the triumphs and challenges

you are likely to face on your wedding planning journey.

Karen is my designer and the creative director of this

publication. She is the person responsible for breathing

life into our book baby and the effort she puts into

making every page a work of art, is a gift for which I am

endlessly grateful.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to share some

wedding wisdom with you along the way, and I am truly

excited to think that many of you will reach out to the

venues and suppliers featured in our portfolio—to help

you write the next chapter of your Love Story!

I consider it a blessing and a joy to work in the wedding

industry alongside some pretty wonderful colleagues,

many of whom have become friends.

Before closing off this edition of the book, I need to pay

tribute to one such colleague and friend, Karen Schmidt.

I also need to say a deep, full-of-love thank you to my

hub. I am so grateful to you for patiently enduring the

crazy pre-book-launch schedule and most importantly,

for your love, admiration and respect. Thank you for

being my blue crayon. The one I never have enough of.

The one I use to colour my sky.

It is time for me to bid you farewell, lovebirds, and as I

do, I pray that you will find so much joy in this journey!





Photo: JCS Photography



This day is for you if:

% You are recently engaged and planning your wedding in KwaZulu-Natal

% You feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make and you are not sure where to start

% You are looking for ideas and want to meet some of the best wedding suppliers in KwaZulu-Natal

% You want to enjoy a fun and inspiring day out with your bride tribe or your partner

Love on the Lawn has been designed especially for brides-to-be, to remove the stress

out of your wedding planning, and to sprinkle you with inspiration, organisation and joy!

Marriage Meander has created Love on the Lawn to help you plan all the important aspects of your

wedding in one day, which will save you time and money while you are having a bundle of fun.

Dates and bookings: www.marriagemeander.co.za | jacqui@marriagemeander.co.za

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