Bulletin March 17

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Double Torah Portion<br />

Preview for Vayak’heil/P’kudei<br />

Shabbat beginning <strong>March</strong> <strong>17</strong>, 2023<br />

Vayak’heil , Moses “assembled” the community to tell them of the death penalty<br />

for working (including lighting a fire) on the Sabbath and command them to<br />

donate precious metals, textiles, skins, wood, oils, spices, and gems. Then, Bazalel<br />

and the artisans constructed the tabernacle, ark, utensils, lampstand, priests’<br />

garments, altar, and enclosure.<br />

P’kudei “records” detailed where the materials were used and ends describing<br />

how God entered His new dwelling place while His cloud hovered over it until<br />

lifting to indicate that the community should move.<br />

Rabbi Noa Kushner reminds us that the cloud is a manifestation of God. With<br />

today’s observable universe being 93 billion light years wide, it is hard to imagine<br />

God dwelling in the tabernacle. When a Torah scribe from Yemen (on the Red<br />

Sea) showed us how heating a pebble from his homeland created a cloud that<br />

hovered below the ceiling of his small apartment, I could not help envisioning it<br />

over the tabernacle. But Rabbi Kushner urged us to seek God wherever we are.<br />

Recapturing the awe of the ancient Israelites enables us to keep alert for yet<br />

unexperienced beauty awaiting in every possible scale of experience between the<br />

atom and the most distant star.<br />

We invite all to come to synagogue in person or on Zoom on Friday night to hear<br />

a more in-depth interpretation from Rabbi Meeka (or this Sabbath's lay speaker).<br />

We also invite other views, interpretations, reflections, and even poems on each<br />

Torah portion. If you have something to contribute, please email it to<br />

RPC@templeadasshalom.org. This and prior previews can be found at Dr. David<br />

Dirlam's website by clicking on Changing Wisdoms Projects.

Annette Dirlam<br />

Barbara Chancey<br />

Fred Belkin<br />

Harvey Malin<br />

Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing<br />

Heather Mullis<br />

Joan Marksamer<br />

Marcy Schirloff<br />

Mike Gordon<br />

Natalie Litofsky<br />

Philip Chancey<br />

Tim Latham<br />

Sky Sumlin<br />

Recently Passed<br />

Jeanette Golbin<br />

Beloved Founding Member of Temple Adas Shalom, Jeanette is survived by her loving children,<br />

Arlene (Stephen) Burns and Neal Golbin, and numerous grand and great-grandchildren<br />

Aaron Hutner<br />

Remembered by Linda Samuels<br />

Arlene Zweibach<br />

Remembered by Debra Tannenbaum<br />

Arline H. Silverman<br />

Remembered by Jeffrey Schoenberger &<br />

Marcy Werde<br />

Benjamin Farkas<br />

Remembered by Henry Farkas<br />

Bruce Linick<br />

Remembered by Deborah Linick<br />

Carroll H. Goldberg<br />

Remembered by the Congregation<br />

Deborah Griesinger<br />

Remembered by Eric Griesinger<br />

Elden Levine<br />

Remembered by Karen Wood &<br />

Mark Wolkow<br />

Frank Mendelson<br />

Remembered by Sally Snader<br />

Frederick T. Goldstein<br />

Remembered by Barbara Pollack & Sharon<br />

Pillersdorf<br />

Henry Friedman<br />

Remembered by Sonia Auxier<br />

Hilda Mohr<br />

Remembered by Carol Mohr<br />

Yahrzeits Observed<br />

Hyman Alk<br />

Remembered by the Congregation<br />

Joanne Paster Hurwitz<br />

Remembered by Rayna Richardson<br />

Jules Counts<br />

Remembered by Lawrence R. Kravitz<br />

Kay Blum<br />

Remembered by Shari Morris<br />

Lillian Lipowitz<br />

Remembered by the Congregation<br />

Michael Schneck<br />

Remembered by Zita Schneck<br />

Molly Goldstein<br />

Remembered by Barbara Pollack &<br />

Sharon Pillersdorf<br />

Rose Blechman<br />

Remembered by Ethel Gerber<br />

Sherry Seiden Gordon<br />

Remembered by the Congregation<br />

Stanley Cohen<br />

Remembered by Stephen Cohen &<br />

Tina Cohen<br />

Steven (Skip) Cogan<br />

Remembered by Brad Cogan<br />

Thomas Pribble<br />

Remembered by Terry Weiner<br />

Caring Committee Announcement<br />

Caring is about both the simchas and healing through support and community. Is there<br />

a moment you would like to share, privately or publicly?<br />

We want to be there for you so please let us know. Email caring@templeadasshalom.org

TAS/HJC Calendar of Events<br />


<strong>17</strong> 24 th of Adar 5783<br />

18 25 th of Adar 5783<br />

19 26 th of Adar 5783<br />

20 27 th of Adar 5783<br />

6:55 pm<br />

Candle Lighting<br />

5:30pm<br />

Family Shabbat Dinner<br />

6:15pm<br />

Familhy Shabbat Service<br />

Vayak'heil-Pekudei<br />

9:00am<br />

Kehillah MAGNET Sunday<br />

Class<br />

10:30am<br />

Youth Group Meeting<br />

12:30pm<br />

Siddur Mishkan Tefila:<br />

Unknown Treasures<br />


21 28 th of Adar 5783<br />

22 29 th of Adar 5783<br />

23 1 st of Nissan 5783<br />

7:30pm<br />

Sisterhood Membership<br />

Meeting & Elections<br />

6:30pm<br />

Kehillah MAGNET<br />

Midweek Hebrew Class<br />

(Virtual)<br />

7:00pm<br />

Words to Action:<br />

Empowering Students to<br />

Address Antisemitism<br />

(7th - 12th graders)<br />

7:30pm<br />

RPC Meeting<br />

Mazel Tov<br />


<strong>17</strong>th Barbara Gilden * 18th Jeffrey Sachs * 18th Melissa Joslin<br />

18th Martha Weingard * 19th Daniel Hurst * 20th Barry Baker<br />

21st David Fang * 23rd Avery Sage Morris<br />

Upcoming Zoom Live Streamed Services & Events<br />


Friday, <strong>March</strong> <strong>17</strong>rd<br />

In-Person Service begins at 6:15 pm; Live Streaming starts at 6:00 pm<br />

https://zoom.us/j/85758681892 * Meeting ID: 857 5868 1892<br />

Password: Shabbat23

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