Soi Books Catalogue 2024

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<strong>2024</strong> v3

Hey there!<br />

You might recognize us as the crew behind the renowned Stickerbomb<br />

series. But as our ideas expanded, we realized we needed a space to house<br />

all our creative concepts. That’s where <strong>Soi</strong> <strong>Books</strong> comes in. “<strong>Soi</strong>,” meaning<br />

“street” in Thai, embodies our dedication to exploring urban culture, from<br />

street photography to art and everything in between.<br />

Our story traces back to our roots in crafting documentaries, diving into a<br />

myriad of topics, subcultures, and stories, shaping them into compelling<br />

films. Some of our cherished projects include “Bassweight: A Dubstep<br />

Documentary,” “Rackgaki: Japanese Graffiti,” “Soka Afrika,” delving into<br />

human rights issues and immigration, and “Foul Play,” exploring corruption<br />

in Asian football.<br />

CATALOGUE <strong>2024</strong> v3<br />

Amid our immersion in the world of film and advertising, we were also<br />

deeply involved in the creation of illustration and art books with Laurence<br />

King Publishing. Laurence and the entire LKP team were instrumental in<br />

our creative evolution, molding us into authors and nurturing our journey<br />

into becoming publishers. Their influence not only shaped our work<br />

in television, film, and advertising but also significantly impacted our<br />

approach to curating art and stories.<br />

It was within this nurturing environment that the Stickerbomb series was<br />

born. With over 10 books and a global readership of around 400,000<br />

to 500,000, it became a cornerstone of our creative expression. Our<br />

endeavors expanded to encompass street art books and an eclectic range<br />

of gift and stationery titles.<br />

This rich tapestry of experiences prompted us to embark on a new path<br />

in publishing. The essence of our documentaries and our anthropological<br />

approach form the core of every book we craft. As a global team, with<br />

members spanning the UK, Europe, Asia, and the US, the success of the<br />

Stickerbomb series enables us to offer artists solutions that foster their growth.<br />

Whether we’re collaborating with a graffiti artist in Indonesia or curating<br />

a book on craft beer stickers, <strong>Soi</strong> <strong>Books</strong> remains dedicated to sharing a<br />

distinctive viewpoint on subcultures, artists, and, of course, stories.



The latest in the super-successful Stickerbomb<br />

line of urban art sticker books. This new book<br />

of fully peelable stickers brings together the<br />

best in today’s craft label brewing design and<br />

illustration from around the world. From super<br />

slick minimal design, wild and wacky illustrations<br />

to raggedy type, The Craft Beer Sticker Book<br />

presents an exploration of the visual culture<br />

behind indie brewing. Featuring over 300 stickers<br />

from 40 microbreweries near and far including<br />

Admundsen, Basqueland, Exale, To-øl and more.<br />

The Craft Beer Sticker Book explores the eyecatching<br />

visuals breweries use to make their<br />

beer stand out. With key interviews that spotlight<br />

designers at the forefront of brewing, this sticker<br />

book is an indispensable collection for any beer,<br />

graphics and illustration obsessive.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-4-7<br />

124 pages (56 pages of<br />

sticker sheets)<br />

210mm x 210mm<br />

8.3in x 8.3in<br />

Paperback<br />

£24.95 / €29.00 / $25.00<br />

Category: Art books,<br />

Branding & Logo Design,<br />

Illustration, Urban art.<br />

UK - June 2023<br />

US & Asia - July 2023<br />

‘Takes a range of highly stylised examples from artists<br />

all around the world’ - Design Week<br />

‘Embraces the adventurous enthusiasm shared by all lovers of craft<br />

beer’ - Ferment - UK’s No.1 craft beer magazine<br />

‘A quality publication which will have you peeling stickers from the<br />

book and slapping them on everything you own’ - Hooked Blog

BLOC<br />

Vol. 01<br />

Introducing BLOC, the stunning picturesonly<br />

art journal showcasing the work of collage<br />

artists, illustrators, and street artists from<br />

our very own <strong>Soi</strong> <strong>Books</strong> and Stickerbomb<br />

World community!<br />

With each issue, BLOC brings you 32 pages of<br />

breathtaking visuals that capture the creativity<br />

and innovation of today’s emerging artists. From<br />

the vibrant murals and stickers of street artists to<br />

the intricate collages and illustrations of emerging<br />

talents, you’ll be transported to a world of bold<br />

colours, striking images, and endless inspiration.<br />

But BLOC isn’t just any art magazine. We’re proud<br />

to feature the work of artists from our very own<br />

<strong>Soi</strong> <strong>Books</strong> and Stickerbomb World community,<br />

each with their unique style and vision. With no<br />

text or articles to distract from the beauty of the<br />

images, BLOC is the perfect way to immerse<br />

yourself in the world of contemporary art and<br />

discover the talent that’s right on your doorstep.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-9-2<br />

32 pages<br />

210mm x 275mm<br />

8.3in x 10.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $12<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

Release: August 2023

PLAZA<br />

Street Photography<br />

from Southeast Asia<br />

Discover the vibrant and diverse world of<br />

South-East Asia through the captivating lens<br />

of local photographers in Plaza. As a leading<br />

street photography journal published twice a<br />

year, Plaza is dedicated to capturing the essence<br />

of the region in stunning detail. Each journal<br />

showcases a carefully curated selection of<br />

photographs that offer a unique and intimate<br />

look at the people, places, and cultures that<br />

make South-East Asia so special.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-6-1<br />

68 pages<br />

210mm x 275mm<br />

8.3in x 10.8in<br />

Black and White print<br />

throughout.<br />

Paperback<br />

£15 / €18 / $20<br />

Category: Photography,<br />

Art books, Journalism,<br />

Urban art<br />

Release: October 2023

BLOC<br />

Vol. 02<br />

Step into the vivid world of BLOC – the nowords,<br />

all-art magazine celebrating the vibrant<br />

creativity within our <strong>Soi</strong> <strong>Books</strong> and Stickerbomb<br />

World community. Our second issue brings you<br />

a thrilling showcase featuring Bust Art from<br />

Switzerland, the captivating Yumi Shimada from<br />

Sao Paulo (you might recognize her from our Craft<br />

Beer Sticker Book), and the visionary visual artist<br />

Ronald Lubega, alongside other brilliant talents.<br />

With 32 pages of pure visual enchantment,<br />

this edition is a vibrant mosaic of street art,<br />

collages, and illustrations that breathe life onto<br />

every page. BLOC is not just a magazine; it’s a<br />

vibrant celebration of our community’s unique<br />

styles and stories. No text or distractions, just<br />

pure, unadulterated artistry that’s ready to<br />

transport you into a world of imagination and<br />

boundless inspiration.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7393867-3-3<br />

32 pages<br />

210mm x 275mm<br />

8.3in x 10.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $12<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

EU: February <strong>2024</strong><br />

Dive into the pages, lose yourself in the riot of<br />

colors and the arresting images, and uncover the<br />

pulse of our ever-evolving creative landscape.<br />

BLOC – your portal to discovering the beating<br />

heart of contemporary art, all in one visually<br />

captivating place.



Discovering the untold stories of the beautiful<br />

game through football sticker art.<br />

Tifo: The Art Of Football Fan Stickers is a<br />

journey through football fandom’s most unique<br />

stories. Discover how fans see their own clubs,<br />

understand how stickers have transcended<br />

the shadow of hooliganism, emerging as a<br />

positive force that unites fans in celebration and<br />

community. Witness firsthand the intersection<br />

of sticker culture with street art and graffiti, as<br />

football supporters infuse their passion into the<br />

urban landscape.<br />

Featuring contributions from:<br />

James Montague - Sports writer for the New York<br />

Times, Guardian, CNN and author of Thirty One<br />

Nil and 1312.<br />

Eleanor Watson - Design Museum and Curator of<br />

Football, Designing The Beautiful Game.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7393867-0-2<br />

248 pages<br />

148mm x 210mm<br />

5.8in x 8.3in<br />

Paperback<br />

£14.99 / €17.99 / $18.99<br />

Category: Street<br />

Photography Football,<br />

Graphic Design<br />

Release: May <strong>2024</strong>

Welcome to the ‘Hello My Name Is’ Series,<br />

where pocket-sized documentary art books<br />

unveil the world of graffiti and street<br />

artists from around the world. Dive into<br />

their lives, locations, and personalities<br />

through behind-the-scenes photos. Explore<br />

urban art like never before as each volume<br />

introduces a new artist or location within<br />

this captivating series.


XEME<br />

There is one name universally synonymous with<br />

Hong Kong’s graffiti scene. That name is Xeme.<br />

Xeme is widely recognized as one of the most<br />

prolific figures in the Hong Kong graffiti scene<br />

and the waider Asian graffiti and street art scene.<br />

He has a body of work that spans two decades<br />

and is responsible for the famous Invasian<br />

magazine, HKwalls and has contributed to a<br />

variety of streetwear labels. Xeme has solidified<br />

his reputation as a graffiti writer in a place where,<br />

once upon a time, it was pretty uncommon to see<br />

any street art.<br />

Photography by Xeme (and friends) and art<br />

directed by Xeme himself, this is a unique portrait<br />

of a place in flux. This pocket-size book is an artwork<br />

in itself and will transport readers instantly to the<br />

streets of today’s Hong Kong.<br />

H E L L O<br />

my name is<br />

XEME<br />



ISBN 978-1-7397509-0-9<br />

Pocket Book / 64 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $10<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

UK - January 2023<br />

US & Asia - April 2023<br />

“(Xeme) pioneered the use of Chinese characters in<br />

the art form (graffiti)”<br />

- Tatler Asia<br />

“..the face of Hong Kong Graffiti”<br />

- Vice


CHIP7<br />

Chip7Land is a chaotic, energetically produced<br />

monograph that highlights some of Chip’s<br />

work over the last twenty years. Executed in his<br />

‘techno-organic’ style, he moves freely between<br />

wall and canvas, always expressing himself with<br />

vivid colours that leap off the pages. Art directed<br />

by Chip7 himself, this pocket-size book is an<br />

artwork to itself and will transport instantly to<br />

Bangkok, Thailand.<br />

H E L L O<br />

my name is<br />

CHIP7<br />



Chip7 has been working on street art and graffiti<br />

for over 20 years. He was a founding member of<br />

the legendary crew MAYHEM and was cited as a<br />

future star in the book The History of American<br />

Graffiti. Most of Chip7’s recent work has been<br />

inspired by his Thai and Southeast Asian ancestral<br />

roots, plus the Hindu epic stories such as the<br />

Mahabharata and Ramayana.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-1-6<br />

Pocket Book / 64 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $10<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

UK - January 2023<br />

US & Asia - April 2023<br />

“...future star”<br />

- History Of American Graffiti<br />

“Inspired as much by traditional Thai art as futuristic<br />

fantasy scapes... Chip’s artwork is a cultural<br />

hybrid that has become his trademark style in<br />

recent years, opening doors in other creative and<br />

commercial projects”<br />

- Vice



This pocket-sized picture book is an artwork in<br />

itself, telling the story of the famous trio and their<br />

art over the last twelve years. From the most<br />

human moments to their wacky adventures to<br />

the gigantic murals they have birthed - the Sool<br />

Boomb Book will transport you into the colourful<br />

world of this prolific Italian art crew.<br />

H E L L O<br />

my name is<br />

ART OF<br />

SOOL<br />



Art Of Sool is Claudio, Marco and Nicola who hail<br />

from the mountains of Northern Italy. They work<br />

across illustration, graffiti, multimedia graphics,<br />

and more traditional art. Their work is a natural<br />

continuation of Italy’s relationship with writing,<br />

street art and graphic design, lasting from the<br />

‘60s to the present day. Inspired by nature and<br />

a love of colour, they are a prolific trio who have<br />

never lost their passion for illustration.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-3-0<br />

Pocket Book / 56 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $10<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

UK - January 2023<br />

US & Asia - April 2023<br />

“One of the greatest exponents of the genre<br />

in Italy”<br />

- TGCOM24 NEWS<br />

“You can spend hours with their work and<br />

always<br />

discover something new”<br />

- Günther Michels


SUIKO<br />

H E L L O<br />

my name is<br />

my name is<br />



Super Strike presents a behind the scenes<br />

perspective of one of Japan’s leading graffiti<br />

writers and urban artists. Hailing from Hiroshima,<br />

Suiko’s art has allowed him to travel extensively.<br />

Super Strike is a rare glimpse into his personal<br />

life as he likes to spin tunes, skateboards and<br />

illustrate manga comics. Super Strike presents his<br />

artistic versatility, highlights the global demand<br />

for his work and presents a dialogue between<br />

his Japanese heritage, his artistic influences and<br />

the communities he visits and collaborates with.<br />

Super Strike is a unique document that exists to<br />

educate and inspire.<br />

Suiko [ 酔 狂 ] means “Fool on the planet“ in<br />

Japanese Kanji lettering, and Suiko embodies this<br />

in his dynamic and fluid artwork. His style uses<br />

irregular shapes, bold colours and cutting lines<br />

which work alongside his deconstructed Kanji<br />

letters. He fuses this calligraphic visual language<br />

with themes from Japanese wood-block printing<br />

and modern European graffiti. Growing up in<br />

and around Hiroshima he has spent his years<br />

developing into one of his country’s best-known<br />

graffiti writers and continues to be inspired by<br />

Hiroshima and the freedom of graffiti and its<br />

potential as an expressive art form.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-2-3<br />

Pocket Book / 80 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $10<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

UK - January 2023<br />

US & Asia - May 2023<br />

“Many young generations<br />

(in Japan) who want to do<br />

art are influenced by his<br />

activities”<br />

- Bloomberg




Through The Eyes Of The Monster is a deep dive<br />

into the world of Darbotz, an artist from Jakarta,<br />

Indonesia, who loves his city despite its chaos and<br />

traffic jams. In fact, it’s those very challenges that<br />

inspire his work. Meet Cumi, Darbotz’s alter ego,<br />

which translates to squid, and helps him navigate<br />

the hectic city while bringing out his unique<br />

visual style.<br />

H E L L O<br />

my name is<br />



Darbotz’s work is mainly black and white with<br />

accentuation, a strategy that allows his art to<br />

stand out among the colourful advertisements<br />

and neon lights that fill the urban landscape. He<br />

captures the essence of Jakarta - the pollution,<br />

sounds, and traffic - and turns it into something<br />

beautiful. This monograph book is a must-read for<br />

anyone interested in street art and the power of the<br />

urban environment.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-5-4<br />

Pocket Book / 104 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $12<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

Release: October 2023



Till We Meet Again presents behind the scenes<br />

photographs of Tania’s life in Arequipa and<br />

her wide range of artwork where she explores<br />

Andean imagery and broader Latin American<br />

visuality. Till We Meet Again highlights her<br />

versatility as she moves freely between engraving<br />

and illustration. She presents a dialogue between<br />

herself and her Peruvian heritage - her black and<br />

white powerful direct dark lines that expose the<br />

light, her skulls and the characters she creates are<br />

reclaimed as Peruvian art. Till We Meet Again is a<br />

unique document that can educate and inspire.<br />

Tania Brun works across printmaking, woodcuts,<br />

linocuts, embroidery and illustration. Hailing from<br />

Arequipa, Peru, her work explores life, death,<br />

loss, humour, and consistently explores ways of<br />

disseminating Latin American visual culture. Her<br />

close relationship to the punk rock scene of Peru<br />

is expressed through her album covers, and she<br />

is influenced and taught by outstanding Peruvian<br />

painter Luis Solorio. Within her work are elements<br />

from colonial Peruvian paintings and she takes<br />

huge inspiration from Andean imagery.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-7-8<br />

Pocket Book / 76 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $12<br />

H E L L O<br />

my name is<br />

TANIA<br />

BRUN<br />



Category: Art & Design<br />

Release: October 2023



Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary<br />

artistic odyssey that unfolds within the pages of<br />

“Dragon Meets Snake.” This immersive behindthe-scenes<br />

art book grants you unprecedented<br />

access to the world of Peap Tarr and Lisa Mam,<br />

the visionary street art duo who have redefined<br />

the cultural landscape of Cambodia. Witness their<br />

relentless pursuit of creative expression as they<br />

breathe life into the streets of Phnom Penh and<br />

venture beyond borders to leave an indelible mark<br />

on the international art scene. With a distinctive<br />

style that fuses heritage, imagination, and a<br />

rebellious spirit, Peap Tarr and Lisa Mam’s art<br />

comes alive through a treasure trove of exclusive<br />

photographs, taking you on an exhilarating<br />

journey that celebrates the transformative power<br />

of street art. Whether you’re an art aficionado or<br />

an adventurous soul seeking inspiration, “Dragon<br />

Meets Snake” will ignite your imagination and<br />

leave you forever changed by the unyielding<br />

passion and profound narratives that fuel these<br />

extraordinary artists.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7397509-8-5<br />

Pocket Book / 76 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />

£10 / €11 / $12<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

Release: November 2023<br />

“Peap’s work is truly unique…(his) tribal<br />

patterns take as much influence from his<br />

New Zealand heritage as they do from his<br />

Cambodian heritage”<br />

- Destination Guides<br />

“(Lisa) is the perfect embodiment of<br />

this new energy throughout South-<br />

East Asia..she is a rising star”<br />

- Culture 360



Step into a realm of thought-provoking artistry<br />

with “No Signal.” Join Greek street artist<br />

Pro Heroes 015 on an exploration of human<br />

connection in a screen-dominated world. Through<br />

captivating posters and pasteups, Pro Heroes 015<br />

delves into the lost signals that bind us, sparking a<br />

powerful dialogue about authentic interaction.<br />

This book is a striking collection of his work,<br />

inviting you to witness his journey from Greece<br />

to global streets, where his art transcends<br />

boundaries and speaks to the heart of what it<br />

means to connect. “No Signal” is an invitation to<br />

rekindle our awareness, urging us to break free<br />

from screens and rediscover the profound beauty<br />

of genuine human contact through art.<br />

H E L L O<br />

my name is<br />

PRO<br />

HEROES<br />

ISBN 978-1-7393867-4-0<br />

Pocket Book / 80 pages<br />

105mm x 148mm<br />

4.1in x 5.8in<br />

Paperback<br />



£10 / €11 / $12<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

EU: February <strong>2024</strong>


REMI / ROUGH<br />

Introducing “B-Sides and Outtakes” – the latest<br />

instalment in the urban art “Hello My Name is<br />

Series.” This captivating art book offers an intimate<br />

journey into the life and work of the UK graffiti<br />

and street art legend, Rough, hailing Elephant &<br />

Castle, South London Rough is a true influencer in<br />

the world of urban art with a unique abstract style<br />

which has left an indelible mark on the landscape<br />

of contemporary art.<br />

“B-Sides and Outtakes” is a captivating exploration<br />

of Rough’s abstract work, showcasing the evolution<br />

of his artistic style and the profound impact it has<br />

had on the art world.<br />

This book offers a comprehensive journey through<br />

Rough’s contributions to the urban art movement,<br />

from his early beginnings to his current creations.<br />

It serves as a testament to his enduring<br />

influence, inspiring generations of artists and art<br />

enthusiasts alike.<br />

ISBN 978-1-7393867-1-9<br />

Pocket Book / 120 pages<br />

148mm x 210mm<br />

5.8in x 8.3in<br />

Paperback<br />

£12 / €13 / $14<br />

Category: Art & Design<br />

Release: April <strong>2024</strong><br />

“I took to him and then luckily found his<br />

art was as measured and quick as he is.”<br />

- Humphrey Ocean<br />

(National Portrait Gallery, Portrait<br />

Prize Winner)<br />

“Remi Rough continues to challenge the<br />

boundaries of contemporary painting<br />

as he traverses between the collected<br />

history of art and today’s urban lexicon”.<br />

- Carlos Mare (Subway Art)

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Tim Burland<br />

tkburland@gmail.com<br />

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