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Hello! I'm...



I’m a Graphic Designer with a background in fine

art. I am proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, and

Illustrator, as well as with mediums such as pencil,

acrylic paint, and charcoal. I am good at problem

solving, very adaptable, and always looking to

pick up new skills.




Digital Thumbnails

Creating the Icon

For my brand, I wanted to create

something a bit more illustrative

to reference my experience in

traditional art while having the

clean, professional feel of design.

I took inspiration from an avatar

I used to use for my art back in

high school and tried multiple

iterations of the formless face

and round glasses. I settled on

a shape reminiscent of a dab of

paint that while simpler the other

designs, still had a lot of life and

movement to it.




First Attempts

‘Untitled’ 2019

Final Logo

6 7

Style Guide





Color Palette

Avenir Next


In searching for complementary

font for my signature and lettermark,

finding the right 'J' was

my top priority. I was very lucky

to find Funkydori as it has a

style very similar to the shape of

the logo, as well as being both

legible and interesting.


8 9





Logo Redesign

Original Logo

Market Resaearch

I chose Adesso Pizzeria for my

rebrand because I worked for

them for about 3 years and they

officially shut down during the

pandemic. Their original logo

was directly inspired by the

logo of their sister store, Arte,

and never strayed far from this

design. I wanted to find a way for

them to distinguish themselves

and stand out on their own to

draw in the artsy community they

are surrounded by.


Front Door

When I first began researching for

this logo, I looked to other pizza

restaurants to find what themes

were commonly used, but I found

that most were very similar to the

original logo (Italian colors, clean

design, etc) I decided that I wanted

this logo to stand out from other

pizza places. I was inspired by the

psychedelic concert posters from

the 60s/70s and drew inspiration

from their loose, brightly colored


Sister Location

Pizza Boxes

14 15



Keep on


Final Design

Color Palettes

16 17

18 19




Drawings and Verses was one of

the exhibitions hosted by the Dock

Gallery (CCD’s student gallery) and

displayed the work of students

in the Drawing II class as well as

literature that students submitted

to the Ourglass. I wanted to find

a way to portray the collection of

art and writings and came up with

the idea of a desk covered in the

accumulated work.

InDesign Photoshop Illustrator

Font: Authentica, Apple Chancery





Groove Dance was a mock client

assignment where the teacher

provided us with what the 'client'

wanted for the advertising on

their post pandemic dance class.

During the project the ‘client’

would update their preferences,

such as wanting us to avoid citrus

colors, create an 80s theme, and

to bring energy and movement

into each deliverable.

InDesign Photoshop Illustrator

Font: HyperViper Halftone Italic



Groove Dance fuses hard hitting choreography with

HIIT mechanics and powerful music, resulting in a

high intensity, badass, bootcamp style dance

fitness format.



May 15th - June 15th

Get Get your your GROOVE GROOVE back! back!

All 4 sessions free for members


$5 per class for nonmembers





May 15th - June 15th




Get your GROOVE back!



May 15th - June 15th



Get your GROOVE back!

24 25

The theater department wanted

some fun and eye-catching teasers

for their production of Evil Dead

the Musical that were all inspired

by other famous musical posters.

I decided to work with the Dear

Evan Hansen poster since I realized

that I could replace the cast in

the original poster with Ash's

chainsaw. I stuck with the light blue

background of the original poster

but off set it with the shocking reds

of the blood and the chainsaw,

emphasizing the bloody splash

zone that the theater department

wanted to incorporate in their


InDesign Photoshop Illustrator

26 27

Amplitude was an exhibition of

works created by the winner of

the 2022 Student Art and Design

show, Rossi Dimitrova. I wanted

to create a poster that gave a

glimpse of her work to entice

people to come see the full piece.

The font was chosen to emulate

the shapes found it the painting at

the fore front as well as mimicking

the grandiose drama found in a

lot of her work.



A Solo Art Exhibition by Rossi Dimitrova

Mel Carter Scholarship Recipient


IG: @rossivart & @rossivisprfctmess

Opening: December 1st, 2022

3:30-5:30 PM

Exhibition Dates:

December 1st -12th, 2022

Dock Gallery

Boulder Creek Building

900 10th St. Plaza, Denver

CO 80204

For more information: Visit www.ccd.edu/dock-gallery or contact the

Gallery Director Camila Galofre at camila.galofre@ccd.edu.

28 29

The CCD Student Art & Design

Show relies on the student body

to submit works for multiple

categories, so for the Call for

Entries I tried to both incorporate

the school's colors as well as

capturing the feel that this

amalgamation of works has. I

decided to construct a border of

offset tiles to invoke the feeling

of a French Salon style of gallery

where all the pieces would be

hung around each other.

InDesign Photoshop Illustrator

30 31




No Doubt that ‘Slow Fashion’

is the Magic Solution

Just a Girl was the first article I got

to design for CCD's magazine,

'The Talon'. The journalist that

wrote the article let me know

that they wanted it to have a 90s

aesthetic that captured the look

and feel of Strawberry Mountain.

The tiled background that is

present throughout the article

was inspired by the Strawberry

Mountain sign and I found that

it worked well with the vibrant

shapes that were inspired by the

jazzy patterns that were popular

through the 80s and 90s. In the

owner of Strawberry Mountain

spoke about being inspired by

No Doubt, hence the title 'Just

a Girl' so I wanted to find a font

that called back to No Doubt's

album art, specifically Rock

Steady's dramatic type heavy

cover. I worked hard to create

an eye-catching, upbeat cover

that could draw the reader in

and keep their attention. I was

so grateful to be given such an

interesting piece to design for

and to be provided with multiple

well-shot pictures. I had a lot of

fun getting to design for this


InDesign Photoshop Illustrator

Font: Cyberthrone, Avenir







diately. During our first month, Sonceria Ann Berry, the

Secretary of the Senate, presented us each with pins

to wear on our blue uniforms. We each got a photo with

her and listened to her share her words of wisdom.

The long hours weren’t as bad as they were made to

seem. I still remember the reactions people had upon

seeing the more famous members of the Senate, but

we quickly got used to working side by side with them

School was unlike any other education I had ever

experienced - that’s ignoring the fact that class typically

started at 6 A.M. and never ran past 10 A.M. All the

teachers had their own quirks and interests. Our science

teacher, Dr. Johnson, was always there to make sure

we understood the material, and we had lots of laughs

poking fun at our social studies teacher, Mr. Fiorill. The

math teacher, Ms. Glines, had a vocabulary all her own

that the rest of us Pages came to adopt. She laughed if

we were ‘weak sauce’ or making ‘J.V. moves’. And I had

never met anyone like the English teacher, Mrs. Owens,

“Every Page got the chance

to meet their Senator, and my

meeting with Hickenlooper was

nothing short of ethereal. ”

who had been with the Page Program since 2000. She

had the most unapologetic and dry wit. But it was clear

underneath it all, she loved her students.

In between school and work, the residence staff

made sure that we had time to have fun and get to

know each other. During our first weekend, we did a

cool team building activity in Maryland. We enjoyed zip

lining and being dropped from heights merely being

held by a thread. Sometime during the first month, we

were taken to a production of Hamilton at the Kennedy

Center. Despite the fact that I am not a “musicals” person,

I was so enthralled by the show that I found myself

forgetting where I was during the intermission. In

general, D.C. has lots of cool sights, many of which we

were lucky to have toured, like the Library of Congress

and Georgetown University. School field trips were

fun too, like Mount Vernon and Williamsburg, even if

we mostly resented the fact that we were still there to

learn and would get quizzed on them.

Every Page got the chance to meet their Senator,

and my meeting with Hickenlooper was nothing short

of ethereal. I got to talk to him in his private office, and

was glad to see that he remembered things like where

I go to school when we spoke. I saw him a number of

times throughout my service as a Page, and every time

he made sure to say hi to me and ask how I was doing.

Our class of Pages was unique in that the Senate

spent a lot of time in recess, meaning we had no work

to do and had more flexible hours. Recess weeks were

filled to the brim with field trips; places like the National

Air and Space Museum and the Planet Word Museum.

Perhaps my favorite field trip of the entire program

was when we went to Hershey Park in Hershey,

Pennsylvania on a Saturday. It was fun to be able to let

loose with my new friends, snacking and riding roller

coasters with a sense of freedom that I had never felt

before. During recess weeks, I got to work alongside

Hickenlooper’s incredible staff in his office, sorting

constituent mail or organizing team press releases. On

one recess day, myself and two of my friends snuck to

the House side to take pictures in front of Alexandria

Ocasio-Cortez’s office.

All the fun we had didn’t mean that we weren’t

committed to our work. I worked past midnight a number

of times. The Capitol at 12 A.M. is truly a sight to

behold. It’s every bit as composed as you would think

it is, and could easily get creepy. Such long hours likely

would have deterred most people from doing it,

but everyone was there for each other. The Senators

were nice on the floor; even a simple thanks from Mitt

Romney or Elizabeth Warren after holding the door

for them was much appreciated. The littlest moments

were always some of the most important to us. I can’t

even describe my excitement when Bernie Sanders

passed by me and said hello. The Secretary even let

us go to her Christmas office party in December!

By the last month of the program, things were

starting to feel final, but that didn’t mean anything was

slowing down. We got to tour the White House and

view all of its decorations in their glory. Perhaps the

single most important day of the program (and what

I would already consider one of the most important

days of my life), was the swearing in of the new senators

for the 118th Congress. On January 3rd, 2023, we

saw the swearing in of the first ever female President

Pro Tempore of the Senate, Patty Murray. And the ac-

This was my second opportunity

to design for Talon magazine.

There was no direction from the

client this time, so I investigated

the movie the article named after,

'Mr. Smith goes to Washington'.

The title page is directly inspired

by one of the more recent

posters, with the same treatment

to the photo as well as replicating

the title on the poster's layout

and font.

InDesign Photoshop Illustrator

Font: Lighthouse




still remember where I was when I heard the

Inews. My dad told me to go upstairs immediately,

which is never good. He told me cryptically that “the

government was calling” about me. I got the rundown

from my parents about what that actually meant. They

were informed that Senator John Hickenlooper’s office

was looking for a Senate Page for the fall 2022 semester,

and my now-former principal had recommended

that I fill this slot.

The first place I turned? Wikipedia. “Page of the

United States Senate” turned up some interesting

results. I found that Pages had their own school and

dorm, but their hours were long and the programs had

received much scrutiny over the years. On top of everything

else, Pages didn’t have access to their phones

during the entirety of their stay in Washington, D.C.

My parents told me I pretty much had to do this

program, and I’m not sure why, but I obliged. I say no

to just about everything, but this time felt different.

Maybe in the back of my mind, I didn’t think it would

amount to anything. All I know is that I agreed.

That was a Sunday. The next few days were pretty

hectic, because the turnaround was dangerously fast.

In between some Britannica research on what the Senate

actually does, I completed an application, got a letter

of recommendation from the Denver Public Schools

superintendent, and did an interview with Hickenlooper’s

chief of staff. By Wednesday, she had called me

back saying that they wanted to offer me their Page

slot. I thanked her and excitedly told my parents.

Not even a month later, I stood in line outside our

dorm, Webster Hall. I was with the other 25 pages, all

from different states and across the political spectrum.

It was just my dad and I, and I felt a strong sense of unease

being around so many people I didn’t know and

in an environment I had never been to.

By the time we were introduced to the Senate

floor and toured the dorm, all the families had left, and

the Pages were shuffled into the dayroom to meet

each other formally. I sat in the back of the room, only

speaking when spoken to and trying to avoid being

front and center. Not only did I not know much about

politics, but it took me a long time to open up in such

an unfamiliar environment.

Thankfully, I was glad to see that it did indeed get

better over time. Even though I didn’t have much in

common with any of my five roommates, we came to

share a brotherly bond. And despite my work shift being

quiet in our first days, we gradually came to show

off our individual personalities, no matter how emotional,

outrageous or overachieving we were.

The coolest moments started pretty much imme-

“I say no to just about everything,

but this time felt different. ”

tual President of the Senate was there - Vice President

Kamala Harris. One of my friends got to serve her water,

and she gave her an enthusiastic thanks. Needless

to say, we all felt so much secondhand pride.

The program was beginning to wind down starting

with final exams week. They weren’t as bad as

everyone thought they would be, and they lifted tons

of stress from our shoulders. We got to just hang out

at work for the final few times, each day more bittersweet

than the last. On the last day of work, Senator

Cory Booker, who was known to be a great friend of

the pages, gave us a tribute and asked that our names

be submitted to the Congressional Record. I tried to

hold back my tears upon hearing his speech, but

seeing my friends cry made me fail. He stayed in the

lobby with us afterwards, happily taking pictures and

signing our yearbooks.

January 27, 2023 was the hardest day. It meant that

we were packed and ready to leave, saying goodbye

to all of our teachers and favorite staffers. We traveled

to the Capitol for the last time as a class for the closing

ceremony. It was a moment of bittersweet peace - everyone

got their awards and speeches were delivered

on behalf of our class. Hickenlooper spoke, and I even

got a shout out during his speech. Once it was over, I

got to introduce my family to the other families as well

as my always-cool supervisor, Toussaint. I gave them a

special tour of the Senate side before we left.

As I wished my fellow Pages farewell, we put my

things in the car and drove off. I stared at our dorm and

then the Capitol until they were out of sight, and let a

few tears roll down my face.

Even if I was sad to leave behind what had become

my life, I would be forever grateful that this program

opened the doors that it did for me. Though it’s

physically over now, I know that I will let the memories

live on in my mind forever. ■

“I would be forever grateful

that this program opened the

doors that it did for me.”



Lunation is a made-up magazine

I have used for two separate

projects, the first to just design

the April 2022 cover and the

second to create a full magazine

for October 2022 that included

articles, department pages, and

a table of contents.

I wanted to create a magazine

for the ever-growing modern

witch community that would act

as a monthly almanac as well as

contain articles on other people

within the community, foods and

herbs that are in season, and

upcoming holidays.

InDesign Photoshop Illustrator

38 39




More &


'Consume' was for a project in

which our teacher asked all of

us to create three pieces that

would show the practical, poetic,

and persuasive uses of a word.

I chose the word consume and

tried to capture what it means to

consume, be consumed, and to

be told to consume.

This piece was also displayed in

the 2022 CCD Student Art and

Design Show.





‘Cadence’ 2021 ‘Lost in Blue’ 2023

‘Mountain on Fire’ 2023




‘Titan's Rest' 2023

‘Glow’ 2023

‘Nebulous’ 2023 ‘Life’ 2022

‘And now I see with eyes serene’ 2022



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