Elderflower Fields 2023 programme

Welcome to the Elderflower Fields 2023 festival programme! If you're joining us at the festival, you'll get a printed copy of this programme when you arrive. But here is a digital version to peruse at your leisure...

Welcome to the Elderflower Fields 2023 festival programme!
If you're joining us at the festival, you'll get a printed copy of this programme when you arrive. But here is a digital version to peruse at your leisure...


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Useful Info



Accessibility Guide


Performance Schedule


Performers Listings


Wow Pow!


The Hop


Activities Listings


Art Trail


Woodland Spa


Food & Drink


Sunday Picnic


Ticket Offer


Into the Trees 2023


List of Activities

by Area







Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states

that every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play

and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and

to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

Not a bad place to start. And maybe through play children will

find their calling as a bonus, something they can put their passion

into and enjoy doing in their lives. We’d argue the same goes for

adults….it’s an easy thing to get swept up in daily life and forget to

make time for some feral fun. Our feeling is a festival crowd is a

crowd that hasn’t forgotten that. Enjoy every moment and revel in

your kid’s freedom.

This year if you stumble on the Wishing Tree, feel free to leave

some words of wisdom…or comedy…or love.

Elderflower’s fave quotes:

“If you don’t stop and look around once in a while

you could miss it” - Ferris Bueller

“It’s a wondrous thing how the wild calms the child”





Pippingford is a beautiful estate with diverse flora

and fauna. We are privileged to call this place our

home for a few days. Please explore and enjoy

the wonderful landscape, but respect it and teach

your kids to respect it too. We ask you to support

us by trying not to disturb wildlife, by helping us

to keep Pippingford clean and by using the waste

facilities provided, which will be sorted off-site

after the event. Please pay attention to any signs

for areas which are closed or off-limits. Leave

only your footprints behind…

The site is quite wild in places with deep water

and potentially dangerous ground conditions.

Never leave your child unsupervised on any part

of the site (with the exception of the Sports & Arts

Camps), and take extra care near the ponds or

lakes. Please also be aware that some areas can

be uneven, boggy or slippery when wet.

Fires, BBQs and stoves are allowed in the

campsites only, but must be raised off the ground.

Please do not take wood to burn from the site.

Open, unconfined fires are not allowed and please

never use stoves or BBQs inside your tent -

carbon monoxide poisoning is a real risk. Please

note; if it is very dry, we may need to ban all fires

& BBQs.

There is no smoking allowed in any venue or

structure on site. Please do not drop your butts

on the ground, each one must be collected by us

after the event by hand. Ensure your cigarette is

fully extinguished before disposing of it in a bin

or sand bucket.

Please do not bring your own alcohol into the

festival arenas from the campsite. There are fully

licensed bars with a great range of alcoholic and

non-alcoholic options available.

All our bars are serving drinks in reusable cups.

You’ll be charged for your first cup and you can

either keep the cup for the weekend and have it

refilled, or exchange it for a clean cup throughout

the festival. Please return unwanted cups to our

bars at the end of the festival and help with our

sustainability commitments.


Keep any valuables with you. Do not leave them

in your tent or in your car. Lost property will be

managed by the team at the Info Tent. If you have

lost something, please head there and we will do

our best to reunite you with the item.


Phone charging is available in the Info Tent for £2

per charge. Please note that we can only charge a

small number of phones at any one time and that

your phone is left at your own risk.


Please encourage your kids to wash their hands,

especially before eating. There are lots of lovely

wild animals who normally inhabit the estate,

which means animal poo too. Hand wash stations

are located around the site and in the toilet

blocks. Please do not put food waste into the hand

washing sinks.

Drinking water is available freely in all bars and

from taps in the campsites and by the toilets on

Dragonfly Hill. Please turn off taps once you’ve

filled up your water bottles. There are hot showers

and plenty of toilets around the site. Please



respect the countryside and do not use the woods

or bushes to do your business. Showers can

get extremely busy in the mornings, so please

understand that you may have to queue. Our

advice is to shower mid-afternoon and also keep

your shower short to help save water.


Please help us to keep the site clean and tidy by

using the waste facilities provided. When you

pack up your campsite, please take everything

home with you and leave rubbish and (including

recycling) in black bin bags in the waste areas

provided. There is strictly no glass allowed on

site. If you accidentally brought some, please

take it home with you as it causes problems

in our post-event recycling - read more about

Elderflower Fields sustainability aims on the



What 3 Words is a really useful tool which can

help you find your way around the site, locate

your tent or car and get help in an emergency.

The app is totally free to use and can be

downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. If

you’ve downloaded the app, make a note of where

your tent is and write it on your kids wristband,

along with your mobile number.


When you first arrive, make sure to write your

mobile number on your kids’ wristbands. Spare

blank wristbands are available at the Ticketing

Tent and the Info Tent. Take some time to

familiarise yourself and your children with the

site layout & note where your camping spot is.

It’s a good idea to tell your kids that if they get

lost, they should ask for help from security or a

steward (who will be wearing high vis vests or

tabards), or head to the Info Tent. Found children

will be taken to and cared for at the Info Tent. If

you become separated from your child during

the weekend, please tell a steward or head to the

Info Tent as soon as possible so that our team can

assist you. If you’ve downloaded the app, make

a note of where your tent is and write it on your

kids wristband, along with your mobile number.


Thanks to our friends at Juno who have

sponsored the tipis near to the Info Tent for baby

changing and breastfeeding and even just for a

bit of quiet and shade if you’re coming with very

small children. These facilities are free to use all

weekend so do pop in whenever you need to and

browse a free copy of Juno parenting magazine.


‘The Keepers of Calm’, Mortimer Nannies with

their experienced team will be hosting two ‘stay

up late’ sessions each evening in their babysitting

tent next to the fist aid centre on Leapfrog Lawns

for kids aged 2+. Sessions cost £25 per child.

Limited spaces still available - pop in to book a



On Monday we will be operating a tractor and

trailer luggage drop service to help get your

camping gear back up the hill to the car park. This

will operate every 45 minutes starting at 8am,

from the top of the main family camping field,

next to the bell tents. Luggage will be dropped

at a central location in the car park. £2 per item

(please do not bundle multiple items together) -

pre-book at any point over the weekend via the

Info Tent. Please note, this is for luggage only, not





If you need help at any point over the weekend,

the best place to head to is the Info Tent. It’s

also the place to go to for programme schedule


Info Tent opening times:

Friday: 2pm - 10pm

Sat & Sun: 8am - 10pm

Monday: 8am - 2pm

If you have a physical disability and need

assistance getting around the site, please go

and speak to the team at the Info Tent. We have

a wheelchair accessible buggy specifically for

helping those who might need assistance getting

to and from the car park.

If you need urgent help with anything and are

unable to find a steward or other member of staff,

or if you need emergency assistance during

the night, you can phone this number which is

manned 24 hours throughout the festival:

07713 146634.


Our event first aid team is lead by paramedics

and very experienced first aiders, who provide

excellent first aid cover throughout the weekend.

If you or your kids have any medical concerns at

all, please head to the First Aid tent at the bottom

of Leapfrog Lawns.

Please be aware of ticks and if you find one on

you, or think you’ve been bitten, head to the First

Aid tent for advice.


Parents: please remember, you are responsible for

your children at ALL times. Please treat the site,

structures and each other with respect and do not

use any activity equipment outside of supervised

activity times.


Share your Elderflower Fields weekend

with us for a chance to win.

See page 48 for details #elderflowerfields





Accessibility icons are indicated in the programme next to each activity or

performance with one or more coloured dots. They are intended as a quick

reference to help you decide which bits of the festival your family might

enjoy the most, and we hope that they will be particularly useful for anyone

who might have specific access needs.


Activities or


performances which take

place wholly or mostly outside.

So, there are no closed off areas

and if it’s raining you’ll probably

get a bit wet…


Activities or


performances which take

place wholly or mostly inside or

under shelter of some kind. So

you’ll be nice and dry if it rains,

but it could feel crowded or

claustrophobic at times.


Participation is required –


get stuck in and be part of

the action!


Kick back, relax and


watch the spectacle. No

need to do anything other than

enjoy the show...


Sometimes loud or


exciting and energetic –

ok to add your own noise too :-)


These activities or


performances might

still involve music or talking,

but they are generally more

relaxing and quiet.


Hands on, sensory, tactile


and possibly a little

messy or wet!


Take something home


after the festival – either

a thing which you’ve made or a

skill you’ve learned.


These activities needed


to be pre-book prior to

the festival. Please check our

website to book any remaining




Optional activities with

extra fee required.




An outstanding line-up awaits! Dragonfly stage

welcomes legends Tankus the Henge who top a

stellar Friday bill including Thrill Collins, Rumba

De Bodas, and the one to watch - Jolie Skye.

Saturday offers a heady mix of musical styles

from Salsa to Ska, from children’s choir Vocal

Repertoire to the world champion beatboxer SK

Shlomo, from local kids band Room 3 to the epic

Beatles Dub Club, all culminating with headliner

Honeyfeet and their superb singer Rioghnach


On Sunday, start the day with Uckfield Brass

Band, then the swingtastic Jive Aces while you

enjoy our family picnic. Singalong with the

Sambaoke crew, bliss out to Potato 5’s reggae

vibes. Get down to top grade rock’n rollers The

Gulls and deep down dirty blues from The Cinelli

Brothers. Dragonfly stage is wrapped up by Sam

Redmore and the Tropical Sound Clash who’ll

keep you dancing until June.

Meanwhile, the new Moonshine Fandango stage

showcases fresh acts Brother Castor, Max White

and Stables, plus festival classics Johnny Cash

Converters, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer and Still

Moving DJs. With day time Middle Aged Raves

and Big Fish Little Fish then after dark Hush

Beats silent discos, we’ve got the whole family


And finally, watch out for the Magnificent Kevens

‘freestyle’ performances…we try to stop them

getting in but fail every year!




Jolie Skye

Matthew English

Damian Jennings - Family

Magic Show


Rumba De Bodas

Brother Castor

365 Penguins






Thrill Collins

Tankus The Henge

Johnny Cash Converters

Love Is The Message

Silent Disco with

Ian Joliet, The Funky


Cack DJs

Adam Snyder - Around the

World in three Stories

Dawn Casey








And the Beat goes Om!

Vocal Reportoire

Wake Up With Wildfitness

Reggae Rising

Songwriting Sessions

Adam Snyder - Around the World

in Three Stories





Room 3

We Happy Few

The Marching SKAletons

Go Kid Music Takeover

Middle Aged Rave

Robin Manuell

Emma Beard

This Is Your Trial


Shlomo’s Beatbox

Adventure for Kids



The Beatles Dub Club

Still moving DJs

Mr Pineapplehead



Salsadelic featuring

Stephanie Benson

Robin Manuell


SK Shlomo:

Breathe Rave Party

The Magnificant Kevens

Where The Lost Socks Go



Bare Jams


Ed Boxall



Ríoghnach Connolly

& Honeyfeet

Village Disco

DIY Silent Disco

C.A.C.K DJs & Ian Joliet

This Is Your Trial - Adult

Please note timings may be subject to

change. Look out for stage times on

the venue blackboards.






And the Beat goes Om!

Wake Up With Wildfitness

365 Penguins





Uckfield Concert Brass

West End Kids

Sunday Service of Soulful Sounds

Geoff Robb

The Elderflower Fields

Family Quiz

The Puddle at the

End of the World

Jon Mason


The Jive Aces




The Big Family Dance Off



Max White

The Odd Fish

Mr Pineapplehead







Carnival Collective

Potato 5

The Gulls

The Cinelli Brothers

Big Fish Little Fish

25ThC - 45 Day Dj Set

Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer

Them The Breaks - Hip Hop set

The Puddle at the

End of the World

Ed Boxhall

Jon Mason




Sam Redmore

& The Tropical Soundclash


Still Moving DJs

The Final Showdown - DJ Set

Ian Joliet, Love is the Message,

The Funky Alternative

Please note timings may be subject to

change. Look out for stage times on

the venue blackboards.



O Outside I Inside GI Get Involved JW Just Watch NN Nice & Noisy CQ Calm & Quiet M Messy TH Take It Home


25ThC - 45 Day

25ThC - 45 Day

Sun: 5.45pm

Moonshine Fandango O GI JW NN

Criztoz is the creator of 45 Day, DJ and talk show

host. His 7″ vinyl DJ sets encompass Reggae,

funk, Hip hop, latin, cool covers & more. Zizi 45 is

the 9 year old creator of 45 Kids. Her 7″ vinyl DJ

sets encompass 80’s, reggae, dance music & more.


Sat: 7.15pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Afrowomp is DJ duo, Harry Owen and Felix

Hopkins who share a passion for rhythmic and

vibrant African dance music, so they’ve teamed

up to share that with everyone! Playing only the

best and bounciest African dance music that will

get you moving and grooving!

Bare Jams

Bare Jams

Sat: 8pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

Bare Jams are a sonically tight, six-strong tourde-force

of experienced musical alchemists

seamlessly cooking up a credible fusion of

musical styles – pop, soul, reggae, and rock – a

sound that is uniquely their own. Referring to

themselves as worldly-wise optimists they’ll be

bringing that positive energy and then some to

our Dragonfly stage on Saturday night.

Big Fish Little Fish

Sun: 4.15pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

The original family rave Big Fish Little Fish is

celebrating their 10th birthday this year and bring

their award-winning mix of banging club classics,

crafts, bubbles, balloons, confetti, foam and fun

to the Moonshine Fandango with DJ Ian Joliet on

the decks. Time to get silly again - oi oi!



Carnival Collective

Brother Castor

Brother Castor

Fri: 6.30pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Ray Lamontagne style vocals and percussive,

driving acoustic guitar give Brother Castor a

sound that’s Americana infused, infectiously

catchy and Northumbrian in its roots.

Cackle Alley Cat Klub

Fri / Sat & Sun O NN JW GI

Dragonfly Stage / Moonshine Fandango

Cackle Alley Cat Klub (aka C.A.C.K DJs) are a

ramshackle crew of klub cats playing diverse and

eclectic vinyl and digital nuggets! Their job is to

keep the main stage jumping between the bands.

Know them by their handles: Ali-Cat, Dr Dyls, Gant

& Decks, Bangers and Ash.

Go Kid Music Takeover

Carnival Collective

Sun: 4.45pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

Brighton’s infamous drum & bass, Orchestra.

From carnival samba bloco to a 21st Century Big

Band - a samba-brass-d&b mashup, with lush

vocals, dirty basslines, hot horn section and a

huge array of drums, CC is the impossible-todefine

glittering beast that’s been filling dance

floors and blowing the roof off for a quarter


Geoff Robb

Sun: 9.30am

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW

Geoff Robb’s Award Winning ‘Music of Trees’

weaves together tales of our woodland folklore

and history with a suite of compositions written

in the forests of Sussex. A master of the acoustic

guitar with an intricate, richly harmonic style

featuring his signature blend of classical, jazz,

Celtic and Spanish influences.

Go Kid Music Takeover

Sat: 10.45am

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Children’s singer-songwriter and Elderflower

family fave Al Start is back for her 11th year with

The Go Kid Music Takeover! Full line-up

can be found on page 39, but expect allinteractive

fun, music, art & making for

kids of all ages and their grown-ups!



Geoff Robb

Johnny Cash Converters

Johnny Cash Converters

Fri: 7.30pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Back once again with the renegade master,

hugely popular Johnny Cash Converters play

dance anthems in the style of, wait for it, Johnny

Cash. Covering everything from Adamski to

Zombie Nation in a ‘Funktry and Western’ stylee.

JCC takes stupid very seriously.

Jolie Skye

Fri: 5.30pm

Dragonfly Hill O NN JW GI

Jolie Skye has been playing solo at Elderflower

Fields since she was 14. Now 17 her hard work and

dedication is honoured with the opening festival

slot on the Dragonfly stage. Jolie’s warm vocal

quality together with her bright acoustic guitar

strums offers original, soulful takes on covers that

intermingle with her own beautiful compositions.

Be there to give her a huge cheer as she takes to

the stage.

Love is the Message

Fri: 8.30pm / Sun 11.30pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Tim, the resident DJ for Love is the Message –

Brighton’s legendary club party collective – and

current host of the Love is the Message show for

Brighton’s 1BTN radio station has been wowing

the discerning dancing crowd at Elderflower

Fields since its inception in 2012 regularly playing

the headline act at the Moonshine Fandango. Oh

and …he got moves like Jagger.

Jolie Skye

Kevin Morton Magician

Sat/Sun: 10.30am - 12.30pm

Lazy Glades path O NN JW GI

Kevin Morton will be dazzling and mesmerising

audiences young and old, with his sharp sleight

of hand and engaging personality. Be sure to

catch Kevin, as he magically wanders round

Elderflower Fields and performs for small groups.

No stage required – your hands are the perfect

platform for some top class magic!



Middle Aged Rave Potato 5

Matthew English

Fri: 5.15pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

17 year old inspirational violinist Matthew was

born with microtia atresia (no ear or ear canal)

and has always been determined to show that

hearing loss is not a barrier to achieving your

dreams. Matthew first picked up a violin at 7

when a chance meeting with The Osmonds led

to him receiving his first violin and sponsorship

for lessons from their Hearing Fund charity.

He’s since gone from strength to strength and

played at events and venues nationwide. As

well as an accomplished musician, Matthew is a

motivational speaker, campaigner and fundraiser

and we are thrilled to welcome him.

Matthew English

Max White

Sun: 3.15pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Up-and-coming local musician Max White has

supported Rag’n’Bone man and Sam Ryder

amongst others. Describing his music as having

a ‘High energy Pop style’ there’s an easy, natural

feel to the rhythm and style of this music. Highly

enjoyable and certainly one to watch.

Middle Aged Rave

Sat: 2pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

DJ Ian Joliet and his elite squadron of Middle

Aged Rave Operatives are taking it back to the old

school, from the second Summer Of Love, through

acid house, Madchester, drum & bass and beyond.

Embrace the Middle Aged Raver within, REACH

FOR THE LASERS… And then have a nice cup of


Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer

Sun: 6.45pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer always packs

out the venue for his infamous Elderflower

performances, and we’re so pleased to have

him back again. Check out his unique chap-hop

genre which brings elements of his previous

incarnations: UK rapper, jump-up breaks producer,

banjolele maverick and dandy!



Ríoghnach Connolly & Honeyfeet


Potato 5

Sun: 6pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

Potato 5, fresh from supporting the Dub Pistols,

will be bringing body bouncing Sunday reggae &

ska vibes to Dragonfly Hill.

Ríoghnach Connolly & Honeyfeet

Sat: 9.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

We are excited for this headline act. Residing

BBC Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year, Ríoghnach

(pronounced ree-oh-nah) Connolly’s taste for

musical adventure is eclectic. Along with her

companion players, Honeyfeet, they collectively

drive a broad terrain of musical textures from

esoteric protest songs to foot-tapping and floorthumping

dance rhythms. Their heavy sound

spans from the bountiful to the subtle, with

everything from big-band swing to Alabama

blues-tinged folk, all held together by the

powerful vocals and flute from Ríoghnach. Enjoy

and savour!

Room 3

Sat: 11.45am

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

It’s a pleasure to support young artists. These lads,

all of them under 16, have already built up a local

following. They label themselves an Indie punk

band from Brighton influenced by Sonic Youth,

Joy Division, The Clash and The MC5, so expect

some fine guitar and drum playing. Be there to

catch the future ....and cheer them along.

Rumba De Bodas

Fri: 6.45pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

Rumba De Bodas is a Bologna-based band

that infuses Ska and Funk with Latin and Afro

rhythms. This lively bunch are known for

bringing party vibes to their sets and luckily

Elderflower fits right into their touring schedule.

They’ll help kick off the weekend with a hugely

energetic set.

Salsadelic featuring

Stephanie Benson

Sat: 5.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

In a match made in heaven Salsadelic & Ghanaian

singer Stephanie Benson have been playing

together for over a year, performing a mixture

of high energy originals & classics. Expect the

unexpected as Stephanie weaves her spell in

front of a funky 6 piece latin band featuring horns

& congas.

Rumba De Bodas




SK Shlomo

Sam Redmore & The Tropical

Soundclash Allstars

Sun: 9.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

From the funky swampland and heady mix of

salsa, disco & afrobeat comes producer and DJ

extraordinaire Sam Redmore and his fantastic

hip-shaking melody-making band. Try standing

still for this one. Not a chance!


Sun: 3.45pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

Can you sing? Does it matter? Not a bit! Here’s

your chance to join in. Whitney goes to Rio!

Britney goes drum & bass! Mass karaoke singalong

with a live samba band! What’s not to love!

Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventure

Sat: 3.15pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Pucker your lips and stretch those vocal cords

as we welcome back SK Shlomo’s brilliantly

inspiring Beatbox Adventure for kids to the

Moonshine Fandango.

SK Shlomo: Breathe Rave Party

Sat: 6.45pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

SK Shlomo performs an unforgettable ‘Breathe

Rave Party’ set on the Dragonfly stage.

Impressively dextrous DJ skills and awardwinning

live-looped beatboxing mixed with a

charismatic ability to whip any crowd into a

frenzy. You do not want to miss this hi-octane,

interactive show!


Sun: 2.15pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

This indie-folk duo is Matthew Lowe (of

Keston Cobblers Club) and Daniel Trenholme.

Described as “A cross between The Tallest Man

on Earth, early Bon Iver and The Lumineers,”

they deliver fantastic harmonies and fabulous

instrumentalism creating a quite beautiful sound.

Worth catching.

Sam Redmore & The Tropical Soundclash Allstars



The Beatles Dub Club

The Cinelli Brothers

Still-Moving DJs

Sat: 4.30pm / Sun 8.45pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Due to popular demand, the Still-Moving DJs are

back at Elderflower Fields! This lively and unique

duo have an eclectic selection of records by great

musicians and a slightly odd and very charming

obsessive love of dinosaurs. With live percussion,

ship lanterns, gramophones, tankards and dinos

a-plenty, they’ll raise the roof! Prepare for a jolly

good knees-up.

Tankus The Henge

Fri: 9.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

Calling themselves “Chameleonic gonzo

Rock’n’Rollers’ this hugely energetic, fantastic

live band, referred to as “a carnival of sound

that’s high on energy and deep on soul” smash it

wherever they go and will be doing just that on

Friday night, Dragonfly Stage. Bring the Mayhem!

The Beatles Dub Club

Sat: 4pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

DJ Chris Arnold takes you on a magical mystery

tour of his collection of covers, remixes and tracks

that sampled arguably the greatest band that ever

existed - The Beatles. Dragonfly Hill can expect to

hear plenty of reggae, ska, latin, hip hop, funk and

even drum & bass takes on the wonderful music

created by John, Paul, George & Ringo.

The Cinelli Brothers

Sun: 8pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

The Cinelli Brothers play an amalgam of

blues, rock and soul, with an added twist of

contemporary style. Expect what we would

call ‘proper’ Blues played with an infectious

energy that’ll get you up and moving.They have

been nominated for UK Blues Awards and are

establishing themselves as one of the leading

lights of the UK blues scene. Don’t miss ‘em!

The Funky Alternative

Fri: 10pm / Sun: 11.30pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

The Funky alternative playing an eclectic

mix of vinyl, with one common goal, to

make you move your feet!!!

Tankus The Henge



The Magnificent Kevens

The Jive Aces

The Gulls

Sun: 7pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

A true to form Rock n Roll band, The Gulls are a

nomadic outfit spreading their brand of rolling

guitar laden blues across the land. Expect songs

about Revolution and Highwaymen. Good energy

- Good music - Good Times.

The Jive Aces

Sun: 12.45pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

We’re welcoming the UK’s No.1 Jive & Swing band

to accompany our famous picnic on Sunday at the

Dragonfly Stage. Expect high energy swingtastic

dance numbers from these goodtime performers.

The Magnificent Kevens

Sat: 6.15pm & roaming performances :)

Moonshine Fandango O NN JW GI

Marauding mayhem! You can hear this walkabout

hodge-podge of flowery shirts play anywhere

from the car park, cocktail bar and even outside

the loos! A hapless troupe that shamelessly

pummel many of your favourite tunes with their

unique time signatures and randomly drifting

tonal registers. A guaranteed sing-along-athon!

The Marching SKAlatons

Sat: 2.30pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

Festival regular faves bring back to life the reanimating

power of ska. These day of the dead

inspired Marching SKAletons will get your bones

shaking with classic and original horn powered

ska instrumentals and deadly dancing.

The Marching SKAlatons



Thrill Collins

West End Kids

Thrill Collins

Fri: 8pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW GI

With a fantastic reputation, Thrill Collins are a

skiffle-pop trio who have a habit of rearranging

the most epic pop songs of all time into

spectacular medley marathons. Festival furniture

for almost a decade, this will be their first time on

one of our stages and we cant wait to see them!

Uckfield Brass Band

Sun: 10am

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW

To get everyone up and raring to go and in lieu of

a Sunday morning alarm clock we have brought

in the big guns. 24 lungs and brass will fill the air

on the main stage with covers of familiar songs.

Oom Paa Paa Oomp!

Vocal Repertoire

Sat: 10.30am

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW

With the constant threat of cuts to school funding,

which could ultimately affect the chances of

young people having even basic music lessons,

Vocal Repertoire is a kids choir offering a very

affordable alternative. Come see this group of

young singers belt their hearts out and give them

the loudest cheer of the day.

We Happy Few

Sat: 1pm

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW

When one of our volunteers offered up his band

we were super pleased to hear they could actually

play! We Happy Few say they are influenced by

the community, culture, and sounds of the 60’s

blues revival in south west London with a focus

on catchy vocal hooks and raw slide guitar riffs.

We say ...they sound damn good and that’ll do.

West End Kids

Sun: 11am

Dragonfly Stage O NN JW

West End Kids are set to delight with a mix of

toe-tapping songs from Broadway shows like

Fame and Motown, along with some of London’s

top-selling West End shows. In this high-energy

theatrical performance, expect thrilling dance

numbers that will have everyone singing along.

Get ready for a showstopping experience and a

chance to inspire your own kids!


Words of wonder await at Wow Pow crammed full of our

favourite storytellers and the most marvellous theatre to

entertain kids and adults alike.


365 Penguins

Fri: 6.30pm / Sun: 8.30am I GI JW NN

A family finds a penguin mysteriously delivered

to their door every day - what on earth is going on

- and what will they do with all the penguins?! Mr

W shares this children’s favourite from the book

by Jean-Luc Fromental, with a little poetry, maths

and science - plus added penguins!

Adam Snyder - Around the World in

Three Stories

Fri: 7.45pm / Sat: 10.15am I JW CQ

Come and join Adam for an adventure around

the world in three stories, woven together at

the seams. Adam has been telling stories from

different traditions and cultures around the

campfire and at Elderflower Fields for several

years, and is looking forward to sharing more

tales with the lovely festival crowd this year.

Dawn Casey

Fri: 9pm I JW CQ

As the sun sets on Friday night children and

families are warmly invited to snuggle down

together for a bedtime story. Watch the classic

folktale, The Wild Swans, and hear how a sister

rescues her seven brothers from enchantment,

with the magical help of the wild weeds of

this land. The tale is illustrated by a candle-lit

story-box, a traditional storytelling form using

hand-made paper-cuts to create a gentle stream

of scrolling silhouettes.


Damien Jennings -

Family Magic Show

Fri: 5.15pm I GI JW NN TH M

With 40 years of experience as a magician, we

are thrilled to welcome Damian Jennings to the

stage. Come along to Wow Pow and be bewildered

by the amazing magic. The kids will scream with

laughter and the adults will be left wondering how

the heck he did it! Keep your eyes on the Cards Of

Mystery, and watch out of the lemon....!

Ed Boxall

Sat: 8pm / Sun: 6.30pm I GI NN

Ed Boxall is a children’s writer, illustrator,

musician and storyteller. Ed will be performing

his story ‘Carried Away with the Carnival’, along

with a splendid selection of poems and songs.

There will be laughter, drama, fun and lots of verynot-scary

joining in. For children aged 0 to 200.

Emma Beard

Sat: 12.15pm I JW NN

Where words become the paintbrush and the

imagination the canvas, Emma enjoys sharing

tales from lands near and far, of a time beyond,

before and between. Be the stories of Nigerian

myths where the sky is the dinner plate or Sussex

folklore about otherworldly beings, knuckers and

giants that roam, play or cause havoc.


Sat: 3.30pm I GI NN

Award-winning comedy science singersongwriter

John Hinton presents an electrifying

mix of peer reviewed musical mayhem.

Interactive, interstellar, and inter...esting.


Under The Bed Theatre

Mr Pineapple Head

Jon Mason

Sun: 11.30am / 7.45pm I JW CQ

Ever wondered how the hills were made? Where

the sun goes at night? Who built that empty

house on the edge of town? Let Jon show you.

A passionate, captivating storyteller with a love

of legends old and new. Expect local folk tales,

tragic Norse sagas, Celtic myths and fables from

prehistory’s deepest depths.

Mr Pineapple Head

Sat: 4.30pm / Sun: 3.45pm I GI JW NN

A rollercoaster ride of clown beauty, professional

Silliness and Pineapple Magic! Genuinely very

funny silent clown show for the whole family.

Pure physical visual comedy, combining classic

vintage gags and modern original slapstick

routines to music. The man is becoming


The Puddle at the End of the World

Sun: 10am & 5pm I JW NN

Weird weather! Extraordinary extinctions! Freaky

flooding! Water we going to do?! Jamie and her

Nanna’s home has disappeared under rising sea

levels – join them on an exhilarating adventure to

rebuild their lives and stop climate change.

Robin Manuell – Anarchadia

Sat: 11.15am & 5.30pm I GI JW NN

Join Robin for a riot of storytelling created by

you as he improvises anarchic adventures from

audience suggestions. There’s no telling where

they’ll end up. Funny, dark, and always surprising,

suitable for kids from 7 to 70.

Songwriting Sessions

Sat: 8.30am I GI NN

In the Songwriting Sessions you will learn how

to construct a song. With the aid of trained

and experienced musicians you will develop a

strategy for writing lyrics and then put these new

found words and ideas to music.

This is your Trial I GI NN

Sat: 1.15pm for all the family & 9pm for the adults

The original award-winning, courtroom

comedy show. You submit accusations against

your friends & family. Comedians as Judge,

Prosecution and Defence will argue the cases.

Everyone else, that’s YOU, are the jury. You decide.

Guilty or Innocent?!

Under The Bed Theatre - The Odd Fish

Sun: 2.30pm I GI NN CQ

A fish, a plastic bottle and an unlikely friendship.

A storytelling underwater adventure inspired by

The Odd Fish by Naomi Jones, full of interactive

moments and exciting musical numbers that will

have you bob, bob, bobbing along. A wonderful

story with an important message.

Under The Bed Theatre -

Where The Lost Socks Go

Sat: 6.30pm I GI JW CQ

Where do our missing socks go? Do they end up

down the plug hole, or do they go sunbathing in

the Caribbean? Join Milo and Luna on their quest

to find Milo’s missing sock. Combining live music,

original songs and a host of quirky characters to

entertain the whole family!


Head to Leapfrog Lawns and The Hop for a line up of

moving, shaking, stretching and dancing.





Wildheart Yoga

Wildheart Yoga


Tatty Bumpkin

Tatty Bumpkin










Universal Dance - Pre-school dance workshop

Universal Dance - Contemporary Dance Workshop

Universal Dance - Street Dance Workshop

Swingdy Hop

Epic Dance

Sunflower Dance - Dance Bop

Sunflower Dance - Dance Adventure

Turning Pointe - Ballet

Turning Pointe - Creative Dance

Turning Pointe - Modern

Epic Dance

CraZy BeanZ - Fairy BeanZ

CraZy BeanZ - Gamer BeanZ

CraZy BeanZ Mini Disco


Fly with me kite workshop

Fly with me kite workshop



Hush Beats Kids Silent Disco

Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.



CraZy BeanZ - Fairy BeanZ I GI NN

Sun: 3pm

Fairy BeanZ is recruiting chilly beanz (children)

in her mission to teach grown-up human beanz

to have real fun! Come with Fairy BeanZ on her

course of games and story telling and help to keep

the magic alive.

CraZy BeanZ - Gamer BeanZ I GI NN

Sun: 3.30pm

Gamer BeanZ is ready to power up and play.

Help Gamer BeanZ in this screen-free fun gamer

party by completing all the levels, defeating the

Naughty BeanZ, and winning all the rainbow

goodness at the end of the game. Power-Up and


Sun: 1.30pm Modern Dance

An energetic and upbeat style of dance, teaching

children the foundations of dance movement

and working on skills such as flexibility and

strength, musicality, rhythm, co-ordination and

performance skills.

Dance Workshops with Universal

Dance I GI NN TH

Sat: 10.45am Pre-schoolers Dance workshop

For 2 - 4 years accompanied by an adult.

Sat: 11.30am Contemporary Dance

Sat: 12.15am Street Dance

Dance workshops to inspire and ignite your

child’s passion for dance.

CraZy BeanZ - Mini Disco I GI NN

Sun: 4pm

Disco dancing and silly games with CraZy BeanZ

at The Hop. Suitable for all ages.

Dance Workshops with Turning

Pointe School of Dance I GI NN TH

Suitable for ages 5+

Sun: 10.30am Ballet

Graceful, fluid and precise, forming the basis for

most other styles of dance. A taster workshop for

budding ballet dancers.

Sun: 11.15am Creative Dance

If your child enjoys expressing themselves to

music and making up their own dances, this is

the class for them!



Epic Dance

Sat/Sun: 2pm

Discover the magic and joy of creative dance with

these fun-filled, imaginative workshops.

Saturday – Journey under a web into the insect

kingdom, transform from caterpillars into

butterflies, and take a magic train ride from

the farmyard to the jungle, via outer space!

Experience the magic of a dress-up storybook and

enjoy watching your child growing in skills and

confidence. Suitable for 3-6 years

Sunday – Fairies, angels, and wizard wand work,

this exciting creative dance session captures

the dancers’ imaginations and desire to dive into

fantasy, whilst effortlessly and joyfully building

dance skills of posture, balance, rhythm and coordination.

Suitable for 7-12 years.

Fly with me kite workshop I GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 5pm

Fly with me is a mix of storytelling and kite

making. Its bringing two traditions together

to create a place for craft and reflection. Using

the simplest of tools and materials – stalks of

bamboo and sheets of tissue paper.

Hush Beats Kids Silent Disco

Sat: 7pm O GI NN

Does the novelty ever wear off? Come and take

part or just watch...which sometimes is just as

fun! £20 cash headphone deposit required to take


Sunflower Dance I GI NN TH

Sat: 3pm Dance Bop / 4pm Dance Adventures

Dance Bop sessions are the perfect way to

experience heart-pumping, high energy fun with

easy-to-follow routines that will have you moving

and grooving together.

For younger dancers, Dance Adventures is an

imaginative, themed session filled with creative

storytelling through movement, playful props,

games, and routines that will transport your kids

to a world of dance fun. An unforgettable family

dance experience!


Sat: 1pm

Join Maxine and experience the fun and energy

of a swing jazz routine for all the family!

Tatty Bumpkin - Yoga for kids

Sat/Sun: 9.30am I GI TH

Tatty Bumpkin takes you on an exciting bendy,

giggly yoga adventures along with all her animal

friends. Sessions for the whole family combining

storytelling, music and movement to awaken the

body and mind through imagination, creativity

and flexibility.

Wildheart Yoga I GI CQ TH

Sat / Sun: 8.30am

Morning adults only yoga session – deeply

influenced by the roots of Hatha yoga, and the

eight limbs of Raja yoga. Suzy’s classes have a

strong focus on alignment and gentle holds of

asanas, however she also loves to gently

free flow and experiment with ways

of connecting the body and mind

with the breath. Don’t forget to

bring a yoga mat if you have one

or a blanket or towel.


Where the big stuff happens – hosts to our get up and dance

performances, the main bar and a great selection of food including the

famous Sunday picnic! The perfect place for a dance or just chill out on the

hill in the sunshine...

And The Beat Goes Om!

Sat: 8.15am / Sun: 8.45am O GI NN TH

Yoga Flow, but not as you know it…Rise and shine

with an upbeat yoga class guaranteed to get

your day off to a funky flying start. Move to your

favourite tunes, groove to the asana beat and

enjoy 45 minutes of feel-good movement that

will leave you floating on a festival-shaped cloud!

This kind of yoga is for EVERYBODY, so come and

have some stretchy yoga FUN. It doesn’t matter

if you can barely see your toes, let alone touch

them. All poses will be offered with modifications,

so it’s perfect for even the most un-bendy of


So Sussex Family Picnic

Sun: 12.30pm O GI JW

Quite possibly the biggest picnic in Sussex, if not

the UK! We invite you to join us in the Elderflower

Fields tradition of sharing some delicious food

together. See page 47 for more details.

The Big Family Dance Off

2.15pm O GI NN

Now an Elderflower Sunday tradition. Choose

your family tribe, Galactic Superstars vs Flora

& Feathers, dress up (essential), and dance! No

special skills are required, just enthusiasm.

One family will be crowned the 2023 Dance Off

Champions and win one family ticket (2 adults,

2 children) to Elderflower Fields 2024,with fab

prizes from Spin Master Games for runners-up.

The Big Family Dance Off


Leapfrog Lawns is the village green of Elderflower Fields. Silly fun and

games, the Science Dome, WowPow - the home for theatre, storytelling &

more, crafty activities, a glass of fizz or an ice cream perhaps?


Animation Workshop I GI CQ M TH PB ££

Sat/Sun: Pre-booked sessions only - sold out

Join Lara and her team from Press Play Films

for this one hour claymation workshop using set

design & stop-motion animation to make a film

for the festival based on this years theme.

Art Camp & Under 5’s

Drop In Sessions I GI NN M TH PB

Sat/Sun: Pre-booked sessions / Drop in subject to


Sat: 9am-12pm & 1.30pm-4pm

Sun: 9am-12pm & 2pm-4.30pm

Our team of art teachers will be running the

hugely popular Arts Camp, offering kids a chance

to paint, draw and create amazing works of art to

take home.

Circus Skills O GI NN M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-4pm workshops

Try death-defying aerial tricks with expert

teachers from The Circus Project. Free play circus

activities and performances throughout the day.

Circus Kinetica O GI

Sat/Sun: All day

Build you own marble run structures with Circus

Kinetica with this interactive landscape of kinetic

wind sculptures and chill out space. Take the

opportunity to meet the makers, spend time

getting close up with their upcycled contraptions

and hand crafted treasures.

Cocktails & Crowns O I GI CQ TH PB

Fri: 3pm, 5pm & 7pm

Box & Bloom & The Little Langton have combined

forces to offer you the ultimate adult experience

to start off the weekend. Head down with a group

of friends as a meeting point for the weekend,

or come as a solo for a bit of time away from the

smalls. Spend an hour making an everlasting

crown whilst sipping on a gorgeous cocktail.

Suitable for complete beginners. 18+ only. £25pp.



Crazy Golf O GI NN PB ££

Fri: 4pm - 8pm

Sat/Sun: 9am - 6pm

Globetrotters Golf is a mobile pop-up crazy golf

business based in Sussex offering fun for all. Play

9-hole mini golf with props inspired by famous

landmarks from around the world. Pre-book your

round of golf via our website or play and pay on

the day. Prices from £5pp.

Defrazzle I GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am

Defrazzle is your heavenly dose of emotional

strength, positivity and blissfully deep relaxation.

It’s precious, and much deserved time out for

no-one else but YOU. Leave the kids for an hour

and experience the gifts your mind has waiting

for you. This empowering and uplifting hypnomeditation

session will leave you ready for a fun

packed festival day. Adults only.

Dried Flower Crowns O GI CQ TH PB ££

Sat: 10am-7pm

Sun: 10am - 5pm

Nancy from Box & Bloom guides you to make your

very own everlasting dried flower crown. This

activity is suitable for complete beginners and

you will come away with a fabulous flower crown

fit for every festival king or queen! Pre-made

crowns will be available to buy for £20 if your

creative juices aren’t flowing but you don’t want to

miss out on these must have festival accessories.

Limited workshops - pop by early to book £20pp.

Get Lost & Found Silly Games O GI NN

Sun: 10.30am

We are delighted to have on hand again our Get

Lost & Found friends who will ensure maximum

fun times are had for all. Expect classic silly

games for all the family. They will also be hosting

the ultimate Big Family Dance Off on Sunday

after the picnic. Make sure you dress to impress

and practice those dance moves!

Hush Beats Silent Disco O GI NN ££

Sat Kids DIY DJ: 7pm

The Hop

Does the novelty ever wear off? Come and take

part or just watch...which sometimes is just as

fun! £20 cash headphone deposit required to take


Kerrieberrie Beads and Jewellery

Fri: 2-6pm Sat/Sun 10am - 4pm O GI CQ TH ££

A relaxing space to enjoy making a crystal

macrame necklace or some beaded bracelets

with your friends and family. Kerrieberrie have

lots of beads and lots of experience to show you

how to make jewellery to take home as a special

reminder of your magical weekend at Elderflower

fields. Prices from £10.

Freckles on the Inside O GI CQ TH ££

Sat/Sun: 10am - 4pm

Mon: 10am - 1pm

Flower crowns, foam clay creations, crystal

crowns, pom pom headbands, removable hair

braids and the rather magical crystal bracelets -

Freckles on the Inside will inject a little creative

pampering into your Elderflower experience! A

popular craft attraction for young ones and the

young at heart! Prices from £3.



Lucy & Yak O GI TH PB ££

Fri: 2pm - 6pm / Sat/Sun: 10am - 6pm

An independent clothing brand, famous for their

colourful and comfortable clothing, made from

sustainable fabrics to be kinder to the planet and

the people that make them. Browse their shop or

drop by for one of their free Re:Yak workshops

running Saturday and Sunday where you can

try your hand at crochet, embroidery, patchwork

making and more.

with fairy lights, comfy beanbags and cushions

so children can snuggle down, listen to a story,

play a board game by torchlight or watch a

movie. The Mortimer Team is comprised of fully

qualified Nannies and DBS checked assistants,

with generous adult:child ratios and decades of

experience between them, you can feast, relax,

pamper or party the night away, knowing that

your little ones will be safely cared for. 2 hours

Sessions cost £25 plus booking fee. Places are

limited and pre-booking is essential.

Marbling O GI CQ TH M ££

Sat/Sun: 10am - 7pm

Painting on water is so much fun! Instead of

painting on paper or canvas, try marbling which

is painting on… water! Marbling paint creates

beautiful patterns which can be used on paper or

canvas. Free your creativity and have so much

fun making beautiful unique patterns. Prices

from £10.

Meditation I GI CQ

Sat/Sun: Kids meditation 11.30am / Adults only

meditation at 12.30pm

Kids session: The sessions start and finish with

simple exercises to help with the 10 minute

guided meditation. The idea is to make these

sessions fun and enjoyable for the children

whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

Oddballs Circus Shop O GI NN ££

Fri: 12noon - 6pm / Sat/Sun: 9am - 6pm

Oddballs know a thing or two about circus props

and with over 30 years of living and breathing

the juggling and circus worlds we’re delighted to

welcome their pop-up shop to Elderflower Fields.

Fluent in everything from yo-yos to unicycles,

balls to clubs and diabolo (and much more),

they’ll be teaching and inspiring everyone to

learn circus. Their shop offers the number one

source for all things you throw, catch, spin, and

sometimes drop!

Adults session: The Meditation on Twin Hearts

was created by Master Choa Kok Sui, Modern

Founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, to

help flush out negative thoughts and emotions

from our mind. Gowri and her team guide you

through this enlightening meditation practice.

Don’t forget to bring a yoga mat or pillow/

cushion if you have one.

Mortimer Nannies I CQ PB ££

Fri: 8.30pm

Sat/Sun 6pm & 8.30pm

‘The Keepers of calm’ return!

The experienced team will be

hosting ‘stay up late’ sessions

each evening. The Mortimer

Tent will be cosily decked out



Pottery O GI CQ M TH ££

Fri: 12noon - 5pm

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Join Eastbourne Studio Pottery to make a little

woodland creature from terracotta clay. No

booking is required to take part, just turn up, grab

your clay and tools and start making! Clay is £3.

If you’d like your creation fired and posted to you

there is an extra charge of £12.

Silly Games O GI NN

All weekend daylight hours only.

Try your hand at Wrong Pong, the wonky race

track, or take on one of the challenges at the

Yellow Post Park. Games don’t get much sillier

than this!

Singing Mamas O GI NN

Sat/Sun: 10am & 3pm

Singing Mamas is a national movement for

maternal well-being. A singing circle for women

to learn fun and uplifting folk and pop harmony

songs in a supportive group. Toys are provided

for children to play within the singing circle. All

songs are taught by ear, absolutely no singing or

musical experience is necessary, come as you are!

Spin Master Games Tent O I CQ NN GI

Fri: 12noon - 9pm

Sat/Sun: 9am - 9pm

The Leapfrog Lawns Games Tent will be packed

full of family fun for rainy days and garden sun

again. Spin Master Games are bringing all their

favourites to Elderflower Fields including their

most popular family games including Hedbanz,

Beat The Parents and Sink n’ Sand. You can

also challenge yourself by seeing how fast you

can solve Rubik’s Cube! Keep an eye out for

competitions to be in with a chance of winning

some of their awesome games.

Splart Spin Art O GI NN M TH ££

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm

Make your own unique piece of abstract modern

art using acrylic paint and pouring mediums.

Kids, adults, couples or whole families can

combine to make art that will last forever. £14 per


Star Gazing O GI TH CQ

Fri: From 7.30pm

We welcome back festival friend Steve Pond

to view the moon on Friday evening (weather


Stitched Faces I GI TH

Sat/Sun: 2.30pm & 4pm

Create a simple portrait in this workshop using

basic stitch techniques and fabric appliqué. Led

by Lizzie Finn, a course leader in MA Illustration

at the University of Brighton with a background

as designer and illustrator for the fashion and

music industries. Use materials salvaged

from past commercial projects to make your

masterpiece. Suitable for 8+.

T-shirt Painting with Fab Dab Do

Fri: 2pm - 6pm Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm O GI TH M ££

Make It, Wear It, Love it! T-shirt Painting with Fab

Dab Do using paint dabbers and their brilliant

stencil range. They have loads of character

themes and funky colours to create amazing

t-shirts for all ages. Prices from £15 per t-shirt.



The Corner Atelier O GI M TH NN

Sat/Sun: 10am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm

The Corner Atelier invites you to become

architects of a sustainable future. All materials

discarded and scrapped, children and families

are welcome to reinvent and reconsider a value.

Supported with hand tools to learn new skills and

practical possibilities. An invitation to explore the

materials, create designs and problem solve.

The Hop

Sat/Sun: See page 22 for schedule

Head to Leapfrog Lawns and The Hop for a line up

of moving, shaking, stretching and dancing.

The Wishing Tree O GI CQ

Fri/Sat/Sun: 12noon - 4pm & 6pm - 10pm

An Art Installation with a difference. Participate

and watch the tree grow, write a wish or hang a

ribbon. Play, sit, read, and pause a while under the

magical canopy of The Wishing Tree.

Tie Dye T-shirts O GI TH M ££

Sat/Sun: 10am - 7pm

Create your very own tie-dye t-shirt to take home.

You’ll be shown how to make this trendy festival

essential and taught some fun tricks to make

your design unique! £20 per t-shirt.

Wow Pow

Fri/Sat/Sun: see page 20 & 21 for more info

Wow Pow’s line up is crammed full of

entertainment for the kids and adults alike.

Yo Mamas Baby Yoga I TH GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 1030am & 1.30pm

Mortimer Nannies Bell tent

This fun, interactive class will bring joy to both

you and your little one as you move through a

series of movements and stretches to support

your baby’s development. Learning safe exercises

to build strength as they grow. Baby Yoga

positively promotes health and wellbeing by

providing bonding time, improving flexibility

and muscle tone and developing coordination.

Includes songs and fun techniques to easily

integrate into your day to day life and practical

tips and guidance to help those early

months with baby. Suitable from 10

weeks to crawling.




Sat: 10.30am I GI NN

Award-winning comedy

science singer-songwriter

John Hinton presents an

electrifying mix of peer

reviewed musical mayhem.

Interactive, interstellar, and


Once You Were A Dinosaur


Sun: 10.30am I GI NN

Scientists have spent years

puzzling over the history of

us humans. Other scientists

are curious about our oddities:

why we yawn, what are

goosebumps and hiccups, or

what’s the point of sunbathing.

Lo! We find the answer to one

is the answer to the other!

You see, once upon a time

you were a fish, then a mouse,

then a monkey... and your

body keeps memories of those

times. Dr Richard Robinson

will reveal those oddities,

explain your crazy past ... and

teach you to waggle your


Pocket Science Funfair

Sat/Sun 10:30am - 4pm I NN

Shrink the kids. Splat the

Rat. Float your boat. Poop the

parents. Sequester the CO2.

Guess the weight of the cake.

Understand hiccups. All sorts

of fun for handy hands and

busy brains.

Tales Of The Unknown

Sat/Sun: 20 minutes past

every hour starting from

11:20am O NN

Counting to a google, plus

other big numbers; Why a

hundred stars explode every

second; Why scientists are

dumb; Alice-in-Wonderland

magic & more.


Wind your way through beautiful sun dappled Lazy Glades and discover

some of our wonderful food vendors and the new Moonshine Fandango

Stage and bar. Get your groove at the silent disco or just enjoy a quiet

shady spot with a cocktail while the kids explore.


Bicycle Drawing Machines

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm I GI TH CQ ££

Draw colourful geometric flower patterns onto

art paper, using Bicycle Spirograph drawing

machines made from old bike parts by Brighton

science-artist Nick Sayers. Inspired by classic

children’s toy Spirograph and Heath Robinson’s

quirky contraptions, this art activity will boggle

your eyes and twist your brain. Prices from £3.

Coached by Nature O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 11.30am, meet at info tent

Have you got an idea, challenge or issue you are

wrestling with? Would you like to be coached by

nature? Join experienced coach and facilitator,

Rachel Gilmore, for a silent, meditative walk

through nature where you will be encouraged

to write, draw and sketch your ideas. A private

experience (within a group of 12 people max)

inviting you to consider your idea, challenge

or issue through different perspectives by

incorporating the natural surroundings. The

90 min session will leave you feeling more

knowledgeable and resourced to make a change.

Hush Beats Silent Disco O GI NN

Fri/Sat: 10pm - 1am

Sat DIY DJ: 10.00pm

Moonshine Fandango

Does the novelty ever wear off? Come and take

part or just watch...which sometimes is just as

fun! £20 cash headphone deposit required to take


Moonshine Fandago Stage

Fri/Sat/Sun: See page 32 for schedule

Take a musical journey through fresh acts like

Brother Castor, Max White and Stables, plus

festival faves Johnny Cash Converters, Mr B The

Gentleman Rhymer and Still Moving DJs at the

new Moonshine Fandango. Prepare your dancing

feet at Hush Beats silent disco and throw your

hands in the air with Big Fish Little Fish and

Middle Aged Rave!

Mud kitchens O GI NN M

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm

Come and cook up a feast with Ben and Chloe

from Holmes Wood Play in their gorgeous mud

kitchens. Mud pies, sloppy soups and much more.



Nightjar Walks O CQ PB ££

Sat/Sun: 8pm meet at the Info Tent. SOLD OUT

Lisa from The Ashdown Forest Conservators and

Talking Trees guides a small group on this hugely

popular Nightjar walk. Nightjars are rarely seen

birds, but fingers crossed not only will you see

one or two, but you will also learn all about this

unique part of the world.

Poppy & Pearle -

Face & Body Artistry CQ M ££

Fri: 2pm-6pm

Sat/Sun: 9am-6pm

Mon: 9am - 2pm

Beautiful face painting, gorgeous freehand glitter

tattoos, and beautiful henna designs – using safe,

natural henna and biodegradable glitter.

Primal Warrior Movement O GI NN

Sat/Sun: 11am & 2pm

Primal Warrior Movement is a play based

multidisciplinary practice designed to develop

body, mind and spirit. Join Jamie for this

energetic family session building on technique,

body strength and agility which encourages us

to remember that movement practise can be fun.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water

for hydration.

Songbirds O GI NN

Sat: 4pm

Come and make some noise at the Songbirds

family sing-a-long session. Percussion provided!

The Elderflower Fields Family Quiz

Sun: 10.30am O GI TH NN

The Elderflower Family Quiz. – an experiment on

how sharp the mind is after a weekend of feral

excess and futile broken sleep. Have you still got

what it takes? First prize: a family weekend ticket

(2 adults, 2 kids) to our sister event in September,

Into the Trees and prizes from Spin Master


Wake Up with Wildfitness O GI NN

Sat: 8.45am / Sun: 8.30am

Moonshine Fandango

Join the Wildfitness team to mobilise your body,

activate your mind and blow away those morning

cobwebs. The perfect way to set you up for the day

ahead. Suitable for all the family and all abilities.

Wild Running O GI M

Sat: 8am meet at info tent

Start the day with Rachael Brown,an experienced

personal trainer and stretch your legs with a run

around the Pippingford Park estate.

Woodland Hut Camera Obscura

Sat/Sun 10am-5pm


Watch the forest and your friends turn upsidedown

inside a magical woodland hut camera

obscura created by Brighton science-artist Nick

Sayers. Like walking into a giant camera, this

darkroom experience will introduce you to the

basics of photography and optics.


The Urban Woods is our little piece of the adventure sports world

transported into Elderflower Fields. Many kids spend almost the entire

weekend in this part of the festival and with the adrenaline pumping

activities, who’d blame them?


Climbing Wall

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm O GI NN TH

We have lost count of the number of children who

have been climbing at Elderflower Fields and we

are very pleased that those numbers will continue

to grow! Yes there will be queues, but those of you

who make it to the top will have some of the best

views of the festival! Suitable for 5+.


Sat: 10am - 4pm

Sun: 10am - 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 4pm O GI NN TH

Getting over, under and around obstacles will

never be the same! The emphasis here is on the

art of creatively moving from A to B.

Roundnet O GI NN TH M

Sat/Sun: 10am - 3pm

We are thrilled to welcome Nicky and her team

from Zero Bounds who will introduce you to the

world of Roundnet. This new and exciting sport is

gaining momentum in the UK so try it here first!

Skateboarding Lesson O GI NN TH PB ££

Fri: 4pm - 8pm

Sat/Sun: 10am - 6pm

Learn to grind, hop and slide on a half-pipe with

Tom and his team from Tic Tac Skate School.

Suitable for beginner level skateboarders, this

class combines hands-on experience with

knowledge-based teaching. Suitable for 5+. 35

minute sessions cost £10 per child.

Woodland Tribe -

Adventure Playground O GI NN TH PB ££

Sat/Sun: 10am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm

The masters of ‘constructive play’. Children use

hammers, nails, saws, drills and a HUGE

quantity of wood to build the adventure

playground of their

dreams. With swings

galore and a zip

wire, this is an area

of the festival not

to be missed! Prices

from £2


Tumbledown Meadows is home Elderflower Fields’ sports activities. From

learning something new in the Sports Camp to trying your hand at festival

family favourite Disc Golf, there is something physical for everyone to

have a go at.


All Star Cricket O GI NN TH

Sat/Sun: 2.30pm - 4.30pm

There will be lots of throwing, catching, bowling

and batting games. No experience of cricket


Beach Rugby O GI NN TH M

Sat/Sun: 10am - 12.30pm

Always huge fun for the participants. Just one

word of warning; we can’t guarantee the sand!

Suitable for 5+

Disc Golf O GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm

Disc Golf... The greatest sport you’ve never heard

of! Golf with frisbees, A short Par 3 course of

holes, lots of fun for all the family. Who will get

the lowest score?

Family Archery Challenge O GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm

Challenge your family and friends to see who has

the best aim, can hit a bullseye and make it to the

top of the leader board by the end of the weekend!

Orienteering O GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am - 5pm

Family friendly orienteering course around the

festival site. Just pick up a map and an answer

sheet from the Sports Camp HQ and away you go.

Sports Camp O GI NN TH M PB

Sat/Sun: Pre-booked sessions 9am, 11am,

1.30pm & 4pm

Our ambition is to provide kids with the chance

to take part in sports that they might not

normally get the chance to try. The inspiring

team from Premier Education return to

take over Tumbledown Meadows.


Into the Trees is the wildest part of the festival. Head down the hill and

immerse yourself in a world of thoughtful forest school activities and

tranquil waterways. Take to the water or to the treetop canopies. Connect

with the great outdoors.


Bat Detecting O GI CQ PB

Fri/Sat/Sun: 9pm Prebooked sessions only

Mark Monk Terry from Sussex Wildlife Trust and

the team from Lewes-Coe Ecology will guide you

on this popular evening of bat detecting.

Blobster Village & Stick Competition

Sat/Sun: 10am - 12noon

This year we welcome The Outdoors Project! Join

them to recreate Elderflower Fields in miniature.

A fun nature craft activity creating “Blobster

creatures” and miniature dens.

Bug Sculptures O GI CQ M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-12.00pm/2pm-4pm

Little Forest School are in search of bugs! Use

spotter sheets, i.d cards and other useful tools

to help them then create a bug sculpture from

natural materials to take home with you.

Bushcraft O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm

Vegvisir (the viking compass) Bushcraft company

draws on lost bushcraft skills, knowledge and

technology from our ancestral past.

Campfire Cooking O GI CQ M TH PB ££


We are thrilled to welcome Scott and his team

from Wild Classroom for some old fashioned

campfire cooking. Get hands-on and cook

delicious healthy food for either breakfast, lunch

or dinner - or all three!

Galactic Nerf Gameplay

Sat/Sun: 2pm - 4pm

The team from The Outdoors Project bring some

NERF Alien Action! Show off your skills in the

galactic target zone and join the Mandalorian’s or

the Imperials in the battle for the Darksaber!



Go Wild with Us O GI CQ

Sat: 10am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm

Drop by the Woodland Creation Station and

create with your kids, some tools and the natural

surroundings. Help make artists charcoal on the

fire or try some Viking weaving or designing your

own family Hapa Zome.

Kayak, Canoes &

Paddleboard Hire O GI M PB ££

Sat/Sun/Mon: Prebooked sessions only

If you want to take yourself or your family on an

adventure along the water this could be for you

with a variety of different crafts for hire. To book

head to festivals.thekayakcoach.com/kayakcanoe-hire-rental

Kids Kayaking Lesson O GI M TH PB ££

Sat/Sun/Mon: Prebooked sessions only

A great way to exercise and experience that sense

of adventure in the heart of the countryside. Head

to the water and prepare to get wet! To book head

to festivals.thekayakcoach.com/festival-kidskayaking-experience

Mindful Makers O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 9am

Mindful Makers is one for the grown-ups. It’s

about finding time and space for yourself in

nature. Join Ruth for a mindful session in the

woods with time to be still and the opportunity

to create a mandala wall hanging using natural

materials. You will finish with a lovely cup of

herbal tea.

Mud Monsters O GI CQ M

Sat/Sun: 10am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm

Calling all mini mud monsters! Come and create

mud creatures, tree faces, and mud art.

Nature Makers O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 10.20am, 11.20am & 12.20pm

Lots of crafty fun with Nature Makers. Find your

inner bird and make a mask with natural objects,

get messy with a giant mud painting, and you

could even become a woodland wizard with a

magical wand and crown!

Pond Dipping O GI CQ M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm

Childhood memories are made of this and

Pippingford Park is home to a whole host of

wildlife, much of it under water. Grab a net,

tray and identification sheet and start your

underwater mini beast safari.

Raft Building O GI NN M TH PB ££

Sat/Sun/Mon: Prebooked sessions only

Hatt Adventures challenge you to the ultimate

test to set sail on your own raft and travel a

course. The session will include tuition in

different knots skills, raft designs and basic water

safety. Once your group has a plan then work in

a team to get building. Expect to get wet! To book

head to thehatt.co.uk/raft-building-elderflowerfields-festival

Rambling Rhymes O GI CQ

Sat/Sun: 10am - 1pm

The Poetry Pixie is back with some Rambling

Rhymes. Wrap paper round trees, help create

poetry (or Poet Trees!) using your senses and the

world around us!



Shave Horse Wand Carving O CQ TH PB ££

Fri: 3pm - 7pm

Sat/Sun: 9am - 6pm

If you enjoy practical hands on activities and ever

fancied learning a new traditional craft skill then

join Amerton Arts Studio. Using a shave horse

and a spoke shave you can learn greenwood

working techniques to make your very own magic

wand to take home. £5pp for ages 6+ as long as

they can reach the pedal on the shave horse.

Sit Spot, Draw O GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am - 12noon & 2pm - 4pm

Take a clipboard, paper and a pencil. Find your

own space in the woods and draw. Peg it in our

woodland gallery for others to be inspired by!

Tree Climbing O GI CQ TH PB ££


Take to the tree canopy in Pippingford’s ancient

woodland with Canopy Climbing’s highly skilled

instructors who will teach you how to ascend

using harness and ropes.

Tree ID Walks O CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 11.30am & 3pm

A guided walk through the trees. Learn their

names, their history and uses, and most

importantly how to recognise and remember

them. Our expert, Jay has a degree in countryside

management, having volunteered for several

years with The National Trust as a ranger.

Treehoppers O GI CQ M TH

Sat: 1.30pm-4pm

Join Treehoppers and explore the woods

searching for caterpillars and butterflies. Then

make your own caterpillar or butterfly using

natural resources. Create your own willow

butterfly wings and join in with stories and songs.

Woodland Sensory Sessions

Sat/Sun: 10am - 4pm O GI CQ JW M TH

Sing & Sign 10am – Noon

Sensory Toy Making, Noon – 2pm

Sensory Story Telling & Sensory

Chill Time, 2pm – 4pm

Explore your senses with woodland activity

workshops, sensory stories and sensory toymaking.

The incredibly supportive staff from

Woodlands Meed special needs school in

Burgess Hill will be at this year’s Elderflowers

Fields hosting small groups in relaxed, drop-in


Woodland Spa I CQ PB ££

Appointments available throughout the weekend

- head to the Spa to book. You can find the

Woodland Spa tucked away in a tranquil corner of

the festival site, just past the family campsite. See

page page 42 for details. Adults only. £65 1 hr, £35

for 30 mins.

Woodland Trust - Creepy Crawlies &

Nature Detectives

Sat/Sun: 10.30am - 12noon & 2.30pm - 4pm

Create your own creepy crawly or become

a nature detective in these family-friendly

workshops led by The Woodland Trust.

Woodland Wonders Walk O GI CQ M

Sat/Sun: 10.30am

Join Ben Kimpton on a guided walk through

the woods at Pippingford Park and discover the

history of Sussex woodland and the wildlife it

supports. Find out why our ancient woodland

is so important and who once lived and worked

there, visit an ancient badger sett and learn about

our common woodland wildflowers and what

mice are hiding out.

Wild Fitness – Woodland Games

Sat/Sun: 1pm - 4pm O GI TH M

Hannah and her team from Wildfitness bring

woodland games for all the family!


The ever-popular Go Kid Music Takeover is back

for its 11th year! Children’s singer-songwriter Al

Start and the team bring you three hours of nonstop

entertainment for your whole family - aimed

squarely at primary school aged children and

their younger siblings but fun for all ages! Find us

at the Moonshine Fandango.

Bring your snacks, a blanket to sit on and some

pocket money for the Go Kid Bubble & Shaker

Shop...you’re going to want to stay and relax

while we entertain their socks off! Excellent live

band, free art activities, puppet making and the

legendary Kids Open Mic!

Al Start & the Beastie Band O NN GI

Sat: 10.45am

Moonshine Fandango O NN GI

Fantastic live music set from Al and her Beastie

Band! Excellent songs for children and their

grown-ups to start your Saturday Takeover with

a bang!

Herringbone Arts - Kooky puppets &

festival streamer making

Sat: 11.30am -12.45pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN GI TH

Feeling arty? Get puppet-making with Fran, or

make yourself a festival streamer to decorate

your tent! Stick around for the end-of-the-show

puppet show!

Musical Storytime with Al O NN GI

Sat: 11.45am

Moonshine Fandango

Bring your younger kids to enjoy fresh musical

re-workings of their favourite stories - and hear

some great new ones!

The Legendary Kids’ Open Mic

Sat: 12.15pm

Come and sing us your favourite song and steal

the show at the open mic!

Kooky Kids’ Puppet Show O NN GI

Sat: 12.45pm

Moonshine Fandango

Our arty friends (your kids!!) will show their

puppets and streamers in a wild and unrehearsed

crazy kind of puppet show!

Al Start & the Beastie Band Big

Bubble Finale!

Sat: 1pm-1.45pm

Moonshine Fandango O NN GI

Join Al Start & the Beastie Band for the live and

interactive, big-bubble Go Kid Music Takeover



The organisation behind Elderflower Fields and much more...


Working together with children and young

people across the South East to deliver outdoor

education packages centred on connecting to

nature, art and team building activities within

the school curriculum. We also run residential

programs with the YHA, outdoor learning days

in partnership with The South Downs National

Park and school trips to a range of Sussex

locations. For more info, contact



Elderflower Fields’ sister event, held at

Pippingford Park on the 8th-10th September

2023. See page 49 or posters on site to save

on weekend tickets. Limited day tickets also

available at into-the-trees.co.uk


The Hub is not just the So Sussex HQ, but also

a unique, award winning rural co-working

space and meeting venue with its very own

Hubbery Kitchen and Bakery. We love sharing

our space, our wildlife friendly gardens and our

homemade produce with others. Get in touch

with us on hello@spithursthub.co.uk to find out

more about hiring our meeting space or order

our produce from the Hubbery Online Shop at



Working in partnership with the South Downs

National Park, local authorities and UNESCO

we have created a series of bike rides for all

abilities aimed at exploring both the South

Downs National Park and The Living Coast

Brighton & Lewes Downs Biosphere. Try a ride

at bybikes.co.uk


Check out sosussex.co.uk


Schools Without Walls offer a wide range of

outdoor education experiences with a focus

on nature and art. Working with schools

throughout Sussex the team are passionate about

encouraging children and young people to enjoy,

appreciate and learn in the great outdoors.

The Art Trail is a place to relax, slow down, and

immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and

works of art. This year’s art trail installations have

been created by children and young people from

Sussex Schools and community groups.

Big thanks to the pupils and staff from:

Priory School

Birchwood Grove Primary School

The Cavendish School

Stafford Junior School

Downsview Link College

Central Hub Brighton Primary PRU

Ifield Community College

Manor Green College

St Mark’s Primary School ( Brighton)

Roedean School

Also taking part were families from the Brighton

Chomp network.

Special thanks to the year 8 Priory School Forest

School and teachers Michelle O’Connell and Alice

Brooke-Smith for their help and support in setting

up the trail.

Big thanks to Sandra Hurst Chico, Jo Irvine, Ellie

Harris and Bel King for their creativity

and support.

We would like to take this opportunity to applaud

all of the teachers who have supported children

and young people through recent trying times.

You are appreciated!



The Woodland Spa is being created by Somatic therapist Janee Swan and

her wonderful team from YogaCamp.

You can find the Woodland Spa tucked away in a

tranquil corner of the festival site, at the bottom of

the main family camping field.

The soothing and revitalizing one hour massage

treatments cost £65 per treatment.

Please come to the Woodland Spa area to book

you or your loved one’s slot. (side by side in the

same tent treatments available too). All the

massage therapists have years of experience, are

highly professional and can deliver treatments to

suit your individual needs.

On offer this year is:

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose the essential oil, or a blend that suits you:

ideal for treating tension, digestive, respiratory,

physical & emotional issues; nut & seed free

Neal’s Yard oils used: ask Bill if you have allergy /

intolerance concerns.

Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage

Ayurvedic Deep tissue Massage is a unique

system of bodywork that combines deep tissue

massage with coordinated breathwork and

yoga stretching performed on the floor for free

movement and flow. Massage helps remove knots

and adhesions, releases tension and prepares

the body for assisted yoga stretching. A topical

ayurvedic herb is applied with a small amount

of oil and acts as a blood detoxifier and nerve

tonic. Through synchronised breathing be led

progressively deeper into assisted yoga stretches

that help correct postural imbalances and restore

harmony to the subtle energies of the body.

Techniques incorporate the use of the hands and

feet as tools for massage, allowing for deeper and

more thorough pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

Using Oil and deep tissue techniques, acupressure

and trigger points to release tension and aches

held in the muscles.


Oil massage focused on deep relaxation using a

variety of techniques to gently lull you into a deep

and blissful state of relaxation.


Hot Stones Massage

With the aid of volcanic stones to enhance the

benefit of the massage.

Indian Head Massage

This head neck and shoulder massage can be

with or without oil focusing on these common

problem areas to relieve muscular aches and

tension. Indian Head massage techniques

areused for ultimate relaxation and relief.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage

Your pregnancy massage will address the

muscular strains and imbalances you will feel.

Common pregnancy-related conditions can be

improved, enabling you to have a more pain-free,

enjoyable pregnancy. The pregnancy massage

also focuses on calming your mind and body.


Reflexology is the application of specific pressure

by the use of the practitioner’s hand, thumb and

fingers to a reflex map resembling a human body

which is believed to exist on the extremities.


Shiatsu is a healing art, originating in Japan,

which uses the power of touch and pressure to

enable each of us to contact our own natural self

-healing qualities.

Seated Chair Massage

Includes neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands –

enjoy! Treatments are available with, or without

oils as massage or shiatsu sessions: ideal for

pregnant clients & those unable to lie down easily.

Thai Massage

Wearing comfortable clothing - using acupressure

and passive stretches to release blockages and

increase energy flow in the body.

Thai Massage / Deep Tissue Fusion

The body is opened, nourished, lightened and

stretched, as Valerie moves around the whole

body with a range of pressure points and deep

release work.

Sports Injury Massage

Treats fatigue, repetitive stress injuries towards

recovery & ease of maintenance and can ease

painful tight neck & frozen shoulders, limbs,

joints, muscles & sinews in acute & chronic

issues: exercises are included to

aid recovery & wellbeing.



The food on offer at Elderflower Fields is a most prominent and enjoyable

part of the festival experience. Our aim is to provide a range of delicious food

served up by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they

offer. We seek out small family run, innovative food providers who are based

in Sussex or in close proximity to the festival site and invite them to bring

their own magic to the festival. We hope to promote exciting and up and

coming ventures who are committed to using locally-sourced organic and

fair trade ingredients whenever possible.

Dragonfly Hill

Curry Squad V Ve GF

Punjabi street food at it’s finest

and freshest

Dragonfly Bar

Locally sourced craft beer and

lager from Toast, low alcohol

beers and kombucha from Only

With Love, as well as wines,

spirits and soft drinks.

The Two Fridas V Ve GF

Innovative Vegan Mexican

street food, including burrito

bowls, tacos and nachos

Fine Grind V Ve GF

Perfect barista coffee,

smoothies, fresh juices and


Gourmet Griddle

New to Elderflower, buttermilk

chicken in a burger or wrap,

with gourmet fries. Kids meals


Pizza Wagon V GF

Traditional wood-fired pizzas

Oui Creperie V Ve GF

Sweet and savoury galettes and

crepes in a new location on

lower Dragonfly Hill

Waffle on a Stick

Freshly made crispy chocolate

covered waffles with exciting




Leapfrog Lawns

Circus Kinetica

Coffee, cinnamon buns and

light lunches from Nord Bakery

Juice Up V Ve GF

Healthy juices and a chance to

pedal your way to the perfect


Manor Green College

Delicious paninis with a variety

of fillings

Pip Organic

Soft drinks, lollies, slushies and


The Little Langton

Refreshing G&T’s, sparkling

proseccos and a range of thirstquenching

local drinks






Vintage Scoops V Ve GF

Handmade icecreams, sorbets

and lots of sprinkles

Camping and Glamping

Whirled Espresso V Ve GF

Barista coffee and pastries to

start the day (mornings only)

Solitary Bee V Ve

Delicious local barista coffee

and teas from early morning

Lazy Glades

Cairovan V Ve

Egyptian chicken shawarmas,

falafel and moorish cuisine

Moonshine Fandango Bar

Local brews, wines, spirits

and Liberation Cocktails to

accompany the music.

Lickalix V Ve GF

Natural organic real whole fruit

lollies. There are gluten, lactose

and dairy free, vegetarian and

vegan options

Little Pops Bagels V Ve

All day warm filled bagels,

sausage rolls and arrancini

Jacksons General Store

Festival and camping

essentials including bread,

milk, toothpaste and the like as

well as lots of sweets! If you’ve

forgotten it, they’ll probably

stock it!

Jacobs Ladder


Biodynamic homemade organic

beef burgers


Homemade and innovative

vegan street food such as

curries and burritos


Thai Angle V Ve

Thai street food, including

curries, noodles,sides and snack


The Breakfast Club V Ve GF

The ultimate breakfast in many

forms, followed by fish and

chips and hot dogs

The Devil’s Pantry V GF

Mediterranean skewers with

crispy salads and salsa

The Grey Earl V Ve GF

Barista coffee, hot drinks, divine

toasties and sweet treats

The Little Pancake Place V GF

Mini dutch gluten free pancakes

with a huge selection of savoury

and sweet toppings

Tiger Eats Carrot V Ve

Morning sourdough sandwiches

followed by plant-based fritters,

kebabs and Thali’s

Tumbledown Meadows

Pizza Leonati V GF

Authentic wood-fire pizzas

Rainbow Scoops V Ve GF

Premium ice creams and fruit


Solitary Bee V GF

Barista coffee, teas and hot




This year’s t-shirt was designed by Brighton

based artist and editorial illustrator, Emma

McGowan, whose work can be found on

greetings cards, stationery, clothing and

packaging as well as publications and

websites. You can see more of Emma’s art on

Instagram @emmajmcgowan

You can also order a selection of other designs

from previous years including our classic

dragonfly. All products are made from organic

cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable

energy- powered factory.


Last year Emma

and her husband

Dave launched a


non-fiction book


designed to reignite

your reading mojo.

Spark up your non-fiction reading




Go to driftandfocusbookbox.com and

use the code ELDERFLOWER

to get 15% off your first order.




This unique complimentary taster picnic is a highlight of our festival and the

experience will provide you, your family and friends with an opportunity to

sample a selection of delicious locally sourced produce. Providing a picnic of this

scale is fun, but quite a challenge and we do need your help to make it work so

please come along with a positive and relaxed attitude.

The main aim of the picnic is to introduce you to some great local food producers

and enjoy a little taste of some lovely local food. It is not designed to feed the

family till supper. See it as a delicious starter – all our brilliant food stall holders

are open all day so do pay them a visit for the rest of your lunch.


Get into groups with eight

picnic wristbands (these are

given to adults when you first

arrive). So get your family

together, team up with old

friends or find new ones!


Bring your picnic blankets,

your drinks and any useful

camping utensils, then sit

down on Dragonfly Hill a bit

before 12.30pm on Sunday.



Get one member of your

group to collect the picnic

wristbands and take these

along to where the picnic

bags are being handed out by

our picnic helpers from 12.30

until 1pm.


Break the baguette, dip it in

the lovely pesto, tuck into the

cheeses, sample the smoked

Sussex ham, spread the pate...

relax, enjoy the music and

kick back with friends!


Share and swap food to

reduce any wastage, reuse

the paper bags and help us to


We appreciate it may be a

little tricky for some small

groups of people to find

others to share the picnic

with, but please do see this

as a fun way of making

new friends rather than an

obstacle to trying our picnic...



IN 2024

Elderflower Fields 2024

24th - 27th May

We hope you’re enjoying your wild weekend and thank you for joining

us! Fancy doing it all again next year?... Of course you do!

Be the first to access 2024 early bird tickets

On sale Tuesday 30th May at 10am.



We love seeing all your family festival fun. Share your adventures on social

media and tag @ElderflowerFields or add #ElderflowerFields

so we can find them.

On the 12th June we’ll select one random winner from all the adventures

shared. A family ticket for up to 4 people to our 2024 festival will be given

to the winner and if you’ve already bought early bird tickets we’ll even

refund them!

Be sure to follow Elderflower Fields so we can get in touch.


8, 9 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

Return to Pippingford Park with us this September for another wild

adventure Into The Trees. The focus is on relaxation and new experiences

with your family in our natural playground. A host of mindful craft and

sport activities from inspiring experts, and of course the finest local food

and drink from across Sussex.

Special discount with code EF23.

Scan QR code or add promo code to ticket

page to save when you book today.





A huge festival thank you from Elderflower Fields

goes out to you, our fantastic festival guests,

especially the early bird bookers amongst you.

Each May you embrace the great outdoors with

open arms, free-range children and friendly


The last year has not been the easiest economic

times and we are all acutely aware there are lots

of choices to be made on how families spend (or

save) time and money. With our guests’ support,

we have been on a roller-coaster journey to put

together this year’s wild adventure. Thank you for

believing in what we do.

Elderflower Fields would not happen without the

small army of volunteers and brilliant activity

providers coming together and helping create

a nurturing environment and a seriously fun

weekend. Thanks to every one of our Elderflower

Fields friends.

Thanks to everyone for embracing the changes

we have made to the festival this year in response

to feedback. Look out for our guest survey in your

email to let us know what you loved or might

change if you had a magic wand.

Alex, Mark, Sarah, Char, Dax and Liv our core

team who’ve worked on the festival all year and

taken on the challenging planning with calmness

and dedication, thank you. Luke, Harrison, Tias

and all the other folk who come together in the

proceeding weeks to build the site and to make it

all happen. We’ve worked together now for many

years and although we only see each other for

a couple of weeks each year, you are part of the

Elderflower Fields family.

And finally, thanks to the kids, without who none

of it would be worth it!

Stay wild...

See you in 2024 (tickets on sale Tuesday!)




See page 25 for details

And The Beat Goes Om!

Dragonfly Stage

So Sussex Family Picnic

The Big Family Dance Off


See page page 26 for details

Animation workshop

Art Camp & under 5’s drop in


Circus Skills

Circus Kinetica

CraZy BeanZ mini disco (The


CraZy BeanZ

Cocktails & Crowns

Crazy Golf

Dance workshops (The Hop)


Dried Flower Crowns

Freckles on the Inside

Get Lost & Found Silly Games

Kerrieberrie Beads and


Lucy & Yak



Mortimer Nannies

Oddballs Circus Shop


Silly Games

Singing Mamas

Songwriting Sessions

Spin Master Games Tent

Splart Spin Art

Star Gazing

Stiched Faces

Tatty Bumpkin - Yoga for kids

T-shirt Painting with Fab Dab Do

The Corner Atelier

The Hop

The Science Dome of

Fantastic Facts & Hairbrained


Tie Dye T-shirts

The Wishing Tree

Wow Pow

Wrong Pong

Yellow Post Park

Yo Mamas Baby Yoga


See page 32 for details

Bicycle Drawing Machines

Coached by Nature

Hush Beats Silent Disco / DIY DJ

Moonshine Fandango Stage

Nightjar Walks

Poppy & Pearle - Face & Body


Primal Warrior Movement


The Eldeflower Fields Family


Wild Fitness - Wake up and


Wild Running

Woodland Hut Camera Obscura


See page 34 for details

Climbing Wall



Tic Tac Skate School

Woodland Tribe

Programme design by

Andrew Chapman


Cover illustration by

Emma McGowawebsites




See page 33 for details

All Star Cricket

Beach Rugby

Disc Golf

Family Archery Challenge


Sports Camp


See page 36 for details

Bat Detecting

Blobster Village & Stick


Bug Sculptures


Campfire Cooking

Galactic Nerf Gameplay

Go Wild with Us

Kayak, Canoes & Paddleboard


Kids Kayaking Lesson

Mindful Makers

Mud Kitchens

Mud Monsters

Nature Makers

Pond Dipping

Raft Building

Rambling Rhymes

Shave Horse Wand Carving

Sit Sport Drawing

Tree Climbing

Tree ID Walks


Wild Fitness – Woodland Games

Woodland Sensory Sessions

Woodland Spa

Woodland Trust - Creepy

Crawlies / Nature Detectives

Woodland Wonders Walk










Car park

and exit










First aid

Info tent





Woodland Spa














































Kids Kayaking


Kayak, Canoe

& Paddleboard


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