Rerehua Beach

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What kind of data is needed

for a flourishing future?

As we think about risky and contested futures the nature of

evidence, and the data that constitutes evidence becomes


But what is data and evidence?

Evidence is information presented in a way that is seen as

credible to base decisions on. If decisions are made based on

evidence, then what we consider evidence is important because

its shapes the decision. A single assessment (or view)

of what is credible evidence could dominate, locking out other

ways of knowing. This is extremely relevant when there are

multiple versions of what is credible depending on worldview.

This cartoon exposes a future where one view on “what is evidence”

determines the outcome of environmental decisions

and actions: it asks if this is the future we want? And if not,

what might we do?

A note from the artist:

This comic features reproductions of original artwork by Pip

Hartley, Hermann and Tana Salzmann. I would like to acknowledge

these artists as creators of the ta moko on page one

and the waharoa on page two, respectively. Images for the

waharoa were sourced through the Museum of New Zealand

Te Papa YouTube channel, the ta moko designs were comissioned

specifically for this comic. I would also like to aknowledge

the artists who inspired some of the futuristic designs

in the comic, including Syd Mead, Jean Giraud and Dániel


Questions to consider:

1) What do you think the impact is of using (mostly) quantifiable

evidence-based information on the decisions you or

others make?

2) Have you thought about how Hapū and Iwi are involved in

environmental decisions?

3) What do you think is missing from decisions where risk is

portrayed as knowable and measurable?

4) How could Ecosystem Based Management (EBM), TAM

framing, and a wider conception of data take us to a different


5) What steps can be taken right now?

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