Edition 70 (April-June, 2023)

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TPS ® . The Original<br />

from the Inventor.<br />

With Thermo Plastic Spacer TPS ® it is possible to<br />

achieve a winning combination of a high quality,<br />

tight edge seal, increased insulating glass energy<br />

efficiency and a differentiated aesthetic advantage –<br />

a fact that has been proven more than a million times<br />

over worldwide!<br />

With more than 30 years of experience in the<br />

field of warm edge spacers you can trust the<br />

Original Inventor!<br />

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Machinery, services and solutions designed with the future in mind for<br />

the architectural, automotive, solar and appliance industries.<br />

info@glaston.net | www.glaston.net | www.glastory.net | www.gpd.fi<br />





Want to futureproof your business and overcome<br />

the biggest challenges facing fenestration today?<br />

The answer is automation with Super Spacer ® .<br />

Freely shapeable, for any climate, any building,<br />

any window or façade shape and suitable to<br />

manual or automated processes – Super Spacer ®<br />

is flexible like no other.<br />


• flexible foam matrix plus vapour barrier<br />

• 3-step processing – automatic or manual<br />

• 100 % resilient<br />

Ψ-Values<br />

of up to<br />

arctic climate<br />

phA+<br />


0.028 COMPONENT<br />

Passive House Institute<br />

Super Spacer ® insulates the edge in glazed<br />

units for comfortable spaces and reduced<br />

heating and cooling bills.<br />









ALSTONE, India and VMZINC, France unite to<br />

redefine the cladding industry.<br />

Collaboration between the two Sustainable Growth<br />

Partners is promising and set to deliver superior,<br />

world class cladding products. Long lasting with<br />

stunning looks, this product line is set to change the<br />

industry forever.<br />

Welcome to the Cladding Revolution - from here on!<br />

UNIQUE<br />

FINISH<br />

SELF<br />





MODERN<br />


CAN<br />

LAST FOR<br />

100 YEARS*<br />

*Conditions apply<br />

Alstone Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.<br />

INDIA: 15th Floor, Vijaya Building. 17, Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place,<br />

New Delhi- 110001<br />

DUBAI: Sharjah International Area-13,Near Alico, Sharjah, UAE.<br />

9599040030 info@alstoneindia.com www.alstoneindia.com<br />

I N C O L L A B O R A TIO N WITH<br />



Glass<br />

mastery<br />

We design and manufacture integrated lines and<br />

machines for the machining of glass to simplify the<br />

production process for customers in the furniture,<br />

construction, and automotive industries.<br />

Discover our<br />

product range<br />

biesse.com<br />




XINFU<br />


3 Production lines in China<br />

with Capacity of 6 Million Square meters<br />

Architecture grade, Automotive grade, Solar grade<br />

Transmittance 91 %<br />

Best Production Facility<br />

Loss in weight feeder<br />

-- Brabender Germany<br />

Screen changers and melt pump -- Maag, Switzerland,<br />

Extrusion die<br />

-- CLOEREN USA,<br />

The online thickness scanner, Automatic gauge control (AGC) systems,<br />

Online scanning moisture tester -- Honeywell USA,<br />

The online surface vision test system -- ISRA Germany.<br />


Pilkington China BSG Auto Fuyao Auto Taiwan Glass 40% Oversea Market<br />

Iran<br />

Australia<br />

Turkey<br />

Middle East<br />

South American<br />

India<br />

Korea<br />

BLG International Pvt. Ltd.<br />



Supply<br />

all over India<br />

Displayed at :<br />

Redg. Office: A-2/30-31, 3rd Floor W.H.S,<br />

DDA Marble Market, Kirti Nagar New Delhi<br />

Mumbai Office: L-135, Midc, Taloja, Raigarh,<br />

Maharashtra, Mumbai-410208, INDIA<br />

Contact us @<br />

adityagupta@blginternational.in,<br />

www.lakshmifloat.com sales@blginternational.in<br />

Whatsapp us:<br />

+91 99562 95454<br />



Insulating Glass<br />

Silicone Sealant<br />



Aluminium<br />

Spacer<br />

EVA<br />

EVA<br />

PVB<br />

Plastic Corner<br />

Keys<br />

Steel Straight<br />

Connectors<br />

Pressure Equaliser<br />

for Insulating Glass<br />

2 Component<br />

Silicone Sealant<br />

Pump<br />

Warm Edge<br />

Spacer<br />

Butyl Tape<br />

INCA / NET<br />


LINIO /<br />


MARINA /<br />


SAVONA /<br />

BUBBLE<br />

CANDI / SONA<br />






SentryGlas ® | Trosifol ® | ExtraStiff ® | Butacite G ®<br />

BLG International Pvt. Ltd.<br />



Supply<br />

all over India<br />

Displayed at :<br />

Redg. Office: A-2/30-31, 3rd Floor W.H.S,<br />

DDA Marble Market, Kirti Nagar New Delhi<br />

Mumbai Office: L-135, Midc, Taloja, Raigarh,<br />

Maharashtra, Mumbai-410208, INDIA<br />

Contact us @<br />

adityagupta@blginternational.in,<br />

www.lakshmifloat.com sales@blginternational.in<br />

Whatsapp us:<br />

+91 99562 95454<br />








+91 - 9080992502<br />

harish@winwallindia.com<br />

www.winwallinternational.com/india<br />



Harmara Road, Industrial Area,<br />

Madanganj, Kishangarh, Rajasthan<br />

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Ganesha Block, Sultanpalya,<br />

R. T. Nagar Post, Bengaluru-560032<br />

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44<br />


avontuffglass.com<br />

WE ARE<br />





“Avon Tuff Glass has accepted new<br />

challenges and change & we have been<br />

processing High Quality - High Performance<br />

glass for the construction since 2012.<br />

With over 10 years of experience in<br />

architectural glass processing, we bring our<br />

passion for customer, innovation and<br />

dedication to quality.<br />

Join us on the journey as we see the possibilities together:<br />







S. No. 201-1, Devicha Pada, Sonale, Dist. Thane Bhiwandi - 421 302,<br />




Sales: +91 8879543317 • Tel: 02522- 282002 /282004<br />

Business (WhatsApp): 8879543316 • E: sales@avontuffglass.com<br />



Interview<br />



Hemant Kathuria leads the operations of Taiton in north and east<br />

India as Director. He has over 17 years of experience in the glass<br />

and architectural hardware industry.<br />

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Taiton has a pan-India presence of<br />

sales partners, sales and service personnel to carer to its clients. It<br />

has a wide product range for airports, hospitality sector, shopping<br />

malls, healthcare industry, retail stores, residences, educational<br />

institutions, automobile showrooms, commercial buildings,<br />

corporate offices and many more.<br />

64 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Interview• 2<br />

‘Need to focus on<br />

standards, guidelines on<br />

hardware use in buildings’<br />

Taiton’s Hemant Kathuria Tells GB About<br />

Challenges In Hardware Sector In India<br />

Company has acquired 8 acres of land in Hyderabad to<br />

set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit which will be<br />

operational in the next couple of years.<br />

Hemant Kathuria, Director of<br />

Taiton operations in north and<br />

east India, speaks to Glass<br />

Bulletin on his experience at the<br />

company, projects he oversaw, latest<br />

trends and challenges in the hardware<br />

sector and the future plans of the<br />

company.<br />

Excerpts from the detailed<br />

interview:<br />

– Tell us about Taiton.<br />

Taiton is a growing brand which<br />

provides the largest and the most<br />

comprehensive product range that<br />

has been intelligently crafted to suit<br />

the modern hi-tech commercial and<br />

residential establishments.<br />

– How has your journey in the<br />

company been?<br />

My journey in the company has been<br />

very exciting, wherein, we have done<br />

research on many products and<br />

combined technology with innovation<br />

to develop the products which are<br />

technologically advanced, ergonomic<br />

and affordable.<br />

– Tell us about your product range<br />

and what sets you apart from<br />

other brands?<br />

We deal in wide range of products<br />

such as glass façade hardware<br />

wherein we have patch fittings,<br />

shower cubicle fittings, spider fittings<br />

and sliding doors, then we have door<br />

control hardware for wooden and<br />

metal doors, automatic sliding, swing<br />

and revolving doors, electronic locks<br />

for hospitality and residential sector,<br />

movable acoustic partitions, smart<br />

switch film, railings. We have also<br />

launched exclusive aluminium profiles<br />

for wardrobes, telescopic slim sliding<br />

and modern office partitions. Our<br />

wide range, quality of the products,<br />

our unbeatable service, our R&D and<br />

our dedication to develop and supply<br />

more beautiful and high-quality<br />

products sets us apart from other<br />

brands.<br />

– What is the latest trend in the<br />

hardware industry?<br />

There was a time when frameless<br />

glass was a trend in the market for<br />

which patch fittings were used to<br />

make fully transparent frameless<br />

façade. After more than two decades,<br />

the trend is now shifting from<br />

frameless towards aluminium framed<br />

with the introduction of slim sections.<br />

There are abundant opportunities to<br />

create beautiful interiors with slim<br />

aluminium sections and glass.<br />

– What are the products you<br />

launched recently? What’s next?<br />

Recently we have launched Luxury<br />

wardrobe and Partition systems under<br />

the Brand name “TAVIC by TAITON”.<br />

Here architects, interior designers<br />

and clients will get various colours<br />

and finishes option for sleek-framed<br />

wardrobes, slim framed telescopic and<br />

bi-parting sliding system (automatic<br />

and manual) and demountable office<br />

partitions. All aluminium sections<br />

provided by us are high quality<br />

anodized with our own branded<br />

hardware.<br />

There are a lot of next-gen products<br />

which are in the pipeline, you may<br />

follow our social media, Youtube and<br />

website to get latest updates about the<br />

new launch products.<br />

– Tell us about some of the most<br />

prestigious projects done by you<br />

We have a pan-India presence with a<br />

network of dealers, distributors, and<br />

sales and service personnel to cater<br />

to the demands of our prestigious<br />

clients. We have done some very<br />

prestigious projects such as IIM-<br />

Ranchi, Honda Bigwing showroom,<br />

Mercedes showroom, Numaligarh<br />

Refinery to name a few.<br />

– What should be the criteria to<br />

select good architecture hardware?<br />

It is a challenging task to select good<br />

architectural hardware as there are<br />

many options available in a wide price<br />

range. It is very important for the<br />

purchaser to have in-depth technical<br />

knowledge to select good architectural<br />

hardware. One should ask for product<br />

certification, cycle test parameter<br />

and material grade test reports while<br />

making a selection. Also, the process<br />

of manufacturing is important to<br />

know as the durability of the product<br />

is ascertained from a planned and<br />

correct process.<br />

– How do you compete with<br />

unbranded hardware available in<br />

the market?<br />

In the Indian market, unbranded<br />

hardware is generally of interior<br />

quality and there is very less chance<br />

of availability in the next lot. We focus<br />

on maintaining the quality of our<br />

products and supply chains. We also<br />

conduct training sessions for dealers<br />

and fabricators to educate them about<br />

the difference in quality of products<br />

available in the market.<br />

– What are the major challenges<br />

to India’s architecture hardware<br />

industry?<br />

Glass and hardware industry has<br />

witnessed tremendous growth in the<br />

past three decades, lots of growth<br />

is yet to happen. Good amount of<br />

work has been done on the usage<br />

of glass in buildings. Standards are<br />

in place. A book titled ‘Guidelines<br />

on use of glass in buildings -Human<br />

Safety’ was published in 2007 with<br />

numerous revisions and reprints.<br />

Unfortunately, negligible work has<br />

been done on the hardware side with<br />

respect to standards, specifications<br />

and guidelines of use of hardware in<br />

buildings. Absence of an architectural<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 65

Interview<br />

hardware suppliers association on<br />

the national level makes the situation<br />

confusing.<br />

– You have a smart digital solution<br />

for the hotel industry. Tell us<br />

about it<br />

In Taiton, we always adapt a futuristic<br />

approach while developing and<br />

introducing each and every new<br />

product. We had the smart digital<br />

solution for the hospitality sector<br />

before Covid, whereas other Brands<br />

are still seen struggling with the<br />

Technology part. We offer touchless<br />

check-in and room access solutions<br />

for hotel Industry where the room key<br />

is shared to the smartphone of the<br />

guest, which they can use to unlock<br />

their room.<br />

– What are your company’s<br />

plans to make quality hardware<br />

products in India?<br />

Following the Make in India approach<br />

by the government, we have chalked<br />

out plans to manufacture quality<br />

hardware products in India. We have<br />

already secured 8 acres of land in<br />

Hyderabad to set up a state-of-theart<br />

manufacturing unit which will<br />

be operational in the next couple of<br />

years.<br />

– What is the future of the<br />

architecture hardware industry in<br />

India?<br />

As I have already mentioned that<br />

the architectural hardware Industry<br />

has witnessed splendid growth in<br />

the past decade, credit goes to the<br />

architects and interior designers<br />

to incorporate the hardware in the<br />

designs and then the contractors<br />

for perfect execution. With the<br />

development in all sectors such as<br />

government, private, hospitality,<br />

healthcare etc. strong demand of<br />

architectural hardware has been<br />

created in the market which provided<br />

a window to a lot of regional players<br />

to grow which led to introduction<br />

of a lot of cheap, substandard and<br />

interior quality products in the<br />

market. Thankfully, the customers<br />

are getting more Quality conscious,<br />

and they demand for strong, durable<br />

and robust products. It is also noticed<br />

that product specifications are<br />

getting strict in the Govt. tenders<br />

too. Everything sums up towards the<br />

growth of the organised architectural<br />

hardware market.<br />

– What products are you<br />

exporting?<br />

We are exporting quite a few products<br />

such as digital locks, sliding systems,<br />

glass facade hardware, shower<br />

cubicle fitting, railings etc. to various<br />

international markets.<br />

Website: www.taiton.in<br />

66 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />

Glass Bulletin Awards <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

Celebrating excellence in<br />

Indian glass industry<br />

Prestigious Awards Ceremony Returns With Fresh<br />

Concept, Unmatched Energy<br />

The highly anticipated 5th edition of the Glass Bulletin<br />

Awards is set to take centre stage as a concurrent event<br />

alongside glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The Glass Bulletin Awards, now<br />

in its 5th edition, is gearing up<br />

for a momentous celebration<br />

of excellence within the Indian glass<br />

industry. As a concurrent event<br />

alongside glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

this prestigious ceremony promises<br />

to elevate the recognition and<br />

acknowledgment of the industry’s<br />

trailblazers to new heights.<br />

Building upon the resounding<br />

success of its past editions, Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards has emerged as the<br />

definitive platform for all stakeholders<br />

in the Indian glass industry to<br />

congregate, exchange ideas, and vie<br />

for the coveted accolades that mark<br />

the beginning of a journey towards<br />

unparalleled recognition.<br />

Since its inception in 2016, Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards, brought to you by<br />

India’s premier journal for the global<br />

glass industry Glass Bulletin, has<br />

been instrumental in celebrating,<br />

acknowledging, and honouring the<br />

exceptional contributions made by<br />

individuals and organizations in<br />

various realms of the glass industry.<br />

With the 4th edition of the Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards held in Mumbai in<br />

October 2019, the event witnessed<br />

an overwhelming response, uniting<br />

patrons of the Indian glass under<br />

one roof. More than 850 esteemed<br />

guests graced the occasion, adding to<br />

the grandeur and significance of this<br />

illustrious gathering.<br />

Embracing the aspirations of the<br />

glass industry and fuelled by immense<br />

support and high expectations, Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards embarks on a new<br />

14 September, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Mumbai, INDIA<br />

chapter with its upcoming edition in<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. Drawing inspiration from the<br />

successes of the past, this edition<br />

promises to deliver an electrifying<br />

experience like never before,<br />

breathing fresh life into the awards<br />

ceremony. With an unwavering<br />

commitment to transparency and<br />

fairness, Glass Bulletin Awards takes<br />

pride in presenting a just platform for<br />

the recognition of talent within the<br />

glass industry.<br />

Building on its already sterling<br />

reputation, Glass Bulletin Awards<br />

<strong>2023</strong> is set to redefine the industry’s<br />

benchmarks by introducing innovative<br />

concepts and invigorating energy.<br />

Notably, this edition takes<br />

public opinion to the next level by<br />

incorporating nominations from the<br />

industry’s very own stakeholders.<br />

It is a testament to the organisers’<br />

commitment to engaging the<br />

wider community and ensuring<br />

that all deserving individuals and<br />

organizations receive their rightful<br />

acknowledgement.<br />

Scheduled to take place on the<br />

14th of September <strong>2023</strong>, Mumbai, the<br />

Glass Bulletin Awards <strong>2023</strong> promises<br />

to attract a distinguished gathering of<br />

national and international guests.<br />

As an exclusive invitation-only<br />

event, it will gather the crème<br />

de la crème of the glass industry,<br />

The Glass Bulletin Awards has<br />

embraced a more inclusive<br />

selection process, opening<br />

nominations to the public.<br />

Previously limited to companies<br />

nominating themselves,<br />

individuals can now log in and<br />

nominate deserving companies.<br />

This democratic approach ensures<br />

broader industry representation<br />

and allows the wider community<br />

to have a voice in determining<br />

the recipients of these<br />

prestigious awards.<br />

fostering meaningful connections,<br />

and celebrating the exceptional<br />

achievements that have propelled the<br />

industry to new heights.<br />

Join us as we embark on this<br />

extraordinary journey to recognize<br />

and honour the outstanding<br />

contributions within the Indian glass<br />

industry. Be a part of the movement<br />

that is Glass Bulletin Awards <strong>2023</strong> by<br />

becoming a sponsor and witnessing<br />

first-hand the transformational power<br />

of appreciation and recognition.<br />


Website: www.glassbulletinawards.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 67

Event<br />

Mr Gurmeet Singh,<br />

Chairman of FOSG<br />

Mr P Ganesh,<br />

Director of Glass & Glazing Systems P Ltd<br />

Mr Farhat Kamil,<br />

Director of Kaenat Glass<br />

Mr Sarjit Singh Kang,<br />

Chairman & MD of JK international<br />

FOSG 10th Annual<br />

Processors Conclave <strong>2023</strong><br />

Held In Goa, It Was FOSG’s First-Ever Conclave<br />

With No Sponsors, Media<br />

Only glass processors were in attendance so as to ensure<br />

more time to discuss, deliberate, plan and strategize the<br />

future course of FOSG.<br />

After the 9th FOSG Annual<br />

Processors Conclave at Amritsar<br />

in 2019 and thereafter the lapse<br />

of three years due to Covid Pandemic,<br />

FOSG hosted its 10th Annual<br />

Processors Conclave in Bogmallo<br />

Beach Resort, Goa, which concluded<br />

with grand success on 30th <strong>April</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong>.<br />

This conclave was the first-ever<br />

conclave with no sponsors, no media,<br />

no outsiders but only and only glass<br />

processors so as to get more time to<br />

discuss, deliberate, plan and strategize<br />

68 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

FOSG• 2<br />

the future course of the Federation Of<br />

Safety Glass (FOSG) in the interest of<br />

its esteemed members.<br />

The conclave marked FOSG’s<br />

largest-ever gathering since it<br />

began its journey in 2010, with total<br />

176 attendees from 86 companies<br />

participating.<br />

FOSG Chairman Mr Gurmeet<br />

Singh, in his presentation, highlighted<br />

the details of the activities done in the<br />

past year. He expressed his delight at<br />

the fact of 28 new processors joining<br />

as members during the year 2022.<br />

Some of the achievements<br />

during the year were:<br />

;;<br />

Management committee<br />

strength increased from 12<br />

members to 18 members<br />

;;<br />

Applied for anti-dumping duty<br />

on toughened glass from China<br />

for home appliances through<br />

one of the best law firms in<br />

India<br />

;;<br />

Provided assistance to<br />

members for getting BIS<br />

certification through appointed<br />

panel consultant Aleph India<br />

QMS<br />

;;<br />

Meeting organized with<br />

Union Minister for MSME<br />

Nitin Gadkari to address our<br />

concerns on the shortage of<br />

float glass<br />

;;<br />

Filed submission with DGTR<br />

opposing anti-dumping duties<br />

on float glass from Thailand,<br />

Iran & Bangladesh<br />

;;<br />

Got QCO on float glass<br />

extended to <strong>April</strong> 2022 which<br />

had already come into effect<br />

from <strong>April</strong> 2021 by providing<br />

extensive data to DPIIT<br />

;;<br />

Took necessary steps to ease<br />

the import of float glass in<br />

order to address the gap<br />

between demand and supply<br />

;;<br />

Organized meeting with all<br />

domestic float manufacturers<br />

to request giving preference<br />

of supplies to processors, to<br />

produce more of clear than<br />

tinted glass and to discourage<br />

exports<br />

;;<br />

FOSG participated in the Zak<br />

Glasstech Expo in New Delhi<br />

The conclave also witnessed<br />

several informative panel<br />

discussions, besides presentations<br />

by individual members of the<br />

FOSG.<br />

Mr Sarjit Singh Kang gave<br />

a presentation on ‘How FOSG<br />

benefits its members’, Mr Subhash<br />

Jajoo on ‘Calculation for IGU,<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 69

Event<br />

anchored the conclave and kept the<br />

event alive with their energy, passion<br />

and enthusiasm.<br />

The event saw record-breaking<br />

attendance and immersive<br />

participation by all members. The event<br />

came to a close with the summing up<br />

of the conclave by Mr Ali Kamil and<br />

a vote of thanks by FOSG Chairman<br />

Mr Gurmeet Singh. As a token of<br />

appreciation, a certificate towards<br />

furthering the objectives of FOSG<br />

was presented by the chairman to all<br />

participating member companies.<br />

On May 1, interested members<br />

took a trip to Belgaum to visit the new<br />

plant set up by Gold Plus. The visit<br />

was organized and sponsored by<br />

Gold Plus.<br />

Left to Right: Mrs Alina, Mrs Manpreet Singh Kang and Mr Ali Kamil<br />

processors to mention bite thickness<br />

in PI to customers’, Mr Sharanjit<br />

Singh on ‘Manufacturing and post<br />

manufacturing costs’ and ‘How to<br />

review, reduce and recover’, Mr Ashok<br />

Jain on ‘How to cater to increase<br />

in cost of inputs, rate of interest<br />

and energy etc’, Mr Sahil Singal on<br />

‘Method for calculating cutting waste’,<br />

Mr P Ganesh on ‘Consortiums: A way<br />

of tackling large projects’, and Mr<br />

Gurmeet Singh on ‘What help FOSG<br />

can take from CII for the association<br />

matters’.<br />

Young members Mr Ali Kamil, Mrs<br />

Alina and Mrs Manpreet Singh Kang<br />

–Vinod Tandon,<br />

Secretary, Federation of Safety Glass<br />

Mob: +91 9810176936<br />

Email: vinod.tandon@fosg.in<br />

Website: www.fosg.in<br />

<strong>70</strong> Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />

JINGLASS impressed at<br />

China Glass turnout<br />

Intelligent ‘Vulcan’ Series Proves Major Crowd-<br />

Puller<br />

Presented various products and arranged detailed<br />

explanations of product technology every day at the<br />

exhibition.<br />

JINGLASS participated in 32nd<br />

China International Glass<br />

Industrial Technical Exhibition in<br />

Shanghai in early May. The event saw<br />

the participation of tens of thousands<br />

of domestic and foreign glass industry<br />

manufacturers.<br />

During the exhibition, glass industry<br />

manufacturers from many countries<br />

visited JINGLASS intelligent Glass<br />

Tempering Furnace, known as the<br />

“Vulcan” series.<br />

Many customers also showed great<br />

interest in the iTemper intelligent<br />

control system, which indicates that<br />

more and more glass processing<br />

enterprises pay more attention to<br />

creating high-quality glass.<br />

JINGLASS adheres to the concept<br />

of technology innovation and is always<br />

eager to bring customer service within<br />

reach. In the exhibition, it not only<br />

presented different products but<br />

also arranged detailed explanations<br />

of product technology every day.<br />

JINGLASS always strives to provide<br />

customers with the best quality service.<br />

Email: young@jinglass.com<br />

Website: www.jinglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 71

Event<br />

LandGlass features<br />

‘intelligent manufacturing’<br />

at China Glass<br />

Presents Unparalleled Feast Of Industry<br />

Innovation For Peers & Clients<br />

Throughout the four-day event in Shanghai, the LandGlass<br />

booth remained bustling, with numerous intelligent<br />

interactions and splendid displays.<br />

On May 9, the 32nd China<br />

Glass concluded at Shanghai<br />

New International Expo<br />

Centre. LandGlass, with the theme<br />

“Customized & Intelligent Solutions,<br />

For Your Next Leap Forward,”<br />

presented an unparalleled feast of<br />

industry innovation for domestic and<br />

international peers and clients.<br />

On the opening day, under the<br />

guidance of Mr Zhao Yan, Chairman<br />

of LandGlass, distinguished guests<br />

such as Yan Xiaofeng, President of the<br />

China Building Materials Federation,<br />

and Jin Zhanping, Vice Chairman of<br />

the Chinese Silicate Society, visited<br />

LandGlass booth.<br />

They delved into the company’s<br />

customized, personalized glass<br />

tempering machine and smart<br />

factory solutions provided for various<br />

industries, including large-scale<br />

architectural curtain walls, new<br />

energy vehicles, and electronic glass.<br />

They also experienced the remarkable<br />

performance and diverse, scenariobased<br />

applications of LandVac<br />

vacuum-insulated glass.<br />

Throughout the four-day event, the<br />

LandGlass booth remained bustling,<br />

with numerous intelligent interactions<br />

and splendid displays. The ingeniously<br />

designed LandVac performance<br />

demonstration cabinets, and<br />

exceptional quality tempered glass<br />

exhibits for various industries not<br />

only showcased LandGlass’ innovative<br />

capabilities to global clients but also<br />

attracted numerous domestic and<br />

foreign customers for consultations,<br />

negotiations, and collaborative<br />

agreements.<br />

Consequently, LandGlass’ domestic<br />

and international sales teams signed<br />

large orders, achieving a recordbreaking<br />

sales volume for the<br />

exhibition.<br />

The successful hosting of the<br />

China Glass dispelled the gloom of<br />

the post-pandemic era, revealing not<br />

only the thriving vitality of China’s<br />

glass industry but also the diligence,<br />

intelligence, resilience, and tenacity<br />

of the Chinese people and the nation’s<br />

economy.<br />

As a leading enterprise among<br />

the SRDI (specialized, refined, and<br />

innovative) “little giants” in China,<br />

LandGlass will continue to collaborate<br />

with domestic and international peers<br />

and partners, converge innovative<br />

momentum, jointly shape industrial<br />

value, and embrace the glorious era of<br />

China’s high-quality development.<br />

Email: marketing@landglass.com<br />

Website: www.landglass.net<br />

72 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />


China Glass<br />

Features Solutions for Glass Industrial 4.0<br />

MAC provides professional automation solutions for glass<br />

deep processing to customers in more than 90 countries.<br />

MAC Glastech was in the<br />

bustling city of Shanghai in<br />

early May to celebrate the<br />

grand 32nd China International Glass<br />

Industry Technology Exhibition.<br />

Committed to promoting automation<br />

in the glass industry, MAC believes<br />

that with the fast development of glass<br />

processing technology, labour-free glass<br />

factories equipped with intelligent<br />

systems are coming up.<br />

These will take the place of the<br />

traditional heavy and dangerous glass<br />

processing and make it fully automated<br />

and digitised.<br />

Relying on a professional team in<br />

the glass deep processing industry and<br />

years of deep cultivation in overseas<br />

markets, the company has established<br />

a seamless connection between<br />

China’s high-end deep processing<br />

equipment and technology, as well as<br />

international customer needs.<br />

MAC continuously provides<br />

professional automation solutions for<br />

glass deep processing to customers in<br />

more than 90 countries.<br />

Its main products include fully<br />

automated warehousing systems,<br />

cutting systems, edge grinding systems,<br />

drilling and processing centres,<br />

integrated production technology<br />

for cutting, breaking, and grinding,<br />

cleaning machines, wiring, and<br />

automatic online equipment for<br />

loading and unloading.<br />

At the same time, MAC also<br />

provides professional solutions for<br />

customer factories, site layout design,<br />

automation control systems, and more.<br />

Except for these processing<br />

machines, MAC stresses its leading<br />

position on the full system automation<br />

and integration to MES/ERP. Its<br />

customized capacity on automatic<br />

storage, auto loading/unloading, sorting<br />

system, and MACsoft makes glass<br />

industrial 4.0 come true.<br />

MAC is always committed to<br />

supplying the most professional<br />

solutions according to different<br />

customer situations. Its global service<br />

and consultancy system will also make<br />

the communication easy and timely.<br />

MAC provides superior algorithms<br />

for different end-products processing,<br />

including architectural, appliance,<br />

solar and automotive glass processing<br />

solutions, as well as shower door<br />

processing solutions and MACsoft and<br />

MES system.<br />

The company relies on a global<br />

service network and focuses on overall<br />

solutions for pre-processing and deep<br />

processing, committed to providing<br />

more customers with effective highquality<br />

products and solutions.<br />

It provides:<br />

;;<br />

Full glass pre-processing<br />

machinery and solutions with<br />

sustainable quality<br />

;;<br />

Service centres across the globe<br />

to guarantee stable production<br />

;;<br />

Software integrated for<br />

production management,<br />

control, and monitor<br />

–Ms. Lily, Linda<br />

Email: auto@macglastech.com,<br />

global@macglastech.com<br />

Website: www.macglastech.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 73

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong><br />

74 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong>• 2<br />


E-mail: asia@hjglass.com.cn • Website: www.hjglass.com.cn<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 75

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong><br />

76 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong>• 4<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 77

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong><br />

78 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong>• 6<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 79

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong><br />

80 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Glimpses of China Glass <strong>2023</strong>• 8<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 81

Interview<br />


MD, FG Glass Industries Pvt. Ltd.<br />

“<br />

FG Glass follows strict<br />

quality control measures at<br />

every stage of the production<br />

process and conducts regular<br />

audits and checks to ensure<br />

adherence to required quality<br />

standards and regulations. It<br />

has implemented initiatives to<br />

reduce dependence on fossil<br />

fuels and conventional forms<br />

of energy.<br />

“<br />

FG Glass committed to<br />

promoting innovation,<br />

sustainability<br />

MD Suhel Kachwala Speaks To GB About His<br />

Vision, Plans & Business Practices<br />

A second-generation entrepreneur in the glass industry,<br />

the FG Glass MD credits strong support system within the<br />

family business for growth and success.<br />

In an interview with Glass Bulletin,<br />

Mr Suhel Kachwala, Managing<br />

Director of FG Glass Industries<br />

Pvt Ltd, spoke about his company’s<br />

commitment to delivering high-quality<br />

glass products and services, and the<br />

practices it follows to keep doing that<br />

while staying “ahead of the curve”.<br />

Excerpts from the interaction:<br />

– Tell us about FG Glass India and<br />

its products range<br />

FG is a reputable glass processing<br />

company that has been serving clients<br />

in various industries for the last<br />

82 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Interview• 2<br />

two decades. We are committed to<br />

delivering high-quality glass products<br />

and services, and take pride in our<br />

state-of-the-art production facilities,<br />

advanced technologies, and skilled<br />

workforce. Through continuous<br />

research and development, we stay<br />

ahead of the curve and offer our<br />

clients innovative and cutting-edge<br />

glass solutions. Our product range<br />

covers architectural, security and<br />

fire-rated solutions and each product<br />

is designed and produced to meet the<br />

highest standards of quality and safety<br />

and can be customized.<br />

– What is the vision of your<br />

company?<br />

At FG, we have a clear and ambitious<br />

vision. Our primary focus is to<br />

continue building a strong and<br />

reputable brand in the glass industry.<br />

Over the years we have invested vast<br />

resources to establish a brand image<br />

that is recognized for its quality,<br />

innovation, and customer satisfaction.<br />

As a result, FG is now ranked among<br />

the top glass processing companies in<br />

the country and globally across related<br />

industries.<br />

Our goal is to further expand<br />

our presence in new and emerging<br />

markets, while maintaining our<br />

commitment to delivering superior<br />

glass products and services to our<br />

clients. We want to be recognized as<br />

the leading glass processing company<br />

in the industry, with a reputation for<br />

excellence that is second to none.<br />

– What inspired you to join the<br />

family business and what changes<br />

have you noticed in the industry<br />

compared to the time when your<br />

parents started the company?<br />

I have always had a passion for<br />

business and technology, which led<br />

me to pursue a post-graduate degree<br />

from Boston. After gaining valuable<br />

academic and professional experience<br />

in the US, I made the decision to<br />

return to India and join my family’s<br />

business. I was inspired to take<br />

forward the legacy of our family and<br />

grow our business by leveraging my<br />

skills and expertise.<br />

Joining the family business in the<br />

glass industry presented a unique set<br />

of challenges, particularly in adapting<br />

to the different market dynamics in<br />

India.<br />

Since then, the glass industry<br />

has undergone significant changes,<br />

particularly in terms of technological<br />

advancements and growing demand<br />

for innovative and sustainable<br />

solutions.<br />

– What challenges have you<br />

faced as a second-generation<br />

entrepreneur in the glass industry<br />

and how have you adapted to the<br />

evolving market?<br />

As a second-generation entrepreneur<br />

in the glass industry, I have faced<br />

various challenges, but my confidence<br />

in our family legacy has been a<br />

driving force to overcome them. At<br />

FG Glass, we have a strong support<br />

system within the family business,<br />

which has been instrumental in our<br />

growth and success. We recognize<br />

that our company’s growth has been<br />

a collective effort, and we have been<br />

able to build a loyal customer base<br />

because of our combined efforts.<br />

In terms of adapting to the evolving<br />

market demands and technological<br />

advancements in the industry, we<br />

have remained agile and innovative.<br />

I have played a role in overseeing<br />

the finance of the company, as<br />

well as spearheading new product<br />

development ideas. In 2009, we took<br />

a significant step towards expanding<br />

our business by setting up a base<br />

outside India. Today, we export to over<br />

35 countries, including neighbouring<br />

and developing countries, and have an<br />

export house status.<br />

Our approach to developing<br />

new ideas and products involves<br />

brainstorming, market research, and<br />

a deep understanding of customer<br />

needs.<br />

– What are some of the prestigious<br />

projects you have done at FG?<br />

FG has undertaken several<br />

prestigious projects, covering airports,<br />

commercial and residential towers,<br />

hotels, hospitals, museums and<br />

government buildings. These ventures<br />

showcase FG’s architectural expertise,<br />

innovation, and commitment<br />

to excellence in creating iconic<br />

structures. From historical landmarks<br />

to cutting-edge designs, FG continues<br />

to leave a remarkable impact in the<br />

field of architecture and construction.<br />

– What initiatives have you<br />

taken to promote innovation and<br />

sustainability?<br />

As a responsible corporate citizen,<br />

FG Glass is committed to promoting<br />

innovation and sustainability in our<br />

business operations. We believe that<br />

we have a social responsibility to<br />

contribute towards environmental<br />

protection and sustainable<br />

development. To this end, we have<br />

implemented various initiatives and<br />

programs to promote green practices,<br />

reduce carbon footprint, and improve<br />

energy efficiency in our production<br />

processes.<br />

We are proud to have contributed<br />

to the industry and the environment<br />

by being a part of several projects<br />

and partnerships that promote<br />

sustainability. We regularly exhibit and<br />

promote our initiatives at conferences<br />

and industry events, and educate our<br />

clients and partners on the benefits of<br />

green practices.<br />

At FG we believe that sustainability<br />

is not just a buzzword, but a way of<br />

life. We are constantly exploring new<br />

ideas and technologies to reduce our<br />

environmental impact and promote<br />

sustainable practices.<br />

– How do you ensure compliance<br />

with quality standards and<br />

regulations in the glass industry<br />

in India, and what steps do you<br />

take to maintain consistency in<br />

your products?<br />

FG is proud to be one of the highest<br />

certified glass companies among<br />

processors in India and abroad. We<br />

have received certifications from<br />

IGCC and SGCC, which are American<br />

standards, and ASNZ certification<br />

for Australia and New Zealand.<br />

Additionally, our UAE company is CE<br />

certified. We have also contributed<br />

to the formulation of good practices<br />

for glass usage in sustainable<br />

environments as a part of the National<br />

Building Court.<br />

We have always been a forwardthinking<br />

company with an unwavering<br />

commitment to producing high-quality<br />

products. We never compromise on<br />

the raw materials or processes that<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 83

Interview<br />

go into determining a good quality<br />

product. To maintain consistency in<br />

our products, we follow strict quality<br />

control measures at every stage of<br />

the production process. We conduct<br />

regular audits and checks to ensure<br />

that our products meet the required<br />

quality standards and regulations. Our<br />

team is also trained to adhere to the<br />

latest industry standards and trends<br />

to continuously improve our product<br />

offerings.<br />

– Can you discuss some of the<br />

most significant accomplishments<br />

and milestones that your<br />

business has achieved under your<br />

leadership?<br />

One of the key areas I focus on is<br />

building strong relationships with<br />

our customers and partners through<br />

effective public relations. This has<br />

been a major factor in the success<br />

of our business at FG Glass, and has<br />

helped me to generate sales and new<br />

business opportunities throughout my<br />

career. In fact, in the early years of my<br />

leadership, I played a pivotal role in<br />

securing the majority of sales for the<br />

company.<br />

– What is your vision for the<br />

future of the glass industry, and<br />

how do you plan to contribute to<br />

its growth and development?<br />

As a company, we are committed to<br />

staying up-to-date with the latest<br />

developments and certifications in the<br />

glass industry. We actively participate<br />

in conferences, particularly those<br />

related to façade and glass, both in<br />

India and overseas. Through these<br />

events, we are able to showcase<br />

our products and expand our reach<br />

globally.<br />

– What plans do you have for<br />

expanding your business and<br />

reaching new markets in the<br />

future?<br />

To expand our business and reach<br />

new markets in the future, we are<br />

constantly innovating and introducing<br />

new products that address the<br />

evolving needs of the industry.<br />

For example, we have recently<br />

introduced dynamic glasses and birdfriendly<br />

glasses that reduce energy<br />

consumption and mitigate bird<br />

impacts, respectively.<br />

We are exploring new markets and<br />

geographies to expand our reach.<br />

We are investing in marketing and<br />

advertising to increase awareness<br />

of our brand and products among<br />

potential customers in new markets.<br />

We are also looking at strategic<br />

partnerships and collaborations to<br />

enter new markets and reach new<br />

customers.<br />

– How do you balance the<br />

demands of running a business<br />

with maintaining a healthy worklife<br />

balance and what advice<br />

would you give to other secondgeneration<br />

entrepreneurs?<br />

To balance the demands of running<br />

a business with maintaining a<br />

healthy work-life balance, we<br />

prioritize sustainability and creating<br />

innovative products that drive the<br />

movement towards more sustainable<br />

architecture. Our factory has<br />

implemented various initiatives<br />

to reduce dependence on fossil<br />

fuels and conventional forms of<br />

energy, including a comprehensive<br />

water filtration system and zero air<br />

emissions. We also prioritize the<br />

safety and health of our employees,<br />

providing extensive training to ensure<br />

the safe handling of glass.<br />

As for advice to other secondgeneration<br />

entrepreneurs looking<br />

to take over their family business,<br />

I would say that it is important to<br />

prioritize both business success<br />

and personal well-being. Creating<br />

sustainable practices and investing in<br />

innovative products can help ensure<br />

long-term success while also making<br />

a positive impact on the environment.<br />

Taking time for self-care can help<br />

prevent burnout and maintain a<br />

healthy work-life balance.<br />

Website: www.fgglass.com<br />

84 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Product Hunt<br />

Elle glass shower sliding<br />

system from Häfele<br />

All Components Concealed, Only Clean Stainless<br />

Steel Outline Visible From Outside<br />

Like a shot of espresso, a good shower activates your body<br />

and kick-starts your mind.<br />

An early morning wake-up call, a<br />

post work-out cleanse or a long<br />

thought generating cascade – a<br />

shower can mean different things at<br />

different moments of the day based<br />

on what you desire. A need for such<br />

versatility is fulfilled by Häfele’s<br />

shower solutions range which helps<br />

unlock the maximum potential of your<br />

bathroom space.<br />

Promising the highest level of<br />

tranquillity and rejuvenation, Häfele<br />

presents to you Elle Shower Sliding<br />

Solution. The word ‘Elle’, equivalent<br />

to beautiful in the Greek language is<br />

befitting for this new shower sliding<br />

system that delivers on aesthetical<br />

design, combining beauty and<br />

elegance. All the components of the<br />

system are concealed behind the<br />

track, and hence all you can see is the<br />

clean Stainless-Steel outline of the<br />

track, from the outside.<br />

The Stainless Steel 304 material<br />

used in the construction of the<br />

different components of this system<br />

provide sturdiness; while the<br />

rollers made of Delrin featuring<br />

high tensile strength, impact and<br />

abrasion resistance grant your shower<br />

enclosure efficiency and durability.<br />

The impressive weight carrying<br />

capacity of 80 kg and a track length<br />

of 2500 mm proves sufficient to<br />

accommodate a sizeable shower<br />

area. To ease the installation process<br />

tremendously, the top track comes<br />

with a provision to install the fixed<br />

glass panel directly onto it thus<br />

negating the need for any separate<br />

pre-installation preparation.<br />

The timeless Stainless Steel<br />

Polish finish of the system beautifully<br />

complements a wide range of shower<br />

accessories and fittings from Häfele’s<br />

Bath Fittings Range, providing you<br />

the freedom to customise and create<br />

harmonious visuals and designs in<br />

your bathrooms.<br />

About the company<br />

Häfele India is a wholly owned<br />

subsidiary of the Häfele Global<br />

network and has been operating<br />

in India since 2003. The ability of<br />

the company to understand the<br />

diverse Indian market has made it an<br />

authority in the field of architectural<br />

hardware, furniture and kitchen<br />

fittings and accessories.<br />

Email: customercare@hafeleindia.com<br />

Website: www.hafeleindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 87

Event<br />

Red Carpet & Glass<br />

Bulletin host gala dinner<br />

for Indian glass industry<br />

in China<br />

Evening of Networking, Innovation Sets Stage for<br />

Indian Industrialists at China Glass <strong>2023</strong><br />

Red Carpet Tours Private Limited, in collaboration with<br />

Glass Bulletin, continued its commitment to the growth<br />

of the Indian glass industry by leading a delegation of 90<br />

esteemed Indian industrialists to the prestigious China<br />

Glass <strong>2023</strong> event.<br />

In association with Glass Bulletin,<br />

Red Carpet Tours Private Limited<br />

orchestrated a spectacular gala<br />

dinner on May 6 at GOLDEN RIVER<br />

VIEW HOTEL in Shanghai, marking<br />

a significant milestone for the Indian<br />

delegation attending China Glass <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The dinner witnessed the<br />

convergence of around 150 guests,<br />

including the Indian industrialists<br />

and representatives from Chinese<br />

companies, who showcased their latest<br />

88 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Gala Dinner• 2<br />

products and technologies.<br />

Red Carpet Tours has been<br />

instrumental in fostering industry<br />

growth by organizing regular visits<br />

of Indian glass industry members<br />

to China Glass. These visits have a<br />

profound impact on the industry,<br />

providing a platform for networking<br />

and the exchange of business ideas and<br />

practices.<br />

With its well-managed itinerary<br />

and impeccable service, Red Carpet<br />

Tours ensures a seamless experience<br />

for over 100 visitors during each tour.<br />

The company’s attention to detail even<br />

extends to serving Indian cuisine to<br />

cater to the delegates’ preferences.<br />

During the gala dinner, esteemed<br />

guests were addressed by Ms Ashley<br />

Quan from Beijing Hanjiang Automatic<br />

Glass Machine Equipment Co. Ltd and<br />

Ms Claire Ho from Guang Dong Lifeng<br />

Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.<br />

The evening was sponsored by<br />

Beijing Hanjiang Automatic Glass<br />

Machine Equipment Co. Ltd and<br />

Guang Dong Lifeng Intelligent<br />

Technology Co. Ltd, further<br />

emphasizing the collaborative spirit of<br />

the event.<br />

Red Carpet Tours Private Limited<br />

is a leading travel and tourism<br />

management company based in India,<br />

with registered offices in New Delhi<br />

and Mumbai. Known for its exceptional<br />

services, Red Carpet caters to various<br />

domains including trade fairs,<br />

corporate incentive tours, leisure tours<br />

(both domestic and international), as<br />

well as conferences, product launches,<br />

and regional meetings.<br />

The gala dinner organized by Red<br />

Carpet Tours, in association with<br />

Glass Bulletin, provided an enriching<br />

experience for all participants,<br />

fostering meaningful connections<br />

and paving the way for future<br />

collaborations between the Indian and<br />

Chinese glass industries.<br />

Website: www.rctrips.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 89

Company News<br />


Alstone partners with<br />

Royal Challengers<br />

Bangalore<br />

The Partnership Involves Marketing Activations &<br />

Advertising Campaigns<br />

Alstone, the country’s premier metal composite panel<br />

brand, announces collaboration with Royal Challengers<br />

Bangalore as official partner for IPL.<br />

Alstone has been a market leader<br />

in the facade industry since<br />

the last two decades, providing<br />

innovative, sustainable, and nextgeneration<br />

cladding solutions.<br />

The company’s product range<br />

includes Zinc Composite Panels<br />

(ZCP), Aluminium Honeycomb Panel<br />

(Alcomb), Alstone Antiq, Alstone<br />

Stonera, Alstone Louvers, High-<br />

Pressure Laminate (HPL), and Fire<br />

Rated Composite Panels (FRCP).<br />

With a focus on quality and innovative<br />

design, Alstone has become a trusted<br />

brand among architects, facade<br />

consultants, and builders.<br />

Announcing the collaboration<br />

with Indian Premier League (IPL)<br />

franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore<br />

(RCB), Mr Sumit Gupta, Managing<br />

Director of Alstone Manufacturing<br />

Pvt Limited, said, “We are delighted<br />

to partner with RCB, one of the most<br />

dynamic and exciting teams in the<br />

T20 league. This partnership is a<br />

perfect fit for us as we both share<br />

a commitment of serving the best,<br />

always top on our game and always<br />

coming up with innovation. We<br />

are confident that this partnership<br />

will help us strengthen our brand<br />

presence and reach out to a wider<br />

audience.”<br />

The partnership between Alstone<br />

and RCB will involve several<br />

marketing activations and advertising<br />

campaigns that will be carried out<br />

across all touch points, including<br />

outdoor, digital, social media, radio,<br />

and print media.<br />

Speaking on the association, Rajesh<br />

Menon, Head & Vice-President of<br />

Royal Challengers Bangalore, said,<br />

“We are pleased to welcome Alstone<br />

to the RCB family. We always look<br />

for partners who share our values<br />

and vision, and Alstone is a perfect<br />

fit in that regard. We believe this<br />

partnership will provide Alstone a<br />

unique platform to showcase its brand<br />

and products to millions of cricket<br />

fans across the globe.”<br />

About Alstone<br />

Alstone is a leading manufacturer of<br />

cladding solutions since the last two<br />

decades. It has two state-of-the-art<br />

manufacturing in Dehradun, India,<br />

and Dubai, U.A.E.<br />

About Royal Challengers Bangalore<br />

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)<br />

is owned by Royal Challengers Sports<br />

Private Limited, a subsidiary of Diageo<br />

India. It is a franchise cricket team<br />

based in Bangalore that plays in the<br />

IPL.<br />

– Lalit Midha<br />

Email: lalit.midha@alstoneindia.com<br />

Website: www.alstoneindia.com<br />

90 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Company News<br />

Sisecam Chairman<br />

Ahmet Kirman elected<br />

‘Glass Person of <strong>2023</strong>’<br />

Award Recognises Long-Term, Significant,<br />

Valuable Contributions To Glass Industry<br />

Cavaliere Professor Dr. Ahmet Kirman, Sisecam Chairman<br />

and Executive Member of the Board, awarded ‘The Glass<br />

Person of the Year <strong>2023</strong>’ by the Phoenix Award Committee<br />

for his contributions to the glass industry.<br />

Professor Dr. Ahmet Kirman,<br />

Sisecam Chairman and Executive Member of the Board<br />

Sisecam’s Chairman and Executive<br />

Member of the Board Cavaliere<br />

Professor Dr. Ahmet Kirman<br />

has been honoured for his long-term<br />

valuable contributions to the glass<br />

industry.<br />

The Phoenix Award Committee<br />

has bestowed on Dr Kirman ‘The<br />

Glass Person of the Year <strong>2023</strong>’ award.<br />

Outstanding personalities in the glass<br />

industry have been awarded with the<br />

Phoenix since 1971.<br />

Accepting the award, Dr Kirman<br />

said, “Glass is a miraculous material<br />

that has no substitute. With a history<br />

of 5,000 years, glass has always<br />

been the most valuable material for<br />

civilizations. From this perspective,<br />

serving the glass industry is a great way<br />

of serving humanity.”<br />

“It is the most sustainable solution<br />

for mitigating risks, and it promises a<br />

brighter future. I am very honoured to<br />

be awarded one of the most prestigious<br />

awards of the glass industry,” he added.<br />

Phoenix Award Committee<br />

chairman Lincoln Brown explained<br />

that “it is the purpose of the Phoenix<br />

Award Committee to select, each year,<br />

a person now living, who has been<br />

active in and has made significant<br />

and major contributions to the glass<br />

industry”.<br />

This may be in the field of science,<br />

production or education relating<br />

to glass, and shall include glass<br />

containers, fiber glass, scientific glass,<br />

flat glass, tableware, art glass and<br />

electronic glass, he said further.<br />

Brown added that Dr Kirman<br />

had been elected for his relentless<br />

engagement not only for Sisecam but<br />

furthermore for the International<br />

Committee of Glass (ICG) together<br />

with Professor Alicia Duran,<br />

another strong contributor for the<br />

“International Year of Glass 2022” by<br />

the United Nations.<br />

Early <strong>April</strong>, the chairman of the<br />

Phoenix Award Committee visited the<br />

Sisecam headquarters to announce<br />

that Dr Ahmet Kirman had been<br />

unanimously elected by the committee<br />

to be the award.<br />

Dr Kirman thanked committee<br />

chairman Brown and Dr Diane<br />

Nicklas, who takes care of the<br />

organization of this honourable<br />

ceremony. The award-giving<br />

ceremony will take place in Italy on<br />

29th September <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Dr Ahmet Kirman, who has<br />

been serving the glass industry<br />

since 2006, has been recognised for<br />

his contributions many times. In<br />

recognition of his outstanding lifetime<br />

contributions to the glass science<br />

and technology, encouraging the<br />

exchange of knowledge and promotion<br />

of domestic and international glass<br />

community, he was honoured with<br />

the “President’s Award” by the<br />

International Commission on Glass<br />

(ICG) in 2019.<br />

ICG is the most reputable and<br />

recognized worldwide organization in<br />

the field of glass with representatives<br />

from thirty-three countries.<br />

Dr Kirman has been awarded the<br />

honour of “Cavaliere” of “the Order<br />

of the Star of Italy,” nominated by<br />

the Minister of Foreign Affairs and<br />

bestowed by the President of the<br />

Italian Republic, for his contributions<br />

to the strengthening of economic<br />

bilateral relations and mutual<br />

investments between Italy and Turkey.<br />

He has also been honoured by the<br />

President of Tatarstan with the “Medal<br />

of Valorous Labor” in recognition<br />

of his valuable contributions to the<br />

development of investments and<br />

economic cooperation with Tatarstan.<br />

Dr Kirman has been honoured with<br />

the “Medal of Appreciation” for<br />

his contributions to the economic<br />

development of the Targovishte region<br />

in Bulgaria.<br />

He was also awarded the “Chairman<br />

of the Year” at the Le Fonti Awards, the<br />

award platform of one of the leading<br />

economics media organizations in Italy.<br />

About the company<br />

Founded in 1935, Sisecam is a major<br />

global player in the fields of glass<br />

and chemicals. It is the only global<br />

company operating in all core areas of<br />

glass production – including flat glass,<br />

glassware, glass packaging and glass<br />

fiber.<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com.tr<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 91

Technical Article<br />

© Edgetech<br />

Innovative glazing<br />

solutions for museums,<br />

art galleries<br />

Super Spacer makes ‘glazing art’ possible<br />

Super Spacer ® can lay claim to some very spectacular<br />

world premieres in facade technology in its list of<br />

references<br />

92 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Edgetech• 2<br />

Ranging from the “most complex<br />

building in the world”, the<br />

Museum of the Future in<br />

Dubai, to the spiral glass pavilion of<br />

the Audemars Piguet Museum in<br />

Le Brassus – Super Spacer ® can lay<br />

claim to some very spectacular world<br />

premieres in facade technology in its<br />

list of references.<br />

The main reasons for this are the<br />

flexibility of the material during the<br />

production of free-form insulating<br />

glass and the high mechanical loadbearing<br />

capacity of structural glazing.<br />

“Architecture is the canvas for the<br />

stories of our lives,” Bjarke Ingels<br />

once said. He is not only one of the<br />

most famous contemporary architects,<br />

but also a very gifted storyteller. And<br />

he felt the real task of his profession<br />

involves turning dreams into reality.<br />

Whether it’s with the aid of Lego<br />

bricks or the digital version of<br />

‘Minecraft’, people wish to transform<br />

their fantasies into reality. In the real<br />

world, architecture is often, by its very<br />

nature, subject to limitations.<br />

This is why museums, concert halls<br />

and art galleries are so coveted in<br />

the architectural scene, since clients<br />

rarely impose limits on their designs.<br />

“Spectacular cultural buildings are<br />

tourist attractions and can become<br />

modern landmarks,” says Joachim<br />

Stoss, Vice President International<br />

Sales at Edgetech Europe/Quanex.<br />

Via the curved insulating glass of<br />

the Berlin-based company Döring<br />

Glas, which has been operating as<br />

‘vandaglas’ since 2021, the flexible<br />

Super Spacer ® is displayed in various<br />

museums; among other things, in<br />

sensational projects designed by the<br />

BIG Bjarke Ingels Group office such<br />

as the world’s first refugee museum<br />

FLUGT in Denmark and the art<br />

museum “The Twist” not far from<br />

Oslo.<br />

The supreme discipline of glass<br />

bending: Three-dimensionally freeformed<br />

insulating glass<br />

A short distance from Oslo,<br />

masterpieces by Yayoi Kusama,<br />

Fernando Botero or Olafur Eliasson<br />

await you on the grounds of the<br />

Kistefos Art Museum in the middle<br />

of the Norwegian forest landscape.<br />

“The Twist” closes the circular path<br />

through the sculpture park above<br />

the Randselva River. The spectacular<br />

90-degree rotation transforms the<br />

gallery itself into a sculpture.<br />

Döring supplied 10 quadrupleglazed<br />

insulating glass elements with<br />

a glass package that is 55.04 mm thick<br />

for the structural glazing facade. The<br />

free-form units are manufactured<br />

using SGG Climaplus Contour with<br />

Super Spacer ® TriSeal. A PVB film<br />

blocks the UV radiation to shield<br />

the artwork from sunlight. The IG<br />

elements cover a total area of 98<br />

square metres, the largest element<br />

covers an area of 5.2 × 2.5 metres<br />

© Tobias L Torjusen<br />

and weighs an incredible 1.2 tonnes.<br />

One of the largest floating art<br />

installations in the world, the “Salmon<br />

Eye”, which opened in Hardangerford<br />

in September 2022, is also located in<br />

Norway. Initiated by Eide Fjordbruk,<br />

the world’s first salmon producer<br />

to be certified for its CO 2<br />

-neutral<br />

production, exhibitions and events<br />

covering an area of 1,000 square<br />

metres and extending across four<br />

floors are designed to inspire and<br />

inform us about the topic of the<br />

“improved supply of our planet with<br />

sustainable seafood”.<br />

The double-curved, ellipsoidal<br />

shape is modelled on a salmon’s eye,<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 93

Technical Article<br />

the outer skin made of 9,250 stainless<br />

steel plates imitates the shimmering<br />

silvery fish skin. Despite its weight<br />

of 1,256 tonnes, the floating pavilion<br />

designed by Kvorning Design has<br />

an elegant and light appearance.<br />

vandaglas supplied seven curved<br />

double-glazed insulating glass<br />

elements for the exterior panes.<br />

These result in a total arch length of<br />

around 16.6 metres. The laminated<br />

safety glass “CurvePerformProtect”<br />

with Super Spacer ® TriSeal Flex, a<br />

spacer specially developed for curved<br />

glass, was used. As with the Kistefos<br />

facade, the panes are shaped threedimensionally.<br />

The number of glass benders<br />

actually capable of producing such<br />

insulating glazing in Europe is small.<br />

Carsten Kunert, Döring vandaglas’<br />

Site Production Manager, describes<br />

the challenges: “The difficulty with<br />

parametric 3D freeforms is to break<br />

down the 3D file from the BIM<br />

modelling to the neutral chamfer of<br />

the glass. Before actually bending it,<br />

the dimensions of the individual glass<br />

blanks must be determined for each<br />

individual bending plane, while taking<br />

into account the glass structure.<br />

Moreover, we require individual steel<br />

bending moulds for these multi-axis<br />

bends for each glass, which support<br />

the glass packages that weigh several<br />

tonnes at temperatures of up to 650 °C<br />

throughout the entire process. It was<br />

only through the use of state-of-theart<br />

3D drawing programs, direct data<br />

transfer to precision machines for<br />

mould making in addition to digital<br />

3D measuring instruments that such<br />

complex shapes became possible in<br />

the glass construction sector. But<br />

despite highly intelligent simulation<br />

tools, the physical behaviour of the<br />

glass cannot always be precisely<br />

calculated. Spherical freeforms<br />

often require the use of trial-anderror<br />

bending tests as well as a large<br />

amount of experience.”<br />

Facade technology at the outer<br />

edges of what is possible<br />

The Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet<br />

in Brassus, a small town more than<br />

1,000 metres above sea level in the<br />

Swiss Jura Mountains, aims to tell<br />

“the story of talented watchmakers<br />

who, for generations, have continually<br />

pushed the boundaries of their craft”.<br />

A glass double helix, that nestles<br />

in the landscape like a giant watch<br />

spring and is connected to the historic<br />

building where Audemars Piguet was<br />

founded in 1875, forms the heart of<br />

the new museum. Viewed from the<br />

outside, the curved all-glass facade,<br />

the 4<strong>70</strong>-tonne greened steel roof, and<br />

the striking sunshade louvre fashioned<br />

from untreated brass determine its<br />

appearance.<br />

The pavilion takes the concept of<br />

structural glazing to the technological<br />

extreme in an unprecedented<br />

manner. In the absence of additional<br />

supports or stiffeners, the 101 curved,<br />

trapezoidal elements of the glass<br />

facade bear the loads. To achieve<br />

this, the insulating glass units are<br />

bonded at the top and bottom in<br />

specially manufactured steel shoes<br />

using a high-modulus silicone sealant.<br />

Injection mortar prevents the glass<br />

edge and steel from touching.<br />

The realisation of this vision<br />

was preceded by an intensive,<br />

technologically challenging<br />

collaboration between the BIG design<br />

team, the structural engineers from<br />

Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure,<br />

the facade specialists FRENER +<br />

REIFER and the glass manufacturer<br />

SFL Glastechnik as the main<br />

protagonists, as well as countless<br />

load tests – involving loads of up to a<br />

maximum of 80 tonnes - and ageing<br />

tests.<br />

In view of the harsh microclimate<br />

in the Vallée de Joux, snow loads of<br />

more than 5 kN/m 2 and minimum<br />

temperatures of well below minus 20 °C<br />

had to be taken into account in the<br />

construction. In addition, the facade<br />

had to meet the Swiss Minergie<br />

standard for energy efficiency. The<br />

triple glazed insulating glass was<br />

produced to achieve a Ug value of<br />

94 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong><br />

© Giovanni Galanello

Edgetech• 4<br />

0.5 W/(m²K).<br />

The sizes of the insulating glass<br />

units range from 2.4 m x 1.5 m to<br />

2.4 m x 5.5 m. Although only four<br />

different bending radii were required,<br />

each unit is unique due to the<br />

fact that the top and bottom edges<br />

followed the natural course of the<br />

terrain.<br />

The thickness of the laminated<br />

glass structure of the interior walls<br />

increases from the outside to the<br />

centre of the spiral up to 66 mm,<br />

consisting of up to 5 x 12 mm layers<br />

plus SGP film. The glass packages of<br />

the exterior facade are each 96.5 mm<br />

thick. The inner, load-bearing pane<br />

consists of triple laminated 12 mm<br />

solar control glass SunGuard ® SNX<br />

60/28 float glass with a SGP film, the<br />

middle 8 mm pane is unlaminated<br />

and the outer pane is 2 x 8 mm<br />

laminated glass. SFL Glastechnik<br />

chose the Super Spacer ® TriSeal<br />

Flex TM in black as the spacer.<br />

“While it’s true that thick glass<br />

packages only slowly heat up in the<br />

summer, it is intensive nevertheless.<br />

The partial shading of the glass by<br />

trees and other obstacles can lead to<br />

high temperature differences in the<br />

glass and thus to different degrees<br />

of expansion,” explains Christoph<br />

Rubel, European Technical Manager<br />

at Edgetech, and continues: “Due the<br />

fact the thick glass structure is very<br />

stiff, the edge sealant must absorb<br />

any change in pressure in the space<br />

between the panes using spacers and<br />

silicone sealant.”<br />

What’s more, curved glass is in<br />

itself stiffer than flat glass and thus<br />

even higher climatic loads act on the<br />

edge seal in the space between the<br />

panes. Joachim Stoss explains the key<br />

advantage of the main material of a<br />

Super Spacer ® : “The structural foam<br />

made of silicone is flexible, offers 100<br />

percent resilience and can absorb<br />

even the highest mechanical loads.<br />

This ensures the tightness of the edge<br />

seal, which is of course a necessary<br />

property of every IGU. But due to<br />

the enormous value of the glasses<br />

made for this project it was especially<br />

important to prevent moisture from<br />

penetrating into the space between<br />

the glass panes and impairing their<br />

transparency.”<br />

Whether in the Swiss mountains,<br />

in Norway’s arctic climate, or in a<br />

hot desert climate, the edge seal<br />

of structural insulating glass units<br />

must withstand all mechanical forces<br />

caused by temperature changes, wind<br />

and gravity without exception.<br />

The fact that Super Spacer ®<br />

TriSeal withstand even the greatest<br />

loads without any problems has been<br />

proven in a hurricane simulator at<br />

a wind speed of 350 kilometres per<br />

hour subject to positive pressure and<br />

at a wind speed of 395 kilometres per<br />

hour under suction. Christoph Rubel<br />

explains: “Rigid spacers form a sharp<br />

edge in the edge seal when a certain<br />

pressure load has been exceeded, at<br />

which the glass can break. A flexible<br />

spacer also makes the edge seal<br />

flexible and dramatically reduces the<br />

risk of breakage here.”<br />

About Edgetech Europe GmbH,<br />

A Part of Something Bigger<br />

Edgetech Europe GmbH, located<br />

in Heinsberg, Germany, is a fully<br />

owned subsidiary of Quanex Building<br />

Products Corporation, (NYSE: NX) a<br />

global, publicly traded manufacturing<br />

company primarily serving OEMs<br />

in the fenestration, cabinetry, solar,<br />

refrigeration and outdoor products<br />

markets.<br />

Charlotte Hawkes<br />

Email: info@edgetech-europe.com<br />

Website: www.quanex.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 95

Technical Article<br />

Glaston committed to set<br />

science-based emission<br />

reduction targets<br />

To Cover Greenhouse Emission Reduction From<br />

Own Operations & Whole Supply Chain<br />

Glaston has delivered a letter of commitment to the<br />

international Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative and<br />

has started working on near-term company-wide emission<br />

reduction targets in line with the SBTi’s criteria.<br />

The new targets will be submitted<br />

to the SBT climate organization<br />

for validation and they cover the<br />

reduction of greenhouse gas emissions<br />

from both Glaston’s own operations<br />

and the whole supply chain.<br />

One of the focus areas in Glaston’s<br />

strategy is sustainable business.<br />

Last year, the company took a major<br />

step forward in reducing its carbon<br />

footprint by achieving its first emissions<br />

reduction target:<br />

Reducing the CO2 emissions from<br />

Glaston’s own operations by 50% in<br />

relation to net sales compared to the<br />

2020 level.<br />

The company is currently working<br />

on setting the next emissions target<br />

covering the emissions from the<br />

entire value chain. In line with the<br />

SBT initiative, it will be determined<br />

in such a way that it supports the goal<br />

of the Paris Agreement to limit global<br />

warming to 1.5 °C.<br />

By signing the letter of commitment,<br />

Glaston has joined the growing number<br />

of companies that commit to setting<br />

science-based emissions reduction<br />

targets.<br />

Focus on reducing the electricity<br />

consumption of products<br />

Glaston sees the promotion of<br />

sustainable development as an<br />

opportunity, and as a frontrunner in<br />

its industry, the company wants to be<br />

involved in developing energy-efficient<br />

and carbon-neutral societies of the<br />

future.<br />

Glass processed with Glaston’s<br />

machinery are used in the<br />

architectural glass, automotive glass,<br />

solar energy, and display industries.<br />

Most of the glass produced using the<br />

company’s technology is supplied to<br />

the construction industry.<br />

“Glass plays a key role in achieving<br />

the energy efficiency targets for<br />

buildings in both new and renovation<br />

construction, and the technologies<br />

we have developed enable the<br />

production of more energy-efficient<br />

glass structures. In addition, tempered<br />

or heat-strengthened glass is a key<br />

component of solar panels, and thereby<br />

we are enabling the growth of solar<br />

energy and emission-free electricity<br />

production,” Glaston’s CEO Anders<br />

Dahlblom said.<br />

“As glass production processes<br />

consume electricity, commitment to<br />

the SBT initiative challenges us to<br />

develop even more energy-efficient<br />

equipment for our customers.<br />

Emissions in our value chain<br />

are increased particularly by the<br />

growth in the sales volume of the<br />

continuous mode solar glass processing<br />

equipment,” he said.<br />

“On the other hand, it is precisely<br />

the end products of these processes,<br />

solar panels that significantly<br />

contribute to the green transition. We<br />

also want to encourage our customers<br />

and suppliers to set themselves<br />

emissions reduction targets since<br />

working together is the only way<br />

we can achieve decisive results,”<br />

Dahlblom added.<br />

The Science Based Targets initiative<br />

SBTi is a collaboration between the<br />

World Resources Institute (WRI), the<br />

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF),<br />

the United Nations Global Compact,<br />

and the Carbon Disclosure Project<br />

(CDP). Companies committed to the<br />

initiative set science-based emissions<br />

reduction targets for their operations in<br />

accordance with the Paris Agreement,<br />

which support measures to limit global<br />

warming to 1.5 °C.<br />

About Glaston<br />

Glaston is the glass processing<br />

industry’s innovative technology<br />

leader supplying equipment, services<br />

and solutions to the architectural,<br />

automotive, solar energy, and display<br />

industries.<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

96 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Technical Article<br />

LandGlass double curvature<br />

glass tempering solution<br />

Draws Upon Its Vast Experience In Large,<br />

Complex Curved Glass Tempering<br />

LandGlass tackled the greatest difficulty in fabricating<br />

large tempered double-curved, laminated insulating glass<br />

units in Hong Kong’s future architectural landmark.<br />

As a globally renowned<br />

architectural firm, Zaha<br />

Hadid Architects consistently<br />

create unforgettable, audacious<br />

designs, which embody Zaha Hadid’s<br />

revolutionary explorations of urban<br />

life and architectural aesthetics.<br />

2 Murray Road, Hong Kong’s future<br />

architectural landmark, is designed<br />

by Hadid’s close friend and partner,<br />

Patrik Schumacher. The building’s<br />

elegant, intricate curved façade is one<br />

of its distinguishing features, yet the<br />

production of these large curved glass<br />

façade poses significant challenges for<br />

contractors and suppliers. LandGlass<br />

tackled the greatest difficulty in<br />

fabricating these tempered doublecurved,<br />

laminated insulating glass<br />

units.<br />

These complex, double-curved<br />

glass units consist of four glass panels,<br />

arranged in the following sequence<br />

from the inside out: two ultra-white<br />

SGP laminated panes, air space, and<br />

two double-silver Low-E ultra-white<br />

SGP laminated glass panels.<br />

This posed several questions: How<br />

to accurately obtain the unfolding<br />

dimensions of each curved glass<br />

panel? How to quickly and uniformly<br />

heat the double-silver Low-E glass?<br />

How to choose the best process<br />

to ensure the precise shaping and<br />

tempering of the glass, while ensuring<br />

the consistency of the complex curved<br />

shape? These became the three major<br />

challenges that had to be addressed.<br />

1. Accurately obtaining the<br />

unfolding dimensions of each curved<br />

glass panel<br />

The entire building features over<br />

10,000 large curved glass panels,<br />

each with slight variations in size<br />

and shape depending on its location.<br />

In total, there are hundreds of<br />

different sizes and curvatures. So,<br />

how can one accurately determine<br />

the unfolding dimensions of each<br />

glass panel? Drawing upon years<br />

of experience in large and complex<br />

curved glass tempering, LandGlass<br />

has developed tailored software and<br />

proprietary design plugins to analyse<br />

model dimensions and radii. Through<br />

this process, LandGlass can obtain<br />

unfolding diagrams and dimensions<br />

for glass processing that closely<br />

approximate the actual shape. This is<br />

the crucial first step.<br />

2. Achieving efficient and uniform<br />

heating of double-silver Low-E ultraclear<br />

glass<br />

The double-silver Low-E glass<br />

features a low emissivity rate of<br />

less than 0.05 and a surface area<br />

exceeding 10 square metres, which<br />

poses a significant challenge in<br />

achieving uniform heating, efficiency,<br />

and integrity of the Low-E film after<br />

heating. To overcome this obstacle,<br />

LandGlass employed its forced<br />

convection heating technology, which<br />

has been awarded the National Patent<br />

Gold Award. Supplemented by nonlinear<br />

temperature control and other<br />

patented innovations, the technology<br />

ensures precise, uniform heating of<br />

the glass, laying the foundation for<br />

subsequent bending, shaping, and<br />

tempering processes.<br />

3. Forming the complex doublecurved<br />

surfaces<br />

Tens of thousands of large curved<br />

glass panes, with hundreds of<br />

different dimensions and curvatures,<br />

would require a substantial<br />

expenditure of mould costs, mould<br />

consumables, and labour and material<br />

expenses during the commissioning<br />

process if each piece were to be<br />

formed using conventional moulds.<br />

Given these considerations, the<br />

research and development team opted<br />

for a highly flexible, precise, and easily<br />

controlled soft shaft bending process.<br />

During the shaping process,<br />

inputting the unfolding diagram of<br />

the double-curved glass into the<br />

computer yields the position data for<br />

each glass point, and the automatic<br />

control system drives the soft-axis<br />

motor to achieve the desired shape.<br />

With the successful adjustment of<br />

the curvature, the optimal tempering<br />

process parameters are set, and each<br />

flawless, large double-curved, bent<br />

tempered glass pane, tailored for the<br />

construction of 2 Murray Road, is<br />

meticulously crafted.<br />

As architectural aesthetics and<br />

public taste continue to evolve, the<br />

emergence of technologically-driven<br />

structures and designs, such as<br />

Beijing Daxing International Airport,<br />

Crescent Moon Tower in Dubai,<br />

and Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi,<br />

increasingly encourage producers<br />

in the glass processing industry to<br />

embrace change. LandGlass invites all<br />

to explore the future and challenges<br />

of glass tempering together.<br />

Email: marketing@landglass.com<br />

Website: www.landglass.net<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 97

Technical Article<br />

In Glaston GLASS’WASHER machines, the drying zone will<br />

automatically be switched off as soon as the glass plate<br />

has been dried and left this section.<br />

Strategies to minimize<br />

costs in insulating glass<br />

production<br />

Main Driver In Today’s IG Production Is The Need<br />

To Reduce TCO<br />

Prices for float glass have gone up considerably since<br />

the beginning of the energy crisis due to the high energy<br />

needed to produce it.<br />

As float glass is the main raw<br />

material for insulating glass<br />

(IG), costs of IG production have<br />

increased drastically.<br />

If IG producers want to stay<br />

competitive within their markets, they<br />

need to look for other ways to reduce<br />

costs. Luckily, cutting energy costs is<br />

something that they can achieve today<br />

with the right and modern technology.<br />

The main driver in today’s IG<br />

production is the need to reduce<br />

the total cost of ownership (TCO).<br />

To achieve this, all steps of the<br />

IG production process need to<br />

be optimized. Otherwise, wasted<br />

improvement opportunities will show<br />

up in monthly energy bills. Let’s review<br />

the most important ones here.<br />

Glass washing and drying<br />

Let’s start with the glass washing and<br />

98 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Glaston• 2<br />

drying process, one of the most energyintensive<br />

steps in IG production. If<br />

you use the latest and most advanced<br />

washing and drying machine, the<br />

drying zone will automatically be<br />

switched off as soon as the glass plate<br />

has been dried and left this section.<br />

If there is no glass to be washed<br />

or dried, the ventilation flaps of the<br />

blower will be closed. This results<br />

in up to a 25% reduction in washing<br />

machine energy consumption.<br />

The next target is to reduce water<br />

consumption in the glass washing<br />

process. This is achieved by using a<br />

closed water circuit with a disc filter<br />

system, reducing water consumption<br />

by up to 15 times the current rate and<br />

leading to additional energy savings.<br />

Conveyor systems<br />

Roller-driven conveyor systems are<br />

indeed more energy efficient than aircushion<br />

technology. However, if we<br />

include the high risk of scratching the<br />

glass – especially with Low-E coated<br />

glass – during the process, the costs of<br />

roller-driven conveyors are higher due<br />

to frequent glass quality issues.<br />

With Glaston’s modern air-cushion<br />

conveyor technology, glass quality is<br />

not compromised, allowing you to avoid<br />

remakes or reputational risks.<br />

Components<br />

In general, all component motors and<br />

drives should be efficient and stateof-the-art.<br />

Moreover, by using shared<br />

drives in modern IG lines, you can<br />

ensure that the only conveyor units<br />

running are those carrying glass at any<br />

specific moment.<br />

All others will be motionless. This<br />

reduces electrical power consumption<br />

significantly.<br />

During drive deceleration, it is good<br />

practice to convert kinetic energy into<br />

electrical energy and feed it back into<br />

the network. This allows energy savings<br />

of up to 20%.<br />

It is also preferable if the IG<br />

manufacturing equipment uses<br />

hydraulic and electric drives rather<br />

than pneumatic systems. These<br />

consume up to seven times less energy,<br />

meaning the facility can be operated at<br />

a significantly lower cost.<br />

Top-level efficiency with TPS®<br />

technology<br />

When improving the energy efficiency<br />

at your facility, a more radical<br />

technology update might be required.<br />

The most advantageous solution is the<br />

Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS ® ) system.<br />

Glaston is the inventor of this<br />

technology, launched it in 1995, and<br />

has by far the most and longest-term<br />

experience with this system in the<br />

architectural glass industry.<br />

With TPS ® , IG manufacturers need<br />

only a single machine instead of several<br />

components to produce the IG units.<br />

The solution eliminates the need for<br />

other production machines, including<br />

bending, sawing, connecting, filling<br />

and butyl coating. Together, these<br />

systems need more electrical power<br />

than just one TPS ® ’APPLICATOR.<br />

The TPS ® system synchronizes<br />

several processes into one, making it<br />

possible to complete daily production<br />

earlier because of reduced cycle times.<br />

For example, if a considerable number<br />

of triple IG units can be produced in<br />

six hours instead of the previous eight,<br />

the savings is equal to two hours of<br />

energy consumption.<br />

The new and patented TPS ® drum<br />

pump system with a specially designed<br />

follower plate provides better insulation<br />

with its larger heating surface and<br />

avoids permanent heating up and<br />

down. This further contributes to<br />

remarkable energy savings.<br />

TPS ® ensures energy savings for end<br />

users, too. With its thermally improved<br />

edge seal for each insulating glass unit,<br />

less thermal heat is transferred to the<br />

outside and vice versa. Compared to<br />

IG units with conventional aluminium<br />

spacers, TPS ® units have a 12% lower<br />

U-value and a 60% smaller linear heat<br />

transfer coefficient at the edge zone.<br />

Summary<br />

The increase in government and<br />

private initiatives aimed at energyefficient<br />

buildings creates considerable<br />

growth opportunities for the insulating<br />

glass market – especially for triple<br />

insulating glass units.<br />

Although growing demand sounds<br />

positive for IG manufacturers, it<br />

implies an increase in production<br />

costs, too. Given today’s energy and<br />

raw material prices, even small saving<br />

measures can make a significant<br />

difference.<br />

With simple calculations, including<br />

cycle times, CO 2<br />

footprint, energy<br />

consumption figures and other<br />

parameters, it is easy to see how<br />

much more efficient state-of-the-art<br />

technology is. After all, we are in a<br />

competitive business where profitability<br />

depends on forward-thinking long-term<br />

investments.<br />

--------------------------------------------------<br />

Source: Uwe Risle, Glaston,<br />

https://www.glastory.net/<br />

--------------------------------------------------<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 99

Technical Article<br />

Holger Brechtelsbauer has been a product manager and<br />

consultant for vacuum lifting equipment for more than 15<br />

years and recommends early and integrated process planning.<br />

Efficiency, automation and<br />

user-friendly processes in<br />

glass industry<br />

Sr HEGLA Executive Shares Insights On Perennial<br />

Topics About The Sector<br />

Improved efficiency, more<br />

automation and user-friendly<br />

processes are perennial topics in<br />

the glass processing industry. In this<br />

connection, Senior Product Manager<br />

for Vacuum Lifting Equipment at<br />

HEGLA Holger Brechtelsbauer<br />

answers a few questions.<br />

– What contribution can vacuum<br />

lifters make? What considerations<br />

do you recommend in advance?<br />

With modern processing equipment,<br />

off-peak times are already optimised<br />

for maximum efficiency and costeffectiveness.<br />

To ensure that the<br />

full potential of the systems can be<br />

exploited, when making an investment<br />

or reorganising it is valuable to take<br />

an early look at the overall processes<br />

and dependencies, including during<br />

handling. The approach is similar to<br />

those in other industries.<br />

Together with the customer, we<br />

start considering what a system can<br />

achieve under the best conditions.<br />

For handling, we then consider which<br />

pane formats need be processed<br />

and what the resulting weights are.<br />

Experience shows that some operating<br />

companies are reluctant to deviate<br />

from the maximum sizes and are<br />

inclined to cover the entire spectrum<br />

with large and therefore, oversized,<br />

vacuum lifting equipment.<br />

Evaluations indicate, however, that<br />

in everyday operations, small glass<br />

units generally dominate. The aim<br />

should thus be to rapidly move exactly<br />

this 85 to 90 per cent of panes onto<br />

the system or back onto the glass rack.<br />

Lifting devices can then be chosen<br />

to carefully match this requirement,<br />

ensuring they are ergonomically and<br />

optimally integrated for these tasks<br />

and are not oversized.<br />

Combined with a suitable<br />

lightweight craneway, for example,<br />

this lays the foundation for meeting<br />

the possible cycle times of systems.<br />

The remaining 5 to 10 per cent of<br />

large panes are not ignored in this<br />

design either. There is often an indoor<br />

crane which can be linked up with an<br />

additional lifting device for the heavier<br />

units.<br />

Alternatively, lightweight craneways<br />

can be designed with multiple crane<br />

bridges. In any event, it always pays to<br />

100 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Hegla• 2<br />

A lifting device should never be oversized. Instead, it should<br />

be chosen to handle the smaller panes that make up 85 to 90<br />

per cent of everyday operations in a way that is user friendly<br />

and offers maximum operating convenience, freedom of<br />

movement and ergonomic support.<br />

Pillar-guided lifting devices provide maximum stability of<br />

movement, safety and ergonomics thanks to user-friendly<br />

load control.<br />

Chain-guided lifting devices, which may be mounted to a<br />

slewing crane or lightweight craneway to make them suitable<br />

for use in handling, offer additional flexibility.<br />

supplement a processing system with<br />

adapted vacuum lifting technology.<br />

– The glass processing industry<br />

has to handle increasingly heavy<br />

and large panes, which is often a<br />

challenge to machine operators.<br />

What needs to be considered<br />

when choosing a handling device<br />

when it comes to safety and user<br />

friendliness?<br />

Operator safety is obviously the first<br />

thing you need to consider when<br />

choosing a vacuum lifter. It’s also nonnegotiable.<br />

On top of that, ergonomic<br />

functionality should confirm at<br />

all times to employees that they<br />

are entirely safe and flexible when<br />

working with the handling device.<br />

The German load handling<br />

directive implementation law states<br />

that heavy panes start at a weight of<br />

15 to 20 kg. The handling devices for<br />

these weights can usually be moved<br />

manually in a lightweight craneway<br />

and provide support. The load control<br />

of the suction device has a key<br />

influence on both ergonomics and<br />

operator convenience.<br />

The current trend is towards pillarguided<br />

vacuum lifting equipment,<br />

where a torsion-resistant aluminium<br />

pillar ensures high motion stability,<br />

"Traditional handling equipment<br />

and operators will continue to<br />

have their place in increasingly<br />

digital and automated production<br />

processes. There will certainly be an<br />

increasing number of applications<br />

in which robots could be used as an<br />

alternative. However, glass weights<br />

and formats are increasing and<br />

becoming more varied at the same<br />

time, so there are limits."<br />

load control, positioning accuracy and<br />

maximum employee protection.<br />

– Where do you think the future<br />

demands on handling equipment<br />

with respect to increasingly<br />

digital automated production are<br />

heading?<br />

First things first – traditional<br />

handling equipment and operators<br />

will continue to have their place in<br />

increasingly digital and automated<br />

production processes. There will<br />

certainly be an increasing number<br />

of applications in which robots could<br />

be used as an alternative in order to<br />

further boost automation.<br />

However, glass weights and formats<br />

are increasing and becoming more<br />

varied at the same time, so there<br />

are limits. We are also seeing more<br />

transfer stations with shuttles and<br />

self-driving systems between different<br />

processing stations. But in existing<br />

buildings, this is often unfeasible<br />

due to space limitations. With this<br />

in mind, I can foresee intermediate<br />

steps of digitalisation. By scanning<br />

laser markings or labels, the individual<br />

panes and racks can be registered.<br />

The handling device will then be<br />

integrated into the communication<br />

flow as a direct and decisive link,<br />

contributing to an integrated overview<br />

and dynamic, flexibly adaptable overall<br />

processes.<br />

–Carsten Koch<br />

Email: carsten.koch@hegla.de<br />

Website: www.hegla.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 101

Technical Article<br />

Decarbonisation in glass machinery<br />

manufacturing<br />

How To Reduce CO2 Footprint As A Manufacturing Company<br />

Industry working group Research & Technology conveys various approaches that can be<br />

implemented in glass machinery manufacturing.<br />

The European Green Deal -<br />

climate neutrality by 2050 - has<br />

a massive impact on society<br />

and industry. European regulation,<br />

financial and capital markets, market<br />

perspectives as well as product<br />

branding and the handling of resources<br />

and nature are topics that companies<br />

have to deal with when it comes to<br />

their future competitiveness.<br />

There is no way around measures<br />

that serve to improve one’s own<br />

environmental balance. This is<br />

primarily a matter of reducing and<br />

avoiding carbon dioxide, not so much<br />

of compensating for it.<br />

According to the Greenhouse Gas<br />

Protocol - a recognised international<br />

standard for accounting and reporting<br />

greenhouse gas emissions - reporting<br />

for companies distinguishes between<br />

direct emissions from own combustion<br />

(Scope 1), indirect emissions from<br />

the purchase of grid-bound energy<br />

(Scope2) and other indirect emissions<br />

from processes and products caused<br />

directly or indirectly by the company<br />

(Scope 3).<br />

More transparency via software<br />

Not only the company’s own<br />

production, but also the climate<br />

footprint of its suppliers plays a<br />

decisive role (Scope 3) - especially with<br />

regard to the European Supply Chain<br />

Act. Siemens AG, a global corporation<br />

with 66,000 suppliers in 145 countries,<br />

is mastering this challenge with a<br />

software tool that Siemens developed<br />

together with the company ctrl+s.<br />

Suppliers go through an assessment<br />

that influences the company’s<br />

purchasing decision. By 2030, Siemens<br />

wants to reduce its upstream CO2<br />

footprint (Scope 3) by 20 per cent and<br />

be climate neutral by 2050. The aim<br />

is not only to evaluate primary data<br />

supplied by suppliers, but also to make<br />

suggestions to the supplying business<br />

partners as to what steps they can take<br />

to improve their own CO2 footprint.<br />

Two years ago, Siemens launched<br />

the carbon-reduction@suppliers<br />

programme. With the help of the<br />

Carbon Web Assessment Tool - now<br />

renamed “supplier+s” - Siemens<br />

asks its suppliers about categories<br />

ranging from energy efficiency, green<br />

electricity, economic options for lowcarbon<br />

electricity and low-carbon<br />

102 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

VDMA• 2<br />

heating and cooling, energy-efficient<br />

processes, logistics and the use of<br />

recycled products to business travel.<br />

Suppliers can enter both current<br />

values and target values for subsequent<br />

years.<br />

The system calculates an overall<br />

rating in percent from the individual<br />

entries and shows the deviation from<br />

the industry average. Since not every<br />

supplier already knows his processes<br />

so well that he could provide detailed<br />

information on them, the tool allows<br />

adjustments and updates at any time.<br />

The system uses model graphics, for<br />

example, to illustrate where further<br />

optimisation possibilities exist are<br />

and provides suggestions. In this way,<br />

it helps companies to continuously<br />

improve their carbon footprint and<br />

develop a Net Zero strategy. Siemens<br />

makes the assessment tool available to<br />

its suppliers free of charge.<br />

To enable other companies to<br />

manage emissions in their own supply<br />

chain, Siemens transferred the rights<br />

to the company ctrl+s at the beginning<br />

of <strong>2023</strong>, which now offers “supplier+s”<br />

on the market.<br />

Reduce the power consumption of<br />

machine tools<br />

In the production of parts with<br />

machine tools - also in glass<br />

machine manufacturing - the focus<br />

is increasingly on electrical energy<br />

consumption according to Siemens<br />

Digital Industries. Not only because<br />

the associated CO2 emissions have a<br />

negative impact on the manufactured<br />

components.<br />

The rising costs of electrical energy<br />

are also making the production process<br />

more expensive. Reason enough<br />

to take a closer look at the savings<br />

potential here. The focus here is on<br />

the auxiliary units of the machines.<br />

According to a study by the<br />

Technical University of Darmstadt,<br />

these account for 80 per cent of the<br />

energy consumption over the life<br />

cycle of the machine. Therefore, the<br />

automatic shutdown of the auxiliary<br />

units during breaks already brings<br />

noticeable energy savings. Adjusting<br />

the speed of the auxiliary units to<br />

the respective machining situation<br />

by means of a frequency converter<br />

is another important lever. Finally,<br />

all measures to avoid “non-cutting”<br />

times of the machines - in addition<br />

to maximising productivity - also<br />

automatically lead to minimising the<br />

consumption of electrical energy.<br />

Digital twins for the “offline” creation<br />

of CNC programmes or features<br />

for quick machine set-up are thus<br />

further adjusting screws. The decisive<br />

prerequisite for taking concrete<br />

measures is not least the visualisation<br />

of energy consumption.<br />

With direct current to climate<br />

neutrality<br />

Making production plants more<br />

energy-efficient and CO2-neutral is<br />

another building block for a successful<br />

energy transition. DC grids enable a<br />

technological leap towards climate<br />

neutrality, resource conservation and<br />

grid stability.<br />

The latter is essential to ensure<br />

a reliable energy supply, even when<br />

using renewable energies. Factoryinternal<br />

DC grids can compensate for<br />

their fluctuations, absorb peak loads<br />

and make energy generated in-house<br />

from renewable sources available with<br />

a time delay.<br />

Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co.<br />

KG was a partner in a cooperation<br />

project with 35 companies that<br />

looked at the possibilities of using<br />

DC technologies. The company<br />

offers system specifications as well<br />

as components and solutions for the<br />

construction and operation of DC<br />

networks.<br />

So, what does it mean to set up such<br />

a grid? The energy supplier continues<br />

to supply the company with energy<br />

in AC technology, which is converted<br />

into DC at the transfer point in the<br />

production plant. Adjustments are<br />

necessary for feeding in the energy,<br />

for switchgear technologies and<br />

protection concepts as well as some<br />

other components. Then an energy<br />

bus routes the transformed energy on<br />

to the consumers such as machines,<br />

vehicles or the technical equipment in<br />

the building.<br />

For years, some machines, for<br />

example injection moulding machines,<br />

have already been operating internally<br />

with DC technology. Furthermore, inhouse<br />

systems for energy generation<br />

and storage can be integrated more<br />

easily (for example photovoltaic<br />

systems or battery storage). This<br />

automatically reduces the power that<br />

has to be fed into the grid from the<br />

energy supply company for production.<br />

Other advantages are that valuable<br />

copper is saved, and the cross-section<br />

of the cables is reduced. Since the<br />

company can decouple itself from the<br />

disposal company, the internal network<br />

is much more robust and stable,<br />

storage systems provide the balance<br />

and dealing with EMC becomes easier.<br />

VDMA guideline as a practical guide<br />

The VDMA supports companies on<br />

their way to climate neutrality. The<br />

practical guide “Climate-neutral<br />

production - recommendations for<br />

action for mechanical and plant<br />

engineering” is available from the<br />

association (available in German<br />

language). It describes in eight steps<br />

how companies can basically achieve<br />

climate neutrality. The starting point<br />

is first the Corporate Carbon Footprint<br />

(CCF), which illuminates the current<br />

situation.<br />

Based on this, planning and<br />

adjustment of future emissions takes<br />

place by investing in more energyefficient<br />

production facilities. At the<br />

same time, a switch in supply from<br />

renewable energy sources can take<br />

place. In the long term, it is important<br />

to map the transparency of the CO2<br />

footprint in the entire supply and value<br />

chain (Scope3 - emissions). In the<br />

future, the digital product passport<br />

will store all information on the life<br />

cycle of a product so that customers<br />

and end consumers can retrieve and<br />

understand the production conditions.<br />

The VDMA has developed a guideline<br />

for determining the PCF, which is<br />

currently in the consultation phase.<br />

Email: gesine.bergmann@vdma.org<br />

Website: www.vdma.org<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 103

Technical Article<br />

WACKER expands silicone<br />

sealant production at<br />

Nünchritz site<br />

New Filling Line Will Fill Up To Additional 30<br />

Million Cartridges Each Year<br />

€20 million has been budgeted for the new manufacturing<br />

lines, which are scheduled to begin production in the fall<br />

of 2024.<br />

In response to growing demand,<br />

the WACKER chemical group is<br />

expanding its production and cartridge<br />

filling capacities for silicone<br />

sealants at its Nünchritz site.<br />

The expansion will increase<br />

the company’s capability to supply<br />

customers, who contract WACKER<br />

to produce ready-to-use silicone<br />

sealants for their direct sales. Some<br />

€20 million has been budgeted for the<br />

new manufacturing lines, which are<br />

scheduled to begin production in the<br />

fall of 2024.<br />

Construction is expected to start<br />

before the end of this year, subject<br />

to approval from the regulatory<br />

authorities involved. The expansion<br />

104 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

WACKER• 2<br />

project will create additional new jobs<br />

at the site.<br />

Construction silicones are in high<br />

demand. Silicone sealants provide<br />

fast, reliable, long-term sealing of<br />

doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms<br />

and walls. And they do more<br />

than simply protect critical building<br />

components from water, dust and<br />

moisture ingress.<br />

In times of climbing energy costs<br />

and continually increasing demands<br />

for energy efficiency, silicone sealing<br />

compounds are the product of choice<br />

in buildings to ensure comfortable<br />

interior surroundings and to minimize<br />

heat loss.<br />

In recent years, development has<br />

been particularly dynamic for alkoxy<br />

silicones. These one-component<br />

neutral-cure silicone sealing<br />

compounds release alcohol upon<br />

crosslinking which renders them safe<br />

to use. They can also be applied on<br />

sensitive construction materials such<br />

as natural stone or metal.<br />

Alkoxy silicones are therefore<br />

versatile sealants for interior and<br />

exterior applications. Significant<br />

growth rates are anticipated in the<br />

coming years.<br />

“WACKER is among the leading<br />

manufacturers of consumerfriendly<br />

silicone sealing compounds.<br />

Expanding production in Nünchritz<br />

will allow us to tap into new markets<br />

and strengthen our position as a key<br />

sealants manufacturer in Europe,”<br />

said WACKER Executive Board<br />

member Auguste Willems.<br />

The investment affirms the<br />

company’s commitment to products<br />

contributing to sustainable, innovative<br />

applications and solutions. “We’ve<br />

made it our goal to more actively<br />

promote products that support<br />

energy efficient, climate-friendly and<br />

sustainable construction methods.<br />

Our alkoxy silicones play an important<br />

role here,” Willems pointed out.<br />

The project plan at the Nünchritz<br />

site sees construction of a fully<br />

continuous compounding plant for<br />

silicone sealing products including<br />

expansion of the cartridge filling<br />

facility. The new production lines will<br />

be built next to the existing plants.<br />

“We will integrate the plants into<br />

our production process fully utilizing<br />

existing on-site filling capacities<br />

and logistics,” said Nünchritz Site<br />

Manager Jutta Matreux.<br />

The expansion project will<br />

significantly increase WACKER’s<br />

production capacity for silicone<br />

sealing compounds and cartridges in<br />

Nünchritz. Depending on the grade,<br />

the new filling line will be capable of<br />

filling up to an additional 30 million<br />

cartridges each year. Start-up for the<br />

new plants is planned for the fall of<br />

next year, pend-ing timely approval<br />

from regulatory authorities. The<br />

expansion will create several new jobs<br />

at the site, to be filled preferably by<br />

skilled workers from the region.<br />

The investment affirms<br />

the company’s commitment<br />

to products contributing<br />

to sustainable, innovative<br />

applications and solutions.<br />

“We’ve made it our goal to<br />

more actively promote products<br />

that support energy efficient,<br />

climate-friendly and sustainable<br />

construction methods. Our<br />

alkoxy silicones play an<br />

important role here,” WACKER<br />

Executive Board member<br />

Auguste Willems said.<br />

Silicone Sealants<br />

Thanks to their outstanding<br />

properties, room-temperature-curing<br />

silicone sealants can target a wide<br />

variety of sealing, bonding and coating<br />

applications.<br />

Construction silicones, for instance,<br />

are used for sealing bathroom<br />

facilities, windows and doors, masonry<br />

and natural stone joints and in<br />

aquarium assembly. Silicone sealants<br />

consist of polydimethylsiloxane, as<br />

well as a curing agent, fillers and<br />

additives. After the sealant has been<br />

applied, crosslinking starts. Depending<br />

on the nature of the crosslinker,<br />

byproducts produced during the<br />

curing process are small quantities<br />

of an amine or acetic acid or – in the<br />

case of neutral compounds – alcohol<br />

or oximes. As neutral cure sealing<br />

compounds, alkoxy silicones release<br />

alcohol upon curing.<br />

In 2020, WACKER began offering<br />

biomethanol-based silicone sealing<br />

compounds under the brand name<br />

ELASTOSIL ® eco. These pro-ducts<br />

differ from classic grades merely due<br />

to the source of the raw materials<br />

used. All other product properties are<br />

otherwise identical.<br />

ELASTOSIL ® eco sealants are<br />

certified to the REDcert2 standard,<br />

which ensures that renewable raw<br />

materials can be traced through-out<br />

the manufacturing process, from the<br />

production of important pre-cursors<br />

up to the completion of ready-mixed<br />

silicone sealing com-pounds.<br />

The fossil raw materials needed for<br />

production are replaced by biomass<br />

certified as sustainable. This makes<br />

ELASTOSIL ® eco the first generation<br />

of sealant manufactured without<br />

petrochemical derivatives.<br />

Email: florian.degenhart@wacker.com<br />

Website: www.wacker.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 105

Technical Article<br />

High impact strength with negligible in plane deflection after fracture and adhesion test<br />

(IS: 2553 (Part 1): 1990)<br />

Fractured Laminated Glass Specimens (plate model) after three-point bending loading; crack<br />

propagation view through targeted side of the specimen with 1.5 mm Aneeb “RKSMT-GCF”<br />

interlayer. [Flexural strength (N/mm2): 56.80]<br />

RKSMT-GCF Glass<br />

Solution by Aneeb<br />

Chemicals<br />

Photo Cross Linked Interlayer Based On UV<br />

Curing Technology<br />

Offers safe breakage and fragment retention, is durable<br />

and cost-efficient and the process saves energy and time.<br />

Aneeb “RKSMT-GCF” Glass<br />

Solution is a photo cross<br />

linked interlayer based on UV<br />

curing technology developed by the<br />

Department of Chemistry, Chaudhary<br />

Charan Singh University, Meerut,<br />

and the Department of Science &<br />

Technology, Government of India,<br />

under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.<br />

Aneeb Chemicals Private Limited<br />

has been granted a patent for the<br />

technology for the term of 20 years<br />

from March 7, 2017 in accordance<br />

with the provisions of the Patents<br />

Act,19<strong>70</strong>.<br />

This technology is environmentfriendly<br />

and offers several advantages<br />

over conventional curing methods.<br />

Aneeb “RKSMT-GCF” interlayer offers<br />

safe breakage and fragment retention,<br />

is durable and cost-efficient and the<br />

process saves energy and time.<br />

Aneeb “RKSMT-GCF” confirms<br />

to IS standard and is tested by<br />

government-approved test labs.<br />

;;<br />

No volatile emissions<br />

;;<br />

Room temperature operations<br />

;;<br />

Rapid curing<br />

;;<br />

Reduced waste<br />

106 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Aneeb Chemicals• 2<br />

UV-Visible absorption spectra of ordinary glass and 1 mm thick “RKSMT-GCF” interlayer glass laminates with reference to air, showing<br />

enhancement of UV absorption in the laminated assembly (UV cut off wavelength 380nm).<br />

Laminated glass (8 mm x 1 mm x 6 mm) passed Lead shot<br />

bag traction test as per standard ASTM E 2353-06 for<br />

architectural applications.<br />

Properties/Interlayers SGP PVB RKSMT-GCF Standard<br />

Density (g/cm3) 0.95 1.07~1.08 ~1.18 ASTM D-792<br />

Tensile strength (Mpa) 34.5 20 51 ASTM D-638<br />

UV cut off wavelength (nm) 310 380 380 UV-Visible spectrophotometry<br />

Glass Transition ( 0 C) ~60 - 45 Differentiated Scanning Calorimetry<br />

Decomposition Temp. ( 0 C) No Data available No Data available More Than 300 TGA Analysis<br />

Fracture & adhesion Test No Data available No Data available Passed IS:2533(Part 1) :1990<br />

Lead Shot bag traction Test No Data available No Data available Passed ASTM E 2353 -06<br />

Visible Light Transmission (400-800<br />

nm) %<br />

do do 98-99.9 UV-Visible spectrophotometry<br />

Adhesion (Boiling Water Test) No Data available No Data available Passed (no effect even after 72<br />

hours)<br />

IS:2533(Part 1) :1990<br />

Aneeb “RKSMT-GCF” interlayer<br />

is compatible with annealed as well<br />

as toughened glass and can be casted<br />

with variable thicknesses ranging from<br />

0.5 mm to 2.5 mm<br />

Aneeb “RKSMT-GCF” interlayer<br />

is Government of India approved<br />

technology and has many more<br />

benefits such as easy availability, cost<br />

efficiency, reduced production cycle<br />

time, energy saving during conversion<br />

process etc…<br />

Aneeb Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. have<br />

been able to carve out a niche for<br />

itself in this field and is considered<br />

a reputed entity. With diligence and<br />

trustworthiness, the company works<br />

with the aim to serve clients in<br />

construction, chemical, mining and<br />

many more industries.<br />

Its complete product range<br />

includes gypsum bonding and internal<br />

plastering solution, construction<br />

chemicals, concreate repairing<br />

solutions & tile fixing adhesives.<br />

The company has a team of highly<br />

experienced professionals and is<br />

equipped with advanced warehousing,<br />

transportation, and quality testing<br />

facilities.<br />

Email: info@aneebchemicals.in<br />

Website: www.aneebchemicals.in<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 107

Product Hunt<br />

New LiSEC technology<br />

for perfect glass cutting<br />

Direct Cutting Technology Enables Rapid Cuts<br />

With High Precision<br />

The latest LiSEC float cutting technology went into<br />

operation at Arbonia Glassysteme GmbH in Deggendorf in<br />

February <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Experts from LiSEC product<br />

development, cutting foremen<br />

and operators from Arbonia<br />

together with cutting wheel consultant<br />

Peter Pokoern met in a one-day<br />

workshop to fine-tune the DSC<br />

cutting system.<br />

Arbonia Deggendorf - Quality under a<br />

new name<br />

Arbonia Glassysteme GmbH was<br />

founded in Munich in 1977, moved<br />

to the Deggendorf site in 1988 and<br />

in 2021 changed from Saint Gobain<br />

to the Arbonia Group - a focused<br />

building supplier for indoor climate<br />

and interior doors produced from<br />

wood and glass.<br />

Today, 160 employees in<br />

Deggendorf mainly produce shower<br />

glazing and laminated safety glass<br />

from processed toughened glass. An<br />

expansion of the product range to<br />

include doors is also in planning. In its<br />

main operations in southern Germany,<br />

Arbonia Deggendorf impresses with<br />

108 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

LiSEC• 2<br />

batch sizes from 1, customised<br />

products, special sheets and rapid<br />

delivery times. All of which resulted in<br />

the site generating 22.4 million euros<br />

in 2022.<br />

Using LiSEC cutting technology for 30<br />

years<br />

LiSEC machines have been used in<br />

production since 1990, whereby these<br />

were initially in operation in glass<br />

cutting. Today, in addition to the edge<br />

processing solution and an automatic<br />

feed, 3 LiSEC cutting tables are in<br />

operation - one of which that dates<br />

back to the 1990s. “The Deutsches<br />

Museum has already enquired about<br />

it,” jokes Matthias Baumgartner,<br />

Technical Operations Manager. “But<br />

the machine is still running and the<br />

service is spot on.” A further cutting<br />

table was replaced this year with the<br />

latest LiSEC cutting technology.<br />

First DSC-generation glass cutting<br />

table in Germany<br />

Arbonia aims to achieve three goals<br />

with the new glass cutting table: Fast<br />

cutting, top quality glass<br />

cutting results and high<br />

system availability. Precision<br />

cutting results require a<br />

lower grind addition, which<br />

reduces processing costs.<br />

High edge quality means<br />

less spontaneous breakage<br />

- and as such in lower aftersales<br />

costs.<br />

The “DSC - Dynamic<br />

Speed Cut” cutting system<br />

is the optimal solution for<br />

attaining these objectives.<br />

LiSEC “Direct Cutting<br />

Technology” enables rapid<br />

cuts with high precision,<br />

thanks to the direct contact<br />

of the cutting wheel with<br />

the glass combined with<br />

the high positioning speed.<br />

Constant oil level control of<br />

the cutting oil and runtime<br />

monitoring of the cutting wheels<br />

improve system availability.<br />

The perfect cut - and not just from a<br />

physics perspective<br />

Scoring the glass surface with the<br />

cutting wheel creates concentrated<br />

tension that reaches deep into the<br />

glass. If pressure is exerted on the<br />

glass edges, this tension leads to a<br />

smooth break along the scribed line.<br />

Applying cutting oil prevents the<br />

tension concentration from decreasing<br />

too quickly.<br />

Cutting pressure, cutting speed,<br />

cutting wheel angle and cutting<br />

oil quantity have been analysed in<br />

the workshop using a standardised<br />

test process. Polarised light made<br />

the tension distribution in the glass<br />

visible. A pressure gauge was also<br />

used to check the breakout force<br />

required to break the glass. This<br />

enabled optimisation of the cutting<br />

parameters for all glass thicknesses<br />

commonly used at Arbonia.<br />

Why is Arbonia Deggendorf keen to<br />

choose LiSEC?<br />

In the words of Mr Matthias<br />

Baumgartner, Technical Operations<br />

Manager: “Because the system works,<br />

because it is a system that has been<br />

tried and tested on the market, and<br />

because we have the advantage of<br />

close regional proximity.<br />

“The service response time is really<br />

good. If we report a problem in the<br />

morning, we often have a technician<br />

out the same day to assist us. And<br />

we also appreciate the reliability of<br />

the spare parts. LiSEC makes every<br />

effort to organise the parts - even<br />

when it comes to our oldest system<br />

- and to date they have always been<br />

successful.”<br />

“There is a machine for every<br />

processing step in the LiSEC range,<br />

and the company’s reputation is<br />

good. Reliability, user-friendliness and<br />

general system availability are spot on<br />

in all areas where we use LiSEC. And<br />

the company has also resolved the<br />

matter of standardisation; if you have<br />

had a LiSEC machine before, the<br />

menu navigation remains pretty much<br />

identical, which makes things more<br />

straightforward for the operators.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 109

Product Hunt<br />

“An innovative approach was one<br />

of the most persuasive arguments<br />

when we opted for the new feed from<br />

LiSEC. For example, no one else has<br />

the flyover crane in their programme.<br />

We feel we are in good hands with<br />

LiSEC,” he added.<br />

Future-proof thanks to specialisation<br />

and flexibility<br />

Mr Baumgartner’s thoughts on the<br />

current situation and Arbonia’s<br />

strategy for the future: “The new<br />

energy prices have resulted in major<br />

changes to the market, making<br />

the production site more complex.<br />

Customers and product requirements<br />

are becoming significantly more<br />

complex, which makes it all the more<br />

important to respond as efficiently<br />

and flexibly as possible to new market<br />

situations with the latest system<br />

technology. The topic of automation<br />

and energy efficiency will be the focus<br />

of our strategy in the future.”<br />

About LiSEC<br />

With headquarters in Seitenstetten/<br />

Amstetten, Austria, LiSEC is a<br />

worldwide group of companies that<br />

has for more than 60 years provided<br />

individual and comprehensive<br />

solutions in flat glass processing and<br />

refining.<br />


– Claudia GUSCHLBAUER<br />

Email: claudia.guschlbauer@lisec.com<br />

Website: www.lisec.com<br />

110 Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />

glasspro & glasspex INDIA<br />

poised for spectacular<br />

comeback in September<br />

Industry Stakeholders Predict Resounding<br />

Success, Anticipation Reaches Fever Pitch<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India and Glass Bulletin are gearing up<br />

for the fourth edition of India’s premier exhibition on glass<br />

products and technology, glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The glass industry is abuzz with<br />

excitement as Messe Düsseldorf<br />

India and Glass Bulletin gear up<br />

to host the highly anticipated fourth<br />

edition of glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong>, the<br />

country’s premier exhibition on glass<br />

products and technology. Set to take<br />

place from September 14-16, <strong>2023</strong><br />

at the prestigious Bombay Exhibition<br />

Centre in Mumbai, this year’s event<br />

promises to be a remarkable spectacle<br />

that showcases the latest trends and<br />

innovations in flat and processed glass.<br />

With the unwavering support of<br />

glasstec Düsseldorf, the world’s leading<br />

exhibition for the glass industry,<br />

glasspro INDIA and its concurrent<br />

counterpart, glasspex INDIA, will<br />

provide an integrated platform<br />

for domestic and international<br />

participants to present cutting-edge<br />

glass processing solutions, tools,<br />

auxiliary products, and services. This<br />

collaborative effort aims to set the<br />

stage for a transformative dialogue<br />

surrounding sustainable building<br />

technologies and the future of energyefficient<br />

designs.<br />

The past editions of these shows<br />

have witnessed exponential growth in<br />

terms of participation from industry<br />

players, and this year is expected to<br />

be no exception. The enthusiasm and<br />

interest among industry stakeholders<br />

are at an all-time high, solidifying the<br />

anticipation for a resounding success.<br />

Architects, interior designers,<br />

façade consultants, builders and<br />

developers, construction engineers,<br />

dealers and distributors, as well as<br />

glass manufacturers, processors,<br />

and fabricators, will converge at this<br />

extraordinary event, representing the<br />

vibrant and expansive glass community<br />

of India.<br />

Moreover, glasspro INDIA will<br />

introduce fenestrationpro INDIA,<br />

a dedicated showcase for the door,<br />

window, and façade segments, which<br />

will be held concurrently with glasspro<br />

INDIA <strong>2023</strong> and glasspex INDIA <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

This addition will attract a diverse<br />

range of visitors, including architects,<br />

fabricators, developers, façade<br />

consultants, engineers, policymakers,<br />

and industry stakeholders, who will<br />

explore the evolving landscape of these<br />

segments and contribute to valuable<br />

discussions.<br />

Thomas Schlitt, the Managing<br />

Director of Messe Düsseldorf<br />

India, expressed his delight at the<br />

overwhelming response from the<br />

industry for the upcoming edition of<br />

glasspro INDIA, glasspex INDIA, and<br />

fenestrationpro INDIA. He emphasized<br />

that this edition will spotlight the<br />

modern and innovative facets of<br />

the glass, façade, door, and window<br />

industry, further establishing the<br />

Indian market as a global leader. With<br />

an impressive lineup of innovative<br />

and sustainable products on display,<br />

the event promises to be a catalyst for<br />

discussions and insights into upcoming<br />

design trends.<br />

Supported by prominent<br />

associations and media outlets in the<br />

industry, these shows have set the<br />

stage for a promising and unforgettable<br />

event in September <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

As the countdown begins, industry<br />

stakeholders eagerly await the<br />

unveiling of the latest innovations,<br />

products, and trends that will shape<br />

the future of the glass industry. With<br />

the stage set for a resounding success,<br />

glasspro INDIA, glasspex INDIA, and<br />

fenestrationpro INDIA are primed to<br />

captivate attendees and redefine the<br />

boundaries of excellence in the realm<br />

of glass and its related sectors.<br />

About Messe Düsseldorf India<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd. is<br />

a fully owned subsidiary of Messe<br />

Düsseldorf GmbH which is a global<br />

player both as a trade fair organizer<br />

and as a provider of trade fair-related<br />

services for exhibitors and visitors.<br />

About Glass Bulletin<br />

Glass Bulletin is the fastest growing<br />

top-notch quarterly journal of India<br />

for the global glass industry. It is the<br />

ideal platform, in print and online, for<br />

publication of news, reports, products<br />

details and exhibition information<br />

related to glass industry.<br />

Website: www.glassproindia.com,<br />

www.glasspexindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>April</strong> - <strong>June</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 111

JULY 19-21 <strong>2023</strong><br />

Centro Citibanamex - Mexico City<br />

Exhibitor registration<br />




contact us: info@glasstechmexico.com<br />

www.glasstechmexico.com<br />


November 6-7, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Toronto Canada<br />

Exhibitor registration<br />




www.glasstechcanada.ca<br />

info@glasstechmexico.com<br />






15<br />


glass technology<br />

Added Value Storage<br />

Broad Product Range<br />

Customer-Specific<br />

Greater Flexibility and<br />

Extended Product Range<br />

Increase your flexibility and extend the product range in your glass storage with<br />

Rapidstore. Glass and packages find their optimal place in the movable rack frames.<br />

Benefit from direct access to additional types of products in your gantry or floor<br />

loading system for customer-specific products with faster availability.<br />

• Optimal for custom-tailored extension of your glass storage<br />

• One or more cutting lines have direct access to more types of products<br />

• Ideal for flat halls without craneways<br />

HEGLA • Industriestr. 21 • Beverungen, Germany • info@hegla.de<br />

HEGLA Trading & Service GmbH • Chennai 600034, India • naresh.kumar@hegla.in

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