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Rose Sat Final - Shrine of St. Therese

Rose Sat Final - Shrine of St. Therese

Page 6 THE ROSE Third

Page 6 THE ROSE Third Quarter 2008 Memorials and Building Fund Andrew Alfonso Mr. & Mrs. Victor Alfonso Ernest Atteberry Shirley Atteberry Lyle F. Balchuck Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Balchuck Tom Ballas Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pantleo Robert Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bassi Louis Bassi Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bassi Matilda Borrelli Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bassi Tim Bourdon Mr. & Mrs. Christofer Mehess George Chuich Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Balchuck Jim & Betty Gardner H.W. Houston Construction Co. Lola Ketcham & Family Bob & Nancy Marich Daniel & Violet Radakovich Herb & Helen Wermers Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wooley & Pauline Garrell Pete & Mary Corsi Mr. & Mrs. Medrick Rome Dr. James Cover Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Balchuck Edith Crusich Miss Dorris Gronquist Fred & Vera Dalio Mrs. Angelina Krupka Helen Dominick Mrs. Eleanor Filler Donald L. Driscoll Mr. & Mrs. Randal Stutzman Frank & Anna Drorak Mr. & Mrs. James Mathews Thanks to all who contributed to the Shrine of St. Therese Memorial and Building Fund. The list includes the months from June thru September 19, 2008 James A. Eck Sr. Mrs. Mary Eck Jerry Ellis Jean Carlo Erickson Sam & Patty Vasile Jack Fisk Mrs. Magdalena Fisk Louise Angela Formico Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Blankis Anthony Genova Mrs. Eleanor Filler Olga Golob Mr. Jaime Loza Robert Gonnerman Mr. & Mrs. Christofer Mehess June Healy Mr. Jack Selway & Sherry Koski Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Hopf Mrs. Mary Eck Con Jeffries Mr. & Mrs. Richard Charest Ms. LaVonne L. Morton Bernardine Johnson Mrs. Magdalena Fisk Esther Jones Mrs. Myrtle Spitzer Colletta Juinta Mr. & Mrs. George Beauvais Mary Beth Corsentino Loretta Danti, Janice Chenoweth Russell & Carolyn DeSalvo John & S.L. Greco McDermott, Hansen & McLaughlin, LLP Ann Kochenberger Charles Patrick Long Mr. & Mrs. Pete Montera Miss Shirley Parr Mary T. Richter Marijane Spear Nick & Lucieann Todero Alphonse Kneib Miss Helen Kneib & Clara Kneib Alex Krupka Sr. Angie Krupka John Krupka Angie Krupka Julia Krupka Angie Krupka Lilly Koski Mr. Jack Selway & Sherry Koski Virginia Lacerte Mr. & Mrs. Richard Charest Linfred & Mary Landis Mr. & Mrs. James Mathews David Marohn Mrs. Mary Eck Alice “Diddy” & Michael Duane Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dietz Deceased members of the Mastny Family Mary Eck and Family Ardice & Everett Mathews Mr. & Mrs. James Mathews Rose Merrill Mrs. Angelina Krupka Lucille Moore Herb & Helen Wermers DuBois Moreno Mr. Nash Moreno Anna McGill Mr. James McGill Father McGuinness Mrs. Myrtle Spitzer James O’Dowd Miss Shirley Parr Frank & Steve Pershin Mrs. Patricia Pershin Helen Piastro Claramae Cribari Maryann Dalton Toni Latronica Elaine & Betty Lepetsos Aldea Sabo John E. Prado Ms. Michele Prado-Landreth Ann Purkett Mr. & Mrs. Victor Alfonso Philip Rodacy Mrs. Martha Rodacy Bernard Seaman Miss Shirley Parr Anton and Maria Sneperger Mrs. Myrtle Spitzer Lillian Fodor Stanton Ms. Shirley Marcen Henry & Marilyn Szarkowski Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Szarkowski Christy Torgler Mrs. Myrtle Spitzer Esther Turri Ron & Cathy Diodosio Fred Jr., Gary S. & Therese L. Ursick Mrs. Mary Ann Ursick Dorothy Ward Mr.& Mrs. Raymond Balchuck James. Ward Miss Susan Ward A BIT OF BIBLICAL HUMOR Q. What do they call pastors in Germany? A. German Shepherds. Q. Who was the greatest financier in the Bible? A. Noah. He was floating his stock while everyone else was in liquidation. Q. Who is the greatest babysitter mentioned in the Bible? A. David. He rocked Goliath into a very deep sleep

Third Quarter 2008 THE ROSE Page 7 Our Future Priests • continued from page 1 The new Vocation Director is Deacon Veges from St. Francis Xavier parish in Pueblo. The Pueblo Diocese has a special Seminary Fund Drive currently underway, and any amount of contribution is welcome by the Diocese in educating our future priests. � Carl Wertin Ambrose Muma Arturo Vargas Andres Ayala Santiago All All Souls Souls Day Day All Souls Day is when the Church commemorates and prays for the holy souls in Purgatory, undergoing purification of their sins before entering heaven. Catholic Collect from Mass of the Dead (for all our departed brothers and sisters) Merciful Father, hear our prayer and console us. As we renew our faith in Your Son, Whom You raised from the dead, strenghten our hope that all brothers and sisters will share in His Resurrection, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. Zugelders Attend Bishop’s Installation No one was more surprised than Joan Zugelder when her name was picked for the top prize in June in the parish raffle. Joan held the $1,000. check and said, Why did I win this? What is this for?” There were no answers, so she tucked the money in savings. In July, her daughter, Sister Faustina came home for her two week vacation. Sister received a phone call from her mother-superior in Waltan, KY notifying her that the sisters had received an invitation to Bishop David Ricken’s installation ceremonies in Green Bay Wisconsin. Bishop Ricken was leaving the Diocese of Cheyenne to become bishop in Green Bay. He had previously served as a parish priest in the Diocese of Pueblo for many years. The phone call was to find out if Sister Faustina would be available to represent their congregation at the ceremony since the other sisters would be back at the regular teaching positions at the time of the installation. Frank Zugelder, husband of Joan, hunkered down on his computer and discovered he could get three round trip air plane tickets for $1,000. Joan smiled. She knew now the answer for the raffle win! � Diocesan Ministry Fund Pledges 2008-09 —B— Bongers, James/Theresa —C— Caselnova, Nadine Chavez, Steve Chrisman, Douglas/Katherine Chrisman, Martin/Michelle Cira, Michael/Cindy —E— Erickson, Robert/Jean —F— Flieger, Raymond/Katherine —G— Gallegos, Charles Graham, Matt/Donna Guzman, Joe/Georgia —K— Keenan-Mason, Maureen Kottenstette, Alfred/Christin —M— Madrid, Ronald/Michelle Marcen, Shirley Massarotti, Ann Mathews, James/MaryAnn McGuinn, Michael/Judith Medina, Angel/Christine Medina, Philip/Deena Miazga, John/Agnes —N— Nelson, Brandon/Sarah Nunez, Patricia —P— Pacheco, Adam/Catherine Palatas, Jane L. Palumbo, Angelo/Sharon Pemrick, Michael/Jean Pittenger, Nancy —R— Racine, Craig/Cindy Rikhoff, Marcelle Rivera-Aragon, Lucia Rossi, Vince/Julie —S— Sexton, Michael/Karen Sisnroy, Pete/Mary Solano, Celia Stark, John Stutzman, Randal/Donna —T— Tucci, John —W— Wengert, Art —Y— Yalotz, William/Sandra

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