HÖGL NEWS Fall/Winter 2023

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FALL/ WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>HÖGL</strong><br />


PLAIN<br />

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

AND<br />

SMART<br />

In keeping with the zeitgeist, yet nevertheless<br />

timeless. That is again the motto of this season‘s collection.<br />

We present an exquisite mix of shoes and accessories<br />

with iconic design potential. As always, the focus is<br />

on our pursuit of longevity and sustainability.<br />

Certified leathers, exclusive materials and meticulous<br />

attention to fit and comfort define our attitude to fashion.<br />

Feminine silhouettes play with glamorous finishes and<br />

hand-crafted details. Striking designs impress<br />

with a functional character. Cleverly contrasted<br />

textures, lustrous decorative elements and exciting<br />

colour palettes show off timelessly elegant It-pieces<br />

that add that certain something to any outfit<br />


Ballerinas are back, and with them the movie star elegance of the 1950s. Design “Holly“, made of certified<br />

calfskin leather in a soft powder shade with patent effect. Geometric lines created by a tapered cut that ends<br />

in pointy toes and buckles in a matching shade result in a guaranteed unique look<br />


PLAY<br />



The ideal choice for outfits<br />

with a sophisticated touch:<br />

shoulder bag “Abbie“, made<br />

from black certified “Brush“<br />

calfskin leather with a shiny<br />

finish. The pointy stiletto<br />

pumps “Boulevard 70“ come<br />

in the same material and<br />

colour palette and contri-<br />

bute a subtle sex appeal<br />

This season is governed by the motto of<br />

“smart simplicity“. Authentic materials, clearcut<br />

lines and strategies for instant effortless<br />

elegance result in long-lived key pieces<br />



The era of fashion constantly reinventing itself<br />

in record time is over. Innovativeness and<br />

creativity are gradually gaining in importance. It<br />

is no longer about producing faster, but slower<br />

and better. Not just anywhere, but in Europe.<br />

As a family-run business with a long tradition,<br />

slow fashion has always been our mantra. This<br />

collection is both: an individual style statement<br />

and a commitment to sustainability. Each individual<br />

piece is driven by the idea of becoming<br />

a favourite. Inspired by timeless good fashion<br />

designs, we present urban looks that impress<br />

with an understated beauty. Effortlessly elegant,<br />

unique, comfortable and extremely versatile.<br />

Must-haves and essentials that are predestined<br />

for a capsule wardrobe.<br />


Fashion is magic. Our creations stand for<br />

empowerment and self-confidence. We love<br />

to encourage women all over the world to<br />

acknowledge all facets of their femininity and<br />

to find fulfilment. Viewed from this perspective,<br />

each design in the collection is gloriously<br />

feminine. Experimenting with plain<br />

yet exciting shapes and high-quality materials<br />

has resulted in refined and amazingly<br />

comfortable classics that upgrade any outfit<br />

with their minimalist aesthetics and everyday<br />

glamour: low vamp pumps, pointy slim cut<br />

ankle boots as well as Chelsea boots and loafers<br />

with charming details such as horsebits,<br />

buckles, decorative elements or unusual heel<br />

designs.<br />


The “smart simplicity“ concept also governs<br />

our colour palette. Not too muted, but also<br />

not too loud. Bright, but elegant. Modern, yet<br />

nevertheless timeless. The choice of colours<br />

is a successful balancing act. Neutral shades<br />

such as cream and porcelain stand for purist<br />

aesthetics. Black is promoted to a key colour,<br />

closely followed by shades of blue such as a<br />

navy shade called marine or the brilliant pacific<br />

blue. Other colours such as cappuccino,<br />

stone and dark taupe add a touch of natural<br />

elegance. Colours like dark purple or the multilayered<br />

burgundy shade cabernet look mystical<br />

and incredibly exciting. Material highlights<br />

are exclusive leathers, including “Brush“<br />

and “Specchio“, a high-shine calfskin leather.<br />



Subtle style break: formal wear<br />

loses its severity and makes<br />

an incredibly feminine state-<br />

ment in combination with our<br />

soft certified patent leather<br />

loafer pumps “Ally“ in the<br />

colour porcelain. The eye-<br />

catching chunky golden-<br />

coloured chain-link detail<br />

expresses fashion confidence<br />

PATENT<br />

AND<br />

STRONG<br />

CONTRA-<br />

STING<br />


<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />



Wearable statement pieces,<br />

inspired by the elegance<br />

of iconic designs. Ankle<br />

boots “Maggie“, made from<br />

certified soft patent leather,<br />

with glamorous chain-link<br />

detail. The block heels and<br />

sock boot inspired shafts<br />

make this design a stylish<br />

and extremely versatile choice<br />


Next generation preppy style?<br />

Certified calfskin leather, upgraded<br />

with a graphite-coloured<br />

metallic patent finish that turns<br />

a timelessly beautiful design<br />

into a breathtakingly sophisticated<br />

showpiece. Loafer pumps<br />

“Julie“ with high trapezoid<br />

block heels and a decorative<br />

element in a matching colour<br />


DO IT<br />

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

YOUR<br />

WAY<br />


Strong styles underline the<br />

strength of women. The<br />

ankle boots “Blair“ elevate<br />

comfort and feminine ex-<br />

pectations to a new level.<br />

Ultra-soft, certified lambskin<br />

leather in the colour shade<br />

porcelain ensures long-<br />

lived aesthetics, whilst<br />

the kitten heels with a<br />

perfect height contribute<br />

practical retro elegance

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />


Everyday favourites to add an<br />

effortless upper class twist:<br />

bag “Meg“, made from certified<br />

calfskin patent leather with an<br />

embossed crocodile pattern in<br />

the colour cabernet – a burgundy<br />

red that is rich in nuances and has<br />

luxury potential – and our pumps<br />

“Julie“, which stylishly reflect an<br />

awareness of sustainability as well<br />

as the colour shade to perfection

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />



MEETS<br />

FUNCTIO-<br />

NALITY<br />


Cool image, strong outdoor talent. Our<br />

lace-up boots “Walker“ rely on recycled<br />

padded nylon, a GORE-TEX membrane<br />

and non-slip two-tone treaded soles.<br />

These features not only keep your feet<br />

dry and cosy in inclement weather<br />

but also meet all style rules, which<br />

makes them a fashion hero when it<br />

comes to considered style breaks<br />


Highly functional concepts merge with urban street style looks: our combat<br />

boots “Dakota“, made from a fascinating material mix of recycled nylon<br />

and certified calfskin leather with a shiny brushed finish, and decorated<br />

with an enamel badge; the striking treaded soles are also<br />

functional as well as fashionable<br />



Style elements associated with<br />

masculine looks flirt with fem-<br />

inine sophistication and inspire<br />

exciting fashion strategies.<br />

A prime example: our lace-<br />

ups “George“, which impress<br />

with certified calfskin leather<br />

with a shiny brushed finish<br />

and are inspired by a classic<br />

men‘s footwear design<br />

DANDY<br />

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />


Style hack for a confident look and an expression of perfect craftsmanship:<br />

loafers “Lauren“ and ankle boots “Edward“ are made from<br />

certified black calfskin leather with a sophisticated shiny brushed<br />

finish. The unique level of comfort that is synonymous with Högl is<br />

achieved through our collaboration with the world‘s best last makers<br />


PURE,<br />

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

SIMPLE,<br />

BLACK<br />


Understatement becomes the<br />

new fashion formula for success.<br />

In the starring role: accessories<br />

with perfectly balanced showpie-<br />

ce potential such as our Chelsea<br />

boots “Jake“, made from “Wetlack“,<br />

a super-soft, certified pa-<br />

tent leather, and our effortlessly<br />

elegant mini cross-body bag<br />

“Bea“, which is made from black<br />

“Brush“ calfskin leather and<br />

features an understated gold-<br />

coloured decorative element

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

CLASSY<br />


Inspired by cowboy boots, but charged with a feminine<br />

identity and an urban attitude: our pointy toe design<br />

“Camille“, made from certified „Brush“ leather with a shiny<br />

finish. Small detail, big impact: the shaft straps with<br />

gold-coloured embellishments define the classic look<br />

STRONG<br />




Light-and-dark effects never<br />

lose their appeal. Casual tote<br />

bag “Uma“, made from sophis-<br />

ticated high-shine black calfskin<br />

leather with contrasting ele-<br />

ments. Fashionable opposite:<br />

our high-quality matt lamb-<br />

skin leather pumps “Meghan“<br />

in the colour porcelain. The<br />

soles and kitten heels add eye-<br />

catching accents. Both designs<br />

are made from certified leather<br />


BE TOUGH!<br />

Biker boots are inherently<br />

cool and therefore rock any<br />

look effortlessly. Right at the<br />

fashion front are designs<br />

such as our design “Ryder“,<br />

made from robust calfskin<br />

leather, that will be available<br />

in a limited capsule edition.<br />

Trademark is the typical strap<br />

element. Here trimmed with<br />

anthracite-coloured studs<br />


Western-style footwear reflects the<br />

longing for freedom and adventure;<br />

it therefore returns pretty<br />

regularly to the catwalks. Our<br />

clean and versatile ankle boots<br />

“Luke“ with elasticated inserts<br />

are made from certified suede<br />

in the colour shade dark taupe<br />

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />


Domesticated elegance has always<br />

been a secret weapon for a spectacular<br />

style upgrade, a rule that<br />

still applies. Our design “Harper“<br />

combines the typical cowboy boot<br />

silhouette with a cleverly executed<br />

embossed crocodile pattern that<br />

has a hypnotic, eye-catching effect in<br />

the colour shade cabernet. Available<br />

in an exclusive limited edition capsule<br />

REBELS<br />

FREE<br />

YOUR<br />

INNER<br />


HERO<br />


FALL<br />

IN LOVE<br />

<strong>HÖGL</strong> FALL/WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

6<br />

2<br />

1<br />

The new<br />

must-haves<br />

seduce with<br />

plain beauty<br />

and pure<br />

high-value<br />

5<br />

4<br />

3<br />

1 The signature look of coordinated accessories in matching styles and colours create instant<br />

chic: certified soft patent leather ballerinas “Holly“, premium calfskin leather tote bag “Ellen“<br />

and belt “Colleen“. Everything in the colour shade powder 2 Sound-proofed: Faux fur AirPod<br />

“Sweetie pouch“ from the “Limited Sweetie Edition“ 3 Elegant: Certified calfskin soft patentlook<br />

loafers “Marlon“ 4 Unique: Plush pouch “Sweetie“ successfully bridges the gap between<br />

different styles 5 Good investment: Brushed-look certified leather purse “Jeanny“ 6 Soft<br />

option: furry bags such as the faux fur “Sweetie Mini Bag“ are this season‘s stars<br />


Minimalist design language, time-<br />

less fascination: super-soft certified<br />

patent leather loafers “Elliot“.<br />

The chain-link bracelet element<br />

in the matching colour shade<br />

gunshiny adds an understated<br />

wow effect. The rubberised<br />

soles are slightly treaded in<br />

the heel area for functionality<br />

Back cover<br />

Easy to combine: Dark<br />

taupe certified suede ankle<br />

boots “Charlene“ and trench<br />

coat “Britney“, made from<br />

nappa leather in the<br />

colour shade cabernet<br />



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