Student Handbook 2324

Student handbook for students 23/24

Student handbook for students 23/24


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Dv8 is proud to be one of the only independent providers in Sussex

offering creative courses for young people. Our mission is to empower

creative thinkers, to embrace the idea that anything is possible if you

approach it with an open and creative mind. We encourage you to be

problem solvers, to take risks without fear of failure and to work together

to overcome challenges. We are here to help and support you every step

of the way to make the most of every opportunity in the year ahead.













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We are proud to be entering our 20th year

as one of the only independent providers

in Sussex offering creative courses for

young people. Our mission is to empower

creative thinkers, to embrace the idea that

anything is possible if you approach it with

an open and creative mind. We encourage

you to be problem solvers, to take risks

without fear of failure and to work together

to overcome challenges. We are here to

help and support you every step of the

way to make the most of every opportunity

in the year ahead.

Dv8 student’s learn in small class sizes, in

an environment that is inclusive and

supportive, where everyone will know your

name and where expectations are high.

Our courses are a unique mix of creative

projects, enrichment activities, crosscourse

collaboration, work experience and

English and Math’s qualifications, all

delivered by tutors who have been there

and done it in the creative industries. Our

learning environments are designed to

help you succeed and progress onto the

next stage of your education equipped

with all of the skills needed in the modern

digital workplace.

We hope that over the next one, two or

three years with us you share many

amazing experiences at Dv8 whilst building

friendships and professional links that can

last a lifetime. We look forward to

supporting you on your journey and

helping you achieve your potential in your

chosen subject.

This Student Handbook is filled with useful

and essential information about the

College aiming to guide your through your

time as a Dv8 Student. If there is anything

you would like to know that’s not in here,

please talk to your tutor in the first

instance, or a member of the Centre Team,

Student Services or Learning Support.

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Empowering creative thinkers to be

successful in work and life.


Dv8 Sussex is a specialist college

offering young people aged 16-24

personalised, industry-led training in

the most vibrant & exciting creative

sectors. Through practical project

based learning our students gain real

life experience to develop skills in a

supportive and ambitious environment,

where there are continual opportunities

to work and think differently .


• Ambitious - We believe anything is

possible. We encourage our students

and staff to take risks, think creatively

and problem solve to reach their goals.

• Excellence - We love learning. We

strive to be excellent in all that we do

and recognise and celebrate success

throughout the organisation.

• Creativity - is at the heart of

everything that we do. • Collaborative -

No one can change the world alone. We

all need a team around us that can

function to achieve shared goals.

• Inclusive - We are committed to your

individual journey. No matter what your

starting point at Dv8 we will help you

achieve and progress.



We want to make sure you achieve everything you set out to do at Dv8 Sussex both

academically and personally. Knowledge and information are crucial to achievement,

and we want to ensure you understand how Dv8 Sussex works, what our expectations

are of you as a learner and what you can expect from us. This agreement underpins

the main points of the college rules given to you as part of your induction and relates

specifically to your Study Programme.

Please read the following carefully and seek clarification/ advice on any points that are

not clear.

The College will provide you with:

An introduction to the learning spaces and Dv8 Sussex within your first week. This

will include information on your course and qualifications, available facilities, staff,

and health and safety procedures.

Opportunities for regular assessment, reviews of your progress both vocational and

personal and clear systems for recording your achievements.

A curriculum that stretches and challenges you to achieve all you can.

Individual advice, guidance and support at all stages of your learning including

additional support from external agencies if required.

Reasonable access to appropriate facilities, resources and equipment.

Agreed learning outcomes and learning support.

Opportunities to comment on your learning programme and course or centre


Clear and timely information and support relating to your personal progression plan

into further / higher education and training or employment.

Equality of opportunity.

Inclusivity, Equality of Opportunity and ensuring you are treated fairly.

A safe, comfortable and friendly environment.

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You will have signed a copy of this agreement at enrolment. By doing so, you agree:

That you have received appropriate advice and guidance from staff to assess your

suitability for your choice of programme and level.

To accept responsibility for your own learning and to review your progress with the

support of your tutor(s).

That you understand places can be withdrawn within the first 6 weeks if

attendance, punctuality and/or attitude to learning are considered below that

deemed acceptable standards.

That you understand you are following a full-time study programme. This means

that you will need to commit 5 days per week to your studies, both in and out of


Your course requires you to engage with vocational studies, sessions on Personal

and Social Development, Careers and a minimum of 35 hours of work

placement/experience, social action, and English & maths, as appropriate.

To punctually attend 100% of all timed activities and that on the rare occasion you

may be absent, this absence is accounted for in at detail and a timely fashion.

You understand that any student who is absent for four consecutive weeks

becomes ineligible for funding and the college will need to withdraw from their


To take responsibility for your behaviour in and around the centre and whilst

involved in trips or activities associated with Dv8 Sussex. The college’s expectation

is that you are:

Ready to learn

Respectful to others

Safe in all your behaviours

To complete your work to the best of your ability and within specified deadlines, as

required by your tutor(s).

To follow and respect published Dv8 Sussex policies and procedures (copies of

which are available from the Centre Team office and on the Dv8 website).

That the information provided to create your ILR (Individual Learning Record) is

correct and that you will inform Dv8 Sussex of any changes immediately.

To look after all resources and facilities and return any borrowed equipment on


To wear student lanyard and ID whilst on site and representing the college - a

charge may be payable if this is lost.

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0 6





These are the three simple rules of Dv8. Think about your actions, behaviour and

language and if they are not respectful or safe, or you are not ready and prepared to

learn, then you are breaking the rules.

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We want Dv8 to be a safe and welcoming place for all students, staff and visitors. In

order for this to be the case, there are a few rules that need to be followed at all times.

The Rules

You will attend every session and be on time.

Food and drink is not allowed to be consumed in classrooms or practical spaces -

the only exception is bottled water.

Mobile phone use is not allowed during lesson time, unless used as part of

teaching, learning and assessment.

Hats, hoods and outdoor coats must be removed during lesson time. Bags and

rucksacks must not be worn in class.

Posting photos or video from lessons onto social media is forbidden unless consent

has been given by your teacher.

You must arrive prepared for what you need in order to fulfil your proper work

expectations - pens, notebooks, instruments, technical equipment as applicable.

Drugs, smoking, vaping or alcohol use in college, or being in college suspected as

under the influence, is forbidden and will be a serious disciplinary matter.

Participating in gambling of any kind whilst on site is not allowed.

Students must wear their ID visibly on college premises.

College facilities & IT are used with respect & in line with DV8 policy.

Assessed work will be submitted on the agreed deadlines.

0 8




Dv8 is a safe, respectful and inclusive environment. Whilst at college you are expected

to treat others with respect, regardless of difference, gender identity or ethnic diversity.

Any behaviour which contravenes these requirements may include but is not limited to:


Abusive language or actions

Sexual name calling or harassment

Violent or abusive behaviour (including sexual) of any kind

If the above is not adhered to you will be suspended, without prejudice, and a

Student Contract meeting will be arranged with you and your parent/carer.

0 9




Whilst attending Dv8 Sussex, students are expected to act as ambassadors for the

college, modelling positive and appropriate behaviour at all times. Consequences can

be issued by any student in or around the centre buildings who are not showing the

expected behaviour standards. This may include, but is not limited to:

Damage to property and equipment

Inappropriate behaviour shown to other students or members of the public

Littering - use the bins provided for litter and recycling, both in College and in our

local community.

Alcohol and drug use

Stay away from the nearby loading bays, our neighbours’ doorways and be mindful of

the taxis turning around in the area (Brighton site)

Do NOT invite non-Dv8 students on to College premises. Only Dv8 students are

allowed on site.

If the above is not adhered to you will be suspended, without prejudice, and a Student

Contract meeting will be arranged with you and your parent/carer.

1 0




These are issued immediately for seriously unacceptable or criminal behaviour,

including (but not exclusively) damage to college property or facilities, threats or use of

violence, sexual harassment (in person or online) for example, sexual name calling,

wolf whistling or requesting/sharing nude images, sexual abuse or violence of any

kind, bullying (verbal, physical or online), extreme prejudice or unsafe opinions, use of

drugs, alcohol or other controlled substances, and theft.

You will be suspended, without prejudice, on a review of the incident, you could be

permanently excluded. Parent/guardians will immediately be informed where

applicable and a behaviour meeting with a member of the management team and

parent/guardian will be organised. We do not expect any students to receive more

than one suspension and will move to permanently exclude any students who are

persistently demonstrating unacceptable behaviour. A suspension will bar a student’s

progression to higher levels of study within DV8.

1 1


Dv8 Sussex aims to create an environment in which students and staff feel safe and

protected. We have a duty to safeguard our students from a number of risks which

include: sexual abuse and inappropriate relationships, physical and emotional abuse or

neglect, domestic violence, bullying, self-harm and victimisation due to race, sexual

orientation, faith,gender, gender identity, age, marital status or disability. If you are

affected byany of these issues, or are concerned about someone else, we

recommend you speak to you tutor or a member of the student support team.

Please note, members of staff will not be able to promise to keep something

confidential or a secret if they feel your safety is at risk and there may be times where

we have to tell someone else about what you have told us. We will discuss this with

you first however. This will happen if we think or are told that:

1.You, or other(s) are experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) emotional harm, sexual

harm, physical harm or neglect.

2.If we think that something you have told us may compromise, threaten or undermine

the safety or security of learners, Dv8 staff or property.

If you’re worried about your safety or the safety of a friend call Student Services team

or email n.lombardo@londonlc.org.uk who is one of the Designated Safeguard Leads.

A R E Y O U W O R R I E D ?

Scan here to report a concern you

have for yourself or another student.

If you’re worried about your own or

another person’s immediate safety and

you think you/they may be significant

risk of harm, please speak to any

member of staff straight away.

1 2


The Student Experience and Learning Support Teams are here to make sure you have

the best possible experience and outcome during your time with us. There may be

occasions when you need to talk confidentially about some aspect(s) of your college

or personal life. Student Services are there to help you and can offer advice and

guidance or just be there to listen.


Structured support has been developed to help all Dv8 students to overcome issues

they may be having with the subject content of their studies. We can provide expert

guidance and support to ensure students work is reflective of their abilities and help

them stay on track. Learning Support will also help those that need a little extra to

further develop their English and Maths studies. To find out more please get in touch

with Learning Support or make a referral through the Google Forms link that will be


You can access support, either directly by going to the Learning Support team or by

speaking to your tutor. If you are finding anything difficult that is impacting on your

learning, we will support you with a personalised plan for your needs which may

include 1-2-1’s in and out of class, group work, regular check ins, mentoring, drop ins,

referrals to outside agencies and advocacy. We care about your welfare and learning

experience above all else.


If you are feeling unwell whilst at College, you should go to the Centre Office, either to

sign out or to call a First Aider. Please do not leave the site without telling a tutor or the

Centre office.

1 3



Be Safe - All areas at Dv8 Sussex have Risk Assessments covering the activities that

students are asked to participate in. These assessments reduce the risk of injury to a

minimum, by the use of control measures. These controls will be communicated to you

for each activity.

•Take care! Accept personal responsibility for your own safety and watch out for your

fellow students.

•Follow the rules and warnings given to you in your lessons, in specialist areas (e.g.

Green Screen room, music studio) and in other situations which may be hazardous –

e.g. outside field work or work experience.

•Do not misuse, neglect, damage or interfere with any safety equipment. Your own

safety, or that of other students, may depend on them working on another occasion.

•Report hazards to teaching staff or Centre Management teams. This could prevent

other people from accident and injury.

•Accidents or Serious Illness - In the event of an accident or serious illness, please

speak to any member of staff. If you are involved in an

accident, even if it is relatively minor, please see a First Aider to complete an Accident

Report Form.

•First Aid - There are green and white First Aid posters in every room. Ensure that you

have read and understood the instructions. You can contact a First Aider by going to

the Centre Office.

•Fire and Emergency Procedures – In the event of a fire or other emergency, a siren

will sound continuously and you will be asked to leave the building immediately, using

the signposted fire exit (main doors at the front of the building).

It is your responsibility to know the routine thoroughly. You must meet at the

designated assembly point (Brighton: Back of Victoria House on Windsor Road. Bexhill:

the corner of Wilton Road and Endwell Road- towards Bexhill station). Wait at the

Assembly point until you are given further instructions. Do not re-enter any buildings

unless instructed to do so by a member of staff. Please remember:

• Do not stop to pick up your coat or bag.

• Do not smoke whilst the fire alarm is sounding.

• Stay with your class and your tutor at all times.

• Once you have been told to re-enter the building please do so immediately, it is

not a break time

1 4




We promote what are known as ‘British Values’ at Dv8. These include:

• Democracy

• The Rule of Law

• Individual Liberty

• Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for

those without faith.

We also follow the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy, designed to keep us safe from the

dangers of radicalization or extremism of any sort. Radicalisation involves developing

increasingly negative views influenced by a political or religious ideology or cause.

As outlined in our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy we treat radicalisation and

extremism with the same level of attention as any other safeguarding issue.

We will run sessions on the national Prevent Strategy and ‘British Values’ as part of

your induction and PSD education. To keep you safe, we have a web filtering system

called ‘Securly’ which monitors searches and key and generally checks all college

online activity for signs of extremist, harmful or inappropriate content and offer

targeted support through the Safeguarding team.

Equality and Diversity

One of Dv8’s values is inclusivity and the belief that all people are of equal worth,

entitled to be treated fairly and without prejudice in every aspect of College life. We

expect all our students to show consideration for themselves, and for others, at all

times. More information about our Equality and Diversity Policy can be found on the

College website.

1 5



Attendance & Punctuality

Part of the experience of coming to Dv8 is to prepare you for the demands and

challenges of adult working life; where the expectation is that you arrive on time and

attend every day that you are required to. At Dv8, you are expected to attend all

timetabled lessons and tutorials. You must also be available for 1 to 1 meeting’s, given

suitable notice, with members of staff throughout the College day.

You should be in the classroom at least 5 minutes before the start of the session.

Arriving late to a lesson is not acceptable and disrupts your own and others’ learning.

Regular lateness will result in communication home to parents/carers and possible

suspension from the course.

Missing or arriving late at planned sessions will lead to you falling behind in your

studies and may affect your final grading and achievement.

If you arrive late in class for any session take your seat without disrupting the class. The

tutor will speak to you at the next available opportunity to discuss why you were late.

What to do if you are absent?

You must call the Centre to inform us that you will not be coming in to college before

9.30am on the morning of your absence.

To report a student absence, please use one of the following methods:


Call Brighton Centre Office : 01273 550432


Call Bexhill Centre Office : 01424 213890

You can also email absence@dv8learn.org.uk.

Authorised absence: If you have a medical appointment or have another unavoidable

reason for being absent please provide written evidence to the Centre team outlining

the reason for your absence. Please note that persistent absence through illness will

be investigated to see how we can best support you to continue in your learning.

1 6

If you fail to inform us in advance, your absence will be listed as unauthorised. Only the

college can decide if an absence is authorised or unauthorised.


Types of Absence - We reserve the right to consider issues on a case-by-case basis,

but below serves as our general guide to what could be seen as acceptable reasons to

miss college. You should only miss college for serious, unavoidable reasons. Usually

acceptable reasons include:

Ø You are too ill to leave the house

Ø You have a hospital appointment, or a medical emergency

Ø You have a day of religious observance

Ø There has been a family bereavement

Ø University and Employer Open Days

Ø Work experience – requests for term-time leave for essential work experience

will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. These requests should be submitted at

least two weeks in advance

Persistent unauthorized absence will be dealt with by a 4 stage process:

Stage 1 – One week of non-attendance/lateness or two weeks of same day absence

will result in a Student Contract meeting between the student, parent/carer, tutor and

the relevant Attendance Officer.

Stage 2 – Two weeks or three weeks of same day absence will result in a ‘Learner at

Risk’ Action Plan meeting between the student, parent/carer, tutor and the relevant

Attendance Officer.

Stage 3 - Three weeks non attendance/ lateness or four weeks of same day absence

will result in a letter being sent home from the Principal stating that the student is “at

risk” of being withdrawn.

Stage 4 – Student will be withdrawn

1 7


We have a number of prizes and rewards for good attendance and exceptional

behaviour, which are held throughout the year.

Termly Attendance Prize

Yearly Attendance Prize Draw

All of the top attenders for the year will go into a prize draw with the winner

(one for each Centre) being drawn at the End of Year Show. Prize TBC

‘Good News’ Postcards

Dv8 Breathrough Awards

All staff members are able to hand out personalised postcards which celebrate a

student going above and beyond what is expected of them. Postcards can be

exchanged for vouchers at the centre office.

5 postcards = £5 voucher

10 Postcards = £10 voucher

15 postcards = £15 voucher

You will not be able to cash in vouchers beyond £15.

We love to celebrate our students at Dv8!

Each term and year we have special awards which highlight those students who go

above and beyond during their time with us.






1 8

Charlie Stoneham This is awarded to the

student has consistently worked hard to

overcome barriers to their learning.

Fern Ritchie Award This is awarded to the

student that has shown great promise in

their chosen field, has shown clear

progression from their start date and is

moving forward into their chosen industry,

or onto further study in that field.

Termly top 5 This is awarded to the top 5

students (5 from each centre) that have

achieved excellent attendance (over 95%)

for each term. Prize - £10 voucher

Yearly Prize All of the top attenders( (over

95%) for the year will go into a prize draw

with the winner (one for each centre). It is

drawn at the end of year show. Prize - TBC



Upon enrolment, you will be asked to sign your “Learner Agreement” confirming your

planned hours of attendance and main vocational qualification aims. You will be

provided with your timetable detailing all of your planned teaching and learning at Dv8.

Vocational Course Content

You will be provided with information during induction outlining the key elements of

learning within your course as well as key work submission and assessment deadlines.

Please be sure to read through all the information given.

If you have any questions please ask your Tutor or someone from the Centre Team or

Student Services and we can ensure you have all the information you need.

English and Maths

Your English and Maths aims may be confirmed at enrolment or following an initial

assessment period in the first half term. Learners that start on roll in September and

have a D/ 3 at GCSE or a Functional Skills Level 1 will be put in for GCSE’s. Learners

joining later in the year e.g (past December/ January) may be put on GCSE’s

depending on prior attainment (qualification level achieved before comingto Dv8) or a

stepping stone qualification e.g. functional skills in line with ESFA English and Maths

conditions of funding.

1 9


It is essential that you meet all your coursework and assignment deadlines. Your tutors

will confirm any deadlines with you and you can also check the course schedule on

the Google Classroom. Make a note of the relevant dates in your calendar and allow

time to complete these. Late submissions may not be marked or will achieve a lower

mark due to lateness. All coursework should be submitted to your tutor as agreed

unless alternative arrangements have been made.



The Induction period provides time to see if the course you are on is right for you. We

call this ‘right course choice period’. If you feel at any time during the induction period

that you may not be on the right course, or if you feel that there is another course at

Dv8 more suitable, or at another level, please be sure to raise this with your tutor as

soon as possible. We can then discuss options with you as soon as possible to make

sure that you are on the right course for your level of work, career aspirations and



Plagiarism means taking someone else’s words, thoughts or ideas and copying them or

trying to pass them off as your own. It is a form of cheating which is taken very

seriously. It is alright to make reference to other people’s work, as long as you have

given it credit in a bibliography and used quotation marks where appropriate. There are

many ways that Teachers and Examiners detect plagiarism:

Changes in the style of writing and use of language

Familiarisation with the topics they are marking, and a good chance they many

have read the source you have used.

Internet search engines and specialised computer software can be used to match

phrases or pieces of text with original sources and to detect changes in the

grammar and style of writing or punctuation.

If it is discovered that you have broken the regulations, one of the following penalties

will be applied by the awarding body:

The piece of work will be awarded zero marks

You will be disqualified from the unit for that exam session

You will be disqualified from the whole subject for that exam session

You will be disqualified and barred from entering again for a period of time

2 0

It’s your qualification, it needs to be your own work.



After your initial assessments at enrolment, it will be decided what level of English and

Maths you will be taking, either Functional Skills or GCSE. If you are following a GCSE

pathway and will have to sit an exam you will be issued with a statement of entry.

In the exams the following rules must be adhered to:

No mobile phones, MP3 players, products with electronic communication, storage

devices or digital facilities are allowed in the exam room

No water bottles with labels on

No food

Only clear pencil cases

Any infringement of these rules could result in disqualification. Please remember to

bring your student ID to all timetabled exams.

If you would like to appeal any of your exam or assessment outcomes please follow

the guidance and procedures outlined in our Assessment Appeals Policy and

Procedure document, available on our website or speak to your Tutor or a member of

the Centre Team.


All exam certificates will be available to collect, after exam results have been

published at the end of the Summer break. Along with your certificates you will get a

Statement of Results. Students need to collect their certificate in person from the Dv8

site they attended. If this is not possible the certificate can be posted home if you let us

know in advance and we have your correct address. Un-collected certificates will be

destroyed after 1 year. After this time you will have to contact the awarding body.

2 1


Google Classroom can be accessed from the college computers and from home, with

your usual log-in name and password on any browser. The classroom contains

material uploaded by teachers in your subjects including homework assignments and

has important information, notices and updates on the front page. You can also

communicate with your tutors through this platform.





As a vocational College it’s our aim to help prepare you for life after Dv8, whether

that’s employment, further or higher education or an apprenticeship. We do this in a

number of ways:

2 2

Work Experience

Work Experience is an essential part of your course and the college will support you in

securing appropriate placements. It's a great opportunity to broaden your skills, build

confidence and help you stand out from the crowd. Students are required to actively

seek out work experience opportunities for themselves throughout the year. We can

give you advice on how to research and approach businesses, how to put together a

CV, how to apply for positions and how to present yourself well.

Specialist Industry Placements

This year Dv8 continues to run a special pilot programme on behalf of the government

to trial a new type of work experience called ‘Industry Placements’ which will

eventually become a mandatory part of the new T Level qualifications. These Industry

Placements are much longer than normal work experience opportunities, involving a

weekly commitment of approximately 45 days over the course of the academic year.

They will deliver meaningful, high quality placements where you will use the technical

skills and knowledge you have learnt in the classroom and apply this in the workplace.

This is a new, exciting opportunity which will grow your confidence, provide you with

genuine industry experience and help you network in your specialist vocational area.

Previous participants have even gone on to get paid work with their placement

provider. These placements will be a weekly commitment of 1 day per week in addition

to your college days, over the academic year. There are however limited places

available so if you are interested in taking part in this programme, either speak to your

tutor or email the Stakeholder Engagement Co-ordinator l.elkhatib@londonlc.org.uk as

soon as possible giving your name and course title to find out more.

Careers Events

Dv8 offers a great mix of career related opportunities from guest speakers to

interactive workshops and masterclasses, trips out and visits from industry

professionals from all curriculum areas, sharing their career journey and talking about

opportunities and careers within their creative sector.

Careers Advice & Guidance

During your time with us you will have the opportunity for an appointment with a

professional Careers Adviser who can help you to look at the most suitable progression

options for you after your course at Dv8, write a CV and help prepare you for job

applications and interviews.

Support for UCAS Applications

You will be encouraged to consider all progression options after Dv8. We are

ambitious for all our students and will encourage you to aim for and apply to university.

There will be talks and workshops, advice and support about the HE route and

application process through the PSD programme and tutorials as well as visits to UCAS

events as appropriate. If you have any questions or need more information about this

please speak to your tutor or email the UCAS Lead n.lombardo@londonlc.org.uk

2 3



This is an essential part of the course which is all about your development as a person.

To succeed in life, you need more than expertise in your chosen area in

Music/Media/Games, you need other 'soft skills' as well, to be able to communicate,

work with others, look after yourself, apply for and obtain employment, conduct

relationships and be aware of difference in people and society - all things which

contribute to you having a successful and fulfilling life. It will cover key areas like how

to keep yourself safe, homelessness, drugs and alcohol, health and wellbeing,

equality and gender issues, current and global affairs, mental health and resilience,

sexual health, relationships and careers and employability. It will also celebrate key

dates in the calendar or themes throughout the year like Black History Month, World

Mental Health Day, Anti-Bullying Week and National Careers Week, with visiting

speakers and organisations to help raise awareness, reinforce learning and bring topics

to life.

2 4


To ensure that you get the best experience as possible we organise and arrange a

number of trips and enrichment activities in and out of college timetable. The College

offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities throughout the year including:

Theme Days

Visiting speakers

Careers events

Specialist workshops

Special projects

Off-site visits

You will hear about these opportunities from your tutor, the internal screens at the

college, by checking your Dv8 email, social media or asking the Centre team.


Some trips may require a financial contribution, you may be able to access the

Discretionary Bursary to go on a trip. You must apply well in advance to the Centre


Level 3 Music Students attend The Great Escape Music

Conference in May 2022

2 5


We value your input and views at Dv8; and in line with the emphasis we place on the

value of Democracy, feel that it is important that your opinions are heard. This is done

in a number of ways; at certain points in the year you will be asked to complete

surveys or questionnaires and it is important that as many of you respond to these as

possible otherwise only a small number of learners’ views are represented. We need

students to sit on interview panels when we recruit new staff and on occasions will

require specific student feedback on new premises perhaps or other college

developments. There is a termly Student Voice meeting and you will be asked to

nominate and elect a course representative during induction week. From time to time

Student Voice focus groups are held where learners get the chance to come together

and provide feed-back either on specific issues or on the wider student experience at


If you would like to get involved or find out more please contact your centres

Attendance and Engagement Officer.



2 6



There is money available to help you with your studies. We offer three types of

bursary which can be accessed to help with different aspects of being at Dv8:

1. 16 -19 Bursary

Discretionary Bursary

This a small pot of money designed to enable students, who would have difficulty

otherwise, to access education. This includes help with travel, equipment, food and

trips. This bursary is assessed and based on the individual students need and

circumstance and we cannot guarantee that the full costs will be met.

2. Vulnerable Bursary

This is a bursary for students who are living in care, care leavers or in receipt of

specified Government support. This will be assessed based on your specific needs up

to a total of £1,200 a year. As this is based on your needs you may not receive the full

£1,200. All bursaries are dependent on attendance and behaviour.

3. Free College Meals

If you or your parent/guardian receive income support, Child or Working Tax credits or

universal credit you may be entitled to a free meal each day you attend college.

Learners in receipt of Free College Meals will receive a voucher from the office each

day to buy sandwich, a snack and a drink each day they are in.

For further information on how to claim all the funds please speak to the Centre team.

Please note you will need to provide evidence of your parent's/carer's benefit

entitlement. To apply, please visit our website for a digital form or speak to the Centre

Co-ordinator. For any information on the financial assistance available and other

options; such as how to obtain an NUS Card (now known as Totem card) and

associated discounts, plus various travel options, please talk to the Centre Team.

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Wi-Fi login details

Dv8 Brighton: Dv85uss3X17!

Bexhill Guest: Hon3ycomb

Things to remember – it is very important that you:

Wear your College Identity card lanyard at all times when you are in College and

produce it at the request of any staff member. You will also need it on any exam


Check your College email account daily and the Google Classroom for your course

for important news and information.


There are nearby public bike racks, we advise you to lock it with a secure D-lock and

take out insurance cover for your bicycle.

The C-Card App

The C-Card App enables young people up to the age of 25 to access free

contraception and testing in Sussex. Dv8 Sussex is an access point for this for Dv8

students. Download the app and get free contraception. To find out more please speak

to a member of the Centre Team

Communicating with Staff

You will be given an email address for use with the college. We will use this to send

vital information to you. Please check this email daily. When emailing a member of Dv8

staff, or emailing anyone from your Dv8 email address, please consider carefully the

tone of your message and be considerate and polite. You can expect a response from

a member of staff within five working days. You should not normally email a member

of staff over a matter which requires an immediate response – in these instances you

must find someone and speak with them.

2 8

Lost Property

You must take responsibility for anything you bring to college, Dv8 cannot take any

responsibility for loss or damage, however caused. Make sure you have appropriate

insurance cover for items such as musical instruments, mobile phones and anything

else of value. We strongly advise that you do not bring large amounts of money into


If you lose any items, please go to the Centre Office where it might have been handed

in. If you find someone else’s lost property, please bring it to the Centre Office where it

will be logged and stored. Unclaimed lost property will be disposed of at the end of

each year.

Mobile Phone use

Mobile phones are banned from class completely at Dv8 Sussex. If you wish

to use your phone or are expecting a phone call, please arrange this for break times

only. If you use your phone in class you will be asked to put the phone away in a

pocket or bag, if you become disruptive you will be asked to leave the classroom.

Online Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogs, Forums etc.)

When communicating as a Dv8 Student, consider your online reputation and digital

footprint. Always write professionally, with accurate spelling and grammar. Use the

right level of formality.

Remember that online, anyone can read what you say and it can be reposted

anywhere. Imagine an employer, a university, or a parent was going to read your

comment and then write it.

Part Time Jobs

Many students have part-time jobs and gain personal and financial benefit from them.

However, we ask that you take on no more than a maximum of 10 hours a week. You

must not arrange to undertake paid work at any time during the college day, as you

may be required to attend meetings with staff at any time.

Student Spaces

In both Bexhill and Brighton campuses there are spaces for students to work and relax

in. We expect these spaces to be looked after and respected by all, if they are found to

be left in a consistently bad state access will be restricted. 10 minutes before the end

of each session you will be expected to help tidy the space and leave it in a usable

state for the next session.

2 9

Use of the College Computer Network

The network at Dv8 Sussex is provided for you to carry out work related to your

college work only. You will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct (user agreement) when

you start which means you are agreeing to abide by the college’s rules concerning use

of the computer network and equipment.

You have to access to a College server drive which can be accessed by a username

and password, this will be given out at the start of the year. If you have any problems

accessing the drive or your work, please report this to the Centre Team.

Please ensure you read and understand the IT/ Equipment Housekeeping rules below:

Only use software that is provided for your use by the College. Any attempts to

install software will result in disciplinary action.

The internet is for educational use; you must not access unsuitable material. All

internet activity is monitored via our secured filtered domain and improper use can

result in disciplinary action.

Do not download executable files, music, movies, or any copyrighted material. If

you need to download something to support your coursework, please consult your

tutor first.

Report any faults to the tutor, Learning support assistant or other supervising

member of staff.

You must not use the system in such a way as to cause inconvenience to others.

When you leave a computer, ensure that you tidy up after yourself, placing

unwanted print outs in the recycling bins and logging out.

No eating or drinking is allowed in the vicinity of computers under any


You are responsible for making backup copies of all work in case of a system



Enjoy your time at Dv8, you will get out of college experience what you put in.

Work hard, attend every day, be on time, turn up for lessons and keep up with

assignments and you WILL SUCCEED ! Many of our students have gone on to have

fantastic careers in the creative industries and we want you to do the same. For more

info don't forget to check the Dv8 Website www.dv8sussex.com

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