North West Business 2023-24

The 2023/24 edition of North West Business marks the 12th publication of this highly successful journal that, since its launch in 2009, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the North West Province. Renewable energy is a huge global trend, and the impact this burgeoning sector is having on the North West can be seen in the development of several new solar farms which are under construction. The North West’s strong suit in platinum group metals (PGMs) already puts the province at the forefront of the drive towards a greener and renewable economy because of the applicability of so many of those minerals and metals for the cleaner energy movement. North West Business includes news and analysis of the most important sectors. Best known for its platinum mines, grain and livestock farming and tourism, the province is making a concerted effort to bolster its manufacturing capacity through a dedicated new strategy which includes trying to attract solar panel manufacturing to the province. To complement the extensive local, national and international distribution of the print edition, the full content can also be viewed online at www.globalafricanetwork.com. Updated information on the North West is also available through our monthly e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to at www.gan.co.za, in addition to our complementary business-to-business titles that cover all nine provinces, our flagship South African Business title and the new addition to our list of publications, Journal of African Business, which was launched in 2020.

The 2023/24 edition of North West Business marks the 12th publication of this highly successful journal that, since its launch in 2009, has established itself as the premier business and investment guide for the North West Province. Renewable energy is a huge global trend, and the impact this burgeoning sector is having on the North West can be seen in the development of several new solar farms which are under construction. The North West’s strong suit in platinum group metals (PGMs) already puts the province at the forefront of the drive towards a greener and renewable economy because of the applicability of so many of those minerals and metals for the cleaner energy movement. North West Business includes news and analysis of the most important sectors. Best known for its platinum mines, grain and livestock farming and tourism, the province is making a concerted effort to bolster its manufacturing capacity through a dedicated new strategy which includes trying to attract solar panel manufacturing to the province.

To complement the extensive local, national and international distribution of the print edition, the full content can also be viewed online at www.globalafricanetwork.com. Updated information on the North West is also available through our monthly e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to at www.gan.co.za, in addition to our complementary business-to-business titles that cover all nine provinces, our flagship South African Business title and the new addition to our list of publications, Journal of African Business, which was launched in 2020.


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<strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong> EDITION<br />





PHOTO CREDIT: Sun City Resort<br />

Watched carefully by a local, a hot-air balloon glides gracefully through the ancient volcano crater<br />

that makes up the Pilanesberg National Park. The fourth-largest park in South Africa, Pilanesberg is<br />

home to more than 7 000 animals and 360 bird species. The park, which is administered by the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks Board, offers a wide variety of accommodation options.


<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong> Edition<br />

Introduction<br />

Foreword 3<br />

A unique guide to business and investment in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Special features<br />

A regional overview of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province 4<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is no longer restricting its involvement in the<br />

renewable energy economy to exporting important minerals. Solar<br />

farms are springing up and solar manufacturing may soon become<br />

a new subsector. Tourist numbers are recovering and infrastructure<br />

projects are being planned.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation 8<br />

An agency of the Department of Economic Development,<br />

Environment, Conservation and Tourism, the NWDC promotes<br />

inclusive economic growth, property development and investment.<br />

Economic sectors<br />

Agriculture 14<br />

South Africa’s “Texas” breeds superb cattle.<br />

Mining 16<br />

Impala Platinum has gained control of Royal Bafokeng Platinum.<br />

Energy 20<br />

The sun will power Sun City.<br />

Manufacturing 22<br />

Solar panels could be made in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Water 23<br />

Plans are in place to address shortfalls in water delivery.<br />



Tourism <strong>24</strong><br />

Tourism revenues have recovered after Covid.<br />

Education and training 26<br />

Bicycles make learning easier.<br />

Banking and financial services 27<br />

African Bank has bought Ubank.<br />

Development finance and SMME support 28<br />

SMMEs are preparing to export.<br />

Reference<br />

Key sector contents 12<br />

Overviews of the main economic sectors of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Municipal government listings 30<br />

Municipal map 31<br />

A guide to <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s district and local municipalities.<br />

Provincial government listings 32<br />





<strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong> EDITION<br />


Solar power, AMEA Power; Maize, Melissa Askew/<br />

Unsplash; Cow, NWPG; The Palace at Sun City, Sun City<br />

Resorts; Hartbeespoort Dam, Nkukuleko Mayiyane/<br />

Unsplash; Abundant bird life, Pilanesberg National Park;<br />

Mine shaft, Implats.<br />



NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />



<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong><br />

A unique guide to business and investment in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Credits<br />

Publishing director:<br />

Chris Whales<br />

Editor: John Young<br />

Managing director: Clive During<br />

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<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> is distributed internationally on outgoing and<br />

incoming trade missions, through trade and investment agencies;<br />

to foreign offices in South Africa’s main trading partners around the<br />

world; at top national and international events; through the offices<br />

of foreign representatives in South Africa; as well as nationally and<br />

regionally via chambers of commerce, tourism offices, airport lounges,<br />

provincial government departments, municipalities and companies.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong> edition of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> marks the 12th<br />

publication of this highly successful journal that, since its<br />

launch in 2009, has established itself as the premier business<br />

and investment guide for the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province.<br />

Renewable energy is a huge global trend, and the impact this<br />

burgeoning sector is having on the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> can be seen in the<br />

development of several new solar farms which are under construction.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>’s strong suit in platinum group metals (PGMs) already<br />

puts the province at the forefront of the drive towards a greener and<br />

renewable economy because of the applicability of so many of those<br />

minerals and metals for the cleaner energy movement.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>Business</strong> includes news and analysis of the most important<br />

sectors. Best known for its platinum mines, grain and livestock farming<br />

and tourism, the province is making a concerted effort to bolster its<br />

manufacturing capacity through a dedicated new strategy which<br />

includes trying to attract solar panel manufacturing to the province.<br />

To complement the extensive local, national and international<br />

distribution of the print edition, the full content can also be viewed<br />

online at www.globalafricanetwork.com. Updated information on<br />

the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is also available through our monthly e-newsletter,<br />

which you can subscribe to online at www.gan.co.za, in addition to our<br />

complementary business-to-business titles that cover all nine provinces,<br />

our flagship South African <strong>Business</strong> title and the new addition to our list of<br />

publications, Journal of African <strong>Business</strong>, which was launched in 2020. ■<br />

Chris Whales<br />

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PHOTO CREDITS | Madikwe Game Reserve; Madikwe River Lodge;<br />

Implats; Magalies Water; MediPost Holdings; NWDC; RS Group;<br />

Saveways Crescent; Seboka Game Lodge; Simbra SA; Sun City Resorts;<br />

Supreme Chicken.<br />

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3 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>




Visitor numbers are recovering post-Covid, and there is lots to see.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is no longer restricting its involvement in the<br />

renewable energy economy to exporting important minerals. Solar<br />

farms are springing up and solar manufacturing may soon become<br />

a new subsector. Tourist numbers are recovering, agricultural<br />

products are attracting good prices and several big infrastructure<br />

projects are being planned.<br />

By John Young<br />

Mining and agriculture have always<br />

been the economic mainstays of the<br />

economy of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>, and this<br />

is still true.<br />

But whereas the platinum group metals (PGMs)<br />

mined on the parts of the Bushveld Igneous<br />

Complex that lie beneath the province’s soils<br />

have been attracting good prices and the future<br />

of mining these particular minerals looks good<br />

because of the relevance that they have for the<br />

growing renewable energy economy, the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> is now expanding its interest in other parts<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

4<br />

PHOTO: Madikwe Game Reserve

of that green economy. Large solar farms are now<br />

being built at an increasing rate in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

This development is covered in detail elsewhere<br />

in this journal, but it is significant for the regional<br />

economy that it is not only large organisations<br />

putting solar panels on roofs (although Sun City’s<br />

project is huge), but rather the involvement of the<br />

likes of AMEA Power and the Sola Group in rolling<br />

out big projects that is shifting the landscape.<br />

Solar panel manufacturing is one of the areas<br />

which national government, through Infrastructure<br />

South Africa (ISA), is looking at as a way of growing<br />

the economy and creating jobs. The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Provincial Government, through its agency, the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation (NWDC),<br />

will communicate with ISA with a view to bringing<br />

solar panel manufacturing to Stilfontein, a town in<br />

the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality which<br />

is strategically placed on the N12 and near to more<br />

than one solar farm. A feasibility study is to be done.<br />

A Panel of Experts on Mega Infrastructure<br />

Projects has been appointed by the provincial<br />

government. This is part of a concerted drive to<br />

change the way infrastructure is delivered in the<br />

province. The panel has identified 185 projects,<br />

with eight being prioritised based on a number of<br />

factors, including bankability and potential impact.<br />

These projects include the Smart City<br />

development, the Bojanala Special Economic<br />

Zone (SEZ), agro-processing and agro-hubs, water<br />

and bulkwater supply, health and large urban<br />

precinct developments, renewable energy and<br />

solar component production and broadband<br />

connectivity. It is hoped that these projects will<br />

contribute to being able to process more of the raw<br />

products that are produced by the agriculture and<br />

mining sectors.<br />

Tenders for construction of Phase 2 of the<br />

heavy-industrial area within the Bojanala SEZ have<br />

gone out. The development will cover 486ha. The<br />

trade markets at Mamusa and Mahikeng have been<br />

allocated R10-million and R8-million respectively.<br />

As part of the infrastructure drive, a Routine<br />

Roads Maintenance Plan has been drafted, covering<br />

roads in all four districts of the province. ISA has<br />

set aside R13-billion rand for the maintenance<br />

and upgrading of 39 roads in the province for<br />

Executive Mayor of Bojanala Platinum District<br />

Municipality, Councillor M Nondzaba, at the<br />

launch of The Pothole Patrol work being done<br />

on the R556.<br />

implementation in the <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong> financial year. The<br />

bulk of the money will be spent on rural roads<br />

projects, most of which will be labour-intensive<br />

paved roads in order to create jobs.<br />

A public-private partnership has started to<br />

tackle the problem of potholes. In the first year of<br />

its existence, The Pothole Patrol fixed more than<br />

100 000 potholes in Johannesburg. The concept has<br />

been extended to the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province.<br />

Discovery Insure, Dialdirect Insurance and Sun<br />

City Resort are the private companies involved in<br />

the programme to repair potholes on the R556, the<br />

road that links Sun City to the N4 highway. Leisure<br />

travellers and conference delegates play a big role<br />

in the provincial economy and so making their<br />

journeys easier and safer is a good investment.<br />

As the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> MEC for Public Works and<br />

Transport, MEC Gaoage Oageng Molapisi, said at the<br />

launch of the project: “Good roads attract business<br />

to an area. Gauteng is a very important market<br />

source for our province, but travellers want to know<br />

that they can reach their destination safely. Similarly,<br />

conference and event organisers are disinclined to<br />

plan workshops and conferences at venues with<br />

poor road infrastructure. The province is therefore<br />

extremely thankful for the work carried out.<br />

“We appreciate the collaboration between the<br />

private sector and government. The government<br />

cannot do it alone,” he concluded.<br />

Sun City is expanding its Vacation Club by<br />

building accommodation for an extra 400 guests<br />

PHOTO: Sun City<br />

5 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>

Impala Rustenburg employs more than 40 000<br />

people at its mining and concentrating and<br />

smelting plants.<br />

in a development called Lefika Villas. There will be<br />

48 three-bedroom villas and 10 four-bedroom villas<br />

in the development, together with amenities for<br />

children, a restaurant and a swimming pool.<br />

The ability of local authorities to manage the<br />

infrastructure of towns and districts has been under<br />

scrutiny for some time and national government has<br />

signalled its intention to intervene.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial Government<br />

announced a series of steps taken within its<br />

administration which showed that accountability for<br />

bad behaviour was being implemented.<br />

The establishment of the Mafikeng Digital<br />

Information Hub, a co-working 4IR hub in the centre<br />

of Mahikeng, is an indicator that the province is intent<br />

on joining the digital movement. The hub is led by<br />

Joseph Ndaba, who is serving on the Presidential<br />

Commission on 4IR.<br />

Geography and economy<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is bordered on the west by the<br />

Republic of Botswana and on the east by Gauteng,<br />

the engine of the South African economy.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province makes up 6.8% of the<br />

population of South Africa (3.6-million), 8.7% of the<br />

land mass (105 076km²) and accounts for 5.8% of<br />

economic output in terms of gross value added.<br />

The Vaal River runs along the province’s southeastern<br />

border with the Free State, and the province<br />

also shares borders with the <strong>North</strong>ern Cape to the<br />

south and Limpopo in the north. The mineral<br />

reserves in the province are enormous. Platinum<br />

group metals (PGMs) predominate but there are<br />

significant deposits of gold, uranium, diamonds,<br />

copper, vanadium, fluorspar and nickel. Stone and<br />

limestone are also found in large quantities.<br />

Mining beneficiation takes place at many<br />

places, with Rustenburg being particularly strong<br />

in this sector. The economy of the town is closely<br />

linked to the fortunes of platinum mining, with the<br />

sector contributing about 70% of the city’s gross<br />

geographic product.<br />

Automotive components firms are clustered<br />

in Brits, which in turn is close to the automotive<br />

manufacturing hub of Rosslyn (Pretoria) in<br />

Gauteng. Towns like Klerksdorp (agro-processing<br />

and engineering) and Potchefstroom (food and<br />

beverages) also have manufacturing capacity.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is a major producer of maize<br />

and sunflower seeds and many other agricultural<br />

products. About 20% of South Africa’s maize comes<br />

from the province, as does 15% of its wheat.<br />

The dry western part of the province is home<br />

to beef cattle, game ranching and hunting. The<br />

normally well-watered eastern and north-eastern<br />

regions carry varied crops, many of which are sold<br />

in Johannesburg and Pretoria.<br />

The agricultural sector also generates largescale<br />

storage and logistics operations, particularly in<br />

Klerksdorp, Vryburg and Brits, together with a<br />

number of agro-processing plants. Senwes is one<br />

of the biggest with extensive silo infrastructure<br />

while Suidwes has 17 retail outlets and MGK makes<br />

full-fat soy at its manufacturing plant. Lichtenburgbased<br />

NWK makes liquid fertiliser and animal feed,<br />

processes sunflower seeds and runs 37 silos and<br />

three grain mills.<br />

The province’s three Technical and Vocational<br />

Education and Training (TVET) colleges and the<br />

well-respected <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University all have<br />

several campuses catering to a wide range of<br />

educational disciplines. The university has a strong<br />

reputation as a research institution.<br />

Major towns<br />

Mahikeng<br />

The capital city of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province lies on<br />

the banks of the Molopo River. Situated in the north-<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

6<br />

PHOTO: Implats


west sector of the province near the Botswana<br />

border, the city has a strong services sector and a<br />

population of approximately 300 000.<br />

The city’s main sectors are financial services,<br />

services, transport and trade. The Garona District<br />

houses the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> parliament and government<br />

buildings. The arts are promoted by the Mmabana<br />

Cultural Centre, while the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Institute of<br />

Hotel and Tourism Management is one of three<br />

tertiary institutions in the city. <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University’s<br />

Graduate School of <strong>Business</strong> and Government<br />

Leadership is located in the city, and Unisa has a<br />

presence. Other institutions are the Taletso TVET<br />

College and the International School of South Africa.<br />

The town is well served by hotels such as the<br />

Mmabatho Palms, Hotel and Casino Convention<br />

Resort. White rhino and giraffe can be found at the<br />

Mahikeng Game Reserve.<br />

Tlokwe<br />

The city of Potchefstroom is administered by the<br />

Tlokwe Local Municipality. A large campus of<br />

<strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University and its business school is<br />

located in the city, as is the Vuselela TVET College<br />

and the Potchefstroom College of Agriculture.<br />

More than 120 000 people regularly attended the<br />

annual Aardklop Festival before Covid. The city has<br />

a population of about 173 000.<br />

The sports facilities of <strong>North</strong>-<br />

<strong>West</strong> University are world<br />

class and have been the base<br />

for Spain’s soccer team and<br />

Australia’s cricket team in<br />

world cups. Tlokwe is a hub<br />

for the strong commercial<br />

agriculture of the region and<br />

has several food and beverage<br />

manufacturers including<br />

Nestlé. Some of the bigger<br />

enterprises include fertiliser<br />

companies such as Kynoch,<br />

munitions manufacturers and<br />

food processors like King Food.<br />

An army base contributes to<br />

the economy, and the airfield<br />

formerly used by the military is<br />

now run by the municipality.<br />

The N12 Treasure Route<br />

passes through the city and holds potential for<br />

further development of tourist highlights such as<br />

Boskop Dam and the Mooi River on which the town<br />

is located.<br />

Rustenburg<br />

Rustenburg is a local municipality within the Bojanala<br />

Platinum District Municipality and the headquarters<br />

of both bodies are in the city of about 625 000<br />

residents. Rustenburg straddles the N4 “Platinum<br />

Highway” about 120km west of the cities of Pretoria<br />

and Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province, the<br />

economic hub of South Africa. The N4 stretches<br />

across South Africa from Mozambique in the east, to<br />

the Botswana border in the west and, as the Trans<br />

Kalahari Route, ultimately to Namibia.<br />

At the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range,<br />

Rustenburg is only 50km from one of the country’s<br />

premier tourist resorts, Sun City, which in turn is<br />

adjacent to the 550km² Pilanesberg National Park<br />

and Game Reserve which has a small airport.<br />

Orbit TVET College has a campus in Rustenburg,<br />

Unisa has a regional office and the Agricultural<br />

Research Institute’s Industrial Crops Division is also<br />

located in the city. The Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace<br />

hosted five group matches in the 2010 World Cup.<br />

Platinum mining began in 1929 and has driven<br />

the city’s growth ever since. ■<br />

7 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>


<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation<br />

NWDC is your economic growth, development and investment partner in<br />

the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province of South Africa.<br />

It is the mission of the NWDC to create wealth<br />

and facilitate job creation where the people of<br />

the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province live.<br />

From its head office situated in Mahikeng and<br />

supported by 10 regional branches, the NWDC<br />

fulfils its economic development mandate through:<br />

• economic development and infrastructure projects<br />

• attracting investment and facilitating trade<br />

opportunities<br />

• developing and supporting SMMEs and<br />

co-operatives<br />

• managing its property portfolio<br />

• leveraging strategic partnerships<br />

• programmes of the NWDC<br />

The NWDC’s operational programmes create a<br />

synergy towards fulfilling its vision of promoting<br />

trade, attracting investment and ensuring<br />

sustainable inclusive economic growth and<br />

transformation in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province.<br />

NWDC programmes<br />

• Administration<br />

• Property Development and Management<br />

• SMME Development and Management<br />

• Trade and Investment Facilitation<br />

• Subsidiaries: Bojanala Special Economic Zone<br />

SOC Ltd<br />

Values<br />

The NWDC upholds the values of:<br />

• Professionalism<br />

• Integrity<br />

• Respect<br />

• Cooperation<br />

• Innovation<br />

Governance<br />

The NWDC is a PFMA Schedule 3D-listed public<br />

business enterprise with a dual commercial and<br />

development mandate. NWDC’s Shareholder<br />

is the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Department of Economic<br />

Development, Environment, Conservation and<br />

Tourism (DEDECT). The NWDC is governed by a<br />

board of directors and board sub-committees,<br />

appointed by the Shareholder.<br />

Its full mandate as outlined in the NWDC Act is: To<br />

plan, finance, coordinate, promote and carry out the<br />

economic development mandate of the province and<br />

its people in the fields of industry, commerce, finance,<br />

mining and other business, resulting in wealth and<br />

job creation where people live. ■<br />

VISIT US AT:<br />

NWDC Head Office<br />

22 James Watt Crescent, Industrial Site, Mahikeng<br />

Tel: 018 381 3663<br />

Website: www.nwdc.co.za<br />

Facebook: <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation<br />

Twitter: @Invest_NWDC<br />

LinkedIn: <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation<br />

Newsletter: to receive the NWDC newsletter, see QR code, right.

Poised to transform<br />

the region<br />

The Bojanala Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is<br />

poised to transform the region into a sustainable<br />

beneficiation hub for mineral processing of<br />

platinum group metals (PGMs), manufacturing<br />

of capital equipment and renewable energy<br />

components and agro-processing.<br />

Why Bojanala SEZ?<br />

Access to infrastructure<br />

• 88 factories available<br />

• Adequate water volumes available: Vaalkop<br />

Dam is 20km from site with a 160mm pipeline<br />

• Sewerage: 200mm to the existing WWTW<br />

• Electricity supply: 11MVA current. New substation<br />

at Ledig under construction<br />

Access to transport logistics infrastructure<br />

• Rail: 1km from site with unutilised sidings.<br />

Transnet Freight Rail is part of the Project<br />

Steering Committee<br />

• Air: Pilanesberg Airport is 19km away<br />

• Road: on the R510 connecting to the N4<br />

Access to markets<br />

• Platinum group metals (PGMs) is the major<br />

product of the mining sector in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

as the province contributes 40% of the world’s<br />

platinum and 55% of the platinum in South<br />

Africa in 2017.<br />

• The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province also produces 70%<br />

of the dimension stone and granite, 32% of<br />

the chrome and 20.7% of the gold of South<br />

Africa. Other minerals produced in the province<br />

include diamonds, vanadium, slate, limestone,<br />

nickel, silica, manganese, phosphate, fluorspar<br />

and zinc.<br />

Sectoral focus<br />

• Mineral beneficiation<br />

• Renewable energy<br />

The Bojanala Special Economic Zone is<br />

located in the Bodirelo Industrial Park in<br />

Mogwase. Mogwase is part of the Moses<br />

Kotane Local Municipality, which falls under<br />

the Bojanala District Municipality. The SEZ is<br />

on the R510 road, 50km from Rustenburg.<br />

• Capital equipment<br />

• Agro-processing<br />

SEZ incentives and benefits for investors<br />

• Corporate tax of 15%<br />

• Accelerated allowance on buildings and<br />

improvement to buildings<br />

• Salaried employees (below R6 000) to receive<br />

wage allowance<br />

• Capital allowance: plant and machinery imports<br />

• Special customs and VAT incentives<br />

• Retain status for 10 years<br />

• Sunset clause until 20<strong>24</strong>

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province is ideally<br />

situated for trade<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation stands ready to facilitate trade<br />

and to encourage investment in the province.<br />

The location of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province<br />

within South Africa and the African market<br />

makes it attractive to investors from both a<br />

national and continental perspective.<br />

Bordering Botswana, the province is ideally<br />

positioned to access the 14 countries comprising<br />

the Southern African Development Community<br />

(SADC). The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province of South Africa<br />

is ideally located as one of the gateways to the<br />

SADC. The province benefits from the N4 highway<br />

that connects the Walvis Bay Port in Namibia<br />

with the Maputo Port in Mozambique, running<br />

through the province.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> offers easily available skills and<br />

distribution channels imperative for agricultural<br />

commercial ventures and plays a significant role in the<br />

supply of energy, transport and communications to<br />

the African continent.The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development<br />

Corporation (NWDC) is the province’s trade and<br />

investment facilitation agency. It offers the following:<br />

• Positioning the province as an attractive<br />

investment destination<br />

• Provides a one-stop shop for investment<br />

promotion and facilitation, investor services and<br />

aftercare support for investors<br />

• Supports the development and growth of Black<br />

Industrialists in the province<br />

• Grows trade and exports by leveraging provincial<br />

imperatives and competitive advantages<br />

• Creating platforms for trade, export and<br />

investment for the province<br />

• Promotes the Bojanala SEZ as a means for<br />

investment attraction<br />

• Identifies key markets and facilitate market<br />

access for <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>-based exporters<br />

• Facilitates synergistic initiatives with local and<br />

district municipalities<br />

Trade and export facilitation<br />

The NWDC offers the following services to<br />

clients interested in selling their products on<br />

international platforms:<br />

• Company registration.<br />

• Through the Department of Economic<br />

Development, Environment, Conservation and<br />

Tourism (DEDECT), assist in identifying the type<br />

of registration required, supply application forms<br />

and provide guidance with regard to document<br />

completion and advice about lodging applications<br />

and monitoring registration progress<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />



• Export registration and processes<br />

• Customs at SARS offices: assist in facilitating<br />

export permit requirements<br />

• Access to both local and international market,<br />

including local exhibitions, international<br />

missions and electronic platforms<br />

• Export awareness and development training<br />

• Product development<br />

• Product certification<br />

• Quality Management System<br />

• Support: export awareness workshops<br />

• Orientation courses<br />

• Pre-exhibition training<br />

• Export Marketing and Investment Assistance<br />

(EMIA) scheme facilitation, through the<br />

National Department of Trade, Industry and<br />

Competition (dtic).<br />

The purpose of the EMIA scheme is to partially<br />

compensate exporters for certain costs incurred<br />

in respect of activities aimed at developing export<br />

markets for South African products and to recruit<br />

new foreign direct investment into South Africa.<br />

EMIA offers exporters financial assistance with<br />

market research, trade missions and showcasing<br />

products and services at international exhibitions.<br />

Investment services<br />

• Facilitate joint venture and equity partnerships<br />

• Provide information on financing options and<br />

investment incentives<br />

• Provide advice on feasibility studies and<br />

business plans<br />

• Assist investors to obtain work and business<br />

permits<br />

• Provide assistance in obtaining suitable factory<br />

space<br />

• Assist existing firms to expand and reinvest<br />

• Assist companies to find export markets for their<br />

products<br />

• Provide advisory services to improve company<br />

growth and performance<br />

• Provide competitiveness improvement support<br />

• Advise on productivity and process<br />

improvement<br />

• Facilitate market access to businesses in the<br />

province<br />

Infrastructure keeps the wheels of commerce going.<br />

A new intersection has been built on the R512.<br />

Credit: Sanral<br />

Beneficiating minerals, especially PMGs, is a major goal<br />

of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province. Credit: Unsplash.


Overviews of the main economic<br />

sectors of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province<br />

Agriculture 14<br />

Mining 16<br />

Energy 20<br />

Manufacturing 22<br />

Water 23<br />

Tourism <strong>24</strong><br />

Education and training 26<br />

Banking and financial services 27<br />

Development finance and SMME support 28<br />

Impala Platinum (Implats) gained control of Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RBPlat) in <strong>2023</strong>. Impala Rustenburg<br />

comprises mining shafts and concentrating and smelting plants.


Agriculture and agro-processing<br />

South Africa’s “Texas” breeds superb cattle.<br />


Citrus is making a comeback<br />

in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Citrus trees, carefully protected, have been planted at two<br />

schools as part of a training programme which doubles as a<br />

carbon-offset project and is sponsored by Sun City.<br />

A<br />

revival of the citrus industry in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is one of the<br />

intended results of a training programme for previously<br />

unemployed young people sponsored by Sun City Resort.<br />

Six young people from Moses Kotane Municipality<br />

completed a 12-month Citrus <strong>Business</strong> Management learnership<br />

through the Citrus Academy and 100 trees were planted at two<br />

schools with the assistance of consulting group Sigma Industry South.<br />

Sun City sponsored soil and water testing, soil preparation, irrigation<br />

and fencing worth R130 000, as well as a vegetable garden at Sedibelo<br />

with a borehole worth R155 000 at the schools, Sedibelo Secondary<br />

School in Moruleng and Temogo Special Needs School in Mogwase.<br />

Lwazi Mswelanto, Sun City Sustainability Manager, said, “These<br />

trees will provide a crop for the schools to feed their pupils or for<br />

them to sell to raise funds to buy things such as stationery. <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Province is historically known as a citrus area, which is why<br />

Sun City selected orange trees, so that we reduce the impact of<br />

our operations through the carbon-dioxide minimisation provided<br />

by trees, while at the same time reinvigorate farming within the<br />

communities.” Although cattle and maize crops feature strongly in<br />

any discussion of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> agriculture, a black-owned company<br />

has succeeded on the back of<br />

hard work in the citrus market.<br />

Batlhako Temo Services, a former<br />

co-operative which started life<br />

cultivating sunflowers, is now a<br />

Brits-based company exporting to<br />

the Middle East and Taiwan. Over<br />

the years, the group of farmers<br />

has received support from the<br />

Department of Agriculture, Rural<br />

Development and Land Reform<br />

and from the Small Enterprise<br />

Development Agency (Seda)<br />

which has enabled them to invest<br />

in equipment and expand their<br />

workforce.<br />

The remarkable success of<br />

doctor-turned-farmer Obakeng<br />

Mfikwe is creating opportunities for<br />

other emerging farmers through a<br />

partnership between KMF Feedlot<br />

and Abattoir and the Provincial<br />

Government of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

Mfikwe turned from medicine<br />

to farming in 2010 and has since<br />

built up a diverse and successful<br />

enterprise, KMF Farm Holdings,<br />

which ranges from poultry, feedlots<br />

and grain to the breeding of Simbras,<br />

Black Angus and Simmentalers.<br />

As part of a drive to help more<br />

farmers get connected to the more<br />

profitable end of the value chain, a<br />

beef beneficiation project is under<br />

consideration. To be located in the<br />

Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District,<br />

a feasibility study is investigating<br />

whether a public-private partnership<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

14<br />

PHOTO: Sun City Resort

for constructing abattoirs and other relevant infrastructure would work.<br />

The Provincial Government is working with the Independent<br />

Development Trust on four agricultural projects, namely, Springbokpan<br />

Grain Silos, Kgora Farmer Training Centre and the Selame Poultry and<br />

Melton Research Farm.<br />

The dry western region of the province is home to large beef-cattle<br />

herds, and this is where the growing game-ranching and hunting<br />

industry has its base. The eastern and north-eastern parts of the province<br />

receive relatively good rainfall and are suitable for the cultivation of crops.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> has approximately 1.6-million beef cattle,<br />

representing 12% of South Africa’s herd. Major breeds include Simmental,<br />

Brahman, Bonsmara and Simbra, a cross between the Brahman and<br />

Simmental breeds.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is sometimes called “The Texas of South Africa”<br />

because of its superb cattle herds but the province also produces good<br />

crops of onions and other vegetables. Proximity to the large urban<br />

concentrations of Pretoria and Johannesburg are advantages for the<br />

horticulture subsector.<br />

Kalahari Red and Boerbok goats are found in large numbers in the<br />

dry west. The number of goats for the province is estimated at 701 587<br />

which is 12% of South Africa’s total. There are estimated to be 318 843<br />

pigs, which is 20% of South Africa’s total drove. For those who know<br />

the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> as a water-scarce region, it may be surprising to learn<br />

that a priority in 2021 has been the repair of earthen dams and fences<br />

damaged by flooding.<br />

Nearly two-million hectares is planted with summer cereals,<br />

with about 50 000ha given over to winter cereals. The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

produces about 20% of South Africa’s maize and about 15% of<br />

its wheat. The central and southern sections of the province are<br />

dominated by maize and wheat farming. When it comes to sunflower<br />

seed, the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is responsible for 33% of South Africa’s stock,<br />

and 23% of the nation’s groundnuts. The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> supplies 5.4% of<br />

South Africa’s potatoes, but parts of the Kalahari are ideally suited to<br />

the cultivation of seed potatoes.<br />

Companies<br />

Senwes has a strong grain division and it controls 68 silos. Its<br />

headquarters are in Klerksdorp and it has increased its stake in KLK so<br />

that it now controls 57.44% of the company most strongly associated<br />

A Senior and Grand Champion cow<br />

owned by KMF Farm Holdings.<br />

with the <strong>North</strong>ern Cape. Suidwes<br />

is based south of Klerksdorp in<br />

Leeudoringstad. More than 90%<br />

of the shares in the company<br />

are held by farmers. Grain<br />

handling is the main business<br />

and there are divisions for retail<br />

(17 outlets and one animal-feed<br />

depot), mechanisation, finance<br />

and research and agricultural<br />

economics (Terratek).<br />

Brits is the location of the<br />

headquarters of the MGK Group.<br />

The company runs five divisions<br />

and a plant that makes full-fat<br />

soy, a component in animal feed.<br />

NWK is another company with<br />

manufacturing capacity. The<br />

Lichtenburg-based enterprise<br />

makes liquid fertiliser (up to 10<br />

tons per month), animal feed<br />

(Opti Feeds), processes sunflower<br />

seeds (Epko), and runs three grain<br />

mills. Another subsidiary, Opti<br />

Chicks, has a capacity of 600 000<br />

chicks per week.<br />

NWK also deals in grain, runs<br />

several retail outlets and has<br />

a half-share (with Senwes) in<br />

CertiSure Brokers. The company<br />

has 37 silos with a capacity of<br />

2.5-million tons. ■<br />


Grain SA: www.grainsa.co.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: www.dard.nwpg.gov.za<br />

Red Meat Producers Organisation: www.rpo.co.za<br />

PHOTO: Simbra SA<br />

15 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>


Mining<br />

Impala Platinum has gained control of Royal Bafokeng Platinum.<br />


Harmony Gold and<br />

Sedibelo Pilanesberg<br />

Platinum are investing.<br />

The Mining & Technical Exhibition (MTE) is a popular event and was held<br />

on consecutive days in Mooinooi and Rustenburg in 2022. Amandelbult<br />

and Zondereinde are other venues on the exhibition roster.<br />

A<br />

sale that has been in the works since 2021 was finally<br />

resolved in June <strong>2023</strong> when <strong>North</strong>am Platinum agreed<br />

to sell its stake in Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RBPlat) to<br />

Impala Platinum (Implats).<br />

That sale took Implats’ holding in RBPlat to 91% after it had<br />

bought 9.26% of the company from Public Investment Corporation<br />

(PIC) earlier in the year to give it a majority holding. The RBPlat<br />

platinum group metals (PGM) facility, which lies directly south of Sun<br />

City, is adjacent to Implats Rustenburg’s land. The Impala Rustenburg<br />

operation comprises a nine-shaft mining complex and concentrating<br />

and smelting plants.<br />

Implats CEO Nico Muller was quoted in the Financial Mail as<br />

saying that the RBPlat acquisition would effectively extend the lifeof-mine<br />

of the combined Rustenburg operations by “at least 10 years”.<br />

In a press release announcing the IDC transaction, Muller said:<br />

“Securing control of RBPlat solidifies a stronger, more sustainable<br />

future for the Rustenburg region, the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> province and<br />

the South African PGM sector – collectively a major employer in<br />

the mining sector and a key driver of economic activity for the<br />

country. It will contribute to job security for more than 42 000<br />

Impala Rustenburg employees<br />

and contractors, and stability<br />

for the more than 495 000<br />

people who depend on its<br />

mining activities and social<br />

contributions. With more<br />

years of continuous operation<br />

at scale, the intensity of<br />

benefits will continue for<br />

longer, delivering tangible<br />

socioeconomic benefits for the<br />

region and its communities.”<br />

Pilanesberg Platinum<br />

Mines has been active 80km<br />

north-west of Rustenburg<br />

since 2009. Mining operations<br />

are conducted by contractors<br />

while PPM manages the<br />

concentrator (screen, crush,<br />

mill, float, thicken and dry). The<br />

operation has annually achieved<br />

an average of about 150 000<br />

ounces of PGM concentrate.<br />

PGM miner Sibanye Stillwater<br />

will spend a further R3.9-billion<br />

on an expansion project at its<br />

Marikana mine, after previous<br />

owner Lonmin spent more than<br />

R4-billion on it. The aim is to be<br />

producing 250 000oz per year of<br />

platinum, gold, palladium and<br />

rhodium in 2028.<br />

It is not only PGMs that are<br />

sparking interest in expanded<br />

operations. In his annual State<br />

of the Province Address, Premier<br />

Kaobitsa Bushy Maape made<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

16<br />



special mention of two significant recent investments in the mining<br />

sector: Sedibelo Pilanesberg Platinum Mine R9.4-billion injection<br />

into the Moses Kotane Local Municipality will create 3 000 job<br />

opportunities and the City of Matlosana will be 6 000 jobs better off<br />

as a result of a R7-billion investment from Harmony Gold.<br />

The 2022 iterations of the Mining and Technical Exhibitions<br />

(MTE) took place in two platinum-mining towns, Rustenburg and<br />

Mooinooi, which is roughly halfway between Rustenburg and Brits.<br />

The travelling exhibition company, a division of IMD Conferences<br />

Exhibitions and Workshops, celebrates its 30th birthday in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Small business support<br />

Pilanesberg Platinum Mines created Community Crusher as a nonprofit<br />

enterprise but with 14 employees and a steady set of orders<br />

for building projects run by the company, the small business is<br />

starting to show signs of becoming a bigger business.<br />

Many mines run similar programmes, sourcing goods and<br />

services from local community-based companies and sometimes<br />

providing mentoring and advice on how to improve as businesses.<br />

Implats has a programme of procurement in which it supports<br />

local business and black-owned businesses through enterprise and<br />

supplier development programmes.<br />

The Provincial Government of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is in talks with<br />

several mining companies in the Matlosana Local Municipality area<br />

(which includes Klerksdorp and Orkney) as some mines are being<br />

closed down. One of the initiatives to extract more value from<br />

mining is the proposed Platinum Valley Special Economic Zone.<br />

Creating a base for companies to supply the mining industry is one<br />

of the key drivers behind the scheme.<br />

The Seda Platinum Incubator (SPI) is an initiative of the<br />

Platinum Trust of South Africa and is funded by the Small Enterprise<br />

Development Agency (Seda) through its Seda Technology<br />

Programme (Stp) with the support of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial<br />

Government and private companies.<br />

Mineral resources<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province is aligned with the <strong>West</strong>ern Limb of the<br />

Bushveld Igneous Complex, a remarkably rich minerals formation.<br />


Council for Geoscience: www.geoscience.org.za<br />

MTE: www.mteexpos.co.za<br />

National Department of Mineral Resources and Energy: www.dmr.gov.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation: www.nwdc.co.za<br />

Mines in the province produce<br />

50% of the platinum produced<br />

in the world, and 65% of South<br />

Africa’s PGMs. Chromite is the<br />

other major mineral mined<br />

throughout the province, and<br />

there are several ferrochrome<br />

smelters and other processing<br />

plants. South Africa produces<br />

about 70% of the world’s<br />

chrome. Gold and uranium are<br />

found along the border of the<br />

province with Gauteng and the<br />

Free State (in Klerksdorp and<br />

Orkney).<br />

Diamonds are mined at<br />

Christiana, Bloemhof and<br />

Lichtenburg. Other minerals<br />

include fluorspar, vanadium,<br />

rhodium, uranium, copper,<br />

limestone, slate, phosphate,<br />

manganese, coal and nickel.<br />

Limestone quarries run by G&W<br />

Base and Industrial Minerals in<br />

the Marico District are located<br />

next to a PPC cement factory.<br />

One of the last economically<br />

viable limestone deposits in<br />

South Africa is mined and<br />

processed by Sephaku Cement.<br />

Sephaku runs a 6 000-tonper-day<br />

clinker plant near<br />

Lichtenburg.<br />

AfriSam, PPC and Lafarge<br />

are active in the Mahikeng/<br />

Lichtenburg area, but Sephaku<br />

is confident that its clinker and<br />

cement-production facilities will<br />

be supported by raw materials<br />

for at least 30 years. AfriSam<br />

has taken measures to reduce<br />

carbon emissions at its Dudfield<br />

cement plant. ■<br />

17 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>

FOCUS<br />

Economic Inclusion<br />

Centre boosts SMMEs<br />

Impala Rustenburg makes a positive contribution to its communities.<br />

Impala Rustenburg is 96% owned by Implats and has<br />

operations situated on the western limb of the worldrenowned<br />

Bushveld Complex near Rustenburg. The<br />

operation comprises a multi-shaft mining complex<br />

and concentrating and smelting plants.<br />

At Impala Rustenburg, the long-term viability<br />

of our business is linked to the well-being of<br />

our local communities. Our socio-economic<br />

investments towards mine-community well-being<br />

include initiatives defined in our social and labour<br />

plans, as well as our corporate social investment<br />

projects. The mining operation contributes to<br />

communities both directly and indirectly through<br />

the jobs we create, the local workforces we upskill,<br />

the local business opportunities we generate,<br />

the infrastructure we build and the education<br />

and community health initiatives we support. To<br />

strengthen relationships with the local business<br />

community, Impala Rustenburg established an<br />

impactful, mutually beneficial and outcomesbased<br />

engagement platform with 14 mine host<br />

community business forums.<br />

Empowering SMMEs<br />

Impala Rustenburg recently invested R8.6-million<br />

into developing an Economic Inclusion Centre<br />

that serves as a small business hub for minecommunity<br />

small, medium and micro enterprises<br />

(SMMEs). The multi-functional venue provides<br />

SMMEs with services including enterprise and<br />

supplier development, assistance with market<br />

access and funding facilitation, as well as various<br />

shared business facilities. The initiative forms part<br />

of our ongoing commitment to collaborate with<br />

stakeholders and communities to ensure the<br />

growth of mine-community SMMEs.<br />

Investing in education<br />

Impala Rustenburg has made a significant<br />

commitment to youth education through its<br />

multimillion-rand bursary programme that will see 34<br />

Class of 2022 matriculants from the operation’s mine<br />

communities take the first step on their journey to<br />

the career of their dreams. A further 21 bursaries were<br />

awarded to students from the greater Rustenburg<br />

area and Impala Rustenburg’s labour-sending areas.<br />

This brings the total number of bursaries awarded<br />

in <strong>2023</strong> to 55. In 2022, the innovative mobile<br />

Career Expo showcased a wide range of career<br />

opportunities in the mining industry to 6 500 youth<br />

in grades 9 and 11. This was the second Career Expo<br />

in a two-year cycle, bringing the total number of high<br />

school learners reached to 12 200. ■<br />

Alice Lourens, Group Head: Investor Relations<br />

and Corporate Communication<br />

Tel: 011 731 9033<br />

E-mail: alice.lourens@implats.co.za<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />


Creating a better future<br />

through the way we do business<br />

Skills Development<br />

Access to<br />

quality education<br />

Ensuring efficient<br />

water re-use.<br />

Educational<br />

support projects<br />

Bringing our values driven approach<br />

to everything we do.<br />

Coole Adv 19006


Energy<br />

The sun will power Sun City.<br />


Solar panels may be made<br />

at Stilfontein on the N12.<br />

Sun City Resort is taking advantage of its sunny location.<br />

Sun City is living up to its name with the installation of a R16-<br />

million roof-based solar system.<br />

The power produced will be the equivalent of what 329<br />

average-sized South African households consume over a year.<br />

When the sun is shining, the panels will provide about 14% of the<br />

resort’s electrical demand. The investment is expected to pay for itself<br />

within five years and have a lifespan beyond 25 years. The plant will<br />

reduce Sun City’s annual CO2 equivalent emissions by an estimated<br />

2 510 tons.<br />

Stilfontein, on the N12 highway between Potchefstroom and<br />

Klerksdorp, has been identified as the possible site of a solar panel<br />

manufacturing plant. A feasibility study is to be done and the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Development Corporation will lobby Infrastructure South Africa<br />

(ISA) for the Stilfontein concept to be included in national plans with<br />

regard to solar panel manufacturing.<br />

In addition, the Provincial Government of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> intends<br />

revising its Provincial Energy Strategy to take into account the<br />

rapidly changing global energy environment. A joint technical team<br />

of experts has been established with the <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University to<br />

revise the document with special attention to be given to the issues<br />

of energy security and how to<br />

mitigate loadshedding.<br />

Tronox and Sola have signed<br />

Africa’s biggest corporate<br />

renewable energy power<br />

purchase agreement award<br />

to date, related to two solar<br />

plants near Lichtenburg in the<br />

Ditsobotla Local Municipality.<br />

This agreement takes advantage<br />

of recently promulgated<br />

changes to regulations, whereby<br />

energy wheeling is allowed.<br />

Wheeling means the power<br />

will be supplied through the<br />

national grid but it is generated<br />

and purchased in geographically<br />

distinct locations. The reduction<br />

in annual CO2 emissions related<br />

to these facilities is expected to<br />

be 595 tons.<br />

When De Wildt Solar<br />

near Brits started commercial<br />

operations in January 2021,<br />

it became, according to<br />

Engineering News, the “fourth<br />

utility-scale plant that has come<br />

on line in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> in<br />

under five months”. The province<br />

had been lagging in terms of<br />

projects undertaken through<br />

the national private producers’<br />

renewable energy programme,<br />

but now it’s making up for lost<br />

time. With 169 140 solar modules,<br />

the South African-owned plant<br />

delivers 123 186MWh/year and<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

20<br />

PHOTO: Sun City


will bring economic benefits to many residents and businesses of the<br />

Madibeng Local Municipality and beyond. A brickmaking co-operative<br />

was involved in the solar farm’s construction.<br />

Pilanesberg Platinum Mines introduced its Kell processing plant<br />

in 2021, a technology that reduces electricity usage and eliminates<br />

sulphur dioxide emissions in smelting. With platinum group metals<br />

(PGMs) attracting good prices partly because of the role they can<br />

play in the hoped-for lower-carbon economy, cleaner and cheaper<br />

methods of extraction and processing offer even sunnier projections<br />

for the miners of PGMs.<br />

Alternative sources<br />

Most of South Africa’s energy requirements are met by Eskom’s coalfired<br />

power stations but the drive to start producing renewable<br />

energy is growing, and researchers and companies in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

are investigating several options. Big mining companies are among<br />

the biggest users of energy and many belong to the Energy Intensive<br />

Users Group of Southern Africa.<br />

The Bio-Energy research group, located within the Faculty of<br />

Engineering at the <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University, is active in the field of<br />

second and third-generation bio-refinery research, covering both<br />

biochemical and thermochemical production. The group comprises<br />

chemists, biochemists, microbiologists and chemical engineers and<br />

falls under the university’s Centre of Excellence in Carbon-based Fuels<br />

which has two other components, researchers looking into the future<br />

of coal and another investigating how best to control emissions.<br />

Bioethanol, biodiesel and methane gas from waste and renewable<br />

resources are among the types of biofuels under discussion.<br />

Sunflower seeds and sweet sorghum are suitable for converting into<br />

biofuel and bioethanol.<br />

Silversands Energy is a <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> company that produces<br />

ethanol fuel for an ethanol-powered bus made by Scania South<br />

Africa for the City of Johannesburg.<br />

South Africa’s nuclear research centre is located at Pelindaba near<br />

Hartbeespoort Dam and is run by the South African Nuclear Energy<br />

Corporation. The NWU Nuclear Engineering Department is the only one<br />

of its kind in the country, and the National Department of Science and<br />

Technology has allocated a chair in Nuclear Engineering to the university.<br />

One of the key focus areas for the planned Platinum Valley Special<br />

Economic Zone (PVSEZ) is the<br />

promotion of renewable energy.<br />

The PVSEZ is in the Mogwase<br />

industrial area in the Bojanala<br />

Platinum District Municipality and<br />

has already attracted the interest<br />

of several investors.<br />

Sibanye-Stillwater, which<br />

started its life as a gold company<br />

in South Africa and swiftly<br />

became a global leader in<br />

mining PGMs, bought a share in<br />

a Finnish mining and chemicals<br />

company Keliber in early 2021<br />

with the aim of producing<br />

battery-grade lithium hydroxide<br />

in that country. The South<br />

African firm has subsequently<br />

increased its stake to 79%.<br />

The partnership will invest<br />

in lithium mines, a concentrator<br />

plant and a lithium hydroxide<br />

plant. Sibanye-Stillwater is the<br />

world’s largest primary producer<br />

of platinum, second-largest<br />

primary producer of palladium,<br />

third-largest producer of gold<br />

and the world’s leading global<br />

recycler and processor of spent<br />

platinum group metals (PGM)<br />

catalytic converter materials.<br />

Two of the company’s three<br />

South African PGM assets are<br />

in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>, Marikana<br />

and Rustenburg, and it is<br />

the majority shareholder in<br />

the Platinum Mile tailings<br />

retreatment facility near<br />

Rustenburg, which recovers<br />

PGMs from the tailings of the<br />

Rustenburg operations. ■<br />


Energy Intensive Users Group of Southern Africa: www.eiug.org.za<br />

South African Independent Power Producers Association: www.saippa.org.za<br />

South African Photovoltaic Industry Association: www.sapvia.co.za<br />

South African Renewable Energy Council: www.sarec.org.za<br />

21 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>


Manufacturing<br />

Solar panels could be made in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />


Supreme Chicken has invested<br />

R180-million at Tigane.<br />

Supreme Chicken has expanded its operations.<br />

The announcement that AMEA Power has been awarded a<br />

120MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project at Doornhoek is interesting<br />

beyond the implications for energy generation.<br />

Doornhoek is near Klerksdorp which in turn is near Stilfontein,<br />

and that is the site chosen by the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial Government<br />

as the possible location for a factory that will produce solar panels. The<br />

nascent renewable energy manufacturing sector has great potential.<br />

Just north of Klerksdorp is the small town of Hartbeesfontein, and<br />

it is in the Tigane area of that town that Supreme Chicken has spent<br />

R180-million upgrading facilities and expanding production capabilities.<br />

A million chickens per week will now be processed, 300 000 more<br />

than was previously possible. Improved chilling technology allows the<br />

company, a part of Country Bird Holdings, to reduce its water usage.<br />

The Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CFAM) at <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong><br />

University specialises in extruder technology and the recent introduction<br />

by NWU of a new qualification in mechatronic engineering will give<br />

graduates a head start in a wide range of enterprises.<br />

Bridgestone South Africa’s investment in new technology at its plant<br />

in Brits is allowing the company to produce 19-inch tyres for the BMW<br />

X3 being assembled in Pretoria. Bridgestone’s factory is one of only four<br />

in the world that produces runflat tyres. About 850 people are employed<br />

at the plant.<br />

Also in Brits are Bosch and Dubigeon Body and Coach. SOS Tie &<br />

Die is a manufacturer of precision pressings, components and press<br />

tools. AVMY Steel Science is the largest supplier of small-quantity steel<br />


Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC): www.aidc.co.za<br />

National Department Trade, Industry and Competition: www.dtic.gov.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation: www.nwdc.co.za<br />

in the SADC region. Chassis<br />

manufacturer KLT Group has<br />

acquired the Brits plant which<br />

comprises a pressing, welding,<br />

assembly and e-coating facility.<br />

The KLT Group has four plants in<br />

South Africa and employs more<br />

than 1 000 people.<br />

In addition to Brits<br />

(automotive components and<br />

tyres), other concentrations<br />

include mining equipment<br />

and engineering (Klerksdorp)<br />

and food and beverages<br />

(Potchefstroom).<br />

Rustenburg has a mixture of<br />

enterprises, the biggest of which<br />

are mining-related smelters.<br />

Production of non-metallic<br />

mineral products is concentrated<br />

around Lichtenburg and<br />

Mahikeng (cement), and<br />

Rustenburg (stone). Totpak is<br />

located in Ventersdorp. RCL Foods<br />

has a large processing plant at<br />

Rustenburg, an EPOL feeds facility.<br />

Clover’s decision in 2021 to leave<br />

Lichtenburg because of a lack of<br />

reliable services was a blow for<br />

employment opportunities in the<br />

Ditsobotla Local Municipality.<br />

About 30% of the country’s<br />

grain and oil-seed crop pass<br />

through Senwes silos every year.<br />

Sasko operates a white-maize mill<br />

in Klerksdorp. The SAB Rosslyn<br />

Brewery supplies the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

with most of its beer. ■<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

22<br />

PHOTO: Supreme Chicken

Water<br />

Plans are in place to address shortfalls in water delivery.<br />


The inability to deliver water to consumers reliably continues<br />

to affect municipalities and several steps are being taken to<br />

fix the problem.<br />

In addition to a Provincial War Room on water which was<br />

announced in 2022, a Steering Committee has been established<br />

with the National Department of Water and Sanitation. A mobile app<br />

is to be introduced to enable citizens to alert authorities to water<br />

problems quickly.<br />

A panel of experts has identified water and bulkwater supply as<br />

among the sectors that should be prioritised when it comes to creating<br />

“Mega Infrastructure Projects”. The projects were identified based on<br />

stage of readiness, bankability, socio-economic impact and ability to be<br />

implemented timeously.<br />

The N12 highway was badly flooded in November 2022, causing<br />

huge delays to traffic and damaging the road itself. The sum of R100-<br />

million has been allocated to repair it.<br />

The community of Deelpan, near Sannieshof, has agreed to a<br />

relocation from the low-lying land which they current occupy and which<br />

was prone to flooding.<br />

The province has 83 sewage-treatment plants, and the national Blue<br />

Drop award system has found that most of them need improvement.<br />

JB Marks Local Municipality, which has Potchefstroom as its main<br />

town, is one of only three municipalities in the country that acts as a<br />

water-service authority and as a service provider. It has won awards for<br />

its levels of service. The biggest service providers active in the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> are:<br />

• Rand Water.<br />

• Sedibeng Water (which has taken over the service area of Botshelo<br />

Water).<br />

• Midvaal Water Company, which supplies water to Matlosana<br />

(Klerksdorp).<br />

• Magalies Water serves two of the local municipalities in the Bojanala<br />

Platinum District Municipality, Moses Kotane and Rustenburg. It<br />

also supplies water to five mines in the province and is active in<br />

the provinces of Gauteng and Limpopo.<br />


Blue Drop Awards: www.ewisa.co.za<br />

National Department of Water and Sanitation: www.dws.gov.za<br />

South African Association of Water Utilities: www.saawu.org.za<br />


Floods damaged roads<br />

in 2022.<br />

Magalies Water’s contribution on<br />

Mandela Day in <strong>2023</strong> was to clean up<br />

the Dorpspruit in Rustenburg.<br />

South Africa is a water-scarce<br />

country and water management<br />

is critical to economic planning.<br />

The western part of <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Province is particularly dry.<br />

In the eastern part of the<br />

province, national government<br />

has sent water tanks to some<br />

parts, and has upgraded the<br />

treatment plants upstream from<br />

the Hartbeespoort Dam.<br />

Three of South Africa’s six<br />

major catchment areas are located<br />

in the province: the Limpopo, the<br />

Orange and the Vaal. Within these<br />

catchment areas, only the Vaal<br />

River has a strong-enough flow<br />

to allow for significant amounts of<br />

water to be taken from it directly to<br />

support irrigation or industry. There<br />

are four water-management areas<br />

in the province, three of which<br />

are linked to the Vaal River. Water<br />

is imported into the provincial<br />

system through transfers between<br />

water basins. ■<br />

PHOTO: Magalies Water<br />

23 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>


Tourism<br />

Tourism revenues have recovered after Covid.<br />


The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks Board<br />

will spend R4-million on skills<br />

development.<br />

Madikwe River Lodge is close to the Botswana border in the<br />

Madikwe Game Reserve. It presents an opportunity to see<br />

game in a non-malarial environment.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> relies heavily on tourism to generate revenue<br />

and to create and support jobs. The diversity of the province’s<br />

tourism offering gave the sector a good chance of recovering<br />

more quickly from Covid than some other less agile sectors.<br />

Sun City (golf, conferencing and hotels) and several game lodges<br />

within game reserves are world famous, with several private lodges<br />

being recognised in international annual awards on a regular basis.<br />

Birding, fishing, hunting and hot-air ballooning are among<br />

other popular pursuits and Potchefstroom has outstanding<br />

sporting facilities.<br />

According to the provincial government, tourism revenue reached<br />

R6-billion in 2022, a marked recovery from the R1.1-billion recorded<br />

in 2020. The <strong>2023</strong> State of the Province Address included these<br />

projections for the period to the end of <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

• international arrivals to grow to an estimated 700 000<br />

• tourism revenue to grow to an estimated R8-billion<br />

• tourism-supported jobs to grow to an estimated 25 000<br />

The Provincial Government of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> is trying to leverage<br />

the tourism and hospitality sector to foster employment opportunities.<br />

In 2022, the sector recruited and placed 100 unemployed youth at<br />

various participating host companies so that they could obtain workbased<br />

experience. They were paid a monthly stipend. A further 444<br />

work opportunities were created in the environmental sector and the<br />

intention is to create a further 250 job opportunities in the <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

financial year.<br />

The malaria-free Pilanesberg National Park, located in the<br />

ecologically-rich transition zone between the Kalahari and the<br />

Lowveld, has more than 7 000<br />

animals, 360 bird species, and more<br />

than 200km of roads.<br />

Although the reserve that<br />

lies just to the north of Sun City<br />

is known as Pilanesberg National<br />

Park, in fact it falls under the<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks Board and is<br />

one of many parks and reserves<br />

controlled by the province. Both<br />

Pilanesberg and Madikwe have<br />

gained international reputations.<br />

The Seboka Game Lodge,<br />

pictured from above, has<br />

officially been launched by the<br />

MEC responsible for the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Department of Economic<br />

Development, Environment,<br />

Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT).<br />

The four-star lodge, a redistribution<br />

project initiated by the National<br />

Department of Agriculture, Land<br />

Reform and Rural Development, is<br />

located on the Koster Dam within<br />

700ha of bush that is home to 13<br />

kinds of buck, giraffe, buffalo and<br />

zebra, along with vibrant bird life.<br />

Hotels and conferences<br />

Sun City has a range of venues<br />

available for hire ranging from<br />

a 12-seater Council Room to<br />

the Superbowl which can<br />

accommodate 6 000, and just about<br />

everything in between. With six<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

<strong>24</strong><br />

PHOTO: Madikwe River Lodge


kinds of accommodation, two outstanding golf courses, casinos and<br />

a choice-filled entertainment complex, the Sun City Resort is a major<br />

tourism asset and significant employer in the province.<br />

Sun City is far from being the province’s only conference venue.<br />

Tourism <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> lists on its website a range of venue from small<br />

guesthouses with conference facilities in towns such as Rustenburg<br />

and Brits to lodges on the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam.<br />

In the provincial capital, Mahikeng, there are several options:<br />

among them are the Mmabatho Palms Hotel Casino Convention<br />

Resort, part of the Peermont group, which has hotels and casinos in<br />

six of South Africa’s provinces. Mmabatho Palms offers eight gaming<br />

tables and slot machines. Gaming is controlled in South Africa and<br />

licences are restricted to certain operators.<br />

The Seboka Game Lodge, pictured from above, has officially been<br />

launched by the MEC responsible for the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Department of<br />

Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism<br />

(DEDECT). The four-star lodge, a redistribution project initiated by<br />

the National Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural<br />

Development, is located on the Koster Dam within 700ha of bush<br />

that is home to 13 kinds of buck, giraffe, buffalo and zebra, along with<br />

vibrant bird life.<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks and Tourism Board<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks and Tourism Board (NWPTB) is investing in the<br />

province’s 12 smaller parks with the intention of creating jobs.<br />

In partnership with the National Department of Tourism, work<br />

has begun on the Manyane Game Lodge in Mahikeng, with a budget<br />

allocation of R43-million. Another project envisages a mega-park in<br />

the north-western sector of the province, the Heritage Park.<br />

An additional <strong>24</strong> 000 hectares of land is to be conserved through<br />

a biodiversity stewardship programme that forms part of the <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong> Protected Areas Expansion Strategy and Implementation Plan.<br />

The NWPTB aims to protect representative ecosystems in ways<br />

that make them resilient to climate change and create opportunities<br />

for local communities to make a sustainable living. Finding a balance<br />

between agricultural activities and tourism is not the only challenge<br />

in an area that also frequently experiences droughts.<br />

The NWPTB is unique in South Africa in that it is the only provincial<br />

government entity that runs a hotel school. The Institute of Hotel and<br />

Tourism Management (IHTM) has two campuses, one in Mahikeng<br />


Marico Tourism: www.marico.co.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation: www.nwdc.co.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks Board: www.northwestparks.org.za<br />

Tourism <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>: www.tourismnorthwest.co.za<br />

and one at Ga-Rankuwa outside<br />

Pretoria. High tea in Mahikeng,<br />

pictured, can be a special<br />

experience.<br />

Several regional tourism<br />

organisations market local<br />

products:<br />

• Harties Tourism Association<br />

• Matlosana Tourism Association<br />

• Mooinooi: Buffelspoort Valley<br />

• N12 Treasure Route Association<br />

• Potch Tourism Association<br />

• Vredefort Dome Tourism<br />

Association<br />

• Taung is the site of the<br />

first discovered fossil of<br />

Australopithecus africanus.<br />

• The Vredefort Dome is a<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Site<br />

for its significance as the landing<br />

site of a meteorite many<br />

millions of years ago.<br />

The Faculty of Economic<br />

and Management Sciences at<br />

the <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University offers<br />

Tourism Management and the<br />

professors and researchers are at<br />

the top of their profession. ■


Education and training<br />

Bicycles make learning easier.<br />

Rural pupils attending classes at Olefile Secondary School in<br />

Pitsedisulejang no longer face a long walk to and from school.<br />

The village, in the far north-western corner of the province, is<br />

part of the Moses Kotane Local Municipality. Medipost Holdings<br />

has donated R300 000 worth of mountain bikes for the use of<br />

pupils. Bikes4ERP, the NGO which distributed the bicycles, gives bicycles<br />

to students, teachers and school volunteers with the main aim<br />

to increase access to education.<br />

The CSI initiative responds to the findings of a StatsSA survey that<br />

found that more than half of the 690 000 pupils in the province who walk<br />

to an educational institution are from rural areas.<br />

In the 2022 academic year, an amount of R16.2-million was allocated<br />

by provincial government in terms of the renamed Victor Thebe Sifora<br />

Provincial Bursary Scheme. The scheme will disburse R21.4-million in the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> academic year.<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Parks Board has allocated an amount of R4-million to<br />

be spent on youth skills development.<br />

At <strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University, a new qualification, Mechatronic<br />

Engineering, has been added to the courses offered by the Faculty of<br />

Engineering. The Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering programme<br />

has been approved by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA),<br />

enabling graduates to compete internationally.<br />

The university and its researchers are leaders in many fields, including<br />

astrophysics, tourism, solar energy and extruder technology.<br />

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has three branches in <strong>North</strong><br />

<strong>West</strong>, at Rustenburg, Potchefstroom and Mmabatho.<br />

Technical Vocational and Educational Training colleges teach skills<br />

that are relevant to the workplace. <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> has three TVET colleges<br />

with several campuses each. Vuselela TVET College has its headquarters<br />

in Klerksdorp, where there is also an accredited trade test centre. There<br />

are a further four campuses: Jouberton Centre for Engineering Studies;<br />

Matlosana Campus; Potchefstroom Centre for ICT and Taung Campus.<br />

Orbit TVET College has three sites, Rustenburg, Mankwe and<br />

Brits, with about 15 000 students overall. The Rustenburg campus<br />

of Orbit College hosts a Microsoft IT Academy while the Mankwe<br />

campus offers automotive training, the result of a partnership<br />

between the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related SETA<br />


<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Department of Education: www.desd.nwpg.gov.za<br />

<strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University: www.nwu.ac.za<br />

NWU <strong>Business</strong> School: www.commerce.nwu.ac.za<br />


<strong>North</strong>-<strong>West</strong> University now<br />

offers Mechatronic Engineering.<br />

(MerSETA), Lelethu Training and<br />

Ford South Africa. Orbit TVET<br />

College hosts an electronics<br />

academy courtesy of sponsor<br />

Samsung Electronics on the<br />

Mankwe campus, and in<br />

partnership with the MerSETA.<br />

Mankwe also offers Automotive<br />

Repair, Maintenance and<br />

Transport and Logistics and<br />

is a Centre of Specialisation in<br />

Diesel Trade.<br />

The Taung Agricultural<br />

College is accredited by the<br />

Council on Higher Education<br />

(CHE) to offer the NQF level<br />

6 Diploma in Agriculture<br />

specialising in Irrigation<br />

Technology. ■<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />


Banking<br />

African Bank has bought Ubank.<br />


Ubank, which had a significant presence in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>,<br />

has been sold to African Bank.<br />

Having started its life as a savings fund for mineworkers,<br />

Ubank was converted to a commercial bank in the early<br />

1990s but mineworkers continued to have a say in how it was run.<br />

The relationship of Ubank with the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> was close, an example<br />

being the branches located at the Dishaba and Thumela hostels of<br />

the Amandebult Mine.<br />

Ubank was placed under administration in May, with the banking<br />

authorities citing concerns over insufficient capital, corporate<br />

governance and weak internal control.<br />

African Bank’s acquisition of Ubank was completed in November<br />

2022 and adds 4.7-million customers to its operation. Coming within<br />

months of African Bank’s purchase of Grindrod Bank for R1.5-billion,<br />

the R80-million transaction indicates the scale of Africans Bank’s<br />

ambitions – an indication of how far the bank has come since it was<br />

put into administration itself in 2014. The Reserve Bank still has a 50%<br />

shareholding in the bank, which it intends to sell.<br />

TymeBank, one of the newer entrants onto the South African<br />

banking scene, is taking the concept of “retail banking” to another<br />

level. Having run banking kiosks within retailers such as Pick n Pay<br />

and Boxer for several years, TymeBank has signed a deal with TFG, a<br />

group that has a big presence in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

What used to be known as the Foschini Group has 34 brands,<br />

including Markhams, Totalsports, Jet and Dial a Bed, and 30-million<br />

customers. In the short term, TymeBank will have access to 600 TFG<br />

kiosks, taking the bank’s total in South Africa to 1 450. There are Exact<br />

stores in Rustenburg, Mahikeng and Zeerust.<br />

Another relatively new bank is Capitec. Investment holding<br />

company PSG has reduced its holding in Capitec Bank from 32% to<br />

4%, earning about R4-billion by selling those shares.<br />

Discovery Bank officially launched in March 2019 and is<br />

experiencing rapid growth with deposits of R3.7-billion. Discovery<br />

Bank is applying the behavioural model it uses in its health business<br />

to reward good financial behaviour.<br />


Association for Savings and Investment South Africa: www.asisa.org.za<br />

Auditor-General of South Africa: www.agsa.co.za<br />

Chartered Institute for Government Finance, Audit and Risk Officers:<br />

www.cigfaro.co<br />


TymeBank customers can<br />

bank in shops.<br />

In 2022, financial services<br />

group Old Mutual received<br />

permission from the prudential<br />

authority of the South African<br />

Reserve Bank to apply for a<br />

banking licence. The bank will<br />

spend R1.75-billion on setting<br />

up the bank and intends to<br />

launch in 20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

All of the big banks have<br />

agricultural desks where experts<br />

can offer relevant advice.<br />

Nedbank is making a point of<br />

making funding available for<br />

climate-change mitigation such<br />

as more efficient irrigation and<br />

water-use technologies. All of<br />

the large agricultural companies<br />

have finance divisions.<br />

Partners in the programme<br />

include the National Union<br />

of Mineworkers, Sanlam and<br />

Coronation. ■<br />

27 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>


SMME and development finance<br />

SMMEs are preparing to export.<br />


The Mafikeng Digital<br />

Innovation Hub incubated<br />

60 businesses.<br />

Export Awareness Workshops held by the NWDC and the dtic<br />

help small business owners get access to markets.<br />

Having access to foreign markets goes a long way to creating<br />

a bigger business out of a small business.<br />

With many interventions in the SMME sector being<br />

designed to give small business owners access to the<br />

mainstream economy, the Export Awareness Workshops, jointly<br />

hosted by the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation (NWDC) and the<br />

National Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (dtic), exactly<br />

fit the bill.<br />

Held in Rustenburg, Mahikeng and Potchefstroom in 2022,<br />

the workshops covered every aspect of the exporting process for<br />

interested business owners.<br />

Some of the topics that were included in the workshops were:<br />

• Export-readiness assessment<br />

• Registration as an exporter, SARS Customs Division<br />

• Certificate of Origin, to prove a product is authentically South<br />

African<br />

• Marketing plan and strategy<br />

• Licences and permits<br />

• Trade leads<br />

• Services offered by the dtic’s Export Helpdesk<br />

• Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) and how<br />

to qualify<br />

• Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS), application through<br />

provincial agencies<br />

• Participation at an international expo pavilion<br />

• Industry-specific export councils<br />

At the conclusion of the<br />

workshop, anyone showing an<br />

interest in taking up exporting<br />

was encouraged to register with<br />

the dtic and to attend two fourday<br />

intensive workshops on the<br />

department’s Global Export<br />

Passport Programme (GEPP).<br />

As one of the biggest<br />

enterprises in the province, Impala<br />

Rustenburg naturally makes a big<br />

impact on the provincial economy<br />

through its supply chain. The<br />

company’s Enterprise and Supplier<br />

Development (ESD) Programme<br />

has similarly had a big impact.<br />

Since 2021, 400 SMMEs have<br />

benefitted from various initiatives<br />

under the programme.<br />

A training programme<br />

designed to help informal<br />

businesses become formalised<br />

invites SMMEs to attend a<br />

five-day workshop. From that,<br />

candidates are selected to be<br />

part of a 12-month programme<br />

to learn further skills. This<br />

programme is run for Impala<br />

Rustenburg by Classic Oriental<br />

Consulting and Accuracy Group,<br />

two local SMMEs which operate<br />

within the mine communities.<br />

More recently, Impala<br />

Rustenburg has opened an<br />

Economic Inclusion Centre (EIC)<br />

that will serve as a small business<br />

hub for mine-community SMMEs. It<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

28<br />



offers shared facilities and a number of services, ranging from funding<br />

facilitation to advice on market access.<br />

A construction company that had a total of six employees, two of<br />

whom were permanent, has increased its payroll to 22 on the back of<br />

a contract secured with Sun City.<br />

CPKM Services, run by Charlotte Mosito, had previously done subcontracting<br />

work on drains, road construction and indoor security<br />

fencing but being part of an expansion project at Sun City, Lefika<br />

Villas, marks a significant step up for the BCom <strong>Business</strong> Management<br />

graduate who has also completed a Construction Management short<br />

course through UCT.<br />

The first phase of development of Lefika Villas started in October<br />

2022. The finished project will comprise 48 three-bedroom villas and<br />

10 four-bedroom villas, providing accommodation for an additional<br />

400 guests.<br />

The deal included a provision that 30% of the build value must<br />

be allocated to local contractors. “This arrangement will see skills<br />

transferred, helping them to secure further work opportunities<br />

in the future. The bulk of workers will come from Moses Kotane<br />

municipality and staff will also be sourced from the Sun City doorstep<br />

communities,” says Tebogo Mokgejane, Sun City’s Socio-Economic<br />

Development and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, pictured above.<br />

Digital development<br />

The <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Provincial Government is investing in digital infrastructure<br />

through the Mafikeng Digital Innovation Hub which is both a co-working<br />

environment and place to get support in using digital tools.<br />

A Digital Covid-19 SMME <strong>Business</strong> Recovery training intervention<br />

was carried out by the Hub in partnership with the Department<br />


Mafeking Digital Innovation Hub: www.mafihub.co.za<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Development Corporation: www.nwdc.co.za<br />

Small Enterprise Development Agency: www.seda.org.za<br />

Tholoana Enterprise Programme: www.sabfoundation.co.za<br />

of Economic Development,<br />

Environment, Conservation<br />

and Tourism (DEDECT). This<br />

resulted in more than 180<br />

entrepreneurs from all four<br />

districts of the province<br />

receiving training. A Youth<br />

Digital Skilling programme aims<br />

to teach skills such as software<br />

and app development, Artificial<br />

Intelligence and robotics.<br />

In the 2022/23 financial year,<br />

60 youth-owned businesses<br />

were incubated at the Hub and<br />

the provincial government has<br />

budgeted R12-million to further<br />

support these businesses.<br />

In 2022 a two-day Youth<br />

Summit followed by the<br />

Integrated Youth Development<br />

Strategy 2025 workshop in<br />

partnership with National Youth<br />

Development Agency. A youth<br />

development coordinator has<br />

been appointed in the Office of<br />

the Premier.<br />

The South African National<br />

Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) has<br />

nine contracts covering more than<br />

2 300km in the province. A set of<br />

subcontracts is being negotiated<br />

for routine maintenance such as<br />

the patching of potholes, fencing<br />

and the cutting of grass verges.<br />

The Small Enterprise<br />

Development Agency (Seda) is an<br />

agency of the DSBD and gives nonfinancial<br />

support to entrepreneurs<br />

through training, assistance with<br />

filling in forms, marketing and<br />

creating business plans. The Seda<br />

Technology Programme helps<br />

potential businesses become<br />

trading entities. The Industrial<br />

Development Corporation is a<br />

strategic lender and plays a strong<br />

role in supporting small and<br />

emerging enterprises. ■<br />

PHOTO: Sun City<br />

29 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>


<strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Local<br />

Government<br />

Provincial Government<br />

An overview of the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> municipalities.<br />

A guide to <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province’s government departments. Visit www.nwpg.gov.za<br />


Office of the Premier<br />

Department of Economic Development,<br />

BOJANALA Premier: Professor PLATINUM Tebogo Job Mokgoro<br />

City Environment, of Matlosana Conservation Local Municipality and Tourism<br />


Building, South Wing, 3rd Floor,<br />

Tel: +27 MEC: 18 Keneitswe 487 8000 Mosenogi | Fax: +27 18 464 2318<br />

Tel: +27 Dr James 14 590 Moroka 4500 | Fax: Drive, +27 Mmabatho 14 592 6085 2735 Website: NWDC www.matlosana.gov.za<br />

Building, 1st Floor, Cnr Provident Street and<br />

Website: Tel: +27 www.bojanala.gov.za<br />

18 388 3040 | Fax: +27 18 388 3008 JB Marks University Local Drive, Municipality<br />

Mmabatho 2735<br />

Kgetleng Website: Rivier www.nwpg.gov.za<br />

Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 Tel: +27 18 299 18 387 5111 7700 | Fax: +27 18 384 9440<br />

Tel: +27 14 543 2004 | Fax: +27 14 543 <strong>24</strong>80<br />

Website: www.jbmarks.co.za<br />

Website:<br />

Department<br />

www.kgetlengrivier.gov.za<br />

of Agriculture and<br />

Department of Education<br />

Rural Development<br />

Maquassi MEC: Mmaphefo Hills Local Lucy Matsemela Municipality<br />

Madibeng<br />

MEC: Desbo<br />

Local<br />

Mohono<br />

Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 2nd 18 Floor, 596 Garona 1067 | Fax: Building, +27 18 Dr 596 James 1555 Moroka Drive,<br />

Tel: +27<br />

Agricentre<br />

12 318 9203<br />

Building,<br />

| Fax:<br />

Cnr<br />

+27<br />

Dr<br />

12<br />

James<br />

318 9203<br />

Moroka Drive<br />

Website: Mmabatho www.maquassihills.co.za<br />

2735<br />

Website:<br />

and Stadium<br />

www.madibeng.gov.za<br />

Road, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2970 | Fax: +27 18 384 5016<br />


Moretele Tel: +27 Local 18 389 Municipality<br />

5111 | Fax: +27 18 392 4377<br />

DISTRICT Department MUNICIPALITY of Health<br />

Tel: +27 12 716 1000 | Fax: +27 12 716 9999<br />

Tel: +27 53 928 4700 | Fax: +27 53 927 <strong>24</strong>01<br />

Website: Department www.moretele.gov.za<br />

of Arts, Culture, Sports and<br />

MEC: Madoda Sambatha<br />

Recreation<br />

Website: Cnr 1st www.drrsmdm.gov.za<br />

Street and Sekame Road, Mahikeng 2745<br />

Moses Kotane Local Municipality<br />

Greater<br />

Tel: +27<br />

Taung<br />

18 391<br />

Local<br />

4000<br />

MEC: Tsotso Tlhapi<br />

Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 14 555 1300 | Fax: +27 14 555 6368<br />

House No 1, Lowe Complex, Modiri Molema Road, Tel: +27 53 994 9400 | Fax: +27 53 994 3917<br />

Website: www.moseskotane.gov.za<br />

Department of Public Works and Roads<br />

Mmabatho 2735<br />

Website: www.gtlm.gov.za<br />

MEC: Gaoage Oageng Molapisi<br />

Rustenburg Tel: +27 18 Local 388 4494 Municipality | Fax: 086 651 7885<br />

Kagisano-Molopo Ngaka Modiri Molema Local Road, Municipality Old Parliament<br />

Tel: +27 14 590 3111 | Fax: +27 14 590 3006<br />

Tel: +27 53 998 4455 | Fax: +27 53 933 0035<br />

Website: Department www.rustenburg.gov.za<br />

of Community Safety and<br />

Complex, Provincial Head Office, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Website: Tel: +27 www.kmlm.gov.za<br />

18 388 1435 | Fax: +27 18 388 4021<br />

Transport Management<br />

DR KENNETH MEC: Sello Lehari KAUNDA<br />

Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality<br />

Department of Social Development<br />

DISTRICT Tirelo Building, MUNICIPALITY Albert Lithuli Drive, Mahikeng 2745 Tel: +27 53 441 2206 | Fax: +27 53 441 3735<br />

MEC: Boitumelo Theodora Moiloa<br />

Tel: +27 Tel: +27 18 473 18 8000 200 8401 | Fax: +27 18 473 2523<br />

Website: www.lekwateemane.co.za<br />

Provident House, University Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Website: www.kaundadistrict.gov.za<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2000 | Fax: +27 18 494 1213<br />

Department of Cooperative Governance,<br />

Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs Provincial Treasury<br />

HOD: Phihadu Ephraim Motoko<br />

MEC: Motlalepula Rosho<br />

NWDC Building, cnr Provident House and<br />

Garona Building, East Wing, 2nd Floor, Cnr James<br />

University Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Moroka and University Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2891 | Fax: 086 620 7825<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 4441 | Fax: +27 18 388 1901<br />

NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

30<br />


Klerksdorp (City of Matlosana)<br />

With a population of over 400 000, Klerksdorp is<br />

an important regional centre and the town where<br />

several important companies' headquarters are<br />

located. These include Senwes, through whose silos<br />

a large proportion of South Africa's grains move<br />

every year, and a number of engineering enterprises<br />

which serve the mining industry.<br />

production facility in the town. The Bloemhof<br />

Dam is one of the three large dams on the Vaal<br />

River that supply bulk water to surrounding<br />

areas. The Bloemhof Bonanza is the biggest and<br />

most lucrative inland-angling event in South<br />

Africa, with more than 2 000 anglers trying to<br />

win R1.5-million in prize money. SPECIAL The nearby FEATURESA<br />

Lombard Nature Reserve has a fine herd of black<br />

wildebeest.<br />

Municipalities in <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province<br />

Limpopo<br />


Ramotshere<br />

Moiloa<br />

Moses Kotane<br />

Bojanala<br />

Madibeng<br />

Moretele<br />

Molopo<br />

Mafikeng<br />

Kgetlengrivier<br />

Rustenburg<br />

Kagisano<br />

Ratlou<br />

Ngaka Modiri Molema<br />

Ditsobotla<br />

JB Marks<br />

Gauteng<br />

Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati<br />

Tswaing<br />

Dr Kenneth Kaunda<br />

Naledi<br />

Matlosana<br />

Mamusa<br />

Maquassi Hills<br />

<strong>North</strong>ern Cape<br />

Greater Taung<br />

Lekwa-Teemane<br />

Free State<br />

Metropolitan/District Municipality<br />

Boundary<br />

Local Municipality Boundary<br />

District Municipality<br />

Local Municipality<br />

Bojanala<br />

Naledi<br />

Mamusa Local Municipality<br />


Tel: +27 53 963 1331 | Fax: +27 53 963 <strong>24</strong>74<br />

Rustenburg Website: straddles www.mamusa.gov.za the N4 “Platinum<br />

Highway” about 120km west of the cities of Pretoria<br />

Naledi Local Municipality<br />

and Johannesburg Tel: +27 53 928 in the 2200 Gauteng | Fax: +27 Province, 53 927 3482the<br />

economic hub of South Africa. The N4 stretches<br />

across South NGAKA Africa MODIRI from Mozambique MOLEMA in the east,<br />

to the Botswana DISTRICT border MUNICIPALITY<br />

in the west and, as the Trans<br />

Kalahari Route, Tel: +27 ultimately 18 381 9400 to Namibia. | Fax: +27 18 381 0561<br />

At the<br />

Website:<br />

foot of<br />

www.nmmdm.gov.za<br />

the Magaliesberg Mountain<br />

Range, Rustenburg Ditsobotla is Local only 50km Municipality from one of the<br />

country’s premier Tel: +27 18 tourist 633 3800 resorts, | Fax: Sun +27 18 City, 632 which 5<strong>24</strong>7 in<br />

turn is adjacent<br />

Website:<br />

to<br />

www.ditsobotla.co.za<br />

the 550km² Pilanesberg National<br />

Park and Game Reserve which has a small airport.<br />

Orbit TVET College has a campus in Rustenburg,<br />

Unisa has a regional office and the Agricultural<br />

Research Institute’s Industrial Crops Division is also<br />

located in the city. The Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace<br />

30<br />

Mahikeng Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 389 0111 | Fax: +27 18 384 4830<br />

Website: www.mahikeng.gov.za<br />

Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 642 1081 | Fax: +27 18 642 3586<br />

Website: www.ramotshere.gov.za<br />

Ratlou Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 18 330 7000 | Fax: +27 18 330 7019<br />

Website: www.ratlou.gov.za<br />

Tswaing Local Municipality<br />

Tel: +27 53 948 0900 | Fax: +27 53 948 1500<br />

Website: www.tswaing.gov.za<br />

31 NORTH WEST BUSINESS <strong>2023</strong>/<strong>24</strong>


<strong>North</strong> <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>West</strong><br />

Provincial Government<br />

A guide A guide to <strong>North</strong> to <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong> <strong>West</strong> Province’s Province’s government government departments. Visit Visit www.nwpg.gov.za<br />


Office of the Premier<br />

Department of Economic Development,<br />

Office<br />

Premier:<br />

of the<br />

Professor<br />

Premier<br />

Tebogo Job Mokgoro<br />

Department<br />

Environment,<br />

of Economic<br />

Conservation<br />

Development,<br />

and Tourism<br />

Premier:<br />

Garona<br />

Mr Bushy<br />

Building,<br />

Maape<br />

South Wing, 3rd Floor,<br />

Environment,<br />

MEC: Keneitswe<br />

Conservation<br />

Mosenogi<br />

and Tourism<br />

Garona<br />

Dr James<br />

Building,<br />

Moroka<br />

South<br />

Drive,<br />

Wing,<br />

Mmabatho<br />

3rd Floor,<br />

2735<br />

MEC:<br />

NWDC<br />

Virginia<br />

Building,<br />

Tlhapi<br />

1st Floor, Cnr Provident Street and<br />

Dr James<br />

Tel: +27<br />

Moroka<br />

18 388<br />

Drive,<br />

3040<br />

Mmabatho<br />

| Fax: +27 18<br />

2735<br />

388 3008 NWDC<br />

University<br />

Building,<br />

Drive,<br />

1st Floor,<br />

Mmabatho<br />

Cnr Provident<br />

2735<br />

Street and<br />

Tel: +27<br />

Website:<br />

18 388<br />

www.nwpg.gov.za<br />

3040 | Fax: +27 18 388 3008<br />

University<br />

Tel: +27<br />

Drive,<br />

18 387<br />

Mmabatho<br />

7700 | Fax:<br />

2735<br />

+27 18 384 9440<br />

Website: www.nwpg.gov.za<br />

Tel: +27 18 387 7700 | Fax: +27 18 384 9440<br />

Department of Agriculture and<br />

Department of Education<br />

Department of Agriculture and<br />

Department of Education<br />

Rural Development<br />

MEC: Mmaphefo Lucy Matsemela<br />

Rural Development<br />

MEC: Viola Motsumi<br />

MEC: Desbo Mohono<br />

2nd Floor, Garona Building, Dr James Moroka Drive,<br />

MEC: Desbo Mohono<br />

2nd Floor, Garona Building, Dr James Moroka Drive,<br />

Agricentre Building, Cnr Dr James Moroka Drive<br />

Mmabatho 2735<br />

Agricentre Building, Cnr Dr James Moroka Drive<br />

Mmabatho 2735<br />

and Stadium Road, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2970 | Fax: +27 18 384 5016<br />

and Stadium Road, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2970 | Fax: +27 18 384 5016<br />

Tel: +27 18 389 5111 | Fax: +27 18 392 4377<br />

Tel: +27 18 389 5111 | Fax: +27 18 392 4377<br />

Department of Health<br />

Department of Health<br />

Department of Arts, Culture, Sports and<br />

MEC: Madoda Sambatha<br />

Department of Arts, Culture, Sports<br />

MEC: Lenah Miga<br />

Recreation<br />

Cnr 1st Street and Sekame Road, Mahikeng 2745<br />

Garona Building, 1st Floor <strong>West</strong> Wing, University<br />

and Recreation<br />

Tel: +27 18 391 4000<br />

MEC: Tsotso Tlhapi<br />

Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

MEC: House Keneetswe No Mosenogi 1, Lowe Complex, Modiri Molema Road, Tel: +27 Department 18 388 5176 of Public Works and Roads<br />

House Mmabatho No 1, Lowe 2735 Complex, Modiri Molema Road,<br />

MEC: Gaoage Oageng Molapisi<br />

Mmabatho Tel: +27 2735 18 388 4494 | Fax: 086 651 7885<br />

Department<br />

Ngaka Modiri<br />

of Public<br />

Molema<br />

Works<br />

Road, Old<br />

and<br />

Parliament<br />

Roads<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 4494 | Fax: 086 651 7885<br />

MEC: Gaoage Oageng Molapisi<br />

Department of Community Safety and<br />

Complex, Provincial Head Office, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Ngaka Modiri Molema Road, Old Parliament<br />

Department of Community Safety and<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 1435 | Fax: +27 18 388 4021<br />

Transport Management<br />

Complex, Provincial Head Office, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Transport MEC: Sello Management<br />

Lehari<br />

Tel: +27 Department 18 388 1435 of | Fax: Social +27 18 Development<br />

388 4021<br />

MEC: Tirelo Sello Lehari Building, Albert Lithuli Drive, Mahikeng 2745 MEC: Boitumelo Theodora Moiloa<br />

Tirelo Tel: Building, +27 18 200 Albert 8401 Lithuli Drive, Mahikeng 2745 Department<br />

Provident House,<br />

of Social<br />

University<br />

Development<br />

Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Tel: +27 18 200 8401<br />

MEC:<br />

Tel:<br />

Boitumelo<br />

+27 18<br />

Theodora<br />

388 2000<br />

Moiloa<br />

| Fax: +27 18 494 1213<br />

Department of Cooperative Governance, Provident House, University Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Department Human Settlements of Cooperative and Governance,<br />

Traditional Affairs Tel: +27 Provincial 18 388 2000 Treasury | Fax: +27 18 494 1213<br />

Human HOD: Phihadu Settlements Ephraim and Motoko Traditional Affairs<br />

MEC: Motlalepula Rosho<br />

MEC: NWDC Nono Maloyi Building, cnr Provident House and Provincial<br />

Garona Building,<br />

Treasury<br />

East Wing, 2nd Floor, Cnr James<br />

NWDC University Building, Drive, cnr Provident Mmabatho House 2735 and<br />

MEC:<br />

Moroka<br />

Motlalepula<br />

and<br />

Rosho<br />

University Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

University Tel: +27 Drive, 18 388 Mmabatho 2891 | Fax: 2735 086 620 7825<br />

Garona<br />

Tel:<br />

Building,<br />

+27 18 388<br />

East<br />

4441<br />

Wing,<br />

| Fax:<br />

2nd<br />

+27<br />

Floor,<br />

18 388<br />

Cnr<br />

1901<br />

James<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 2891<br />

Moroka and University Drive, Mmabatho 2735<br />

Fax: 086 620 7825<br />

Tel: +27 18 388 4441 | Fax: +27 18 388 1901<br />

1 NORTH WEST BUSINESS 2020/21<br />

PHOTO: Hartbeespoort Tourism

Chamber of Commerce<br />

for Women in <strong>Business</strong><br />


Rustenburg’s newest chamber is empowering women<br />

and advocating for small business.<br />

Services<br />

Get easy access to the services, programmes and<br />

events that will be difference makers for your<br />

business and add your voice to the development<br />

of policy and advocacy positions.<br />

Pillars of CCWB<br />

• Advocacy<br />

• Membership development<br />

• <strong>Business</strong> and personal development<br />

• PR and brand development<br />

• Governance and finance<br />

Oratilwe Nameng, President of the CCWB<br />

The Chamber of Commerce for Women<br />

in <strong>Business</strong> (CCWB) is a Rustenburgbased<br />

pioneer.<br />

Established in 2020 and registered as an<br />

NPC in 2022, it is the newest chamber in the city<br />

and the first such organisation in the <strong>North</strong> <strong>West</strong>.<br />

A group of entrepreneurs came together to<br />

advocate and empower women of all colours.<br />

One of the goals of the chamber is to help<br />

disadvantaged women be integrated into the<br />

mainstream of business in order to improve<br />

their livelihoods.<br />

More than 600 women in business are<br />

currently registered with CCWB. These members<br />

have access to networking sessions, SMME<br />

training and assistance with industry-related<br />

documentation. Over and above training<br />

seminars and workshops, CCWB also hosts gala<br />

dinners, luncheons and golf days.<br />

Since its inception, the CCWB has been actively<br />

involved in acting as a voice of reason to be able<br />

to defend the rights of women-owned businesses,<br />

advocating policy reforms that foster inclusion<br />

of women entrepreneurs, and representing the<br />

voice of small and medium-sized enterprises.<br />

Meetings have been held with the major mining<br />

houses active in the area and memorandums of<br />

understanding have been signed.<br />

We are a Proudly South African organisation,<br />

founded on the true spirit of equality, stakeholder<br />

partnerships and the understanding of various<br />

economic industries and the needs of emerging<br />

and established women in business. The CCWB is<br />

a registered NPC, POPIA-registered and affiliated<br />

to the South African Chamber of Commerce and<br />

Industry (SACCI). ■<br />

Contact details<br />

Tel: +27 82 936 9611<br />

Email: info@ccwb.org.za<br />

Website: www.ccwb.org.za<br />

The CCWB visited the SACCI head offices in<br />


SCAN<br />


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