Ashton College - 2022 Magazine

Welcome to Ashton International College Ballito South Africa Latin “Sedulus Praestantia” translates to “Excellence Belongs to the Zealous” – the Ashton motto that echoes through every platform of not only Senior College, but all our phases. Ashton caters from age 3 to 18. (Gr 0000 - Gr 12) Our College is an amalgamation of subject specialists, state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced and efficient administration. We encourage all students to participate in the many extra-curricular activities we offer from dance and music to a variety of sports, community projects and clubs. The College Ethos and Philosophy is to be value-driven where emphasis and encouragement is placed on each individual to be the best version of themselves. Ashton is a Christian based College. ‘Two Worlds in One’ On entering the Senior College at Ashton International College, Form 1 (Grade 8) students are introduced to our ‘Two Worlds in One’ academic programme, the IEB (Independent Examination Board) and the International CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) Curricula. Unlike other High School programmes, we at Ashton allow our students to select both their curriculum and subject choices at the end of their Form 1 (Grade 8) year. The students who have achieved an adequate average may select the CAIE curricula and write their international matric at IGCSE level at the end of their Form 3 year (Grade 10), while offering the IEB to all other students opting to write the South African IEB National Senior Certificate. Ashton Ballito has state-of-the-art facilities, including an international standard FIH indoor hockey arena, and an FIH international standard astroturf that has already hosted a number of international matches. The Ashton campus accommodates 3 rugby fields, 8 cricket nets, 2 cricket ovals, 5 tennis and netball courts; all under floodlights. A 10-lane heated swimming pool allows for year-round training under the professional coaching and supervision of qualified Swim South Africa coaches. The Learn-to-Swim programme is offered in a specially designed sky pool which is heated all year round. This allows for a relaxed environment when learning how to swim. Ashton also boasts a High-Performance programme which aims to guide, support and provide each student with the necessary tools and fitness to enhance their full potential within the various sporting disciplines.

Welcome to Ashton International College Ballito South Africa
Latin “Sedulus Praestantia” translates to “Excellence Belongs to the Zealous” – the Ashton motto that echoes through every platform of not only Senior College, but all our phases. Ashton caters from age 3 to 18. (Gr 0000 - Gr 12)

Our College is an amalgamation of subject specialists, state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced and efficient administration. We encourage all students to participate in the many extra-curricular activities we offer from dance and music to a variety of sports, community projects and clubs.

The College Ethos and Philosophy is to be value-driven where emphasis and encouragement is placed on each individual to be the best version of themselves. Ashton is a Christian based College.

‘Two Worlds in One’
On entering the Senior College at Ashton International College, Form 1 (Grade 8) students are introduced to our ‘Two Worlds in One’ academic programme, the IEB (Independent Examination Board) and the International CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) Curricula.

Unlike other High School programmes, we at Ashton allow our students to select both their curriculum and subject choices at the end of their Form 1 (Grade 8) year. The students who have achieved an adequate average may select the CAIE curricula and write their international matric at IGCSE level at the end of their Form 3 year (Grade 10), while offering the IEB to all other students opting to write the South African IEB National Senior Certificate.

Ashton Ballito has state-of-the-art facilities, including an international standard FIH indoor hockey arena, and an FIH international standard astroturf that has already hosted a number of international matches. The Ashton campus accommodates 3 rugby fields, 8 cricket nets, 2 cricket ovals, 5 tennis and netball courts; all under floodlights.

A 10-lane heated swimming pool allows for year-round training under the professional coaching and supervision of qualified Swim South Africa coaches.

The Learn-to-Swim programme is offered in a specially designed sky pool which is heated all year round. This allows for a relaxed environment when learning how to swim.
Ashton also boasts a High-Performance programme which aims to guide, support and provide each student with the necessary tools and fitness to enhance their full potential within the various sporting disciplines.


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Uniquely Different

Ashton International College Ballito 1

2 Ashton International College Ballito


Editors Note


Grandparents Day

New Building Updates

Ashlings Class Photos

Christmas in the Ashlings







Inter-House Events

Sport Team Photos

Sports Report

Sport and Cultural Awards

Club Photos

Last Day of Junior College








Foundation Phase Art

Daddy Dash

Art and Culture and Cultural report

Grade 1 Shop in a Box

World Book Day

Class Photos

Grade 3 Graduation Ceremony

Foundation Special Sporting Events


Class Photos

Grade 4 Seula visit

Grade 5 Sugar Bay visit

Grade 6 Roselands Visit

The Grade 7 Morning Market

The Grade 7 Journey

Social Responsibility

U13 Hockey Tour to Cape Town




















Head Girl Letter

Head Boy Letter

Social Responsibility

Class Photos

Honours Awards

Humans of Ashton

IGCSE Awards


Matric Dance


Scuba Diving at Ashton

The Ash Newspaper

Tries for Lives and Summerhill House

Sport Report

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Sport and Cultural Awards


The Ashtonian Chime





















Whilst every effort was made to ensure that every student was in the magazine, some students were absent on all four photo days

or started in the latter part of the year.

Sport Awards are documented as per prize giving ceremonies.

Ashton International College Ballito 3

Editors Note

Ashton continues to exhibit excellence as a uniquely different school,

comprising four phases; Ashlings Early Learning Centre, Foundation

Phase, Intersen Phase & the Senior College. Each term we navigate our

challenges yet grow from strength to strength. As a Christian school, we

walk with God at the helm and we continue to trust Him and thank Him

for His guidance.

This is the first year that the newly created Media Content Team has

compiled the annual magazine. The 2022 School Magazine has had the

input from our Management Team as well as our Graphic Designers. A

new feature is that we are publishing in digital format this year, just as

we did with our student paper, The Ash.

We thank Mr and Mrs Buys for their unwavering ability and vision to lead

our team. We thank each of our dedicated staff for rising to the occasion

and delivering excellence while educating our students; whether it be

about a white line on the sports field, pumping water to flush the toilet,

the best Physics lesson using a Smart Board, the best burgers during the

longest cricket match or the best dance in the show – this is all part of

life at Ashton.

Compiling a school magazine is no small feat, but such an exciting

project to be involved with. The day to day activities that occur in the

classroom, on the sports field and in the theatres are too many to list,

yet they are all a reminder of what a privilege it is to be a part of such an

amazing School – Ashton International College Ballito.

At the start of 2022 we were all peeling off the Covid layers; raring to

resume school life as we knew it. How wonderful having parents to

attend functions again and being able to host sporting and cultural

events on our beautiful campus. Hearing our students cheering at the

pool deck and on the side of the sports field during matches were all a

stark reminder of what had been deeply missed for two years. Finally, we

were back!

This magazine is a showcase of how Ashton returned and shone last

year. Each student and staff member played a vital role in ensuring that

‘Excellence belonged to the Zealous’ in 2022!

Enjoy the read and please share your digital copy.

Kind Regards

The ‘Media Content’ Team

4 Ashton International College Ballito

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•Fear of criticism or fear of being judged.

•Constant self-criticism and negative self-talk.

•Neglecting personal hygiene and mental health needs.

•Constantly seeking approval or attention from others.

•Procrastination and fear of failure.

•Irritability, frustration and conflict.

Our NPL Coaching Program is designed to:

•Identifying negative thought patterns and

triggers to unwanted behaviours.

•Self-improvement and personal growth.

•Enhanced communication skills and fostering

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•Increased self-confidence and self-worth.

•NLP helps set achievable and motivating goals.

•Techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

•Improved emotional regulation and self awareness.

As you navigate through your academic and personal journey,the importance of developing

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Ashton International College Ballito 5

“For I know the

plans I have for

you” Jeremiah


This scripture has always meant so much to me, and

as I reflect upon this special year, God’s mercies are so

evident in His desire to prosper us always.

Our Ashlings, the very enthusiastic, fun filled little

children, truly make our preschool the happiest,

brightest place on our beautiful Campus. A place

where every moment is filled with excitement, fun

and learning!

2022 was one of renewed hope, after being apart

on so many levels due to the Covid 19 Pandemic,

this year reminded us of the joy of being together

again in big groups. Our first event of the year was

our most special Mothers Day picnic, where the

skies above us boasted the most magnificent sunset.

Myself and my teaching team were so moved by the

happy, unmasked sounds of families laughing and

connecting under the pastel colours that signalled

the end of an era and a renewing of another. Our

Fathers day sports picnic was just as well received

and as a school that values family, the Grandparents

day event was the epitome of us coming full circle.

Our Ashlings have thrived under the care of each

of their teachers and have enjoyed the learning

that was introduced in our Robotics and drumming

classes. These additions were perfectly implemented

in our weekly programme which includes Swimming,

PE, Music and Computers. Our teachers pride

themselves on creating an environment that is rich in

learning material and every play scenario is centred

in specific learning outcomes, while introduced in a

spontaneous incidental way.

A true highlight this year has been welcoming

our Grade R’s back into the Ashlings. It was a

decision that was taken to maximise the readiness

programme, in a way that would benefit every child.

As we have witnessed the wonderful progress that

each child has made, it is clear that our well-designed

curriculum is one that allows for success in a more

play-based environment. Our Grade R Graduation

ceremonies were a beautiful celebration of this

success and an opportunity for each child to have

their moment to shine, a moment that we believe to

be so important at Ashton College.

We look so forward to 2023 where we get to move

into our new preschool building and have it filled

with happy children whose fun-filled learning will

lay the foundation for a love of learning throughout

their schooling career.

Germare Buys


6 Ashton International College Ballito

Seated: Nokwanda Zondo, Danelle van der Linde,

Tracey Wright, Melissa Tifflin, Happiness Ngcobo

Third Row: Harvey Samuel, Andrea Pope, Germare

Buys, Shani Jefferys, Sarah Berlyn, Megan Koekemoer

Fourth Row: Thandeka Khanyile, Sli Kolisi, Mbali

Luthuli, Jordan Janse van Rensburg, Sue Reddy,

Ashley Eslick, Yvonne Mgobhozi

Fifth Row: Happiness Sne Ngcamu, Kayla Adams,

Natalie Devine, Beurgette Hogg, Winnie Zangwa,

Nokuthula Ngubane

Sixth Row: Zama Mbonambi, Tracey Roderick, Sam

Thompson, Ange Sutherland, Jodi Chaplin, Nelisiwe

Mthembu, Zinhle Khumalo

Back Row: Madelaine Leisher, Learnmore Rugoho,

Happiness Mkhwanazi, Sonja Jung, Eleni Zachariou,

Sam Kegel

Ashton International College Ballito 7

Grandparents Day!

The Junior College students were spoiled with a long awaited visit from their Grandparents! It had been

two long years since our students were able to share this precious day with Granny and Gramps! Beautiful

memories were captured throughout the morning as students showed off their work, their school buddies

and what they get up to at school each day!

8 Ashton International College Ballito


Ashton International College Ballito 9

10 Ashton International College Ballito


During the course of a year, the Ashlings

Phase experienced an exciting growth spurt.

Additional structures like modern, brightly lit

classrooms, bigger playgrounds, a stunning

Galaxy Theatre and an impressive sky pool

for Learn to Swim lessons were all built.

Ashton International College Ballito 11

Turtle Group Grade 0000 Mrs A. Sutherland

Front Row: Oliver Bennet, Alyssa Moodley, Lara Naicker, Abigail Everitt

Middle Row: Ramsay Otto, Stephen Olding, Mrs. A Sutherland, Violet Grout (on teachers lap), Milani Mazubane, Sloane Metior, Malik Mazubane

Back Row: Ivy Hatchwell, Nicholas Rosenbaum, Nadine Gross, Joah van Niekerk

Teacher Assistant: Ms Z. Khumalo

Turtle Group Grade 0000 Mrs H. Samuel

Front Row: Abby Chaplin, Catrer Pillay, Alexandria Mariappen, Portia McNamara, Mila Chivange,

Middle Row: Thubelihle Zwane, Katherine de Klerk, Leo Van Niekerk, Ahi Rajagopaul, Mrs H. Samuel, Quinn Ferrandi (on teachers lap),

Eyanah Thiessen, Qhama Nkangana

Back Row: Brody Blakeway, Oliver Fourie, Blake Erasmus

Teachers Assistant: Miss Z. Mbonambi

12 Ashton International College Ballito

Turtle Group Grade 0000 Mrs S. Reddy

Front Row: (seated on floor) Graeson Olivier, Juliette Andrews, Jesse Booysen, Tatum Karsten, Sienna Govender

Middle Row: Vihaan Sahadew (boy standing and holding onto friends shoulder), Okwenathi Gobo (seated),

Grace Coetzee (seated on Teacher assistant's lap)

Griffin Naicker (standing), Cody Le Roux (seated - leaning on teacher), Oliver Johnson (seated on left of teacher), Liam Wiseman (standing)

Back Row: Ms N. Mthembu ,Lumkile Khoza (standing in between Teacher and Teacher Assistant), Mrs S. Reddy

Teachers Assistant: Ms N. Mthembu

Turtle Group Grade 0000 Mrs N. Devine

Front row: Juliana Sobey, Mqhele Motloung, Kubobonke Mapfuise , Karin Maritz

Second row: Robert McClelland, Scarlett Haskell (standing), Busa Madikizela (on assistant's lap), Ms T. Khanyile, Emily

Winterbach (center), Mrs N. Devine, Connor Cleland

(on teacher's lap), Annabelle Adriaanse (standing), Adrian Langa

Teachers Assistant: Ms T. Khanyile

Ashton International College Ballito 13

Starfish Group Grade 000 Mrs. T. Wright

Front Row: Lulonke Ntombela, Aston Hogg, Kyra Godinho, Maia Pietersen, Ava Orsmond, Bea van Schoor, Isla Van Niekerk (on knees)

Sitting on Chairs: Shekhale Rajkossore, Leo Van Niekerk, Miley Murton (on teachers lap), Mrs. T. Wright, Tariq Snyman

Standing: Ava Kenyon, Ntsika Msimang, Ms N. Chili, Leja Boshoff, Madison Nienaber, Seaton Olivier, Umar Joosab (bending forward)

Back Row: Avethandwa Hlalukana, Hudson Chapman, Ella Maritz, Colt Daly, Rayon Mhlauli, Harley McDonald

Teachers Assistant: Ms M. Luthuli

Starfish Group Grade 000 Mrs J. Chaplin

Front Row: Faith Simmonds, Gracelyn Pentiah, Dylan De la Hey, Aviana Moodley, Raiya Naidoo

Middle Row: (Far left standing behind chair) Kwenzokuhle Cele, (on the chair), Arabella Duerden, (on Miss Happiness lap) Axton Raubenheimer,

Miss H. Mkhwanazi, (infront on Miss Happiness) Oliver De Charmoy, Casey Cockroft, Steele Putman, Mrs J. Chaplin, Ruby Raubenheimer, Marcus

Cranko, (on the chair) Alarah Gangiah, (next to chair) Kingston Slater

Back Row: Isabella Naidoo, Jesse Johnson, Oliver Robert, Juli Veldman, Thandiwe Jali, Ava Davidson, Harlow Black

Teachers Assistant: Miss H. Mkhwanazi

14 Ashton International College Ballito

Starfish Group Grade 000 Mrs A. Pope

Front Row: Ezra Naidoo, Keilan Masekela, Emilia Da Silva, Saskia Singh, Stella-Eve Talbot, Lilly Haywood

Middle Row: Reign Rowan, Farrah Edwards, Mrs A. Pope, Oscar Facer, Sophia Brauteseth (on chair), Heinrich Haywood (behind Sophia),

Ms K. Adams, Ruby Harrison, Ethan Smith, Kylie I'Ons (with crossed leg and hand in pocket)

Back Row: Kailash Pather, Carter Prinsloo, Jett White, Alessio, Cienna Da Silva, Yantra Naidu,

Gerbrand Vorster (behind Alessio) Conor Hodgson (behind Kayla)

Teachers Assistant: Ms K. Adams

Seahorse Group Grade 00 Miss J. Janse van Rensburg

Front Row (on the floor): Xavier Pillay, Lwandlelothando Lewis, Madison Van Dyk

Second Row (behind students on floor): Madden Thorogood, Cullen Weeks (sitting on chair next to teacher),

Miss J. Janse van Rensburg, Christian Blackburn (sitting in between the two teachers), Miss K. Sliziwe,

Georgia Ann Lund (sitting on chair next to teaching assistant) and Nevaeh Kistnasamy (standing next to girl on chair)

Third Row: Asher Rugoho, Mayur Misra, Yamkelwa Mthembu, Abhishay Rambalie, Kahil Jugdeo and Mackenzie Harris

Back Row: Zyanna Moodley, Kaira-Coco Tyers, Mazande Sibindi, Asandiswa Dladla and Rachel Dunlop

Teachers Assistant: Miss K. Sliziwe

Ashton International College Ballito 15

Seahorse Group Grade 00 Mrs S. Berlyn

Front Row: Jessica Fourie, Isla-Mae Scheltema, Pierre Taljaard, Letho Machi, Harper Keylock, Ford Putman

Seated On chairs: Nathan Gollino (sitting on chair), Miss N. Zondo, Mikael Enslin (seated between teachers) Mrs S. Berlyn, Hanna Quayle (sitting on chair)

Middle Row: Jude Cawood, Erik Karlberg, Teagen Claassens, Zoey Chaplin,Eli Kegel, Blaize van der Merwe

Back Row: Beauden Claassens, Ava Toweel, Evangelina Nel, Blake Naicker, James Spires, Matt Greene, Ntsika Mthethwa

Teachers Assistant: Miss N. Zondo Absent: David Greene

Seahorse Group Grade 00 Mrs S. Thompson

Seated on floor: Courtney Schneider, Robert Rosenbaum, Carter Marks, Charlie Peens, Piper Enerson

Front Row: Chloё Ashton, Mrs S. Thompson, Zohha Goolam, Ms W. Zangwa, Olivia Roberts

Middle Row: Gray Simpson, Noa Bisset, Indigo Grout, Hayley Cook, Mnqobi Khoza

Back Row: Aiden Venter, Lyla van Aarde, Adam Swart, Zinathi Mngomezule, Saxon Campbell

Teachers Assistant: Ms W. Zangwa Absent on the day: River Bentham

16 Ashton International College Ballito

Seahorse Group Grade 00 Mrs M. Tifflin

Front Row: (sitting on floor) Judah Wynne, Matthew Berlyn, Taylor Naicker, Conniemarie Mungandi-Nyirenda

Middle Row: (Sitting on chairs) Ongeza Sithole, Christina Papageorge, Benjamin Clay

Midde Row: (Standing beside teachers) Asakhe Gobo, Sana Singh, Mrs M. Tifflin, Sarah Dennis, Taylor Casey, Miss Y. Mgobhozi, Oliver Wood

Back Row: Rudhra Singh-Jaiswal, Lisakhanya Muragijeyesu, Nicolas Joubert (moved to Orange Seahorse class), Lacey Jourdan, Harrison Kelly

Teachers Assistant: Miss Y. Mgobhozi Absent Children: Zea Erasmus, Callum Greenland

Grade R Mrs M. Koekemoer

Front Row: Victoria Smit, Nihal Somayi, Michael Van Wyk, Jamie Muir (in front of Mrs M. Koekemoer)Jackson De La Hey (in front of Miss D. van der Linde)

Middle Row: Jack van Ast (standing), Sienna Keylock, Alexa Bothma, Lily Boniface, Olivia Brauteseth, (on teachers lap), Stéfan Terblanche (standing next to Miss D.

van der Linde with his hand on her shoulder), Gabriell Naidoo, Abigail Oosthuizen (next to Mrs M. Koekemoer), Hana Goulden (otherside of Mrs M. Koekemoer)

Back Row: Alyssa McNamara, Annabel Taljard, Ella Schabram, Abby Haywar, Spencer Manton, Jonathan Harpur, Grace Harcourt-Baldwin,

Andrea Harris

Teachers Assistant: Miss D. van der Linde

Ashton International College Ballito 17

Grade R Miss A. Eslick

Front Row: Shiloh Naidoo, Azaria Chunder, Bhulebenkosi Madikizela (kneeling), Scarlett Metior, Aumana Ramlakan, Elijah Pillinger, Jinheng Xiang

Row next to teachers - all sitting: Scott Sindicich (left of Miss N. Ngubane), Mieke Grunewald (right of Miss N. Ngubane), Grayson Champan (left of Miss A.

Eslick), Ariella Wiseman (right of Miss A. Eslick)

Middle Row: all standing: Grayson Hardwich, Kathryn Rencken, Annabel Dodds, Lexi Van der Merwe, Iyasanga Maphumulo, Kehana Naicker

Back Row - all standing: Alexa Dedekind, Liana Adriaanse, Ayaan Mohanlall, Matteo De Lange, Zoey Bennet, Ivy Harrison, Mikayla Moonasamy

Teachers Assistant: Miss N. Ngubane

Grade R Mrs S. Kegel

Front Row: Olivia Herbert, Abigai lTshisola, Oliver Sutherland, Daniel Hechter (all sitting on the floor)

Second Row: Florence Ullyett, Evah Koekemoer (sitting on Mrs S. Kegel lap) Seth Seppings, Keyao Gu, Ms B. Hogg, Chloe Hadfield, Ethan Mariappen

Third Row: Steph Jansen Van Rensburg, Jesse Van Niekerk, Sienna Robert

Back Row: Dominic Judge, Judah Stone, Brooklyn Rieckhoff, Max Harris, Adrian Orsmond, Rachel Broughton

Teachers Assistant: Ms B. Hogg

18 Ashton International College Ballito

Grade R Mrs S. Jung

Front Row: Callie Oliver, Jamie Wuth, Kari Anderson, Samuel Everitt, Hassan Joosab, Sadie Stoop

Sitting on chairs: Ufuzo Mbatha, Mrs S. Jung, Cuan Speirs, Daniel Bester, Mrs M. Leisher, Riley Raven

Middle Row: Otshiamo Matlakala (standing on the right of teacher), Connor Otto (standing on the left of the teacher), Anah Van Niekerk, Emmie Van Schoor, Daniël

Veldman (standing on the outer left)

Back Row: Bear Booysen, Elrike Cloete, Bailey Cockroft (slightly higher than others), Eyamagoba Mjaja (step down), Aarya Govender, Raphaella Constantinou,

Layah Cherry, Ben Howell (step up), Olivia Schneider.

Ashton International College Ballito 19


The Ashlings did a superb job of putting on their Christmas

plays for their parents. For many of them, this was their very first

performance for mom and dad! From ‘Wise Men’ to an ‘African

Christmas’ and other themes, they did really well!

20 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 21

Our motto at the start of this new

year was ‘2022 We Love You!’ (not

just because a teacher loves a good

rhyme) as we knew this year was

definitely, without a doubt, going to be

significantly better than the last two!

As a Junior College team, we were 100%

committed to make sure that the year

ahead was filled with opportunities of

putting the ‘we love you’ into action. As

Mother Teresa so beautifully explained,

‘Love cannot remain by itself – it has no

meaning. Love has to be put into action

and that action is service.’

We started the first term in style, with

more COVID restrictions being dropped

and, although we still had to wear face

masks, we were excited about ‘getting

back to normal’!

We took our first step into 2022 with

God at our side, knowing, ‘It is the Lord

who goes before you. He will be with

you; He will not leave you or forsake

you. Do not fear or be dismayed.’

Deuteronomy 31:8

We welcomed the new members of our

Ashton Junior College family:

Foundation Phase: Michelle Pasifakis, our

new Foundation Phase HOD who joins us

from Ashton, Benoni, Ashleigh Osborn,

Ashley Eslick, Kirsty Lombard and Tamzyn


Intersen Phase: Sarah Hopper; Mellisa

Cleland; Robyn Scholtz and Courtney

Sharp. We also welcomed Mr Pentecost,

fondly known as Mr P, into the Intersen

Phase Sport Department. Mrs Davidson,

our newly appointed JC Deputy, moved

into her new office in the Foundation

Phase working closely with our Grade 1,2

and 3 teachers and students.

We officially started school on

Wednesday, 12 January and the campus

was abuzz with excitement: children

meeting up with friends and meeting

new ones, loving being back on campus

and moving classes again!

We embraced our Term 1 Assembly

Theme ‘Be the Light’ and loved our

assemblies where we learnt more about

how we can be the light in the world and

we prayed over our start to 2022:

“God, let it start with me.

Let my words be a light

In someone else’s dark day

And a reflection of

Your love.

And let me be just as willing

To receive the light

When it’s shone into my life.”

Looking back on these memories as I

do each year, there is always such a

powerful, emotional reaction as there

are feelings that are attached to each

memory. These are incredible reminders

of how immeasurably blessed we are to

work with children every day and what a

huge responsibility it is for us to work with

our future generations: to teach them,

guide them and most importantly of all,

grow with them.

Helen Keller’s quote, ‘The best and most

beautiful things in the world cannot be

22 Ashton International College Ballito

seen or even touched; they must be felt

by the heart.’ immediately came to my

mind and that the time I have with you

this morning is not a just a list of things

we’ve done this year but it shows love in

action which can truly felt by the heart.

Term 2 is always a busy term, filled with

classroom activities, sport matches,

and the Intersen Phase working hard

preparing for the June Tests and Exams.

Our very apt Term 2 Theme, The ABCs

of a Growth Mindset taught us so many

valuable lessons on how to be a success,

both in and outside the classroom.


On the afternoon of the 11 April, heavy

rains began to fall. Umbrellas and

wellies were much needed items to

cross the campus! We will never forget

the morning of the 12 April this year, as

we woke up after experiencing a night

of torrential rain with no comms, no

electricity and no water! I was not able to

share my daily 6am morning message

with the Foundation and Intersen Phase!

Finally, I managed to send a ‘Please

stay at home but if children do come to

school, we are operational!’

We were so grateful for Ashton’s

generator and borehole so we were

able to look after those children who

were at school. It was during this time

of utter devastation that we witnessed

the ‘helpers’ stepping in to help clear

up, rebuild and help those in need,

again reminding us, as we have so

often witnessed over the last two years,

the phenomenal Ashton and Ballito

community. As we witnessed beautiful

rainbows over our beloved Ballito after

the heavy rains, we were reminded of

God’s promise.

To celebrate our special dads for Father’s

Day, we held a Daddy Dash where dads

and kiddies joined to run 2 or 4kms – so

much fun and laughter was had by all!

As well as some sore muscles and some

kiddies even beating dads!

In Term 3, We followed one of our much

loved themes, ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ in Term 3

and it was so energising to be reminded

of the power of God’s fruit that empower

and guide us to have a loving and

peaceful spirit – the very foundation of

our Christian ethos and the heart of the

Ashton Way.

The fun just never ended in Term 3 –

our Woza Dance, Grandparents Day,

sport matches, the Intersen Sports &

Cultural Awards, the Spring Carnival,

the Grade 4 overnight trip to Seula,

Interhouse Athletics Days, Hooked on

Books, the Grade 7 Morning Market and

our Foundation and Intersen Classical

Eisteddfods and Showcases that kept our

children learning, laughing and enjoying

every moment of the third term journey.

In Term 4, we loved following ‘Christmas

Story’ each week where classes shared

their part of the blessed story of the birth

of Jesus. We were blessed to be able

to feel the magic of this time of year in

assemblies, in the classrooms and out

on the field.

As I get to the end of my speech, I would

like to take the opportunity to thank our

Mr and Mrs Buys for all that they have

done for us over this wonderful year. For

their unwavering support, guidance and

care – we so appreciate everything you

do for us at Ashton and we are forever

grateful for all that we have. We are

blessed to be part of the Ashton family.

To the Fantastic Foundation and

Incredible Intersen team, I am so

indebted to you all for the constant

outpouring of love, commitment and

focus on what you do – for the children

in your care, for the parents and for your

Ashton family. Thank you from the very

bottom of my heart for putting love into

action by serving and making each day

filled with moments that can be felt by

the heart

Nikki Hamann

Nikki Hamann


Ashton International College Ballito 23


Seated L-R: Barbara McCabe, Candace Chandler, Nikki Hamann, Cara Davidson, Debbie Chiccaro, Amber Ram

2nd Row L-R: Caitlynn Brummer, Lizelle Meyer, Sharon Pissarra, Lori Swanepoel, Megan Fourie, Katie Opperman

3rd Row L-R: Kerry Harcourt-Baldwin, Anne Lyall, Lisa Schmidt-Loffer, Bhavna Chooman, Noeleen Blewitt, Courtney Chiccaro

4th Row L-R: Carolyn Harris, Justine Blakeway, Heidi van Schoor, Yvonne Matthews, Brittany Pickering, Linda Aylward, Happiness Ngcamu

5th Row L-R: Megan Walsh, Moses Mpande, Gregg Howard, David Kupuya, Kerry O’Connor, Monique Currin

24 Ashton International College Ballito



Ashton International College Ballito 25

26 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 27

28 Ashton International College Ballito

Amidst a backdrop of laughter and excitement, the

Ashton campus came alive for the much anticipated

annual Daddy Dash. This event brought together our

Ashton students and dads for a fun-filled and exciting

2km race that put a comical twist on the famous

Comrades Marathon.

The students sprinted alongside their dads, and

their eyes gleamed with excitement as the colourful

scenery of the campus added great delight to this

unique Father's Day celebration, with spectators along

the course, adding to the merriment and festive spirit

of the event. The route weaved through familiar paths

known to students and fathers alike, with infectious

laughter, rivalry and fun spreading in every direction.

Finally, crossing the finish line, triumphant and

exhilarated, our students and fathers created

cherished memories that would forever warm their


Ashton International College Ballito 29

The Foundation Phase has three choirs; namely Grade 2 Girls choir

Grade 3 Girls choir and a Boys choir which is a combination of Grade

2 and 3 students. There are many students who attend a variety of

private music lessons and many dancers are a part of our Dance

Studio at the school.

2022 was a busy year. Starting in the first term, songs were chosen

and practiced to be sung at the Contemporary Eisteddfod. All three

choirs participated and there was great rivalry as to who would win

the category. Grade 2 girls’ choir were first with 95%.

The choirs participated in the showcase, which was held on

the last day of the Term 1. There were also many other young

talented musicians who played the piano, trumpet and violins.

Dancers and singers also graced the stage.

During term 2, the choirs got ready to enter into the Classical

Eisteddfod which was held in Term 3. Once again, there was

great rivalry. Grade 3 girls’ choir received 92% and stole the

show on the last day of term at the showcase. The standard of

all musicians and dancers who participated in the showcase,

was extremely high.

To end off this happy year, the choirs sang beautifully at the

Carol Service and the Grade 3 choir students blew us away at

their Graduation Ceremony.

Congratulations to all our musicians, dancers and singers

and a great 2022.

30 Ashton International College Ballito

EST. 1968








1968 - 2023







Ashton International College Ballito 31

32 Ashton International College Ballito

At the end of Term 4, once the Grade 1 students

successfully completed learning about money,

they got to put what they’ve learned into practice

by enjoying a morning called ‘Shop in a Box’. This

allowed the students to buy and sell items from their

shops from a box!


Book Day

Each year, on 23 April, celebrations take

place all over the world to recognise

the magical power of books - a link

between the past and the future, a

bridge between generations and

across cultures. Ashton students get

to dress up as their favourite book

character or actor and lots of fun is had

by students and teachers alike!

Ashton International College Ballito 33

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying” - Jennifer Lim

Grade 1 Mrs N. Blewitt

Front Row: Everleigh Olivier, Freya Karlberg, Myra Lekha, Brody Pietersen, Jamie Hechter.

Second Row: Landa Machi, Ella Bottcher, Adriana Lagoa, Courtney Marks, Ava Kegel.

Third Row: Alex Mann, Didintle Ngobeni, Ms B. Chooman, Ronin Singh, Mrs N. Blewitt, Isabella Barnaby, Daniel Muragijeyesu.

Back Row: Cody Barnaby, Luke Carter, Megan Ferreira, Kamogelo Khoza, Jack Hodgson, Tara Frank, Renzo Potgieter, Ayabonga Cele

Teachers Assistant: Ms B. Chooman

Grade 1 Mrs M. Currin

Front Row: Aariv Pillay, Aryan Premlal, Daynah Holtzhausen, Olivia Masters, Anthea Gross, Janique Du Toit, Kieran Lamprett, Jordan Casey

Second Row: Reyan Azam, Mrs M. Currin, Taitum Murton, Grey Pereira, Nina Daly, Adam van Zyl, Mrs D. Chiccaro, Mileesha Reddy, Guy Coughlan

Third Row: Kimberly Africander , Li-Mae Vorster, Sibongakonke Majola, Hlelolwenkosi Hadebe

Back Row: Abusa Maphumulo, Lavinia Mendonca, Aarya McNamara, Tanaka Ndoora

Teachers Assistant: Mrs D. Chiccaro

34 Ashton International College Ballito

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of

enthusiasm” - Winston S. Churchill

Grade 1 Mrs D. Chiccaro

Front Row: Gisele Bono, Hunter Rieckhoff, Katherine Nel, Saira Munilal, Chelsea Roberts

Second Row: Stanley Facer, Mrs D. Chiccaro, Leia Patel, Uyanda Chamane, Ms B. Chooman, Ryan Armugam.

Third Row: Slade Gore, Taynera Ramdas, Adhya Deonarain, Amara Hirschmann, Tyla Temple-Jones, Asher Ellender.

Back Row: Rocco Grenfell, Michael Claassens, Nthabeleng July, Oretshegofaditse Matlakala, Daniel Aitken, Luke Harvey.

Teachers Assistant: Ms B. Chooman

Grade 1 Mrs M. Fourie

Front Row: Rocco Robinson, Reece Douglas

Second Row: Brayden Talbot, William Jason, Cruz Ellinas, Jeziel Tolmay

Third Row: Murray Mc Donald, Joshua Davis, Summer Van Lelyveld, Timothy Kreuger

Class Assistant: Mrs J. Otto

Ashton International College Ballito 35

“No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers.” - Wolfgang Riebe

Grade 1 Mrs S. Pissaro

Front Row: Eli Shutte, Bella Simmonds, Nicholas England, Adam Smith, Tyla Clelland, Annabelle Winterbach, Alexis Andrews, Anick Claassens.

Second Row:Samuel Broughton, Isabelle Robertson, Scarlett Jansen Van Rensburg, Ella Chaplin.

Third Row: Elizabeth Fitch, Mayur Moodley, Aaron Wynne, Hannah Carter, Chace Joynt.

Back Row: Rebecca Smith, Kalia Venter, Sophia Nel, Benjamin Berlyn, Neah Wessels, Aaradhiya Singh.

Teachers Assistant: Miss C. Chiccaro

Grade 2 Mrs A. Lyall

Front Row: Laveda Govender, Matthew Everitt, Emily Hadfield, Valentina Potgieter, Ava Schabram.

Second Row: Liana Naidoo, Brody Hayes, Luca Cavedon, Olivia Peens.

Third Row: Raul Perumal, Kayden Duncan, Rana Govinder, Isabella Howard, Akheka Shozi, Lulonke Manyathi.

Back Row: Emihle Masinga , Lucas Tshisola, Ashleigh Seery, Sienna Toweel, Michael Kimmet, Melokuhle Mhlongo.

36 Ashton International College Ballito

“Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference” – Claire Fagan

Grade 2 Mrs L. Meyer

Front Row: Eliah Hill, Dlakude Dlakude, Connor Harris.

Second Row: Cate Mallandain, Mrs L. Meyer, Brody Jourdan, Michane Fourie, Miss K. Opperman, Vayun Sahadew.

Back Row: Vukani Jabavu, Grayson Campbell, Finley Speirs, O’Neal Rugoho

Teachers Assistant: Miss K. Opperman

Grade 2 Mrs B. McCabe

Front Row: Abigael Peters, Iseult McNamara, Chase Parsons, Grayson Carr, Zongeziwe Shozi, Kayley Marks..

Second Row: Athena Maharaj, Keyun Gu, Kenzo Nkosi, Mrs B. McCabe, Nicholas Fryer, Leah Simaan.

Third Row: Jayce Otto, Carter Grieve, Emma Fitch, Katherine Abdo, Tyler Govender, Finn Scheltema.

Back Row: Cooper Rass, Jordan Fourie, Mila Nidd, Ariya Rambalie, Bryce Fourie, Matthew Anderson.

Ashton International College Ballito 37

“You always pass failure on the way to success.” - Mickey Rooney

Grade 2 Mrs B. Pickering

Front Row: Ryder Thorogood, Logan Sarkis, Ryen Peters, Linomtha Chagi

Second Row: Yanga Ngxola, Miss M. Walsh, Theo Tosta Di Paolo Pedreira, Mrs B. Pickering, Mila Ellis

Third Row: Cade de Gouviea-Smith, Fatima Joosab, Caleb Venter, Benjamin Van Ast, Dani Meyer, Talin Maistry

Back Row: Carter Sutherland, Olivia Quayle, Harry Wacher, Lily Sobey, James Keogh

Teachers Assistant: Miss M. Walsh

Grade 2 Mrs L. Schmidt-Loffler

Front Row: Robyn-Anne Olding, Ziphezinhle Makhoba, Zaynab Mayet, Erwin Weyers, Mayah Muchengeti.

Second Row: Grace Larche, Hunter Rowan, Mrs L. Schmidt-Loffler, Zachery Wuth, Madison de Gouviea-Smith.

Third Row: Jonathan Schoerie, Carter Smit, Rochelle Van de Merwe, Ava Oliver, Julian Felt, James Phillips.

Back Row: Seth Pillay, Siphesihle Dlamini, Iminayji Sibindi’, Eden Van Rooyen, TG Mnisi.

38 Ashton International College Ballito

“Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Grade 3 Mrs J. Blakeway

Front Row: Liam Van Den Berg, Arella Ekidipat, McKenzie King, Richard Stacey, Charlotte Harcourt-Baldwin, Emily Logan , Yashil Ramperthab

Second Row: Levi Stone, Azande Dhlamini, Mrs J. Blakeway, Hannah Tucker, Caleb Le Roux,

Third Row: Annabelle Terblanche, Mayank Naidu, Hanna Van Den Barselaar-Smith, Zara Reardon, Jordan Wright, Gemma Stoop

Back Row: Samaira Brijlall, Gia Errico, Pa Babu Thiam, Kiara Sheppy, Owami Ngidi

Absent: Cruz Harris

Grade 3 Mrs C. Chandler

Front Row: Christel Hirschman, Kesley Sheppy, Zach Triggol, Marcelo Da Silva, Dareece Viramuthu

Second Row: Zizo Ndlovu, James Gunning, Mrs C. Chandler, Paul Peresu, Aliyah Khader

Third Row: Reece Scholtz, Cameron Peacock, Brielle Singh, Hema Chaithram, Wangu Mtawarira, Benjamin Blignaut

Back Row: Cole Hunter, Jenna-Lee Smaldon, Paige Bayman, Diego De Lange, Keira Page, Scarlett Holgate, Jesse Gonçalves

Absent: Rylee Pullen

Ashton International College Ballito 39

“A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated”. – Horace Mann

Grade 3 Mrs K. Harcourt-Baldwin

Front Row: Cam Barclay, Scott Macdonald, Riley Peters, Blake Rudolph, Victoria Miller, Yara Pillay

Second Row: Joshua Cawood, Scarlet Mathias, Ella Karsten, Mrs K. Harcourt-Baldwin, Jòco Claassens, Carl Ehlers

Third Row: Zack Van Zyl, Unamasu Mbatha, Jason Stacey, Daniel Rencken, Kairo Venter, Daniel Graham

Back Row: Calleigh Lampret, Abby Harrison, Malakai Seppings, Nothile Mthethwa, Davonna Viramuthu

ABSENT: Jackson Myers

Grade 3 Mrs Y. Matthews

Front Row: Liam Naidoo, Samuel Cherry, Jamie Van Niekerk, Christopher England, Johnjon Clark, Kwandiswa Mabuza

Second Row: Adam Goulden, Sophia Winterbach, Mrs Y. Matthews, Phillipa Sutherland, Zion Naidoo

Third Row: Khanyisa Mhlongo, Amelia Enerson , Elijah Lupton-Dale, Cole Howie, Emily Roberts, Ayabonga Ngcobo

Back Row: Gabriella Molyneaux, Zenzele Khumalo, Hayden Naicker, D'Artagnan Munro, Caleb Matthew, Amaya Motsei, Rebecca Aitken

40 Ashton International College Ballito

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Grade 3 Mrs K. O’Connor

Front Row: Payton Thorpe, Dale Chapman

Second Row: Chelsea Chisholm, Miss L. Swanepoel, Roarke Heyns, Mrs K. O’Connor , Tommy Sokolich

Back Row: Sean Peacock, Mason Haywood, Amaya Sigalelana, Nivashree Neermul, Harry Dixon, Jan Van Leeuwen

Teachers Assistant: Miss L. Swanepoel

Ashton International College Ballito 41

Grade 3

Walk the Talk







Miss O’Connor - Jan Van Leeuwen

Mrs Matthews - Phillipa Sutherland

Mrs Harcourt-Baldwin - Jóco Claassens

Mrs Chandler - Annabelle Terblanche and Jesse Concalves

42 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 43

44 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 45

46 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 47

On your marks.....

48 Ashton International College Ballito




The day of a wonderful event where each student received a

chance to swim! A squad of Grade 7 students on the Ashton

swim team volunteered to assist the weaker swimmers across

the pool to ensure everyone had a turn to swim a 25m length of

the pool.

A huge congratulations to London for cheering their way to win

the Spirit Trophy and to Cambridge who won the Interhouse

Trophy for being the Winning Team!


This Top 10 Gala was a first for our Foundation Phase and will

become an annual event on our sporting calendar.

Congratulations to all our swimmers and a special

congratulations to our U7, U8 and U9 Age Group Winners.

U7 Girls: Tatum Murton

U7 Boys: Guy Coughlan

U8 Girls: Olivia Quayle

U8 Boys: Finley Speirs

U9 Girls: Sophia Winterbach

U9 Boys: Malakai Seppings


Interhouse Foundation Athletics Day: 13 October 2022

We held our FP Interhouse Athletics Day at the start of the fourth

term due to the very rainy weather at the end of Term 2.

What an exciting, competitive day where every child had a

chance to run! Special mention must be made of Cambridge

who cheered their way to winning the Spirit Trophy and to a

huge WELL DONE to Oxford for taking home the winning trophy

with 267 points! In second place was London with 236 points

and Cambridge in third place with 199 points.

Well done to the Age Group Winners:

U7 Boys: Michael Claassens

U7 Girls: Tshego Matlakala

U8 Boys: Cruz Harris

U8 Girls: Olivia Quayle

U9 Boys: Jordan Wright

U9 Girls: Scarlet Mathias

Ashton International College Ballito 49

Front Row: Tracy Dowell; Gregg Howard; Glenda Wheeler; Nikki Hamann; Cara Davidson; Sandra Watkins; Gary Schneider; Robyn Duncan; Wendy Roberts

Second Row: Nicola Cooke; Sarah Hopper; Nicky van Buuren; Debby Bishop; Jenni Helberg; Courtney Sharp; Yvonne Bernardü; Claressa Pentiah

Third Row: Kirsty Croft; Annemarie Jordaan; Colleen Kay; Debbie Fagg; Megan Taljaard; Robyn Scholtz; Britt Reeves

Fourth Row: Claire Lilford; Sarita Pelser; Louise Erasmus; Musa Xaba; Andrea van der Linde; Jennilee Greene; Mellisa Cleland; Sonnett Jones

Back Row: Sharon Bissict; Richard Pentecost; Andrew Oosthuizen; Silvia Cloete

50 Ashton International College Ballito

Designed to draw people in, Pepper has added

new life to Ashton Ballito by sparking real curiosity

– and leaving a lasting impression on all staff and

students alike. Pepper is a fully programmable

platform that is perfect to conduct research on

robotics, study artificial intelligence, or develop

applications thus affording students interested in

a career in Robotics an ideal platform to learn

from. Pepper covers every level of education from

Primary/Secondary to Higher Education/Research

to Specialised Education. Being an emotional and

humanoid Robot, Pepper creates empathetic links

with students, inspiring and driving them to develop

social and emotional skills.

Humanoid robots are already used to implement

effective inclusive practices and promote

education with IEP (Individualized Education

Programs) for students with barriers to learning such

as autism, emotional and behavioural disorders.

As a uniquely different school that strives for

excellence in all areas of school life, Pepper is

enabling new ways of teaching in the classroom.

What exciting times we live in!

Ashton International College Ballito 51

“Education is one thing no one can take away from you” – Elin Nordegren

Grade 4 Mrs Y. Bernadü

Front Row: Regalo Sithole,Jackson Marks, Michael Harpur, Tizay Govender

Second Row: Rhys Fenton, Stella Zunckel, Mrs Y. Bernadü, Megan Weeks, James Broughton

Third Row: Ruby Shutte, Peyton Duncan, Lindo Manyathi, Sebastiaan Jordaan, Elizabeth Jarvie, Ayanna Ngcobo

Fourth Row: Nomusa Mazubane, Charlotte Tucker, Brody Gore, Okuhle Mbanjwa, Halle Duane

Back Row: Nathan Bath, Natara Nair, Kaara Govender, Kade Power

Grade 4 Mrs S. Bissict

Front Row: Lubanzi Hadebe, MacKenzie Cooper, Gianna Kyritsis,

Second Row: Zekwanda Mabuza, Mrs S. Bissict, Justin Schoerie, Ms Roberts, Kyla Greig

Third Row: Karah Spence, Emily Jung, Matthew Clay, Bandile Mkhize, Aston Nidd, Cameron Grieve

52 Ashton International College Ballito

“Teaching is not a job. It’s a lifestyle. It permeates your whole life.” – Jill Biden

Grade 4 Mrs R. Duncan

Front Row: Pari Ramautar, Zack Bruyns, Soyakha Gwavu, Maya Broughton

Second Row: Holly Baney, Levi Bezuidenhout, Mrs R. Duncan, Brody Robertson, Sienna Davenhill

Third Row: Sonam Maharaj, Bianca Jordaan, Thabang July, Loshaylan Govender, Cara Gevers, Hadassah Howard

Fourth Row: Rebecca Fryer, Sophia Constantinou, Taylor Gedrim, Sadie Quin, Talumba Mtawarira

Back Row: Sianna Matthew, Janco Van Rooyen, Thiyan Moodley, Robert Stafford, Joshua Goble, Ella-Mae Thompson

Gr 4 Mrs C. Lilford

Front Row: Ruhan Lekha, Ruby-Rose Robertson, Karan Bholla, Mila Lalsingh

Second Row: Michael Harris, Khwezi Khoza, Mrs C. Lilford, Meng Jing Xu, Jackson Fourie

Third Row: Haley Govender, Ari Gobind, Lily Jameson, Ayamaah Jobela, Unako Zintonga, Amahle Dlamini

Back Row: Sasalethu Maphumulo, Uvay Naicker, Sania Munilal, Luke Ross, Alyssa Eberlein

Ashton International College Ballito 53

“To this end the greatest asset of a school is the personality of the teacher” – John Strachan

Grade 4 Mrs D. Walker

Front Row: Miykael Peters, Paige Temple-Jones, Ashleigh Couzyn, Lacey Bac, Lexi Heenan

Second Row: Vanessa Davies, Grayson Blake, Mrs D. Walker, Hunter Erotocritou, Chloe Parsons

Third Row: Karen Mhlanga, Johannes Minnie, Kirsten Fourie, Abigail Moonsamy, Daniel Larche, Kehana Nair

Fourth Row: Eben Engelbrecht, Bhongo Mtolo, Shanah De Pierres, Jared Marais, William Sak

Back Row: Khloe Naidoo, Aaradhya Sharma

Grade 5 Mrs A. Jordaan

Front Row: Gia Carr, Reneiloe Lesenyeho, Khayalami Mhlongo, Seth Steyn, Emma Morphew, Scarlett Pritchard

Second Row: Evan Kirkham, Tori Lavagna-Slater, Mrs Jordaan, Kathleen Fitch, Connor Marks, Mishty Moodley

Third Row: Ayushan Chetty, Daniel Holtzhausen, Suretha Cloete, Shriya Arjoon, Keagan Van Rooyen, Daniel Abdo

Fourth Row: Chiagozie Ogueli, Isabella Hardwich, Vyan Prahaladh, Coco Clark, Azande Dennison

Back Row: Olivia Allen, Nahla Mthethwa, Ayabonga Mngadi, Molly Calf

New student: Khwezi Sibiya

54 Ashton International College Ballito

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.” – Allan Bloom

Grade 5 Mr A. Oosthuizen

Front Row: Faith Hunter, Kairav Naidu, Nicholas Ullyett, Sienna Bezuidenhout, Kimberly Johnson

Second Row: Aleah Viramuthu, Jack Baverstock, Mr A. Oosthuizen, Samuel Watts, Mila Cherry

Third Row: Luke Crandon, Juliet Brown, Kayden Elliott, Rémy Maingard, Victoria Heenan, Ripp Wright

Fourth Row: Zoey Wright, Cassi Mann, Shiven Naidoo, Raquel Goncalves, Mia Bernadü

Back Row: Diya Chaithram, Jonathan Hepburn, Kyle Howard, Jessica Osborne, Kelly Harvey

Grade 5 Mrs N. Van Buuren

Front Row: Josh Ehlers, Sonné White, Sarah Venter, Todd Coughlan, Novah Meyer

Second Row: Jordayna Cadman, Liam Nicholls, Mrs N. Van Buuren, Callum Dalling, Zeenat Bam

Third Row: Addison Cochran, Bruce Macdonald, Rory Todd, Caleb Harcourt-Baldwin, Caydan Bosman, Sanvi Deonarain

Fourth Row: Aadya Maharaj, William Logan, Cameron Rudolph, Caris Lawrence, Aymee Tilbrook

Back Row: Payton White, Malaika Van Leeuwen, Miabella Holgate, Karina Moodley

Ashton International College Ballito 55

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Grade 5 Mrs S. Watkins

Front Row: Lila Ingle, Troy Otto, Tyler Davidson, Matthew Scholtz, Lily Harris, Chloe Simons

Second Row: Nicola Cooke, Ryan Gevers, Mrs S. Watkins, Finn Broughton, Vicky Middleton

Third Row: Matthew Phillips, Caylea Duncan, Sienna Grenfell, Olivia Wynne, Aanya Appalraju, Luca Bauermeister

Fourth Row: Courtney Roberts, Georgia Cawood, Joshua Page, Mayli Van Schalkwyk, Jing Han

Fifth Row: Milan du Plessis, Matthew Cooper, Kallie Rawdon, Emma Chisholm, Matthew Van Wyk, Jadé Harvey

Grade 6 Mrs M. Cleland

Front Row (Floor): Gabriella Tucker; Summer Pritchard; Jayden Marais; Rebecca Coughlan; Emma Wacher

Second Row: Zoey Seppings; Justin Neethling; Mrs M. Cleland; Jacques Groenewald; May Prinsloo

Third Row: Darius Balbahadoor; Zoey Singh; Georgina Biebuyck; Milene Triggol; Meah Van der Merwe

Back Row: Jonathan Van Schalkwijk; Mpilo Ntombela; Aurora Bosman; Daniella Wise; Ayden Armugam; Muhammad Tinkouree

56 Ashton International College Ballito

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Grade 6 Mrs S. Jones

Front Row (floor): Megan stacey, Zachary Harris, Andrew Peter, Tahren Pather, Mohadeseh Ngobese

Second Row: Arabella Graham, Thomas Sinclair, Mrs s. jones, Yong-Che Wu, Brianna Felt

Third Row: Kai Poonsamy, Joshua Norton, Zara Larsson, Iminathi Ngxola, Rohan Maharaj, Matthew Smith

Fourth Row: Tayaal Naidoo, Abigail Sutherland, Keysha Azam, Seanna Talbot, Wing-Tai Chan

Back Row: Giuliana Coetzee, Nthabiseng July, Keean Naicker, Luke Jung, Lilly Osborn, Ruhi Gobind

Grade 6 Mrs J. Greene

Front Row (Floor): Krispyn Murugan; Leanne Sokolich; David Fabricius; Jordan Enslin; Ella Bayman; Katya Kyritsis

Second Row: Matteo Errico; Isla Ravat; Mrs J. Greene; Leader Mnisi; Sashen Govender

Third Row: Max Pauw; Joshua Carr; Kajal Maharaj; Ashley Osborne; Luke Gunning; Erin Padachie

Fourth Row: Keldon Naidoo; Siri Naicker; Cameron Couzyn; Amahle Mbanjwa; Kyle Ingle

Back Row: Ella van der Vyver; Siya Masondo; Nevan Padayachee; Rethabile Thukwana

Ashton International College Ballito 57

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Grade 6 Ms S. Pelser

Front Row (floor): Kirthika Naidoo, Peyton Blake, Joshua Bench Capon, Matteo Toweel

Second Row: Josh Hechter, Jianye Lian, Annabelle Wicks, Ms S. Pelser, Bantu Msweli, Caleb Riley

Third Row: Jett Russell, Rhea Parthab, Tejasvin Hurrinarain, Tannah Brown, Simran Lekha, Saxon Joynt

Back Row: Brody Thompson, Matthew Botha, Gabriella Georgiev, Madison Stefano, Suvarna Ramoutar, Gabriel Rai, Deklin Fenton

Absent: Tai smith

Grade 7 Mrs S. Cloete

Front Row: (seated) Jarryd Watkins, Sean Johnson, Volaena Naidoo, Dylan Bezuidenhout, Mea du Plessis, Khazimula Hadebe, Geoffrey Wacher

Second Row: Lauren Kenny, Bella Howie, Hayden Thorpe, Nathan Diedrechsen, Sashmin Singh, Kiera Carr

Third Row: Haydn McClure, Mkhuleko Sabela, Kevashni Govender, Mrs S. Cloete, Kaige Ellinas, Munesu Muzondo, Luke Engelbrecht

Back Row: Kaelyn Spence, Mila Pieterse, Candice Scheepers, Amy Wolhuter, Jana Scheepers, Alexia Kirkham, Kelsey Sim

58 Ashton International College Ballito

“Education is the art of making man ethical.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Grade 7 Mrs T. Dowell

Front Row: Tori Pearson, Sebastian Ullyett, Merel van Leeuwen, Mrs T. Dowell, Ukhona Ngcobo, Tessa Lamb, Solethu Ngxola

Second Row: Tserin Spoors, Nicholas Heenan, Owami Mdabe, Tessa Cotterell, Donavan Koekemoer, Ella Ash

Third Row: Uhlelelwe Maphumulo, Devesh Naidu, Charlie Calf, Kamsi Ogueli

Back Row: Brooke Lavagna-Slater, Mila Goss, Matthew Lyall, Noah Wright, Ella Bruyns, Shant Burger

Grade 7 Mrs R. Scholtz

Front Row: Corey Fraser, Meagan Simaan, Gabriella Bezuidenhout, Mrs R. Scholtz, Carlia Pretorius, Isabella Yorke-Smith, Live Zintonga

Second Row: Ngwazi Sithole, Aditi Bholla, Akhule Nkonzo, Kethan Govender, Esteera Naidoo, Buhle Sibiya

Third Row: Aryan Parthab, Ellen Calf, Troy Cole, Callan Oldreive, Ella Bath, Liam van Wamelen

Fourth Row: Moya Steer, Taishaar Singh, Kerryn Todd, Georgia Bezuidenhout, Kade Boertje, Ashthika Haripersad

Ashton International College Ballito 59

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”– Socrates

Grade 7 Mrs M. Taljaard

Front Row: Cameron Eagar, Muhammed Bam, Holly Kjellberg, Mrs M. Taljaard, Nathan Cochran, Roarke Welsh, Blaise Kohrs

Second Row: Weiru Yan, Leah Naidoo, Constantinos Papageorge, Jaryd Mathias, Tayla Govender, Lyla Lampret

Third Row: Anna Phillips, Katelynn De Klerk, Emma Blake, Idriss Ben Naceur, Ella Wood, Aarya Patel, Katelyn Tabori-Clark

Back Row: Chan van Eeden, Isabella Coetzee, Quaid Heyns, Keval Ramsamy, Nitania Naidoo, Radhiyaa Chowdhury

Absent: Luca Scheffer

60 Ashton International College Ballito

Grade 4

Seula Zimbili

On the 19th and 20th of September, the Grade 4’s

were extremely excited to head off on their first

overnight outing in their school careers, a trip

to Seula Zimbili. Despite being threatened with

rainy weather, they were blessed by a beautiful

sunny day and the rain held off long enough for

the children to experience some amazing outdoor

activities. Abseiling, zip lining, crawling through

the mud tunnel and some ice breaker games were

all enjoyed by the Grade 4s.

New friendships were formed and this experience

was an opportunity for the children to grow and

learn so many valuable lessons about teamwork

and about themselves, that could not be taught in

the classroom.

They returned to school, tired but happy after a

most awesome night away.

Ashton International College Ballito 61

Grade 5

Sugar Bay

The Grade 5’s attended their yearly excursion to Sugar Bay for

two nights during the third term of 2022. Sugar Bay is the only

resort in South Africa that has been specifically designed and

built as a children-only resort. They thoroughly enjoyed every

minute of the trip, participating in various activities from trying

out the High Ropes, Paintball, Swimming, surfing and many more

outdoor activities. They learnt how to make dreamcatchers,

making beaded jewellery and painting. In the evenings they

were treated to a fire show and carnival activities. All the

children came back happy with many new friendships and

memories that they could treasure.

62 Ashton International College Ballito

Grade 6


Roselands is an Adventure Centre in the Natal

Midlands, where the youth of all ages are encouraged

to get out there live life and be the best that they can


From the 22 – 24 November 2022 our Grade 6

students and teachers ventured to Roselands

just outside Richmond. The camp instructors

prepared a variety of team building and leadership

activities, ranging from team challenges to hiking

up a waterfall and zip lining into the dam. The tired

and muddy faces reflected great enjoyment on

returning to camp at the end of each day.

The students thoroughly enjoyed their experience

and for many, they exceeded their limitations

and rose to the challenges set for them. It was

wonderful to see our students thrive in an

environment outside of the academic one.

Roseland’s staff once again provided delicious

meals and the camp instructors made the

excursion an unforgettable one for our Grade 6’s.

Ashton International College Ballito 63

The Morning Business Market was nothing short of


Not only did we learn about businesses and

partnerships, but we created memories and

friendships that we never thought we would make!

It was an invigorating experience to serve

customers, as we cracked under the pressure

of the day. Through this, we learnt to cope and

we managed and succeeded. We were totally

dependent on ourselves. We witnessed the early

morning buzz and enjoyed the interaction of our

peers and friends.

This is definitely a highlight for all future Grade 7s!

Thank you to our teachers and parents for assisting

us with this incredible experience.

Lauren Kenny and Bella Howie

“Awesome Twosome”

64 Ashton International College Ballito

The anticipation grew, as we waited to get on the bus. The day had

finally arrived – Tala Game Reserve!

My heart was thumping. Excitement flooded my body, as I stepped on

the first step of our transportation.

Our drive was a hive of buzzing Grade 7s – singing, eating snacks and

having the time of our lives.

As we arrived, everyone was filled with curiosity. We were welcomed

by the lovely counsellors at Tala. Our first experience was a game

drive. What an incredible journey. We were blessed as we saw hippos,

wildebeest, giraffe and a variety of bird life.


That afternoon we learnt new skills; how to build a tent. Identifying

animal tracks and droppings, as well as learning how to start a fire

with literally nothing, was definitely an adventure.

As our Grade 7 Journey progressed, we build new and stronger

friendships; we played different games which helped us focus on our

strengths and weaknesses. We definitely put our creative skills to the


We were privileged to have Byron, an extremely knowledgeable

person, teach us about different types of snakes. Touching these

creatures was an awesome experience and a little scary.

On behalf of the Grade 7s, we want to thank our teachers and the

camp counsellors for this amazing fun-filled week.

By Katya Kyritsis

Ashton International College Ballito 65

The Social



The Social Responsibility Club involves the

entire Intersen Phase. With the help of our

children and parents, we feed approximately

135 Grade 1 children at R.A. Padayachee and

approximately 75 pre-schoolers from birth to

the age of 5 at iThemba Labasha.

Both of our institutions are based close to

us in Shakaskraal. Mrs Cloete, as the go-to

person, encourages our students, with the

help of Social Responsibility Club members,

who are mainly Grade 7 children, to bring

Sandwiches for these schools every Tuesday

– that is our Sandwich day.

In Natural Science the Grade 7s learned

about conservation and pollution and

made Eco Bricks so that they could become

more aware of how much plastic goes into each brick. The Eco Bricks

were used in a community project to build raised vegetable beds.

We collect sandwiches and fruit from our

Grade 4 to 7 Intersen children. Each week,

each Grade of teachers (approximately 7 per

grade) has a turn in bringing 2 x 1.5kg bags

of apples (any fruit in season), which we give

to R.A Padayachee. All the loose fruit that we

collect, we donate to our crèche, iThemba


For most of these precious children, this is

the only meal they get on that Tuesday. Both

R.A. Padayachee and iThemba Labasha try to

supplement their meals, if we are not able to

collect the required amount of sandwiches.”

66 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 67

On Tuesday 23 August the U13A Boys and

Girls hockey teams departed for Cape

Town on a very busy and fulfilled tour. Our

boys and girls played matches against

Kenridge College, BridgeHouse, Somerset

House and Somerset College. In between

playing all the matches we were able to

do some really awesome activities which

included “Cool Runnings”, playing “Ryder

Cup Putt Putt”, a bus tour around Cape

Town, as well has a quick visit to Boulders

Beach to see some Penguins.

What a fantastic five days on tour. To

all the sponsors and parents who were

involved in the tour a huge thank you for

all you did. To Mr Pentecost, Mrs Dowell

and Ms Van Der Linde, a huge thank you

for going on tour with our boys and girls

and creating these everlasting memories.


Ashton U13A vs Kenridge U13A

Ashton won 2-1

Ashton U13A vs Bridge House U13A

Ashton won 2-0

Ashton U13A vs Somerset House U13A

Ashton lost 1-2

Ashton U13A vs Somerset College U13A

Ashton won 2-1


Ashton U13A vs Kenridge U13A

Ashton lost 0-3

Ashton U13A vs Bridge House U13A

Drew 2-2

Ashton U13A vs Somerset House U13A

Ashton lost 0-4

Ashton U13A vs Somerset College U13A

Ashton won 2-1

68 Ashton International College Ballito




The day of our annual Interhouse Relay Gala dawned crisp and

clear. The swimming pool water glittered in the summer sun’s

rays and the cheering of the three Houses echoed around the

spectators and competitors. Our Grade 4 to 7 swimmers swam

their hearts out and an action-packed, exciting morning was had

by all!

Congratulations to our ‘spirited’ London House who took home

the coveted Spirit Trophy and to Cambridge who walked away

with the Interhouse Trophy!

Age Group Winners:

U9 Girls: Zara Reardon

U9 Boys: Malakai Seppings

U10 Girls: Charlie Tucker

U10 Boys: Levi Bezuidenhout

U11 Girls: Mayli van Schalkwyk

U11 Boys: Rory Todd

U12 Girls: Ella van der Vyver

U12 Boys: Tai Smith

Open Girls: Moya Steer

Open Boys: Nathan Cochran and Charlie Calf

Junior Victrix Ludurom: Mayli van Schalkwyk

Junior Victor Ludurom: Levi Bezuidenhout

Senior Victrix Ludurom: Ella van der Vyver

Junior Victor Ludurom: Tai Smith


Due to bad weather in the last week of school, we had to

postpone our Interhouse Athletics Day to the first week of Term 4.

What an incredible morning of running – no less than 6 records

were broken and great fun was had by all! We were also treated

to an epic Mom’s Race!

A BIG congratulations to Cambridge for their very impressive

war cries and taking home the Spirit Trophy! The Winning House

for 2022 with 418 points was Oxford – well done to all your

phenomenal, top class running! In second place, London, with

321 points and in third place, Cambridge, close behind with 315


Congratulations to the following athletes for their awards:

Junior Victor Ludorum

Tied for the trophy:

Janco van Rooyen and Jack Baverstock

Junior Victrix Ludorum

Tied for the trophy:

Abigail Moonsamy and Jessica Osborne

Senior Victor Ludorum

Idriss Ben Naceur

Senior Victrix Ludorum

Ellen Calf

Ashton International College Ballito 69

70 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 71

72 Ashton International College Ballito

Girls Hockey U13A - 2022

Girls Indoor Hockey U13A - 2022

Ashton International College Ballito 73

74 Ashton International College Ballito

Netball U12A - 2022

Netball U13A - 2022

Ashton International College Ballito 75

76 Ashton International College Ballito

Action Netball U11B - 2022

Action Netball U13A - 2022

Ashton International College Ballito 77

78 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 79

80 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 81

Celebrating 21 years on the North Coast (2002 - 2023)

82 Ashton International College Ballito

Muhammad Ali once said: “I hated every

minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit.

Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a


After a very frustrating and disrupted

two years we are finally back in full swing

on the sports fields. Having started at

Ashton last year, during Covid times, it was

extremely frustrating for me to come into

a new environment having no sporting

fixtures taking place. It felt very odd! Covid

taught us all a new way of life as well as to

not take things for granted.

At the beginning of the year, at our

coaches meeting, we discussed the way

forward. It was extremely important for

us to go back to the basics, to remember

that pupils had missed out on two years

of skills and we needed to build the pupils’

confidence again. With Covid we found

a huge amount of individual sport taking

place with pupils having forgotten how to

play as a team. Our coaching teams have

worked extremely hard right through from

the Foundation Phase to our Intersen Phase

in order to create a positive environment

where ALL pupils can succeed and feel a

part of something special.

We have seen a huge growth in our Junior

College participation, at all sporting

levels, and that is due to our coaching

staffs commitment and passion to Ashton

College ensuring it succeeds. We want to

create a positive environment and give all

pupils an opportunity to excel no matter

whether you are in the “A” team or “D”


Our sporting teams are playing against

strong oppositions every week and yes we

are learning many lessons along the

way but the goal at the end of the day

is to allow all our teams the opportunity

to display their talents on the field and

the results we have achieved in my short

stay have been outstanding.

Our Girls “A” swim team won the D&D “B”

Gala this year and have been promoted

to the “A” league in 2023. This now sees

both our Boys and Girls “A” Swimming

Teams taking part in the Durban &

District “A” league galas.

Our Action Netball teams continue to

excel with our teams winning gold in

three divisions.

We have grown our number of cricket

teams taking part every week and our

U11A, B & C teams lost 3 matches out of

the 18 played in total.

Our outdoor netball teams have been

amazing and we are becoming a huge

feature in the Durban North Area with all

schools wanting to play us.

We continue to grow our rugby and I

have no doubt that we will achieve our

goals set for the next few years.

Our soccer teams have grown too and

it is so positive to see the amount of

girls coming to practices. Our results

this term where extremely encouraging

across the board.

Hockey has turned over a new leaf and

we are fielding teams from U9-U13 with

28 teams playing every week! Our U10A

Girls won the Fatima festival held last

weekend against all the top schools in

the Durban Area.

With all this said our pupils have excelled

and they have achieved in total:

• 2 national colours

• 30 provincial colours and

• 58 District colours

This is an outstanding performance

from our pupils and we will be awarding

further sports awards in November.

For these achievements to take place

is not only the hard work from the

pupils but also the support from you,

the parents. I think we can all give our

parents a huge round of applause for

their support they show on the side of

the field, court or swimming pool to you

boys and girls.

Finally I would like to thank the Ashton

Coaching Staff for the hours of work

they put in throughout the year. The

Maintenance staff for all their hard

work preparing fields, courts and the

swimming pool. Without you, our

magnificent facilities would not be


Ms Hamann thank you for your support

and willingness in allowing us to take

sport to a new level and finally to Mr &

Mrs Buys, thank you for your continued

support and encouragement. It is

appreciated by all.

Richard Pentecost


Ashton International College Ballito 83



Arabella Graham

Caylea Duncan


Kimberly Johnson


Ellen Calf

Molly Calf

Addison Cochran

Kimberly Johnson

Charlie Calf


Luke Crandon

Kyle Howard

Cameron Rudolph

Matthew Van Wyk


Luke Gunning

Kai Poonasamy


Georgie Biebuyck

Brooke Lavagna-Slater

Iminathi Ngxola

Amy Wolhuter

Joshua Carr

Quaid Heyns

Sean Johnson

Bhekani Ngcobo


Brooke Lavagna-Slater

Iminathi Ngxola

Kamsi Ogueli

Amy Wolhuter

Ella Wood


Jack Baverstock

Deklin Fenton

Iminathi Ngxola

Kai Poonasmay


Zoey Seppings


Molly Calf

Addison Cochran

Kimberly Johnson

Brooke Lavagna-Slater


Levi Bezuidenhout

Roarke Welsh

84 Ashton International College Ballito



Brooke Lavagna-Slater

Summer Pritchard

Kerryn Todd

Amy Wolhuter


Troy Cole


Buntu Msweli

Tori Pearson

Zoey Seppings

Gabriella Tucker

Ella Wood


Solethu Ngxola

Kai Poonasamy

Ngwazi Sithole


Summer Pritchard

Kerryn Todd


Khazimula Hadebe

Roarke Welsh


Ella Bruyns

Mayli Van Schalkwyk

Moya Steer

Nathan Cochran

Tai Smith


Nicholas Ullyett


Nathan Cochran

Sean Johnson



Karina Moodley


Ellen Calf

Ella Van Der Vyver

Charlie Calf


Tai Smith

Ashton International College Ballito 85

86 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 87

Last Day

of Junior College

88 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 89



Seated: Erika Cloete, Andre Buys, Germare Buys, Deidre Hulett

Standing: Cara Davidson, Nikki Hamann, Gregg Howard, Caryn Brinkley, Angela Logan


Seated: Brett Aiston, Deidre Hulett, Wesley Hippolyte

Standing: Jabu Zungu, Paula Mowatt, Bronwyn Bath, Wandile Sibisi, Lungi Cele

90 Ashton International College Ballito



Front Row: Sharman Heine, Andrea van der Linde, Adelle Adlem, Kirsten White

Seated: Shani Jefferys, Deidre Hulett, Erika Cloete, Linda Aylward

Standing: Glynis Van Dongen, Nancy Ellis-Leach, Bronwyn Bath, Bettie Kleingeld, Mari Naudé, Jayne Bouwer, Nathalie Franck, Carolyn Harris


Seated: Mandy Khanyile, Arnold Kruger, Marcia Zulu, Martin Leisher, Hlengiwe Mayandlu, Patrick Mthethwa, Ncami Shabalala

First Row: Joyce Sibiya, Cindy Xaba, Makhosi Nkabinde, Lumka Mayile, Ntombi Zungu, Nokuthula Msane, Prudence Buthelezi, Maria Cele

Second Row: Lindiwe Mzoto, Bonie Nene, Bongi Mthethwa, Sindi Zubane, Priscilla Mthiyane, Minenhle Hadebe, Precious Gumede,

Back Row: Thobile Mthethwa, Nicholas Mdhluli, Sizwe Mkhize, Lewis Gumbu, Philane Hadebe, Janet Mfeka

Ashton International College Ballito 91



Neil du Plessis, Pamela Daniel, Craig Currin, Chris Stewart


Front Row: Ishmael, Martin Leisher, Arnold Kruger

Second Row: Maxwell, Musa and Freddie


Lungi Mthiyane and Nancy Ellis-Leach

92 Ashton International College Ballito

at Ashton

Jacques Turner, our head of security emphasizes the extreme

importance of security within Ashton International College

Ballito as it ensures the safety and well-being of students,

staff and facilities. Implementing secure measures like access

control systems, CCTV cameras, and metal detectors can help

to prevent security breaches, and ensure that only authorized

individuals are allowed on campus, as well as being vigilant and

alert at all times.

Overall, ensuring a secure environment in a school is of high

importance for creating a safe and productive learning

environment for everyone. Spike, our drug detection dog, is a

crucial member to the security team as he helps ensure our

school remains a drug free zone and security is top tier.

We have incorporated the Navic system (National Vehicle

Intelligence Cloud) to help you identify any flagged vehicles

that may enter our premises, and in public, that may be involved

in any criminal activities. Law enforcement is then notified and

they deal with the situation at hand.

Greeted with a friendly smile, Isaac our trusted friendly giant is

always there to meet and greet parents and children as you

enter the school grounds.

In addition to the above security measures, Ashton has a

dedicated security personal, Nkhosi, who helps protect our

children from not only danger but monkeys as well.

An outsourced security company assist with the access control

of vehicles and people on Ashton International College Ballito

premises 24/7.

Ashton International College Ballito 93

Senior College Phase

Front Row: Belinda Boucher, Cheri McGrath, Janine Pretorius, Angie Logan, Neil Askham, Lindsey Biebuyck, Craig Currin, Claire Smith, Jonathan Matthews

Second Row: Avril Puren, Sadhana Singh, Elizabeth Steele, Kim Carr, Annelize Röhrs, Karin Johnstone, Kristi Barnard, Maryke Eloff, Tammy Burger, Camille Tabosa-Vaz

Third Row: Courtney Myburgh, Deidre Hulett, Sune Oosthuizen, Sarah O’Reilly, Chanel Kruger, Pam Daniels, Phili Ngwenya, Andrea Maistry, Cara Smith

Fourth Row: Deneil Botterill, Ragini Thota, Alex Honeysett, Daniella Jali, Carlea Audibert, Rosalie Van Eeden, Nadia Habig, Tara Blake, Sareen Roberts, Cayley Thomas

Fifth Row: Merheza O’ Brien, Malindri Eastes, Hannah Moxham, Caylin Weedon, Michele Moxham, Vanessa Andreou, Reinette Frank, Allison Gunning, Douglas Beghin

Sixth Row: Vicky Bodasingh, Nicole Chapman, Annelle Engelbrecht, Tiaan Kruger, Donny van Zyl, Tiffany Adlem, Kelsey Dames, Lauren Fryer

Back Row: Chris Stewart, Waylon Ferrandi, Neil du Plessis and VJ Ramkilwan

It is my great pleasure to address the staff, students

and parents of Ashton College. 2022 has been a year

of mixed fortunes as we faced and overcame some

obstacles, while together, we celebrated so many


masks. It was wonderful to see students’ faces again and

we were reminded of how a simple smile can connect

us as human beings. We once again welcomed families

on campus at various events and this connection was

celebrated by all.

There have been many mountain tops with some valleys,

however, Ashton College, our school of excellence,

remains admirably purposeful, unwavering, and

determined to approach 2023 with enthusiasm.

As a school emerging from the confines of Covid

restrictions, we excitedly embraced the lowering of the

lockdown levels and eventually the dropping of face

On the other hand, our Ashton families also experienced

many devastating effects of the KwaZulu Natal rains.

We know many of our staff and students had their

homes flooded and our community at large faced water

shortages with other great difficulties. It is always in

these moments where I am overwhelmed at the way our

community always rallies together.

94 Ashton International College Ballito

While we said goodbye to various staff members due

to immigration, provincial relocation and other reasons

beyond our control, we appreciate the morale of each

staff member and the commitment to maintaining our

standard of excellence. As management, we couldn't

be more grateful for the seamless way that our staff

managed these restructuring projects in ways that

minimized any impact on the learning in our classrooms.

Our school has grown tremendously over the years, the

facilities speak for themselves. Our sports teams have

grown exponentially and we have established ourselves

in many leagues as a force to be reckoned with. We

have hosted schools locally, provincially and nationally

with a spirit on campus that resonates from every

corner. Both parents and students proudly displayed

their love for their school during sports commitments.

In light of that we are building a new sand based-Astro

turf. On this Astro, we can accommodate more practices

and facilitate more matches. This Astro will also be

used for girls’ and boys’ rugby as well as girls’ and boys’

soccer. It includes an Athletics track so that we can give

our cross-country and track athletes an opportunity to

practice in order that they may reach their potential.

As the CEO of Ashton College, I am so honoured to have the

support from the great leaders of our management team.

We assist each other through the many challenges that

often accompany growth and leadership. I, therefore, would

like to thank my current team Ms Caryn Brinkley, Mrs Angela

Logan, Ms Nikki Hamann, Mrs Cara Davidson, Mr Gregg

Howard, Mrs Deidre Hulett, Mrs Erika Cloete, Mr Martin Leisher

and Mrs Germare Buys. You are always a dynamic force of

leadership to me, along with your staff, ensuring that each

student is able to shine.

For the well-being of our mental health, we have had the

support of Drew Hort, Bev Dalhuijsen, Pastor Arthur and

Pastor Marvin. We thank you for your contribution to our staff

and students this year.

As 2022 comes to a close I am proud of being a part of a

larger concept: the growth of Ashton College group. In 1998

I started my journey in Education. Each year our Ashton

College has grown from strength to strength. Every business

meets new challenges through development. This business

will flourish as we continue to grow. Systems may change

but the vision of being a Christian, family-based school, will

always remain as the core identity of Ashton International

College. Education is our purpose.

We are also very excited about the additional building

in 2023: where we will be opening the new larger

Ashlings facility. This includes state-of-the-art buildings,

playgrounds and classrooms, designed in a way that will

create the perfect environment for learning in a relaxed

and happy play-based centre. This facility includes 15

new classrooms, an indoor "sky" pool for our learn-toswim

program as well as a fully enclosed amphitheatre

for the Ashlings. The physical buildings around us

represent our hopes and dreams that in many years to

come, will be known as the birthplace where a love of

learning and the future will be positively changed.

May God grant you a blessed and happy festive Season. I

wish you all happy holidays and a Happy New Year for 2023.

A huge congratulations to each and every student for your

outstanding achievements

Thank you.

Andre Buys


Ashton International College Ballito 95

Senior College

Head Girl Letter

Hannah Muller

Our Definition of success at Ashton

Hall is a memory vivid to me. I was a


speck in the crowd and I watched as Mr

and Mrs Buys cut the red ribbon to the

As I look back at my time at Ashton

building. I remember being in complete

College, attempting to capsulize a

admiration of the enormity of the two

journey far beyond the reach of words

pillars which firmly supported the

and the memories I hold, I came to

building. These could only be thought to

the realization that at each stage of

symbolize the very pillars of our college

my journey at our school, there lay a

- Mr and Mrs Buys

common denominator and that was

failure. It was failure and tenacity, two Mr Buys, there has never been a time

concepts which our school celebrates to when I haven't been left in complete

the fullest and where I learnt most about awe of the leader you are. The humble

not only myself but those closest to me. posture which you embody. Each

conversation I've had the privilege of

Primary years came and went

having with you has always involved the

and Senior College began in 2018.

College and its growth and well-being

Throughout our years at Senior College,

thereof. It is from you that I learned

we experienced much change and

that your success is not defined by the

transition as the school grew. However,

buildings you have established but by

one thing that always remained

the opportunity you have granted a

constant was the ethos of our school.

child to become a part of a family, our

The heart, spirit, character and courage

Ashton family.

that is interwoven in the red, black, white,

green and gold threads of our badge. It has been through experiences I

The HCC has intertwined into the DNA thought were insignificant that I recall

of each student and the values which my most dear memories. It has been

each matric student will now have the through these times and the people

privilege of departing with.

I have had the blessing of being

surrounded by that my perspective of

We grew as the school did and there

success shifted. It has been through

was no greater privilege than to be a

failures upon failures that I have come to

part of the sanctuary of facilities in which

understand that a badge can be lost but

we have had the opportunity to prosper

who you are, what you stand for and the

in. The opening of our special Grace

impact you leave on others is forever.

To the matrics of 2022, it is strange to

think that in 3 months’ time, each of us

will begin a new adventure. I believe that

each one of you is equipped with a zest

for life, a humble posture and now an

excellence which belongs to the zealous

which will take you to places you dream

of being. The HCC embedded within you

will always stand you in good stead. The

Godly posture engraved in you will guide


Thank you to every teacher who has

strived for our success, seen past our

bad days and believed in us. Thank

you to Mrs Pretorious and all you have

lovingly done for our grade over the past

4 years. Thank you to Mr Currin and Mrs

van Zyl for the leadership you employed

on our prefect body and for the

guidance you gave me. Max, thank you

for bringing a light-hearted, humorous

outlook to almost every situation. Ky,

thank you for being my voice of reason

and my rationale. To the prefects of this

year and every leader I have had the

honour of being with and inspired by,

thank you. Above all, Mom, Suz, thank

you. You are the true embodiment of

the word grace. You are my backbone

and my true inspiration. Thank you for

instilling within me, without fail, that I am


To the upcoming matrics, I am envious

of each one of you who still have much

to learn and discover on your journey

at our school. I am envious of you who

have the opportunity to become just

who you strive to be because here at

Ashton there are no limitations. The best

advice I could offer is to collect each

moment and treasure it.

Don't dwell on disappointments but

instead be assured that success is

around the corner. Most of all be You, the

best version of you and for that, you will

always be admired and respected.

Thank you

96 Ashton International College Ballito

special thanks to my grade 9 science

teacher Ms Thota who always believed

in me even when I didn’t.

Senior College

Head Boy Letter

Max Oliver

Nelson Mandela in 2003 said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you

use to change the world” …and I am proud to be apart of this vision.

My Ashton journey started in grade Mr Askham. In this assembly and his

8 when I walked into this school as a first time addressing us as a school, he

young boy.

spoke of the fellowship in the film Lord

of the Rings. It was this speech that

Along the way I encountered many he made that made me think back on

different people and friends all of which my years at this school and how the

started to form part of my fellowship. building of my own fellowship has been

Now I stand here after 5 years at Ashton something that has helped me get to

International College with a fellowship where I am now. So Mr Askam, I know

of many different people, ready and you have only been here for a short

equipped with all the skills and support while, but your inspiring assembly’s and

needed to tackle the real world.

your impact on the school as a hole so

far has been memorable and I would

This fellowship and the skills I have

just like to share my appreciation to you

gained on my journey all would not be and I am excited to see what you have

made available to me if it wasn’t for in store for the future.

this incredible school being Ashton.

So firstly I would like to thank the Buys Secondly I would like to say a thank you

family, Mr and Mrs Buys, for all you have to all the teachers in this school and

done for this amazing school. You have to the Form 5 Register teachers: Mrs

really grown this school into a wonderful O’Brien, thank you for the extra hours

environment for all students and nothing put into helping us to achieve our goals.

that happens in this school would be All these awards would not be possible

possible without your input and support without such world class teachers like

and for that I think I can speak for all yourself.

when I say we are very grateful for all

you have done.

I know I don’t have time to individually

name and thank all the teachers who

When I speak of a fellowship, I’m looking have had an impact on my schooling

back to the first assembly we had with career, but I would just like to give a

Thirdly I’d like to say a big thank you

to the head girl, Hannah Muller, for

all the work she has done this year to

help make so many of the events and

student run initiatives possible and for

that I am truly grateful. So much would

not be possible without her and she has

truly helped me throughout this year. I

could not have asked for a better person

to work with as the roles of heads at

this school. Also a huge thanks to the

deputy’s, Kyra and Franco, as well as all

the other heads and prefects for working

so well as a group and bringing so much

new life to the school. It has been such

a privilege to be able to work alongside

all of you and I couldn’t have asked for a

better bunch of individuals to work with.

Lastly I would just like to say a big

thank you to all the staff working in the

background that help ensure the school

operates as smoothly and efficiently as

it does. I know they often get overlooked

but to all the staff in the admin blocks

as well as all the ground workers and

cleaners I would just like to also so a

big thank you for all the work that you

do for this school. You make so many

of our events that we have as a school

possible and for that I would just like to

say a big thank you.

To the grade 11s, I wish you the best of

luck going into your last year at this

wonderful school and hope you can

enjoy your last years as much as I have.

And to those sitting anxiously waiting for

the heads announcement I would just

like to say good luck and that what ever

happens do not feel sad or envious but

celebrate the other persons success.

“Here’s the thing - none of us get out

of life alive. So be gallant, be great,

be gracious, and be grateful for the

opportunities that you have.”

Ashton International College Ballito 97


Outreach Club

As the adage says, charity starts at home, or in this case, at school.

Ashton Senior College has a thriving Outreach Club that makes a

difference within our local community any way we can.

The Outreach Club focuses on giving our time, rather than fundraising,

via its two branches – the Community Service Branch and the Crafts


The community service members organise a number of drives

throughout the year. These include a clothing collection, which is sized,

sorted and donated, as well as whole school drives at Easter and

Christmas to share the holiday spirit.

We support our local animal charities by collecting pet food once a

year and volunteering as assistants at fundraisers run by charities in

the area.

We collect gently used textbooks, stationery and sporting equipment

at the end of the year to be donated to underprivileged schools in our


Each year the Matrics join in the tradition of leaving their school days

behind with their school shoes on their last day, and the Outreach Club

also donates these.

The craft branch of the club produces woollen blankets, teddy bears,

and beanies distributed to those in need, with many students learning

to knit or crochet at school.

At Outreach, we try to live up to this great sentiment from Nelson


“Be the change you want to see…”

98 Ashton International College Ballito

The prefects along with the Outreach

Club delivered the outgoing matric

groups donated school shoes to

Groutville High School. As said by

our Deputy Head Boy, Zion Sewraj,

to the students of Groutville and Mr

Gumede the Principal, "These shoes

walked with our Matrics, and now this

legacy will walk with you."

Ashton International College Ballito 99


Front Row: Lily Engelbrecht, Cuàn Ellender, Alix Dawson, Miss T. Adlem, Alwande Masinga, James St. Leger-Denny, Thato Masondo

Second Row: Rebecca Sutherland, Kayleigh Moore, Jessie Shabalala, Mawande (Mpilo) Makhoba, Dayna Shell, Bokamoso Myeza

Third Row: Zoë Bauermeister, Scebo Ngubane, Jarrod Pullen, Minay de Bruyn

Back Row: Kelly Petzer, Alexia Simon, Cayden Liebenberg, Ethan Pearson, Kungawo (TJ) Hlalukana, Siphesihle Mzelemu

Absent: Anna-Maria Angelopoulos, Hayden Compton-James and Grace Bailey


Front Row: Dominic Singh, Megan Rawdon, Daniel Lotter, Mrs C. Audibert, Matthew Latham, Keira Osborn, Yuvaan Maharaj.

Second Row: Amani Moolla, Jordin Kenny, Jessica Cocks, Néha Singh, Archana Datharam, Jordan Wessels.

Third Row: Lyra Rapley, Zara Ramautar, Raphael Durocher-Yvon, Meng Yu Xu, Sayuri Naicker.

Back Row: Diya Shah, Kyra Deetlefs, Tyron Frank, Georg Wolhuter, Sasha-Lee Smaldon, Annabella Groos.

100 Ashton International College Ballito


Front row: Asia Barnard, Sayurin Moodley, Keayla Love, Mrs A Engelbrecht, Alyssa Liebenberg, Yuran Azam, Tershalya Singh

Second row: Taygan Delport, Christopher Broodryk, Brianna Govender, Isabella Mowatt, Eghardt Buys, Sienna James

Third row: Milani Mbinda, Kwanele Dlamini, Annabelle Du Toit, Jamie Da Silva, Isabella Baxter

Back row: Tye Milne, Abbie Murphy, Malachi Holtzhausen, Jayen Nair, Zara Oelofse, Diogo Rodrigues


Front Row: Smelokuhle Zwane, Coco Cropper, Maxine Steen, Miss A. Honneysett, Christine-Jean Miller, Leah White, Nathan Pope.

Second Row: Emma Woodley, Tavian Naidoo, Jemma de Beer, Simphiwe Mbonambi, Storme Molyneaux, Chloë Wilson.

Third Row: Londiwe Dlamini, Madison Uys, Craig De Grooth, Esihle Dlamini, Emmerson Van Zijl.

Fourth Row: Callym Bennet, Utandile Banti

Absent: Cali Holtzhauzen

Ashton International College Ballito 101


Front Row: Jessica Kirton, Megan Smith, Gert Van Schalkwyk, Mrs L. Fryer, Suvarn Naidoo, Ella Stefano, Ashreya Chunder

Second Row: Amy Stafford, Yalena Lewis, Riley Holton, Darien Pillay, Angela Allen, Salina Naidoo

Third Row: Riley Muller, Miguel Vos, Hannah Ferreira, Jonathan Dayani, Ella Griffiths

Back Row: Luke Smith, James Wright, Cole Power, Joshua Paul


Front Row: Riyah Appalraju, Sarshin Govindasami, Dhiya Ramluckan, Mrs T. Burger, Zoey Harrison, Weilun Yan, Elri Rautenbach

Second Row: Mae Parsons, Gian-Luca de Musso, Sadie Bonsor, Holly Calder, Michael Ngoma, Beux Dempsey

Third Row: Emily Chetty, Lia de Beer, Max Hill, Kendall Swartz, Grace-Lily Gillard

Fourth Row: Alexander Lawrence, Jesse Albertyn, Kayle Jacobs, Ryder Anthony, Jessica Blumenthal, Cameron Pillay

102 Ashton International College Ballito


Front Row: Ava Barbour, Elijah Phoenix, Mrs C. Kruger, Jack Bolton, Rachel Victor

Second Row: Hannah Moodley, Mia Nel, Emily Lott, Ashley Johnston, Owethu Ngcobo, Tina Sarafidis

Third Row: Rachel van der Nest, Isabella Moodley, Wittily Mnisi, Tayla Francis

Fourth Row: Yaadhev Govinder, Erin Howard, Nathan Verster, Jared Scheepers, Emma Ingle, St John Spoors


Front Row: Mishka Kasavan, Avuzwa Mhambi, Olwethu Khuzwayo, Miss P. Ngwenya, Angel Van Staden, Michael Cocker, Amahle Gumede.

Second Row: Adjoa Baffoe, James Deeb, Megan Olivier, Hannah Packer, Khanya Makhoba, Catherine Jacob.

Third Row: Sphesihle Khumalo, Poppy Dixon, Imogen Lees, Dristi Moodley.

Fourth Row: Sonwabile Majola, Jaiden Krambeck, Jake Oelmann, Henco De Necker, Colby Richmond, Travis Heere.

Ashton International College Ballito 103


Front Row: Kayuri Kistnasami, Emre Ozok, Ethan Naidoo, Mr D. Beghin, Dennis Drew, Ashton Dennis, Ria Kalapdeo

Second Row: Keosha Naicker, Raashmi Ramrackan, Chris-Mari Geyer, Charné Naidoo, Kriti Nandhray, Sarisha Naidoo

Third Row: Teagan Schmidt, Ben Saayman, Maheshan Govender, Megan Roberts

Fourth Row: Grace Khoury, Connor Dalling, Yashin Arjoon, James Sim, Mark Johnson, Lola Wang


Front Row Sitting: Daniella Diedrechsen, Kida Simionato, Miss A. Maistry, Christopher Stone, Molemo Motloung

Second Row: Pia Naidoo, Lily Van der Merwe, Lusamba Kabeya, Adam Venter, Anais Shipman, Johara Naidoo

Third Row: Callum Lingley, Kedaar Govender, Davi Tosta Di Paolo Pedreira, Matthew De Klerk, Antonie Saayman, Baphiwe Memela

104 Ashton International College Ballito


Front Row: Matthew Pope, Hannah Wilson, Joshua Adams, Mrs D. Jali, Stavros Vassilatos, Tamsin Silver, Ben Parsons

Second Row: Isabella Daw, Caitlyn Lyall, Mazande Hoza, Tatum Laas, Nichole Swanepoel, Fikile De Wet

Third Row: Kamohelo Mphunyetsane, Sarah Rautenbach, Ben Baverstock, Skye Putzier, Matthew Sanders

Back Row: Stirling Dempsey, Dehlan Konar


Front Row: Raeesa Badat, Leia Adjes, Tayin Govender, Mrs. R. van Eeden, Joshua de Beer, Zime Khuluse, Riddhi Ramcharan

Second Row: Erin Rice, Jack Willis, Michael Kitch, Kaiden Webster, Jonathan Chetty, Morgan Nel

Third Row: Stacey Koekemoer, Rahul Bodasing, Dylan Hugo, Shay Naidoo, Tahir Nurbadh, Kitari van Straaten

Back Row: Jarred Pivacic, Julian Steyn, Darshan Pather, Jason Koekemoer

Ashton International College Ballito 105


First Row: Ella Backeberg, Prosper Ndlovu, Andrianna Tselentis, Mr T. Kruger, Georgia Boonzaier, Lewis Dixon, Amy Van Der Merwe

Second Row: Miyolo Tundzi, Rosie Dixon, Elijah Millican, Duncan Johnstone, Julia Holmes, Rokhy Thiam

Third Row: Tisandza Matenjwa, Kara Clark, Kayson Holtzhauzen, Levi Wingrove, Sumeya Motaung, Nikara Mungal

Fourth Row: Nicholas Kopman, Slater Nidd

Absent: Gabriella James, Vilda Lööf Mårtenson

106 Ashton International College Ballito


Front Row: Aaryaa Naicker, Leah Mayet, Siphesihle Dlamini, Mrs R. Thotha, Yuval Reddy, Jayme Muscat, Panayiota Papageorge

Second Row: Ariyah Singh, Qiqa Vabaza, Eden Heyns, Danica Gough, Julia Deere, Chelsey Naidoo

Third Row: Kamaya Moodliar, Taahir Bauchoo, Emily Biebuyck, Zaeem Shumaiz Hashim, Nerissa Maistry

Back Row: Liam du Rand, Jason Kingham, Ayoub Ben Naceur, Leah Dhanpal

Absent: Chelsea Peter, Emily Murphy, Kelly Watkins


Front Row: Leylen Govindasami, Isabella De Musso, Mrs S. O’Reilly, Cassidy De Grooth, Kiaan Ramsamy

Second Row: Ty Bailey, Carla Nelson, Nikshay Mungal, Jenna Brits, Casey Farr, Catherine Gilbert

Back Row: Benn Scheffer, Jethro Sheahan Goss, Gregory Knowles, Nicholas Compton-James, Samuel Quin

Absent: Pravar Pillay,


Front Row: Aarti Datharam, Kendra Ramsamy, Daiyin Naicker, Mr V. Ramkilwan, Matthew M'Crystal, Kelsey Goss, Caley Bac

Second Row: Jiya Bodlall, Néave Zeelie, Jessica Smith, Jenna Ellse, Meng Shu Xu, Isabella Blackburn

Third Row: Meghan McCall, Caitlyn Krambeck, Nathan Deeb, Sikhanyiselwe Mbanjwa, Amber Cole, Martina Wiesinger

Back Row: Caitlin Pansegrouw, Miles Liebenberg, Saxen Welsh, Kayden Wright, Aaron Daniel Turner, Miandabu Kabeya

Ashton International College Ballito 107


Front Row: Siyethemba Tembe, Abigail Laas, Lihle Jali, Ms S. Singh, Tiago Uys, Danika Mkize, Kiara Botha

Second Row: Trinity Maartens, Keira Farham, Sonqoba Majola, Samkelo Simelane, Thando Zondo, Jenna Atherstone

Third Row: Gayla Hunt, Dalingcebo Maphumulo, Andiswa Gebashe, Maya Zuidewind

Back Row: Christian Viljoen, Mangaliso Sithole


Front Row: Cyrah Coningham, Albert Steenkamp, Marget van der Merwe, Miss N. Habig, Zahra Pather, Chris De Beer, Caitlyn Naicker

Second Row: Bonolo Mokgohloa, Leletu Radingoana, Caleb Muller, Thandolwethu Ndlovu, Akhona Mbele, Tatum Maaske

Third Row: Emma Blignaut, Connor Deetlefs, Riley Bac, Kevin Petry, Jordan Delport

Back Row: Ashlyn Rautenbach, Seth Desvaux De Marigny, Keegan Quin, Callum Maartens, Bryce Fisher, Kelly Moore

108 Ashton International College Ballito


Front Row: Gabriella Perreira, Shrian Naicker, Kiara Chithiya, Mrs Tabosa-Vaz , Sydney Sprenger, James Hunt, Jemima Ullyett

Second Row: Morgan Yuille, Mikayla Aucamp, Sven Van Der Linde, Benjamin Mendes, Megan Jackson, Uzanobuhle Dhlamini

Back Row: Tshedza Ravhanna, Daniel Albertyn, Grant Knowles, Jaryd Holton


Front Row: Aryan Singh, Rakhi Bodasing, Miss H. Moxham, Senthuri Naicker, Michael Barbour

Second Row: Sbabalwe Tundzi, Kiara Johnson, Savannah Bond, Alexia Minnie, Ruby Dixon, Diyajal Dass

Third Row: Isabella Wilson, James Moss, Tyler Liebenberg, Asande Lushozi, Eryn Baird

Ashton International College Ballito 109


Note: Mrs Karen Young started the year with the students and then Miss Pam Daniels ended the year off with the students while Mrs Young was on Maternity Leave

Front Row: Mihle Bantubani, Taringwa-Ndishe Mandimutsira, Miss P. Daniel, Robert Pritchard, Sophia Hulett

Back Row: Tafadzwa Peresu, Von Govender, Nkosana Ngubane, Connor Tabori-Clark, Gemma Frank, Elizabeth Peresu


Front Row: Nabila Sayed, Maxine Puren, Chandik Naidoo, Ms R. Franck, Amber Tilbrook, Ellen Paul, Rylee Mitchell

Second Row: Tanja Thomas, Caraline Hill, Madison Taljard, Yadheya Govender, Yasmeen Moolla, April Drew

Third Row: Nathan Fraser, Zion Sewraj, Kyle Neethling, Muhammed Khan, Owen Goodfellow

110 Ashton International College Ballito


Front Row: Samantha Southwood, Kai Molyneaux, Aimee Hulett, Mrs V. Andreou, Jaimie Black, Skyler Herbst, Bailey Duncan

Second Row: Jeanne Verster, Kindra White, Mattthew Pullen, Caleb Balbahadoor, Shannon O’Connor, Alexa-Lee Goss

Back Row: Owami Mtolo, Nicholas Kohler, Muji Ndlovu, Jaimie Fisher, Kiaan Naidoo, Masiko Zulu

Absent: Ethan Rencken


Front Row: Giulia Daw, Ruan van Wamelen, Alisha Dixon, Mr N. du Plessis, Uwuvile Jordan, Tanishq Singh, Makenna Fraser

Second Row: Sibongakonke Nkuna, Makanaka Mexin Nyamadzawo, Josias van Schalkwyk, Callum Farr, Avuyile Hoza, Katlego Mngomezulu

Third Row: Courtney Donnachie, Tristan Robinson, Jerome Rautenbach, Leon Bernardü, Xaviere Mauvais

Absent: Anthony Fenn

Ashton International College Ballito 111


Front Row: Qing Lian, Vidaya Govender, Mrs M. O’Brien, Kaylan Pillay, Min Lian

Second Row: Kyra Rencken, Emma-Mae Atkinson, Kate Ogilvie, Trinity Wright, Okuhle Luthuli, Fang-Ping Wu

Back Row: Olèna Govender, Ruan Steenkamp, Matthew Sieling, Max Oliver, Yuichi Nishihira, Yajna Sampath

Absent: Joshua Chetty


Front Row: Kiara Tulsee, Anelisiwe Khumalo, Cameron Jacob, Mrs A. Puren, Richard Smit, Rentia Burger, Constantina Vassilatos.

Second Row: Nicola Tucker, Jesse Adjes, Langelihle Nxumalo, Pavlos Tselentis, Relebohile Thukwana, Ncamisile Mthembu.

Third Row: Julia Cropper, Morgan Stefano, Tristan Blake, Zoë Matthews, Dominique Minnaar.

Back Row: Chad Hoggan, Lwazi Nxumalo, Asher Wingrove, Matthew McCarter.

112 Ashton International College Ballito


Front Row: Pia Govender, Samika Moodley, Dillon Koekemoer, Mrs K. Barnard, Darian Murugan, Hannah Müller, Salma Drew

Second Row: Aadilah Khader, Danielle Boshoff, Paige Dawson, Rouxlé Johnstone, Shivana Naidoo, Sahana Moodley

Third Row: Kaitlyn De Klerk, Sashna Govender, Matthew Stuart, Gabriella Khoury, Joshua Roberts, Rachel Taljard, Isabella du Plessis

Fourth Row: Gerhardus Scheepers, Marek Gough, Skye Whitfield, Nicolas Govender, Liam Daff, Munyaradzi Murape

Back Row: Matthew Quixley, Connor Steytler, Francois Pretorius


**NOTE: Lauren Lawrence started the year with the students and then Deneil Botterill ended the year off with the students while Lauren was on Maternity Leave

Front Row: Luyanda Khusi, Erin Black, Aaliya Baury, Mrs D. Botterill, Christopher Sieling, Danielle Fletcher, Thandiwe Nzuza

Second Row: Zizile Khuluse, Courtney Rencken, Dominique Swanepoel, Skyla Boertje, Mandisa Gumede, Abigail Groos

Third Row: Unathi Yawa, Dheyan Ramballi, Shaydan Moodley, Elizabeth Le Clus

Fourth Row: Emma Ogilvie, Yakhanisigqibo Potelwa, Remy Viljoen, Tyla Whitehead

Absent: Nonjabulo Mbonambi

Ashton International College Ballito 113

Senior College







HSCC Platinum Badges

Form 1

Smelokuhle Zwane

Jamie Da Silva

Sasha-Lee Smaldon

Jordin Kenny

Form 2

Kaiden Webster

Morgan Nel

Poppy Dixon

Form 3

Matthew M’Crystal

Caitlyn Krambeck

Form 4

Tshedza Ravhanna

Isabella Wilson

Eryn Baird

Owami Mtolo

Masiko Zulu

Jaimie Fisher

Robert Pritchard




April Drew



Kyle Neethling

Marimba Band

Ella Backeberg

Most Promising Performer

Alexa-Lee Goss

All Rounded Musician

Kyle Neethling

Rising Star

Makenna Fraser


Ruby Dixon


Soloist in Music

Aspiring Artist Award

Meng Shu Xu



Daniella Diedrechsen


Meng Shu Xu

Kyle Neethling


April Drew

Eryn Baird

114 Ashton International College Ballito


Sports Achievers Trophies

Action Netball

Isabella Wilson

Girls Indoor Hockey

Isabella Wilson

Cross Country

Rosie Dixon


Grant Knowles


Kamaya Moodliar

Boys Indoor Hockey

Jaimie Fisher

Boys Outdoor Hockey

Robert Pritchard

Girls Outdoor Hockey

Kiara Johnson

Boys Soccer

Tshedza Ravhanna

Girls Soccer

Jamie da Silva

Outdoor Netball

Owami Mtolo


Josias Van Schalkwyk

Rugby 7’s

Callum Farr

Boys Tennis

Mark Johnson

Girls Tennis

Eryn Baird


Kai Molyneaux

Boys Swimming

Sven Van der Linde

Girls Swimming

Ruby Dixon


Action Netball

Poppy Dixon

Rosie Dixon

Skye Putzier

Cross Country

Kaiden Webster

Indoor Hockey

Caley Bac

Erin Black

Jaimie Black

Matthew de Klerk

Matthew Sanders

Tshedza Ravhanna


Daiyin Naicker

Darshan Pather

Grant Knowles

Jaimie Fisher

James Wright

Julian Steyn

Marek Gough

Matthew de Klerk

Rahul Bodasing

Robert Pritchard


Beux Dempsey

Caitlin Pansegrouw

Caitlyn Krambreck

Diogo Rodrigues

Holly Calder

Kaiden Webster

Katlego Mngomezulu

Khanya Makhoba

Kida Simionato

Matthew M’Crystal

Olwethu Khuzwayo

Prosper Ndlovu

Samkelo Simelane

Saxen Welsh

Sphesihle Khumalo

Tshedza Ravhanna

Rugby 7’s

Josias Van Schalkwyk



Angel Van Staden

Mountain Biking

Amber Cole


Jamie da Silva

Jonathan Dayani


Catherine Jacob

Kai Molyneaux

Indoor Hockey

Anna-Maria Angelopolous

Daniel Lotter

Georg Wolhuter

Isabella Wilson

Jamie da Silva

Jaimie Fisher

Robert Pritchard

Sasha-Lee Smaldon

Tye Milne


Stirling Dempsey



Kamaya Moodliar


Bailey Duncan

Ashton International College Ballito 115


Raphael Durocher-Yvon


FINA World Open Water Swimming


Sven Van der Linde


Certificates of Excellence

Form 1

Sasha-Lee Smaldon

Afrikaans 1 st Additional Language


Jordan Wessels

Art and Design 89.90

Sayuri Naicker

Business Studies 96.80

Minay de Bruyn

Dance 94.80

Mawande Makhoba

IsiZulu 1 st Additional Language 80.00

Megan Smith

Dramatic Arts 94.40

English Home Language 91.80

Keira Osborn

Life Orientation 100.00

Weilun Yan

French 1 st Additional Language 86.80

Music 97.30

Archana Datharam

Accounting 98.10

Consumer Studies 97.00

Geography 97.30

Physical Sciences 96.50

Lyra Raple

Biology 95.40

Engineering Graphics and Design


History 96.90

Mathematics 98.90

Form 1 Academic Half Colours

Keira Osborn

Megan Smith

Riyah Appalraju

Matthew Latham

Jordan Wessels

Chloë Wilson

Annabella Groos

Yalena Lewis

Diya Shah

Meng Yu Xu

Sienna James

Angela Allen

Alix Dawson

Mae Parsons

Kayleigh Moore

Alexander Lawrence

Alyssa Liebenberg

Georg Wolhuter

Elri Rautenbach

Form 1 Top 10 and Half Colours

10 th Zara Ramautar

9 th Emily Chetty

8 th Amani Moolla

7 th Néha Singh

6 th Weilun Yan

5 th Jessica Cocks

4 th Sayuri Naicker

3 rd Sasha-Lee Smaldon

2 nd Archana Datharam

1 st Lyra Rapley 95.61

Form 2 CAIE Certificates of Excellence

Chris-Mari Geyer

Afrikaans as a 2 nd Language 92.70

French 80.70

Teagan Schmidt

Biology 86.90

Ashton Dennis

Business 89.90

Lola Wang

History 88.80

Sarisha Naidoo

English 89.90

Geography 89.60

Yashin Arjoon

Accounting 97.90

Computer Science 98.90

Mathematics 99.30

Physical Sciences 88.00

Form 2 CAIE Academic Half Colours

Sarisha Naidoo

Ashton Dennis

Keosha Naicker

Lily Van der Merwe



5 th Teagan Schmidt

4 th Lola Wang

3 rd Raashmi Ramrackan

2 nd Ethan Naidoo

1 st Yashin Arjoon

Form 2 IEB Certificates of Excellence

Rahul Bodasing

Accounting 98.20

Mazande Hoza

Consumer Studies 85.70

Poppy Dixon

Dance 85.00

Megan Roberts

Dramatic Arts 89.50

Zime Khuluse

Engineering Graphics & Design 91.60

IsiZulu 1 st Additional Language 81.10

Julian Steyn

Geography 87.00

Erin Rice

History 89.80

Morgan Nel

Life Orientation 97.70

Raeesa Badat

Life Sciences 86.20

Stacey Koekemoer

Mathematics 97.20

Ella Backeberg

Music 80.90

Tahir Nurbadh

English Home Language 93.90

Visual Arts 90.90

Dylan Hugo

Afrikaans 1 st Additional Language


Business Studies 96.80

Physical Sciences 90.30

Form 2 IEB Academic Half Colours

Tahir Nurbadh

Erin Rice

Morgan Nel

Tamsin Silver

Tayin Govender

Kaiden Webster

Ella Backeberg

Ava Barbour

Hannah Wilson

Julian Steyn

Form 2 IEB Top 10 and Academic Half


10 th Zime Khuluse

9 th Raeesa Badat

8 th Jared Pivacic

7 th Jason Koekemoer

6 th Rahul Bodasing

5 th Darshan Pather

4 th Shay Naidoo

3 rd Stacey Koekemoer

2 nd Riddhi Ramcharan

1 st Dylan Hugo

Form 3 IEB Certificates of Excellence

Néave Zeelie

Afrikaans 1 st Additional Language


Caitlin Pansegrouw

Computer Applications Technology


116 Ashton International College Ballito

Kelsey Goss

Consumer Studies 84.7

Jessica Smith

Dance 87.10

Caleb Muller

Geography 81.80

Meghan McCall

History 93.70

Thando Zondo

IsiZulu 1 st Additional Language 83.10

Jenna Brits

Mathematical Literacy 87.70

Meng Shu Xu

Visual Arts 89.40

Daiyin Naicker

Engineering Graphics and Design


Caitlyn Naicker

Dramatic Arts 91.30

English Home Language 89.30

Aarti Datharam

Accounting 93.9

Business Studies 83.90

Information Technology 98.30

Life Orientation 90.90

Mathematics 96.50

Advanced Programme Mathematics


Form 3 IEB Academic Half Colours

Kelsey Goss

Kendra Ramsamy

Gayla Hunt

Miles Liebenberg

Isabella de Musso

Caitlin Naicker

Isabella Blackburn

Emma Blignaut

Maya Zuidewind

Caley Bac

Saxen Welsh

Jessica Smith

Martina Wiesinger

Zahra Pather

Akhona Mbele

Nathan Deeb

Jenna Brits

Marget van der Merwe

Carla Nelson

Aaron Turner

Caleb Muller

Ashlyn Rautenbach

Form 3 IEB Top 10 and Academic Full


10 th Sikhanyiselwe Mbanjwa

9 th Jenna Ellse

8 th Kayden Wright

7 th Daiyin Naicker

6 th Miandabu Kabeya

5 th Néave Zeelie

4 th Meng Shu Xu

3 rd Meghan McCall

2 nd Caitlin Pansegrouw

1 st Aarti Datharam 89.23

Form 4 CAIE Certificates of Excellence

Kyle Neethling

Accounting 87.90

Physics 80.90

Caraline Hill

Biology 79.60

Mathematics 87.70

Ellen Paul

Business 75.60

Muhammad Khan

Computer Science 92.80

Von Govender

French 75.90

Nabila Sayed

Geography 84.20

Owen Goodfellow

History 73.10

Yadheya Govender

Language & Literature in English


April Drew

Music 86.40

Tanja Thomas

English Language 72.90

Form 4 CAIE Academic Half Colours

April Drew


Nabila Sayed

Form 4 CAIE Top 5 and Academic Honours

5 th Caraline Hill

4 th Ellen Paul

3 rd Yadheya Govender

2 nd Muhammad Khan

1 st Kyle Neethling

Form 4 IEB Certificates of Excellence

Alexia Minnie

Afrikaans 1 st Additional Language


Senthuri Naicker

Business Studies 86.90

Uzanobuhle Dhlamini

Computer Applications Technology


Sbabalwe Tundzi

Dance 89.60

Asande Lushozi

Engineering Graphics & Design 87.60

Ashton International College Ballito 117


Liezelle Bezuidenhour and Liezl Joosten


Form 1 Award – To a student who has

shown hard work, dedication, zeal

and tenacity throughout the year

Smelokhuhle Zwane

Ethos Awards

Form 1

Sasha-Lee Smaldon

Form 2

Morgan Nel

Form 3

Kelsey Goss

Form 4

Alexa-Lee Goss

High Achievement Award in South Africa

for IGCSE Music

April Drew

Kiaan Naidoo

Information Technology 95.40

Katlego Mngomezulu

IsiZulu 1st Additional Language 80.60

Jaryd Holton

Mathematical Literacy 84.70

Kiara Johnson

Sports and Exercise Science 82.00

Bailey Duncan

Consumer Studies 76.90

Visual Arts 87.50

Ruby Dixon

Dramatic Arts 89.30

Geography 86.20

Eryn Baird

History 87.00

Life Orientation 85.60

Diyajal Dass

Accounting 96.70

English Home Language 83.50

Life Sciences 87.80

Mathematics 97.90

Physical Sciences 91.00

Advanced Programme Mathematics


Form 4 IEB Academic Half Colours

Uzanobuhle Dhlamini

Alexa-Lee Goss

Tyler Liebenberg

Ruan Van Wamelen

Rakhi Bodasing

Matthew Pullen

Sydney Sprenger

Avuyile Hoza

Owami Mtolo

Makenna Fraser

Jaimie Fisher

Shannon O’Connor

Ethan Rencken

Form 4 IEB Academic Full Colours

Sbabalwe Tundzi

Isabella Wilson

Form 4 IEB Top 10 and Academic Full


10 th Kiara Johnson

9 th Gabriella Pereira

8 th Marileen Heymans

7 th Michael Barbour

6 th Bailey Duncan

Form 4 IEB Top 10 and Academic Honours

5 th Eryn Baird

4 th Aryan Singh

3 rd Senthuri Naicker

2 nd Ruby Dixon

1 st Diyajal Dass

Highest mark in South Africa for IGCSE

Business Studies

Nabila Sayed

Highest mark in South Africa for IGCSE


Ellen Paul

Highest mark in South Africa for IGCSE


Kyle Neethling

Highest mark in South Africa for IGCSE

Accounting and Physical Science

Yadheya Govender



Interhouse Trophy

118 Ashton International College Ballito

This collection of work was inspired

by the Humans of New York initiative

which focuses on capturing the city

through photographing its people

and documenting their stories.

Each of these portraits brings to

the fore a member of the Ashton

International College Ballito campus.

They form an integral part of the

Ashton family and are the faces of

those who are not normally in the

spotlight but have been etched into

the minds and hearts of the students

and staff alike as they make the

school what it is.

This collection is a moment to

acknowledge these amazing

individuals in particular but also a call

to each and every person to extend

our awareness and gratitude to those

individuals who make their mark in our


These are the Humans of Ashton.

Ashton International College Ballito 119





Two celebrations in one day at Ashton on 18 January,

as both the IEB Matric Results as well as the Cambridge

IGCSE (International General Certificate in Secondary

Education) results were released. “Congratulations

to the students who worked extremely hard to

achieve outstanding results in their November 2022

IGCSE examinations. The Cambridge International

Examinations set and marked in the UK, are written in the

Form 3 (Grade 10) year at Ashton and is a culmination of

a two year preparation period. The IGCSE qualification

is equivalent to a UK GCSE – matric. It is with great

pride that we announce that 56,3% of the students

achieved an A or A* (above 90%) average, and 86,1% of

all students achieved a B average and above. Seven

of these students achieved a full house of distinctions,”

said Ms Brinkley, Senior College Head. Congratulations

to Taahir Bauchoo, Ben Ayoub, Jason Kingham, Kamaya

Moodliar, Qiqa Xate, Aaryaa Naicker and Emily Biebuyck.

Every single subject written returned one or more student

average above 90%. These included English (92%),

Afrikaans (92%), Mathematics (92%), Physical Science

(95%), History (93%), Accounting (95%), Biology (94%),

and Computer Science). It is noteworthy to mention

that the average of 72% for Afrikaans as a subject is

very rewarding, as the students are now exempt from

Afrikaans as this counts towards their matric exemption.

Every other subject written returned student averages of

80% and above.

The Senior College teachers’ dedication and

commitment in assisting the students achieve

excellence is evident every day, and more so when the

results are released. The IGCSE students with their 100%

pass rate equated to an average of 3,4 distinctions per

candidate, - a true reflection of our motto “Excellence

Belongs to the Zealous”

“Having come fresh from a 100% pass rate in the

Cambridge A and AS Level results, and the 100% Bachelor

Degree pass rate in the challenging IEB results, this

result gave us a Hat Trick of 100% passes, and this

makes Ashton “Uniquely Different” – not by only offering

students a choice of two of the most challenging

curricula, but actually achieving such outstanding

results in every subject offered. Congratulations to our

specialised academic staff,” said Mr Andre Buys, CEO of


120 Ashton International College Ballito

Total of 24 students wrote IGCSE in 2022

1 Student achieved aggregates of 90% and above

11 Students achieved aggregates of 80% and above

50% of students achieved A aggregates

92% of students achieved B aggregates or above

24 Students

100% Pass Rate

4.4 Distinctions Per




Kyle Neethling

Mathematics 96%

Physics 95%

Accounting 92%

Music 85%


Muhammed Khan

Mathematics 94%

Computer Science 89%

Physics 87%

Ellen Paul

Mathematics 91%

Geography 88%

Biology 85%

April Drew

Music 90%

English 88%

Physics 80%


Yadheya Govender

Mathematics 92%

Accounting 91%

Madison Taljard

Music 88%

English 87%


Tanja Thomas - English 89%

Nabila Sayed - Geography 87%

Zion Sewraj - Biology 86%

Taringwa Mandimutsira - Accounting 85%

Connor Tobori-Clark - History 85%

Caraline Hill - Mathematics 84%

Chandik Naidoo - Physics 81%

Nathan Fraser - Mathematics 80%

Owen Goodfellow - English 80%

Amber Tilbrook - Geography 86%



Biology - Ayoub Ben Naceur

Business - Julia Deere

French - Chelsea Peter

Music - Nerissa Maistry

Mathematics - Jayme Muscat

Accounting and Afrikaans - Kamaya Moodliar

Environmental Management AND Geography - Emily


Computer Science, English, History, Physics - Taahir



Half Colours are awarded to students who achieve an average

between 70 – 79%

Liam Du Rand

Leah Dhanpal

Ariyah Singh

Panayiota Papageorge

Zaeem Shumaiz Hashim

Siphesihle Dlamini

Danica Gough

Chelsea Peter

Kelly Watkins

Yuval Reddy


Full colours are awarded to students who achieve an average of

80% or above

Narissa Maistry

10th Chelsy Naidoo

9th Emily Biebuyck

8th Aaryaa Naicker

7th Julia Deere

6th Jayme Muscat

5th Kamaya Moodliar

4th Qiqa Vabaza

3rd Jason Kingham

2nd Ayoub Ben Naceur

1st Taahir Bauchoo

Ashton International College Ballito 121




Pavlos Tselentis



Chad Hoggan


Cameron Jacob



Asher Wingrove



AS Level Accounting 88.3

Sashna Govender

A Level Accounting 93.3

AS Level English 86.4

A Level Physics 85.7

Rouxlé Johnstone

AS Level Biology 80.8

Shivana Naidoo

A Level Biology 90.4

Paige Dawson

AS Level Business Studies 93.93

Sahana Moodley

AS Level Chemistry 84.59

Samika Moodley

A Level Chemistry 85.1

AS Level Physics 90.0

Dillon Koekemoer

AS Level Computer Science 79.6

Matthew Stuart

A Level Computer Science 84.1

Isabella du Plessis

A Level English 84.7

A Level History 80.0

Salma Drew

AS Level French 76.3

Danielle Boshoff

AS Level Geography 95.25

Matthew Quixley

AS Level History 77.0

Nicolas Govender

AS Level Mathematics 87.86

Gabriella Khoury

A Level Mathematics 92.8


Matthew Sieling

Accounting 91.8

History 89.8

Mathematics 93.2

Rentia Burger

Afrikaans 94.6

Fang-Ping Wu

Business Studies 86.6

Consumer Studies 85.6

Life Orientation 89.8

Qing Lian

Computer Applications Technology


Mandarin 91.6

Danielle Fletcher

Dance 86.4

Matthew Mc Carter

Dramatic Arts 93.0

122 Ashton International College Ballito

Emma-Mae Atkinson

Engineering Graphics & Design 86.3

Information Technology 92.1

Nonjabulo Mbonambi

English 86.3

Pavlos Tselentis

Geography 78.7

Mathematical literacy 84.4

Ncamisile Mthembu

isiZulu 90.6

Kyra Rencken

Life Sciences 87.1

Physical Sciences 75.8

Trinity Wright

Music 84.8

Emma Oglivie

Visual Arts 78.2




Nicolas Govender

Matthew Quixley

Gerhardus Scheepers



Munyaradzi Murape



Zoë Matthews

Kate Ogilvie

Pavlos Tselentis

Olèna Govender

Yajna Sampath

Okuhle Luthuli

Abigail Groos

Qing Lian

Chad Hoggan

Joshua Chetty

Anelisiwe Khumalo

Vidaya Govender



Pia Govender



Joshua Roberts

Skye Whitfield



10 th - Zizile Khuluse

9 th - Nonjabulo Mbonambi



3 rd – Dillon Koekemoer

2 nd – Rouxlé Johnstone

1 st – Paige Dawson


Sahana Moodley

Matthew Stuart

Shivana Naidoo

Rachel Taljard

Isabella du Plessis

Gabriella Khoury



3 rd – Danielle Boshoff



Sashna Govender

Ashton International College Ballito 123



Samika Moodley



8 th - Trinity Wright

7 th - Ruan Steenkamp

6 th - Max Oliver

5 th - Kyra Rencken

4 th - Matthew Mc Carter



3 rd – Emma-Mae Atkinson



Matthew Sieling


Fang-Ping Wu


Aaliya Baury

Trinity Wright

Thandiwe Nzuza


Abigail Groos

Rouxlé Johnstone

Matthew Mc Carter

Isabella du Plessis


Sahana Moodley - Silver Standard

Samika Moodley - Silver Standard


Awarded to a student who has

made a significant impact and

contributed to the continuous

growth in cultural activities at Ashton

Okuhle Luthuli


Awarded to the student who has

made a significant contribution to


Trinity Wright


Rouxlé Johnstone


Matthew Mc Carter


Awarded to the Matric Student who

throughout his and/or her matric

year continued to be committed

and dedicated to sport, sport

practices and participation

Rouxlé Johnstone



This is awarded to the student

in Form 5 who has achieved the

highest mark in the creative writing

component of their writing portfolio.

Rachel Taljard


This award is presented to a

matric student who has performed

exceptionally well in the following

subjects. (Highest percentage in

Mathematics, Physical Sciences and/

or Accounting)

Matthew Sieling



This award is presented to the

student in Form 5 who has shown

consistent service to Ashton College,

both in the classroom, on the sports

field and in all other areas of school

life. A true ambassador to Ashton.

Hannah Müller



Awarded to a student who has

made a significant contribution to

public speaking in and/or out the


Kyra Rencken



This trophy is awarded to a student

who has displayed impeccable

morals, maintained their dignity

and upheld their ethics throughout

their Senior College life. A student

who is courteous at all times and

treats all those around them with

dignity and respect. The award

is voted for by the staff and not

necessarily awarded if there is not

an outstanding role model.

Hannah Müller



This is an award presented to the

Form 5 student who has made

a significant contribution to the

community. They have upheld the

name of the school and performed

all duties with dignity and respect.

Rouxlé Johnstone

124 Ashton International College Ballito



Awarded to a student who displays

a strong awareness of his/her fellow

beings and the needs of others. This

student must also be responsible

and able to handle his/her own life


Isabella du Plessis


This award is presented to a

student who has shown grit

and determination as well as

perseverance. Often a student joins

Ashton later in their Senior College

year and has to navigate their way

into sport, academics and other

aspects of school life.

Isabella du Plessis


This trophy is awarded to a student

who has, throughout their Senior

College career, demonstrated

determination, perseverance and

resolve in the face of some form

of adversity that affected their

academics, while maintaining a

positive spirit and dignity.

Emma Ogilvie



Awarded to the student who has

displayed Heart, Spirit, Character &


Abigail Groos


Awarded to the Matric Student who,

throughout his/her matric year has

brought honour to the school. The

student’s behaviour, demeanour,

dress, representation and

participation in all aspects of school

life; and commitment has been of

immeasurable value in marketing

the school and highlighting all that

Ashton stands for.

Hannah Müller

Rouxlé Johnstone


This award is presented to a

member of the outgoing prefect

body who encompasses the

following characteristics:

The VISION to see that current

decisions impact the future

FEARLESS in staying true to their

morals and values

TENACIOUS in rising above the storms

they may face and reaching greater


Has added VALUE to and nurtured

the younger generation

Hannah Müller


This award is voted for by the Head

Prefects and is awarded to two

students who have demonstrated

leadership qualities throughout their

Matric year

Lwazi Nxumalo

Isabella du Plessis


This award is voted for by the

students of Form 5. It is presented to

the student who has been a good

role model to his/her peers by being

a leader, has served the Ashton

community well; and has always

upheld the name of our school.

Lwazi Nxumalo


This is awarded by the Head of

Ashton International College for

outstanding leadership in the


Hannah Müller

Max Oliver

Ashton International College Ballito 125


After months of preparation, planning, finding that perfect

outfit and hours of getting ready, the Matric Dance was

finally upon us. Our Matric Students arrived in style, from

Limousines to Tractors, Helicopters to Classic Cars

and everything in between. They walked down the

red carpet to arrive at the transformed Grace Hall;

The Castle in the Clouds. Our Matric Students were

dressed as Kings and Queens of the Castle and

danced the night away. Thank you to The Matric

Dance Committee, Miss Habig and Mrs Botterill for

a night of royalty and memories to last a lifetime.

126 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 127

128 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 129

130 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 131

132 Ashton International College Ballito

The Ash First Edition - The Pilot Episode

Page 1

The Ash – Ashton Ballito’s own student driven newspaper was launched in 2022. At the start

of the year a group of 48 enthusiastic students gathered to discuss the launch of this new

extra-mural club. Once the excitement of this new venture subsided the students got to

work and elected the various editors that would head up the different sections of the paper.

Gabriella Khoury and Isabella du Plessis picked up the reigns as the first Managing Editors

of this ground-breaking publication. Their passion and determination inspired everyone

around them to rise to the challenge of creating content, learning how to do the layout, edit

articles, generate artwork and meet deadlines. Everyone involved was introduced to a whole

new set of skills and had to learn how to work as a team to produce a paper consisting of

exceptionally well written, informative and interesting articles and creative artwork. We trust

that the foundations laid by these pioneering students in 2022 will lead to The Ash becoming

a proud and long-lasting tradition at Ashton Ballito.

Ashton International College Ballito 133

“Sport has the power to change lives”. This is the motto that was at the heart of our rugby players. This particular

tournament was the first time that Ashton hosted an initiative like this. All the teams united in their efforts to raise

funds for SummerHill House which is a local children's home in Etete.

Through this incredible initiative Ashton managed to raise over R7500 in donations before the very first Try was

made. The boys u18 team lost in the semi final to St Henry’s but the u15A team came out overall Cup Winners beating

Kingsway in an end to end final that was jam packed with action.

Congratulations to all our boys and a special thank you to SummerHill House for allowing us to be a part of their


134 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 135

The Ashton Girls team had a breakout season,

winning the overall tier 2 league to be promoted

into the highest echelon of hockey in KZN for

2023. This form carried over to the provincial

stage, with a total of 11 girls making KZN Coastal


We relished the return to Senior College sport

after a very disruptive two years of COVID.

2022 is a year to remember as our sport across

the board has been elevated to the next

level; whether it be in terms of leagues that

we participated in, the way we approach our

practices or our philosophies around the Ashton

approach to sport. It is near impossible to

document all our successes but as we reflect on

the year that has passed, there are always proud

moments that do come to mind: Our 2nd place

at the coveted D&D gala, our 1st big compulsory

fixture since pre-COVID and some of the “big

school” names that we toppled along the way. In

order to cover most sporting codes this year we

have decided to provide snippets of the sports

reports from our MIC’s of various sports who

so passionately lead their respective sporting



What an outstanding year having played over

35 cricket matches boasting an impressive

win ratio of over 75% against some extremely

tough opposition. Our 1st, XI in particular, have

had an exciting year with the inclusion of the

South Coast Cricket tour where Ashton was

unbeaten. More tours, which form a crucial

part of the building of team spirit, camaraderie

and confidence in our ability, will take place in

Sports Report

Mr C. Currin

2023. We also have the opportunity to expose

ourselves to new brands of cricket as we take on

non-traditional rivals.

Some incredible individual milestones such as

a number of 100s and 5-wicket hauls have been

achieved which is true reward for the hard work

and determination of our cricketers.


With a great mix of experience and youth,

Ashton’s 1st team golf side went unbeaten

throughout 2022’s successful year. The Ashton

1st team has been promoted to the B league for

2023. Congratulations and we wish the players

luck as you push for tier 1 status.


Boasting 8 teams across the board, Ashton saw

their average win rate as 86.7%. Starting 2022

on a very busy front, Ashton went on multiple

tours in order to grow camaraderie between

the respective squads, as well as iron out and

implement some tactical changes. Ashton’s 1st

XI Boys and Girls, as well as the u14A girls, went

on the prestigious Fairweather Festival, playing

against some of the top schools in this midlands

tournament. With invaluable experience

Ashton approached the hockey season with

momentum, and a solid belief in their abilities.

On the boy’s front, Ashton had another

impressive year. The 1st XI Boys played an

impressive 21 games across the first 6 months

of 2022, losing just 3 times the entire year. The

1st XI Boys represented the school with HSCC,

putting in impressive quality performances.

Following a successful outdoor season, Ashton

was rewarded a place in the esteemed Kearsney

Hockey 5’s festival, which included some of

the best schools in the country. Ashton came

9th in the tournament, beating Grey College

in the playoffs. With 4 boys KZN Coastal

representatives, this makes a total of 15 players

playing for the KZN Coastal sides.


Term 1 saw the Girls Indoor League go

successfully ahead, with the u14A and the

u16A girls winning their pools, meaning that

the u14 Girls were the best A league side in

KZN, coming 1st with an unbeaten record of 6

games played, 5 wins and 1 draw. A fantastic

achievement against the best schools in the

province. The Ashton u16A girls won their pool

to get promoted to tier 1 hockey for 2023, with

an unbelievable 6 wins from 6 games, scoring 25

goals and conceding 3. The 1st team girls fell just

3 points short of a promotion.

In Term 4, all of Ashton’s A teams participating

in the A leagues against the biggest schools in

KZN and secured their places in the A Leagues

for 2023, with the boys claiming a couple of

important wins throughout the course of the

league. Some of these results being Ashton 14A

beating Northwood 14A’s 2-0, and Ashton 1st

beating Glenwood 1st 6-2, as well as beating

Crawford la Lucia 11-0.


Netball at Ashton continues to grow and

succeed, led by our passionate and skilled

coaches, and with excellent results.

Term 1 saw the start of the Action Netball season

and ended with the U16A, U15A, U15B, U14A

and U14B teams’ convincingly reaching the

League finals, and winning their respective age

group final.

136 Ashton International College Ballito

During the school holidays the 1st and 2nd

Team competed in the growing and competitive

Epworth Preseason Tournament facing tough

conditions with up to 5 matches a day. With a

fighting spirit and a few injuries they concluded

the tournament proudly with Ashton College

receive the All-Star Team of the Festival for

sportsmanship on and off court.

Outdoor netball surpassed our expectations,

with the U16A, U16B, U15A, U15B and U14A

team unbeaten against Maris Stella, Reddam

House Umhlanga, Fatima and Curro Salt Rock.

Our U14B and 2nd team only losing one match.

The 1st team season facing tough competition

grew from strength to strength, producing

competitive scores. The U14A team were able to

secure 2nd place at the annual U14 Age Group

tournament and the U16s, went into extra time

finished 3rd in their Age Group tournament.

Term 3, saw our 1st, U16A, U15A and U14A

Action Netball all accomplishing a place in the

finals. The U14A and U15A teams once again

taking home the gold medals for their age

groups. The U16 and

1st Team finals were every spectators dream with

the score board allocating alternating points

every few seconds. The final whistle resulted in

the U16 and 1st team taking the silver medal.

After an exciting Action Netball season, the 1st

Team were invited to participate in the new SPAR

Netball Fast 5s tournament hosted at Durban

North College, with a change of pace and the

team missing out on the finals due to goal


11 ladies represent KZN Action Netball and 4

girls represent KZN Outdoor Netball in their

respective age groups this year. We hold our

position in the Action Netball A league and

welcome our first year in the Outdoor Netball A



Rugby returned to normal, and we had a bumper

2022, with more players than in the years before

and after the COVID-19 restrictions.

The revival of rugby at Ashton began with our

rugby teams being supported by our form 1 and

form 2 students attending first compulsories of

the season, creating an electrifying atmosphere,

motivating our teams to produce victorious

results. The quality of rugby improved and a

new culture was created. With the fifteen-man

season, Ashton had many good results with

many positives coming from the 2022 season.

In term 3, 7’s started, which had us competing

in several tournaments, with high performances

from, both, our u15 and u18 teams. At the

Richardsbaai Hoërskool tournament our

U18 team won the Plate Final, and they were

also semi-finalists in the Kingsway High

School, Felixton College and Ashton Ballito

Tournaments, together with being Runners up at

the Durban North College Festival.

The U15 team won our Ashton Ballito 7’s Festival

where we partnered with Summer Hill House

and raised R22000.00 for the Tries for Lives

format, sponsorships and donations.

The U15 team was crowned the Bowl winners

at the Durban North College festival and Plate

winners at the Kingsway festival. They fell short

finishing as runners- up, on a very hot and

humid day, at Felixton College.


Our soccer season was extremely busy and both

boys and girl’s teams playing many fixtures

this year and KZN age group tournaments and

festivals. We implemented a mutual partnership

with BUFC as coaching partners for the soccer

program, where we look to extend our players to

go beyond just the lines of schoolboy and school

girl soccer but also into the realm of club and

professional coaching. Our coaches, albeit new

to the schooling infrastructure, are professional

and qualified football coaches who have run

very successful programs in the KZN football

scene and we hope that this too will elevate

our soccer to new heights in years to come. Our

14A girls’ team were the team of the year going

completely unbeaten this year scoring 36 goals

in the season and only conceding 4 goals. Well

done to all teams.


From limited swimming events of 2020 & 2021,

the SC Swimming team dived into many galas

with the biggest turnout of swimmer numbers

ever, giving the team great depth for selection

for short course and long course galas. The

team, coached by Mel Lawrence, whom, with

the commitment of all the swimmers, was able

to guide the team from strength to strength,

producing our top 3 placing at the Hillcrest High

School League Gala,with 1st place finishes at the

Ashton Ballito, CURRO Hillcrest and Crawford La

Lucia League Galas.

The team performed at such a high standard and

won silver at the annual Co-Ed DND Gala 2022, 3

points behind CURRO Hillcrest. We are extremely

proud of our swimmers.


The day of the gala had Cambridge, London and

Oxford lead in, cheering and breathing a joyous

and celebratory spirit back after the quiet due

to the pandemic. The new form 1 students were

able to embrace the inclusive, supportive and

fun atmosphere Ashton provides. Although,

extremely festive and fun, swimmers came out

to compete; there were nail biting finishes and

a total of 20 records broken! The commitment

of our non-swimmers through cheering and

high-fives is just as important as our swimmers


Thank you to Swimming MIC, Miss Daniel, for

all her hard work behind the scenes and a huge

thank you to all the staff who assisted.


With excellent coaching of Mr Ferrandi, the

Boys and Girls tennis had a successful season,

producing good results showing growth, grit

and passion. Social tennis increased in numbers,

requiring the assistance of Miss Moxham. Our

depth & strength grew, reflecting in great results.

In term 1, the girl’s team won 3 out of 5 matches,

narrowly losing to the top of table Curro Hillcrest

and St Mary’s DSG. In term 3, they once again

produced sound results, with a 66.6% winning


In the Boys league they faced schools such as

WBHS, with a high standard of tennis. We are

immensely proud of their commitment to the

game and for not giving up. Thank you to the

team, vastly made up of dedicated matrics.

Thank you to all the coaches and managers who

put in many hours of planning and sacrifice

behind the scenes to ensure our students have

the very best opportunities. Finally thank you

to all the parents for the many hours spent

supporting your child’s sporting activities.

An abridged version

Ashton International College Ballito 137

Head of sport

Rouxle Johnstone

Sport, to me, has always been more than the

physical talent and the superficial ideas behind

what it takes to be a success. The truth is, it is

more than the daunted early morning trainings

before sunrise. It is more than getting home

past supper time and having to still finish

homework or study. It is more than giving

up parties for extra training. As a well-known

paralympic athlete once said – “Well, Sport, is

all about being constant, it is about analyzing,

it is intelligence, both mental and emotional,

it is about controlling all the variables that can

influence the end result, it is about respect and

many other things.” So, to me, sport is just that,

it’s not just a game, it has become a lifestyle.

Sport has been the biggest part, and

undoubtedly the biggest focus, of my life (sorry

to all my teachers) since I could remember. I

have no doubt my teammates will vouch on

this because for most, the letter ‘C’ is hugely

frowned upon when it comes to any school

scenario but somehow manages to get only me

smiling from ear-to-ear as soon as I get to put

the bib with the same letter on, on the netball

court. I can proudly say that it is mostly through

all the setbacks, hardships, successes and

achievements I have had throughout my school

sporting career that have helped shape me into

the girl standing here in front of you tonight,

embodying the face of true “HSCC” as best I

can. I have found the truth behind the saying

“trust the process,” experienced the pride behind

“together we are stronger” and the heartfelt

disappointment behind “everything happens for

a reason.” However, as much as it was a ball or

stick that made me fall in love with each game,

I would and could never speak so highly of this

part of my life if it weren’t for the exceptional

group of girls and coaches I have been blessed

with, particularly in my last four years at Ashton


Looking at Ashtons Sport throughout the 2022

year, it can truly be deemed as nothing less

than a sensational success. In only a single

year, we have gone from B-league to A-league

representation and reached a record number of

provisional representatives. I can proudly say, I

have no doubt that this is just the beginning of

Ashtons footprint amongst top-level sporting


Starting the year off with an exceptional, nailbiting

bang were our swimmers. Ashtons first

team took home 3 out of 5 wins, merely losing

the D&D A-league Co-Ed title to Curro Hillcrest

by only 3 points. In term one, the overall Action

netball win percentage was 54%, ranging from

our u14Bs to first team. Now girls I think we had

to step it up a bit, hey? In our term 3 season,

we not only increased our win % to 77,5% but

walked away with two gold and two silver

medals. To those girls, I humbly applaud you

for your determination and fight and to our

coaches, we could not have done it without you.

A-leagues are excitingly awaiting you in 2023!

Not only do we have one code moving into

A-league, joining them are the indoor and

138 Ashton International College Ballito

outdoor hockey girls, focusing on outdoor

hockey, who, from u14A to first team, go into

2023 boasting an 82%-win percentage, only

losing 8 out of 49 games. A special mention goes

out to the new provincial representative record

set this year, having 12 of our outdoor hockey

stars representing KZN.

I’d like to think that love for sport does not go

unnoticed. For those that I’ve had the honor

to play with, I hope that my passion, love and

commitment for each game has overflowed into

each of you, except the the parts of me getting

extremely frustrated, as you all know. I wish

all of you nothing but the absolute best and

encourage you to never give up on any of your

goals, especially not until your very final whistle

goes and you get to tell your Coach “I told you

I would do it” after he bans back-stick attempts

at goal solely in your honor because they

simply “don’t work.” It’s okay Coach Chris, I 100%

understand your frustration and I sincerely want

to apologize for every extra grey hair and cap

throw I have caused you over the past two years,

but I wasn’t prepared to give up. Thank you for

your patience and plenty board talks, repeating

the same thing until I eventually got it right.

Carrying on from that, bettering myself and

my capabilities could not be possible without

the hard-working, patient and determined

coaches I’ve had throughout my high school

career. Thank you for standing right behind me

and being my driving force for improvement.

For never giving up on me, especially during

the times where I was my own worst enemy.

Thank you for the hours of work you have put My last, and most important thanks go to the

into me and watching me grow through the people that have made everything in my life

years. Mr. Currin, thank you for being the most possible. I would like to thank my family for

idyllic mentor I could have asked for. With your their unending support, being the core to my

guidance, you made the honorable duty of 2022 motivation, my shoulder to cry on and the first

girl Head of Sport a breeze, and a title my heart is ones to celebrate all my achievements with.

very heavy to give up. Even though I still do not Duncan, I hope that my example has filled

have an answer to every time you have asked me you with qualities that you will use for the rest

“Rou what happened yesterday?” after coming of your schooling career left at Ashton and

back from losing a hockey or netball game. Sir, hopefully after that to. Mom, I know I’m not the

all I can say is that you win some, you lose some. easiest sportswoman to deal with, especially

Coach Carlea, my love for netball has grown and when I’m defeated by my on-court emotions and

continues to grow because of you. I will miss lash out on everyone. Thank you for never failing

our pre-game conversations and every time you to believe in me, thank you for always showing

have asked “so which players do you know?” to up, from practice to every IPT. You’ve been and

give the girls a breakdown and don’t even get continue to be my motivation the second I see

me started on the coffees in your classroom

you on the side of the field. I have cost you many

before school. Lastly, but not least, to my second hours and Sunday afternoon naps, but I hope

mom, Mrs. Franck, all I can say is thank you. You seeing the girl that I have grown into over the

have been there for me through everything, years make up for it. And to a very special, deeply

even off the sports field. Although, I won’t forget loved angel in heaven, my forever number one

that I almost quit hockey in grade 9 because I supporter, Dad, I thank you for still being present

was so terrified of you and your shouting, you through it all, even though you got only 16 years

brought out a fight in me that no one has before, next to my side, I know you are still supporting

a quality I now take most pride in having.

me all the way from up there. You taught me the

true meaning behind “go big or go home.”

Matt, we really have come a long way and I

cannot think of anyone that could have upheld I leave you, young and aspiring sportswoman

the position of Head boy of Sport as well as you and men, with my personal motto “give it all or

have. You have and continue to be an incredible give it nothing at all.”

role model and I know many of the younger boys

look up to the qualities you have. It has been a And to the upcoming Heads of Sport, I think you

pleasure, and sometimes irritation, working with guys have big shoes to fill. No pressure.

you this past year and I also would just like to

congratulate you on all your achievements.

Ashton International College Ballito 139



Rosie Dixon


Beux Dempsey

Jamie Da Silva

Poppy Dixon

St John Spoors

Stirling Dempsey


Tayla Francis


Caitlin Krambeck

Connor Dalling

Eden Heyns

Erin Black

Gerhardus Scheepers

Isabella Baxter

Isabella Wilson

Jaimie Black

Jaimie Fisher

Jenna Ellse

Jethro Goss

Kaiden Webster

Kayson Holtzhauzen

Matthew Mc Carter

Matthew M’Crystal

Morgan Nel

Robert Pritchard

Rosie Dixon

Rouxlé Johnstone

Sasha-Lee Smaldon

Tshedza Ravhanna


Caley Bac

Connor Dalling

Erin Black

Hannah Müller

Isabella Wilson

Jaimie Black

Liam du Rand

Matthew De Klerk


Sayuiren Moodley


Andiswe Gabashe

Caitlin Pansegrouw

Erin Howard

Eryn Baird

Gayla Hunt

Isabella Wilson

Jamie Da Silva

Jiya Bodlall

Keayla Love

Kyra Deetlefs

Martina Wiesinger

Megan Olivier

Poppy Dixon

Qiqa Vabaza

Rachel van der Nest

Riley Muller

Rosie Dixon

Sasha-Lee Smaldon


Asher Wingrove

Bryce Fisher


Abbie Murphy

Daniel Albertyn

Isabella Baxter

Jared Scheepers

Jethro Goss

Jordan Wessels

Kiara Johnson

Minnay de Bruyn

Raphael Durocher-Yvon

Rouxlé Johnstone

140 Ashton International College Ballito



Caitlin Pansegrouw

Gayla Hunt

Jamie Da Silva

Jenna Britz

Jiya Bodlall

Kyra Deetlefs

Marget van der Merwe

Martina Wiesinger

Riley Muller

Rouxlé Johnstone

Sasha-Lee Smaldon


Robert Pritchard


Anna Maria Angelopolous

Caley Bac

Daniel Lotter

Emmerson Van Zijl

Georg Wolhuter

Jamie Da Silva

Kiara Johnson

Kyra Deetlefs

Liam du Rand

Masiko Zulu

Salina Naidoo

Sbabalwe Tundzi

Tye Milne

Yalena Lewis


Bailey Duncan

Jaimie Fisher

Kayson Holtzhauzen

Morgan Nel


Jayen Nair


Connor Steytler

Joshua Paul

Miles Liebenberg


Marget van der Merwe

Owami Mtolo


St John Spoors

Stirling Dempsey


Beux Dempsey

Emily Lott

Hannah Ferreira

Jaryd Holton

Jenna Ellse

Josias Van Schalkwyk

Kelsey Goss

Kyra Deetlefs

Riley Holton

St John Spoors

Poppy Dixon,

Ruby Dixon

Stirling Dempsey


Aimee Hulett

Eryn Baird

Isabella Wilson

Néha Singh

Sophia Hulett


Madison Taljard



Jaryd Holton

Sven Van der Linde


Sven Van der Linde


Weilun Yan


Trinity Wright


Bailey Duncan

Ashton International College Ballito 141

142 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 143

144 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 145

146 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 147

148 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 149

150 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 151

152 Ashton International College Ballito

After nearly 3 years, the Annual Ashton Carnival was back – Bigger and Better!

It was a perfect Spring Day in Ballito, the sun was out, not a cloud was in sight

and the Form 4s had set up 20 inflatables, food stalls with something for

everyone, games stalls, a table tennis tournament, footy competition, a Mad

Hatters Tea Garden, Candy Land, Fun Land, a Hippie Garden and so much

more. Students stood in queues with anticipation and excitement to go in

the Rocket, roll around in the Zorb Balls and slide down a 9m high slide with

a tube. Students raced each other across the obstacle course, had their hair

spray painted and their hands decorated with Henna as they waited for the

final countdown to the Colour Festival to the end day. The Form 4 students

showcased a successful day of fun and we can’t wait for the 2023 Annual

Spring Carnival.

Ashton International College Ballito 153

154 Ashton International College Ballito

Ashton International College Ballito 155

156 Ashton International College Ballito

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