Genki Life Media Kit v13

Media kit for 2023 to 2025 Updated production schedule for Issues 53-59.

Media kit for 2023 to 2025
Updated production schedule for Issues 53-59.


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<strong>Genki</strong><br />

Anime • Manga • Cosplay<br />

<strong>Life</strong><br />

Magazine<br />

<strong>v13</strong><br />

<strong>Media</strong> <strong>Kit</strong> 2023-25

<strong>Media</strong> <strong>Kit</strong> for 2023-2025<br />

About <strong>Genki</strong> <strong>Life</strong><br />

Magazine<br />

<strong>Genki</strong> <strong>Life</strong> Magazine is a free,<br />

volunteer-only centric, online (electronic),<br />

fan-made magazine published<br />

quarterly/seasonal. The main<br />

focus of the magazine is to be a<br />

guide that presents independent<br />

information primarily on anime,<br />

cosplay, Japanese culture, science<br />

fiction, video games, events, etc. We<br />

try to give our readers good, entertaining<br />

and informative subject mater in a welldesigned,<br />

easy-to-read and visually appealing<br />

magazine format. We’re well<br />

aware that there are a plethora of sources<br />

out there. A lot claim to be the “number<br />

one source,” “anime authority” and so<br />

on. We make no claims like that.<br />

What is the mission for the magazine?<br />

The primary mission for this publication is to be more active in the<br />

anime fandom community. As we all know in the past few years, many<br />

famous and infamous anime-genre magazines have come and gone. It<br />

was just like the Japanese bubble economy, the “dot COM” era and the<br />

more recent real estate burst, the market got saturated too fast and finally<br />

crashed… the anime industry in general. By being an online publication,<br />

this is strictly not-for-profitin other words… all FREE!<br />

affect fandom for the next season or later. Written reviews could be on<br />

current and past anime, video games, etc.<br />

As a group with pretty open viewpoints, pretty much anything goes.<br />

BUT, but there are some subject matter we will not accept nor tolerate.<br />

Anything with one’s own political view (without concrete rational support<br />

with quoted sources), presenting certain groups ([except one’s own]<br />

sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc) in demeaning or stereotypical<br />

ways or sexually explicit subject matter will not be accepted. All contributions<br />

are strictly voluntary.<br />

How to Submit Your Contribution<br />

We accept any type of common word processor file format for articles.<br />

Rich text format (RTF) is best because it keeps bolds, italics, underlines,<br />

etc., regardless of platform. The other formatsmaybe, because of file<br />

translation. A plain text file is also good.<br />

Another way of submitting an article is…if you’re a graphic designer<br />

and/or know how to use a good program exceptionally well, is to create<br />

and design your own layout. Your article could be a half page, full page or<br />

any number page spread (see For Graphic Designers).<br />

The last way of submitting an article is by submitting a voice recording<br />

in MP3 format. However, you must speak in a clear, cohesive and concise<br />

voice so that there’s no question of what you’re trying to say or convey.<br />

So no talking like Snoop Dog or Larry the Cable Guy, but like Obama or<br />

Barbara Walters. The transcription will also be edited for grammatical<br />

correctness as much as possible.<br />

You could send your files via e-mail if it’s small enough. Anything<br />

larger than 50 mb, please inquire about our DropBox account.<br />

How is the magazine distributed?<br />

As an online magazine, it is distributed online ONLY. There is NO<br />

physical product. We have a website as well as social media where <strong>Genki</strong><br />

<strong>Life</strong> Magazine can be easily accessed. All persons, businesses and business<br />

contacts who placed an advertisement with us, past and present or have<br />

made inquires to the magazine will receive a link via e-mail. These are<br />

the initial people who are notified. We also rely on them to share on social<br />

networks or to “forward” the link to all who could be<br />

interested: friends, family, associates, etc.<br />

What about contributing<br />

to the magazine?<br />

We are always looking for volunteers to contribute articles, reviews,<br />

opinions, etc., on the various genres. The written articles,<br />

since this publication is seasonal: should be about industry<br />

trends; information on upcoming anime, video games, etc.;<br />

about artists, musicians, producers, mangaka and so on. We try<br />

not to include current news unless it’s a major event that could

What about advertisers?<br />

We are also always looking for companies or local business to submit<br />

advertisements relating the to the genre or culture. Since this is a free<br />

publication with low circulation, submitting advertisements to this magazine<br />

is FREE of charge, but only limited to a full page, two half or quarter<br />

pages or any combination. If there are remaining ads, they’ll be added<br />

depending on available space. Ask about availability of 2-page spreads.<br />

Size Specifications:<br />

Ad Size Inches Picas<br />

Quarter Page 3¾ x 5 22p6 x 30p<br />

Half Page (Margin) 7¾ x 5 46p6 x 30p<br />

Half Page (Full)* 8½ x 5⅜ 51p x 32p3<br />

Full Page* 8½ x 11 51p x 66p<br />

2-Page Spread 17 x 11 102p x 66p<br />

Specification Guidelines<br />

Your files could come from any type of computer: Mac, PC, Linux,<br />

DOS, C-64, Amiga, TRS-80, VIC-20, Atari 800, Apple IIc, Bahamudo,<br />

Sharon Apple, LCARS, HAL-9000, SkyNet, Cerebro, the Matrix, the<br />

TARDIS, Deep Thought and so on. Whatever computer you use and<br />

whatever program you create your files with (Xpress, InDesign, MS Publisher,<br />

AmiPro, Print Shop Pro, Pages, paper and pen, etc), all images<br />

must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (scaled close to 100%).<br />

Your layout program should be able to convert fonts to outlines and create<br />

a PDF format files. And don’t use a word processor to create a page.<br />

You know who your are. That’s just way too ghetto! In other words…<br />

any high-res format where we don’t have to deal with fonts, image resolution,<br />

proprietary files, etc. We should be able to open them with no<br />

problems. The formats we accept are:<br />

• PDF (portable document file) with fonts as outlines and set<br />

to x-1a:2001 minimum<br />

• EPS (encapsulated postscript) with fonts as outlines<br />

• TIF (tagged image file format) 300 dpi (LZH compression optional)<br />

• JPG ( Joint Photographic Experts Group) 300 dpi with low<br />

image compression<br />

For Graphic Designers<br />

There are graphic designers and there are graphic designers. Whichever<br />

one you are, your submissions must meet the specification guidelines.<br />

No propriety file formats. As mentioned before, your pages sizes<br />

are a half page, full page or any number page spread. The following page<br />

sizes are:<br />

Page Size Inches Picas<br />

Half Page 8½ x 5½ 51p x 33p<br />

Full Page 8½ x 11 (letter size) 51p x 66p<br />

2-Page Spread 17 x 11 (tabloid) 102p x 66p<br />

All articles must have a ⅜ inch (2p3) margin. Bleed and color<br />

space optional.<br />

Production Schedule (Tentative)<br />

Issue 53 Autumn 2023<br />

August 14–September 18, 2023<br />

Street: September 22, 2023<br />

Issue 54 Winter 2024<br />

November 11–December 16, 2023<br />

Street: December 21, 2023<br />

Issue 55 Spring 2024<br />

February 15–March 13, 2024<br />

Street: March 19, 2024<br />

Issue 56 Summer 2024<br />

May 16–June 16, 2024<br />

Street: June 20, 2024<br />

Issue 57 Autumn 2024<br />

August 14–September 18, 2024<br />

Street: September 22, 2024<br />

Issue 58 Winter 2025<br />

November 11–December 16, 2024<br />

Street: December 21, 2024<br />

Issue 59 Spring 2025<br />

February 15–March 16, 2025<br />

Street: March 20, 2025

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