Student Handbook 2023/24

Everything you need to know about Imperial College Union!

Everything you need to know about Imperial College Union!


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Everything you need to know about<br />

Imperial College Union

Every student at<br />

Imperial College is automatically<br />

a member of<br />

This is WHERE YOU BELONG<br />

and we’re here with you<br />

every step of the way!

Your journey<br />

begins here...<br />

You’ll hear from them quite a bit<br />

throughout the year, keeping you updated<br />

on everything they’re up to.

Your Officer Trustees represent your voice<br />

on campus and work on your behalf to<br />

ensure you have the best student<br />

experience possible. We want to make sure<br />

your student experience is out of this world!<br />

Find out more!

If you ever want to chat, feel free to<br />

pop them an email!<br />

Camille<br />

Union President<br />

union.president@imperial.ac.uk<br />

Andreea<br />

Deputy President<br />

(Welfare)<br />


Christian<br />

Deputy President<br />

(Clubs & Societies)<br />

dpcs@imperial.ac.uk<br />

Stephanie<br />

Deputy President<br />

(Finance & Services)<br />

dpfs@imperial.ac.uk<br />

Yi<br />

Deputy President<br />

(Education)<br />


Your voice<br />

matters!<br />

We are committed to making sure that you<br />

are at the heart of everything we do.<br />

This is your Union, and your voice matters.<br />

This is why we have hundreds of Academic<br />

and Wellbeing Reps to support you and<br />

make sure your opinions are heard and<br />

shared.<br />

Reps are responsible for:<br />

• Collecting student views on issues<br />

• Raising feedback<br />

• Developing solutions<br />

• Closing the feedback loop<br />

• Signposting students

Academic Reps<br />

Identify and address issues<br />

affecting your education<br />

within the department,<br />

working with peers and staff<br />

to address them.<br />

Wellbeing Reps<br />

Wellbeing Reps advocate for<br />

your health, financial concerns,<br />

relationships, equality &<br />

diversity and personal safety.<br />

Want to make a change on<br />

campus? Get in touch!<br />

Union Council<br />

Union Council decides on<br />

Union policy, ensures that<br />

existing policies are put into<br />

action and holds your elected<br />

Officers to account.

Make your<br />

voice heard!<br />

This is your first opportunity to make<br />

sure your voice is heard. You can run<br />

for a position, and vote for:<br />

Year and Course Representatives<br />

Liberation & Community Network committees<br />

Union Council Representatives<br />


Nominations Open<br />

9 October

Build your<br />

community<br />

With over 370 clubs or societies to join,<br />

you have lots of opportunity to meet<br />

people, try something new, and build your<br />

community. We're here to help create fun<br />

and inclusive communities.<br />

All CSP’s are run by students, and<br />

supported by our full-time staff.<br />

Sport<br />

Culture<br />

Faith<br />

Art & Media<br />

Academics<br />

& Politics<br />

Charity &<br />

Community<br />


If you have a passion for a particular hobby,<br />

subject, sport, political or religious interest,<br />

we’ve got you covered!<br />

If you cant find what you’re looking for, don’t<br />

worry! We can help you start your own club<br />

or society to meet like-minded people.<br />

Keep an eye out for our GIVE IT A GO<br />

schedule where you can trial clubs and<br />

societies before committing to membership,<br />

letting you decide what suits you and your<br />

schedule best!

If you need some Imperial-branded<br />

merch, some snazzy stationery, or some<br />

snacks to get you through those study<br />

sessions in Central Library, the Union<br />

Shop and Shop Extra have everything<br />

you need.<br />



We put every penny<br />

of profit from our<br />

shops back into<br />

your community!<br />

You can also shop <strong>24</strong>/7 by visiting<br />


Visit our Bars<br />

We run our four bars, as well as a nightclub, where<br />

you can get together to enjoy a drink, dance, and<br />

some delicious food! We have lots of events planned<br />

throughout the year, so keep an eye on our website to<br />

keep updated with what’s going on!<br />

imperialcollegeunion.org/venues<br />

This is our main bar on the<br />

South Kensington campus.<br />

There’s always a buzz in here.<br />

Famous for friendly staff,<br />

great food and the legendary<br />

Thursday Quiz!<br />

Our postgrad-only bar on<br />

campus! Located in the Sherfield<br />

Building, this is a great spot to<br />

socialise with some speciality<br />

beers and food options.

Our on-site nightclub! We host<br />

loads of events in here<br />

throughout the year, so keep<br />

an eye out for what’s<br />

happening and meet us<br />

on the dancefloor!<br />

This one is for fans of an<br />

old-school vibe. Think<br />

varnished wood, darts, and<br />

lots of great beers on tap.<br />

Pop by and see the trophy<br />

cabinet and tankards!<br />

Newly refurbished Reynolds<br />

located at our Charing Cross<br />

campus, this is usually where you<br />

can find our medics hanging out<br />

after a hard day of classes or<br />

placement! It also hosts a variety<br />

of food and drink options.

Advert<br />

Every June, for one night only, we turn South<br />

Kensington campus into a spectacular<br />

wonderland full of live music, DJs, fairground<br />

rides, food vendors, and fireworks. Keep an<br />

eye out for more information in Term 2!

Our Advice Service is an impartial and<br />

professional service to support you<br />

throughout your time at Imperial. Our<br />

Advisors are here to offer free advice in<br />

a professional but friendly, relaxed<br />

environment.<br />

They can provide support on a range of<br />

matters including:<br />

Academic Issues<br />

Halls of Residence<br />


We are here<br />

for you!<br />

Because we are independent from<br />

Imperial College, we can represent you<br />

without there being a conflicts or interest.<br />

All enquiries are dealt with in the<br />

strictest of confidence, which means<br />

that we do not disclose anything you<br />

have told us unless you have given us<br />

permission to do so.<br />

If there’s something we can’t help you<br />

with, we’ll signpost you to a College<br />

department or external organisation if<br />

appropriate.<br />


Postgraduates<br />

Whether you’re continuing your studies or<br />

joining us for the very first time, Imperial can’t<br />

wait to welcome you.<br />

There are loads of ways for you to get involved<br />

with our community - from joining a club or<br />

society, to running to represent your peers, or<br />

even having a drink in h-Bar there is truly<br />

something for everyone.

The Postgraduate Representation Committee<br />

represents all postgraduate students at Imperial<br />

College. It includes one Postgraduate Research<br />

Chair, and one Postgraduate Taught Chair, who<br />

represent Postgraduate students at College<br />

level.<br />

Our Officer Trustees represent both<br />

undergraduates and postgraduates issues at the<br />

highest levels of the College - so if you want to<br />

see a change, get in touch!<br />

Jordon Millward<br />

PGR Representation Chair<br />

To be Elected in the<br />

Autumn Elections‘23<br />

PGT Representation Chair

Avi<br />

LGBTQ+ Officer<br />

Aglaia<br />

Mental Health Officer<br />

Wendy<br />

Gender Equality Officer<br />

Yuxi<br />

Ethics and Environment<br />

Officer<br />

Emmanuel<br />

Disabilities Officer<br />

Jordan<br />

Working Class Officer<br />

Yuanze<br />

International Officer<br />

Ariba<br />

Interfaith Officer<br />

Nathalie<br />

Black & Minority Ethnic<br />


What do the networks<br />

actually do for you?<br />

Organise campaigns to tackle particular problems<br />

faced by their members.<br />

Provide a safe space for students that identify with<br />

them.<br />

Facilitate the building of community amongst their<br />

members and wider community.<br />

Are a support network for their members -<br />

particular for personal problems related to their<br />

identity.<br />

You can contact your Liberation & Community<br />

Officers via email, and keep an eye on our social<br />

media to find out more about what they do<br />

throughout the year!<br />


Connect<br />

with us!<br />

ImperialCollegeUnion<br />

@icunion<br />

@icunion<br />


Contact us:<br />

Tel: 020 7594 8060<br />

Email: union@imperial.ac.uk<br />

Reception: Ground Floor, Beit Quad<br />

Find us:<br />

Beit Quadrangle<br />

Prince Consort Road<br />

London SW7 2BB<br />

Registered Charity No:<br />

1151<strong>24</strong>1<br />


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