Edition 71 (July-September, 2023)

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Looking to reach<br />

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VITRUM <strong>2023</strong><br />

Milan, Italy<br />

5-8 <strong>September</strong><br />


GUIDE here www.glastory.net<br />

Machinery, services and solutions designed with the future in mind for<br />

the architectural, automotive, solar and appliance industries.<br />

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LET’S GO FOR<br />


Freely shapeable, adaptable in aesthetics and<br />

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Super Spacer ® insulates the edge in glazed units<br />

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• flexible foam matrix plus vapour barrier<br />

• 3-step processing – automatic or manual<br />

• 100 % resilient<br />

Ψ-Values<br />

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0.028 COMPONENT<br />

Passive House Institute<br />





Switch from bulky walls to Sleek Glass Partitions with<br />

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Easy,<br />

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Seamless<br />

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Acoustic,<br />

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Modular<br />

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ARCTIC®<br />

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we stand as pioneers in the realm of<br />

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profound commitment to precision,<br />

efficiency, and innovation, we specialize<br />

in the design, development, and production of<br />

cutting-edge Glass Cutting Machines,<br />

Glass Loading Machines,<br />

Glass Unloading Machines,<br />

Glass Breakout Machines, and<br />

Smart Glass Storage Solutions.<br />




LOW<br />


The map depicted above is only a pictorial representation of India and its States, and is not drwan to Scale<br />

HIGH<br />



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Glasspro<br />

India <strong>2023</strong><br />

14-16 <strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

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Biesse is at Glasspro India <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

We design and manufacture integrated lines and machines for the machining<br />

of glass to simplify the production process for customers in the furniture,<br />

construction, and automotive industries.<br />

Visit our stall and witness the preview & launch of Genius CT Next 37 cutting table.<br />

Meet our experts in Hall No. 2, Stall No. D20.<br />

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XINFU<br />


3 Production lines in China<br />

with Capacity of 6 Million Square meters<br />

Architecture grade, Automotive grade, Solar grade<br />

Transmittance 91 %<br />

Best Production Facility<br />

Loss in weight feeder<br />

-- Brabender Germany<br />

Screen changers and melt pump -- Maag, Switzerland,<br />

Extrusion die<br />

-- CLOEREN USA,<br />

The online thickness scanner, Automatic gauge control (AGC) systems,<br />

Online scanning moisture tester -- Honeywell USA,<br />

The online surface vision test system -- ISRA Germany.<br />


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avontuffglass.com<br />

WE ARE<br />





“Avon Tuff Glass has accepted new<br />

challenges and change & we have been<br />

processing High Quality - High Performance<br />

glass for the construction since 2012.<br />

With over 10 years of experience in<br />

architectural glass processing, we bring our<br />

passion for customer, innovation and<br />

dedication to quality.<br />

Join us on the journey as we see the possibilities together:<br />







S. No. 201-1, Devicha Pada, Sonale, Dist. Thane Bhiwandi - 421 302,<br />




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Interview<br />



Şişecam India: Pioneering<br />

sustainable glass solutions<br />

& social impact<br />

GM Mukesh Sharma Tells GB About Şişecam’s<br />

Commitment to Quality, Innovation & Community<br />

Development<br />

In this interview with GB, the Şişecam India General<br />

Manager sheds light on the company’s journey as a global<br />

player in the glass and chemicals industry.<br />

With a strong emphasis<br />

on sustainability and a<br />

commitment to United<br />

Nations Sustainable Development<br />

Goals, Şişecam India has emerged as<br />

a leading provider of high-quality glass<br />

products, setting industry standards<br />

and making a positive impact on<br />

Indian communities through various<br />

CSR initiatives.<br />

64 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Interview• 2<br />

Mr Sharma shares insights into<br />

Şişecam's production capacity,<br />

investment plans, challenges in the<br />

Indian market, and their vision as a<br />

leader in the glass industry. Excerpts:<br />

– Please tell us about Şişecam<br />

Şişecam was founded in 1935 to<br />

establish the Turkish glass industry<br />

in line with the vision of the global<br />

leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Today,<br />

Şişecam is a strong global player in<br />

the fields of glass and chemicals. It<br />

is the only global company operating<br />

in all core areas of glass production<br />

– including flat glass, glassware, glass<br />

packaging, and glass fiber. Currently,<br />

Şişecam ranks among the world’s<br />

top two manufacturers of glassware<br />

and the top five producers of glass<br />

packaging and flat glass.<br />

With 88 years of experience and<br />

more than 24,000 employees, Şişecam<br />

conducts production activities in 14<br />

countries on four continents and<br />

operates a worldwide sales network<br />

extended to more than 150 countries.<br />

The company takes responsibility for<br />

protecting the planet, empowering<br />

society, and transforming life with<br />

its CareforNext strategy, which is<br />

compliant with and centred around<br />

the United Nations Sustainable<br />

Development Goals.<br />

– What is Şişecam’s production<br />

capacity in India? Tell us more<br />

about your products and how you<br />

make them in the country.<br />

Şişecam offers Indian consumers<br />

a variety of products from highperformance<br />

glasses to ultra-clear<br />

glass, from its production bases<br />

across the globe. In India, we have<br />

a manufacturing plant in Gujarat’s<br />

Halol, where we manufacture clear<br />

float glass, mirrors (in ultra-clear,<br />

bronze, and grey variants) and<br />

frosted glass. We have a per-month<br />

production capacity of around 18,000<br />

metric tonnes for clear float glass,<br />

200,000 square metres per month<br />

for mirrors and 500 metric tonnes for<br />

frosted glass.<br />

Our Halol facility deploys the latest<br />

technology, automated processes,<br />

and quality control systems. We have<br />

stringent quality control norms.<br />

Apart from continuous online<br />

inspection, glass output is manually<br />

checked every two hours based on<br />

all major functional and technical<br />

specifications.<br />

We are committed to offering our<br />

customers the highest quality possible.<br />

To accomplish this, we follow the EN<br />

standards for thickness, which have<br />

a lower tolerance when compared to<br />

IS standards and which are generally<br />

followed in the Indian market.<br />

We also believe in an ecofriendly<br />

production approach while<br />

manufacturing mirrors. Şişecam<br />

Mirror Flotal E is produced without<br />

using any substances harmful to<br />

nature such as copper and lead.<br />

– How is Şişecam’s investment<br />

appetite for the Indian market?<br />

We have been actively investing in<br />

India over the past few years. Şişecam<br />

entered India as an investor in 2013<br />

through a JV intending to meet<br />

Indian consumer requirements and<br />

understand the market better. As part<br />

of our investment strategies, we have<br />

built our state-of-the-art facility in<br />

Halol.<br />

In 2018, Şişecam gained a 100%<br />

equity stake to grow faster. Since<br />

then, we have spent a lot of time and<br />

resources in understanding Indian<br />

customers and their preferences.<br />

We have plans to make additional<br />

investments in the country in the<br />

pursuit of upgrading the existing float<br />

line through the cold repair process.<br />

We are also constantly and thoroughly<br />

evaluating the opportunities to<br />

increase our product variety to better<br />

serve our customers in the region.<br />

– What are the main challenges<br />

for Şişecam in the Indian market?<br />

For starters, India has a unique<br />

culture and way of doing business<br />

that can be challenging. Building<br />

relationships and understanding local<br />

customs and region-specific norms is<br />

important for success in this market.<br />

Additionally, the Indian market is<br />

highly competitive, with a large<br />

number of local and international<br />

players in competition. The Indian<br />

economy can be volatile and currency<br />

exchange rates can impact business<br />

operations. We believe in the<br />

government’s focus on easing the<br />

complex regulatory environment and<br />

improving overall infrastructure.<br />

– How do you contribute to Indian<br />

exports with production based in<br />

the country?<br />

As a global company with a strong<br />

presence in India, we contribute<br />

to Indian exports through our<br />

high-quality glass that meets<br />

global standards. Our products<br />

manufactured in India are exported to<br />

various countries.<br />

A present, we export clear glass<br />

and mirrors to Sri Lanka, Qatar,<br />

and Nepal. We have also exported to<br />

New Zealand, the USA, and other<br />

Southeast Asian countries.<br />

By leveraging the latest innovations<br />

and technologies in production<br />

facilities, Şişecam aims to strengthen<br />

its position as a key player in the<br />

global glass industry while increasing<br />

its contribution to India's exports.<br />

Additionally, we are actively<br />

collaborating with local suppliers and<br />

partners to enhance the value chain<br />

and support the growth of the Indian<br />

economy.<br />

– What is Şişecam’s vision as a<br />

leader in the glass industry?<br />

Our vision can be epitomized by the<br />

‘think global, act local’ philosophy.<br />

Şişecam's vision as a leader in the<br />

glass industry is to continue to<br />

innovate and develop new products<br />

and solutions that meet the changing<br />

needs of its customers and the<br />

industry. We aim to strengthen our<br />

global leader position in the glass<br />

industry by focusing on sustainability,<br />

research and development and<br />

operational excellence.<br />

As a leading flat glass producer, we<br />

are not just powered by a wide product<br />

range and production capacities,<br />

but also by a strong and long-term<br />

relationship-based approach with our<br />

business partners. We also aim to<br />

provide the right glass solutions for all<br />

parts of the value chain and decisionmakers.<br />

When we say partnering<br />

with customers, we mean working<br />

together to generate demand, engage<br />

through transparent trade policies,<br />

increase the quality of the products<br />

and services we offer, and last but not<br />

least, maintain good relationships.<br />

In addition to product innovation,<br />

Şişecam is also committed to<br />

sustainability and responsible business<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 65

Interview<br />

practices.<br />

– What do you think about the<br />

value-added glass/performance<br />

glass industry in India?<br />

India has a rapidly growing appetite<br />

for value-added glass and performance<br />

glass products. Respective demand is<br />

driven by several factors, including the<br />

increasing focus on energy efficiency,<br />

the growth of the construction<br />

industry and the rising demand for<br />

high-quality building materials.<br />

Also, the Indian government has<br />

recognised the importance of energyefficient<br />

buildings and has launched<br />

initiatives such as the Energy<br />

Conservation Building Code (ECBC)<br />

and the Green Building Movement<br />

to promote sustainable building<br />

practices. These initiatives are<br />

expected to trigger the use of valueadded<br />

and performance glass further<br />

by the construction industry. The<br />

focus on renewable energy is expected<br />

to boost the demand for solar glass.<br />

Overall, the government's focus<br />

on sustainable development and<br />

promotion of domestic manufacturing<br />

is expected to provide significant<br />

growth opportunities for the valueadded<br />

glass/performance glass space<br />

in India.<br />

– Being a late entrant, how do you<br />

plan to keep up with other big<br />

glass players in India?<br />

As a global glass manufacturer,<br />

Şişecam has significant expertise<br />

and experience in the industry. We<br />

leverage this and our network of<br />

manufacturing facilities and supply<br />

chain capabilities to compete with<br />

other players in the Indian market.<br />

Şişecam Flat Glass India keeps<br />

exploring opportunities for strategic<br />

partnerships and collaborations with<br />

local companies to optimize operations<br />

and increase efficiency.<br />

We follow EN standards that are<br />

stricter compared to IS standards.<br />

Moreover, the focus on continuous<br />

improvement of processes and<br />

operations enhances productivity<br />

while refining product quality. In line<br />

with our objective of covering current<br />

and future expectations of the market,<br />

our R&D policy focuses on highly<br />

innovative, environment-friendly,<br />

competitive products and production<br />

technologies, free from harmful<br />

compounds.<br />

Our global R&D centre (Şişecam<br />

Research Development and Design<br />

Center) is one of the most advanced<br />

and among the leading research<br />

facilities of its kind in Europe. We<br />

also have 5 regional and 9 overseas<br />

labs. We invest up to 1% of our global<br />

turnover in R&D.<br />

Overall, our product quality,<br />

innovations, differentiated service,<br />

demand generation activities for our<br />

channel partners and relationshipdriven<br />

engagement with them are<br />

what gives us an edge over other<br />

players.<br />

– What do you think is Şişecam’s<br />

biggest brand strength or value<br />

proposition?<br />

Şişecam is a diversified industrial<br />

group operating in a wide range of<br />

sectors. We believe that Şişecam's<br />

biggest brand strength and value<br />

proposition lie in its long-standing<br />

expertise in glass production and its<br />

commitment to sustainability and<br />

efforts to create sustainable value<br />

for customers, employees, and other<br />

stakeholders.<br />

Our products are widely recognized<br />

for their quality, durability and design,<br />

which have helped establish Şişecam<br />

as a leading brand in the global glass<br />

industry.<br />

In addition, we are committed to<br />

sustainable development. We aim to<br />

reduce environmental impact through<br />

initiatives such as waste management<br />

programs, energy-efficient glass<br />

product development and renewable<br />

energy investments.<br />

– What initiatives have you taken<br />

to ensure environment-friendly<br />

processes in manufacturing your<br />

products in India?<br />

At Şişecam, we aim to leave future<br />

generations a livable planet. As<br />

mentioned previously, Şişecam Mirror<br />

Flotal E, produced at our Halol<br />

facility, does not contain materials<br />

toxic to nature like copper and lead.<br />

It is manufactured using the latest<br />

technology, automated processes, and<br />

quality control systems. At the global<br />

level, we have implemented many Six<br />

Sigma Projects to improve productivity<br />

and quality, reduce waste, etc.<br />

We have made further investments<br />

to produce highly reflective solar<br />

control glass in India which can<br />

help improve the energy efficiency<br />

of a building, as it keeps solar heat<br />

out and reduces the need for air<br />

conditioning. It is perfectly suitable<br />

for tropical climates like India because<br />

its solar control properties provide<br />

a comfortable environment in any<br />

residential and commercial space<br />

by radiating and reflecting away a<br />

large proportion of the solar heat<br />

while allowing optimum sunlight<br />

to pass through a window. Also, the<br />

increase in natural lighting reduces<br />

the dependence on artificial lighting<br />

further enhancing its efficiency.<br />

– Do you plan on having more<br />

regional offices in India?<br />

We have offices in Mumbai, Delhi and<br />

Halol (Baroda) at present. We plan<br />

on expanding into the southern and<br />

eastern cities too. Currently, our sales<br />

team is operating across the country –<br />

from Ludhiana to Bangalore and from<br />

Ahmedabad to Kolkata.<br />

– What are the CSR initiatives<br />

Şişecam conducts in India?<br />

As part of our vision of improving<br />

the lives of the communities around<br />

which we operate, we have partnered<br />

with the Deepak Foundation for a host<br />

of initiatives.<br />

Starting with developing the<br />

livelihoods of those dependent on<br />

agriculture and related activities, we<br />

train farmers in the best practices to<br />

develop and diversify high-value cash<br />

crops to generate income. We also<br />

offer vaccines for cattle and livestock.<br />

The recent pandemic has put a<br />

spotlight on health and wellness. Our<br />

Mobile Health Units (MHUs) and the<br />

Anaemic Adolescent Girls Programme<br />

cater to the disadvantaged across<br />

villages. With the help of the Deepak<br />

Foundation, we have even encouraged<br />

women's empowerment through<br />

self-help groups formed to improve<br />

Menstrual Hygiene Management<br />

(MHM).<br />

Last but not least, to pave the path<br />

to a brighter future, we are improving<br />

the educational infrastructure in<br />

places that need it the most.<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com.tr<br />

66 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />

Glass Bulletin Awards <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

Recognising talent, innovation<br />

in Indian glass industry<br />


A<br />

N<br />

N<br />

IV<br />

ER<br />

S<br />

A<br />

R<br />

Y<br />

Prestigious Ceremony Returns With Fresh<br />

Concept, Unmatched Energy<br />

The highly anticipated 5th edition of the Glass Bulletin<br />

Awards is set to take centre stage as a concurrent event<br />

alongside glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong> in <strong>September</strong>.<br />

The Glass Bulletin Awards, now<br />

in its 5th edition, is gearing up<br />

for a momentous celebration<br />

of excellence within the Indian glass<br />

industry. As a concurrent event<br />

alongside glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

this prestigious ceremony promises<br />

to elevate the recognition and<br />

acknowledgment of the industry’s<br />

trailblazers to new heights.<br />

Building upon the resounding<br />

success of its past editions, Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards has emerged as the<br />

definitive platform for all stakeholders<br />

in the Indian glass industry to<br />

congregate, exchange ideas, and vie<br />

for the coveted accolades that mark<br />

the beginning of a journey towards<br />

unparalleled recognition.<br />

Since its inception in 2016, Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards, brought to you by<br />

India’s premier journal for the global<br />

glass industry Glass Bulletin, has<br />

been instrumental in celebrating,<br />

acknowledging, and honouring the<br />

exceptional contributions made by<br />

individuals and organizations in various<br />

realms of the glass industry.<br />

With the 4th edition of the Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards held in Mumbai in<br />

October 2019, the event witnessed<br />

an overwhelming response, uniting<br />

patrons of the Indian glass under<br />

one roof. More than 850 esteemed<br />

guests graced the occasion, adding to<br />

the grandeur and significance of this<br />

illustrious gathering.<br />

Embracing the aspirations of the<br />

glass industry and fuelled by immense<br />

support and high expectations, Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards embarks on a new<br />

chapter with its upcoming edition in<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. Drawing inspiration from the<br />

successes of the past, this edition<br />

promises to deliver an electrifying<br />

experience like never before, breathing<br />

fresh life into the awards ceremony.<br />

With an unwavering commitment<br />

to transparency and fairness, Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards takes pride in<br />

presenting a just platform for the<br />

recognition of talent within the glass<br />

industry.<br />

Building on its already sterling<br />

reputation, Glass Bulletin Awards<br />

<strong>2023</strong> is set to redefine the industry’s<br />

benchmarks by introducing innovative<br />

concepts and invigorating energy.<br />

Notably, this edition takes<br />

public opinion to the next level by<br />

incorporating nominations from the<br />

industry’s very own stakeholders.<br />

It is a testament to the organisers’<br />

commitment to engaging the<br />

wider community and ensuring<br />

that all deserving individuals and<br />

organizations receive their rightful<br />

acknowledgement.<br />

Scheduled to take place on the 14th<br />

of <strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong>, from 6 pm to 9<br />

pm, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre<br />

in Goregaon (East), Mumbai, the<br />

Glass Bulletin Awards <strong>2023</strong> promises<br />

to attract a distinguished gathering of<br />

national and international guests.<br />

As an exclusive invitation-only<br />

event, it will gather the crème<br />

de la crème of the glass industry,<br />

fostering meaningful connections,<br />

and celebrating the exceptional<br />

achievements that have propelled the<br />

industry to new heights.<br />

Join us as we embark on this<br />

extraordinary journey to recognize and<br />

honour the outstanding contributions<br />

within the Indian glass industry. Be<br />

a part of the movement that is Glass<br />

Bulletin Awards <strong>2023</strong> by becoming a<br />

sponsor and witnessing first-hand the<br />

transformational power of appreciation<br />

and recognition.<br />

Website: www.glassbulletinawards.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 67


Event<br />

Alstone’s gala event in<br />

Azerbaijan to felicitate<br />

channel partners<br />

Celebrates Outstanding Performance, Shows<br />

Gratitude For Trust Bestowed In Its Brand<br />

Idea exchange & time off work were major highlights but<br />

the reward and recognition ceremony presided by MD<br />

Sumit Gupta was the focus of the Alstone Utsav 2.0 event.<br />

Alstone, a market leader in metal<br />

composite panels, recently<br />

flew to Baku, Azerbaijan, with<br />

its channel pan-India partners to<br />

felicitate their achievements and<br />

valuable contributions.<br />

The event, Alstone Utsav 2.0, was<br />

aimed at celebrating with Alstone’s<br />

channel partners for their outstanding<br />

performance and showing gratitude<br />

towards the trust and love they have<br />

for the brand.<br />

The trip was full of adventures and<br />

activities and the time spent outside<br />

of work further strengthened the<br />

professional bonds. The trip lasted<br />

four days and channel partners<br />

engaged in sharing and learning good<br />

business practices.<br />

Discussions on better business<br />

prospects in the cladding industry<br />

along with fun and frolic were held<br />

but the spotlight was on the reward<br />

and recognition ceremony presided by<br />

Alstone Managing Director Mr Sumit<br />

Gupta, who presented certificates and<br />

awards to all channel partners.<br />

Mr Gupta noted that the consistent<br />

hard work and dedication of the<br />

channel partners played a pivotal role<br />

in establishing Alstone as a trusted<br />

brand and made a significant impact.<br />

“We want to express our sincere<br />

appreciation for the partnership<br />

we have developed. We value your<br />

commitment towards Alstone. We<br />

72 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Alstone• 2<br />

firmly believe that great partnerships<br />

are built on trust, shared values, and a<br />

shared vision,” he said.<br />

Alstone’s National Sales Head<br />

Mr Pankaj Malhotra presented<br />

the highlights of FY 22-23 and the<br />

strategic way forward on how Alstone<br />

would revolutionise the cladding<br />

market with innovative products<br />

and better customer and consumer<br />

connect, along with marketing<br />

activities as well as plans for FY 23-24.<br />

“Our journey to success begins with<br />

a sincere commitment to continuous<br />

learning and improvement, and to<br />

achieve the same, let us embrace<br />

challenges and turn them into<br />

opportunities for growth and<br />

innovation,” he said.<br />

Channel partners also shared their<br />

points of view on various aspects of<br />

business and prospects.<br />

The four-day gala extravaganza<br />

ended with a lot of new action plans to<br />

take Alstone, its channel partners and<br />

the cladding industry to newer heights<br />

and serve consumers better, along<br />

with everlasting memories during the<br />

excursion.<br />

About the company<br />

Alstone is a renowned brand trusted<br />

by architects, builders, façade<br />

consultants and fabricators. It has<br />

wide a range of products like Alstone<br />

Zinc powered by VMZINC France,<br />

Alstone Alcomb, Alstone Antiq,<br />

Alstone Stonera, Alstone Louvers,<br />

Alstone HPL, Alstone FR (ACP) and<br />

Alstone Fuel Pro.<br />

– Lalit Midha<br />

Email: lalit.midha@alstoneindia.com<br />

Website: www.alstoneindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 73

Event<br />

VITRUM <strong>2023</strong> – Glaston<br />

shaping sustainable<br />

future of glass<br />

Glimpse Into What The Globally Renowned Glass<br />

Processing Technology Company Is Bringing To Milan<br />

For Glaston, it is time to focus on energy efficiency, quality<br />

and automation with every piece of glass processed<br />

Below are just some of Glaston’s<br />

latest developments that will be<br />

showcased at VITRUM <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

In flat glass tempering – AI and<br />

automation<br />

Glaston is developing advanced heating<br />

and cooling technologies for the best<br />

glass quality, outstanding energy<br />

efficiency and reliable automation. Its<br />

tempering lines with advanced heating<br />

control make it possible to increase<br />

loading efficiency and decrease energy<br />

consumption without sacrificing<br />

quality. With the latest technology<br />

solutions, quenching energy can even<br />

be optimized.<br />

Glaston FC Series EVO, the<br />

newest addition to the FC Series<br />

family, represents a smart, energyefficient<br />

and flexible solution for<br />

today’s developing glass market. FC<br />

Series features the most advanced<br />

circulated-air convection technology to<br />

process any glass type with the highest<br />

energy efficiency on the market.<br />

The flat glass tempering line also<br />

includes state-of-the-art automation<br />

that ensures reliable and flexible<br />

production.<br />

Glaston Autopilot reduces the<br />

need for operator input and offers<br />

process control without parameters.<br />

The tempering process autopilot<br />

automatically sets all necessary<br />

parameters based on the glass sheet<br />

placement on the line. Minimizing<br />

operator input to just selecting the<br />

74 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Glaston• 2<br />

correct thickness and glass type<br />

significantly decreases the probability<br />

of human error, time spent on training<br />

and overall costs.<br />

The online stress calculation<br />

solution is one of Glaston’s latest<br />

innovations to automate flat tempering.<br />

It uses measured process data to<br />

calculate temperature and stress<br />

distribution in the quenching part of<br />

the tempering process.<br />

The White Haze Scanner is the<br />

first AI-based solution to provide a<br />

high-quality visual indication of white<br />

haze on processed glass. The unique<br />

system instantly notifies users of an<br />

issue, allowing glass processors to react<br />

immediately when an unacceptable<br />

haze is detected.<br />

In flat glass laminating<br />

The Glaston ProL flat glass lamination<br />

line provides unprecedented flexibility<br />

for mixed production. The ProL<br />

convection heating chamber makes<br />

switching between glass types and<br />

different glass sandwiches easier than<br />

ever. The whole line – from glass<br />

handling to the latest PVB cutting<br />

technology – has been designed for<br />

flexible operations.<br />

The most recent trend in flat<br />

lamination is the growing use of<br />

structural interlayers. To process this<br />

type of glass, Glaston has introduced<br />

new convection control technology that<br />

offers a significantly wider operating<br />

window, even with complex laminates.<br />

A higher degree of automation is<br />

also on the agenda for the laminating<br />

process. With our lamination process<br />

autopilot, the furnace learns to achieve<br />

the most optimal way to run, instead<br />

of having operators make adjustments<br />

manually.<br />

The easiest way to save energy when<br />

laminating glass is to upgrade from<br />

a traditional infrared heater furnace<br />

to full convection technology. Energy<br />

losses are minimized, as the same air<br />

is recirculated inside the furnace. The<br />

right amount of energy stabilizes the<br />

furnace temperature. Processors often<br />

report energy savings of at least 50%<br />

after a heating technology upgrade.<br />

In insulating glass manufacturing<br />

Glaston‘s new automatic sealing<br />

robot ACTIVE‘SEALER is an<br />

ideal entry-level solution for the<br />

automated sealing process. Thanks<br />

to the advanced gear pump dosing<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 75

Event<br />

technology, ACTIVE‘SEALER offers<br />

high material dosing accuracy. This<br />

volume-controlled dosing function<br />

precisely determines the sealing depth<br />

and width and then applies the exact<br />

amount of sealing material required,<br />

ensuring excellent sealing quality.<br />

Targeting the mid-range market<br />

segment, the new ACTIVE’SEALER<br />

processes double and triple glass units.<br />

The sealing robot features air cushions<br />

and a new conveyor system, consisting<br />

of individual belts with integrated and<br />

easily exchangeable support bars for<br />

safe and clean glass transport.<br />

Glaston MULTI’ARRISSER is a<br />

3-in-1 solution for the highest quality,<br />

economical glass edge arrissing, flat<br />

edge arrissing and corner dubbing.<br />

These benefits come with the proven<br />

Glaston cup wheel technology that<br />

uses only one worn part. Glaston<br />

MULTI’ARRISSER is the fastest<br />

single-head machine in the world with<br />

a maximum arrissing speed of 60 m/<br />

min.<br />

TPS ® is not just a machine. It<br />

is an ingenious system solution<br />

for highly efficient insulating glass<br />

manufacturing. Glaston is the inventor<br />

of this technology with more than 150<br />

installations worldwide. With TPS ® ,<br />

production is significantly simplified,<br />

since the Thermo Plastic Spacer<br />

material can be applied directly onto<br />

the glass plate. This eliminates the<br />

need to stock different spacer profiles<br />

and connectors.<br />

In automotive and display glass<br />

processing<br />

Glaston CHAMP EVO represents<br />

the latest evolution in the CHAMP<br />

automotive glass preprocessing line.<br />

The newest CHAMP EVO generation<br />

includes high-precision features in a<br />

grinding machine. Maintenance costs,<br />

wear and tear have been reduced<br />

considerably with energy-saving,<br />

state-of-the-art linear drives that<br />

are accurately adjustable. A freely<br />

moveable glass holding system shortens<br />

changeover times. The optimized cell<br />

also features lighter-weight moving<br />

parts, such as the cutting bridge<br />

and grinding table, plus many other<br />

technological advancements.<br />

The new Glaston MATRIX EVO<br />

automatic bending furnace is now<br />

available to revolutionize the way<br />

automotive windshields and sunroofs<br />

are bent to perfection. The line is<br />

specifically designed to meet the most<br />

challenging requirements in today’s<br />

automotive industry. It offers the<br />

best optical quality even for the most<br />

complex shapes and applications,<br />

including advanced driver assistance<br />

systems (ADAS), heads-up displays and<br />

coated glasses.<br />

Boost energy with upgrades<br />

In services, Glaston’s latest<br />

developments include new upgrade<br />

possibilities for glass heat treatment,<br />

insulating glass manufacturing along<br />

with automotive and display glass<br />

processing.<br />

Upgrading an existing glass<br />

processing line with the latest<br />

technology leads to significant energy<br />

improvements without investing in an<br />

entirely new line. Most of our latest<br />

technology is available as an upgrade.<br />

This makes it quick and efficient to<br />

increase capacity, reach better output<br />

quality and yield, reduce maintenance<br />

and improve uptime.<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

76 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />

glasstec 2024: Dedicated<br />

to innovation and<br />

transformation<br />

World’s Leading Trade Fair For Glass To Be Held<br />

At Düsseldorf In Oct<br />

Companies from glass machinery building, glass industry<br />

and the glazier trade can now apply for participation in<br />

glasstec 2024.<br />

The world’s leading trade fair<br />

for the glass sector will be<br />

held at Düsseldorf Exhibition<br />

Centre from 22 to 25 October 2024.<br />

At glasstec, experts from around the<br />

world can experience an unparalleled<br />

line-up of products and solutions<br />

along the entire value chain around<br />

the material that is glass.<br />

With its claim “WE ARE GLASS”<br />

glasstec underlines its pole position as<br />

the glass sector’s leading event – as a<br />

comprehensive information platform<br />

for investment decisions it focuses<br />

on Hot Topics such as the Circular<br />

Economy, Digital Technologies and<br />

Decarbonisation in conferences,<br />

forums and meetings.<br />

Exhibitor applications possible with<br />

immediate effect<br />

At glasstec exhibitors from the<br />

segments of machine building,<br />

industry and skilled crafts meet with<br />

an international expert audience<br />

comprising 80 per cent decisionmakers<br />

and benefit from the high<br />

international reach of what is the<br />

largest and most relevant trade fair in<br />

the glass industry.<br />

The preparations for glasstec<br />

2024 are already in full swing, and<br />

companies can as of now apply for<br />

participation as exhibitors at www.<br />

glasstec.de/Anmeldung.<br />

The new glasstec claim “WE ARE<br />

GLASS”<br />

WE ARE GLASS stands for the<br />

international glass sector with all<br />

its innovative power and versatility<br />

and for the relevance of glass in<br />

our present time. The claim is also<br />

synonymous with the relevance of<br />

the glass industry as part of society<br />

that is facing up to its responsibility:<br />

decarbonisation and resource savings<br />

are among today’s most relevant<br />

topics, which also keep the energyintensive<br />

glass industry busy.<br />

For over 25 years now the<br />

glass industry has gathered at the<br />

world-leading trade fair glasstec<br />

in Düsseldorf. In a two-year cycle,<br />

exhibitors and visitors from around<br />

the globe come together to build<br />

business relations, win over new<br />

customers, and maintain existing<br />

contacts.<br />

glasstec is the centre of attraction,<br />

marketplace, trendsetter, innovation<br />

and information platform for the<br />

global glass sector and underscores<br />

its leading relevance to the glass<br />

community with its claim WE ARE<br />

GLASS.<br />

Hot topics of the glass sector<br />

anchored in the line-up of side<br />

events<br />

Circular economy, digital technologies<br />

and decarbonisation. At glasstec the<br />

hot topics of the industry are placed<br />

in focus and additionally addressed in<br />

accompanying conferences, forums<br />

and meetings. Leading industry<br />

representatives will deliver numerous<br />

top-level talks flagging up new<br />

approaches from research, science<br />

and industry.<br />

Alongside the wide ranges displayed<br />

by exhibitors on the themes of glass<br />

production/production technology,<br />

glass treatment and finishing, skilled<br />

crafts as well as the numerous glass<br />

products and applications, glasstec<br />

2024 will again offer a unique and<br />

extensive line-up of side events<br />

from science and practice with high<br />

international attendance.<br />

Lars Wismer, Director of glasstec,<br />

looks to the coming trade fair<br />

with anticipation: “Planning for a<br />

comprehensive event programme is<br />

already under way. We will further<br />

strengthen and expand the successful<br />

glasstec conference format and the<br />

innovation showcase glass technology<br />

live (gtl).”<br />

“Especially gtl is a unique platform<br />

for experiencing latest developments<br />

and innovations in the glass industry<br />

in one place. glasstec stands out<br />

with the fact that visitors here<br />

can experience the performance<br />

potential and diversity of glass handson<br />

and especially the diversity in<br />

each segment of the glass industry.<br />

This includes architecture, facade<br />

design, crafts, automotive glass, glass<br />

processing and production as well as<br />

solar technology and smart glass,”<br />

Wismer said.<br />

Angela Meier-Buntenbroich<br />

Email: MeierA@messe-duesseldorf.de<br />

Website: www.glasstec.de<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 77

Event<br />

Hegla, partner companies set to<br />

return to Vitrum <strong>2023</strong><br />

To Exhibit Wide Range Of Solutions In Milan To Engage Visitors<br />

“Create added value” is the focus of the trade fair stand where HEGLA, HEGLA-HANIC and<br />

HEGLA boraident are returning to Vitrum after the break due to Covid.<br />

Equipped with the patented laser diode heating system, the ProLam LSR increases productivity by twenty per cent in terms of pane<br />

throughput, while also improving edge quality.<br />

The ProLam LSR laminated<br />

glass cutting system will<br />

be present as an exhibit<br />

to show the patented laser diode<br />

heating system, which has become<br />

a successful innovation of HEGLA<br />

Maschinenbau.<br />

“Focused heat application to the<br />

cutting contour accelerates the<br />

cutting process by twenty per cent and<br />

more for even higher productivity,”<br />

remarked HEGLA Managing Director<br />

Bernhard Hötger.<br />

“The surrounding edge<br />

remains cold, such that the risk<br />

of delamination is systematically<br />

reduced and the next cuts can<br />

be made without waiting,” added<br />

Bernhard Hötger.<br />

Nowadays, almost half of all<br />

ProLam systems are shipped with<br />

optional diode heating. The new<br />

technology is primarily used for line<br />

solutions with two cutting systems<br />

and a higher level of automation. It<br />

taps the full potential of several linked<br />

cutting tables with improved cycle<br />

time. With its short boot-up time, the<br />

laser diode is a proven energy-saver<br />

and, with an operating life of at least<br />

20,000 hours, it is more sustainable<br />

than classic heaters.<br />

Post-installation glass<br />

functionalisation<br />

With its new solution for the postinstallation<br />

functionalisation of<br />

facades and windows, HEGLA<br />

boraident plans to attract attention at<br />

this year’s Vitrum.<br />

“Some property owners don’t pay<br />

attention to the problem of bird strikes<br />

on panes or limited RF transparency<br />

until the panes have already been<br />

installed,” said Dr Thomas Rainer,<br />

Authorised Signatory and Head of<br />

Development at HEGLA boraident.<br />

The CELLFree Mobile and<br />

BIRDFriend Mobile laser solutions<br />

can be implemented to functionalise<br />

facades on site, even after they have<br />

been in place for years. To reduce<br />

mobile radio loss, the metallic<br />

functional coatings of Low-E, for<br />

example, are transformed with ultrathin<br />

lines to enable high-frequency<br />

communication waves to pass through<br />

the pane without attenuation.<br />

For bird protection glass, small<br />

dots are applied 5 cm apart with a<br />

laser transfer printing process. This<br />

has a triple effect: first, the semitransparent<br />

dots are printed so close<br />

together that birds perceive them as<br />

impossible to fly through.<br />

Second, the pattern breaks up any<br />

realistic reflections that mirror the<br />

bushes or trees in the environment,<br />

which would normally attract birds.<br />

The third effect is the way in which<br />

the pattern changes UV reflections,<br />

sending out another warning signal to<br />

birds.<br />

“The American Bird Conservancy<br />

has confirmed the high efficacy of<br />

our bird protection glass on its allimportant<br />

first page. The quality of<br />

the glass is not impacted by printing<br />

the surface texture on it, and the<br />

texture still fulfils its function after 20<br />

years,” explained Dr Rainer.<br />

User-friendly and future-orientated<br />

ERP for glass processing<br />

A high level of automation and<br />

added value with glass are the core<br />

competencies of HEGLA and HEGLA<br />

boraident. HEGLA-HANIC from<br />

Bochum, Germany, is passionate<br />

about the big picture and merging<br />

individual areas.<br />

The development of a completely<br />

new ERP system is one of the most<br />

recent major projects of the software<br />

specialist, and the system is now being<br />

rolled out at the first customer sites.<br />

78 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Hegla• 2<br />

HEGLA boraident offers a solution involving post-installation laser functionalisation to create RF-transparent or bird protection glass<br />

on existing facades, windows or glazing.<br />

“Four years ago, we decided to<br />

take this major step as we wanted<br />

to further develop the strengths of<br />

our software and use cutting-edge<br />

programming as a springboard,” said<br />

Dr Jan Schäpers, Managing Director<br />

of HEGLA-HANIC.<br />

Based on Microsoft Dynamics, it<br />

offers usability that users are familiar<br />

with from their everyday life and can<br />

use intuitively. Operators also have<br />

access to numerous add-ons and<br />

defined interfaces, and the system<br />

can be used on almost any end device<br />

without any adjustments.<br />

“The new structure gives us<br />

the freedom to perfectly adapt<br />

processes for order entry, warehouse<br />

management, material ordering or<br />

even billing to the glass-processing<br />

industry,” explained Jan Schäpers.<br />

“Thanks to the even more effective<br />

integration of the processes, we have<br />

improved our shop-floor mapping<br />

and, in conjunction with the MES,<br />

can implement further workflow<br />

improvements in ongoing operation<br />

and actively support employees.”<br />

Thanks to a continuous live status<br />

check of the processes on the ISO<br />

and processing lines, cutting plans<br />

are adjusted to generate a temporally<br />

coordinated production flow. When<br />

data is acquired in ongoing operation,<br />

the operation can be adjusted to<br />

prevent a standstill or delay.<br />

“We are looking forward to<br />

seeing you again in Milan,” said<br />

Bernhard Hötger. “With both<br />

individual measures and overarching<br />

concepts, we will exhibit a range<br />

of solutions and anticipate having<br />

many conversations with visitors and<br />

gaining interesting insights.”<br />

The HEGLA partner companies<br />

will be exhibiting in Hall 7P at<br />

Stand K22.<br />

–Carsten Koch<br />

Email: carsten.koch@hegla.de<br />

Website: www.hegla.com<br />

HEGLA-HANIC is currently rolling out a completely redeveloped ERP system on customer sites, whose intuitive design is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 development platform. The new ERP can integrate<br />

numerous processes from digital order collection, storage and individual machines to delivery at the construction site.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 79

Event<br />

Saugaat Inc to showcase<br />

its portfolio of products in<br />

glasspro INDIA<br />

India’s Premier Event For Glass Products & Tech<br />

Coming To Mumbai On Sep 14-16<br />

Saugaat Inc works in tandem with Kuraray & H.B.<br />

Fuller|Kommerling on product development and resolution<br />

for technical issues related to glass.<br />

Saugaat Inc, which has emerged<br />

as the broadest portfolio of<br />

innovative and advanced<br />

glass-laminating solutions providing<br />

safety, security, sound insulation, UV<br />

protection and decorative applications,<br />

is coming to glasspro INDIA this<br />

<strong>September</strong>.<br />

Saugaat Inc will be bringing<br />

its latest primary sealant for<br />

insulating glass to the show. Its<br />

sealants contribute to enhancing<br />

the performance and value of glass<br />

solutions by improving insulation<br />

properties.<br />

It aims to provide comprehensive<br />

solutions and excellent customer<br />

service in the field of glass processing<br />

materials, leveraging partnerships<br />

with leading companies and<br />

continuously developing revolutionary<br />

products to meet the needs of its<br />

clients.<br />

Saugaat Inc works closely<br />

with Kuraray and H.B. Fuller |<br />

Kommerling, collaborating on the<br />

development of various products and<br />

addressing technical issues related to<br />

glass.<br />

The products which will be<br />

in focus at Saugaat’s booth are<br />

80 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Saugaat• 2<br />

Kuarray Trosifol ® UltraClear PVB<br />

Interlayer, Kuraray Trosifol ® Extra<br />

Stiff Structural Interlayer, Kuraray<br />

SentryGlas ® Structural Interlayer,<br />

HB Fuller | Kommerling ® GD 115<br />

Primary Butyl Sealant.<br />

As the west India distributor<br />

for Kuraray, the manufacturer of<br />

chemicals, fibres and other materials<br />

from Japan, Saugaat Inc provides its<br />

customers with high-quality products.<br />

Kuraray’s advanced interlayer<br />

portfolio, including Trosifol® PVB<br />

and SentryGlas ® ionoplast interlayers,<br />

has had a profound impact on<br />

the aesthetics, structural design,<br />

fabrication, and installation in<br />

the architectural and automotive/<br />

transportation sectors.<br />

Kuraray provides an unmatched<br />

array of innovative interlayers for<br />

glass lamination solutions, including<br />

an impressive portfolio featuring<br />

SentryGlas ® , SentryGlas ® XtraTM,<br />

BirdSecure ® Pro, Trosifol ® Clear,<br />

Trosifol ® UltraClear, Trosifol ® XT<br />

UltraClear, Trosifol ® Extra Stiff,<br />

Trosifol ® Tints, Trosifol ® The Wedge,<br />

and Trosifol ® Spallshield ® CPET.<br />

Trosifol ® Extra Stiff PVB film<br />

exhibits product properties that<br />

exceed those of standard Trosifol ®<br />

films. Strength, toughness, elasticity<br />

and greatly improved post-glassbreakage<br />

properties make it<br />

an excellent choice for special<br />

applications such as glass floors and<br />

stairs, curtain walls, and parapet<br />

glazing.<br />

H.B. Fuller | Kommerling<br />

specializes in providing primary and<br />

secondary sealants used in insulated<br />

glass (IG) processing. The features<br />

offered by the sealants make them<br />

versatile and suitable for use in<br />

numerous commercial markets and<br />

applications:<br />

;;<br />

High flexibility at low<br />

temperatures: The sealants<br />

maintain flexibility even in<br />

cold environments. This<br />

characteristic allows for proper<br />

sealing performance, even in<br />

extreme weather conditions.<br />

;;<br />

Excellent chemical &<br />

weathering resistance: The<br />

sealants are formulated to<br />

withstand exposure to various<br />

chemicals and weathering<br />

elements. This ensures longlasting<br />

performance and helps<br />

protect the sealed components<br />

from degradation.<br />

;;<br />

Excellent adhesion: The<br />

sealants are known for their<br />

strong adhesive properties.<br />

They adhere effectively to<br />

a wide range of substrates,<br />

ensuring a secure and durable<br />

bond.<br />

;;<br />

High reliability: The sealants<br />

undergo extensive industry<br />

testing and have a proven track<br />

record of reliable performance.<br />

This reliability makes them<br />

suitable for various applications<br />

across different industries,<br />

such as automotive, electric<br />

vehicles, rail, appliances,<br />

HVAC, transportation, marine,<br />

and industrial assembly.<br />

-----------------------------------------------------<br />

Saugaat at Glasspro INDIA Show<br />

<strong>2023</strong>: Stand 2E06<br />

-----------------------------------------------------<br />

Email: saugaatinc@gmail.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 81

Event<br />

Hanjiang to bring advanced<br />

sealing robot structure to<br />

glasspro INDIA<br />

India’s Premier Exhibition On Glass Products &<br />

Tech Coming To Mumbai On Sep 14-16<br />

Hanjiang firmly believes glasspro INDIA will promote<br />

development in areas such as technological research,<br />

production processes and quality management.<br />

Hanjiang will exhibit its<br />

most advanced sealing<br />

robot structure at glasspro<br />

INDIA <strong>2023</strong>. Its ratio matching is<br />

totally controlled by servo motors,<br />

which breaks the typical manner of<br />

controlling the ratio via a hydraulic<br />

system. In addition, a new design of<br />

butyl extruder will be presented at the<br />

exhibition.<br />

Hanjiang plans to supply numerous<br />

beneficial tools for IGU production to<br />

its royal customers’ support.<br />

The company firmly believes that<br />

glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong> will greatly<br />

promote its continuous development<br />

in areas such as technological<br />

research and development, production<br />

processes, and quality management.<br />

At China Glass <strong>2023</strong>, Hanjiang<br />

showcased its intelligent<br />

manufacturing and customized R&D<br />

capabilities, demonstrating the latest<br />

technological achievements in fullautomatic<br />

deep processing solutions<br />

for insulating glass.<br />

During the exhibition, it undertook<br />

in-depth exchanges with many<br />

domestic and foreign enterprises.<br />

Going forward, Hanjiang will continue<br />

to increase its technological research<br />

and development capabilities, with<br />

customer demand as its guide,<br />

focusing particularly on intelligent<br />

production processes where<br />

automation replaces traditional<br />

manual labour, such as electronic<br />

82 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Hanjiang• 2<br />



proportioning, continuous supply<br />

of sealant machines, super spacer<br />

applicator, visual inspection systems,<br />

HJ Industrial Cloud, and other links,<br />

continuing efforts to further optimize<br />

these processes.<br />

The company will continue to<br />

leverage its advanced processing<br />

technologies to deliver high-quality<br />

automated equipment to customer<br />

factories, achieving efficient<br />

production of insulating glass<br />

intelligent units.<br />

Hanjiang in India<br />

The Hanjiang India team has<br />

completed several significant projects<br />

during the first and second quarters.<br />

;;<br />

Five full automatic line<br />

2500*3600mm/3000*3600m<br />

m/2500*4000mm including<br />

Argon gas filling line and<br />

sealing robot in Lucknow,<br />

Surat, Pune, Ahmedabad<br />

;;<br />

Jumbo IG line 2500*5000mm<br />

Argon gas filling line in<br />

Hyderabad<br />

;;<br />

Upgraded IG line to increase<br />

productivity and added sealing<br />

robot in Trichy<br />

;;<br />

Aluminum bending machine,<br />

Low E edge deletion machines<br />

etc in Coimbatore, Bangalore,<br />

Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai<br />

In the coming months, Hanjiang<br />

will engage in more projects in<br />

India.<br />

;;<br />

Four full automatic lines<br />

2500*4000mm/2500*3600mm,<br />

including Argon gas filling line,<br />

Low E edge deletion machine<br />

and sealing robot, in Punjab<br />

and Uttar Pradesh<br />

;;<br />

Full automatic line<br />

2800*5000mm, including<br />

automatic glass loading, Argon<br />

gas filling line, Low E edge<br />

deletion machine and sealing<br />

robot, in Mumbai<br />

;;<br />

Six classic IG line in Madhya<br />

Pradesh, Maharashtra,<br />

Kolkata, Punjab and Kerala<br />

;;<br />

Upgrade of standard sealing<br />

robot 2500*36000 mm to<br />

jumbo robot 2500*6000 mm in<br />

Madhya Pradesh<br />

Hanjiang also looks forward to<br />

making more contributions to the<br />

development and innovation of the<br />

glass industry with the support of its<br />

Indian customers in the future.<br />

-----------------------------------------------------<br />

Hanjiang at Glasspro INDIA Show<br />

<strong>2023</strong>: Stand 2D16<br />

-----------------------------------------------------<br />

– Ms. Ashley Quan<br />

Email: Asia@hjglass.com.cn<br />

Website: www.hjglass.com.cn<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 83

Event<br />

‘Inside Biesse <strong>2023</strong>’<br />

wraps up with<br />

resounding success<br />

Offered Unparalleled Opportunity To Explore<br />

Latest Innovations & Technologies<br />

The event saw a footfall of more than 400 attendees<br />

consisting of 120 leading manufacturing players, industry<br />

experts, partner associates and students.<br />

Biesse, a renowned global leader<br />

in advanced machinery and<br />

software solutions for the<br />

woodworking, glass, and materials<br />

industries, wrapped up the three-day<br />

‘Inside Biesse India <strong>2023</strong>’, with a<br />

resounding success.<br />

Held at the Biesse showroom in<br />

Bengaluru, the event offered industry<br />

professionals and woodworking<br />

enthusiasts an unparalleled<br />

opportunity to explore the latest<br />

innovations and technologies in the<br />

field.<br />

The event kicked off with an<br />

inaugural ceremony in the presence of<br />

Sayeed Ahmed, CEO, of Biesse India,<br />

Priyanka Singh, Deputy Secretary<br />

84 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Biesse• 2<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 85

Event<br />

General, Indo-Italian Chamber of<br />

Commerce & other senior officials<br />

from Biesse India and Italy.<br />

This was followed by an inaugural<br />

speech by Stefano Botene, Sales<br />

Director, Biesse, India, and Vichi<br />

Ettore, EMEA Region Director, Biesse.<br />

The first day commenced with<br />

an enlightening session led by<br />

Giuseppe Morando from Atelier<br />

Lampugnale Morando, Italy. He<br />

provided valuable insights and shared<br />

his hands-on experience regarding<br />

the dynamic nature of products in<br />

the manufacturing industry. The<br />

day concluded with an exclusive<br />

factory tour, where participants<br />

witnessed Biesse’s state-of-the-art<br />

manufacturing setup providing a<br />

comprehensive understanding of<br />

Biesse’s operational excellence.<br />

“We are overwhelmed with the<br />

heartening response and success of<br />

‘Inside Biesse India <strong>2023</strong>’,” stated Mr<br />

Sayeed Ahmed. “This event reaffirms<br />

our commitment to providing techcentric<br />

futuristic solutions and<br />

efficiency in the woodworking, glass,<br />

and materials industries. We extend<br />

our gratitude to all participants for<br />

joining us and experiencing the future<br />

of manufacturing firsthand,” he said.<br />

Held during <strong>July</strong> 27-29, the event<br />

offered an immersive experience,<br />

presenting over 10 cutting-edge<br />

technologies on display that<br />

showcased a wide range of solutions in<br />

wood, glass, and advanced materials.<br />

Attendees had the opportunity to<br />

witness live machine and software<br />

demonstrations, attend insightful tech<br />

talks by guest speakers, and engage<br />

in meaningful meetings with industry<br />

partners. The informative factory<br />

tours provided first-hand experiences<br />

of Biesse’s revolutionary machinery<br />

and software solutions, which are<br />

at the forefront of transforming the<br />

woodworking, glass, and materials<br />

industries.<br />

On <strong>July</strong> 28th, Mr Gopal Dwivedi<br />

from Livspace discussed the<br />

importance of maintaining a balance<br />

between quality and quantity in the<br />

manufacturing process. Meanwhile,<br />

Mr Rahul Mehta from Furniture &<br />

Fittings Skill Council highlighted the<br />

significance of upskilling to overcome<br />

workforce limitations and drive<br />

business growth.<br />

The event concluded on <strong>July</strong><br />

29 with insightful sessions by<br />

Raghavendra NK from Pensare,<br />

providing actionable insights for the<br />

attendees.<br />

The Inside Biesse event proved to<br />

be a great platform for insightful idea<br />

exchange, networking opportunities<br />

and excellent business possibilities for<br />

attendees and associate partners.<br />

About the company<br />

Biesse Group is a multinational leader<br />

in technology for processing wood,<br />

glass, stone, plastic and metal. Biesse<br />

India is a direct subsidiary of Biesse<br />

Group and also the only production<br />

site of the Biesse Group outside Italy.<br />

Website: www.biesse.com<br />

86 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Company News<br />

LiSEC & Shandong Yaohua: Close customer<br />

relationship leads to mutual success<br />

‘Lisec Is Always Promptly Available To Deal With Any Concerns’<br />

Shandong Yaohua relies on Austrian quality to satisfy the highest insulating glass<br />

standards.<br />

Shandong Yaohua was founded<br />

in 1985 and is an international<br />

high-tech company in the field<br />

of glass processing. It has been one of<br />

the top 30 glass processing companies<br />

in China for many years and is an<br />

intelligent manufacturer and supplier<br />

of high quality construction glass.<br />

The Chinese manufacturer, which<br />

has a workforce of 350 employees,<br />

exports Yaohua glass to more than 100<br />

countries worldwide and pays special<br />

attention to the very highest quality,<br />

both in glass processing machines<br />

and end products, in order to remain<br />

competitive on the Chinese market.<br />

The company relies on Austrian<br />

quality to satisfy the highest insulating<br />

glass standards. The rising export rate<br />

led to new investments, such as a<br />

LiSEC TPA line.<br />

Shandong Yaohua generates<br />

an annual turnover of around 60<br />

million dollars and the company's<br />

core business comprises three main<br />

product categories: safety glass,<br />

double- and triple-layer insulating<br />

glass, which delivers low radiation<br />

and energy savings. Furthermore,<br />

Shandong Yaohua manufactures a<br />

variety of laminated and toughened<br />

glass for export as well as jumbo-size<br />

glass in thicknesses of 15 and 19<br />

mm, which consists of multi-layer<br />

laminated glass. The manufacturer<br />

also offers a wide range of deep-<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 87

Company News<br />

processed glass, including fireproof<br />

glass, screen-printed glass, heatresistant<br />

glass, bullet-proof glass and<br />

CNC glass.<br />

Shandong Yaohua impresses with<br />

a daily production capacity of 20,000<br />

square metres thanks to automated<br />

processes. The total production<br />

capacity during a year breaks down<br />

as follows: 1.2 million square metres<br />

of insulating glass, 1.5 million square<br />

metres of laminated glass and 4<br />

million square metres of tempered<br />

glass.<br />

The company's product quality<br />

has reached top international levels<br />

and it is proud to boast numerous<br />

certifications including ISO 9001<br />

certification, national safety glass<br />

certification (3C certification)<br />

and certification for energy-saving<br />

products. In addition, the Australian<br />

Standard Certification, the European<br />

Union Standard Certification, the<br />

SGCC Certification of the United<br />

States and IGCC Certification<br />

for North America are of major<br />

importance for the company's exports.<br />

Shandong Yaohua & LiSEC: A close<br />

customer relationship leads to<br />

mutual success<br />

For Managing Director Chenglun<br />

Lin, LiSEC is the ideal partner who<br />

is always promptly available to deal<br />

with any concerns and impresses<br />

with machines and software of the<br />

highest quality. As a globally active<br />

company, LiSEC is familiar with the<br />

various requirements of the individual<br />

countries and supplies products that<br />

precisely correspond to specific needs.<br />

Furthermore, LiSEC possesses<br />

extensive knowledge of the glass<br />

processing industry. Chenglun Lin<br />

regularly talks in particular with Qiao<br />

Chi (LiSEC Head of Hub Region<br />

COS) about trends and quality<br />

aspects in the insulating glass sector<br />

and discusses possible solutions.<br />

The managing director is also a<br />

member of the Chinese Architectural<br />

and Industrial Glass Association,<br />

in which LiSEC is recognised as<br />

a top insulating glass equipment<br />

manufacturer.<br />

The extensive trust that the<br />

Chinese company has in LiSEC was<br />

also evident at the China Glass trade<br />

fair in Shanghai. Shandong Yaohua<br />

Glass proudly presented special types<br />

of insulating glass units at the trade<br />

fair stand, which were produced with<br />

LiSEC machines.<br />

"The quality of our products is our<br />

top priority. To deliver top quality, you<br />

also need top machines - and we have<br />

these from LiSEC, the number one<br />

in the field of machines for insulating<br />

glass production," enthuses Chenglun<br />

Lin from Shandong Yaohua Glass.<br />

Only last year, Shandong Yaohua<br />

88 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

LiSEC• 3<br />

Glass invested in a new LiSEC TPA<br />

line. The CEO was particularly<br />

impressed by the speed of the LiSEC<br />

assembly team; thanks to the efficient<br />

work, the line delivered in December<br />

could go into operation in March.<br />

First-class shapes thanks to LiSEC<br />

TPA line in use at Shandong Yaohua<br />

After visiting a reference customer<br />

and conducting internal research on<br />

insulating glass lines on the market,<br />

Shandong Yaohua Glass quickly<br />

decided in favour of a LiSEC TPA<br />

line from Austria due to the technical<br />

details and the extensive possibilities<br />

for shape production.<br />

The LiSEC TPA-Line, which is<br />

now in use at the production site in<br />

Jinan, is used to produce insulating<br />

glass units up to 4 x 3 m in size. The<br />

line consists of various components<br />

that enable efficient insulating<br />

glass production: The AKL-A30<br />

edge deletion system has automatic<br />

coating detection to ensure precise<br />

edge processing. The VHW-F30/<br />

V6 automatic washing and drying<br />

machine ensures that the glass sheets<br />

are thoroughly cleaned before further<br />

processing. The RSVN-35/30S frame<br />

mounting station with inspection<br />

station makes it possible to check<br />

The company’s product quality<br />

has reached top international<br />

levels and it boasts numerous<br />

certifications including ISO 9001<br />

certification, national safety glass<br />

certification (3C certification) and<br />

certification for energy-saving<br />

products. In addition, the Australian<br />

Standard Certification, the European<br />

Union Standard Certification, the<br />

SGCC Certification of the US and<br />

IGCC Certification for North America<br />

are of major importance for the<br />

company’s exports.<br />

the glass for impurities and glass<br />

defects to ensure that only flawless<br />

high-quality insulating glass units are<br />

assembled.<br />

The LiSEC TPA-A33 stepless width<br />

adjustment makes it possible to switch<br />

between different thermoplastic<br />

spacer widths without any waiting<br />

time, thereby saving valuable time.<br />

The high-end gas filling press<br />

AGP-A40/30 is suitable for a wide<br />

range of applications - such as rigid,<br />

flexible and thermoplastic spacers -<br />

thanks to its individual configuration<br />

options, and impresses with the<br />

highest precision.<br />

The VFL-1F40/30 ensures a<br />

perfect insulating glass unit seal and<br />

impresses with unbeatable corner<br />

quality, even for insulating glass units<br />

with a high weight. Thanks to the<br />

efficient data management of the line,<br />

the precise sensor technology and the<br />

high-quality mechanical parts, the<br />

LiSEC systems are particularly well<br />

suited for processing shapes. Another<br />

important aspect is the optimum glass<br />

transport along the entire line, which<br />

contributes to the ideal processing of<br />

shapes.<br />

About LiSEC<br />

With headquarters in Seitenstetten/<br />

Amstetten, Austria, LiSEC is a<br />

worldwide group of companies that<br />

has for more than 60 years provided<br />

individual and comprehensive<br />

solutions in flat glass processing and<br />

refining.<br />


– Claudia GUSCHLBAUER<br />

Email: claudia.guschlbauer@lisec.com<br />

Website: www.lisec.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 89

Company Report<br />

Yinrui’s software and<br />

hardware integrated<br />

system solutions<br />

Intelligent Solutions For Glass Industry To<br />

Aid In Its Development<br />

With over 500 employees, Yinrui has businesses in<br />

more than 60 countries and regions, serving more<br />

than 8,000 customers.<br />

Founded in 2005, Yinrui Intelligent is a software and hardware<br />

integrated system supplier for glass deep processing industrial<br />

machinery automation and intelligent overall solutions.<br />

Based in Huaiyuan, China, Yinrui is committed to providing<br />

intelligent solutions for the glass industry, driving industry<br />

development and revitalising the industry.<br />

Yinrui Intelligent centres on high-speed cutting systems, and<br />

integrates intelligent connection line control technology, sensor<br />

technology, intelligent identification technology, conveyor belt speed<br />

and glass tracking technology to achieve effective connection and<br />

90 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Yinrui• 2<br />

combination of hardware and software for nearby equipment<br />

and production line transmission system.<br />

Its subsidiary Sanda Information Technology Co Ltd is a<br />

technology-based enterprise focusing on the research and<br />

development of enterprise informatisation and intelligent<br />

systems.<br />

It mainly provides overall solutions for smart factories in<br />

the glass processing industry, regulates factory management<br />

through informatisation and digital technology, and uses big<br />

data and smart algorithms to guide enterprise operation,<br />

making the overall management of the enterprise simple and<br />

efficient.<br />

Its current software products cover industrial cloud<br />

platforms, ERP, MES, equipment control software and<br />

underlying data acquisition systems among others, providing<br />

system support for enterprise management in a multidimensional<br />

and comprehensive manner.<br />

At present, Yinrui Intelligent has about 500 employees and<br />

businesses in more than 60 countries and regions, serving more<br />

than 8,000 customers.<br />

Yinrui Intelligence relies on its customers and partners<br />

externally to create value for customers through innovative<br />

products. Internally, it relies on hard-working employees and<br />

strives to give contributors a reasonable return.<br />

Please visit us<br />

Hall No.2 | Stall No.E-57<br />

<strong>September</strong> 14-16, <strong>2023</strong><br />


– Ms. Miffy Liu<br />

Email: miffyliu@yrglass.cn<br />

Website: www.yrglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 91

Company Report<br />

RangKala: Best customised<br />

glass options with 100%<br />

accuracy<br />

Offers Vast Range Of Products Made Using State-<br />

Of-The-Art Precision, European Tech<br />

It prides itself as a glass company where one can witness<br />

an amalgamation of Rang (colour) and Kala (art).<br />

Based in Gujarat’s Surat, Shree<br />

RangKala Glass Design has<br />

carved out a space for itself in<br />

the Indian market as well as abroad.<br />

Its vast range of glass products<br />

manufactured with state-of-the-art<br />

precision and European technology at<br />

its 21,000 square-foot manufacturing<br />

unit has made it competent enough<br />

to cater to the needs of its clientele in<br />

India, the Middle East, the USA, the<br />

UK and Australia.<br />

RangKala also owes its success to<br />

its skilled and experienced workers<br />

and artists who made it possible for<br />

the company to fulfil its commitments<br />

towards its clientele.<br />

“Because we realise what you<br />

conceptualise”<br />

Shree RangKala brings its clients<br />

the best customized glass with 100%<br />

accuracy. The company’s highlights<br />

since 2021 have been<br />

• CNC Cutting Line<br />

• Edge Polishing<br />

• Bevelled Edges<br />

• Bend Glass<br />

• Lamination (PVB, EVA,<br />

Sentry)<br />

• Metal Mesh and Fabric<br />

Laminated<br />

• Bend Lamination<br />

• Digital Printing<br />

• Engraving (V.U.W)<br />

The company takes pride in<br />

manufacturing exemplar glass using<br />

European technology and state-of-theart<br />

methods and materials.<br />

92 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Shree RangKala Glass• 2<br />

Among the most challenging<br />

projects executed by Shree RangKala<br />

is the one of the Dramcity Gate<br />

Skydeck in Surat. The project involved<br />

double bending 11,500 square feet of<br />

glass with lamination for safety as well<br />

as noise and heat resistance.<br />

Among RangKala’s product range is<br />

the metal mesh of high-tech stainless<br />

steel and nickel or copper created for<br />

use in interior or exterior designs with<br />

various colours, coating and density. It<br />

provides 29% to 50% transparency to<br />

open area. This metal mesh provides<br />

safety and security with aesthetic<br />

looks.<br />

It also provides bent glass with<br />

lamination for safety and security<br />

purpose. The company offers V U L S<br />

bend with lamination.<br />

Further, with advanced UV<br />

technologies, Shree RangKala digital<br />

printing options on various materials<br />

such as glass, canvas, paper, metal,<br />

wood and leather etc. It successfully<br />

prints imaginative designs or paintings<br />

as per client requirements.<br />

RangKala also offers V grooving,<br />

a process of engraving on glass or<br />

mirror in any shape or design such as<br />

geometrical, freehand and abstract.<br />

It can execute profiles such as V U W<br />

with various width ranging from 4mm<br />

to 19mm.<br />

RangKala’s journey began in 2002<br />

when Mr Prashant Bhagat, a Fine Arts<br />

student and passionate artist, decided<br />

to start his own glass processing<br />

company named ‘Rangguru’. The<br />

company dealt in design work on<br />

glass, keeping pace with the change<br />

in product material and range in the<br />

architectural and interior designing<br />

sector.<br />

In 2011, Rangguru was renamed<br />

as RangKala. Six years later, in 2017<br />

the proprietary firm was established<br />

as a private limited company -- Shree<br />

RANGKALA Glass Design. It was<br />

established as a glass company where<br />

one can witness an amalgamation of<br />

Rang (colour) and Kala (art).<br />

Email: amit@rangkalaglass.com<br />

Website: www.rangkalaglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 93

Company Report<br />

Bottero’s solutions for all challenges<br />

glass makers face<br />

Brings Wide Range Of Processing Machines, From Cutting Tables To Double<br />

Edgers & CNC<br />

To keep pace, raise productivity and stay competitive, companies must invest in new<br />

equipment, but re-shape the workshop production flow.<br />

The glass industry has undergone<br />

a global transformation in<br />

recent times. Glassworks are<br />

facing a much more variable request<br />

from the market: dimensions and<br />

order size are difficult to predict,<br />

while delivery times are becoming<br />

shorter and shorter.<br />

The new challenge for glass makers<br />

is to keep pace, raise productivity and<br />

stay competitive. This means investing<br />

in new equipment, but mainly reshape<br />

the workshop production flow<br />

following lean principles.<br />

Bottero S.p.A. has solutions ready<br />

to go for all these challenges, based on<br />

three main pillars:<br />

;;<br />

Modular machines and<br />

platform concept.<br />

;;<br />

Integrated systems tailor-made<br />

to customer needs.<br />

;;<br />

Bottero 4.0: a comprehensive<br />

suite for machine learning and<br />

artificial intelligence.<br />

For more than 60 years, Bottero has<br />

been leading the flat glass industry in<br />

float and laminated glass with a wide<br />

range of processing machines, from<br />

cutting tables to double edgers and<br />

CNC machines.<br />

With more than 200 glass<br />

production equipment items and more<br />

than 50,000 processing machines<br />

installed around the world for any<br />

type of glass, Bottero is an unmissable<br />

94 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Bottero• 2<br />

partner for everyone who wants to cut<br />

a piece of glass.<br />

Its product range in cutting (BKM,<br />

BCS and EVO) is the widest and<br />

most in-depth available today in<br />

both stand-alone and dual-line with<br />

a laminated glass cutting table, or<br />

within an integrated line with stock<br />

management systems such as crane<br />

loaders or shuttle systems.<br />

Thanks to their modular design,<br />

Bottero’s customers can choose<br />

several options for their cutting tables,<br />

such as the Easy Deletion system<br />

with baffle grinding wheel, low-E/<br />

TPF removal with peripheral grinding<br />

wheel, PPL labelling printer and CO2<br />

laser marking, just to name a few.<br />

Every Bottero cutting table<br />

gathers more than six decades of<br />

experience and know-how in the<br />

glass sector, ensuring not only perfect<br />

cutting quality and a user-friendly<br />

approach but also remote support and<br />

preventive maintenance tools.<br />

Bottero offers a wide range<br />

of solutions for laminated glass<br />

processing scalable in terms of<br />

modularity and automation level,<br />

suitable to process laminated<br />

glass with PVB (acoustic and/or<br />

refrigerated), EVA and special antihurricane<br />

interlayers.<br />

Its R&D department is continuously<br />

working to innovate its laminated<br />

glass product range to ensure that<br />

the company remains the undisputed<br />

leader in this field.<br />

The company’s most advanced<br />

equipment is the 548LAM, a fully<br />

automated table that can process<br />

different laminated glass types with<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 95

Company Report<br />

reduced cycle time and energy<br />

consumption.<br />

Thanks to a great number of<br />

patents, Bottero’s PVB heating system<br />

focuses energy on the PVB without<br />

heating the glass, thus reducing cycle<br />

time by 30%, saving up to 40% of<br />

energy costs and reducing the number<br />

of glass breakages.<br />

Operator manual intervention is<br />

eliminated thanks to the patented<br />

squaring device for glass positioning<br />

and rotating, as well as by means<br />

of automatic loading and unloading<br />

arms.<br />

With regards to laminated glass<br />

production, Bottero is currently a<br />

market leader in the assembly line<br />

segment with a full range of solutions<br />

ranging from entry-level, with manual<br />

loading and unloading, up to fully<br />

automated with automatic PVB<br />

unwinding and trimming with an<br />

output cycle time of 38s per JS plate<br />

of up to 6,000 x 3,300 mm.<br />

Bottero Flex Lamilines can manage<br />

shaped glass from 200 x 200 mm up<br />

to XJS glass of 12,000 x 3,300 mm<br />

in multiple layers of up to 100 mm<br />

thickness.<br />

Thanks to a great number of<br />

patents and more than 25 years of<br />

experience worldwide, Bottero offers<br />

state-of-the-art nip rolls and furnace<br />

areas for laminated glass production,<br />

suitable for a huge variety of glass<br />

sizes and dimensions.<br />

Modularity and scalability are also<br />

applied to Bottero’s wide range of<br />

horizontal double edgers and vertical<br />

edgers.<br />

While double edgers represent the<br />

best solution when high grinding and<br />

polishing quality is required, vertical<br />

edgers are more flexible and can<br />

be easily integrated with robots for<br />

loading, unloading and glass rotation.<br />

Of course, double edgers ensure<br />

perfect parallelism, squareness and<br />

multiple profile finishing, including<br />

arrises, engraving and polished radius<br />

corners. With Bottero’s new Flex<br />

Edge, customers can really customise<br />

their machines with up to 17 spindles<br />

per side, with an unlimited range of<br />

dimensions up to 12,000 mm opening<br />

width.<br />

Remote service, cloud connection<br />

and preventive maintenance tools are<br />

the basic tool set of Bottero edgers.<br />

Bottero is and has been since 1957,<br />

customer-centric<br />

The company’s Pre-Sales and Sales<br />

Department pay special attention to<br />

understanding customer expectations<br />

and limitations to develop the best<br />

proposal fitting customer needs and<br />

reducing Total Cost of Ownership<br />

(TCO).<br />

Fewer manual operations and<br />

more automation have allowed many<br />

of its customers around the world to<br />

improve their competitiveness and<br />

market leadership.<br />

– Marco Bellino<br />

Email: marco.bellino@bottero.com<br />

Website: www.bottero.com<br />

96 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />

Kunal Enterprise & Cugher<br />

to bring latest products to<br />

glasspro INDIA<br />

India’s Premier Event For Glass Products & Tech<br />

Coming To Mumbai On Sep 14-16<br />

Cugher provides machine solutions for automotive glass,<br />

architectural glass, home appliances and solar glass<br />

modules. Its products are brought to the Indian market by<br />

Kunal Enterprise.<br />

Kunal Enterprise, a leading<br />

solution provider in industrial<br />

printing, specifically in the<br />

screen printing genre in India since<br />

2001, is coming to glasspro INDIA<br />

<strong>2023</strong> this <strong>September</strong>.<br />

Kunal Enterprise serves customers<br />

all over India with best-in-class<br />

products and technology from all<br />

across the globe. It is a renowned<br />

brand for providing the world’s best<br />

automatic (cylinder/flatbed/roll-toroll)<br />

and semi-automatic screen<br />

printing machines, industrial dryers,<br />

pre-press equipment, screen printing<br />

inks and accessories for segments<br />

such as automotive, textile & ceramic<br />

transfers, membrane switches,<br />

value addition packaging & point of<br />

purchase jobs, plastic cards & security<br />

printing, flexible electronics and solar<br />

& fuel cells.<br />

The company has experienced<br />

professionals for after-sales<br />

service and managers for business<br />

development and marketing. The<br />

mission at Kunal Enterprise is to<br />

purvey state-of-the-art technology to<br />

the Indian printing industry.<br />

Kunal Enterprise and Cugher share<br />

the goal to serve the Indian market<br />

with the most performing solutions for<br />

screen printing on float glass.<br />

Being the pioneers of float glass<br />

printing, Cugher provides the best<br />

solutions for automotive glass like<br />

windshield and backlight, home<br />

appliances like electrical stove and<br />

front panel of microwave oven glass,<br />

architectural glass like shower cubicle,<br />

decorative glass and cooling glass;<br />

and in solar glass printing for Bifacial<br />

panels. With its handling, printing,<br />

drying and vision system in place,<br />

Cugher gives the best-desired results<br />

in glass printing.<br />

Through its continuous innovation<br />

in the development of automated<br />

machines, Cugher has perfected over<br />

the years the technique of screen<br />

printing on float glass.<br />

Cugher is evolving its practices to<br />

contribute towards limiting its impact<br />

on the environment for a greener<br />

future. The company is aware that the<br />

production of machinery such as silk<br />

screen-printing machines, dryers and<br />

handling for float glass has impacts on<br />

the environment.<br />

Kunal at Glasspro INDIA Show<br />

<strong>2023</strong>: Stand 2D75<br />

– Uday Chitre<br />

Email: uday@kunalenalenterprise.com<br />

Website: www.kunalenterprise.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 97

Technical Article<br />

Internal glass engraving: visible laser radiation in the<br />

green wavelength range<br />

cericom – Leading<br />

expert in glass laser<br />

processing technology<br />

Offers Solutions For All Glass Processing Needs,<br />

Ensures Optimal Performance<br />

cericom machines are equipped with the latest in laser<br />

technology which allows users to decorate and drill glass<br />

easily and precisely.<br />

cericom Laser, a renowned<br />

name in the field of glass laser<br />

processing, proudly presents<br />

its cutting-edge solutions. With<br />

a firm commitment to delivering<br />

high-performance technology, the<br />

company has established itself in the<br />

industry. Its expertise and dedication<br />

to precision engineering have<br />

made cericom the go-to choice for<br />

businesses worldwide.<br />

When it comes to processing glass,<br />

cericom’s specialised laser processing<br />

machines are the perfect partner.<br />

98 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

cericom GmbH• 2<br />

They offer the ideal solutions for all<br />

glass processing needs, ensuring not<br />

just optimal performance, but also a<br />

valuable investment for your business.<br />

As the demand for glass processing<br />

continues to rise, cericom Laser<br />

offers a comprehensive range<br />

of solutions tailored to meet the<br />

unique needs of various industries.<br />

Whether you want to frost the<br />

surface of the glass, structure it<br />

three-dimensionally on the inside,<br />

or drill into complex shapes without<br />

touching it, with cericom’s glass laser<br />

processing solutions, you can realize<br />

sophisticated projects in architecture<br />

and design and offer customers<br />

something new and revolutionary.<br />

cericom machines are equipped<br />

with the latest laser technology and<br />

allow users to decorate and drill glass<br />

easily and precisely.<br />

cericom Laser has been<br />

consistently developing its technology<br />

for years, combining glass and light<br />

in unimagined ways and offering its<br />

customers unparalleled performance<br />

and reliability. The Germany-based<br />

company offers a range of machine<br />

models to choose from to ensure<br />

customers get the equipment that best<br />

fits their needs and budget.<br />

c-vertica, the space saver<br />

Wherever horizontal alignment of<br />

the glass is not required, this system<br />

provides a powerful laser machine for<br />

glass processing.<br />

c-mark | Marking Module<br />

The c-mark module can be used<br />

wherever high-quality markings are<br />

required or copyright is an issue.<br />

c-cut 300/300 | Laser Glass Drilling /<br />

Milling Machine<br />

This machine is designed for laser<br />

cutting, drilling and milling of<br />

optically transparent brittle materials,<br />

primarily for laser processing of glass.<br />

With cericom’s commitment to<br />

global delivery, businesses around the<br />

world can benefit from its specialized<br />

laser processing machines. Be it in<br />

Europe, North America, Asia, or any<br />

other corner of the globe, cericom<br />

ensures that its state-of-the-art<br />

Drilling, cutting and 3-dimensional structuring of glass surfaces.<br />

solutions are always accessible.<br />

About the company<br />

Since 2002, cericom (formerly known<br />

as cerion) has been developing,<br />

manufacturing, and distributing<br />

laser machines for glass processing<br />

worldwide.<br />

Email: info@cericom.de<br />

Website: www.cericom.de<br />

c-cut 300/300: The machine’s compact design allows<br />

for easy integration even in tight spaces.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 99

Technical Article<br />

Flexible spacers by Edgetech<br />

Europe GmbH<br />

More Efficiency In Manufacture Of Insulating Glass<br />

Super Spacer ® can be applied in various widths via a double-head applicator<br />

without interruption.<br />

The Warm Edge insulating glass<br />

is a technically mature product<br />

for a highly competitive market<br />

that is characterised by low margins, a<br />

shortage of skilled workers and cheap<br />

imports, and also currently by supply<br />

bottlenecks and rising material costs.<br />

Christoph Rubel, European<br />

Technical Manager at Heinsberg’s<br />

Edgetech Europe GmbH, explains<br />

which levers the processor and<br />

manufacturer of insulating glass has<br />

got in order to increase efficiency<br />

and product quality in this volatile<br />

environment, using the Super Spacer ®<br />

flexible insulating glass spacer system<br />

as an example.<br />

The Scandinavian countries<br />

pioneered triple glazing and the<br />

rest of Europe has followed suit. In<br />

Switzerland and Austria, high-quality<br />

energy-saving windows have now<br />

more or less become the norm and<br />

in Germany, according to current<br />

information provided by the industry<br />

associations, around three quarters of<br />

window units in new residential and<br />

non-residential buildings are designed<br />

with triple glazing.<br />

There is a similar proportion<br />

of thermally optimised spacers.<br />

They prevent the formation of<br />

thermal shortcuts at the edges of<br />

the insulating glass through which<br />

valuable energy is lost.<br />

Anyone who decides in favour of<br />

a warm edge with a passive house<br />

certificate - whether as a processor,<br />

architect, builder or building owner<br />

- is opting for a mature, future-proof<br />

product, and to a large extent no<br />

longer has to compare the PSI values<br />

at the third digit after the decimal<br />

point.<br />

All these products make a<br />

significant contribution towards low<br />

U-values and thus lower heating<br />

and cooling costs as well as an<br />

improved indoor climate. In addition,<br />

condensation and mould formation<br />

at the edge of the glass virtually no<br />

longer occur.<br />

Lever 1: The structure of the edge<br />

seal<br />

The expression, “the whole is more<br />

than the sum of its parts” also applies<br />

100 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Edgetech Europe GmbH• 2<br />

to the edge seal. The spacer and its<br />

desiccant capacity, in combination<br />

with primary seal and secondary<br />

sealant, are an essential element<br />

in ensuring the water vapour and<br />

gas impermeability and energy<br />

performance of the insulating glass<br />

unit throughout its entire product life,<br />

which is widely believed to be at least<br />

25 years.<br />

The various spacer technologies<br />

on the market can be roughly broken<br />

down into two categories, which,<br />

entail considerable differences where<br />

the manufacture of the insulating<br />

glass is concerned: rigid hollow<br />

Mr. Christoph Rubel,<br />

Technical Manager,<br />

Edgetech Europe GmbH<br />

profiles that are filled with desiccant<br />

and assembled to form spacer frames,<br />

as well as flexible systems that already<br />

contain a desiccant.<br />

Flexible thermoplastic spacers<br />

made of Polyisobutylene are extruded<br />

from a barrel onto the glass pane<br />

while still hot; spacers made of<br />

silicone structural foam come<br />

prefabricated from the roll and are<br />

also applied automatically along<br />

the edge of the glass. Therefore,<br />

when using flexible spacers, the<br />

production steps of cutting, bending<br />

and assembling as well as desiccant<br />

filling and separate butyl application<br />

outside the insulating glass line are<br />

eliminated.<br />

Spacers must be resistant to wind<br />

and climate loads, UV radiation,<br />

temperature as well as mechanical<br />

stress and form a permanent bond<br />

with the respective sealants such<br />

as Polyurethanes, hot-melt butyl or<br />

silicone. Gas must not be allowed to<br />

escape from the interior, nor must<br />

moisture be allowed to penetrate<br />

through the edge seal to the inside of<br />

the insulating glass, and last but not<br />

least, the edge seal is also responsible<br />

for ensuring the structural integrity of<br />

glass constructions in the facade.<br />

Super Spacer ® structural silicone<br />

foam design makes the edge seal<br />

flexible, cushions the pressure on it<br />

so to speak and the risk of breakage<br />

for the glass is significantly reduced.<br />

Less stress in the edge seal results<br />

in an improved seal tightness and<br />

durability of the glass units. The full<br />

or partial offsetting of the loads acting<br />

on the edge seal is an advantage<br />

that especially desiccant integrated<br />

pre-formed flexible spacers, such as<br />

Edgetech Super Spacer ® TriSeal TM<br />

can claim to possess by comparison<br />

with rigid spacers.<br />

The manufacturer proves the<br />

material properties by means of<br />

corresponding tests. We at Edgetech/<br />

Quanex have, for instance, tested<br />

the shear load capacity. An insulating<br />

glass unit measuring about 6 x 3<br />

metres wide and 6 mm each thick,<br />

was only bonded by means of the<br />

integrated primary, high-strength<br />

acrylic adhesive. The unit was lifted<br />

on one supported glass lite using<br />

vacuum cups and the spacer did<br />

not give a single millimetre during<br />

the 30 minutes test phase. The<br />

test demonstrates: The additional<br />

adhesive layer reduces the stress<br />

on the primary PIB seal, which<br />

thus functions exclusively as a<br />

water vapour and gas barrier to the<br />

secondary seal.<br />

In the so-called Dade Country<br />

Hurricane Test (an US based test),<br />

the units withstood wind speeds<br />

of 350 km/h where a positive wind<br />

pressure was present and of almost<br />

400 km/h where a suction effect was<br />

evident. The test did not end in a unit<br />

failure, but was stopped as the test<br />

stand was not able to produce higher<br />

wind loads.<br />

Lever 2: Variability and flexibility<br />

A mix of series production and<br />

customised production as well as<br />

automation and manual activities,<br />

for instance for the handling and<br />

assembly of panes and spacers,<br />

characterises the situation in many<br />

European insulating glass companies.<br />

The trend towards large panoramic<br />

window panes as well as free-form and<br />

curved glazing further increases the<br />

complexity of the variant production<br />

that is typical for the industry. This<br />

traditionally meant that a large<br />

number of different spacer systems<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 101

Technical Article<br />

had to be kept in stock: ranging from<br />

inexpensive stainless-steel profiles to<br />

rigid hollow plastic profiles on one side<br />

and flexible spacers on the other side,<br />

which reveal their benefits especially<br />

in the field of automated production.<br />

Edgetech/Quanex has always<br />

embraced a philosophy of “one for<br />

all”. Super Spacer ® flexible foam<br />

spacers are suitable for manual<br />

application in custom-made products,<br />

automatic processing in the edge seal<br />

of classic windows with and without<br />

internal or externally applied muntinand<br />

glazing bars, insulating glass<br />

units in structural glazing facades and<br />

also for hot and cold formed curved<br />

insulating glass sections.<br />

Furthermore, the structural foam is<br />

compatible with all common sealants<br />

such as hot melt butyl, Polyurethanes,<br />

silicone and polysulphide. Last,<br />

but not least, insulating glass<br />

units with Super Spacer ® can be<br />

handled, packed and stored outdoors<br />

immediately after they have been<br />

processed, as the integrated desiccant<br />

dries down the interpane cavities very<br />

rapidly.<br />

The additional price for Super<br />

Spacer ® is just a few cents per<br />

running metre. Therefore, Edgetech<br />

recommends that any investment<br />

decision should take account of the<br />

considerable potential for savings<br />

elsewhere. Differences in energy<br />

consumption levels brought about by<br />

the various spacer technologies are<br />

also becoming increasingly important<br />

at a time of rising energy prices.<br />

Lever 3: Automation<br />

Since the era of Henry Ford, the idea<br />

of “economies of scale” has become<br />

second nature for the company. It<br />

reduces unit costs through greater<br />

output. According to this maxim,<br />

automation to increase efficiency is<br />

only worthwhile for larger production<br />

volumes.<br />

However, digitisation is now making<br />

precisely the opposite possible for the<br />

production of insulating glass: The<br />

company makes use of economies<br />

of scope. Costs are reduced by<br />

optimising the production landscape,<br />

processes and infrastructure so that it<br />

can use them to manufacture related<br />

products all the way down to a batch<br />

size of 1.<br />

Producing more quickly, more<br />

efficiently and in a more customised<br />

manner is also becoming a decisive<br />

competitive advantage for SMEs. In<br />

the best case, the insulating glass line<br />

does not care whether a rectangular<br />

pane is followed by a trapezoidal<br />

one, or a triple insulating glass unit<br />

follows a double insulating glass<br />

unit, the ERP system provides all the<br />

necessary information and takes care<br />

of the digital organisation of the order<br />

processing, work preparation, material<br />

provision, handling and logistics. This<br />

variety is theoretically unlimited and<br />

forces us to reduce complexity as far<br />

as possible.<br />

Broken down in terms of the topic<br />

of spacers, flexible spacers also offer<br />

the greatest potential here. Fewer<br />

machines and the elimination of<br />

space-consuming magazines for<br />

the provision of the different sixmeter-long<br />

spacer profiles and the<br />

elimination of handling steps reduce<br />

the need for machinery, space<br />

requirements, storage requirements<br />

and personnel requirements<br />

compared to the processing of rigid<br />

spacers.<br />

Flexible spacers are applied directly<br />

in the insulating glass line. Super<br />

Spacer ® can be applied in various<br />

widths via a double-head applicator<br />

without interruption and, above all,<br />

down to the last millimetre and with<br />

no hand touching the glass between<br />

the start section of the washing<br />

machine and the pick off section<br />

behind the sealing robot. Due to<br />

the fact they are already factoryequipped<br />

with desiccant, barrier film<br />

and structural acrylic adhesive, they<br />

support automated processes and<br />

ensure high levels of manufacturing<br />

precision and quality, especially for<br />

large-format triple-glazed insulating<br />

glass units.<br />

About the company<br />

Edgetech Europe GmbH, located<br />

in Heinsberg, Germany, is a fully<br />

owned subsidiary of Quanex Building<br />

Products Corporation, a global,<br />

publicly traded manufacturing<br />

company primarily serving OEMs<br />

in the fenestration, cabinetry, solar,<br />

refrigeration and outdoor products<br />

markets.<br />

Charlotte Hawkes<br />

Email: info@edgetech-europe.com<br />

Website: www.superspacer.com<br />

102 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Event<br />

Edgetech to participate<br />

in glasspro INDIA <strong>2023</strong><br />

Will Be Showcasing Its Entire Super Spacer ®<br />

Family<br />

India’s premier exhibition on glass products and<br />

technology, glasspro India, will be held in Mumbai from<br />

Sep 14-16.<br />

Under the motto “A spacer<br />

for all solutions”, Edgetech<br />

will present its entire Super<br />

Spacer ® family from <strong>September</strong> 14th<br />

to <strong>September</strong> 16th <strong>2023</strong> in Mumbai.<br />

In 1989, Edgetech was the first<br />

manufacturer worldwide to introduce<br />

flexible, foam-based warm edge spacer<br />

systems, according to Joachim Stoss,<br />

Vice President of International Sales.<br />

“Since then, we have seen an<br />

incredible amount of innovation in<br />

window and facade technology. Today,<br />

our Super Spacer ® can show its full<br />

potential in many domains.<br />

“Whether it is in the areas of<br />

energy efficiency, room comfort,<br />

automated insulating glass production,<br />

or the aesthetics of the edge seal,”<br />

Stoss added.<br />

In addition to the tried-and-tested<br />

Super Spacer ® variants for robotassisted<br />

and manual application, the<br />

structure of Super Spacer ® T-Spacer<br />

SG was specially developed to meet<br />

the requirements of the structural<br />

glazing and XXL glazing market.<br />

Parallelism and low tolerances<br />

of the spacers in large multi-pane<br />

insulating glass units have become<br />

even more precise and the overall<br />

system ever so robust.<br />

In addition, Edgetech will show a<br />

selection of new colour variants and<br />

samples in ruby and green. They<br />

complement the standard colours of<br />

light grey, grey, white and black and<br />

demonstrate the company’s versatility.<br />

However, the key argument for a<br />

flexible warm edge spacer remains its<br />

Psi value of up to 0.028* W/mK. This<br />

makes Super Spacer ® one of the best<br />

energy-efficient spacers on the market<br />

and makes a significant contribution<br />

to the thermal optimisation of<br />

insulating glass and thus to the<br />

reduction of the CO2 footprint.<br />

About the company<br />

Edgetech Europe GmbH, located<br />

in Heinsberg, Germany, is a fully<br />

owned subsidiary of Quanex Building<br />

Products Corporation, a global,<br />

publicly traded manufacturing<br />

company primarily serving OEMs<br />

in the fenestration, cabinetry, solar,<br />

refrigeration and outdoor products<br />

markets.<br />

-----------------------------------------------------<br />

Edgetech at Glasspro INDIA Show<br />

<strong>2023</strong>: Stand 2D57<br />

-----------------------------------------------------<br />

Charlotte Hawkes<br />

Email: info@edgetech-europe.com<br />

Website: www.superspacer.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 105

Product Hunt<br />

Profin range of aluminium<br />

profiles by Häfele<br />

A Combination Of Advanced Technology And<br />

Meticulous Precision<br />

Profin range comes in four different categories – Gola<br />

Profiles, Stack Modular Shelving, Rail Door Profiles and<br />

Strike Shelving System.<br />

Häfele presents Profin – a<br />

comprehensive range of<br />

state-of-the-art aluminium<br />

profiles that consists of four different<br />

categories – Gola Profiles, Stack<br />

Modular Shelving, Rail Door Profiles<br />

and Strike Shelving Systems.<br />

These categories exploit an<br />

individual’s sense of sophistication by<br />

proposing exciting design potentials<br />

and flawless integration.<br />

The Profin range of aluminium<br />

profiles and their accessories,<br />

across categories, are available in<br />

five contemporary finishes – silver,<br />

graphite, gold, rose gold and dark<br />

bronze.<br />

Whether one opts for a dark<br />

kitchen or follows the recent trend of<br />

adapting metallic hues, the versatile<br />

range of profiles blends in perfectly<br />

with all colour schemes. When<br />

used in contrast, they stand out like<br />

jewelled embellishments that radiate<br />

across the kitchen.<br />

These profiles are manufactured<br />

106 Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong>

Hafele India• 2<br />

using advanced technology with a<br />

meticulous precision that augments<br />

user-friendliness and ensures utmost<br />

ease of installation.<br />

Stack Modular Shelving – for<br />

decorative open shelving system<br />

A new design concept of open shelving<br />

or cabinet systems is emerging. More<br />

and more enclosed storage areas in<br />

the kitchen seem to be fading into this<br />

new design concept.<br />

The open spaces are increasingly<br />

being used as platforms to showcase<br />

kitchenware, curated statement<br />

pieces of art or accessories.<br />

Häfele’s Profin range of stack<br />

modular shelving profiles shapes<br />

the entire furniture aesthetics while<br />

silently delivering strength, stability<br />

and function to the units. These<br />

profiles and their accessories enable<br />

the construction of open shelves with<br />

glass or wood and emanate elegance<br />

with their sleek and faultless build<br />

and finish.<br />

Strike Shelving System – for<br />

decorative shelves<br />

What’s on the inside is as important<br />

as what lies on the outside. Häfele’s<br />

Profin Range of strike aluminium<br />

profiles for shelves inside cabinets and<br />

tall units. These profiles are a brilliant<br />

way to complete the look of interiors<br />

and add ambience, functionality and<br />

style to furniture.<br />

The front profile, designed with<br />

modularity in concept, includes a<br />

groove to include LED strip lights<br />

which help illuminate the insides<br />

of the cabinet with indicative and<br />

directional lighting. These lights can<br />

be combined with drivers and sensors<br />

so that every time the shutter opens,<br />

the light inside switches on.<br />

Email: customercare@hafeleindia.com<br />

Website: www.hafeleindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>July</strong> - <strong>September</strong>, <strong>2023</strong> 107


29<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

NOV NOV<br />

DEC DEC<br />

01<strong>2023</strong><br />

01<strong>2023</strong><br />

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre<br />

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre<br />

Bangkok, Thailand<br />

Bangkok, Thailand<br />

Fenestration Asia and Glasstech Asia, the highly anticipated façade and glass events in Asia,<br />

Fenestration Asia and Glasstech Asia, the highly anticipated façade and glass events in Asia,<br />

will be held for their sixth and nineteenth editions respectively. Taking place at the IMPACT<br />

will be held for their sixth and nineteenth editions respectively. Taking place at the IMPACT<br />

Exhibition and Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand from November 29th to December<br />

Exhibition and Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand from November 29th to December<br />

1st, <strong>2023</strong>, these events focus on various aspects of glass materials, manufacturing<br />

1st, <strong>2023</strong>, these events focus on various aspects of glass materials, manufacturing<br />

processes, supplies for glass machinery as well as construction and façade industries. Both<br />

processes, supplies for glass machinery as well as construction and façade industries. Both<br />

Fenestration Asia and Glasstech Asia offer comprehensive platform for professionals in<br />

Fenestration Asia and Glasstech Asia offer a comprehensive platform for professionals in<br />

these industries to gain valuable insights into trends while exploring countless business<br />

these industries to gain valuable insights into trends while exploring countless business<br />

opportunities. These trade fairs have proven track record of facilitating new partnerships<br />

opportunities. These trade fairs have a proven track record of facilitating new partnerships<br />

between key players in the industry as well as emerging talents. Annually attended by<br />

between key players in the industry as well as emerging talents. Annually attended by<br />

leading<br />

leading<br />

companies<br />

companies<br />

across<br />

across<br />

the<br />

the<br />

region,<br />

region, Fenestration<br />

Fenestration<br />

Asia<br />

Asia<br />

and<br />

and<br />

Glasstech<br />

Glasstech<br />

exhibitions<br />

exhibitions<br />

serve<br />

serve<br />

as<br />

as<br />

an<br />

an<br />

essential<br />

essential<br />

destination<br />

destination<br />

for<br />

for<br />

networking<br />

networking within<br />

within<br />

this<br />

this<br />

sector.<br />

sector.<br />

Why Thailand?<br />

Expand Govt Tech<br />

Projects<br />

US$26.2B<br />

projected<br />

AAGR of >3% over next<br />

3 years<br />

US$37B used to to<br />

support smart city<br />

over 10 years in in<br />

Chonburi City<br />

69M Population<br />

Heart of of SEA<br />

High High fenestration<br />

demand<br />






November 6-7, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Toronto Canada<br />

Exhibitor registration<br />




www.glasstechcanada.ca<br />

info@glasstechmexico.com<br />


Releasing soon.....<br />

PLUS 2D Glass optimization<br />

software version 12.xx.<br />

With a new features and improvements:<br />

Support for 2D Bar Code (QR Code) in Labels.<br />

Racking for Insulated Glass manufacturers.<br />

Improvement in optimization algorithms.<br />

Better Minimum Breakout Distance (MBD) management.<br />

Ask for 15 day no-questions-asked free trial.<br />

High yield layouts - Save Material<br />

Bar Coded Label to<br />

help track production<br />

NC for CNC Cutting Table<br />

Links to many CNC cutting tables<br />

- no need for 2 licenses<br />

Call or whatsapp:<br />

Mr. Bala Panchanathan: +91 9821327675 / Mr. Akash Jagtap: + 91 9222317496<br />

Meet us at: Glasspro <strong>2023</strong><br />

Date: 14th - 16th Sep <strong>2023</strong><br />

Stall - D93<br />

Bombay Exhibhition Center,<br />

Goregaon (E), Mumbai, India<br />

Look-out for exhibhition offers.....<br />

Nirvana Technologies Pvt Ltd.<br />

804, Sai Indu Tower, Sai Radha Complex, LBS Marg,<br />

Bhandup (W), Mumbai 400078, INDIA<br />

•Mob:+91 9222317496 Tel:+91 22 35120866<br />

E-Mail:info@nirvanatec.com•Web:www.nirvanatec.com<br />


15<br />


glass technology<br />

Added Value Storage<br />

Broad Product Range<br />

Customer-Specific<br />

Greater Flexibility and<br />

Extended Product Range<br />

Increase your flexibility and extend the product range in your glass storage with<br />

Rapidstore. Glass and packages find their optimal place in the movable rack frames.<br />

Benefit from direct access to additional types of products in your gantry or floor<br />

loading system for customer-specific products with faster availability.<br />

• Optimal for custom-tailored extension of your glass storage<br />

• One or more cutting lines have direct access to more types of products<br />

• Ideal for flat halls without craneways<br />

HEGLA • Industriestr. 21 • Beverungen, Germany • info@hegla.de<br />

HEGLA Trading & Service GmbH • Chennai 600034, India • naresh.kumar@hegla.in

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