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Your got to magazine for all things pageants


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Interview with

Miss Petite Global

UK 24

Interview with

Miss Teen Nigeria


Interview with


Europe Curve

The History of

Beauty Queens &

Reality TV

Breast Cancer

Awareness Month


Photo credit: @carlosvelezstudios

Hair & makeup: @alileeglam

October 2023 - Issue 34

Inside cover: Dr USA 2023

Photographer: Rick Martinez



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09 The History of Beauty

Queens & Reality TV

15 Breast Cancer

Awareness Month


31 My Rainbow Journey

to Beauty Pageants




Interview with

Diamond Europe

Curve 2023

Interview with Miss

Teen Nigeria UK 2023

Interview with Miss

Petite Global UK 24

45 Meet the Cover Star


Welcome back to Crowns

and Sashes Magazine

here’s my monthly recap !



Welcome to the October Issue of Crowns & Sashes as you can see we have gone pink again for Breast Cancer

Awareness Month! This month has been a busy one for me from attending a pageant to volunteering to

judging Dr World & Dr World USA ! I also launched my joint EDCs Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and an

incredible 48 of you took the pledge so thank you so much ! I’ve also signed up to continue to be a Micro

Volunteer for the RSPCA.

Charlotte Lister


Ms Eco Pageants UK

1st Runner Up

Crowns and




with the


Hi everyone, who can believe we are getting plans together for Christmas already!

I have been lucky enough to judge a couple of online pageants this month which is super exciting and

thinking starting to think about what’s next for me.

Congratulations to all the newly crowned queens last month

Lots of love

Tash xxx

Natasha Streatfield

Hostess with the Mostess

Ms Royal Suffolk

Crowns and





Hey guys ! I had the best time in pageant land at the Miss Yorkshire Finals congratulations to all the new

queens you were all amazing ! -Taylor xo

Taylor Robshaw

Quiz Master

Miss Elite UK


Crowns and






Hi everyone, and welcome to our October Edition Issue 34.

I would like to take this opportunity as always to thank you all for your continued support.

It's been a busy month. It was so lovely to see so many of you at Miss Great Britain finals. Huge

congratulations to the newly crowned Queens. I am looking forward to following their journeys.

I would love you all to get in to touch if you would like

to share any of your charity events or appearances on

my platform page Queens of Awareness.



Have an amazing month and remember 'Together we

make a difference'

Faith -Louise Gould

Social Media Queen

Miss Teen

Pageant Queen UK


Love Faith-Louise x

Photo Credit - Brian Hayes

Crowns and




Dr. Patricia Celan

Dr. Patricia Celan represented her passion for her career in psychiatry when she competed as Dr. World Canada in last

weekend's prestigious Dr. World pageant. The pageant's 3 pillars are community service, education, and mentorship.

During the pageant finale, Patricia was named the Community Leader of the Year for her longstanding history of

extensive community service. One of her most notable contributions was shaving her head for a cancer charity fundraiser

in 2013, in honour of her uncle who died of cancer. She fundraised $10,000 and made international headlines for

shaving her head on stage immediately after she won a pageant title. A week later she began her first of many summers

of volunteering at Camp Goodtimes, a camp for children with cancer. She has also been involved in multiple other

fundraisers for various mental health & abuse recovery charities, with many of her fundraisers including a component of

musical performance to highlight her love of singing.

Patricia has volunteered her time for several other causes, such as mental health crisis lines, fostering cats, and

contributing to animal rescue. As a member of the Avalon Centre Board of Directors, in 2022 she was part of obtaining a

grant of $2.8 million per year for 5 years to expand free trauma therapy for assault survivors in the province of Nova Scotia.

Patricia also founded IsThatAbuse.com, a website dedicated to educating abuse victims about the various types of

abuse and resources to escape and heal.

Other than Community Leader of the Year, Patricia also won Best in Eveningwear, Most Photogenic, and placed 2nd

runner-up to the Dr. World title.

Photo credit: @carlosvelezstudios

Hair & makeup: @alileeglam

The History of Beauty

Queens & Reality TV

So by now we have all seen that Miss Universe GB 2022

Noky Simbani has entered the Big Brother house which

has come back but this time on ITV so I thought I would

take a look back at some other beauty queens have also

graced our screens on reality TV shows over the years.

With the help of Sally-Ann Fawcett out very own pageant


Noky isn’t the first major title holder to enter the Big

Brother House back in 2006 Imogen Thomas who was

crowned Miss Wales in 2003 and then went on to

represent Wales at Miss World in China competed in Big

Brother when it was still on Channel 5.

Noky Simbani Miss Universe

GB 2022 pictured with Sally-

Ann Fawcett and April

Banbury the first Ms GB

Sticking with Big Brother next we

have Danielle Lloyd who was Miss

England 2004 and Miss Great

Britain 2006 (but was later stripped

of her Miss Great Britain title) she

entered the Celebrity Big Brother

house in 2007 and has since

appeared on a number of TV

shows. (Pictured left)

C R O W N S & S A S H E S M A G A Z I N E

The History of Beauty

Queens & Reality TV

In 2008 Jade Eden joined Big Brother Celebrity Hijack she

has previously won Miss Essex 2006, Miss Winchester

2007 and was Miss England Runner up as well as

competing in Miss Global City where she won the

European section and was also awarded with Miss

Sunshine Beauty 2007.

In 2012 Deana Uppal was the winner of Miss India UK

2012 and she was also one of the housemates in the Big

Brother Season 13. (Pictured below in her Miss India U.K.

Crown and on the Big Brother Stage)

Jade Eden Pictured Above

After Winning The Miss

Winchester Title

In 2014 Ashleigh Coyle was also on

Big Brother and in 2017 she was

selected to represent Ireland in the

“Face of the Universe” competition

which that year was held in Ghana.

In 2009 Imogen’s 3rd Runner Up at

Miss Wales in 2003, Rachel Rice

also entered the Big Brother House

for Season 9 and won the season.

C R O W N S & S A S H E S M A G A Z I N E

The History of Beauty

Queens & Reality TV

Now Noky isn’t the first Miss Universe GB to appear on

our screens, Amy Willerton who was Miss Universe GB

2013 appeared on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

flying to Australia just 24 hours after competing in

Moscow at the Miss Universe 2013 final where she placed

top 10 and finished in fifth place in the jungle both which

were incredible achievements. (Amy pictured below with

Sally-Ann Fawcett)

Back in 2015 April Jackson, who was crowned Miss

Jamaica back in 2008 appeared on The Apprentice but she

wasn’t the only one in 2016 Frances Bishop competed in

Miss Great Britain 2013 as Miss Flyde Coast also

competed on the show.

Amy Willerton pictured left in

her official photo for I’m a

Celebrity and pictured right

on the Miss Universe Stage

Next up we Denise Wilkie who

competed in beauty pageants

appeared on Glow in 2016 which

was based in Glasgow, over 3000

people applied to be part of the


C R O W N S & S A S H E S M A G A Z I N E

The History of Beauty

Queens & Reality TV

Zara Holland appeared on the second series back in 2016

when she still held the title of Miss Great Britain but while

she was still filming she was de-crowned. In the same

series was Sophie Gradon who was a previous Miss

Newcastle and was Miss Great Britain 2009 was also cast,

tragically Sophie passed away in 2018. Since Zara

competed we have also had Kendall Rae-Knight who

joined Love Island in 2018 she was crowned Miss

Blackpool 2013, Miss North West and was also a Miss

England finalist in 2015. Molly-Mae Hague then joined the

Love Island cast back in 2019 for season 5, she won the

World Teen Supermodel U.K. crown back in 2016 the

same year Jazmine Nichol joined her and she was Molly-

Mae’s first runner up in the same pageant.

Love Island has a huge history of casting

pageant queens so here’s a few of them.

Ekin-Su Pictured Above

Then we had Sharon Gaffka enter

the villa for season 7 she won her

first U.K. title with Crown & Glory

European Pageants in 2014 and

then went on to win Miss

International U.K. 2018. Sharon has

actually gone back to pageantry

competing in Miss Universe GB.

Rebecca Gormley who entered the

villa in 2020 was a previous Miss

Newcastle winner. The Love Island

Winner 2022 Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

actually represented Ireland on the

international stage at the Miss Asia

Pacific World pageant when she

was just 18 back in 2011.

C R O W N S & S A S H E S M A G A Z I N E

The History of Beauty

Queens & Reality TV

Gemma Garrett, a former Miss Great Britain appeared on

Beauty Queen And Single which aired on BBC One NI in

2017. There were also editions of the series on BBC

Scotland and BBC Wales as well as internationally.

In 2017 Zahida Allen joined Ex on the Beach Season 6

after appearing in Geordie Shore, she had previously

competed in the UK Power Pageant which then crowned

in Miss International UK, Miss Grand England, Wales and

Scotland as well as World Super Model UK. She also

competed in Miss Earth England back in 2012.

Shelby pictured above just after

being crowned by Ashley Powell

Miss GB 2013

In 2018 Shelby Tribble who was

crowned Miss Great Britain 2014

joined the cast of The Only Way Is

Essex she left the show in 2019

but she graced our screens again in

2021 on the MTV show Celebrity

Bumps: Famous and Pregnant. But

Shelby isn’t the only pageant queen

to be featured on The Only Way is

Essex as Ferne McCann actually

competed in Miss England and

placed in the top 15.

C R O W N S & S A S H E S M A G A Z I N E

The History of Beauty

Queens & Reality TV

In 2019 joined Leilani Dowding who was the UK

representative at Miss Universe 1998 joined the Real

Housewives of Cheshire cast. But she wasn’t the only one

with a pageant past Deborah Davis was crowned Miss

Stockport in 1985 and Christine McGuinness who won the

Chester Model Girl competition in 2005, crowned Miss

Commonwealth in 2007 and won the Miss Liverpool title

in 2007 also made guest appearances on the show. Finally

we have Tanya Robinson who was crowned Miss

Blackpool 2012.

We have also had a couple of beauty queens grace our

screens on Married at First Sight. In 2021 we had Marilyse

Corrigan a Beauty of England winner and in 2022 we had

April Banbury who was the first ever Ms Great Britain.

April Banbury the Queen of Reality TV

adter appearing on 3 Reality TV shows

pictured above with Sally-Ann Fawcett

But this wasn’t April’s first reality

TV show she was on The Bachelor

in 2011 and then after being

crowned the first Ms Great Britain

she also appeared on The Cabins

alongside Sofia Mayers who was

Miss Diamond U.K. & Miss

Regency International and then

went on to crowned Miss Grand

U.K. 2023.

It’s safe to say that reality TV does

love us pageant girls ! Who’s been

your favourite to grace our screens

so far? And do you know of any

others that have appeared on the

small screen? If so let us know

B Y C H A R L O T T E L I S T E R &

S A L L Y - A N N F A W C E T T

Breast Cancer Awareness


This October, we have asked our readers

to wear pink & sign the EDCs Pledge in

aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness


The pledge

I want the UK Government to require

manufacturers and businesses to remove

known EDCs from products to safeguard

public health and the environment, and

to support breast cancer prevention.


So, what are EDCs, and why should we be


Exposure to EDCs can increase our vulnerability to

breast cancer. Endocrine disrupting chemicals

(EDC’s) are chemicals that interfere with our

hormones. They are not made by our bodies and can

harm our health and that of wildlife. According to

the Endocrine Society, there are at least 1,000 known

or suspected EDCs. Exposure to EDCs, even at low

concentrations, has been linked to numerous health

problems, including breast and prostate cancers,

obesity, diabetes, reproductive problems, and

developmental effects.

Yet EDCs continue to be used everywhere, in our

everyday products and polluting our environment.

What’s more, UK cancer prevention plans don’t

recognise the risk EDCs pose to our health and the

need to reduce exposure in our homes, workplaces,

and the environment.

So, what are EDCs, and why should we be


Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in the

UK. Around 56,000 people are diagnosed every year

and countless more are affected by the disease. Yet

at least 1 in 4 breast cancers are preventable. This

represents a staggering 13,000 cases that could be

prevented through actions such as lifestyle changes

and reducing exposure to EDCs.

This October Breast Cancer Awareness Month don’t

just wear pink pledge your support too !

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Thank you to all these incredible women

who have gone pink this October &

signed the EDC Petition to help fight

breast cancer.

My Rainbow Journey to

Beauty Pageants

My name is Karen Sampson, Classic Diamond

Cheshire 2024 contestant.

I was also, the very first UK Endeavour Classic

Queen 2022/2023. My platform is Sam’s Diamonds

Cancer Support Charity. It is my 50th birthday

year. I have one son and I am going to be a

grandma to my first grandchild in April 2024.

In 2020 my life changed forever. For quite some

time I had noticed that my right breast had gone a

funny shape. It has indented on the right side. I

could not feel a lump per se, but it just did not look

right. I had felt a lump previously and in 2018 I had

two biopsies which I was informed were clear.

However, the indent had occurred, and it had been

like that since the beginning of the year. As I had,

had previous checks it did not really occur to me

that this was a sign that there was a possible

cancerous tumour.

2020 was the year of the Covid and everything at

this point was in lockdown. I telephoned the GP

surgery and luckily for me the female GP chatted

with me on the telephone and referred me

immediately to Warrington Hospital Breast Clinic.

I underwent mammograms, biopsies on both

breasts as there was clarifications in both. I

received my results on 7 August 2020 I received

my diagnosis of breast cancer. My left breast was

clear phew. Unfortunately, the cancer was positive

in my right breast.

On the 8 September I felt a different lump nearer

to my nipple. It felt tiny and like a little hard pea

shape. I had further biopsy, and, on the 11

September, it was confirmed that this lump was

also cancerous. WHAT I HAD TWO TUMOURS!!!!

My Rainbow Journey to

Beauty Pageants

On the 6 October 2020 I had a full right sided

mastectomy and reconstruction and lymph nodes

removed so they could be assessed to see if the

cancer had begun to spread.

During this time, my Mum was extremely poorly

from a lung condition and her health had been

deteriorating. It was one of the hardest things to

tell my parents that I had cancer, especially whilst

Mum was so poorly. On the 12 October 2020, my

Mum passed away. She said she would see me

through my operation, and she did. She came to

see me on the 8 October and then fell asleep

surrounded by all the family on the 12 October. This

was tough time for me as I was 6 days post op

and still quite poorly myself. My Mum died thinking

that I was over the worst…little did I know of what

was ahead.

On the 16 October 2020 I received the results of the

mastectomy. I had two carcinomas. T1 8cm lobular

carcinoma which was ER and PR positive. T2 1cm

tubular carcinoma which was also ER and PR

positive. This meant that the cancer was growing

and was oestrogen and progesterone positive and

these hormones were likely to make the tumour

grow. The lymph nodes that had been assessed

were also positive for cancer.

This prognosis meant that there was a tough time

ahead. 16 rounds of chemotherapy and


As my cancer was hormone positive this meant

that I have ongoing treatment to reduce the

production of hormones in my body and to stop

reoccurrence. This is common treatment post

cancer but one that isn’t spoken about as much

as chemotherapy. I take a drug called tamoxifen

and I have had my ovaries removed. From the first

chemotherapy my periods stopped and was put in

a chemically induced menopause. The impact of

the ongoing menopausal symptoms is

deliberating as I cannot take HRT as this is full of

hormones. I therefore try and

manage through diet and


This picture is after my

operation. What a fantastic

result. I was pleased with the

way the reconstruction looked.

My Rainbow Journey to

Beauty Pageants

However, the radiotherapy has caused the skin to

tighten around the implant, so I am waiting for

further surgery to correct this. Can you believe

there is a 4-year waiting list for an operation. This

operation is not likely to happen until 2024/2025.

The positive they take my tummy muscle and

liposuction from my inner thighs to rebuild without

any implant. Bonus tummy tuck and thinner inner

thighs, always a positive.

Lockdown was still happening so no-one could

attend hospital appointments, chemotherapy, or

radiotherapy sessions. There was little face to face

support, so it felt so isolating especially not being

able to attend face to face support groups. The

upside to this there was little socialising going on.

Very few people got to see me without my hair,

always a positive!

During this time, a friend of mine introduced me to

a charity in the Northwest called Sam’s Diamonds.

I went online and joined. As Covid lockdown

gradually went away I began to attend Sam

Diamonds support groups and meet other ladies

going through cancer. This was the best thing I

ever did. This charity means the world to me and

has helped me rebuild my life after cancer.

I attended the Sams Diamonds Hero Ball and

participated in a catwalk show and met the most

wonderful ladies. I was invited to attend a charity

beauty pageant and I absolutely loved it. I had

never done anything like this before and really

enjoyed meeting people and getting to know the

pageant community. I got the pageant bug!

I entered the UK Endeavour Charity pageant and

guess what I only went and won a crown. This was

the beginning of my rainbow journey to pageantry.

I was so blown away by the pageantry community.

Everyone welcomed me with open arms. I was so

impressed. The hard work and dedication of all

involved. All the charity and community work that

happens. I wanted to give back to charity and

serve my community and support others, just as I

had been supported.

My Rainbow Journey to

Beauty Pageants

So, I did… I competed in the first UK Endeavour and

entered the classic section, and I was the first ever

UK Endeavour Queen of 2022/2023. This allinclusive

system is incredible, and I have met the

most incredible people. I loved the Endeavour

round and went on stage as a diamond to

represent my platform and raised charity funds. I

am also a local organiser for the Warrington area

and arrange support meetings.

My pageant journey goes on and I have made the

decision to try for the Classis title at UK Diamond in

2024. Is Diamond UK ready for my Diamond outfit

lol. I have a lot to learn and a lot of work to do to

achieve this and I will be out and about supporting

others so please do say hi.

The catwalk and beauty pageants have helped

me rebuild my confidence and helped me with

body image. I can go on to do wonderful things

and embrace the life that I have left and live it to

the best of my ability. I can do this whilst

supporting my platform and my community.

Meeting wonderful people and most of all having

the best fun and laughter which is my best


Some of the photos are by Ryan Cowburn,

Pageant House Studios.

Sam's Diamonds Women's Cancer Support |

Northwest England (samsdiamonds.org.uk)

Miss United Kingdom Endeavour


Miss Diamond UK

Interview with

Title, name & age?

Diamond Europe Curve 2023

Caitlin Nash-Robinson

33 years young

What made you enter pageants in the

first place?

I was involved in pageantry for 3 years

before I entered myself. I started in

pageantry as a backstage volunteer at

Miss GB Rutland 2014 as my friend Cara

was the director. I loved helping out and

being there for the ladies competing

and continued to help out for another 2

years before I took over the directorship

along with my friend Naomi for the

heats Cara held. It was during my time

as a co-director that I realised I could

only provide a certain amount of advice

and direction to our finalists as I'd never

been in their position before. So after we

held our regional final I looked into a

couple of pageants and enquired about

competing so I could gain more

experience and use it to help with

directing. This when I came across Miss

Divine UK which was a new system at

the time, and I was given the

opportunity by the directors Colleen,

Julia and Leah to compete, and I fell in

love with being on stage. Now don't get

me wrong I loved being a director but

as I was still fairly new to Pageants I

hadn't realised the task I was

undertaking at the time and it became

obvious to me that I wanted to compete

again as I loved the confidence and

focus it gave me at a time when I was

struggling. That's when my pageant

journey continued on.

Have you competed before? If so, can you tell

us about your journey?

I have competed in 4 systems since 2017.

Miss Divine UK 2017, 2018 and 2019 where my

highest placing was 3rd place in 2019.

Miss Voluptuous UK 2020-21, 2022 where I

placed 1st Runner up for the Miss Voluptuous

Wales title in 2021 which was held virtually due

to the covid pandemic. And currently a part of

Diamond Pageants in their Curve division

where I was crowned Miss Diamond Curve UK

2022 and went on to compete at Regency

International Pageants where I placed 2nd

Runner Up in their Curve Division in Las Vegas

in July 2023. It is due to this placing that I was

given the opportunity to have my current title

of Diamond Europe Curve 2023 and head

back to Regency in 2024 to compete again.

Interview with

What made you decide to compete in your

current system?

I went to watch Diamond Pageants for the 1st

time in 2021 and I absolutely adored the way

the finals were run, and I could see the

compassion and care that the directors had

for their Queens and finalists. Although I was

committed to another system at the time, I

did think to myself that 1 day I would love to

be given the opportunity to take to the

Diamond stage. After I had finished

competing at my previous system, I was

looking to take a break for personal reasons

but that's when I saw that Diamond Pageants

were still accepting entries so I spoke to

several close pageant friends and decided

that I would take the opportunity and I

applied. The rest is history as they say

What the best thing that pageants have

taught you?

I have been given so many incredible

opportunities since joining pageants and

from that I not only have developed a

confidence in myself which in itself it has

taught me to love my body and be honest to

myself. It's also helped me find more

compassion for others and to help where and

when I can. This is what I love about the

pageant community and the people in it. I've

found it's never too much to help another

person in any way you can.

What’s your pageant platform and why?

The Femme Space is my platform that I

created in 2021 and its focuses on female

health specifically conditions that affect the

area around the female reproductive system.

It was after I was diagnosed with Polycystic

Ovarian Syndrome in 2020 and I discovered

that there wasn't much advice or information

given by doctors.

So, I started to research into so I could

have a better understanding of my

body and how this condition will affect

it. I then discovered that over 10% of

women worldwide had this condition

and that there is no cure. It made me

think that if I've had to go searching for

this information then could I do

something to put it out there for others.

The Femme Space was born. I create

infographics from the information I find

and post to social media for others to

read so that they don't have to search

the way I did. I started to look into other

conditions that are linked to the

reproductive system such as

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis and

found the same, information wasn't

readily available for people diagnosed.

I wanted to help and reach more

people and that's where I was given the

idea to conduct interviews with others

who have these conditions as there's

nothing better than talking to those

who experience the affects firsthand. It

is still on going and I am looking for

ways to develop it further just so I can

help others in a way that I haven't been


Interview with

What’s your dream title?

Holding the title of Diamond Curve UK was a

dream in itself and I've been so grateful to

have represented Diamond Pageants for over

a year but now Regency International Curve

has become my dream title and it's what I'm

currently working towards after placing 2nd

Runner Up for it in 2023.

What was it like when you won?

Standing onstage being announced as Miss

Diamond Curve UK in 2022 still feels surreal to

me. I didn't think it was me and kept waiting

for someone to say sorry there's been a

mistake and despite having that crown on my

head, I still couldn't believe it. It's an amazing

opportunity that I'm fortunate to say I

experienced and now holding a 2nd title

within the Diamond system means the

absolute world to me. I am able to carry on

representing a system that believes in me

and encourages me to achieve my dream

crown at Regency International.

What’s the best advice you have for fellow

pageant queens/finalists?

I always say to work hard and take every

opportunity you can as you are a role model

to others whether it's as a titleholder or as a

finalist, but you should always make time for

yourself as you can't pour from an empty cup.

The other piece of advice is to have fun and

enjoy every moment. Life would be boring


What have you been doing since you won?

I have taken my own advice since being

crowned in 2022 and I've taken every

opportunity I possibly could. I am developing

my platform behind the scenes, and I have

travelled all over the UK attending different

events and pageants.

I've judged, compered, and modelled

which is something I never thought I'd

have the opportunity to do. I have also

recently completed a fire walk for my

local hospice which was a tick off my

bucket list as well as raising funds for

an amazing charity within my

community. I donate regularly to

various organisations and pageant girl

collections. I am about to start my

Foodbank Reverse Advent collection for

Christmas and I encourage others to

take part if they are able as it goes

towards helping people local to you at

a time when they need it most. In the 9

months before I flew out to Regency

International, I committed over 250

hours attending events, completing

charity donations and taking part in

awareness campaigns and I aim to do

just as much if not more before I fly out

next year.


Interview with

What is your favourite ever appearance?

I don't actually have 1 particular appearance

that I could say is my ultimate favourite. I

completed an abseil for charity as well as the

recent fire walk, and I always love attending or

volunteering at pageants as I love to help out

when and where I can. I've been fortunate

enough to help at so many pageants and

events and love to continue to do so. To sum

up every appearance is my favourite to do as

I just absolutely love what opportunities and

friendships I've made through pageants

What makes a good pageant role model?

Passion, ambition, empathy and compassion.

These are the qualities for me that a good role

model should have. You don't need to have a

title to have these qualities as anyone can be

a role model to others. By showing others that

you have the drive to achieve your dreams

could inspire them to do the same but also

being on hand to help and understand what

someone may be going through on their own


What’s your favourite pageant round?

I love the onstage rounds and I'm torn

between fashionwear and evening gown. For

me Fashion is where I can have fun and show

my personality a bit more, but the glamour

and elegance of eveningwear makes me feel

confident, so I'm very much torn between the


How do you deal with pageant nerves?

I used to panic so much with nerves to the

point I would shake, cry and almost ruin my

make up before going on stage. Now if I feel

nerves creeping up, I

I just practice my walk a little or take

myself to quiet corner to reflect on

what I've achieved and focus on having

fun as I feel if you don't enjoy the

moment then something is missing

from the whole experience. The other

way I cope is by cheering and

supporting others as then I don't have

time or opportunity to focus on my own


Social Media Links

Facebook - Miss Diamond Curve

Europe 2023/24

Instagram -


Tiktok - @Diamondcurveeurope2023

On stage Photo credits - Ant Bradshaw

of Style & Story International Pageant


Headshot credit - Charlotte Clemie



October, 2023

Interview with

Previous Titles?

Miss Teen Nigeria UK 2023

Miss Teen Nigeria's Best Talent

Miss Teen Great Britain Semi-Finalist 2020

What’s your platform and why?

My platform is centred around the people of

society. Mental health and Knife Crime are

the biggest issues we young people are

dealing with at the moment in England. As a

young person, I’ve had to watch children

close to me be affected by knife crime and I

woke up one day after reading Jeremiah

Emmanuel’s “Dreaming a Nightmare Book”

and decided enough was enough. It’s time

to make a difference in this generation

through the power of creativity and

literature which guided and aided my

mental health battles when I chose to leave

sports due to anxiety and pressure.

Title, name & age?

Miss Teen Nigeria UK 2023, Angel

Akpovi, 16

What made you enter pageants in

the first place?

I grew up watching pageants on the

TV. When lockdown hit I came across

Teen Great Britain and decided to

apply I thought it would be a great

way to make friends and, showcase

my dance and musical skills. I loved

making friends online with the other

pageant girls competing and I’m still

friends with many of the girls to this

day. Years later, I entered Mr and

Miss Teen Nigeria being inspired by

my older sister who was a finalist for

Miss Nigeria.

What made you decide to compete in your

current system?

The culture. The pageant I competed in Mr

and Miss Teen Nigeria UK is centred around

young people. Our founded Mariah Lewis is

so passionate about aiding young people

and, all the other amazing mentors and

organisers worked hard to ensure we

worked hard to be the best people we

wanted to be not just competing against

others but our best selves. I also wanted to

learn more about my Nigerian heritage and

I was able to make lifelong sisters and


October, 2023

Interview with

Lastly, to be confident, when doing

pageants you not just competing against

other queens but yourself it’s your time and

responsibility to show the judges and

audience how you want to impact our


What’s your pageant platform and why?

My pageant platform is increasing the rates

of literature. Over September I ran a book

drive and donated over 150 books to

@books2AfricaUk because the truth is if my

peers and I even overseas haven’t got

access to books and I have books to spare

how could I live with myself? After that, I

researched and discovered that 1 in 6

children in the UK also do not have access

to books. In the UK? I was so shocked. After

more research, I realised that I have to

guide young people through the power of

creativity and literature so they too can be

positively affected by it as I have growing

up. And as a generation defeat the mental

health desensitisation and the growing knife


What is the best thing that pageants

have taught you?

Pageants have taught me to be

brave, be courageous never give up.

Everyone who does a pageant knows

it’s not an easy journey it requires

determination, dedication you need

drive and passion! But, when you are

on that stage on the day of your

finals everything you’ve worked

towards is finally showing off and it’s

beautiful. Pageants have also taught

me the importance of family, friends

and mentors, having amazing

people around me to support me

during my journey and, my starting

reign is so important.

What’s your dream title?

I’d say my dream title was Miss Teen

Nigeria. Being able to say even as an adult

at sixteen years old I was making an impact

on other Nigerian youths!

What was it like when you won?

When I won it was surreal, even on stage

people were asking me how I felt and words

were ceasing to exist. I literally and

physically couldn’t believe it. All the hard

work, the rehearsals everything that I put

into the pageant had been worth it and it

was such a beautiful moment being

crowned Anna Marie Miss Teen Nigeria 2020

who I look up to so much.

October, 2023

Interview with

What is your favourite ever appearance?

Whilst I was a finalist I attended Stone Soup

Academy’s Stand Up to knife crime event. It

was beautiful, I was inspired by all the acts,

and the short film The Young People. It was

so amazing to see an educational

institution specifically an alternate provision

unit care so much about its young people.

And it’s even inspired me to start a creative

camp for young people.

Also volunteering at Young T and Bugzys, a

family fun event was so sweet. Seeing

children in my Nottingham community so

excited and happy it was was beautiful. A-

swell as seeing people giving back to their


What makes a good pageant role model?

I would say what makes a good pageant

role model is a queen or king who is kind,

and caring towards his or her fellow

competitors/finalists. As well as someone

real, who admits or is open to mistakes, and

is actively involved in current affairs.

What’s the best advice you have for

fellow pageant queens/finalists?

I wanna start by saying I’m so proud

of all my pageant queens you girls

are amazing! I would say follow your

heart follow your dreams, picking a

platform that you’re passionate

about is the most important. And

lastly, enjoy your reign, and make a


What have you been doing since

you won?

Since I won it’s been a lot of planning

and interviews. I want my reign to be

effective and impactful, I’ve started

planning workshops and making

connections and collaborations with

organisations which I believe can

help my platform and guide young


What’s your favourite pageant round?

My favourite pageant round was my talent

round. I’m a spoken word artist so being

granted the opportunity to share my poetry

is always something I enjoy. I also loved

seeing other girl's talents in the rehearsals I

think it’s so cool how unique all the girl's

talents were.

How do you deal with pageant nerves?

Pageant nerves are something inescapable

no matter how much you prepare, and

rehearse they will still creep in. It’s normal!

For me during the finals whilst a lot of

people were stressing I went to an empty

corridor sat and listened to Oceans by

Hillsong United. I allowed my mind to calm

down and be refreshed then quietly went

over my speeches. After getting on stage, I

took a breath and reminded myself of my

mission before I spoke. Finding your coping

mechanism would be my best advice.

Interview with

Title, name and age?

My name is Emily Harrison, 26 years of

age. My current title is Miss Petite Global

UK 24 and reigning Miss Universal Petite

UK 23/24 - the first from the UK to

represent both, making petite history!

What made you enter pageants in the

first place?

I randomly decided to enter Miss England

exactly a year ago now. I always knew

about pageants, but thought they were

an American thing! I didn’t realise they

happened in the UK. Now I am part of a

whole other community called pageant

land I didn’t even know existed.

I didn’t know what to expect or what

beauty pageants involve. My

preconception of it was simply that it was

just modelling. I didn’t know anything

about it, I wasn’t sure I stood a chance

with my height but I also felt I had

something to offer and was intrigued for

the experience.

The journey I have been on has been

immense. It has been a lot of selfdiscovery

and growth. I have made

lifelong friends and I am constantly

learning from other queens, reaching new

milestones and trying something new. I

couldn’t see myself not doing pageants

now. I feel like I was meant for them. It is a

part of me as a person now. My two

passions are pageants and music.

Have you competed before? If so, can

you tell us about your journey?

My previous titles include being the

smallest Miss England finalist, Miss

Birmingham finalist & third runner up,

ecopageants UK finalist and Miss

Universal Petite UK 23-24 which I am still

representing. I started by competing in

Miss England, making it to the top 3 of the

talent round. I was the smallest finalist in

the 93 year history. I took this to the

newspaper and made headlines,

advocating the challenges petite women

face in the industry.

After Miss England, I took part in Universal Petite

in Tampa, Florida, competing internationally

with many other petite queens! When I returned

to the UK, I competed in Ecopageants, another

fabulous and unique pageant experience

focused more on the environment. I have

competed in 3 pageants so far. I am due to take

part in Miss Petite Global in May of next year

which will be held in Malaysia, as well as a

second national contest at the start of the year I

can’t yet reveal!

What made you decide to compete in your

current system?

I looked through several systems after I

competed internationally in Florida and found

Miss Petite Global is a renowned pageant in its

3rd edition. I am taking part as it represents

everything I stand for, celebrating and

empowering women of all backgrounds.

ndaries to show we can change this.

Interview with

I have represented and advocated for

petite women since the start of my

pageant journey. I have always stood for

being a small but powerful lady,

embracing my height but anyone will tell

you there is nothing small about my sass

and strong mind! At 5 foot, my height was

very noticeable in the pageants I took

part in, so I wanted to be a voice for petite

women worldwide, as it isn’t the most

common thing in the modelling industry.

There is often a height preference, if not

requirement. Rarely have I seen a smaller

girl win outside of petite pageants or walk

fashion shows, so I am pushing the

boundaries to show we can change this.

What is the best thing that pageants

have taught you?

The best thing pageants have taught me

is to be authentic, to be yourself,

something I already live by, but also to be

confident, self-assured and believe in

yourself. I have the mindset of trying to

progress not impress, and that’s what I

have taken from my pageant experiences

too. Keep levelling up to be the best

version of you and you will shine.

Embrace who you are, be eccentric,

passionate and be the fire. Pageants

have taught me to take opportunities, live

life to the fullest, help give back to the

world in the process, which I do naturally

but able to do even more with my title

and the additional fundraising aspects of

many pageants. Also, it reminds me to

inspire others, as actions have a ripple

effect and we can all learn something

from each other!

What’s your pageant platform and why?

My platform is varied. I mainly champion

for petite ladies in the modelling industry

and the barriers we face. Right now, I am

also raising funds for breast cancer

awareness month. I have campaigned for

other causes, like infant loss support

having a sister pass away as a stillborn. I

recently did a 21 day impact sustainability

challenge to switch to more planetfriendly

products, protecting the

environment and oceans through an

eco-awareness campaign.

I am passionate about the bare face beauty

movement & targeting plastic pollution.

Women’s rights and ending knife-crime are two

areas I am pushing to promote too & most

recently acting as a voice for victims of the

Israel-Hamas war, using my platform to raise

awareness. Additionally, I have joined many

other beauty queens campaigns. I am an

ambassador for Project P donating sanitary

products to those who need.

What’s your dream title?

My dream title would be to win internationally.

At this moment, I represent our nation, but I

would love to represent the world!

If you were to win what would it mean to you?

To win would mean I can use my platform to the

planet and peoples advantage after a year of

accelerated personal growth and organically

growing my social media presence to push my

platform, I will be able to use my voice and

show that all of my hard work has paid off.

Interview with

I have not yet won or placed, apart from

proudly & gratefully getting to top 3 in

Miss England talent round. I have built up

resilience from personal life experiences

paired with pageant ones, pushing myself

further after knockbacks, so to win will be

unforgettable. Pageants are an expensive

hobby too so to win would feel hugely

rewarding for many reasons.

What’s the best advice you have for

fellow pageant queens/finalists?

Enjoy it! It is so easy to worry and not take

in the experience, then the moment is

gone quicker than we expect! To really

focus on the journey, making friends,

growing as an individual, learning,

teaching, & the main thing- having fun!

Especially as a newbie in pageantry.

What have you been doing since you


Since I was given the title of Miss

Universal Petite UK, I have been building

my portfolio of pageant appearances. I

have only been in pageants for a year,

but I am coming up to my fourth one;

second international. I have taken part in

many queens campaigns and also

donate to causes regularly, along with

running my own campaign. Right now, I

am walking 100 miles in October for

breast cancer awareness. In the run up to

the final of Miss Petite Global, my year is

going to be a lot of coaching, dress

hunting and pageant appearances! I am

also working on my music Master of Arts

degree I will have completed by this year

and will be releasing music after the .

What is your favourite ever appearance?

My favourite appearance was when I

attended the Coventry cultural Mela. I

was asked to perform with different

cultural acts and attend to celebrate the

opening of the Coventry inaugural peace

garden. The event showed just how

diverse the West Midlands is with the

variety of performers. T

here was amazing food & I met the first female

Rear Admiral of the Navy, Jude Terry OBE. She

also loved my performance of Chaka Khan’s

Aint Nobody! It was great to meet her as she’s

an inspiring woman creating history in a heavily

male-dominated role. The definition of a female


What makes a good pageant role model?

Empowered women spreading inspiration &

positivity! To me, a good pageant role model is

being compassionate, hard working, thinking

and acting like a queen in how we carry

ourselves. Investing your time into bigger things

in the world, being able to make a difference

and give back in life, as it isn’t just about

receiving or material things. It is rewarding to be

able to use our title for the better, inspiring

others in the things you do, setting a good

example for others to follow, celebrating worldly

diversity and being a voice for people

everywhere. Also just being you!

What’s your favourite pageant round?

My favourite is the talent round when there is

one, being a musician. I love to perform and any

opportunity I get, I sing! Otherwise, I really love

the swimsuit round as it feels empowering to

confidently walk the stage embracing our body!

How do you deal with pageant nerves?

I channel my nerves into having fun while trying

to perform the best I can. It is easier said than

done, but after several times competing I have

learned to slow myself down and take in the

experience, enjoy it and live in the moment!


M O N T H ’ S





“Natasjha Dekker aka Mamma Dekker. 49 years old. Pageant

mom to Catherine Dekker. Been in the pageant community for

4 years now and was a finalist in the first ever Ms division of

Pageant Girl UK.

I love all things pageant and believe in advocating for those

who cannot do it themselves

Keep-movingforward.co.uk is the brainchild of Catherine and

Myself, which is a website with tips and tools to improve daily

mental health struggles and build resilience.”

L I L Y A H O N E N - M S

A C H I E V E M E N T W O R L D 2 0 2 4

Lily Ahonen, Ms Achievement World 2024, is a Nurse and Foster Parent

for medically fragile children. She is also internationally certified as a

Makeup Artist, and the Founder of Marigold Beauty Cosmetics. She

regularly volunteers with countless organizations, both locally and

internationally. She is a Living Kidney Donor and her platform is

advocacy for blood & organ donation.

M A R R A M U R P H Y - M S E C O

P A G E A N T S U K 2 0 2 3

My name is Marra Murphy, your current Ms Eco Pageants UK 2023. I

have just reached my flirty 30’s and live in the vibrant city of Brighton. I

discovered pageantry at a later age competing in my first one at 19

years of age and have loved it ever since! Networking with women from

different backgrounds each with their own purpose is truly inspiring and

what brought me back into competing. Putting my Pharmacology

degree to use, I am a woman in STEM. I have been working as a Senior

Analytical Scientist and have recently accepted an offer of becoming a

Team Lead. But for now I’ll be switching my lab coat for my sparkly sash

and crown to judge all of your stunning photos!





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Dr World France

Photo by GrantFoto

HMUA - Kiss and Make Up Houston

Miss Voluptuous International 23/24

Photographer Owen Juice

SM Queens Official Shoot

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