Westside Messenger - November 12th, 2023

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>Westside</strong><br />

<strong>November</strong> 12 - 18, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. L, No. 8<br />

4220 W. Broad St.<br />

(Across from Westland Mall)<br />

614 272-6485 open 7 days a week<br />

Featuring<br />

our<br />

famous<br />

STEAK<br />

COMBO!!<br />

Centennial<br />

Celebration<br />

By Dedra Cordle<br />

Staff Writer<br />

It was the start of a new year and the world of education,<br />

entertainment and imagination were about to converge in a way<br />

that would impact the lives of those living in 1923 — and also for<br />

those in the generations that had yet to come.<br />

In March, two young journalists by the name of Briton<br />

Hadden and Henry R. Luce wanted to bring news of current global<br />

events to the masses and founded a magazine called “Time.” It<br />

would go on to become one of the most influential publications<br />

ever created.<br />

In April, brothers Albert, Harry, Jack and Sam Warner decided<br />

to enter the burgeoning movie studio business and took out a<br />

loan of $50,000 to get Warner Bros. Pictures off the ground.<br />

In early October, American astronomer Edwin Hubble and his<br />

colleague Henrietta Swan Leavitt would prove there were other<br />

galaxies outside of our own. In turn, this discovery allowed scientists<br />

and the scientifically curious to look at the night sky and<br />

wonder what else could be out there — and what other advances<br />

could be employed to further explore infinity and beyond.<br />

In <strong>November</strong>, a group of citizens — widely believed to be<br />

women who were members of a local civic club — learned that<br />

their yearslong effort to bring a public library to their community<br />

in Grove City had been recognized by voters at the ballot box.<br />

The state would begin levying taxes to pay for the Jackson<br />

Township Public Library and decades later it would morph into<br />

the Southwest Public Libraries (SPL) — the second largest library<br />

system in Franklin County with a patronage of more than<br />

140,000 lifelong learners.<br />

Unlike so many of the individuals who have made an impact<br />

on the world through their advancements in education and their<br />

ability to enrich the imagination through entertainment mediums<br />

such as books, magazines and movies, the names of the<br />

women who were so integral to shaping the lives of those in their<br />

community and the lives of those in the present day community<br />

See CENTENNIAL page 5<br />

A number of games that were popular in the 1920s – and continue<br />

to be in the present day – were on hand for patrons to<br />

enjoy. Here, Josefine Myers, 2, of Grove City builds a log cabin<br />

with her aunt Malorie Schroder and cousin Isabelle Schroder,<br />

3, of Lima.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Dedra Cordle<br />

Employees and patrons of the Southwest Public Libraries<br />

came together to celebrate a milestone event on Nov. 4 – the<br />

centennial of their beloved library system. For two hours,<br />

party-goers at Grove City Library and the Westland Area<br />

Library participated in a number of fun 1920s inspired activities,<br />

indulged in a delicious array of cakes and cookies, shared<br />

memories of their childhood browsing the shelves – they may<br />

have even borrowed a few current books on the shelves during<br />

and after the event as well – and recognized the individuals<br />

from the past and those in the present for their belief in, and<br />

support of, what is now the second largest library system in<br />

Franklin County. Here, Southwest Public Libraries associate<br />

director Kacy Cox (left) and Grove City Library patron services<br />

employee Nichole Langmeyer (right) have a bit of fun posing<br />

alongside the appropriately numbered balloons that welcomed<br />

guests to the centennial celebration.<br />

West is on track<br />

for renovations<br />

By Dedra Cordle<br />

Staff Writer<br />

For years, the student-athletes at West<br />

High School have had to make accommodations<br />

elsewhere if they wanted to use the<br />

running track to train for upcoming sporting<br />

events due to the unsafe conditions<br />

caused by excessive cracks and the growth<br />

of weeds on its surface. At the start of the<br />

2024-25 school year, those student-athletes<br />

should only have to travel a few<br />

meters away from the school building in<br />

order to access a usable track.<br />

Last month, the Columbus City Schools<br />

Board of Education unanimously approved<br />

a facilities management agreement with<br />

the Brecksville-based company SCG<br />

Fields, LLC to renovate the existing running<br />

track at a cost of $675,000.<br />

The renovation project, which is slated<br />

to begin this fall, will be limited in scope<br />

due to space constraints.<br />

Originally constructed in the late 1930s,<br />

the layout of the track has remained<br />

unchanged in the ensuing years because<br />

the site is landlocked, bordering S. Powell<br />

Avenue to the east, Postle Road to the<br />

south, an alley and the stadium structure<br />

to the west, and the WHS building to the<br />

north.<br />

According to CCS officials, the proximity<br />

of the existing location to buildings,<br />

streets, and other athletic amenities make<br />

it particularly challenging to address all of<br />

the issues WHS students and staff would<br />

like to see changed, such as shortening the<br />

track from the current 418 meters to<br />

today’s track standards of 400 meters and<br />

widening the lanes at turns one and four.<br />

See WEST TRACK page 2<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

Pages 7 & 10<br />


Transportation • Care Team • Concierge Service<br />


Serving Superior Health Care to the 55+ Community<br />

Let’s change the world together!<br />

SEE<br />

PAGE 5<br />

FOR<br />

MORE<br />


PAGE 2 - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Produce giveaway at YMCA<br />

The Hilltop YMCA hosts a fresh produce giveaway the third<br />

Wednesday of each month from 4 to 6 p.m. at 2879 Valleyview<br />

Drive in Columbus. For more information, call the YMCA at 614-<br />

276-8224.<br />

America’<br />

ica’s s Fa Fa<br />

av av vorite Treasure ure e Hunts!<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Looking to Enhance Your Life?<br />

Find Out How!!!<br />

Helping Families and Individuals to reach<br />

measurable growth and wellness<br />

• 5 days /1 week consult assessment to identify and microscopic the roots<br />

of the problems, its causes and problematic issues blocking the healthy<br />

you.<br />

• Therapeutic Groups Offered: 10 wks. on Saturdays.<br />

Times Available 10a-11, 12n-1pm, 2p-3p.<br />

• Other Counseling Services offered after the initial Assessment with<br />

flexible scheduling to accommodate both our schedules.<br />

Insurances are accepted.<br />

Psychological Consult, LLC<br />

447 E. Main st Suite 220 D, Col, OH 43215<br />

Dr. Marilyn Morgan PH. D / EDU.D.<br />

Email: Psychconsult25@gmail.com<br />

https://psychological consultllc.com<br />

614-549-7690 office, Fax: 614-564-9089<br />

Nov. 25<br />

& 26<br />

Antiques, Collectibles,<br />

Jewelry, Vintage,<br />

Home Decor, Militaria<br />

and more!<br />

Dec. 16 & 17<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Winter Crisis Program helps to keep the heat on<br />

With the chill of winter fast approaching, the state<br />

of Ohio wants to ensure its residents stay warm and<br />

comfortable in the colder months by helping alleviate<br />

the burden of costly energy bills.<br />

From Nov. 1, <strong>2023</strong> through March 31, 2024, incomeeligible<br />

Ohioans can receive one-time assistance with<br />

their home energy bill through the Ohio Department of<br />

Development’s Home Energy Assistance Winter Crisis<br />

Program.<br />

The Winter Crisis Program assists Ohioans facing<br />

service disconnection, have been disconnected, need to<br />

establish new service, need to pay to transfer service,<br />

have a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)<br />

default, need to make their first PIPP payment, or<br />

have 25 percent or less supply of bulk fuel in their tank<br />

to maintain service. Qualifying households must have<br />

a gross annual income of at or below 175 percent of the<br />

federal poverty level. For a family of four, that is up to<br />

$52,500.<br />

Last year, the Winter Crisis Program assisted more<br />

than 67,000 households in Ohio, providing a total of<br />

$19 million in benefits.<br />

“A warm and comfortable home should not be a luxury<br />

only some people can afford,” said Lydia Mihalik,<br />

director of the Department of Development. “This program<br />

does more than just provide financial assistance;<br />

it shows some of our most-vulnerable residents that<br />

we’re here to lend a helping hand when they need it<br />

most.”<br />

Households serviced by a Public Utilities<br />

Commission of Ohio (PUCO)-regulated utility must<br />

sign up for PIPP or another payment plan if there is<br />

still an outstanding balance on the utility bill after<br />

receiving assistance.<br />

Ohioans can start their application online but will<br />

need to schedule an appointment with their local energy<br />

assistance provider to complete the application.<br />

Depending on the agency, the appointment may be in<br />

person, on the phone, or virtual. The application and<br />

list of providers can be found online at<br />

energyhelp.ohio.gov. Citizens can also call 800-282-<br />

0880 to find their local provider. Hearing impaired customers<br />

may dial 711 for assistance.<br />

Clients need to bring copies of the following documents<br />

to their appointment:<br />

•Copies of their most-recent energy bills.<br />

•A list of all household members and proof of<br />

income for the last 30 days or 12 months for each member.<br />

•Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency for all<br />

household members.<br />

•Proof of disability, if applicable.<br />

For more information about the Winter<br />

Crisis Program, visit energyhelp.ohio.gov.<br />

around the westside<br />

anksgiving Day dinner<br />

St. Aloysius Catholic Church will host a<br />

free Thanksgiving Day dinner from 11<br />

a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 23 at 2165 West Broad<br />

St. All are welcome.<br />

Free lunch at Hilltop Methodist<br />

The United Hilltop Methodist Church<br />

will host a free community lunch every<br />

Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The church<br />

is located at 99 S. Highland Ave.<br />


Continued from page 1<br />

As a result of the limitations, the district<br />

has approved the renovation project<br />

with no significant alterations to the size<br />

and location of the track. Instead, the<br />

scope of the renovation project will feature<br />

the milling of the track surface, a new<br />

asphalt overlay, the installation of a new<br />

synthetic surfacing system, base course<br />

repairs as needed, and new track striping.<br />

The corresponding high jump and long<br />

jump event areas will also be replaced.<br />

Vice-president Christine Vera said she<br />

was “excited” to be able to vote on this<br />

piece of legislation and to be able to provide<br />

“West students with the track and<br />

field that they rightfully deserve.”<br />

Board member Dr. Tina Pierce thanked<br />

the WHS staff, students, and parents for<br />

advocating for the renovation of the track,<br />

but also challenged the district to conduct<br />

an athletic audit at all of the CCS schools<br />

and facilities to see what needs to be renovated,<br />

repaired or replaced.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

City to host drop off sites for pumpkins and yard signs<br />

The city of Columbus Division of Refuse<br />

Collection will host drop-off sites after<br />

Halloween and Election Day for residents<br />

to sustainably dispose of pumpkins,<br />

gourds, and yard signs. The drive-through<br />

service will prevent these items from being<br />

landfilled or contaminating yard waste and<br />

the residential blue recycling containers<br />

serviced by the city’s collection program.<br />

Carved jack-o-lantern with candles<br />

removed, full and moldy pumpkins, and<br />

gourds are acceptable to drop off for composting<br />

at the drive-through sites.<br />

Pumpkins decorated with paint or permanent<br />

marker cannot be accepted.<br />

The pumpkin drop-off collection sites<br />

will operate on three Saturdays – Nov. 4,<br />

Nov. 25 and Dec. 2 – from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.<br />

at the Columbus Refuse Collection transfer<br />

stations:<br />

•2100 Alum Creek Dr.<br />

•1550 Georgesville Road<br />

•4260 Morse Road<br />

To reduce contamination, pumpkins<br />

may not be dropped off at the city’s three<br />

food scraps drop-off sites.<br />

The drive-through yard sign recycling<br />

event will be held on Nov. 11 from 8 a.m. to<br />

1 p.m. at the Alum Creek Refuse Collection<br />

station, 2100 Alum Creek Dr. Residents<br />

also have the option to take their signs to<br />

SWACO’s sign recycling event location at<br />

the Bill McDonald Athletic Complex, 4990<br />

Olentangy River Road, from 8 a.m. to noon<br />

on Nov. 11.<br />

All paper, plastic and coroplast signs<br />

(including metal stands) will be accepted<br />

and recycled free of charge thanks to a<br />

partnership with Solid Waste Authority of<br />

Central Ohio.<br />

Plastic and coroplast signs, and their<br />

metal stands should not be put in the residential<br />

blue recycling containers due to the<br />

materials used to make them. However, it<br />

is acceptable to put paper yard signs (without<br />

metal stands) in the blue cart.<br />

W ant a<br />

FREE<br />

SUMP PUMP?<br />

ME!<br />

SC CAN<br />

Sca an this code to sign up<br />

to see if you are eligible<br />

for a FREE SUMP PUMP!<br />

For more information about th he sump pump p progr<br />

am<br />

call 614-645-1253 or email Blueprint@Columbus.gov

PAGE 4 - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Family Fishing Day<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Dedra Cordle<br />

The Ortiz-Escalona family have traveled all across North America in search of a fun<br />

fishing adventure, but the residents of the westside discovered that they may not have<br />

to travel so far on their quest to find enjoyment in outdoor recreation next time. On Oct.<br />

28, the family of four packed up their chairs, poles, and nets and drove down the street<br />

to the Galloway Sports Complex for a morning of catch-and-release. Hosted by the<br />

Prairie Township Community Center, the Family Fishing Day provided outdoor enthusiasts<br />

like the Ortiz-Escalona family with the opportunity to test out new equipment, try<br />

to catch a few of the slippery bass and bluegills, and make long-lasting memories of<br />

having a good time fishing without the long drive. Here at right, Lussio Escalona, 9,<br />

tries to get the net untangled before casting it out into the pond.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Ixalia Ortiz is all smiles as she prepares for a few hours of local fishing.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

•Oysters Chesapeake Bay<br />

•Assorted Beef Steaks<br />

•Frozen Lobster Tails<br />

•King Crab Legs<br />

•Faroe Island Salmon<br />

•Sea Scallops<br />



•Chilean Seabass Fillets<br />

•Halibut Fillets<br />

•Snow Crab Clusters<br />

•Orange Roughy<br />

•Smoked Salmon<br />

•Live Lobsters via Special Order Only!<br />

Call & Order Your Oysters<br />

for Thanksgiving Now!<br />


All Major Credit Cards<br />

EBT Cards (SNAP)

www.columbusmessenger.com <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />


Continued from page 1<br />

are unknown.<br />

When the staff at SPL began to plan for<br />

the centennial celebration this year, it was<br />

their mission to uncover their names, their<br />

faces, their personal stories. They wanted<br />

the public to know who they were and they<br />

wanted the public to be able to meet their<br />

descendants and the festivities. Much to<br />

their dismay, however, the voracious<br />

researchers discovered they did not have<br />

much to go on.<br />

“I think we reached out to every historical<br />

organization that we could think of and<br />

we still were never able to find out much<br />

about these women, these early pioneers<br />

and advocates for public libraries,” said<br />

Meredith Wickham, SPL director.<br />

But what they did know — or what they<br />

were able to put together with what little<br />

information they had — they were able to<br />

share with the public who joined them to<br />

celebrate 100 years at the Grove City<br />

Library and the Westland Area Library on<br />

Nov. 4.<br />

“I think it is really important that people<br />

know they existed, that they know<br />

these people are part of the reason why we<br />

have these grand libraries and centers of<br />

community today,” said Wickham. “We<br />

may not know who they are, but we can<br />

still share what we know and we can still<br />

honor their contributions by telling some of<br />

their story.”<br />

Thirty-two years prior to the creation of<br />

the JTPL, there was a private club in<br />

Harsh’s Drug Store that had a small collection<br />

of books. For an annual fee of two dollars,<br />

members could borrow the material<br />

and come back to discuss what they had<br />

read. It was not in existence for long.<br />

Several years later, the Women’s Civic<br />

Club of Grove City donated $63 to establish<br />

a free public reading room, which was<br />

located in First National Bank on the<br />

southeast corner of Broadway and<br />

Columbus Streets. It was a successful venture,<br />

and they wanted more.<br />

They had heard of a nationwide movement<br />

to create free public libraries that<br />

were accessible to everyone and they wanted<br />

that for their community. They began<br />

canvassing, reaching out to their neighbors<br />

to talk about the mission of libraries, and<br />

what having a public library could do for<br />

the community. Then came the big ask:<br />

requesting that they buy into their vision<br />

of a public library funded by taxpayer dollars.<br />

“It was a bold move and I am personally<br />

in awe of these women because I think if<br />

something doesn’t exist, if you haven’t seen<br />

it before and you have literally never witnessed<br />

it in your whole life in your community,<br />

how much harder it is to create that<br />

thing from scratch and convince all your<br />

neighbors to jump in with you,” said<br />

Wickham. “And it was such a different<br />

world back then too, such a smaller community<br />

where most people didn’t have<br />

much money, but for them to all get together<br />

to launch this thing that became so huge<br />

is nothing short of amazing.”<br />

Jo and Ron Baumgartner of Grove City<br />

have a bit of fun at the 1920s inspired<br />

selfie station with a few of the cut-outs<br />

that were available to make cute photo<br />

opportunities even cuter.<br />

Over the years, the JTPL would expand<br />

in size, patronage, and material collection.<br />

It would even have its first paid librarian<br />

in Irene Harper. In 1954, a new building<br />

would be erected on Park Street and it<br />

would be renamed the Grove City Public<br />

Library. In the following years, the Prairie<br />

Branch (later renamed the Westland Area<br />

Library) would open to serve the needs of<br />

those on the westside; a library in<br />

Harrisburg and Franklin Township would<br />

open and later close; levies would pass;<br />

levies would fail. In 2013, the SPL would<br />

join the Central Library Consortium which<br />

would allow its patrons to access over five<br />

million items. By the end of <strong>2023</strong>, the new<br />

Grove City Library would encompass more<br />

than 48,000 square feet of public service<br />

space and the WAL would encompass more<br />

than 25,000 square feet of public service<br />

space. Nearly all of that square footage was<br />

filled with patrons who came out to celebrate<br />

100 years of service at their beloved<br />

library — and some were there who just<br />

wanted to access the books, computers,<br />

meeting rooms, and space for children and<br />

teenagers.<br />

As good parties often do, the centennial<br />

revelry will continue through the month<br />

with the SPL’s Centennial Anthology<br />

Writing and Art contest. Open to adults<br />

and youth ages 10 and up, submissions<br />

should relate to life in the local community,<br />

past and present, and will be judged blindly<br />

for inclusion in a print anthology to be<br />

published next spring. Cash prizes will be<br />

awarded for best in each age group in each<br />

category, plus two $500 grand prizes will<br />

be awarded, one for best in writing overall<br />

and one for best in art.<br />

Digital submissions are open now<br />

through Nov. 27 and can be emailed to SPL<br />

Director Meredith Wickham at mwickham@swpl.org.<br />

For full contest and submission<br />

details, visit swpl.org.<br />


Your Doorstep to Your Doctor!<br />

We provide:<br />

• Transportation • Personal Coordinated Team Care<br />

• Concierge Service • Convenience of all services under one roof<br />

• Superior Healthcare • We serve to 55+ Medicare-eligible Community<br />

Call for more information:<br />

Brenton Savage, MGC - Membership Growth Consultant<br />

740-403-8349<br />

brenton.savage@dedicated.care<br />

Let’s change the world together!<br />

NORTH<br />

2260 Morse Rd<br />

Partnership with<br />

DestinationOutlets.com<br />

800-213-9083<br />

8000 Factory Shops Blvd.<br />

Jeffersonville, OH 43128<br />

3 LOCATIONS:<br />


50 N. Wilson Rd.<br />


5156 E. Main St.<br />



PAGE 6 - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Thomas Rouse DDS, Jason T. Culley DDS FAGD<br />

• General Family Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry<br />

• Dental Implants and Crowns<br />

No insurance, no problem:<br />

In Office Membership Program available to adults and children.<br />

1225 Dublin Rd. STE 40<br />

Columbus, Oh 43215<br />

614-488-9050<br />

Accepting most insurance<br />

FREE Whitening<br />

with a New Patient exam<br />

9745 Fairway Dr.<br />

Powell, Oh 43065<br />

614-766-5722<br />

5040 Palmetto St. STE A<br />

Columbus, Oh 43228<br />

614-878-7733<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Opinions<br />

letter to the editor<br />

The election held by the Greater Hilltop<br />

Area Commission (GHAC) on Oct. 7 is failing<br />

the residents. It is flawed in a number<br />

of ways, causing confusion and an overall<br />

lack of representation.<br />

The city designed specific zones in the<br />

city into 21 area commissions. The Greater<br />

Hilltop Area Commission is the largest<br />

with over 10,000 residents. The area has<br />

both urban and suburban areas, with significantly<br />

unique needs. Commissions are<br />

tasked with approving/denying zoning<br />

requests, requesting capital improvements<br />

in the community, working to determine<br />

who should receive a liquor permit,<br />

empowered to sell city owned properties,<br />

etc. Although the decisions made by the<br />

commissions are not binding, the city does<br />

take the input seriously.<br />

For many years, GHAC held elections at<br />

the bean dinner, where many residents<br />

attend each year. For some unknown reason,<br />

GHAC independently decided to hold<br />

their elections on a different date than the<br />

general election as many other area commissions<br />

do. This decision wasn’t to accommodate<br />

the crowds of voters at the bean<br />

dinner. Rather, they decided to hold the<br />

election on a random day. No longer held at<br />

the historical bean dinner, not held on election<br />

day, just a random day that they<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Turning off my mind chatter<br />

It’s said that silence is one of the great<br />

arts of conversation. Yet it’s usually when<br />

silence occurs that I feel like that conversation<br />

is one way.<br />

Late at night, when work is done, the<br />

kids are asleep and everything is turned<br />

off, I often lie in bed, listening to my own<br />

thoughts. The silence is nice - no TVs or<br />

phones, no kids running down the hallway<br />

screaming, no everyday noises.<br />

Yet while the everyday sounds of life<br />

take a respite, the chaos is just beginning<br />

in the place where only one person can<br />

hear the conversation. Did I pay that bill?<br />

Did I turn in that school form? What do we<br />

need at the grocery store? What do I have<br />

to get done tomorrow?<br />

During the day when these questions go<br />

through your mind, they often get drowned<br />

out by everything else you hear.<br />

At night, most of these sounds have disappeared<br />

temporarily until the sun rises<br />

the next day, leaving silence - and a void<br />

that only can be filled with once distant<br />

thoughts or sleep. It’s not that I don’t try to<br />

shut off my brain at this point in the<br />

evening. In fact, there’s more than a handful<br />

of tricks you can do to speed up falling<br />

asleep - everything from turning off electronics<br />

an hour before bedtime to reading,<br />

breathing exercises and chamomile tea.<br />

I recently read that purging your brain<br />

of the day’s worries can help “overthinking”<br />

at night. You can do this by keeping a<br />

journal or even jotting down a plan for the<br />

next day so there’s no need for making<br />

mental notes into the night.<br />

I also heard a sleep specialist say that<br />

being anxious about not sleeping is part of<br />

the problem. If you’re like me and have<br />

trouble shutting off your brain at night, the<br />

National Sleep Foundation (sleepfoundation.org)<br />

offers several techniques, even<br />

tailoring them to certain segments of the<br />

population that include children, travelers<br />

and those with diagnosed sleep disorders.<br />

Under the “sleep topics” tab, there’s even a<br />

“bedroom environment” link that shows<br />

you how to use all your senses to find the<br />

perfect sleeping environment.<br />

From one night owl hoping to turn into<br />

an early bird, sweet dreams.<br />

Christine Bryant is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff<br />

writer and columnist.<br />

Candidate expresses concern about<br />

Hilltop Commission election<br />

chose. The commission decides how many<br />

signatures are needed for a candidate’s<br />

petition. The commission decides how candidates<br />

should apply, requesting an essay<br />

and campaign video. There is no candidate<br />

forum, or meet and greet. Instead, tech<br />

savvy people are advantaged over those<br />

who aren’t. The average person might be<br />

intimidated by the requirement to submit<br />

a campaign video.<br />

The commission further decides where<br />

to hold the election. The ballots were<br />

unchecked by candidates to confirm accuracy.<br />

The ballots had a candidates’ name<br />

misspelled. Once the error was discovered,<br />

the solution was to hand correct the error<br />

on the remaining ballots. Tampering with<br />

the ballots in any election is typically considered<br />

fraud.<br />

The commission also decides whether<br />

the election is fair. A candidate is given<br />

three days to contest the election, and<br />

GHAC itself makes the determination if<br />

they need to hold another due to any problems.<br />

They get to set the rules, and then<br />

they also get to decide if they were fair.<br />

Elections matter.<br />

Terry Roofe<br />

Columbus<br />

Life Moments<br />

Christine Bryant

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Active<br />

<strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

Lifestyles<br />

A bi-monthly feature celebrating the wisdom, experience<br />

and contributions of our community’s senior citizens<br />


See what the Laurels of West Columbus has to offer<br />

Laurels of West Columbus is located on<br />

Norton Road. Our 62,000 square foot, 97-bed<br />

facility features wonderful amenities like a fine<br />

dining café, beauty salon and a spa. We offer<br />

high-quality skilled nursing care in a state-of-theart<br />

facility with modern-living amenities and hospitality.<br />

Ciena/Laurel Health Care is honored to be part<br />

of the <strong>Westside</strong> community. Our Skilled Nursing<br />

Facility is almost brand new still, opening in<br />

2020. We offer many patient room options with<br />

private, semi-private and semi-private deluxe<br />

rooms available.<br />

Laurels of West Columbus provides short term<br />

rehab, including physical, speech and occupational<br />

therapies as well as administration of IV medications,<br />

wound care and more. We also offer long<br />

term care beds, when available, we would be<br />

happy to add you to our wait list today.<br />

Please visit www.laurelsofwestcolumbus.com<br />

to learn more about our services, amenities and to<br />

take a virtual tour. We would love the opportunity<br />

to show off our beautiful facility in person.<br />

Please come and join us for some fall treats,<br />

prizes and to take a tour. Stop by at 441 Norton<br />

Road in Columbus on Nov. 16 from 1 to 5 p.m.<br />

Meet our team and see what we have to offer in<br />

person!<br />

Thursday, <strong>November</strong> 15, <strong>2023</strong><br />

1:00pm - 5:00pm<br />

Please join us to celebrate the Fall<br />

Season and tour our beautiful facility!<br />

• Raffle Prizes • Cookies • Apple Cider • Caramel Apples<br />

The first 15 community members to tour will receive a FREE turkey!

PAGE 8 - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />



• We are Grove City Family Owned and Operated<br />

• State Licensed for Assisted Living<br />

• Private and Semi Private Rooms Available<br />

• The most Home-Like setting you will Find<br />

When a “Home Away from Home” is Needed...<br />

3675 Hoover Rd<br />

Grove City, OH 43123<br />


until January 2024<br />

Call Quinten<br />

for more information at<br />

614-875-7600<br />

or visit<br />

www.hooverhaus.com<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />


Choosing a Final Resting Place:<br />

Things to Consider<br />

When a loved one dies, many important decisions<br />

must be made. How the person’s body will<br />

be cared for and where it will be placed are<br />

among these decisions. Today, more than half of<br />

Americans are cremated. Whether you choose a<br />

traditional casket burial or cremation, having a<br />

final resting place for loved ones to visit and<br />

reflect is a gift that lives on for those who love<br />

you.<br />

Things to consider when choosing a resting<br />

place:<br />

•Where are your family members buried? If<br />

you have a family cemetery plot or mausoleum,<br />

joining there continues your family legacy.<br />

•Who will be visiting? Choosing a place far<br />

During this time, you should be reviewing<br />

your selected Medicare plan. If you have any<br />

questions concerning your plan, be sure to contact<br />

your agent. Or, if you are looking for a local<br />

licensed agent, please contact me. I’m not a 1-<br />

800 operator that works seasonally during Annual<br />

Election Period (AEP), my focus is working with<br />

Medicare plans year-round.<br />

My name is Ralph Curcio, I live in Franklin<br />

County – you are welcome to contact me at 614-<br />

603-0852. I represent 7 different organizations<br />

with over 42 plans to choose from. Right now, I<br />

am meeting with clients reviewing their coverage<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

from home makes it difficult for those who mourn<br />

to visit. Ask about their wishes in advance.<br />

•Is there room for your family to be buried<br />

with you in the future? If so, you can secure the<br />

space with advance purchase.<br />

•Does your religion have burial customs that<br />

need to be honored? Make sure the cemetery can<br />

accommodate your wishes.<br />

Memorial resting places can be a peaceful<br />

reflection spot for loved ones to gather and<br />

remember. The location you choose may be part<br />

of your family’s legacy for generations to come.<br />

If you would like advice on planning, the<br />

Modlich Monument team is here to help. To learn<br />

more, call us at 614-276-1439.<br />


Be confident in your Medicare plan<br />

for 2024, and scheduling appointments with new<br />

clients. Plan options have changed these last few<br />

years, with more benefits to select. Also, if you<br />

enjoy traveling, be sure to know the out of state<br />

coverage details for your plan. I will work in<br />

your best interest to find a plan that includes your<br />

doctors, available low pricing on your monthly<br />

medications while offering year-round local<br />

availability for your questions or concerns.<br />

Call me today to schedule your appointment –<br />

no obligation. $0 cost for my consultation and<br />

enrollment services. You need to be confident in<br />

the plan you select!<br />


OCT 15 th to DEC 7 th<br />

-up. It is important<br />

that you know your available options for 2024.<br />

Call me Ralph Curcio at 614-603-0852 to schedule an<br />

appointment to review various carriers plans available to<br />

you.<br />

- independent licensed agent that can assist<br />

you with this review and available year-round for questions or<br />

concerns.<br />

-I can help simplify your Medicare plan choices and assist you to<br />

decide on the right plan for YOU.<br />

<br />

- What are the various Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans<br />

or Medicare Supplement plans available to me in my area for 2024?<br />

Call Me Your Local Ohio Licensed<br />

Independent Medicare Agent<br />

Ralph Curcio 614-603-0852<br />

$0 fee or $0 Consultation cost<br />

Be confident in your plan selection,<br />

keep your doctors and find the lowest<br />

copays for your medications.<br />

- Looking to try and save your out-of-pocket money on your<br />

medications or other services?<br />

- <br />

and now ready for Medicare and want to talk and meet with a local<br />

representative, and review more than 2 or 3 plan options?<br />

<br />

organizations which offer 42 plans in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov or 1-<br />

800-MEDICARE to get information on all of

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Paid Advertising<br />

Every family has traditions, let us be a part of yours<br />

Selecting a new home is an important choice.<br />

We recognize the significance of this decision.<br />

Grove City Senior Living is located in scenic<br />

Beulah Park, a beautiful, walkable 220-acre master-planned<br />

community in Grove City, Ohio. We<br />

offer a combination of assisted living and memory<br />

care apartments plus 30 independent living villas.<br />

Our beautiful villas offer maintenance-free<br />

living at its finest with all the comforts of home.<br />

Our residents can enjoy full access to all amenities<br />

and enjoy peace of mind living within a comfortable,<br />

secure community.<br />

We recognize this is a big decision.<br />

Traditions’ caring community is ready to answer<br />

your questions about this next chapter in life. We<br />

invite you to explore this vibrant and growing<br />

community. Living in a villa at Grove City Senior<br />

Living provides exciting options, such as restaurant-style<br />

dining, life enrichment programs, and<br />

family-friendly activities brought to you by<br />

Traditions’ friendly and caring staff.<br />

“Grove City Senior Living is a beautiful facility.<br />

It’s always clean and inviting. The leadership<br />

team is excellent, accessible, and eager to help in<br />

all situations. Their nurses and caregivers are<br />

very kind and supportive. I would recommend<br />

them to anyone looking for care for their loved<br />

one.”<br />

– Resident testimonial.<br />

When you’re ready to discuss a welcoming<br />

place where you or your loved ones will be<br />

respected and cared for, contact us today to<br />

schedule a visit or learn more.<br />

Every family has traditions, let us be a part of<br />

yours.<br />


Are you ready to own your own home?<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> PAGE 9<br />

Did yo ou know?<br />

Ohio offers dow wn payment assistance ance programs<br />

Ruoff Mortgage works with the Ohio Housing Finance Agency<br />

(OHFA) <br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

designed to fit your needs. Get started today.<br />

Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) is a<br />

great way to purchase a home. OHFAs goal is to<br />

help Ohioans achieve their dream of homeownership.<br />

There are several homeownership products<br />

to choose from, but each offer down payment<br />

assistance and closing costs assistance. These<br />

funds can also be used in addition to borrowers<br />

own funds.<br />

OHFA offers several affordable loan options to<br />

help you achieve your dream of homeownership.<br />

OHFA offers 30-year, fixed rate FHA, VA,<br />

USDA-RD and conventional mortgage loans<br />

designed especially for homebuyers with low-and<br />

moderate-incomes with generous income and purchase<br />

price limits.<br />

OHFA has a down payment assistance program<br />

for veterans, active-duty military or members<br />

of reserve components, police officers, firefighters,<br />

volunteer firefighters, EMT’s paramedics,<br />

physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses<br />

(RNs, LPNs, STNAs) and pre-K through 12<br />

teachers, administrators, or counselors are eligible<br />

for the program.<br />

If you would like more information, please<br />

call or email Ruoff Mortgage.<br />

Lori Love<br />

<br />

<br />

NMLS: 755711<br />

OH: MLO.041352.000<br />

614.619.5920<br />

Apply on nline at ruoff.com/lorilove<br />

Ruoff f Mortgage Company, Inc., d/b/a Ruoff f Mortgage, is an Indiana corporation. For complete licensing information visit http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/EntityDetails.<br />

aspx/COMPANY/141868. This is not an offer fer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend. All loans must satisfy company underwriting guidelines. Information and interest<br />

rate are subject to change at any time and without notice. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS#141868.1026<strong>2023</strong><br />

ST AR<br />

T A NEW<br />


TODAY!<br />

Yo<br />

ou'll find a<br />


at Grove City Senior Living<br />

by Traditio ns in Beulah Park.<br />

Independent Living • Assisted Living • Memory Care

PAGE 10 - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<br />

<br />

Franklin County Board of Commissioners: President John O’Grady • Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce, and Commissioner Erica C. Crawley<br />

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners and The Franklin County Office on Aging join with the <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspaper in providing this update on aging issues in Franklin County.<br />

Franklin County Office on Aging Recognizes<br />

National Family Caregiver Month;<br />

Offers Support Services<br />

<strong>November</strong> is National Family Caregiver Month, a month dedicated to<br />

recognizing and honoring family caregivers across the country. There are<br />

more than 53 million unpaid caregivers in America, with more than 41.8<br />

million of these caregivers supporting a senior 50 or older, according to A<br />

Place for Mom.<br />

National Family Caregiver Month provides an opportunity to raise awareness<br />

of caregiving issues, educate communities and garner support for<br />

caregivers. The average length of time a caregiver provides unpaid<br />

support for a loved one is four and a half years.<br />

The Caregiver Action Network began the promotion of this national<br />

recognition in 1994. Since 1997, every president has issued an annual<br />

proclamation recognizing and honoring caregivers each year. This gives<br />

everyone in the nation the opportunity to celebrate the efforts of family<br />

caregivers, educate others on the topic, increase support for family caregivers<br />

and alleviate feelings of isolation for those providing unpaid care.<br />

According to AARP, Ohio has 1.46 million unpaid caregivers providing<br />

an estimated $21 billion in caregiving services. The Ohio Department of<br />

Aging states that those who acknowledge and accept their role as a caregiver<br />

are more proactive, engaged and confident. Caregivers who seek<br />

and accept help may also alleviate feelings of anxiety, anger and depression.<br />

Each year, the Franklin County Office on Aging (FCOA) acknowledges<br />

National Family Caregiver Month by sponsoring the annual Caring for the<br />

Caregiver Expo, which took place on Saturday, <strong>November</strong> 4 at The Boat<br />

House at Confluence Park. The expo offered over 300 caregivers from<br />

Central Ohio a unique opportunity to be celebrated, pampered, and to<br />

establish valuable connections to resources aimed at easing the burdens<br />

that come with their role. FCOA recognizes and advocates for these<br />

selfless individuals year-round by offering their Caregiver and Kinship<br />

Support Programs, which are designed to alleviate some of the added<br />

stress that comes with taking care of others.<br />

FCOA’s Caregiver Support Program is in collaboration with the Central<br />

Ohio Area Agency on Aging (COAAA) and assists caregivers with a variety<br />

of free short-term services that can be accessed once a calendar year.<br />

To be eligible, you must live in Franklin County, demonstrate a need for<br />

in-home care assistance, and be a non-paid caregiver for an adult aged 60<br />

or older or be a non-paid parent or relative aged 55 or older caring for an<br />

adult child (age 18-59) with disabilities.<br />

FCOA’s Kinship Support Program assists kinship caregivers who are<br />

providing full-time care to a minor child whose biological parents are<br />

unable to do so. Assistance is available once a calendar year and the age<br />

requirement for this program is based on the funding source. Franklin<br />

County residents are eligible for this program if they provide full-time<br />

care to a child between the age of birth and 17 (or 18-years-old if the child<br />

is enrolled in school or a training program); the child lives in the same<br />

private residence as the kinship caregiver; and, the kinship caregiver<br />

provides full-time care to the children whose biological parents are unable<br />

to do so.<br />

For more information about the Franklin County Office on Aging’s Caregiver<br />

Support Program and Kinship Support Program, please call<br />

(614) 525-6200 or visit officeonaging.org.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Health care services<br />

open on the westside<br />

OhioHealth opened primary care and urgent care services in<br />

Franklinton in early <strong>November</strong>.<br />

Located on the ground level at 14 McDowell St. as part of the<br />

Gravity II development, urgent care services opened on Nov. 3 and<br />

primary care began offering services on Nov. 6 in the 13,000<br />

square foot facility. This project is a $4.6 million investment by<br />

OhioHealth into the Franklinton community.<br />

“At OhioHealth, we believe that primary care is one of the most<br />

important types of healthcare a patient can receive,” said Steve<br />

Davies, senior director of operations, OhioHealth Physician<br />

Group. “It’s often the starting point of a patient’s healthcare journey<br />

and can help them with care from annual checkups to management<br />

of a chronic disease and many other services.<br />

“Primary care is something that has not been easily accessible<br />

to those who live and work in and around Franklinton, so we<br />

couldn’t be happier to be opening and making these services available<br />

to all who need them,” said Davies.<br />

Primary care services will be available Monday through<br />

Friday, while the urgent care will be open seven days per week.<br />

The building also features point of care laboratory services and<br />

general X-ray.<br />

Urgent care is a great option when a patient needs to be seen,<br />

but it’s not a life-threatening emergency and their primary care<br />

provider is closed or not available. Urgent care can treat a variety<br />

of needs such as cold or flu-like symptoms, rashes, minor breaks,<br />

sprains and strains, animal or insect bites, minor burns or cuts,<br />

and allergic reactions.<br />

Based in Columbus, OhioHealth is a nationally recognized, notfor-profit,<br />

charitable, healthcare outreach of the<br />

United Methodist Church. Serving its communities since 1891,<br />

OhioHealth is a family of 35,000 associates, physicians and volunteers,<br />

and a network of 14 hospitals, three joint-venture hospitals,<br />

one managed-affiliate hospital, 200+ ambulatory sites and<br />

other health services spanning a 50-county area.<br />

For more information, visit ohiohealth.com.<br />

Ohio’s<br />

Capital Budget<br />

I recently concluded a series with you about Ohio’s<br />

Biennium Budget, which provides the operating<br />

funds for the state’s ongoing governmental functions<br />

and is completed by June 30th of odd numbered<br />

years for the following two fiscal years. You<br />

may recall that this budget totals some $86.2 billion<br />

and pays for items like the state portion of local K-<br />

12 education and higher education, along with<br />

Medicaid expenditures and other state services related<br />

to health and human services, economic and<br />

workforce development, corrections, aging, youth<br />

services, and public safety, among others.<br />

To finance construction projects, the state enacts a<br />

Capital Budget every two years in even numbered<br />

years. Here the state allocates funding for building<br />

or renovating public facilities across Ohio. Currently,<br />

the state estimates it will have about $3.5 billion for<br />

these projects. For example, approximately $300<br />

million will go toward new buildings on the campuses<br />

of Ohio’s public four-year universities and another<br />

$100 million will be spent on construction<br />

projects at Ohio’s junior colleges. Of the $3.5 billion,<br />

approximately $170 million will be allocated to local<br />

projects around the state. In addition, because tax<br />

collections have exceeded projections during the<br />

last two years, the legislature appropriated an additional<br />

$700 million for local priorities.<br />

The dollars will be allocated for local projects<br />

roughly according to population. So, Franklin<br />

County will get about $18 million from the local<br />

portion of the larger budget and about $70 million<br />

from the additional funding. Larger governmental<br />

entities and nonprofit organizations are submitting<br />

their priorities to the Columbus Partnership in a collective<br />

prioritization process. For example, the<br />

Columbus Symphony is spearheading an effort to<br />

build a world-class concert performance center in<br />

Franklinton adjacent to COSI and the Columbus Museum<br />

of Art wants to replace its aging and leaky<br />

roof. In addition, many local governmental entities,<br />

like townships and suburban centers, may ask for<br />

help with some of their construction priorities.<br />

My role will be twofold. First, I will talk with local<br />

township and city officials to listen to their construction<br />

needs. Second, I will work with my other<br />

Franklin County Ohio House colleagues to prioritize<br />

those needs along with collective county-wide<br />

wishes to assemble the best possible consensus for<br />

our district and the county as a whole. Although we<br />

won’t be able to fund every wish, if we are judicious,<br />

the estimated $88 million available for projects<br />

countywide can provide partial funding for many<br />

useful ones that will benefit localized communities<br />

directly as well as citizens across Franklin County.<br />

(Dave Dobos represents the 10th District in the Ohio<br />

House of Representatives, which consists of parts of<br />

West, Southwest, and South Columbus, Grove City, Urbancrest,<br />

and portions of Franklin and Jackson Townships.<br />

He reports regularly on his activities in this<br />

position and his campaign has paid for this communication<br />

with you.)<br />

Paid Advertisement<br />

WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> PAGE 11<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>Westside</strong><br />

We are the<br />


on the <strong>Westside</strong><br />

FREE<br />

Pick-Up<br />

At These<br />

Locations:<br />

Hilltop Library - 511 S. Hague Ave.<br />

United Dairy Farmers - Hague & Sullivant Ave.<br />

Alex Carry-Out - Binns & Sullivant Ave.<br />

Dollar General - Kingsford & Sullivant<br />

Dollar General - Georgesville & Atlanta<br />

M & S Carry-Out - Georgesville & Atlanta<br />

United Dairy Farmers - Georgesville & Parwick by Freeway<br />

Thorton’s Gas Station - Georgesville & Norton Rd.<br />

Shell Gas Station - Georgesville & Norton Rd.<br />

Kroger - Georgesville Square<br />

Turkey Hill - Georgesville & Clime Rd.<br />

United Dairy Farmers - Clime & Demorest Rd.<br />

Walgreens - Clime & Demorest Rd.<br />

Certified Gas Station - Briggs & Demorest Rd.<br />

Kroger - Eakin Rd. & Harrisburg Pike<br />

Speedway Gas Station - Eakin Rd. & Harrisburg Pike<br />

Heartland Bank - Great Western Shopping Center<br />

Walgreens - Harrusburg & Hopkins<br />

Certified Gas Station - Broad St. & Orel<br />

Walgreens - Hague Ave. & Broad St.<br />

Marathon Gas Station - Georgesville & Industrial Rd.<br />

La Plaza Tapatta - Georgesville & Hollywood Rd.<br />

BP Gas Station - Georgesville Rd. & Broad St.<br />

Westland Library - Lincoln Village Plaza<br />

Giant Eagle - Lincoln Village Plaza<br />

Thorton’s Gas Station - 4990 W. Broad St.<br />

Walgreens - Broad St. & Galloway Rd.<br />

Kroger - Broad St. & Galloway Rd.<br />

CVS Pharmacy - Norton & Hall Rd.<br />

Circle K Gas Station - Norton & Hall Rd.<br />

Dollar General - Norton & Hall Rd.<br />

Marathon Gas Station - Broad St. & Murray Hill Rd.<br />

Speedway Gas Station - Broad St. & Murray Hill Rd.<br />

Dollar Tree - Broad St. & Murray Hill Rd.<br />

Speedway Gas Station - Broad St. 7 Freeway<br />

Sheetz Gas Station - Westland Mall<br />

Speedway Gas Station - Broad St. & Wilson Rd.<br />

Kroger - Consumer Square Shopping Center<br />

Franklin Township Business Office - 2193 Frank Rd.<br />

READ US ONLINE: www.columbusmessenger.com

PAGE 12 - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Columbus officials plan to expand Project Taillight<br />

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein and<br />

City Councilman Emmanuel Remy<br />

released recent data for Project Taillight, a<br />

public safety program that provides free<br />

auto repair services for lower-income residents.<br />

In July, city council invested $175,000<br />

in additional funding for Project Taillight<br />

to expand the program beyond safety lights<br />

to include a number of other repairs,<br />

including replacement windows and mirrors,<br />

brakes, tires, transmission and<br />

exhaust system fixes, and a number of<br />

other types of repairs. Since that expansion,<br />

more than 75 residents have received<br />

Project Taillight repair services. More than<br />

80 percent of the individuals helped this<br />

year are single mothers. Since its creation<br />



61 S. Powell Ave., Columbus,OH 43204<br />

Come - Let’s Worship Together!<br />

Pastor Nancy Day-Achauer<br />

Worship Service 9:00 a.m.<br />

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.<br />

westgateumc@sbcglobal.net<br />

614-274-4271<br />



6191 Hall Road<br />

Galloway, OH 43119<br />

(614) 878-5015<br />

Worship @10:45 a.m.<br />

Where every single one of<br />

God's children is welcome!<br />

in 2020, Project Taillight has helped more<br />

than 300 residents get needed repairs to<br />

keep those drivers safe on the road.<br />

“Project Taillight is good government at<br />

its best, bringing the public and private<br />

sector together to address a need in our<br />

community, free up law enforcement to<br />

focus on more serious and violent crime,<br />

and make our roads and neighborhoods<br />

safer for all of us,” said Klein. “We haven’t<br />

yet unlocked the full potential of Project<br />

Taillight, and I’m happy to offer my support<br />

to continue building this innovative<br />

program that’s changing lives and improving<br />

public safety.”<br />

Project Taillight was established in<br />

2020 by the city of Columbus and Franklin<br />

County to provide certain cost-free auto<br />

Be a Part of Our Local Worship Guide<br />

Our upcoming Worship Guide is geared toward celebrating faith and helping readers connect with<br />

religious resources in our community. Make sure these readers know how you can help with a presence in<br />

this very special section distributed to more than 25,000 households in the <strong>Westside</strong> area.<br />

Contact us today to secure your spot in our Worship Guide.<br />

614.272.5422 • kathy@columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>Westside</strong><br />


775 Galloway Rd., Galloway<br />

Telephone: 614-878-4530<br />

www.wherefriendsaremade.org<br />

9:00am - Contemporary Worship<br />

10:30am - Traditional Worship<br />

Breakfast with Santa Dec. 16th, 9am-12pm<br />

email admin@columbiaheightsumc.com<br />

or call 614-208-8399<br />

by Dec. 2nd to make reservations<br />


2833 Valleyview Dr.<br />

(Corner of Valleyview & Hague Ave.)<br />

Rev. Dr. Kevin Orr<br />

Join us for In-Person or Online<br />

Glenwood UMC YouTube<br />

http://tinyurl.com/GlenwoodUMC<br />

Come Join in the Celebration!<br />

130th Church Anniversary on<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 19th, <strong>2023</strong><br />

at 10:45 A.M.<br />

repair services to lower income residents.<br />

Initially, vehicle repairs were performed by<br />

students enrolled in Columbus State<br />

Community College’s Automotive<br />

Technology program, but the program has<br />

since expanded to also include a number of<br />

auto repair shops located throughout the<br />

city.<br />

“I am beyond ecstatic in what these<br />

numbers demonstrate,” said Remy.<br />

“Project Taillight is helping single mothers<br />

and families in our community take their<br />

kids to daycare, doctor appointments, and<br />

providing reliable transportation to get to<br />

their place of employment.”<br />

Remy also said that he is hoping to<br />

secure additional funding in the city’s 2024<br />

operating budget to continue to grow and<br />

expand Project Taillight.<br />

Additionally, Remy announced that the<br />

city will begin recruiting local repair shop<br />

Grove City Chamber<br />

Singers to perform a fall concert<br />

The Grove City Chamber Singers will<br />

begin their 35th season with a fall concert,<br />

“Night and Day,” on Sunday, Nov. 19. A<br />

variety of choral selections including spirituals,<br />

classic, jazz, Cole Porter, and holiday<br />

Pets of the week<br />

Addie had a rough<br />

start in life. She<br />

arrived at a shelter<br />

covered in fleas and<br />

was underweight<br />

when she was a pup.<br />

It took a couple<br />

months to get her to<br />

a good place.<br />

Estimated to be just<br />

about 1 year of age, she is a German shepherd<br />

mix and weighs 35 pounds. Addie is a<br />

smart and happy girl who loves to be with<br />

people and enjoys time outside. She is housebroken<br />

and crate trained. Adopt Addie from<br />

Colony Cats and Dogs.<br />

FYI: colonycats.org<br />

Betty Crocker is the<br />

purr-fect culinary<br />

companion. She is a<br />

delightful tabby with<br />

a heart as warm as<br />

fresh-baked cookies.<br />

Born to the streets<br />

but now ready to rule<br />

your kitchen, Betty<br />

Crocker’s tale is as heartwarming as her<br />

meows are melodious. This charming girl was<br />

once a stray but with a dash of kindness, she<br />

found her way into a cozy haven to wait for her<br />

forever home. If you’re seeking a friend who<br />

knows the recipe for happiness, look no further<br />

than Betty Crocker.<br />

FYI: colonycats.org<br />

community events<br />

partners later this month. These approved<br />

vendors must meet certain criteria to participate<br />

in the program, including customer<br />

service training to better work with program<br />

participants, timely scheduling for<br />

repairs, separate systems for reporting<br />

invoices and auditing to protect taxpayer<br />

dollars, and training on Project Taillight<br />

operational practices.<br />

To be eligible for participation in the<br />

Project Taillight program, individuals<br />

must be city of Columbus residents, have a<br />

valid driver’s license, hold the title to the<br />

vehicle, live in households at or below 200<br />

percent of the federal poverty level, and<br />

drive a vehicle that is seven years old or<br />

older. Screening is conducted by the City<br />

Attorney’s Community Outreach Team,<br />

who then refers qualifying participants to<br />

one of the approved auto repair shops participating<br />

in the program.<br />

music will be performed. The Chamber<br />

Singers will be joined by the Reynoldsburg<br />

High School Chamber Singers. The concert<br />

will take place at the Grove City United<br />

Methodist Church, 2684 Columbus St.<br />

Doors open at 3 p.m. A freewill donation<br />

will be collected with a portion going<br />

toward a scholarship.<br />

These furry friends are available<br />

for adoption at local<br />

rescues and shelters<br />

Pandie is a sweet,<br />

shy 8-year-old guy<br />

looking for his forever<br />

home. He gets along<br />

with other cats, as<br />

long as the other cats<br />

are calm. He would<br />

do well in a quiet<br />

home. He is FIV positive,<br />

but don’t let that<br />

worry you. FIV cats<br />

can live long, normal<br />

lives with proper care. Pandie is a very special<br />

boy who has lived a hard life, but he is ready<br />

for a loving indoor only home. Adopt him from<br />

Friends for Life Animal Haven.<br />

FYI: fflah.org<br />

Calliope is a bit cautious<br />

with new people,<br />

but she warms<br />

up quickly and will be<br />

your best friend. She<br />

loves to play and<br />

loves a good belly<br />

scratch. Calliope also<br />

loves her treats and<br />

will let you know<br />

when she wants one.<br />

She does well with<br />

other gentle dogs and would be a great addition<br />

to any family. Adopt her from the Franklin<br />

County Dog Shelter.<br />

FYI: franklincountydogs.com

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> PAGE 13<br />

Photos courtesy of South-Western City Schools<br />

Putting on a show<br />

Students got the opportunity to exhibit their talents at the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> South-Western City Schools District Band Showcase.<br />

Band members from all four high schools performed for the<br />

community on Oct. 24 at Grove City High School. Here, the<br />

Grove City High School Marching Band takes the field. Here,<br />

a Franklin Heights High School student delight the crowd<br />

with their performance.<br />

Westland High School band members take the stage at the<br />

Band Showcase.

PAGE 16 - WESTSIDE MESSENGER - <strong>November</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

The lives that intersect for brief<br />

moments over counters at diners, convenience<br />

stores, and motels on the bleak and<br />

beautiful roadways of America have been<br />

inspiring artists, authors, musicians and<br />

screenwriters for generations. Drawing<br />

from her own experiences traversing the<br />

highways on solo journeys, documentarian<br />

turned first-time feature film director<br />

Morissa Maltz crafts an intimate story<br />

about loneliness, grief and the want and<br />

need for connection in “The Unknown<br />

Country.”<br />

This year’s breakout star Lily Gladstone<br />

(currently blowing away audiences in<br />

Martin Scorsese’s theatrical adaptation of<br />

David Grann’s best-selling non-fiction book<br />

“Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage<br />

Murders and the Birth of the FBI”) is the<br />

central — and often only — character in this<br />

film, which might be a deterrent to some<br />

due to the fact that sparsity is often misconstrued<br />

as uninteresting. But allow me<br />

to say that she and the white Cadillac that<br />

her character uses to travel the roadways<br />

are the only things that are needed because<br />

they are just that engaging to watch — her<br />

more so than the car but if you have an<br />

uncomfortable vehicle that you hate sitting<br />

in for even 10 minutes it makes the scenes<br />

of the long drive all the more compelling.<br />

In the film, Gladstone plays Tana, a 30-<br />

something-year-old woman who left her job<br />

in order to take care of her ailing grandmother<br />

whom she has always adored.<br />

Unmoored by her death, she aimlessly<br />

walks around their Minneapolis home,<br />

smoothing down the homemade blankets<br />

on her grandmother’s bed as if waiting for<br />

her to walk through the doors and take her<br />

rest for the night.<br />

One morning, Tana gets an unexpected<br />

call from her cousin Lainey (Lainey<br />


<br />

2024<br />

19 th Annual<br />

Mike Albert<br />

and<br />

The Big E. Band<br />

Per Couple Prices<br />

Overnight Package - $339<br />

Party Only Packages - $269<br />

Single Packages Available<br />

Prices include<br />

Dinner, Drinks, Room, Party favors,<br />

Full Breakfast<br />

<br />

Crowne Plaza • 6500 Doubletree Ave. (formerly Marriott North)<br />

Bearkiller Shangreaux) inviting her to<br />

come out to her wedding in Spearfish,<br />

South Dakota, near the vicinity of the Pine<br />

Ridge Reservation where Tana and her<br />

grandmother has their roots in the Oglala<br />

Lakota community. Although she is not<br />

necessarily estranged from her family, she<br />

has not seen or heard from a majority of<br />

her relatives in years, if not decades.<br />

Desperately wanting and needing that<br />

connection with her cousins, aunts, and<br />

uncles, Tana packs a suitcase with clothes<br />

and her grandmother’s cherished photo<br />

album to begin the first leg of her journey<br />

across America to find a sense of spiritual<br />

healing through the love of lost family and<br />

the kindness and quirkiness of the individuals<br />

that slip in and out of our lives but can<br />

make an impact that lasts forever.<br />

As mentioned before, director Maltz —<br />

who co-wrote the film in collaboration with<br />

Lily Gladstone, Lainey Bearkiller<br />

Shangreaux and Vanara Taing — has a<br />

background as a documentarian and she<br />

often combines that medium within the fictional<br />

narrative style of the movie. For<br />

instance, the individuals we meet on<br />

Tana’s solo drive across parts of the country<br />

are non-professional actors who are<br />

sharing their stories with her character<br />

and us, the audience. Among the real-life<br />

people we all meet are Scott Stampe, a<br />

hotel proprietor who folds towels into the<br />

shape of swans to make his guests smile;<br />

Dale Leander Toller, a convenience store<br />

worker who found the man of his dreams —<br />

literally; Teresa Boyd, the owner of a dance<br />

hall in Texas who keeps it operational so a<br />

90-year-old woman named Flo can dance<br />

the night away; and Pam Richter, a friendly<br />

waitress at the Hickok House in<br />

Deadwood who doesn’t judge people<br />

“because you never know what they are<br />

going through” and<br />

who provides shelter<br />

to unwanted cats. It<br />

was a delight to get<br />

to meet these men<br />

and women, however<br />

briefly, and it was<br />

even bittersweet to<br />

learn that Pam passed away in 2020. The<br />

film is dedicated in her memory because<br />

she “never wanted anyone who met her to<br />

forget her.”<br />

Because of the languid nature of “The<br />

Unknown Country,” the momentum of the<br />

movie can feel a little meandering at times,<br />

but it is the warmth and heartfelt performances<br />

from the professional actors and nonprofessional<br />

actors that can make you push<br />

aside those passing thoughts of tedium and<br />

just enjoy this film for what it is: a gentle<br />

reminder that we are not really meant to<br />

exist in isolation, and that sometimes the<br />

best way to remind ourselves of that fact is<br />

to go out, explore this wild and weird<br />

unknown country and try to find a connection<br />

with someone out there who also needs<br />

someone to let them know that they see<br />

them and that they exist too — even for a<br />

moment.<br />

“The Unknown Country” is currently<br />

streaming on demand for rent or purchase.<br />

It will also be available soon to reserve at<br />

your local library.<br />

Grade: B+<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

In Entertainment<br />

“e Unknown Country” is warm and heartfelt<br />

4170 W. Broad St.<br />

Columbus, OH<br />

43228<br />



10 A.M. - 7 P.M.<br />

Food & Beverages<br />

Over 300 Dealers - Indoor/Outdoor<br />

Handicap Accessible<br />

Air Conditioning / ATM<br />

Free Admission & Parking<br />

Dale Zinn, President/CEO<br />

westlandfleamarket.com<br />

614-272-5678<br />

Hilltop Legal Clinic<br />

The Legal Aid Society of Columbus will<br />

host a Hilltop Legal Clinic every Monday<br />

from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library Hilltop Branch, 511<br />

S. Hague Ave. in Columbus. A legal aid<br />

attorney will be available to answer questions<br />

regarding landlord and tenant issues,<br />

public benefits, consumer debt, and family<br />

law. To receive free advice, you must have<br />

a gross household income below 200 percent<br />

of the Federal Poverty Level. For more<br />

information, call Legal Aid at 614-241-<br />

2001.<br />

Free legal advice<br />

at Westland Library<br />

The Legal Aid Society of Columbus will<br />

offer free legal advice the third Tuesday of<br />

The Reel Deal<br />

Dedra Cordle<br />

Dedra Cordle is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer<br />

and columnist.<br />

around the westside<br />

each month at the Westland Area Library,<br />

4740 West Broad St. Representatives will<br />

be on hand from 4 to 6 p.m. to discuss noncriminal<br />

legal matters like health benefits,<br />

medicare, and landlord issues. For more<br />

information, call the library at 614-878-<br />

1301.<br />

Breakfast at the Lodge<br />

to benefit Special Olympics<br />

The West Gate Masonic Lodge #623 is<br />

preparing breakfast once a month to benefit<br />

the Special Olympics. The public is<br />

invited to have breakfast the second<br />

Saturday of each month at 2925 West<br />

Broad St. Adults eat for a donation of $7<br />

and kids can have a meal for $3. Serving is<br />

from 9 a.m. to noon. For more information,<br />

email westgate623@gmail.com.

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