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<strong>November</strong> 2023 - <strong>Vol</strong>ume 7, <strong>Issue</strong> 6<br />



By Excel Fongoma<br />

S<br />

taff and students could not hide their excitement when the new state-of-theart<br />

Health and Wellness Centre was officially opened by the Vice-Chancellor and<br />

Principal, Prof Tinyiko Maluleke in building 28, at the Arts Campus on 21 September.<br />

Speaking on behalf of the Campus Rector, Prof Ingrid Mokgobu, Prof Nalini Moodley-Diar,<br />

Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, said she was excited that the Centre<br />

which will serve staff and students from the Arts and Arcadia campuses has finally been<br />

opened.<br />

“This is indeed a milestone for all, and it brings us closer to taking the University and its<br />

offerings from good to great. Today we are here to celebrate the end product and are<br />

grateful to all who participated in realizing this important project,” she said.<br />

“This dream has come about to its fullest culmination after two years of hard work,<br />

determination, perseverance and focus on achieving this moral course. The venture was<br />

initiated based on addressing the health and wellness needs of staff and students at the<br />

Arts and Arcadia campuses and also a direct response to the call to improve access to<br />

health facilities which will safeguard the lives of all,” she added.<br />

She urged staff and students to access the various free health care services that are<br />

offered at the Centre and added that together we can ensure that we bring a better life<br />

for all.<br />

Talking about the purpose of the launch, Dr Shadrack Nthangeni, Executive Director of<br />

SAED, started by thanking all for attending the milestone event which also marks the<br />

launch of the University’s seventh Health and Wellness Centre.<br />

“As TUT we pride ourselves in ensuring equitable and accessible services and programmes<br />

for our students, and in addition, we pride ourselves with our holistic student<br />

development and support. The Health and Wellness Centre is a good opportunity for<br />

students to gain knowledge on matters such as healthy lifestyles, including diet and the<br />

importance of physical activities with the sole purpose of preventing diseases. Prevention<br />

is better than cure,” he said. (continue on page 2)<br />

“This is indeed a milestone<br />

for all, and it brings us closer<br />

to taking the University and<br />

its offerings from good to<br />

great. Today we are here to<br />

celebrate the end product<br />

and are grateful to all who<br />

participated in realizing this<br />

important project.”<br />

Prof Nalini Moodley-Diar<br />

Executive Dean of<br />

the Faculty of Arts and Design<br />

Prof Nalini Moodley-Diar<br />

page<br />

1<br />


Prof Tinyiko Maluleke, Principal and Vice-chancellor of TUT AND Dr<br />

Shadrack Nthangeni, Executive Director of SAED<br />

“Throughout the learning journey, students do encounter a lot of<br />

challenges such as mental health, GBV, teenage and unplanned pregnancies<br />

and HIV and Aids, which remains a huge social problem in our society. The<br />

Centre we are launching remains one of the students’ hope for good health<br />

and coping mechanisms with their daily struggles,” he added.<br />

“We are here to recommit to prevention, health promotion, student<br />

development and support and empower students to be active participants<br />

in taking care of their own health. And we also commit to putting students<br />

at the center of our health and wellness programme and meeting their<br />

health needs irrespective of their status and socio-economic background,”<br />

he continued.<br />

“Our intervention and approach are being driven by the rapidly changing<br />

health care trends and needs, which also change the way health<br />

information and care is being delivered. We will explore opportunities<br />

to work closely with the TUT Artificial Intelligence Hub as we have the<br />

responsibility to deliver quality healthcare services to our students;<br />

in addition, we will offer opportunities for students to do their Work<br />

Integrated Learning at the Centre as well,” said Dr Nthangeni.<br />

Addressing the audience, Prof Malukeke said he was impressed to see that<br />

at the Centre there was a poster on the “Batho Pele Principles”. “In my<br />

capacity as the Deputy Chair of the National Planning Commission, we will<br />

be launching a review of how the country has done as far as implementing<br />

the National Development Plan over the past ten years. I will proudly<br />

report that TUT still upholds the principles of Batho Pele,” he said.<br />

“Student Health and Wellness are cross-cutting and very broad concepts.<br />

These terms speak from the purely somatic to the psychosomatics, the<br />

sociosomatic and all the problems that come with the effects of economic<br />

difficulties, as well as risky student behavior. In our 2025 strategy, we put<br />

at the centre, the idea of producing future-ready graduates; but we also<br />

know that without health and wellness, our students will have no future<br />

to imagine, no future to participate in and no future to shape. Where<br />

there is no health and wellness, our students will not have a positive<br />

effect on society. My view is that students who are unwell and unhealthy<br />

both physically and mentally, will become a burden to the University and<br />

society, and that is not the kind of graduate we want to produce at TUT,”<br />

said Prof Maluleke.<br />

“We are especially concerned about the well-being of the vulnerable<br />

students such as those living with disabilities and those that are<br />

stigmatized for one reason or another. As we launch the Health and<br />

Wellness Centre, we view it as a strategic intervention and a practical<br />

intervention. Strategic because we realise the enormity of the problems<br />

faced by the students and the impact it could have on their development.<br />

The Centre is a testimony to our dedication to help our students with their<br />

health and wellness challenges.<br />

Expressing the gratitude of the students, Chantelle Kaunda, SFC<br />

Chairperson of the Arts and Design Faculty said before it was a challenge<br />

for the students to access health care services easily because they had<br />

to go to the local clinics. “But now we are all delighted that we have our<br />

own Centre.” She added that the Centre will help with challenges such as<br />

gender-based violence and mental issues such as depression and stress.<br />

Dr Annah Sefolosha, Director of the Directorate of Health and Wellness,<br />

acknowledged and thanked everyone who assisted in the project. She took<br />

time to specifically thank the former Director, Tebogo Makgabo, who is the<br />

pioneer of the project.<br />

“She started the concept and oversaw that it became what it is today.<br />

All the acknowledgements I received today is because of her contribution<br />

towards me being the person I am today. It is through her mentorship and<br />

through her, affording me all the opportunities,” she said.<br />

Other guest speakers who shared words of wisdom and encouragement<br />

included: Molimii Geya representing the South African Association of<br />

Campus Health Services, Lekwetja Komane representing the Tshwane<br />

District Health Services and Oniah Tsheole-Nkosi representing the<br />

Multisectoral AIDS Response Unit<br />

From left, Shepard Khoza - former SRC President General, Tebogo Makgabo - former Director of Health and Wellness,<br />

Prof Tinyiko Maluleke, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of TUT, Amanda Ntombela, Former SRC Secretary General, Mack<br />

Mokgonyane, Administrator of Health and Wellness TUT Arts Campus, Dr Shadrack Ntangeni, Executive Director of<br />

SAED, Dr Annah Sefolosha, Director of Health and Wellness, Louis Mthimunye, Head of Department of Health and<br />

Wellness TUT Pretoria Campus, Noko Lucky Morakaladi, Professional Nurse at Arts Campus Clinic and Prof Nalin<br />

Moodley-Diar.<br />


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Student<br />

elections<br />

increases<br />

political<br />

engagement<br />

By Aysha Ramatena<br />

M<br />

ore than half of the students of Tshwane<br />

University of Technology (TUT) participated<br />

in the 2023/2024 Student Representative<br />

Council (SRC) elections, which took place online from<br />

4 to 6 September 2023, with 6 structures contesting<br />

for 7 seats in Institutional SRC (ISRC).<br />

According to Dr Gugulethu Xaba, the director of SGLD<br />

(student governance and leadership development),<br />

these are the biggest SRC elections in the country<br />

for residential universities, “This is showcasing the<br />

hard work and active participation of students”, he<br />

said during the preliminary results meeting held on 6<br />

September 2023.<br />

The 2023 voter turnout exceeded the 2022 one, as<br />

well as the year before that. This year’s provisional<br />

voter turnout was 53.9%, compared to 2022 which<br />

was 53.2%. Morena Modiselle, a financial management<br />

student from Ga-Rankuwa campus mentioned that the<br />

elections served as an important way for students to<br />

understand their role on campus and what leadership<br />

entails. “Political structures campaigning shows that<br />

there’s activity on campus, and it’s the only way for<br />

them to sell themselves to students”, he added.<br />

Dr Shadrack Nthangeni, the executive director of<br />

student affairs and extracurricular development<br />

(SAED), mentioned that he was happy that students<br />

were exercising their constitutional rights by voting,<br />

“I am also glad that the university management was<br />

responsive by conducting classes online as an enabling<br />

tool to have free and fair elections”, he said.<br />

The preliminary results were announced by Thobile<br />

Thomas, the chief electoral officer and Alan<br />

Campbell, the deputy chief electoral officer from<br />

KDBS Consulting. These results showed the EFFSC<br />

(Economic Freedom Fighters Student command) taking<br />

the lead in politics within the institution.<br />

The consolidated version of the ISRC results showed:<br />

• EFFSC on position 1 with 14 206 votes and an<br />

allocation of 4 seats.<br />

• SASCO received 9 542 votes, earning them 2<br />

seats.<br />

• SCO in last position with 3 274 votes in total,<br />

earning them 1 seat.<br />

The Afriman Rising Dialogue<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

T<br />

he Afriman Rising Dialogue was hosted on September 21, 2023, at Ga-Rankuwa Campus<br />

by the Directorate of Extracurricular Development. Several speakers, including Dr. Albert<br />

Mbada, Director of the Directorate of Extracurricular Development and Sello Maake<br />

kaNcube presented keynote presentations. This is an event focused on young men addressing<br />

Gender-Based Violence issues (GBV).<br />

Sello Maake KaNcube television personality said, “It will be nice for you as young men, that when<br />

you come out of this institution, and you look back and you say, I am where I am because of this<br />

institution. Today is about building character, it’s about consolidating our identity. We will speak<br />

about the importance of physical pain and the pain dealt with on a psychological level.”<br />

Dr. Albert Mbada, Director of Extracurricular Development explained, “I suggest making the<br />

initiative a Director’s office project so that it can be hosted on several TUT campuses and<br />

rotated, allowing all young men to gain from it’’. The director was impressed about the gaps<br />

that this event filled, “Although it is not in their nature for male students to speak up, this<br />

forum allowed them the chance to do so and share their struggles and experiences with others.<br />

Men’s social norms in the society were discussed. Men’s development was encouraged through<br />

mentoring.”<br />

Dr. Mbada added, “Young males had a variety of options at their disposal for navigating social<br />

standards. Young men were given a platform that allowed them to explore the fundamental<br />

causes of the problems that affected them and provided them a chance to consider their<br />

future”.<br />

Terry Mabye said, “We appreciate how the event went and I love that it was all about us this<br />

year,” he remarked. Comparing this event to the previous one, we enabled women to be present<br />

in 2022 but men lacked sufficient openness on their own struggles. The Afriman event has taught<br />

us a lot, especially from the guest speakers.”<br />

“How the speakers detailed about the daily<br />

life challenges they face as men and they still<br />

survive, that was a motivation to us. They<br />

advise us better and we appreciated that. They<br />

never came to us as celebrities, they came as<br />

men to mentor the young men”.<br />

Dr Albert Mbada, Director of DED<br />

Sello Maake KaNcube<br />

Terry Mayb<br />

3<br />

1<br />

T<br />

1. TUT Peer Educators.<br />

2. TUT Somatology students doing manicure to TUT staff.<br />

3. TUT Student and Staff nurse.<br />

4. Siyabonga Ntamo SAED Public Relations Office, Aysha Ramatena<br />

<strong>BUA</strong> Journalist and Mihlali Matiwane <strong>BUA</strong> Journalist.<br />

Wellness Day<br />

By Aysha Ramatena and Mihlali Matiwane<br />

he Directorate of Health and Wellness hosted a Holistic Wellness Day, which took place<br />

at the Arts Campus on Friday, 8 September, to promote a healthy lifestyle among staff<br />

members and students.<br />

The event was intended to raise awareness among the staff members and students of the different<br />

resources and information available at the Arts campus and the university at large, and also to<br />

encourage making healthy choices. The event as well was to increase a way for students and<br />

colleagues to collaborate in this environment in order for learning to take place in these networks,<br />

allowing for the work community network to widen.<br />

Paulina Mabusela, lecturer at TUT and facilitator at the event, said that it is important to spread<br />

awareness about the importance of our health, “The event is to conscientise all about wellness<br />

and services available for health care, as good mental health is important for and individual’s<br />

overall well-being”, said Mabusela.<br />

Given Mathuba, a black belt who was responsible for teaching the basis of self-defence,<br />

encouraged student participation while activities were being done, “Keeping fit is the<br />

best thing you can do for yourself as a young person” he said. “These self-defense<br />

lessons should come in handy if you ever find yourselves in dangerous situations”<br />

he added when addressing students.<br />

The event featured activities such as yoga sessions, HIV testing,<br />

Gender Based Violence (GBV) awareness, somatology<br />

treatments, and self-defence classes.<br />

2<br />

4<br />

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Phaphama Tshisikhawe: Spokesperson of<br />

TUT<br />

in Innovation and Leadership<br />

Dialogue 2023<br />

By Mihlali Matiwane<br />

T<br />

he Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), in partnership with the City of Tshwane<br />

(CoT) and MentHer, held a Women in Innovation and Leadership Dialogue on August 30,<br />

2023 at the Theunis Bester Hall, Pretoria campus.<br />

Dr Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research, Innovation and Engagement<br />

at TUT said that, this event is not only a way to close the month in style, but it is a stepping<br />

stone for the elevation of women. “This event is TUT’s prestigious event which aims to<br />

promote reasonable representation of women in innovation; particularly to move, to build,<br />

to define and design the world for a better future through women’s contribution in the<br />

development of relevant technologies for societal benefits”, she said.<br />

Dr Papu-Zamxaka also said that creative solutions and greater potential innovations that<br />

meet women’s needs, and promote gender equality will be the result of bringing women into<br />

technology.<br />

Thambisa Bungwana, Acting Group Head, City Strategy and Organizational Performance of the<br />

CoT said that, women should take advantage of working with men as they, too, offer support<br />

to women and are not their enemy, “I am where I am because my dad was my main supporter,<br />

and in all the environments that I’ve worked, I’ve always worked with men, and never did<br />

I ever feel like I’m not supported by these men”, she said, “So take the opportunities that<br />

are available to you. The men that are there are willing to mentor you, to support you”, she<br />

added.<br />

She also touched on the partnership the CoT has with TUT, “TUT is stuck with us. They are<br />

going to continue being the partner to the CoT, whether they like it or not, said Bungwana.<br />

She also mentioned that CoT and TUT are renewing their vows in the new MOU, “We are<br />

hoping that this partnership is going to take a higher level”, she concluded.<br />

Ntsiki Mkhize, keynote speaker at the event and founder of MentHer, when presenting to the<br />

audience said, “Think about who you are learning from, what you are learning and who is in<br />

your circle that allows you to continuously grow. If you feel that you are the best one in your<br />

circle, I challenge you to find bigger circles”.<br />

Towards the end of the event, five women were offered a chance to receive a mentorship,<br />

courtesy of MentHer. The event aimed to innovate women for an impact.<br />

From left: Thato Morokong, Jadene Clarice Anamala, Lethabo Manaka, Dr Phuthi Chilopo-Mgobozi, Dr Vathi Papu-Zamxaka, Elizabeth Masoleng, Tumelo Mashabela,<br />

Thambisa Bungwana, Lydia Sebokedi and Nompumelelo Mncwabe (Centre).<br />

DED and CSS Industry talk<br />

By Aysha Ramatena<br />

The Culture Shifting society (CSS) in collaboration with the<br />

Directorate of extracurricular development (DED) Pretoria campus<br />

hosted their second annual Women Industry Talk at Dinokeng,<br />

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) on 29 August 2023.<br />

The purpose of this event was to shift the narrative towards certain<br />

industries by giving insight into them and to close off women’s month under<br />

the theme “the future is women”. The program included drama and poetry<br />

performances, as well as a panel discussion with:<br />

• Kmat (DJ and Producer)<br />

• Tshegofatso Tswaile-Might (Brand PR manager for Mitchwear)<br />

• Nono Xaba (entrepreneur and award-winning sports broadcaster)<br />

• Ouma Shai (Miss TUT/18 2 nd princess, presenter, and modeling coach)<br />

• Kgadi Mothose (Entrepreneur and PR specialist)<br />

Nono Xaba, a sport broadcaster who was one of the speakers mentioned<br />

that her step into the industry was a way of not being a family<br />

disappointment. “If you serve diligently, you get to open doors for<br />

yourself” she said.<br />

Lebogang Rampa, the master of ceremony, TUT Alumni and national<br />

secretary of BMF Student Chapter mentioned that a good leader is a<br />

servant at heart. She highlighted appreciating the engagement between<br />

students and people making it in the industry. “Nthute, ketle ke tshwane le<br />

wena – teach me, so that I can be like you” she said.<br />

Monde Daza, the chairperson of CSS mentioned that, he appreciated<br />

that the event was a success. “The speakers were informative and the<br />

performances, particularly the poetry and drama were enjoyable” he<br />

said. “Hosting an event of this magnitude would be impossible without the<br />

students” he added.<br />

The Deputy Director of the DED, Solomon Maloka in his vote of thanks<br />

mentioned that such an event should happen frequently as it uplifts women<br />

towards greater heights. “The challenges that one may face are because of<br />

choice, chances and change” he added.<br />

Kgadi Mothotse Kmat Lebogang Rampa Solomon Maluka,<br />

Deputy Director of DED<br />

Disability Awareness Campaign<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

The Directorate of Student Development and Support<br />

held a Disability Awareness Campaign at the Pretoria<br />

campus on 12 September 2023.The event was to<br />

open a platform where the TUT community could learn<br />

about disability and how to accommodate students living<br />

with disability.<br />

Khothatso Maluleke, Head of Department at the TOC phase<br />

at Trans orange school for the Deaf said that she wishes<br />

that Disability Awareness can be done regularly. “Awareness<br />

should be done continually. It helps us to know about other<br />

disabilities and the challenges that people leaving with<br />

disabilities are facing. The awareness also reveals the<br />

importance of acknowledging the inclusion of all people in<br />

different disabilities.”<br />

She added, “I would like to appeal to TUT to have a policy<br />

that includes South African Sign Language as part of the<br />

core-subjects in different departments, that will assist in<br />

the growth of diversity. It creates awareness and shows<br />

the importance of the Deaf community and their culture.<br />

Outreach programs assist other people to understand each<br />

other’s differences and to adapt and be part of the Deaf<br />

community.”<br />

Thuto Chopo, Post-graduate diploma student<br />

in Business Administration said,” my academic<br />

journey has been amazing. The support I received<br />

from SDS I was able to finish on record time. He<br />

explained, “I finished on record time. My academic<br />

work was converted from physical materials to soft<br />

copy material. I was thus able to study and focus”.<br />

Mixo Muhlava TUT Alum said, “The Disability<br />

Awareness day on its own is meant to make sure<br />

that we equip and alert the TUT community<br />

together with its management about types of<br />

disabilities and the challenges we face on a daily<br />

basis. He added, “The event was a success because<br />

we got to discuss the progress being made by<br />

management regarding the issues faced by disabled<br />

people. The performances were very inspiring and<br />

sparked a lot of emotions to me. “<br />

“I am however disappointed by how some of the<br />

speakers left without the disabled people engaging<br />

with them in terms of questions and answers they<br />

needed. I hope in the next awareness day the<br />

situation won’t prevail again. We will make sure the<br />

event is a success”, concluded Mixo.<br />

From left: Sister Louisa<br />

Mthimunye (HOD, Health and<br />

Wellness Pretoria Campus,<br />

Kgothatso Maluleke,<br />

Transorange School for the<br />

death and Dr Gift Chuew<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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Thulani Ngathi raises TUT<br />

Flag high<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

Pearl Thulani Ngathi was selected to represent TUT, Gauteng, and South Africa at<br />

the prestigious 5 th European Choir Games, which will take place in Norrköping,<br />

Sweden(28 October to 5 of <strong>November</strong> 2023). By exhibiting his remarkable talent<br />

on the big stage at the 17 th South African Film and Television Awards on September 30,<br />

2023, he left a lasting impression on the media and entertainment industries.<br />

Since taking over at the start of 2022, Nyathi, who today holds the prestigious position<br />

of Chairperson for the TUT Pretoria Campus choir, has guided the group to innumerable<br />

victories and accumulated an amazing collection of trophies.<br />

Although Thulani enjoys music as a hobby, he puts academics first. “I have a profound<br />

love for music since it has a huge impact on my life and gives me happiness, motivation,<br />

and emotional uplift. I am aware of the importance of maintaining a balance between my<br />

academic work and musical endeavors”, said Thulani.<br />

“The chance to represent Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and Gauteng in the<br />

5 th European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations in Sweden’s Norrköping in 2023 makes<br />

me feel incredibly honored and appreciative. As it brings choirs from all over the world<br />

together, this event is extremely significant because it promotes cultural exchange and<br />

fosters a sense of community via singing”, said Thulani<br />

“I am very aware of the responsibility this entails because I am a spokesperson. Knowing<br />

that we are representing not only our institution but also our region on an international<br />

stage inspires me to perform to the best of my ability. Our diligent planning and devotion<br />

to this event have included arduous rehearsal and a determination to reach creative<br />

perfection”, explained Thulani. Thulani described how grateful he is to his colleagues<br />

and the TUT community, “First and foremost, I want to express my sincere gratitude to<br />

my colleagues in the Advancement and Partnerships Office, whose steadfast support,<br />

guidance, and teamwork have been vital throughout this process. Their assistance,<br />

direction, and knowledge have been really helpful in ensuring that I seize this chance.”<br />

He added, “I am incredibly grateful to my fellow choir members from the TUT Pretoria<br />

Campus for the passion and commitment they have all demonstrated ever since they gave<br />

me the responsibility of being the Chairperson. And I’ll proudly represent you all at all<br />

times.<br />

I am determined to represent our university at the 5th European Choir Games with the<br />

utmost commitment and skill. We shall continue to work together to pursue greatness and<br />

uphold the honor, “concluded Thulani.<br />

“Thulani has lived up to the University’s mission of pursuing excellence in every sphere.<br />

He is the living testimony of TUT’s brand promise of producing graduates who are fully<br />

empowered to compete on an international scale. We are proud of his achievements. He<br />

doesn’t only represent TUT, but South African at large”, Portia Shalati Dhavana, Manager:<br />

Alumnia Relations and Fund Rasing.<br />

Thulani Ngathi<br />

Pearl Thulani Ngathi<br />

Black Hustlers<br />

By Mihlali Matiwane<br />

Mehleketo Chauke, a Tshwane University of<br />

Technology Alumni who hails from Malamulele<br />

Limpopo, currently living in Soweto and Pretoria<br />

has a clothing brand named Black Hustlers, which he<br />

started in 2020 while he was studying towards his Animal<br />

Science qualification.<br />

Chauke stated that he started the clothing brand because<br />

he wanted to settle his fees, “I did not have funding when<br />

I started studying, so I believed that it would help me get<br />

my qualification and also change my life. I also had to<br />

come up with something because I knew that life wouldn’t<br />

be easy after graduating. “It’s not easy finding a job after<br />

completing your qualification these days”, he said. “I have<br />

never had any financial support, that’s the reason I had to<br />

push harder and I am still pushing very hard, I still believe<br />

that I will, one day, open a shop”, he added. He did<br />

mention, however, that he needs sponsorship as it would<br />

help grow his business.<br />

Mehleketo markets and sells his clothes on social media<br />

(Facebook, Instagram, and X- formerly known as Twitter).<br />

He explains how people purchase his clothes, “People<br />

inbox me on social media and I send them (the clothes)<br />

through Pep PAXI”, he said. “I also do hand deliveries and I<br />

always write my number when advertising on social media<br />

platforms”, said Chauke. He also sells his clothes at taxi<br />

ranks as well.<br />

Chauke managed to graduate while pursuing his business<br />

goals as he always puts his education first. “It was not easy<br />

at all because I had to go to the street and come back and<br />

study, which was really hard for me. But I had to do it”,<br />

he said. The name of his brand<br />

was inspired by the people who<br />

hustle in the darkness with the<br />

hope of seeing the light one day,<br />

and mentioned that he is still one<br />

of those people who hope to<br />

see that light in the near<br />

future.<br />

Mehleketo Chauke<br />

TUT Alum crowned Journalist of the year<br />

by Gauteng Women in Sports<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

Kelebogile Chokoe, a TUT alum won an award for journalist of the<br />

year in the Gauteng Women in Sports Awards. Chokoe was born in<br />

Katlegong. Raised by her maternal grandmother and aunt, after her<br />

mother’s passing she was five years old.<br />

Kelebogile went to Maitjibulo Primary School in Katlegong. She enrolled<br />

for National Diploma in Journalism in 2012 and dropped out in 2014. In<br />

2016 she registered for journalism again and struggled to find love for it,<br />

leading her to taking time before completing the course. She eventually<br />

graduated in 2020 and enrolled for an Advanced Diploma in Journalism,<br />

which she completed in record time with a distinction in research.<br />

Kelebogile explained that, challenges she came across in her career never<br />

stopped her in doing what she loves. “I once worked for a publication<br />

which did not allow me to cover sport news because I am a woman. It was<br />

a toxic environment, I resigned and it took me three years to get a proper<br />

job. Before I got this job I struggled with my daughter financially but that<br />

never stopped me. We are now in a better place.”<br />

Kelebogile is currently working for Caxton’s African reporter. She<br />

explained her excitement as she received the award. “This award means a<br />

lot to me, it means there is a talent that I have. It is also a confidence<br />

booster to continue doing what I am doing well”.<br />

“My daughter is my motivation, seeing her happy as I am<br />

the only parent she has is everything to me. I wake up<br />

every day to try give her the life I never had”, said<br />

Kelebogile.<br />

Kelebogile explained to <strong>BUA</strong> how she got<br />

the award, “I was nominated for<br />

writing about Sports. Votile<br />

The Leadership Odyssey of an<br />

International Student<br />

In a significant stride toward diversity and inclusion,<br />

the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) proudly<br />

introduced its newly elected student leadership<br />

representatives for the academic year 2023/24<br />

on September 6, 2023. Among these outstanding<br />

individuals are members of the Student Representative<br />

Council (SRC) and the Student Faculty Council (SFC),<br />

all poised to make a difference in the university’s<br />

vibrant community.<br />

One name that stands out among the newly elected<br />

leaders is Tadiwanashe Bryte Songore, a 19-year-old<br />

Computer Science second-year student hailing from<br />

Zimbabwe but nurtured in the heart of Johannesburg<br />

South. With a natural flair for leadership, Songore<br />

has been entrusted with the pivotal role of<br />

SFC Chairperson for the Faculty of Information<br />

Communication Technology (ICT).<br />

Songore’s impressive portfolio extends far beyond his<br />

role as SFC Chairperson. He is also a dedicated track<br />

and field athlete, specializing in the 100-200 meters’<br />

sprint. In addition, he serves as a Peer Educator<br />

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, exemplifying his<br />

commitment to promoting education and awareness<br />

within the student body. Songore further contributes<br />

to the international student community as the Deputy<br />

Chairperson of the International Student Office (ISO) in<br />

Soshanguve Campus.<br />

Jack is the person who nominated me, she is a sports presenter on a local<br />

radio station. I love writing about sports more than taking part in it. I do<br />

not have any favourite sports”, said Chokoe.<br />

“TUT is the people’s University, the institution inspires hope in a lot of us<br />

and it has shown most of us the life we never thought existed. It means a<br />

lot being a product of<br />

TUT, which is the largest<br />

contact university in the<br />

country. I will forever be<br />

grateful for the life this<br />

institution showed me”,<br />

explained Chokoe.<br />

“I would like to<br />

encourage TUT students<br />

to take their academic<br />

work seriously. I once<br />

attended an event and<br />

one of the speakers<br />

said, “Where the heart<br />

is, energy flows.” I think<br />

this is one thing that<br />

we should tell ourselves<br />

every morning and we<br />

will enjoy what we do.<br />

Enjoying what we do<br />

will lead us to working<br />

efficiently” concluded<br />

Kelebogile.<br />

He holds the esteemed position of Treasurer at<br />

Geekulcha student society. Notably, in 2022, he<br />

served as the Deputy Secretary of the first year and<br />

foundation House Committee and presently, he is<br />

the Chairperson of the Computer Science House<br />

Committee.<br />

Songore candidly shared the challenges he faced as an<br />

international student, the struggle to secure funding,<br />

which often complicated the registration process each<br />

academic year. Despite these challenges, he expressed<br />

gratitude for the myriad opportunities the university<br />

experience has afforded him. “I have made friends<br />

who I now regard as family because I know they will<br />

always be there for me, and formal relationships that<br />

will always be available to assist,” he remarked.<br />

His steadfast belief in the power of hard work and<br />

resilience was evident as he stated, “My ability to<br />

not mix emotions with judgment always ensures that<br />

I make decisions that will ultimately be beneficial”.<br />

Looking ahead, Songore has ambitious aspirations.<br />

He aims to continue his growth, aiming to make<br />

a mark in various tech spaces, all while diligently<br />

working towards his graduation. His story stands as a<br />

testament to the spirit of determination, resilience,<br />

and unwavering belief in oneself, inspiring students<br />

not just within TUT but globally, reminding them that<br />

dreams know no borders and determination knows no<br />

limits.<br />

From left: Sibusiso Chokoe and Kelebogile<br />

Chokoe, TUT Alumni<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />

8<br />

page<br />

9<br />


Cleaning Campaign<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

The Tshwane University of Technology launched a cleaning<br />

campaign. Themed: I love My Campus. All TUT campuses<br />

participated in the campaign. The first launch was in the<br />

Polokwane Campus. Both staff and students came out in style to<br />

help keep the campus tidy. The main purpose of the campaign<br />

is to initiate a process of improving the ambiance of our various<br />

campuses and sites.<br />

Americo Cumbe, a Master of Management in Entrepreneurship<br />

student said, “Thanks to the ‘Keep TUT Clean’ campaign that<br />

enabled staff across different departments to get together. Our<br />

beautiful campus did not even depend on the cleaning campaign<br />

to keep the campus clean as we could not even fully fill a single<br />

refuse bag.”<br />

Lehasa Johannes explained why this campaign started, “The main<br />

purpose of the campaign is to initiate a process of improving the<br />

ambiance of our various campuses and sites. We would like to<br />

make sure that we do not harm the environment further.”<br />

Speaking to <strong>BUA</strong>, Lehasa said, “My main request to the TUT<br />

community, including extended members of our university<br />

community, they must not litter, they must discourage littering and<br />

they must remove waste and put it in litter bins. They must also<br />

voluntarily initiate their own programmes, which promote clean<br />

campuses.”<br />

Lehasa believes that this campaign is<br />

continuous, “It is not a once off campaign<br />

because with the current three months cleaning<br />

campaign project, we are also requesting<br />

volunteers to become Clean Campus Ambassadors.<br />

These individuals will take the programme<br />

forward. We are also requesting campuses to<br />

appoint Committees to focus on cleanliness of<br />

campuses. These committees will be charged with<br />

the responsibility of organsing annual and other related campaigns<br />

inclusive of related awareness programmes.”<br />

“I am already receiving names of volunteers to serve as<br />

Ambassadors. There are also other relevant initiatives coming<br />

up soon which will be held on campuses in order not to lose the<br />

momentum”, said Lehasa.<br />

According to Lehasa this was a successful project, “This campaign<br />

was a good start. My words of gratitude to all those who<br />

participated in the launch. I saw students, academics, support<br />

staff and at some campuses even security officers get their hands<br />

dirty in support of the launch.<br />

I would further like to<br />

extend special word of<br />

gratitude to Campus<br />

Rectors as well as<br />

Corporate Affairs and<br />

Marketing, as they<br />

were four squares<br />

behind me in making<br />

the campaign a big<br />

success”.<br />

Students at TUT are preparing to<br />

move into the commercial space<br />

By Mihlali Matiwane<br />

Tshwane University of Technology, Polokwane Campus hosted a Black<br />

Management Forum (BMF) on 22 September 2023. The purpose of<br />

the event was to encourage entrepreneurship among students and<br />

members of the BMF structure and to provide them with financial literacy<br />

training. The institution’s 2025 goal is to produce future ready graduates,<br />

that will make the knowledge work after being equipped with skills.<br />

Ntokoto Msarvin Nkanyani, Traffic Safety and Municipal Police Management,<br />

third year student said, “The event was informative, students were able<br />

to be told about opportunities of funding for their businesses.” He further<br />

expressed his recommendations, “We have identified that, there are many<br />

people doing business within Polokwane Campus but the majority of them<br />

have not yet registered their businesses with CIPC. It is our responsibility as<br />

BMF Student Chapter to ensure that we invite CIPC to come to Polokwane<br />

Campus on our next event to assist our members with company registration”.<br />

Nomathamsanqa Pretty Mampshika, said, the event of BMFSC informed us<br />

about things we did not know. I was able to notice the potential I have. The<br />

SEDA is willing to assist us from the starting of our businesses until we finalise<br />

our business plans. There’s a man who made his own yogurt from potatoes<br />

with other ingredients. This made me realise that it is not always about<br />

thinking but one needs to start with something small and simple motivated<br />

me.<br />

Asheel Chauke CSRC President, tut Polokwane Campus. Explaining the<br />

importance of the workshop Asheel said, “Entrepreneurship education takes<br />

many forms, but the aims and objectives of entrepreneurship education are<br />

all about focused development. Entrepreneurs need certain traits and skills,<br />

business acumen and financial literacy, as well as an entrepreneurial mind-set<br />

the main aim of entrepreneurship workshop is to Develop the Necessary Traits<br />

& Skills for Entrepreneurship, Develop Business Acumen & Financial Literacy<br />

and Develop the Entrepreneurial Mind-set.”<br />

He added, “The students from Tshwane University of Technology should ensure<br />

that they understand the globally market and the impact of politics into<br />

business environment.”<br />

From the left, Pardon Ngomane Deputy Chairpeson of BMFSC TUT<br />

Polokwane Campus, Lati Sebola Chairperson of BMFSC Limpopo,<br />

Ngoako<br />

“The first rule they should ensure that they register their<br />

business if they are failing they are certain institutions that<br />

can offer them assistance such as SEDA and Find out about your<br />

market, the demand, your competitors. if possible, they can<br />

self-fund their business idea and then go for funding when you<br />

can create a growth story. This might cause you to break up their<br />

product/service offering into smaller pieces so they can fund<br />

the early stages and get some traction and experience”, ended<br />

Asheel.<br />

“The event was informative,<br />

students were able to be<br />

told about opportunities<br />

of funding for their<br />

businesses.”<br />

Ntokoto Msarvin Nkanyani<br />

Third year Student<br />

Traffic Safety and Mnicipal Police Management<br />

From left Pardon Ngomane Deputy Chairperson of BMFSC TUT Polokwane campus, Lati<br />

Sebola Chairperson of BMFSC Limpopo, Ngoako BMFSC TUT Polokwane campus Treasure<br />

and Marvin Nkanyane Mudau Deputy Secretary BMFSC TUT Polokwane campus.<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />

10<br />

page<br />

11<br />


Study permits and health<br />

insurance are essential for<br />


TUT<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

The International Student<br />

Office (ISO), hosted a Home<br />

Affairs and Medical Aid<br />

Scheme discussion on South African<br />

VISA regulations and the permit<br />

application process and medical aid<br />

options and benefits for students.<br />

The event was held at Prestige<br />

Auditorium on 7 September 2023.<br />

The Department of Home Affairs,<br />

VSF Global, Momentum and Compcare<br />

medical aid facilitated the<br />

discussion.<br />

Home Affairs presented the updated<br />

rules and regulations on immigration<br />

and for students to understand the<br />

importance of submitting study<br />

permit and proof of medical aid<br />

cover before registration and to<br />

address some of the challenges that<br />

some students experience when<br />

applying for and renewing their permits.<br />

Wally Langa, Office of the<br />

Registar<br />

Mmaphuti Mohlala Administration and Selection Administrator, speaking<br />

to <strong>BUA</strong>, explained about the importance of this event. “The office of<br />

the Registrar is committed in assisting all international students to be<br />

up to date with their documents. She said, “We will provide advice to<br />

the International students regarding the correct processes to follow<br />

when applying for study permit to avoid their application being rejected<br />

or delayed.” She highlighted some of the challenges they faced. “Study<br />

permit not being issued on time which leads to, students not being able<br />

to travel to their home countries during school holidays. Post-graduates<br />

not being able to travel abroad to present their papers/attend<br />

conferences. It is important to strengthen the relationship between<br />

the International office and the Department of Home Affairs, including<br />

medical aid companies as important external stakeholders which will<br />

assist the office to provide the best service to the International students<br />

and advise them accordingly”<br />

Rossy Mananna, the ISO Chairperson at TUT Pretoria Campus said, “the<br />

Authorities take time to respond to burning questions from students<br />

which involve the troubles experienced during the Visa renewal process.<br />

The discussion was a success and very informative.”<br />

Talent Show<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

Tshwane University of Technology, the Directorate of<br />

Accommodation Residence Life and Catering, (ARLC) Pretoria<br />

Campus, held a talent show. On 09 August 2023.The event<br />

took place in TBHall. On this Talent show students and staff gathering<br />

where participants display their talents in poetry, acting, dancing,<br />

martial arts, and other genres.<br />

Thomas Mnisi Head of Department, said, “The main objective for<br />

talent show is provide a platform to evoke passion and expose talent<br />

of our residence students, this can extend to their studies to be<br />

passionate. We also spread impactful messages like GBV and Crime<br />

through performances.”<br />

According to Thomas, talent show is beneficial to students.<br />

“Universities are judged with their through put rate, with a confident<br />

and active mind student are able to thrive in their studies. Key of<br />

good academic comes from Residences hence when this student<br />

is stimulated they can perform. Some of the participants are arts<br />

students, they are able to make their craft more attractive to<br />

staff and students who will start to pay more attention as lift the<br />

importance of our Arts Campus for instance”, said Mnisi.<br />

“Students should never miss the opportunity of exposing their talents.<br />

Those who are short of talent to show, should focus on the great<br />

message that comes with talent show. Through singing, dance, poetry<br />

there’s good messages”, ended Mnisi.<br />

Asiphe Masumpa Sports management science. She said, “I was happy<br />

to be chosen as one of the winners for poetry. When I won the<br />

internal talent show at my residence I was shocked, as I didn’t expect<br />

to win. I wrote this poem a day before the talent show, hence I was<br />

surprised to win. My poem was inspired by a song, “ubabulala nami by<br />

Snegugu Hlatshwayo”.<br />

Arts Festival<br />

By Aysha Ramatena and Excel Fongoma<br />

The Faculty of Arts and Design hosted the sixth TUT Arts<br />

Festival, and this accomplishment is deserving of a high five.<br />

The Festival took place at the Arts Campus from September<br />

26 to September 28 with the topic of ARTIVISM, a combination of the<br />

words “arts” and “activism.”The Faculty recognizes and highlights<br />

the extraordinary talent of its students, staff, alumni, and community<br />

by pooling resources and working hand in hand with industry<br />

stakeholders. The process by which the Faculty creates knowledge<br />

was demonstrated.<br />

Clifford Moleko Work Integrated Learning Coordinator for the<br />

Department of Interior Design, said, “Our objective as a department<br />

was to draw attention to the work we do so that our students can<br />

consult with and network with potential employers, clients, vendors/<br />

suppliers, etc.<br />

He added, “The Interior Design Department is grateful to all schools,<br />

students/learners, instructors, the general public, all sponsors and<br />

contributors, for making the Arts Festival a success. They have<br />

been incredibly supportive of our vision, and we expect to be able<br />

to influence a positive attitude and an understanding of what our<br />

industry is about. It was our method of complementing the Artivismbased<br />

central theme of the Arts Festival.”<br />

Clifford detailed on the improvements that need to be done on<br />

the upcoming Arts Festival in 2024. “I can only speak<br />

on behalf of our<br />

department, but I can say that we can have more industry members<br />

participate in master classes and we can also collaborate with more<br />

furniture manufacturers in the near future.”<br />

The Director of Programs at Tshwane FM, Keamogetswe Ledwaba<br />

stated, “We accepted the Faculty of Arts and Design’s overwhelming<br />

invitation. As Tshwane FM, our objective was to attend the festival,<br />

be visible there, have fun, and ensure that the station would be airing<br />

the event. We were establishing a partnership and relationship with<br />

the Arts Campus, and we anticipate that it will endure.”<br />

Speaking to <strong>BUA</strong>, Keamogetswe explained how the Arts Festival needs<br />

to accommodate external people and students, “The majority of<br />

children are interested in careers in the arts and have a love of the<br />

arts, so I would ask the faculty of the arts to host the Festival over<br />

the holidays. The institution could invite other universities (such as<br />

the Universities of Johannesburg and Pretoria) to come in and exhibit<br />

if the Arts Festival is large enough. In order to accommodate our<br />

friends who are not TUT employees who might like to attend and TUT<br />

Alumni who are not TUT employees.<br />

Gift Nematei, studying fashion design at the Arts campus was actively<br />

involved in the festival. Operating a stall showcasing his designs, Gift<br />

also took charge of collecting garments for a fashion show. Reflecting<br />

on his involvement, he expressed his enthusiasm, stating that, “The<br />

experience was incredible as I had the opportunity to connect with<br />

numerous individuals and gain valuable insights from them,” he<br />

shared with <strong>BUA</strong>.<br />

Laurrine Mulanda<br />

Soshanguve TUT ISO<br />

Chairperson<br />

From left: Thato Presenter, Keamogetswe Ledwaba-Moadi<br />

Programme’s Manager of Tshwane FM, Jacko Magubane, Station<br />

Manager of Tshwane FM and Aza Nkateko, Head of Marketing of<br />

Tshwane FM<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />

12<br />

page<br />

13<br />




By Excel Fongoma<br />

The Directorate of Extracurricular Development and Student<br />

Governance and Leadership Development at the Mbombela<br />

Campus hosted a Heritage celebration on September 21, 2023,<br />

themed “Our Pride, Our Heritage”. Students and staff members<br />

presented their cultural heritage while dressed in various cultural<br />

gear.<br />

Katlego Mashala DED Administrator said, “The event was successful<br />

and everyone was hands on whereby music, dance performances and<br />

poetry were featured. The aim was to showcase and celebrate diverse<br />

cultural traditions through students’ involvement.’<br />

“Having to know the importance of cultural heritage and value it<br />

holds in shaping individuals and collective identities through diversity<br />

and tolerance, Identity and belonging and cultural exchange. It is<br />

also important to prevent the loss of cultural heritage by encouraging<br />

individuals and communities to actively engage in promoting and<br />

preserving their own cultural practices, languages, and traditions<br />

through cultural initiatives, education and cultural dialogues”, said<br />

Katlego<br />

Zimele Mhlongo, debate coach at Mbombela Campus and TUT Alum<br />

said, “The event was successful given the fact that it satisfied one<br />

of the strategic goals of the university, which is to<br />

embrace diversity and the unity of students. We<br />

got to learn about the heterogeneous cultures we<br />

have in society and also the similarities of language<br />

dialectics but also the food, we got to eat the food<br />

from different cultures.<br />

Zimele expressed his gratitude as students came<br />

in high numbers to celebrate their event “close<br />

to 400 students got to taste each culture’s food.<br />

Hopefully, the university will fundraise a bigger<br />

event next year, a speaker like Mbuso Khoza who<br />

embraces africnanity and Swaziland Artist like<br />

Bholoja would aid to give it a national level type<br />

of an event. The acting and poetry were also entertaining”, ended<br />

Mhlongo.<br />

Joy Mngomezulu, Miss TUT First Princess said, “It is a good thing that<br />

the different cultures Mbombela Campus has are celebrated to illustrate<br />

how we are one. Regardless of us coming from different countries and<br />

having different cultural views and as the cultures presented, I learnt the<br />

different dances and their languages and foods which they enjoy and I<br />

definitely will try some of them.”<br />

“I have learned that as different cultures or tribes, we really have to<br />

unite and feel the cultural richness that shapes our identities. It’s truly<br />

amazing how diverse and unique each culture can be, with its own<br />

stories, languages, and art forms. The advice I would give is to continue<br />

celebrating Heritage Day, especially in this generation because our youth<br />

has somehow forgotten where we come from as a black nation”, said<br />

Kwezi Mini from TUT eMalahleni campus.<br />

ARLC Pretoria campus community outreach<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

On October 11, 2023, the Directorate of Accommodation,<br />

Residence Life, and Catering held a community outreach. The<br />

community outreach program was started at the ARLC Pretoria<br />

Campus with a focus on aiding orphanages. Over the course of four<br />

weeks, non-perishable food items, clothing, and toiletries were donated<br />

by each campus residence as part of the program. The distinctive<br />

outreach campaign theme for each residence gave the donations a unique<br />

spin.<br />

Thomas Mnisi, Head of Department for Pretoria ARLC said “This is a<br />

University that “Empowers people” it is for this reason that we continue<br />

to make an impact not only with academics but also practically be seen<br />

to respond to the needs of the society we operate in, through community<br />

outreach.<br />

“Our objective on this community outreach is to restore hope and<br />

dignity to the needy and those who work tirelessly to make a positive<br />

contribution in working in those homes. Also to stimulate the character of<br />

our students to be fully aware of the needs of the society even when they<br />

become graduates”, Mnisi added.<br />

He explained to <strong>BUA</strong> his recommendations to TUT Community, “We need<br />

to have awareness to start with our first year students to ensure we<br />

live this throughout the year. We also have to visit the homes to assist<br />

periodically for the impact to last longer.”<br />

Speaking to <strong>BUA</strong>, Ina Kotse Marketing and Fundraising at Jakaranda &<br />

Louis Botha Children’s Home, said, “It is a privilege to be part of the<br />

three chosen organisations. As NPOs we receive a quarterly subsidy<br />

which only covers about 50% of our total expenses, for the difference<br />

we rely heavily on the community to supplement our own fundraising<br />

initiatives. Donations like these assist us in our efforts to continue raising<br />

empowered enablers who can one day make a difference in their own<br />

communities. We are indeed Blessed Beyond to be included in such a<br />

commendable enterprise”.<br />

Ina added, “we appreciate your kindness, generosity & hospitality! Thank<br />

you for including us, please extend our sincere & heartfelt gratitude to<br />

all the students & staff. We are humbled by your support. Continue with<br />

the good work you have started by motivating your students to extend<br />

their hearts outside their comfort zones”.<br />

“I cannot do all this work alone without the support of our community<br />

members and fellow citizens. Working together can wipe the tears<br />

of little infants of Africa”, concluded, Dithoriso Wilheminah Lwate<br />

representative of Morena Children’s Village.<br />

Vuyiswa Madonsela and<br />

Christmas Tadiwane.<br />

Cabanga Maluleke TUT Alum.<br />

Mbombela Campus students preparing food for Heritage<br />

day<br />

TUT eMalahleni students celebrating Heritage Day and<br />

wearing different cultural attire.<br />

Bushy Moloi TUT FC Male footbal coach Ina Kotze from Jakaranda Home and<br />

Thomas Mnisi HOD TUT Pretoria Campus.<br />

Thomas Mnisi HOD TUT Pretoria Campus.<br />

for the ARLC<br />

for the ARLC<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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page<br />

15<br />


TUT celebrates diversity<br />

Byline: Mihlali Matiwane<br />

Science For<br />

Climate Change<br />

3<br />

2<br />

1<br />

4<br />

The International Student Organisation (ISO)<br />

hosted their annual International Day at<br />

the Theunis Bester (TB) Hall at Tshwane<br />

University of Technology’s (TUT) Pretoria Campus -<br />

10 October 2023.<br />

Rohy Bo-Elongo, a postgraduate student in<br />

Accounting, and the Central Chairperson of the<br />

ISO, stated the purpose of the International Day,<br />

“The annual hosting of International Day serves the<br />

purposes of celebrating diversity, promoting global<br />

understanding, fostering unity, and educating<br />

individuals about different cultures”, he said. “It’s<br />

an event that brings people together, encourages<br />

inclusivity, and showcases talent, ultimately<br />

creating a more interconnected and inclusive<br />

university community”, he added.<br />

Bo-Elongo mentioned that students attending<br />

this event offers a unique opportunity for them<br />

to embrace diversity, expand cultural horizons,<br />

and cultivate global awareness, “Interacting<br />

with international peers fosters cross-cultural<br />

understanding and helps build valuable networks<br />

for future opportunities. Furthermore, it promotes<br />

values of inclusivity and tolerance, particularly<br />

important in a diverse society like South Africa.<br />

Attending this event can also be an inspiring step<br />

toward exploring international experiences and<br />

careers”, he added.<br />

There were a few countries that were represented<br />

by the international students at the international<br />

day; Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Democratic<br />

Republic of Congo (DRC), Ivory Coast, Gabon,<br />

Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Mmaphuti<br />

Mohlala, who also is from the International Office,<br />

said, “Yes, we have a lot of international students<br />

1. Fashion Show - Cameroon.<br />

2. Gabon Stand<br />

3. Judge Lisa Sinkala tasting food from the Cameroon Stand.<br />

4. Awards<br />

5. Lesotho representatives by their Stand.<br />

6. Angola Stand.<br />

7. Rohy Bo-elongo - ISO Chairperson<br />

8. Prudence Mnguni - Poet<br />

that are registered from different countries<br />

and did not participate (Ghana, Chad, Nigeria,<br />

Botswana, China, Germany to name a few),<br />

but we hope that next year they will join the<br />

celebration and increase the number of countries<br />

participating”.<br />

The students representing their country at the<br />

event had their own stalls, which were decorated<br />

with elements of their cultures (pictures, flags and<br />

food). The students also performed a dance and<br />

even had a fashion show to showcase more of their<br />

culture.<br />

At the end of the event, representatives from<br />

different embassies gave awards to the students;<br />

for originality- Gabon, best stand- Benin, best<br />

food- Ivory Coast, best fashion- Cameroon, best<br />

dance- Angola. The DRC were the overall winners<br />

of the entire event.<br />

Celestin Mutonji- from the Democratic Republic<br />

of Congo Embassy, spoke on the outcome of the<br />

event, “Personally it was a great moment for me<br />

and for my colleagues as well, because we came<br />

to see what Africa is all about- where people have<br />

to demonstrate their culture which shows that<br />

together we are united in diversity”, he said.<br />

“For us it was very impressive that the students,<br />

despite having to study, had time also to show<br />

their culture. We are very proud to see that<br />

they can at least show that although they were<br />

studying, they are still Africans, and can show<br />

what they are good at”, added Mutonji.<br />

He concluded by stating that those who missed out<br />

at the event must come next year to demonstrate<br />

what they are capable of and share what they have<br />

with others.<br />

By Aysha Ramatena<br />

NICEF Tshwane University of technology (TUT) and the Cancel Coal Coalition hosted a<br />

panel discussion at the Pretoria Campus, Sanlam Auditorium on 14 September 2023. It<br />

U featured topics ranging from science for climate change and a campaign on ending fossil<br />

fuels.<br />

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund in full, now officially United<br />

Nations Children’s Fund is an agency of the United Nations responsible for providing<br />

humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. This includes students in<br />

institutions of higher learning.<br />

Ruurd van der Wal, SHE manager and Covid-19 task team chair said that, he was impressed<br />

by the African Climate Alliance and what they aim to achieve. This was just before he had a<br />

presentation on ‘Enviromental Impact’, his discussion included in depth information on Global<br />

Warming, Climate change and its effects and South African electricity. “There is no planet B, be<br />

part of the solution not the problem” he said.<br />

“There is no planet B, be part of the<br />

solution not the problem”<br />

Ruurd van der Wal<br />

SHE manager and<br />

Covid-19 task team chair<br />

Michelle Sithole, a Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) and Admitted Attorney of the High<br />

Court of South Africa held a discussion on the pending Cancel Coal case. She shared information<br />

on how it is a youth led climate change case that challenges the government to do better in<br />

terms of cancelling the use of Coal. “The government is outdated in terms of plans since there<br />

are cheaper alternatives to generate electricity than coal” she said.<br />

Nhlanhla Baloyi, UNICEF TUT founder and advisor, doing his final year in BEng-Tech Civil<br />

Engineering, mentioned that the organisation is not just in this institution, but in other<br />

institutions and 150 other countries. He stressed the importance of having UNICEF campus clubs<br />

and how they create a safe environment on campus. “Let us strive for a clean campus future”<br />

he said. I am glad to see that we have more students coming to our events, it shows that we as<br />

young people care about having a sustainable future” he added.<br />

5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

Michelle Sithole Ruurd van der Wal<br />

Lungelo Zungu and Samantha Simelane<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

page<br />

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page<br />

17<br />


Calvin Mogajane<br />

launches third book<br />

By Aysha Ramatena<br />

C<br />

alvin Kamogelo Mogajane, a 24-year-old visually impaired<br />

student specializing in Language Practice at the Department<br />

of Applied Languages, marked a significant milestone with<br />

the launch of his third book titled “Strong Woman,” at the campus<br />

Student Center on September 12, 2023.<br />

In his book, Calvin delves into complex themes such as polygamy<br />

and patriarchy, offering insights into the intricate dynamics within<br />

polygamous relationships. He also explores the extent to which male<br />

egos can be driven to satisfy themselves, regardless of the harm it<br />

may inflict on those close to them. The cover of the book features<br />

a powerful image of the author’s mother, Marriam Mogajane, whom<br />

Calvin believes exemplifies the essence of a strong woman.<br />

Currently pursuing his Advanced Diploma in Language Practice, Calvin<br />

acknowledges the collaborative support of the Tshwane University of<br />

Technology and the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture that made<br />

the book launch possible. Thabo Malema, a well-known actor from<br />

“Scandal” served as the program director for the event, emphasizing<br />

the importance of displaying positive narratives from young black<br />

individuals in South Africa.<br />

He expressed his admiration for the shift in perception about black<br />

youth, remarking, “I love the fact that young people are changing<br />

the narrative people have of black youth to a positive one. It is quite<br />

beautiful to witness”, he said.<br />

During his speech, Calvin expressed gratitude to the significant<br />

figures in his life, including friends, family, teachers, and media<br />

practitioners, who have played pivotal roles in his journey. He<br />

reflected on his journey as a writer since 2014, saying, “I have been<br />

waiting for this day since I became a writer in 2014, to be recognized<br />

and launch my book”. Calvin also shared his resilience, noting, “I am<br />

just a guy with permanent load shedding, yet a role model to many,<br />

for I stand firm in all that I put my mind to. I am not one to be a<br />

victim to my circumstances.”<br />

Calvin’s vision for the book launch was to engage students,<br />

recognizing that many of them do not typically engage in reading. He<br />

aimed to create a less formal setting where students could openly<br />

discuss the book, inspiring them to approach future book launches<br />

with a fresh perspective. “The event was well attended and was<br />

ultimately successful”, Calvin remarked. “Strong Woman” is available<br />

in both e-book and printed formats, with a Braille version also<br />

accessible. The book can be found at exclusive bookstores.<br />

Calvin Kamogelo Mogajane<br />

Entrepreneurship<br />

Network<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

he Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, in<br />

collaboration with The Spear SA, hosted an Entrepreneurship<br />

T Network. The purpose of this event was to equip students about<br />

entrepreneurship and to apply what they learn in lecture rooms.<br />

Thato Mokhele, third year Industrial Engineering student, who is a social<br />

entrepreneur and the founder of a youth movement called The Spear SA<br />

said, “today’s event was the beginning of establishing a new culture of<br />

pragmatic thinkers, who will build from what they are learning in class.<br />

Through The Spear SA, students have a space to become innovative and<br />

create interdisciplinary solutions. Future of industrialists will create<br />

employment for our country and beyond.”<br />

The Executive Dean encouraged students to think outside the box and<br />

said, “I am crazy about innovation today, look around you and find a<br />

problem that you can solve. People are willing to pay money for many<br />

services that you can provide and by doing so, you are solving the<br />

problem. There are opportunities that are represented by technology;<br />

you can offer a service online and make cash while studying. To access all<br />

these advantages, you must be willing to work hard.<br />

Dr Grace Kanakana-Katumba and Thato Mokhele<br />

Dr Kanakana-Katumba further said, “if you want to be the best, you must<br />

be different and commit yourself to what you want. Take the knowledge<br />

gained and transfer it into a skill. Do not forget we are building future<br />

graduates. The education you gain at TUT, please use it wisely”.<br />

Isaac Tlhabadira explained to <strong>BUA</strong> the importance of hosting<br />

Entrepreneurship Networks. He said, “It is so important to host these<br />

events, to address the three pillars of unemployment, poverty and<br />

inequality broadly through proper understanding, support of new and<br />

existing enterprises. Business networking forms an important part of<br />

entrepreneurship”.<br />

Thlabadira acknowledged the positive results from students and added<br />

that he believes there is room for improvement. “The response of<br />

students is good but can be great. Our timing for these events also<br />

influences the response by students. So far we are happy about the<br />

attendance and the how students have responded”, he said.<br />

According to Tlhabadira he encourages students that missed the event to<br />

consult with others, “if you have the time available, attend these events.<br />

And if for some reason they could not attend, make an effort to ask those<br />

that attended for documents that were provided and make copies. He<br />

added, “we are starting to showcase students existing enterprise products<br />

and services with the aim of encouraging students to attend. RMCERI is<br />

also offering prizes to new entrants”.<br />

Astra Residence<br />

Denis Residence<br />

By Excel Fongoma<br />

The Directorate of Health and Wellness and Accommodation Residence Life and<br />

Catering ARLC held a Netball Tournament at Tshwane University of Technology’s<br />

(TUT) Pretoria campus, on August, 2023.<br />

Kholofelo Mawela, HIV/ AIDS Programs Coordinator Pretoria Campus. Said, “It is<br />

important to organize the tournament like the Netball with the residences because<br />

they have students who are already available and can participate in numbers. The<br />

target that we had in terms of the age group is at the Residences which is the 19 -<br />

24-year-old Girls.”<br />

He explained the aim of this tournament, “The Goal was to use Netball as a sport<br />

to drive the Health and Wellness initiative which entails Contraceptive methods and<br />

ensuring that Girls know and understand the importance of contraception’s. Also, to<br />

assist those with risky sexual behaviours to be on PrEP. Ours is to coordinate efforts<br />

to ensure that our students are safe and medically fit to proceed with their academic<br />

programs.”<br />

“The Tournament was held in Pretoria Campus based Residence only for now however<br />

we saw the need to also include other Campuses and leased residences when we<br />

start the new year. The demand and need to expand and further our assistance in<br />

more and we will do everything in our powers to assist our students”, said Kholofelo.<br />

“I would like to encourage our students to look after their health and wellbeing in<br />

order to give themselves enough chance to prosper and complete their academic<br />

commitments with no regrets. We also make use of the Health and Wellness facilities<br />

available at their disposal at all campuses including added services from our<br />

partners who frequently visit our campuses and residences offering health services”,<br />

concluded Kholofelo.<br />

Thomas Mnisi Head of Department in Pretoria Campus. He said, “This tournament<br />

plays a key role in acknowledgement and paying homage to our female students.<br />

Further it is very crucial for strengthening residence culture and bond among our<br />

female students.”<br />

Thomas added, “The critical goal for this tournament is to ensure our students are<br />

health conscious as there are health benefits to being active which is developing the<br />

body’s cardiovascular system and mental strength of our students Furthermore, it is<br />

to assure our female students of ARLC and other stakeholders’ commitment to put<br />

resources and attention to them. Over and above the students remaining agile and<br />

fit.”<br />

Mijionet Residence Peer Educators<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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page<br />

19<br />


Varsity Football Déjà Vu<br />

By Mihlali Matiwane<br />

The Varsity Football final between the Tshwane University of<br />

Technology (TUT) and the University of Johannesburg (UJ) took<br />

place on September 28, 2023. TUT played all of their games<br />

in this season away from their own home ground, as well as the final<br />

game, which was played at the UJ Soweto Campus Stadium.<br />

This final match was a déjà vu moment for TUT and UJ, as both<br />

teams faced each other in the finals in 2022 at the same stadium.<br />

This year, TUT faced a rollercoaster of a season and a tough game<br />

against UJ. The tension was felt throughout the entire stadium, but<br />

the Red Army came out victorious against the Orange Army.<br />

Phaphama Tshisikhawe, spokesperson of TUT, shared her sentiments,<br />

“We are excited as a university, and as the university management.<br />

We have always had faith in the boys, and we knew that they were<br />

going to bring it home”, she said. She added that the Red Army’s win<br />

did not come as a surprise, “We know how hard they worked, we<br />

know also the determination and the work they put into this. It is<br />

not just a game; there’s passion involved, which was attested in the<br />

match”, she added.<br />

Tshwarelo Mokeona, centre back of the Red Army said that, he was<br />

happy about the outcome of the game, “It was a difficult one; at<br />

times we were panicking, but we always knew that we would come<br />

back victorious” said Mokoena.<br />

Professor Letlhokwa Mpedi, Vice-Chancellor and Principal at<br />

UJ, shared a comment on the game, “It was an exciting game,<br />

a wonderful atmosphere. Our boys showed great character and<br />

determination” said Mpedi. “Well it (the game) could’ve gone either<br />

way. So congratulations to TUT, and I am proud of our boys”, he<br />

concluded.<br />

TUT and UJ ended the match with an equalizer of one goal each;<br />

goals scored by Thuso Mlama (TUT) and Siphosihle Nkambule (UJ).<br />

TUT, however won through penalties as they made sure to outscore<br />

the Orange Army 5-4 and be crowned the 2023 Varsity Football<br />

champions. Ronald Mabaso from TUT won the 2023 Suzuki Golden<br />

Boot.<br />

Bushy Moloi TUT FC Male Football coach. Our objective is to<br />

qualify and play at the NFD (Motsepe League) and also to produce<br />

and nurture our students to be professional players. It is indeed<br />

a wonderful feeling to be representing The People’s University<br />

and also achieving these titles. He added “We are also working on<br />

gaining promotion to the NFD Motsepe League, qualify for the Varsity<br />

Football 2024, do well in the NEDBANK Cup”.<br />

Bushy believe that the support from the TUT Community and<br />

believing in God assisted them to focus, “God Almighty, His Grace<br />

the Right Comforter of the IPHC, The People’s University and<br />

stakeholders, ARLC, Sport and Recreation The technical team<br />

and payers but mostly the passionate students of our university.<br />

Congratulations to the best team, The Red Army, Technical team<br />

and players. We made it, but a lot still needs to be done. Fifth Star<br />

loading.”<br />

“We are excited as a university, and as<br />

the university management. We have<br />

always had faith in the boys, and we<br />

knew that they were going to bring it<br />

home”<br />

Phaphama Tshisikhawe<br />

Spokesperson of TUT<br />

#RedArmyNation #HomeofChampions<br />

<strong>BUA</strong><br />

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