Final The Voice 2023 Fall-Winter Edition A 8PM

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Hello everyone. My name is Teen Kendall Tolbert, and I am your<br />

National TTA Corresponding Secretary and Editor of “<strong>The</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>”. As a<br />

member of the Houston Chapter my responsibilities include serving as<br />

the Treasurer.<br />

I would like to wish everyone a joyful and safe holiday season, and that<br />

you should look forward to having a fun and impactful upcoming<br />

service year filled with events that benefit your community. Stay tuned<br />

for more to come from “<strong>The</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>”.<br />

Teen Kendall Tolbert,<br />

National Corresponding Secretary, and Editor in Chief, “<strong>The</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>”

Greetings to All<br />

It is my pleasure to extend greetings for the <strong>Fall</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong><br />

edition of the TTA “<strong>Voice</strong>.” Nothing delights the heart<br />

more than to see the Teens showcase their <strong>Voice</strong>s into<br />

“Action.” <strong>The</strong> “<strong>Voice</strong>” will be a document that illuminates<br />

the TTA motto of “Participation is Our Foundation as<br />

Leaders of Tomorrow.”<br />

In the future, our Top Teens will be able to reflect back<br />

and view the foundation that provided them the structure,<br />

exposures and that assisted in preparing them for the<br />

challenges of life. Special acknowledgements to the<br />

outstanding, fearless and confident Top Teens Officers<br />

elected and appointed as National Officers for <strong>2023</strong>-2025<br />

fiscal years. Officers, your peers sanctioned your<br />

positions because they saw your potential and<br />

qualifications to be incredible leaders of Top Teens of<br />

America as National Officers.<br />

Thank you, Lady Crystal C. Pittman, National TTA<br />

Director, Lady Catherine Miles, National Assistant TTA<br />

Director, and the creative Advisors assisting the Teens in<br />

the edition of the “<strong>Voice</strong>.”<br />

Yours in Faith and Service<br />

Lady Eddie Lee Marsh<br />

National President & CEO

Greetings Top Ladies and Top Teens,<br />

Happy Holidays! It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to explore the <strong>2023</strong>-2025, Volume 5,<br />

Issue 1 of “<strong>The</strong> <strong>Voice</strong>”, the official national newsletter for Top Teens of America. This edition will<br />

focus on Continuity of Service in Action throughout the six geographical service areas. It will<br />

show Teens in action, focusing on the various community service programs, projects, and the<br />

newly adopted National TLOD/TTA initiative (Foster Care). Chapters have spotlighted Top Teens<br />

who have excelled in community service, academics, internships, trainings, and partnerships.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se were unique activities of action shown by the Teens.<br />

Let us continue to demonstrate and engage in 2024, new strategies and new ways to build on,<br />

build up, energize, and pivot Top Teens to demonstrate the ultimate example of what it means to<br />

render service. Congratulations to the Top Teens inducted this <strong>Fall</strong>, and a special congratulations to<br />

all new Top Teen Officers and Chairs on all levels who will serve for the <strong>2023</strong> – 2025 service year.<br />

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing your future<br />

submissions in the Spring/Summer Volume 5, Issue 2, which will feature Community Service, Top<br />

Teens in the Spotlight, Area Conferences and much more.<br />

Thank you, Lady Eddie Lee Marsh, National President/CEO for the vision of bridging the gap of<br />

TLOD and TTA through Continuity of Service in Action. Thank you, Teen Roderick Stanfield, Jr.,<br />

National TTA President, National TTA Executive Board and Officers, Lady Catherine Miles,<br />

National TTA Assistant Director, National TTA Service to Youth Liaisons, Area TTA Advisors, and<br />

all Top Ladies and Top Teens for your dedicated service.<br />

Always remember that “Participation is our Foundation as Leaders of Tomorrow.” Serenity Prayer:<br />

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can<br />

and wisdom to know the difference; Proverbs 3:5-6.<br />

Yours in Service,<br />

Lady Crystal C. Pittman<br />

National TTA Director

Greetings to all Teens, Ladies and Lords,<br />

I am Teen Roderick J. Stanfield Jr., your National TTA President for the<br />

<strong>2023</strong>-2025 service year. On behalf of the National TTA Executive Board, it<br />

is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you this service year. We<br />

have been hard at work to serve you with everything we’ve got and<br />

working to pivot TTA to a new direction and bring this exceptional<br />

organization to newer heights. You will be elated to see the events that we<br />

have planned on the national level so stick around!<br />

I wish you and your family, a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year!<br />

Yours in service,<br />

Teen Roderick J. Stanfield, Jr.<br />

Teen Roderick J. Stanfield, Jr.<br />

National TTA President

Hello! My name is Teen Aubri Cunningham. I am currently the<br />

National First Vice President in Area I and a member of the Humble<br />

Intercontinental Chapter. Additional affiliations include the National<br />

Council of Negro Women (NCNW), Jack and Jill and Girls Scouts of<br />

America. As a sophomore in high school, my most recent<br />

accomplishment is being on the Honor Roll, a member of the field<br />

hockey and lacrosse teams. I enjoy equestrian, reading, and shopping.<br />

On the weekends I love to serve my community at the Bread of Life and<br />

hang out with my friends. I look forward to meeting all of you this<br />

year!<br />

I’m wishing you and your families a blessed Christmas!<br />

Teen Aubri Cunningham,<br />

National TTA First Vice President

Teen Taylor Gilchrist,<br />

National TTA 2nd Vice President<br />

Greetings,<br />

I am Teen Taylor Gilchrist, your National TTA 2nd Vice President and I<br />

bring you greetings from the sunshine city of Miami, Florida. Let me<br />

start by thanking all of you, for the hard work you are doing<br />

throughout your chapters. Your willingness to give your time, talents<br />

and service is greatly appreciated. Your dedication is what allows us to<br />

continue fulfilling our motto which is “Participation is our foundation<br />

as leaders of tomorrow.” Looking back on this year, I can’t help but be<br />

grateful for everything we have accomplished as Top Teens.<br />

Furthermore, as this year ends and a new one begins, but look ahead<br />

to what God promises to unfold. Top Teens, a new year is coming<br />

and is filled with possibilities, so dream big and believe in yourself!<br />

<strong>Final</strong>ly, as we enjoy this holiday season and all the gifts it may bring just<br />

remember James 1:17, “Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes<br />

from above.”<br />

Happy holidays to you and your families and let’s make 2024 our best<br />

year yet!<br />

Teen Taylor Gilchrist,<br />

National TTA 2 nd Vice President

Chaplain’s Corner<br />

Teen Ethan Dean<br />

National TTA Chaplain<br />

I'm sure there are many gifts under your Christmas tree at home. Do you<br />

shake and squeeze the packages trying to figure out what’s inside? That’s<br />

what I did when I was younger. Well, I still do it, but not as much now that<br />

I’m older. In the past, I was only interested in gifts for me. Isn't it pretty<br />

much the same with most of us? Most of the time, we only think about<br />

ourselves. Is that the real spirit of Christmas?<br />

In Luke 3:10-18, John the Baptist said "If you have two coats, give one to<br />

someone who doesn't have one. If you have food, share it with someone<br />

else." In other words, John was saying, "Stop thinking only of yourself and<br />

start thinking about others."<br />

During this holiday season, how much thought have we given to what we<br />

can do for others? We can give offerings to our churches which help those<br />

in need. We can give clothing to help those needing what we can no longer<br />

use. We can donate to toy drives given by Top Ladies of Distinction and<br />

other organizations in our communities.<br />

Sharing with others —that's the spirit of Christmas. Let's all show the true<br />

spirit of Christmas this year!<br />

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let's remember those who are in<br />

need of food, shelter, and clothing. When we do something to help those in<br />

need, it is the same as doing it for Jesus.<br />

Seasons Greetings,<br />

Teen Ethan Dean<br />

National TTA Chaplain

Meet the National TTA Executive Board!<br />

<strong>2023</strong> – 2025<br />

Teen Roderick Stanfield, National TTA President<br />

Teen Aubri Cunningham, National TTA 1 st Vice President<br />

Teen Taylor Gilchrist, National TTA 2 nd Vice President<br />

Teen Chrisette Wigfall, National TTA Recording Secretary<br />

Teen Karter Franklin, National TTA Assistant Recording Secretary<br />

Teen Andre Gadson, National Financial Secretary<br />

Teen Kendall Tolbert, National TTA Corresponding Secretary<br />

Teen Jasmine Watson, National TTA Treasurer<br />

Teen Taylor Mack, National TTA Parliamentarian<br />

Teen Ethan Dean, National TTA Chaplain<br />

Teen Jadan Swindle, National TTA Sergeant-at-Arms<br />

Teen Hailey Hayden, National TTA Historian<br />

Teen Kendal Baker, National TTA Director of Operations

Area I<br />

Madison McCall-Armstrong, T TA President<br />

Greetings Top Teens and Ladies,<br />

My name is Teen Madison McCall-Armstrong, and I am honored to have<br />

been elected as the Top Teens of America Area I President for the <strong>2023</strong>-2025<br />

election year. I am excited to take on this role and work alongside each one<br />

of you to make our organization great.<br />

As the Area I President, my primary goal is to foster a collaborative and<br />

inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. I believe<br />

that by working together, we can achieve remarkable things and bring<br />

positive change to our organization.<br />

Together, we can achieve far more than we can individually. I am truly<br />

excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for our organization. I am<br />

confident that, with your support and dedication, we can make significant<br />

strides towards our shared vision of greatness. I am looking forward to<br />

working with each one of you and making a positive impact together.<br />

Thank you for placing your trust in me as the Area I President. I am<br />

committed to serving you all diligently and to the best of my abilities. Let us<br />

embark on this journey together, as we strive to make our organization a<br />

shining example of excellence.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Madison McCall-Armstrong<br />

Area I TTA President

Area I<br />

Lady Tracy Holmes-Brazil, TTA Advisor<br />

Greetings Amazing Top Ladies, Top Teens, and Lords,<br />

It is my pleasure and honor to serve Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. and<br />

our #1 Thrust – Top Teens of America as the Area One TTA Advisor. I<br />

look forward to working alongside you as you ExCEL: Excellence through<br />

Culture, Education and Leadership, along your journey as Top Teens of<br />

America!<br />

Top Teens, I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to<br />

engage as we focus on our mission to serve the communities in which we<br />

live. As you work together, always keeping in mind our motto<br />

“Participation is our Foundation as Leaders of Tomorrow”, make the<br />

commitment to connect with your fellow Top Teens, share your<br />

innovative ideas with your chapter, and most of all have fun as you serve<br />

together. Teens, as you develop as leaders of tomorrow, continue to<br />

grow, learn and thrive as Top Teens and beyond. We are excited to have<br />

the opportunity to serve as mentors and look forward to your every<br />

success. Keep shining bright and striving to reach your full potential for<br />

greatness!<br />

Parents, we appreciate you for entrusting your treasure with Top Ladies<br />

of Distinction, Inc. It is an honor to serve and champion our Top Teens of<br />

America as we look forward with excitement to their every success.<br />

To every Top Lady, Top Teen, and Lord of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc., it<br />

is more important than ever that we continue our commitment to<br />

honoring the vision and mission of our founders – Serving Youth and Adults.<br />

In TLOD Service and Love,<br />

Lady Tracy Holmes Brazil<br />

Area I Top Teens of America Advisor

Area II<br />

Alexandra Phair, T TA President<br />

I am thrilled to extend a warm and heartfelt greeting on behalf of the<br />

Area II Executive Board! In Area II, our motto is AIM - Act, Innovate<br />

and Motivate! Our commitment to service, personal development,<br />

and community engagement is the driving force behind our mission.<br />

Together, we will strive to create a better world, one project at a time.<br />

Whether it is volunteering at local shelters, organizing educational<br />

events, or championing important social causes, we have the power to<br />

forge friendships.<br />

I encourage you to embrace every opportunity for growth and<br />

learning. Top Teens of America provides a supportive environment<br />

where we can discover our strengths, develop our leadership skills, and<br />

effect meaningful change.<br />

We all play a crucial role in shaping the future of our communities and<br />

our world. Our dedication, passion, and enthusiasm will be the driving<br />

force behind our success. Together, we can achieve great things and<br />

make a lasting impact on those we serve. I am looking forward to<br />

embarking on this journey with each of you in the name of community<br />

service and leadership because “Participation is our Foundation as<br />

leaders of Tomorrow.”<br />

With Warm Regards,<br />

Teen Alexandra Phair<br />

Area II TTA President

Area II<br />

TTA Advisor<br />

It is my honor to bring your greetings on behalf of the Area II Top Teens<br />

and Chapter Advisors. This is an exciting time as for us in Area II under<br />

the leadership of National Area II Director, Lady Hope V. Ruffin where<br />

our A.I.M is Service to Act, Innovate and Motivate. As Ladies and<br />

Teens, we are all in this journey together as we strive for<br />

ExCELLENCE, learning, growing, and making a difference.<br />

As we approach the winter season, the Area II TLOD/TTA family<br />

continues to collaborate on planning of our Annual Area II Leadership<br />

Conference, March of Dimes healthy choice conference, leadership<br />

development workshops for ladies and teens, and area wide interactive<br />

leadership meetups for the teens.<br />

Lastly, I encourage each lady and teen to remain committed to our<br />

mission as your dedication to making a difference in the lives of youth<br />

and adults in your communities. Keep up the ExCELLENT work!<br />

Yours in Service,<br />

Lady Nicola F. Kennedy

Area III<br />

Teen Jackson Caldwell ,T TA President<br />

Greetings on behalf of the Area III Executive Board and Top Teens of<br />

Area III. I am incredibly excited, humbled, and honored to salute you.<br />

As the country and the world moves into the new normal, I would first<br />

like to commend you for your unwavering support and commitment<br />

to Top Teens of America. You proved how dedicated you are by<br />

attending zoom meetings, zoom conferences; and zoom parties. You<br />

did not give up on the work of TTA and for that I commend you. Area<br />

III, you have shown that faith always triumphs fear.<br />

I am so excited to work in this administration and so very honored to<br />

be a leader in Area III. Our motto states: Participation is the<br />

foundation as leaders of tomorrow. I hope each teen reading this<br />

greeting takes that motto not only throughout his or her journey in Top<br />

Teens of America but throughout his or her journey in life.<br />

Leaders of tomorrow I look forward to the next two years of progress<br />

and the continuation of outstanding service to our communities. And<br />

when times get rough because they will, never forget the words of<br />

Nelson Mandela, “Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph<br />

of it. <strong>The</strong> brave man is not he who does not feel afraid but he who<br />

conquers that fear. Faith over fear Area III.<br />

Psalms 118:6.<br />

Yours in Service,<br />

Teen Jackson Caldwell<br />

Area III President

Area III<br />

Lady Elena Godbolt, TTA Advisor<br />

It is my pleasure to bring you exuberant greetings on behalf of the<br />

Area III Top Teens and Advisors. We serve under the leadership of our<br />

illustrious National Area III Director, Lady Vynessa Alexander, where<br />

we continuously Embrace the Call to Service with Excellence and<br />

Enthusiasm.<br />

As the HEARTBEAT of TLOD, we pride ourselves in inducting<br />

prestigious youth into our organization and provide opportunities for<br />

leadership, development, and growth.<br />

Through projects and collaborative partnerships, our future leaders<br />

work with other community-based organizations to help enhance the<br />

lives of others and I am excited and honored to serve alongside them.<br />

It is my prayer that each lady and teen remain committed to the<br />

mission and vision of our founders. Keep up the great work of<br />

enhancing and enriching the lives of youth and adults!<br />

Yours in Service,<br />

Lady Elana D. Godbolt<br />

Area III TTA Advisor

Area IV<br />

Teen John Carey, T TA President

Area IV<br />

Lady Belinda Brown, TTA Advisor

Area V<br />

Teen Dha’Mario Peterson, T TA President<br />

Hello, Top Ladies of Distinction, my fellow Top<br />

Teens, and Lords:<br />

I am Teen Dha'Mario W. Peterson, and it is my honor to bring<br />

greetings as the Area V TTA President. "Participation is our<br />

Foundation as Leaders of Tomorrow", and in Area V, "We Are All<br />

the Way Live". I am honored and grateful to serve as the Area V<br />

TTA President for the <strong>2023</strong>- 2025 term. My goals are to recruit<br />

more TTA members, support my fellow Teens, and see the<br />

organization grow and flourish. Most importantly I want Top Teens<br />

to continue to use their voices to make our organization stronger<br />

and better our community<br />

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the word<br />

"Opportunity" can be defined as "A good chance for<br />

advancement or progress". I fully believe that the organization<br />

of Top Teens of America Incorporated can also be called an<br />

opportunity. Top Teens is a fun and amazing organization that<br />

provides enriching experiences, culture, interpersonal<br />

development and will ensure we are prepared for college. Area V<br />

Teens will continue to thrive, our organization is strong and<br />

moving forward!<br />

Please stay safe and courageous.<br />

Teen Dha'Mario Peterson<br />

Area V TTA President

Area V<br />

Lady Kemberley Jones, TTA Advisor<br />

Greetings Ladies, Teens, and Lords!<br />

It is truly a delight to extend greetings<br />

to each of you as the Area V TTA<br />

Advisor! Serving and focusing on our<br />

number one Thrust Top Teens of<br />

America, brings joy to my heart. <strong>The</strong><br />

Area V Top Teens are shining stars who<br />

continue to "ExCEL" in all of the<br />

TL0D/TTA programs and projects. In<br />

these unprecedented times, we<br />

continue to seek opportunities to<br />

meet the needs of the community and<br />

serve with "Continuity of Service In<br />

Action." During the <strong>2023</strong>-2024<br />

program year, Area V TTA Chapter<br />

Advisors are dedicated to taking the<br />

leadership skills of our Top Teens to the<br />

next level of EXCELLENCE. As Area V<br />

continues to induct new Teens, focus on<br />

mentor-mentee relationships, and build<br />

on the great legacy of Top Ladies of<br />

Distinction Incorporated, we are<br />

confident that our Area V Top Teens are<br />

the leaders of today and tomorrow.<br />

Yours in service,<br />

Area V TTA Advisor<br />

<strong>The</strong> opportunities made<br />

available to Top Teens are<br />

endless. I would like to<br />

encourage each of you to<br />

embrace and enjoy the exciting<br />

TTA journey! Keep our TTA<br />

motto as your focal point,<br />

"Participation is our foundation<br />

as leaders of tomorrow." Top<br />

Teens make time to participate<br />

in all of the amazing programs<br />

and projects that make our<br />

organization phenomenal. In<br />

Area V, "We Are All the Way<br />

LIVE!" Leading, lmpactful,<br />

Volunteering, and Empowering,<br />

our motto exemplifies the heart<br />

of our Area V Top Ladies and<br />

Teens. Top Teens, "Believe in<br />

yourself, learn, and never stop<br />

wanting to build a better<br />

world."-Mary McLeod Bethune

Area VI<br />

Teen Jared Jordan, T TA President<br />

Greeting Top Ladies, Lords, and Top Teens,<br />

I am Jared Jordan, Area VI TTA President, and a member of the Ladera<br />

Heights Chapter. I am very excited to serve as a leader within Area VI and<br />

ecstatic to begin the work of Top Teens of America. It is my goal to continue<br />

to grow Top Teens and encourage others to get involved in their community. I<br />

want my peers to know that Top Teens and Area VI is “the place to be!”<br />

During my time in Top Teens of America, I have served as financial secretary<br />

and participated in various other leadership roles within my community,<br />

including serving as a youth commissioner and Sr. Patrol Leader for Boy<br />

Scouts of America. I am prepared and ready to listen to all ideas that my<br />

fellow Top Teens have and be open to accepting direction, wisdom, and<br />

leadership from the Top Ladies. My goal is to lead and bring people together<br />

to get things done. I am excited to hold this position and bring more focus<br />

and attention to TOP TEENS. I can't wait to work with all of you to make our<br />

<strong>2023</strong>-2025 service years great.<br />

Let's get to the business of TTA and TLOD and make TOP TEENS even<br />

better!<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Teen Jared Jordan, Area VI TTA President

Area VI<br />

Lady Nakia Thierry, TTA Advisor<br />

Greetings: Members of TLOD, Lords, Top Teens, and Top Teen Advisors,<br />

It is with extraordinary joy and pleasure that I welcome you to the<br />

<strong>2023</strong>-2024 Service Year of Top Ladies of Distinction Incorporated<br />

(TLOD) and Top Teens of America (TTA). I am so excited that this year<br />

will offer us the opportunity to come together, celebrate, collaborate,<br />

and manifest. It is my sincere desire that this service year provides us<br />

with the opportunity to learn, refresh, retool, recharge, and engage.<br />

We are encouraged to continue honoring the mission, vision, and values<br />

of TLOD and TTA. It is the goal of the Area VI Administration to ensure<br />

that all Top Teens in our Area feel renewed, enthusiastic, and ready to<br />

use the tools gained throughout this service year to enhance our<br />

communities for the greater good and to strengthen our knowledge of<br />

programs and projects that support the National <strong>The</strong>me: “Continuity of<br />

Service In Action”. I feel assured that the workshops, leadership<br />

training, activities, and Peer-to-Peer bonding and togetherness will<br />

strengthen all Ladies and Teens resolve to further their commitment to<br />

service and unity.<br />

It is my sincere hope that each of you will ignite the spark to your<br />

enthusiasm and knowledge, and that we all enjoy a productive, and<br />

energizing TLOD and TTA service year.<br />

Lady Nakia Thierry<br />

Area VI Top Teen Advisor<br />

“<strong>The</strong> Only Limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your<br />

dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.” -Michelle Obama

Add a Slide Title<br />

- 4

Area I<br />

Humble Intercontinental Chapter<br />

Community Beautification<br />

November 4, <strong>2023</strong> - Top<br />

Teens of America, Humble<br />

Intercontinental Chapter,<br />

participated in our “Humble<br />

Intercontinental Block cleanup”<br />

located at Waco & Lyons<br />

in Houston TX. We had<br />

approximately 12 Top Teens,<br />

TTA Assistant Advisors,<br />

Ladies Shwanda Warner &<br />

Barbara Fields, Beautification<br />

Chair – Lady Sylvia Smith,<br />

1st VP – Lady Brenda Ards,<br />

Ladies & Parents, who<br />

grabbed trash bags, sticks,<br />

and proceeded to pick up<br />

trash on this very busy stretch<br />

of the intersection.<br />

Because of COVID, our block<br />

was lacking clean-up<br />

attention, however, we were<br />

able to collect all visible trash<br />

and debris from the outer<br />

premises, in the median and<br />

parking areas. Once the<br />

clean-up efforts were<br />

completed, we gathered the<br />

crew and had a good hot<br />

breakfast at IHOP where we<br />

shared our thoughts on the<br />

enjoyable time we had and<br />

the importance of keeping<br />

our “HIC Block” clean<br />

through community service.

Area I – Monroe Chapter<br />

Community Partnerships<br />

October 23, <strong>2023</strong> - Monroe<br />

Chapter officers and<br />

members met to discuss<br />

upcoming "Back to School<br />

Supply Give-Away!' This<br />

would be the second year that<br />

Monroe Chapter partnered<br />

with the Queens of<br />

Tomorrow to hold a school<br />

supply drive, then actually<br />

give away supplies at a<br />

designated location. Planning<br />

for the success of the event<br />

was essential.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re were approximately<br />

three hundred guests in<br />

attendance. <strong>The</strong> goal next year<br />

is for both the Monroe Chapter<br />

and the Queens of Tomorrow<br />

to find a larger venue. Teen<br />

Jacob Green, President of the<br />

Monroe Chapter Top Teens of<br />

America and his officers were<br />

pleased with the turn out and<br />

even more pleased to empower<br />

children with the supplies they<br />

needed to be successful in<br />


Area I – New Orleans Chapter<br />

Sickle Cell Awareness<br />

September 30, <strong>2023</strong> - On a wonderful sunny day in Audubon<br />

Park in New Orleans, Chapter TTA members set up a table of<br />

leaflets and brochures explaining Sickle Cell Disease and its<br />

impact in black and brown communities. After a warm-up<br />

exercise to music led by Lord Gregory Williams, Teens and Ladies,<br />

joined by parents. Additionally, we completed a two (2) mile<br />

WALK for Sickle Cell Disease to bring awareness of this<br />

devastating disease to other walkers and runners in the park.<br />

Participants drank water, healthy snacks and fruits after the<br />


Area I – Prairie View Chapter<br />

“Foster Care Initiative”<br />

October 21, <strong>2023</strong> - Prairie View Chapter Top Teens of America and Top<br />

Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated partnered with Move in Day Mafia.<br />

Move in Day Mafia is an organization that assists in foster care with free<br />

dorm room makeovers for eligible freshmen. <strong>The</strong> Teens assisted the<br />

students with decorating their rooms, making up the beds, disinfecting the<br />

rooms, and any other required needs.<br />

It was a long day but well worth it. Several organizations throughout the<br />

campus and community assisted with this project to help support students<br />

needing a helping hand. We would like to thank our partner Move in Day<br />

Mafia sponsor Sheila Wolf, and the Teens who participated.

Area I – Rose City Chapter<br />

“Sickle Cell Awareness”<br />

September 9, <strong>2023</strong> - Rose City<br />

Top Teens have continued their<br />

year-round activities to become a<br />

beacon of hope for Sickle Cell<br />

awareness in the community. At a<br />

regular meeting, the Teens held a<br />

summit on reaching out to<br />

individuals dealing firsthand with<br />

the disease. One of the attendees<br />

shared his diagnosis with the<br />

disorder and his close call that led<br />

him into a long hospital stay. He<br />

mentioned how he went from an<br />

energetic youth to needing<br />

assistance with everyday<br />

activities. Lady Evangela Adams,<br />

one of his doctors, has been<br />

involved with the patient’s<br />

journey as a Sickle Cell patient.<br />

She was able to explain how the<br />

blood cells takes a sickle shape<br />

and causes the patient to<br />

experience painful episodes. <strong>The</strong><br />

patient contributed his ability to<br />

remain crisis free for ten (10)<br />

years to his medical team.<br />

Rose City TLOD and Top Teens<br />

have supported a year-round<br />

initiative for Sickle Cell Disease<br />

by helping Blood Drives monthly<br />

in conjunction with the Red<br />

Cross and Health Care Network.<br />

Teen’s solicited support from<br />

their parents, friends and family<br />

to help by donating blood. Rose<br />

City TTA president, Teen Mia<br />

presented the speaker with a<br />

Certificate of Appreciation for<br />

taking time off from his job to<br />

share his story of living with<br />

Sickle Cell. Rose City will cohost<br />

and partnership with Red<br />

Cross for their next SCD Blood<br />

Drive, January 20, 2024, at a<br />

neighborhood church.<br />

Education about Sickle Cell is the<br />

key to understanding how it<br />

affects people. <strong>The</strong> Teens agreed<br />

that a month doesn’t give justice<br />

to the disease because it affects<br />

the lives of so many year-round.

Area I – Sugar Valley Chapter<br />

Community Partnerships<br />

November 14, <strong>2023</strong> - Lady Emily Bennett, Teen Robin Leggington,<br />

and Teen Reagan Leggington strived to ensure that the Veterans had a<br />

beautifully decorated space for the Veteran’s Day program. Lady Emily,<br />

Teen Robin, and Teen Reagan worked cooperatively to place the<br />

tablecloths and flag centerpieces on the tables. <strong>The</strong>y also strategically<br />

placed flags throughout the room to give it a special effect. <strong>The</strong> look on<br />

the faces of the veterans’ as they entered the room was priceless.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir faces beamed with pride and the decorum of room made them<br />

feel extra special. It was their day, and they were honored in a setting<br />

that was warm and inviting. <strong>The</strong>re were approximately fifty (50) people<br />

in attendance. <strong>The</strong> guests included five Sugar Valley Veterans and ten<br />

Windsor Village Community Veterans. <strong>The</strong> Veterans were honored with<br />

a program which consisted of poems, songs, awards, and refreshments.<br />

Thanks to Lady and Teens’ Trio, for working together to make an<br />

inviting atmosphere for the celebrated Veterans.

Area I – Suburban Bayou Chapter<br />

Community Beautification<br />

November 25, <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> Suburban Bayou City Chapter<br />

Top Teens Community Beautification<br />

committee met at the Ronald<br />

McDonald House (RMH) Houston,<br />

Children’s Memorial Hermann<br />

Hospital (CMHH), 6411 Fannin St.,<br />

Houston, TX 77030 to decorate the<br />

Christmas tree in the lounge on the<br />

9th floor Pediatric Heart Intensive<br />

Care Unit. Ronald McDonald House<br />

Houston (RMH Houston) offers a<br />

home away from home, providing<br />

care, compassion, and hope to<br />

families with seriously ill children<br />

treated at Texas Medical Center.<br />

Volunteers maintain the RMH<br />

Houston inside CMHH and provide<br />

compassionate support to families<br />

who have children in the Neonatal<br />

Intensive Care unit on the 3rd floor,<br />

Pediatric Intensive Care on the 7th<br />

floor, and Pediatric Heart Intensive<br />

Care Units on the 9th floor.<br />

Parents/caregivers whose child is<br />

admitted are eligible to stay<br />

overnight. <strong>The</strong>y have access to the<br />

lounge with a kitchen/dining area<br />

stocked with snacks, light meals,<br />

coffee, microwave, and refrigerator.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Teens readily shared their talent<br />

by separating ornaments, deciding<br />

what and where to place them to<br />

give the most creative affect as they<br />

decorated the Christmas tree with<br />

blue and silver decorations. Parents<br />

said, “that having the Christmas tree<br />

helps them realize it is the holiday<br />

season and brings them joy and the<br />

realization that others care.” Teens<br />

were excited and enthusiastic about<br />

transforming the beautiful<br />

Christmas tree and to ensure the<br />

families and others care about what<br />

they are experiencing and wanted<br />

to brighten their day and bring<br />

cheer into their lives.<br />

Area I - Twin City Chapter<br />

Senior Citizens - Community Partnerships<br />

.<br />

September 10, <strong>2023</strong> – <strong>The</strong> Twin City Chapter, Top Teens of America<br />

sponsored a Grandparents Day Celebration in partnership with Park<br />

Avenue Baptist Church located in Texarkana, AR. It was an afternoon of<br />

fun and education that was enjoyed by all, as each participant shared tidbits<br />

of information about their grandparents. Teens interactively displayed<br />

crafts and described them to the grandparents. <strong>The</strong> teens demonstrated<br />

crafts at the various stations, for example, created aromatic foot-bath salts,<br />

and handprints of grandparents/grandchildren on card stock paper which<br />

were placed in frames.<br />

<strong>The</strong> celebration ended with refreshments, fun, and fellowship enjoyed by<br />

all! Attendees: Ammie Hill, Twin City Top Teen President, Lady Barbara<br />

Larry, Top Teen Advisor Lady LaShundra Bradley, Top Teen Assistant<br />

Advisor Lady Roseland Lattier, TLOD President.

Saturday October 21, <strong>2023</strong> -<br />

Members of the Ebony Chapter Top<br />

Teens and Ladies gathered, along<br />

with prospective Ladies and Teens, to<br />

be of service at Feed My Starving<br />

Children, (FMSC) in Schaumburg,<br />

IL. Thirteen (13) Ladies, Teens and<br />

prospective members worked<br />

together to assemble, packages, and<br />

pack eleven (11) cases containing<br />

thirty-six (36) meals. <strong>The</strong> nutritious<br />

food items were shipped to the<br />

Convoy of Hope in Togo, Africa and<br />

the Dominican Republic. After<br />

completing this service project, our<br />

Teens were asked how they felt<br />

knowing they were impacting the<br />

lives of children who were less<br />

fortunate around the world. Teen<br />

Bailee Mc<strong>Fall</strong>, Ebony Chapter TTA<br />

President stated “it was a humbling<br />

and rewarding experience, I’m so<br />

glad I had the opportunity to come.”<br />

Area III – Ebony Chapter<br />

Community Partnerships<br />

Teen Adonis Thomas, who has<br />

volunteered at FMSC on three<br />

occasions stated “I always like<br />

coming here. I like that we<br />

challenged ourselves to pack more<br />

boxes this time than last time.<br />

Knowing that this little package is<br />

food for a whole family makes me<br />

a little sad and happy at the same<br />

time. I wish we could have done<br />

more.” Collectively, this project<br />

served as a team building<br />

opportunity for chapter Teens to<br />

work alongside the Ladies, as well<br />

as introduce prospective members<br />

to what TLOD & TTA is all about,<br />

service to our community and the<br />

world-at-large. With opportunities<br />

like this service project, we hope<br />

to spark a desire in our Teens to<br />

impact global change by leading<br />

through the example of teamwork<br />

and dedication.

Area III – Will County Black Diamond Chapter<br />

United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Walk for Education<br />

September 16, <strong>2023</strong> - Teens and Ladies of the Will County Black<br />

Diamond (WCBD) Chapter joined forces with nine other chapters from<br />

the heart of TLOD, Inc., Area III, and hundreds of other participants from<br />

the Chicago area to raise funds for the fortieth (40) Annual United Negro<br />

College Fund (UNCF) Walk For Education along Chicago’s picturesque<br />

lakefront. WCBD Teens had the opportunity to show their support for<br />

UNCF by walking and assisting participants with various tasks during the<br />

event. <strong>The</strong>y also visited Education Row to gather information about<br />

scholarships and talk to representatives from colleges and<br />

universities. Area III TTA Advisor Lady Elana Godbolt and National Area<br />

III Director Lady Vynessa Alexander were on hand to support the event.<br />

Led by the Teens, the Will County Black Diamond Chapter proudly raised<br />

over one thousand four hundred dollars ($1,400.00), for students<br />

attending HBCUs in the UNCF network.

Area IV- COLA City Chapter<br />

Community Beautification<br />

November 18, <strong>2023</strong> – Members of the COLA City Chapter<br />

participated in an Adopt-A-Street activity. Teens were able to demonstrate<br />

a love for the community by picking up trash in the Oak Street<br />

Community in Columbia, SC., for two (2) hours. A sign will be displayed<br />

on Oak Street bearing the name COLA City TLOD/TTA, after four<br />

pick-ups. <strong>The</strong> service project is named Keep <strong>The</strong> Midlands Beautiful<br />

Quarterly Clean-up.

Area IV – Miami Chapter<br />

Community Partnerships<br />

November 11, <strong>2023</strong> – In a<br />

remarkable display of empathy<br />

and goodwill, on Veterans Day,<br />

the Top Teens of America, Miami<br />

Chapter, took it upon themselves<br />

to complete random acts of<br />

kindness by handwriting<br />

encouraging cards to veterans.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se young souls, motivated by<br />

a genuine desire to make a<br />

positive difference, embarked on<br />

a mission to express gratitude<br />

and appreciation to those who<br />

have dedicated their lives to<br />

serving and selflessly protecting<br />

our nation. In a demonstration of<br />

collective commitment to giving<br />

back, the teens joined forces with<br />

the Miami-Dade Association of<br />

Black Social Workers, People<br />

about Change, Sigma Alpha<br />

Chapter of Omega Psi Phi<br />

Fraternity, Incorporated, Good<br />

Health Wins, and Top Ladies of<br />

Distinction, Incorporated, Miami<br />

Chapter’s Senior Citizen<br />

Committee to create a positive<br />

change in the veteran community.<br />

<strong>The</strong> initiative involved crafting<br />

seventy-eight (78) personalized<br />

cards to be placed in hygiene<br />

bags.<br />

Bags were donated to two Carrfour<br />

Supportive Housing properties that<br />

housed male and female veterans. <strong>The</strong><br />

impact of these random acts of<br />

kindness goes beyond the words<br />

written on the cards. Our esteemed<br />

veterans from Liberty Village and<br />

Shuler Manor responded with<br />

overwhelming appreciation. Recipients<br />

have expressed their gratitude for the<br />

unexpected gestures, sharing stories of<br />

how these simple acts of kindness have<br />

brightened their days and lifted their<br />

spirits. <strong>The</strong> exchange of positive energy<br />

between teens and veterans creates a<br />

beautiful cycle of compassion and<br />


Area IV – North Atlanta Chapter<br />

Community Partnerships<br />

November 4, <strong>2023</strong> - In 1998 Med Share founders A.B. Short and Bob<br />

Freeman spoke out about the large amount of discarded medical<br />

resources in the United States. That same year, Med Share was founded.<br />

Med Share prepared and delivered the first forty (40) foot container<br />

shipment of medical supplies and equipment to Costa Rica. Med Share<br />

partners with hospitals, distributors and manufacturers to collect and<br />

redistribute high-quality surplus medical products to qualified healthcare<br />

facilities in medically underserved communities around the world.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Top Teens, Top Teen Advisor, Top Teen Assistant Advisor, and Top<br />

Ladies volunteered at the Med Share facility in Decatur, Ga. We packed<br />

two thousand, three hundred, twenty-one (2,321) pounds of supplies. We<br />

served one thousand, nine hundred ninety-seven (1,997) medical<br />

facilities and the packed supplies were sent to Jamaica, Guatemala, and<br />

Somalia. It was a very rewarding opportunity to provide medical supplies<br />

to underserved communities.

Area IV – Raleigh Chapter<br />

Community Service<br />

November 10, <strong>2023</strong> - Raleigh Top Teens of America Presents: “You<br />

Are Worthy” Conference. <strong>The</strong> Raleigh Chapter of Top Ladies and Top<br />

Teens of America sponsored an event that brought together young<br />

minds, mental health professionals, and advocates. <strong>The</strong> You Are<br />

Worthy Mental Health Conference unfolded as a resounding success.<br />

<strong>The</strong> conference, tailored specifically for the younger generation,<br />

addressed critical issues surrounding mental health, providing a<br />

platform for dialogue, education, and empowerment.<br />

One of the highlights of the conference was the interactive workshops<br />

designed to foster stress management techniques to mindfulness<br />

practices, teens actively participated in hands-on sessions that aimed<br />

to empower them with practical tools for maintaining good mental<br />

health. <strong>The</strong> workshop not only provided valuable resources but also<br />

encouraged open conversations about mental health challenges faced<br />

by today's youth.

Area IV – Southern Pearls Miami-Dade Chapter<br />

Community Partnerships<br />

November 10, <strong>2023</strong> - Celebrating<br />

the spirit of gratitude and<br />

community, Southern Pearls Miami-<br />

Dade Senior Citizens Committee<br />

joined forces with esteemed sponsors<br />

such as US Foods, Sprouts, Winn-<br />

Dixie, and Torbert Farms. Together,<br />

they orchestrated a heartwarming<br />

Thanksgiving Turkey Drive-Thru<br />

event at Goulds Park in the vibrant<br />

city of Miami, Florida. In<br />

collaboration with the dedicated<br />

efforts of the Top Ladies and Top<br />

Teens, fifty (50) deserving seniors<br />

from the local community were<br />

identified to partake in this<br />

thoughtful initiative.<br />

Each senior received a generous<br />

package filled with essential items.<br />

<strong>The</strong> synergy between the Ladies and<br />

Teens was evident as they worked<br />

harmoniously to assemble the items.<br />

As the seniors drove away with their<br />

vehicles filled with the Thanksgiving<br />

feast, the event served as an<br />

emotional reminder of the impact<br />

that collaborative efforts can have in<br />

fostering a spirit of togetherness and<br />

gratitude within our community.

Area V - Detroit Chapter<br />

Community Partnerships<br />

October 13, <strong>2023</strong> - BFDI<br />

International Training Institute is a<br />

501(c)3 whose mission is to impact<br />

the world through trainings that<br />

make a difference in the lives of<br />

children, families, and communities<br />

by placing healthy, thriving<br />

relationships at the core of<br />

producing successful outcomes.<br />

BFDI is focused on four initiatives:<br />

*Youth Development<br />

*Restorative Communities<br />

*Peaceful Workplaces<br />

*Restorative Justice<br />

BFDI International Training<br />

Institute held its Inaugural<br />

Fundraiser Dinner themed “What<br />

About the Children”.<br />

Community Award: Jason and<br />

Nicole Wilson CEO and COO of<br />

<strong>The</strong> Yunion Detroit Chapter Top<br />

Teens represented the organization<br />

under the initiative” Youth<br />

Development”. Teen Alexis Butler<br />

provided vocal entertainment by<br />

singing two songs so well that the<br />

gospel artist “J Moss” gave rave<br />

reviews.<br />

<strong>The</strong> honorees were introduced and<br />

presented their awards by Area V<br />

TTA President, Teen Dha’Mario<br />

Peterson, Area V Second Vice-<br />

President Travier Woods, Detroit<br />

Chapter President Adrianah Kyles<br />

and immediate past Detroit Chapter<br />

President Symphony Zeigler. Teens<br />

Daquan Benjamin, David Benjamin,<br />

London Bishop, Tyler McCrackins,<br />

Kelan Rider and Rachel Warren<br />

assisted with set up, checking guest<br />

in, escorting honorees and ushering<br />

<strong>The</strong> Detroit Chapter Top Teens truly<br />

made a great impact and impressed<br />

the city!!!

Area VI- City of Angels Chapter<br />

Literacy<br />

October 22, <strong>2023</strong> - <strong>The</strong> City<br />

of Angels Top Ladies, Top<br />

Teens, Lord, parents, family,<br />

and friends visited a<br />

bookstore specializing in<br />

various resources focusing on<br />

cultural diversity. <strong>The</strong> store<br />

also sells African American<br />

gifts and calendars, to name a<br />

few. <strong>The</strong> owners, Malik and<br />

April Muhammad, and staff,<br />

provided us with a tour of the<br />

store and discussed the<br />

eligibility guidelines for their<br />

discounted Rewards Program<br />

Lord Lyonell, Top Ladies and<br />

parents engaged the Top Teens<br />

according to their interest in the<br />

books featured. <strong>The</strong>re were<br />

twenty-six (26) attendees of Top<br />

Ladies, Top Teens, Lords, family<br />

and friends. <strong>The</strong> fellowship<br />

continued with a festive lunch<br />

in the food court. Teen<br />

Toberis a nationwide event<br />

recognized and hosted by<br />

libraries every October.<br />

<strong>The</strong> goal is to celebrate the<br />

accomplishments of teens,<br />

promote year-round services<br />

and highlight innovative ways for<br />

teen to learn new skills, while<br />

stimulating their passions in and<br />

outside the library.

Area I – Humble Intercontinental Chapter<br />

Teen Madison Mc-Call Armstrong is<br />

a 15-year-old sophomore at Shadow<br />

Creek High School and Alvin<br />

Community College. She is a<br />

member of Distributed Education<br />

Clubs of America (DECA), Future<br />

Farmers of America (FFA), and<br />

Student Council. She plans to attend<br />

college after high school and major<br />

in Business Management,<br />

Accounting, and Agriculture. Teen<br />

Madison has been an active member<br />

of Humble Intercontinental for two<br />

years where she currently serves as<br />

President of the Chapter. She also<br />

holds the title of Area One TTA<br />

President. She is a very devoted,<br />

resolute, and enthusiastic young lady<br />

who prides herself in attending the<br />

majority, if not all, of the chapters<br />

scheduled community service<br />

projects and events.<br />

Her favorite community service is<br />

when the Teens visit and provide<br />

activities, gifts and goodies for the<br />

Seniors in skilled-nursing home<br />

facilities, during Grandparents Day,<br />

Christmas, and Valentines Day. She<br />

is a true leader by example and will<br />

be the first to arrive at the<br />

designated location to render her<br />

service. Teen Madison believes<br />

being a Top Teen has given her a<br />

sense of tenacity, development of<br />

leadership and professional skills,<br />

and how to conduct herself in a<br />

respectable manner and setting.<br />

Her favorite scripture is - “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean<br />

not unto thine own understanding. In all the ways acknowledge him, and he<br />

shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Area I – Monroe Chapter<br />

Teen Jacob Green, a student at<br />

Ouachita High School in Monroe, LA<br />

is the Student Body President, an<br />

accomplished Tennis Player, National<br />

Honor Society Historian, Drum<br />

Captain, Mock Trail Founder, as well<br />

as President of the Monroe Chapter<br />

Top Teens of America. Teen Jacob<br />

earned a 4.0 GPA, and one of the<br />

highest ACT scores at his school. As a<br />

humble young man, Jacob always<br />

tries to do his best. This summer he<br />

won the Louisiana National History<br />

Day Competition and traveled to<br />

Normandy, France. Jacob stated, "he<br />

gained an appreciation of countries<br />

outside of his own. This trip has also<br />

given me a sense of independence<br />

away from home that I feel I will be<br />

able to utilize in the future.“<br />

Teen Jacob plans to attend<br />

college after graduation. During<br />

the <strong>2023</strong> Area One Leadership<br />

Conference, Teen Jacob placed<br />

first in the Speaking category<br />

and placed second at Syn-Lod.<br />

One of his favorite scriptures is<br />

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the<br />

plans I have for you," declares<br />

the Lord, "Plans to prosper you<br />

and not to harm you, plans to<br />

give you hope and a future."

Area I – New Orleans Chapter<br />

Chapter 1st VP Teen Aaliyah Mile is very helpful and always eager to<br />

participate. She arrives on-time for service events and meetings and<br />

is first to volunteer for organizing tasks. As a team player Teen<br />

Aaliyah gets along well with her fellow Top Teens and respects<br />

adults.<br />

Her leadership skills are evident in her willingness to share ideas<br />

and respond to other Teens in a collaborative manner. Teen Aaliyah<br />

is seldom absent from a meeting or service event. Peers enjoy her<br />

involvement in TTA activities, and she is truly an asset to the<br />


Area I – Prairie View Chapter<br />

Prairie View Chapter Top Teen Toni Nicole Smith Wins Cypress Springs<br />

Homecoming Queen<br />

On October 12, <strong>2023</strong>, Teen Toni Nicole Smith, a member of the Prairie View<br />

Chapter, was selected Homecoming Queen of Cypress Springs High School in<br />

Cypress, Texas. Toni is a senior and captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team. She<br />

has been a member of the Varsity Team for four years lettering her freshman<br />

year. In addition, Toni is a member of the National Honor Society holding the<br />

office of Recording Secretary. Teen Toni is also affiliated with additional school<br />

organizations such as the Black Student Union and member of the Yearbook<br />

Staff.<br />

Toni currently serves as Director of Operations in the Prairie View Chapter.<br />

Additionally, she held the previous positions, National Association of<br />

Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Status of Women Chair. She<br />

attends Greater Saint Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church where she is President<br />

of the Youth Praise Team. Teen Toni lives by the biblical verse also known as the<br />

golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Area I – Rose City Chapter<br />

Teen Mia Adams is the daughter of<br />

Lady Evangela Adams and the late<br />

Lord Adams. <strong>The</strong> newly elected<br />

Rose City Top Teens President has<br />

taken her role with great leadership<br />

qualities. As she embarks upon her<br />

fourth year in TTA, she has been a<br />

very enthusiastic part of her<br />

community. Teen Mia is a Junior at<br />

Whitehouse ISD where she is<br />

actively involved in the marching<br />

band, various clubs and Honor<br />

Society. Teen Mia is a member of<br />

True Vine Baptist Church and<br />

participates annually in the Silver<br />

Strands Luncheon for Senior<br />

Citizens. This event recognizes<br />

contributions community and<br />

church by high school seniors.<br />

After suddenly losing her father<br />

three years ago, Teen Mia shared a<br />

poem that she pinned as a tribute<br />

to her father at the services .<br />

This speaks volumes to the training<br />

and experiences that had been<br />

poured into her life as a young<br />

child. She has held to the words<br />

that she pinned in that poem! Teen<br />

Mia represented the Rose City<br />

Chapter as the <strong>2023</strong> Area delegate.<br />

As a chapter representative, Teen<br />

Mia participated actively during<br />

discussions with her peers. Teen<br />

Mia is faithfully involved with the<br />

Rose City Chapter Top Teens and<br />

takes the initiative to serve with<br />

enthusiasm and gratitude. Her<br />

ability to lead demonstrates her<br />

uniqueness to serve and makes<br />

everyone feel like they also can lead<br />

in different ways.

Area II– Washington D.C., Chapter<br />

Top Teen Karrington Fairfax Brings<br />

Halloween Joy by Assisting in<br />

Treat-Packing for Senior Citizens<br />

In a heartwarming display of<br />

community engagement, Top Teen,<br />

Karrington Fairfax, recently<br />

dedicated her time and efforts to<br />

assist in packing treats for the<br />

senior citizens. Partnering with the<br />

Washington DC Chapter of Top<br />

Ladies of Distinction, Inc.,<br />

Karrington contributed to creating<br />

a festive atmosphere for the<br />

Halloween Party at the Zion<br />

Baptist Church Senior Citizen Day-<br />

Care Center in Washington DC.<br />

<strong>The</strong> day was filled with laughter,<br />

joy, and a sense of community,<br />

thanks to the collaborative efforts<br />

of individuals like Karrington<br />

Fairfax and the dedicated members<br />

of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. A<br />

special acknowledgment to the Top<br />

Ladies of Distinction, Inc., who<br />

visited with the seniors during this<br />

meaningful celebration.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir presence, led by Chapter<br />

President Marie Bowe Quick,<br />

Lady LaDedra Drummond, and<br />

Lady Taunya Martin, Chair of the<br />

Senior Citizens Committee,<br />

brought immeasurable joy to the<br />

seniors. <strong>The</strong>ir kindness and<br />

compassion not only brightened<br />

their day but also created lasting<br />

memories for the senior<br />

residents.<br />

Karrington’s involvement in the<br />

treat-packing process exemplifies<br />

the spirit of community service<br />

and the power of youth<br />

engagement. Her dedication to<br />

giving back to the senior citizens<br />

reflects not only a commitment<br />

to the community but also a<br />

desire to make a positive impact<br />

on the lives of those who may<br />

require extra joy and<br />


Area IV– Bryan-Liberty Counties Chapter<br />

Teen Khaden Sapp the TTA president from Bryan-<br />

Liberty Counties was sworn in as Liberty County<br />

Youth Commissioner September 21, <strong>2023</strong>. He is in<br />

11th grade at Liberty County High School.

Area IV– COLA City Chapter<br />

Cola City TTA President Shines Bright and Secures the Bag. Cola City Top<br />

Teens of America President Sonia Baxter takes pride in representing her<br />

chapter locally and beyond. Recently, Sonia took to the stage and “Shined<br />

Bright Like a Diamond” as she competed in the Miss Blythewood High<br />

School Pageant, in Blythewood, S.C. Sonia captured the audience and<br />

judges' attention as she won two titles and was crowned Miss Freshman<br />

<strong>2023</strong> and Miss Congeniality <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Later, during the forty-first (41 st ) Leadership Conference in Orlando,<br />

Florida, Sonia campaigned for Area IV TTA Treasurer and was able to<br />

“Secure <strong>The</strong> Bag” as the Area’s next Top Teens Of America Treasurer. Sonia<br />

believes she “can do all things through Christ which strengthens” her.<br />

Philippians 4:13.

Area IV – Guilford County Chapter<br />

I have been in business since I<br />

was nine (9) years old. My<br />

entrepreneurial journey started<br />

with an "idea" to make slime.<br />

While watching YouTube videos<br />

of people making slime, it hit<br />

me, "why keep buying someone<br />

else's slime when I could make<br />

it myself?" My first event with<br />

my slime business was during a<br />

<strong>Fall</strong> Festival. I continue to<br />

develop and grow the business<br />

by hosting slime-parties.<br />

During Covid-19, my slime<br />

business slowed down and I<br />

began looking into new trends<br />

for kids my age which led me to<br />

making handmade bracelets. My<br />

bracelet business blossomed in<br />

early <strong>2023</strong>. People liked the<br />

bracelets that I made, so I<br />

decided to sell them. My family<br />

supports my business which<br />

pushes me to develop new ideas.<br />

My next idea took me to nail<br />

design over the summer of<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. I enrolled in a class to<br />

learn how to become a<br />

manicurist and completed the<br />

program requirements for a<br />

certified nail tech by the State of<br />

North Carolina.<br />

<strong>The</strong> pros of entrepreneurship are<br />

working for yourself, setting your<br />

own schedule, and seeing customer's<br />

"n'joyee" your products. <strong>The</strong> cons<br />

are not always making a profit,<br />

feeling like you missed out on<br />

activities, and having the finances<br />

and resources to fund your ideas.<br />

In spite of challenges, it is always my<br />

goal to make sure customers<br />

"n'joyee" thus my business "N'joyee<br />

Creative Designs".<br />

Please connect with me on Facebook<br />

@njoyeecreativedesigns.<br />

Nailah Newkirk, CEO<br />

N'joyee Creative Design

Area IV– Miami Chapter<br />

Teen Taylor Mack, a bright and<br />

compassionate 9th grader, took the<br />

lead in a touching initiative to create<br />

Survivor Kits and organized a walk<br />

raising breast cancer awareness. <strong>The</strong><br />

walk also served as a heartfelt<br />

tribute to her former teacher.<br />

Motivated by a personal connection<br />

and deep sense of empathy, Teen<br />

Taylor collaborated with Scott Lake<br />

Elementary, Girls Growing into<br />

Greatness, Inc., and the City of<br />

Miami Gardens Police Department,<br />

combining strengths and pooling<br />

resources to create an event that<br />

went beyond a simple walk; it<br />

became a symbol of solidarity, hope,<br />

and resilience.<br />

Cupcakes and the Warriors Breast<br />

Cancer Walk was a powerful<br />

expression of support! <strong>The</strong> route<br />

was adorned with messages of<br />

encouragement, creating a moving<br />

tapestry of shared triumphs.<br />

Survivor kits were curated with items<br />

chosen to bring comfort and joy.<br />

From personalized certificates to<br />

sashes, mugs, flags, makeup bags,<br />

fans, and encouraging notes. <strong>The</strong> kits<br />

exhibited a labor of love to uplift and<br />

celebrate the strength of survivors.<br />

In a landscape where young leaders<br />

are emerging as catalysts for positive<br />

change, Teen Taylor stands out for her<br />

exceptional commitment, vision, and<br />

ability to inspire others. As National<br />

TTA Parliamentarian, Miami Chapter<br />

Treasurer, iPrep Academy North’s<br />

President of Speech and Debate,<br />

National Junior Honor Society Vice<br />

President, Women of Tomorrow, and<br />

President of the Black Student Union,<br />

Teen Taylor has demonstrated<br />

exemplary leadership.<br />

Matthew 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before<br />

others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in<br />


Area IV– Savannah Chapter<br />

Congratulations to Teen Alayla<br />

Dawson for being selected as<br />

Woodville-Tompkins Technical<br />

and Career High School Work-<br />

Based Learning Student of the<br />

Month! Teen Alayla has<br />

completed the Business and<br />

Technology, Manufacturing and<br />

Financial Services pathways and<br />

is an active member of Future<br />

Business Leaders of America.<br />

Additionally, she currently<br />

works as a bank teller intern in<br />

the Student-Operated branch of<br />

MembersFirst Credit Union.<br />

She is so thankful for her<br />

amazing mentors, Ashley<br />

DuBois and Laura Columbia,<br />

and has the following to say<br />

about her experience: “After<br />

finishing the Business/Financial<br />

Services pathways, I discovered<br />

that finance is where my main<br />

interests lie. It’s crucial to know<br />

how to invest money early on in<br />

order to grow it over time.<br />

Through the Financial Services<br />

pathway, I was able to<br />

understand how my present<br />

financial decisions might<br />

influence me in the future. I<br />

applied at MembersFirst Credit<br />

Union because I wanted to<br />

learn more about banking.<br />

Servicing its members is the focus<br />

of MembersFirst. <strong>The</strong>y make<br />

banking simple and prioritizes<br />

necessities. As the public face of<br />

the credit union, I warmly greet<br />

each new member and make sure<br />

to meet their needs. Having a job<br />

in the credit union has given me<br />

the opportunity to meet new<br />

people and better understand<br />

how to plan for my financial<br />

future.”<br />

Teen Alayla Dawson is a senior, in<br />

the graduating class of 2024, at<br />

Woodville-Tompkins Technical<br />

and Career High School in<br />

Savannah, GA. She is the<br />

immediate past Savannah TTA<br />

Chapter President (2019-<strong>2023</strong>).<br />

She currently holds the position<br />

of TTA UNCF/HBCU<br />


Area V – Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter<br />

<strong>The</strong> hybrid induction to establish the Pittsburgh Steel City (PSC) Top Teens of<br />

America was held on Saturday, November 4, <strong>2023</strong>. <strong>The</strong> teens listed below were<br />

formally inducted as Top Teens.<br />

• Teen Lauren Abdullah<br />

• Teen Kasia Cunningham<br />

• Teen Logan Greene<br />

• Teen Mason Greene<br />

• Teen Nevaeh Holt<br />

• Teen Mikayla Hornezes<br />

• Teen Curtis McAbee<br />

• Teen Ashley McCollum<br />

• Teen Lyniah McFadden<br />

• Teen Wesley Taylor<br />

• Teen Josie William<br />

<strong>The</strong>re were forty -five (45) attendees<br />

Thank you to the Pittsburgh Steel City Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction,<br />

Area V TTA Advisor Lady Kemberley Jones, Area V Top Teen Officers, and<br />

National TTA President, Teen Roderick Stanfield.<br />

Top Teens held their first virtual meeting during the month of November. In<br />

collaboration with PSC TLOD Officers, the teens received an overview of the<br />

officer roles and responsibilities. In addition, teens were prepared to campaign<br />

for their officer roles, established a monthly day and time for regular meetings,<br />

discussed ideas regarding the My Mentor and Me Program, voted on a bonding<br />

activity, and learned more about their first service project.

National Announcements

National TTA Service to Youth<br />

Committee Liaisons<br />

Lady Crystal C. Pittman, National TTA Director<br />

Lady Catherine Miles, National TTA Assistant Director<br />

Lady Sharon Heath, Liaison Chair<br />

Lady Jacqueline Carter, Area I<br />

Lady Vickie Henry Hughes, Area IV<br />

Lady Velda Hunter, Area V<br />

Lady Kathy L. Horton, Editor in Chief & Publicist,<br />

National TTA Tech Support,<br />

Southern Pearls Miami-Dade Chapter<br />

Lady Vernetta Mitchell, National TTA Tech Support<br />

Concord Chapter<br />

Sponsored by Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc.

Teen Kendall Tolbert<br />

National TTA Corresponding Secretary, Editor-in-Chief<br />

Teen Roderick Stanfield, Jr.<br />

National TTA President<br />

Teen Aubri Cunningham<br />

National TTA 1 st Vice President<br />

Teen Taylor Gilchrist<br />

National TTA 2 nd Vice President<br />

Teen Taylor Gilchrist<br />

National TTA Chaplain<br />

Teen Haley Hayden<br />

National TTA Historian<br />

Teen Sokoree Parker, Contributer<br />

Front Cover Design<br />

TLOD Sponsors and Editorial Teams<br />

Lady Crystal C. Pittman,<br />

National TTA Director<br />

Newsletter Sponsor<br />

Lady Catherine Miles,<br />

National TTA Assistant Director<br />

Newsletter Sponsor<br />

Lady Vickie Henry Hughes,<br />

Newsletter Sponsor<br />

Lady Kathy L. Horton,<br />

Newsletter Editor &<br />

Service to Youth Committee

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