St Cross College Record 39 - 2023

The Record is an annual publication produced by St Cross College, Oxford. It features lists of College Fellows and Members of Common Room, details of degrees taken during the academic year 2023-2024, as well as reports from College staff and officers. If you would like to request either a hard copy or PDF of the latest Record, please contact record@stx.ox.ac.uk. Back issues are also available.

The Record is an annual publication produced by St Cross College, Oxford. It features lists of College Fellows and Members of Common Room, details of degrees taken during the academic year 2023-2024, as well as reports from College staff and officers.

If you would like to request either a hard copy or PDF of the latest Record, please contact record@stx.ox.ac.uk. Back issues are also available.


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<strong>Record</strong> <strong>39</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />


The <strong>Record</strong><br />

Number <strong>39</strong> | <strong>2023</strong><br />

Contents<br />

Editor’s Note 1<br />

Master’s Report 2<br />

Fellows & MCRs 6<br />

Honorary Fellows 11<br />

Emeritus Fellows 12<br />

Visiting Fellows 15<br />

Retired Founding Fellows (other than Emeritus Fellows) 15<br />

Members of Common Room 16<br />

New graduate students and scholars 2022/<strong>2023</strong> 20<br />

Scholarships 26<br />

Degrees taken 2022/<strong>2023</strong> 29<br />

Members of staff 38<br />

Awards & Achievements 40<br />

<strong>2023</strong> in Review 42<br />

Bursar’s Report 44<br />

Domestic Bursar’s Report 46<br />

Development and External Relations Report 48<br />

Donor Roll 2022/<strong>2023</strong> 51<br />

Academic Registrar’s Report 54<br />

Deans’ Report 58<br />

President of Common Room’s Report 60<br />

Library and Archives Report 61<br />

Senior Tutor (Academic Affairs & Programmes)’s Report 62<br />

Garden Master’s Report 65<br />

Catering Manager’s Report 66<br />

Art Report 68<br />

Music Report 70<br />

<strong>St</strong>udent Representative Committee Report 72<br />

Ball Report 75<br />

Sports Report 76<br />

Editor’s Note<br />

A year of transition<br />

ake from the shelf the past three editions of the <strong>College</strong> <strong>Record</strong>, flip through<br />

T them, compare them, and the recent story of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> will quickly become<br />

apparent. As will be seen in the following reports, following several years of trials and<br />

triblations — the Covid-19 pandemic in particular — <strong>2023</strong> can be summed up by one<br />

word: Transitional.<br />

Most notably the Master and Bursars’ Reports have been submitted by interim<br />

appointees, others too, and the West Wing remediation project is mentioned<br />

throughout.<br />

The <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>’ story continues in each update published by the Communications<br />

Office. With new leadership and new masonry being unveiled alongside the<br />

publication of this <strong>Record</strong>, you can’t help but feel optimistic about the <strong>College</strong>’s next<br />

phase.<br />

It has been a pleasure to take part in and help share <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>’ story, and I thank<br />

everyone who contributed to this timely publication.<br />

My many thanks,<br />

Jason MacGregor<br />

Communications Officer (2021-23)<br />

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Obituaries 78<br />

The Quad Online 82<br />

Supporting <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> 83<br />

1 1

Master’s Report<br />

Professor Rana Mitter OBE FBA<br />

Acting Master 2022 - <strong>2023</strong><br />

t has been a great privilege to serve the <strong>College</strong> community over the last year<br />

I as Acting Master. Since Carole Souter’s departure last September, I have worked<br />

with Interim Bursar Wilf <strong>St</strong>ephenson and our astonishing, dedicated staff to ensure<br />

that <strong>College</strong> continued to uphold the values of egalitarianism, internationalism and<br />

inclusiveness that makes our <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> community unique in Oxford.<br />

During this period, we had the particular responsibilities of overseeing major<br />

remediation work on the West Wing and recruiting a new Master of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>, all<br />

while also enjoying a full in-person return of <strong>College</strong> events and traditions following<br />

two disruptive years of the Covid-19 pandemic.<br />

In August 2022, contractors Morgan Sindall began the process of removing Glass<br />

Reinforced Concrete (GRC) from the West Wing then installing new aluminium<br />

surrounds to the building’s windows. This has been a major project for <strong>College</strong><br />

meaning the West Quad was largely out of bounds all year, that there was no<br />

access to the bike shed, and <strong>College</strong> events were limited to other communal areas.<br />

Of course, our Events team and the <strong>St</strong>udent Representative Committee worked<br />

diligently and ensured that events went ahead and were a success, often finding<br />

creative solutions.<br />

And despite being covered in scaffolding, amid a work zone, the Library remained<br />

open. Soundproofing was installed to limit excessive noise, and Librarian Philippa<br />

Taney passed out hearing protection, blankets and space heaters to keep students<br />

as comfortable as possible. For their part, current students showed that steely <strong>St</strong><br />

<strong>Cross</strong> resolve by living and working around such a large, sometimes loud remediation<br />

project, without complaint. We look forward to being able to enjoy the building for<br />

many years to come – and to a proper re-opening event in due course.<br />

<strong>College</strong> put on a full slate of events this year — which can be found in the following<br />

pages of this <strong>Record</strong> – and I would like to speak about a select few in detail. Firstly, in<br />

February <strong>2023</strong> we held the 1965 Club Evening at <strong>College</strong> — in-person for the first<br />

time in three years. It was wonderful to see so many friends, colleagues and members<br />

of our community finally back together in the same room.<br />

We gathered to celebrate and thank our immensely generous members of the 1965<br />

Club for their unwavering support of <strong>College</strong> over many years and in particular<br />

the last three unprecedented years as our community has so skillfully adapted to<br />

overcome the various practical and financial hurdles imposed on us by Covid. Through<br />

2<br />


the 1965 Club’s philanthropic efforts, I am particularly delighted that we were able to<br />

support 119 students through a variety of Scholarships & Bursaries, and an additional<br />

91 students being supported through Hardship Funds over the last three years.<br />

1965 Club members and I were also delighted that current scholarship and bursary<br />

award-holders were able to join us for the evening. As a <strong>College</strong>, we are extremely<br />

proud to be able to offer these awards, thanks to our supporters, and it’s absolutely<br />

right that we should celebrate and promote the diversity of stories that led that fine<br />

cohort of students to our front door.<br />

In March, we held our annual Fred’s Lunch. It was wonderful to see such a diverse<br />

mix of the <strong>College</strong> community attend; Fellows, Former Fellows, current students and<br />

of course, our wonderful <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Alumni. Named after Fred Hodcroft, who was the<br />

University Lecturer in Spanish here at Oxford from 1953 until his retirement and<br />

perhaps more crucially for us, one of the founding Fellows of this <strong>College</strong>, it was an<br />

opportunity to have varied and diverse conversations over a delicious three course<br />

lunch. This was a particularly momentous year in which to celebrate Fred’s life in what<br />

would have been his 100th year.<br />

And not taking in-person events for granted, <strong>College</strong> also held an inaugural<br />

networking drinks event, hosted by the Development and Alumni Relations Office.<br />

Held in the Lange Room, this reception was a fantastic opportunity for current<br />

students to meet each other over a glass or two of wine and make those really<br />

invaluable initial connections as they start to think about life and career beyond the<br />

four corners of <strong>College</strong>. We were absolutely delighted to be joined by several of our<br />

Chevening Research, Science, and Innovation Leadership Fellows, better known as<br />

CRISP Fellows, who brought with them expertise in the fields of science, innovation,<br />

and business.<br />

As a <strong>College</strong>, we are extremely proud to be in a position to have hosted the CRISP<br />

programme again this year, as we have for many years now, and it really underlines<br />

our reputation as a truly international, diverse and inclusive place.<br />

Capping off <strong>College</strong> events, our annual Encaenia Prize Giving & Dinner in June was<br />

a chance for the whole <strong>College</strong> community to celebrate our students who were<br />

awarded prizes throughout the academic year, including those prizes generously<br />

supported by alumni and friends of the <strong>College</strong>. I am delighted to say that we were<br />

joined by many of the donors who made these awards possible. I am also really<br />

pleased to have also had in attendance the CRISP Fellows who were with us for the<br />

duration of Trinity Term.<br />

say that the winner, Faissal Sharif, a current student undertaking a DPhil in Clinical<br />

Neurosciences, took the £100 prize. You will see his, and the 2nd and 3rd place<br />

winning photos in the following pages.<br />

We are a young (relatively speaking) graduate <strong>College</strong> with a modest endowment, and<br />

we are extremely grateful for all philanthropic gifts we receive regardless of size or<br />

designation. Every gift to this <strong>College</strong> contributes to enhancing the experience of our<br />

students. Indeed, gifts to this <strong>College</strong> change lives.<br />

And although we are young, <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> has weathered the most trying trials and<br />

tribulations over the past few years. Despite these challenges, the staff of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong><br />

have done incredible work to keep the <strong>College</strong> running, behind the scenes and/or at<br />

irregular hours, and though we may not directly see the work that they do, each of<br />

them is vital to the smooth running of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong>.<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff continued to support students this academic year and have done so superbly.<br />

Not only current students — staff also support our community of over 5,000 alumni,<br />

Fellows and friends of the <strong>College</strong>, and indeed incoming <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>ers who recently<br />

joined us for Michaelmas Term.<br />

In Hilary <strong>2023</strong>, a search committee led by Vice Master Professor Kevin Marsh<br />

undertook a process that led to the election of Kate Mavor CBE as new Master. She<br />

took up her post in September and we are thrilled that a figure with Kate’s breadth<br />

and range of experience will lead the <strong>College</strong> into the next stage of its development.<br />

I am confident that Kate will enhance and deepen the <strong>College</strong>’s sense of community<br />

and help it to extend its horizons even further.<br />

For a final time, let me say what a privilege it was to lead the <strong>College</strong> during the past<br />

year. I couldn’t have done it without all of your support. I’ll be keeping an eye on<br />

<strong>College</strong> from my new job at Harvard and I’ll be dropping in now and then when I’m<br />

back in the UK.<br />

Until then, thank you all so much — and over and out for now.<br />

Rana Mitter OBE FBA<br />

Lecturer and Professor of History and Politics of<br />

Modern China and Governing Body Fellow, 2001-23<br />

Acting Master, 2022-23<br />

Emeritus Fellow, <strong>2023</strong>-<br />

We had on display for the evening, winner and runners up from our annual <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong><br />

Photography Competition as judged by the <strong>College</strong> Art Committee. We had over 30<br />

photographs submitted working to the theme of ‘Opening Up’ and I’m delighted to<br />

4 5

Fellows<br />

For academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Master<br />

MITTER, Rana Shantashil Rajyeswar, OBE, MA, DPhil, PhD Camb.) FBA, FRHistS;<br />

Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, Director of the Oxford China<br />

Centre<br />

“Deep in Antelope Canyon, Az, USA” by Faissal Sharif<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Photography Competition (1st prize)<br />

Fellows<br />

TREADWELL, William Luke, MA, DPhil (BA Camb.); Samir Shamma Associate<br />

Professor of Islamic Numismatics, Ashmolean Museum<br />

THOMPSON, Peter John, MA (BA Warw.; PhD Pennsylvania); Sydney L. Mayer<br />

Associate Professor of American History<br />

ADAM, Christopher, MA, MPhil, DPhil (MA <strong>St</strong> And.); Professor of Development<br />

Economics<br />

HAMEROW, Helena Francisca, MA, DPhil (BA Wisconsin-Madison) FSA; Professor<br />

of Early Medieval Archaeology<br />

TAYLOR, James William, MA (MA Camb.; MSc Lanc.; PhD London); Professor of<br />

Decision Science, Sports Fellow<br />

DALTON, Gavin Bruce, MA, DPhil; Fellow by Special Election; Professor of<br />

Astrophysics<br />

JIROTKA, Marina Denise Anne, MA, DPhil (BSc London.; MSc London SB); Professor<br />

of Human-Centred Computing<br />

PARKER, Michael John, MA (BEd West Eng.; PhD Hull); Professor of Bioethics<br />

SAVULESCU, Julian, MA (BMedSci, MBBS, PhD Monash) Uehiro Chair in Practical<br />

Ethics<br />

ASHBOURN, Joanna Maria Antonia, MA (MA Camb.; PhD London SB) FHEA, FRAS,<br />

FRSA; Fellow by Special Election; Senior Tutor (Academic Affairs & Programmes)<br />

HAMILL, Heather, MA, DPhil (MA <strong>St</strong> And.); Associate Professor of Sociology<br />

PAPANIKOLAOU, Dimitris, MA (BA Athens; MA, PhD London); Associate<br />

Professor of Modern Greek<br />

SWEETLOVE, Lee, MA (BSc E.Ang.; PhD Camb.) Professor of Plant Sciences<br />

KAPANIDIS, Achillefs, MA (BA Thessaloniki; MSc, PhD Rutgers); Professor of<br />

Biological Physics<br />

MAHONE, Sloan Courtney, MSc, DPhil (BA Hofstra; MS Boston); Associate<br />

Professor of the History of Medicine<br />

BIGGS, Michael, (BA Victoria New Zealand; MA, PhD Harvard); Associate Professor<br />

of Sociology<br />

FROOD, Elizabeth, DPhil (BA, MA New Zealand); Associate Professor of Egyptology<br />

BOSWORTH, Mary, MA (BA Western Australia; MPhil; PhD Camb.); Professor of<br />

Criminology<br />

DANIELS, Inge Maria, (BA Leuven; MA Nara, Japan; PhD London); Professor of Social<br />

Anthropology<br />

6 7

POLLARD, Sir Andrew John, MA (BSc, MBBS, PhD London) DIC, MRCP (UK), FHEA,<br />

FIDSA, FRCPCH, FMed Sci; Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity<br />

BOGAARD, Amy Marie, (BA Bryn Mawr; MSc, PhD Sheff.); Professor of Neolithic<br />

and Bronze Age Archaeology<br />

JOHNSON, Helen Louise, (BSc, PhD R’dg); Professor of Physical Oceanography<br />

PIRIE, Fernanda, MA, DPhil (MSc London); Professor of the Anthropology of Law<br />

BOWLES, Neil, DPhil (BSc London); Associate Professor of Atmospheric, Oceanic<br />

and Planetary Physics<br />

HICKS, Dan, MA (MA, PhD Brist.) FSA, MCIfA; Professor of Contemporary<br />

Archaeology; Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum<br />

FRIEDRICHS, Jörg, (DPhil Munich); Associate Professor of Politics<br />

WATT, Andrew, MA (BSc Glas.,MSc, DIC London; PhD Queensland); Associate<br />

Professor of Materials<br />

LORA-WAINWRIGHT, Anna, DPhil (BA, MA London); Associate Professor of the<br />

Human Geography of China<br />

SHAPIRO, Joel, (BA Washington in <strong>St</strong> Louis; MA, PhD Princeton); Associate<br />

Professor of Finance<br />

STANDLEY, Eleanor Rose, (BSc, MA, PhD Durh.); Associate Professor and Assistant<br />

Keeper of Medieval Archaeology, Ashmolean Museum<br />

BJOLA, Corneliu, (MA Leuven; PhD Toronto); Associate Professor of Diplomatic <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

TREFETHEN, Anne, (BSc Cov.; PhD Cran.) FBCS, FREng, FRSA; Fellow by Special<br />

Election; Professor of Scientific Computing; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (People & Gardens,<br />

Libraries and Museums).<br />

MALMBERG, Lars-Erik Joakim, (MA, PhD Vasa, Finland); Professor of Quantitative<br />

Methods in Education<br />

CARLISLE, Robert Crispin, (MSc, PhD Birm.); Associate Professor of Biomedical<br />

Engineering<br />

JARVIS, Matthew, DPhil (MPhys Birm.); Professor of Astrophysics<br />

BEESON, David Murray Wendover, (BA, MA Camb.; PhD London) FMedSci; Fellow<br />

by Special Election; Professor of Molecular Neurosciences<br />

MARSH, Kevin, (MB, ChB Liv.) FRCP; Fellow by Special Election; Professor of Tropical<br />

Medicine, Vice-Master from January 2021<br />

GRAY, Lesley J., (BSc S’ton.; PhD R’dng); Fellow by Special Election; Professor of<br />

Atmospheric Physics<br />

STRAND, <strong>St</strong>eve, MA (BA, PhD Plym.); Professor of Education<br />

WESTHAVER, George Derrick, MA (BA <strong>St</strong> Mary’s Halifax; MDiv Toronto; PhD<br />

Durh.); Pusey Fellow; Principal, Pusey House<br />

BURN, Katharine Clare, MSc, DPhil (BA Camb.); Associate Professor of Education<br />

(History)<br />

JACOBS, Adriana Ximena, (BA William and Mary; PhD Princeton); Fellow by Special<br />

Election; Associate Professor of Modern Hebrew Literature<br />

GEFFEN, Anthony, MA; Fellow by Special Election<br />

LENEGHAN, Francis Paul Vincent, (BA, PhD Dub.;) Associate Professor of Old English<br />

BHANDARE, Shailendra, (BPharmSci, MA, PhD Mumbai); Fellow by Special Election;<br />

Assistant Keeper, Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum<br />

MOMMERSTEEG, Mathilda Theodora Maria, (MSc, PhD Amsterdam;) Associate<br />

Professor of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine<br />

GLEDHILL, John Gary, (BA Dub., PhD Georgetown); Associate Professor of Global<br />

Governance<br />

KAYE, Jane, DPhil (BA ANU, Canberra; LLB Melbourne); Fellow by Special Election;<br />

Professor of Health, Law and Policy; Director, Centre for Health, Law and Emerging<br />

Technologies (HeLEX)<br />

STAFFORD, Mark, BTh, MA (BA Liv.); Pusey Fellow; Chaplain, Pusey House,<br />

President of Common Room<br />

ERIE, Matthew, (BA Dartmouth; MA, PhD Cornell; JD Pennsylvania; LLM Tsinghua<br />

Univ. Law School, Beijing); Associate Professor of Modern Chinese <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

SCOTT-SMITH, Tom Alastair, MPhil, DPhil (MA, MSc London); Associate Professor<br />

of Refugee <strong>St</strong>udies and Forced Migration<br />

VAN CAMP, An, MA, (MA Leuven; MA London); Fellow by Special Election; Assistant<br />

Keeper of Northern European Art, Ashmolean Museum<br />

HODGE, Suzy, MA, MBA, PGDiplM; Fellow by Special Election, Domestic Bursar<br />

TARSOUNAS, Madalena, (MSc, PhD York Univ., Toronto); Fellow by Special Election,<br />

Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology<br />

SAHNER, Christian, MPhil AB, MA, PhD (Princeton); Associate Professor of Islamic<br />

History<br />

ERDURAN, Sibel, MA (BA Northwestern; MSc Cornell; PhD Vanderbilt); Professor<br />

of Science Education<br />

CHARLES, Michael, (BSc Cardiff; PhD London); Fellow by Special Election, Senior<br />

Research Fellow in Environmental Archaeology<br />

KUMBERA LANDRUS, Mallica, (BA Maharaja Sayajirao Univ., Baroda, India;<br />

MA Louisville, USA; PhD SOAS); Fellow by Special Election, Keeper of Eastern Art,<br />

Ashmolean Museum<br />

HAWTHORNE, Jessica (BS Rice Univ., Houston; MA, PhD Princeton); Associate<br />

Professor of Geophysics<br />

VAN DUIJN, Cornelia (MSc Wageningen; PhD Erasmus); Professor of Epidemiology<br />

REID, Richard (BA <strong>St</strong>irling; PhD London) FRHistS; Professor of African History<br />

RODRIGUEZ, Blanca, (Dipl Ing, PhD Politécnica de Valéncia) FEAMBS, FESC;<br />

Professor of Computational Medicine<br />

8 9

STYRING, Amy Keita, MA (BSc Exe.; PhD Brist.); Associate Professor of<br />

Archaeological Science<br />

KENDALL, Michael (BSc PhD Queen’s University, Canada); Professor of Geophysics<br />

PALIN, Richard (MESc DPhil Oxf); Associate Professor of Petrology and Crustal<br />

Processes<br />

JONES, Nick (MSc PhD Brist, MSc Waterloo); Junior Research Fellow, Research<br />

Fellow, Mathematical Institute<br />

BADI, Ileana, (MSc PhD University of Insubria) Junior Research Fellow, Postdoctoral<br />

Researcher, RDM<br />

WILSON, Daniel, MA, DPhil; Associate Professor of Data Science<br />

CREAGH, Andrew, BA (Trinity <strong>College</strong>, University of Dublin); BAI (Trinity <strong>College</strong>,<br />

Dublin); MAI (Trinity <strong>College</strong>, Dublin); MA (Oxford University; DPhil (Oxford<br />

University); Postdoctoral Researcher at the Computational Health Informatics (CHI)<br />

Laboratory; Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME), Junior Research Fellow<br />

NEIL, Samantha, BA Hons (University of Southampton); MPhil (University of<br />

Cambridge); PhD (University of Durham); British Academy Postdoctoral Research<br />

Fellow at the School of Archaeology; Junior Research Fellow<br />

KEOWN, Jeremy, BSc (University of Canterbury, New Zealand); Postgraduate Diploma<br />

in Science (University of Canterbury, New Zealand); PhD in Biochemistry (University<br />

of Canterbury, New Zealand); Postdoctoral Research Associate, Division of <strong>St</strong>ructural<br />

Biology, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; Junior Research Fellow<br />

YUSUF, Imran, MB ChB (Hons) (University of Manchester, School of Medicine);<br />

MRes (Distinction) (University of Manchester, School of Medicine); PG Dip LATHE<br />

(University of Oxford); FHEA (The Higher Education Academy, UK); MRCP (UK)<br />

(Royal <strong>College</strong> of Physicians, London); FRCOphth (Royal <strong>College</strong> of Ophthalmologists,<br />

London); DPhil (university of Oxford); Junior Research Fellow<br />

BROWNING, Michael, MB BS Lond, MA Camb, DPhil Oxf, Associate Professor of<br />

Psychiatry<br />

FRANÇOIS, Pieter, BA MA (Ghent), PhD (Royal Holloway, London)<br />

JONES, Rebekah, BSc, York, MSc PhD Warwick, Junior Research Fellow<br />

KIRKSEY, Eben, BA New <strong>College</strong> of Florida, MPhil Oxf, PhD California at Santa Cruz<br />

MARQUEZ GOMEZ, Ricardo, BSc Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Mexico,<br />

MSc PhD Cinvestav, Mexico, Junior Research Fellow<br />

MELERO, Ignacio, PhD Madrid, MD Navarra, Professor of Immunology at the<br />

University of Navarra<br />

NELSON, Kenneth, BA PhD <strong>St</strong>ockholm, Professor of Sociology<br />

NEWTON, Paul, BM BCh (Oxf), BSc –Biology (UEA), DTM&H (London) Fellow by<br />

Special Election<br />

PRICE, Jonathan, BA Dickinson, MA PhD Leiden, Pusey Fellow<br />

SHEARING, Paul MEng (Birmingham).PhD (Imperial)<br />

STEDEHOUDER, Jeffrey, BA BSc Leiden, MSc PhD Erasmus, Rotterdam, Junior<br />

Research Fellow<br />

STEPHENSON, Wilf, MA (MA Camb); Fellow by Special Election, Bursar<br />

Honorary Fellows<br />

ALLEN, Prof Sir Geoffrey, (BSc, PhD Leeds), FInstP, FPRI, FRS<br />

LEE, Prof Dame Hermione, GBE, MA, BPhil; Goldsmiths’ Professor of English<br />

Literature 1998-2008; President of Wolfson <strong>College</strong> 2008-17<br />

BROOK, Sir Richard John, OBE, MA (BSc Leeds; ScD MIT); Professor of Materials<br />

Science 1990-2001<br />

WARRELL, David Alan, MA, DM, DSc, FRCP, FRCP (Edin.), FMedSci; Emeritus<br />

Professor of Tropical Medicine; Fellow 1977-2005<br />

HAMILTON, Andrew David, (BSc Exe.; MSc British Columbia; PhD Camb.) FRS;<br />

Vice-Chancellor 2009-15<br />

GOUDIE, Andrew Shaw, MA, DSc (MA, PhD Camb.); Professor of Geography 1984-<br />

2003; President of the Oxford Development Programme and Pro-Vice-Chancellor<br />

1995-97; Master 2003-11<br />

THOMAS, Sarah, MA (AB Smith; MS Simmons; PhD Johns Hopkins); Bodley’s<br />

Librarian 2007-13; University Librarian and Vice-President for the Harvard Library<br />

2013-2019<br />

WARNER, Dame Marina Sarah, CBE, MA, FBA, FRSL, Hon DLitt , Hon RA;<br />

Distinguished Fellow of All Souls, Professor of English and Creative Writing, Birkbeck<br />

<strong>College</strong>, London<br />

WEBER, Susan, (AB, MA, PhD); Director, Bard Graduate Center, New York<br />

PETHICA, Sir John Bernard, (MA, PhD Camb; Hon DSc Belf.) FREng, FRS; University<br />

Lecturer 1987-1996; Professor of Materials Science 1996-2001; Fellow 1987-2001<br />

JONES, Sir Mark, MA (Hon DLitt London; Hon DArts Abertay; Hon LLD Dund,; Hon<br />

DLitt East Ang.) FRSE, FSA; Master 2011-16<br />


DK (Negeri Sembilan); DK (Johor), DK (Perak); DK (Perlis); DK (Kedah); DK<br />

(Terengganu), SPMK, SJMK, SPKK, SPSK, SPJK<br />

MAPSTONE, Dame Sally, MA, DPhil, FRSE; Pro-Vice-Chancellor 2009-16; Principal<br />

and Vice-Chancellor, University of <strong>St</strong> Andrews<br />

SOUTER, Carole, CBE MA FRSA FSA, Hon Fellow Jesus <strong>College</strong>, Oxford;<br />

Master 2016-2022<br />

10 11

Emeritus Fellows<br />

HASSALL, Tom Grafton, OBE, MA FSA Hon MCIfA; Fellow 1974-1988; Director,<br />

Oxfordshire Archaeological Unit 1973-1985; Secretary, Royal Commission on the<br />

Historical Monuments of England 1986-1999<br />

BARTON, Revd John, MA, DPhil, DLitt (Hon Dr Theol. Bonn) FBA; Fellow 1974-<br />

1991; University Lecturer in Theology (Old Testament) 1974-1989, Reader in Biblical<br />

<strong>St</strong>udies 1989-91; Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture<br />

1991- 2014, Senior Research Fellow, Campion Hall, 2014-<br />

HOCKEY, Susan Margaret, MA; Fellow 1979-1991; Teaching Officer for Computing<br />

in the Arts 1975-1989; Director of the Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for<br />

Textual <strong>St</strong>udies 1989-91<br />

SMITH, George David William, MA, DPhil, FInstP, FRS; Fellow 1977-1991; University<br />

Lecturer in Metallurgy 1977-1993; George Kelley Reader in Metallurgy 1993-1996;<br />

Professor of Materials 1996-2010; Emeritus Professor 2010-<br />

†BRITTON, Dennis, MA (MA Camb.); Fellow 1965-1992; University Lecturer in<br />

Prehistory 1961-1992<br />

GLARE, Peter Geoffrey William, MA (MA Camb.); Fellow 1976-1992; Editor, Oxford<br />

Latin Dictionary 1955-1981; Editor, Liddell & Scott Supplement 1981-1996<br />

BROWN, Helen Wingate, MA; Fellow 1969-1994; Assistant Keeper, later Senior<br />

Assistant Keeper, Heberden Coin Room, Ashmolean Museum, 1958-1994<br />

MOULD, Charles Marshall, MA, DPhil (BSc (Eng.) Lond; Hon DLitt Oxf. Brookes);<br />

Fellow 1981-1995; Secretary of the Bodleian Library 1981-1995<br />

NIZAMI, Farhan Ahmad, MA, DPhil (MA Aligarh); Junior Research Fellow 1983-1985;<br />

Islamic <strong>St</strong>udies Fellow 1985-1997; Director, Oxford Centre for Islamic <strong>St</strong>udies 1985 - ;<br />

Prince of Wales Fellow, Magdalen <strong>College</strong>, Oxford 1997-<br />

BISHOP, David Hugh Langler, MA, DSc (BSc, PhD Liv.); Fellow, 1984-1998; Director,<br />

NERC Institute of Virology 1984-1995<br />

VESSEY, Martin Paterson, CBE, MA (MB, BS, MD London) FMedSci, FRCP, FRCOG,<br />

FRCGP, FRS; Fellow 1973-2000; Professor of Public Health 1974-2000<br />

BENTON, Peter, MA (MA, Cert. Ed. Camb.); Fellow 1987-2001; University Lecturer<br />

in Educational <strong>St</strong>udies (English) 1976-2001<br />

WOOLNOUGH, Brian Ernest, MA (BSc R’dg; Cert. Ed. Camb.) FInstP; Fellow 1984-<br />

2001; University Lecturer in Educational <strong>St</strong>udies (Physics) 1978-2001<br />

WILLIAMSON, Edward James, MA, DPhil; Fellow 1970-2004; University Lecturer in<br />

Physics 1968-2004; Dean of Degrees; Publications Officer<br />

ABRAMSON, Glenda, MA (MA, PhD Rand.); Senior Research Fellow 1981-1989;<br />

Fellow 1989-2004; Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew 1989-2004<br />

ALLAN, James Wilson, MA, DPhil; Fellow 1990-2005; Assistant Keeper, Department<br />

of Eastern Art, Ashmolean Museum 1966-1988; Senior Assistant Keeper 1988-1991;<br />

Keeper (Professor) 1991-2005<br />

MCLATCHIE, Robert Craw Forsyth, MA (BSc Glas.); Senior Research Fellow 1991-<br />

2005; Executive Director, Oxford Parallel 1991-2005<br />

HARRIS, Ann, MA (PhD London); Fellow 1991-2005; University Lecturer in<br />

Paediatrics 1991- 2005; Professor of Paediatric Molecular Genetics 1999-2005<br />

GOSDEN, Christopher, MA (BA, PhD Sheff.); Fellow 1994-2006; University Lecturer<br />

in World Archaeology 1994-2006; Professor of European Archaeology 2006-; Curator<br />

at the Pitt Rivers Museum<br />

JAMES, Wendy Rosalind, CBE, BLitt, MA, DPhil (DSc Copenhagen), FBA; Fellow<br />

1972-2007; University Lecturer in Social Anthropology 1972-1996; Professor of Social<br />

Anthropology 1996-2007<br />

TIFFANY, John Michael, MA (MA, PhD Camb.); Fellow 1979-2007; University<br />

Lecturer in Ophthalmological Biochemistry 1976-2007<br />

BROWNING, David George, Order of José Matías Delgado, MA, DPhil (BA R’dg);<br />

Fellow 1968-2007; University Lecturer in Geography of Latin America 1968-1985;<br />

Founder Registrar, Oxford Centre for Islamic <strong>St</strong>udies 1985-2007<br />

HEDGES, Robert Ernest Mortimer (MA PhD Camb.); Fellow 1989-2009; University<br />

Lecturer in Archaeology 1989-1995; Professor of Archaeology 1995-2009<br />

KRUGER, Nicholas, MA (PhD Camb.); Fellow 1989-2009; University Lecturer in<br />

Plant Sciences 1990-2009<br />

ZIMMERMAN, Friedrich Wilhelm, BPhil, MA, DPhil (MA Erlangen); Fellow 1976-<br />

2009; University Lecturer in Islamic Philosophy 1976-2009<br />

PIEKE, Frank Nikolaas, MA (BA, MA Amsterdam; PhD Berkeley); Fellow 1995-2010;<br />

University Lecturer in the Modern Politics and Society of China 1995-2010<br />

RAYNES, Edward Peter, MA (MA, PhD Camb.; DSc Hull) Hon FInstP, FRS; Fellow<br />

1998-2010; Professor of Optoelectronic Engineering 1998-2010<br />

ENDICOTT, Jane Anne, MA (MA, PhD Toronto); Fellow 1998-2011; University<br />

Lecturer in Molecular Biophysics 1998-2011<br />

DAVAGE, Revd William Ernest Peter, MA (BA Newc.; MPhil Leic.); Pusey Fellow<br />

1994-2011<br />

HOPE, Ronald Anthony (Tony), MA, BMBCh (PhD London) FRCP, FRCPsych, MFPH;<br />

Fellow 1990-2012; Lecturer in Psychiatry 1987-1990; Leader, Oxford Practice Skills<br />

Project and Hon Consultant Psychiatrist 1990-1995; University Lecturer in Practice<br />

Skills 1995-1996; Reader in Medicine 1996-2000; Professor of Medical Ethics 2000-<br />

2012<br />

MAYHEW, Nicholas, MA, DLitt; Fellow 1992-2013; Emeritus Professor of<br />

Numismatics and Monetary History, Ashmolean Museum<br />

ORFORD, Barry Antony, MA (BA, MTh, PhD Wales); Pusey House Priest Librarian<br />

and Pusey Fellow 2000-2014<br />

DOHERTY, Maureen Patricia, MA (BA Lanc.; MA Open); Fellow 1995-2014; Bursar<br />

1995-2014<br />

12 13

PARSONS, Barry Eaton, MA (MA, PhD Camb.); Fellow 1986-2015; Professor of<br />

Geodesy and Geophysics 1986-2015<br />

CHATTY, Dawn, MA (BA, DPhil UCLA; MA Inst. of Social <strong>St</strong>udies, The Hague) FBA;<br />

Fellow 1997-2015; University Lecturer in Forced Migration 2003-11; Director of<br />

Refugee <strong>St</strong>udies Centre 2011-14; Emerita Professor of Anthropology and Forced<br />

Migration<br />

SCOTT, Katharine, MA (MA, PhD Camb.; BAFA Cape Town); Fellow 1994-2016;<br />

Senior Tutor 2008-11; Dean of Degrees (retired)<br />

VENABLES, Katherine Margaret, MA (MB BS, MSc, MD London); Fellow 2004-<br />

2016; University Lecturer and Reader in Occupational Medicine 1998-2015; Emeritus<br />

Reader 2015-<br />

GARCÍA-BELLIDO, Estrella Paloma, MA (MA Texas (Austin); MA, PhD Universidad<br />

Complutense, Madrid); Fellow 1990-2016; Associate Professor of Spanish Philology<br />

and Linguistics 1990-2016; Harassment Advisor<br />

PFEIFFER, Judith, MA (MA Cologne; PhD Chicago); Fellow 2003-2016; Associate<br />

Professor of Arabic/Islamic History 2003-2016<br />

ROBINSON, Mark, MA (PhD London); Fellow 2004-2017; Professor of<br />

Environmental Archaeology; Dean; Garden Master<br />

WATERS, David John, MA, DPhil (MA Camb.); Fellow 1989-2017; Associate<br />

Professor of Metamorphic Petrology (1989-2017); Honorary Associate, University<br />

Museum of Natural History<br />

MACCULLOCH, Revd Diarmaid Ninian John, Kt, MA, DD (MA, PhD Camb.; Hon<br />

DLitt E.Ang.; Hon DLitt <strong>St</strong> And.; Hon DLitt University of the South at Sewanee; Hon<br />

DD Virginia Theological Seminary) FBA, FSA; Professor of the History of the Church<br />

OLTEANU, Dan Alexandru, MA (Dipl.Ing University Politechnica of Bucharest; Dr.<br />

rer. nat. Munich); Professor of Computer Science<br />

VAN HEAR, Nicholas James, MA (BA Camb.; DPhil Birm.); Fellow by Special Election<br />

BRIANT, William Richard Christian, MA (MA Camb.); Associate Fellow, Saïd<br />

Business School<br />

YEE, Margaret, MA status, DPhil (BSc NSW; BD Sydney); Senior Research Fellow<br />

MITTER, Rana Shantashil Rajyeswar, OBE, MA, DPhil, PhD Camb.) FBA, FRHistS;<br />

Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, Director of the Oxford China<br />

Centre<br />

ULIJASZEK, <strong>St</strong>anley, MA (BSc Manc.; MA Cambs.; MSc, PhD London) Professor of<br />

Human Ecology<br />

MAKEPEACE, Richard Edward, CMG, MA; Registrar, Oxford Centre for Islamic<br />

<strong>St</strong>udie<br />

† Founding Fellow<br />

Visiting Fellows<br />

SCHIRRMACHER, Arne, PhD Physics, Ludwig Maximillians, Munich, Germany<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Fellow, Anthony Geffen, hosted a Talk at <strong>College</strong> the evening before<br />

global media shared his company’s historic full-3D scan of the Titanic wreck.<br />

Retired Founding Fellows<br />

(other than Emeritus Fellows)<br />

BARBOUR, Ruth, MA<br />

TUCKER, Richard George, BSc, BM, MA, DPhil<br />

COLES, Barry Arclay, MA, DPhil<br />

ZUSSMAN, Jack, MA, DPhil<br />

Domus Fellows<br />

MOUSSOURIS, John<br />

14<br />


Members of Common Room<br />

For academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Former Fellows<br />

Michael Blowfield<br />

Nick Bostrom<br />

Trevor Campbell Davis<br />

Hung Cheng<br />

Margret Frenz<br />

Ramin Golestanian<br />

Peter Groves<br />

Henrietta Harrison<br />

Peter Kemp<br />

Petros Ligoxygakis<br />

Moritz Lindner<br />

Ho-Yin Mak<br />

Beatrix Nagyova<br />

Rebecca Nicholls<br />

Rosalind (Polly) O’Hanlon<br />

Peter O’Neill<br />

Ian Page<br />

Timothy Power<br />

Emilie Savage-Smith<br />

Julie Scott-Jackson<br />

Derek Siveter<br />

Thomas Soper<br />

John Tranter<br />

Roger Trigg<br />

Aprajita Verma<br />

Peter Ward Jones<br />

Former <strong>St</strong>udents<br />

Ioannis Akoumianakis<br />

Michael S. Armstrong<br />

Paul T. Armstrong<br />

Humayra Bashir<br />

Philipp W. Becker<br />

Suhaila A. Behandy<br />

Caroline S. Bertoneche<br />

Saif A. Bham<br />

Federica Borghese<br />

Sean R. Brophy<br />

Lucie M. Bruce<br />

Dalia Chakrabarty<br />

Shih-Chung Chen<br />

Yun hin Choi<br />

Brett Clancy<br />

Gari D. Clifford<br />

Isabelle C. Cox<br />

Angela E. Davis<br />

Andreas Duering<br />

Moumili Dutta<br />

Vaughan M. Dutton<br />

Calliste Fagard-Jenkin<br />

Alexander J. Farquhar<br />

Sabrin Fetih<br />

Helen S. Fisher<br />

Carol A. Fry<br />

Zi Yu Gao<br />

Joshua A. Gardner<br />

Miroslav Gasparek<br />

Osman Gucluturk<br />

<strong>St</strong>efanny C. Guerra<br />

Ceballos<br />

Benjamin F. Hamer<br />

Graham Harding<br />

Saher Hasnain<br />

Mads Hoefer<br />

James S. Hong<br />

Penelope J. Horlick<br />

Thomas D. Howells<br />

Wei Huang<br />

Cherry W. Hutton<br />

Safaa L. Idrissi<br />

Anniken M. Johansen<br />

Alexandra C. Johnson<br />

Otto-Emil I. Jutila<br />

Alexandra Kasseri<br />

Eoin Kelleher<br />

Urvi Khaitan<br />

Csaba Z. Kiss<br />

Jamie A. Kitt<br />

Lingbing Kong<br />

Kathryn A. Krakowka<br />

Marten Krijgsman<br />

Benjamin W. Lacey<br />

Keran Li<br />

Yue Li<br />

Kristina Lunz<br />

Tiffany S. Ma<br />

Rupert Macey-Dare<br />

Douglas M. MacMillan<br />

Cressida C. Marcus<br />

Lucy A. McDermott<br />

Rodney S. Mearns<br />

Silvia Messina<br />

Johannes C. Minke Contreras<br />

Atish Mistry<br />

Rupal Mistry<br />

Chi Yan Mok<br />

James D. Moore<br />

Timothy L. Moore<br />

Poorna Mysoor<br />

Prima Netayasupha<br />

Yan Tung Ngai<br />

Peter B. Nockles<br />

Peter C. Ntephe<br />

Thomas J. Palmer<br />

Marina Perez de Arcos<br />

Eleanor M. Pritchard<br />

Chandra S. Ramanujan<br />

Catherine J. Remmington<br />

Serdar Resat Bakir<br />

John M. Rowe<br />

Philip Schnattinger<br />

Michael Shott<br />

John D. Smallman<br />

Maria J. Spirova<br />

Matthew J. <strong>St</strong>iff<br />

<strong>St</strong>even A. <strong>St</strong>yer<br />

<strong>St</strong>ig Topp-Jorgensen<br />

Sophia I. Toumazou<br />

Marianne L. Van Der Vaart<br />

Samantha J. Vanderslott<br />

Chloe S. Walker<br />

Sue Walters<br />

Simon White<br />

Sandro Wiggerich<br />

Lewis J. Willcocks<br />

Alistair J. Yeomans<br />

Zhanet Zaharieva<br />

Xin Zhang<br />

16<br />


Members of the Common Room<br />

Members of the Common Room<br />

Elected Members<br />

Sheila L. Allcock<br />

Former Librarian<br />

Ayele Prof A<br />

Bob Bewley<br />

Judith Bogdanor<br />

Richard J. Bradley<br />

Susan Bull<br />

Kevin Burrage<br />

Hilary M. Callan<br />

Roderick D. Carnegie<br />

Phaik-Yeong Cheah<br />

Lanna Cheng<br />

Shadreck Chirikure<br />

Sue A. Costa Clemens<br />

Alan E. Coates<br />

Reverend Richard Coles<br />

Esmerene T. Cope Bowley<br />

Kenny Cox<br />

Estates and Health &<br />

Safety Manager<br />

Alasdair D. Crawford<br />

Miranda Creswell<br />

Alan J. Cunningham<br />

James M. Currey<br />

Gillian Davidson<br />

James E. Dodd<br />

Michael C. Dunne<br />

Sharon Durno<br />

Roya Ghafele<br />

Andrew R. Gibbons<br />

Margaret D. Hampson<br />

David Helliwell<br />

Suzanne Ingram<br />

Mica B. Jones<br />

Rosie Kay-Price<br />

Dominic Kelly<br />

Humphrey M. Ko<br />

Laurence Leaver<br />

Judith Ledger<br />

Leslie Isaac<br />

IT Manager<br />

Neil Levy<br />

Suzannah R. Lipscomb<br />

Peter R. Lynan<br />

Jennifer Makkreel<br />

Lau Maximilian<br />

Bob McNulty<br />

Silvia Messina<br />

Seumas R. Miller<br />

Ergun Müge<br />

John Nandris<br />

Peter Northover<br />

Mark O’Shea<br />

Former <strong>College</strong> Doctor<br />

James M. Pettifer<br />

Anthony C. Phillips<br />

Moyra C. Pollard<br />

Nadia Pollini<br />

Rosemary Preiskel<br />

Laurence J. Robb<br />

Anwesha Roy<br />

Annabelle Saunders<br />

Alumni Engagement Manager<br />

William B. Scott-Jackson<br />

David Scrymgeour<br />

Justine Shepperson<br />

Congerence & Events<br />

Manager<br />

William Simpson<br />

Matthew Snape<br />

David N. Souter<br />

Harry A. Spain<br />

Simon C. Swain<br />

Alan Taylor<br />

Anne B. Vandenabeele<br />

Rachel Walker<br />

<strong>College</strong> Accountant<br />

Robert E. Watkins<br />

Alasdair Watson<br />

Premila N. Webster<br />

Robin E. Wells<br />

Douglas H. Wigdor<br />

Julia Wigg<br />

Andrew Williams<br />

Jessica K. Woodward<br />

Pusey House Librarian<br />

Honorary Members<br />

Humphrey Ocean<br />

Tim Shaw<br />

Postdoctoral<br />

Associates<br />

Eric Chang<br />

Seham Helmi<br />

Keren Papier<br />

Richard Thomas<br />

Minjun Yang<br />

Associate Members<br />

Malgorzata Bialokoz Smith<br />

Sue Hodgson<br />

Clodagh Jakubovics<br />

Janine Lee<br />

José Patterson<br />

Corinne L. Petford<br />

Rosalyn A. Porter<br />

Helen Saunders-Gill<br />

Resignations<br />

Edward David<br />

Avital Avina<br />

Atalay Ayele<br />

Maria-Diana Banias<br />

Patrick Brennan<br />

Ida Brzezinska<br />

Thomas Bull<br />

Alexander Bunzl<br />

Mollie Carlyle<br />

Fernanda Carneiro<br />

Yun Hun Choi<br />

Andrew Creagh<br />

Andrea Cruz Quiroz<br />

Morgan Di Rodi<br />

Sachin Dubey<br />

Sarah Ekdawi<br />

Carlo Ferri<br />

Sabrin Fetih<br />

Camillo Formigatti<br />

Vinay Garg<br />

Sophia Gaston<br />

Lesley Gray<br />

Jerome Grosclaude<br />

<strong>St</strong>efanny Guerra<br />

Julius Hommel<br />

Madhusudan Hulgi<br />

Keown Jeremy<br />

Ruonan Ji<br />

Nick Jones<br />

Samudyata dur Shivaram<br />

Dennis Kazankov<br />

Elmiina Koskela<br />

Julia Lee-Thorp<br />

Francesca Leoni<br />

Manna (Tsz Ning) Li<br />

Yaqiong Liu<br />

Rosanna Lloyd<br />

Mailena Mallach<br />

Kimberly McLaughlin<br />

Brian Micheni<br />

Jane Valary Mumbo<br />

Arkadiusz Myszkowski<br />

Kishanthan Nadarajah<br />

James Neenan<br />

Samantha Neil<br />

Agnieszka Maria Nogal<br />

Maryjane I Nweje<br />

Patrica O’Connor<br />

Abhishek Pandey<br />

Aparup Paul<br />

Prudhvi Pavuluri<br />

Chloe Phillips<br />

Preyanka Pillay<br />

Ramachander Poodipeddi<br />

Lawrence Porter<br />

Deepika Raghuvanshi<br />

Maya Richardson<br />

Gennaro Ruggiero<br />

Christian Sahner<br />

Achala Samaradivakara<br />

Hasan Sari<br />

Arne Schirrmacher<br />

Mayuree Sengupta<br />

William Simpson<br />

Harry Spain<br />

Prashant Srivastava<br />

Janet <strong>St</strong>ott<br />

Madhan Kumar Subramani<br />

Vinay Tiwari<br />

Divya Ugawekar<br />

Rolandos Virardi<br />

Cas Widdershoven<br />

Shaili Yadav<br />

Minjun Jake Yang<br />

CRISP Scholars<br />

(27 April to 24 June 2022)<br />

Sachin Dubey<br />

Vinay Garg<br />

Madhusudan Hulgi<br />

Kishanthan Nadarajah<br />

Abhishek Pandey<br />

Prudhvi Pavuluri<br />

Ramachander Poodipeddi<br />

Deepika Raghuvanshi<br />

Achala Samaradivakara<br />

Mayuree Sengupta<br />

Prashant Srivastava<br />

Madhan kumar Subramani<br />

Vinay Tiwari<br />

Divya Ugawekar<br />

Shaili Yadav<br />

18 19

New Graduate <strong>St</strong>udents and Scholars<br />

<strong>St</strong>udents & Scholars who joined <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> during the<br />

academic year 2022 / <strong>2023</strong><br />

Abbaspour, Kourosh, M<strong>St</strong> Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics (AS)<br />

Adebayo, Zainab, MSc African <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Adebisi, Yusuff, MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology<br />

Agustin, Christiana Marie, Master of Public Policy<br />

Agusto, Olubunmi, MFA (Full-time)<br />

Ahmed, Abdirashid, MSc Education (Research Des and Meth)<br />

Ahmed, Wasim, MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance<br />

Ajia, Motunrayo, MSc Energy Systems<br />

Alchalabi, Mohamad, MBA<br />

Antonio, Maricris, MBA<br />

Ao, Yu, MSc Economic and Social History<br />

Arnold, Elizabeth, PGCE - Chemistry (Oxford)<br />

Aronson, Jennifer, MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice<br />

Atudosie, Karina, DPhil Asian and Middle Eastern <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Bakshi, Asmita, MSc Social Science of the Internet<br />

Banks-Pillar, Christopher, DPhil Evidence Based Health Care<br />

Bartram, Scott, MSc Economic and Social History<br />

Baskir, Simone, MSc <strong>St</strong>atistical Science<br />

Bhattacharjee, Anisha, BCL<br />

Bolam, Jamie, MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Mgt<br />

Bone, Matthew, MSc Social Data Science<br />

Boucher, Lydia, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Brakarsh, Sam, MSc African <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Bremner, <strong>St</strong>ephanie, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Brown, Galen, DPhil Materials<br />

Buchan, Karly, DPhil Clinical Medicine (PT)<br />

Cabanas Oubiña, David, MBA<br />

Cai, Yanshu, MSc Integrated Immunology<br />

Cavers, Hannah, MSc Archaeology<br />

Challoner, Catherine, MSc Mathematical Sciences<br />

Chandiramani, Kumar, M<strong>St</strong> Practical Ethics<br />

Chandler, Alana, MSc(Res) Materials<br />

Chaturvedi, Gargi, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

Chaudhari, Manasi Shantanu, MSc Law and Finance<br />

Chen, Jeffrey, DPhil Continuing Education<br />

Chen, Luzhi, MPhil Modern Middle Eastern <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Chen, Nuo, MSc App Linguistics and 2nd Lang Acqn (Full-time)<br />

Chitwannapa, Chakrapoj, MBA<br />

Chiu, Yi-Chuan, MSc Contemporary Chinese <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Chow, Teen Jui, BCL<br />

Clark, Callum, PGCE - Religious Education (Oxford)<br />

Coessens, Annelies, M<strong>St</strong> Diplomatic <strong>St</strong>udies (Full-time)<br />

Coleman Macken, Shane, M<strong>St</strong> History - Modern British History 1850-present<br />

Conze, Rolf Nicolas, MSc in Applied Digital Health<br />

Cooper, Monique, MSc Social Data Science<br />

Dai, Katherine, MSc Modelling for Global Health<br />

Daniels, Mahealani, MSc History of Sci, Med and Tech<br />

Davis, Oscar, MSc Advanced Computer Science<br />

Deng, Haoran, MPhil International Relations<br />

Dettor, Julia, MSc Visual, Material and Museum Anthrop<br />

Devine, Lauren, MSc History of Sci, Med and Tech<br />

Diekjobst, Rouven Samuel, MJur<br />

Domel, Reno, MSc Advanced Computer Science<br />

Donahue, Miles, MPhil Philosophical Theology<br />

Drelingas, Mantas, DPhil Inorganic Chemistry<br />

Edney, Rachel, M<strong>St</strong> Syriac <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

El-Sharnouby, Farah, MSc Medical Anthropology<br />

Epifani, Giordano, MPhil Sociology & Demography<br />

Ermis, Reyhan Shirin, Environmental Research (NERC DTP)<br />

Evans, Zara, MSc Archaeological Science<br />

Fattorini, Iva, MSc Global Healthcare Leadership (PT)<br />

Faux, Olivia-Grace, PGCE - Geography (Oxford)<br />

Fellows, Jamie, M<strong>St</strong> Practical Ethics<br />

Feng, Yuan-Yuan, MSc Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience<br />

Freeman, Emily, DPhil History of Art<br />

Frischer, Sandrena, DPhil Population Health<br />

Fronzoni, <strong>St</strong>efano, DPhil Mathematics<br />

Gao, Ziming, MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance<br />

Garcia Betancur, Jorge, Master of Public Policy<br />

Ge, Yiran, DPhil Experimental Psychology (Direct Entry)<br />

Gitau, Alex, MSc in Applied Digital Health<br />

Goddard, Siamara, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Godden, Emma, DPhil Astrophysics<br />

Godfrey, Charles, DPhil Condensed Matter Physics<br />

Gondwe, Josephine, MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology<br />

Greene Barker, Tamsin, DPhil Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation<br />

Guo, Yanzhi, M<strong>St</strong> Mod Langs (POR)<br />

Han, Qihao, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Hardin, Benjamin, DPhil Computer Science<br />

Harry, Joshua, MSc Archaeology<br />

Harte, Sarah, MSc Comparative Social Policy<br />

20 21

Hassanen, Ahmed, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

He, Tianen, DPhil Clinical Medicine<br />

He, Yuming, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

Hearne, Katherine, MSc Archaeology<br />

Hermansen-Hvattum, Carla, MSc Archaeology<br />

Herszberg, Daniel, DPhil Socio-Legal <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Higashi, Lais Naoko, MBA<br />

Hodgkinson, Rosa, MSc Medical Anthropology<br />

Holland, Samuel, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

Howe, Daniel, MBA<br />

Howe, Max, MSc Theoretical and Comp Chemistry<br />

Hu, Yiling, MSc Medical Anthropology<br />

Huang, Yining, MPhil Economics<br />

Irinarchos, Ioannis, MSc Financial Economics<br />

Ishii, Hiroki, MSc Law and Finance<br />

Jang, Hyeji, MSc Migration <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Jariwala, Vrinda, DPhil Geography and the Environment<br />

Jensen, Ruby, MSc Refugee and Forced Migration <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Johnson, Patrick, DPhil Classical Languages and Literature (FT)<br />

Jureidini, Anthony, MSc Mathematical Sciences<br />

Kalra, Gurpreet, MSc Global Healthcare Leadership (PT)<br />

Kandel, Bentley, MSc Digital Scholarship<br />

Katalan Nasi, Alp, MSc Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment<br />

Kchozyan, Gabriella, MPhil Global and Area <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Kelly, Dillon, MPhil Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics<br />

Khan, Naseem Hamed, BCL<br />

Khusakul, Prinda, M<strong>St</strong> Diplomatic <strong>St</strong>udies (Full-time)<br />

Kiechle, Amy, MBA<br />

Kim, Hye Jin, PGCE - Chemistry (Oxford)<br />

Kirk, Henry, MSc Latin American <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Klein, Caleb, M<strong>St</strong> English (650-1550)<br />

Kluge, Adam, MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice<br />

Koh, Jovi Li, MSc Financial Economics<br />

Korgul, Karolina, MSc Social Data Science<br />

Krishnapuradoddi Byregowda, Pragati, MSc Social Anthropology<br />

Kucinskas, Maya, DPhil Medieval and Modern Languages (FT)<br />

Lachica, Zython Paul, MSc Modelling for Global Health<br />

Lacour, Maximilien, MPhil Social Anthropology<br />

Lavis, Kieran, PGCE - History (Oxford)<br />

Leblanc-Martineau, Camille, MSc Migration <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Lennaárd Johansson, Angus, MSc(Res) Paediatrics<br />

Lewins, Amy, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Li, Jessica, MSc in Applied Digital Health<br />

Li, Wangyin, MSc App Linguistics and 2nd Lang Acqn (Full-time)<br />

Liang, Huidong, MSc <strong>St</strong>atistical Science<br />

Lin, Beryl, MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology<br />

Linley-Mota, Fergus Miguel, MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy<br />

Liu, Hongshan, MPhil Economics<br />

Liu, Ruijie, MPhil Politics: Comparative Government<br />

Liu, Tianshu, DPhil Population Health<br />

Liu, Xu, DPhil Clinical Medicine<br />

Loi, Mervin, MSc Paediatric Infectious Diseases<br />

Lounis, Yuness, MSc Energy Systems<br />

Lu, Jun, MSc Economic and Social History<br />

Lu, Shuwei, MSc Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment<br />

Lucas Bautista, Alessandro, M<strong>St</strong> Comparative Literature and Critical Trans<br />

Luk, Yui Hei Augustine, MSc in Applied Digital Health<br />

Lyu, Chenqu, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

MacAlinao, Marc Joseph, MSc Energy Systems<br />

Mag, Marin Adrian, Environmental Research (NERC DTP)<br />

Maheshwari, Bhavya, MBA<br />

Malatsih, Wardatun, MSc Energy Systems<br />

Malki, Jana, DPhil Clinical Medicine<br />

Mangina, Frances, M<strong>St</strong> Ancient Philosophy<br />

Mao, Guanlan, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Mao, Yiming, MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance<br />

Marin Salvador, Adrià, DPhil Mathematics<br />

Maszynski, Lara, M<strong>St</strong> Practical Ethics<br />

Matic, Dunja, MSc in Applied Digital Health<br />

Maxwell, Harry, MBA<br />

McCarthy, Alexander, MSc Integrated Immunology<br />

McCormack, Lauren, MSc Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment<br />

McDougal, Ruby, M<strong>St</strong> Greek and/or Latin Lang and Lit<br />

Mohamed, Zahraa, MSc Modelling for Global Health<br />

Monahan, Thomas, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Morejon Jaramillo, Francisco, MSc Education (Digital and Social Change)<br />

Morley, Adam, DPhil Earth Sciences (Full-time)<br />

Morrell, Caroline, DPhil Molecular and Cellular Medicine<br />

Mottahedin-Fardo, Celeste, MBA<br />

Mueni, Mirriam, Master of Public Policy<br />

Murray Scully, Niamh, M<strong>St</strong> History - Women’s, Gender, and Queer History<br />

Murrell, Cassandra, MSc Environmental Change and Management<br />

Mushtaque, Quratulain, MSc Education (Comp and Int Ed)<br />

Myles, Liam, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Naidu, Sree, MPhil Modern South Asian <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Nair, Adithya Pradeep, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Nanyonga, <strong>St</strong>ella, DPhil Clinical Medicine<br />

Nasvytis, Linas, MSc <strong>St</strong>atistical Science<br />

22 23

Ng, Enson, MSc Economics for Development<br />

Nicholls, Matthew, DPhil Medical Sciences<br />

Niji, Nayana, MSc Modern South Asian <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Olliaro, Alberto, DPhil Clinical Medicine<br />

Ollis, Francesca, MSc Clinical Embryology<br />

Ourednickova, Sarah, MJur<br />

Pailloux, Victor, MSc Law and Finance<br />

Pant, Dikshya, MSc Paediatric Infectious Diseases<br />

Pautasso, Lorenzo, MBA<br />

Peng, Xiao, DPhil Inorganic Chemistry<br />

Pinard, Adrien, MSc Advanced Computer Science<br />

Piskorz, Julianna, MSc <strong>St</strong>atistical Science<br />

Pröbstl, Julian, MSc Law and Finance<br />

Pugh, Tyler, MSc Evidence-Based Soc Int and Pol Eva<br />

Pupelyte, Adelina, MSc Comparative Social Policy<br />

Qian, Zhengrong, MSc Mathematical & Theoretical Physics<br />

Qiu, Yu, MSc Financial Economics<br />

Quatre, Juliette, MPhil Classical Archaeology<br />

Reid, Oscar, MSc Archaeology<br />

Reilly, Thomas, DPhil Psychiatry<br />

Reiss, Vanda, DPhil Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics<br />

Richards, William, MSc Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment<br />

Ridgway, Lucy, DPhil Clinical Neurosciences (PT)<br />

Robert, Diane, MPhil International Relations<br />

Roqué Pesquer, Joana, MSc Digital Scholarship<br />

Ross, Joseph, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Rosso, Giovanni Marco, DPhil Economics<br />

Royyuru, Sushrut, BCL<br />

Rubruck, Jirko, DPhil Experimental Psychology (1+3)<br />

Rushton, George, M<strong>St</strong> Comparative Literature and Critical Trans<br />

Ryan, Frances, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Ryda, Kaitlyn, MPhil Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics<br />

Sanni, Mutmainah, MSc Clinical Embryology<br />

Semenov, Valeriy, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Shaily, Marshia Zaman, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Sharif, Faissal, DPhil Clinical Neurosciences<br />

Shattock, Edward, M<strong>St</strong> History - Early Modern History 1500-1700 (PT)<br />

Shelton, Olivia, MSc African <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Shi, Yilin, MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance<br />

Simões Bica, Margarida, DPhil Population Health<br />

Sivadev, Vineetha, MBA<br />

Sodhi, Hargun, MSc Sociology<br />

Song, Hoin, MSc Archaeology<br />

Sovoessi, Otniel, MBA<br />

Srimokla, Oraya, MSc Modelling for Global Health<br />

<strong>St</strong>ern, Trevor, M<strong>St</strong> <strong>St</strong>udy of Religions<br />

<strong>St</strong>evers, Dion, MSc Contemporary Chinese <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

<strong>St</strong>irling, Catriona, M<strong>St</strong> Practical Ethics<br />

<strong>St</strong>rouse, Lindsay, MBA<br />

<strong>St</strong>urges, Isabel, MSc Visual, Material and Museum Anthrop<br />

Sun, Changjin, MSc Archaeology<br />

Taiwo-Ashaju, Tolulope, MBA<br />

Tallová, Barbora, MPhil International Relations<br />

Tan, Kian Leong, BCL<br />

Tang, Tania, M<strong>St</strong> Mod Langs (FRE and SPA)<br />

Tao, Yang, DPhil Population Health<br />

Taylor, Emilia, Chemistry in Cells - New Tech to Probe Cmp B and M<br />

Thomas, Charlotte, MSc Modelling for Global Health<br />

Thurgood, Dylan, DPhil Social Data Science<br />

Todsen, Anna Louise, MSc Evidence-Based Soc Int and Pol Eva<br />

Ton, Trung nghia, MBA<br />

Trisa, Tonima Islam, DPhil Population Health<br />

Troiano, Mattia, MPhil Environmental Change and Management<br />

Trugenberger, Camilla, MSc(Res) Oncology<br />

Turnbull, Gavin, DPhil in Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products<br />

Turner, Adam, MPhil Economics<br />

Vaiciukynaite, Justina, DPhil Politics<br />

Van Dasselaar, Renger, DPhil Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics<br />

Viatova, Anna, MSc App Linguistics and 2nd Lang Acqn (Full-time)<br />

Wallace, Martha, DClinPsych Psychology<br />

Wang, Anna, MJur<br />

Wang, Jianming, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Watts, Emma, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

Watts, Frances, PGCE - Modern Languages (Oxford)<br />

Weary, Kathleen, MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy<br />

Whelan, Scarlett, MSc African <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Wolf Ii, William, DPhil Philosophy<br />

Xi, Yueyun, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Xiao, Victoria, MPhil Theology<br />

Ye, Zijian, MSc Social Science of the Internet<br />

Yeh, Pai-Jui, DPhil Paediatrics<br />

Yiallouros, Christos, DPhil Music (FT)<br />

Zarnetta, Florian Christoph, Master of Public Policy<br />

Zhang, Huike, M<strong>St</strong> Mod Langs (POR)<br />

Zhang, Leo, MSc <strong>St</strong>atistical Science<br />

Zhang, Wenjun, MSc Advanced Computer Science<br />

Zhang, Yu, DPhil Organic Chemistry<br />

Zhang, Zeng, MSc Mathematical and Computational Finance<br />

24 25

Zhang, Zhipeng, DPhil Clinical Medicine<br />

Zhao, Junyi, DPhil Materials<br />

Zhao, Yuanzhe, DPhil Engineering Science<br />

Zhong, Sijing, DPhil Materials<br />

Zhou, Shifan, M<strong>St</strong> Mod Langs (GER)<br />

Zuluaga Afanador, Nicolás, MPhil Latin American <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Scholarships<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded scholarships<br />

during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Robin & Nadine Wells Scholarship<br />

Alchalabi, Mohamad, MBA<br />

ORISHA MSc Scholarship<br />

Brakarsh, Sam, MSc in African <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong> Graduate Access Award<br />

Maheshwari, Bhavya, MBA<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong> Graduate Access Award<br />

Daniels, Mahealani, MSc in History of Science, Medicine and Technology<br />

Black Academic Futures Scholarship<br />

Ahmed, Abdirashid, MSc in Education (Research Design and Methodology)<br />

Dick Repp Memorial Scholarship in Oriental <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Edney, Rachel, M<strong>St</strong> in Syriac <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Hélène La Rue Scholarship in Music<br />

Yiallouros, Christos, DPhil in Music<br />

Lorna Casselton Memorial Scholarship in Plant Sciences<br />

Chaturvedi, Gargi, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

Lorna Casselton Memorial Scholarship in Plant Sciences<br />

Holland, Samuel, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

Lorna Casselton Memorial Scholarship in Plant Sciences<br />

Watts, Emma, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

Lorna Casselton Memorial Scholarship in Plant Sciences<br />

He, Yuming, Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)<br />

MPhil Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences<br />

Troiano, Mattia, MPhil in Environmental Change and Management<br />

MPhil Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences<br />

Kelly, Dillon, MPhil in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics<br />

Humanities <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong> UK BAME PGT <strong>St</strong>udentship<br />

Lucas Bautista, Alessandro, M<strong>St</strong> in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation<br />

Graduate Scholarship in Astrophysics<br />

Godden, Emma, DPhil in Astrophysics<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> MSc Scholarship in Global Health Science<br />

and Epidemiology<br />

Gondwe, Josephine , MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology<br />

Graduate Scholarship in Environmental Research<br />

Ermis, Reyhan Shirin, Environmental Research (NERC DTP)<br />

HAPP Scholarship in the History & Philosophy of Physics<br />

Wolf II, William, DPhil in Philosophy<br />

MSc Scholarship in Sustainability, Enterprise and<br />

the Environment<br />

Lu, Shuwei, MSc in Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment<br />

MSc Scholarship in Sustainability, Enterprise and<br />

the Environment<br />

McCormack, Lauren, MSc in Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> MSc Scholarship in Biodiversity, Conservation<br />

and Management<br />

Bolam, Jamie, MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management<br />

Jan-Georg Deutsch Scholarship in African <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

Shelton, Olivia, MSc in African <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

26 27

Scholarships (con’t)<br />

Graduate Scholarship in Population Health<br />

Simões Bica, Margarida, DPhil in Population Health<br />

Unilever Scholarship in Chemistry<br />

Drelingas, Mantas, DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry<br />

Godfrey Tyler Scholarship in Economics<br />

Rosso, Giovanni, DPhil in Economics<br />

Clarendon Scholarship in Humanities<br />

Atudosie, Karina, DPhil in Oriental <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>-Faculty of Law Scholarship<br />

Diekjobst, Rouven, MJur<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>-Faculty of Law Scholarship<br />

Ouředníčková, Sarah, MJur<br />

Uehiro Bursary in Practical Ethics<br />

Maszynski, Lara, M<strong>St</strong> in Practical Ethics<br />

Degrees Taken<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

DPhil<br />

Agar, Chloé<br />

Ahsan, Aniq<br />

Alexander, Carlson<br />

Alkaissy, Rand<br />

Almuqati, Naif<br />

Azzoni, Susanna<br />

Barrett, Janine<br />

On the Representation of Visions in Coptic<br />

Hagiographical Texts<br />

Generalized Spatio-Temporal Model for the Optimal<br />

Sizing, Operation, and Location of Energy System Assets<br />

Exploring new paths towards biological anion<br />

recognition by lanthanide complexes<br />

Development of a biphasic scaffold in the context of<br />

rotator cuff repairs<br />

Advanced Cracking Catalysts for the Conversion of<br />

Naphtha into Light Olefins<br />

The early Universe from CMB B-modes: observational<br />

challenges<br />

Exploring the role of GPR65 in driving the pathology<br />

of Ankylosing Spondylitis<br />

Oxford Uehiro-<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Visiting Scholar Programme<br />

Ozeki-Hayashi, Reina<br />

Baxter, Timothy<br />

Bellekom, Ben<br />

Bharj, Gurpreet<br />

Blayney, Joseph<br />

Bolton, Sorcha<br />

Braddick, Izumi<br />

Brown, Eloïse<br />

An assessment of the interactions between maritime<br />

built heritage and the marine wildlife it supports<br />

Community and Network Ecology of Biting Diptera–<br />

Host Interactions<br />

The Roles of Phosphocholine Expressed on NTHi<br />

Bacteria and Host CRP in Acute Otitis Media<br />

Rebuilding a superenhancer to investigate the additive<br />

and synergistic effects of its individual components.<br />

Investigating age at onset in bipolar disorder<br />

Violence Leaves Scars: A Biocultural Approach to<br />

Violence in Prehistoric Jomon Japan<br />

Exploring Spectral Unmixing Algorithms for Applications<br />

to Estimating Asteroid Surface Compositions<br />

28 29

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Browne, Daire<br />

Brunold, Carlo<br />

Breathing <strong>St</strong>ones: Developing laser based<br />

spectroscopic methods to study moisture transport<br />

by historic limestone<br />

Transactions of Minors in English and German Law<br />

Foster, Frederick<br />

Gao, Yige<br />

Substrate analogue studies on cephalosporin<br />

biosynthesis enzymes<br />

Dehydrogenation of alkanes to alkenes using CO2 as<br />

mild oxidant; an attractive method of CO2 utilisation<br />

Buckle, Miranda<br />

Bulla, Dominik<br />

Chadwick, Joseph<br />

Chakrabarty, Atreyi<br />

Chan, Kai<br />

Chekroud, Sammi<br />

Multimodal Characterisation of the Infant Response<br />

to Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening and<br />

Treatment<br />

Achievement Motivation amongst Rwandan secondary<br />

students. An Empirical Investigation of its internal and<br />

external nomological network.<br />

Antibodies, B cells, and immune tolerance in<br />

immunotherapy treated oesophageal cancer<br />

Investigating the endoplasmic reticulum unfolded<br />

protein response and its role in sleep<br />

Micromechanics, Microstructure and Formation of<br />

Zirconium Hydrides in Nuclear Fission Applications<br />

Neural effects of prioritisation on working-memory<br />

Géron, Tobias<br />

Gokcekus, Samin<br />

Hao, Botao<br />

Harford, Mirae<br />

Heimos, Michael<br />

Hou, Shihang<br />

The impact of strong and weak bars on galaxy<br />

evolution<br />

The maintenance and spread of cooperation in social<br />

networks in natural populations<br />

Electron ptychographic imaging of polymer and<br />

macromolecular ordering<br />

Non-contact Monitoring of Skin Perfusion as a Proxy<br />

for Haemodynamic <strong>St</strong>atus<br />

‘If I could be equall with Solomon…’ - Ecclesiastes<br />

and English Practical Divinity c.1590, With Particular<br />

Reference to Henry Smith & George Gifford<br />

Essays on the Relation Between Higher Education and<br />

the Labour Market<br />

Clark, Tamsyn<br />

Cohen, Michael<br />

Firlej, Mikolaj<br />

Normothermic Machine Perfused Organs as Models<br />

of Drug Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Delivery<br />

Pessimistic Bayesianism for Conservative Optimization<br />

and Imitation<br />

The Problematisation of Autonomous Weapon<br />

Systems - A Case <strong>St</strong>udy of the US Department of<br />

Defense<br />

Hughes, Daniel<br />

Hughes, Sarah<br />

Huot, Mathieu<br />

Ex-vivo human pancreatic cancer avatars; an inline<br />

personalised therapeutic response assessment<br />

platform<br />

The WEAVE fibre positioner: calibration,<br />

commissioning, and first-light<br />

<strong>St</strong>ructural Foundations for Differentiable Programming<br />

Fletcher, Jude<br />

Using machine learning for dynamic resource<br />

orchestration and task scheduling, in a radio access<br />

network based edge environment<br />

Ingretolli, Federico<br />

Janeckova, Eva<br />

Female Roles in Euripidean Tragedy. Language,<br />

Performance, Conceptions<br />

Human Intellectual Creations in European Patent and<br />

Copyright Law<br />

30 31

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Jing, Yongchao<br />

Johansen, Anniken<br />

Labor Market Institutions, Skill and the (Re)<br />

Production of Wage Inequality: The <strong>St</strong>ratification<br />

Process in Comparative Perspective<br />

Body, Self, and Cosmic Transformation - an<br />

Anthropological Insight into the Corpus Areopagiticum<br />

McMahon, Andrew<br />

Michalopoulou, Moscho<br />

Fluorescence imaging and modelling of virus structure<br />

and infection<br />

Developing and evaluating interventions of diet and<br />

weight control to reduce the risk for gestational<br />

diabetes<br />

Kureshi, Sahil<br />

Lavallee, Emilie<br />

Leach, Nicholas<br />

<strong>St</strong>udent Politics in Gujarat: 1967 - 1985<br />

Counsel amidst Uncertainty: Conceptual Traditions of<br />

Consilium and their Medieval Adaptations, c. 1150 – c.<br />

1270<br />

Reliable attribution and projection of extreme heat<br />

events altered by human influence on the climate<br />

Mohamed, Abdalrhaman<br />

Monga, Shveta<br />

In Situ Full-Field Characterisation of <strong>St</strong>rain<br />

Concentrations (Deformation Twins, Slip Bands and<br />

Cracks)<br />

Investigating Cardiac Metabolism and the Effect of<br />

Novel Metabolic Modulation Therapy on Cardiac<br />

Physiology and Exercise Capacity in Aortic <strong>St</strong>enosis: A<br />

Multi-Parametric Cardiac Magnetic Resonance <strong>St</strong>udy<br />

Lee, Ryan<br />

Li, Na<br />

Li, Yikuan<br />

Lin, Shang Kuan<br />

Ma, Tiffany<br />

Essays in Asset Pricing<br />

Genetic and molecular characterization of the<br />

regulation of chloroplast protein import in<br />

Arabidopsis thaliana<br />

Deep Learning for Electronic Health <strong>Record</strong>s: Risk<br />

Prediction, Explainability, and Uncertainty<br />

Investigating infectious diseases using genetic data<br />

Links between the unfolded protein response and the<br />

DNA damage response in Hypoxia<br />

Mukherjee, Srinandini<br />

Nyamwaya, Doris<br />

Pastor Mayo, Marco<br />

Quirk, Thomas<br />

Visualising the Fantastique: A Cognitive Literary<br />

Approach<br />

Characterising the endemicity and disease burden<br />

of Chikungunya virus infections among children in<br />

coastal Kenya<br />

To Redistribute or not to Redistribute? The Effects<br />

of Inequality, Development, Absolute and Relative<br />

Income, and Party Polarisation on Preferences for<br />

Redistribution<br />

Essays on Financial Regulation in Zambia<br />

Magureanu, Horia<br />

<strong>St</strong>udies of five dimensional Superconformal Field<br />

Theories, Localization and Geometry<br />

Richards, Alice<br />

The Fate of Atlantic Water Heat in the Arctic Ocean<br />

Marsh, Lewis<br />

McArdle, Darius<br />

Topological Data Analysis of Organoids<br />

Chemical Biology for Parasitology: Development of<br />

Chemical Probes for a Bromodomain in the Parasite<br />

Schistosoma mansoni<br />

Rocktäschel, Paula<br />

Ruiz-Tagle Gutiérrez, Samuel<br />

The role of the neuronal environment in<br />

neurodevelopment and circuit formation in Tuberous<br />

Sclerosis Complex<br />

The Urban Constitution: Handling Complexity and<br />

Disagreement Through Intelligent Decision-Making<br />

32 33

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Saleh, Youssuf<br />

Scantlebury-Smead, Luke<br />

Shahinian, Ani<br />

Brain mechanisms in clinical apathy<br />

First full angular analysis of semitauonic $B^0 \<br />

rightarrow D^{*-} \tau^+ \nu$ decays<br />

An Examination of the Martyrdom of Catholicos<br />

Zak‘aria II of Ałt‘amar, in the Lake Van Region, in the<br />

Context of Armenia’s Late Medieval (1378-1425)<br />

Political and Ecclesiastical History<br />

Wang, Yiduo<br />

Weber, Marius<br />

Wen, Yi<br />

Efficient and Elastic LiDAR Reconstruction for Large-<br />

Scale Exploration Tasks<br />

High-Fidelity, Near-Field Microwave Gates in a<br />

Cryogenic Surface Trap<br />

<strong>St</strong>ructural <strong>St</strong>udy of Two-dimensional Semiconductors<br />

Using Four-dimensional Scanning Transmission<br />

Electron Microscopy<br />

Shinn, Siobhan<br />

Slupska, Julia<br />

Su, Zi Hui<br />

Tang, Yuqing<br />

Toniolo, Sofia<br />

Communities of Practice Theory in Egyptian<br />

Archaeology: A Case <strong>St</strong>udy for Its Application with<br />

Old Kingdom Sealings and Seal Impressions from Giza<br />

Safer (Cyber)Spaces: Reconfiguring Digital Security<br />

Towards Solidarity<br />

Quantifying Gait and Time Perception in Parkinson’s<br />

Disease<br />

Localisation of Ground Range Sensors Using<br />

Overhead Imagery<br />

Memory Precision across Space and Time in<br />

Alzheimer’s disease<br />

Woor, Samuel<br />

Xing, Hanwen<br />

Yu, Sheung yin Joseph<br />

Gregory<br />

Zhang, Chuhan<br />

Zhang, Haozhe<br />

Zhang, Qianyang<br />

The evolution of Late Quaternary alluvial landscapes<br />

in northern Oman<br />

Diagnostic Methods for Bayesian Inference<br />

Ancestral Halls and ‘Modern Temples’: Museums in<br />

Postcolonial Hong Kong<br />

Video Representation Learning for Querying and<br />

Transfer<br />

Fully Dynamic Evaluation for Conjunctive Queries<br />

with Free Access Patterns<br />

Optoelectronic Devices Using 2D Layered Materials<br />

Van Der Vaart, Marianne<br />

Victori Rosa, Pedro<br />

von Gleichen, Rosa<br />

Wang, Andrew<br />

Multimodal assessment of neonatal pain<br />

Integrating single-cell and spatial transcriptomics in<br />

a computational multiscale model of Triple Negative<br />

Breast Cancer<br />

Work-family policy in the United <strong>St</strong>ates and Germany:<br />

Sub-federal and employer-provided policy<br />

Transport Processes in Multicomponent Lithium-Ion<br />

Electrolytes<br />

Zhang, Xin<br />

Zhang, Xin<br />

Zhang, Yutong<br />

Improving the Quantification of Cerebral<br />

Haemodynamics using Optimally Sampled Arterial<br />

Spin Labelling MRI<br />

Neutralization of BAFF and APRIL with Engineered<br />

Soluble BCMA Decoy Receptor for the Treatment of<br />

B-cell Malignancies<br />

The compatibility of modified nucleic acids with<br />

enzymatic copying and ligand selection<br />

34 35

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Degrees Taken (con’t)<br />

Members of <strong>College</strong> awarded degrees during the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

BCL<br />

Bhattacharjee, Anisha<br />

Chow, Teen Jui<br />

Royyuru, Sushrut<br />

Tan, Kian Leong<br />

MJur<br />

Diekjobst, Rouven Samuel<br />

Ourednickova, Sarah<br />

MPhil<br />

Bennett, Kaitlyn<br />

Bose, Utsa<br />

Byman, Joel<br />

Chadha, Smridhi<br />

Chen, Kerui<br />

Dutta, Moumili<br />

Engelbrecht, Pao<br />

Giammaria, Alessandro<br />

Haynes, Isabelle<br />

Hoppe, Erik<br />

Huang, Wei<br />

Lager, Nils<br />

Ledesma, Jorge<br />

Magnet, Sophie<br />

McNally, Catherine<br />

Parkinson, Jacob<br />

Tritsch, David<br />

Wang, Supeng<br />

Coles, Selwyn<br />

Rahman, Mehleen<br />

Wong, Anna Shi Pui<br />

MSc<br />

Adebayo, Zainab<br />

Adebisi, Yusuff<br />

Ahmed, Abdirashid<br />

Ahmed, Wasim<br />

Ajia, Motunrayo<br />

Aronson, Jennifer<br />

Bakshi, Asmita<br />

Bartram, Scott<br />

Bolam, Jamie<br />

Bone, Matthew<br />

Brakarsh, Sam<br />

Cai, Yanshu<br />

Cavers, Hannah<br />

Chaudhari, Manasi<br />

Shantanu<br />

Chen, Nuo<br />

Chiu, Yi-Chuan<br />

Conze, Rolf Nicolas<br />

Cooper, Monique<br />

Dai, Katherine<br />

Davis, Oscar<br />

Dettor, Julia<br />

Devine, Lauren<br />

Domel, Reno<br />

El-Sharnouby, Farah<br />

Evans, Zara<br />

Feng, Yuan-Yuan<br />

Gao, Ziming<br />

Gitau, Alex<br />

Gondwe, Josephine<br />

Harry, Joshua<br />

Harte, Sarah<br />

Hearne, Katherine<br />

Hermansen-Hvattum, Carla<br />

Hodgkinson, Rosa<br />

Howe, Max<br />

Hu, Yiling<br />

Irinarchos, Ioannis<br />

Ishii, Hiroki<br />

Jang, Hyeji<br />

Jensen, Ruby<br />

Jureidini, Anthony<br />

Katalan Nasi, Alp<br />

Kirk, Henry<br />

Kluge, Adam<br />

Koh, Jovi Li<br />

Korgul, Karolina<br />

Krishnapuradoddi<br />

Byregowda, Pragati<br />

Lachica, Zython Paul<br />

Leblanc-Martineau,<br />

Camille<br />

Li, Jessica<br />

Li, Wangyin<br />

Liang, Huidong<br />

Lin, Beryl<br />

Linley-Mota, Fergus Miguel<br />

Lu, Jun<br />

Lu, Shuwei<br />

Luk, Yui Hei Augustine<br />

MacAlinao, Marc Joseph<br />

Malatsih, Wardatun<br />

Mao, Yiming<br />

Matic, Dunja<br />

McCarthy, Alexander<br />

McCormack, Lauren<br />

Mohamed, Zahraa<br />

Morejon Jaramillo,<br />

Francisco<br />

Mushtaque, Quratulain<br />

Nasvytis, Linas<br />

Ng, Enson<br />

Niji, Nayana<br />

Ollis, Francesca<br />

Pailloux, Victor<br />

Pinard, Adrien<br />

Piskorz, Julianna<br />

Pröbstl, Julian<br />

Pugh, Tyler<br />

Pupelyte, Adelina<br />

Richards, William<br />

Roqué Pesquer, Joana<br />

Rubruck, Jirko<br />

Sanni, Mutmainah<br />

Shelton, Olivia<br />

Shi, Yilin<br />

Song, Hoin<br />

Srimokla, Oraya<br />

<strong>St</strong>evers, Dion<br />

<strong>St</strong>urges, Isabel<br />

Thomas, Charlotte<br />

Todsen, Anna Louise<br />

Viatova, Anna<br />

Weary, Kathleen<br />

Whelan, Scarlett<br />

Ye, Zijian<br />

Zhang, Leo<br />

Zhang, Wenjun<br />

Zhang, Zeng<br />

MSc (Res)<br />

Harrison, Tess<br />

Li, Zhenhao<br />

Shepherd, Sam<br />

Yan, Yan<br />

M<strong>St</strong><br />

Coleman Macken, Shane<br />

Edney, Rachel<br />

Guo, Yanzhi<br />

Klein, Caleb<br />

Lucas Bautista, Alessandro<br />

Mangina, Frances<br />

McDougal, Ruby<br />

Murray Scully, Niamh<br />

<strong>St</strong>ern, Trevor<br />

Tang, Tania<br />

Zhang, Huike<br />

Zhou, Shifan<br />

MFA<br />

Agusto, Olubunmi<br />

MBA<br />

Alchalabi, Mohamad<br />

Antonio, Maricris<br />

Cabanas Oubiña, David<br />

Chitwannapa, Chakrapoj<br />

Higashi, Lais Naoko<br />

Howe, Daniel<br />

Kiechle, Amy<br />

Maheshwari, Bhavya<br />

Maxwell, Harry<br />

Mottahedin-Fardo, Celeste<br />

Pautasso, Lorenzo<br />

Sivadev, Vineetha<br />

Sovoessi, Otniel<br />

<strong>St</strong>rouse, Lindsay<br />

Taiwo-Ashaju, Tolulope<br />

Ton, Trung nghia<br />

MPP<br />

Agustin, Christiana Marie<br />

Garcia Betancur, Jorge<br />

Mueni, Mirriam<br />

Zarnetta, Florian<br />

Christoph<br />

BPhil<br />

Chen, Xiuhao<br />

Lloyd, Kiran<br />

Rivers, Imogen<br />

PGCE<br />

Clark, Callum<br />

Faux, Olivia-Grace<br />

Lavis, Kieran<br />

Pun Sutpahare, Annie<br />

Watts, Frances<br />

Kim, Hye Jin<br />

36 37

Master: Carole Souter (until Sept 2022)<br />

Prof Rana Mitter (from Sept 2022)<br />

Master’s PA: Michelle Harrall Ager<br />

Bursar: John Tranter (until Sept 2022)<br />

Wilf <strong>St</strong>ephenson (from Sept 2022)<br />

Domestic Bursar: Suzy Hodge<br />

Senior Tutor (AA&P): Jo Ashbourn<br />

Academic Registrar:<br />

Sharon Durno<br />

Admissions & Academic Assistant:<br />

Eamonn Deeley<br />

Academic Office Secretary:<br />

Sasha Travers<br />

Bursary Administrator:<br />

Jocelyn Larsen<br />

Librarian: Philippa Taney<br />

Conference and Events Manager:<br />

Justine Goodenough<br />

Events Assistant: Justyna Skalska<br />

Head of Development and External<br />

Relations: Vacant<br />

Alumni Engagement Manager:<br />

Annabelle Saunders (until Dec 2022)<br />

Acting Head of Engagement &<br />

External Relations:<br />

Annabelle Saunders (from Jan <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Communications Officer:<br />

Jason MacGregor (until July <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Judith Palmer (from Aug <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Communications Assistant:<br />

Colin Robinson (Oct 2022 - May <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Savi Joglekar (from May <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Development and Alumni Relations<br />

Officer: James Brazier<br />

Development and External<br />

Relations Coordinator:<br />

<strong>St</strong>uart Watson (until Nov 2022)<br />

Members of <strong>St</strong>aff<br />

<strong>College</strong> Accountant: Rachel Walker<br />

Accounts Manager: Judith Ledger<br />

Accounts Assistant: Margaret Roberts<br />

Accounts Assistant: Timothy Doran<br />

Accounts Administrator:<br />

Laura Chesterman<br />

Accounts Administrator:<br />

Alison McKay<br />

IT Manager: Leslie Isaac<br />

IT Assistant: Marcin Zajac<br />

Estates and Health & Safety<br />

Manager: Kenny Cox<br />

Accommodation Officer:<br />

Lara Summerhill<br />

Carpenter / Supervisor:<br />

Scott Deeming<br />

Maintenance Operative:<br />

Donato Karwowski<br />

Maintenance Operative:<br />

Matteo Cocomazzi<br />

Head Porter: Paul Wicking<br />

Day Porter: <strong>St</strong>ephen Heneghan<br />

Weekend Porter: Nikhil Sevak<br />

Weekend Porter: Raul Sirb<br />

(from Sep 2022)<br />

Evening Porter:<br />

Benmessaoud Faycal<br />

Evening Porter: Mirfat Magrius<br />

CRISP Coordinator: Dorian Singh<br />

Accounts Administrator Alison McKay decorates a Christmas tree while<br />

other staff members enjoy a break over mulled wine and mince pies.<br />

38 <strong>39</strong>

Fellows<br />

Awards and Achievements<br />

During the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Alumni & Members of Common Room<br />

PROFESSOR DAME HERMIONE LEE FBA, FRSL (MPhil English, 1968), an Honorary<br />

Fellow and alumna of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>, was awarded a Dame Grand <strong>Cross</strong> (GBE), the highest<br />

Order of the British Empire honour, for services to English Literature.<br />

SIR MARK JONES, an Honorary Fellow and former Master of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong>, was<br />

appointed Interim Director of the British Museum.<br />

CAROLE SOUTER, an Honorary Fellow and former Master of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>, was<br />

appointed by Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Interim Chair of Historic Royal<br />

Palaces.<br />

PROFESSOR ANDREW GOUDIE, an Honorary Fellow and former Master of <strong>St</strong><br />

<strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong>, published three books: Desert Landscapes of the World with Google<br />

Earth, Geological Pioneers of the Jurassic Coast (co-written with Denys Brunsden),<br />

and The History of the <strong>St</strong>udy of Landforms or the Development of Geomorphology:<br />

Volume 5: Geomorphology in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century (co-edited<br />

with T.P. Burt and H.A. Viles).<br />

Fellow PROFESSOR HELENA HAMEROW was elected a Fellow of the British<br />

Academy.<br />

Fellow PROFESSOR MIKE KENDALL was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of<br />

Canada for his outstanding contributions to science.<br />

<strong>St</strong>udents<br />

<strong>St</strong>udent GRACE YOUELL was awarded two prizes for her performance in the MSc in<br />

Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment programme: Highest Overall Result, and<br />

Highest Dissertation Mark for 2022.<br />

<strong>St</strong>udent SOLHEE HAN (DPhil Social Policy, <strong>2023</strong>) was awarded the prestigious<br />

Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy research grant in the field of social sciences for<br />

the <strong>2023</strong> award year.<br />

<strong>St</strong>udents FERGUS LINLEY-MOTA and DION STEVERS were part of the <strong>2023</strong> Global<br />

Leadership Initiative offered by the University of Oxford.<br />

Alumnus WM MATTHEW KENNEDY (M<strong>St</strong> Global and Imperial History, 2009)<br />

recently published his book “The imperial Commonwealth – Australia and the project<br />

of empire, 1867-1914”.<br />

Alumnus PAUL LARCEY (MSc (Res) in Materials, 1992) is an authors of recently<br />

released book “How worlds collapse -What history, systems, and complexity can<br />

teach us about our modern world and fragile future”.<br />

Alumnus ADAM KLUGE (MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice, <strong>2023</strong>) was<br />

honoured with the prestigious Routledge Prize for his outstanding dissertation.<br />

Alumnus JOHN CASTLEFORD was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological<br />

Institute.<br />

Alumnus KEVIN W. H. TAI (MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language<br />

Acquisition, 2018) published a book titled Multimodal Conversation Analysis<br />

and Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: A Methodological Framework for<br />

Researching Translanguaging in Multilingual Classrooms.<br />

Alumnus BOON LIM (DPhil Synthetic Biology, 2017) was selected as one of Forbes<br />

30 Under 30 Europe <strong>2023</strong> in the Science and Healthcare category.<br />

Alumna DR JULIA MORRIS (DPhil Anthropology, 2013) published a book titled<br />

Asylum and Extraction in the Republic of Nauru.<br />

Alumna DR LAURA AILEEN SAULS was appointed an Assistant Professor in Global<br />

Affairs at George Mason University in Virginia, USA.<br />

Alumnus DR GRAHAM HARDING won the 2022 OIV Award in the history category<br />

for his book Champagne in Britain, 1800-1914: How the British Transformed a French<br />

Luxury.<br />

Alumna FIONA MOORE (DPhil Social and Cultural Anthropology, 1997) published<br />

Management Lessons from Game of Thrones: Organization Theory and <strong>St</strong>rategy in<br />

Westeros.<br />

Member of Common Room PROFESSOR JAMES PETTIFER published a new book<br />

“Greece and the New Balkans”.<br />

40 41

A New Master Appointed<br />

In March <strong>2023</strong>, Kate Mavor CBE was elected by the Governing Body as the next<br />

Master of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> from September <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

in review<br />

A King Crowned<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff gathered to enjoy cake in June and<br />

mark the Corontation of King Charles III<br />

— a landmark occassion for the UK.<br />

West Wing Works<br />

The West Wing underwent a major<br />

remedial project throughout 2022 and<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. Removal of the Glass Reinforced<br />

Concrete (GRC) and the installation<br />

of new aluminium surrounds to the<br />

building’s windows caused periodic<br />

disruption on site, particularly to<br />

users of the building, and so <strong>College</strong><br />

decided to close the building, with<br />

the exception of the Library, for the<br />

duration of the 2022/23 academic year.<br />

42<br />


Bursar’s Report<br />

Wilf <strong>St</strong>ephenson, Interim Bursar<br />

rriving at the <strong>College</strong> in late July 2022 to assist the Vice-master enabled me to<br />

A get to know everyone, and also work with the Master, Carole Souter, during<br />

her final two months in post whilst preparing for the start of the new Academic Year<br />

when I took up the role as interim Bursar.<br />

Inevitably the year has been dominated by the remediation project on the West<br />

Wing building. There is more about this elsewhere. For me, the remarkable thing has<br />

been how well everyone has adapted to the situation – students and staff. However,<br />

<strong>College</strong> life is undoubtedly very different when there are 50 plus less students living<br />

and working on site.<br />

The financial impact of the project has been quite severe and the <strong>College</strong> has been<br />

forced to draw on its limited reserves. We have adopted a three-year plan to return<br />

the finances to a sustainable position as well as starting work on two projects to look<br />

at the future of our development efforts and the college’s strategy for its next phase<br />

under the Mastership of Kate Mavor.<br />

I hope the combination of these two pieces of work will provide the basis of for<br />

improving the college’s long-term financial position as well as providing more<br />

resources to support its academic mission whether by funding students, the work of<br />

the fellowship or wider academic and social activities in our community.<br />

We secured further financial assistance from the <strong>College</strong> Contributions Funds to help<br />

with a number of maintenance projects including some extra essential work to the<br />

West Wing. Support has also been provided to enable the <strong>College</strong> to offer additional<br />

scholarships in partnership with the University’s Clarendon Fund. We are very<br />

grateful for these awards. However they should be regarded as ‘patches’ rather than<br />

solutions to the lack of endowments.<br />

In spite of the difficulties, it was good to have a ‘normal’ year of college life post the<br />

pandemic. The SRC did an exceptional job, coming together in MT and working hard<br />

to organise a large number of events for the student community. The executive were<br />

remarkable as were the key representatives — for sport, welfare and so on. We<br />

continued to assist students with unexpected financial difficulties awarding a total<br />

£[***] in bursaries and awards to assist with unexpected financial hardship.<br />

We said farewell to Jason MacGregor who made a tremendous impact during his<br />

relatively short stay with us. Communications, whether internal or external, are a vital<br />

part of the life of modern college and Jason ensured we are always up to date.<br />

Above: Wilf greeting new students during the Introductory Talks in September 2022.<br />

In a diverse graduate college where so many members live and work elsewhere<br />

‘Comms’ is the ‘glue’ that ensures we are a virtual as well as a physical community<br />

and Jason delivered this par excellence. Colin Robertson also made an invaluable but<br />

short contribution to our Communications and Alumni Relations team during the<br />

year as did <strong>St</strong>uart Watson.<br />

I would like to express my thanks to all the dedicated staff. In particular my thanks<br />

to Philippa Taney who has kept the library open throughout the West Wing works<br />

closing for only a very few days when access was impossible or the noise too great.<br />

And to Kenny Cox always positive about progress with our projects, particularly<br />

the West Wing, even when he might have been worried about progres. It was an<br />

impressive achievement to ensure problems were solved swiftly and the rooms could<br />

be delivered back for the new academic year. The catering and events teams deserve<br />

a special mention for putting up with my haphazard approach to booking meals! And<br />

thanks to everyone else, especially those with whom I’ve worked most closely, for<br />

welcoming me and putting up with far too many references to another college.<br />

I anticipate this will be my only report for the <strong>Record</strong> and it has been a privilege<br />

and pleasure to join the <strong>College</strong> and work with Rana Mitter and a great team in this<br />

transitional year.<br />

44 45

Domestic Bursar’s Report<br />

Suzy Hodge, Domestic Bursar<br />

fter rising, phoenix like, from the ashes of the pandemic the <strong>College</strong> had another<br />

A challenging year with the retirement of the Bursar and Master in addition to<br />

closure of the West Wing for remedial work for the full academic year.<br />

The Catering team (joined by new recruit Joseph) carried on in their usual style<br />

producing a memorable black tie leaving dinner when guests from the University<br />

joined <strong>College</strong> colleagues for the departure of John who gave two speeches in his<br />

capacity as aspiring <strong>College</strong> raconteur (we will miss his student tours).<br />

The dinners continued to be excellent throughout the year with guests requesting<br />

photos with the chefs at a Tasting Dinner. Carole came back and joined the GB dinner<br />

in Michaelmas Term 2022 as the guest of honour so Fellows could say a formal thank<br />

you and farewell along side presenting a stunning leaving gift (see Art Report).<br />

The Events team presented a full programme throughout the year as well as managing<br />

the implementation of the new booking system with associated complications. At the<br />

same time Executive Chef DJ started to introduce some innovative flours to extend<br />

the home-made bread range and has become a company ambassador/trainer and<br />

Bread Meister.<br />

Bursar Wilf and Master Rana were welcomed into their interim positions and<br />

<strong>College</strong> activities progressed as usual. Both kept the <strong>College</strong> in a steady state through<br />

the following year deferring changes to the arrival of new Master Kate Mavor in<br />

September <strong>2023</strong>. Rana bid farewell to fellows at the Trinity GB dinner and to staff at<br />

a lunch in August before heading to Harvard, he will be greatly missed by those who<br />

have worked with him (with endless humour) for so many years.<br />

Below left: Former Bursar and Master, John Tranter and Carole Souter.<br />

Below right: The Estates Team’s new electric van.<br />

Above: Suzy greeting new students in September.<br />

While the Estates team carried on with normal services Kenny Cox (Estates and<br />

Health and Saftey Manager) was largely involved in keeping an eye on the design<br />

team and contractor on the West Wing remedial work. Despite several unexpected<br />

setbacks associated with the original build the main contractor made a valiant effort<br />

to deliver all student study rooms in time for the <strong>2023</strong> intake. Additionally the<br />

conversion of the study bedrooms to en suite rooms at the Annexe, in 2022, proved<br />

so successful that a further six were converted in the Summer of <strong>2023</strong> with the aid of<br />

<strong>College</strong> Contribution Funds secured in the previous year.<br />

The Accommodation and Events teams managed the loss of West Wing rooms<br />

positively while optimising use of other <strong>College</strong> infrastructure. They were also much<br />

engaged in formulating plans for the reopening of the West Wing in September <strong>2023</strong><br />

and we kept everything crossed for the delivery of the student study bedrooms<br />

in time for the first arrivals with emergency contingency plans just in case of<br />

catastrophe.<br />

The team of Porters continued to be the same helpful and friendly point of contact<br />

for <strong>College</strong> members and visitors alike. The <strong>College</strong> benefited hugely from a stable<br />

and united Domestic team through 2022-23, with no changes in personnel through<br />

many changes in the administrative infrastructure. This was particularly helpful given<br />

the financial position of the <strong>College</strong>.<br />

I would like to give huge thanks to the whole Domestic team and we all look forward to a<br />

new era under our next Master with the fresh challenges and changes that will bring.<br />

46<br />


Development and External Relations Report<br />

Annabelle Saunders, James Brazier & Jason MacGregor<br />

t was a challenging year for the team, but we are happy to report that despite those<br />

I difficulties we provided current <strong>College</strong> members and alumni, at home and abroad,<br />

with an array of events, publications and engagement opportunities.<br />

Shortly after welcoming new students at the Introductory Talk, we hosted our<br />

first event, the Alumni Career Mentors’ Tea in October, in which registered Alumni<br />

Mentors provided careers guidance and advice to new students in an informal setting.<br />

Also in October we hosted our annual Audrey Blackman Society Lunch for friends who<br />

have pledged support to <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> as part of their legacy. Members of the Society enjoyed<br />

a wonderful lunch in Hall followed by piano music in the Saugman Common Room.<br />

In November, in a similar format to the Mentors’ Tea, we hosted a Scholars’ Meet &<br />

Greet in the Lange Room; an opportunity for scholars to chat with their peers and<br />

benefactors and hear from Interim Master, Rana Mitter.<br />

December included our annual Family Christmas Party where Fellows, Members<br />

of Common Room, alumni, staff and their families enjoyed a variety of children’s<br />

activities and crafts plus a visit from Father Christmas! Then Winter Drinks, our<br />

flagship alumni event, was held at <strong>College</strong> instead of London’s Oxford and Cambridge<br />

Club in a change of tradition. It was a success with attendees enjoying canapes<br />

made by the Catering Team, jazz in the Hall and warm words from Emeritus Fellow<br />

Diarmaid MacCulloch.<br />

Below left: Family’s enjoying the Easter Event inckuding an egg hunt.<br />

Below right: Father Christmas stopped by <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> to hand out some gifts.<br />

The Development and External Relations Team, Colin Robinson, James Brazier,<br />

Annabelle Saunders and Jason MacGregor in autumn 2022.<br />

As <strong>2023</strong> got underway, we held our 1965 Club Evening in February, where the Master<br />

thanked our wonderful donors and supporters over another fantastic meal in Hall.<br />

And in March, Fred’s Lunch was enjoyed not only by senior members of <strong>College</strong>, but<br />

by student prize winners and members of the SRC as well, as they have incorporated<br />

into events this year, to the delight of frequent attendees.<br />

Later in the spring, <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>ers returned to Hall for the Family Easter event with<br />

games and activities. Due to the ongoing West Work Remediation, events were<br />

restricted to the Hall, but — weather depending — we hope to have next year’s<br />

event in the West Quad.<br />

In May we again used the Lange Room to host a drinks reception for MBA students<br />

and CRISP (Chevening) Scholars to strengthen college ties with these two cohorts. It<br />

was well turned out, especially by the CRISP cohort which tended to be very engaged<br />

in <strong>College</strong> events.<br />

Also in May, we were honoured to have BAFTA and Emmy Award winning filmmaker,<br />

Fellow Anthony Geffen, give a presentation in the <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Room. Anthony gave<br />

exclusive insight into his filmmaking process, but also about his company’s historic 3D<br />

scan of the Titanic (which was released to the press the following day), and the latest<br />

developments in immersive storytelling.<br />

In June as part of the Leavers campaign, nearly 200 of our newest alumni provided<br />

us with their details which enables us to keep in touch. Concurrently, we held two<br />

webinars for offer-holders, where prospective new students posed questions and<br />

learned more about <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>.<br />

48 49

Alongside our events, the team has been busy working on a range of communications<br />

projects and campaigns. Our online presence has continued to grow, and the team<br />

has furthered our reach on social media and across our digital channels, as well as<br />

continued to share stories and news about the work and lives of our community<br />

members.<br />

In December we published both the <strong>College</strong> <strong>Record</strong> 38, covering the 2021/2022<br />

period, and <strong>Cross</strong>word 2022. Due to resource limitations, a decision was made to not<br />

publish <strong>Cross</strong>word in <strong>2023</strong>, but we do look forward to printing our next edition in<br />

2024, so please keep your eyes peeled!<br />

The alumni and friends e-newsletter continues to grow and reaches alumni,<br />

supporters, Fellows, MCRs and friends of <strong>College</strong>. Again, to streamline our<br />

communication efforts, the e-newsletter was moved from a bi-monthly basis to<br />

a termly one, but it still includes a wide range of <strong>College</strong> content including news,<br />

updates, upcoming events and occasional fundraising campaigns for those who have<br />

opted to receive them. If you are not receiving this communication but would like to,<br />

please do get in touch with the team.<br />

There were a number of changes to the Development & External Relations team this<br />

year. In October 2022, Colin Robinson joined us as Communications Assistant and<br />

was an invaluable team member until he departed in May <strong>2023</strong>. Colin was replaced by<br />

Savi Joglekar, whom we welcomed in May.<br />

We were also sad to bid farewell to Development and External Relations<br />

Coordinator <strong>St</strong>uart Watson, who left us in November for Oriel <strong>College</strong>. In July<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, our Communications Officer, Jason MacGregor, left, returning to Canada with<br />

his partner and was replaced by Judith Palmer whom we welcomed from Wolfson<br />

<strong>College</strong>. We greatly thank Colin, <strong>St</strong>uart and Jason for their work and send all our<br />

good wishes for their futures.<br />

It was a pleasure to work with numerous <strong>College</strong> teams this year, but also with the<br />

<strong>St</strong>udent Representative Committee. The SRC had a full roster, for the first time<br />

in many years, and many their members were keen to work with <strong>College</strong> staff to<br />

improve our communications, events and overall engagement. We thank each of them<br />

for their hard work, look forward to working with remaining members, and send our<br />

best wishes to those who have finished their courses and left <strong>College</strong>.<br />

We would like to thank all our alumni, Members of Common Room, Fellows,<br />

supporters, students and friends who all contribute so much to our community and<br />

support the <strong>College</strong> in countless different ways. We look forward to sharing many<br />

happy occasions together throughout the new academic year. Do keep in touch – we<br />

look forward to hopefully seeing you very soon!<br />

1960s<br />

Simon Hunt<br />

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<strong>St</strong>ephen Bass<br />

Simon Bonvoisin<br />

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Andrea Dimbleby<br />

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Jessica Sack<br />

Dan Singer<br />

Anne Vandenabeele<br />

Robin Wells<br />

Douglas Wigdor<br />

Donor Roll<br />

Alumni Donors<br />

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Andrew Amend<br />

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Vladimir Mukanaev<br />

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Casper Bangert<br />

Dominic Behar<br />

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Graham Long<br />

Douglas MacMillan<br />

Nigel Thomas<br />

Abigail Tompkins<br />

Moss Zhao<br />

2020s<br />

James Hong<br />

Anna Wang<br />

50 51

Donor Roll<br />

Thanks to Fellows, Members of Common Room<br />

and Friends of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong><br />

Donor Roll<br />

Thanks to our lifetime<br />

1965 Club Members<br />

Jonathan Anelay<br />

Jere Bacharach<br />

Peter Benton<br />

Malgorzata Bialokoz Smith<br />

Richard Briant<br />

Dennis Britton<br />

Richard Brook<br />

Capital Group Companies Charitable<br />

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Juliet Wood<br />

Juliet Wood<br />

Brian Woolnough<br />

Margaret Yee<br />

*Indicates deceased<br />

We extend our thanks to donors who<br />

chose to remain anonymous and those<br />

who have pledged legacy gifts.<br />

Glenda Abramson<br />

Jose Antonio Alvarez &<br />

Catelijne Coopmans<br />

Jere Bacharach*<br />

Peter Benton<br />

Jennifer Bonsell<br />

James Brett<br />

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Sandro Wiggerich<br />

Jim Williamson<br />

Brian Woolnough<br />

Fritz Zimmermann<br />

*Indicates deceased<br />

52 53

Academic Registrar’s Report<br />

Sharon Durno, Academic Registrar<br />

n accordance with the <strong>College</strong> motto, the lead up<br />

I to Michaelmas Term 2022 saw our new group of<br />

Freshers arriving from the four corners of the World.<br />

With the traditional <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Freshers Fortnight now<br />

firmly re-established after the disruptions of recent<br />

years.<br />

Developing our connections with our offer holders<br />

through the mechanisms established during these<br />

times, in particular the webinars and regular targeted<br />

bulletins, enabled students to link up with other<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>ers before arrival and during the Freshers<br />

fortnight. With social media increasingly being<br />

Sharon Durno utilised to bring the <strong>College</strong> community together<br />

and share information on the activities of the wider<br />

<strong>College</strong> community, along with events taking place in the first few weeks of term.<br />

Jason McGregor our Communications Manager continued to build on enhancing<br />

communications for students and seek further ways to connect with students and<br />

hear and share their stories throughout the year. Jason left <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> to return to<br />

Canada in summer <strong>2023</strong>. We welcomed Judith Palmer as our new Communications<br />

Manager in autumn <strong>2023</strong>, just in time for the next group of Freshers to arrive in<br />

preparation for Michaelmas term <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

We were pleased to welcome 263 new students to <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>. 69 new students<br />

commenced their studies at PGR level and 186 enrolled on PGT programmes.<br />

Additionally we welcomed 8 students with a <strong>College</strong> affiliation undertaking the DClin<br />

Psych programme. Overall there were 599 students enrolled with the <strong>College</strong> in<br />

MT2022.<br />

During the admissions round in excess of 400 offers of <strong>College</strong> places are reviewed<br />

and considered in the Academic Office, and Eamonn Deeley once again ensured the<br />

process was approached in a timely and diligent way, enabling offers to be converted<br />

to unconditional at the earliest opportunity for students. With the international<br />

student body in <strong>College</strong>, many are not only navigating the University offer process,<br />

but also applying for visas and undertaking all the logistical challenges of moving of<br />

moving from Overseas. The relationship between the Academic Office, Departments<br />

and Graduate Admissions continues to strengthen, and this inevitably improves the<br />

process as much as possible for students and stakeholders concerned. The Accounts<br />

Team in <strong>College</strong> and in particular Judith Ledger, Accounts Manager, provide key<br />

financial information and clarity of process surrounding finance, both to the Academic<br />

Office and to our new and returning students as they move toward enrolment and<br />

their input is much valued. The admissions process is multi-faceted and complex, and<br />

we continue to work to improve the student admission and enrolment experience<br />

for our intake with each academic year.<br />

With our new students arriving from 49 countries, we continued the tradition of<br />

in-person enrolment in <strong>College</strong> where possible, this encourages relationships to be<br />

developed before the intensity of term. We again used an appointment system with<br />

drop in capability to meet the students’ needs. This enabled students to have the<br />

opportunity to connect with the Academic Office and ask any immediate questions<br />

they had.<br />

In 2022-23 we recruited a core team of student helpers to form our Welcome Team.<br />

This is invaluable in providing a peer welcome to new students, and they are best<br />

placed to give hints and tips on life in Oxford that helps students settle in quickly,<br />

sharing their experiences with incoming students, both relating to <strong>College</strong>, and life<br />

in general as an Oxford student. I would like to express my thanks to the Welcome<br />

Team for 22-23 for their vital contribution to welcoming our Freshers from far and<br />

wide into our <strong>College</strong> community.<br />

Tours of <strong>College</strong> were also given as part of the registration process, and during these<br />

tours, we are grateful to our Librarian, Philippa Taney for providing her insight on the<br />

library and study space facilities and an introduction to the library system in Oxford.<br />

The <strong>St</strong>udent Representative Council for 2021-22 led by <strong>St</strong>udent President Saad<br />

Albawardi had developed a wide ranging programme of activities and events for<br />

Freshers ensuring there was something for all to enjoy. From visits to museums,<br />

picnics in the park and tea and cakes in <strong>College</strong>. Saad and several members of the<br />

SRC stayed on during Freshers fortnight and during the early weeks of term to<br />

support the election of the new SRC and provide advice and guidance to them. With<br />

a full SRC for 22-23, led by President Emilia Taylor and Vice President Giordano<br />

Epifani, the <strong>College</strong> has valued their input to <strong>College</strong> life, wide ranging ideas and<br />

efforts to improve the student experience. The organisation of Freshers fortnight<br />

involved staff and students from all over <strong>College</strong>, but the work of the Events Manager,<br />

Justine Shepperson and Events Assistant, Justyna Skalska was critical to the smooth<br />

running of both <strong>College</strong> and student run events. The Events and Catering team led<br />

by Catering Manager Paul White went out of their way as usual to provide us with<br />

excellent catering offerings across a wide range of events. Our IT Manager, Leslie<br />

Isaac arranged for staff to be accessible to students during registration, ensuring they<br />

were set up with their IT in place to start their studies and importantly connect with<br />

family and friends back home.<br />

Following the retirement of the former Master, the formal introduction to <strong>College</strong><br />

54 55

was given by the Interim Master Professor Rana Mitter, and members of staff from<br />

<strong>College</strong> and the wider University community including the <strong>College</strong> GP Dr Leaver<br />

were present enabling students to see the teams who support them in by providing a<br />

supportive and inclusive <strong>College</strong> experience for which <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> is well known.<br />

We were pleased to continue the tradition of Welcome Dinners for new <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>ers<br />

in late October and early November. A number of our <strong>College</strong> Advisors were present<br />

to meet with their new advisees and other students in this celebratory format, which<br />

for many is their first experience of a formal dinner at Oxford. <strong>College</strong> Advisors<br />

are a rich source of support and guidance to students outside of their academic<br />

departments, and we continued through 2022-23 to encourage advisors and advisees<br />

to meet at least once a term face to face in <strong>College</strong>, or where more convenient<br />

online. The <strong>College</strong> are most grateful to the Fellows, Emeritus Fellows and JRF’s for<br />

their commitment to this role.<br />

As our PGT students complete their studies during the summer, the PGR community<br />

continue their studies with a quieter <strong>College</strong> campus, and to the Academic Office<br />

provide support as they progress through their research milestones towards<br />

submission.<br />

For many students, there may be times during their studies that they need support<br />

with their welfare and wellbeing, and as Head of Welfare I work closely with the<br />

welfare team in <strong>College</strong>, and the University wellbeing services to support students<br />

and signpost them to the most appropriate source of support for them. To further<br />

develop accessibility to welfare services in <strong>College</strong>, I am available for in person<br />

meetings and online 1:1’s where this is preferable to students, enabling us to connect<br />

with those in Oxford and who may be studying overseas. This includes liaising with<br />

the University Disability Advisory Service as <strong>College</strong> Disability Co-ordinator. In<br />

MT22 I again offered 1:1’s for students who wished to talk through the Disability<br />

support services available to them including adjustments.<br />

<strong>College</strong> Counsellor Elizabeth Treasure for 2021-22 continued to support our<br />

students in <strong>College</strong>, offering in-person and online appointments, and further<br />

supported students in her Counselling role with University Counselling Service.<br />

Elizabeth has become a key member of the Welfare team at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> during 2022-<br />

23.The work of the <strong>St</strong>udent Representative Committee welfare focused members,<br />

and our Junior Deans with their innovations and ideas to further develop a sense<br />

of community among the student body was appreciated by staff and students. With<br />

the introduction of Welfare teas, Junior Dean Teas, drop-ins, and practical initiatives<br />

such as Welfare Boxes, and board games, encouraging students to move away from<br />

their studies for a time and connect with other students in a supportive and informal<br />

environment. We are most grateful to them.<br />

In 2022-23 the <strong>College</strong> continued to offer hardship support to students whose<br />

Above: The Academic Office welcomed new students to Oxford, ensuring they took part in<br />

Matriculation in October 2022.<br />

situations have changed since they commenced their studies, and the Academic<br />

Registrar worked closely with the Bursar to offer students guidance and financial<br />

support, signposting to University hardship schemes where appropriate.<br />

2022-23 was again a very successful year academically for <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>, with the course<br />

outcomes for 160 of our taught Masters and BPhil/MPhil students now published we<br />

are pleased to report that 56 achieved a Distinction, 58 were awarded a Merit, 45<br />

passed their course and one student achieved a Deserve to have Deserved Masters<br />

Degree (DDM). 94 PGR students received Leave to Supplicate during 2022-23 and<br />

we congratulate all on their exceptional achievement.<br />

Our Graduation Celebrations in <strong>College</strong> continued to be impeccably organised by<br />

Academic Office Secretary Sasha Travers, carefully guiding our graduands through the<br />

intricacies of academic dress to ensure no members of <strong>College</strong> were turned away<br />

on arrival at the Sheldonian. 249 <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> students attended graduation ceremonies<br />

during 2022-23 with more graduating in absentia, the high number a legacy from the<br />

lack of ceremonies during the pandemic.<br />

We were pleased to welcome two new Deans of Degrees to the <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> group;<br />

<strong>St</strong>anley Ulijaszek and Francis Leneghan joining Joerg Friedrichs and An Van Camp<br />

undertaking this formal role and presiding over our Graduation celebrations. We<br />

reintroduced a celebratory lunch for students to bring groups of family and friends<br />

into <strong>College</strong> and enjoy a celebratory meal on this special occasion.<br />

We look forward to working with staff, Fellows and students themselves in <strong>2023</strong>-24<br />

to ensure they are supported to achieve academic excellence at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>.<br />

56 57

Deans’ Report<br />

Dr Heather Hamil, Athanasios Peftinas & Saba Ishrat<br />

e are pleased to present the Dean’s report for the academic year 2022/<strong>2023</strong>.<br />

W Particularly for Athansios and Saba, it has been an honour to serve our <strong>College</strong><br />

community as the Junior Deans (JDs) — providing guidance, welfare support, and<br />

upholding discipline.<br />

The Dean and Junior Deans maintain a close collaboration with various members of<br />

the college community, including the Domestic Bursar, Porters, the entire bursarial<br />

team, which includes the Master and the Academic Office, and all other <strong>College</strong><br />

staff. Together, they address matters concerning discipline and the welfare of our<br />

community.<br />

Dr Heather Hamill<br />

Athanasios Peftinas<br />

Saba Ishrat<br />

We wish to convey our deep appreciation to each of them for their unwavering<br />

dedication to enhancing the well-being of the <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> community. We acknowledge<br />

the essential role played by the Porters in supporting our work. This collaborative<br />

effort relies on mutual support, and without their contributions, it would not be<br />

possible.<br />

We would like to offer special recognition to the <strong>College</strong>’s departing Master, Rana<br />

Mitter, for his continuous and impactful contributions in shaping <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> into the<br />

welcoming and hospitable community it is today.<br />

As he departs, he will be dearly missed by the <strong>College</strong> community. Additionally, we<br />

wish to express our appreciation to the <strong>College</strong>’s Bursar, Wilf <strong>St</strong>ephenson, whose<br />

work has significantly benefited student welfare.<br />

This year has been marked by a positive<br />

atmosphere, both at the Main <strong>College</strong><br />

Site and at the Annexe. <strong>St</strong>udents<br />

demonstrated commendable behavior,<br />

contributing to the overall success of the<br />

year without any significant disruptions.<br />

Despite the closure of the West Wing,<br />

the Library has seen substantial use<br />

by students this year, serving as an<br />

encouraging and focused environment<br />

for their studies. We want to extend our<br />

appreciation to the Librarian, Philippa<br />

Taney, for her dedicated efforts in<br />

improving the Library’s comfort and amenities through various acquisitions. Notably,<br />

the inclusion of monitors has been especially beneficial and greatly appreciated by our<br />

students.<br />

One of the standout achievements of the year was the organization of Junior Deans’<br />

Tea and Cake events. These gatherings were made possible through the generous<br />

support of the college and SRC budgets. They provided students with a platform to<br />

unwind, share thoughts, and foster a sense of community, providing students with<br />

a much-needed break from their academic pursuits and an opportunity to come<br />

together in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks<br />

to the Events Team and Catering Team for their outstanding efforts in organizing and<br />

creating amazing desserts that added to the enjoyment of these events.<br />

In our commitment to accessibility and student welfare, we initiated one-on-one<br />

Junior Dean meetings. This initiative aimed to provide students with a friendly and<br />

accessible platform to share any thoughts or concerns they might have had. We<br />

believe in ensuring that every voice is heard and every concern addressed.<br />

As the year concludes, it’s a bittersweet moment for our team. We bid farewell to<br />

Athanasios, who is leaving <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> to serve as a JD at <strong>St</strong> Catherine’s <strong>College</strong>. We<br />

wish him all the best for the remainder of his DPhil journey. Saba will now be based<br />

at the main site, and a new JD will be appointed to reside at the Annexe.<br />

In summary, the 2022/<strong>2023</strong> academic year has been marked by a peaceful and<br />

productive atmosphere at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong>. The Dear, Junior Dean, along with the<br />

college community, has worked diligently to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of<br />

our students. We look forward to another year of fostering a welcoming, safe, and<br />

supportive environment for education and research.<br />

58 59

President Of Common Room’s Report<br />

Mark <strong>St</strong>afford<br />

Library and Archive Report<br />

Philippa Taney, Librarian & Archivist<br />

t is extraordinary how far away a 12 months ago can<br />

I appear to be, but I think this is an indicator of degree<br />

of busyness and fruitfulness of a given academic year, and<br />

certainly this particular year never seemed anything but<br />

full!<br />

We have never enjoyed a more complete, or more<br />

engaged, SRC in the recent life of the <strong>College</strong>, and the<br />

Common Room Committee has been well served over<br />

the past 12 months with good humour and enthusiasm<br />

- both in confronting challenges, and identifying the<br />

Mark <strong>St</strong>afford<br />

exciting opportunities, presented by such broad representation of the student body.<br />

As well as sincere thanks to all the staff who have contributed so much in this regard,<br />

particular gratitude and appreciation is owed to those who occupied the crucial roles<br />

of Junior Deans, who presided over a year of incredibly peaceable relations among<br />

the student community, and the SRC Officers, especially to the <strong>St</strong>udent President,<br />

Emilia Taylor, and Vice President Giordano Epifani, for constantly listening with real<br />

care to the student body, and seeking to contribute to open communication amongst<br />

all the <strong>College</strong> stake-holders, whilst thinking constructively about possibilities and<br />

solutions in the issues arising across the year. Following on from the creation of the<br />

excellent <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Handbook last year, we were grateful for the work of one of the<br />

Junior Deans, Athanasios Peftinas, in helping us revisit the tangled and arcane strands<br />

of Constitutions and Bye-Laws which govern the Common Room, it’s Committee and<br />

the SRC, and it feels as though we are continuing to put in place needed structures to<br />

safeguard the effective functioning of these essential areas in our shared life.<br />

During the year a number of innovative examples of problem-solving emerged from<br />

our discussions, and one of them - minor alterations to the systems which allow the<br />

maximum number of students and Fellows to meet around the Common table of our<br />

lunches and dinners - was emblematic of the life of a healthy growing college, in so far<br />

as it involved frank exchanges of views, and active co-operation and patience on the<br />

part of staff, students, Fellows and professional services, in order to reach a mutually<br />

beneficial outcome. In amongst the Welfare Teas, workshops, BOPS, special dinners<br />

and quizzes, which make up the fabric of our living together, and behind the scenes<br />

of all the day-to-day Common Room life, this sort of commitment to collaboration is<br />

the stuff of which the <strong>College</strong> ought rightly to be proud. I know they say, “don’t sweat<br />

the small stuff”, but the little things make a big difference, so and I very much hope<br />

we will continue to pay attention to them.<br />

his year saw the beginning of the West Wing building works with the library and<br />

T Wigdor Room being the only spaces open to students for the duration of the<br />

project.<br />

While there have been some noise, light and odour issues, we have managed to<br />

close for just four days and supplied ear plugs, fleeces, keep cups, water bottles and<br />

soft chairs to try and keep the library as a comfortable a place as possible to study.<br />

We also installed large monitors for the first time and these have proved to be very<br />

popular.<br />

As part of the building project the bulk of the archive was moved to the annexe for<br />

its safe keeping, including the newly deposited James Currey Archive. A wonderful<br />

addition to our collection it complements the ongoing Boydell and Brewer bequest<br />

of James Currey imprints which in more usual times live in the Wigdor Room. We<br />

are currently working through the papers and documents in said archive and hope to<br />

have it all rationalised and digitised in the coming year.<br />

We also managed to finally finish accessioning and cataloguing previous bequests and<br />

donations found in the Van Heyningen Room and stored in the Library Office.<br />

These items along with our purchases added up to a total of 681 books being added<br />

to the library collections this year, including 104 purchased reader requests and 111<br />

reading list, welfare, equality and diversity and study skills items.<br />

In the spring we undertook an automated inventory, the first of its kind since 2015<br />

due to Covid and the ensuing closed periods, and while each year we manually check<br />

the shelves this inventory proved to be very useful for shelf tidying and the recording<br />

of missing (and found!) books.<br />

The main headline news across all of Oxford University and <strong>College</strong> Libraries has<br />

been the retirement of Aleph, our library LMS, the software that underpins all our<br />

technical services.<br />

Postponed for a year, this is now going ahead, so it has been a year of data tidying and<br />

training before we welcome our new LMS, Alma at the end of August.<br />

Finally, I would like to thank Nikki Vellidis, our <strong>St</strong>udent Library Assistant for her<br />

enthusiasm and hard work, not forgetting to also thank all the students who use the<br />

library for their positivity and patience in what has been at times a trying year.<br />

60 61

Senior Tutor (Academic Affairs &<br />

Programmes)’s Report<br />

Dr Jo Ashbourn<br />

t <strong>Cross</strong> has continued to emerge from the<br />

S pandemic with much vibrant academic activity<br />

over the past year from academic lectures to subject<br />

lunches connecting students and Fellows — many<br />

events were in person although some remained<br />

online using Zoom. The <strong>College</strong>’s scholarship funding<br />

opportunities for new students from around the<br />

world continue to grow as a result of the generosity<br />

of donors and legacies as well as successful<br />

partnerships with Oxford departments and faculties.<br />

Dr Jo Ashbourn<br />

The <strong>College</strong> was delighted to award 25 scholarships<br />

and 5 prizes to new students arriving in Michaelmas<br />

2022 (see pg 24-28 for full details).<br />

Above: Several scholars and award winners with the Master during Encaenia in June <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Three Jan-Georg Deutsch Bursaries in African <strong>St</strong>udies were awarded to Sam<br />

Brakarsh, Olivia Shelton and Scarlett Whelan to support their dissertations for their<br />

MSc course. The <strong>College</strong> also awarded three Community Bursaries to Abdirashid<br />

Ahmed, Alex Gitau and Kathleen Weary based on their demonstrated achievements<br />

and commitment to supporting their own personal development, leadership skills and<br />

entrepreneurial spirit. Many thanks are due to all the Fellows on the Scholarships and<br />

Prizes Selection Panel over the past year for their hard work in reviewing applications<br />

and selecting these scholars and prizewinners on behalf of the <strong>College</strong>.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Ralph A. Lewin Prize was awarded to Mosco Michalopoulou, who has<br />

been developing and evaluating interventions of diet and weight control to prevent<br />

gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), a condition that develops during pregnancy in<br />

which women’s blood glucose levels are high and which is a major public health issue.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Collingswood Prize in History was awarded to Arisa Loomba whose<br />

research is a global and interdisciplinary exploration of the dynamics of migration<br />

and mobility, and human-animal-environment interactions in the late British Empire.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Marcus Harmelin Travel Prize was awarded to Lindsay <strong>St</strong>rouse for her<br />

proposed project to focus on intergenerational stories of trauma for descendants of<br />

refugees (including but not limited to Jewish refugees), juxtaposed against the recent<br />

experiences of refugees leaving Ukraine.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> inaugural Dick Repp Prize was awarded to Jamie Bolam for his proposed<br />

project to visit Zambia’s Bangweulu Wetlands in order to study the post-release<br />

movements and settlement of their cheetahs reintroduced by the conservation<br />

NGO African Parks two years ago. The HAPP Essay Prize in the History/Philosophy<br />

of Physics is open to students across the University – it was awarded in 2022-<strong>2023</strong><br />

to Zhengrong Qian (<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>) for his essay entitled “Is Thermodynamics Worryingly<br />

Anthropocentric?”.<br />

The <strong>College</strong> has continued to develop its programme of study skills and wellbeing<br />

provision for students in order to support them in their studies and academic<br />

progress with students also suggesting areas of particular interest. Online events<br />

held by Zoom over the past year covered a variety of topics from sessions on<br />

resilience, academic literacy, thesis writing and exam anxiety to workshops on time<br />

management, cutting edge learning, mindfulness, public speaking and strategic career<br />

planning with CV best practice.<br />

The annual Research Presentation Prize Competition for students was held again<br />

this year and was won by Nazia Thakur for her talk entitled “The Host with the<br />

Most: Examining the ACE2 Receptor Usage of SARS-CoV-2 Variants”. At the end of<br />

the academic year four <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Fellows from across the Divisions sat on the annual<br />

Insights into Academic Panel to discuss their own paths into academia and offered<br />

students advice and tips for their own future academic careers.<br />

This year the 9th Lorna Casselton Memorial Lecture was held on the 4th May <strong>2023</strong><br />

62 63

and given by Professor Jeff Dahn (Dalhousie University) on the topic of “Modern<br />

Lithium-Ion Batteries: More than a Million Miles and Possibly a Century of Life”. The<br />

lecture video is available to view on the <strong>College</strong> website at https://www.stx.ox.ac.uk/<br />

lorna-casselton-memorial-lectures .<br />

The <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Centre for the History & Philosophy of Physics (HAPP) has continued<br />

to grow from strength to strength particularly with the ongoing livestreaming in<br />

tandem with the in-person event which enables the participation of several hundred<br />

attendees from all around the world. The three termly one-day conferences were<br />

“Symmetries in Physics” (Michaelmas Term 2022), “Physics Feuds Throughout History”<br />

(Hilary Term <strong>2023</strong>) and “Order and Chaos” (Trinity Term <strong>2023</strong>). Videos of all the<br />

event talks are available on the HAPP website at http://www.stx.ox.ac.uk/happ/events .<br />

The <strong>College</strong> continued to develop its cultural and enrichment programme with a<br />

variety of musical events across the academic year (please see the Music Report on<br />

pg 80). Continuing a successful entrepreneurial streak demonstrated by our teams<br />

over the past couple of years, in Michaelmas Term 2022 two teams made it through<br />

to the quarter finals of the University’s All-Innovate Competition.<br />

The friendly rivalry between students and Fellows on the quiz front continued in<br />

2022-<strong>2023</strong> with the <strong>College</strong>’s termly General Knowledge Quiz and some nail-biting<br />

finales! An inspiring painting workshop was led by one of the <strong>College</strong>’s Postdoctoral<br />

Associates in collaboration with the <strong>St</strong>udent Representative Committee.<br />

Following last year’s delightful visit by <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Fellows to Clare Hall, it was the turn<br />

of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> to host the annual <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>-Clare Hall Fellows’ Exchange Dinner, which<br />

was a particularly convivial event held on a sunny evening in the Hall on the 13th July<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. We look forward to a return visit to Clare Hall next summer.<br />

Garden Master’s Report<br />

Professor Mark Robinson, Garden Master<br />

he winter and spring were sufficiently wet for the garden to make a good<br />

T recovery from the drought of the previous summer. As of September, the<br />

herbaceous border facing the hall is particularly lush. However, the Koelreuteria<br />

paniculata (golden rain tree) grown from seed by Dr Georg Deutsch and planted in<br />

the garden in his memory is flourishing rather too well. It will need careful pruning to<br />

restrain it without stopping it from flowering.<br />

The current building work has reduced the space available to <strong>College</strong> members in<br />

the garden but some ingeniuity has been shown. Very secluded seating has appeared<br />

beneath the Feijoa bushes. Perhaps the bushes could be cut back and shaped to give<br />

the garden a shaded arbour.<br />

Below: Japanese Anemone<br />

outside the West Wing<br />

Right: Late repeat flowering of<br />

the Wisteria in Blackwell Quad.<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> is committed to widening participation for graduate study at Oxford and<br />

increasing the diversity of its community, so the <strong>College</strong> was very pleased to welcome<br />

over 70 interns on this year’s UNIQ+ Graduate Access Programme to dinner in the<br />

Hall on the 19th July <strong>2023</strong>. The cohort of UNIQ+ interns were in Oxford on the<br />

University’s flagship graduate access programme and working on a variety of summer<br />

projects across the disciplines in the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, Medical<br />

Sciences and in the Humanities.<br />

A number of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> students studying in these subject areas were on hand<br />

throughout the evening to offer an insight into life as a graduate student as well as<br />

into being a graduate student at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>. The evening started with pre-dinner drinks<br />

in the Common Room, followed by a three-course dinner which showcased popular<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> dishes — remarked upon by several interns as the best they’d experienced<br />

during their Oxford stay so far, particularly the classic <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> sticky toffee pudding!<br />

64 65<br />


Catering Report<br />

Marta Bieta-Price, General Manager (Baxter<strong>St</strong>orey)<br />

nother fabulous ‘foodie’ year behind us!<br />

A<br />

All catering areas opened back in September and<br />

slowly started filling up with students and external<br />

guests. We finally recruited a long awaited Chef de<br />

Partie, Joseph, who was responsible for our salad<br />

bar and served hot lunches behind the hot counter.<br />

Joseph also started his training at Chef’s Academy<br />

level 2 this year, learning new cooking skills and<br />

testing various recipes under the watchful eye of DJ,<br />

his chef mentor.<br />

Marta Bieta-Price<br />

DJ, our Executive Chef, who is behind creative food<br />

combinations of many dinner menus, completed Chef’s Academy Level 4 and has<br />

become a face of Project Knead, and our in-house Master Baker. His freshly baked<br />

breads, especially the extremely popular focaccia, feature daily on our soup station.<br />

During the Sustainability Faire held at the <strong>College</strong> back in January, we introduced our<br />

Wildfarmed flour supplier, Wastknot fruit and vegetable boxes and Arley’s plant based<br />

protein foods which have been proving more and more popular with our customers.<br />

The Catering team not only focused on the food but also on hot beverages, our<br />

coffee bar was fully stocked with sustainable, ethical and environmentally-friendly<br />

Extract coffee prepared and served by Amanda, our barista, who looked after all the<br />

students and made sure they were well-fed by serving delicious cooked breakfast and<br />

pastries. The café, as usual, created a friendly buzz and great atmosphere for all those<br />

who needed some space to work or fancied a panini, a piece of freshly baked cake or<br />

just a chat.<br />

Supervisor, always greeted students, fellows and their guests with a lovely smile and a<br />

friendly chat. Her great organisational skills helped during busy lunches, dinners and<br />

running the front of house team efficiently.<br />

Our wonderful kitchen porter, Ula, continues to work mainly in the back of house<br />

supporting the smooth running of the kitchen areas. She has cooked and baked some<br />

delicious treats for our team and even taught Joseph how to make pierogi, filled<br />

Polish dumplings, he then put them on the salad bar for everyone to enjoy.<br />

This year was the first time we introduced a Gourmet Dinner at the college and it<br />

was highly popular alongside our termly Tasting Dinners. The food was amazing and it<br />

was really rewarding to see everything from the start until the final dish being plated<br />

up and leaving the kitchen. The team worked extremely hard all year round and it<br />

feels great to be part of such an innovative and enthusiastic group of like-minded<br />

people.<br />

Our previous General Manager Paul, who has been a huge part of the team for years<br />

and progressed in his numerous roles within the college, has been promoted. He is<br />

now an Account Manager within our company, still taking responsibility for <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong>, but also now for Reuben <strong>College</strong> and The Blavatnik School of Government.<br />

The whole team is excited about his next chapter and we all thank him for his<br />

support and guidance over the past years.<br />

The Catering Team hard at work on Project Knead with Executive Chef DJ.<br />

Cooked breakfast prepared daily by Robert, our Head Chef, was very popular this<br />

year and we definitely made a lot of students happy. Our regular college diners<br />

sampled delicious cakes and irresistible cinnamon buns made by Rob. He has also<br />

recently mastered making <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> crest shortbread ready for special occasions.<br />

Let’s not forget about daily lunches prepared by Chris, our Sous Chef, whose weekly<br />

menus included dishes catering for all dietary requirements but it became obvious<br />

that ‘Chris’s hot sauce’ was a hit from the get go (just like his curries) and it now<br />

features daily on our hot counter.<br />

The whole catering team was here to assist with any requests and Iwona, our<br />

66 67

Art Report<br />

Suzy Hodge, Domestic Bursar<br />

ith the retirement of the Master as<br />

W Committee Chair, and the Domestic<br />

Bursar acting as interim, the Committee have<br />

held a steady state over the academic year.<br />

This position was further necessitated by a<br />

shortage of funds to develop the impressive<br />

<strong>College</strong> art collection further.<br />

The year started with a memorial gathering<br />

in the Hall for Lesley Forbes who had served<br />

as Art Registrar and died in 2020. Her<br />

sons Nicholas and Robin collaborated with<br />

the <strong>College</strong> to provide a piece of ceramic<br />

sculpture by Julian <strong>St</strong>air OBE (potter, academic<br />

Suzy Hodge<br />

and author) as a memorial to their mother. She<br />

herself had been involved in choosing a cinerary jar from his Quietus exhibition and<br />

identifying a suitable location in early 2019 before the pandemic put everything on<br />

hold.<br />

Another piece of ceramic was generously loaned to the <strong>College</strong> by Andy Pollard.<br />

The ceramic and gold cup by Edmund de Waal CBE (artist, potter and author) was<br />

an FT Literary Festival Science and Innovation award for his work on the Oxford-<br />

AstraZenica COVID-19 vaccine. The cup can be seen in the glass display cases in the<br />

Saugman Common Room.<br />

“Wanderer” by Jasper Johnston -<br />

2021 Photography Competition<br />

(3rd prize)<br />

Early in the year we also had significant acquisition in the form of a portrait of the<br />

outgoing Master which she donated to the <strong>College</strong>. Carole chose to have her portrait<br />

executed by contemporary Chinese artist Qu Leilei after seeing his work at his solo<br />

exhibition in the Ashmolean Museum. The piece is an ink painting on hand made<br />

paper and is a powerful and striking image which provides an interesting contrast to<br />

the previous Masters’ portraits where they hang in the Hall. Carole was the guest<br />

of honour at the MT22 GB dinner where Fellows had a chance to view the likeness<br />

for the first time and bid her farewell. A black ceramic vessel by Ashraf Hannah was<br />

presented to her as a leaving gift and the artist was able to advise on what would best<br />

fit into Carole’s already substantial collection as well as send a personal message.<br />

Another donation came from the estate of Ruth van Heyningen. Some very beautiful<br />

pieces of art nouveau (mostly Tudric) pewter were gifted to the <strong>College</strong> and are on<br />

display in the Saugman as well as in the glass cabinet on the first floor corridor.<br />

The Audrey Blackman fund was used to re-glaze part of the watercolours in her<br />

collection. The 22 most important, valuable and/or exposed pieces were re-glazed<br />

with protective glass. The fund will enable us to continue the process next year.<br />

There were 14 entrants who submitted 30 photographs for the annual competition<br />

with the theme Opening Up. 1st place went to Faissal Sharif’s “Deep in Antilope<br />

Canyon”, 2nd place to Duncan Campbell’s “Budding” and 3rd place to Farah El-<br />

Sharnouby’s “Balanced Love”. Entries were exhibited at the Encaenia garden party<br />

where prizes were also awarded.<br />

I would like to give huge thanks to Michelle, the Master’s PA, for her brilliant research<br />

picking up past threads and support in taking the committee forward.<br />

68 69

Music Report<br />

Dr Jo Ashbourn, Senior Tutor (AA&P)<br />

& Rev. Professor Diarmaid N.J. MacCulloch<br />

he <strong>College</strong>’s musical life continues to flourish with several concerts and<br />

T other musical events throughout the academic year. In Michaelmas 2022 as its<br />

annual celebration of Black History Month the <strong>College</strong> held its first blues concert,<br />

performed by acclaimed blues performer Michael Roach to an audience of over 100<br />

attendees in the Hall.<br />

Michael performed a programme of songs from throughout the history of blues music<br />

with both rousing and toe-tapping numbers by several of the great blues performers,<br />

including Little Red Rooster by Howlin’ Wolf and Minnie the Moocher by Cab<br />

Calloway, as well as several of his own blues arrangements. The concert culminated<br />

in an acapella rendition of Mahalia Jackson’s It Don’t Cost Very Much, followed<br />

by an impromptu finale with a medley of nursery rhyme blues based on audience<br />

suggestions!<br />

Later in the term the <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> “A Medley of Dvořák and Dances” concert was held<br />

in the packed Pusey House Chapel where the <strong>Cross</strong>winds woodwind ensemble,<br />

featuring <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Junior Research Fellow, Dr Nick Jones, as well as two special guest<br />

artists on the cello and double bass,<br />

played a lively one-hour programme of<br />

music to celebrate the end of term.<br />

Above: Blues performer Michael Roach played<br />

during Black History Month.<br />

The programme featured pieces with<br />

dance movements and had particularly<br />

entertaining swing and jazz arrangements<br />

of music from The Nutcracker, played<br />

on two bassoons and a cello. A new<br />

arrangement of Ravel’s Five O’Clock<br />

Foxtrot for all the ensemble players<br />

present rounded off the evening with a<br />

ragtime flourish.<br />

In time-honoured fashion in December<br />

2022, a nucleus of old choir members<br />

was swelled by enthusiastic new recruits<br />

from the <strong>College</strong> and their friends,<br />

some of whom are becoming veterans<br />

of this occasion, for the annual Advent<br />

and Christmas Carol Service, in Pusey<br />

Chapel. The choir was as large as any<br />

in recent years, and the congregation<br />

was so numerous that sidesmen had<br />

to bring in extra chairs in the course<br />

of the service. Choir items were<br />

as exacting in quality as ever and<br />

performed with the usual enthusiasm<br />

and effectiveness: after the Advent<br />

Prose introit, the choir proceeded<br />

through Advent via Carl Neilson and<br />

the Basque Country towards Christmas<br />

festiveness. Philip Ledger’s arrangement<br />

of the German carol <strong>St</strong>ill, still, still<br />

contrasted with the alarming athleticism<br />

of David Blackwell’s reimagining of ‘The<br />

Virgin Mary had a baby boy’ and with<br />

the public-school boisterousness of<br />

Gustav’s Holst’s Personent Hodie. John<br />

Rutter grazed with jollity through the<br />

Shepherd’s Pipe Carol, which must have<br />

Right: The <strong>Cross</strong>winds woodwind ensemble<br />

been written on a warmer day than Peter<br />

Warlock’s haunting Bethlehem Down, and finally Hubert Parry belted through the<br />

whole festive season in Welcome Yule. All this ornamented familiar congregational<br />

carols and the traditional readings delivered by <strong>College</strong> members with splendid<br />

sonority; around it all, the clergy, servers and sidesmen of Pusey House provided the<br />

essential liturgical framework. Peter Ward Jones our veteran choirmaster paired with<br />

our now almost equally veteran Common Room member on the organ, Peter Lynan.<br />

Diarmaid MacCulloch made sure that everything worked in preparations throughout<br />

term, with splendid unobtrusive help from the fine folk of the Porters’ Lodge; our<br />

equally fine catering team provided mulled wine or equivalent and mince pies for<br />

the choir and servers’ team before Hall. The collection was for the Oxford charity<br />

Gatehouse.<br />

To round off the year the <strong>Cross</strong>winds returned in Trinity Term <strong>2023</strong> to perform the<br />

<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> “A Night at the Opera” Concert in the Pusey House Chapel to an audience<br />

again of over 100 attendees. The audience greatly enjoyed hearing the ensemble play a<br />

one-hour programme of woodwind arrangements of well-known operatic arias from<br />

Mozart’s Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro, and from Bizet’s<br />

Carmen, including the famous Toreador song.<br />

The <strong>Cross</strong>winds comprised performers on the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and<br />

French horn. Particularly mesmerising was the bassoon duet version of “Der Hölle<br />

Rache”, the Queen of the Night’s powerful aria from The Magic Flute, normally sung<br />

by a coloratura soprano. The evening ended with a rousing performance by the whole<br />

ensemble of the Overture to Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro.<br />

70 71

<strong>St</strong>udent Representative Committee Report<br />

Emilia Taylor, <strong>St</strong>udent President<br />

he <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong> SRC has demonstrated that<br />

T the university college experience is not solely<br />

about academic studies, but also about creating<br />

cherished memories and forging lasting connections.<br />

As we reflect on the past year, we do so with<br />

profound appreciation for the SRC’s extraordinary<br />

accomplishments.<br />

Their efforts have undeniably enriched the <strong>College</strong><br />

journey while fostering an inclusive atmosphere that<br />

has resonated with countless students. Let’s delve<br />

into the exceptional achievements that have made this<br />

year truly outstanding.<br />

Emilia Taylor<br />

Social<br />

Throughout the academic year, the SRC orchestrated a captivating array of social<br />

events that brought the community closer than ever. Michaelmas term saw the return<br />

of our first BOP since the pandemic, with over 250 attendees! As the terms unfolded,<br />

students had ample opportunities to partake in bar exchanges, allowing members to<br />

visit other colleges and mingle with fellow students.<br />

Wine and cheese evenings added a touch of sophistication, while karaoke bar nights<br />

became a cherished tradition. The Eurovision watch party transformed into a cultural<br />

celebration uniting students over eccentric musical performances. Pizza and board<br />

game evenings turned into a regular rendezvous for some friendly competition.<br />

Trinity term welcomed students from our sister college, Clare Hall at Cambridge<br />

University, further enriching our community connections. Lastly, the grand social finale<br />

Ball BOP marked the academic year’s end.<br />

Above: Several SRC Reps talking about students events in the Cafe.<br />

sports subsidy budget doubled, benefiting 56 students. The promotion of college<br />

cuppers participation was actively pursued, fostering college pride in events such as<br />

Swimming, Volleyball, and Football. A comprehensive review of joint sports clubs in<br />

collaboration with other colleges resulted in a new list of clubs and their captains to<br />

ensure students have access to engaging societies.<br />

Additionally, a proposal for quarterly reporting by joint college clubs was introduced,<br />

reflecting a commitment to transparency and accountability in resource allocation.<br />

To celebrate sporting achievements, the Sports Dinner was organized, attracting 70+<br />

attendees.<br />

This formal event provided students with an opportunity to come together and<br />

recognize excellence in sports while fostering a sense of community. Communitybuilding<br />

initiatives included an outing to the Oxford ice rink, promoting social<br />

connections and introducing students to new sports experiences.<br />

Sport<br />

In the past year, our Sports and Societies Representative has undertaken a series of<br />

impactful initiatives to enhance the college’s sports and societies landscape. Notably,<br />

they secured an external funding grant of £1,500, with a significant portion allocated<br />

to acquiring sports equipment, including a table tennis table.<br />

The equipment is now accessible for student use, enriching recreational opportunities<br />

on the main college site. Recognizing the financial hardships faced by students, the<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Cross</strong> was also established as a club on the <strong>St</strong>rava platform, enabling students to<br />

share their daily sports achievements and connect with fellow sports enthusiasts.<br />

Recognizing the need for more student-run clubs and societies, a ‘New Clubs and<br />

Societies’ fund of £1,500 was established. This initiative aimed to encourage the<br />

creation of new student-run clubs, resulting in the establishment of five new clubs,<br />

three of which now host recurring events.<br />

Finally, to promote overall well-being, free bi-weekly yoga classes were organized at<br />

the college’s main site, providing students with the opportunity to prioritize their<br />

72 73

physical and mental health.<br />

In summary, the past year has witnessed a proactive and impactful approach by our<br />

representative, significantly enriching the opportunities for sports and societies to<br />

support student well-being.<br />

Welfare<br />

Our wonderful welfare representatives spearheaded transformative initiatives to<br />

support student well-being. Welfare boxes stocked with essential items, including<br />

sanitary, safety, and sexual health products, are now readily accessible throughout<br />

college.<br />

Anonymous surveys empowered students to discreetly request necessary supplies,<br />

while offering valuable feedback to enhance overall well-being. In response, the SRC<br />

introduced a host of stress-relief activities, from yoga classes and mindfulness to<br />

jigsaw puzzles and soothing back massagers.<br />

Fortnightly Afternoon Tea at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> provided a haven for students to connect, share<br />

concerns, and take a break from studies. Welfare exchanges with Kellogg, Wolfson, <strong>St</strong><br />

Antony’s, and Lincoln exemplified our commitment to broader community well-being.<br />

The Saugman Common Room saw a transformation with an expanded tea and coffee<br />

station featuring a coffee grinder and reusable mugs. To enrich leisure time, a diverse<br />

collection of board games and a Nintendo switch console added vibrancy.<br />

LGBTQ<br />

This year marked a triumphant chapter for the <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> LGBTQ+ community,<br />

reinforcing our commitment to diversity and inclusion. In collaboration with the<br />

Oxford LGBTQ society, we hosted over 60 graduates from all colleges for our<br />

inaugural karaoke-themed bar night.<br />

I<br />

Ball Report<br />

Sofia Mouchti, Ball Chair<br />

feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity<br />

to work with a team of brilliant individuals in<br />

preparing for the <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>2023</strong> Ball. Inspired by the<br />

popular series Bridgerton, our chosen theme was<br />

‘Diamond of the Season,’ and we set the date for June<br />

17, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Our Ball committee was formed in November, and since<br />

then, we worked tirelessly to bring the Ball to life. On<br />

April 29, we hosted a fantastic Ball launch party, where<br />

we unveiled the theme. We had loads of fun prizes up<br />

for grabs in a ballot, including a free Ball ticket.<br />

Sofia Mouchti<br />

Unfortunately, ticket sales didn’t meet our expectations, and at the last minute,<br />

we had to make the tough decision to cancel the event. However, thanks to the<br />

incredible support we received from the college staff, we turned the disappointment<br />

around and transformed it into an epic BOP. It became one of the most enjoyable and<br />

unforgettable events <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> has ever seen.<br />

The night kicked off with a lively Ceilidh dance led by a talented live band. Everyone,<br />

including <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> students and guests, joined in creating an electric atmosphere.<br />

Meanwhile, the Bar was graced by an amazing jazz band, adding a touch of<br />

sophistication to the evening. The Hall, Bar, and Common Room were decorated in a<br />

captivating Regency era theme. We also provided additional entertainment, including<br />

tarot readings and a 360° photo booth.<br />

Another remarkable success was the LGBTQ+ formal dinner, drawing an impressive<br />

100 students. These events exemplify the strength of the LGBTQ+ community within<br />

our college and its resonance in the broader Oxford network.<br />

Other Initiatives<br />

In an exciting development, the SRC undertook a remarkable renovation project,<br />

breathing new life into both the Caroline Miles Room and bar area. The result? A<br />

refreshed and vibrant space that promises to be a hub of activity, socializing, and<br />

relaxation for students.<br />

This year’s Ball highlighted the harsh reality of rising living costs, as seen in other<br />

colleges cancelling their own balls. However, our dedicated Ball committee and<br />

the college staff did their absolute best to offer college students and guests an<br />

unforgettable night to mark the end of the academic year. We made use of available<br />

sources of entertainment and music, ensuring a night filled with joy and celebration.<br />

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the members of the Ball committee. Your<br />

tremendous dedication and countless hours of work truly paid off. It has been an<br />

absolute privilege working with each and every one of you. I’d also like to express my<br />

gratitude to the SRC committee for their unwavering moral support and generous<br />

contributions to the budget. Lastly, I want to thank Kenny, Justine, Judith, Paul, Jason,<br />

Suzy, and Father George for being incredible partners in creating this unforgettable<br />

event.”<br />

74 75

Sports Report<br />

Professor James Taylor, Sports Fellow<br />

fter a quiet few years for sport at the <strong>College</strong>, the academic year 2022-23 saw<br />

A a very significant rise in activities across a variety of sports. Great credit for<br />

this must go to Mantas Drelingas, who took on the role of <strong>St</strong>udent Sports Rep, and<br />

did a tremendous job. Among his many activities and achievements in the role, he<br />

managed to obtain a University grant to fund new sports equipment, including a table<br />

tennis table; he successfully campaigned at the college for an increased sports budget,<br />

leading to bursaries being awarded to many students; he encouraged increased<br />

participation, as shown by the college fielding teams in multiple cuppers competitions;<br />

and he organised a very enjoyable Sports Dinner that included speeches from several<br />

students, conveying the wonderful level of sporting participation and achievement<br />

of members of the college. A particularly popular and strong sport at the college is<br />

rowing. Notable achievements on the river included the women’s fourth boat (W4)<br />

becoming the only W4 in history (among all Oxford colleges) to bump up into fixed<br />

divisions, and the boat club men’s first boat (M1) being ranked second on the river for<br />

Torpids bumps, which is the highest ranking M1 has ever had.<br />

Although the most important aspect of sport at the college is enjoyment, it is of<br />

course important to acknowledge those students who achieved the honour of<br />

being awarded a University blue or half blue. To reach this standard reflects not<br />

only sporting excellence, but also a tremendous commitment of time and energy.<br />

Congratulations to them all.<br />

Above: The Wolfson/<strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> boat club’s M1 crew took the Jum<br />

Beckett Cup at the external Bedford Regatta in May.<br />

Oxford Blues 2022-23:<br />


Full blue in ice hockey.<br />


Full blue in football. The team won the Varsity match 2-0.<br />


Full blue in equestrian.<br />


Half blue in athletics.<br />


Half-blue in tennis.<br />


Half blue in modern pentathlon.<br />

During the year, Emma represented New Zealand at the Modern Pentathlon World<br />

Championships in both the individual women’s and mixed relay competitions.<br />


Half blue in fencing.<br />


Half blue in lightweight rowing.<br />


Half-blue in volleyball.<br />

The team won the Varsity match 3-0, achieved 1st place in their division of the BUCS<br />

national championship, and were promoted to the top BUCS division.<br />


Half blue in volleyball.<br />

Like Sebastian, Tyler was a member of the high-achieving<br />

University volleyball team.<br />


Half blue in triathlon.<br />

76 77

Obituaries<br />

Resquiescat in pace<br />

May <strong>2023</strong><br />

Sara Dickson<br />

Former Master’s Secretary<br />

Sara Dickson, the Master’s Secretary from 1980 to 2005, was a pillar of the <strong>College</strong><br />

during <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>’ early days. Her knowledge of how <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> was run was invaluable,<br />

and in many ways, she was more like a Domestic Bursar than a traditional Master’s<br />

Secretary.<br />

First with Godfrey <strong>St</strong>afford in 1980, then to Dick Repp until his retirement, Sara<br />

stayed on for the first two years of Andrew Goudie’s tenure, until 2005, to ensure he<br />

was properly supported. She worked at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> for 25 years.<br />

April <strong>2023</strong><br />

Jere Lehman Bacharach<br />

Former Samir Shamma Fellow in Islamic Numismatics and Epigraphy<br />

Jere Bacharach was proud to be twice a Samir Shamma Fellow in Islamic Numismatics<br />

and Epigraphy at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong> and Fellow at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. At<br />

the University of Washington, he served as Chair, Department of History; Director,<br />

Jackson School of International <strong>St</strong>udies; Chair, Department of Near Eastern Languages<br />

and Civilization; and Chair, Jewish <strong>St</strong>udies.<br />

February <strong>2023</strong><br />

Joseph (Joe) Olliver<br />

Emeritus Fellow<br />

Emeritus Fellow Dr Joseph (Joe) Olliver was a Fellow of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> from 1970 to 1996,<br />

concurrent with his position as University Lecturer in Surveying and Geodesy. He<br />

was a well-loved and highly respected member of the <strong>College</strong> community for over<br />

half a century, and Joe’s membership of the <strong>College</strong> bought him great pride, and joy in<br />

the friendships he made here.<br />

Born in 1929, Joe’s career and time in education included Nottingham University<br />

where he studied a B.Sc. in Maths, Royal Engineers School of Military Survey,<br />

Tanganyika Surveys, lecturer at the University of Nairobi, lecturer at the University of<br />

Newcastle upon Tyne, then 30 years as Lecturer at the University of Oxford.<br />

Above: Candles in spring sunlight, inside Pusey House Chapel.<br />

Joe died peacefully at home in the early hours of Candlemas morning after a<br />

long illness, which was borne with his characteristic good humour and fortitude.<br />

A memorial service was held in Pusey Chapel on Thursday February <strong>2023</strong>, and<br />

afterwards in the Common Room. .<br />

James M. Kenworthy-Browne<br />

Former <strong>College</strong> Doctor<br />

Dr Michael Kenworthy-Browne practised as a General Practioner in Oxford for four<br />

decades and as Doctor to <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> and several other Oxford <strong>College</strong>s for many<br />

years. He qualified in December 1964 alongside friends Richard Thompson and David<br />

Warrell, and retired in 2011 at 75.<br />

John R. Woodhouse<br />

Former Fellow<br />

Professor John Woodhouse FBA was a part of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern<br />

Languages at Oxford for almost 30 years. As well as being a Fellow at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> Collge,<br />

he was a Fellow at Magdalen and Pembroke and Oxford’s first Fiat Serena Professor<br />

of Italian (later know as the Agnelli Serena Professorship) between 1990 and 2001<br />

when he retired. He was also the founder and Chair of The Oxford Italian Association.<br />

78 79

December 2022<br />

Philip <strong>St</strong>ewart<br />

Emeritus Fellow<br />

Emeritus Fellow Philip <strong>St</strong>ewart, who died in November 2022. Philip <strong>St</strong>ewart inspired<br />

generations of Oxford students, at the intersection of ecology and human sciences.<br />

Philip became a Fellow of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong> after joining the University as a Lecturer<br />

in 1975. He remained at Oxford until retirement in 2007, during which time he taught<br />

economics to students of Agriculture and Forestry.<br />

Philip served as Director of <strong>St</strong>udies for Human Sciences at <strong>St</strong> Anne’s <strong>College</strong> and<br />

continued teaching human ecology for Human Sciences for many years after his<br />

retirement. He was a kind and gentle man who cared greatly about his students’<br />

welfare, supporting them during their time at Oxford and beyond.<br />

November 2022<br />

Lisa Lodwick<br />

Alumna<br />

Following a Distinction for the Master’s in Archaeology, Lisa forged a stellar academic<br />

career, working with Professor Mark Robinson on the archaeobotany of Silchester<br />

for her DPhil at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong>. Lisa was a member of Oxford’s School of Archaeology<br />

community for many years before sadly passing from cancer.<br />

April 2022<br />

Richard Bird<br />

Former Fellow<br />

Professor Richard Bird was appointed to the Department of Computer Science (then<br />

known as Computing Laboratory) in 1983, initially as a non-tutorial fellow at <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> before moving to a tutorial fellowship at Lincoln <strong>College</strong> a few years later. He<br />

later served as Director of the Computing Laboratory from 1998 to 2003, retiring in<br />

2008.<br />

Friends of <strong>St</strong> <strong>Cross</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

Thomas P. Soper<br />

Constance Rollett<br />

80 81

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