Marshall Medical Presents For Your Health - Spring 2024

For Your Health by Marshall Medical Center is intended to provide information about health in general as well as healthcare services and resources available in El Dorado County. Information comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your healthcare provider.

For Your Health by Marshall Medical Center is intended to provide information about health in general as well as healthcare services and resources available in El Dorado County. Information comes from a wide range of medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about specific content that may affect your health, please contact your healthcare provider.


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Committed to the <strong>Health</strong> & Well-Being of El Dorado County<br />

SPRING <strong>2024</strong><br />

Enjoy a<br />

<strong>Health</strong>ier <strong>Spring</strong><br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong> School of <strong>Medical</strong> Assisting Opens in Cameron Park<br />

Five Tips for Choosing a Doctor<br />

Six Reasons Why <strong>Your</strong> Joints Hurt


New School of <strong>Medical</strong> Assisting<br />

Opens in Cameron Park<br />


Representatives from <strong>Marshall</strong> and the<br />

El Dorado County Office of Education<br />

(EDCOE) celebrated the opening of the<br />

new School of <strong>Medical</strong> Assisting with a<br />

ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday,<br />

January 10, <strong>2024</strong>. The event, attended<br />

by elected officials and leaders from<br />

numerous community organizations, took<br />

place at the new school’s facility, located on<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong>’s Cameron Park campus.<br />

<strong>Medical</strong> Assistants are core members<br />

of the patient care team, ensuring that<br />

patients have what they need before,<br />

during and after medical appointments.<br />

They partner closely with medical<br />

providers and develop trusted<br />

relationships with patients. Following<br />

the pandemic, hiring for these positions<br />

has been a challenge across the<br />

healthcare industry.<br />

The new School of <strong>Medical</strong> Assisting<br />

will train highly skilled <strong>Medical</strong><br />

Assistants who will go on to improve<br />

the overall healthcare provided to<br />

community members in El Dorado and<br />

2 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org<br />

surrounding counties, while creating<br />

life-changing career pathways for both<br />

employees and employers in the area.<br />

Training healthcare workers is a priority<br />

for El Dorado County and according to<br />

the US Bureau of Labor, an estimated<br />

104,400 openings for medical assistants<br />

are projected each year, on average,<br />

between 2020 and 2030.<br />

“Creating a program of this kind has<br />

been a dream of mine, “ says Jonathan<br />

Russell, <strong>Marshall</strong>’s Chief Ambulatory<br />

Officer. “I contacted Dr. Ed Manansala,<br />

El Dorado County Superintendent of<br />

Schools, and we were able to put the<br />

wheels in motion. We are aligned in<br />

our mission and our two organizations<br />

have partnered in the adoption<br />

and development of the program’s<br />

curriculum and have brought together<br />

our unique assets to create a remarkable<br />

program for our community.”<br />

EDCOE is providing administrative<br />

oversight for the program and will<br />

employ the school’s full-time and<br />

part-time instructional positions while<br />

also securing critical funding and<br />

financial aid opportunities for students.<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong>, in addition to contributing<br />

a fully equipped location for the<br />

school, will provide a wide variety of<br />

valuable externship opportunities for<br />

students. <strong>Marshall</strong>’s highly trained staff<br />

members will serve as guest instructors<br />

throughout the program.<br />

The school is open to students from any<br />

county. The closest similar programs are<br />

in Placer and Sacramento counties and<br />

can be difficult to access for El Dorado<br />

County residents. The addition of<br />

practical training opportunities located<br />

in close proximity further differentiates<br />

this program from others.<br />

During their education, students<br />

in the <strong>Marshall</strong> School of <strong>Medical</strong><br />

Assisting will learn about patient care,<br />

medical terminology and technology,<br />

patient records and documentation,<br />

safe handling and administration of<br />

medication, lab procedures, medical<br />

...story continued on page 6




<strong>Marshall</strong> <strong>Medical</strong> Center<br />

is an independent,<br />

nonprofit community<br />

healthcare provider located in<br />

the heart of the Sierra Foothills<br />

between Sacramento and<br />

South Lake Tahoe. <strong>Marshall</strong><br />

<strong>Medical</strong> Center includes<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong> Hospital, a fully<br />

accredited acute care facility<br />

with 111 beds located in<br />

Placerville; several outpatient<br />

facilities in Cameron Park,<br />

El Dorado Hills, Placerville<br />

and Georgetown; and many<br />

community health and<br />

education programs. <strong>Marshall</strong><br />

has nearly 220 licensed<br />

providers and a team of over<br />

1,400 employees providing<br />

quality healthcare services<br />

to the residents of El Dorado<br />

County.<br />

<strong>For</strong> <strong>Your</strong> HEALTH is<br />

published as a community<br />

service by<br />


1100 <strong>Marshall</strong> Way<br />

Placerville, CA 95667<br />

telephone 530-622-1441<br />

or 916-933-2273;<br />

www.marshallmedical.org<br />

It is intended to provide<br />

information about health in<br />

general as well as healthcare<br />

services and resources available<br />

in El Dorado County. Information<br />

comes from a wide range of<br />

medical experts. If you have any<br />

concerns or questions about<br />

specific content that may affect<br />

your health, please contact your<br />

healthcare provider.<br />

To reach the editor of <strong>For</strong> <strong>Your</strong><br />

<strong>Health</strong>, contact Fernando Diaz<br />

at 530-626-2675 or<br />

fdiaz@marhsallmedical.org<br />

Take These Steps Now<br />

for a <strong>Health</strong>ier <strong>Spring</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> is almost here! Start the<br />

upcoming season healthier and<br />

happier with these tips.<br />

As you set your sights on the new season<br />

that’s just around the corner, you may be<br />

excited and filled with anticipation. But<br />

rather than waiting around for the date on<br />

the calendar to change, why not take some<br />

action now so you can charge into spring<br />

feeling healthier and better than ever?<br />

Here are 6 things you can do now to be as<br />

healthy as possible when spring rolls around:<br />

• <strong>Spring</strong> clean your kitchen. As the days get<br />

warmer and longer, you’ll start to notice lots<br />

of fresh produce in your local market. These<br />

foods are loaded with nutrients and are good<br />

for your health. Start making small tweaks to<br />

your kitchen now if your eating habits have<br />

been less than stellar through the winter. Rid<br />

your fridge, freezer and pantry of processed<br />

foods and fill them instead with vegetables,<br />

fruit, lean protein, low fat dairy, whole grains<br />

and healthy fats.<br />

• Start a new exercise routine. If your workouts<br />

took a hit during the winter or you’ve never<br />

been into working out much, now is a great<br />

time to create a new habit. Start slowly if<br />

you’re new to physical activity or change<br />

things up if you just need to breathe new<br />

life into a stale routine. By the time spring<br />

rolls around, you’ll already be feeling better,<br />

moving more and will be ready to transfer<br />

that newly found energy to outdoor pursuits.<br />

• Commit to doing one thing for a healthier<br />

you. It’s hard to make a lot of changes all<br />

at once, but one effective way to adopt<br />

healthier lifestyle habits is to do it one<br />

step at a time. So think about a change<br />

you can make that will have an impact on<br />

your health this spring. Maybe you want<br />

to be able to breathe easier and smell the<br />

flowers when they bloom so you’re willing<br />

to give up smoking. Or you realized that<br />

you and alcohol have become a bit too<br />

chummy this winter so it’s time to send<br />

your favorite wine packing.<br />

• Schedule health appointments. Check your<br />

calendar to see if you’re due for a physical,<br />

dental cleaning, eye exam, vaccines,<br />

cancer screening or any other health<br />

appointment. Getting these appointments<br />

on the calendar now will keep you healthier<br />

this spring and all year long.<br />

• Spend more time outdoors. Depending on<br />

where you live, it may still be cool outside,<br />

but the days are already getting longer<br />

and the sunlight will boost your mood and<br />

help you sleep better. Just be sure to wear<br />

sunscreen when spending time in the sun to<br />

protect your skin.<br />

• Get excited and feel energized. Many people<br />

find their mental health takes a hit during the<br />

winter months. As spring arrives, think about<br />

what you can do to boost your mood and get<br />

your head in the right place. Some people<br />

find that writing in a journal helps or you<br />

may prefer talking to someone about your<br />

feelings. Whatever works for you is worth<br />

trying so that your mental health is in a better<br />

place along with your physical health when<br />

the new season rolls around.<br />

<strong>For</strong> more information about <strong>Marshall</strong> <strong>Medical</strong> Center, visit www.marshallmedical.org or follow us on<br />

Facebook/marshallmedicalcenter, instagram.com/marshall.medical.center, on YouTube, LinkedIn and on Twitter.<br />


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<strong>Marshall</strong> Foundation’s<br />

Dementia Education<br />

Outreach Strikes a<br />

Chord of Compassion<br />

In the heart of El Dorado County, the<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong> Foundation for Community<br />

<strong>Health</strong> is orchestrating a transformative<br />

initiative focused on enhancing dementia<br />

education and awareness. This impactful<br />

program teaches the community,<br />

caregivers, and frontline workers how to<br />

engage with people living with dementia in<br />

a compassionate and meaningful way. This<br />

is all made possible by a generous donation<br />

from Bill Faulkner, a long-time resident of<br />

El Dorado County.<br />

The foundation’s commitment to dementia<br />

education is evident through public<br />

events featuring renowned experts like<br />

Laura Wayman, known as the “Dementia<br />

Whisperer.” As an accomplished author<br />

and dementia care expert, Wayman<br />

imparts practical tips to families and<br />

caregivers, guiding them through the<br />

challenges of caring for loved ones with<br />

dementia. Her presence ensures that<br />

valuable knowledge is shared, fostering a<br />

compassionate and informed community.<br />

Bill Faulkner, inspired by his personal<br />

connection to dementia through<br />

his sister’s struggle with Lewy<br />

Body Dementia, made a significant<br />

Bill Faulkner<br />

4 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org<br />

Left to right: Jesi Eckhardt, Kirk Eckhardt, David Ely, Bill Faulkner<br />

contribution to the <strong>Marshall</strong> Foundation.<br />

His generosity has allowed the foundation<br />

to host these educational events and make<br />

a lasting impact on the community’s<br />

understanding of dementia.<br />

Beyond education, Bill, a music<br />

enthusiast, brings the healing power of<br />

music to the halls of <strong>Marshall</strong> during<br />

the holidays. Alongside his Barbershop<br />

Quartet, all members of the Gold Rush<br />

Chorus, Faulkner uplifts spirits and<br />

infuses positivity into the hospital. The<br />

therapeutic effects of music are welldocumented,<br />

providing solace and joy<br />

even in challenging circumstances.<br />

Reflecting on the rewards of giving to<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong>, Faulkner shares, “Witnessing the<br />

benefits of my contributions in action is a<br />

profound experience. Knowing that I am<br />

making a difference in the lives of those<br />

affected by dementia is truly rewarding.”<br />

Alarming statistics highlight the urgency<br />

of dementia awareness and support.<br />

In America, one in three seniors dies<br />

with Alzheimer’s or another form of<br />

dementia, surpassing the combined<br />

fatalities of breast cancer and prostate<br />

cancer. In El Dorado County, with a senior<br />

population exceeding 40,000, over 13,000<br />

individuals are projected to succumb to<br />

dementia. The <strong>Marshall</strong> Foundation for<br />

Community <strong>Health</strong>’s Dementia Fund is<br />

pivotal in addressing this crisis.<br />

<strong>For</strong> those compelled to contribute to this<br />

noble cause, donations can be made to<br />

the <strong>Marshall</strong> Foundation for Community<br />

<strong>Health</strong> Dementia Education and Support<br />

Endowment Fund at marshallfound.org.<br />

By supporting this initiative, individuals<br />

can play a vital role in creating a more<br />

informed, compassionate, and supportive<br />

community for those affected by<br />

dementia in El Dorado County.


Six Reasons<br />

Why <strong>Your</strong><br />

Joints Hurt<br />

Are your joints painful or<br />

inflamed? Here’s what may be<br />

causing the discomfort.<br />

Joints are essential for all types of<br />

movement. These often-used parts of<br />

the body form connections between<br />

bones and provide support and<br />

stability so you can move. Every part<br />

of the body that you can bend, flex<br />

and rotate, from your feet and ankles<br />

to your knees, hips and shoulders,<br />

contains joints. And these joints can<br />

experience pain and inflammation for<br />

several reasons.<br />

Have painful joints?<br />

This may be why:<br />

• Osteoarthritis – This is one of the<br />

most common causes of joint pain,<br />

especially as you age. It results<br />

from wear and tear that causes the<br />

cartilage (the lining of the joints)<br />

to be worn down. The joints most<br />

commonly affected are the knees,<br />

hips and hands.<br />

• Rheumatoid arthritis – This is an<br />

autoimmune condition that causes<br />

pain and inflammation in your joints.<br />

It is very different than osteoarthritis<br />

in that it occurs when your body<br />

mistakenly attacks its own tissues.<br />

Other autoimmune conditions, such<br />

as lupus, may also cause joint pain.<br />

• Gout – This is another form of<br />

arthritis, although it mostly affects<br />

the joint in your big toe. It may also<br />

cause pain, redness and swelling in<br />

your hand, wrist or knee, but this is<br />

not as likely.<br />

• Bursitis – This occurs when sacs of<br />

fluid in your joints that help provide<br />

cushioning get inflamed, causing<br />

pain.<br />

• Tendonitis – This causes<br />

inflammation of the fibrous cords<br />

that attach muscles to bone around<br />

your joints.<br />

• Injuries – If you experience an<br />

orthopedic injury, it can result<br />

in pain in your joints. Sprains<br />

and strains are among the most<br />

common injuries. Partially or fully<br />

torn tendons and ligaments also<br />

result in joint pain. An injury to the<br />

meniscus is a common cause of<br />

knee pain.<br />

In addition to pain, you may also<br />

experience swelling, inflammation,<br />

stiffness, loss of mobility and<br />

diminished range of motion. The<br />

severity of your symptoms may vary<br />

greatly. Joint pain can be mild or it<br />

can be so painful that it greatly affects<br />

your quality of life. It may be short<br />

lived or chronic.<br />

Treatments for Joint Pain<br />

There are a number of different<br />

treatment options for joint pain. These<br />

include:<br />

• Oral medications – Over-the-counter<br />

and prescription nonsteroidal<br />

anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)<br />

may provide pain relief and<br />

reduce inflammation. Stronger<br />

prescription drugs, including<br />

opioids, muscle relaxants and<br />

some antidepressants, may help<br />

with severe or chronic pain, but<br />

should be used under the strict<br />

supervision of a doctor and only<br />

when necessary.<br />

• Topical medications – Some people<br />

find relief from arthritis pain by<br />

using topical creams and gels that<br />

contain ingredients like capsaicin or<br />

methyl salicylate.<br />

• Injectable medications – Steroid<br />

medications can be injected into<br />

affected joints every few months.<br />

This treatment is most often used<br />

...story continued on page 6<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 5


Tibetan Buddhist monks visited<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong> just days into the new<br />

year, conducting a 45-minute ritual<br />

blessing in the South Wing Lobby.<br />

The visit was made possible through<br />

a partnership with the Placerville<br />

Friends of Tibet and the <strong>2024</strong> Sacred<br />

Earth and Healing Arts of Tibet Tour,<br />

“Cultivating Compassion.”<br />

...story continued from page 2<br />

ethics, law, and much more. Ten students<br />

are enrolled in the program’s first cohort<br />

and the goal is to have two cohorts each<br />

year with 20 students in each.<br />

“This partnership offers great<br />

opportunities for residents of El Dorado<br />

County to be trained, employed and<br />

serve in the community where they live,<br />

“says Dr. Manansala. “It will provide a<br />

pool of eligible employees for healthcare<br />

providers, helping to bridge gaps in both<br />

unemployment and provider shortages,<br />

while increasing and improving<br />

healthcare services to area residents.”<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong> and the school’s students<br />

will learn more about each other<br />

during the clinical rotation process.<br />

It is hoped that students will consider<br />

applying for open positions within<br />

<strong>Marshall</strong> and serve the growing<br />

community’s future healthcare needs.<br />

...story continued from page 5<br />


with people who have arthritis<br />

or tendonitis. Other injectable<br />

treatments, such as platelet-rich<br />

plasma therapy, hyaluronic acid<br />

or prolotherapy, may help some<br />

people who don’t get relief from<br />

more traditional treatments.<br />

• Physical therapy – You’ll learn<br />

how to strengthen muscles<br />

around the affected joint and<br />

will also work to improve range<br />

of motion and stability. Other<br />

modalities, such as ultrasound,<br />

electrical nerve stimulation,<br />

manipulation and heat or cold<br />

therapy may also help.<br />

• Losing weight – If you are<br />

overweight, losing even a small<br />

amount of weight can take some<br />

of the pressure off your joints.<br />

• Exercising – Low impact exercises,<br />

such as swimming and bicycling,<br />

can help improve strength and<br />

mobility without putting excess<br />

pressure on your joints.<br />

• Home remedies – There are<br />

several things you can do at home<br />

that may help ease joint pain. Try<br />

rest, ice, elevation, compression<br />

and wearing a wrap or brace.<br />

6 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org


Five Tips for<br />

Choosing a Doctor<br />

If you’re looking for a new doctor, here<br />

are a few things to consider before you<br />

select one.<br />

Are you in the market for a new doctor?<br />

Have you recently moved and need<br />

to find new healthcare professionals<br />

to see? Finding a new doctor can be a<br />

challenge, but by putting in some time<br />

to find the right doctor for you, you’ll<br />

be well on your way towards staying on<br />

top of your healthcare needs.<br />

If you’re not sure what the best way to<br />

go about finding a good doctor is, here<br />

are some tips that can help:<br />

• Determine what type of doctor(s) you<br />

need. If you have recently relocated,<br />

you’ll likely need to start by finding<br />

a new primary care physician. If<br />

you are experiencing a particular<br />

health concern, you may be in the<br />

market for a specialist or a series<br />

of specialists who deal with the<br />

condition you have.<br />

• Check your insurance coverage.<br />

<strong>Your</strong> choice of doctors will likely<br />

by affected by whether they are inor<br />

out-of-network for your health<br />

insurance plan. You can choose to see<br />

a doctor who is not covered by your<br />

health plan, but your out-of-pocket<br />

expenses will likely be higher. If you<br />

have recently moved or have changed<br />

jobs and are choosing a new health<br />

plan, you may want to look into<br />

the doctors each plan covers before<br />

deciding about insurance coverage.<br />

• Ask for recommendations. You can<br />

read all the reviews in the world<br />

online, but nothing beats asking<br />

people you know about their own<br />

personal experiences with doctors.<br />

Find people who you think would<br />

feel the same as you in certain<br />

situations or who may have similar<br />

healthcare concerns. Once you get<br />

personal recommendations, you can<br />

then do your own research but it’s a<br />

great place to start.<br />

• Do your own research. Whether<br />

you’re starting from scratch or<br />

have received recommendations<br />

from friends, family or co-workers,<br />

take some time to do your own<br />

research about any doctor you are<br />

considering. You can find out if the<br />

doctor is in good standing through<br />

your state’s licensing agency. You can<br />

also read reviews online.<br />

• Make a new patient appointment.<br />

Schedule an appointment to meet the<br />

doctor at your earliest convenience.<br />

This is best done before you need the<br />

doctor to handle an acute problem.<br />

During your initial visit, show up with<br />

a prepared list of any questions you<br />

may have so you won’t forget to discuss<br />

anything of importance to you.<br />

Finding a doctor you like and trust may<br />

take a bit of trial and error. There’s no<br />

reason to feel like you’re stuck with a<br />

doctor if they are not a good fit for you.<br />

Even if you’ve been seeing a doctor for a<br />

length of time, nothing is stopping you<br />

from finding another doctor who better<br />

suits your needs. Just make sure to ask<br />

for any medical records to be transferred<br />

to a new doctor so they will have access<br />

to your full medical history. Looking for<br />

a provider? Visit marshallmedical.org/<br />

find-a-doctor today.<br />

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