Feb 2024

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tapas dishes

.miso soup

japanese steamed rice

japanese mixed pickles


salted soya beans in their pods

pumpkin korokke

4 pumpkin & vegetable rosti with a homemade sauce

£3.20 V/VG

, £3.50 V/VG

£4.70 V/VG

£3.90 V/VG

£7.00 V

aubergine miso yaki

.£7.20 V/VG

seared aubergine chunks & crisped-up tofu in a delicious miso sauce

daikon & seaweed salad

shredded daikon & seaweed with fried tofu strips

choice of dressing: wasabi & yuzu citrus or sesame

£9.10 V/VG


5 traditional pan-fried japanese dumpling with dipping sauce

veggie: £6.95 V/vgn chicken: £6.85 pork: £6.85 prawn: £7.95

plain udon or soba (buckwheat) noodles

£3.60 V/VG

takoyaki £6.10

japanese famous octopus balls with a hot melted centre,

topped with bonito flakes & an original sauce


£6.10 V/VG

veggie balls served with an original sauce & topped with noriko flakes

V – vegetarian

VG - vegan

service is not included


katsu tapas dishes

menchi beef katsu £10.60

breaded, deep-fried beef & pork burger with curry sauce

tuna katsu , £12.50

tuna deep-fried in breadcrumbs and served with tartar sauce

chicken katsu £11.10

chicken breast deep-fried in breadcrumbs with a homemade

dipping sauce

pork katsu £10.60

breaded pork steak, deep-fried with homemade dipping sauce

prawn katsu £10.90

2 breaded fresh black tiger prawn served with homemade tartar sauce

katsu ni £12.50

chicken, pork or 2 fresh black tiger prawn katsu with egg & dashi



soft shell crab tempura £11.10

served with asparagus

mixed tempura £9.60

1x fresh black tiger prawn, 1x squid, 1x chikuwa & 1x asparagus

prawn tempura , £8.70

2 fresh black tiger prawns seasoned with sea salt

- add extra prawn £2.95 each

spicy squid tempura £9.90

fresh and locally sourced squid, served with japanese chilli & salt

asparagus tempura V/VG , £6.30

seasoned with sea salt


salmon (5 pieces ) ____________________________________ , £10.95

tuna (5 pieces ) _______________________________________ , £11.85

mackerel (5 pieces ) __________________________________ £8.25

zuke – mixed sashimi - salmon, tuna & seasonal fish marinated ___ , £9.20

in soy sauce and wasabi with cucumber

mixed sashimi – 4 x salmon, 4 x tuna, 4 x mackerel pieces. ____ £18.50


nigiri (1 piece )

salmon_______________________________________________ £3.50

mackerel_____________________________________________ £3.00

tuna_________________________________________________ £3.80

inari - tofu pockets stuffed with sushi rice ____________________ £2.40 V/VG

hoso-maki (6 pieces, thin rolled sushi )

salmon_______________________________________________ £7.80

crispy salmon skin with spring onion_____________________ £7.20

avocado______________________________________________ , £6.00 V/VG

cucumber_____________________________________________ £6.00 V/VG

spicy tuna roll_________________________________________ £8.30

futo-maki (4 pieces, thick rolled sushi )

salmon tobiko – salmon, avocado, tobiko & cucumber__________ ,£9.10

prawn tempura roll – with mayonnaise & lettuce_______________£9.10

crab tempura roll – with mayonnaise & lettuce_______________ ,£11.50

V – vegetarian

VG - vegan

noodle dishes

wakame udon or soba - add poached egg £1.20 £11.50

simple delicious noodle soup topped with seaweed

tempura udon or soba - add poached egg £1.20 £15.50

noodle soup served with mixed tempura: 1x fresh black tiger prawn,

1x squid, 1x chikuwa fishcake & 1x asparagus

dipping soba noodles - add poached egg £1.20 £10.10

simple delicious soba noodles with a dashi dipping sauce on the side

served: hot or cold

rice dishes

katsu curry - add poached egg £1.20 £15.45

a delicious japanese curry sauce served with your choice beef menchi,

chicken, pork or fresh black tiger prawn (2 pieces)

served with a choice of: rice, udon or soba

sukiyaki don - add poached egg £1.20 £18.50

thin cut ribeye beef and vegetables in a rich sweet soy sauce

on a bed of steamed rice

pumpkin korokke don - add poached egg £1.20 V £13.60

pumpkin rostie, crispy tofu & aubergine on a bed of steamed rice

with homemade sauce

yakiniku don , £14.60

mixed vegetables in a japanese-style bbq sauce on a bed of steamed

rice with your choice of chicken or tofu V/VG

una jyu £16.50

a box of crispy unagi eel fillet on a bed of steamed rice with

sweet teriyaki sauce

katsu ni don £15.50

a choice of beef menchi, chicken or pork with egg & dashi

sauce served on a bed of steamed rice

service is not included

set menu

tempura nigiri set £20.95

, edamame

, udon or soba noodle soup

, salmon nigiri (2 pieces)

,mixed tempura: 1x fresh black tiger prawn, 1x squid, 1x chikuwa fishcake

, & 1x asparagus

tempura sashimi set £22.95


udon or soba noodle soup

salmon sashimi (4 pieces)

mixed tempura: 1x fresh black tiger prawn, 1x squid, 1x chikuwa fishcake

& 1x asparagus


seafood nabe for one: £24.50

2x fresh black tiger prawn, squid, chikuwa fishcake, cod, chinese cabbage

wakame & tofu in a delicious fish stock served in a japanese pot

. add udon noodles + £3.50


, tempura ice-cream £8.20

lovely vanilla ice-cream flashed in hot tempura batter – you have to try it!

, matcha ice-cream ,£6.10

a subtle green tea flavoured ice-cream

service is not included

welcome to murasaki drinks


atsukan - warm ozeki sake , 175ml flask £7.85

a good simple rice wine – 14% abv

ozeki sake – as above, at room temperature 175ml flask £7.85

kikusui sake 200ml , £7.95

dry, aromatic & fresh unpasteurized nama sake, chilled - 19% abv

plum wine glass , £7.20

fantastic plum wine with a plum in each glass– 10% abv 750ml bottle £38


sapporo bottle 334ml , ,,, £5.50

kirin draught lager pint £6.95 - half pint £4.60

asahi draught lager pint £6.95 - half pint £4.60


plum - plum wine & iced soda water , ,£7.20

grapefruit– shochu, fresh g’fruit juice & iced soda water


,gin & tonic

ice & lemon , £6.95


whisky, soda water, ice £6.95

soft drinks

iced green tea £4.10

genmai cha green tea - hot £4.10

peach oolong ice tea .£4.10

coca-cola / diet , , , £3.85

fentimans – ginger beer , £4.95

sparkling elderflower , £4.40

orange juice £2.00

still mineral water ,, £3.00

sparkling water , £3.25

sparkling wine

prosecco £27 .00

pale straw in colour with a bouquet & taste of green apples & flowers - (italy) VG

, mini bottle - (200ml) - , £7.20

luisa rosé frizzante £27.00

delicious pale pink rosé, delicate bubbles with a dry palate & hints of strawberry

& sherbet -organic (italy) VG

rosé wine

le bistro rosé montmija glass £6.95 (175ml) - bottle £27.00

sunshine soaked delicate red fruit flavours, beautifully fragranced rosé - (organic)

(france) VG

white wine

domaine de pajot glass £6.95 (175ml) - bottle £27.00

sauvignon blanc in character with plenty of gooseberry & lemon –organic (france) VG

rioja genoli glass £6.95 (175ml) - bottle £27.00

a lovely fresh rioja with citrus, herbs and white flowers on the nose and

palate - organic (spain) VG

red wine

rioja livor , glass £6.95 (175ml) - bottle £27.00

a medium bodied smooth velvety texture, liquid cherry ice-cream with a

warming lingering finish – organic (spain) VG

stellar cabernet sauvignon glass £6.95 (175ml) - bottle £27.00

no added sulphur, lighter cabernet to compliment japanese food – organic

(south africa) VG

service is not included

lunchtime special

bamboo bento £12.95

veggie bento £11.95


Please speak to our staff about ingredients

in your meal when making an order. Thank you

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