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Motor Schools Association of Great Britain; driver training and testing. Road safety

Motor Schools Association of Great Britain; driver training and testing. Road safety

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The Voice of MSA GB<br />

Issue 374 • <strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

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9<br />

Annual<br />

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2022-23<br />

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9<br />

12<br />

Testing the<br />

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17<br />

weather<br />

24<br />

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We dodged a bullet: now let’s<br />

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Colin Lilly<br />

Editor,<br />

<strong>Newslink</strong><br />

As you will have read at the start of last<br />

month, the head-on collision between DVSA<br />

and the PCS Union has been averted and the<br />

proposed strikes, planned for between<br />

February 8 and 11, called off.<br />

In a joint statement, the PCS and DVSA<br />

stated that they had been able to reach<br />

agreement on a number of actions based on<br />

the eight demands leading to the dispute, and<br />

this was recorded in a Memorandum of<br />

Understanding. The union will now consult its<br />

members on the outcome.<br />

It is to be hoped that the DVSA was granted<br />

freedom to negotiate, that the almost annual<br />

strike action can be put to rest, and that the<br />

deal will lead to stability in driver testing.<br />

The Government has also announced an<br />

enquiry into a number of public bodies<br />

including DVSA, and this is reported elsewhere<br />

in this issue.<br />

One good thing that could come out of such<br />

an inquiry is the flexibility to offer other testing<br />

services or restore some of those removed in<br />

recent years.<br />

Older drivers targeted again<br />

Recently there was yet another petition<br />

published requiring all drivers over 65 to be<br />

retested. This was doomed to failure from the<br />

start as it includes drivers of pre-retirement<br />

age. In the end it attracted fewer than 500<br />

signatures during the six months allowed;<br />

perhaps the ‘demand’ for this type of ban is<br />

not as widespread as the media would lead us<br />

to believe.<br />

If one of these petitions should ever<br />

succeed the DVSA would be faced with an<br />

impossible demand for testing. Currently they<br />

are unable to accept any increase in demand<br />

for their services. The Governments over the<br />

next few years are unlikely to be in a position<br />

to legislate for any change in the law that<br />

would require testing, whether it be by age,<br />

driving offences, or routine.<br />

Annual Conference<br />

This is the last issue before the Annual<br />

Conference. I hope to see a number of you<br />

there. If you are attending and have any<br />

thoughts about <strong>Newslink</strong> or have ideas for<br />

future subjects, then please feel free to raise<br />

them with me.<br />

If you are not attending then please send an<br />

e-mail to editor@msagb.com. If you would<br />

like to contribute an item to <strong>Newslink</strong> and have<br />

doubts about your spelling or grammar, do not<br />

worry, we will correct this before publishing.<br />

“It is to be hoped that the DVSA<br />

was granted freedom to<br />

negotiate, that the almost<br />

annual strike action can now<br />

be put to rest, and that the<br />

deal will lead to stability<br />

in the driver testing sector...”.<br />

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Nick Taylor, ADI Registrar,<br />

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Testing the weather<br />

on L-test shortages<br />

How is your area<br />

faring? See pg<br />

10-11, and 12-13<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 03

Contents<br />

10<br />

23<br />

16<br />

18<br />

Good news 1: Strike action<br />

suspended<br />

Positive talks between the DVSA and the<br />

examiners’ union led to the postponement<br />

of proposed strikes – pg 6<br />

Good news 2: L-test waiting times<br />

showing signs of falling...<br />

DVSA Chief Executive Loveday Ryder<br />

highlights success stories as DTCs report<br />

more test availability – pg 10<br />

21<br />

Bad news 1: They’re not falling<br />

everywhere...<br />

An MSA GB investigation has revealed that<br />

for all its hard work, the DVSA has barely<br />

moved the dial on L-test waiting times in<br />

huge swathes of the country – and the<br />

places causing most concern are the major<br />

cities of Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds<br />

and, most particularly, London.<br />

Full story on pg 12<br />

ADI Registrar<br />

confirms for<br />

Conference<br />

14<br />

A unique approach to curing<br />

anxiety and nerves<br />

Judy Hale gives us a guide to ‘Tapping’ and<br />

how the body’s meridian lines can ease<br />

anxiety and stress – pg 16<br />

Council’s bus lane advice<br />

causes quite a stir<br />

A row over Guildford Council’s bus lanes<br />

has taken an odd switch after the council<br />

offered residents incorrect advice – pg 20<br />

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04 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

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MSA GB Board<br />

of Management<br />

National Chairman &<br />

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Mike Yeomans<br />

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Keep in touch<br />

If you have updated your address, telephone numbers or<br />

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If you can’t find your membership number, give us a ring<br />

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NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 05

News<br />

Hope for L-tests as PCS examiners take<br />

another look as DVSA addresses concerns<br />

MSA GB was delighted to hear, early in<br />

February, that planned strike action by<br />

driving examiners was called off at the 11th<br />

hour.<br />

The strikes were to run from February 8-11,<br />

and would have seen huge numbers of<br />

L-tests cancelled.<br />

However, two days before the start of the<br />

industrial action the Public and Commercial<br />

Services Union (PCS) announced the<br />

suspension of strikes.<br />

DVSA made an offer to PCS that its<br />

organisers said addressed the eight main<br />

concerns raised by its members. These<br />

include examiners’ safety, terms and<br />

conditions and the standards of safety that<br />

driving tests require.<br />

PCS will now fully consult its members on<br />

the latest offer made by DVSA through a<br />

consultative ballot.<br />

DVSA Chief Executive Loveday Ryder said:<br />

“DVSA colleagues do an outstanding job in<br />

helping to keep our roads safe and are<br />

working to bring waiting times down.<br />

“We are pleased the talks with PCS union<br />

have been successful, and the planned<br />

industrial action on 8-11 February will not go<br />

ahead. I am grateful to the DVSA and PCS<br />

negotiating teams for the productive<br />

discussions and their commitment to<br />

resolving the issues.”<br />

For its part the PCS said: “Following<br />

intensive talks with senior management at<br />

the DVSA we have suspended our planned<br />

strike action.<br />

“Following the negotiations, we are pleased<br />

to report that we have reached an improved<br />

proposal, presented as a full package, which<br />

meets the eight demands PCS members<br />

were balloted on.<br />

“These include members’ safety, terms<br />

and conditions and the standards of safety<br />

that driving tests require.<br />

“Our members believe in the quality of the<br />

public service that they provide, which helps<br />

keep those using our roads as safe as<br />

possible. It is important to us that the<br />

integrity of that driving test, the safety of<br />

that driving test and of the service that we<br />

provide to the public, is maintained.<br />

“To allow us to fully consult members on<br />

these proposals, we have suspended the<br />

planned strike action. Members will attend<br />

work on those dates.<br />

don’t<br />

at the moment<br />

“We will outline the details of a<br />

consultative ballot on the management’s<br />

proposals to our members, and let them<br />

decide.<br />

“We want to once again thank all members<br />

for their show of strength demonstrated<br />

throughout the dispute to date. This has<br />

allowed us to make the progress we have<br />

made in negotiations.”<br />

MSA GB commented: “News of the<br />

cancellation came as something of a surprise<br />

to us, as while we knew talks were ongoing,<br />

the mood music from the two camps<br />

beforehand did not suggest a compromise<br />

would be reached. It’s great that a solution<br />

has been found.”<br />

“What is particularly pleasing is that<br />

improvements in the L-test waiting times,<br />

which we have all been longing for, are just<br />

starting to arrive, and the planned strikes<br />

jeopardised this progress. In December 2023,<br />

152,474 practical car driving tests were<br />

carried out – the highest number of tests<br />

done in December since records began. This,<br />

combined with a reasonably mild winter and<br />

fewer than average test cancellations due to<br />

snow and ice, has left some DTCs in a position<br />

where they are able to offer L-tests within<br />

two-three months. That is encouraging.<br />

“It is now to be hoped that PCS members<br />

will accept the proposal on the table. As PCS<br />

negotiators called off their planned strikes it<br />

is to be assumed they are fairly content with<br />

the deal, so hopefully examiners will accept it.<br />

“A 12-month period without L-tests being<br />

lost to industrial action would go a long way<br />

to helping bring down waiting times.”<br />

L-test waiting: The national picture<br />

- see pages 10-11, and 12-13<br />

06 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

New telephone numbers for 20 driving test centres<br />

As announced in the February issue of<br />

<strong>Newslink</strong>, the DVSA is changing all the<br />

contact telephone numbers at its driving test<br />

centres. Around 70 changed for the start of<br />

last month, with 20 more switching in <strong>March</strong>.<br />

The old numbers will no longer be active so<br />

please update your contact details.<br />

DTC telephone numbers are given to<br />

candidates/ADIs so they can contact their<br />

local driving test centre if there is bad<br />

weather on the day of their test, to check it is<br />

still being run.<br />

Although the new numbers all start with a<br />

London area code, you will be connected<br />

directly to your local DTC, as usual. The<br />

numbers are not routed through DVSA’s<br />

contact centre.<br />

The new telephone numbers are:<br />

North West<br />

Preston - 020 8148 9677<br />

Speke - 020 4570 2490<br />

Workington - 020 4570 2601<br />

Chadderton - 020 8148 9678<br />

Crewe - 020 4570 2471<br />

Yorkshire<br />

Malton - 020 4570 2658<br />

Horsforth - 020 4558 9514<br />

Midlands<br />

Birmingham (Garretts Green) - 020 4570 2647<br />

Warwick - 020 4570 2459<br />

Redditch - 020 4570 2732<br />

London & South East<br />

Canterbury - 020 456 66108<br />

Folkestone - 020 4566 7063<br />

Loughton - 020 4570 2480<br />

Mitcham - 020 4566 6066<br />

Sevenoaks 020 4570 2622<br />

Eastbourne 020 4570 2560<br />

South West<br />

Trowbridge - 020 8158 0244<br />

Bristol (Avonmouth) - 020 4582 7713<br />

Wales<br />

Llantrisant - 020 4534 0309<br />

Merthyr Tydfil - 020 4570 2613<br />

Let your pupils know<br />

All candidates with a test booked at the 20<br />

DTCs listed have been told about the new<br />

number; if you have booked a test on behalf<br />

of your pupil, please let them know about the<br />

change in contact number.<br />

Why the changes?<br />

The DVSA is investing in VOiP technology<br />

because it allows calls to be made using a<br />

broadband Internet connection instead of a<br />

regular landline. It will also improve the quality<br />

of calls.<br />

This technology is coming to all DVSA<br />

driving test centres over the next few<br />

months.<br />

Click here for the full<br />

list of new numbers<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 07

News<br />

Government announces<br />

review of DVSA<br />

New guide tackles<br />

driver fatigue<br />

A comprehensive guide has been published<br />

that considers the impact of tiredness and<br />

driver fatigue.<br />

Called Tiredness At The Wheel: An Essential<br />

Road Safety Guide For Understanding Driver<br />

Fatigue<br />

The guide looks at the impact of driving<br />

fatigue on crash statistics, considers ways to<br />

mitigate against it and how to spot when<br />

tiredness is impacting on a driver’s ability.<br />

If you want to read it, the guide can be<br />

accessed at<br />

https://www.hendycarstore.co.uk/<br />

driver-fatigue-essential-road-safetyguide/<br />

However, <strong>Newslink</strong> will offer a comprehensive<br />

review of its findings in an upcoming issue<br />

MSA GB payment<br />

hotline<br />

Dear MSA GB member<br />

and colleague,<br />

While being a driving<br />

instructor does offer<br />

incredible flexibility, we<br />

understand that it can<br />

leave you time poor for<br />

those everyday admin<br />

jobs. So, to help make things easier when<br />

paying for your membership or booking<br />

tickets for our calendar of events, we’ve<br />

set up a dedicated payment line:<br />

01787 221299.<br />

This also means that our membership<br />

team are more available for answering<br />

member queries and resolving any issues<br />

you may be experiencing.<br />

Our membership team can still be<br />

contacted on: 01787 221020.<br />

We look forward to taking your call.<br />

The Government has announced an<br />

independent review of the DVSA<br />

so that the organisation<br />

“remains well placed to<br />

provide excellent services to<br />

keep Britain moving safely<br />

and sustainably.”<br />

As ADIs will know only too<br />

well, the DVSA has<br />

responsibility for carrying out<br />

driving tests and assessing those<br />

who wish to become driving<br />

instructors, as well as reviewing the<br />

performance of ADIs through the Standards<br />

Check.<br />

But it also undertakes roadside checks to<br />

ensure vehicle compliance, and approves<br />

people and centres to carry out MOTs.<br />

The review is part of the wider Cabinet<br />

Office programme to review public bodies<br />

review. It will assess DVSA based on four<br />

criteria: efficiency, efficacy, accountability<br />

and governance.<br />

It will also review the rise of new vehicle<br />

technology and automated vehicles and look<br />

at the DVSA’s ability to evolve as the systems<br />

are rolled out on UK roads.<br />

Guy Opperman MP, Parliamentary<br />

Under-Secretary of State for Roads and<br />

Local Transport, said: “The DVSA plays a<br />

crucial role in making sure road users get<br />

around safely and with confidence, helping<br />

learners pass their driving tests and giving<br />

drivers peace of mind by ensuring MOTs are<br />

carried out to exceptional standards.<br />

“This review will help us understand how<br />

the DVSA can continue to improve, evolving<br />

alongside vehicle technology and keeping<br />

Britain moving safely and sustainably.”<br />

Nick Bitel, DVSA’s non-executive chair,<br />

said: “Our vision to 2030 sets out our aim to<br />

keep Britain moving, safely and sustainably.<br />

“Supported by our professional and<br />

dedicated colleagues, we’re taking a<br />

service-led, customer-focused approach to<br />

the way we work, modernising and<br />

transforming our services to make them<br />

even better and more efficient, helping meet<br />

the needs of our customers and make road<br />

transport safer, greener and healthier.”<br />

The review will assess how DVSA works<br />

with its wide range of stakeholders within<br />

and outside of Government to help keep<br />

Guy Opperman<br />

Britain’s roads safe.<br />

As end users, driver trainers<br />

and learners could reasonably<br />

expect to be included in any<br />

discussions around the<br />

DVSA’s performance.<br />

The review will study the<br />

DVSA’s delivery of its key<br />

objectives to customers and<br />

stakeholders, including but not<br />

limited to preparations to take<br />

advantage of new technologies.<br />

It will also review the extent to which<br />

the DVSA is accountable to its customers.<br />

MSA GB comments: While this may sound<br />

dramatic, ordering a review into a<br />

government agency is reasonably standard<br />

practice. Indeed, the DfT has just signed off a<br />

similar review of the DVLA.<br />

However, this one will be taking place in a<br />

year during which Rishi Sunak will call a<br />

General Election so there is a good case to be<br />

made that, whatever the review’s<br />

recommendations, there is a good chance<br />

they will lie in the DfT’s in-tray until the result<br />

of the election is known.<br />

Timing suggests any reforms would<br />

struggle to be implemented before election<br />

purdah shuts down the work of Whitehall. In<br />

that case, a future Conservative<br />

administration could well implement its<br />

findings, but a future Labour Government<br />

may dismiss them out of hand as the work of<br />

the previous government.<br />

There are, however, a number of<br />

interesting outcomes that could derive from<br />

the review, including a call for a major spend<br />

on DVSA’s digital services, to shut out the<br />

booking bots once and for all. It is also<br />

possible that more dramatic reforms may be<br />

called for, including hiving off some of the<br />

DVSA’s services to the private sector.<br />

The theory test delivery has not been<br />

harmed by such a move; could the review<br />

suggest this policy be expanded?<br />

• The April issue of<br />

<strong>Newslink</strong> will carry a<br />

feature on the DVLA<br />

review<br />

08 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Free course for training older drivers<br />

Road Safety GB is promoting a new course<br />

aimed at those who may offer their services<br />

to older, experienced drivers as they look to<br />

stay behind the wheel that little bit longer,<br />

but may need some advice and refresher<br />

training to help them.<br />

Called the Ageing Driver Course, it is aimed<br />

at ADIs and PDIs. There are 300 free places<br />

available (normal cost £75) and these are on<br />

offer on a first come, first serve basis. This is<br />

a great training programme for anyone who<br />

First MoTs stick<br />

to three years<br />

Ambitious plans by the Government to relax<br />

the rules around car maintenance and safety<br />

have been quietly dropped.<br />

As part of the ‘bonfire of the red tape’, the<br />

Government proposed pushing back the first<br />

MoT required by new cars to four years, and<br />

also looked at making the MoT a biennial test,<br />

rather than an annual one.<br />

However, there was strong criticism of<br />

both proposals, and the first MoT will now<br />

stay at three years, followed by an annual<br />

test thereafter, as at present.<br />

The Government says the confirmation is<br />

proof it “listens to drivers”.<br />

Road safety groups welcomed the news.<br />

Simon Williams of the RAC said the changes<br />

would have “seriously compromised road<br />

safety and ended up costing drivers more<br />

money rather than less as it was supposed to<br />

do, due to dangerous issues going undetected<br />

and getting progressively worse.”<br />

“This is why the idea was so widely<br />

unpopular with the motoring public in our<br />

research. It’s great news the madcap idea of<br />

changing the MoT has finally been consigned<br />

to the bin.”<br />

AA CEO Jakob Pfaudler said its polling<br />

showed drivers overwhelmingly supported<br />

the annual MOT for keeping their cars and<br />

other safe.<br />

“With 1 in 10 cars failing their first MoT, we<br />

fully support the government’s pragmatic<br />

decision to maintain the first MoT at three<br />

years.”<br />

wants to work with this age group or is<br />

currently working with this age group.<br />

This course is fully accredited and can be<br />

used by ADIs for their CPD.<br />

What’s on the course?<br />

The course will develop an ADI’s<br />

understanding of:<br />

n Common collisions experienced by older<br />

drivers<br />

n How the ageing process may impact on<br />

eyesight, hazard perceptions skills, and<br />

strength and flexibility<br />

n Promoting self-assessment skills<br />

n The role of diabetes<br />

n How to prepare for driving retirement<br />

n Professional boundaries.<br />

Full details can be found<br />

by clicking here<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 09

News<br />

L-test waiting times:<br />

the DVSA view<br />

Last month, DVSA chief executive Loveday Ryder published a blog in<br />

which she outlined ‘How driving test waiting times looked at the end of<br />

January <strong>2024</strong>. We’ve reproduced it here so everyone can have access to<br />

the latest information, complete with charts to demonstrate the position<br />

Loveday Ryder writes...<br />

Towards the end of last year I spoke at a<br />

number of different ADI events to update you<br />

on the work we are doing to reduce the<br />

driving test waiting times. This includes<br />

asking more manager and admin colleagues<br />

with a driving test warrant card to do driving<br />

tests full time from October 2023. This will<br />

help us to reduce driving test waiting times.<br />

We’re now come to end of the fourth<br />

month of our six-month plan and I wanted to<br />

give you an update on the progress we have<br />

made so far.<br />

Looking at the data in detail<br />

Since October 2023, we have provided<br />

100,436 extra car driving tests towards our<br />

target of 150,000 extra tests by the end of<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

This was helped by the busiest December<br />

on record for driving tests, with 152,474 being<br />

carried out – a 24.2% increase compared to<br />

December 2022.<br />

Chart A shows how October, November<br />

and December 2022 and 2023 compared.<br />

To help us manage our teams at DVSA, we<br />

split Great Britain into 4 zones – A, B, C and D.<br />

Each of those zones is then made up of<br />

smaller areas. Map B (right) shows the zones<br />

and areas.<br />

All of the work we’ve been doing has<br />

helped bring the average waiting time for a<br />

driving test down from 20.6 weeks at their<br />

peak in August 2023, to 15.1 weeks at the end<br />

of January <strong>2024</strong>. Chart C on the facing page<br />

shows the waiting time over the last few<br />

months by the different zones.<br />

So I hope that many of you are starting to<br />

see this reduction in waiting times at the<br />

driving test centres you use regularly.<br />

The number of test centres with waits of<br />

24 weeks has also fallen from 148 in October<br />

2023 to 67 in January <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

But as the chart clearly shows, driving test<br />

waiting times are still longer in highly<br />

populated areas and in the south.<br />

Volunteers working away from home to help<br />

lower waiting times<br />

To bring times lower we continue to ask our<br />

examiners from areas with lower waiting<br />

times to travel and test in test centres with<br />

longer waiting times, such as London, and<br />

other highly populated areas of the country.<br />

They include Emily, Suzzanne and Alan.<br />

Emily, who is a driving examiner who<br />

usually tests from Hartlepool driving test<br />

centre and is one of the examiners who has<br />

volunteered to test at other sites. She said:<br />

“When the opportunity arose, I was more<br />

than happy to help contribute to DVSA’s aims<br />

in reducing driving test times.<br />

“Although it involves being away from<br />

home, it gives a variety of testing in different<br />

locations and also allows me to meet fellow<br />

colleagues from around the agency. I am<br />

happy that I can improve the service we offer<br />

to our customers and help to reduce our<br />

current waiting times.<br />

Chart A: comparing<br />

L-tests conducted in<br />

October-December<br />

2023 with 2022<br />

Map B: How<br />

DVSA divided<br />

up the nation<br />

10 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Suzzanne is a driving examiner who<br />

usually tests from Pembroke Dock. She said:<br />

“I started detached duty in Southall<br />

yesterday, all the way from Pembroke Dock in<br />

West Wales. I had happily volunteered to<br />

assist in another test centre and only two<br />

days in, I’m really enjoying the experience.<br />

From meeting new colleagues, who have<br />

been so welcoming, learning other test<br />

routes and also knowing that I am making a<br />

difference towards the test waiting times and<br />

people’s lives.<br />

“I have volunteered to be at Southall for<br />

the whole month, with a trip home after two<br />

weeks. That wouldn’t be for everyone, but I<br />

enjoy new challenges and working away at<br />

different test centres provides me with that,<br />

making memories along the way.”<br />

Alan, who is a driving examiner who usually<br />

tests from Bridgend driving test centre, said:<br />

“I’m really looking forward to this exciting<br />

opportunity to work with my colleagues from<br />

a different zone and to support in reducing<br />

waiting times in their area.”<br />

As well as volunteers like Emily, Suzzanne<br />

and Alan working away from home, we also<br />

continue to focus our ongoing driving<br />

examiner recruitment in the areas where<br />

waiting times are highest.<br />

More tests are still available to book<br />

As John Selbey explained in his blog post<br />

about what driving test waiting times<br />

actually mean (see <strong>Newslink</strong> February), it’s<br />

not just the driving test waiting time that we<br />

monitor.<br />

We measure and track the percentage of<br />

all the appointments in the booking service<br />

within the next 24 weeks that are still<br />

available to book. As John explained in his<br />

blog post, at 24 April 2023, 5.9% of tests<br />

within the next 24 weeks were still available<br />

to book.<br />

Chart D shows how that percentage has<br />

grown since the start of September 2023 to<br />

the end of January <strong>2024</strong>. Nationally, 21.0% of<br />

appointments were still available to book<br />

within the next 24 weeks as at 29 January<br />

<strong>2024</strong>. In zone A, it was even higher at 34.1%.<br />

This means that learner drivers are<br />

starting to see a wider choice of test<br />

appointments when they book their test.<br />

How our recovery work is affecting our other<br />

services<br />

Although this outstanding effort means<br />

we’re on target to meet our extra 150,000<br />

tests target, it’s not all completely positive<br />

news.<br />

We know that some of the services we<br />

provide have been affected, such as ADI Part<br />

2 (driving ability) and Part 3 (instructional<br />

ability) tests. It has taken longer than usual to<br />

get these tests as our enforcement<br />

examiners have been doing more car tests.<br />

We’re working to make more ADI Part 2 and<br />

3 tests available from April <strong>2024</strong>. We’ll be in<br />

touch with people with an ADI test that is<br />

currently on hold to offer them a test date. In<br />

the meantime, I thank you for your patience if<br />

you’re affected by this.<br />

Making progress, but more to do<br />

We’ve made some good progress, but we<br />

still have long way to go.<br />

It’s challenging work, and we’ve been up<br />

against unforeseen circumstances, such as<br />

the continued increase in demand and<br />

changes to customers’ booking behaviour.<br />

There are also factors beyond our control,<br />

such as impact of bad weather, seen most<br />

recently with Storms Isha and Jocelyn.<br />

I know many of you will be keen to know<br />

Chart C: L-test<br />

average waiting<br />

times by zone<br />

Chart D:<br />

Percentage of<br />

tests available<br />

to book within<br />

next 24 weeks<br />

what measures we’ll be taking to reduce<br />

waiting times from April. We’ll update you on<br />

this as soon as we can.<br />

While we continue to work towards<br />

reducing the waiting time, we know that it’s<br />

not something we can achieve without your<br />

support, patience and understanding.<br />

We know that you continue to emphasise<br />

the importance of only taking the test when<br />

your pupils are ready, and many of you are<br />

using the Ready to Pass? campaign resources<br />

to help.<br />

I want to say a big thank you for helping to<br />

promote the campaign as its helping us to<br />

change learner drivers behaviour.<br />

I hope this article has helped to show you<br />

the progress that is being made to reduce<br />

driving test waiting times and the work that<br />

still needs to be done. I will continue to keep<br />

you up-to-date over the coming months.<br />

L-test availability:<br />

The MSA GB view. See page 12<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 11

News<br />

Taking the weather of<br />

the L-test waiting times<br />

Brighter skies in Scotland and parts of the North;<br />

gloomy in Manchester, Leeds and the Midlands;<br />

but there are storms in London and the south<br />

As Loveday Ryder highlights in her article on<br />

page 10-11 of this issue of <strong>Newslink</strong>, there is<br />

more than a glimmer of hope in some areas<br />

that the lengthy waiting lists for driving tests<br />

are beginning to fall.<br />

We are seeing positive signs of<br />

improvement around the country as a result<br />

of the DVSA deploying an array of measures,<br />

from tasking warrant card holding staff with<br />

L-test duties, to adding new examiners to the<br />

payroll, recalling the recently retired and<br />

increasing test availability at weekends.<br />

But for the all the positivity Loveday<br />

exudes on pg 10-11, there remains the<br />

nagging question: why does MSA GB head<br />

office continue to receive so many calls from<br />

members desperate for news of test waiting<br />

times falling in their area?<br />

Waiting times are rather like the weather: if<br />

it’s raining where you are, it does your mood<br />

no good to hear it’s lovely and sunny 50 miles<br />

away.<br />

As regular readers will know, <strong>Newslink</strong> has<br />

kept up the pressure on the DVSA over the<br />

past year, examining its policies and regularly<br />

calling for more improvements. In short, while<br />

we have repeatedly acknowledged how hard<br />

we know the DVSA is working to solve this<br />

problem, we have long had a feeling that its<br />

current resources just aren’t proving enough.<br />

<strong>Newslink</strong><br />

The Voice of MSA GB<br />

Issue 374 • <strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Testing the<br />

waiting time<br />

weather<br />

9<br />

9<br />

12<br />

17<br />

21<br />

msagb.com<br />

Better weather... for some<br />

But we have to be fair: the stats do show<br />

improvements. Average waiting times are<br />

now 15 weeks. That’s higher than most ADIs<br />

and pupils would like but you know, if that<br />

could fall by, say, three to four more weeks,<br />

we think this problem would be regarded as<br />

beaten. While a wait of 8-9 weeks before you<br />

can book a test is ideal, telling your pupil they<br />

have to wait 11-12 weeks probably isn’t the<br />

end of the world. We can all live with that.<br />

But the fact is, while in Area 1 (Scotland and<br />

NE England/Yorkshire - see DVSA area map<br />

on 10-11) is celebrating with an average wait<br />

We work for all Driver Trainers. Want to join? SAVE £25 – see pg 43 for special offer<br />

for a test at only 9.9 weeks, in London and<br />

the South the situation is, to be honest,<br />

depressing. It appears that for all the intense<br />

effort put in by the DVSA, the dial on L-test<br />

waiting times has barely moved. It sits<br />

stubbornly at over 21 weeks, and in huge<br />

areas of the region – particularly the capital<br />

– there are no tests available at all in the<br />

maximum 24-week booking window. For all<br />

the examiner recruitment, the call backs, the<br />

changes, the reforms, nothing has worked.<br />

Is this true elsewhere? We decided to<br />

conduct an exercise across Great Britain, by<br />

looking to book a driving test at one of a<br />

series of DTCs in the country. We undertook<br />

this exercise on Sunday, February 25. At that<br />

point the 24-week booking window took you<br />

up to the first week of August.<br />

On the facing page you can see the results.<br />

Do they reflect your experience?<br />

12 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Driving test centre Week commencing with No. of tests available Weeks to wait<br />

good test availability that week for a test<br />

In each case unless otherwise stated, the week given shows the first time a good selection of tests is available. Weeks<br />

following that week will have good availability, too, suggesting that pupils should be able to book a test at their convenience.<br />

Aberdeen South (Cove) 25th <strong>March</strong> 13 5<br />

Edinburgh (Currie) 25th February 12 1<br />

Edinburgh (Musselburgh) 25th February 25 1<br />

Glasgow (Baillieston) 13th May 28 12<br />

Glasgow (Shieldhall) 8th July 18 15<br />

Cardiff (Llanishen) 3rd June* 38 15<br />

*There were a few tests available scattered across <strong>March</strong>, but the availability was so sparse we chose to ignore them<br />

Leeds None* 24 (max)<br />

*There were two tests available in the next week but then none after that until the end of the 24-week booking period<br />

West Didsbury (Manchester) 1st July 46 14<br />

Sale (Manchester) 15th July 88 16<br />

Birmingham (Kingstanding) 22 July 100+ 17<br />

Birmingham (South Yardley) 22 July None 17<br />

Nottingham (Chilwell) 3rd June 15 15<br />

Nottingham (Colwick) 17th June 14 17<br />

Gosforth (Newcastle) 26th February 5 1<br />

Bristol (Avonmouth) 22nd July 24 17<br />

Bristol (Kingswood) None 24 (max)<br />

Southampton (Maybush) 15th July 4 20<br />

Norwich (Jupiter Road) 26th February 12 1/10<br />

Norwich (Peachman Way) 26th February 7 1/10<br />

* After these tests there were none until the first week in May<br />

Barnet (London) None 24 (max)<br />

Wood Green (London) None 24 (max)<br />

Belvedere (London) None 24 (max)<br />

West Wickham (London) None 24 (max)<br />

Having searched four London test centres chosen at random, we discovered no tests available. We decided, therefore, to<br />

look at every inner city London DTC. Not one had any availability in the 24-week booking window allowed.<br />

“In London and the South the situation<br />

is, to be honest, depressing. It appears<br />

that for all the intense effort put in by the<br />

DVSA, the dial on L-test waiting times<br />

has barely moved...”<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 13

Members’ section<br />

MSA GB Annual Conference <strong>2024</strong><br />

It’s a case of all roads lead to Telford as we head to Shropshire<br />

for the MSA GB Annual Conference <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

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advice, education, networking and fun, as the MSA GB membership comes<br />

together to learn more about, and discuss, the big issues of the day.<br />

We have compiled a great line-up of keynote presenters, including Nick<br />

Taylor, DVSA ADI Registrar – the man who has overall control of the ADI<br />

community’s standards and behaviour. In addition we can guarantee an<br />

exciting and information packed day, full of advice, news and views from the<br />

driver training, testing and road safety communities.<br />

Telford Hotel,<br />

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CPD acknowledgement<br />

Full Conference packages<br />

Two nights’ accommodation and breakfast, Friday & Saturday<br />

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msa-gb-national-conference/<br />

14 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Conference speakers<br />

The conference will comprise of a number of speakers and workshops,<br />

with speakers drawn to create the most comprehensive and diverse<br />

programme possible.<br />

Just some of the confirmed speakers and topics we will cover are :<br />

SPEAKERS TO INCLUDE (pictured right, from top)<br />

n Nick Taylor, ADI Registrar<br />

n G Sabina – Roberts<br />

n Dr Julia Malkin MBE<br />

n Graham Feest<br />

PLUS representatives from MSA GB, with a<br />

comprehensive update on the latest news<br />

from across the driver training and testing sector<br />

Topics to include<br />

Teaching with<br />

and for<br />

disabilities<br />

The Registrar on<br />

ADI standards and<br />

enforcement<br />

MSA GB<br />

update and<br />

future plans<br />

DVSA changes:<br />

how they will affect<br />

driver trainers<br />

LGBTQ+ business<br />

awareness -<br />

Gender diversity<br />

Safer roads, vehicles,<br />

and road users:<br />

using a safe systems<br />

approach<br />


that the 89th Annual General<br />

Meeting of the Motor Schools<br />

Association of Great Britain Limited<br />

(MSA GB) will be held at the Telford<br />

Hotel & Golf Resort on Saturday,<br />

23rd <strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, at 12.45.<br />

BOOK NOW:<br />

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msa-gb-national-conference/<br />

to secure your place<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 15

Towards your CPD: Beating stress and anxiety<br />

Beating L-test worries with<br />

power of positive thinking<br />

Every ADI has had a pupil who drives like a dream every lesson but, on the day of<br />

the L-test itself, collapses in the face of anxiety and stress and ends up failing.<br />

Judy Hale suggests getting them to try ‘Tapping’ – a pyschological exercise linked<br />

to ancient Chinese medicine and the body’s meridian lines to install positive<br />

thoughts and blow away the negative ones<br />

The power of positive thinking is the ability<br />

to focus on the bright side of situations and<br />

expect good outcomes. Positive thinking<br />

can help you cope with stress, improve<br />

your self-esteem, enhance your physical<br />

and mental health, and achieve your goals.<br />

Tapping allows you the confront your<br />

negative thoughts and change them into<br />

positive ones. By recognising your<br />

weakness, you can then change it into a<br />

strength.<br />

Stating what it is you fear/dislike, can be<br />

turned into a positive statement simply<br />

because you have spoken aloud your worst<br />

fear; for any given subject the fear is then a<br />

positive feeling.<br />

Interrupting this statement with a simple<br />

tune, immediately engages the creative side<br />

of your brain which looks for positive results.<br />

So, in the first instance you need to know a<br />

little bit about your meridian lines which run<br />

through your body. These are pathways/<br />

channels from your body to your brain. These<br />

meridian lines were first mapped in the<br />

human body thousands of years ago by a<br />

Chinese physician and are still very much a<br />

part of our lives today.<br />

Tapping is a stress relief technique and is a<br />

bit like acupressure and psychology which<br />

aims to restore balance to the body’s energy<br />

and reduce negative emotions. Tapping has<br />

been known to manage stress, reduce<br />

anxiety and create positive thoughts for<br />

many years.<br />

n The integration of three positive<br />

statements during tapping reinforces the<br />

goal-setting process.<br />

n These statements encompass the<br />

acknowledgment of aspirations, acceptance<br />

of potential challenges, and belief in one’s<br />

capability to achieve.<br />

n Simultaneously, singing a few lines of a<br />

song or nursery rhyme introduces an<br />

element of creativity, bridging the gap<br />

between the left and right hemispheres of<br />

the brain.<br />

n This harmonisation of the creative and<br />

positive aspects enhances the search for<br />

positive solutions and fosters a more<br />

optimistic outlook.<br />

Counting to ten during tapping further<br />

engages the positive side of the brain,<br />

reinforcing the endeavour to replace<br />

negativity with positivity. The envisioned<br />

experiences during tapping represent a<br />

proactive approach to shaping future<br />

outcomes.<br />

To maximise the benefits, the tapping<br />

process should be repeated at least three<br />

times, allowing for breaks and resumption<br />

whenever anxiety surfaces. Over time, the<br />

negative thoughts are replaced by positive<br />

ones, contributing to improved stress levels,<br />

heightened self-esteem, and a clearer path<br />

toward personal goals.<br />

Persistence is key to the effectiveness of<br />

tapping. There is no fixed time limit for this<br />

practice as the words evolve gradually,<br />

instilling a habit of positive thinking. The<br />

method stands as a testament to the<br />

transformative power of the mind, offering a<br />

tangible pathway to enhanced well-being and<br />

personal growth. In the journey towards<br />

positive thinking, perseverance becomes a<br />

beacon, guiding individuals to discover the<br />

worthiness of their efforts and the fulfilment<br />

of their desired outcomes.<br />

“The meridian lines are your<br />

personal search engine to help<br />

you achieve a positive emotion<br />

when you are feeling anxious,<br />

uncertain, or overwhelmed...”<br />

Address your concerns<br />

Through tapping you can communicate<br />

with your brain and effectively address your<br />

concerns of any fears, anxieties and<br />

aspirations that may overwhelm you.<br />

Meridian lines communicate with both your<br />

mind and your emotions to help you achieve a<br />

positive outcome. So, the best way to<br />

describe them is liking them to a search<br />

engine in your computer.<br />

So, if you know how to talk to your<br />

meridian lines, and explain your fears,<br />

anxieties, wishes, etc, you can get a positive<br />

experience that will help you achieve. The<br />

meridian lines are your personal search<br />

engine to help you achieve a positive emotion<br />

when you are feeling anxious, uncertain, or<br />

overwhelmed, etc.<br />

The main meridian lines that I use are on<br />

the side of my hand below the little finger and<br />

before the wrist. The other one I like is on my<br />

cheekbone.<br />

So, by tapping your meridian line you<br />

automatically engage with your brain.<br />

Everyone has a creative side and a positive<br />

side to their brain, and it is important that you<br />

use both sides to achieve a positive outcome.<br />

To start creating your positive thoughts<br />

you need three positive statements, so each<br />

of the following statements are positive<br />

eg:<br />

n I want to achieve my goal<br />

n I know I will do something stupid, and I<br />

will fail<br />

n If I do not do something stupid, I will pass<br />

While tapping you are<br />

n positively acknowledging what you<br />

hope to achieve<br />

n positively acknowledging that you may<br />

not achieve<br />

n positively acknowledging that you can<br />

achieve.<br />

16 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

“Positive thinking, which is a powerful<br />

cognitive tool, goes beyond mere optimism, it<br />

is an intentional focus on all aspects of life,<br />

fostering resilience and shaping favourable<br />

outcomes. Tapping helps you to manage<br />

stress, increase your self-esteem<br />

and helps you to achieve your goal(s)...”<br />

Positive thinking, which is a powerful<br />

cognitive tool, goes beyond mere optimism, it<br />

is an intentional focus on all aspects of life,<br />

fostering resilience and shaping favourable<br />

outcomes. Tapping helps you to manage<br />

stress, increase your self-esteem and helps<br />

you to achieve your goal(s).<br />

By tapping you can confront your fears and<br />

turn negative thoughts into positive<br />

affirmations. By acknowledging and<br />

vocalising your fears, you are in fact turning<br />

your weaknesses into strengths. The fact<br />

that you can speak your worst fears out loud<br />

starts to change your perspective, the fear,<br />

once spoken becomes a positive<br />

acknowledgment, interrupted with a simple<br />

tune activates the creative side of the brain<br />

stimulating a search for a positive outcome.<br />

So, you are now constantly tapping on<br />

your meridian line(s)<br />

Saying your three positive statements,<br />

followed by singing a few lines of a song/<br />

nursery rhyme, engages your creative side.<br />

You have now engaged your search engine<br />

into your brain joining the right side of your<br />

brain to your left side, so bringing together<br />

both the creative and positive emotions<br />

which will in turn help you to find a positive<br />

way forward.<br />

n The three positive statements are how<br />

you feel<br />

n Singing a couple of lines of a verse<br />

engages your creative side of the brain.<br />

n Counting to 10 engages your positive<br />

side, and so your goal is to gradually replace<br />

negative thoughts with positive ones.<br />

n By tapping you are envisioning<br />

experiences that have not yet occurred.<br />

n You need to repeat the process at least<br />

three times before taking a break, and then<br />

repeat every time you are feeling anxious,<br />

ideally a few times each day.<br />

There is no time limit to this as the original<br />

words will change and eventually you will be<br />

having positive thoughts to help you achieve<br />

your goal and gradually, you will replace<br />

negative thoughts with positive ones. This<br />

method really does help to improve your<br />

stress levels, your self-esteem, helps you to<br />

vocalise your fears or dislikes and allows you<br />

to find a way forward to more positive<br />

thinking, etc. Do not give up on yourself, the<br />

end results are so very worthwhile.<br />

So this is how I use tapping. It’s fun and it<br />

does work.<br />

n The first part, verbalising the positive<br />

statements, are fact based. ‘I’m worried, I<br />

don’t need to be worried, I can cope with this’.<br />

n Get your pupil to say three positive<br />

statements as shown below.<br />

n Client to tap continuously until the three<br />

sessions have been completed and repeated,<br />

(usually get them to repeat three times).<br />

So get them to say:<br />

– I know I will fail my test – positive<br />

statement<br />

– If I stay focused, I will gain my licence …<br />

positive statement<br />

– I know I can stay focused and pass my<br />

test … positive statement<br />

Counting to 10 engages the left side of<br />

your brain which is logic related<br />

This engages the analytical, logical side of<br />

the brain to allow sequential processing.<br />

Singing a couple of lines from a song links<br />

the left and right side of the brain and creates<br />

a feeling of wellbeing.<br />

Repetition is key. It is a bit like using a<br />

search engine in your computer; you do not<br />

always get the correct answer first time but<br />

by repeating what you are looking for, you<br />

will eventually find the correct answer.<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 17

Towards your CPD<br />

It’s all about...<br />

Do you have the Goldilocks<br />

touch when it comes to putting<br />

questions to your pupils - not<br />

too hard, not too easy?<br />

Steve Garrod doesn’t think<br />

every ADI gets the balance right<br />

In recent months we have been looking how<br />

to engage your learners during their lessons<br />

while covering the learning outcomes of the<br />

DVSA’s new Driving Standards.<br />

One of the weakest areas I regularly see<br />

during instructor training and development is<br />

how to pitch questions at the correct level.<br />

Too often instructors work too hard and do<br />

not allow time for thought-provoking<br />

questions, which could be the difference<br />

between an A and B grade, or fail and a B.<br />

It is important to know how to structure<br />

questions and know when to ask them, so<br />

this month we will look at how to develop<br />

your questions to ensure your learner is<br />

suitably challenged.<br />

Questions can be used a teaching and<br />

assessment method. Thought should be<br />

given to their structure and what you want to<br />

achieve by asking that specific question.<br />

Simply asking questions with no real thought<br />

is not sufficient.<br />

The legendary BBC golf commentator,<br />

Peter Alliss once said, “It’s better to hit 20<br />

balls and think about where you are hitting<br />

them than it is to hit 100 balls and not.” Pupils<br />

should be encouraged to analyse problems<br />

and take responsibility for their learning;<br />

there is even a heading for this on the DVSA’s<br />

Standards Check form.<br />

We can get caught out if we are not careful<br />

Hard<br />

Evaluation (judge, critically appraise)<br />

judging strengths and weaknesses<br />

advantages disadvantages<br />

arguments for and against<br />

Synthesis (create, design, invent)<br />

problem solving<br />

give constructive suggestions for improvement<br />

in a given situation<br />

design a poster or presentation<br />

Analysis (consider the parts individually)<br />

complete a case study<br />

give cause and effects<br />

compare<br />

give reasons<br />

prioritise<br />

Application (doing after being shown how)<br />

apply<br />

use<br />

calculate (stopping distances, for example)<br />

Comprehension<br />

explain<br />

interpret<br />

reorganise<br />

Knowledge<br />

state<br />

recall<br />

define<br />

describe<br />

Easy<br />

by assuming our learners know more than<br />

they actually do, so the questions we ask<br />

need to ensure that they promote thinking<br />

and reasoning. The skills required by effective<br />

learners in any subject were identified in 1956<br />

by Benjamin Bloom and is more commonly<br />

known as Bloom’s Taxonomy. He classified<br />

learning into three domains: cognitive<br />

(knowledge); affective (emotion, attitude)<br />

and psychomotor (practical), three areas all<br />

ADIs will remember from their part one<br />

theory examinations. Within each domain<br />

skills or abilities are graded into different<br />

levels of difficulty.<br />

The diagram above shows the grades for<br />

the cognitive domain.<br />

18 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

The legendary BBC golf commentator, Peter Alliss once said,<br />

“It’s better to hit 20 balls and think about where you are<br />

hitting them than it is to hit 100 balls and not.” Pupils<br />

should be encouraged to analyse problems and take<br />

responsibility for their learning; there is even a heading for<br />

this on the DVSA’s Standards Check form.<br />

A mixture of all these tasks is required at all<br />

levels of the learning to drive syllabus. This<br />

keeps the questioning lively and natural. We<br />

do not want rapid fire questions or deep<br />

meaningful questions that require a great<br />

deal of thought if they disrupt someone’s<br />

concentration.<br />

Trainers need to gauge appropriate times<br />

for questions by being aware of the prevailing<br />

road and traffic conditions. Lower end<br />

questions are ideal while on the move, but<br />

the higher scale questions may be better<br />

suited to feedback sessions while stationary.<br />

The tasks lower down the scale are<br />

important for weaker learners to succeed<br />

and to build confidence, for example, “What is<br />

the speed limit on this road?” As the lessons<br />

continue we work our way up the scale and<br />

introduce more thought provoking questions,<br />

such as,<br />

“What is the speed limit?”<br />

“Why do you think it is a 30mph speed<br />

limit?”<br />

“How long will it take you to stop at this<br />

speed?”<br />

“What are the main causes of crashes in<br />

built up areas?”<br />

“What could you do to reduce the risk of an<br />

accident?”<br />

All of the above questions are designed to<br />

get the pupil to think and to give you an<br />

insight to their reasoning. If you have read the<br />

Goals for Driver Education (GDE) you will see<br />

that they haven’t really discovered anything<br />

new. The lower down the list a question<br />

appears the less thinking or understanding is<br />

needed to answer the question correctly,<br />

whereas questions further up the scale<br />

require deeper and more meaningful thinking.<br />

These answers often need justification or<br />

reasoning. These types of questions transfer<br />

the learning of important thinking skills,<br />

insomuch as it they are finding solutions to<br />

problems. Above all they are more interesting,<br />

even to weaker learners.<br />

From the scale you will also see that some<br />

of the activities are better suited to<br />

classroom or home study, for example,<br />

designing a poster or presentation, whereas<br />

the majority can be asked while out on<br />

the road.<br />

In the early stages of learning we<br />

can use questions based on<br />

knowledge and comprehension<br />

to reinforce their<br />

understanding of the types<br />

of questions used in the<br />

theory test. But as our<br />

learners develop their basic skills we can<br />

introduce the questions that require<br />

application and analysis.<br />

One of the many reasons pupils are<br />

unsuccessful on driving tests is because they<br />

are unable to prioritise risks. To help<br />

overcome this we can use a road suitable for<br />

‘meeting traffic’ and ask such questions as<br />

“Who has priority?” If he/she answers “We<br />

do” we could ask “Where would we wait if<br />

the other driver doesn’t give us priority?” In<br />

other words a plan B.<br />

Whether the answer to the first question<br />

is correct or not, we have to make sure that<br />

our learners can identify potential risks.<br />

Linking these questions to the hazard<br />

perception will help your pupil transfer what<br />

they have learnt at home out on to the road.<br />

When training new instructors, qualified<br />

drivers or learners nearing test standard, it is<br />

important to use questions that require<br />

analysis, synthesis and evaluation.<br />

Understanding the cause and effect of<br />

driving faults is essential and that we don’t<br />

try to cure an effect if the cause is greater.<br />

For example, many drivers approach hazards<br />

too quickly and try to steer their way out of<br />

trouble. The cause is the speed, but the effect<br />

could be rushed or late steering to avoid a<br />

stationary vehicle or to prevent entering a<br />

new road on the wrong side.<br />

We’ve all had learners who find<br />

themselves increasing in confidence and<br />

allowing their speed to increase as a result.<br />

Unfortunately this happens once they have<br />

passed their test, and sadly, not all of them<br />

learn by their mistakes.<br />

The same can be said of qualified drivers. In<br />

the first chapter of Roadcraft there is a<br />

statement suggesting that drivers who fail to<br />

recognise their mistakes continue making<br />

the same mistakes, resulting in them having<br />

the same types of incidents.<br />

If we can ask questions such as, “What are<br />

the consequences of approaching hazards<br />

too quickly?” or “Why is this road a 30mph<br />

zone?”, we could see a deeper level of<br />

thinking taking place because there is more<br />

than one answer, and the answers will give<br />

us an insight into the way they are thinking.<br />

Fleet trainers will be well acquainted with<br />

the questions at the top of the scale. These<br />

require creative thinking and evaluating. For<br />

example, a fleet client says “It’s impossible to<br />

do 30mph in my car as everyone drives so<br />

close to my bumper, therefore it’s<br />

dangerous.”<br />

Rather than the trainer replying, “Well<br />

that’s the law, mate” we could ask the driver<br />

to find a solution (eg, using cruise control) to<br />

the problem or explain what are the<br />

advantages and disadvantages of breaking<br />

the speed limit.<br />

The obvious disadvantage being that they<br />

could eventually lose their licence, and<br />

therefore potentially out of a job.<br />

It’s not for the trainer to say this, but by<br />

carefully listening to the answers given and<br />

probing a little deeper, it encourages our<br />

clients, regardless of whether the hold a full<br />

licence or not, to give a reasoned answer and<br />

to overcome their barriers to learning.<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 19

News<br />

Council’s bus lane advice sounds<br />

like it’s wide of the mark<br />

John Lomas<br />

MSA GB<br />

West Coast<br />

& Wales<br />

The sore topic of motorists being collared<br />

by the local authority for using bus lanes is<br />

causing a fuss in the genteel surroundings<br />

of Guildford.<br />

The local online newspaper, the Guildford<br />

Dragon, has being covering this in some<br />

detail in recent days, amid claims by local<br />

residents that the council is using bus lane<br />

enforcement cameras to replenish<br />

dwindling council reserves.<br />

It’s a claim we’ve heard many times over<br />

the years, with some cameras bringing in<br />

eye-watering levels of revenue. I know the<br />

publisher of <strong>Newslink</strong> has his own tale of<br />

woe about a bus lane camera in Stockport<br />

which raised over £1million in fines.<br />

If you are interested in the Guildford<br />

story, more can be found at https://<br />

tinyurl.com/bus-lanes and members in<br />

MSA GB Area 3 London and the South East<br />

could offer their thoughts, perhaps.<br />

But what struck me was a point made in<br />

a stout defence of bus lane enforcement by<br />

an officer from Surrey County Council.<br />

The section in italics is a direct lift from<br />

the Guildford Dragon website. The part in.<br />

bold italics is highlighted by me.<br />

From: An SCC spokesperson (SCC =<br />

Surrey County Council)<br />

In response to: Is SCC Using Minor Bus<br />

Lane Infringements to Raise Income?<br />

“The bus lane in Onslow Street, Guildford<br />

operates 24/7 so should not be used by<br />

unauthorised vehicles (ie, those that are not<br />

a bus, minibus, or licenced Hackney Carriage<br />

taxi) at any time.<br />

“In 2023 a bus lane enforcement camera<br />

began operating in Onslow Street, issuing<br />

warning letters and Penalty Charge Notices<br />

(PCNs) to unauthorised vehicles driving in<br />

the bus lane. Prior to this, in 2022, bus lane<br />

enforcement camera signs were put up. The<br />

PCNs (fines) are intended to be a deterrent<br />

against driving in the bus lane and not a<br />

means of raising income.<br />

“Driving in the bus lane includes having at<br />

least two wheels over the solid white line<br />

denoting the edge of the lane. However, it is<br />

permitted to turn across the lane to access<br />

side roads or private property/driveways,<br />

and to drive in the bus lane in the event of an<br />

‘emergency’ eg, to avoid a broken down car<br />

or move out of the way of an emergency<br />

vehicle.<br />

“Representations and appeals can be<br />

made against any PCNs that are issued for<br />

driving in the bus lane and these will be<br />

considered by the council or Traffic Penalty<br />

Tribunal on a case-by-case basis to ensure<br />

fair and consistent enforcement of the<br />

The Guildford Dragon, which has been<br />

covering the story<br />

restrictions in place.”<br />

Interesting: I’m not sure this advice in bold<br />

is correct, unless Surrey has its own bye laws<br />

covering it. Certainly I am under the<br />

impression that examiners would fail a<br />

candidate on test who followed the above<br />

‘advice’. If you are travelling on a road with a<br />

bus lane in operation and you are aware of<br />

emergency vehicles using ‘blues and twos’<br />

coming up behind you, I used to tell my pupils<br />

to let them use the bus lane as they are<br />

allowed but you are not. It’s advice in the<br />

same vein as do not go through red lights to<br />

clear a path for an emergency vehicle.<br />

In the case of the broken down vehicle, I<br />

would endeavour to overtake it on the<br />

opposite side if physically possible.<br />

Maybe I have been wrong all these years<br />

but I know <strong>Newslink</strong> has carried many an<br />

article about bus lanes and their misuse by<br />

both, drivers and authorities.<br />

I am reminded of an incident when traffic<br />

wardens booked an accident involved scooter<br />

and rider (ambulance in attendance) on the<br />

bus lane/bus stop just outside the MSA’s old<br />

office on Wellington Road North.<br />

Whether they are useful or not, bus lanes<br />

always seem to attract controversy!<br />

Wellington Road<br />

North, outside the<br />

old MSA GB offices,<br />

where a traffic<br />

warden once<br />

over-stepped the<br />

mark ...<br />

20 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

What have you spotted on the motorway?<br />

Colin Lilly<br />

Editor<br />

MSA GB <strong>Newslink</strong><br />

Forget the Beast of Bodmin; drivers could<br />

soon have another creature to distract them<br />

on West Country roads.<br />

The National Highways is currently trialling<br />

a robot dog to carry out surveys on its road<br />

network. The dog – nicknamed Spot – was<br />

developed by Boston Dynamics for use in<br />

geophysical surveys. The four-legged robot<br />

is equipped with cameras and a Leica lidar<br />

tracker. Alongside National Highways, BAM<br />

Ritchies and AECOM are also participating.<br />

Initial trials were caried out at the National<br />

Highways Development Centre at Moretonin-the-Marsh,<br />

Gloucestershire, with the first<br />

live trials alongside the M5 in Somerset.<br />

The robot will be used to gather<br />

information from locations that are difficult to<br />

reach. These include steep banks, culverts,<br />

and under bridges. It is able to give a safe<br />

cost-effective option where it would be risky<br />

for human assessors or require costly safety<br />

equipment or disruptive traffic management.<br />

The regulations call for regular physical<br />

inspections. It is hoped that using Spot will<br />

reduce the need for employees conducting<br />

close physical inspections.<br />

The site for the live trial was St. Georges,<br />

just north of Junction 21 (Weston-super-<br />

Mare). At this point, the M5 is elevated to be<br />

above the main railway line to the south west.<br />

The resulting embankments are steep and<br />

lightly wooded. Recently a team working on<br />

renewing part of the railway bridge noticed<br />

some defects in the ground surface. The<br />

robot was used to take a thorough look at the<br />

area.<br />

There is one aspect the trial did not reveal,<br />

which is the possible distraction to drivers.<br />

The robot was trialled on an embankment<br />

below the motorway surface level and<br />

therefore out of drivers’ eyelines. It does<br />

make you wonder what affect Spot could<br />

have on some drivers. Perhaps after trials at<br />

or above road level the safety aspects may<br />

need to be reviewed.<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 21

Towards your CPD<br />

CPD: it’s not a wish-list item any more,<br />

it is a must-have for professionals<br />

Neil Wightman<br />

MSA GB<br />


In the February issue of <strong>Newslink</strong>, I wrote<br />

about why I thought the day was coming<br />

when Continuing Professional Development<br />

(CPD) would be mandatory for ADIs, so that<br />

as instructors we are accountable. I want to<br />

look further into the benefits of CPD.<br />

The first benefit from CPD is that it ensures<br />

your capabilities keep pace with the<br />

standards of others in the same field. This is a<br />

very important aspect of how things change<br />

rapidly within the driver training industry,<br />

mainly one-sided.<br />

CPD is a process that involves acquiring<br />

and developing new skills, knowledge and<br />

competencies to ensure that professionals<br />

stay up-to-date with the latest standards<br />

and developments in their field. While CPD is<br />

primarily a personal responsibility, it is<br />

important for professionals to engage with it<br />

to maintain and enhance their capabilities.<br />

CPD helps professionals keep pace with<br />

the standards of others in the same field by<br />

providing opportunities for learning and<br />

growth. By participating in CPD activities<br />

such as attending workshops, conferences,<br />

training programmes, or pursuing further<br />

education, professionals can acquire new<br />

knowledge, learn about emerging trends and<br />

best practices, and develop new skills.<br />

Engaging in CPD activities also allows<br />

professionals to stay current with<br />

advancements in their field and ensures that<br />

their capabilities remain relevant and<br />

competitive.<br />

This is particularly important in fast-paced<br />

industries or those undergoing rapid<br />

changes, such as technology, healthcare, or<br />

finance. By continuously updating their skills<br />

and knowledge, professionals can adapt to<br />

evolving standards, technologies, and<br />

practices, and maintain their professional<br />

standing within their industry.<br />

Moreover, CPD also promotes professional<br />

networking and collaborations. By attending<br />

conferences or workshops, professionals<br />

have the opportunity to connect with peers,<br />

experts, and thought leaders in their field.<br />

These interactions allow for the exchange of<br />

ideas, sharing of experiences, and learning<br />

from others’ expertise, further enhancing<br />

professional capabilities and staying aligned<br />

with industry standards.<br />

In summary, CPD is a vital process that<br />

ensures professionals stay updated with the<br />

latest standards and developments in their<br />

field. By engaging in continuous learning and<br />

development, professionals can enhance<br />

their capabilities, remain competitive, and<br />

meet or exceed the standards of others in<br />

their industry.<br />

By recording your CPD you can then<br />

demonstrate your commitment to the<br />

profession and to your own development.<br />

This is only my view to the first benefit.<br />

“The first benefit is CPD<br />

ensures your capabilities<br />

keep pace with the<br />

standards of others in the<br />

same field”<br />

22 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

MSA GB ANNUAL REPORT 2022-23<br />

MSA GB Annual Report 2022-23<br />

Mike<br />

Yeomans<br />

National Chairman<br />

MSA GB<br />

Dear member<br />

I am delighted to present to you the<br />

association’s Annual Report for the<br />

year 2022-23. Long-standing<br />

members will recall that previously,<br />

this report had been a standalone<br />

publication.However, once again we<br />

thought it easier and more efficient<br />

to use the digital format and include<br />

it in this issue of <strong>Newslink</strong>.<br />

On these pages you’ll find all the<br />

information you need about the<br />

association’s year, as well as details<br />

of how we are looking to reorganise<br />

the association to ensure it is a<br />

better fit for the times we live in.<br />

If you have any questions about<br />

this report, please contact either<br />

myself or your area representatives<br />

(see panel on page 5).<br />

The MSA GB Board<br />

The MSA GB Board of Management<br />

is made up of the elected<br />

representatives from each of the<br />

areas and nations of Great Britain.<br />

At a meeting held prior to the<br />

national AGM, the Board elects a<br />

National Chairman and Deputy<br />

Chairman. The Board met several<br />

times during the year under review,<br />

once on a face-to-face basis,<br />

however mainly online for<br />

convenience and to help reduce our<br />

carbon footprint.<br />

Board of Management (directors)<br />

n Chairman: Mike Yeomans<br />

n Vice Chairman: Peter Harvey<br />

n Steven Porter (Scotland)<br />

n Arthur Mynott (West Coast<br />

& Wales)<br />

n Mike Yeomans (East Coast)<br />

n Tom Kwok (London &<br />

the South East)<br />

Board members were paid an<br />

attendance allowance of £100 for<br />

each half-day during which they<br />

were engaged on MSA GB national<br />

business.<br />

Administration<br />

The Board appoints staff to<br />

administer the association. CJAM<br />

Associates continues to manage its<br />

day-to-day running from its head<br />

office in Colchester.<br />

The association has continued to<br />

use several external organisations to<br />

assist with various tasks including<br />

legal advice, publishing, IT, printing<br />

and accountancy.<br />

Finance<br />

The Board would like to thank the<br />

accounting team at CJAM Associates<br />

Ltd for their help and assistance in<br />

producing this year’s accounts. They<br />

are printed on pages 31-33 and will<br />

be published as usual on<br />

www.msagb.com<br />

Membership League<br />

The MSA GB Recruitment league<br />

table is based on net percentage<br />

membership growth/retention over<br />

the year and awards the Ron<br />

Feltham Memorial Cup to the best<br />

performing area.<br />

Congratulations to MSA GB East<br />

Coast who head the table for the<br />

year under review (see table, next<br />

page).<br />

MSA GB Scotland won the John<br />

William Parker Memorial Cup as<br />

runners-up in the membership<br />

growth retention table.<br />

This year the Ian Scoular Shield for<br />

recruiting the most new members<br />

in the area was shared by MSA GB<br />

East Coast and Scotland.<br />

Subscriptions<br />

The association continues to provide<br />

information, representation, services<br />

and support to members at a<br />

subscriptionwithin the financial<br />

reach of all ADIs.<br />

MSA GB membership<br />

subscriptions have not risen since<br />

August 2017. The standard fee for<br />

cheque, debit or credit card payers<br />

remains at £70.<br />

There is still a discount for those<br />

members opting to pay by direct<br />

debit and we are encouraging more<br />

to sign up to the direct debit system.<br />

The Board is considering an<br />

increase in subscription rates this<br />

financial year and will keep<br />

members informed.<br />

Publications<br />

The Board has once again decided<br />

to keep our flagship membership<br />

magazine, <strong>Newslink</strong>, in a digital<br />

format, to ensure a regular flow of<br />

information to members.<br />

The board made the decision to<br />

continue the excellent services of<br />

Chamber Media Services (CMS) to be<br />

our official publishers of <strong>Newslink</strong><br />

Continued on page 24<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 23

MSA GB ANNUAL REPORT 2022-23<br />

Recruitment Tables<br />

Recruitment/Retention<br />

Winner, the Ronald Feltham Memorial Cup<br />

East Coast<br />

Runner Up, the John William Parker Memorial Cup<br />

Scotland<br />

We continued to publish our excellent<br />

monthly membership magazine,<br />

<strong>Newslink</strong>, in a digital format<br />

New members recruited<br />

Winner, the Ian Scoular Memorial Trophy<br />

East Coast and Scotland (joint)<br />

Continued from page 23<br />

and other publications in a digital<br />

format this financial year.<br />

Copies of <strong>Newslink</strong> are hosted on<br />

the Yumpu digital media website<br />

from where members can read the<br />

latest news and features in an easily<br />

accessible format, or download a<br />

copy. A copy is also made available<br />

on the MSA GB website.<br />

The Board would like to place on<br />

record its sincere thanks to our<br />

publishing team for all their hard<br />

work. A special thanks, too, to all our<br />

advertisers who have continued to<br />

maintain their support for our<br />

publications, and to all our<br />

contributors and editors from the<br />

areas and nations of the MSA GB<br />

who work so hard to make <strong>Newslink</strong><br />

such a great read.<br />

Digital media<br />

The Board has continued to review<br />

the MSA GB brand to ensure it is<br />

fully integrated into the digital<br />

marketplace.<br />

The Board remains keen to<br />

maintain access to MSA GB<br />

information and services across a<br />

wide variety of platforms.<br />

Our website – www.msagb.com<br />

– has continued to be popular with<br />

members. The site is regularly<br />

updated, and the Board of<br />

Management has had it totally<br />

renewed and updated during this<br />

financial year.<br />

The MSA GB App has proved to be<br />

very successful for all instructors and<br />

is available to download at either<br />

Google Play or App Store, to ensure<br />

that the correct current information<br />

is with our members as soon as its<br />

possible.<br />

Some parts of the App are<br />

available only to MSA GB Members,<br />

however, non-members have the<br />

opportunity to join via the App if<br />

they so wish.<br />

To download the app, search on<br />

either the Google Play or the App<br />

Store.<br />

Social media<br />

The association continues to be<br />

active across a variety of social media<br />

platforms and we continue to<br />

expand our ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and<br />

‘friends’ year on year.<br />

Email<br />

With our continued expansion in the<br />

digital marketplace, it is even more<br />

important we have your up-to-date<br />

contact information. The Board<br />

requests members to help<br />

themselves by ensuring they keep<br />

MSA GB informed by letting us know<br />

if you change your email address or<br />

your telephone number.<br />

Contact us at info@msagb.com or<br />

01787 221020.<br />

Emails and our App continue to be<br />

a popular way through which<br />

information is passed on to<br />

members and other driver trainers.<br />

Organisations<br />

The MSA GB has continued to be<br />

members of the Parliamentary<br />

Advisory Committee on Transport<br />

Safety (PACTS) and the Royal Society<br />

for the Prevention of Accidents<br />

(RoSPA).<br />

MSA GB representatives have<br />

attended various, meetings and<br />

seminars in digital format, spoke at<br />

numerous events to promote the<br />

MSA GB and kept instructors<br />

informed at local events wherever<br />

possible, through what has proved<br />

to be extremely difficult times for<br />

everyone in the driver training<br />

profession.<br />

EFA<br />

During the year under review, MSA<br />

GB has continued its membership of<br />

the European Driving Schools<br />

Association (EFA). Representatives<br />

from MSA GB attended delegate<br />

meetings on a virtual platform.<br />

National Associations<br />

Strategic Partnership (NASP)<br />

The major driver trainer<br />

representative bodies have<br />

24<br />

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For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

continued to collaborate through<br />

NASP to work on behalf of the<br />

profession and tackle the many<br />

complex issues affecting the driver<br />

training industry during the<br />

pandemic.<br />

MSA GB takes its turn on a<br />

rotational basis to chair NASP and<br />

has worked closely with the DVSA,<br />

DfT and other Government bodies<br />

over the past year, ensuring<br />

members received up-to-date<br />

information on the current situation<br />

regarding issues within driver<br />

training and testing, particularly the<br />

lengthy L-test waiting times and<br />

industrial action.<br />

It is pleasing to note that the DVSA<br />

has introduced a number of new<br />

measures in a bid to reduce the<br />

L-test waiting times across the<br />

majority of the country.<br />

Annual Conference<br />

Unfortunately, the MSA GB’s<br />

National Annual Conference and<br />

Training Day 2023 had to be<br />

cancelled due to a lack of bookings.<br />

In its place the MSA GB board held a<br />

very successful online conference, at<br />

which we were joined by Peter<br />

Hearn, the DVSA’s Operations<br />

Director North, along with<br />

representatives from Tri-Coaching,<br />

Confident Drivers and HMSA. All<br />

gave excellent, informative<br />

presentations that were enjoyed by<br />

a large digital audience.<br />

Members’ Insurance<br />

MSA GB still holds Public Liability<br />

Insurance in the sum of £10,000,000<br />

and Professional Indemnity<br />

insurance in the sum of £5,000,000<br />

for the MSA GB and for MSA GB<br />

members engaged in any driver<br />

training that they are qualified to<br />

deliver.<br />

The current policy is provided by<br />

Hiscox and expires on 29th June<br />

<strong>2024</strong>; MSA GB will renew this policy<br />

on the due date or purchase a new<br />

policy with similar cover.<br />

Leading the MSA GB<br />

Presidents of the Council of The<br />

Motor Schools Association<br />

1935-1939 J Woodhouse-Oakley<br />

1939-1946 Activities suspended<br />

1946-1955 Col H Atherton<br />

1955-1957 C Tetlock<br />

Chairman of the Motor Schools<br />

Association of Great Britain<br />

1957-1958 H Sands<br />

• The Public Liability Insurance<br />

protects members where a third<br />

party makes a claim, caused by the<br />

negligence of a member, for<br />

personal injury or damage to<br />

property, not belonging to the<br />

member, when outside the car.<br />

• The Professional Indemnity<br />

Insurance covers MSA GB members<br />

in case of action taken against them<br />

by a third party for professional error,<br />

negligence, or omission in the<br />

professional advice they give to the<br />

public.<br />

Call MSA GB on 01787 221020 or<br />

see www.msagb.com<br />

Advice<br />

During the year under review there<br />

has been a increased demand from<br />

members for help and to receive<br />

advice on a wide variety of matters,<br />

not least how to handle the<br />

extremely long waiting times for<br />

driving tests across the country.<br />

In Memoriam<br />

As ever, this Annual Report<br />

acknowledges a number of<br />

members and friends who have died<br />

in the year under review.<br />

Chairmen of the Motor Schools<br />

Association of Great Britain Ltd<br />

1958-1960 S A Pearce<br />

1960-1963 A M Clare<br />

1963-1967 F Spencer-Tucker<br />

1967-1973 Capt G E Melville<br />

1973-1975 K Leigh<br />

1975-1978 R Matthews<br />

1978-1980 B E Rogers<br />

1980-1982 C Westaby<br />

1982-1989 Mrs E L Blair<br />

1989-1995 R T Feltham<br />

1995-2023 P J Harvey MBE<br />

2023- M Yeomans<br />

Our deepest sympathies go out to<br />

their families, colleagues and friends.<br />

The Future<br />

The MSA GB Board of Management<br />

is committed to providing members<br />

with the best possible information,<br />

representation, services, and support<br />

to help members prosper personally,<br />

professionally and commercially.<br />

They have introduced many<br />

exclusive discounted services for<br />

members and will continue to add<br />

to those available at www.msagb.<br />

com<br />

The MSA GB Board of<br />

Management will do all it can to<br />

continue to help and offer advice to<br />

members during the years ahead.<br />

On behalf of the MSA GB Board of<br />

Management, Mike Yeomans, <br />

Board Chairman<br />

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MSA GB ANNUAL REPORT 2022-23<br />

Trophies, awards and<br />

honorary members<br />

Every year MSA GB awards a number of trophies to its areas, nations and members. Over the years, the<br />

areas these awards covered have changed, but we have decided to continue recording those past<br />

achievements as a mark of respect for those members who worked so tirelessly for the association in<br />

years gone by.<br />

Regional recruitment trophies<br />

Regional recruitment trophies are awarded to the area/nation with the best net percentage membership growth/<br />

retention over the year in review. From 1984 the winning area/nation received the North West Salver; this was replaced<br />

in 2011 with the Ron Feltham Memorial Cup.<br />

North West Salver<br />

1984 North West<br />

1985 North West<br />

1986 North West<br />

1987 West Midlands<br />

1988 West Midlands<br />

1989 Eastern<br />

1990 East Midlands<br />

1991 Western<br />

1992 Greater London<br />

1993 Scotland<br />

1994 North East<br />

1995 Scotland<br />

1996 Eastern<br />

1997 Western<br />

1998 South Wales<br />

1999 South East<br />

2000 South Wales<br />

2001 North East<br />

2002 East Midlands<br />

2003 South Wales<br />

2004 Greater London<br />

2005 East Midlands<br />

2006 South East<br />

2007 Scotland<br />

2008 Scotland<br />

2009 Western<br />

2010 South Wales<br />

Trophy retired<br />

Ron Feltham Memorial Cup<br />

2011 East Midlands<br />

2012 Scotland<br />

2013 Scotland<br />

2014 Greater London<br />

2015 Eastern<br />

2016 North East<br />

2017 South East<br />

2018 Scotland<br />

2019 East Midlands<br />

2020 Scotland<br />

2021 South East<br />

2022 Scotland<br />

2023 East Coast (Area 2)<br />

Ian Scoular Memorial Shield<br />

Introduced in 2016, this is awarded to<br />

the area or nation with the most new<br />

members recruited over the past year<br />

2016 Scotland<br />

2017 North West<br />

2018 Scotland<br />

2019 Scotland and South East (joint)<br />

2020 Scotland<br />

2021 South East<br />

2022 North West<br />

2023 East Coast and Scotland<br />

& Northern Ireland (joint)<br />

Runners-Up Cup<br />

The Runners-Up trophy is awarded to the area that comes second in membership, based on the criteria as<br />

outlined on facing page. Introduced in 1994, it was originally known simply as the Runners Up Cup. This trophy was<br />

retired in 2005, to be replaced the following year by the John William Parker Memorial Cup.<br />

Runners’-Up Cup<br />

1994 South Wales<br />

1995 Western<br />

1996 South Wales<br />

1997 Eastern<br />

1998 Western<br />

1999 Western<br />

2000 Western<br />

2001 North West<br />

2002 South East<br />

2003 East Midlands<br />

2004 Eastern<br />

2005 Scotland<br />

Trophy retired<br />

John William Parker<br />

Memorial Cup<br />

2006 West Midlands<br />

2007 West Midlands<br />

2008 North West<br />

2009 Eastern<br />

2010 West Midlands<br />

2011 North East<br />

2012 Eastern<br />

2013 Western<br />

2014 South Wales<br />

2015 Greater London<br />

2016 Scotland<br />

2017 East Midlands<br />

2018 Western<br />

2019 West Midlands<br />

2020 Greater London<br />

2021 North West<br />

2022 North West<br />

2023 Scotland & Northern Ireland<br />

26<br />

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For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

MSA GB Member of the Year<br />

1983 Richard Woolnough Eastern<br />

1984 Matt Blair Scotland<br />

1985 Pip Pilcher South East<br />

1986 John Palmer Greater London<br />

1987 Jon Gross West Midlands<br />

1988 Fiona Hutchinson Scotland<br />

1989 David Dunlop Kidd North West<br />

1990 Doug Ollerenshawe Greater London<br />

1991 Terry Charnock North West<br />

1992 Jim Fegan Scotland<br />

1993 Brenda Ross Greater London<br />

1994 Roy Norman Eastern<br />

1995 Paddy Irving North East<br />

1996 Linda Harrington South Wales<br />

1997 Tricia Owen West Midlands<br />

1998 Neil & Christine Peek Eastern<br />

1999 Terry Cummins South East<br />

2000 Peggy Hutchings Western<br />

2001 Clive & Muriel Snook Western<br />

2002 Roy Appleby North East<br />

2003 John Gough Eastern<br />

2004 Ron Feltham Greater London<br />

2005 Allan Edwards South East<br />

2006 Lew Lambert Eastern<br />

2007 Denise Simpson North East<br />

2008 Tom Kwok Greater London<br />

2009 Doug Andrews Eastern<br />

2010 Ian Scoular Scotland<br />

2011 Alex Brownlee Greater London<br />

2012 Mike Longbottom North West<br />

2013 Cos Antoniou Greater London<br />

2014 Bob Butterworth North East<br />

2015 Dave Pepperdine East Midlands<br />

2016 Arthur Mynott Western<br />

2017 Ralph Walton West Midlands<br />

2018 Cheryl Andrews Greater London<br />

2019 Terry Pearce West Midlands<br />

2020 Janet Stewart Greater London<br />

2021 Bryan Phillips Scotland<br />

2022 Neil Palmer South East<br />

Editor of the year<br />

Our Editor of the Year award is presented to the regional/national editor<br />

whose contributions to MSA GB publications deserved special recognition.<br />

Harry Sands Memorial Trophy<br />

1985 John Lepine North West<br />

1986 Bob Matthews Scotland<br />

1987 Phil Whitehead Eastern<br />

1988 Denis Phillips South East<br />

1989 Norman Gregg Greater London<br />

1990 Mike Collins West Midlands<br />

1991 Eric Verity Greater London<br />

1992 Peter Pritchett Western<br />

1993 Stewart Izat Scotland<br />

1994 John Lomas North West<br />

1995 Denis Griffin West Midlands<br />

1996 Jill Callaghan Eastern<br />

1997 Jill Callaghan Eastern<br />

1998 John Lomas North West<br />

1999 Denis Phillips South East<br />

2000 Lionel Jordan Greater London<br />

2001 Denis Phillips South East<br />

Trophy retired<br />

Denis Phillips Memorial Trophy<br />

2002 David Pepperdine East Midlands<br />

2003 Colin Lilly Western<br />

2004 Rod Came South East<br />

2005 Mark Harford Scotland<br />

2006 Terry Pearce West Midlands<br />

2007 Alex Brownlee Greater London<br />

2008 Mike Bassett South East<br />

2009 Tony Phillips Greater London<br />

2010 Tony Phillips Greater London<br />

2011 Phillip Jones & Mike Yeomans North East<br />

Trophy retired<br />

Jon Gross Memorial Trophy<br />

2012 Colin Lilly Western<br />

2013 John Lomas North West<br />

2014 Rod Came South East<br />

2015 Terry Pearce West Midlands<br />

2016 Rod Came South East<br />

2017 David Pepperdine East Midlands<br />

2018 John Lomas North West<br />

2019 Alex Brownlee Greater London<br />

2020 Karen MacLeod Scotland<br />

2021 Guy Annan Western<br />

2022 Brian Thomson Scotland<br />

Honorary Members of MSA GB<br />

1985 Pat Murphy MBE<br />

1985 Connie Murphy<br />

1992 Pip Pilcher<br />

1992 David Dunlop Kidd<br />

1992 Bob Matthews<br />

1994 Gerry Regan<br />

1994 Bob Williams<br />

1995 Betty Blair<br />

1998 Hywel Kirkhouse<br />

1998 Ron Feltham<br />

2002 James Fegan<br />

2006 David Rogers<br />

2008 John Myers<br />

2008 Terry Charnock<br />

2009 Carol Lepine<br />

2014 John Lomas<br />

2017 Roy Appleby<br />

2018 Karl Satloka<br />

2019 Rod Came<br />

2019 John Lepine MBE<br />

2020 Colin Lilly<br />

2020 Rod Tipple<br />

2020 Robert Baker<br />

2020 Steven Sentence<br />

2022 Constantine Antonio<br />

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MSA GB ANNUAL REPORT 2022-23<br />

MSA GB Area representatives<br />

MSA GB is run by its Board of Management, which is made up of the elected representatives<br />

from each of the areas of Great Britain<br />

Area 1 – Scotland & Northern Ireland<br />

Steven Porter<br />

18 Heron Place, Johnstone PA5 0RW<br />

T: 01505 345372 or 07747 600672<br />

E: steven.porter@msagb.com<br />

Area 2 – East Coast<br />

Mike Yeomans<br />

7 Oak Avenue, Elloughton, Brough HU15 1LA<br />

T: 07772 757529<br />

E: mike.yeomans@msagb.com<br />

Area 3 – London & South East<br />

Tom Kwok<br />

52B Sutton Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 1HE<br />

07956 269922<br />

E: tom.kwok@msagb.com<br />

Area 4 – West Coast & Wales<br />

Arthur Mynott<br />

9 Hagleys Green Crowcombe, Taunton TA 4 2AH<br />

T: 01984 618858<br />

E: arthur.mynott@msagb.com<br />

Area 1 – Scotland & Northern Ireland Committee<br />

Chairman: Steven Porter<br />

E: steven.porter@msagb.com<br />

T: 07747 600 672<br />

Dept Chair, Editor & Glasgow Branch:<br />

Bryan Phillips <br />

E: bryan.phillips@hotmail.co.uk<br />

T: 07989 339 646<br />

Vice Chair:Alex Buist<br />

E: alexbuistabuistjuslearn@aol.com.<br />

T: 07966 366410<br />

Committee:<br />

Peter Harvey<br />

E: peter.harveymbe@msagb.com<br />

T: 01787 221020<br />

Aberdeen Driving Schools Group:<br />

Derek Young<br />

E: derekyoungcreel@aol.com<br />

T: 07732 379396<br />

Treasurer & Angus Driving Instructors Group:<br />

Brian Thomson<br />

E: brianthomson1306@gmail.com<br />

T: 07775 727603<br />

Secretary & Lanark & District Instructors Group:<br />

Judy Hale<br />

E: Judy@wundawheels.co.uk <br />

T: 07834 539692<br />

Inverurie Driving Instructors Group:<br />

Alan Gray<br />

E: alan@agdrivingacademy.co.uk<br />

T: 07814 059597<br />

Area 2 – East Coast Committee<br />

Chairman: Mike Yeomans<br />

E: mike.yeomans@msagb.com<br />

T: 07772 757529<br />

Deputy Chairman/ Area Treasurer: Paul Harmes<br />

E: admin@paulharmesdrivingschool.co.uk<br />

T: 07743 232864<br />

Vice Chair: Karl Satloka<br />

E: karl48@btinternet.com<br />

T: 07885 325115<br />

Secretary: Yasmin Ajib<br />

E: yasmin0786@hotmail.co.uk<br />

T: 07879 041247<br />

Editor and editorial co-ordinator: Andrew Burgess<br />

E: fleetcardrivertrainer@gmail.com<br />

T: 07754 542993<br />

Social Media Contact: Neil Wightman<br />

E: neilwightman1@sky.com<br />

T: 07812 364761<br />

28<br />

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For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Area 3 London and<br />

South East Committee<br />

Chairman & Treasurer:<br />

Tom Kwok<br />

E: tom.kwok@msagb.com<br />

T: 07956 269922<br />

How MSA GB<br />

is organised, in<br />

four AREAS<br />

Deputy Chairman:<br />

Alex Brownlee<br />

E: eyedriveschool@gmail.com<br />

T: 07836 763603<br />

AREA 1<br />

Secretary:<br />

Ari Ahmed Kawani<br />

E: ariahamed@live.co.uk<br />

T: 07774 545333<br />

Editor:<br />

Janet Stewart<br />

E: janetslittlecar@btinternet.com<br />

07900 881756<br />

AREA 2<br />

Committee:<br />

Terry Cummins<br />

E: terence.cummins@<br />

btinternet.com<br />

T: 07719 697881<br />

AREA 4<br />

Cheryl Andrews<br />

E: cheryland85@hotmail.com<br />

T: 07884 073565<br />

Ruth Kingsley<br />

E: ruthk4ds@gmail.com<br />

T: 07941 982005<br />

Pankaj Desai<br />

E: pkdesai36@gmail.com<br />

T: 07958975127<br />

Area 4 West Coast and Wales Committee<br />

Chairman: Arthur Mynott<br />

E: arthur.mynott@msagb.com<br />

T: 07989 852274<br />

Deputy Chairman: Chris Truesdale<br />

E: arc.angel@live.co.uk<br />

T: 07803 580885<br />

Vice Chairman North:<br />

Graham Clayton<br />

E: Graham.clayton4@virginmedia.com<br />

T: 07710 541462<br />

AREA 3<br />

Treasurers:<br />

NorthGeoff Capes<br />

E: geoff.at@btopenworld.com<br />

T: 07976 965372<br />

SouthNick Tapp<br />

E: niktapp@hotmail.co.uk<br />

T: 07900 900678<br />

Editor: John Lomas<br />

E: johnstardriving@hotmail.com<br />

T: 07796 091767<br />

Vice Chairman South: Colin Lilly<br />

E: cglilly@btinternet.com <br />

T: 07768 367056<br />

Secretary: Kris Ford<br />

E: kristhebizz@aol.com<br />

T: 07977 778259<br />

Committee: Mike Buggins<br />

E: mikebuggins@gmail.com<br />

T: 07763 553045<br />

Pat Rowell<br />

T: 07850 484227<br />

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MSA GB ANNUAL REPORT 2022-23<br />

Useful numbers<br />

MSA GB<br />

Enquiries: 01787 221020<br />

Payments Line: 01787 221299<br />

DVLA<br />

Driver enquiries 0300 790 6801<br />

Vehicle enquiries 0300 790 6802<br />

Road Safety Organisations<br />

IAM RoadSmart 0300 303 1134<br />

RoSPA 0121 248 2000<br />

PACTS 020 7222 7732<br />

MSA GB Recommended Insurers<br />

Breakdown, Health Cover, etc.<br />

HMCA 01423 799949<br />

MSA GB Recommended Accountants<br />

FBTC 0344 9842 515<br />

MSA GB Breakdown Insurance partner<br />

Telematicus Services<br />

https://msasmartgreendrivers.loroinsurance.com/<br />


Customer booking service<br />

Theory & Practical Tests: 0300 200 1122<br />

When you call DVSA’s customer service centre, make sure<br />

you use the fast-track service. It’s easy to use and it’ll save<br />

you time!<br />

FOR ADI USE ONLY: Call 0300 200 1122<br />

When the voicemail activates, dial 25. You will be<br />

answered and asked for your ADI reference number.<br />

If it is not an ADI calling the operator won’t accept the<br />

call. Please note, you should not give this information to<br />

pupils or members of the public.<br />

If you wish to email and your question is ADI/PDI<br />

related, you should email PADI@dvsa.gov.uk<br />

or if a general enquiry, contact:<br />

customer.services@dvsa.gov.uk<br />

If you would like to receive a copy of your driving test fault<br />

analysis date, it is now available online using the link here:<br />

https://tinyurl.com/yvw4mtml<br />

if you have a theory test enquiry email:<br />

theorycustomerservices@dvsa.gov.uk<br />

Thank you, from the Chairman<br />

I am proud to be associated with the<br />

Motor Schools Association of GB, in<br />

the role of Chairman of the board of<br />

management.<br />

This association has given me<br />

guidance through my many years as<br />

an ADI. To have been selected as the<br />

National Chairman last year was a<br />

privilege.<br />

My thanks go to my vice chairman<br />

Peter Harvey MBE, for his constant<br />

guidance and assistance during my<br />

first year as Chairman, supported by<br />

an awesome team of Area Chairs and<br />

their committees.<br />

This association has the best interests<br />

of all its members at heart; we<br />

pride ourselves in the fact that we<br />

are all ADIs working for instructors.<br />

All our committees, chairmen, and<br />

associated groups are volunteers.<br />

We welcome instructor groups to<br />

join us as associates throughout the<br />

year, to help share in our successes<br />

and to help build better futures for all<br />

working ADIs throughout the UK and<br />

those working abroad.<br />

It is a pleasure to represent the<br />

profession wherever we visit and with<br />

whom we negotiate on our members’<br />

behalf.<br />

Mike Yeomans<br />

MSA GB<br />

National Chairman<br />

30<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Financial report<br />

The Motor Schools<br />

Association of<br />

Great Britain Ltd<br />

Report to the directors on the<br />

preparation of the unaudited<br />

statutory accounts of The Motor<br />

Schools Association of Great<br />

Britain Ltd for the year ended<br />

30 November 2023.<br />

In order to assist you to fulfil your<br />

duties under the Companies Act<br />

2006, we have prepared for your<br />

approval the accounts of The Motor<br />

Schools Association of Great Britain<br />

Ltd for the year ended 30 November<br />

2023 which comprise of the Income<br />

and Expenditure Account, the<br />

Balance Sheet and the related notes<br />

from the company’s accounting<br />

records and from information and<br />

explanations you have given us.<br />

As a practising member firm of the<br />

Association of Chartered Certified<br />

Accountants, we are subject to its<br />

ethical and other professional<br />

requirements which are detailed at<br />

http://rulebook.accaglobal.com/<br />

This report is made solely to the<br />

Board of Directors of The Motor<br />

Schools Association of Great Britain<br />

Ltd, as a body, in accordance with<br />

the terms of our engagement letter<br />

dated 30 November 2023.<br />

Our work has been undertaken<br />

solely to prepare for your approval<br />

the accounts of The Motor Schools<br />

Association of Great Britain Ltd and<br />

state those matters that we have<br />

agreed to state to the Board of<br />

Directors of The Motor Schools<br />

Association of Great Britain Ltd, as a<br />

body, in this report, in accordance<br />

with the requirements of the<br />

Association of Chartered Certified<br />

Accountants as detailed at<br />

http://www.accaglobal.com/<br />

factsheet163.<br />

To the fullest extent permitted by<br />

law, we do not accept or assume<br />

responsibility to anyone other than<br />

The Motor Schools Association of<br />

Great Britain Ltd and its Board of<br />

Directors as a body for our work or<br />

for this report.<br />

It is your duty to ensure that The<br />

Motor Schools Association of Great<br />

Britain Ltd has kept adequate<br />

accounting records and to prepare<br />

statutory accounts that give a true<br />

and fair view of the assets, liabilities,<br />

financial position and surplus of The<br />

Motor Schools Association of Great<br />

Britain Ltd. You consider that The<br />

Motor Schools Association of Great<br />

Britain Ltd is exempt from the<br />

statutory audit requirement for the<br />

year.<br />

We have not been instructed to<br />

carry out an audit or a review of the<br />

accounts of The Motor Schools<br />

Association of Great Britain Ltd. For<br />

this reason, we have not verified the<br />

accuracy or completeness of the<br />

accounting records or information<br />

and explanations you have given to<br />

us and we do not, therefore, express<br />

any opinion on the statutory<br />

accounts.<br />

CJM Associates Ltd<br />

Members’ funds<br />

The directors are satisfied that the company is entitled to exemption from the requirement to obtain an audit under<br />

section 477 of the Companies Act 2006.<br />

The members have not required the company to obtain an audit in accordance with section 476 of the Act.<br />

The directors acknowledge their responsibilities for complying with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 with<br />

respect to accounting records and the preparation of accounts.<br />

The accounts have been prepared and delivered in accordance with the special provisions applicable to companies<br />

subject to the small companies regime. The income and expenditure account has not been delivered to the Registrar<br />

of Companies.<br />

Mike Yeomans, Director<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 31

MSA GB ANNUAL REPORT 2022-23<br />

Financial report<br />

Income and Expenditure Account<br />

for the year ended 30 November 2023<br />

YE 30 November 2023 YE 30 November 2022<br />

£ £ £ £<br />

Income<br />

Membership subscriptions income 98,440 99,404<br />

Membership subscriptions joining fees 1,665 930<br />

Conference income (7) 2,404<br />

Regional meetings income (252) 1,335<br />

Member supplies income - -<br />

EFA Income - -<br />

99,846 104,073<br />

Cost of sales<br />

Member Supplies 412 -<br />

Conference expenditure 5,877 3,457<br />

Sales/Member Commissions 1,293 1,694<br />

Gross surplus<br />

(7,582) (5,151)<br />

92,264 98,923<br />

Administrative expenses<br />

Wages and salaries - -<br />

Association management 30,000 35,586<br />

Staff training - -<br />

Staff pension costs - -<br />

Rent - -<br />

Rates - -<br />

Equipment hire - -<br />

Board, committee and regional expenses 14,628 10,640<br />

Power, light and heat - -<br />

Property repairs and maintenance - -<br />

Insurance 21,829 22,461<br />

Website costs - 65<br />

Computers and software costs 1,987 1,926<br />

Travelling expenses 2,180 7,298<br />

Postage, courier and delivery charges 593 845<br />

Professional subscriptions 1,929 3,769<br />

Legal and professional fees 1,059 35<br />

Accountancy 3,013 3,330<br />

Bank charges 2,377 2,841<br />

Credit card charges 1,100 803<br />

Printing and stationery - -<br />

Telecommunications 565 698<br />

Advertising (38) 500<br />

Sundry expenses 208 15<br />

Donations - 50<br />

Depreciation 2,031 581<br />

Loss on sale of tangible assets - -<br />

(83,461) (91,442)<br />

Operating deficit 8,803 7,481<br />

32<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

YE 30 November 2023 YE 30 November 2022<br />

£ £ £ £<br />

Investment revenues<br />

Bank interest received 110 1<br />

110 1<br />

Other gains and losses<br />

Amounts written off fixed<br />

asset investments - -<br />

Gains on sale of fixed<br />

asset investments - -<br />

Change in fair value of financial assets<br />

measured at fair value through<br />

profit or loss - (1,895)<br />

- (1,895)<br />

Surplus/(Deficit) before taxation 8,912 5,586<br />

Taxation - -<br />

Surplus/(Deficit) for the period 8,912 5,586<br />


Fixed assets<br />

Investments (633) 32,230<br />

Office Equipment 3,703 5,734<br />

3,070 37,964<br />

Current assets<br />

Trade debtors 981 1,117<br />

Prepayments 10,148 10,755<br />

NatWest business account 60,998 49,643<br />

NatWest deposit account 32,976 30<br />

PayPal Account 421 1,101<br />

105,524 62,645<br />

Creditors: amounts falling due within one year<br />

Trade creditors (14,592) (15,499)<br />

Other creditors (2,905) (2,925)<br />

Accruals (3,000) (3,000)<br />

Corporation tax - -<br />

(20,497) (21,424)<br />

Net current (liabilities)/assets 85,027 41,221<br />

Total assets less current liabilities 88,098 79,185<br />

Reserves<br />

Income and expenditure<br />

account b/fwd 79,185 73,599<br />

Result for the period 8,912 5,586<br />

88,098 79,185<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 33

Members’ section<br />

MSA GB<br />

membership<br />

offer<br />

MSA GB has arranged a new<br />

membership special offer – a<br />

new breakdown insurance<br />

partnership with trusted<br />

partners Telematicus Services<br />

Limited (t/a Smart Green<br />

Drivers).<br />

Don’t be left in the lurch if<br />

your car breaks down<br />

MSA GB has arranged a great new<br />

membership offer – comprehensive but<br />

cost-effective breakdown insurance cover<br />

from Telematicus Services Limited.<br />

There are two simple and cost-effective<br />

levels of cover for you to choose from.<br />

Telematicus Services Limited (t/a Smart<br />

Green Drivers) provides breakdown cover for<br />

cars, vans and motorcycles at pocketpleasing<br />

prices. However, just because it<br />

costs less than you think, doesn’t mean they<br />

cut any corners and still offer quality, reliable<br />

and trustworthy breakdown cover for all.<br />

Full UK cover<br />

Telematicus Services Limited’s highquality,<br />

low-cost breakdown solution covers<br />

the whole of the UK, and is specifically<br />

designed for the motorist who wishes to be<br />

covered in every eventuality.<br />

What’s included<br />

n No excesses or call out charges.<br />

n For vehicles up to 9 years old<br />

n Home Start.<br />

n Cover for punctures and flat tyres.<br />

n Cover anywhere throughout the UK<br />

n Includes hire car, overnight accommodation<br />

and onward travel options.<br />

n Unlimited callouts during the year of policy.<br />

n Over 3,000 recovery agents nationally.<br />

Telematicus Services Limited policies cover<br />

the vehicle, not the individual, meaning<br />

whoever is driving the vehicle at the time of a<br />

breakdown is eligible to call for assistance.<br />

Cover on holiday, too<br />

For ultimate cover, Telematicus Services<br />

Limited’s Full UK & EU policy has it all.<br />

Providing the same great benefits and<br />

coverage as that of its full UK Cover, but with<br />

the added surety of European travel, it makes<br />

for a complete policy.<br />

What’s included (in addition to the above)<br />

n Cover in any EU member state country<br />

plus Switzerland and Norway.<br />

n Includes extended hire car, overnight<br />

accommodation and onward travel options.<br />

n Unlimited callouts during the term of the<br />

policy<br />

Again, the full UK & EU policies cover the<br />

vehicle, not the individual, meaning whoever<br />

is driving the vehicle at the time of a<br />

breakdown is eligible to call for assistance.<br />

MSA GB vice-chairman Peter Harvey<br />

commented: “We like to think that MSA GB is<br />

the association that never sleeps, as we<br />

continually work to enhance our membership<br />

package, so you always feel supported and<br />

prepared for the wins and challenges that the<br />

life of a driving instructor brings.<br />

“We think this breakdown cover from<br />

Telematicus Services Limited t/a Smart<br />

Green Drivers will give you peace of mind<br />

without the cost usually associated with<br />

cover of this kind, and at a special discount<br />

price for members.”<br />


A full set of frequently asked questions can<br />

be found at their website, accessed by<br />

clicking the panel below.<br />

Click here<br />

for details<br />

To access your breakdown offer please follow<br />

this link.<br />

Click here<br />

for details<br />

34 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Get 10p off every litre of fuel<br />

with special MSA GB deal<br />

The cost-of-living crisis is putting many<br />

ADIs under considerable financial pressure,<br />

and nowhere is it felt more than through<br />

the rising cost of fuel.<br />

So to help alleviate some of the burden<br />

on our members, we’re thrilled to<br />

announce a brand-new partnership with<br />


A fuel card from MSA GB partner, Fuel<br />

Card Services can provide huge benefits to<br />

businesses that use vehicles on a daily<br />

basis:<br />

n Cutting fuel costs - save up to 10p per<br />

litre and get a consistent price.<br />

n Increased security - fuel cards are a<br />

safer alternative to carrying cash and<br />

eliminate fraud.<br />

n Streamline admin - HMRC compliant<br />

invoices, no receipts, one neat invoice and<br />

a dedicated account manager.<br />

n Tighter control of business expenses<br />

- view transactions and reports online 24/7.<br />

n Increased flexibility for refuelling<br />

across a huge network.<br />

n Fleet convenience - a quick and<br />

convenient way for fleets to refuel.<br />

There are a range of fuel cards available<br />

on the market and for your business to<br />

truly benefit from investing in fuel cards,<br />

you need to choose the right one for your<br />

businesses’ requirements.<br />

FUEL CARD SERVICES offers a large<br />

choice of networks from leading brands,<br />

such as BP, Shell, Esso and UK Fuels, so<br />

you can decide which networks you wish<br />

to include on your business account.<br />

Fuel Card Services and MSA GB are<br />

helping to deliver cost savings to<br />

members throughout the country.<br />

For more details and to obtain a fuel<br />

card through MSA GB, go to our website at<br />

https://msagb.com/members/<br />

member-discounts/<br />


What are the latest UK fuel prices?<br />

The prices right are the latest available unleaded petrol and diesel averages<br />

across supermarket, motorway and independent forecourts in the UK, according<br />

to data compiled by the RAC. Prices correct at the end of January. Continuing<br />

instability in the Middle East, affecting both fuel output and transport through the<br />

Red Sea, risks causing price rises in the coming weeks.<br />


DIESEL<br />

UK average 144p 152p<br />

Motorway 157p 176p<br />

Supermarkets 142p 152p<br />


AlcoSense: Every ADI should have one handy<br />

MSA GB has teamed up with leading supplier of personal<br />

breathalyser kits AlcoSense to bring our members a<br />

very special offer.<br />

The AlcoSense kits give an instant and accurate<br />

snapshot of whether you – or your pupil – has alcohol in<br />

your/their system, and are particularly useful ‘the<br />

morning after.’<br />

Peter Harvey, MSA GB national vice chairman,<br />

commented: “These are a quality product. They arrive<br />

well packaged, with the required batteries, five<br />

mouthpieces and full instructions. They are very easy to<br />

use, with a simple menu, and can be adjusted to suit the<br />

country you are in depending on the legal limit there.<br />

Once set up, the breathalyser gives a very clear reading<br />

in traffic light colours, making it easy to follow.<br />

“Green, as you would expect, tells you you are okay to<br />

drive. Amber advises you that alcohol is present but you<br />

are below the limit you entered at set up – though it is so<br />

important to check what the limit is in the country you<br />

use it. Red is pretty self-explanatory – Don’t drive.<br />

“The set is very compact, about the same size as a<br />

mobile phone but a little deeper. It is ideal for eliminating<br />

any concerns you may have the morning after – or for<br />

your pupils.”<br />

The Excel model costs around £100 and can be viewed:<br />

https://alcosense.co.uk/alcosense.html.<br />

But we’ve negotiated a special discount on the entire<br />

AlcoSense range (except single-use disposables) of 10<br />

per cent for members IF BOUGHT THROUGH THE MSA<br />

GB WEBSITE – from the entry-level Lite 2 (£44.99) to<br />

the top-of-the-range Ultra (£249.00), with other<br />

options available. Go to<br />

https://msagb.com/members/member-discounts/<br />

to secure your member discount.<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 35

Members’ section<br />

New membership service: Find My Local<br />

MSA GB Instructor directory launched<br />

Cut through the competition<br />

by advertising your skills on<br />

MSA GB’s own ADI directory<br />

With the DVSA (https://tinyurl.com/<br />

4b3t9a9e) reporting a 24 per cent increase in<br />

the number of new driving instructor<br />

registrations in 2022/2023, compared to<br />

2020/2021, our industry is set to become<br />

even more competitive as driving instructors<br />

do battle to gain the attention of those<br />

wanting to learn to drive.<br />

To help MSA GB members cut through the<br />

industry noise and raise their profile, we’re<br />

delighted to announce the launch of our<br />

online ‘Find My Local MSA GB Instructor’<br />

directory, which will be proudly displayed on<br />

the MSA GB home page and on the MSA GB<br />

App.<br />

Once live, this new directory will be easily<br />

accessible by the public, who can use our<br />

simple search engine to source a driving<br />

instructor in their local area, who suits their<br />

learning needs.<br />

For MSA GB members it couldn’t be simpler<br />

to input your details and make sure you stand<br />

out from the crowd. We’ve included several<br />

opportunities for you to highlight any special<br />

skills or teaching experience that you may<br />

have, for example teaching pupils with<br />

disabilities or those who are particularly<br />

anxious drivers.<br />

To upload your profile onto the MSA GB<br />

directory, all you need to do is:<br />

n Log into the Member Area<br />

n Look to the left of the page and scroll<br />

down until you see three blue arrow tabs.<br />

n Click on the tab - ‘Add Directory listing’<br />

n You will then be taken to the following<br />

page:<br />

n Input your details and upload your photo<br />

(adding your photo is optional)<br />

n Once you’ve inputted all your details,<br />

check that all your information is correct<br />

n Tick the box if you agree to share your<br />

details on the website. Please note if you do<br />

not tick the box your details will not appear<br />

on the on the Find My Local MSA GB<br />

Instructor directory.<br />

n Click submit – and your done!<br />

This is just one of the many fantastic<br />

benefits that MSA GB members get to enjoy<br />

with their membership, which also includes:<br />

n PI & PL Insurance cover totalling £10<br />

million.<br />

n Legal & Technical Advice<br />

n Member Representation<br />

n Access to a wealth of exclusive<br />

information and downloadable resources<br />

n Member Discounts<br />

n Our monthly digital industry magazine<br />

- <strong>Newslink</strong><br />

n Comprehensive driving school cover.<br />

We hope registering is a straightforward<br />

process, but if you need any assistance, or<br />

have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact<br />

our membership team on info@msagb.com<br />

or 01787 221 020<br />

36 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

ADI groups and associations<br />

MSA GB is proud of its long-standing links with many local ADI<br />

groups around the country. Many are small, dedicated to driver<br />

training in one city, town or even focused on a sole DTC, but all<br />

work tirelessly to improve the work of being an ADI. This can<br />

be in representing ADIs’ interests and views to your DVSA area<br />

manager, offering an ADI’s voice to local authorities and town<br />

planners, or by simply providing a network within which ADIs can<br />

find help and advice from their fellow instructors. After all, for<br />

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

many ADIs working as sole traders, being a driving instructor can<br />

be a lonely task: local ADI groups help stop it feeling quite so much<br />

that it’s ‘you against the world.’<br />

In every issue of <strong>Newslink</strong> will be publishing a list of local ADI<br />

groups and associations. We will only publish those groups who let<br />

us know they are happy to be included in our list, so if you would<br />

like to see your details here, please contact Peter Harvey at<br />

peter.harveymbe@msagb.com<br />

Aberdeen and District Driving Schools<br />

Association<br />

Secretary: Derek Young<br />

T: 07732 379396<br />

E: derekyoungcreel@aol.com<br />

Meets quarterly February (AGM), May,<br />

August and November.<br />

Cost £35 per annum<br />

Angus Driving Instructors Association<br />

Secretary: Frances Matthew<br />

T: 07703 664522<br />

E; francesmatthew@hotmail.co.uk<br />

This group holds six meeting per year<br />

(usually one week after the Scottish<br />

committee meeting)<br />

Cost £20 per year.<br />

Aylesbury Vale Driving Instructors<br />

Association<br />

Chairman: Sue Pusey<br />

T: 07780 606868<br />

E: AVDIA@btinternet.com<br />

Meetings are first Wednesday of every<br />

month at Church of the Holy Spirit,<br />

Camborne Avenue, Aylesbury, HP21 7UE.<br />

7.30pm start.<br />

Guest speaker every other month,<br />

refreshments provided.<br />

Annual fee £30. First meeting free as try<br />

before you buy.<br />

Birmingham Approved Driving Instructors<br />

Contact: Dave Allen<br />

T: 07939 627493<br />

E: Daveallen1999@googlemail.com<br />

Cornwall Association of Approved Driving<br />

Instructors (CAADI)<br />

Secretary: Rachael Lloyd-Phillips<br />

E: rachael@oneandallsom.co.uk<br />

This group meets via Zoom on the 3rd<br />

Monday every other month at 7.30pm.<br />

City of Dunfermline and District ADIs<br />

Secretary: Gail Pilch<br />

T: 07817 661450<br />

E: dunfermlineadisecretary@outlook.com<br />

Meetings are bi-monthly, at<br />

Dunfermline Northern Bowling Club, Dewar<br />

Street,<br />

Dunfermline KY12 8AD<br />

Glasgow & District Driving Instructors<br />

Association<br />

Contact: Bryan Phillips<br />

T: 07989 339 646<br />

E: bryan.phillips@hotmail.co.uk<br />

Meet on the last Sunday of the month,<br />

once every quarter, at<br />

The Fort Theatre, Kenmuir Ave,<br />

Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, G64 2DW.<br />

Joining fee: £15 per year<br />

Hinckley & District Driver Trainers<br />

Association (HDDTA)<br />

Chairman: Barrie Pates<br />

T: 07914 408 739<br />

E: haddta@yahoo.com<br />

Hull and East Riding Driving Instructors<br />

(HERDI)<br />

Contact: Andrew<br />

T: 07754542993<br />

E: herdi.rsa@gmail.com<br />

Lanark Driving Instructors<br />

Secretary: Sandra Smillie<br />

T: 07975 147150<br />

Meet quarterly from <strong>March</strong> which is our<br />

AGM<br />

South Warwickshire Association<br />

of ADIs (SWAADI)<br />

Contact: Andy Thomas<br />

T: 01926 717230 / 07900 673634<br />

E: artommo@hotmail.com<br />

We meet at 8.30pm every third Monday of<br />

the month except August and December<br />

(no meetings) at The Windmill Inn,<br />

Tachbrook Rd, Leamington Spa CV31 3DD,<br />

Rolls and snacks are available for a small<br />

charge and membership is £25 a year and<br />

includes a monthly newsletter and addition<br />

to a WhatsApp group for local issues/<br />

traffic updates, etc.<br />

Swindon Driving Instructors Association<br />

(Swindon DIA)<br />

Contact: Sandra Jill Richens<br />

T: 07795 006015<br />

E: SJRichens@btinternet.com<br />

Taunton Association Driving Instructors<br />

See Facebook page – search ‘Taunton ADI<br />

& PDI Forum’<br />

Wirral Association of Professional Driving<br />

Instructors (APDI)<br />

Chairman: Brian Murray<br />

T: 07810 094332<br />

Secretary: Richard Gillmore<br />

T: 07790 193138<br />

E: wirral-apdi@hotmail.co.uk<br />

W: wirralinstructors.co.uk<br />

Meet monthly on the first Thursday of the<br />

month (except January and August)<br />

at Heswall FC, Brimstage Road, Heswall,<br />

Wirral CH60 1XG<br />

Further information and to join, please visit<br />

the website.<br />

Why join a local association?<br />

Local news, local input – a local voice...<br />

If you want to see your local ADI group listed in this index,<br />

contact Peter Harvey on peter.harveymbe@msagb.com<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 37

Area News<br />

Love your motors?<br />

Leonardo da Vinci may<br />

have been their dad<br />

Janet<br />

Stewart<br />

London & the<br />

South East<br />

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci had ideas<br />

about helicopters. That is the big thing that<br />

everyone knows about him, in addition to<br />

his quality frescos and paintings.<br />

But cars? Yes, indeed, he had a few light<br />

bulb moments for cars, as well as musical<br />

instruments, a mechanical knight,<br />

hydraulic pumps, reversible crank<br />

mechanisms, finned mortar shells and a<br />

steam cannon.<br />

Leo’s car is not a car as we know it but<br />

more a sort of self-propelling cart. The<br />

machine was powered by two symmetrical<br />

springs and had a balance wheel to ensure<br />

a smooth motion. There was something<br />

similar to a differential to accommodate<br />

comfortable cornering and the cart could<br />

be made to follow a programmed path.<br />

There is a replica in the Clos Lucé near<br />

Château d’Amboise. Of course, it works!<br />

Now, it just so happens that I had a<br />

friend whose sister was married to the<br />

owner of the Filching Manor Motor<br />

museum in Sussex, and a very special car<br />

was brought to Amersham (just up the<br />

road from me) for an event.<br />

The car was an 1896 German model<br />

made by Benz and I wonder if I might have<br />

been more comfortable on da Vinci’s<br />

self-propelling cart, of approximately 400<br />

years earlier.<br />

I was privileged to ride through town in it.<br />

I say “privileged” but I could not wait for it<br />

to be over – it was just about the most<br />

uncomfortable thing I have ever sat in/on.<br />

NO suspension, solid tyres, and part of<br />

Amersham High Street is cobbled!<br />

It was only another 12 years until the<br />

next big thing – the Model T Ford - which<br />

you could have in any colour as long as it<br />

was black. By the 1930s motoring had<br />

become quite popular and the world<br />

became familiar with the internal<br />

combustion engine. And there it stayed for<br />

quite a long time; milk floats were the only<br />

things on the road that were electric, and<br />

maybe that should have struck people as<br />

odd or made them wonder why the rest of<br />

the road traffic wasn’t electric.<br />

In 1974 we saw the arrival of the Aston<br />

Martin Lagonda – very smart indeed! By<br />

this time the motor car was definitely a<br />

fashion accessory. Who could forget the<br />

excitement about the Ford Capri and the<br />

Jensen Interceptor? And now we have cars<br />

such as the Lexus with more bells and<br />

whistles than you can shake a stick at.<br />

There were experiments with LPG which<br />

seem to have come to nothing and, of<br />

course, the big questions now are about<br />

electric and hydrogen-fuelled vehicles.<br />

I won’t bang on about it but I look<br />

forward to getting into my first self-driving<br />

pod (which I hope will also fly) if I live long<br />

enough. And, yes, I did choose Lagonda<br />

and Lexus because I like the alliteration.<br />

Contact: Janet Stewart,<br />

MSA GB London & the South<br />

janetslittlecar@btinternet.<br />

com<br />

Tel 07989 852274.<br />

Janet Stewart is an Executive<br />

Member of the Institute of<br />

Master Tutors of Driving<br />

Leonardo’s self-propelling cart. More comfortable,<br />

possibly, than the Mercedes-Benz (the yellow AM 11)<br />

on display. Below, a more sophisticated vehicle, the<br />

Aston Martin Lagonda.<br />

38 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Experienced professional to<br />

lead safeguarding course<br />

Paul Harmes<br />

MSA GB Area 2 Deputy Chairman<br />

MSA GB Area 2 (East Coast) is hosting a<br />

safeguarding training event on April 4.<br />

To be run online, it will start at 10am and<br />

run until 3pm, with a break in the middle at a<br />

suitable time for lunch.<br />

The discounted cost to MSA members is<br />

£45 and to non-members £70.<br />

All participants will receive a safeguarding<br />

certificate for completing Level 1 and a work<br />

booklet. The course counts as CPD, too.<br />

Safeguarding is how we can protect<br />

children, young people and vulnerable adults<br />

from abuse or neglect by the actions, or lack<br />

of actions, of another person. In order to<br />

safeguard and protect persons from abuse or<br />

neglect, we need to learn how to identify<br />

vulnerable individuals and take necessary<br />

steps to stop abuse and neglect.<br />

This qualification is suitable for all persons<br />

and will provide an understanding of<br />

safeguarding which can be used in a<br />

workplace, activity group or any instance<br />

where a person comes into contact with<br />

children or adults at risk.<br />

The qualification provides learners with the<br />

knowledge to identify a safeguarding<br />

concern, record a disclosure and report to the<br />

appropriate person.<br />

TO ENROL<br />

Click here to enrol<br />

on the course<br />

When you enrol we will need your full name<br />

and email address to send you the joining link,<br />

which will be sent nearer the event.<br />

About our course leader<br />

The course will be lead by Neil Wightma.<br />

Neil is a driving mentor who is dedicated to<br />

helping individuals achieve their full potential.<br />

As an ORDIT (Official Register of Driving<br />

Instructor Training) registered instructor<br />

trainer, Neil is recognised for his expertise<br />

and qualifications in training driving<br />

instructors.<br />

Furthermore, Neil is a safeguarding<br />

instructor, which indicates his commitment<br />

to ensuring the safety and well-being of his<br />

students.<br />

Safeguarding instructors play a crucial role<br />

in educating driving instructors about child<br />

protection, vulnerable adult safeguarding, and<br />

other related topics.<br />

Neil takes pride in his work and is<br />

passionate about assisting others in reaching<br />

their highest potential.<br />

Hope to see you there.<br />

ADI training to teach pupils with Special Needs<br />

6 Hour Courses, Online One-To-One Training for Driving Instructors<br />

From communication problems to behavioural difficulties, these courses are designed to help you as<br />

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Courses available:<br />

n Introduction to Neurodiversity in Your Car<br />

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n Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia<br />

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n Anxiety and Confidence Building<br />

in Lessons<br />

n Anxiety and the Driving Test<br />

n Communication and Special Needs<br />

n Setting and Achieving Goals with<br />

Neurodiverse People<br />

n Sensory Sensitivity and Related Issues<br />

n Neurodiversity and the Driving Test<br />

n Improving Low Self-Esteem<br />

n Challenging Situations and Special Needs<br />

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deposit secures your place.<br />

Delivered by Dr Julia S. A. Malkin, MBE<br />

MA, BA (Hons), FdA (MVCO), Dip. DI, LCGI, MInstMTD, FARRM<br />

What Julia’s<br />

clients said:<br />

‘Absolutely amazing<br />

trainer for driving<br />

instructors with SEN<br />

pupils’ - H.S.M.<br />

‘I cannot recommend<br />

Julia highly enough.<br />

What an experience’ –<br />

K.G.<br />

Winner of the Prince<br />

Michael International<br />

Road Safety Award for<br />

Innovation 2012 and<br />

Intelligent Instructor<br />

Special Needs Provider<br />

Award 2019<br />

Contact Julia for further details and to book via 07761 064 694 or julia.mbe2011@gmail.com<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 39

Area News<br />

ADIs, 1950s/60s style – and not<br />

a headerboard in sight<br />

John Lomas<br />

MSA GB<br />

West Coast<br />

& Wales<br />

1<br />

Old School? (Photo 1)<br />

I found this photo on Facebook and a<br />

poster suggested it might be Swindon – on<br />

Victoria Road to be precise. The pointed L<br />

Plates appear to pre-date 1970 (ADI<br />

Compulsory Registration) – in fact the<br />

registrations suggest late ‘50s/ early ‘60s<br />

but I don’t know how frequently instructors<br />

changed their cars back then.<br />

I have confirmed the RAC Reg suggestion<br />

(see photo 2). This was a scheme run by the<br />

Royal Automoblie Club to approve some<br />

driving instructors and I believe it was in<br />

operation at a similar date to the Motor<br />

Schools Association of Great Britain’s own<br />

registration scheme, which I covered during<br />

the series I wrote to coincide with the MSA<br />

GB’s and the Driving Test Diamond<br />

Anniversary Year.<br />

Odd Sign (photo 3)<br />

I seem to be collecting these odd signs.<br />

This month’s contribution, again from<br />

Facebook, is/was in Dorset. I haven’t found it<br />

on Streetview but it is surely somewhere<br />

near the Red marker on the Google Map’s<br />

view (photo 4). The reason why it was<br />

brought to the attention of the poster were<br />

the mileages quoted: who ever needed a<br />

mileage chart in half miles?<br />

The person posting it wondered why it was<br />

so pedantic. Other than, possibly, the<br />

Ringwood distance, it would surely do no<br />

harm to have whole mile distances?<br />

By the way, that’s not a decimal point<br />

before Winchester’s distance; it is actually<br />

the result of a stone or air rifle pellet impact<br />

(and it did remind me of the story in<br />

<strong>Newslink</strong>’s August issue on the shot-up<br />

roadsigns of Crete).<br />

M6 Visibility v Speed<br />

In February’s issue, Janet Stewart<br />

mentioned driving back from Scotland on a<br />

beautiful moonlit night, sticking to 70mph but<br />

asking herself, on an empty road, why?<br />

2<br />

3<br />

I did that once in the Lune Valley, just<br />

south of Tebay services. It was a beautiful<br />

clear night, nice moon, at least seven or eight<br />

street lights visible, but barely 100ft visibility<br />

at ground level because of low-lying fog.<br />

Fog or mist can form in dips around rivers<br />

– which is what had happened in this case.<br />

You won’t be surprised to learn that other<br />

cars were just belting past me.<br />

It’s not the first time I’ve seen those<br />

conditions. I have even been overtaken in fog<br />

by ‘Battenbergs’. Even on clear nights watch<br />

out for mist/fog near rivers.<br />

Drivers’ eyesight<br />

Again from February’s issue, the story<br />

about a campaign in Scotland to get older<br />

drivers to have regular eyesight checks<br />

caught my attention. When I was teaching I<br />

4<br />

usually found that spectacle wearers were<br />

much more aware of deterioration in their<br />

sight than non-glasses users; I include<br />

contact wearers in this as well.<br />

I assume that the devolved transport<br />

40 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

6<br />

5<br />

powers held by the Scottish Government do<br />

not include changing the regs around<br />

eyesight – though as the article basically was<br />

saying ‘check your sight’, perhaps it’s not a<br />

case of needing new regulations, just proper<br />

application of existing ones.<br />

As an aside, the DVLA sent me an eyesight<br />

reminder in my latest car tax notification.<br />

Visible through the window after removal of<br />

the letter was the advice panel shown in<br />

Photo 5. Nice touch, that.<br />

Another envelope recently received had<br />

the message “Is your address correct? If not,<br />

please notify us”<br />

Only problem, of course, is that if it hadn’t<br />

been correct, I wouldn’t have received it in the<br />

first place.<br />

Driving offences while NOT driving<br />

I am sure you are aware that it is possible to<br />

be arrested for being in or close to your car<br />

while ‘under the Influence’ if you are in<br />

possession of the keys. It would then be your<br />

responsibility to PROVE you had no intention<br />

of actually driving. Many people have, over<br />

the years, fallen foul of this aspect<br />

of the law.<br />

But it got me wondering about<br />

underage or unlicensed family members<br />

being asked to get stuff from a car which is<br />

parked on the road outside your house or<br />

nearby.<br />

What would their defence look like if a local<br />

PC happened to be passing at just that time,<br />

spotted the clearly underage youngster with<br />

car keys entering a car? Would he/she<br />

suspect them of being about to drive? Would<br />

they have to prove, as in the case of the<br />

drink-(non)driver, that they had no intention<br />

of driving?<br />

Has anyone had experience of just such a<br />

scenario?<br />

Would the ADI Registrar consider that<br />

sending such a person to fetch something<br />

from the car constitutes an offence worthy of<br />

consideration with reference to your ADI<br />

status?<br />

Sat Nav followers, regardless!<br />

We have all heard about people who follow<br />

the SatNav regardless of the obvious signals<br />

not to do so, such as No Entry signs, Weight<br />

and/or Height warning signs, etc, even to the<br />

extent of getting physically jammed at<br />

narrow spots or low bridges.<br />

I do hope that those very same people<br />

don’t purchase a Toyota bZ4X, as being<br />

advertised at the moment.<br />

The advert clearly implies that it can be<br />

driven along a river and then down a vertical<br />

waterfall!<br />

A screen grab of the waterfall can be found<br />

at photo 6 above.<br />


John St C Lomas, West Coast<br />

& Wales MSA GB<br />

Tel 07796 091767<br />

johnstardriving@hotmail.com<br />

bristoljackaroo@gmail.com<br />

Regulator launches investigation as National Highways misses targets<br />

An investigation has been launched into<br />

National Highways because its<br />

“performance has dipped in a number of<br />

areas”, a regulator has announced.<br />

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) said it is<br />

conducting the inquiry because potential<br />

risks it identified in a report in July 2023<br />

have “materialised”, relating to issues such<br />

as the delivery of major schemes and<br />

management of assets.<br />

National Highways runs motorways and<br />

major A roads in England.<br />

Targets relating to issues such as delays,<br />

efficiency, roadworks, user satisfaction and<br />

safety are all unlikely to be met.<br />

The regulator is also concerned about the<br />

delivery of projects in the second road<br />

investment strategy (RIS2), which runs from<br />

2020 to 2025 and includes schemes such as<br />

the A303 Stonehenge tunnel and the Lower<br />

Thames Crossing which have been delayed.<br />

ORR director of planning and performance<br />

Feras Alshaker said: “National Highways has<br />

generally delivered well for road users, but in<br />

recent months we have become concerned<br />

that its performance has dipped in a number<br />

of areas and issues are recurring.<br />

“We are opening an investigation now to<br />

help ORR and National Highways achieve a<br />

common understanding of what is causing<br />

the current dip in performance.<br />

Steve Gooding of the RAC Foundation,<br />

said: “Drivers up and down the country will<br />

have experienced roadworks on the major<br />

routes run by National Highways, and in one<br />

sense that’s a good sign: we can all see<br />

money is being spent on this vital network<br />

which the country relies on.<br />

“However, as motorists get caught up in<br />

the disruption they will want reassurance<br />

that the works are being carried out as<br />

quickly and cost-effectively as possible.<br />

“The promise of great journeys tomorrow<br />

should not come at an unacceptable cost for<br />

drivers today.”<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 41

Area News<br />

Get your macks out, it doesn’t<br />

look like it will ever stop raining<br />

Arthur Mynott<br />

MSA GB<br />

West Coast & Wales<br />

This month I thought I would talk about<br />

something different to driver instruction, but<br />

in a way it does affect our industry to a<br />

certain extent, and that is the weather.<br />

I’m sat here writing this in the second half<br />

of February looking at the rain pouring down<br />

outside. It’s been raining for most days here<br />

in the West Country since the beginning of<br />

last October and I’m starting to wonder when<br />

it will begin to dry up.<br />

My local golf course has been shut for a lot<br />

of that time and I’m seriously thinking I’m<br />

beginning to suffer from withdrawal<br />

symptoms! I suppose in a way that we are<br />

paying for the long hot dry spell we had last<br />

summer.<br />

There has been quite a few roads closed<br />

around here at various times because of<br />

flooding and one road in particular, the A361,<br />

has been closed by way of floodgates a few<br />

times already this winter. These were<br />

installed after severe flooding in 2014. I<br />

remember this well and you probably all saw<br />

the videos on the news programmes,<br />

especially the ones showing the then Prince<br />

Charles visiting the village of Muchelney in a<br />

boat!<br />

By Easter Monday that year the floods had<br />

receded and Marie and I went for a drive to<br />

see how things were improving. We first went<br />

through Langport (there is a clue in the name<br />

because it used to be a port before the land<br />

was drained!) to Muchelney along the same<br />

road that Prince Charles floated down in a<br />

boat and that was fine and the village hadn’t<br />

flooded at all, it was just the roads in and out<br />

of it that had flooded.<br />

We then travelled to Bridgwater through<br />

the village of Moorland (again the clue is in<br />

the name, ‘Moor’land) and almost the entire<br />

village was affected. There were carpets<br />

hanging out of the windows drying, ruined<br />

furniture and electrical goods stacked up in<br />

the gardens, and some occupants were living<br />

Photo Somerset Gazette<br />

in caravans on their driveways. It was a very<br />

sorry sight and we really felt for them.<br />

There were a lot of questions asked as to<br />

why it was so bad that year as it never used<br />

to flood like that, even when there was a lot<br />

of rain in other years. The main reason was<br />

that the regular dredging of the rhynes (a<br />

local name for drainage channels) had not<br />

been carried out on a regular basis since the<br />

Environment Agency took over the<br />

responsibility in 1990. Prior to that it was<br />

overseen by local agencies who saw that the<br />

rhynes were dredged when necessary, this<br />

also included dredging the rivers flowing<br />

through the area in to which the water was<br />

pumped by several pumping stations.<br />

Before becoming a driving instructor I<br />

worked as a herdsman on a farm which<br />

backed on to one of the moors. The cows<br />

used to graze the fields in the moor in the<br />

summer months but were moved back<br />

The sodden<br />

village of<br />

Muchelney<br />

back in 2014.<br />

Increased<br />

periods of<br />

heavy rain<br />

have made<br />

flooding a<br />

more common<br />

occurence in<br />

some parts of<br />

the country,<br />

to devastating<br />

effect<br />

nearer the farm before winter. If a<br />

lot of rain was forecast the<br />

aforementioned pumps were<br />

turned on to lower the water level<br />

in anticipation so the area did not<br />

flood. It just goes to show the<br />

advantage of things being<br />

controlled on a local level rather<br />

than in some head office over a<br />

hundred miles away!<br />

I hope you liked this article, and<br />

it makes a change from reading<br />

about test waiting times,<br />

Standards Checks, the DVSA, etc, and the<br />

weather does affect our work to a certain<br />

extent.<br />

On another note, please let me know of<br />

any meetings you would be interested in<br />

attending in your area or any speakers you<br />

would like, this could be face to face meetings<br />

or video ones. We are here for you and your<br />

input is valuable to us<br />

Looking forward to seeing many of you<br />

later this month in Telford and hope that the<br />

sun will shine when playing golf the day<br />

before (Friday, 22nd <strong>March</strong>) with The Driving<br />

Instructors Golf Association at the Wrekin<br />

Golf Club.<br />

Contact:<br />

Arthur Mynott,<br />

MSA GB West Coast & Wales Chairman<br />

arthur.mynott@yahoo.com<br />

Tel 07989 852274.<br />

42 NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong>

For all the latest news, see www.msagb.com<br />

Plenty of lessons to be learned<br />

at South East meeting<br />

Bob Page<br />

MSA GB London<br />

& South East<br />

Bob Page<br />

The latest meeting for MSA GB members and<br />

ADIs in the South East – again organised by<br />

Terry Cummins – took place at St Peter and<br />

Paul’s Church in Hastings.<br />

The first speaker was a well-known figure<br />

to MSA GB, Alan Hiscox from the British<br />

Horse Society. He highlighted figures on<br />

horse and rider deaths, which are still far too<br />

high, and emphasised the need for more<br />

awareness on how we share our roads safely.<br />

He also highlighted the need for wider<br />

publicity to get these messages out to the<br />

public, which is something the whole road<br />

safety industry could benefit from.<br />

It was mentioned that not all riders follow<br />

guidelines and BHS is committed to educating<br />

all road users. If you haven’t seen it before,<br />

check out the BHS website at https://www.<br />

bhs.org.uk<br />

Next up was Jo Chapman from drink/drive<br />

awareness organisation Aspire. This is a<br />

family business operating nationwide to<br />

educate those who have broken the rules.<br />

Successful attendees can receive up to a 25<br />

per cent reduction on their driving ban, but<br />

this is not automatic. The course covers all<br />

aspects of alcohol use and we all heard some<br />

enlightening facts we can pass on to our<br />

pupils. One drink is not one unit!<br />

For more information contact<br />

jo@aspirecourses.co.uk.<br />

Laurence Brand of Hastings DTC had<br />

information about our new test site as the<br />

current one is pretty much condemned. We<br />

are moving to the Hastings Centre on the 4th<br />

<strong>March</strong> and although details are not confirmed<br />

he is expecting six bays and some signage.<br />

No doubt some co-operation from<br />

instructors will be needed, and I will post<br />

again when we have all the details.<br />

Alan Hiscox from the British Horse Society<br />

Some welcome refreshments were taken,<br />

thanks to the committee, before London &<br />

the South East Chair Tom Kwok took to the<br />

floor to speak on lesson planning. I could go<br />

over some of the details but instead I will<br />

simply say I would thoroughly recommend<br />

attending one of Tom’s presentations. They<br />

are always lively and enlightening with lots of<br />

Q&A as well as thought-provoking on<br />

subjects we all thought we knew all about.<br />

Thanks to those who attended and<br />

hopefully see you at the next one.<br />

All action from Tom Kwok<br />

Jo Chapman<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 43

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If you lose your dual-controlled tuition car in a crash, MSA GB’s new partnership with AI<br />

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Our exclusive agreement with AI Solutions Ltd will supply a replacement vehicle to you<br />

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To get the full story of the<br />

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www.msagb.com<br />

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member offer can only be secured by<br />

contacting our MSA GB representative at<br />

Quickbooks - Ollie Nobes, on: 07723 507 026<br />

or email: Ollie_Nobes@intuit.com quoting:<br />

**MSAGB**<br />

To get the full story of the<br />

discounts available, see<br />

www.msagb.com<br />

Membership offer<br />

Welcome, new ADIs<br />

We’ve a special introductory offer for you!<br />

Congratulations on passing your<br />

Part 3 and becoming an ADI.<br />

There’s an exciting career<br />

open to you from today,<br />

one that’s alive with<br />

possibilities as you build<br />

your skills, your client base<br />

and your income.<br />

But for all the excitement,<br />

it can also be challenging;<br />

who can you turn to if you’re<br />

struggling to get over key driver<br />

training issues to a pupil? Where can<br />

you go to soak up advice from more<br />

experienced ADIs? Who will help you if you<br />

are caught up in a dispute with the DVSA? If<br />

the worst happens, who can you turn to for<br />

help, advice and to fight your corner?<br />

The answer is the Motor Schools<br />

Association of Great Britain – MSA GB for<br />

short.<br />

We are the most senior association<br />

representing driving instructors in Great<br />

Britain. Establised in 1935 when the first<br />

driving test was introduced, MSA GB has<br />

been working tirelessly ever since on<br />

behalf of ordinary rank and file ADIs.<br />

We represent your interests and your<br />

views in the corridors of power, holding<br />

regular meetings with senior officials<br />

from the DVSA and the Department for<br />

Transport to make sure the ADIs’ voice is<br />

heard.<br />


Join MSA GB today!<br />

SPECIAL OFFER: Join for just £60 with your<br />

PI & PL insurance included immediately!<br />

No joining fee - saving you £25<br />

Call 01787 221020 quoting discount code<br />

<strong>Newslink</strong>, or join online at www.msagb.com<br />

We’d like you to<br />

join us<br />

We’re there to support you<br />

every step of the way.<br />

Our office-based staff are<br />

there, five days a week,<br />

from 9am-5pm, ready to<br />

answer your call and help<br />

you in any way.<br />

In addition our network of<br />

experienced office holders and<br />

regional officers can offer advice over<br />

the phone or by email.<br />

But membership of the MSA GB doesn’t<br />

just mean we’re there for you if you’re<br />

in trouble. We also offer a nationwide<br />

network of regular meetings, seminars and<br />

training events, an Annual Conference, and<br />

a chance to participate in MSA GB affairs<br />

through our democratic structure<br />

In addition, you’ll get a free link to our<br />

membership magazine <strong>Newslink</strong> every<br />

month, with all the latest news, views,<br />

comment and advice you’ll need to become<br />

a successful driving instructor.<br />

You’ll also automatically receive<br />

professional indemnity insurance worth up<br />

to £5m and £10m public liability insurance<br />

free of charge.<br />

This is essential legal protection covering<br />

you against legal claims ariving from your<br />

tuition.<br />

NEWSLINK n MARCH <strong>2024</strong> 45

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