TSS SIT-REP 03-02-2024

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<strong>TSS</strong> <strong>SIT</strong>-<strong>REP</strong> <strong>03</strong>-<strong>02</strong>-2<strong>02</strong>4

INDEX<br />

<strong>SIT</strong>UATION TO DATE<br />



ISSUES<br />


(After you read the blue highlighted sentences, click on them.)

<strong>SIT</strong>UATION TO DATE:<br />

• Biden signals Gaza cease-fire could be<br />

close.<br />

• Israel Declassifies ‘Rafah Operation' Plan.<br />

• Drone footage captures devastation after<br />

Texas wildfire.<br />

• Tunnel Wars: Israel's Gaza assault lays<br />

ground for Lebanon clash.<br />

• Biden and Trump clash in Texas on border<br />

policy.<br />

• Vice President Kamala Harris makes stop in<br />

Durham, NC.<br />

• Millions March for Palestine" protest in<br />

Washington, DC, USA.


SUNDAY 25 th<br />

MONDAY 26 th<br />

TUESDAY 27 th<br />

WEDNESDAY 28 th<br />

THURSDAY 29 th<br />

FRIDAY 01 st<br />

SATURDAY <strong>02</strong> nd


• Deadly Texas wildfire is now the largest in<br />

state history.<br />

• FBI raids 2 homes owned by top aide to New<br />

York City Mayor Eric Adams.<br />

• Trump’s V.P. short list.<br />

• Biden admin asks Sanctuary Cities to<br />

cooperate with ICE to deport Criminal<br />

Illegal Migrants — But there’s a Problem!

ISSUES:<br />

• Reality of life for migrants on Mexico U.S.<br />

border.<br />

• Drug cartels now effectively run the U.S.-<br />

Mexico border.<br />

• Illegal border crossings into U.S. from Canada.<br />

• Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States<br />

• Millions March for Palestine" protest in<br />

Washington, DC, USA.<br />

• The worst wildfire in Texas history could get<br />

even more dangerous.


So, let’s face it, the world’s a mess!<br />

It’s worldwide good versus evil!<br />

It is the Believers that Jesus was, and is, God on<br />

earth vs. the non-believers!<br />

Life’s becoming more about survival day by day!<br />

The U.S. is losing control to the United Nations!<br />

The “Credible“ U.N. also contains non-believers.<br />

God’s “Race Creation” process is under attack!<br />

All other race issues are just His Children playing<br />

together badly!<br />

Even though Jesus left, He’s waiting for your call.<br />

He has a prayer to each of us that do call!<br />

For those who don’t, He has a question for you.<br />

Everyone lives forever, even after death!<br />

You have until the “thief in night” takes you, to<br />

change your thoughts about Him.<br />

His love for us is everlasting!

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